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The Lord gave me a revelation today. I would just like to share it with you before we go on to the message. He gave me an understanding that I have not previously had about a person, about someone who has heavy manifestations of destruction on their life. Some of you might remember there was a comic. I do not know, maybe it is still around. Is Li'l Abner still around? There used to be a comic strip called Li'l Abner and one of the characters in that comic strip always walked around with a dark cloud over his head.


We know in our society a lot of things that are jokes are based on truth. Some people really walk around with black clouds over their heads, but in this comic strip it was a joke, and this guy walked around with a literal black cloud over his head. There are people who walk around with a spiritual black cloud over their heads all of the time. I was one of those people, and I knew it ever since I was a little girl. I knew it, I just did not understand it. I used to make jokes, when something would go wrong, that the gods where angry with me today.


I know whatever I put my hand to, destruction was there to rip it out of my hands, and the Lord saved me out of that destruction. Now I am a teacher, a preacher, and a helper to people who have the same kind of problem. It is a severe spiritual problem that not every Christian knows how to deal with. It is a severe spiritual problem, and when ever God delivers you out of something, whatever He delivers you out of, He sends you back to these people to help them.


If He delivers you out of drugs, He is sending you to drug addicts. If He delivers you out of alcoholism, He is sending you to alcoholics. If He delivers you out of prostitution, He is sending you to prostitutes. If He delivers you out of homosexuality, He is sending you to homosexuals. It is just a principal of the Kingdom.


I saw someone on the XXXX XXXX once, He was saved out of a motorcycle gang and got sent back to the motorcyclists, to the bikers. His whole ministry was to the bikers. God sends you to the people that you can relate to. Not so much relate to them, but you can relate to their problems. He is not sending a Christian to you who is telling you, your problem is in your mind and that all you need to do is pray a little more before you go to sleep, then you will be okey. He is not sending a Christian like that to you. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: I do not want to break the spirit of what you are saying, but this troubles me, because there are ministers, Evangelist ministers, preachers, Pentecostal preachers, and so forth, who minister to people who may not have the problem that they have, that they have been delivered from. So my question is why would you say these things that I guess are coming out of your inner Christ. I do not know... some people may hear this tape and say, "How could she say God takes you to where you came from," where there are Evangelist alcoholics who would not even deal with alcoholism, who are not dealing with drug addicts. They would not have anything to do with prostitutes. So how would you...


PASTOR VITALE: What would be my answer to that?


COMMENT: Yes, to someone who may raise that question.


PASTOR VITALE: Well there are all different kinds of ministers in God's Kingdom. Some people have an anointing that ministers across the board. We liken it to seed falling, and where ever it takes root, that is okay. Let me give you a better example. Some ministers have a general anointing, so they go out and if that anointing happens to be able to help that prostitute, wonderful, but it may help that prostitutes but not the other prostitute.


It may help that homosexual, but not the other homosexual, depending on your degree of affliction. There is a category of people in this world that are severely under curses of destruction. This general anointing is not strong enough for them. We even see that in medicine.


If you have a bacterial infection or a strep infection, I do not know if you have ever heard of strep. It is a very strong infection that if the doctor sees you have strep, they go after it very quickly. It could spread, and it is very contagious.


They do not give you a general antibiotic. There is such a thing as a general antibiotic. Penicillin is a general antibiotic, but what they do is they take a culture of your blood or your throat, where ever it is, they find out the exact name of the bacteria, and they give you an antibiotic that is know and proven to specifically kill that bacteria. It is the same thing for spiritual things. There are some people whose problems are not that severe. A general anointing is enough for them.


There are people whose problems are severe. The church, well the world is filled with heartbroken people that have gone to one of these healing crusades, and they have not received their miracle. For those people, they need a specific ministry with more power. Maybe you did not hear this, but I have said it many times, that the church that we were trained up in here.... most of us here were trained up in here, there was a very heavy anointing for healing and deliverance.


When the word got out, we had all kinds of people coming from the mental institution. Is that not true? Can anybody say amen? We had half the church filled with people from mental institutions because they heard there was some power present, but there was not enough power for them. They left empty, is that not true XXXX? It is true. Amen.


Did I answer your question? Praise God.


There are people with heavy curses of destruction in their life. That is the kind of person you see down on the bowery. The person you see living on the streets. It's the kind of person whose life is not at all functioning, not functioning in our society. Some of them are in the mental institutions. You all know what I am talking about. The Lord just gave me a vision today. Just giving me some information about it.


A lot of these people who have this kind of destruction on their life are convinced that every problem they have is from outside of them, because it looks that way. It looks like so and so fired you, it looks like such and such a man broke your heart, or deserted you and left you with your ten kids. All these bad things are happening to you, but it is a big mistake to think that all of these bad things are happening to you, and you that are innocent.


None of us is innocent. No, not one is innocent, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There are some people in this world today who lead productive lives where they are happy and content, not that it is without problems. They have some happiness, some contentment, and some rewards. Then there are some people who are under disaster continuously. There has to be an answer as to why some people have some measure of contentment and decency in their life. Then some other people are living in the gutter. There has to be a reason why. If there is no reason why, then we are justified at indicting God and saying that He is a respecter of persons, that He favors one person over another person, when all people are equal.


God is perfect, He cannot sin and the Scripture clearly states that He is no respecter of persons; therefore, if you are lying in the gutter, and the other one has rewarding healthy relationships in their life, some peace, some contentment and their basic needs are met, there has to be a reason why you are in the gutter, and the other person is having a decent life. God is perfect. He does not play favorites.


There is a Scripture that says, "Your own sin shall judge you." Your own sin shall judge you. God is a righteous God. He judges sin. The whole world has to come up out of this Santa Claus fantasy, that all God does is give you presents, and be nice to you, and tuck you in at night. He chastens sinners. Let me review for you.


There are two levels on which God chastens or corrects sinners. On two levels. There are two categories of people who are receiving correction from God. Does anybody remember what they are? One is the Sons and the other category? He deals with Sons one way and He deals with people who are not Sons in another way.


What identifies a human as a Son? What does the Son have that someone who is not a Son does not have? Christ, Christ is being formed in you. What makes you a Son is that the Son of God is being formed in you. The level on which the people in whom Christ is not being formed are being chastened. Let me put it to you this way. Who is the one who executes judgment upon the people who Christ is not being formed? What is his name? Satan, Satan, Satan.


God is Satan's boss. God has made Satan the prince over this world system, whose name is? Hell. God set him up, God sold us under sin, He put us under Satan's authority at the time of the fall. He said, "They are all yours, until I come back for them." From that time until this time, Satan can torment any human being in this world to the fullest extent that wickedness exists in their own heart.


Some people have heavier curses on their family lines then others. I tell you the truth. Family lines that have given themselves.... where the elders have given that family over to Christ, on no matter how small of a level, even if it is just going to church every Sunday. Anyone who has cried out to Jesus for their children has a blessing on their life that a family line where an elder has not cried out for that blessing does not have. I tell you the truth.


Satan has a free hand with everybody in this world, conditionally. He has a free hand to the fullest extent that the sin within their own heart allows his judgment. I want to tell you, brethren, if you see a family of five, and four out of those people have cancer, do not tell me that God has unfairly permitted this to happen to you. You better get before Christ. You better get to a teacher that knows what they are talking about. You better start repenting, not only for yourself, but for all of our children, for your grandchildren, and for your great grand children.


You show me a family with five out of six children are on heroin, do not tell me how unfortunate you are. You better get before the Lord and find out what you need to do to save your children, because it is not happening to your kids and it is not happening to their kids because they have money, and you do not have money. It is happening to the rich as well as the poor. It is judgment for sin that is falling heavy upon this nation.


Now the other category of believers, who are Sons in whom Christ is being formed, who is executing correction upon them? Christ. The Christ that is in their heart. The Christ that is being formed in them has taken Satan's job away. Why? Because when Satan corrects you, the end of your correction is what? What? Destruction Death. Satan's correction of you kills you. We see a type of it in the Old Testament in Israel.


Israel was under the law. If you committed adultery, the law said stone them and burn them. Burn their bodies with fire. Do you know that under the law of Israel, under the civil law of Israel, if a child was rebellious to the point that he was out of control, the parents could do nothing with him, the commandment was to stone that child to death. Why? Because the spiritual rebellion and whatever other wickedness was operating in that child, the Lord would not have it contaminate future generations. They were killed.


It is happening today, only it looks like a car accident, it looks like a diseases, but when Satan corrects you, he kills you. When Jesus Christ corrects you, He gives you life. When Jesus Christ comes and takes you out of Satan's hands, He corrects you. His correction produces life in you. Sometimes He whips you very hard. The trials can be severe. A lot of people who do not understand have trouble believing it is of God. I had trouble believing it was God.


The Lord does not give you anything to preach that you have not experienced personally. You cannot be a very effective preacher if you are preaching something you have not experienced. I have experienced the correction of the Lord. What a shock. I am here to encourage you as you go through it. That, yes, God does things like this, He chastens you severely in accordance with His own word, which said to beat that child until it is blue, he shall surely not die, but if you do not correct him, he shall surely die.


I want to tell you something. That if you have a child or children, and they turn out to be a rebellious child, you have beat them till they are blue, and it has not helped, you have cried out to God morning and night for that child, but it has not helped. I want to tell you to take heart because in due season, I am not telling you when, it could be years, but in due season, the Lord is coming to accomplish in that child what your human beatings could not do.


What am I saying? He will honor your efforts, parents, He will honor your efforts. If you have taken that child to church, if you have trained them up in the way of the Lord. If you have done every thing that you know how to do, and the kid is still bad, it is just a matter of time until his Father in Heaven gets him by the back of his neck. He is going to make him good, because when the Lord corrects you, you become good.


The Scripture says, "You are as red as crimson, your sins are as red as crimson, but I shall make you as white as snow." Do what you have to do, parents. Do not ever give up, because the Lord will back you up. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe ten years, maybe twenty years after that child goes out of your hands, the Lord will finish the job that you did not have the strength to finish.


I just wanted to take a minute to show you what the Lord showed me today. The Scripture that says, "Your own sins will chasten you," I had a revelation of it but not a very deep revelation. This is just what the Lord showed me, that we have a human being who has a very wicked heart. All kinds of sins like what?


COMMENT1: Pride.




COMMENT: Hatred.


PASTOR VITALE: Pride, murder, and hatred. What is the big one that is not up here?


COMMENT: Idolatry?


PASTOR VITALE: There is another one.


COMMENT1: Jealousy.


COMMENT2: Pride.


PASTOR  VITALE: Pride is what?


COMMENT: Is not pride the biggest one?


PASTOR VITALE: Pride is the biggest one, but there is one right under pride that is missing.


COMMENT: Rebellion.


PASTOR VITALE: Rebellion. Rebellion is as the sin of?


COMMENT: Witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: Someone said envy. Envy is very wicked. We have murder. They are really the same, envy and jealously.


COMMENT: Unbelief.


PASTOR VITALE: The difference between envy and jealousy? Envy. These spirits.... not unbelief, but everything else up here, these spirits have warheads. Not this one. Envy has a warhead. What does that mean? It means when you are envious of someone, part of your soul vibrates out. You know your carnal mind is a weapon. Christ is a weapon, your carnal mind is a weapon. It is your spiritual weapon. That is why you should not go up to war, Christians until Christ is being formed in you because you are going up unarmed.


All of these are manifestations of the carnal mind. They are all weapons, they all do not have warheads. Envy has a warhead. What does the Scripture say about envy? It is what?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: It is cruel.


COMMENT: That is jealousy.


PASTOR VITALE: In the Hebrew is the same word. It is cruel. It is rottenness in your bones. It kills. There is a Scripture that says it is arrows that goes into the hearts of the one that you are envious of. It has warheads on it. It does great damage, envy, great damage.


Idolatry it does not usually hurt other people. I am not going to say idolatry has a warhead. Lust, I would not say lust has a warhead. Hatred, murder, and pride have big warheads. Pride has a very powerful warhead on it, it kills. Pride has the ability to kill another human being, if your mind is strong enough.


Rebellion has warheads. Why? Because it is like witchcraft. Witchcraft definitely has warheads. We all have this wickedness in the hearts of men. Some people have a little more and some people have a little less. So how does it work? That this sin in your own heart is going to correct you? Well the Lord has been showing us here for a while that our heart is spiritual. That spirit is not confined or restricted to the form of this flesh. The thoughts of our heart vibrate out from us and touch other human beings. That is what witchcraft is. It is when someone's mind vibrates forth with an ungodly anger and zings you.


If you have enough spiritual power, you can kill someone with your mind. If you do not have that measure of spiritual power, you can cause them severe stress and anxiety. What witchcraft? What is witchcraft? What is the definition of witchcraft, somebody? Trying to take control over somebody that you have no God given authority over. It hurts. It comes out of your mind.


Remember XXXX XXXXX? with all those people that followed him? How do you think he got them? Did he put a gun to their head? He did it with his mind. He made slaves out of them. They were week-minded and he was strong-minded. He captured them with his mind.


Everybody has this junk. Some people have it a little more than others. Why? When you come to Christ and you repent, the Scripture says, "There is now no more condemnation to those who are admitting that they have this junk and asking God to remove it from them. That is why God will not tolerate any Christian or any one judging anyone else. Because it is just a question of maybe you are a little more covered with your sin that I am. That is why the Lord says, "Do not judge another man's servant." You have a question?


COMMENT: XXX XXXX and the guy in Texas....




COMMENT: Where they dealing with witchcraft in a religion? I guess you would call it that. It manifested in the wrong spirit.




COMMENT: It was all witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, XXX XXXX was into using mind control and witchcraft. XXXXX I do not know. I have been told by people that everything we heard in the news was not true, so I would rather not get into that, but XXX XXXXX knowing what happened, that he influenced all these people to commit suicide, definitely was using witchcraft and mind control.


COMMENT: The other guy you said...


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, I have heard two different sides of the story. I do not know. If what the news media said is true about him, then it was witchcraft. If he was keeping those people against their will at all, if he was, in fact, doing that, it was witchcraft.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know. No comment.


The question is...if every man has all this wickedness, some a little more, some a little less. Some people have a lot, but they keep it under control a lot more than the other people. Some people are just smarter than other people. Some people let it all hang out and everybody knows the sins in that persons heart. The other people are just smarter and more controlled. They do it behind your back because they want everyone to think that you are what?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, they want to look innocent. These are the ones that are dangerous people. The ones that are screaming and yelling, trying to beat you over the head because they are mad at you, you do not really have to be afraid of them. You know what they are doing, but these Pharisees that want you to think that they are righteous, they are doing it behind your back. Those you have to watch out for. You really need discernment or you can get into some trouble.


There is discernment in people that are not in Christ. It is called prudence in the Bible. It is just wisdom of the natural man that can perceive what is going on in the hearts of men. I know people like that, that do not know the Lord. A lot of lawyers are like that, they look right into your heart, they know what they got. There are a lot of them, a lot of people . There is a wisdom that is of the natural man, that if you have this gift and you do not use it to hurt anybody, if you use it to help people, it is not ungodly. I do not want to spend too much time on this. I have a whole message for you.


I just want to show you what God showed me, how the wickedness in your own heart will correct you and how this destruction comes upon you, that everything you put your hand to turns sour, that someone cracks up your new car and someone stole your new motorcycle. Someone stole your girlfriend. Every day you are afraid to walk out the door because you do not know what is going to happen next.


What is causing all of this destruction to come to you when someone is living right next door and their life is fine, their job is good, they are happy, and their relationships are positive? You look at them and you look at yourself and you say, "What is going on here?" Well I want to suggest to you that what is going on here is that all this wickedness in your heart, for this kind of destruction to be upon you, it has to be a severe case.


My personal opinion is that nobody, there is nobody that could do anything bad enough in one lifetime to be walking around under this kind of destruction. That has to be coming down on the family line, it has to be an accumulation of sin on the family line. My personal opinion is that something like that does not really hit until the third or fourth generation. Most likely the fourth generation. It just dumps on someone.


You see a two-year old baby with cancer, you say, "What kind of God is that giving that two- year old baby cancer?" He is a righteous God, because He says there is no difference between that two-year old and the forefathers before it. If you do not like that, you are going to have to talk to God about it because that is a Scriptural principal. Jesus said to the Pharisees, "I know that you are the offspring of those men who killed the prophets. Why? Because you are trying to kill me."


You are doing the same thing. The Scripture says the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation, because God sees the fourth generation child as the same man as the one who did the sin. I have good news for you today. There is another Scripture in the prophets that says, "In that day." What day is "that day?" The day of Christ and the day of redemption, in the day that the human race is delivered out from under the curse of the law. In that day the fathers will bite a sour grape, but the children will no longer crunch up their mouth. You know when you suck a lemon? In that day the children will no longer bear the iniquities of their fathers.


How? Is it just going to happen out of the blue? No, God has a plan, He has a provision. Does anyone know what the provision is? How are we going to get out from under the sins of our ancestors? We are being adopted. We are getting new ancestors. Christ is adopting us, He is adopting us out from under that wickedness. He will never accept sin, He will never ever, ever accept sins. Never. He will fix you so that you would not have sin in your heart anymore, but He will never say it is okay to sin, never. He is a Holy God.


He is taking you out from under your heritage which is killing you. Now when a natural man adopts a son, he just signs the papers, and he receives that little boy with every spiritual curse that he inherited from his natural parents. He does the best he can to influence his life for the good because the relationship that you have in your home and with your parents is very important. The psychologists call it the nature nurture controversy. What makes somebody good and somebody else bad? Is it your nature? Were you born that way? Or is it the nurturing that you received.


Almost, I cannot speak for everyone, but I think most responsible psychologists will tell you it is a combination of both. The power of the inherited nature is overwhelmingly greater than the power of nurture, overwhelmingly greater. You cannot come out from under it without power. It is like laying on your back and a ten-ton truck is sitting on you, you cannot come up from under that without power.


There is only one power in this universe that is strong enough to bring anyone of us up out from under the curses we are born with. His name is, Christ. That is why God is adopting us, because we have been turned over to destruction.


When God adopts you, He receives you into His house, but He does not take you with all your inherited curses. He has the power to wipe out those curses, to cleanse you spiritually from all of the sins that you have inherited, and with all the sins that you have committed in your life time. That is why when you become a Son, He chastens you.


When I first came to the Lord and I read that Scripture, I said, "Now why would God want to chasten me?" I mean I think about that now and I have to laugh, but that is what people say. "I am okay, I am a nice person, I put a fifteen dollar tip on the table the other day, I gave that homeless guy a hundred bucks, I am alright, I went to church on Sunday, and I respect my mother. Now why would God want to correct me?"


Because, brethren, you heart is filled with inherited wickedness of many generations in addition to your own. There is no way that the Lord, God Himself could stop you from dying, other then to cleanse you of that sin because He will not break His own law. He said that kind of sin in your heart....death! Death has been pronounced upon us. Every single one of us. He is not changing His mind, He is not a man, and He does not fool around.


The Scripture says that no matter how bad things look God will always... does anybody know what? He will always make a way of escape, and His way of escape is not to say that it is all right for you to sin. God will never say that. If someone has taught you that, you have been taught a lie. He will never accept you with your sin. He accepts you for a season with your sin as He starts to clean you up, but you have to get cleaned up.


We are told in Malachi that He is coming with a what? Fullers soap. Fullers soap and a brush. Then what does it say? "Who can abide His coming?" Who can abide this cleansing of our spiritual parts. It is painful. The Scripture does not make any secret about that. I do not know...I had a feeling I might not be preaching this message tonight. I am just going to go with the spirit. Maybe this is all we are going to do tonight. Let us see how it goes.


The Lord showed me that you take someone who has wickedness that is pretty mature and, as I said earlier, our heart is spirit, and out heart has the ability to vibrate out beyond the boarders of this flesh. It has the ability to go to another human being to touch it with a warhead, to hurt it. It has the ability to form soul ties. If someone has love in his heart. If a man has a love in his heart for a woman and that love vibrates out from him, and she is spiritually sensitive, she will know it. If she does not know it, her father might know it. That kind of thing can be discerned. It is a spirit.


If there is evil in our hearts, for man to do evil, spiritually sensitive people will know it. "Stay away from that man, (they will tell their children) stay away, there is something wrong with that man. Just something not right there, stay away." You do not have to be in Christ to know that what you are perceiving this spirit on the man.


When we get someone that their heart is filled with wickedness, and these vibrations start to come out of them, if the wickedness is mature, as they vibrate forth from him they stir up wickedness in other people. That wickedness joins with other people and causes those people to turn on them. Does anybody not know what I said?


If you are out looking for a business deal, you are going to be attracted. The wickedness in you is going to attract you to a wicked man whose going to do you dirty. I tell you the truth. I have experienced somewhat of this. I do not do that much business here. I just make a few small purchases, but I will pick a man to do business with whose spirit witnesses righteousness to me and charges me more money than I will save money by going to someone else when I do not like the spirit on them. I believe it is of God. I do not want to do business with wicked people. You never know when they are going to pull the hatchet out from their back pocket. Anything could happen.


If you do not have spiritual discernment, and you are just following your nose, your heart is filled with wickedness, and you are going to be attracted to the dirty businessman. If you have been divorced for the fifth time, do not tell me you have had bad luck. The wickedness in your heart has attracted you to and connected with the wickedness in that other person's heart.


In more extreme cases, as the wickedness builds and the spiritual power...the wickedness builds, it is possible for this evil to go forth from you. Especially when you are spewing out negativity. If you are hating somebody, and you are giving full reign to it, it could connect with someone driving a car down the street , you could be in a car accident. I am telling you, I know what I am talking about.


You can go into work in the morning, and you could bring disaster on your job. It could hook up with an evil-hearted person on your job. It could actually cause, depending on how strong this wickedness is, it can vibrate out and touch somebody driving down the road, and bring them into your place of business.


This is what the Lord showed me that the person who has heavy destruction on their life, that as soon as they get relief, something else terrible happens. There is a very powerful operation of negativity in their own heart that is vibrating forth from them like a radio signals to hook up with ungodly negative spiritual power in other people. Brethren, it is no accident that sister so-and-so is happily married for sixty years and has overcome every serious trial in her marriage, every one of her children including herself and her husband are healthy, financially prosperous, and beloved by the entire neighborhood.


Her natural sister has been divorced six times. Five out of her six children are sick, and every one of her neighbors absolutely hates her guts. It is time to come up out of our naiveté. These things are just not happen stance. They are products of our wicked heart. Now I am not condemning anybody. If you see yourself in what I am saying, you need the power of Christ to break this destruction that is over you and turn you around in another direction.


You need the power of Christ to crush this wickedness in your heart so that you might start living by Christ, and that when Christ vibrates out from you, He is reaching for Godly people, He is touching Godly businessman, He is touching Godly relationships, He is touching Godly jobs, and He is touching the hearts of people who have favor towards you that want to be kind towards you. Do not be deceived, there can be a mixture, you can be a very nice person having a lot of people like you, but if there is still heavy destruction on your life, you have two different forces operating.


Not everybody is all one way, nobody is all one way. Even the people that have all the blessings on their lives, have negativity in their heart. It is a question of where the balance is. We are all fallen, it is just a question of weighing the blessings on your life against the curses on your life. You do reap what you sow, but, you know, some people are so far gone that they do not know it is a good thing to be a blessing to people.


Some people are so far gone that they are just so filled with hate. Where ever they go, they are just fighting with people, making enemies everywhere. They never even heard that it is said, "You can get more done with honey than with vinegar." The only way they know how to get their needs met is to scream and to fight, to demand. They are hated where ever they go. Why? They are under heavy curses. You need Christ to come into your life, and you need to be taught a new way of relating to your fellow man. Did not Jesus say, "Do unto your brother as you would have him do unto you." That is not for your brothers sake, it is for your sake because what goes around comes around. Every sin shall have its just recompense.


Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not the next day, maybe not in your life time, maybe in your children's life time. Yes, just let me give you the microphone.


COMMENT: What you are saying right there in that picture it is very simple, but I just bear witness to that.




COMMENT: I mean, I feel these negative things. What do I need to really focus on and do to break this? This message is for me. I know it.




COMMENT: I know it, I feel...I just feel it operating. I see it operating, I would love to think it was just a curse in my life, but I feel it inside of me. I feel all this wickedness, I hate it. I do not want it. I see what it is doing, it is birthing all this destruction that you are talking about. When I was away, I think I told you this, someone saw this in me, they brought this to my attention. That it was there, I never knew it, but it should be very obvious to me from the fruit that I have been bearing, but I would really like to focus on changing it. I need a beginning, a kick start.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, to have that kind of destruction on your life there is only one way out and that is total commitment to Christ. That means giving your entire life to Him. To the best of my knowledge, that is the only way out. A shallow commitment just will not cut it. You have to get into a ministry where there is power flowing, power that is going to invade this wickedness, that is going to implant the seed of Christ in you. Have him being formed in your life, that is the beginning of the war. There is a war to wage as soon as you get your weapon. When Christ begins to be formed in you, you are going to have to fight this wickedness on every turn.


Start by confession. The Lord will come to you personally, no general repentance. He will come to you a sin at a time. He will give you a personal program. He will say now XXXXX, I want to deal with this sin right now, do you confess that it is there? Do you repent? Well, let us start working on it. Now I am going to start to send challenges into your life, and I want to see you resist yielding to this sin. When you have resisted to my satisfaction, I am going to rip it out of you.


It is a program that goes on for a long time, but if you can just hang in there, it works. I myself look forward to the day that we can be strong enough to do what Jesus did with the Gadarene Demoniac. Just rebuke it and have the person healed. In this hour, He is not doing that. According to the measure of power that we have in the church today, it is taking a while, but it is do-able if you fight the war. It has to be a total commitment, that anointing is here, and that is why you are here, a total commitment.


COMMENT: I receive it.


PASTOR VITALE: Ministry, study, submission and, of course, you have to give up all your sins. You know that it is not going to happen over night, I am not going to lie to you. It is not going to happen over night. It takes, depending on the person, it takes a period of time to have your mind invaded with Christ. Although recently, over this past six months, I have seen the Lord do it for a couple of people in just a couple of months. I cannot make you any promises as to how long it will take for you.


Once He invades your mind, once the seed of His life invades your mind, it has to start to grow. Both of these cases I mentioned, I saw Him invade these peoples minds with great power within a few months, but I have not really seen any fruit yet. It is just like putting that seed under ground, you have to wait for it to come up.


COMMENT: You know something Pastor Vitale, this is absorbing, this is really absorbing. I am receiving this from you.




COMMENT: I have looked for this. I am not trying to... I know that it is Christ in you, and He has placed it in you to give to me. I know that, because I just know it. I have been looking for it. I always felt it was deliverance that I needed, but I just misconstrued what deliverance was. The laying on of hands and walking away free. I have had all these ungodly teachings of processes. I have looked to it for ray of hope, but I know what you are saying now. I see it as my deliverance.




COMMENT: I know God is going to do a miracle, I just know that He is going to deliver me.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe it.


COMMENT: It is going to be one step at a time, but it is going to be by His spirit. I see it now. I was praying for a vision like I was floundering because I was afraid because I would read these Scriptures, and it was scaring me. It was about a vision like people perishing and for lack of knowledge. I started to pray, God give me a vision, I did not see it, I can see He is beginning to birth it because I can comprehend it now.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God, maybe you are ready. I am hoping that you are ready.




PASTOR VITALE: I sort of had that feeling when you called me last week, that you maybe are ready now. Glory to God.


COMMENT: Thanks for being obedient, Pastor Vitale.


PASTOR VITALE: You are welcome. Just dig in. It may go faster with you because you have the Holy Ghost, or at least the two other people do not have the Holy Ghost. I do not know, I cannot promise you anything, but I can tell you it is going to be a war, because when Satan has possession of somebody's life, he just does not give it up very easily. It is a real battle, and there is no going back into the world, because once Christ delivers somebody who was under destruction, you have to serve Him for the rest of your life. He is the one that is keeping you standing. There is just no turning back. It is total commitment towards the Kingdom of God.


In this hour, God is calling a lot of people with destruction on their lives. Why? Because they are not likely to say "No" to Him. A lot of people in the world have it easy, that have a lot of their needs met. They are saying, "No" to Jesus in this hour. That is just the truth. I am delighted to see you here tonight. I will work with you to the best of my ability. It is going to be a painful process. It is the exposure of sin in your own heart. You have to deal with it, it is worthwhile. It is glorious, there are great rewards in it.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Definitely.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: It is hell. I would just like to put it on this tape once again, as to the difference between Old Order and New Order deliverance. Old Order deliverance is the casting out of demons. It is God's gift to the believer in whom Christ is not being formed. That means if you have a problem and I have a powerful anointing, I can come to you, Lord willing, and cast that demon out of you by the anointing that is in me. If something is tormenting you, if the Lord allows, I can do that.


All of the problems known to man are resident in their soul. So it is literally... if you can think of the soul as a lump of clay with an imperfection in it, it is like going in and just plucking out that area of clay and throwing it away.


That is God's mercy to people in whom Christ is not being formed. Once Christ starts being formed in you, the source of the power begins. See, nothing God does is instantaneous. Everything is a process. Once Christ begins to be formed in you, the power source for your deliverance begins to transfer from someone outside of you to the Christ which is being formed within you.


When your deliverance comes from the Christ within you, it can be, but it is not likely to take the form or the same form that Old Order deliverance takes. While you are in this transition... what transition? The transition of the power from someone outside of you to the power of the Christ inside of you. God at His own discretion can give you either Old Order deliverance or New Order deliverance, frequently both.


I continue to caution everybody to not be deceived into thinking that you are not receiving deliverance as the Lord starts moving you more and more towards New Order deliverance, because New Order deliverance does not have the visible manifestations that Old Order deliverance has. You are not likely to fall on the floor and scream and yell, or knock over a chair.


If God chooses in your life to put the emphasis on New Order deliverance, do not think He is abandoning you, do not think that there is no power present, but I encourage you to yield your members to Christ and let Him do it however He wants to do it in your life. Do not try to take control of your deliverance, but let Jesus deliver you.


Pray for discernment. Pray for understanding. Pray for Him to control your life. Pray for the movement of His spirit in your life. Pray that you should recognize the move of His spirit, so that you do not oppose that move of the spirit. Give it over to Jesus, He will do it. You can not put the Lord in a box.


Does anyone have anything to say about this. I guess it is more than an exhortation already. Anybody else have anything else to say before we go on?


COMMENT: I just wanted to make a comment on that about the family line curses. I know that I have had a revelation lately about that. That once I start getting deliverance of this, I realized how heavy it really is.... a family line curse coming down makes you what you are today.




COMMENT: That is... I did not get that realization until I went through all this breaking. I wondered, I guess everybody does not have to go through the same thing. I am hoping they do not. I hope that there is a possibility that enough people come up, they can help the others come up quickly. I hope for that.


I just did not realize until this breaking, but in my situation, I had to be taken out, literally taken out of that inheritance, and put in a whole new family with the situation being that it looks like the old situation, but it is not. The Lord is saying, "Live today and overcome." While I am over coming, He is exposing the sins to be delivered from, then I can see it, but I had to come out from this in order to see this thing from way back, forty generations back or whatever it is.


So it is really incredible. I think that it is a miracle to be able to go into the realm of the spirit so deep, that these curses be broken off of our life. I think that is the way to live a spiritual life, because we do not know what we are walking under. It is the gravity of the sin of our hearts that we are walking under. It is killing us. It is digging a grave for us. We have to get free of it, or we are going to end up there in that grave.




COMMENT: I got a whole new revelation of it. I have had the revelation of Sonship and going into perfection and never dying, but I never had that revelation, and I am starting to get it now. In order to get there we have to break the curses back to Adam, all the way back, and that is what I am today in my head. Its flowing through my veins that it has got to be broken.




COMMENT: Praise God.


PASTOR VITALE: It is in your blood. That is even a worldly expression. It is in your blood. I do not think we are going to do this Romans message today. I am just going to try to obey the spirit. I would like to give you a demonstration, a visible demonstration of how we inherit the sins of our forefathers. That might help you. This is a great mystery, brethren, we are not this body. We are spirit. That spirit is wrapped in a flesh soul.


Our soul is flesh and our spirit... now I am not talking about the people who are in the process of being quickened, but our spirit died. All that was left was our flesh. I did want to speak to you about this on another occasion, I do not think I did. I do not want to confuse anybody, I have a lot of tapes where I say to you "You are spirit, you are Christ." On a few tapes now I have been saying "You are soul, we are the Living Soul (that died)."


So let me take this opportunity to clarify that for you. Let me remind you that everything that I say, and everything that the Scripture says has to be taken in view of the context of the whole message. When I have said to you, "You are spirit, you are Christ," what I am saying to you is "Come on, stand up, stop living out of your emotion. Come one, start living out of Christ." That is what I am doing when I say that to you.


The fact is that God is touching your spirit and has begun to raise it from the dead, the spirit, but whether you are dead or you are alive, we have not yet been raised from the dead. We are in the process of being raised from the dead. We are still dead. We are soul people. Did I confuse anybody?


The Scripture would say that I am imputing righteousness to you. Paul said, "Count yourself as spirit, count your husband, count your carnal mind as dead. Start living out of Christ." Where is that? In Romans six, I think. Paul says that.


COMMENT: Reckon yourself dead.


PASTOR VITALE: Reckon yourselves dead to sin. Romans six, it is right around there some where, six or seven. What I am saying to you is that, originally, we were spirit, but our spirit died, and we fell down into the flesh. We became flesh men, but now that Christ is in your life, I am saying, "Reckon yourself spirit, because it is just a matter of time until God is going to raise you from the dead." So start striving for it now. That is my encouragement.


On other occasions we are a soul man, our spirit died, we became soul, and I will tell you that because I am trying to teach you something where it is important for you to understand our present condition. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? For this lesson that I am going to give you now, I am trying to give you a diagram that will help you to understand how that baby appears to be born so innocent is carrying the sins of all his forefathers.


To understand this you have to know that we are a living soul whose spirit died. Is everybody okay? Are you following me? There was a man at the beginning of time, he looked like we look, but we are not this body. There is a soul inside of this body, this man was a soul man. Actually the name of our original ancestor was Adam, but Adam died. How did he die? How did Adam die, anybody? What happened to him that produced his death?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: No. What was the actual.... not the cause, but what actually happened to him. If someone puts a knife in my heart, that is the cause of my death. What caused the fall?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: No. What you are all talking about is the cause. What I am looking for.... this is all the truth. What I am looking for is his spirit separated from God. That actually produced the death. When his spirit separated from God's spirit. When did his spirit separate from God's spirit? When the carnal mind killed Christ. Adams spirit separated from God. First he died spiritually. In the Hebrew that God said to Adam, "In dying you shall die." The spirit died, the soul is dying, that living soul that had received life at the beginning of time. Why? Because the mind of Christ was ruling through it. That soul is still dying. It is still dying.


It is not dead yet, it is dying. Because we have a spirit that is dead, and our soul is dying, these bodies that we live in die. Think of the creation as one creation. When the spirit that was in the living soul separated from God, an accomplished fact, past tense, separated from God, it produced an effect on the living soul, which is a many-membered soul as a result of that separation of the spirit from God. The soul began to die, and it is still dying. It has not yet ceased to exist.


The soul that is God's creation has not yet ceased to exist. It is in a condition called death, because the spirit died. The reality is that the soul still exists in an inferior condition to that in which it existed when Christ was the mind in it. Because the living soul is dying, the bodies that the soul lives in die. Are you okay?


So we have a man at the beginning of time, I do not know what his body looked like, this is just an example to help you understand. This body died at some point. It died, but the soul is still dying. How do you draw a soul? I will make it as a circle. The body died, but the dying soul still has an existence.


Because of the spiritual rules of this existence, God has said or the way they are set up, that so long as the soul still has an existence, it has the spiritual authority to produce bodies to live in. Why? Because this soul cannot exist without a body. So the glorified soul in the Lord Jesus Christ can exist without this body, but the soul which is dying cannot live without this body.


A procedure was formed, where by this living soul would continue to produce bodies. Why? Because the bodies die. The bodies have a set time where they are cut off, which is ahead.... which is a shorter period of time than the soul which is not dead yet. There has to be a provision made to reproduce the dead bodies so that the dying soul would have a body to live in. Are you okay?


We find out that the provision that exists in this place called hell, and this condition called death is that this man has the ability to produce children. By producing a child, at the time he produces the child, he imparts to the child.... well what is the child formed of? The child is formed of the blood, and the bones, and the tissue of the mother and the father. Everyone knows that.


Someone wrote me a nasty letter once. They said, "What are you talking about that someone's personality could be passed on." I said sister,"You would not have any problem telling me that your son looks like your father, neither would you have a problem telling me that your son has your husbands drinking problem. Before you give me a hard time, why not stop and think? You drink like your father, you got pregnant before you were married like your mother did. You are going to do the same thing."


I see it all over you, have not you heard that? Of course, you heard that. Well how does that happen? The tendencies of the parents as well as the physical characteristics are passed on to the children from the moment of conception. Why? Because all of the genetic material which is in the male and female seed of the woman and the man is passed on to the child.


That child is made out of the substance of their parents. Not only physical, but on the soul realm. The spirit is dead, they receive a dead spirit, but within this soul, which is personality, they receive spiritual genetic material, spiritual on the soul realm, genetic material. That is how come you take someone who was born to an alcoholic. Take them away from their parents at a very young age, grow them up in a Godly home and guess what? They are an alcoholic.


How did that happen? They received in their spiritual makeup, some genes, some proclivity, something from their parents that had nothing to do with nurturing, but has to do with nature, or had to do with inherited curses, or inherited characteristics that were negative. You could inherit characteristics that are positive. Your father could be a brilliant lawyer, and you could be a brilliant lawyer.


They could do the same thing with you. They can take you away from your natural parents at a very young age and have you raised up by people who are not educated. You could still go forth and be a great corporate lawyer. Does anybody here not know that, that is true? It is true.


When this man over here has a child...I really hesitate to say Able, Cain, and Seth, because things were different back in those days. That is another whole teaching. We are going to skip by that right now, at least at this moment. Weather or not the Lord will let me go over that tonight, I do not know. Let us just say we have this man here, and when his wife gave birth to a child, that child received of his flesh, of his bones, of his blood, of his soul.


Would anybody here deny that a mother and a father and a child have an intense soul tie? Can anybody here not see that? Very strong soul tie. Why? Because you all share in the same soul. What do you mean? Well the Bible says this is a great mystery, but a man and a wife are as one flesh. They are one soul.


The child that they produce is a part of their soul. In the invisible realm of the soul, they are all stuck together. We will draw him as one with his wife, when they die. When the mother and father die, this child is the living residue of their flesh, of their bones, of their blood and of their soul. When this child dies... but this child also has a child.


Now each generation it is a different personality. The individual personality is dying with the individual human being. The basic ingredients of the flesh, the bones, the blood and the soul are passed on from generation to generation. In that genetic material, there is every good thing, every blessing that fell upon this man. Every blessing that fell upon this man and every curse that fell upon this man he has passed unto his child, and the only thing new that we see is the form that the flesh, the bone and the blood has taken. It is in a new form. Even though there are similarities, you can tell my daughter looks just like me, but you do not have any problem knowing that she is XXXXX and that I am Sheila.


The flesh, the blood and the bones have taken a new form. It has been reformed, and the personality or the soul also, you can see the characteristics in it, but it has been reformed.


I want to suggest to you this is the fulfillment of the Scripture in Jeremiah that says and the potter marred the clay and reformed it.


When all the prior relatives are dead, you have the same physical flesh, you have the same spiritual flesh. It has just been reformed. Therefore, our righteous God make a statement to His fallen creation, "I declare to you that the sins of this man shall be corrected in the third generation." As far as God is concerned, this is righteous, this is just and, not only that, it makes sense. The one that it does not make sense to is our fallen carnal mind. Can you hear this?


Same flesh, same blood, same bones, same soul. As far as God is concerned He is not correcting this physical person, because this person has just come in to existence. The soul in there is the same soul that was back in this guy. People with spiritual eyes know that. Therefore, God can say, "I shall visit the sins of this guy on the third generation, and I shall do it in righteousness because I am a Holy God. It is heavy, that is heavy but it is the truth.


Jesus said to the Pharisees, "I will tell you the truth, and the truth will set you free." How is the truth going to set you free? When you can recognize this, when you can admit this you can confess that the sins that your fathers committed are your sins and influencing and harming your life. When you can do that, Christ will come in and break those powers and deliver you. You have to confess this. You have to confess the sins of your fathers. You cannot walk around saying that you are innocent, because when you walk around saying that you are innocent, you are saying that God is guilty. When you say that God is guilty, you are committing the sin of pride. God hates it. God is not guilty, we are guilty.


Every problem we have we deserve, everyone of us. When Christ comes into our life and begins to purify us, He changes us from glory to glory. In every affliction that comes upon us, He rips out of Satan's hands. Satan meant it for our hurt, Satan meant it to punish us and to kill us.


Christ who is the new head of our life lets it happen to us. He uses it to teach us and to purify us, to make a better person out of us. He absorbs us into His life. The trials do not stop, but the victories increase in number and in intensity.


So this is a great mystery that we are our forefathers in a new form. We have inherited his blessings and have inherited his sins, but you where ever you are, you are the one God is dealing with. If it is your turn to come and hear this message, you are blessed because you are not only a Savior to yourself, but He will clean you up and send you back to your family. If you are the one who has been chosen, you are the Savior that He sent to your family.


I heard a story from a woman once. A woman, a tormented woman, she had been sick and tormented all of her life. Right out of the Scripture, something that you read about. This woman spent all her money on doctors and nobody could help her. She said to me one night in great bitterness, I tried to say to her, "Why do you not ask Jesus to help you?" I did not say Jesus, I said God, she was a Jewish woman. She said, "You know, I did twenty five years ago when I was dying in the hospital, I asked Him to help me." With great bitterness, she said this, "He did not help me, and you cannot tell me that there is a God." I prayed in my heart to myself, "Lord what do you want me to say to this woman."


Before I could say anything she started to tell me a testimony. She said, "The doctor pronounced me dead. I had two babies and he told my husband that there was nothing he could do for me, that he should pray. My husband was distraught, I was distraught. We did not know what we would do. Suddenly we had a stroke of luck." I say that word sarcastically. "Someone telephoned the house and said, why not try this doctor. I have heard good things about him. Why do you not get a another opinion. This doctor I am told is one of the few doctors anywhere in the world, who will know how to deal with this problem."


Now twenty five years later the woman is still alive and she raised her children, although she suffered many afflictions over these twenty-five years. Can you not see the move of the Lord in that person telephoning you and giving you the name of this doctor? Instead of seeing the move of God in this, she has idolized this doctor. She said that this doctor has worked miracles for her. Brethren, we need to be able to recognize the move of God in our life, because if we cannot understand what He is doing, we will give the glory to man or to luck.


I tried to tell this woman "God answered your prayer, you lived to raise your two babies, you have had much torment, but you are still alive." In our spiritual immaturity, apparently, unless we go from disaster into candy land, we cannot believe it is God. In this hour, it is not at all uncommon to give partial miracles. Partial miracles that is okay. He does it, He saves your life, but He does not heal you completely.


It is spiritual naiveté to think that God did not answer your prayers. I met a young woman once who had broken up with her boyfriend. She was in great distress over the dissolving or the dissolution of this relationship. She prayed and she prayed, the man rejected her. She prayed and she prayed that she wanted to see him one more time.


Several years later, she indicted the Lord. She said to Him, "You know, Lord, it was such a simple request, why could I not see him one more time? Why did you not answer this prayer?" The Lord said to her... this is a funny testimony. The Lord said to her, "I did answer your prayer." He quickened to her that one day she had gone into a restaurant, not knowing why she was going there. Someone walked in that looked like him, but he had put on so much weight that she did not recognize him. She had looked at him, she thought that it was him, but he had put on so much weight. He was round, she could not believe that it was him. She did not seize the opportunity. Five years later the Lord said to her, "I answered your prayer, that was him in the restaurant and you did not talk to him."


You see, God answers your prayers, but not the way you expect Him to answer them, not the way you would like Him to answer them. You need to be instructed on how to recognize the move of God's spirit or you do not recognize His blessing in your life. Then you sin by being mad at Him, thinking He has abandoned you.


His ways are not our ways. He will only do things our way sometimes here or there if we are really babies. Once we start to grow up, and how do we grow up in God? What happens to you when you grow up in God? You become spiritual. He expects you to talk to Him and to receive from Him on His level. He expects you to come up higher. He expects you to start to function in the realm of the spirit. He expects you to start speaking His language. He expects you to start doing things His way.


He expects you to start recognizing what He is doing for you, His way. You have to grow up in Christ. You have to go from being a carnal man to a spiritual man. He will give us some leeway. When He makes a judgment that we are taking too long, He is going to push us out of that nest. You have got to come up higher.


How do you come up higher? God ministers to you, God satisfies you and meets your needs


in His spirit. (End of Tape one)


Tape 2


What does that mean? He wants to train us to begin to receive satisfaction from spiritual things. Now He is not taking away all of your candy. He is not taking away all of your carnal gratification all at once, but He wants you to start experiencing pleasure from spiritual things. Once you start, He gradually weans you off of the carnal things that give you pleasure


Now some people wean more easily than others. I remember when I tried to wean my daughter off of the breast, I belonged to an organization that said to me, "Nurse that baby, and she will wean herself naturally at about three years." Well they never met XXXXX, and I gave her a go ahead for three years and she would not let go. I had some time with her, she was mad at me. I tell you the truth.


I belonged to this support group for breast feeding mothers. They categorized babies in three categories. She was a barracuda. That is what she was, she would not let go. I had to break her forcibly and it broke my heart. She would not let go. Some people let go of their carnal pleasures easily, and other people are carnal barracudas. They will not let go, they want their pleasure carnally. They have trouble believing that there is great satisfaction in spiritual things.


They do not want to go on. God starts hacking away at them, He starts hacking away. He says, "Let go, I said let go!" If you do not let go, He takes it away from you. Is that not the truth? It is true. He will say, "I asked you to let go once, and I asked you to let go twice, I asked you to let go three times, you will not let go. Well now I am taking it out of your hand." We are a stubborn people. What a stubborn stiff necked people we are, but He loves us anyway.


So it is going to be His way. You cannot fight God. We are so stupid we think we can fight with God. Just shows our ignorance. I heard a story once.... wow I am bringing out all my testimonies tonight. This person was in the XXXXX in Manhattan. They were there with a gangster. I do not know, he was yelling or something, he was loud. Some guy that had come in to take his wife on vacation for the first vacation in fifteen years was in the XXXXX . He got mad at the gangster, and he jumped out of the seat. He was threatening him to shut his mouth.


The next thing, he looked up and all the henchmen from the XXXXX were standing between the two of them. This poor guy had no idea who he was picking on. He could have gotten himself killed. He is standing there shouting and shaking his fists at this gangster.


We are very ignorant people. You have to know who you are starting up with. There was all this tension in the XXXXX because all the bodyguards were saying to the gangster, "Oh, he does not mean it, he does not know what he is doing." So the guy just calmed down, he sat down and everyone just went, "fffewwww." It could have been on the first page of the news paper.


You cannot fight God, and we are just ignorant if you think you can fight God. That is not so terrible, everybody is ignorant in some measure, to some degree, but He loves us so much that He comes to us and He breaks us. He steps on our hands. Actually, in reality, the way He breaks us is that He hinders us. He hinders us from accomplishing our goals, He shows us our powerlessness.


You can liken it to a kid being mad at his father. He starts to swing at him, and his father just puts his hand on his head. The kid is swinging and he cannot touch him. That is what He does to us. He says, "You want to try, try. You are spinning your wheels. You will never accomplish it, unless I give it to you."


So it takes a while to learn these lessons, but we get the message sooner or later. What is the message? Jesus Christ wants to control your life. He does not like it when you control your own life. He does not like it when you try to control Him. You see, He is so strong and He is powerful, He does not have to get mad at you. He just loves you. He just watches you spin your wheels until you get it in your head. Until one day you say, "Maybe I should ask Jesus what He wants for me in this circumstance." When we finally comprehend, He says, "Ahhh, of course, I will help you." Brethren, if you want your every prayer answered, find out what the will of God is for you in that circumstance. Pray the will of God and you got it.


The Lord was just telling me about people with authority. He says anyone with authority over another human being, over your children, ministers over their congregation, any Godly prayer that you pray that would come out of the mind of God, the Lord is obligated to bring it to pass. If you have authority over that person, He must do it.


What does that mean? Brethren, if you have child and you see them in bad trouble, if you see them associating with a friend that you know destruction in their life, I want to tell you if you ask God to remove that person from their life, they are gone. They are gone. God will honor your righteous prayer for your children, but your motives have to be a selfless motive of delivering and saving your child from destruction. You cannot be a mother that does not want to let go of her son. You cannot be a father that wants to control his son's life.


If your motive is that you truly see danger, and they do not see it, you have that authority. Now I do not know when they are married. I know when they are in your house, when they are living in your house, you pray that prayer, and you expect that to come to pass. You still have authority when they are married, but it depends on the circumstances. If you see danger, and they do not see danger. The whole key to this, if you pray the prayer and God does it, you must have been praying the mind of God.


You cannot twist God's arm. He does not answer your ungodly prayers. When you tell Him that you hate somebody, and you want them to lose their job, He does not do it. I have heard some people say to God, "Now God I know that person was mean to me, now do not kill them Lord." He is not going to kill your enemies because someone called you a name.


Wrong teaching, wrong teaching in the church. He wants you to forgive your enemy. He is more concerned with you and what you are doing in response to their sin against you. Are you forgiving them? Are you praying for them? Are you blessing them? Are you asking God to forgive them? Because if not, do not worry about God killing them. He has got a big stick, and He is coming after you. Jesus, how did I get on that? Let us just see where we are going on this.


COMMENT: What you just said was specifically for me. My oldest son, my oldest daughter and I prayed before we came here about a situation in her sister-in-law's life. I just did not know how to pray. Now I understand.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. I want to tell you, God answers prayers. One time when XXXX was a little girl, I was making her a birthday party. She had a falling out with another child in the church. She insisted she did not want the child at her birthday party, so I did not invite her. I was friends with this family, they were very kind to me. There was something I had asked the man to do, I think I asked him to do some kind of repair for me. They called me the morning of the birthday party, and said that they would be stopping by right at the time of the birthday party.


I hung up the phone and went into prayer. I said, "Lord how would it glorify you for these people to be hurt by this? They have been kind to me. They are living the best they can for God. It would be just terrible. No good thing coming out of it, please do not let them come." They did not come. When I saw them the next day in church, the man came over to apologize to me. He said, "Sheila I cannot even tell you why we could not get there. I do not even have an excuse to make to you. I do not know what happened. We just never got to you house." I said, "That is alright brother, God knows."


He is faithful. He will move circumstances, He will change peoples lives if your heart it pure. If you are asking Him to do something to get vengeance, or to manipulate or control somebody else, or to bring some gain onto yourself, He is not hearing you. God does not hear the prayers of the unrighteous. People read that Scripture, and they hear God does not hear or answer the prayers of the unrighteous. They say, "You see that person over there? They are unrighteous and I am righteous. God will hear my prayers and not theirs." That is not true.


When there is a righteous prayer rising in your heart, you are righteous, and He hears your prayers. When there is an unrighteous prayer rising in your heart, you are unrighteous, and He does not hear your prayer. That goes for every human being. God loves everybody. There is incredible power when your mind lines up with God.


The house that I lived in before this one was in the next town over. I lived in an old farmhouse that had been made into three apartments. It was really like living in one house. The walls were very thin. The people upstairs were having a Halloween party. I do not know how I feel about it today, but I was a real fanatic about it in those days. I really did not like the idea of them having a Halloween party upstairs and that close. They came by and invited us. I said to the Lord, "Just get me through this." He said to me, the Lord spoke to me and He said, "Why not pray and ask me to cancel the party?" I said, "Hmm could God have possibly said that?" I felt it was God so I prayed, I said "Lord cancel the Halloween party."


I am sitting in the house waiting for these people to come, it is nine o'clock, it is ten o'clock, it is eleven o'clock and it is midnight. One person came. They invited sixty people to this party. The next party I saw my neighbor, I said "How was your party?" She said to me, "The strangest thing happened, nobody came. We had all that food up there and nobody came." There is incredible power in God, when your heart, when your motives are righteous. If your motives are selfish, they are for your own self gain, forget it.


If anyone answers your prayer, it is Satan. God is not into that. He is not into building your Ego. He is not into lining your pocketbook. Except for what He decides to give you, He is not into killing another persons character so you can get ahead. He is not into it.


He is into the furtherance and the building of His kingdom. What is His kingdom, what is the over riding characteristic of His kingdom? Righteousness. This whole earth is filthy. The Scripture says, "The whole world lieth in..." What? Wickedness. His work in this hour is to bring righteousness in the midst of the wickedness with such an intensity that it swallows up that wickedness just as a light would cause a shadow to flee away.


Anybody who yields their members up to the Lord and becomes a vessel to flow His righteousness through, you will see miracles like you have never seen before in your wildest dreams. You cannot image the miracles that He will work for you. Why? Because you are asking Him to do what He wanted to do before you ever thought of it.


That is when you get the miracles, that is when you get the power. When your mind is one with His mind. In that relationship is unlimited power. To do what? To do righteousness. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: As we increase in Christ, does this automatically break curses or is it the confession that breaks the curses?


PASTOR VITALE: No it is the increase in Christ that break the curses. It is the confession and repentance that helps to bring Christ forth, but it is His spiritual power that turns these curses around.


COMMENT: So the more we increase, then the more those curses are broken?


PASTOR VITALE: There is nothing that any human being can do to help themselves. When we confess our sins, and we confess the sins of our ancestors and repent, what happens is Christ is increasing in us. He is the spirit of might. He is the warrior. All the power to break curses on our life is in Him. All we can do is our small part that will encourage Him to come forth. He is the big cheese, He is all that there is. We are nothing, we are just dust. When He dwells in us, we become something of His presence. We become partakers of everything that He is.


COMMENT: Let God increase in us.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, let God increase in us. I pray that for everybody here.


COMMENT: A few months ago my girlfriend's daughter was involved in drugs. She was living with this fellow who was also heavily involved in drugs. Destruction was coming on both of their lives, her mother asked me to pray and I prayed. At the time I asked God to break any ungodly soul ties, I mostly prayed in the spirit. I asked the Lord to remove this man from her life. She proceeded to marry him and, after being married about two months, she wanted her life cleaned up of drugs because she wanted to have a baby. She went into a rehab center, her husband became so threatened by it, believing that she would leave him when she got straight, he committed suicide after three months of marriage. Would you say if there is any answer of prayer connection?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Now hear this everyone listening to the tape, this is just my opinion. I do not want anyone twisting my words. Where ever you are, where ever this tape is going, my opinion is that under certain controlled circumstances, God will kill people. This candy-coated pill that is in the church has got to go. God kills people. In the Bible, He killed Ananias, He killed Sapphira. He killed, what is the name of the guy that touched the ark? Uzzah. God kills people. Wake up, wake up, wake up, and come out of your fairy land. God kills people. Now what I think might have happened there is this. God answered your prayers, it must have been a righteous prayer, God honored it. Some circumstances must have occurred in that girl's life. I would guess that He sent somebody to her, probably her mother or her father to say, "Do not marry this man." Obviously, she did not listen. Did that happen? Did that come to pass? Yes.


God works through men, you see, if you are looking for a lightening bolt to come out of the sky you are never going to see God because He does what He does through men. He sends somebody, probably several people, and He said, "Do not marry that man." She did it anyway. For whatever Gods purposes, I do not understand all the details, He let her marry him. I am sure He could have broke it up before she married him, but for what ever His purposes He let her marry him, and then after she married him, He let this happen, but He got the girl free. God does it.


COMMENT: I was just thinking, this girl it was so important for her to be straight for the children she hoped to have.


PASTOR VITALE: Did she have any children?


COMMENT: She was in the process of getting clean so that she could have a healthy baby.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, you never know what God's purposes are. Now I am going to give you a hard word here, it is grow up time for everybody. God does not kill somebody and not kill somebody else because He likes your face, or because there is something wrong with your nose. God's whole purpose in this hour...He has one focus, He is single minded, He has one purpose, He has one goal. That goal is?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true. To bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to the earth, because when the Kingdom of God is functioning, is manifesting in the earth, it is eventually going to touch every human being on the face of the earth. This whole world is going to be purified, but in the meantime, while this is happening, during the process, He is saving the lives of the people that He knows will be vessels to do His work. If you happen to get into he way of His plan, you run the risk of getting killed. For Him to do something like that I would take a guess...I repeat, this is my opinion, I would take a guess that, that girl is called. Do you hear what I am saying?


I know somebody else, boy this is testimony night. I know somebody, she was called to the Kingdom, had a powerful call on her life. Some man that she had been involved with years before called her up and said, "I have got my act together, and you will be hearing from me in a couple of months." Well he blew up, died a violent death. A young man.


I have no problem believing he would have interfered with the call on that woman's life. God looked at him and said, "Well, I have got a purpose for her, I have much for her. It is not in my plans that I am going to manifest through Him. I am not going to let him mess up my plans for her." Then He killed him. If you think I am a fanatic, you are entitled to your opinion, but it is grow up time. You have got to come out of this baby land that God is some kind of goody, goody.


God is a military commander, He is the captain of the host. He intends to save this whole creation whether you stay a baby or whether you grow up. Just like in any other war, there will be causalities. Jesus. All you have been taught that you had to do was to go to church on Sundays, dance and sing and die and go to heaven where you would walk on streets of gold, inherit your mansion and have Italian food every night. God is not going to tolerate it much longer. Jesus.


We have to get our definition of Christian straight. Christian means a man who is in the image of Christ, who is manifesting the nature of Christ. What is Christ? He is spirit. A true Christian is a spiritual man who is functioning in, at least some level, in the realm of the spirit. We have a whole world out there full of workers of witchcraft. They are all over the country, they are all over Port Jefferson. People developing their spiritual powers. The Bible says, "The children of darkness are more intelligent... (how does the Scripture go) they have more intelligence." The world is wiser, they are wiser than the children of light.


I want to tell you that people in this world who desire spiritual things outside of Christianity dedicate their whole life time to it. People who follow Hinduism or Buddhism, they desire to be spiritual. Now, there is Zen Buddhism that is a shoot off, but the classical Buddhism produces high spiritual men and women. They dedicate their whole life to it, to the study and the practice of spiritual things. Christians are supposed to be spiritual.


I had someone confess to me the other day that she dabbled in witchcraft before she came to the Lord. She was sharing with me what she had done. One of the activities she engaged in was called going into an Alpha state. What is an alpha state? It is an altered state. I think they even made a movie about that, altered states. An altered state of consciousness, that means your body stays where you are, but your consciousness, which is your, mind goes some place else. It goes into the realm of the spirit. She was telling me about the rituals that they do to get into this altered state of consciousness. Why would someone want to go into an altered state of consciousness? Because it is a state of consciousness by which one can receive knowledge about people, about life. I will tell you the reason why she did it, was that her own mother said that she had this gift. Her mother commanded her to do it to spy on her father, who the woman believed was cheating on her.


So she would go into this altered state of consciousness, and she would be able to see where her father was. How does that work? Let me show you how it works. Why am I telling you this? Because this alpha state is the opposite of a true spiritual experience in Christ. To enter into an alpha state is a sin, it is witchcraft , but to enter into an altered state of consciousness in Christ is acceptable to God, because that altered consciousness that you go into is the very Christ.


What did I say? Let me say it again. If you go into an altered state of consciousness in Christ, what it means is that you come out of your own mind. You enter into the mind of Christ, and you see things like He sees them. You see things that He sees that you cannot see with your own mind. This is how it happens. Down here on the earth, we have men, and they all have minds. Their sight is down here on the earth, but if they can get into another mind. In the occult what is the name of that mind?


COMMENT: The unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. It is Satan. That is what they are doing. They are getting into Satan's mind. Satan is up here. Satan is the unconscious mind of man. He influences every human being alive, expect Jesus Christ of Nazareth. If they can alter their state of consciousness, this is their mind over here. They can ascend up into Satan's mind. Altered state of consciousness, altered state of mind. Their body does not move, but the mind that they are living out of goes from here to up here. They now have vision where they can get knowledge of this guy, this guy, and of this guy.


See, from down here they cannot see it. They may not see this guy over here, but if they get into Satan they can see everybody's mind if they have the spiritual authority to do it. You have to have the spiritual authority to do it. What does that mean? You have to have the spiritual strength to do it. It is a spiritual strength. I could not understand it for a long time, until God explained it to me.


He said, "Well, look at people's bodies. One can pick up 50 pounds, but they cannot pick up 75 pounds. Some one else can pick up 75 pounds, someone else can pick up 500 pounds. They are just physically strong, some people are just physically stronger than others. Some people are spiritually stronger than others, partially because they are born that way. Physical strength is partially inherited, then you have to use what you have. You have to develop what you have. You have to work at it.


Not everybody is spiritually strong, but some people are born with the potential for spiritual strength. Then they work with it. There are people all over the world doing it in Satan. There are very few Christians working towards spiritual strength, very few. This is the altered state of consciousness. You come out of your mind, and you go into Satan's mind. Show it to me in the Bible, Pastor Vitale. I will show it to you in the Bible. I do not know if you can see it in the King James; we have a tape on it in the book of Revelation. John went into an altered state of consciousness in the book of Revelation. Did he not?


I could hear everybody screaming about these teachings. It is in the Bible, brethren, it is in the Bible. Come on up out of your baby stuff.


Chapter Four of the book of Revelation." After this, I looked and behold a door was opened in Heaven and the first voice I heard was, as it were, of a trumpet talking with me. Which said, come up hither, and I will show you things which must be here after or in the future." John went up into the mind of Christ. His consciousness was altered. You have a question for me?


COMMENT: Is that the same as ESP?


PASTOR VITALE: Is what I showed you up there ESP? No, to the best of my understanding, ESP is mind communication, if I am correct. Let me just say one more thing. Once you get up there, into the altered state of consciousness, there are several gifts operating, one of which would be ESP. Then there is clairvoyance, there are many gifts, but to say that it is ESP would be restricting, and it is much greater than ESP.


COMMENT: When the Lord brings us into this, it is always His invitation, It is always His initiative.




Exactly, and I will give you a further example on that. This woman showed me how she would get into this alpha state. I really do not want to get to much into that on this tape, but it was something that she had to do. It was visualization with her mind. My reaction to what she said was....because she literally had to work her way up to this state...my reaction to it was, "I go into states of altered consciousness." You know what they are going to do with this tape. I do not care, all you Pharisees out there, it is the truth. I have been going into a state of altered consciousness in the spirit of God for many years now.


I have seen many miracles take place when He brings me up, but HE brings me up, and as I listened to what she has to say, I contrasted my experience with it. I said, "Well, my experience...I never asked the Lord to go into an altered state of consciousness. He always catches me up." Just as I just read to you in Chapter Four in the book of Revelation.


Usually I am in a deeply spiritual state of mind. Most of the time I am alone with Him studying in the Scriptures, so my mind is already fastened on the things of God. He will just catch me up. He will give me wisdom, He will give me knowledge, He will anoint me to pray for somebody. I have never ever sought Him to go into any altered state of consciousness. I have never asked Him to catch me up. He has always come to me, when He either wants to tell me something, or He has something for me to do.


That is one of the reasons I want to emphasize to you again, I rarely pray prayers that I do not believe that God has given me. The only exception being if I evaluate a situation, and I am convinced in all the purity that I can muster that unrighteousness is ruling and even then...well sometimes I will rebuke it. Even then, I will say, "Lord how would you pray, give me a prayer."


I found in Part Three of Romans Eight, which we will not be doing tonight, a Scripture to back that up. When I did the Alternate Translation on Romans eight, where it says the spirit intercedes for us because we do not know what we should pray. When I looked up those words in the Greek, we will do it at the next meeting, it is not talking about the Holy Spirit. It is talking about the spirit of Christ that is growing within people who are in deep tribulation.


I want to tell you I have experienced this. I experience it over and over again. The deeper I go into tribulation the more spiritual I get.


The shorter and simpler my prayers are, and they usually are one of few, for example, "Help!" Or, "Lord I do not know what to pray, be glorified in me. Keep me from sin, Lord." Very, very simple prayers and beyond that if there is a specific circumstance involved, I will say, "Lord give me...put a prayer in my mouth." What do I know what is right in any given circumstance. I know when I see something that looks unrighteous to me, and I will put it before the Lord.


I want to tell you that when I put it to Him like that and He moves, I never cease to be amazed at His answer to the problem. To recognize that was never even a consideration for me. I never even considered what He did. Happens to me a lot. I was saying, "Lord give me your prayer, let my prayer line up with your mind. Put the prayer in my mind." Then I pray it, and it happens. We do not know what to pray because we cannot see all of the potential.


You cannot see all of the potential answers, we just cannot, so I go before the Lord, I bless the people, and I ask for God's mind. Even if you see something ungodly happening, you have to take people into consideration. Even if people are doing something wrong, they are still people they need a place to live. They need food to eat, maybe they have children that they have to take care of. Do not be so quick to pray a prayer that could affect their job, or that could hurt their life. You have to think about all of these things if you want to be a prayer warrior. No matter how wrong someone is doing, it will not glorify God, God will not be pleased with you if you are praying prayers that could result in judgments without considering that there are children that depend on them, there is a wife that depends on them. Does anyone not know what I am talking about here?


Grow up time in Christ. Have to be very careful what you are doing. Anybody else? Any questions or comments? Anybody? I want to tell you, you have to be very careful, when you take on somebody that is moving in this kind of power. It is like walking into a buzz saw. If you are a carnal person, and you are thinking of doing evil to someone that is moving into this kind of power, you are walking into a buzz saw. It is just the mercy of God that will keep you from getting hurt bad. That is why as God increases us in power. We must simultaneously...there must simultaneously be appearing in us His merciful kindness, His loving kindness, His mercy, His grace, His pity upon ignorant people that do not even know what they are doing.


We are clearly told in the book of Jude that there are people who are brute beasts, that they cannot recognize the dignitaries. They do not know who they are fooling around with. It is a good thing God is a merciful God, there would be people dropping dead all over the place. You pick on somebody out there, you do not know who you are picking on. You could be picking on a chief warlock, which is much more dangerous than picking on a Son of God. When you pick on a Son of God, usually you wind up getting saved.


Turns the power of God against you. When the power of God turns against you, it destroys the sin in you and raises you up in Christ. If you pick on a chief warlock, you really got trouble on your hands. You do not know what is out there these days, everything is hidden. Back a hundred or more years ago, you could see the man walking down the street with a gun upon his hip. You do not know who you are fooling with out there today.


They are going to go home in a little corner of their house, they are going to be saying some prayer against you. You better be in Christ, brethren, you better have the whirlwind manifesting around you twenty-four hours of the day. Did you have a question? XXXX?


COMMENT: It really does not have anything to do with this. I was talking to somebody in the Laundromat that studies Psychology. He was making a remark about demon possessed people. He was saying that they.. he said one thing that was true about a fully demonized person is that it is a very rare case that they are fully demon possessed. He made a remark that when you walk into the room of that person, the whole room is cold when it is not normally cold. I thought about what you had said, that hell is cold. I said, "Could it be that, that person is so far from God, and fully demon possessed that it is cold?"


PASTOR VITALE: Sounds good to me.


COMMENT: I just wondered the guy sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I never heard that before, but I think that it is a possibility.


PASTOR VITALE: Also when the anointing is all over you, you get hot. You have all seen me jump up and down, turning on the air conditioner or opening a window.


COMMENT: That is right. The closer you get to God it seems the hotter it gets inside of your body. It is like you are burning up. That night I was getting prayer for and deliverance, I felt like I was getting hotter and hotter. I was burning up, I must have gotten close, I felt the Lord. He mentioned one other thing in the book I was reading, about exorcism is a major deliverance. He said that the deliverance that you see in the churches are really minor things coming out compared to the major exorcism. Do you have any comments on that?


PASTOR VITALE: I remember when I read the book, I disagreed with him but I do not recall.


COMMENT: You disagree on that issue.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I disagree with him on that issue, but I do not recall where. If you want, I will read the passage again, and I will talk to you about it if you would like me to.


COMMENT: Yes, because it made me think that in an exorcism, they were looking to see if the person was fully possessed. In a deliverance, the person has demons, but they are not fully demon possessed. In exorcism they are fully possessed. It makes the deliverance, a major deliverance.


PASTOR VITALE: I want to tell you what bothered me about that book, it was an excellent book. I hope we are all mature enough here to know that nothing is 100% in either direction. I recommend the book to anyone that wants to read it, but I tell you the one thing that bothered me about it, was that what the man was saying was that this exorcism is such a major thing that it should be controlled by the government. There should be government controls, and there should be all kind of controls, and that the people who participate in the deliverance should be pre-picked and sorted out.


I cannot go along with that because I want the Lord to... first of all, government control on spiritual things is very dangerous as far as I am concerned. The government should keep its hand off of the church. Second of all, I do not want any psychologist picking out who is going to pray for me. I want the Lord picking out who is going to pray for me. Every deliverance I have had before I got up to ask for the deliverance prayer, that was my prayer, "Father send your choice of workers to me."








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