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No one that God sends to me will ever defeat me. I do not fool with people that God did not send to me. That means that I am victorious every time, and I am going to stay that way. I do not correct people or pronounce judgment on people that God has not sent to me from that ministry. If somebody tells me that someone is in some kind of sin out there, I do not care. I cannot take on the whole world. I am still very human, cannot even handle what I have. It is just that He is behind me, holding me up. I do not bother with people God has not sent me to, I do not care what they do as long as they are not messing with me. Then it becomes a personal thing.

When you are in the service of the Lord, no matter how evil what you are doing looks to carnal eyes, when what you were doing with people is the will of God, you cannot fail. What is failure? Failure is that they shall remain unconverted and that you, yourself, shall experience some kind of loss. That is failure. There is no failure when what you are doing is ordained by Christ, no matter what the mouth of the heathen says. When what you are doing is in Christ and ordained by Christ, that person must be converted, maybe not today, maybe not next week, maybe not next year, but they shall surely be converted. What does that mean? Their evil heart will turn away, and they will receive a new heart of flesh, the heart of Christ which is built in what? In righteousness, and they will turn from their evil ways. I too will receive an increase because I am not any where near perfect. That is what God means when He says, "There is no failure in Christ." You only fail when you are waging war outside of Christ.

The Church is such a false church today, and I do not care if that offends anybody, it is the truth. The professing church out there is such a false church today. It does not want to hear anything about warfare, but there is a warfare in Christ. It is a warfare for the souls of men, because there are only two gods in this world, Christ and the carnal mind. One of them possesses you. Whether you believe it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, you are either possessed of the Holy Ghost, which is Christ, or you are possessed of the carnal mind. Christ is coming to take what is His, and what is His? The Kingdoms of this world. What are the Kingdoms of this world? Are they Israel or France or England? We, mortal mankind, are the Kingdoms of this world, and the Lord Jesus has inherited us.

The Father God has said, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased," and I have made Him "the head of all power and all principality." What does that mean in terms that we can understand? I have made Christ the head of every carnal mind on the face of this earth, and all you carnal minds out there, you will bend your knee, or you will be beaten into submission. If I have done all that I could do for you, and God moves you on to the next one, you better believe there is someone right down the road with a big stick, waiting for you, because Christ has said, "It is your time." You better believe it, because if you do not, you will find out.

The professing Church sitting out there playing games, singing songs every morning and dancing around, has very little, if any, revelation. There is a warfare going on. Christ is in the earth, and He is in the process of possessing His possession. His Father has said, "These people of humanity are Yours." They are for You to enter into, to be their mind and to rule their life. He is taking us, one at a time, so do not be deceived because of the big bad world out there. When He comes for you, your number is up. My Bible says, "Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord." This does not mean lip service. It means that you will do what He says. Look, for your tongue to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, He must be your mind. No carnal mind is ever going to confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of his life. He might speak lip service, but the word confess means, to mean it, not only with words, but by submission to the mind of Christ.

James says, "The man who can control his tongue, is a perfect man." What does that mean? It means to literally stop your tongue from speaking the thoughts of your carnal mind, which are both good and evil. It means to have reign over your carnal mind, because your carnal mind uses your mouth at will. The only exception is in the areas where Christ has taken control of your mouth. Your mouth is an instrument for the expression of the thoughts and emotions that are generated by the spirit that lives through you, which is either Christ, or the carnal mind. You may think you are a big man on campus, but you are not. You are the servant of the spirit that lives through you. The question is, which one?

I tell you all, yes, I am not perfect, but if you are here, and you can acknowledge that God has put you here, you must believe that Christ is behind me, working in and through my imperfection, and that any time I make a mistake, He will correct me, because the order is, the Father, the Christ, the man and the woman. The correction does not come from the congregation. The person in authority is corrected by Christ. Correcting someone who has authority over you is out of order and a hindrance to getting your prayers answered.

I pray that the Father give us all a revelation of what our position is in His order, and that He shows us every time that we move out of the position He has placed us in, knowingly or unknowingly, because the Scripture says, "For lack of knowledge, my people perish." God does not accept your saying to Him, "I did not know I should not have said that, and I did not know that, that was out of order." There are physical laws that exist in this world. If you jump off a six story building, you are probably going to, at least, break a bone and most likely you will die.

There are also spiritual laws that exist in this world. If you lift up your head against someone who God has given authority over you, you will reap what you have sown. There will be spiritual consequences for what you have done. It does not matter whether you knew that you were doing it or not. That is why we are admonished to judge ourselves, lest we be judged. What does that mean? We must have spiritual sight into our own motives, because God does not try your words, God tries our motives and the intents of our heart. If your head is not in touch with your heart, that is not God's problem, it is not my problem, it is your problem. God will judge you by your motives, and there are consequences for every sin that proceeds forth from the heart of man. I tell you the truth, that is my job. I get beat for telling you the truth, but I will tell you the truth with my dying breath. Why? Because I serve the most high God, and I do not serve your carnal minds.

Brethren, let us all take stock of ourselves for the day and hour are short. Christ is about to appear in the earth in the fullness of His nature. And when He appears this second time, what are we told in the Book of Revelation? He will appear in what condition of mind? What will He be doing when He appears? Will He be feeding the poor, or healing the sick? My Bible says that He will appear sitting on a white horse, making war. Who is He making war against? He is warring against he carnal minds of men who are in rebellion against the Living God, and by so doing, are killing themselves.

Paul says, that people in rebellion against God oppose themselves, and are their own worse enemy. They have made themselves the enemy of God, which can mean nothing but death and destruction to them.

Despite our ignorance, brethren, and despite the darkness in our mind, God still loves us. He loves us enough to beat us into submission to His righteousness, which manifests through men, because rebellion will kill us. And the judgment for rebellion is? First spiritual, and then physical death.

Brethren, in these last days, in these last minutes, in these last seconds, let the light of Christ shine in the darkness of our hearts, and let every hidden sin be exposed. Paul said," let men everywhere repent, because the hour of His appearing is at hand." He is not winking or playing games anymore. He is judging truly and fairly, not by how you look, what you say, how much money you have, what kind of a job or education you have, or by how slick you are. He knows what is in your heart.

His servants know what is in your heart, despite what your mouth says, what your conscious mind understands, or what your smooth tongue can convince other people of. In this hour, the Scripture says, nothing will be hidden. All sin will be exposed to the eyes of those who are judging in righteousness, under the direct instruction of the Living God. And if you kill them, spiritually, or otherwise, God will what? Raise them from the dead.

My Bible says that the wicked of this world rejoice as God's faithful servants lie dying in the spiritual, as well as the physical street, but when the Spirit of Life that comes from God enters into them, they will rise from spiritual, as well as physical death. The wicked everywhere tremble with fear when they witness the awesome power of the Living God.

I have been experiencing an intense anger all day, brethren. To be honest with you, I am not sure where it is coming from. I suspect it might be the wrath of God. Does anybody here not know that God gets angry? When God gets angry, He gets angry without sinning. What does that mean? What is the difference between the anger of God and the anger of man? The anger of man manifests through his emotions. Emotions generate from the, anybody know?

COMMENT: From the mind.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, from the soul. There are some emotions that come from the heart, but ungodly emotions generate from the soul.

Anger that comes out of your soul, comes out with a whole bunch of other junk, such as murder, hate, retaliation, unforgiveness and vengeance. All of this is sin. Jesus said, "Be angry and sin not." When you are angry out of the mind of Christ, there is no sin.

I have experienced both kinds of anger. It is the strangest experience to be angry in Christ, because there are no negative or aggressive emotions, as I mentioned previously, accompanying that anger. I know when I am angry through my soul , and not God, because that anger is out of control.

So, I was experiencing anger when I woke up this morning, but I was not sure where it was coming from until I sat down here. I now know that the anger I am experiencing is a rage against sin, which is the righteous anger of God, which comes out of the mind of Christ. We all have sin, but God is angry every day at unrepented sin. Unrepented sin brings down the wrath of God. It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.

That is what my Bible says. Is that what your Bible says? It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of an angry God. People have no problem believing that demons or Satan can cause trouble in their lives, but they cannot believe that it could be God whipping them. Why is that? Because, if your troubles are coming from a demon or Satan you are an innocent victim and there is no need to repent, but if it is God whipping you, you must be guilty of some wrong doing, and must confess your sins and repent.

Most of the Christian world believes that Satan is doing all of the dirty work in their lives. But I am telling you that if God has apprehended you, Satan is not putting one stroke on you that God has not given him permission to put on you; so you had better start confessing your sins and repenting, because it is not going to get any better until you do.

You have heard me say, time and time again, that I love everybody here, but if you think that my love is an icky, sticky, gushie-goo love, you are mistaken, and you had better put your nose in the Scriptures and find out what the love of God is. If your natural parents did not, or were not able to, correct your destructive thoughts or attitudes, the love of God will beat you until you are blue to correct the defective thinking that is destroying or killing you. A spiritual beating is more painful than a physical beating, and lasts much longer.

Let me help you to recognize a spiritual correction: Your life looks like is a disaster because every unhappy thing that you can imagine, is happening to you.

If I have just described your experience, you had better get down on your face and ask God why this is happening to you, because nothing can enter your life, unless there is an open door for it, and sin in your mind, even the unconscious part of your mind, is the open door.

If you are sick, there has to be sin in your life. Do not give me that junk, that you are innocent. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God! If you have financial problems, there must be sin in your life, and if you have problems in your relationship, there must be sin in your life. If you are married three times, there must be sin in your life. If you are out on the street, there must be sin in your life. Do not tell me you had a bad break. Homelessness is a judgment for pride.

The most severe judgments in this world you can lay your eyes on are to not have your basic human needs met: No home to live in, no food to eat, no clothes on your back. These are all judgments for pride. Alcoholism and drug addiction are severe judgments for pride, as is physical devastation. Do you know that some people have three major diseases: cancer, multiple sclerosis, and some other horror. It all results from pride. Nothing will do you like pride, because pride brings forth destruction.

Look at yourself, and take inventory. If there is destruction in your life, pride must be present in your heart. If you are taking a fall - what does that mean? If you are going from a high position to a lower position in any area of your life, it is because you have a - - what spirit in your heart, anybody?

COMMENT: Haughty.

PASTOR VITALE: A haughty spirit, arrogance.

Look at your life. Are you lower now than you were at any other time in your life? If you have been demoted, if you have come down in any measure, you have a haughty spirit, and you are under judgment from God. You can laugh all that you want to, but until you repent, you will continue to descend. You better believe it, because nothing is going to turn you around and bring you up again except the mercy of God, which is not yours until you confess your sins and repent. I am not talking about lip service, brethren. I am talking about a broken and contrite heart. I am talking about someone who is willing to make amends and change their ways. Do not be ignorant, brethren, hear the Word of the Lord.

The Lord has instructed me to share a dream that one of our sisters in Nigeria had. I spoke to her on the telephone yesterday, and she sends her love to everyone. She is spiritually well -- everybody in Nigeria is well, but she is in desperate need of prayer.

I believe that I shared with you that June 12th 1993 was a crisis point in Nigeria's political history. Nigeria has been under military rule for many years and finally elections were held on that day in June to elect a civilian President to head a democratic government . Unfortunately the elections results were annulled by the military ruler for no just reason.

It appears that the military President does not want to relinquish power to the man who won the election, and the people are resisting the military dictator, saying, "No, this man was elected by popular vote, and we want him." The problem is that Nigeria consists broadly of Northern Muslims and Southern Christians, and the man who was elected President by the majority of people is a moderate Muslim from the South. He is not a fundamentalist. He was born Muslim, and practices his faith, but he is not a radical, in that he does not want to convert the whole country to Islam, and wipe out the Christians. The radical Muslims, and the people from the North do not want him to be President, because they believe that the North should always be in power.

There have been massive demonstrations and strikes organized by pro-democracy groups as the people are protesting the annulment. The country is in chaos and full of uncertainties, and activities have been paralyzed in several cities.

Right now the major problem is that there is no fuel available to the people as a result of the strikes, and because there is no fuel to drive their cars (they do not need heat, it is Africa) they cannot get to work. The economic aspect of the nation is shut down and, of course, this has to affect their food supply.

XXXX tells me that she and her family have succeeded in stocking up, but the situation is serious. If you do not have mobility, the whole nation breaks down.

As a result of the intense pressure and resistance from the populace, on August 27th, the Military dictator had to step down as President and hand over power to an interim government headed by a civilian businessman from the South whom he handpicked and mandated to organize fresh elections.

On the personal level, she has been having many dreams, which to me are obviously, the result of witchcraft being worked against her. You may recall that when I first came back from Africa, I was having dreams about running water. Do you remember that?

In dreams where one of the predominant aspects is water, either running water, waterfalls, or swimming in the water, it is probably the result of witchcraft being worked against you. It is from a form of witchcraft that we call water spirits. The people involved get their power from worshiping the spirits that live over the ocean, and it is a high level of witchcraft. It is a high level, powerful witchcraft. I have found it in this country also, but only rarely.

She has been having these dreams. and has been approached in her dream and threatened by Satan himself. I had that experience myself when I was in Africa. You may recall me sharing it with you. I do not know whether it was Satan himself, but if it was not Satan himself, it was a principality, the strength of which I had never yet encountered in this country. The principality approached me in Africa and threatened me.

This sister is coming up against all of this, and she would appreciate all of our prayers. Nigeria needs our prayers also. The situation in the country is pretty desperate. It is dangerous not to have mobility. They cannot get the food to market. They do not have supermarkets like we have over here. It is a real problem, so they need a lot of prayer.

She teaches a group of believers, but I do not know that they are as strong as we are. I do not think they are. She has a very high call on her life. She is maintaining a library of our tapes over there, and she has a lot coming against her.

When she was here, you may recall, it was prophesied over her, that she is the Apostle that God is sending to Nigeria at this time. I think she has listened to every tape since she has been with this ministry, which is less than a year, and she, as far as I can see, has literally swallowed down this whole message, and completely digested it. She has it, she has the message in her understanding and in her heart.

I would like everybody to hear the dream that she had, and her interpretation of it, which is excellent. I have only one comment to add to it. Would someone please read it for me, I will take volunteers. The reason I am sharing this dream with you (I believe the Lord has told me to share it with you), is to emphasize to you once more, the universality of symbols in dreams that come from God.

What does that mean? It means that, if there is a symbol in a dream that I have that comes from God, and you find the same symbol in a completely different dream that you have that comes from God, that symbol will mean the same thing in your dream that it means in my dream.

Freud, the father of psychiatry, believes that every dream is rooted in some repressed form of sexuality. He wrote a book on dreams in which he lays out his understanding of symbols that he has found to appear in the dreams of his patients, so why can not God do the same thing?

I perceive a tremendous opposition to dream interpretation in the Spirit. Dream interpretation is real. Some symbols found in dreams are easy to interpret, because those very symbols appear in the Bible. If you are trying to interpret a dream, the first thing you should do is see if you can find the symbols in the dream in the Bible. Then look up those Scriptures and find out what those symbols mean in the Scripture.

I have had experiences where I did not know that a symbol was in the Bible, but when I looked it up in my Concordance, it was there. There are also some symbols in God's dreams that may not be in the Bible, but if the dream is from God, it will mean the same thing in your dream that it means in my dream.

Other symbols may appear to not be in the Bible, but actually are in some hidden place in the bible, or appearing as a different word that means the same thing. It is probably there, because everything is in that Bible. I never cease to be amazed at what I find in the Bible.

Will somebody please volunteer to read this dream?

COMMENT: My dream (July 1993). I was in bed with my husband. He was lying down and I woke up to receive a phone call in bed. It was from a man, and I had the impression that he was calling from a particular town in the North of the country. I am not sure if the emphasis was on the town being in the North, or the fact that I know someone there that I had a relationship with before I met and married my husband. I am not sure if he was the one on the phone, but at one point or the other, I had this impressed on me. Anyway I was a bit worried that a man was calling me while I was in bed with my husband. Then he said, "Is the man you are lying with in bed, there?" I wondered why he did not refer to him as my husband.


Then the voice on the phone went on to say that I had to get a book (I think, like an encyclopedia), that would explain to me all about a heart surgery I was supposed to be undergoing, so that I could understand the procedure. Then I found myself out of the bed and there was a candle I was trying to light, because someone had put it off. I cannot really remember much about the scene. It looked like someone was taking the candle (I believe it was lit by now), out of the room, and I was going to follow.

However, I saw my husband sitting on the chair in our bedroom, and he called to me to come and sit down with him. He told me that everything was alright, I should just sit. I looked at him skeptically, but he had this reassuring look on his face, so I sat down on the edge of the chair. I was worried that he was going to talk about the man that called on the phone. Then he moved closer and before I knew it, put his hands around my neck as if to strangle me, and said, "I am going to kill you." Then I said, "Please do not kill me." Meanwhile, the person who took the candle was just leaving at the door, and I was wondering who would help me. End of dream.

My interpretation. My husband in the dream represented Satan, and the man on the phone represented Christ (praise God), to whom I have been espoused, my real husband (2 Corinthians 11:2. Romans 7:4), and this adulterous union with Satan was about to be broken, so that I could flee into Christ. I guess the book referred to in the dream represented the Word of God, the Spirit of the Word, the message of the Kingdom that I had to have to enable the conversion process from a natural man to a spiritual man, take place....

PASTOR VITALE: She needed this information to have the conversion take place.

COMMENT: (Dream Interpretation continued) ....the change from the carnal mind to the mind of Christ, a heart surgery as it were . . .

PASTOR VITALE: There was heart surgery in the dream, that is the new heart she is getting. . .

COMMENT: (Dream Interpretation continued) The candle that had been put off represents the human spirit, which is Christ that died at the beginning of time and became the dead human spirit. Somewhere along the line the human spirit is quickened and receives light again. (Psalm 18:28). Satan would not let go of her easily and if he could kill her, he would try. End of Interpretation.

PASTOR VITALE: She is getting some very powerful dreams. These dreams are not only for her, not only for the Church, but for the whole world, because there is only one living soul that God made. That living soul has been stolen and is now possessed by Satan who has birthed his carnal mind in it. Our mind is carnal, but our mind should not be carnal. The carnal mind of mortal mankind is an illegitimate offspring of the union between Satan and the human spirit, which is the reproductive part of the Living soul.

I will add something to the interpretation. Please note that originally her husband was lying down, and the call came from someone that she knew from the past, that she had been espoused to earlier. Now the Living soul was married to the Father before time began, but when the Living soul died, Jehovah sold us unto Satan. Now, our old (original) husband is coming to reclaim us.

Is that not the message of the Scripture that we have been preaching here?

Originally her present husband was lying down, a sign of spiritual weakness, but at the time that he tried to kill her, he had risen to a position of sitting upright, which, in the Scripture, indicates some spiritual strength. He tried to kill her. He has the power to kill us, brethren, unless God puts His hand on us.

God does not have to hurt us. All He does is take His hand away, and we, once again, become subject to Satan who has the authority to destroy us, because of sin. God's hand protects us, but when righteous judgment falls, God just removes His hand and lets Satan have his way. We are in Hell, brethren, and Satan is the prince of the power of the air, who has full authority over us except in the areas where God hinders him.

The carnal mind rose from the lying down position to an upright position. I believe that is somewhat of an indication of what I have been preaching here for almost a year now. The Word of the Lord to me is that the spiritual authority that is found in fallen man is already increasing and is about to increase even more; and soon there will be no defense against it, if we are not raised up in the full spiritual authority of Christ Jesus.

Right now, in our world today, carnal Christians and nominal Christians have been fooling around, singing and dancing (I am not against singing and dancing, but you have to prepare for war also). The nominal Christians that have been fooling around are being preserved, not so much by the Holy Spirit, but by the form of Christ which we call the Law.

They are physically living righteously to the best of their ability, and have withdrawn from behavioral sin. There are, indeed, blessings in that, and it is strong enough to put off Satan in many areas, but when Satan arises, when he gets out of bed and he sits uprigh, the Holy Spirit and living right will not be strong enough to put off Satan's attempts to kill you.

Only the Spirit of Might which is in Christ Jesus, which is a stronger experience with God than the Holy Spirit, only the presence of Christ formed in you, can keep Satan from killing you.

The Church does not want to hear this message, but it is true, whether they want to hear it or not. It is true, no matter how they blaspheme it, it is still true. No matter what they say about me, the message is true.

The Church will find out that the message is true when Satan sits upright. Members of the Church who have the Holy Spirit but do not have Christ formed in them to the measure of a Warrior, are going to find out that this message is true, because they are going to die spiritually, if not physically. I tell you the truth.

This is the hour of the appearance of Christ, but my Bible says that the Dragon stands right there by the woman, waiting for the manchild to be born, to devour it before it is born. If Christ is being formed in you, he is not born yet. Christ is not fully born in you until He breaks through into the spirit world, like Jesus of Nazareth did when He was glorified. Everything that is happening in Christ today, is happening in spiritual utero.

Satan is right here, next to the woman, which we are, trying to kill the Christ that is being formed in us, and getting ready to be born. Remember, the manchild is being born in a group of people. Remember also that Satan went after the woman after the child was born, and what did he do to the woman? Remember Revelation Chapter12? He persecuted the woman, but she received help. Every human being who is not pregnant with Christ, everyone else, will be overcome by Satan.

My Bible says that Satan pursues the woman with a flood, to try to swallow her up. So if you believe this message, you better buckle down and do everything you have to do to get Christ formed in you. If you are not believing the message, and Christ is not being formed in you, may God have mercy on your soul, because my Bible says, "Woe be unto them" that have to flee in the winter time. Woe be unto them, who have a suckling child at their breast, when the tribulation comes. Do not tell me I am a preacher of doom. I am a preacher of truth.

There is a time and a season for everything. There is a time to sing, there is a time to dance, and there is a time to prepare for war. The time for singing and dancing is over, and if you do not start to prepare for war, you will not be prepared for the battle of the ages.

Does anybody have anything to say before we go on?

COMMENT: It is very interesting that she said from the North, because God is represented in the North.

PASTOR VITALE: No, God is from the East. Satan is from the North.

COMMENT: I thought you said that....

PASTOR VITALE: No, Satan is from the North and God is from the East.

COMMENT: I sing a song that says, "On the sides of the North...."

PASTOR VITALE: The sides of the North. No, that is not God.

She said she was not sure whether the focus was on the call being from the North, or whether it was on the man that she had been espoused to. I would think, by taking the whole dream in its context, that the significance had to be that it was an old fiancé. That is interesting. I think I said earlier that the marriage of the Living soul to Jehovah was never consummated, so the symbol of Jehovah, who is now appearing to the world as the Lord Jesus, was an old fiancé.

Does anybody else have a question or comment?



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