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We have had a lot of teaching in this Ministry about the future of the human race and the future of this planet and what happens after people die. We have had a lot of interesting information that the Lord has given us that I have never heard preached anywhere before. Maybe it is being preached, I have not heard it.


The Lord has given us some messages where we tie this information in with science and, as I always tell you, I am certainly not a scientist, but God just gives me these little bits of facts which back up what I have been preaching here for a long time.


Some of you may recall that I was preaching on the Big Bang Theory five years ago. I found it in the Scripture, or God showed it to me in the Scripture. Someone, a scientist, has written a book on Genesis and the Big Bang. My feeling is that science and the Bible are not at opposite ends, that they are in agreement. We just need a few adjustments to be made.


Most of the people interpreting the Bible have to get rid of some of their pride and open their heart to some correction, because a lot of what they are believing is the letter, and it is carnal. They need to open their heart to a spiritual understanding of the word, and the scientists need to open their heart towards God. When this happens, I believe the information in the Scripture, and the information that Science has found are going to prove to be one and the same thing.


What never ceases to amaze me though is how the truth of the Scripture continues to be made manifest. My understanding of the truth of the Scripture is that all knowledge is in Christ. A lot of people in the world today have to go to College and get a PhD in Physics to find out what we are going to talk about tonight. What we are going to talk about tonight is going to support what I have been teaching here for at least 3 or 4, if not 5 years.


We now see Physicists speaking about the same principles, and believe me I am no Science giant. I definitely am not, but I understand a few principles here or there. There is no way I could have ever, even gotten a 4 year degree in Physics. I do not have that capacity, but in Christ is all knowledge.


In Christ is everything, and that is why the Scripture says "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." I not telling you not to go to College or not to get your education. I am telling you to pursue the life that God has marked out for you, knowing that as we ascend into Christ, and as it suits His purposes, all knowledge is available to us as He gives it to us.


You should definitely follow up and develop all of your secular skills as the Lord leads you. On the other hand, what I am saying to you is that you do not have to be a Physicist with a PhD to understand God's purpose in the Creation, what He intends to do with us, and what our end will be.


As a matter of fact, my preaching tonight is going to be based on a movie. I should really put the name of the movie on the tape. Let me get this. Do you know the name of the movie? I do not think it says on the book.


COMMENT: A Brief History Of Time.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, A Brief History Of Time.


The name of the movie is A Brief History Of Time, and the main character in this movie is a genius who is a Physicist. The man is a genius, and at the very end of the movie he makes a comment that just amazes me. The movie was fascinating. I am hoping to simplify it for you. Maybe some of you could understand it if you listen to it, but maybe some of you could not.


I am going to try to simplify it and relate it to the Scriptures. His last comment, as the movie ended was, "If we find out why men exist, we would know the mind of God."


We know why men exist. Most of us here know why men exist. We exist... does anybody want to try it? Why do we exist?


COMMENT: Because God purposes to have man in His image, to have His children.


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but I will just make it a little clearer.


The invisible God has made a decision that He will appear. He is invisible, He has no form, and He has no shape. He has made a decision that He wants to have form and shape, and we are His form and His shape.


Another way to put it more simply would be to say that there is a pool or a gigantic reservoir of water, and a glass full of that water wanted to take a form or shape. What we did was pour the water into the glass. The water has no form or no shape. It is the glass that has the form and shape. We are the glass, or as the Scripture says, "We are the cup that holds the Spirit of the Lord."


This cup, which we are, is presently being forcibly pressed into the nature...the image of God is the nature of God, the personality or characteristics of God, as if you would take a piece of clay and force a metal object into the clay so that the form or the image of the metal object would appear in the clay.


We are the clay and the Father, God, is forcing His nature which is (What is His over-riding characteristic?), holiness, righteousness. He is forcing His righteousness into us which goes against the very grain that we are made of, because the soul man is unrighteous. The soul man is wicked, the soul man is evil in this hour and, therefore, the Lord, forcing His righteousness into us can be likened to a metal object being forced into our heart, and it hurts.


Changing our nature hurts. Sometimes, the Scripture says we are getting a new heart. That is true, but to get a new heart this old one has to be cut out. Having my heart cut out is painful.


We see this super genius, about whom this movie is, going through years of study having a genius brain, and he is just saying what we have been preaching here for years. I have not been preaching it on such a lofty level, and I take no credit for this at all. It is all in the Word of God. All knowledge is in the Word of God.


I watched the movie, I took some notes, and I am going to try to make some comments on the notes that I took and relate to what this super genius scientist is saying to what the Lord has been teaching here. Just pray that God helps me.


Let me just review a black hole for you. You may recall that we did some teaching on black holes for the Creation Series. The Lord has showed us, at that time...let us review the Big Bang Theory to start with.


Science knows, or the current theory of science is that this Creation started with a Big Bang, but nobody knows where the Big Bang came from or what caused it to happen. Do you remember what caused the Big Bang, anybody?


COMMENT: An explosion.


PASTOR VITALE: An explosion. What exploded? Do you remember?


COMMENT: The sun?


PASTOR VITALE: No. No. No. What? Separation, separation, yes.


There was God. God is eternal, He is everywhere, and God had an imagination. He had a dream, and His dream was a creature, a visible creature with a defined form whose nature would be in the image of God.


The Father brought forth from within Himself...let me draw a line here. This is eternity over here. Eternity has no boundaries, but we are going to keep it within the board. The Father found within Himself an ability to shoot a piece of Himself off. Actually, that is not...let me do it this way.


COMMENT: Was it invisible?


PASTOR VITALE: Was it invisible? No. It was not invisible. It was spiritual. It did not look like this, but it was still visible.


The Father wanted to produce something that would be visible, and the way He did it was that He brought forth from within Himself, a seed. Spiritual things are very hard to understand, so for every spiritual truth we have a natural example.


For a woman to conceive a child, a man must bring forth the seed. The Father brought forth within Himself, a seed. There was then a separation of that seed from the Father, God. The seed, since God is eternal and fills all things, the seed had to abide within eternity. Could not get outside of eternity.


As a woman carries a fetus, the Father brought forth within Himself, a seed, and the name of that seed was the Son.


Men and women have seed within them that are potential human beings. The Scripture says that Levi paid tithes while he was still in Abraham's loins. That means that the Father acknowledged the life of the man, Levi, (two generations or more than that, three generations I think), before he was born, and he said that Levi existed in his Father's, (his great, great Grandfather's) loins, three or more generations before he was ever born. I guess it was four generations.


God looks at the seed in men and women and He says, "I know you." This is an incredible mystery, but when a woman conceives, in some instances, we studied this here, and we know that a woman can conceive for three reasons. She can conceive, because when a man and woman have sex, the woman can conceive. She can conceive because a man and a woman plan for her to conceive, or she can conceive because God in Heaven decides that this woman is going to bring forth the Son of God.


When God is the one who is controlling the conception of this woman, He actually picks the ovum in the woman, and He picks the sperm in the man. He knows before the child is born who He is bring forth into this world of appearance. That is incredible, but we know it is in the Scripture. God said that about Cyrus, that He brought him forth.


General Patton was convinced that he was brought forth at the exact time that he lived to get this country a victory in World War II. Winston Churchill said, "For this reason, came I into the world." Is it just accident, is it just luck that these great leaders were born at the time that they were needed. No, God looked at the loins of all the individuals moving on the earth at that time, or at least in England, or at least in the free world, and He said, "This is the man that is going to lead the charge to victory." In that man and woman, He raised His hand over them, and this is the man that came forth. Incredible.


Is it so different than what we are told about Jesus? That the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary and said to her, "You have conceived a Son, His name is Jesus." Is it so different than what happened to Zechariah? The angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and said to him, "Your wife is going to conceive, the child's name shall be John, and he is going to be the one who is going to point the way to Jesus Christ."


Do you think that it was just an accident that John the Baptist was conceived and the angel announced the accident? No, God controlled the conception.


There are people in this world today who are here, who exist on this earth, because the living God has said, "You shall be here." He controlled the conception in your mother's womb. He controlled who your father would be, and he has brought you forth. The Scripture says, "The Lord says to the prophet, Isaiah, I shall sow my seed in the earth."


There is a handful of people in the earth right now, most of them do not know who they are, but God has brought them forth for the hour such as this.


Just as Winston Churchill was brought forth, just as Patton was brought forth, I am convinced every great political leader and soldier was brought forth. We have a company of people in the earth today who were brought forth for this great appointed time that the Scripture speaks about.


When Patton was a little boy, he had no idea what he was going to be. When Winston Churchill was a little boy, he had no idea. Winston Churchill was born in England, and England still operated under the Biblical concept of inheritance, where the oldest son got everything, all of the money, all of the property, everything. If there were ten children, the oldest son got everything. Winston Churchill was the second son. He was nothing in his family, but for God's purposes, he was great.


We have a whole company of people in the earth today, conceived and born, because God has called them forth. They are still under tutors and governors, they do not know who they are, and they have no idea what is waiting for them down the road, but the Lord will bring it to pass.


We see that the Big Bang Theory is the Father separating His seed from Himself. God is a sun, and suns are known for their heat, and their fire, and their continuous explosion. There are continuous explosions going on, on our sun.


The sun is a star. This is a characteristic of a star, heat, fire, energy, continuous explosions. They do not need anything, but they give out. They give out, they do not need anything, but they give out fire, they give out heat, they give out warmth, they give out life.


That is the characteristic about God. He needs nothing, but He gives out to others, and He brought forth from within Himself, a seed. He brought forth His Son in seed form.


We have a lot of people in the church today that think He brought forth a full grown, fully mature Son, but He did not. He brought forth a seed, He brought it forth with a big explosion, and the realm of time was formed. Eternity has no boundaries.


The world that we live in time (not of the universe that we live in), the realm of time, has a boundary. Right now, God is working in the realm of time to bring this whole world and, in particular, man, into the image and the nature of Almighty God. Why? Because He cannot use us in the image that we are in now.


We are criminals. Our nature is criminal in this hour. God brought forth in the realm of time, animal life. The animal life is that which is going to give form to the Spirit of God, just like this glass gives form to the water. The animal life will give form to the invisible Spirit of God.


There was an event somewhere at the beginning of time. We call it the fall, and the Son that was coming forth from seed, who was a very young Son, lost control of His animal. You might say, He fell off his horse.


If you want a natural example, the Son let go and the beast got loose. This is our condition today. We are a many-membered beast waiting for our Master to gain control of us again, because a beast running loose can hurt himself. They can run up against the rail, get lost in the wild, they can fight with other horses or bite each other.


People that own thoroughbred horses separate them from the other horses. They kick each other, they bite each other, they fight over the females, and they do all kinds of destructive things.


The creation in this hour is running wild, but the Son (His name is who?), The Lord Jesus Christ, in this hour, is lassoing the horse and getting back on top of us, putting a bit in our mouth, and directing us in the direction of safety and life. Being the wild horse that we are, we are fighting Him, and kicking at Him, and biting at Him every step of the way. Why? Because that is our nature, and we can do no other thing.


That is why the Scripture says, "There is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus," because you are what you are until the Lord changes you. For He says, "Let men every where repent, turn unto God and be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and get your heart changed so that you could stop dying and begin to experience Life."


That is the Big Bang Theory. The Son shot out from the Father, and the way He shot Him out was by a big explosion. There was a separation, an atomic explosion. In this separation, just like in every other atomic explosion, there was a what? Do you remember? There was a fallout. There was a fallout.


Actually, the Father is Spirit, the Son is Spirit, and the fallout resulted in the animal life. Atomic ash, that is what we are made out of. Here we, a few people with no tremendous or significant education, here on Long Island know what caused the Big Bang to a larger degree than the most superior physicist in the world. I find that absolutely amazing.


When I was in Nigeria, there were quite a few science-oriented people in the meetings. There were a couple of doctors and one research scientist. She had the Master, she had another PhD, and they were just fascinated with what the Lord is bringing forth here, with all their formal education. That is the Big Bang.


We find in the movie...that is the subject of this tape. I guess it is pretty much the latest scientific theory about time. One of the major questions that science is asking in this hour is, "Did time, in fact, have a beginning?" Because if it had a beginning, it has to have an end or did it always exist? If it did have a beginning, if it was created, who created it?


The question is asked in the movie, "Who created the creator?" We know the answer to that. The Bible says, "God always was, He is, and He always shall be." That is hard to fathom, but He always was. He is the Creator.


As I said earlier, I was talking about a black hole, that is what I was talking about. We did the Creation Series, and we found out that when this separation took place, after the Big Bang, that what happened was that a black hole was formed, that all the particles of the fallout were flying around. What had happened was that the force of this separation, the force of this explosion, had formed a pit.


The pit was filled with what, anybody? The pit was filled with water. How come the pit was filled with water? Because the opposite of Spirit is soul, and soul is typified by water. Spirit appearing in this world takes the form of water, and Spirit appearing as soul takes the form of water. We found out that the creation originally was a black hole. We can read about it in Genesis 1:1, and it was filled with water.


I am not going to review the whole thing of creation again, but I have some more information for you tonight on black holes that I found very interesting, and it actually talks about what I perceived to be the basic principle of multiple incarnations in their teaching. Lord please help me bring this forth, I am struggling a little bit.


I did find out one thing from watching this movie. I do have a picture of a black hole, I will turn it on so you can see it. According to the physicist that made this movie, the black hole is not as I showed it to you, but the black hole is a cone which comes to a point.


Science says that, "If this creation was, in fact, created, it started from a single point and expanded. It expanded and it is expanding continuously, becoming wider and wider." I find that very interesting, because to me this one point is the seed of the Father.


We have taught here that Adam was a zygote. When a woman conceives, that embryo originally is the seed of the woman and the seed of the man, two cells. They come together, and they join so completely that the two cells become one cell. That one cell is the first cell of the new baby, and it is called a zygote.


We have been teaching here for five years that Adam, the first Adam, was the zygote. A point, a single point, that is now expanded into trillions of people across the world. Lines right up with science. Lines right up with science.


It is interesting, because people who preach on Hell in the church would make it the exact opposite. People who preach on Hell in the church, say that you start from one point over here, and that you fall down into Hell this way. They are seeing it a little backwards. I am more inclined to go along with the scientist, because I know that the carnal mind of man, sometimes gets the spiritual reality backwards.


I find that very interesting. I thank God for that information that the black hole is a cone now. In case I did not make it clear, our whole existence is in a black hole. We are existing in a black hole. Do you remember the nursery rhyme? What was the name of the woman who lived in a shoe?


COMMENT: Old Mother Hubbard.


PASTOR VITALE: Old Mother Hubbard, she lived in a shoe.


This whole creation is living in a black hole. We have this on another tape of the creation. The whole creation fell down into a pit, and the Lord is working feverishly to get us out. Why? The creation is the Lord's wife. We are the Lord's wife.


Is the church not the bride of Christ? The church is the bride of Christ. This whole creation, whether your body is male or whether your body is female, spiritually speaking, we are to be married to God. We are the bride of Christ, and we have fallen down into a pit.


I have that on another tape. I even have it on a tape that we fell into the black hole, if you recall. Our whole world here is in a black hole, living in a black hole. When we are fully born again, we will be born again out of this black hole.


I even told you about a show that I saw on TV, where the Lord spoke to me about it. It was a show on animal life, it showed a deer being born, and the baby deer popped its head out of the mother. It was a rear view of the mother's hind end with the head of the baby, popped out of his whole body, was still inside of the mother's body.


We do not even know what the real world looks like. We are here, we are in utero but, you see, our head has already popped out. Our head has already popped out, and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our head, and because He is out there, we can see in the Spirit.


We have discernment, we have understanding, we have wisdom, and we have knowledge. We have contact with the spiritual realm, and it is outside of this pit, that we fell down into.


Our Universe, we are told, is constantly expanding and our physicist friend says at one point in the movie that there are two possibilities. That the Universe will expand indefinitely, which would make it eternal, or would make it infinite, or the Universe can stop expanding at some point and then what happens when it stops expanding?


If the Universe started at one point, it is only logical to believe that it will reach a maximum point of expansion. This is the big question in scientific circles. Will it continue to expand forever or does it have a beginning and an end?


We are told in this movie that a black hole...(What is a black hole?). A black hole is a dead star, a dead star. We have a Universe full of stars and sometimes they die. Stars die. Sometimes stars collapse, and they collapse under the pressure of their own gravity. When they collapse, they become a singular point just as I showed you on the board that the Universe started with a single point and expanded. When this collapses, the Universe is a star or can be likened to a star, it collapses. It has been expanding and it collapses right back down unto that single point.


A black hole is a collapsed star, and it has been reduced down to a single point again. The Universe is like a giant star collapsing under its own gravity, and it eventually shrinks to a point of zero size, has no size. What does that mean? It has no mask. It has no substance to it. Spirit has no form or shape.


I am adding this in. We can actually say that it goes back to Spirit. It started from Spirit, then there was a single point, then it expanded into a form and a shape, and then it collapses back down to Spirit. Is that not what is happening with our works?


According to our physicists in this movie, all theories break down at the point of the beginning of the Universe. That means that all of these lofty scientific theories, Einstein theories, Relativity, all of them, they stop functioning when we get down to the earth. Why? Why is that? Because all of these theories only function in the realm of time.


The law of gravity is that if you jump out the window, you are going to fall down and possibly break a leg or hurt yourself. That does not function out in space. Have you ever seen pictures of astronauts? They float in space, they jump out of their space ship, and they float. All of the physical laws affecting this world do not function outside of this world.


The scientists are having a problem finding out what happens after the star shrinks down to a single point, with all information that is in the Bible. Bear with me as I go through these notes, please.


All of these theories break down at the beginning of the Universe. A gravitationally, completely collapsed object is now called a black hole. The scientist found that name too confusing. An object whose gravity went in upon itself and completely collapsed it, they gave it a name. It is called a black hole. It was positive, it had form and shape, and it became negative and went in.


COMMENT: Are you saying the black hole is just a point or it is the cone, the whole cone?


PASTOR VITALE: The black hole is the cone.


COMMENT: Then, it is substance coming out, right?


PASTOR VITALE: It has a border. Is that what you mean? It has a border.


COMMENT: It has a border?


PASTOR VITALE: You have to realize that I am not going to know all the answers to your questions. That is the best I can say. It has a border, it has a boundary, and this place where you enter it has a name. It is called the Event Horizon. The Event Horizon.


COMMENT: What does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: It means that it is just boundary, where you can fall into it. Astronauts go out into space, and they are flying around in a space ship out here, and there is a real danger of an astronaut falling into this hole. It is like quick sand. This is one of the big controversies. Up until very recently, scientists said, "Once you fall in, you can never get out."


We have fallen down into this black hole in this world system, and we cannot get out. It is taking a miracle to get us out. Scientists say that if an astronaut falls in, you cannot get out, but they are finding out that it is not true.


COMMENT: Is there also some kind of suction power, like a spinning power in there?


PASTOR VITALE: All I know is that you descend and, according to the scientists, you get longer and thinner. All I can think about when he said that was that as we age (I think it was the Lord, because I saw it in my mind), and us becoming longer. As we age, our life is stretched out and, according to the scientists, as you descend you are fine, and you do not even know that you have a problem as you descend until you get down here, when according to the scientists, you are ground into spaghetti.


Is that not happening to the human race? Everybody is living, and drinking and eating, and marrying, and giving in marriage, and it is not until some tragedy comes upon the human race that starts crushing them that they realize that they have a problem.


The whole world has a problem now. We have trouble with the water, we have trouble with the air, we have the whole planet falling apart, we have a moral crisis, we have a spiritual crisis, and it is planet wide. I want to suggest to you that we are approaching this point of the black hole that we are in. We are being crushed.


COMMENT: They die on the way down, right?


PASTOR VITALE: They do not die until they reach this point, where they get ground up. They do not die.


COMMENT: How can anyone live?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not have all of these answers for you. We know that as far as this world is concerned, we are not alive. We are dead. We are not alive. We die spiritually when we separated from the Father. We died spiritually. Because our spirit is dead, our soul dies, and our body eventually dies.


When our spirit is raised from the dead, as it was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, our bodies will stop dying. I hope that answers your question. We did die when we fell into the black hole.


COMMENT: You have got Event Horizon, the spiritual event being Adam's fall. Will that be the event.


PASTOR VITALE: The Event Horizon is the name of an area that you fall into. I do not know why they call it that. It is the name of the area that you fall into.


COMMENT: Could it be compared to the event where we fell into that pit?


PASTOR VITALE: It is not an event, it is just a name of this area. It is the name of the area that you fall into.


According to the scientist, if an astronaut were to fall in here, they would not die, but they would be alive. They would enter into a timeless realm, where they would stop aging, according to the scientist. They also said that if the people were looking at him from the outside, they would slow down so much, that they would appear to be frozen like statues.


I know that I saw a Star Trek episode once where that happened, where all the Star Trek crew were standing on a ship frozen like statues, while these other beings who had speeded up the time cycle in them, were just moving throughout the ship, doing whatever they wanted to do.


According to the physicist, if an astronaut fell into the black hole, they would slow down (I guess their metabolism, whatever their life cycle is), would slow down to such a degree that they would stop aging. Eventually, when they descended into this point, according to the physicist, they would be ground into spaghetti. All I can do is repeat to you what I have.


My primary knowledge is in the spiritual things. This is just an example.


COMMENT: The only reason I compared that entrance is because the way we entered into the pit was through Adam, right, Adam's sin?


PASTOR VITALE: We entered in through Adam's sin, yes.


COMMENT: I was trying to compare the spiritual part of it.


PASTOR VITALE: I am not seeing it right now, so I cannot stop the message to think about it, but maybe when I think about it, I will see. Right now I am not seeing it, and we have to go on with the message.


The laws of nature stop over here. That is why the man stops aging. According to the physicist, the man stopped aging. We know that we fell into a black hole, and man fell from a condition of not aging to a condition of aging. I remind you that this scientific knowledge that is coming forth is coming forth from the soul realm, and it is most likely the opposite of what the spiritual reality is bringing forth.


We fell into the black hole, and we began to age. Out here in the soul realm, if they fall into the black hole, they stop aging and this is 12 o'clock. As you fall into the pit, time starts to slow down, but as you get to that last second before 12 o'clock, that would last forever.


That last second to midnight would last forever as far as time is concerned in this cone. You could live forever, except that you keep descending until you get caught up in this point where your physical person is ground up.


I am going ahead of my notes. Basically, what he said was (let me put it this way), for years scientists said that you cannot ever get out of this pit, (now they are talking about an astronaut, physicists are thinking about astronauts being out in space). They are saying that man would never get out of the pit, because his body would be ground up at this point down here.


This physicist genius said, "But that is not true, you can get out of the pit, but not in the same form that you went in, and you can only get out of the pit as the energy which you are, ascends up out of it." Is that not what we have been preaching here? That it is just the spirit that goes on. The body dies, and the soul dies, but the spirit goes on.


According to the physicist, your energy (this is his secular term), your energy ascends up out of the pit to be recycled. He also says (I am ahead of my notes), and he also says, "But this is not anything that is going to excite somebody, this is not the kind of immortality that is going to excite somebody, because you bring with you nothing of your personality. It is just your essence that goes on."


That is exactly what we have been teaching here. You do not bring your personality with you, you do not bring your memory with you, just your essence, spirit.


COMMENT: That is cool, is it not?


PASTOR VITALE: Very cool, really excited me. Excited me very much.


The laws of nature do not apply in the black hole, but we know that spiritually speaking it is just the opposite. The laws of nature are in our black hole, over here, and that when we get into the realm of the spirit, the laws of nature no longer apply.


We know that when the Lord permits, we can come out of our bodies, which there is a law of nature that you cannot separate your soul from your body, but we can come out of our body without experiencing harm. We know that, in Christ, it is possible to lift up very heavy things and do things. Jesus said, "You can move the mountain" that you could not do naturally. We go out beyond the laws of this world system. They do not exist for us. That is what we are entering into.


The way that we by-pass the laws of this world system is by entering into Christ. Christ, the new mind that is being imparted to us. We are subject to the laws of this world system so long as we are living out of a mind which is a part of this system.


Christ in you is a drop of the eternal realm of God that has been eye dropping into your heart, and when you start joining with it, it raises you up above the laws of this world system.


If you do not have food, food can appear on your table. Jesus did it. He multiplied the loaves and the fishes. He fed five thousand, He found a gold coin in the fish's mouth, His Father raised Him from the dead, He broke all of the laws of this world system, because His mind was Christ.


Just bear with me, I am reading my note here. Well, I will just read you this. As the mass of the star (What is the mass?), it is the form of a star, that part of the star which is physical. As the mass of the star contracts, its gravity becomes so strong that light can no longer escape. The origin from which nothing can escape is a black hole, and its boundary is called the Event Horizon.


That is what the physicists have been preaching for a while now. You cannot escape from this black hole. Now, they are finding out that you can escape, but only your essence can escape. Why? Because it is gravity that has collapsed upon itself. There is no escape, it has gone inward. Everything is destroyed except your spirit.


The physicist says that jumping into a black hole would insure that your image lasted forever, that your image lasted forever because you are getting out of the realm of time. He said, "The picture would fade and grow dim."


I spoke to you about being frozen. Not that the person would be frozen in a particular position, but anyone looking into the black hole from the outside, the man would appear to be frozen, but he would have just so slowed down that he would be frozen.


Let me remind you that, that is the teaching here, that when we fell into the hole we descended. As we descended, we changed from vapor to water, to ice, that we became solid. Remember that teaching? That we started out in spirit, which is likened to water vapor, and as we descended, we became more solid than vapor. We became water, and then as we fell all the way down (clunk), we got these hard bodies which are likened to ice cubes.


We are spirit which has become hard, and we need to be melted so that we can return back to spirit form, because it is death being in these hard, cold bodies. It is death down here.


According to the physicist, death would occur after two weeks, and he would die from being squeezed into this point. I do not really know how that applies to us, except that we will die eventually, but God is intervening. The astronaut, before losing sight of the outer world, would be able to see it into the future, but events would move by very quickly.


Again, that is the exact opposite. They say astronauts in this black hole can see into the future, and we are saying that when that drop of Christ gets inside of us, we receive spiritual gifts. We can see into the future, we get prophesies, we get words of wisdom, and we see into the future.


I see into the future a lot, and just about everything I see comes to pass. I would not say I am never wrong. I am rarely wrong. What does that mean? It means I have a strongly-manifesting Christ in me that is whispering His secrets to me. That is what that means, not that this is anything special about me.


You can have it too, but you have to pay a price to get this. What is the price you must pay to get a mind of Christ that whispers secrets to you? What is the price you must pay? Yes, your carnal mind must go.


People who have spiritual gifts in witchcraft keep their carnal mind, and sometimes they have spiritual knowledge and all forms of spiritual gifts. God curses that and eventually, if not you, your descendants will be wiped out from it, but there is no law against spirituality in Christ.


On the contrary, it imparts life to you, but your carnal mind must die. You cannot keep your carnal mind and move in the supernatural with Christ. You have to give up your carnal mind to do it.


We see now that radiation, the scientist says radiation (I say spirit) can escape from the black hole. That is the only thing that can escape from the black hole. Spirit, brethren, is not subject to gravity, it just escapes out of the black hole.


This is interesting. He is talking about Einstein Theory of Relativity and he says that, according to Einstein...Let me tell you this first since, scientifically, we are amateurs here, including me. God help me, I do not know how I do these messages. It is a miracle.


Science tells us that the Universe is made up of particles. Our bodies are made up of particles. When they are talking about this black hole, they talk about pairs and particles that just fly around in the Universe. They just appear, and they disappear. I will show it to you after I finish preaching.


I feel it is going to break the flow of the spirit to show it to you now, but we are told that there are particles that float all around the Event Horizon of the black hole, they come together, and they separate. This is just an effect of nature. They come together, and they separate, and they come together, and they separate and, eventually, they annihilate one another.


I find that interesting, because I am seeing these particles as human beings. Eventually, we are annihilated and only our spirit goes on.


What the physicists says is that sometimes one of these particles (now remember every particle is a pair, they come in two together), one of them gets trapped in the black hole and that leaves a single particle. They cannot be annihilating each other, but this particle that gets trapped in the black hole, it becomes converted to, I think he said, radiation. As I look at my notes, if that is wrong, I will tell you.


It is converted to radiation, and the radiation seeps out of the black hole. It is not true that nothing escapes from the black hole. Radiation escapes from the black hole. Spirit escapes from the black hole.


As far as we are concerned, the Lord Jesus Christ is in the middle of doing a miracle. He is going to convert this whole creation back into His Spirit, but we are not going to be without a body. We are going to still have a body. We are going to come out with a body, but it is not going to be like this. It is going to be a glorified body.


Actually, the whole black hole is coming to an end. I do not want to jump ahead of myself, but the whole black hole is coming to an end. I have been preaching here for five years that this whole world is coming to an end. I have been telling you that. The Scripture is that when Jesus Christ has put every enemy under foot, even the last enemy, which is what? Which is death. He shall offer this whole creation up into the Father, and the Father is Spirit. It is a spiritualization of the entire creation.


I suggest to you that this black hole will be collapsing. Let me try and extend with my notes. That is what the physicists say, by the way, and I have been telling you for quite a while. I do not know if it is five years, but I have been telling you for quite a while that the Big Bang was nuclear fission.


It was a separation of the Son from the Father with great heat that produced a fallout, which is the matter of which this world is made, that the whole creation is coming back together again, and the power that is bringing it back together again is nuclear fission. We are being forced back together again, and that there is much more heat involved with nuclear fission than with nuclear fusion.


Peter speaks about it in the Book of Peter. He says, "The elements are going to melt, and they are going to come crashing down." This physicist calls it "the big crunch." We have the Big Bang, and it is coming to an end with a big crunch.


I have been preaching here for five years, and it is in the Bible. We are talking about Einstein's Theory of Relativity. He says, "Einstein says that you take one of these particles, that it is planned, that it is mapped out exactly how it is going to go, and that it cannot go off its course."


We have a big controversy, not only in the world, from religion to religion, but right within the Church whether or not a man's course is set, that there is nothing that he could do to change it, or not. We know that Hinduism (I am not sure about Buddhism) teaches that your life is set. That is called Karma, and there is nothing you can do about it, so you just lie down and accept your evil fate. We call that a fatalistic attitude that destroys people.


I do not want to say most, but a large section of Christianity says, "No, man has free will, and you can either choose God or reject God." We see the other teaching coming into Christianity saying that your course is set and if you sin, it is because God ordained that you would sin. This is the teaching that is putting all of the blame for our problems on God. It is a Hindu teaching, and it is in the Church.


We have Einstein's Theory of Relativity which says, "A particle enters into the Universe, and it has a course plotted for it, and there is nothing you can do to get yourself off of that course." With that, a new theory comes into physics, and it is called Quantum Mechanics. It is a theory that has to do with time.


Quantum Mechanics says, "No, that is not true, that there is an area in which that particle can go to the left or to the right." I believe that, that is true for human beings, but I do want to qualify that.


I believe we come into this world, and we come in with a whole bunch of inherited junk that we have inherited, that goes back on our family line ten or more generations.


I believe that events happen to us, things come into our life, and that we do have room to make choices. We make sometimes good choices, we make sometimes bad choices. I do believe that inherited curses can be strong enough to destroy you in some cases no matter how hard you try, but there is always the power of God.


I have told you this before. You can be completely knocked out, laying down, unable to move, but you can always think, "Jesus, help me," and that is all it takes. That is all it takes, and He is right there ready to start working to get you out of your trouble.


The whole problem is that when He comes to get us out of our trouble, we almost never recognize that it is Him coming to get us out of our trouble. In a million years, we could never believe that Jesus would get us out of our trouble that way, because we had it in our mind how He is going to do it.


We are always wrong and when His deliverance comes, we put on the boxing gloves, and we punch whoever God is using to minister His salvation to us.


Quantum Mechanics says, "There is an element of uncertainty." I believe that, and my Scriptural basis for believing that is what I have been preaching here. God made Adam. Adam was not perfect. Adam was good and God said, "Adam, you are on your own, now let us see what you are going to do."


Are you going to stay, are you going to hold on to that beast that you are sitting on top of. I put you on top of him, I put the reigns in your hand, I put the bit in the horse's mouth, are you going to ride that horse? If you do, you will go right through to maturity without any trouble, but if you let go of that bucking bronco, and you fall off, I do have a way that I am going to restore you, and that could only happen to you once. That is what I have been preaching here.


That is why I believe there is an element of chance. Why? Because we are not zombies, we are not controlled zombies. God wants to see what we are going to do with what He gives us. If we mess up bad enough, He will pick us up and stand us on our feet, but He has to give us a chance to mess up. Otherwise, you will never know what a person is made out of if you do not give him a chance to mess up.


You give him a chance, and then you see what happens. Jesus.


Let me just read you my notes. Quantum Mechanics, however, says that there is an element of chance or uncertainty. A particle does not have just a single path through space and time. Instead, there is an uncertainty principle according to which the exact position and velocity of the particle can never be known.


I have said this before, and I am going to say it again. There are millions and trillions of people on this planet. There are probably millions, maybe billions of Christians, I really do not know. Everyone is not going to make it. I want to tell you that everyone that calls themselves a Christian is not going to enter into the Kingdom. Just some of us are, and that is the hard cold truth.


This is a war, you have to fight this war. If you do not enter into this Kingdom, you are not going to burn in Hell forever, but your essence, your Spirit, will go on and this personality will come to an end. I guess it all depends on how you feel about things. If that does not bother you that your personality will cease to exist, then that is fine. You are not going to be torched forever.


The difference is that some of us are going to be preserved in this hour, that is what the difference is. Please use the microphone, please.


COMMENT: You said preserved, are you referring to this physical body?


PASTOR VITALE: For those of us who stand up in full stature, the physical body will be preserved. Yes. We are going to have the same experience that Jesus of Nazareth had for those of us who have this experience. Those of us who do not have it, the body will die, the soul will die, and the Spirit will escape from the black hole and go back to the Father.


COMMENT: Will those who are preserved have the privilege of restoring the earth?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but I have to say this. I have to make it very clear.


There is no shame if you are not called to this. Everybody is not called to it. The only shame is, and I believe it is a Scriptural word, if you are called to it, and there are some people that just will not have it, they just will not have it if you are called to it. If you are not called to it, there is no shame in it at all. It is not for everybody.


COMMENT: There is shame if you are called to it, and you tried your best and you did not make it?


PASTOR VITALE: No. If you have tried your best, you are going to make it. Because if you are called to it, and you tried your best, Jesus will drag you the rest of the way. There are some people, I know two people that it happened to, they just walked away from God, and He let them go. I do not understand it, I told you this many times.


Some people try to walk away, He beats them over the head, and He brings them back, right? Is that true? Yes. It happened to you, right? He would not let you go. Other people walk away, and He lets them go. I do not understand it, but what do I know? I just preach, I do not know anything, I just preach sometimes.


His mind is so far above me, I do not know anything, cannot figure out anything that He does. Sometimes He tells me, and most of the time He does not. That is not true. He tells me a lot of things, but insofar as how He picks people, I do not know that I will ever figure it out, and I have stopped trying.


Right now, I just do what He has given me to do. I live in this house, I work at that computer, I preach and I travel overseas when He sends me, and who He brings here is here, and who He does not bring here is not here.


I love everybody, I bless everybody. If you want to call me or come to see me, I welcome you back. If you want to leave, I will kiss you goodbye, and I just live my life, because I cannot keep up with His mind. It is too awesome for me, I cannot deal with it.


If you would have told me ten years ago, my life would be like this today, I would have laughed in your face. About twenty years ago, I would have really laughed in your face. I do not even know how I got here except He dragged me, and I am here, so I am not fighting it any more.


I am telling you, twenty years ago if you told me I would be doing this, I would have laughed in your face. I am telling you the truth. My parents still cannot believe it. My daughter just looks at me and goes, ahah. Praise the Lord. Here I am, I am here. I do not know how I got here, but I am here.


The bottom line is this. Einstein said, "Nothing can escape from this black hole." Quantum Mechanics, which is a more modern theory, gives us some information on time, and time travel says, "Yes, something escapes from this black hole, and it is spirit."


The physicists say, "Radiation." I say it is spirit. That is the only thing that gets out of this black hole outside of Jesus giving you a miracle. Your Spirit, without memory, without personality, what a dull immortality, in the word of the physicist. He calls it "residual radiation." Residual radiation gets out of the hole.


This I have already told you, this is about the pairs. In the presence of the black hole, one member of the pair can fall into the black hole, leaving one member of the pair without a partner to annihilate. The forsaken particle appears to be radiation emitted by the black hole. This proves that black holes are not eternal. Black holes are not eternal.


We find an answer to this awesome question, did this world always exist, will it always exist or did it have a beginning and is it coming to an end?


We find the latest scientific theory saying that, "Black holes (which is this world system) are not eternal." They evaporate away at an increasing rate, until they vanish in a gigantic explosion, which this physicist calls the big crunch.


The Bible says, "It is Jesus offering up the creation to the Father." We are going to become Spirit. This world, existing in this black hole, is going to vanish.


I want to tell you, let me say this at this point. When this happens, if you do not have Christ growing in you, you will cease to exist, because your flesh is going to disappear, your soul is going to disappear, your carnal mind is going to disappear, and it is only if you have Christ that you are going to have eternal life. Please use the microphone.


COMMENT: Will it be a visible Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: The glorified creation will be visible, but it will not be physical. This creation that you see now is visible and physical. It will be visible, but it will not be physical. It will be visible and spiritual. Visible and spiritual.


Quantum Mechanics has allowed particles and radiation to escape from the ultimate prison. We see science saying that a black hole is the ultimate prison. Praise God. If you fall into a black hole, you will be returned to the Universe in the form of radiation.


We will be re-cycled. Any personal concept of time would be lost as the person falling in was torn apart in the black hole. Brethren, when we die, we are torn apart. Our body dissolves, our soul dissolves, and our Spirit goes on. We are torn apart. Here is the teaching of multiple incarnations. The scientist agree. Is that not wonderful? Only his energy would survive.


This physicist must have been Catholic. He went to visit the Pope, and the Pope said to him, "It is all right to study the evolution of the Universe after the Big Bang, but he should not study the Big Bang itself, because that is the work of God."


I do not really think that the Pope has any revelation on what the Big Bang is, but I find it very interesting with the Pope's counsel to the scientist not to study the Big Bang, because the Big Bang is talking about the Father and the Son.


I do not know why the Pope said that, but I just found it very interesting. In any event, this physicist did not listen to him and went on to study it. He went on to continue to determine that creation begins with one point. He says that this one point is fixed in an eternal place in time. I do not think I want to say that, because I really do not agree with that. I am going to go passed it. I cannot fit that into the Scripture, so I am going to go passed it.


Listen to this, this is very interesting. This scientist, with all the information that they have, came to the conclusion that time must have a beginning, and time must have an end. They were not satisfied with that, so they said, "There is another way to measure time. We are going to call it imaginary time."


I do not really know where they got that name from, but as I listen to what he was saying, what it said to me was that he was talking about eternity existing outside the realm of time. I am just going to read you a couple of notes here that is what it meant to me, and then we will close this down.


Imaginary Direction. They say that in this Imaginary Direction, there is no chain of events. When you talk about time, you assume a chain of events. You were one year old, then you were two years old, then you were three years old, a chain of events with time going forward continuously.


When they talk about imaginary time, they say there is no chain of events. This sounds very much to me like the scientists are touching on eternity and saying there is a difference between time and eternity, but this is the way they are expressing it. I will just mention it to you, I am not going to spend too much time on it.


They say that as you approach the singular point of origin with this imaginary time, it never reaches the point. It does not reach the point, but it looks something like this, and then they say, in so many words that, that is eternity. There is no one point, so I feel the Lord is telling me to really go passed this.


Time goes continually forward and they showed in this movie, a picture of a tea cup breaking. Whatever breaks...you know Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, and Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.


Times does not go backwards like you see in the movies, and the tea cup all comes together. Time has a direction and it goes forward.


This particular scientist believed at one point that when time came to an end as this cone started to collapse that people's lives would start going backward, people would become younger and younger until they reverted into the womb, and that they would be born dead and then they would come alive.


After a while, he decided that this was not true, and that the Universe would continue to expand until the big crunch. There would be no rolling backwards.


I want to suggest to you that there is a rolling backwards in Christ, because we are born dead, and then we become alive. As Christ grows in us, we do become younger, we do become younger. We may not be seeing it now, but I know I have seen it with my health. I was half dead, and I am getting stronger every day.


As Christ grows in us, and we start living longer and longer, and we start living 100 years and 200 years and 300 years, what does the Scripture say? A child will be, how many years old? 100 years old, the youngest child. We will be a child at a 100 years old. We do see it going backwards.


The way the physicist described it in the movie, we will be going backwards so quickly, that it would be from day to day. We can make money on the stock market. It was not realistic. He realized himself it was not realistic, and he said that as far as humanity is concerned, it is not going to happen.


Time will end with a big crunch which we say is Jesus offering the creation up to the Father, but I am suggesting to you that in Christ we will be going backward and are in fact already going backwards. Please use the microphone.


COMMENT: Does the Scripture say that? That a child would be a child of 100. Where does it say that?


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is in Isaiah.


COMMENT: It says, that it is going to happen?


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is in Isaiah.


I just want to close this out, and then we will take questions. Just let me make sure I do not have any other points I want to make here.


He also says that this big crunch is not coming for ten billion years so I do not know about the time sequence. The most exciting part of this whole teaching for me is the witness to the multiple incarnations, that it is just your spirit that goes on. Then, of course, we know more than the physicist right now than at the time of the big crunch.


The big crunch is not annihilation, but the big crunch is the conversion of the creation into the glorified man. The Scripture says, "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what God has in store for us." Those few humble people in Christ that God has spoken to, wherever they are over the world, in many instances have more information than the most intelligent scientist in the world. I find that absolutely fascinating.


I will take any questions that you have. I will try to answer them.


COMMENT: They say that in ten billions years that this crunch will happen?


PASTOR VITALE: That is what the physicists says. I do not have any idea about it.


COMMENT: Do they all agree on that?


PASTOR VITALE: This movie was just about this one man. I cannot see it, but you never know. Maybe that is the glorification taking that long, I do not know.


COMMENT: Did he say it would take 1500 years that it would happen?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that was my opinion, but I could be wrong.


COMMENT: From now, 1500 years was your opinion, that Jesus would offer it up to the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: That was my feeling, yes, but I could very easily be wrong about that.


COMMENT: Ten billion years, you know that is a big difference.


PASTOR VITALE: I cannot believe taking that long, but the way I am looking at it is that when Christ more fully invades this world system, time is going to speed up.


COMMENT: When the first fruits stand up and are preserved, could they live that long to the glorification?


PASTOR VITALE: Once we are preserved, we can live forever. I cannot imagine it being that long. I really cannot, but you never know. I cannot imagine it being that long, I would be very surprised.


COMMENT: What is it that makes you feel that this is the hour, this is the time that the sons of God will come in the full manifestation?


PASTOR VITALE: All the signs of the times that Jesus spoke about are happening.


COMMENT: Like in Matthew, you mean?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, those signs, plus it is the end of the age. The Scripture says, "One day is as a thousand years." Jesus said that He would be raised from the dead on the third day. It is the end of the second 1000 years. We are entering into the third day, which is the time for the third spiritual day.


The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was raised after three days and three nights and now His body is being raised after three spiritual days and three nights, so the resurrection has begun. It has just taken a little bit longer than it took the man, Jesus.






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