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Praise God. We're going to talk a little about spiritual warfare tonight; at least we're going to start out that way. I have no prepared message for you, but this is my leading, to talk about what we have been calling New Order spiritual warfare. Can anybody tell us what Old Order spiritual warfare is? Did you have a microphone on when you were playing? I left the holder in the car. Does anyone want to review what Old Order spiritual warfare is?


COMMENT: The casting out of demons.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, and what's the other part of it?


COMMENT: Binding and loosing.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, by binding and loosing. Amen.


What the Lord has been revealing here, basically, is that Old Order deliverance is to the man who has received the Holy Spirit, but in whom Christ has not yet begun to be formed. The man who has received the Holy Spirit but in whom the seed has not been engrafted. And the seed is? Who can tell me who the seed is? The glorified spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ is the seed, and comes to us in the form of the Holy Spirit.


When we can say we have received the Holy Spirit, its means the seed is within us, and flowing, through us, and around us, but that seed must engraft. The fact that we have received the Holy Spirit does not guarantee that the seed has engrafted to us or that the seed will engraft to us. Now I keep repeating myself. Because people chronically misunderstand me. It's just a fact of life that people misunderstand me. So bare with me if I repeat myself. I am not here to frighten anybody. I am not here to pressure anybody. I am not telling anybody that God's not taking you. I don't know what God is doing. My job is to give you information, and then you have to pray about it.


So if you haven't received the Holy Ghost, or you have received the Holy Ghost, and you think the seed may not have been engrafted onto your soul, tell the Lord you have a concern, and you would like this to happen. Pray without fear, but in faith.


I have no power to cause the seed to engraft in you or not have the seed engraft to you. Any power that I have is the power of God which flows through me with His permission. Outside of His permission, I have no power to do anything for you. I have, what I describe as, secondary power. It's passive power. It's the kind of power women have in society. I have access to the authority. I have access to my husband. He speaks to me. He does flow through me, but He's the head. He decides who's going to get what, and only the prayers that I pray that come down from the instruction from Him come to pass.


I call it passive or secondary power. I do not decide who gets what. I am the servant of the living God. I have power in that I have access to Him. But He modifies everything and anything that I do. He is in full authority, and He is in full control. There is power here in the ministry. You have access to Christ in a measure through me, that you may or may not have through someone else.


We did a very interesting tape a few years ago called "Thy Neighbor's Landmark." I am a landmark. I am a landmark, a physical person that you know. If you came to me, God might meet you here in your conversation with me. If you are a new believer, if Christ is not mature in you, you have reason to hope that if you come to this landmark, that the Lord might answer your petition, because He is present with me. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


I don't have any power to cast you down or cast you out. This is all in the decision-making powers of the Lord. I am just His servant, but His presence is with me. OK. Do you understand? Does everybody understand that? OK. And, in any event, if I did have any power to cast you out, my prayer for everybody is God's best for you.


My thoughts don't go in that direction. Not that there is not a casting out of the kingdom. It is but I don't make such a decision like that. It comes from the Lord. So, OK, I got off my track.


So we're saying here, the Lord is teaching here, that Old Order deliverance is to the man in whom Christ is not yet engrafted. The seed of the glorified Lord Jesus Christ has not yet engrafted to that man's soul, which means that, that man does not have a personal manifestation of Christ being formed in them. They have received the Holy Ghost. He's flowing through them and around them, He's flowing over them, but He has not yet joined with their spiritual person. Who's name is what? What's the name of the spiritual part of us? Our human spirit. Amen. She is also known as Eve.


So there is a ministry from God to the man who has not received the engrafted word. And there also is a ministry, a different ministry from God, to the man who has received the engrafted word and in whom Christ is being formed. Two completely different ministries in the way.... The natural example God has given us, is that if there is a married woman who wants to get pregnant, she deals in that desire in one way before she conceives, and she deals with it in another way when she has conceived. She starts taking care of herself, taking vitamins, eating good food, and going to see a doctor.


It's a totally different administration to the pregnant woman who is one day pregnant than there is to the woman who desires to get pregnant. You're doing two completely different things. And it's the same thing in spiritual reproduction, and the Father God, in this hour, is engaging in spiritual reproduction. He is bringing forth His Son in us, and our natural example is human life and human reproduction. It's a big part of life.


So we see in Old Order spiritual warfare, when someone is being tormented with a problem, when they are involved in compulsive behavior, if God has mercy on them, its possible to have a demon cast out if them. What's a demon? A demon is a spiritual part of your being. It's something growing out if your spiritual part. We just said the spiritual part of us is our human spirit, and our human spirit has authority to produce, I don't want to say life, but produce a form of intelligence.


Let me put it that way. When our human spirit joins with the Glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, she produces life and His name is? His name is? Christ. Not the spirit Christ, but Christ, the Son of God, Christ, the Son of the Living God. And Christ is a what? Christ is a mind, a mind. Christ is a mind. OK. When our human spirit, which is our spirituality, joins with the spirit of this world whose name is? Satan. She doesn't produce a life, but she does produce a mind. She produces, and the name of that mind is death, but the mind we know it by is the carnal mind. OK.


Now as we continue in our fallen condition, to agree in our mind with ungodly thoughts, there is an extension of that carnal mind, which is produced. It's a building up of, you might say, in the carnal mind of a particular area of ungodliness, which strengthens the ungodly behavior and the ungodly thinking behavior pattern in the person. Anyone involved in compulsive behavior, doing things they generally would like to stop doing, cannot stop doing, chances are you might have a demon. There's nothing to get upset about. It's nothing like they portray in Hollywood. It's a condition of your soul that's damaging you. Its no different if you go to a doctor, and he told you, you have cancer or a tumor and you needed an operation to cut it out. A demon is no different than that. It's just that Hollywood has really built it up, and a lot of people get very emotional about it. But there is such a thing as physical infirmity of the body. There's also such a thing as spiritual infirmity of the soul,


You know, you get upset if someone tells you, you have cancer. You get upset but you don't run around thinking you're perverted. So if you do have a problem in your soul, you're no more perverted than the person that has a tumor that needs surgery. It's just a lack of education in our society.


So the ministry of God to the man in whom the seed has not been engrafted is that, if He decides to do it, God can do want ever He wants. He is sovereign. He doesn't have to comply with any rules and regulations or any standard operating procedures. He can break one of the standard operating procedures anytime He wants, and one of the biggest problems people have is that they get a Pharisaical attitude in their mind. And because God's been doing something a certain way for five years, when the Lord wants to do it differently, this puny human being stands up and says "you can't do it that way," and man is so fallen in his mind that this happens all of the time.


Could you imagine a man saying to God "you can't do it this way"? It's ridiculous, but men do it to God all the time because we are fallen in our mind. It's so ridiculous that God does laugh at us. If He was taking us serious, He would have wiped us out because our arrogance towards Him is unbelievable. When you really start to get a vision of man's arrogance towards God, all you could do is laugh, just as you would laugh at some little two year old.


You know I was once in my friend's house, and her two-year-old son came out of nowhere. He just came running into the room and threw a toy knife at his father. His father who is six foot five and a bodybuilder, this two-year-old threw the knife and hit him in the heart. You have to laugh. What do you do? The kid was mad at his father. What do you do? You laugh. Well God is laughing at us and it's a loving laugh. We are really arrogant towards Him.


As we mature in Christ, and you realize how arrogant we are towards God, there's nothing you do but laugh and thank God He is a merciful God, and that He's not the monstrous God a lot of people would have you to believe.


So if God decides to have mercy on someone in whom the seed is not engrafted, if it's His will, He might bring the person, if they are willing to go. He'll rarely force you to do something like this. Well, let me talk about God forcing you. God does force you sometimes, but the only time I personally saw God force somebody, and that doesn't mean that He can't do it another time. The only time I personally saw God force somebody is when that person has been crying out for help, crying out with all their heart and their soul for help, sometimes for years, and lets say the help that Gods decided they need is a demon cast out. When they hear the way God is going to help them, they take off and run, and then God has a decision to make. Either He's going to let them go cause He's saying, "well they don't want it," or He's going to respond to the cry of their heart even though they were frightened, and He's going to go get them.


So to the naked eye, it looks like God is forcing you, but He's really responding to the deep cry of your heart that's been going on for years. I don't think I have met anyone yet that isn't shocked when they find out how God answers their problems. Everyone I have met, including me, if I knew God was going to do what He did to help me, I don't really know that I would have cried out for years. I had no idea what it involved.


We say, "God help me. God help me," and we have this image in our mind how He's going to help us, and it's never that way. It's never that way. So that's been my personal experience, but, then again, God could do anything. But if He does force you, on the occasion that He does force you. I would like to give you the Scripture that if you're not chastened, you're not a son. If He doesn't force you, it means to God that you are a heathen. If He doesn't force you, He doesn't disciple you. If He doesn't bring you into a place where you're going to get help, the Scripture clearly states He's not dealing with you as a son. This is no honor. This is no honor that God is not apprehending you, and maybe a little, by forcibly guiding you into the place He wants you. It's a blessing.


You know, I was corrected by God twice this week and I thank God for the correction. I thank God for the correction. I decided to make a purchase. It wasn't a big deal, a thirty-dollar purchase before I went to Nigeria. When I came back I had found out they mailed it to me, to my post office box by XXXX. You can't ship XXXX to a post office box. You ship it by XXXX XXXX. So I had written to somebody who you....I don't know how much it is, but could you ship it and bill me. I had no idea, if I had any idea it was going to be thirty dollars, I wouldn't have bought it. I really thought it was going to be like ten dollars. So I looked at the note, and I said well they shipped it, and they went to all this trouble, and I did say to them, would you do it for me? So I felt obligated to pay the thirty dollars. I sent off the check, and they sent my check back to me. They sent my check back to me and they said.... and I wrote them a letter. I told them here's your check, I am sorry I missed your package, I was out of the country, would you please ship it again? Here's my street address if you want to send it XXXX. They sent me back my letter and they sent me back my check. They didn't send me back my letter; they sent me back my check and sent me a letter. They said this merchandise has been returned, so we're returning your check. I said, thank you Lord, I guess you didn't want me to have it. And He corrected me in another thing too. I thank God for the correction. I thank God for it on every turn.


So we see God ministering to the natural man who has a problem through deliverance. He will send people of God who have a relationship with Him to the point that His power is flowing through them. He'll send, sometimes He sends two, three, four, five people to stand around somebody and exert the pressure that comes from the power of God on this ungodly growth in your soul. That's what it is, an ungodly growth in your soul. It can be likened to a tumor in your body, and they are putting pressure on it to force it out. It's the power of God coming from outside the person to force an ungodly growth out to bring relief to the person.


The second aspect of Old Order spiritual warfare is what is called binding and loosing, which is grossly abused in the church today. It can be used legally upon yourself, if you find yourself in a condition where you have ungodly emotions and ungodly thoughts that are driving you to do ungodly destructive behavior. You can say.... you can try it, I don't know, depending on where you are in Christ. It's up to God whether He honors it or not. You can say, in the name of Jesus, I bind this desire. Put in whatever you want whatever you're desiring that's going to bring destruction into your life. You know its going to bring destruction into your life. You can say I bind, and I rebuke you, and you will not influence me, and I loose the power of God to help me. That's OK if you want to do it.


We have a whole church full of people binding that thought in your mind that they think is ungodly, which it may be ungodly, and it may not be, but when you try to control other people's behavior, it not the power of God doing it, and it is the power of your carnal mind, and the name of the spiritual power of your carnal mind is witchcraft. Its Satan. It's ministered by Satan, and it's actual power. The acting out of the power is witchcraft.


There is a witchcraft of the mind. You don't have to be chanting and rattling rattles and cooking frog's legs. There is a witchcraft of the mind, it's a spiritual power. It's true. It's a spiritual power of the natural man. Toads, I meant toads, excuse me. And when you try to force your will on somebody, even concentrating or wishing on it, hoping and putting your will into it, it's witchcraft of the mind. It is sin. Its exerting an ungodly influence on somebody, and you can only do it when that person gives you permission, when you sit down, and they pray for you, and that person is in full agreement that they are trying to force that spiritual growth out of you.


But for you to see somebody and to say, I want them to stop drinking, and every night putting an hour of your will power saying, I rebuke that drinking, and I bind that drinking, when the person is not in agreement, brethren, this is not of God unless....I have to tell you, unless your really have to. I tell you all the time if you deceive yourself, you're the one that's deceived unless God has come to you and has told you to do it. And only God and you know if He really told you to do it or not. If God didn't tell you to do it, you're going to reap what you sow. Someone's going to try to control you in your mind, and that's just the truth. So if you're not sure, you shouldn't be doing these things.


And you might be interested to know I spent at least three years, I just ceased from this activity.... people, I haven't gotten to that yet, spiritual warfare came against me and God was my only defense. I didn't throw back the curses. I didn't do anything like that at all for three years. Until then, after three years, the Lord came to me, and He told me Christ was developed in me to a certain point that I could do these things. When He instructed me that I could recognize that it was God, and that was just a year ago that He came to me.... I spent years with people praying all kinds of things against me and He was my defense. I am still here and I am prospering. So He took care of me. He's faithful. It's not worth it, exercising this witchcraft of your mind, because you're bringing the judgment of God upon yourself. Its better to stand still, and let God be your defense.


OK now, if you're a young Christian, and you're growing up in an Old Order church and that's what they're teaching you, don't get all condemned and nervous and everything. You know I did it myself for five years. I really don't know if I did it to other people. I had four pages of demons that I bound in my own mind every morning. I would sit there, I timed it, and it took me ten minutes to read every name of the demons that I was binding, and God honored it for five years until I matured in Christ. I had a lot of problems and it controlled the problems. OK.


But Paul said when he was a child, he acted like a child, but when he became a man he, he did what? He acted like a man. So don't go getting all condemned. You know, when some people hear what I say and go running down the street saying, I am casting them down to hell, I am not casting anybody down to hell. If you did it and God honored it, Praise the Lord. If you did it, and God didn't honor it, then repent and go on, go on, go on, go on. You know, pride in your mind, pride in your mind will say, I did it and I can't forgive myself and God can't forgive me, and she can't forgive me, and she's condemning me.


What's happening in your mind is that pride in your own mind is hindering you from going on. That's what's happening to you. If you can't let go of it, it's not me. It's your own mind, so you have to rebuke it. You have to go on with God and grow up because He has very exciting things for you when you become a man, and you enter into the real spiritual warfare.


See, right now in Old Order deliverance, you're fighting with the lion and the bear, but wait till you meet up nose-to-nose with Goliath. Goliath is the giant David slew. OK. Any questions on Old Order spiritual warfare here?


OK. God is giving His church, spiritual experiences. Its spiritual kindergarten, and I keep telling you I am not knocking it. I am not against it, I am not looking down on anybody. What I am saying to you, if the Lord permits, let us to go on to perfection. Let us go on. And we have a human tendency, its in the church, its all through the world, not just in the church, it's human nature, it's a spiritual gravity, something in the fallen man doesn't want you to go on. Doesn't want himself to go on, doesn't want mankind to go on. God has shown me, it's not just in the church.


Every great invention for medicine or for humanity that has ever been invented, that inventor has been persecuted. He's been branded a nut. Every sign of greatness within the human race, with maybe a rare exception, I can't tell you everybody, but the majority of signs of greatness that has surfaced in humanity have brought forth persecution and, usually, the man who brings them forth dies a broken hearted destitute, poverty stricken man, and them fifty years or a hundred years after he died, the human race realizes what a great contribution he made and they exalt him. The word is posthumously. After he died. It's just human nature.


God has shown it to me time and time again. Great inventors of cures for diseases, even Stanley when he found Livingstone in the middle of the African jungle, he came back, they accused him of lying to get a newspaper story that Stanley wasn't alive. I got the names backwards. That Livingstone wasn't alive. I saw the movie. They broke the guys heart, and all he was trying to do was get help for this missionary that was in the depths of Africa doing a great work for God. It's just human nature, that if you're different, if you break the ranks, if you dare to be different, persecution rises against you.


It's just human nature, and it's true in the church. Why? Because everyone in the church has a human nature. We're carnal men doing religious works, that's what we are and that's the truth. So when someone that's in the church comes along and says God is saying....when a prophet of God comes and says, "I am making a pronouncement, its time for us to go on," there's going to be large number of voices in the church that will be saying, "no, don't go on, that's a lie, it's false doctrine, it's not God." It's just the human nature surfacing in the church.


So what's the answer to this? Get on your face before God. Tell Him you want everything that He has for you, and don't let any human mind stop you from getting what God has for you. I remember telling my pastor that when I was a young disciple. We has gone out to the diner for coffee after church. I don't remember what brought up the subject, but I remember saying to him, I could see us right now, I said, "I don't care what anyone else does but they better not get in my way cause I am going to trample right over them."


You see, I got a vision. I had been crying out for help for years, for years, and God did not reveal Himself to me till I was thirty-eight years old. I was no baby. I had been crying out for years and I get that vision. And man, nothing.... you would have had to kill me to stop me. That's the kind of person that gets help from God. I saw it from far off. "Don't get in my way, nobody." That's the kind of person that God helps. You got to really want that help and you'll get it.


So we see the people to whom the call has been given, "let's go on," the people who God has given a mission in this hour, and, again, God is no respecter of persons. Its just that He doesn't do the same thing to everybody at the same time. And God has many children, many spiritual children of many different ages. Not everybody is ready to go on to perfection in this hour. Some people are ready and they won't come, and the Lord leaves the for a season.


So we see Gods help, another word for God's ministry is Gods help, to the person in whom the seed had been engrafted is totally different. It has a totally different nature and identity to it. And also let me add this in at this time. There is a category of people in the earth today for whom the Old Order deliverance was not strong enough. It's not strong enough. I know when I was in that church, word went out all over Long Island that there was a church on Long Island where there was some power. The power of God was resting there. They were coming in from XXXX XXXX. They were coming in from XXXXX XXXX. People, they wanted help and they didn't get it. Everybody didn't get help. So if you don't understand, you think God's a respecter of persons.


No, there is no one in the earth right now for whom the power of God is flowing without measure. The power of God flowed through the man, Jesus of Nazareth, without measure. The fullness was in Him. That's how He did the miracles that He did, but in the earth today there is no man for whom the fullness is flowing. Jesus said of you, "put new wine in an old wineskin, you're going to break the wine skin." The new wine is the fullness of the power of God. If He puts it through us, we fry. If He let it flow through us we'd fry. So we, does anyone not know what I mean by fry? It's like sticking your finger in an electric socket. You would fry. So we have to get a new wine skin.


Anyone know what the name of the new wineskin is? Christ. Not Jesus but Christ, the Christ that is formed in you when the seed engrafts in you. It's the Christ coming forth, growing out of your own soul, and it's through that Christ that the fullness of God's power will flow when He's mature enough to receive it.


So when Christ begins to be formed in you, the wineskin is there, but it's got to grow up. It's got to be put in its place. Its got to be formed properly and whatever Gods going to do to us, it has to be done so that when He lets the fullness flow through it, we don't die, because we are very valuable to God. He said you are much more valuable than many sparrows. He wants His power and His fullness flowing through us more than all of humanity together. But He's not going to do it if He knows its going to kill us. Because if it kills us, He's got to start all over and with a whole new generation. So He's controlling the whole thing.


So there's a category of people in the earth crying out to God, and the kind of power they need to help them has not yet been revealed, the kind of power that Jesus executed upon the Gadarene Demoniac. The man was mentally ill. The Scripture says he lived in the tombs. He lived in total isolation. He wore a loincloth. He was like a mad man. They said.... the Scripture says, if they tried to chain him up, he broke he chains. He was suicidal. He used to cut himself with rocks. I don't know if they had asylums. In those days they just put them out in the woods. And Jesus came to him, the man through whom the fullness of the power of God was flowing came to him, and He rebuked the legion and the Scripture says, the next time they saw him, the man was sitting up, fully dressed and in his right mind. No, I am sure that it happened in the natural.


Spiritually speaking, we are lying down. The carnal man, the fallen man, is lying down in a bed, spiritually speaking. Some of us in this hour in whom Christ is being formed, we're sitting up, but I don't know anybody that's standing. OK. So this man, he wasn't standing, but he was sitting up. He had the power of God operating in his life. He was fully dressed, the implication being that he now had the spiritual covering of Christ, and he didn't have it when he was a mad man. He was a demoniac. He was totally demonized. He had so many demons that they were his personality. He didn't have a little growth on his soul that needed to be removed. He was covered with growths to the point that they became his whole personality, utterly crushing any sanity or sane personality that was in him.


So he was lying down. Now he was sitting up, spiritually speaking. He was naked, he had no spiritual covering, and now he was covered and was in his right mind, which means he must have been in his left mind before Jesus got to him. Or you can say his wrong mind if you want to. What's the name of your wrong mind? The carnal mind was completely and totally ruling his life with no moral influence whatsoever.


So all that man Jesus did was, He said, "I rebuke you, I rebuke the legion." Not even a full sentence, and the man's whole life was changed. We don't have anyone with that power in the world today. So there is a whole category of people....I saw them file into the church. I saw the deliverance preachers there, I saw them pray for all these people, I saw the looks on their face. Do you know what its like, calling yourself a minister of Christ and being a minister of Christ and seeing these desperate people come up on the prayer line and knowing you can't help them?


They prayed for them. I was in that church for five years. They faithfully prayed for everyone that came up for help. Not one mentally ill person that I know of got helped. Do you know one mentally ill person that got help? Do you know any mentally ill person? No. People with little problems got help. A woman couldn't sleep at night. She had insomnia, she got help. Couple of people were drinking and they stopped drinking. They were drugging and they stopped drugging. But they stopped this particular destructive behavior, but they still went out...they still were carnal men with all kinds of problems in their life. You wanted to say something?


COMMENT: What is the difference between rebuking and binding?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I don't bind and the reason I don't bind is because the Scripture that the deliverance church uses to justify this concept of binding and loosing, that's not what that Scripture means. I really don't feel to get into it now, I'll talk to you about it. I have it on a lot of tapes. That's not what that Scripture means. OK. But "rebuke" is a Scriptural term.


COMMENT: Can you give a definition of that?


PASTOR VITALE: Rebuke? It's a criticism. Criticism of demonic power. If it's not coming out of Christ, it's not doing any good. Christ in you has to be rebuking any ungodly power, and if its Christ in you that power will shrink in time. If it's your carnal mind rebuking someone else's carnal mind, it may come after you and rip all your clothes of like the sons of Sceva did in the Scripture.


COMMENT: Rebuking, it's the same as cursing it, like Jesus rebuked the tree?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Yeah. You see its just words. The words are not important, its just words. Spirituality doesn't even need word.


What's important is the attitude of your mind. I haven't gotten to it yet. But the New Order deliverance is the warfare of the mind and it doesn't matter. You can say "ishkabibble." I tell you the truth, you can say a horses tail, you can say any words you want. When your mind is looking at the carnal mind and saying.... you can't do it, and Christ in you is saying, you can't do it, and it will stop doing it. You know you can say any word you want. It's the attitude of your mind, that's all that it is. I know XXXXX tells us all the time, her mother just used to look at her. All she had to see was that look, right? It's not the words. The words have nothing to do with it whatsoever, nothing whatsoever with words. It's the condition of your mind.


And well, I guess this is as good a way to jump into it. New Order warfare is mind-to-mind warfare. You have heard of hand-to-hand combat. You are now introduced to mind-to-mind combat, and it's a situation that exists in the world. You don't have to be a member of the church. Some people are spiritually sensitive, and other people are not spiritually sensitive before they ever come to the Lord. The problem is, there is not much teaching in our society unless you came from a culture within the United States where your parents will teach you about it.


But, basically speaking, the United States with our high intellectualism, we don't acknowledge this mind power. We don't acknowledge it but it's very real. And if you are a spiritually sensitive person you can, from early infancy on, have been afflicted all of your life and never know what was wrong with you. What do you think the condition is of these people in the mental institutions? I'll tell you what their condition is, that their mind is naked. There's no cover for their mind. Does anybody remember what the cover....what the Godly cover is for the natural man? Does anybody remember? Someone who is a non-denominational Christian, a Hindu, or a Buddhist, what is the defense for their mind? Anybody remember? No. The law, the law, the law, if you were brought up in a family where you were trained up to obey the spiritual law of God.


The spiritual Law of God exists all over the world. It exists where people never heard of Christ, it exists in the farthest corners of the jungle, whatever jungles are left. There are not many jungles left in the world. You could be a Hindu, you could be a Buddhist, you could be an idol worshiped, but when you honor your father and mother, you're blessed. If you're raised in a society that teaches you to respect authority as opposed to rebelling against authority, it's bringing blessings on your life and it's a cover.


It's a cover against what? It's a cover against the spiritual policeman in the world that punishes people for breaking the law that is written in Heaven. What's his name? What's the name of the spiritual policeman that executes the judgment for the breaking of the spiritual law down here in Hell? Satan. Satan. Satan. All power and authority has been established by God. If Satan has power down here, and God gave it to him, he is a spiritual policeman in hell. There is a spiritual law, if you can read it in a book and believe it and obey it, you're way ahead in Christ.


But they're taught not to steal and they are taught not to murder. They are taught to respect authority. They are taught not to commit adultery, and these societies are covered, they have a spiritual cover on them. Satan has no ground in these areas to hurt them. And they lead lives, they get married and have children, they farm, and the earth produces crops, and they eat. They live their life and they die. How did I get on to that?


What was I talking about? New Order warfare. I know I was saying this is the warfare of the mind, and this goes beyond being a Christian. You see, in Christ we have authority to overcome nakedness, being a condition of lying down and being in our left mind. And there are people in this world that, for a variety of reasons, find themselves, from their earliest childhood, being overcome. Nothing goes right for them. Every time they are on the line it could go good or it could go bad, it always goes bad. Ninety-nine out of a hundred times it goes bad. How come? For one guy it always goes bad and another guy it always goes good.


There's got to be a reason, and the reason is not that you are such a terrible person that God hates you. That is not the reason. The reason is that on your family line, going back as much as ten generations, the uncovering started to take place. Your spiritual walls are down, your spiritual defenses, your spiritual weapons are not working, and the God of this world is doing whatever he wants to, and he's destroying you. So there is a category of people in this world that fit into this category that I just described and if you're in that category, its not likely God can do anything He wants. But it's not likely that you are going to be helped by Old Order deliverance. Why? Because there is not enough power in the Old Order deliverance.


So there are some people in the category that God might directly move into a New Order church. The fullness is still not here, but there's some power here. Maybe there's more power than in Old Order, than in an Old Order deliverance church. So you see God bringing in some people who the Old order deliverance could not help. But the ministry here is completely different. What happens is the reason I started telling you this is that if there are people in this category and God brings them in, he can have people stand around them and break curses and doing all these things that can help, if you feel, you know, if the person wants it. But the primary gift of God is....New Order ministry is what happens, or one of the things that is happening here is that the seed is being engrafted.


See whatever is preached, that's what happens to you. If you go into an Old Order church and they preach faith, and you make a commitment, and you start going there every week, you'll get faith. If they preach the receiving of the Holy Ghost, and you make the commitment, there's and excellent chance you're going to receive the Holy Ghost. Well we preach the engrafted word here. So if you submit yourself and you keep submitting yourself to this ministry, you have every reason to hope that the seed is going to engraft to you. And once the seed engrafts to you, you have every reason to hope for the same deliverance that the Gadarene demoniac had got, except that it won't be as fast. Why? Because the power is not as strong. But it's here, not Living epistles, it's in this spiritual ministry.


God could raise it up where ever He wants to raise it up. Its New Order deliverance, and its not deliverance coming from people outside standing around surrounding you, but its deliverance comes from the power that's growing from inside of you. You see, when you get deliverance from people surrounding you sometimes you hold on to it and sometimes you don't hold on to it.


Sometimes you get help, and you go out into the world and you meet an old friend. What ever happens to you when you fall right back into the same thing, they call in the church backsliding. But when Christ is engrafted in, you and the power to....the staying power is coming from the inside. The chances of you backsliding or much, much less. I can't promise you that it wouldn't happen. The weakness you had that has made you vulnerable to this problem, it's being healed from the inside. The root of your problem is being destroyed.


Now God could do it with Old Order deliverance if He wants to. But He didn't do it with all those people who came in from XXXXXXX and XXXXXX. Came in with hope on their face, and they walked away without help. So why does God do this, you say? Because He has a plan, God has a plan, and it's hard for human beings to understand it. But His plan is this. He's working with small numbers, and He's taking the strongest people in the Church at this time, and He's going all the way with them. He's putting everything He's got, which is unlimited, to this small group of people to raise them up to a point where He can pour His unlimited power through them. Amen.


When He gets this first fruits company in that condition, He's sending them back to all the desperate people and they're going to get the same kind of results that the Gadarene demoniac got. You see, everybody can't hold on for five years. See I got a powerful deliverance in Old Order church. I mean if you hear my testimony, your hair would stand up on end. You've heard some of them here. What I have been through is incredible. Everybody is not this strong. Some people can't take is, some people can't bear it. So they have to wait for the first fruits that are going to stand up with the fullness of the power, that they could come to them and rebuke the legion and be made whole inside of a week. I don't know how I went through what I went through. The grace of God.


See, everybody doesn't have the same strength. There's no condemnation in that. If God's raising you up for leadership, you have to go through it and then you enter. The Scripture says you will enter into the labor of the people who do ascend to full stature. You will benefit from their.... from what they went through.


So there's a whole world out there of desperate people waiting for the measure of the power of God that they need to help them. And God's plan is to raise up a few people first with a new wineskin, with a new mind through which the fullness of the power of God can flow. And the essential element or the basic element of the New Order ministry is that the seed which will produce Christ in you must be engrafted to your soul. That Christ in you which is the Hope of Glory, and what is the Hope of Glory? It's the hope that God is giving us in this soul realm or in hell, if you will, the hope that He's promised us. It's not a rapture. It's that Christ will be formed in each of us, that Christ will be the God in the midst of us. Not out there on Mars, but God in the midst of us, an internalized God that will be our shield and our protection and the controlling factor of our life.


Nobody is their own man. Everybody is controlled by a spirit. If you're not controlled by Christ, you're controlled by your carnal mind. If you don't believe it, you should think again because you are deceived. And we found a very exciting Scripture in the Book of Revelation. The King James Translation says that this battle of Armageddon, which they perceive something that's going to happen in the physical world, it's going to be so terrible that the blood that's going to be shed is going to be up to the horse's bridal. That means five feet of blood flowing through the streets like a tidal wave of blood.


But when we looked up every word in the Greek, we found out....and what that exciting Scripture is saying is that after Christ is formed in you and take the victory over your carnal mind, which is destroying you, He shall become the controlling factor of your soul, and of your thinking or thought process. The controlling factor, and His control produces what? Anybody? Life. Life. And the control of the Carnal mind.... when the carnal mind is the god in the midst of you, this control produces death. What a glorious message.


It's just so exciting that we are living in the day when God is revealing the truth of His Word, because the carnal mind of man is preaching Him as this total monster that's going to do all these terrible things to all these people who reject Christ, that they're going to burn in hell forever, that he devil is going to jab them with a pitchfork, and the locusts are going to come and sting them. All these terrible things that are preached in the church today, God is saving us despite ourselves.


We're His wife and no man has hated his own flesh. He's saving the whole creation. There will be some pain involved, just like that little boy that not long ago fell down into a hole in the ground, and they had to throw a rope down and wrap it around him, and they were afraid they were going to break his arm. The kid came out of the hole, he was shaken up, he was in shock, and he was traumatized, but he was alive, and there will be some pain and discomfort. God.... you see, we have fallen down into a pit. The whole human race has fallen into a spiritual pit, and we're trapped down here. He has every intention of getting us out. And one day to God is a thousand years to man, so we have only been down here for three days. That's not all that bad, maybe six days. It all depends on how you count.


But He loves us. We are the beloved of God. No matter, the most evil one of us. This whole creation is the beloved of God. Now He'll chasten and correct us for that evil. He doesn't tolerate sin. He loves man and every, every punishment that He will inflict upon us is to produce righteousness in us. And when righteousness appears in us, we stop dying and we will live. And His correction or His punishment if you like that word. I don't like to use that word, but I feel to use it tonight, someone must need to hear that word, the punishment of God can be likened to a loving father correcting his son so that the child won't steal again, so the child won't wind up in jail. He's a loving father and He loves us.


So the overriding characteristic of New Order deliverance is the engrafting of the seed and once Christ begins to be formed in you, the growths on your soul, the ungodly growths on your soul, frequently, will fall away. Because the Christ that is within you is a consuming fire, and He burns everything that's not of God. He burns your sin. Our growths on our body are frequently removed by laser beams. They use laser beams, they use radiation to burn them out. Christ is the radiation of our soul. It's burning every impurity out of us. So sometimes you see the two methods over lapping. Sometimes we have seen Old Order deliverance in this church.


We have seen the whole thing but not all the time, and you can't tell God what to do. Your best bet is just tell Him, to the fullest extent that you understand what your problems is, and ask Him for relief. And however He does it, He does it. It doesn't matter, all that matters is you get relief. Doesn't matter. Demons can come out many different ways. They can come out just sitting here in a meeting like this, but if they have to be cast out, they have to be cast out. God knows what He's doing. So be at peace.


So does anybody have any questions on the difference between Old Order deliverance and New Order deliverance? OK? So they look very different, and a lot of Old Order deliverance people attack New Order deliverance people, accuse them of not doing God's work and not helping the people. But, brethren, you can't be casting out demons unless God anoints you to do it. You shouldn't be doing anything unless God anoints you to do it. You shouldn't be preaching unless God tells you to preach. Well, I'll take it. You stopped me already so I will take the question, but you stopped me already so I'll take it, but please wait till after the meeting for the rest.


COMMENT: Isn't Old Order deliverance to prepare us for the next step for the New Order deliverance?


PASTOR VITALE: It's for the people who were called to Old Order deliverance to prepare them for the next step, but to say that no one can come into New Order deliverance without first experiencing Old Order deliverance is a Pharisaical idea. OK, because God can do anything.


When I first came out of Old Order deliverance, and that ministry folded and it really doesn't happen here to often. Thank God. OK. I am laughing because the last time...they called the police the last time it happened here. I say, well how are these people going to get delivered. They are so carnal. My mind was so carnal. I was in my left mind, you see, I said how are these people going to get deliverance? God closed down the church, and the Lord laughed at me. He can do anything that He wants. It doesn't have to be that way. If you, you see I consider myself very privileged as to the education God has given me. I have experienced so many things, you see, what I experienced and what you experienced in Old Order deliverance, it is not available for some one who would want that experience toady. It was a wonderful experience. Its not, well at least it's not available here.


If God wanted someone to have that experience, He could send them to the other side of the country. I don't know if there is any such ministry today. There may be, but not on Long Island, to the best of my knowledge. Even though there maybe churches casting out demons, it's not what it was ten years ago with that glory pouring down four nights a week, people throwing chairs all over the church, screaming and yelling and carrying on like lunatics four nights a week. It was fun. Her comes the abominable snowman. It was fun. We had a lot of fun in those days.


So I have experienced everything step by step by step. But I see God bringing in people who have not experienced everything. So I don't know what God's going to do. It doesn't look like they are going to experience Old Order deliverance. Why? Because I see Him pushing them forward right now. And the Scripture clearly states that the people are coming into the vineyard at different times. So the people that came into the vineyard early in the morning will have the experience from the beginning, and those that are coming in at midnight, some how He's going to move them right out, how ever He's going to do it. You have to be very careful that you don't build walls in your own mind. God has got everything under control.


So we find New Order deliverance looking radically different than Old Order deliverance, Old Order deliverance being very physical, very physical and New Order deliverance being very quiet. See, when we cast out demons here in Old Order deliverance. God blending the two. New Order deliverance is very quiet, and its very....for people who have been used to casting out demons four nights a week and all the excitement that's associated with a ministry like this, I had a problem with it myself for a couple of years, but basically it's just radically different. Looks different, feels different, but it produces a lot more power in my opinion, more power than Old Order deliverance.


It's my opinion, I won't get into a hassle with anybody over it and, as far as I am concerned, it's God's next step up in God. And this is what He's doing, but it looks radically different, and I just continue to encourage everybody not to attack ministries that look different then what you are involved in. You don't know that God is not in that ministry. You don't know what He's doing. You don't know that He's not doing something different over there. It's none of your business. It's none of your business.


Unless God raises you up as a prophet, and I keep on telling you, I keep on saying it, if He hasn't raised you up as a prophet, and you're acting like a prophet and its not God, you're the only one that's getting hurt. Because He is faithful, no matter how much physic prayers go out against His faithful, they are just going to prosper from them. You're the one getting hurt, if you're deceived, and you're out there minding someone else's business and binding and loosening, trying to tell them how to run a ministry through your physic prayers. You are the only one that's going to get hurt. It could take God ten years to get you, but you're going to get hurt. Don't do it. Don't do it.


Even if God sends you as a prophet to give someone running a ministry to give them a warning, that is not the same ministry as executing the judgment. Let me say that again, this is very important. We have been teaching this here. There is a problem in the carnal minds of men in the church. They can't tell where their assignment ends and their carnal mind kicks in. We find people all through the church very anointed to pray for a troubled person and as soon as the prayer is finished, they're counseling them. They're not anointed to counsel. They are just anointed to pray. They don't know where to stop. We find people bringing forth prophecies, and they come out and they interpret the prophecy. I am not talking about interpretation of tongues here. I am talking about giving a spiritual understanding of what the prophecy meant. That's a totally different gift. They have the gift of prophecy. They don't have the gift that gives the understanding of what God meant.


See, the interpretation of tongues, well gift.... How do I explain this Lord? When tongues come out, unknown tongues, then we have the gift of interpretation which gives the same message in English, OK? That's a translation, not an interpretation. Its not saying this is what God meant, and this is what it means for your personal life, and this is what you should do. That is what a prophet does. The fact that you bring forth the prophecy does not mean that you have the gift of giving the understanding to the people. People are hurt every day in the church, cause people don't know where their gift stops, and their carnal mind picks up. What am I talking about? What started me on that? There was something else that I was talking about. I wanted to say it right here.


Oh, I was talking about going to a pastor or a minister. God can send you as a prophet to the minister to tell them whatever the message is, you're making a mistake, you're in error. God can very well send you, but if the man does not receive the correction that doesn't mean God is telling you to punish him. If you read the Old Testament, the prophets came, they dropped their word and they left. The prophet went to Jeroboam and cursed the altar and he left. Don't try to bring it to pass. You know what you said could be absolutely right. That doesn't mean God has told you to enforce it on that person. So this is a chronic problem throughout the church. People do not know where their gifts stops, and because they don't know where their gift stops, their carnal mind kicks in, and it becomes witchcraft and people get hurt. Don't do it. Don't do it.


So we have defined Old Order and New Order deliverance. They look radically different. I believe there's more power in New Order deliverance, which is shocking to the carnal minds of men. And New Order anointing, Christ in you, is very quiet. He does not yell. Did you ever see someone try to cast out a demon by yelling at it? You know, I don't mean to make fun of people, but its true. It was our childhood. I was in a deliverance once, someone pulled a women's hair. You can't get a demon out by pulling her hair. You don't get a demon out by you know.... someone was praying for me once, some big muscle bound guy hit me on the back. I thought I was going to die. It doesn't make the demon come out. So we have to know this. We have a lot to learn. You know who did that to me? We have a lot to learn. He was frustrated that it wasn't coming out, so he hit me on the back. So it's funny.


Were supposed to be growing up now, and true power with God is quiet. You don't have to yell, you don't have to make a big fanfare and a big show of it. But its very hard ministering the power. Why? Because there is no fanfare, and there is no loud voice, and there is neither, neither is there immediate reaction.


So you have to pray in faith, believing that God's going to honor your prayer to the fullest extent that He's going to do it. There's no soulish gratification. There's no visible sign. Its not exciting, but you go through this stage where it's not exciting, and you wake up one morning, and you find yourself nose-to-nose with Goliath and, at first, you don't like it because he's beating you up. One of these days you're going to wake up and find Goliath is beating you up, that somebody's mind is on you. Its causing you torment in your soul, and you're going to have to learn how to deal with it, and at the beginning it's not pleasant. And I want to tell you, its very exciting when you start to see the victory in it, and you stop being afraid, and you stop trying to run, and you find out you have some power in God, not only to take the victory over Goliath, but to help the person who probably doesn't even know they are hurting you.


And I'll give you a guideline. If you're flinging back curses and fighting this game like it's a duel, you're not doing it in Christ. You're not doing it in Christ. Because God's purpose in this is not to kill the other guy, not to kill your brother. We're supposed to be getting people saved. You see people that try to hurt us because they don't know any better. They're supposed to wind up knowing God. We're supposed to be showing them the love of God, but that doesn't mean that you let their criminal mind kill you. But if you're going after them, if you feel pain and you're going after them to hurt them, it is not Christ in you. You have picked up a spiritual weapon, and you're having a duel and it does not glorify God.


So we have a lot to learn in New Order deliverance. And the first thing we have to learn is to deal with these spiritual attacks. And most of us don't even recognize them, all we know is we are having a bad day. I got a headache. I got a pain in my side. I am in a bad mood. And as God starts to teach you, you're going to find out as Christ forms in you, and you become more and more spiritual, you are connected, and you are feeling other people's minds people who think they are really cool. and there not telling you that they think you're preaching false doctrine. They're not telling you that they hate your guts. They're not telling you that they are envious of you, and you meet up with them and they have this big smile on their face, but you know what they are thinking.


So the first stage of this education is to recognize the attack which is invisible. The second stage is to find out how to deal with it in the love of God. Of course, the end result of this must be that the both of you will grow spiritually. You are not here to kill them because they are jealous of you. You're here to help them, and the fact that you are getting hurt from it doesn't give you the right to hurt them. You're supposed to be a Son of God.


Now remember, I am going to say it again. That doesn't mean you let them kill you, but you stop them like you stop a small child. You don't pray destruction on them because most people can't control themselves. Just like....you see, Jesus said, you have to enter into the kingdom of God to become like a small child. Very few people understand what that means. We are literally growing up all over again, as far as our spiritual persons are concerned. We're growing up all over again.


We had a message like this not too long ago. Not to long ago, we had a message like this, we are going through everything that the natural child goes through. We're learning how to walk, we're learning how to talk. When we are first born we're blind, when Christ is first engrafted to us we are blind, just like a natural infant is blind at the beginning. We are completely helpless. We have to learn how to read, we have to learn how to write, we have to learn how to be toilet trained, we have to learn how to dress ourselves. Everything that a natural child goes through, we are going through spiritually. We have to learn how to overcome temper tantrums, have to learn to overcome our emotions, our desires to retaliate. Every natural example you see in children, we are going through spiritually.


So we have a world full of people, some of them Christians, some of them aren't Christians, that they're spiritually unrestrained and it's a lot of people. A lot more than we like to admit are born with a significant amount of spiritual heredity. What does this mean? It means that they are born with spiritual authority in their mind. It means when they are envious of you. They may not even know, it but that spiritual power goes forth. If you're spiritually sensitive, it clobbers you.


So, we have to learn how to deal with all of this and I guess the reason why we are having this message tonight, is that I have been having "one time," this last week. So I want to talk to you about it. I want to give you some....I want to give you some testimony. I want to show you how I deal with it, because as you become spiritually developed, its going to be happening to you.


Now there's been....I have been praying for at least four days, I am not sure where it's coming form. It may be coming form more than one source, but there is a spiritual power coming out of one or more minds that is very strong, and it hasn't been pleasant for me these last few days. Now, sometimes, if you have a soul tie with somebody you're just feeling what they are going through. It could be that too. So what good does that do? Well, if you're feeling what they are going through, and you take the victory you could be strengthening them. Anybody not know what I am talking about? But if their mind and their problem causes you to go down, how is God glorified in that?


So everybody, as you mature in Christ, you are going to start to experience these things. I don't care how carnal you are now, as Christ is formed in you, you will become more spiritual. Some people are spiritual because they are born that way. They inherited it on their carnal mind. They're very spiritual, very sensitive, spiritually sensitive. If you are not spiritual sensitive as Christ develops in you, you will become spiritually sensitive and, especially the people you have soul ties with, you are going to be feeling their emotions. You're going to be experiencing their problems, and its going to be a test every time you go through this.


Here's the question. Is this person's problem going to bring you down or is your entering into their problems going to bring them up? Which is it going to be? And once God brings you to this place there is no place to run. There's no place to run. Some people get involved in this and they don't like it. They tell me they're leaving the state, they are going to California, they are going to Australia. I am telling you, there's no place to run. It's a spiritual thing. Now once you become spiritually sensitive, you better learn how to deal with it, or you're going to be over come. Do you want someone thinking suicidal thoughts causing you to commit suicide? You want someone else thinking drugs and causing you to take drugs? You have to start to learn how to deal with it


Just to give a light note to this. You might be interested to know that there is an episode of Star Trek that deals with this. There is. It really got me excited when I saw it because I, apparently, am spiritually sensitive and have been a large part of my life but never knew it. Never knew that a large majority of things that I suffered from was other people's emotions just flowing through me. Some people in the occult might call it....call you a medium. Everybody know that word? Medium. Other people's spirits flowed through, me and I didn't know for years. I didn't know what was wrong with me.


I saw this one episode of XXXXXX and they had a woman on there who this was happening too. She was going to XXXXX's planet. What's XXXX's planet's name? XXXX. She was going to XXXX to learn how to lock this out, and the Lord has been dealing with me on this for years. You know the psychiatrists know about this. I heard XXXX XXXXXXX talk about it. He.... this is their jargon, and they are carrying someone else's pain. There's always a child in the family that carries the pain of the whole family. I never knew what that meant. Did anybody hear this phraseology? I never knew what that meant. What it means is that out of the whole family there's one or more children that are spiritually sensitive, and they feel the pain that the other six member of the family feel, and it's all weighing on them. They're being crushed from the day that they are born. Their literally experiencing the pain and emotional problems of every member of the family. It exists, you see, and I keep telling you that as the ministry of Christ matures in the spirit world we are going to come closer and closer to a lot of what science is teaching. Because a lot of what they are teaching is true, but they don't have the Godly or the Christian aspect to it.


But the Scripture clearly states that the children of the night are wiser than the children of the day. And there's just a lot of tremendous lack of knowledge in the church, and a tendency to condemn the people that cannot be helped by the existing level of power that is in the church, which isn't too strong. It's not very strong. I don't care if you're mad at me, it's the truth, it's not very strong. The existing power in the church today it's not very strong. There's not much power there. So what do we do to the people we can't help? Well, we condemn them. "Well it's not my fault that you're not helped, must be your fault." So we see this.


I played a XXXX XXXXX tape about a year ago, and a few of us were here listening to it and he was talking about a situation, a family where the parents knew there was a problem and the child wasn't aware of it, and the parents were dealing with it as best they could and XXXXX XXXXX word was that it impacted the daughter. It affected her life drastically, and she never knew what was going on but, on some spiritual level, she knew what was going on. We are a spiritual people, even those of us who are not Christians. We are a spiritual people.


I know when God first started to bring me to a place where I could see all this, even today if I wake up one morning and I feel angry, I go before the Lord. I say, "Lord I have nothing to be angry about," and it's not at all uncommon that it's someone else that's angry. I am spiritually sensitive to that anger that is trying to penetrate me, and, if I would agree with it and I would become angry, I would be guilty of that sin. I have to fight off other people's minds continuously.


So at the beginning you're defensive, and you're just fighting off other people's emotions because you don't want to be seduced to do the same sin. But then as you get stronger, the Lord will show you that you can help the other person. The tendency at the beginning is to be afraid and to be angry and to say I don't want you problem, I don't want your mind, I have enough problems of my own, I am afraid that by thinking your thoughts I am going to fall into that same trap. That's the tendency at the beginning. Don't condemn yourself if you feel afraid, but you have to confess to God that it's sin because fear is always sin. You have to ask Him how to fight the war, and you have to ask Him how He wants you to help the person whose emotions you're feeling.


So I'll just.. I would like to give you a couple of testimonies of what I have been going through this past week. I have been having some terrible dreams almost every night, waking up feeling absolutely terrible in the morning. I feel like my soul has been clawed. That's the only way I can express it. I know its heavy-duty witchcraft. I have a....I had one dream that had a lot of water in it and XXXX been having some dreams also. She has a dream with a significant amount of water in it. You're dealing with high level witchcraft. In Africa they call it water spirits. In Africa they know there's different levels of witchcraft, and one of those levels, one of the higher levels is water. It is a spirit, the spirit, they say in Africa, that hovers over the ocean, and there are groups of people in Africa that worship these spirits.


You think this concept of the mermaid is a big joke. You know, they have the mermaid all over the United States today. And my niece has it on her sheets, and they have it all over the cartoons, but she's just the goddess of the sea. She's queen of the water spirits. High level witchcraft. Her name is what? Somebody? What's her real name? Satan. Satan is female. She takes many names wherever she can get worship.


Did you ever see that episode of XXX XXX? Where there was this woman and she needed salt to live. Well it wasn't a woman, it was an entity. She was appearing as a beautiful woman to all these men on the ship, and she was saying, I have been given to you or I have come for you and, as she appears to the men, she would hypnotize them because she was this beautiful woman. And then she lays hands on their face and draws all of the salt out of their body, and they die.


So Satan will appear. She will take many, many forms. She'll appear to get you to worship her, and she has many names. In every culture, she has a different name. Diana in the Bible she is called Diana. In the Book of Daniel, you read about the God of Forces. If you look it up in the Hebrew, it's a female word. She takes many different names, but her real name is Satan. She wants the worship that belongs to God. She wants the worship of men.


So both XXXX and I had a dream about flowing water which means high level witchcraft. I really didn't need that dream to know it was high level witchcraft. My soul has been clawed, my mind has been literally razed, I've had feelings of my eyes burning out of my head and this is.... I have been in prayer for four days. I have been in prayer for four days, and I want to share with you the prayers that have been on my heart.


Well first of all, I go before the Lord and I ask Him how to pray and what He wants me to do in this circumstance, and I have found that when something like this is going on with me, when it comes out, you see I don't know where it's coming from. I have analyzed, and I have prayed about the dreams. Either it's coming from at least four different places, or I am just completely off. I don't know, but I haven't gotten any clear answer. But it's been my experience that when its exposed, if I find out what's happening, that kills it. You see when something like this rises up in the realm of the spirit, it's something that literally has been erected. I can see it, it's invisible.


Do you remember the teaching about the bones of Christ? Remember that teaching about the bones of Christ, that when we're at a meeting like this and the spirit of Christ....what we say in the church is that the spirit of Christ is manifested. See, where ever you are, whatever group you are in, when ever you're around other people or alone by yourself, there is one of two spirits who's formed around you or the whole group. It's either Christ or the carnal mind.


So When you're in a meeting like this, Christ is formed here. He's a literal spiritual structure. You can't see it. It you're spiritual you can discern it, and it is the manifestation of the very person of Christ, and He has spiritual bones. What that means is that He's not just flopping all over the place. He's in a defined, predictable formation. You can't see it with your own eyes, but you recognize it with the spirit. Does anybody want to ask me a question about that? Anybody not know what I am talking about? Christ is formed over this meeting. So when....I forgot my whole point. This is the third time tonight that I forgot my point, but probably what I was saying is that when you're going through this, when I am going through this with these dreams and whatever is happening....


Oh yeah, I know what I was saying. There is a spiritual formation, something has taken form, and it's of the spirit that's not of Christ. Something has been formed over my mind and I haven't been able to break it to date. And I found that when it's exposed, when I could see it, where its coming from, then I deal with it, and it usually dissolves. This is a tremendous victory because I am a little uncomfortable, but I am abiding in it. I am really calm. OK. And I am just praying constantly, and I just know it's a matter of time until God breaks it. And I have never taken this measure of victory before, so it's a personal....personally very exciting for me because I look forward to the day where this thing can't even touch me to the degree it's touching me.


I mean there was a time were I would be snapping at people and losing my temper with people, and they would say "what's' wrong with her?" Well you try being in this position for a couple of days. That's no excuse. You see as far as God is concerned there's no excuse for being short tempered with other people, doesn't matter what kind of pressure is on you. So I feel very victorious. But I just want to share with you that I went before the Lord, I asked Him how to pray and this is what He gave me. I have been commanding it to manifest itself, to come out into the light, show yourself whatever you are, whoever you are, where ever you are. Come out into the light, let's see you, I want to see you.


I have been breaking the curses, breaking the spiritual weapons. OK. Haven't.... having some minor victories. Its still erected, this structure, which is not of Christ, it's still erected. I honestly don't know whether it's in my mind or over my mind. I am learning, too, you know. But its there, and it hasn't come down yet. And both XXXX and I have been having wild dreams. (End of Tape 1)Tape 2


Trying to see if there is anything I can share with you. A lot of witchcraft candles being lit. You had candles in your dreams too didn't you? One morning I woke up I was in a church. It wasn't a Catholic Church, but it was a main line either Episcopalian or a Lutheran church and I don't think they light candles in those churches, do they? I don't think they do, but they were all candles like Roman Catholic candles being lit and what?


Comments from the congregation are not clear or understandable.


PASTOR VITALE: In a Lutheran church? Well I knew it wasn't a Catholic Church but they were lighting candles and lots of water and hospitals.


I have had at least two dreams already about hospitals. In one dream, one dream took place in Nigeria, so I need to believe something's going on in Nigeria. But there have been so many other dreams....like I said, it may becoming from four different places. But I was in a clinic in Nigeria, and there was another person there, and we were waiting to kill somebody, and one person was backing down and was saying, well nobody's walked in here yet so maybe we won't have to do it. And then people started coming in. The Scripture says.... what God gave was Proverbs 1. You have to believe this is all spiritual. I don't believe anyone's actually being murdered. But Proverbs 1 says that if you are plotting evil against somebody, the Lord calls it laying in wait for blood. It's all spiritual. It's all in the mind. OK.


Jesus said if you hate your brother, you have killed him. I don't believe anyone is trying to kill me or any such thing, its all in the mind, and you have to understand that it's not me, that the war is the carnal mind against Christ. The war is the carnal mind. Where ever he can get the person to get him to manifest against the person who is strong enough to maintain the mind of Christ a significant amount of time. The war is the carnal mind against Christ. God's enemies are not people. God's enemies are spiritual, and the enemy of God is the carnal mind. And we have a lot of people today who, because they don't know any better or because of weakness, let the carnal mind manifest through them. And there are people who are standing in Christ, who feel the pressure. I want you all to understand everything that I am saying, that this is a wonderful thing that is happening because the war is made real, and every time you take the victory in Christ, it means Christ is getting stronger in you, and your carnal mind is getting weaker.


I hope nobody's misunderstanding what I am saying. Christ is invading hell, He is invading hell. Everybody is panic stricken here. The Scripture clearly says that David said to the Lord, "When I am in heaven, you are there, and when I am in hell you are there." Christ is invading hell. He's breaking in the gates of hell, and hell is in the minds of men. And this warfare is rising up. There's no warfare if Christ isn't attacking. So that means if I am going through this, somebody must, somebody must be being touched by the ministry. Somebody's carnal mind is being touched by the ministry of Christ that's here, and they may have no idea whatsoever that their carnal mind is rising up, and I am feeling it.


Does anybody, is anybody upset by what I am telling you? Are you upset? Are you misunderstanding what I am telling you? I know that you knew. Do you understand what I am saying? (Something inaudible said from the congregation) OK. Do you understand what I am saying? OK. God's enemies are not people, and the ultimate result of someone's carnal mind attacking a minister of Christ, the end result is that, is that their carnal mind is defeated, and if the seed has not been engrafted in them, the seed of Christ engrafts in them. And if the seed has already been engrafted, Christ gets stronger until they start to wage their own warfare against their own carnal mind.


So God's people are....it's a spiritual crucifixion, that's what it is. We suffer this so that the seed of Christ can become engrafted unto the soul of the person whose carnal mind is having his way with them. And this is how God is saving the whole world. They have to attack Christ. Jesus said, "whoever sins you forgive are forgiven. And who ever sins you don't forgive are not forgiven." Why would you want to forgive them if they haven't sinned against you? They must sin against you. They must sin against you, and you must forgive them. You save their life. If you don't forgive them they will abide in death. If you have Christ in you, you have the power to forgive sins.


Didn't Jesus say that, "when they are trying to kill you and they are hating you, and you bless them, and you ask God to help them," Jesus honors your prayer. Jesus honors your prayer. If you say, "Father have mercy on them they don't know what they are doing," lots of times it's someone's unconscious mind, they don't even know what they are doing. Sometimes they do know what they are doing. Sometimes they are gossiping about you, and talking about you, but sometimes it's just someone's unconscious mind.


COMMENT: Gossip is a sin?


PASTOR VITALE: Gossip is a sin. Yes. Gossip is a sin. It hurts people. The Scripture says it sends arrows or darts into their soul, and the more spiritual the person is the more they get hurt.


But I'll just remind you, I'll say this again, it's a tremendous opportunity to grow spiritually because as you refuse to respond out of you carnal mind, and you respond out of Christ, Christ grows in you, and your carnal mind gets weak. And the ultimate end of all this is that our carnal mind should become fully inoperable and Christ should be the only mind operating in us. And when that is....when we ascend to that position, we have entered into the first stage of the resurrection of the dead. That is the condition Jesus of Nazareth was in. The carnal mind that He received from His mother at birth was completely inoperable. It was present. That was what made Him a man, but it was completely inoperable. The only mind he used was the mind of Christ.


So in this hour, most of us that have Christ being formed in us, we are still using both minds. That's why we have problems. So its going to be interesting to find out what's been going on this last week. OK. I can....the only way I can describe it was a grating and a clawing in my soul, and it's exhausting. It knocks you out. Its tiring, it's tiring, and, at one point, I was breaking marriage-breaking spirits. So we'll find out and I really....the dream that I was having this morning, usually my dreams are very detailed, but I am just giving you a few pieces here and there.


I was going to France in my dream this morning, and I was getting all kinds of immunizations. My arms were getting all shot up, and I was on my way to France. I had to get one more shot, gamma globulin shot, and I had to get this from a special nurse. There were a lot of people. Seduction in the dream. All kinds of evil everywhere. So we'll find out, and that's how the Lord has had me praying to let it be seen. So anybody have any questions on what I have been talking about?


COMMENT: Are you saying perhaps someone has suicide tendency coming upon you. Can you also feel joy and their victories?


PASTOR VITALE: I haven't. It seems to be the negative feelings. To the best of my knowledge every time I am joyous I have reason to be joyous, and every time I go through this, most of the time it's not me. I used to have a lot of problems. I am walking in a tremendous measure of victory in Christ. My life is really great. I have to say that I am very happy with my life.


So when I am affected in my soul, and I have no reason to be affected or unhappy, most of the time its something else that's going on. I don't think I experienced the joy. No. Unless I can't tell the joy that I have. Well, this may be God answering you. The joy that I have comes out of my relationship with Christ. To the best of my knowledge, I am not experiencing the joys that come with the carnal mind because they are not joyous to me anymore, if that makes sense to you. Anybody else? OK. Anybody else have any questions or comments about anything?


You know Paul says, "he who wareth does not entangle himself in the things of this world." That doesn't mean that you don't go to family gatherings, You're supposed to honor your parents, you're supposed to participate in family gatherings. What that means is that you don't get your mind engaged in family politics. Or if you have a secular job, you don't have your mind engaged in office politics. The only side you take is the side of righteousness. Any situation, it means you could put your body there because you are a human being with obligations in this world, but you don't bring your mind down. You maintain at the level that God has raised you up to. You never come down in your mind.


That's what Adam did at the time of the fall. He came down in his mind, and he became a woman, and the Serpent overtook him. You don't ever descend in your mind. Well, you have the power to stay where you are. Don't ever come down. You see this is another misunderstanding in the church. Some Christians will read Scriptures that say, for example, don't eat with these people, and I'll say you can't have dinner with a Jehovah's witness. That's not what the Scripture is saying. Its saying you don't eat, speaking about spiritual food, don't partake of their false doctrine. You don't reject any human being. A human being is a human being. You do not talk to them because they are of a different religion or because they are a Christian or they call themselves Christian, whether you believe they are Christian or not, and they don't believe like you believe. That doesn't mean that if there's a Jehovah's witness in the family, you can't have dinner with them. My niece's mother is Jehovah's witness. She comes here. Its means you don't eat with your mind. You don't partake of it, that's unclean. You have to learn how to be in the world but not be of it. You have to learn how to be in this world, how to fellowship with people, how to respect them and honor them without being seduced by them with their mind.


You can't hide from people from the world. You have to learn how to handle yourself. Can't be afraid because if you're afraid.... fear of being seduced in your mind or overtaken in your mind, will cause you to behave in an ungodly manner when you are fellowshipping with people. You can't be afraid of people. You have to, by the grace of God, now I know you just can't do this. When I talk to you like this I am giving you something to pray about. If you're weak in your mind, if you associate with other people, and you find yourself being invaded by their thoughts and their ideas, and you really can't seam to resist it, then you must confess this as sin, as a weakness in your mind that is not given to you by God. And its usually....a weakness in your mind is usually the result. Now this could be back ten generations. It could be you or anywhere back ten generations. You have to confess this sin, and it's usually a result of incest and witchcraft and pride. Those are the major sins that produce a weak mind that produce problems in your life that are destroying you, and the root of insanity is incest. Every root of every mental illness is incest and pride.


COMMENT: Are you talking about natural or spiritual?


PASTOR VITALE: I am talking about natural incest. Talking about natural incest. It's a very serious sin that produces a physical destruction in people's lives. Look at your life, examine yourself. If you're being.... if there's destruction in your life, if you're not prospering in every area, what have you got to lose? If you say, "Father there's incest on my family line, I confess it as sin and I repent." What have you got to lose? You know I used to go through Deuteronomy 28 and just confess every sin in that chapter. I would say Lord we are guilty. Just help me.


Deuteronomy, Chapter 28


When I opened the Bible this morning, the Lord gave me Deuteronomy 28. I would just like to read that one chapter He gave to me. Look at all these blessings. Verse 2, All these blessings shall come on thee and over take thee if thou shalt listen unto the voice of the Lord thy God. This is what's going happen to you if you listen to Him and you do what He tells you. Blessed shall thou be in the city and blessed shall thou be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body and the fruit of thy ground. And the fruit of thy womb. The fruit of thy body, that's your children. The fruit of the ground, now there's a natural and a spiritual application of that. If you are a farmer, it's talking about the fruit of your field. Your ground is also your soul, and you may recall we started out this message by speaking about a growth on your soul. Now that growth can either be Christ, or it can be an excess of the carnal mind which can be called a demon. If the fruit of your ground is going to be blessed, that means Christ is going to come out of your souls. The fruit of your cattle, your body is going to be blessed and the increase of your kind, that's talking about your body.


Spiritually speaking, if you're a cattleman, its talking about your natural cattle, but you can take it on both levels. Speaking about cattle is speaking about your body. The fruit of your cattle, your body is going to be blessed and the increase of your kind, that's talking about your body. And the flocks of thy sheep. Those three, cattle, kind, and sheep are speaking about your physical body. Your spiritualizing it is also talking about you if you have Christ, if you have flocks in the natural.


Verse 5, Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. That means your possessions are going to be blessed and what you have in store. Whether in the bank or what you have laid away, it's going to be blessed. Blessed thou shall be when thou comest in, and blessed shall be when thou goest out. And the Lord shall cause His enemies to rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face. Now this is natural enemies. It can be talking about a natural, can be talking about national enemies. It could be talking about people in your life that just hate you. Some people just hate you. They're jealous of you. They try to steal you wife, steal your life, steal your possessions, steal you job. There are just wicked people in the world. So that what God is talking about here.


And the Lord God shall cause thy enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face. They shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways. The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses. That's your possessions. And in all that thou settest thine hand unto and He shall bless thee in the land the Lord thy giveth thee. That's talking about your nation, and its talking about your soul and spiritualism. It goes back to what we were saying earlier. How come one person succeeds in everything they touch and someone else fails in almost everything they touch? There's no such thing as luck. One's blessed and one's cursed.


Now don't panic if you're cursed. All you have to do is cry out to God. Say that you repent of whatever you or your family did, and ask Him to help you. That's what I did. I was one cursed person, and I want to tell you the blessings that are flowing in my life are getting to the point where they are uncountable. So don't panic, you are not cursed forever. If you hearing this word, God's saying, "repent and I'll un-curse you." He wants you to repent so He can lift the curse off of you. He doesn't want you cursed.


Verse 9,  The Lord shall establish thee a Holy people unto Himself. Now this message was to Israel, but in this hour He's saying the to individuals. He will establish you as a Holy person unto Himself, He'll give you a personal relationship with Him. As He has sworn unto thee, if thou shall keep the commandments of the Lord thy God, and walk in His ways, and all the people of the earth shall see that thou art called the name of the Lord and they shall be afraid of thee. Now this doesn't mean people are going to tremble so that you can take advantage of them. What it means is they are going to take a look at you and when they're looking for trouble, they're going to go bother somebody else. Now this is a reality in the world. This is a reality in the world. Some people are just bullies, and there are some people that the bullies won't bother because they know they will have a fight on their hands. Whether you're talking about something physical, or you are talking about something in the office, just a spiritual thing between two people vying for the same job, bullies know who they can bully, and they know who they can't bully. And they usually cower, they stay away from the people that are going to give them a fight.


It's also true in the realm of the spirit. There are wicked spirits that won't bother with some people because they know they are going be beat. Look, they go after the weak ones. Isn't it true in the world? Didn't you ever hear of kicking someone when they are down? All forms of bullies, natural or spiritual, they go after the weak ones. They don' go after the strong ones. It's just a truth.


Verse 10, So all these people they are going to be afraid of you. Ungodly people looking to steal and to make trouble and to bully, they're going to pass you by. They're not even going to know why, but they're just going to know that you're not an easy touch. They're not going to try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge cause they know they couldn't do it. They are going to be afraid of you. They will respect you. They are going to steer clear of you when they have evil designs in their heart.


Verse 11, And the Lord shall make thee plenteous and good. You will have plenty of possessions. See, there's nothing wrong with having possessions if God has given you the possessions. If you're worshiping them, if you're idolizing them, if you think that you are safe because you have much money in the bank, if you think they are giving you safety or protection, that's idolatry. That's no good. But when God knows that you are truly seeking Him and depending on Him, He will give you many possessions. There's nothing wrong with being rich. The problem is in the fallen condition. We tend to start to worship our wealth and depend on the wealth, and if God sees your heart in that condition, He might take it away from you till He changes your heart and makes you strong enough in you relationship with Him, that the wealth will not destroy you. And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in thy goods. And the fruit of thy body. That's your children. And in the fruit of thy cattle and in the fruit of thy ground. And you can spiritualize that if you want to. It's talking about children. Your own physical body and your soul. The fruit of your ground will not be the carnal mind or demons. It will be Christ. And the land which the Lord swore on to thy father to give thee.


Verse 12, The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure, the Heaven to give thee rain unto thy land in His season and to bless all the work of thine hands and thou shall lend into any nations. And thou shall not borrow. The Lord's going to open treasure unto you. Now this expression to give rain, well if you're a farmer you need rain but, spiritually speaking, the rain typifies Christ. He's going to give you Christ. It's a spirit that going to flow over your life. It is going to be Christ. It not going to be the carnal mind. And He's going to bless the work of your hands. Everything you do, it's going to be good. It's going to produce income. It's going to produce positive results. Everything you touch, you're going to succeed at. And you shall lend to many nations and thou shall not borrow. No, that's not just speaking of money. It's nice to be able to lend money to help people, but that's not just speaking of money. Its speaking of counsel, it's speaking about wisdom. It means in every relationship you're going to be the one that had what the other person needs, advice, experience, knowledge. It's much more than money. What it's saying is you're not going to be needy. Not that there's anything wrong with being needy, if you're needy, you're needy. But let's get you strong.


God's purpose in giving you help when you're needy is to make you strong. You shouldn't be the borrower, but you should become the lender. There's no condemnation in it if you need it, but you not supposed to stay that way in Christ. You're supposed to get strong. If you go into a counselor that's giving you of their strength, he's not supposed to be just helping you and keeping you dependent. They're supposed to be helping you with your immediate crisis and making you strong. You not supposed to be dependent for the rest of your life. You are supposed to grow up in Christ. That doesn't mean you don't ever need counseling from somebody else. God's ultimate goals for His people is that He is the only counsel you will ever need.


Now if you're at a place in God right now where you can't really hear from Him, you have to go to other people for counseling and you go. Go. Get it. But He wants to bring you to a place were you could hear from Him so completely that you don't need any human being except Him, and that doesn't mean you don't have relationships. It means you have relationships, but that you are not a drain on the relationship, but you are a contributing factor to the relationship. And I want to tell you that there is a plague on the relationships, our relationships in the Untied States today. And the problem is that everyone that fits into this category is coming to another person looking to get something out of the relationship.


In marriages, men and women coming together both waiting to withdraw from the bank. Both borrowers. Nobody is the lender, and the relationship and the marriage collapses. God's plan for marriage is that it should be between two lenders. Two lenders. Both people should come to the marriage contributing the riches that Christ has deposited in them, and then you build a family, you give to each other, and you support each other, and you give to your children. You grow up a strong house. But it's all over the nation today. Needy people getting married and entering into relationships with nothing to deposit, only withdrawing. And they fail, the relationships fail, and I'll tell you we have a lot of single people here, I tell you what God says. You can boo me if you want to. If you're in this condition, you don't need a relationship. The last thing you need is a relationship. Stay alone and seek God until you become the lender. Because if you keep going from relationship to relationship, where you're two needy people, you're going to go from destruction to destruction to destruction. Stand alone. It's not true that you have to have a relationship. All you need is Jesus, and when He gets you strong enough, if He gives you a mate. Praise God. I want to tell you, when you're in this condition where you are the borrower, every relationship you enter into is going to end in disaster. Stand alone, and give yourself to God and let Him strengthen you. Wait until you're strong, and if you think you need a relationship, it's not true; you have received a lie in your mind. I know that you believe it, but I am telling you that it's not true.


Verse 13, And the Lord shall make thee the head and not the tail. That's similar to saying that you'll be the lender, not the borrower. But what it really means, that you're the one that's going to be the authority. Now that's a Godly authority, that's not an ungodly authority. It means He's going to give you authority when your mind is Christ. You're going to be in a leadership role. That's what He's telling you. And thou shall be above only and thou shall not be beneath. And what that is speaking about is that you are not going to be in Hell. Above is Heaven and beneath is Hell. Both of these are conditions of the mind, Hell is in your mind and then it vibrates out and it becomes a condition of your life. And then because this whole world had Hell in their mind, this physical world has appeared as Hell. So what He's saying is that even though you're in this physical world, which is Hell, you won't be in Hell in your mind. And you won't be in Hell in your life. You'll be above, you'll be in Heaven in your mind, and your life will be a reflection of Heaven.


If that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord, thy God which I command thee this day to observe to do them. So you have to listen to God's commandments. At least do the best you can to do them. No one can do them perfectly. And thou shall not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right mind or to the left to go after other gods to serve them. Now gods are not just idols. Gods are your car. God's are idolatry of your wife or for your husband, or your girlfriend. God has to come first above everything. Idolatry of money.


I think before we go on I just wanted to, I want to go back to Chapter 27. If you'll turn the page back, before I go on. These are....this is starting with Verse 15. It's like a reverse way of giving God's commandments. The Lord is saying that you're cursed if you do these thins. Of course, implied, if you do them you're blessed. Verse 15, Cursed be the man that maketh any graven or molten image. I want to tell you, brethren, that is not only the image that you carve with your hand. The spiritual application of this is the formation of the carnal mind. Any man knowingly agrees with his carnal mind, well actually you're cursed whether you know it or not. That's what the Lord is saying. The graven image is your soul. The molten image which means a mental image. It means our spirit, our human spirit in this hour is....it's all of humanity. Our human spirit is in the image of Satan. And our graven image is in the image of the carnal mind. It's an abomination unto the Lord. The work of the hands of the craftsman, it's made of man. God didn't make it.


And let me start from the beginning. Cursed be the man that maketh any graven or molten image. An abomination unto the Lord. The work of the hands of the craftsman and put it in a secret place. Did you ever wonder what that meant? Put in a secret place? You know brethren, if you read these first five books of Moses, we're right back to human reproduction. Again the secret place, isn't that God's way of describing a persons private parts? We have spiritual private parts. It's our mind. Our mind reproduces. Our mind reproduces. So what He is saying right here is if you get your human spirit in the image of Satan and your soul in the image of the carnal mind, He's telling you right here, you put it in a secret place. He's talking about your spiritual reproductive parts. It's hidden. It's a parable. But that's what He's saying right here. And all the people shall answer and say amen.


Verse 16, Cursed is he that setteth light by his father or his mother. And in another place we are told that we should honor thy father and mother. And we should live long on the earth. So there are curses of premature death associated with rebellion and hatred for father and disrespect for father and mother. And all the people shall say amen.


Verse 17, Cursed be he that removeth his neighbor's landmark. And all the people shall say amen. I have to listen to that tape. I really....when God gave it to me this morning, I couldn't remember what that meant. I have to review that tape. I can't remember what I preached on it.


Verse 18, Cursed be he that maketh the blind to wander out of the way and all the people shall say amen. Now the blind, brethren, are not just the physically blind. We're talking about the spiritually blind people. Brother, if you have spiritual knowledge and you influence people to sin, you are cursed. God doesn't like that. If you're a preacher gone bad, and you're making the blind people in your congregation sin, you're going to have many stripes for that.


Verse 19, Cursed be he that perverted the judgment of the stranger, the fatherless and the widow. And judgment means justice. It is a bad enough sin to try to cheat or deny justice to anybody, but if you do it to a widow or an orphan. What's the third category? I said a widow, an orphan, or a stranger. OK that means someone who doesn't really know what is right. They're a stranger, not a Christian. God doesn't like it. And in another place it says, if you do it to one of these people that God considers helpless, if you take advantage of them and that person cries out, the judgment is death.


Verse 20, Cursed be he that lieth with his father's wife. Incest. Because he uncovereth his fathers skirt. That includes mother-in-law and father-in-law, doesn't have to be blood. Could be....includes relatives by marriage. Cursed be he that lieth with any manner of beast. And all the people say amen. And in case you don't know it, we're all lying with the beast of our mind continuously. On a spiritual level the whole human race is guilty of that.


Verse 22, Cursed be he that lieth with his sister, the daughter of his father. That means half sister or the daughter of his mother or half sister. And all the people shall say amen. That's incest also. Cursed be he that lieth with his mother-in-law. There it is, doesn't have to be blood. Any in-law, and all the people shall say amen. Cursed be he that smiteth his neighbor secretly. There's your gossip. XXXX there's your gossip. Verse 24, Cursed be he that smiteth his neighbor secretly. Talk behind someone's back, and all the people shall say amen. That's not....how can you smite someone secretly? It's not talking about physical hurting. It's talking about your mouth. Verse 25, Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And that's physical and also spiritual. If you want to be in somebody's good graces, and that person hates somebody and you agree with them that, that person is no good, and you slander their character for some kind of reward, this Scripture is applying to that. If you want to flatter your boss by you agreeing with him about something, you're taking your life in your hands. And the life of your descendants. You have a question? OK


Verse 25, Cursed be he that confirmeth not all the words of this law to do them. And all the people shall say amen. And there's one other verse in Chapter 27. If I could find it, I want to show it to you. Well I read it this morning. I don't see it but what it's saying....I have had people come to me and say to me, why would I want to live like this. you know? I see someone come to me and told me this. That women, she lives down the street, she's leading a loose life, she threw her husband out, she leaves the kids alone for days at a time, she's with a different man every weekend and everything's fine. She's got all kinds of money, everybody's healthy, she's got no problems, she's got a different boyfriend every week, she's happy as a bug in a rug. Why? Why should I be going to church every week and following this law?


And the answer is, for your children, because the way she's living, isn't always recompensed at that exact moment. It's recompensed in that generation. Curses go on the family line. You're doing it. If you not doing it for yourself, if you're not living right for yourself, do it for your offspring, because the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. And I just found it this morning. I thought it was in this chapter. OK, so then going on with the Chapter 28.


Verse 15, But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observes to do all His commandments and His statues which I command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee and over take thee. Now listen to me. God's not trying to put a fear in your heart that would make you think that this is hopeless. You have got to hear this with right ears. If you hear yourself in these curses, if you see these curse on your life, repent and He wants to set you free, You know when I first came to the Lord, everyone of these curses was in my life. I used to read this chapter, and my eyes would bug out of my head. Every one of these curses was in my life. God's not threatening you to hell forever. He wants you to repent. He wants to break these curses on you.


Cursed thou shall be in the city and cursed shall thou be in the field. Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store. Your possessions and whatever you have in reserve. Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body. That's your children. Talking about diseased children. And cursed shall be the fruit of thy land. That's your soul. Your soul is not going to produce Christ. You're going to produce the carnal mind and demons. And cursed shall be the increase of thy kind and thy flocks of thy sheep. That's your body. Disease in your body. Cursed shall thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shall thou be when thou goest out. The Lord shall send upon thee cursing, vexation and rebuke in all that thou setteth thine hand for to do. You won't be praised, but you'll be frustrated, and you'll receive criticism until thou shall be destroyed. Until your heart is broken, because of all this continuous failure and until thou perish quickly. Because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me.


So what God is saying is that at the root of every one of these curses is idolatry. And the true idols are in your heart. Everything that you put before God is idolatry.


Verse 21, The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee. Diseases. Until he has consumed thee from of the land. Until you die.


Verse 22, The Lord shall smite thee with consumption and with a fever and with an inflammation and with an extreme burning. And with the sword. Now that could mean physical war or the sword also, somebody's tongue. Did you ever hear the expression, cut somebody up? Cut somebody up, the tongue is a sword. If you are a child, and you find yourself being raised in a family where one or both of the parents are verbally abusing you, that's what this is talking about. You're married and your husband or wife verbally abuses you. If they cut you up every chance they get, that's the reality of this curse. That's a curse to have a husband or a wife or a mother or a father that verbally abuses you. And blasting with mildew. Plant disease. I know people who could not get mildew out of their house. It's a curse. And they shall peruse thee until thou perish. You see all of these curses are unto death. The blessings of God are unto life eternal. But all of these curses are unto death.


Verse 23, And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass. That means the Heaven that's over you head. Brass typifies judgment, and that means the spirit ruling in your mind is Satan. Its going to be judgment in everything you touch in your life. It's not going to be blessings. It's going to be judgment. Everything that happens to you, its going to be painful. And the earth that is under thee shall be iron. Talking about your soul.


Verse 24, Of thy land powder and dust. What kind of rain is powder and dust? If you recall, when we were talking about the blessings, we said the rain was Christ. He is going to make rain powder and dust. Who is the dust of the earth? Satan. So the spirit that's raining on you, it's not going to be Christ. But it's going to be Satan. From heaven shall it come down upon thee until thou be destroyed. The Lord shall call thee to be smitten in front of thy enemies. That's physical enemies, that's emotional enemies, and that's spiritual enemies. They're going to be able to overtake you. Thou shall go our one way against them and flee seven ways before them. You'll be defeated every time and shall be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth.


And thy carcass shall be meat unto all fowls of the air. It's talking about your soul going to be fair game. And unto the beasts of the earth. Talking about your physical body. You're going to be fair game. And no man shall be able to fray them, shall be able to chase them away. The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt. Those are boils. And with emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch. Whereof thou canst not be healed. Incurable disease. The Lord shall smite thee with madness and insanity and blindness and astonishment of heart. That's mental disorder, panic disorder.


And thou shall grope at noonday as the blind gropeth in darkness. Noonday is the full expression of Christ. What that's saying, Christ can be everywhere. Everyone around you being blessed. You could be right in a church service, going four nights a week, and if this curse is on you and hasn't been repented of and broken, you will not be able to receive of the blessing. Curses have to be broken. Either when you submit yourself to God... you go to church, you read your Bible. These curses are on your life. Maybe you did something; maybe your parents did something. In my opinion if your life is really messed up, it's way back on the family line.


I am not saying I was innocent, but I got sick at eleven years old and my whole life was a disaster. I mean what could I have done by eleven years old that was that terrible? I am not saying I was innocent, but what I am saying is that for your life to be being destroyed, it has to be coming down from prior generations. That's my opinion.


So even though you're in the midst of Christians and church service and you're reading your Bible, if these curses are on your life, they have to be broken. It's not enough to just read your Bible. What God....you see, this is a living thing, a curse that's pronounced upon you. It is something that happens to you, it happens to you, it's real in your life. It's caused by a spiritual power, and it takes the spiritual power of God to knock it out, and curses don't break that easily.


It's very nice. You can have all the ministers you want lay hands on you and say, "I break the curse in the name of Jesus." What happens if they do have any authority in Christ, the curse begins to break. The curse begins to break. It has to work its way out of your life and if you're in the condition that I was, if there's destruction all over your life, unless God gives you a supernatural miracle, it's not likely it's going to disappear within a month. It took me a few years, but He did it, He did it. And that's because of the limited measure of power that's flowing in the church in this hour. He can do whatever He wants with you. My whole purpose in telling you this is if it doesn't happen in six months, I don't want you to be discouraged. You should know that if He wants to give you a miracle, great. But if it takes five years, if your getting better and better everyday that goes by, for however long its taking to do it....


And thou shalt not prosper in thy ways. And thou shall be only oppressed and spoiled for evermore, and no man shall be able to save you. Thou shall get married, and another man shall lie with your wife. You will be a victim of adultery. Thou shall build a house and thou shalt not dwell in it. You eWgoing to build a house and someone else....you will lose it in foreclosure. You'll plant a vineyard, and you won't gather the fruits thereof. Someone else is going to take your farm. You're going to lose your mortgage. Your ox shall be slain before your eyes. And you won't eat of it. You are going to lose everything. Thine ass shall be violently taken away from before your face. And thou shalt not be restored to thee. Thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies and thou shalt have none to rescue them.


Now, if you have read the Bible, you might be recognizing this as what happened to Job. He lost everything. He lost his wife. He lost all his children. He lost all his flocks. He lost all of his houses and he went into severe tribulation, which was manifest mostly in physicality. He was suffering greatly and what he did, if you read the book of Job, was he kept saying he was innocent. He kept saying that he didn't deserve this condition, and, as I teach you, there is such a thing as reverse indifference. Brethren, if you have a problem in your life, and you declare that you do not deserve what's happening to you, even though you may not be aware of it, what you are saying is that God did this to you unjustly. That's what you are saying, that God did it to you unjustly.


Brethren, there is no sin....there is no affliction that is happening to any of us that is not resulting from either our sin or our ancestor's sin. All affliction is a result of sin. What God wants you to do is to confess that He is righteous, and that you're the one that is in sin. He wants to set you free. It is His desire to set you free, but He can't do it when you are saying He's a wicked God, that He let this happen to you and that you're innocent. You have to turn around in your mind and confess that He is righteous, and there's something in your family line that is brought this upon you. And then He will set you free. He wants nothing more than to set you free, but you've got to stop blaming Him or He won't do it. His own righteousness won't let Him do it


Verse 32, Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people. Your children will go off into slavery, or you'll get divorced and you'll lose your kids. And your eyes shall look and fail for longing for them all the day long, and there won't be any power in your hand to get your children back. It's happening to men all over this country today. They're losing their kids. The fruit of thy land and all thy labours shall a nation which thou knowest not eat up. No matter how hard you work you're not going to be able to get anywhere. They lead you to believe if you go to work every day and you do everything you can do, you're going to have everything. You're going to have money in the bank. You're going to have a home. You'll get married. You'll have everything. That's all you have to do is just work hard. Well, you know, I found out it wasn't true. I worked hard as I could work and I lost everything. I lost everything and I was dying to boot. So it's not true.


There is such a thing as a curse upon your life that no matter how hard you try, you can't make it. If that's your condition, it's a curse on your life. Now take your pride in hand and ask God to help you because you need help. If that's your condition you need help. Verse 33, And thou shall only be oppressed and crushed always so that thou shall be mad for the sight of thine eyes. Which thou shall see. It's going to make you, when you realize what's happening to you, its going to make you crazy. The Lord shall smite thee in the knees and in the legs. You know I had trouble with my knees and my legs and severe arthritis in my knee, and they, the doctors, used to shoot needles, cortisone, but they would have to penetrate the cartilage in my knees with needles. I was a little girl, you know. It affected my mind, it was very painful, and I had ulcers all up and down my legs.


And my daughter has that now. She has ulcers on her legs. See there were heavy curses on our family line. They're working out of her life, but they're touching her. They're touching her. The curses that were on my family line were so heavy that I don't know maybe, if I had come to the Lord when she was a baby, she wouldn't be going through this. I don't know. She's getting better, but its still touching her. She's got all these leg ulcers. She suffers from them a lot, but I had them for years. I have scars on my legs.


I lost my place. What verse are we up to? Verse 35, The Lord shall smite thee in thy knees and in the legs with a sore botch that cannot be healed. These legs ulcers, man they couldn't be healed. It was horrible to behold. From the sole of thy foot unto the top of thy head. I had sores on the bottom of my feet once. The Lord shall bring thee and thy king which thou shall set over thee unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known. And there thou shall serve other gods, wood and stone. Today we are applying that spiritual...You are in bondage to the carnal mind, if you're in this condition and you are serving Him.


And thou shall become an astonishment, a proverb, a byword among all nations wither the Lord shall lead thee. What that means is people are going to look at you and they're going to say, "Did you ever hear such a story. What happened to that man. Such a terrible tragedy in his life" A proverb. People are going to be talking. "Isn't that terrible. Did you hear what happened to him? He lost everything" That's what that means.


Verse 38, Thou shall carry much seed out into the field and shall gather but little. That means you'll work hard and nothing will become of it. For the locusts shall consume it. Natural, spiritual. Sometime you're going to make an investment, and the company is going to go bankrupt. Your brother makes an investment and he becomes a millionaire.


Verse 39, Thou shall plant vineyards and dress them, that shalt not either drink of the wine or gather the grapes. The worms shall eat them. There are both natural worms and spiritual worms. They eat up everything you touch your hand to. Everything good happens to you, they are right there swallowing them up.


Verse 40, Thou shalt have olive trees through out all thy coasts. But thou shalt not anoint thyself with thy oil. For thine olive shall cast his fruit. All the good things, you're going to lose. Thou shall beget sons and daughters but thou shalt not enjoy them. For they shall go into captivity. Your children shall be sick. They shall be drug addicts. They shall be alcoholics. Your children shall go into captivity. They, their lives will not prosper. Mental illness, insanity, whatever.


All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust consume. The stranger that is within thee will get up above thee. The stranger is Satan. That's the carnal mind, that is Satan in the form of his carnal mind. He's going to get up above thee very high and thou shall come down very low. You are supposed to be on top of your carnal mind. You're supposed to be on top of your carnal mind. You're supposed to be on top of Satan. He's supposed to be under our feet. We're supposed to be ruling him, but if you have this curse on you and it's a curse of God, it's a curse of God, OK, you're going to be down low under the power of Satan.


Why would God curse you like this? Because God is a righteous God, and He said, " don't do these things." And if you did them or your ancestors did them, this is your condition. God will always make a way for escape. He is a righteous God. He will judge sin, but He will always make a way of escape. Just repent. He will help you.


Verse 44, He shall lend to thee and thou shall not lend unto Him. He shall be the head and you shall be the tail. If you remember the other side of it, when you're blessed, you're going to be the head and not the tail. But if you're cursed, you're the tail and not the head. Moreover, all these curses shall come upon thee and shall peruse thee and over take thee till thou be destroyed. Because.... now this is why. Because you didn't listen to the voice of the Lord, thy God. You didn't keep His commandments or His statues which He commanded you to do. And they shall be upon thee for a sign and wonder and upon thy seed upon your offspring forever. Now that's not forever eternity. That's forever for the life of the age. And when does the age come to an end? Anybody know? When the age comes to an end? Comments from the congregation are not clear or understandable.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it starts before that. It starts when Christ begins to be formed in you. Christ is the new age. And when that seed engrafts to your heart and Christ begins to be formed in you, that is the beginning of the breaking of the curse. And there is no curse in Christ. And the more you live out of Christ, the less power the curse has over you.


And as you move into Christ and you live out of Christ, it will dry up and die and fall off of you, like a dry, dead leaf. This curse is only for the age that it exists in, and Christ is the new age. He's the way out. He's is the way of escape. Christ in you the hope of glory. And again, the reason for this curse.


Verse 47, Because you didn't serve the Lord with joyfulness and gladness of heart. Even though He had given you everything.


Verse 48, Therefore you shall serve your enemies which the Lord shall send against you in hunger and in thirst and in nakedness. Spiritual nakedness. When you turned away from God, or your ancestors turned away from God. And so, therefore, you're turned over to the enemy, and you shall be in want of all things, and He shall put a yoke of iron around your neck until He has destroyed you. The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from afar, from the end of the earth.


Swift as the eagle flieth. Now listen to this, its getting exciting. These are the sons of God. This is God's deliverance for you if you're cursed like this. This is what God's going to do. Now look, if you're cursed like this among other things, among everything else I have read, you have wrong thinking in your mind that is perpetuating the curse that came down from your family line. You inherited wrong thinking. Curses are in the mind. It's the way that you think that produces the destructive behavior. This is how God's going to break the curse on you.


Verse 49, The Lord shall bring a nation against you from the end, from far away, from the end of the earth. Those are the sons of God. They're coming and attacking your wrong thinking. How? With preaching like this. They will be as swift as the eagle flieth. A nation who's tongue or whose language that thou shalt not understand. It's talking about the sons of God. They're going to come and they're going to give you this information that's going to get you free and out from under this curse. There's going to be a nation with a fierce countenance, they're going to look tough to the people. To some carnal minds they are going to look heartless and merciless and heartless when they are dealing with sin. Hard and cold they will not yield to sin, and they will not be coerced in their mind. Because they are coming to save your life.


A nation of fierce countenance which shall not regard for the old or show favour to the young. There's not going to be any pay off, there's going to be no.... there's not going to be any flattery. There's not going to be any bribes taken. They're not going to care how much prestige you have in the world, how much money you have, but they're going to judge righteous judgment. They don't care who you are, how much power you have, they're going to call sin, sin. And they're going to call righteousness, righteousness, and they're going to tell you the truth and they're going to break up the lies in your mind. And they're going to save you despite yourself, because God loves you, even though He's punished you for some terrible sin that happened for you to be in this condition. Had to be pretty serious back there on your family line somewhere.


Verse 51, And He shall eat the fruit of their cattle and the fruit of thy land until thou be destroyed. Now that's talking about your carnal mind. The sons of God are coming from Christ in a company of men, and they are going to destroy your carnal mind. They're going to destroy your wrong thinking, they're going to destroy everything that's operating that is killing you. They're going to consume it. They're going to swallow it up. How is your carnal mind going to be swallowed up somebody? What's the name of the operation?


Comments from the congregation are not clear or understandable.


PASTOR VITALE: Well yes, its called crucifixion. Your carnal mind is going to be crucified, and it's going through being joined to that Christ. It's going to be penetrated, pierced and killed, so he can't kill you anymore.


Verse 52, And He who, Christ, shall besiege you in all your gates until you're high and fenced walls come down. All our defenses are coming down. All your denial, all of your pride, all of your anger against God. Everything in you that says you're right and God is wicked, they're coming down. The sons of God and Christ within them are going to tear them down, all of your walls. Your high and fenced walls that you have trusted, throughout your land. He shall besiege you in all thy gates throughout all thy land. You're not going to be able to hold Him back, because God's coming to save you despite yourself.


Verse 53, And thou shall eat the fruit of thy own body, the flesh of your sons. What that means is Christ is coming forth in you, and He, too, is going to consume that carnal mind in the siege and the straightness with your enemies shall distress you. So that the man that is tender among you and very delicate, his eyes shall be well....his eyes shall be evil towards his brother. This is going to be a manifestation of this warfare. His eye, when your under siege, brethren, you're going to be under siege. This is pressure. This warfare is pressure. I gave you a little description of it. What I am going through tonight. It's tremendous pressure. You're going to be under siege, and if you respond out of your carnal mind. This is what you're going to act like. The man that is tender among you and very delicate, his eyes shall be evil towards his brother. Didn't I talk about this tonight? You can't be taking it out on other people because you are under siege. And toward the wife of his bosom and remnant of his children which he shall leave. So that he will not give to any of them.


Let me go on to Verse 56, And the tender, this happens to a woman which would not adventure to set the sole of her foot upon the ground. For delicate and tenderness and her eye shall be evil towards her husband of her bosom.


Verse 57, And towards her young one. We have a plague of this in the country today. Women not taking care of their children. And towards her young one that cometh out from between her feet and toward her children. Which she shall bear for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the straightness. Well, this did happen in the natural Israel. Women were eating their own children. In this hour, it's spiritual. Women are destroying their own children. They're spiritually consuming them. They're renting them out. They're renting them out for kiddie porn movies. They're seeing incest in their own family and not doing anything to protect their children, because they're afraid of losing their husband. They're verbally abusing their children. It's all over the news. It's everywhere. This is what's happening.


Where with thine enemy shall distress thee in thy gates, if thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD. So if you don't fear God enough to obey His laws, this is the judgment that's going to come upon you. And then the Lord will make thy plagues wonderful and the plagues of thy seed even great plagues and of long continuance and sore sickness. OK, I really feel not to take any more time on this. Let me just jump down here. Well that's pretty much it. I just want to end it on a positive note.


I just want to remind you that the blessings of God are for two thousand generations. All of these curses are breakable. God is begging you to repent, so that He can help you. Let me just. OK back in Chapter 26. Verse 15, God is saying He's looking down from heaven, and He's blessing His people Israel. That's us today. The church is Israel. And the land which thou has given us as thou swarest to out fathers. A land flowing with milk and honey. This day the Lord thy God hath commanded to thee to do these statues and judgments. Thou, therefore, shall keep and do them with all thine heart and with all thy soul. Thou has avouched the Lord this day to be thy God. He will be your God and to walk in His ways and to keep His statues and His commandments and His judgment and hearken unto His voice. And the Lord hath avouched, He has agreed that you will be His people. You're going to be His son in this covenant. And He has promised you and that if you keep all His commandments, you will be His son to make and when you are His son, He will make you high above all nations which He has made in praise and in name and in honor that you might be a holy person unto thy Lord your God, as He has spoken.


Chapter 26, OK, the Lord seams to go this way tonight. I just don't want to leave you with any negative feelings. God is a righteous God. Be very careful that you don't condemn God. I know this sounds very severe but maybe we don't understand how severe these sins are for God to punish us like this, but He is a merciful God. It's happened, we're fallen. I am a living, walking testament to you. I was being destroyed since I was a very small child, and He has saved my life. He has set me in a high place. It was necessary for me to confess the sins on my family line and whatever sins I, myself, have done.


And He wants to do it for you. For whoever this message is for tonight, He wants to do it for you, but you have to confess that you are guilty and He's righteous. That's His one requirement. Glory to God. He has the power to curse, and He has the power to restore you. He's the one with the power. Wasn't that what I was saying at the beginning of the message, that people are arrogant, and they are fighting with God. Didn't I say that at the beginning of the meeting? And it's almost laughable how arrogant we are towards God. Its amazing that He doesn't just kill us, the things we say to Him and the way we think towards Him. You're talking about God, Almighty. God. He has the power to blow on us and you're dead. Humble yourselves, brethren, and ask Him for His help. Hallelujah. Any questions or comments?


Please give that lady the microphone. The lady in white. I promise to come to your wedding. I'll dance at your wedding.


COMMENT: When you ask God, you were saying earlier, repent for anyone, if I have any curses in my family line or something, whatever it may be. And ask God, I repent of all my from my family sins through out the generations. Do I need to say specifically what they are? If I don't know what they are what do I say?


PASTOR VITALE: If you don't know what they are you say "Lord have mercy on me I confess all those sins whatever they are." I am telling you I went through this whole chapter, confessed every sin and I did it several times a years for the first few years. I said, Lord....you know I was just being wiped out. I was being totally wiped out, and I had a child who would have been left without a mother. I was just desperate. I just went through the whole thing. Just confessed everything. Confessed the sin of my family going back ten generations. And I just said "Lord if there's anything else that I need to confess, you need to show it to me." You see, this is just an act of faith, when you go through this book and you confess these sins. It's an act of faith. God will come to you from time to time, and He will bring understanding to you of a specific sin that you must repent of.


You know, when I was dying for the third time....when I went into the hospital two and a half years ago, I was really half-dead. I was two-thirds dead at that point, and I was prepared to die. I wasn't going to go into the hospital unless God told me to. And I was at the beach, I was standing in the water with all those people around me. Did you ever hear this testimony? God came to me in the middle of Cedar Beach, and He told me something about myself that horrified me. And I was just talking, and they must have thought I was nuts. I was out there in the middle of the water talking to God. I said, "Dear God, I just know it true. I am just so sorry that I am guilty of that sin." It was right after that He put me in the hospital, and He saved my life.


I am going to tell you with all my heart, that if I could not have said to Him at that moment, if I could not confess that sin, if it was not true. I probably would have died, because He doesn't save your life to let you stay the way you are. He saves your life to erase....and He wants to use you. He wants to be revealed through you. He wants to send you back to help other people with the same problem you had. So He's not going to save your life, and you'll be the same person thinking the same evil thoughts and making the same mistakes.


So you have to confess your sins so He can erase that evil in you and give you His righteous nature and raise you up so you can live, and that you'll be in His service to go help other people. There's a whole world out there that's desperate for help. He needs people that are going to go, and you can go out and do the same thing. Does that answer your question? Yeah?


COMMENT: When you are married, do you have the authority to repent for the sins in your husband's family line so your children will be blessed?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I, now I really can't tell you for sure. My absolute opinion is I think so. That if you're married and your husband doesn't know the Lord and you do, that, spiritually, you're the high priest of the family. So you break em. Certainly try, you know and believe God for the best. You do the best you can.


COMMENT: When we went through all these curses, I didn't see the curse of the bastard. Wasn't that in Chapter 28? Or what part of the Bible is it in?


PASTOR VITALE: That's another part of the Bible. Ten generations, the curse of the bastard. Illegitimate birth produces a curse that isn't wiped out for at least ten generations.


COMMENT: I can't think of any other curses along that line right now. Can you recall any?


PASTOR VITALE: The curse of the, well there's the curse of fornication, There's curses for adultery that carry very heavy penalties on them. But incest, idolatry, and incest are biggies. They produce insanity and death, severe physical illness and emotional illness. Anywhere you see such severe problems it goes back however far back you have to go. It's there, incest and idolatry. And pride is always there. Pride is always at the bottom.


COMMENT: I am looking at Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy, Verse 35. What exactly does it mean, the Lord shall smite thee in the knees and in the legs?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I gave you my testimony. I was smitten in my knees and in my legs severely. I was limping; I had arthritis in my ankles. Arthritis in my knees. Ulcers on my legs. I experienced terrible pain in my legs. I had trouble walking.


COMMENT: But is there a particular thing that you have to repent of?


PASTOR VITALE: Do you mean, spiritually speaking, that you have to repent of?


Well there's another Scripture in one of the history books that says a king, God smote the king in his knees. I think he turned on his own family if I am not mistaken. Destruction within the family is very....God sees that as a very serious thing. He says that you have to honor your parents. If you find situations where brothers and sisters are really trying to harm each other, stealing their brother's wife or stealing money from them, brings heavy curses, brings destruction from within the family. Family is supposed to be strong, supposed to be helping each other. And even if the rest of your family is not helping you, if you're guilty of bringing destruction towards members of your family, it's just not a good thing. You know it brings destruction on everybody.


COMMENT: I am not aware of anything like that in my family. Could it be like generations that I don't know about?


PASTOR VITALE: Why? What are you talking about? Is there a problem with your legs in your family?


COMMENT: Well I just had an operation on the knee, the arthritis. I had psoriasis lightly, but I still have it.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you know how far back, well you have heavy curses on your family XXXX. You have a retarded brother, alcoholism in your parents. Heavy curses on your family.


COMMENT: All these years I broken these curses, why... Are there any remaining that are likely, but to be sure....But still there remaining.


PASTOR VITALE: I see, first of all do you know how far back ten generations is? Do you know how far back that is? Four hundred years, talking about four hundred years back. Probably don't know who your relatives were four hundred years back. And why are they still there? I don't know, but I will pray for you right now, that if there is anything that you have to confess, that God quickens it to you. I think He's saying pride. But you see this thing with pride, you know its....I know that you're doing all that you could do right now. That you're saying, I repent of pride but what God is doing in this hour is that He's coming to us, and He's showing us specific behavior that is sin.


See, I am sure anybody that's in the church, if you say to them your problem is pride, "Oh, I repent of pride amen, amen, amen." And then you go to them and say what you just did, what you just said, what you just thought, the way you dealt with that problem, that's pride. Nine out of ten people in the church would have a problem with it. So we say we repent of pride, but when it's pointed out to us that, that thought is pride, the average person has a problem. XXXXX's saying amen.


So what God is into in this hour and, in particular this ministry, He's going to people and telling them the way your mind dealt with that problem, that's pride and I have that wonderful job of doing that. I get beat up a lot, but I only go when God sends me. But that's what He's doing here now is He's setting people free. Because we have people that they are saying....well we had that one guy that came from out of state here. He confessed every sin, witchcraft, Jezebel, pride and the whole thing, and then I told him, "that's pride," and he went crazy. You don't understand that? Because he didn't want to admit that was pride.


OK. Let me try it again. He was willing to repent in general. He said, "Oh yeah, I repent of all my sins." Then he preformed some unGodly behavior while he was here. Then I said "look brother that's whatever you want to call it" I told him what it was and he didn't like it, and he got mad at me. Had a bit of a problem with him. So that's typical human behavior. Everyone says, I repent, I break that curse, I break that curse, man. Who wouldn't say that? But when I say to them, well the way you're dealing with that problem, that's sin. You see the average person cannot say, "Amen, I repent," they just get mad at me. And that's just a fact.


Now, hopefully, and we're having a lot of victory here. First they beat me up, then God convicts them and then they repent. But the son gets beat up. That's the ministry. It's the ministry of the two-witness company. You see when God sends you to someone and says, "tell them," if I don't tell them God beats me up. If I tell them, they beat me up.


COMMENT: When you said that, I though of Jesus' courage. Is there any kind of connection with that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, because, you see, when you're in this two-witness company. OK when they go and God sends them. You see if you do it and God didn't send you, you're in trouble. God has to send you. And you go and point something out to this person and they beat on you. Sometimes they don't say a word. But they go home and their mind beats on you. It fits right in, fits right in with this message tonight. Depending on how much pride they have. Depending on how they were raised. Some people are openly aggressive, and they will tell you to go take a flying leap and say a few choice words to you. Other people will smile right at your face and tell you they love you, kiss you good bye, and walk out of there and your mind will be going bong, bong, bong.


Now it depends on what kind of person they are. Are they aggressive, openly aggressive or are they passively aggressive? You have to know who you are dealing with.


So, boy I am really losing my train of thought tonight. What was I talking to you about?


Comments from the congregation are not clear or understandable.


PASTOR VITALE: So, you see, the breaking of the curse in reality comes when you stop thinking in that destructive way. You see, you can say you repent from morning till night, you know, for the next hundred years and until your behavior changes that person, it's not broken. Cause its not so.... what you have to do, the first thing, see the first thing you do.... this is the way it works.


You get a revelation that there's something wrong, there's a curse operating in your life, like the trouble you're having on your knees, for example. You get a revelation that maybe it's a curse, and you go before God and you ask Him for help. Maybe you'll come to me or someone like me, who will pray for you and break the curse. And the next thing that happens is that God starts pointing out the thought patterns which are manifesting, which are expressions of the curse. Are you following me? OK. And then comes the challenge once you can see how wrong thinking is operating in your mind.


Now God is challenging you to change. Then you try and stop. At that point you're crying out to God saying "God help me, I can't stop this. I thought it would be so easy to repent. I said the words but I can't stop it, I can't stop thinking it I can't stop saying it. I can't stop doing it." And that's the beginning of the war. But when God's on your side, if you're really fighting, you'll take the victory. I don't know how long it will take. Its not going to happen overnight. And it's usually a whole mentality, whole mentality. Whole mind....it's the way you think. The way you deal with problems. It's not just one little thing.


So what are we talking about? We're talking about attacking the carnal mind. We're right back to the beginning of this message. We're talking about the mind of Christ coming in and waging war against the carnal mind of the people who have been crying out for help for years. Almost without exception, however, everyone who has been calling out for help for years, when they find out the way they're getting help, that Christ is coming in and attacking their carnal mind, they change their mind. But you see it's too late, because He heard your prayer. Do you understand what I said?


Now there's no place in this world that you can run. He's after you, He heard your prayer, and He wrote it down. He hasn't forgotten about it. So were talking about getting a whole new mind. That old mind that's killing us has got to go. It's got to go. Its got to die. Did that answer your question? You have another question?


COMMENT: When you say people, what you were just saying about the person who said, "I repent of this sin," that you discerned it was pride. Like if I would repent of, God break the family line curses whatever on my family, I don't really mean it, God won't do it?


PASTOR VITALE: No. That's the way you start. That's all you could do, OK? You hear a message like this. That's all you could do. You say "Lord I know I have a problem in my life and that's all I know how to do. I confess the sins I repent help me," and then, in His timing, He starts coming to you and convicting you of a specific sin, but He doesn't do it all at once, because He can't rip your carnal mind out all at once. You'll die.


So like you have been coming to meetings like this for a year and a half, Christ, I believe, is engrafted in your soul. You're getting the Word of God into you. Christ is being formed in you. Now He's starting to attack your carnal mind. He doesn't just attack your carnal mind. You have to have Christ. You have to have something to replace it. Even the world knows that you can't take something away from somebody unless you are ready to replace it with something else. So if He's going to be taking your carnal mind away, He has to have another mind ready to give you. And it can't be my mind, it can't be the Christ that's in me. Has to be the Christ that's in you.


So the first step is to get the seed engrafted and to get Christ being formed in you, and then when God decides that Christ in you is mature enough, He'll start to attack your carnal mind. And He'll probably send someone like me first because the Christ mind is not strong enough to do it. So I'll do it till you're strong enough to do it. As long as you can hang in there.


COMMENT: You mean pray deliverance and rebuking me if I was to manifest sin?


PASTOR VITALE: In deliverance? No. To come to you and tell you what you just said to me is witchcraft. Remember, I said that to you once or twice, remember? That's what I am talking about. I said is "XXXXXX what you just said to me is witchcraft. You can't talk to me like that" Remember I said that to you? I said that to you right? That's what I am talking about.


COMMENT: I have another question. What you were saying to XXXX. Something about a person, you would ask God for help you were saying "I can't stop it, I can't stop thinking it, I can't stop the sin" And once you say it to God, Now He's coming after you. You were saying something like that?


PASTOR VITALE: I said that lots of times, I can't say all the time. But everyone I have ever known, once God answers your prayer and starts to help you, it's never the way you expected it. What does the average Christian think? The average Christian thinks they are going to come up on a prayer line, someone's going to lay hands on them, maybe they will go out in the spirit, and when they wake up everything will be wonderful. But it doesn't work like that. Spiritual problems have to be overcome. God comes to His people, He gives you strength to overcome. If there is a demon to be cast out.


What that means is that the condition that your soul is in right now is that there is no way you can overcome that problem. So the Lord will come in and cast a demon out, and He says, "now you can overcome. He says now you can overcome, I evened it out." You know what I am talking about? This is what happens when we have a problem in our soul. It's a sin that's been on the family line for a long time, and we have a spiritual growth, like a cancer in our soul and its very strong, and our carnal mind is forcing us to do this sin over and over again against our will.


So, when we cry out to God, the Lord comes, and He'll get rid of the growth. He'll get rid of the excess of that sin so we can deal with it, so that we can control it. You don't understand what I am saying? It's too strong for us. Let me put it to you this way. He weakens it. The casting out of the demon is the weakening of that sin and now He says, "I weakened it. Now you are strong enough. Let's see you put that thing under your feet" But it's an overcoming, see. There's a lie in the church today that this thing is easy. That God goes, poof, it's a miracle and you're not doing that sin anymore. It's a lie. You have to overcome.


COMMENT: He tests you again to see if you take the victory?


PASTOR VITALE: He tests you all the time. The testing doesn't stop. Jesus was tested when He rose to full stature. The testing never stops.


COMMENT: To see if you get the victory, when the test comes. See if you are strong enough to overcome. He wants to see if you can get the victory?


PASTOR VITALE: And once you get the victory, you'll still be tested to see if you'll hold the ground. This is a war. This is an out right war. You're tested until your carnal mind is killed. This is a war that's being fought right now, and we are fighting it from a position of defeat. Every human being that comes to Christ, at the time they came to Christ, was a defeated person. That's the way it's set up today. Very few people are coming to Christ unless they are defeated. Why? Cause they have no reason to come to Christ. People who have everything in the world, their life is good, they're happy, they're content, they're healthy, they have good relationships, they have money, they're not coming to Christ. They've got everything they need.


So the average person that comes to Christ has a need. So everybody that comes to Him is needy. He's here to make us strong, and we have to overcome. So we have to fight this war from a position of being overcome, then we get to a place where God exalts us. He makes us above, not beneath. He makes us the head, not the tail. He makes us the lender, not the borrower. And we arise to a high place above the enemy, and now the enemy is under our feet and it gets easier.


1/14/01 kml


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