219 - Part 2

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Glory to God. We are doing part 2 of “The Temptation” tonight. I am so excited with this series of messages, and if I could make one comment on what studying Matthew 4 in the Greek is saying to me, it’s saying that I -- every time I have ever heard the temptation preached, it has not been -- well, it’s not that it’s preached. It’s the King James. It’s not really expressing the intent of the Scripture. The Scripture has always said to me and I’ve always heard it preached that Jesus was on the defensive with His back against a wall and Satan was attacking Him, and Jesus came back quoting Scripture at him.

We find a lot of people in the church saying, well, if you have a problem, quote Scripture at your problem. You know, it’s a good thing to quote Scripture. Sometimes if I’m afraid, I’ll say, I rebuke you fear. You know, God has not given me fear. It’s not a bad thing to quote Scripture, but the teaching in the church is that this verbal quoting of the Scripture is a weapon, and I’m not saying that it can’t do you any good at all, but the weapon is Christ. The weapon is the living Christ that’s inside of you that is waging war against and killing the sin in your mind, and as I [?stood?] today’s message, I realized that Jesus was not being pushed up against a wall by Satan and bravely answering him by quoting the written and -- or the written Word of God. That was not what happened. Jesus was rebuking him, and every time Satan said something to Jesus, Jesus came back and said to him, “You have no right to be doing this.”

I see in this account, when I do it in the Greek, the same set of -- the same situation that I have seen in other Scriptures of the Gospel where thePharisees would come to Jesus and would accuse Him, and He would not respond to the accusation. Jesus does not respond to a carnal assault. He rises above it and comes at it from a position of authority. He does not argue with you over an ungodly attack upon Him or criticism of Him. He just rises right up and answers you from out of the realm of the Spirit, and that’s what He has been doing in this account of the temptation, although it doesn’t sound that way to me in the Greek. It sounds like He’s defending Himself against Satan with His written Word, and as you’ll see tonight, He’s not.

We did the first part of it Thursday night, and we found out that what that really said, the first few verses in Matthew 4, was that Satan was trying to tempt Jesus to bring this creation to a spiritual maturity without purging out sin, and Jesus just answered him frankly. He said, “I can’t do it because you can’t have life that way.” And today you’re going to find out that He’s saying to him -- well, the question today is in Matthew 4:5 -- or in verse 6, he said, “If you are the Son of God, cast Yourself down, for it’s written that God’s angels will take care of You,” and you’re going to find that’s not really exactly what Satan was saying to Him and that Jesus’ response to him was, “What you’re saying isn’t true, and you should be worshipping God.” OK? So we’re going to go on with this, and I’ll give it to you in more detail. I’m just very excited at the way this is coming forth right now.

This is the Book of Matthew, Chapter 4. We’ll do verses 5 through 7 tonight, but I will start by recapping verses 1 through 4, and please note that I have reversed verses 2 and 3. I’ve put verse 3 ahead of verse 2, and I’ve done some more amplification of these verses, putting it in modern day English so that you can get the spirit of what was really happening here.

“Then Satan caught Jesus up into the soul realm for a spiritual battle with the devil, who Satan was hoping would kill the newly born mind of Christ and sacrifice Him to Satan, and the devil came saying, ‘If You are really the Son of God, let’s see You bring the many members of the living soul into spiritual maturity in their present sin-filled condition.’ But Jesus, having completely forsaken His carnal needs and desires and craving dominion over His soul, answered and said, ‘Man cannot live in a soul which is in the image of the carnal mind, but he can live in a soul which is in the image of Christ.’”

He was not defending Himself with the written Word. He told him spiritual truth. Does anybody not understand the difference? You don’t understand the difference? Well, some people say that you just read a Scripture out of this book and that’s how you fight the devil, but you have to fight -- it’ll work to a measure, but it’s not going to give you a total victory over the devil. For total victory over the devil, Christ has to be formed in you, speaking the spiritual truth of the Word, the hidden manner, the Spirit, the spiritual truth. Do you understand what I’m saying? OK.

And let me point out to you also that in verse -- well, it’s verse 2. I just made it verse 3 -- where it says, “But Jesus, having completely forsaken His carnal needs and desires and craving dominion over His soul, answered and said” -- you might have wondered why -- how that fits in there that He was craving dominion over His soul. Brethren, the devil was His soul. He was craving dominion over the devil! Do you understand that?

            The devil is His soul?

The devil is His soul. The condition of the -- of our -- our condition today, the condition of the creation today is that God created a soul. He formed a soul, and He put a mind in it, and the mind that was in the soul was the Son of God. Do you understand that?

Let me put it on the board for you. The Lord formed a soul. The soul was -- is that -- OK. The soul was made out of what? What was the soul made out of?

            [?Dust and clay?].

Dust and clay. It was made out of clay. So God made a soul. It was just clay. That’s all that it was, but because God is so great, this clay had an intelligence in it, but the intelligence in the clay was morally unclean and impure, and it was only half a man. God made a man. His name was Adam, and the soul was only half a man. Did you ever hear the expression that a man without his wife or a woman without his -- without her husband is only half a -- half? OK? God made a soul. It was only half a man, and the second half of the man was the mind that He put in it, and our natural example is a man and his wife. It’s not true so much today because women have become very independent, but when we use the natural examples of men and women in this ministry, we’re using the traditional male/female role the way it used to be before women became emancipated.

So this creation had two halves to it, and the clay soul was female, and the mind that was in it was male; and this mind was spirit, and the soul was clay; and it was the mind in the clay that was the Son of God. It was the mind that was the Son of God, and this mind was living in a soul, but it’s the mind that's the Son of God. And how do we get that? Jesus said, “I am the Son of God.” He said, “My Father is God,” and He said, “I am the Son of Man,” meaning, “My mother was man or Adam,” saying, “My mother was the soul.” Can you -- do you understand? Are you with me? OK.

            So Satan was in the mind, not the soul?

No, Satan is soul, and what has happened -- well, that’s correct, but let me show you how we got there, OK? So this was the way God made it at the beginning of time. He made a soul made out of clay, and He put a mind in it, and the creation was a whole man, and it was alive, and then we had a tragedy. History calls it the fall of man, and what happened was that this -- remember I said there was -- that this clay was -- because God breathed the breath of life into it and God is so great, somehow this moral impurity in the clay took on an existence. It’s like God took nothing, but when He breathed His breath of life into the whole creation, even that moral impurity took on some form of existence. It invigorated it. Can you understand? Are you with me? OK.

So what happened was, that moral impurity -- her name was Satan. She was in the clay, and she was soul, and she had an existence, and she was full of hate. She was the exact opposite of all the goodness of God, and she desired in her heart to be spirit. She wasn’t happy being soul. She was a woman that didn’t like being a woman. This is our natural example, OK? Now, we’re not against women here. We’re not against men here. Spiritual things are very hard to understand, so God has given us natural examples. We see a lot of women like this. They don’t want to be women. They want to take authority over men. OK?

Now, the authority issued between men and women exists in marriage. It doesn’t mean that any man walking down the street has authority over any woman. It doesn’t mean that. We’re talking -- well, a lot of people think that. A lot of people think that. We’re talking about marriage and family life. We’re talking about husbands and uncles and nephews, and we’re talking about relationships within the family. Men, just being a man, just the fact that you are a physical male gives you authority in the family. I don’t care how messed up you are. I -- you know -- well, unless you’re just a total blob of jelly lying on the floor doing nothing, if you’re functioning in the family at all as a man, if you’re a husband, you may be very far from perfect, but if you’re functioning in any measure, if you’re supporting your family, if you’re working, if the family exists, you have an authority just by virtue of the fact that you are in a male body in the family. OK? And that’s our natural example.

So we had a mind, and the name of the mind was -- what was the name of the mind? Somebody?


Christ? The name of the mind was Christ, and the name of the soul was Adam, and Satan was the moral impurity in the soul. And in this -- this mind was in three parts. This mind was in -- well, this mind was the result of the relationship between the Father -- real- -- I’m going to do this briefly. I can’t go over the whole thing tonight, OK, but if you have a question, stop me -- was a result of the Father having a relationship with that which in the creation was spirit. The creation had two sides to it. It was spirit, and it was soul. The Father doesn’t mix His seed. He joins with that which is spirit. He doesn’t join with the clay. He comes into the creation and joins with that part of the creation which is spirit. Are you with me? OK.

So the Fa- -- and the name of that part of the creation which is spirit is -- anybody? Who’s the spirit in man?

            [?The name of the spirit??]

Yeah, what’s her name?


Eve. The human spirit, Eve, and He joined with her and a mind was formed. That mind was called Christ and it was male, and He was living within a female soul and ruling. The Man was ruling over His wife, but His wife wasn’t happy with her role. She wanted to be a man. She wanted to give orders. She wanted to be the boss. It’s very common in a lot of women in their marriage. They’re not content or they’re dissatisfied with having to submit to a man. Sometimes that man is very imperfect, but you married him, and God said he’s the boss, unless he’s beating you. You don’t stand there and let him slice you up and make hamburger out of you. Everybody has to know what I’m talking about. He’s the boss. Husband is an office -- is a spiritual office that God clearly recognizes.

So, she wasn’t happy with her role, so she decided to be a man. She decided to be man, and she start -- how does a woman decide to become a man? She starts acting like a man. So this moral impurity which was female started acting like a man, and what she did was she came up to Eve. You see, Eve is the female seed. You can’t have a mind unless you have a male seed and a female seed. In the mind of Christ, the male seed is God and the female seed is Adam or the female parts of Adam, which is Eve. You following me? OK.

So Satan decided to act like a man. We see that in our world today. There’s a name for women that sexually act like men. They’re called lesbians. She came up to Eve and approached her and determined to bring forth -- Satan determined to bring forth her own mind. Why? Because whoever owns the mind rules the whole creation. You with me? OK. So she came up to Eve and seduced her, and this mind of Christ -- well, another mind was born. A second mind was born. It was called the what?

            The carnal mind.

The carnal mind, and also it was called death. Satan was in the male role competing with the Father. She joined with Eve and brought forth the carnal mind, and now there were two minds, and the most amazing thing happened. This soul, his name was Adam. He found out that when that second mind was born, it wasn’t equal to him. It was stronger than him, and it killed him, and it’s called -- that event, the death of Christ is called the fall. You with me?

So you see this mind changed, and now Satan is acting like a man, and that’s the condition that we’re in today. Satan is female. She’s a woman, and that’s why if you look at religion all over the world, with the -- like, I could be wrong because I’m no expert, but to the best of my knowledge, all religions outside of those that are Bible based, worship female deity. And some who are worship -- some who are Bible-based worship female deity. The reason I said that is because Islam worships a male god, but the Islam is based on the Bible, on the Old Testament. You do a study of world religion. It’s female deity, female deity! It’s all female deity. They don’t know, but they’re worshipping Satan. The female deity is Satan. Listen to what’s going on in this country today. We’re being encouraged to worship Mother Earth. It’s Satan. She’s female. She’s female.

Well, let me just put it on this message in case anyone’s hearing this message and confused. Christ is a mind, and it doesn’t matter what kind of a body it’s in. When Christ appears, Christ has authority. It ha- -- Christ has spiritual authority in whatever body He is appearing in. So we find a lot of people in the church saying that women can’t preach, but women can preach if their mind is Christ because when their mind is Christ, for spiritual purposes, they’re a male; and on the contrary, men whose mind is not Christ, for spiritual purposes, are not male and they cannot teach. So it’s a great mystery in the church. Just use your common sense, brethren. If you have a man --

And this happened to me. When this ministry was first raised up, someone called up -- somebody, it wasn’t me -- and said to them that one of the men who was here, who -- I loved the man dearly, but the truth is, he was a brand new Christian. He knew very little, hardly had any knowledge at all, had almost no wisdom at all. He was a baby in Christ! -- that he should be preaching. Now, use your common sense. He was a man, has a male body, and he knows absolutely nothing. You would tell a woman who’s been moving in Christ for years to sit down and let him preach. I mean, there’s a -- to believe that makes no sense at all. But that ignorance is all over the church today.

Christ is a mind, and Christ rules wherever He is. He rules in a male body. He rules in a female body. He rules over the highest authority -- the highest natural authority in this world. Wherever he’s ru- -- wherever He is, He is the authority. There is no one higher than Christ other than the who? The Father. The Father is the only one over Christ, and I’ll say it one more time. In a natural family with a wife and a husband and children, even if there are cousins and aunts and uncles and nephews, this rule does not apply. Natural authority applies, and even if there is a woman who has a mind of Christ, when she’s in it for the purposes of being in a natural family, if her husband is just way off in what he’s doing, she has authority, but she has to follow the rules. You know, even in the Senate, they have rules. The government has rules. You can have authority, but there are still rules you have to follow. You cannot be openly challenging your husband, and the rule is that you have to go in your prayer closet and intercede and ask the Lord what He’s willing to do, but you cannot openly challenge your husband. No matter how right you are, you’re wrong. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it.

Goes the same thing with the head of a ministry. No matter how wrong I might be or you might think I am, you cannot openly challenge me. You are out of order, and God’s not going to do anything for you. You go into your prayer closet. You tell Him your complaint, and if He corrects me, fine, and if He doesn’t, you have to live with it because otherwise, you’re out of order, and everything’s -- the whole structure of the ministry blowing up. You have to have order. God does not move in chaos. He moves in order.

OK. So I was -- we got into all that because I was saying to you that verse 2, which says, “But Jesus having completely forsaken His carnal needs and desires and craving dominion over His own soul, answered and said” -- His own soul is the devil, OK? Did I make that clear? The devil is the conscious mind of the this soul, which is a woman without a husband. This soul is a woman without a husband, and what’s happening is that Christ, our husband, is coming into humanity and taking His God-ordained authority as the husband over the wife, the wife being this whole living soul, many-membered living soul, and the unconscious and frequently the conscious of the members of this living soul is ver- -- are very angry, and they do not want a husband, and they do not want to give up the authority they have, and this is what we are up against. OK? So even if you look at someone in the pulpit, if you look at me, I am in submission to Christ. Everybody has to come into submission to Christ. If He has chosen to give me authority, that’s His business, but we have a world today that doesn’t want to obey Christ or His servants. See, I have no authority over your natural lives, but I do have authority in Christ.

“So then Satan caught Jesus up into the soul realm for His spiritual battle with the devil, which was -- the devil was His own soul, who Satan was hoping would kill the newly born mind of Christ and sacrifice Him to Satan, and the devil came saying, ‘If you’re really the Son of God, let’s see you bring the many members of the living soul into spiritual maturity in their present sin-filled condition.’ But Jesus, having completely forsaken His carnal needs and desires and craving dominion over Satan and the carnal mind, answered” -- the -- His own carnal mind -- “and said, ‘Man cannot live in a soul which is in the image of the carnal mind. Therefore, you’ve got to die because man can only live in a soul, which is in the image of Christ.’”

So we see that Jesus did not answer him with this written Word, which is good in its place. It’s good for beginners. It’s good for beginners to quote this written Word, but if you want dominion over your own soul, if you want to take dominion over the mind that’s killing you, you’re not going to do it with this written Word, and most of you know that I had a man standing right in this room. He stood right there. Right over there, he stood up. At full attention, he stood here like this, and he said, “Sin shall not have dominion over me,” and he walked out of here and shut up. I want to tell you the written Word is not going to do it. I said, you have to repent. You have to admit you have no power over that thing. He said, “Sin shall not have dominion over me.” Walked out of here and got on the bus for Petra.

            It’s when we rush out on the [INAUDIBLE].

Sh- -- put that message on pause. On pause.


Verse 5: “Then the devil taketh Him up into the Holy City and setteth himself on a pinnacle of the temple. Then the devil taketh Him up into the Holy City, and setteth Him on a pinnale of the temple.” The Greek word translated taketh is Strong’s 3880, and one of the many translations in Thayer’s is to join oneself or to receive with the mind, and I want to suggest to you as -- well, we talked about this at the last meeting, that this was all going on within the mind of Jesus, within the mind of the man Jesus, that what had happened was that the mind of Christ had been fully born in the man Jesus, and the mind that was already there before the mind of Christ was born -- the carnal mind, whose god is Satan -- saw the birth of this mind in the man Jesus and immediately challenged Him because there can be only one mind ruling in a human being.

So we already know that this is happening in the mind, and now we see that the Greek word translated “taketh up” can mean to join to oneself or to receive with the mind, and the Scripture says, “The devil taketh Him up into the Holy City,” and I want to suggest to you that despite the fact that the mind of Christ was fully born in Jesus’ baptism, Satan raised himself up in his carnal mind and fully challenged Christ’s right to be the mind of that man.

Now, this is a very important issue. Let me go over this with you. One of those minds had to die, you see. Only one mind can be permanently pervailing. Just give me a second. I’m having trouble getting the right words to say this. Let’s take us, for example. Most of us here have two minds. We have the carnal mind, and we have the mind of Christ, and I’ve taught you here that from minute to minute, from second to second, from thought to thought, only one mind can be manifesting, OK, but there’s more to it than that. Only one mind can be sustaining your existence. Only one mind can be sustaining your existence. These two minds are taking turns thinking through you, but only one mind is sustaining your existence. The mind which sustains your physical existence is not changing from second to second or from minute to minute. There is only one mind that is sustaining your existence, and for another mind to take his place, the first mind must die. Does everybody know what I’m talking about? And what is the name of the mind that is sustaining our existence?

            The carnal mind.

The carnal mind. Sorry, all you Pharisees out there. Don’t shut off the message. I’m telling you the truth. How do I know the carnal mind is sustaining your existence? If I killed you, you would die. If I put a knife in your heart, you would die. If the mind of Christ was sustaining your physical existence, I could slice you up, and you’d -- I don’t know exactly what would happen, but you wouldn’t die. Whether your body would just regenerate, I don’t really know the details, but if your mind was alive, your body could not die. Your body dies because your mind is already dead.

And what is happening in this hour is that a new mind has been imparted to us, and there’s a war going on. It’s called Armaggedon, and this new mind, His name is Christ. He gives us thoughts, and He’s at war with our carnal mind who is sustaining our physical existence, and as our thinking process starts to change, Christ gets stronger, and the carnal mind gets weaker, but until such time as Christ crucifies the carnal mind, the carnal mind will still be the mind which is sustaining our existence.

So the Pharisee in our mind -- we all have a Pharisee in our mind. His name is the carnal mind. He’s a Pharisee! So the Pharisee is saying, “How could the carnal mind come to the man Jesus, in whom the mind of Christ is fully born and challenge him? How could he take Him up into the city? How could he do all these things?” Because at that point, brethren, Jesus had ascended to the first stage of resurrection, and His carnal mind had not yet been unseated. His carnal mind was still sustaining His physical existence.

Oh, my God, I hear them screaming at me. It’s the truth! He was born a human being just like you and me, but He had something in addition to us. He had the seed of the Father, and the mind of Christ was born in Him, but from the day He was born, the body and the soul that He had was from His mother. He was formed as a man after the seed of David, and that which was sustaining His soul and His body was His carnal mind! And the Christ mind arose and ascended and waged war against it, and the first thing that the Christ mind did was take authority over the carnal mind, and we see it right here in the accound of the temptation. You have to take authority over someone before you kill them! If the guy’s stronger than you, how are you going to kill him? So in the first stage of the resurrection, it was mind games, we would say in our society. There was a mind game going on between Christ and the carnal mind, and Christ took authority over him, but the carnal mind was still sustaining His existence.

Oh, I hear them screaming, and I take you back to Revelation 20 again: “And I saw the souls of them, which were beheaded for Christ.” On the cross, when Jesus’ body was crucified, that mind of Christ that was in the man Jesus crucified His carnal mind and killed it! He slew the enmity in His flesh, at which point His physical body and soul could no longer remain dead. You see, the whole point is -- the reason He rose from the dead was that He killed the carnal mind which was sustaining His existence, and the mind of Christ took over, and with the mind of Christ being the mind that was sustaining His existence, His soul and His body could not die. Does anybody not know what I’m talking about?

Jesus, at the hour of the temptation, was not fully born again, and you think you’re born again. Is that a joke? At the time of the temptation, He was not fully born again. He had attained to the first stage of the ressurrection. Have you read about the first resurrection? It’s in the Book of Revelation. He attained to the first resurrection. Christ was born in His mind and won the mind game, took authority over the carnal mind, but He was still in a fallen body. And exactly where His soul was at that can- -- well, His soul was quickened at that point. We have it in this message tonight. We’ll -- I’ll show it to you. But His body was still being sustained by the carnal mind, and it wasn’t until the crucifixion of that carnal mind, which took place while His body was being crucified, that He ascended into c- -- that His mind ascended into a condition where His body and soul could no longer die.

You’re not born again. You are in the process of being born again. You have been reconciled unto God. If you have a relationship with Him, you have been reconciled unto God, but you have not been born again. You’re in the process of -- some people like to say, well, you’ve been born again, you are being born again, and you shall be born again; but that’s just a cop out because some people get very upset when you tell them they’re not born again. You’ve been reconciled unto God. You’ve had an experience with God, a very valid experience with God. It’s happened to you, and you’re blessed, but the name of the experience that you have had is not salvation! It’s reconciliation! The truth is going to set you free! The lie is going to kill you. If you think you are already saved and there’s nothing more for you to do but to have your body die and go to heaven, you’re going to die in your sins!

So the devil joins himself to Jesus’ soul! The carnal mind rose right up, responded to the fact that the mind of Christ was born in Jesus, and said, “This is my soul.” That’s what He said to him. You’re on my turf. Christ is the invading force. Christ stood up in full stature and Satan was right there, tapping Him on the shoulder, saying, “Hey, buddy, what do You think You’re doing?” That’s what he said to Him. What do you think you’re doing?

So we had two minds manifested in the soul of the man Jesus. Now, I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit. The Scripture says, “The devil taketh Him up to the Holy City.” I’d like to just spend a few minutes to show you how I arrive at the conclusion that the Holy City is Jesus’ soul. First of all, a city in the Scripture symbolizes a soul. Jesus said, “I refer to the saints as cities.” He said we were cities set on a hill. Didn’t He say that? And in Revelation 21:10, we see John saying, “And He showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.” The soul is spiritual, and it’s typified by a city.

So please note that that great city is holy Jerusalem, we’re told in Revelation 21:10. We can say then that the city Jerusalem is holy, or we can say the Holy City, which is Jerusalem. Did everybody follow me with that? Let me give it to you again.

Revelation 21:10 says, “And He showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem.” I’m just changing the words around. If you can say the great city is holy Jerusalem, then you can say that that city is Jerusalem! Is it not? Or that city which is Jerusalem is holy! Is everybody OK? I’ll say it one more time.

Revelation 21:10 says, “He showed me that great city whose name is the holy Jerusalem.” So I’m saying, if the great city is holy Jerusalem, you can also say that -- excuse me. You can also say that the city is holy. If that great city is Jerusalem, you can drop the Jerusalem and say that great city is holy. So we have a holy city.

So I want to suggest to you that when the Scripture says that the devil took Jesus up to the Holy City, I want to tell you that He went into His soul, which was now holy. His soul had become holy because the mind of Christ was born in it, and His soul had become holy.

So we have the word taketh up. It can also be translated to receive with the mind or to join himself to, and this word him -- “then the devil taketh Him” -- that Greek word him, 846, can be translated himself. It can be reflexive, and what I’m saying to you is that the devil took himself up. He didn’t take Jesus up. He took himself up, and he joined himself to that Holy City. He manifested in Jesus’ soul, so we had two minds fully manifested.

Now, the question is, who had the authority? I’ve been teaching you this for a long time. You’re going to have two full manifestations, but one has to be stronger than the other. You can have two men in a boxing match and a wrestling match, two muscle-bound karate-trained men, one of them must be stronger than the other one. That’s what competition is all about. Only one guy can win. I guess sometimes you have a draw, but in spiritual things, there’s no draw. One guy must be stronger than the other guy.

So listen to what Jesus did here. I’m sorry. Listen to what the devil did. “Then the devil joined himself” -- or “the devil joined his mind” -- the devil is the conscious mind of the carnal mind. “Then the devil joined himself to Jesus’ soul, and setteth himself on a pinnacle of the temple.” Setteth -- the Greek word translated setteth is 2476. It means to stand up. “The devil joined himself or started to appear in Jesus’ soul, and then he stood up. What does standing up mean? It means to manifest! He fully manifested. In the holy soul, in the renewed soul, in the purified soul, the devil manifested. “He stood up and setteth him on a -- and setteth himself on a pinnacle of the temple.” Now, I remind you, Jesus said He was the temple. Jesus said He was the temple. Let me put this on the board for you.

There’s a city, and there’s a temple in the city, and then there’s a high place or an altar in the temple. Jesus clearly said, “I am the temple.” He said, “You tear this temple down. In three days, I’m going to build it again.” So we have a soul. Jesus’ soul is the city named Jerusalem. There’s a temple in the city. Anybody know what it’s called? The mind of Christ. And there is an altar. I don’t even know how to draw it, but the cherubim on the altar. There is an altar in the temple. It’s called the high place or the pinnacle. Isn’t that what the Scripture says? The devil took Him to the highest place in the temple. It’s the altar by the mercy seat. I’ll take your questions as we go on this one tonight. Is everybody OK?

I want to tell you. The devil, the conscious mind or the conscious part of the carnal mind the Jesus inherited from His mother Mary, said to Jesus the Christ, “What do You think You’re doing here, buddy? And I still have enough power to stand up -- in this soul, which is now become holy because Christ is in it -- I still have the authority to appear in it.” That’s what he said to Him.

Brethren, you have got to realize that this guy’s not fooling. His very life is on the line. He is about to die, but he doesn’t believe it. He’s not playing any games. He’ll kill you if he can. If he sees Christ coming forth in you, he will kill you if he can. He’d rather see your body dead than see Christ be born in you.

So he stood up. He setteth himself -- he stood up on a pinnacle of the temple. Now, let me spend a few minutes on the word temple here. Some of you might know that there are two Greek words translated temple. This is Strong’s 2411, and it is the Greek word which typifies the physical temple. Now, this threw me at first because some of us that have been in these studies before know that after a certain point in the Scripture, the Greek word translated temple changes, and it’s -- from that point forward, it’s always talking about the spiritual temple of Jesus’ body or the body of Christ, but this word means the physical temple, and I said, Lord, what’s going on here? What is this mean? It’s blowing my whole doctrine away.

And this is what the Lord showed me. The spelling that’s in the Greek -- there were two different spellings under this number 2411. The Greek spelling for this word is a neuter form of Greek. We have male, we have female and we have neuter, it. She did. He did. It did. She went. He went. It went. It is neuter. It has no sex.

Now, this very same word 2411, which is just -- it’s under the same number. This is what it says when this very same word is male or female.  When this very same word is male or female, it means that which is sacrificed or that which is offered in sacrifice to the gods. It’s a sacrificial animal, which obviously must be either male or female, but the spelling in the Greek was the neuter, so the Greek scholars when they looked at it, that it was the neuter, they automatically assumed that the Scripture was talking about the physical temple, but I want to give you something else to think about. They automatically assumed that the -- well, the neuter is the place in which the sacrifice is made. If this word in Greek appears male or female, it’s the sacrifice, the animal that’s sacrificed. If this word appears in this with the Greek spelling that is neuter, it’s the place where the animal is sacrificed. Everybody OK? OK.

But I want to suggest to you that the mind of Christ, having risen in Jesus, and He having fasted, as we found out in the last message, from His soulish life -- that’s in verse 2. He had given up everything of this soulish world, which fast included giving up the sexual use of His body, that Jesus was a full expression at this point that He ascended to full stature. Galatians 3 -- well, let me give you the whole thing here. I’m suggesting to you that Jesus was the full expression of Galatians 3:27-28, which reads as follows: “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew, nor Greek. There is neither bond, nor free. There is neither male, nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Jesus, having ascended above and beyond everything of this soulish realm, had become neuter. And I want to remind you that the sacrifice that Jesus sacrificed was His soul. It was His soul. His spirit didn’t die. It was His soul life that died.

So, what are we saying here? “Then the devil taketh Him up into a Holy City, and setteth Him on a pinnacle of the temple.” I want to suggest to you that the Greek word should not be translated temple, but it should be the sacrifice, the sacrifice. “Then the devil taketh Him up into the Holy City and setteth on the high place of the sacrifice.” The high place of the sacrifice.

Let me read it to you with our Alternate Translation. “Then the devil joined himself to his mind. Then the devil taketh him up. Then the devil joined himself, joined his mind to Jesus’ soul in the Holy City, which is Jesus’ soul, and setteth himself -- or -- and the devil stood up on the high place of that soul.” Let me give it to you again. “Then the devil taketh him up” -- “the devil joined in the mind into the Holy City, to Jesus’ renewed soul. He manifested as the mind of that soul and setteth himself up and stood up -- the devil stood up” -- that’s talking about full stature -- “on the high place of the sacrifice.”

Let me show it to you on the board. The Scripture is saying, I suggest to you, that the devil fully manifested and set himself up over the mind of Christ, took authority over the mind of Christ, which was in the sacrifice. The soul is the sacrifice. Is everybody OK? Are you OK? You’re not OK. OK. I’m going to try it one more time, and then I’m going to have to go on. OK, don’t worry about it. Just hang in there.

Then the devil joined himself in his mind to the Holy City, which is Jesus’ soul, which was now holy because the mind of Christ was in it, and the devil stood up. He manifested in full stature. He completely manifested. He stood himself on the high place of the sacrifice, which is Jesus’ soul. That’s what I’m saying to you.

And there is a word here. It doesn’t look like I wrote it down, but there is a word here that -- I guess I didn’t write it down, but it clearly indicates that what he did was go on top of the mind of Christ. Only one could be -- see, they weren’t side by side. There was no way they could be side by side. Both of them in full stature, one of them had to be on top, and one had to be on bottom, and Satan or -- in the form of the devil had the authority to overshadow Christ, OK, in this condition. He had just ascended to full stature.

Now, listen. Let me explain it to you if you’re still -- if you haven’t shut the message off yet. Listen to me! It happens all the time. Those of us that are aspiring to be Christ or that are working towards being Christ, the devil in our own mind and in other people’s carnal minds are continuously coming to us and saying things in a spirit that would try to take authority over us, and for that moment, they have in fact taken authority over you, and at that point, you have the ball. Either you knock them down, or you stay down under. Does anybody not know what I’m talking about? This is the ultimate mind game. Christ in you. Between the carnal mind and yourself and in everybody else that doesn’t even know what they’re doing, but whose unconscious mind is rising up to unseat Christ in you -- from the second He starts to be formed in you, it’s happening to you; and if He’s being formed in you, and you don’t know that it’s happening to you, you’re completely overcome.

The next step is that you get a revelation that it’s happening to you, and you’re too weak to do anything. And you know that you’re overcome, and you cry a lot. And then after that, you start to get stronger, and you start to overcome Satan, but for the moment, he overshadows you. And then when you take the victory, you put him down under and you come on top.

This is what happened to Jesus. Brethren, we are having the same experience that He had. I believe that this challenge of the temptation was the last time that the carnal mind overshadowed the Christ, Jesus the Christ. It was that last time. I believe that the carnal mind was challenging Jesus, in whom Christ was being formed, throughout all the years that Christ was being formed in Him, and when the mind of Christ was fully born in Jesus, Satan came and said, “I don’t believe it. I don’t accept it, and I’m taking authority over you.” And when Jesus put him down, at that point, he didn’t get up again.

Now, the Scripture says that the de- -- that Satan departed from Him for a season. He didn’t die at that point. He didn’t die. He just couldn’t -- he could not influence Jesus anymore. What does it mean to take authority over someone? It means you influence them! It means they do what you want them to do. It means that they think what they want them to think! So Jesus had been repelling the suggestions and the attempts of the carnal mind to take authority over Him for years! But this challenge happened after Christ was fully born in His mind, and there was only one challenge, and Jesus put him down under for all time. Is everybody OK?

The phrase on a pinnacle, the pinnacle of the temple, on a pinnacle of the temple -- Strong’s 4419 -- oh, that must be the word. I didn’t write it down. That must be the word. That Greek word translate on, it must mean over or upon, and the word pinnacle means the top, the pointed or the high place. So the devil setteth himself up over the high place of the temple. That’s how I found it in the Greek. That’s the word that indicated Satan rose right up in his carnal mind and set himself over the high place of the temple. The high place of the temple is the mind of Christ. He overlaid Him.

Alternate Translation, Matthew 4:5: “Then the devil enters into Jesus’ renewed soul, taking a position of authority over Christ.”

Luke 22:3 says, “Then Satan -- then entered Satan into Judas.” Now, it sounds like a very similar situation. “Then entered Satan into Judas,” but I’d like to point out to you that there are two different Greek words used in Luke 22:3 and in the account we’re discussing tonight, and the reason that there are two different words used is that Satan already had authority over Jesus. So the Scripture uses a word that can also be translated taketh up, to try and take authority over Christ. He had to go up to take authority over Christ, but in the Scripture that says, “Satan entered into Judas,” he didn’t have to go up. Judas was a fallen man. He just merely manifested in him.

Continuing with Matthew 4:6: “And saith unto Him, if thou be the Son of God, cast Thyself down, for it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee, and in their hands, they shall bear the up, lest at any time thou dash Thy foot against a stone.” Now, every time I ever heard this preached, and I had no reason to believe otherwise all these years, I thought Satan was really telling Jesus to jump off the cliff and expect the angels to hold Him up! And if you have a King James Bible and probably in other Bibles too, you’ll see a cross reference to Psalms 91:11. What Satan said to Jesus was quoted right out Psalms 91:11! And I checked out Psalms 91:11, and that’s really what it says, but as I studied this -- and I pulled I apart. I got so excited I was jumping up and down because I’m going to hope to show you that what Satan was doing was that he was really quoting what the Lord had said, but he was doing the same thing that he did at the beginning of time when he said to Eve, “Yea, yea, God doesn’t -- didn’t God say” -- and he took the Scripture and just perverted -- just that hairline perversion that changed the whole meaning of the Scripture, and listen to what that guy was saying. Listen to this.

“And says to Him, ‘If You’re really the Son of God, throw yourself down.’” Throw yourself down. “‘If You be the Son of God, cast Yourself down.’” Cast Yourself down. Put yourself under my authority! That’s what he said to Him. Now, can you imagine Satan being dumb enough to say that? No, he said it to Him. He’s arrogant. He said, “If You are really the Son of God, You’re supposed to be worshipping me.” What? What? What? That’s what he said to Him. “If You’re really the Son of God, let’s see You obey God. God said you’re supposed to worship me.” That’s what he said to Him, and this is his proof for what God said: “For it is written, He shall give His angels charge concerning Thee.”

Now, this word written is Strong’s 1125, and we had it at the last meeting. It means to be engraved, and it’s speaking about the condition of your soul. It’s written in your soul. It’s written in your soul that He shall give charge. That Greek word translated He shall give charge is 1781, and it means to command, to be delivered to one. Now, you might remember 2 Peter talks about the creation being cast down into hell and delivered unto chains of darkness. I have this done, and very extensively, on other messages if you want to study it. Those chains of darkness that the creation were bound to were Satan in the mind! Chains in the mind. We know that chains have a spiritual application in the Scripture. Paul clearly stated that this chain that he wears is Jesus. Now I declare to you that that chain is the chain that’s binding Satan in the bottomless pit. Jesus is a chain that is binding up our carnal mind.

So -- “He shall give His angels authority over Thee. He shall give charge” -- to command, to be delivered to one. Satan or the carnal mind said to Jesus, “If You’re really the Son of God, and You are really obedient to the Father, You would be bowing down and serving me because Your own God delivered this creation under my authority.” And you want to know something? It’s true. God cast us down to hell where our mind was bound to the chain of darkness, which is Satan. Do you believe this?

The Interlinear reads, “It has been written, for to the angels of Him, He will give charge about You.” To the angels of Him. Brethren, it doesn’t say whose angels. I hope we all know there are good angels and there are evil angels. The Scripture doesn’t say whose angels. Let me read it again. “It has been written, for to the angels of Him, He will give charge about You.” And I want to suggest to you that the words Him and He typify two different men. They’re referring -- not men. They’re referring to two different beings: one, the Father and one, Satan.

Because it is written on man’s soul that God has commanded that you be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels. Because it’s written on man’s -- so how is it written on man’s soul that we’ve been given over to the authority of Satan’s angels? How is it written on our soul, anybody?


How is it engraved?


Well, what’s the engraving?

            The carnal mind.

The carnal mind. The carnal mind’s written on your soul! God cast you down and bound your mind together with the chain of Satan’s darkness. “It’s the Lord’s commandment that I’m the prince of the power of the air. Serve me! Bow down and serve me!” That’s what that son of a gun said to Jesus. And I want to tell you, brethren, as you start to ascend in Christ, it’s going to happen to you. You are going to have people through whom the carnal mind are [sic] manifesting coming to you and telling you that you have no authority in situations where you have God-ordained authority! And you have to learn how to deal with them without sinning!

I don’t know about you. I’m so excited, I’m almost j- -- I may not look like it, but I’m almost jumping up and down! He was a man! And we’re going through everything that He went through, and we’re going to wind up like He wound up! I want to tell you they can take their doctrine in the church. I don’t care. I don’t care how many people here -- I don’t care if there’s two people here. I don’t care. This message is so exciting. If the church world can’t receive it or doesn’t want to receive it, I bless them, but just don’t bother me because this thing is so exciting, I’m going through the ceiling, and I fully intend to come to this place. I fully -- I believe God has said it’s possible in this lifetime, and I fully intend it.

I remember when I was a young disciple God put me for the time in a powerful church for the place where I was spiritually. It was a very powerful church for me, and I remember sitting in the diner after service one night talking to the pastor, and he was talking about how a lot of people, they just can’t seem to make a commitment or stay with it, or some of them were afraid or whatever. And I said, Pastor, I got a vision that there’s hope for me in this thing. It’s a long vision. It’s far away, but I see it. I’m not bothering anybody else, but they better not get in my way because I’m going to trample right over them. And that was almost 15 years ago, and I haven’t stopped running yet, and I’m still saying the same thing. If you don’t want to do it, if you don’t want to come, that’s fine, but don’t get in my way because I’m trampling right over you. I got this vision, brethren. I got this vision! God has told me it’s going to be available to man in my lifetime! And I want it.

I want to tell you the Scripture in verse 2 -- I think it was verse 2. We did it last week. It said Jesus was a-hungered for dominion over His own soul. I am a-hungering for dominion over my own soul! I want it so bad I could taste it! And I’m giving up the things of this world as God takes me -- takes them from me. It’s not a religious work, but I’m giving them up as He takes them from me, and I want the prize. I am very excited.

The word hands -- let me give you the verse again. “And in their hands they shall bear Thee up.” The Greek word translated hands is 5495, and it means by the help or agency of, by the help or agency of. And the Greek word translated they will bear you is Strong’s 142, and it means to preserve, not to hold you up but to preserve you.

Now, listen to what Satan said to Jesus, “Because it’s written on man’s soul that God has commanded that You be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels, who will preserve you.” I want to tell you that’s true. You may recall me preaching it. That’s true. The reason God cast us down to hell, the reason we’re bound by Satan’s chains in our mind, is that if God didn’t do this to us, the whole creation would have been wiped out because God is a holy God. He’s a righteous God, and union with God in our sin-filled condition would have destroyed us. So God cast us down to this place called hell. He made Satan the prince of the power of the air. He drove us out of the Garden, and He says, “I’m not going to let you” -- well, the Scripture says, “dying, you shall die.” So we died spiritually when we separated from God, but -- and our soul is dead, and we’re all dead, but we have an existence. We have an existence. The Lord said, “I’m not going to cause you to cease to exist. I’m going to keep you in this condition until the hour of” -- the what? No, “I’m going to keep you in this condition until the hour of the” -- what? -- “until the hour of the resurrection from the dead.”

We’re down here in hell. We have -- we died, but we have an existence. Everything the church world tells you about hell, it’s true except that it’s here now. It’s not after your body dies, and we’re being preserved and reserved until the judgment, which will bring forth the resurrection. The Scripture says until the judgment. Reserved in chains of darkness until the judgment, until the correction, which will raise you from the dead. What? The correction of what? The correction of your carnal mind.

The carnal mind -- it’s through the whole creation. The carnal mind must be rebuked. She must go back down under the God-ordained authority, which is Christ. She’s out of order! She needs to be corrected! She thinks she’s a man, but she’s not! And it’s the judgment of the minds of men that are going to put your carnal mind back down in the position that God ordained her to have, and that can’t happen until your husband, Christ, enters into your mind. You’ve got to get a new mind! And when you get a new mind, He’s going to start to wage war against the mind you were born with, and, Lord willing, He will kill her, and you shall rise from the dead! When the mind which is in you, which is death, dies and the only mind left in you is the mind called life, you will rise from the dead!

Jesus, I can’t wait. Now, your body doesn’t have to die at this point. Your mind has to die. You have the weapons in this hour, if Christ has been imparted to you, to reject sinful thoughts and chose by the power of God to think the thoughts of Christ, and that is what kills your carnal mind. But it’s not so easy, but that’s how you do it. Your body doesn’t have to die.

So Satan is telling Jesus, “Bow down to me. God has given me authority over You, and the purpose of God giving me authority over You is to preserve Your life.” Do you believe this? What arrogance! That’s [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

I want to tell you, just open up your eyes and your ears and listen to the carnal minds of men speaking to you through people. They’re very nice people. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re totally overtaken by this world, and many of them are Christians, and many Christians are s- -- in their mind are overtaken by this world. They don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t mean you any harm. They always talk that way. Their mother talked that way. Their grandmother talked that way. Their great-grandmother talked that way. They’re just doing what everybody else has ever done. And you watch them! Listen to what they say to you! As Christ starts to arise in your mind, they try to take authority over you. They try to turn you away from God. They don’t even know they’re doing it! You can’t get mad at people. You cannot get mad at these people, but you must engage in a warfare that will prevent them from hindering your serving God.

Now, don’t anyone take me up on this one. We are not hurting people. We are not using witchcraft to control other people. Brethren, the answer to your problem is that you must get stronger! If you have been overtaken by somebody’s mind, it’s because their mind is stronger than your mind, and the answer is not to kill their mind. The answer is to kill your mind after Christ begins to be formed in it. Kill your weakness and arise in the power of Christ, and you will find that when you are strong and someone comes to you and says something that is the worst advice anyone could possibly give you -- and not only will they come to you and give you bad advice, but they will come to you and give it to you in a spirit of authority and say, now this is the thing to do. And as you turn around and start doing it, you say, hey, wait a minute! I know this isn’t the thing to do, but that person came to me in such a spirit of authority that I just did it! You have to overcome by getting stronger, not by killing your brother who doesn’t even know what he’s doing. And then when you get stronger, you will be able to help the one who has been tempting you and not even knowing that they have been an expression of Satan. Glory to God.

We’re in verse 6: “And in their hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone.” The words at any time is not in the Greek, and the word -- the Greek word translated dash is Strong’s 4350. It means to strike, to beat against or to generally meet with harm, and the word foot means a man or an animal’s foot. Now, some of you might have heard the teaching that we -- our humanity is God’s feet. It’s God’s feet. Our humanity is God’s feet. We have an exhibit on this. You should have it home. If you don’t have it, ask for it if you want it.

The spirit world is not up and it’s not down. It’s where?


It’s out. It’s from inside to outside. Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you. The spirit is at the center, and we have a man. He’s called a spirit man. I can’t draw. We have a spirit man, and he’s walking on the Earth. You’ll have to bear with me. Celia [SP] did the drawing. It’s really much better than this. He is a spirit man, and he’s walking along the Earth, and every place that you see a foot -- and the Earth is this external world. It’s this realm of appearance. The spirit man is inside, and everything that we see out here including our bodies is the place where the spirit man is walking, and he’s walking -- there’s only one spirit man. His name is what? OK, his name is -- right, his name is Adam, and right now he’s fallen. Adam is either fallen or righteous, and right now, he’s fallen. When he’s righteous, his name is Christ, but right now, he’s fallen. But if Adam is the man, and there’s only one man, and every time his foot appears on the earth, it appears in a human being. Everybody OK?

OK. So to dash your foot upon a stone -- and this Greek word that mean- -- that is translated foot, it can mean an animal’s foot, which is an indication that the Scripture is speaking about this physical body and this physical world. So Satan’s very worried about Jesus, and he’s concerned that He might dash His foot against a stone or He might meet with harm in this human condition. That’s what he’s saying to Him. Let me read that to you again.

“Because it’s written on man’s soul that God has commanded that You be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve Your human condition.” You see -- you know what that means? It means if God let us be wiped out, what part of us would still live? We could never be totally wiped out. What part of us would still -- the spirit would still live. It’s very clear in the Scripture. When God let the flood come upon the earth, He wiped out everything that was moving upon the face of the earth, but the spirits went back to the Father. The spirit doesn’t die. The spirit is out of God, so what this is saying is that God has given the -- humanity over to Satan to preserve our humanity, that part of us which is the spirit man’s feet, and that’s true! Because I said it just before. If God didn’t put us in this condition with all the problems that we have, if we got closer to God, we would have burned up because of our sin.

So if anybody ever asks you a question or if you have had the question, where is this God that He lets thousands and thousands of years -- maybe it’s billions. I’m not really sure myself -- of suffering, and all of these people suffering and hurting, what kind of a god is He? The answer is that He is a great, great God that is working to raise us from the dead. And one day with God is a thousand years with man, and it may seem very painful and hard for you to understand how He could do this, but that’s because your mind is fallen. He is a great God. He is a righteous God. He knows what He’s doing, and He’s reserved us in this condition so that we can be glorified with Him, and it’s an act of His mercy. Even though you might not be able to understand it right now, it’s an act of His mercy.

So Satan said to Jesus, “Because it’s written on man’s soul that God has commanded that You be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve You from” -- well -- “to preserve Your humanity from meeting with harm.” That’s what he said.

“Dash Thy foot against a stone.” The Greek word translated against is Strong’s 4314, and it means -- it can be translated to fasten, and the word stone is 3037, and we’ve talked about this many times. One of Jesus’ titles is the stone, and this is a different Greek word than the rock. Most of us know He’s a rock, but not many of us know He’s a stone also, and when He’s described as the stone, that is in the context of Him being the building block of the whole creation. We know that He is the cornerstone. Everything’s going to be built upon Him.

Now, let me put this on the board for you. Now, the whole church world thinks that -- they call Him the capstone. Let me show this to you. They’ll draw you a triangle that looks like a pyramid, and they’ll tell you that Jesus is the capstone. And they’ll say that this is Jesus, and I used to look at that, and I would say, but He’s the foundation. How could He be the capstone on the top of the pyramid? It doesn’t make any sense at all. It doesn’t make any sense at all! And then a couple years ago, the Lord showed us that it doesn’t make any sense at all and that He is the head of the corner and that the triangle that typifies the spiritual church -- that’s not a very straight line -- is a right triangle and that He is the head of the corner. He is the right angle, and what it means that He’s the head of the corner -- it means that He’s the spirit man.  This is the spirit man and this is the earth man, or we could say this is soul and this is mind or spirit. And He is the God of the spirit man and the earth man, and this is where He dwells right where the two meet, and He’s the head of the corner. He’s not up there. He’s down here where the spirit meets the earth, and He’s the God of the heaven and He is the God of the earth.

So this -- a stone is a building block, and in this case, I want to suggest to you that it’s talking about Jesus. So listen to what this guy’s saying. He’s saying, “I want to save you. I want You to let me have authority over You because I’m going to save You from the harm that should come to humanity, which [?had?would?] be fastened to Jesus Christ.

You see, it’s true that God joined us by chains of wickedness to Satan in our mind to preserve our existence until He could raise us from the dead. That’s all true! Satan spoke the truth! And then at the very end, He said, “But what I’m saving You from is from having this whole creation to be fastened to Christ.”

Now, do you remember that we’re all being -- what is fastened mean? He’s talking about crucifixion. Christ is being fastened to or joined to -- by crucifixion to the carnal mind, and Satan said everything that’s true. He says, “It’s all true, but the reason God gave me authority over You is to save You from being crucified to Christ” -- the one thing that will raise us from the dead. So what Satan is saying is, “Yes, God gave me authority, and I’m not willing to give it up. I won’t acknowledge that He gave me authority over You for a season, and now it’s time to give it up. I’m saying that God gave me authority over You for the life of the ages, and I’m going to be protecting the creation against Christ.”

And I want to tell you, brethren, that that’s exactly what’s going on today, and that’s exactly what you’re up against. If you’re moving in Christ and you’re coming to somebody to give them a piece of information or to help them or to correct them because their carnal mind is killing them, they’re going to rise right up and say, I am Christ, and you are the carnal mind, and you should take it -- you should submit to me. This message and this encounter of what Jesus went through is exactly what you will go through when Christ starts to rise in you. Everyone that God sends you to is going to tell you that you’re out of order. They’re going to try to take authority over you, and they’re going to tell you that -- either they’ll tell you they’re Christ or that they’re right, and you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you have to learn how to deal with it without sinning against them.

First of all, if God didn’t send you, get out of there. You could be absolutely right in what you’re saying. If God didn’t send you, get your nose, pack it up and move it out! Don’t put your nose in other people’s business. You have enough trouble without putting your nose in other people’s business.

So he said --

Well, let me give you an Alternate Translation. Matthew 4:6, “And the devil says to Him, ‘If You’re really the Son of God, bow down to me because it’s written on man’s soul that God has commanded that You be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve You from the harm which would happen to You should humanity actually become fastened to Jesus Christ.’”

Everything he said was true except the very end. The -- everything is true except the one that we’re being saved from.

Amplified Translation: “And the devil says to Him, ‘If You’re really the Son of God, submit to my lordship because God has commanded that the living soul should be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve her from the damaging effects of being fastened to Christ.’”

“From the damaging effects of being fastened to Christ.” And I want to tell you, brethren, if you’ve entered into the two-witness company at all, you will know that whoever God sends you to, to minister to will attack you with everything that they’ve got because they really think that they’re preserving themselves from the damaging effects of your ministry. When you really get down to it, when you really start hitting on their carnal mind and you really start killing it by the power of Christ, that’s what they’re going to do, and that’s what they’re going to think, and that’s what they’re going to say -- that you’re trying to kill them and that Christ coming to them is going to harm them, and they’re going to run and hide and ask the rocks to save them. The rocks have their own carnal mind.

And that is why when push comes to shove, brethren, the only people -- in my opinion from what I’ve seen so far, the only people going through are the people that Jesus has laid hold of. He’s seen that their heart is turned towards Him. Doesn’t matter what their exterior looks like, doesn’t matter what kind of sin they’re in, doesn’t matter how messed up they are, He’s looking at their motives of your heart. And if He sees a heart that’s going to respond to Him, He’s apprehending you for His purposes. And when He apprehends you for His purposes, one of the byproducts of being called into the service of God is that He gives you life, that He heals your diseases and He raises you from the dead -- spiritual, emotional and physical diseases, and He raises you from the dead because He’s chosen to apprehend you.

I tell you, you’re healing is a byproduct. He has a purpose for you. He has work for you to do, and you can’t do it if your mind isn’t sound and if your body is half dead. So He fixes you up because He likes your heart, you see? He sees a willing heart that will serve Him, and He’ll give you everything you need to continue in this world because He wants that willing heart, and that willing heart needs a body to live in and a mind that’s sound.

I want to tell you we’re not worth saving. There’s nothing special about us. Nothing special about any of us, but in us is His very life. In our heart is a life that comes out of God, and for that purpose, He’s saving all of us. That’s what makes us worthwhile. Nothing you’ve done, nothing you’ve said, nothing that you’ve thought, but that His life is buried inside of you. And when it comes your time for Him to rejoin with His life that’s in you, He’s going to fix you up. You’re bought with a price. You’re not your own. You’re His!

So, we’re almost finished. Just a little bit longer.

I have -- I typed down here the quote for you from 2 Peter 2:4. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment.” That’s what we’ve been talking about here. That’s the Scripture that Satan is referring to.

Continuing with Matthew 4:7, “And Jesus said unto him, ‘It’” -- and this is Jesus’ answer to him now -- “‘It is written again, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.’” Now, Everybody always thinks Jesus is saying, “You can’t hurt Me. I got the Word of God. You shouldn’t tempt God by asking Me to do these things. Shouldn’t tempt God by asking Me to use My power to meet My own carnal needs.” That’s how I always understood it.

The word tempt is Strong’s 1598, and it means to prove or to test thoroughly. “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.” The word Lord -- the Greek word translated Lord is 2962, and it means he to whom a person or thing belongs. Brethren, Jesus is telling the devil that the creation, including the devil who’s a part of the creation, belongs to Him and that He, Jesus, is the Lord of the devil, as well as God Himself.

“Jesus said unto him, ‘It is written again.’” The Greek word translated again is 3825, and it means back or renewal. It’s referring back to something that was original, and I want to suggest to you that Jesus by using that word was saying to the devil, “I know what you’re saying is true. God gave us to you, but the living soul has been written upon again. That commandment that’s written, that commandment that’s in the soul, that mind, a new mind has been written over it, and now the property belongs to Me.”

Let me give it to you again. “It is written again, ‘Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.’”

Well, let me get back to the translation before that.

Amplified Translation of Matthew 4:6 says, “And the devil says to Him, ‘If you’re really the Son of God, submit to my lordship because God has commanded that the living soul should be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve her from the damaging effects of being fastened to Christ.’”

Now, it’s not in the Amplified Translation, but you may recall that Jes- -- that the devil said to Jesus, “It is written on the soul of man that man belongs to Me,” and Jesus in verse 7 is saying, “Everything you said is true, but the soul has been rewritten.” There’s a new message written on the soul! The soul has been written upon again. It written again! The carnal mind said, “It is written in your mind, and the proof of it is your carnal mind,” and Jesus said, “Well, guess what? It’s been written again, and the Christ mind in Me is the proof of that.” That’s what He said.

“Thou shalt not test the One who is your owner and who is your God.” You see? He wasn’t defending Himself and saying, “Oh, no, I can’t do that. That would be tempting God.” Isn’t that how you heard it preached? “I can’t do that. That would be tempting God.” He wasn’t saying that. He was coming right at him in a full aggressive stance saying, “Well, what you said is [sic] true, but guess what? It’s not true anymore, and you shouldn’t be testing the One who has authority over you.”

I want to tell you that when Satan raises up a human being -- everybody’s a nice person. This is the war of the minds, brethren! Most people don’t know what they’re doing. When he raises up someone to come to you, and you’re manifesting Christ or you’re an authority in Christ, and they start testing you and pointing out sin in you, the response that you should give them is what Jesus said: “There is a new commandment written upon the living soul, and you shall not test the One who owns you and who is your God.” You don’t argue with them. You don’t argue with them. You tell them the way it is, and that’s what Jesus did. He told them the way it is. He wasn’t running. He wasn’t backing off. He wasn’t cowering in a corner. He wasn’t the least bit afraid or concerned or distressed. Neither was He afraid to tell him, “Yes, what you said was true, but it’s not true anymore, and now you’re supposed to be submitting to Me.”

“To He who overcometh, the One who overcomes shall inherit all things.” If you have any hope of ascending to full stature at all, you must overcome your own carnal mind and the carnal mind in every human being that the Lord permits to come against you. And this is a plan, a blueprint, for how you do it. You don’t fight on their level. You assert your authority, but you better be in Christ because if you’re not in Christ, God won’t back you up, and if God doesn’t back you up, you’ll be defeated. And you -- it’s not even that being defeated is such a terrible thing. Who would want to do this without being in Christ? Because everything that you do that’s not in Christ is hindering your ascension into full stature. So here you have to test yourself, try the Spirit on yourself. Are you serving God because such service will lend towards full stature? Or are you serving your pride? Which such service will utterly close the door on full stature to you.

“And Jesus said unto him, ‘There is a new commandment written upon the living soul. You shall not test the One who owns you and who is your God.’”

And I amplify that a little. “And Jesus said to him, ‘There’s a new mind being revealed through the living soul, and you have no authority to test Christ, your God, the One who owns you.’”

The carnal mind has no authority to test Christ, even when Christ is not in perfection. Only who can test Christ? Only the Christ in another person can test Christ. The carnal mind has no authority to test you and to try the Spirit.

Recap, Matthew 4:5-7: “Then the devil enters into Jesus’ renewed soul, taking a position of authority over Christ, and says to Him, ‘If You’re really the Son of God, submit to my lordship because God has commanded that the living soul should be delivered over to the authority of Satan’s angels to preserve her from the damaging effects of being fastened to Jesus Christ.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘There’s a new mind being revealed through the living soul, and you have no authority to test Christ, your God, the One who owns you.’” “And Jesus said to him, ‘There’s a new commandment written upon the living soul. You shall not test -- or therefore, you shall not test the One who owns you and who is your God.’”

So we see -- if we want to start to recognize the carnal mind, we can see that one of the things that will identify her is that she is going to come and try and test Christ. She has no authority to test Christ. Jesus wouldn’t receive the test. She has no authority to test Christ.

Any questions on this message? Isn’t that exciting? Is that exciting? Do you have a question, Joseph?


            Was Jesus tested more than these times? Is there somewhere in the Bible that says He was tested other times beside these few times?

I don’t think it’s clear. There is another Scripture that says He was tested and found without sin, but this is the only test that I could see. Personally, I believe He was tested continuously as He was overcoming.

            Before He had the mind of --

Before -- no, He had the mind but before He was in full stature. I believe He was going through something very similar to what we’re going through.

            Did He have -- it was after the baptism. Did He still have the two minds even after the baptism?

Oh, yes, He still had the two minds. At the baptism, the mind of Christ was raised to full stature.

            And s- -- but He still had the carnal mind?

He had the carnal mind until He crucified it on the cross.

            OK. So during this time of temptation, He had -- He was battling the carnal mind, right?

His carnal mind was not dead. It had power to talk to Him and communicate with Him and challenge Him and actually try to take authority over Him, yeah. [?This is?] not finished.

            You said that -- it’s not up there now, but you said the intelligence that was in the clay was morally unclean, right?


            How did it get morally unclean in the beginning?

It didn’t get morally clean [sic]. It always was morally unclean.

            How is it that there was always in existence a morally uncleanness?

Well, if you recall the studies on the creation, the clay was made out of the matter, which was the fallout when the Son separated from the Father. OK? Remember that?


And it was just dust, and the separation created a black hole in the universe. OK? We have exhibits on this. If I sincerely did a beautiful job if I ever get to it -- look good. I’ll get to it soon. Things are getting better.

And what happened was that the Father -- this was water in here, which was the soul life called the Son, and the Father interacted with the water and it became what?


Light. OK, and then at some point, we’re told -- I don’t have my diagrams in front of me, but this water, this enlightened water flowed out beyond the dust. Do you remember that?


Flowed out, and what happened was that it -- the light -- the water was so filled with the life of God that it put this life-giving force upon the dust and gave a form of existence to the dust, and that was how the moral impurity came into existence. It was dead, but the power of God flowed over it, and it came into existence, but it was negative because it was in the -- it was the fallout from the separation, and that’s how it came into being.

            So the fallout was always unclean?

The fallout was always unclean, but it had no existence. It was unclean. It had no existence. It wasn’t dangerous, but when the water -- the enlightened water of Christ’s life flushed over it and flowed over it, it rose, and -- I can’t say it came to life. It didn’t live, but it came into existence.

I understand that, but I don’t understand why when the Father and the Son -- when the Father -- the offspring being the Son, that when He shot out from Him -- being a thought, right, he shot out from Him. Why from that experience was there some kind of a negative force and why there could be evil present?

The only thing that I could tell you is that it was likened to an atomic explosion and there was a fallout. I don’t have any more information than that right now, but God did it deliberately. He wanted a fallout. It was His purpose to have a fallout because the creation -- God is invisible, and He wanted to be seen, and the way He’s being seen is by covering Himself with the clay. So God intended to make a fallout. The Scripture clearly says that God created evil and that He created the darkness. He did it deliberately, and He wanted it. Not only is the clay covering us and showing us, but the moral uncleanness is contrasting God’s righteousness. S- -- not only --

            [CROSSTALK] the contrast.

Yeah, He wanted the contrast. That was part of the plan.

            So that, that was out there, this moral uncleanness, was the pestilence? Or the pestilence was in that moral uncleanness?

No, the pestilence and the moral uncleanness are one and the same.

            It’s the same thing.

Same thing, yeah.                  

            It’s an intelligence.

An intelligen- -- a negative intelligence, yes. God is righteous.

            So it actually had thoughts of its own?

Has thoughts of its own, I don’t know about that. Some people say Satan has no creative thought. I’d really have to think about that. I would say it was the exact opposite of God. Anything that came forth from it was the exact opposite of God. God is righteous. The thoughts of God are righteous, and the thoughts of Satan are unrighteous.

            Well, if it had no thoughts of its own, then how was it able to -- like you showed on the board where it didn’t want to stay in submission, how could it have the separate thought of lack of submission and come up over if it didn’t have its own thought?

The Scripture calls it a shadow. It’s just a negative reflection of the righteousness of God. Whatever God is -- I guess you could say it had no original thought. Whatever God is, it was the opposite.

            So -- and then how -- do you understand my question I just asked?     

Say it again.

            I don’t see how it had the thought then, that I don’t want to stay under this mind of Christ and come up over the righteousness of Adam.

Yeah, I understand that. It’s -- the Scripture calls it a shadow, a shadow.

            So this shadow --      

Yeah, whatever --

            -- just --

-- God was, it was the opposite.

            -- decided to move up there?

Yeah, because -- you have to try to understand -- everybody try to understand that God is so high. I mean, we are so fallen now, that God is so high that even the moral -- the pestilence was so much higher than we are now. Even the fact that the creation could impregnate itself indicates how fallen we are. It was a lesbian condition where the lesbian had the authority to impregnate the creation. I mean, we can’t even imagine that. We have all kinds of lesbians running around wanting to get pregnant by their mates, but they can’t. So what am I saying to you? The creation was on such a high spiritual level that it -- sometimes we have to ask God to help us to understand it. We are very fallen in this condition.

            Oh, so you’re saying that it’s not the way that I’m thinking of the thought --


-- that it had, but it had some kind of spiritual power to be able to do --

Yeah, it was like a negative -- like almost like an automatic reaction.

            Because even when I think of a shadow, I think of a shadow that is like --

Yeah, but you -- you’re thinking --

-- a shadow has no power over light. The light casts a shadow. It has no -- the light is the one that’s in full authority always. You know what I mean?

Yeah. Well, that’s correct.

So I still don’t understand that. As far as thinking -- you know, thinking about a shadow, I would think that it has to have a thought.

No, it’s just negative --

            There has to be a thought in there --

Just negative.

-- like you’re explaining it. I don’t want to be under that authority anymore, so that’s in the -- that’s what happens with the mind, you know?

Yeah, but not an original thought. Just like animals automatically do things, Satan was just automatically opposed to Christ. That doesn’t make it an original thought. You see the difference? Doesn’t make it an original thought to be programmed. Oh --

            A thought that actually just comes --


            -- up. It was already there.

It was more like a programming. Just a negative intelligence.

            So there was, like, a battle from the very start?

Oh, yeah. Definitely.

            And He planned it like that?

God planned that there would be two sides to the creation. Yes, God planned it that way.

            And so He knew full well there would be a battle from the start?

I guess God knows all things. Yeah, God knows all things.


            [UNINTELLIGIBLE] ready to pounce on her.

            How can you say that Satan was female --

How can I say that?

            -- from the start.

How can I say that?

            Yeah, I mean what -- where -- how do you get that?

Because male is strong and female is weak. Male has authority and female is submission. It has nothing to do with men and women as we know it today. Men and women as we know it today are just types to help us to understand, and female -- and Satan was under the authority of Christ. That made her female. The one underneath is female. The one of top is the man. OK?

As you were preaching or speaking tonight, [?you know?yeah?], quite near the beginning, not the very beginning, all of a sudden the message was really bringing the [?light?].


            [INAUDIBLE] [?I feel?] it happen more and more.

Thank you very much.


You got another question? Anybody else have a question? Well, you can continue [INAUDIBLE].

Yeah, you said that -- you said you didn’t -- you said it doesn’t necessarily mean -- about the verse about the angels. You said it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the angels of God, right?     

No, it wasn’t clear whose angels it was.

So you -- -- were you -- are -- were you suggesting that it was angels from the carnal mind?

That’s what Satan said. The Psalms 91:11 was talking about God’s angels, but when Satan --

OK. That was --

-- repeated it, he twisted it --

            [?He did?] OK.

-- yeah, and he --

            Because that’s what I was going -- that’s what -- it threw me during the message. I was like, oh, Lord, I don’t think I can believe this because in Psalms 91, it’s very clear --

Oh, yeah.

-- that He’s talking about God’s angels.

Oh, yes.

            And -- but now that you explain like this -- and I did think that thought, that it’s a possibility that Satan there twisted it and was talking about his own angels, and that sounds like something Satan would do. [CROSSTALK] --

Yeah, as a matter of fact --

            I’ll have to re-listen to this message and go over it because it really threw me for a loop. It really did --

If you --

-- because I know the Bible, and I -- like I said, it threw me.

If you go over the account in Genesis with the t- -- with the seduction of Eve, the word -- he does the same thing with Eve. God says, “If you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall surely die. You shall surely s- -- you shall die to you -- your immortality and become mortal.” But when the Serpent repeated to Eve, he changed the word, and he said, “Hasn’t God said, ‘If you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall die. You shall cease to exist.’” He changed it. It’s the same exact thing that he did to Eve. God told --

            [INAUDIBLE] that --


I thought he said had -- is it true? He was asking a question, I thought.

Well, I don’t know whether he was asking her a question or not. There’s no question marks in the -- you know.

            Has God said [CROSSTALK] --

But he changed the word. He changed the word. God said, “You shall cease to be immortal,” and when the Satan -- when Satan repeated it, he said, “God said you’ll cease to exist.” Two different Hebrew words.

            Well, doesn’t it mean the same thing?

No, we --

            Eventually the person would cease to exist?

We haven’t ceased to exist. This -- the whole -- we still exist. This whole world exists. The whole creation exists. So what God said to Eve was “You’ll cease to be immortal,” but when Satan repeated, he said “You shall cease to exist.”


We’ve never ceased to exist.

            [CROSSTALK] but at the abandoned soul, he was the [INAUDIBLE] --

He -- yeah, he completely twisted it. He did the same thing there that he did in the temptation. Same exact thing.

            So why would Satan say to her that she would cease to exist? What’s the purpose in saying that? Because I would think that would just have the opposite effect on her, that she would never partake of it then.

I can’t answer that right now. I don’t know. I do have a message on it, but I haven’t -- right now, I’m not prepared to deal with that.

            You have a message on that? Do you remember where that is?            

I’ll give it to you after the meeting.

            [?So you’ll?] --

Yeah. Anybody else?

Yeah, that’s the exact same thing that Satan did at the beginning of time. It’s the temptation repeated for the second time. The first time, Christ failed and died, and the second time, Christ overcame. And that’s what Satan does in the church today. That’s what he does in the life of a believer today. He gives you enough truth to confuse you, and then he gets in there with his lie, and he kills you with his lie.


It sounds like that -- what I was thinking about with Adam, that he took away the first to establish the second, that Christ is the last Adam, but my question is why God does it that way. I don’t understand why He does it that way. He takes away the first to establish the second. It seems like it’s a spiritual law that’s all through the Word.

I don’t know. I don’t know.     


            Sheila, you were just saying that Satan always does these things, and for the church world, even though the church world believes the Scriptures as the King James or whatever, we believe that even though the real definition is so different. He would say to many, you committed the unpardonable sin. [CROSSTALK] --

Who would say -- yeah.

--  [?say it inside?] a Christian, and so [?when?where?] you’re walking in that level, you believe that’s what the Scripture’s saying. I’m not saying I believe it now, but I’m just saying, over the years, this is what he tried to destroy many Christians with, that same Scripture.


But we know it doesn’t mean that, but the level they were at of the Scriptures that they were learning wasn’t the depth that we’re going through. It’s entirely different.

There’s such liberty in this message. The only reason people don’t want it is that the me- -- with the message comes the judgment of your soul, the exposure of your own sin, and it’s very painful because common-sensically [sic], who would not want this message? There’s such life and liberty in it, but the judgment comes with it, and they ca- -- the judgment of their own heart, the exposure of the sins of their own heart, and they just can’t deal with it. They want to be righteous without going through the purging, and you can’t be righteous without going through the purging.




I just want to pray. You know, there were a few manifestations tonight, so I just want to pray while you’re all still here.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we just rebuke the carnal mind that has risen up. Wherever he’s risen up, we rebuke you, and we command you to get down under Christ. We break the power of pride and Jezebel and fear in the name of Jesus, and we just bless everybody here, Lord. And we pray for the victory that Christ should be engrafted and that He should rise up and take the same victory that our big brother Jesus took. And I pray, Father, that everyone that You will permit to enter into full stature should not stop until they have entered in. I pray for Your victory and Your grace and Your glory and Your glory and Your mercy over everybody here. I really feel in my heart, we’re getting very close. This message was very penetrating tonight, and for those who aren’t here, Father, we bless them and we pray for them. We forgive everybody’s sins, Lord, and we just pray for Your power to get this job done as we submit our members unto You, Father. And we thank You, Lord, for all that You’ve done for us, believing that Your word that says You will not cease from the good work that You’ve started in us until Christ appear [sic] in us. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Does anybody want prayer tonight?


            Go ahead.

[?Can I?] pray for you?


Father, in the name of Jesus, I continue to bless this one. I just rebuke every one of her enemies. I curse this carnal mind. I break curses of fear going back 10 generations. Curses of fear, lack of faith in God and pride, I break your power over this woman. I command Jezebel and witchcraft and pride to all attack one another and destroy one another. I command you to go down under the feet of Christ in this woman. You have hindered her enough, and you have done enough damage. You will not keep her from going on in Christ. You will bend your knee to the authority of the Godhead, which is rising in [?the?her?] mind. Now, if there’s any demons to command tonight, I command you to start coming out, to see the light and the life of Christ. Let it infuse [?the?her?] entire body, her entire mind, Lord. Let victory prevail. Cover her from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. Lord, you started singing to me [INAUDIBLE]

            He started singing that to you?

Yeah, He just started singing that to me.

            Great. [INAUDIBLE] --

Glory to God. Thank you. Well, we haven’t had a message -- almost everybody was manifesting tonight, a lot of people were manifesting. I don’t recall the last time preaching a message where there was a group manifestation. It must have been really powerful. Hallelujah.

            Would you tell -- would you point out what I was manifesting?

Fear. [INAUDIBLE] --

            What? How did that manifest?

Just feel it.

            Oh, it wasn’t anything apparent.

You didn’t do anything. [INAUDIBLE] --

Yeah. I knew I [?had it?] there. I was asking the Lord to please deliver me from fear of control and fear of being deceived.

Yes, fear of being deceived. There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about being deceived. You’re supposed to be, but fe- -- a concern about abiding in His truth is a p- -- is a healthy thing, but fear of being deceived that -- it can be destructive. Do you know? It can lock out certain truth, you know, and the bottom line is that, yes, we have to exercise some intelligence, but God has to be the bottom line. And when we do it in our own strength, it become -- it comes out of our carnal mind, and the ruler is pride. When we try to protect ourselves from fear, it’s pride that comes up to defend us. Pride is [INAUDIBLE] and it’s a destructive spirit, and it’s destructive to the one that’s -- that you’re opposing, and it’s destructive to yourself because its locks out the Kingdom of God. It locks out faith, and it cuts off Jesus’ ability to save you. If you’re saving yourself, how can He save you? So it’s a process.

I had to fight it all through the song. I was shaking. It was an usual fear I was feeling.

Through the song?

            I couldn’t figure out why. Yeah.

Well, I know it’s --

            No, through the whole song service I was feeling it.

I didn’t know that, but I knew that it was manifesting right after that.

And every time I would sing the song about the authority of Christ or something about -- the warfare song we sang?


            I was manifesting.

I didn’t know that, but I recognized it right when you started asking questions. I knew you were -- it was manifesting, but I didn’t see it in the song service.

And I don’t -- I got those two things through the -- with the song service. I didn’t even know why, but during the message, I got a fear of being deceived or fear of being controlled.




            I’m not going anywhere. I’m just scooting over and making room for you.

OK. Father, what are You going to do for her [INAUDIBLE]? What are you going to do for this woman [INAUDIBLE]? We just pray for great things to happen to her, Lord. Great things. Let her enemies be overcome, down to the bottom of the pit. Jesus, what are You going to do for her tonight? Jesus, bless her. Thank you. [INAUDIBLE] Satan has to be broken. [INAUDIBLE] to do. He has to be broken. That’s self-defense, you see? Something [?that we’re?] being concerned with, the problem is that the pride that’s risen up as a defender, that’s locking out the Lord as your defender. That’s your problem.

And break your weapons, Leviathan. Oh, you’re an ugly thing. You ugly thing, I break your weapons. Don’t you threaten me. You kill me, God will raise me from the dead. I have no fear of you. You have no power over me, and you will lay down your weapons, and you will go down underneath the Christ in this woman, pride. I break your power, pride! I break your curses. I break your legal grounds. I burn out your eyes. You are an ugly thing. I rip your scales off of you. Jesus, I pierce your heart through with many arrows.



Now he’s turning and he’s walking away. What an ugly thing. Right out of a horror movie. He’s got [?old?] chains on him, just like something you’d see in a horror movie, like the creature from the black lagoon. Why are all those chains on him? I guess they’re the chains I put on him, but he’s still walking. He’s got [?old?] chains on him. I guess chains you put on him too. He’s got [?old?] chains and manacles on him, but he’s still walking. [INAUDIBLE] turning back. Oh, go in your hole and be quiet. [INAUDIBLE].


I think it’s just a matter of time [INAUDIBLE]. Just keep hanging in there [INAUDIBLE]. He’s got all kinds of chains on him, heavy chains and manacles and -- so he’ll go down. Jesus loves you. You’ve got the victory.

Were you manifesting or were you laughing at what I said?

I was just laughing at what you just said, but I’ll take [INAUDIBLE] whatever you’ve got for me. Jesus.

Father, in the name of Jesus, just crack this carnal mind wide open. I break the power of this pride. I break your power, Pharisee! I break your power, Pharisee! I tear down your walls and all your self-righteousness and all your niceties. Let all the wickedness show through that we might deal with it and purge it out of her. In the name of Jesus, I break family line curses of pride, and I speak the life of Christ into her. Let Christ arise and scatter her enemies. Oh, dear God, let’s see these sons arise in these people, Lord! In the name of Jesus, see Christ arise.


Thank you, Jesus, for all You do for this woman tonight. Lord, I bless her. I bless her from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. God, rebuke Satan in the carnal mind, and I join with the Christ in her. Let Him arise, oh, dear God.


Do it, Lord. Do it. A whole creation is on tiptoe waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Dear God, do it, we pray in the name of Jesus. Jezebel, I rebuke you. I break your power, Jezebel. I smite you, and I crush you. Let the Godliness of Christ arise in her. [INAUDIBLE] I pray, Father, that you reeducate this woman and train her to get her needs met through the godliness of Christ. Let the old ways fall away and let all things be made new in her mind and her life. I bless her family, Lord. I bless her husband and her children and her children in war and all of the grandchildren. I bless them, Lord. Let cre- -- let peace come to that household, oh, Lord. Let a peace that’s in Christ come to that household. In the name of Jesus, I pray.

Thank you. I felt every time -- every time you said something, I feel like something was running down my back, like this, like the -- like, every time you would speak, like, this -- like, a thing went down [CROSSTALK] --

[CROSSTALK] [?prayer’s for?].

-- back?]. You know? Like a --

Well, you know, that’s where Satan is, [?you know?] --


You know, that’s where Satan is, on your spine. Do you know that? That’s where Satan is, on your spine. You know, we have this vision of Satan as a snake, but he’s really just energy. You know, spirit is energy, and the Hindus know that there’s a serpent on the spine. They call him the Kundalini. OK? Now, what it is, is the energy source that’s Satan, so apparently as I was praying, it was attacking Satan [CROSSTALK] --

As you -- c- -- each thing that you said, I could feel this thing just go down my back, like --


            -- oh, no, like --


-- a funny sensation --


-- you know, just right down --


-- my back.

See, this is the real thing. We’re really into the real thing, brethren, you know, and, again, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not against casting out demons at all, but it is nowhere near what we’re doing now. It is just nowhere near it. When you cast out demons, it’s like going to a doctor to have a wart removed, you know. Something’s afflicting your life and you have a problem, so you cast it out, but what God’s doing today is that He’s literally taking on that energy known as Satan, and He’s killing him. He’s displacing him. That’s what’s happening. It’s very exciting.

Let me pray for you, Celia [SP]. What would you like [UNINTELLIGIBLE]?

            I don’t want to make you s- -- [?bend over?]. [INAUDIBLE] and --


            [INAUDIBLE] Jezebel [INAUDIBLE].

And I just rebuke this sinus -- and this inflammation in her sinus passages. I rebuke this mastoid tumor. I curse you with [?with your ruse?], and I speak health and life upon the flesh of this woman. I command you to heal and to restore in the name of Jesus. Thank you. [INAUDIBLE].


Jezebel, I rebuke you. Mind control. I rebuke you, mind control. I break curses of mind control back 10 generations. All of that Jezebel and pride operating in mind control, I rip out your root. I rip out your disguise, mind control, you who puts her own thoughts in her mind. All of that confusion, I just sweep out those cobwebs. I just let the Holy Ghost goes through with the renewal of her mind. Mind control, I condemn you in this woman’s mind. I condemn you. I won’t tolerate you. You have an enemy in me. I will not tolerate you, and I command you to [INAUDIBLE] to dry up and shrivel up and go down under the authority of Christ in the mind of this woman. I just break your power over her.

See, there’s no -- there’s not going to be much victory with Jezebel and removing pride [INAUDIBLE] until we get at this mind control. That is the root of the tree. It is an evil root, and it has got to dry up. I burn you with fire, mind control. Lies in her mind, confusion in her mind, deception in her mind -- come down, be destroyed, be revealed, be exposed and be expelled, in the name of Jesus, I pray.


I just saw a tree come down. Hallelujah. Come down. She’s been waiting for 20 years for this. You come down! [INAUDIBLE] Christ [INAUDIBLE].


Can I pray for you?


Every time I touch you, you get a bath. Are you ready for another bath?


Jezebel, I rebuke you. I rebuke you! I utterly rebuke you. Every manifestation of the carnal mind opposing Christ in this woman, I criticize you and I condemn you. In the name of Jesus. All prides, mind control and any other -- whatever else is in there,  witchcraft, everything that’s natural or indigent to the carnal mind, I rebuke you! I burn you with fire. I command that you be ripped up by the root. Denial, all forms of confusion. I break curses of alcoholism on this family line. In the name of Jesus, I just pray for the -- for a mighty move of Your spirit in her life. Let it penetrate every aspect of her life. Let it cover every aspect of her life. I pray for her family, Father, that You have mercy on them, that You bless them, that You bring them into a deeper relationship with You. Set her household in order to, dear God.


There’s a big lightning bolt right on top of your head, Mary.


It’s a fire. [INAUDIBLE] oh, my goodness.


Thank you, Lord. [INAUDIBLE].

            My tongue.

What, honey? What did you say?

[?Burned cold?] [INAUDIBLE] on my tongue.

On your tongue? Praise God.

Thank you, Jesus.


[INAUDIBLE] loves you, Mary. [INAUDIBLE] anything that’s not of God, burn up. [INAUDIBLE] Christ be [?seen?] our Lord [INAUDIBLE]. You OK? [INAUDIBLE].

You want prayer, Rosy [SP]?


[INAUDIBLE]. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just bless this woman. I bless her from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. I rebuke all forms of pain and torment in her mind. You know, I have been tempted to rebuke this Mongoloidism. I am a glutton for punishment! I challenge you, Lord. Let’s see this miracle! Let her be the first one ever healed of Mongoloidism. I’m asking You for it. What are You going to do? I bless her, Lord, and I won’t give up praying unless You tell me to stop. In the name of Jesus, Lord, Amen. Amen. You OK?


I ask You, Father, that you put good thoughts in her mind --

            Yes, Lord. [CROSSTALK] --

-- good thoughts, and would You appear and [INAUDIBLE]. Father, let the kingdom of God arise in her mind and give her peace, I pray.

            Thank you.

[INAUDIBLE] Joseph, would you like prayer?

            Mm-hmm. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke this carnal mind. I curse it at its root. I pronounce death upon it and break curses of destruction and death and pride and alcoholism and witchcraft on this family going back 10 generations. I break the curse of the bastard, in the name of Jesus, and I just speak death and destruction upon powers and principalities. Let it be known from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes that a greater one has come unto this man, that his God and the owner of him and the owner of this creation has entered into his mind and that Satan and the carnal mind must bow their knee to the new One and the true Ruler which has entered in, and if you do not, you shall bear the punishment of the Christ. You shall be forced down under His feet, and you shall abide in the lake of fire for the life of the ages. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke depression and oppression, and confusion and fear is rebuked in the name of Jesus, [?amen?]. [INAUDIBLE] power of adultery and fornication and drug addiction [INAUDIBLE] let it be [INAUDIBLE] from him, in the name of Jesus.

09/01/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

09/17/14 1st Edit CAS/BP

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