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We will start with two scriptures in Romans 7, Verses 6 and 12.


Verse 6, But now we are delivered from the law that being dead where in we were held that we should serve in newness of spirit and not in the oldness of the letter.  KJV


Verse 12, Where for the law is holy and the commandment is holy and just and good. KJV.


The law is holy and the commandment also is not only holy but just and good. So we find the Lord saying to us through Paul in the Book of Romans that the law was a good thing, so let us start out by defining law and commandment. The difference between a law and a commandment is this.


A LAW is regulatory. A law has force behind it. If you do not obey the law there is power behind it to punish you.


The COMMANDMENT is a statute. It is an ordinance; it has no power behind it. If you break the commandment the person who has the authority of the law has to come after you to punish you. You have a law on the books for example which says in Benin city you cannot steal somebody's car but if somebody walks over to your car and drives it away the law has not prevented them from doing this.


A policeman with a weapon must come after him and take your car back. So the commandment has no power, but what it does do is reveal sin. You see if no body knew that it was illegal to steal your car, and this thief came and stole your car nobody will think twice about it. But the commandment is good and is holy even though it labels people and behaviour criminal, and it does label people criminal. I do not really know your culture that well in Nigeria I am going to be very honest with you, I do not know but I know back in the United States we have some people labouring under a religious spirit that says every body is good and only the demons are bad.


Well let me tell you something when the person is in agreement with the demon, they are bad, they are bad. That does not mean that there is no opportunity for repentance. That does not mean that there is no opportunity for conversion. That does not mean they are bad forever no matter what they do, no. Repent and turn to the Lord and turn unto righteousness but when someone is engaging in an illegal behaviour in full agreement without any resistance whatsoever of what they are doing, at that time and at that moment that person is bad, they are not separate from there behaviour. So what the commandment does is reveal sin in the individual. And we have people in the United States who walk around saying love covers a multitude of sin.


Brethren the love that covers your sin is Christ in you. My false or carnal understanding of love, which justifies your sin without imparting an ability to you to stop doing it, is not covering your sin; it is killing you, because the wages of sin is death. So if I point out your sin to you in the love of God, I give you an opportunity to live. So let me just review now.


A law is regulatory. For the scripture most law is spiritual, I do not want to waste too much time on this but for my purposes tonight, the law is spiritual. The indwelling Christ, Christ in you the hope of glory is a regulatory law. He carries in it very existence and presence in your mind a regulatory authority. That regulatory authority is called judgment and I would like to explain judgment to you tonight, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what it is, but let me just continue on with my thought.


The commandment reveals the sin, the law of Christ in you comes in and corrects it and sin itself is a law. How can I call sin a law aside from the fact that Paul calls it a law, I call it a law because it has authority to make you do things that you would rather not do. Paul clearly stated he does not want to do it but he does it anyway and that which he would do he cannot do and that which he does not want to do he does. And he says that which is in his flesh that is driving him against his will is a law, it has power to make him do the law of sin and death, but there is another law he said that he serves with his mind and he said woe unto me who will deliver me from the body of this death.


What was he talking about, he was saying, who will deliver me from this mind that is in my flesh because the law that I serve with my mind the law of God just does not seem to be strong enough to stop me from sinning. Now how could this be, this could be Brethren because this creation is fallen and in our fallen condition the law of sin and death has authority over us. And when Christ comes into our life, He does not come into our life as a full-grown spiritual man. He comes into our life as a potential, He comes into our life as a seed, an ability to reproduce the very life that we saw in the man Jesus in each of us and that seed must grow and it must prosper and when it begins to mature it wages war against the law of sin and death.


So if you see people who you know to be believers who do not seem to be chastened of the lord, do not be distressed because this is a great mystery. The Lord only chastened the one who is His son. His son Christ in you the hope of glory, if that seed is not at the point of growth where it is matured enough to be regulating your life, God is winking at your sin; why? Because He knows you do not have the strength to overcome that law of sin and death, which is in your members. So He is winking at it until such time as Christ is matured enough to start to take authority over and break the strength of that wicked flesh.


He gives you a commandment, He says thou shall not. And if you find you cannot keep the commandment as Paul said he could not you have the opportunity to repent and try again. But brethren this is what they do in the Roman Catholic Church. You sin, you go to confession, you say the Hail Mary (laughs) and then you go out and do it again and you come back and you repent and you say the Hail Mary and you go out and you do it again. Now this is what many of us are doing in our walk with the Lord today.


I am here to tell you that God has better things for you. He has for you the true forgiveness of sins and I want to tell you that for somebody to say, for the Lord to say, for me to say I forgive you that is not the forgiveness that Jesus has for you. The forgiveness that He has for you is to fix you so that you stop doing it because Jesus is not a Roman Catholic priest, amen. So you see we are all playing a game, we have received the commandment and our sins are being exposed but are they being plucked out.


Judgment is the plucking out of your sins. The judgments of God are merciful, they are glorious and they are unto deliverance and life. Despise not the chastening of the Lord Brethren; for it shall produce the life of Christ in you not as a gift, not as speaking in tongues, as beautiful as your music was, I am not talking about music. I am talking about His nature that it should appear in your mind that it should appear in your mouth that it should appear in your behaviour that your thought and behaviour should be so irreproachable that the commandment has no sin to reveal in you.


That the law of Christ has nothing to regulate in you but the end of this is the slaying of the enmity in your flesh, when he is dead you see there is no more need for the law. And we are told that at this point that Christ after He has put down every enemy even the last enemy which is death, He shall offer this creation up to the Father, there is no more need for that law of Christ and we shall be translated into pure spirit. The evil which was in our flesh, which we were born with haven been completely dealt with not in accordance with the purposes of men but in accordance with the purposes and the plan of God.


Now how do we get to this point? Paul clearly stated he did not know how he will be delivered from this body of death but in another book we hear him say I live but not I yet Christ lives within me. Paul attained to full stature; he said he was offered up because he was born out of season. Paul was born again; we have begun to be born again. You ladies who have had children you know the difference between beginning labour and having a baby in your arms; it could be a long stretch, okay.


We have been reconciled unto God, by His death by the death of the Lord Jesus Christ we have been reconciled unto Him we have found ourselves in a relationship, we have found him speaking to us, talking to us, imparting His laws into us but brethren you are not born again until you walk in the heavenlies by His own spirit. So this is good news, do not be distressed because I tell you, you are not born again. How can you be born again if you think you are already there? If you think this is it, then there are no changes to make, then there is nothing to do, the truth shall set you free. You have a valid experience with God, reconciliation and if His son has begun to be formed in you; you are also justified because by His blood, we are justified.


His blood is the reality of the blood of the Passover lamb on the door of the Israelites. When His blood which is his life, not the Holy Spirit but Christ is rooted in you growing into your soul, is appearing in the way you think. He is not a gift; Christ is not a gift. The Holy Spirit comes with the gifts, they are good, they are beautiful, they are introducing you to God, they are introducing you to the world of the spirit of God, they are giving you experiences in God but He is not forming your nature, He is not reforming your nature. He is exposing sin in you.


The Holy Spirit is exposing sin in you but when Christ begins to grow in you have to get from the holy Spirit to Christ study, from the Holy Spirit flowing over you and flowing through you, you have to find the nature of the Son growing in you, appearing in the way you think, appearing in the way you deal with people, appearing in the way you deal with your sins when that happens you are justified and the blood of His life is on the door post of your vessel hallelujah! But you are still in Egypt, praise God! How can you get out of Egypt if you think you already got out? The truth will set you free, the lie will kill you; the lie will kill you. Do not cleave unto your lie, do not cover over your sins, there is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus but neither let the pharasytical attitude cover over your sin.


We must look at them, we must see them, we must confess them and we must repent and let the Lord Jesus Christ rip them out of us, you must change brethren, you must change or else you are still in the Roman Catholic Church. If you repent to day and you do it tonight and you repent tomorrow, you are in the Roman Catholic Church. It does not matter the building you walk into we are talking about the spirit. Now you have an advantage here in Nigeria because you know that spirits are real, you know that demons are real. We have a whole three quarters of the church in the United States that are saying there is no demon; you know that is not true, you are way ahead of them.


This is a spiritual experience that must happen to you, we must change from glory to glory. Every day, every sin that is confessed must be delivered up to the Lord unto the alter of our heart saying Father Lord kill it, kill it. Let this sin not be seen in me anymore.


Getting back to my original scripture, Paul is saying in Romans, Chapter 7 that the law is passing away.


Romans 7, Verse 6, But now we are delivered from the law (that is the written law He is talking about there), that being dead the written law is dead where in we were held that we should serve in the newness of the spirit and not the oldness of the letter. KJV


The commandment is the letter of the law. Brethren, the letter of the law is good but people in whom Christ is not yet being formed, the people to whom the weapon, the spiritual weapon which is Christ has not yet been given. The people to whom have no authority over their carnal mind because they do not have their weapon yet and why would they not have their weapon yet; they are too young to go to war. We grow in grace, we grow in Christ, have you not heard there are babes in Christ? There are those who are old enough to eat meat. The men fight and the women and children do not. You see in this world you are born either male or female and you stay that way until you die.


You start as a baby girl and you die as a grandmother. But in Christ you see it is different, in Christ you can be born into this world either a physical man or a physical woman but by the time you are old you are a spiritual man, you see it does not matter what your body is. So we have a great mystery, human male who are spiritual female and human female who are spiritual male so how do we tell the difference, well we know how to tell the difference but I just jumped ahead of myself. I want to emphasis to you that the commandment, which reveals sin, is good. The letter of this bible is good to people who are not spiritual, to people who have been worshiping idols, they pick up this bible and it tells them thou shall not make any idol and thou shall not worship them.


To people who have been involved in polygamy for generations, they read this bible and it says thou shall not commit adultery, it is a good book. The commandment is good and it will bring light unto every human being who reads it and believes it and does it on whatever level they can receive it. It is good do not let any one say it is not good but for those of you in whom the son has begun to be formed, those of you who are experiencing justification, those of you who have the blood of the lamb on their door post of their mind, those of you who are entering into this warfare, what warfare?


I thought it was out there in the Middle East (laughs) well it may be, it is not going to do you any good, they may do you some harm, hope not but let me tell you something if you entered into this warfare if the Lord permits, you cannot enter in without His permission. If He permits brethren let us go on to perfection. Let us stand haven done everything to stand, let us stand. And when that mind which was in Jesus is in us, I tell you brethren there is no war in the Middle East, there is no civil war in Nigeria, there is no murder outside your door that is going to hurt you because no deadly thing shall hurt you.


The only reason we get hurt now, the only reason some of us still get sick, the only reason everybody that I know except Jesus is still dying, I do not care how holy they were, their time come and they burry them. The only reason this is happening is that that mind which was in Christ Jesus is not fully formed in you; He is not grown up enough to sustain the life of your flesh. See if that spirit, which raised Christ from the dead, dwells in you, it shall quicken your mortal bodies. That is speaking about your soul and from your soul to your body.


You know I was very sick when I came to the Lord, I had been dying for years, it is a miracle that I was not dead and after about five years with the Lord I went into a service where they were singing that verse to a tune, I do not know if you here it in Nigeria. I can not sing, I tried to sing it for you and I failed miserably but there is a tune that they sing in the United States to that verse if that spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it shall quicken your mortal bodies and I said Lord I have been dancing to that song for five years and that spirit dwells in me, I heal the sick, I cast out demons, I minister to your people, I am as faithful as I can be, I am not asking you to raise me from the dead, just get me out of this sick bed, something is wrong.


And when He answered me He said to me that spirit which raised Christ from the dead is not dwelling in you because if He was you will be raised from the dead. I am not a liar He said to me, My word is not a lie, My word is true, that means the problem is with you, amen. God is perfect, God is righteous, God is irreproachable. Any problem is with us; we must change. He has given us the power to do so, we must change.


So the law is good but let us go on to perfection. Let us be spiritual for the law is carnal. So let us go on 3 verses 2-5. I am sorry before we go on I did want to make another point and when we were just speaking about that phrase the oldness of the letter unto the newness of the spirit of the lord, I did not conclude that thought. What that means is when that which is new has been imparted unto you that which was there before waxes old and dies.


The law is good, when Christ begins to be formed in you the law is of no value to you, a greater has come. Why would we cleave to the law brethren when the door to the realm of Gods spirit is opened to us? Now where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I have not come to put you into bondage, all things are lawful to the spiritual man but not all things are expedient. If you want to do it, do it but do not think that the commandment will make you holy. You want to follow the letter of the law, do it but do not think that it will make you holy because there is only one thing which can make you holy and that is the very life of the Lord Jesus Christ being revealed through your mind and your person.


Now if you follow the letter of the law and you think that it makes you holy brethren I tell you with all love you are a Pharisee. I come not to condemn you; I come to set you free: Know the truth and it will set you free. If you think you are holy because you keep the letter of the law, why would you bother confessing your sins and repenting and seeking the Lord with tears and petition to get this sin rooted up out of you? Self righteousness the sin of the Pharisee is plaguing Gods church across the world today, all you do is kill yourself, brethren and yet it is our human nature to cover over our sin. To obey God we must go contrary to our human nature.


You see before Christ came when you were being raised by your parents, when they were socialising you, when they were teaching you how to survive in this world without being destroyed, they taught you: I am sure they did not know they were doing it, but they taught you that pride is a weapon: do not let that man do that to you: do not let that person treat you like that: defend your property, defend your right, defend your children. It is a lawful survival for the carnal man but you see when you come to Christ this very law becomes a weapon to defend ones self against the living God because He comes to you and He wants to show you your self and automatically we stand up and do what we have been doing all of our lives saying not me: you.


Is that not what Job did? He said not me Lord, I do not deserve this, you must be making a mistake about me; check your books. And after much suffering the Lord convinced Job that he was but a worm. Brethren next to God we are worms but He loves us so much in our worm hood for lack of a better word that He will make us joint heirs with Him, is that not the most incredible thing you have ever heard of in all of your life and all He is saying is confess that you are the worm and I am the God an he is got it made but we can not do it. We do it for one day, we do it for two days and before we know it we have reversed it, we are righteous and God is out there making some kind of mistake.


I am not here to condemn you, everybody is doing it, it is our human nature. Two of the greatest weapon God is giving us is confession of sins and repentance. So now that which is new is being imparted to you. If Christ is not being formed in you I pray that by the end of these three days, He is being formed in you. The law to you, the written law or I should say commandment is no longer a weapon. You can follow it if you want to but if you believe it makes you holy you have killed yourself. You have built death into yourself amen.


Galatians, Chapter 3, Verses 2-5, This only will I learn of you received ye the spirit by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith. How did you receive the Holy Spirit you received by the hearing the word of faith I believe, are ye so foolish that haven begun in the spirit that you think that you are now made perfect by the flesh or by the works of the flesh. Have you suffered all of your trials and tribulations in vain, has He suffered in vain, has Christ suffered in vain for you, have you suffered in vain, He therefore that ministereth to you in spirit and worketh miracles among you doeth He it by the works of the law or by the hearing of faith. Oh ye Galatians who has bewitched you. Who has bewitched you?KJV


You see there is a spirit. The Bible calls it the spirit of this world. Paul calls it the carnal mind. It is the mind that we were born with and it is sitting in the temple of God calling itself God, giving us directions, turning us back to the letter of the law, perverting the truth of the scriptures and in some instances seducing us into believing that he is God. So this is why the Lord has preachers, this is happening all over the world. Stay in the spirit brethren, go on in the spirit, ask the Lord if you can go on to perfection.


Okay I want to spend a few minutes on judgment and then we go on to the signs of spiritual manhood and spiritual women. There are two kinds of judgement in the world today. We all heard about the judgment seat of Christ. When Christ comes with judgment, He comes to judge sin. Sin is in our carnal mind. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God because we were born with a fallen nature. We have not sinned after the similitude of Adam but we are sin, our very essence is sin. I know I just told you, you are reconciled to God. I know I just told you; you are justified before God but CHRIST IS THE INVADING FORCE.


Our existence except for the Lord Jesus Christ is sustained; our appearance in this world is sustained by the carnal mind, how do I know that? If you go outside and a car hits you and you die unless you get a sovereign miracle of God, you are dead. The only reason your body dies is that your mind is already dead. If your mind was alive, I am not quite sure whether you will get up off the ground not touched or whether you will be all in pieces and snapped your fingers and come back together again, am not sure but if your mind was alive your body will not die. Do you know when Jesus hung on the cross and the King James, a version of the bible says He gave up the ghost, He said Father why have thou forsaken me, and He gave up the ghost.


You know brethren we have to get the spirit of this word, because these very well meaning translators have made some very serious mistakes in their translations. I want to tell you, that was my God who was hanging on the cross and there was no weakness in Him and He never accused His Father of forsaking Him. Never: do not believe it, do not believe it: well that another whole message but I just want to tell you that that phrase which said He gave up the ghost: if you check it out in the Greek, it is a Greek word that indicates He breathed out of His body by His own purpose and will.


It is a different Greek word in the Greek word, which says someone took their last dieing breath and they breathed it out, that is an involuntary breath. Your body is dieing and you take your last breath, no that body could not die until He left by His own will power He breathed out and that human body died, Amen. And because the Father looked upon Him, because that spirit which was in him was not carnal but righteous: that spirit that breathed out raised the whole man from the dead.


So if one of us where to die God forbid, I will talk for myself I am not righteous. God could stop (inaudible) to save my life but if He did, it will be nothing more than putting a band-aid on me. If I preach for another 20 or 30 years I do not know for how long He want to keep me around and then I will go the way of all flesh. When your mind is dead your body has to die eventually. The answer is to get your mind renewed and the renewing of your mind is in the changing of your mind, you have to get a new mind, His name is Christ and when He comes to live with you and to be your mind in order for Him to be your mind He has to knock out the guy that is your mind. We find this expressed in the book of Revelation I think it is chapter 20, And  I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for Christ. KJV. Brethren, who is our head?


COMMENT: Inaudible


PASTOR VITALE: No He is not, and do not get upset with me, He is not. The one that keeps this body alive in this hour is the carnal mind, I tell you the truth, I tell you the truth but Jesus is coming and He is going to behead you. You see, the scripture does not say He is going to behead your body; it says I saw the souls of them who were beheaded. Brethren you cannot get Christ as your head if you cannot admit that right now He is not your head because the head that you have if you really believe that it is Christ, you are going to fight to keep her and when Christ comes to behead you, you are going to wage war against the lamb of God.


There is no guillotine out there waiting for the children of God. Did you ever see one of those pictures; you are all doing wonderful you have not seen them here, that is great. We have them in the United States, they take that scripture and some very well meaning people by the letter of the word have decided that the Christians are going to be subjected to a French Guillotine. There are going to have their physical head cut off and they have made moving pictures with all the saints lined up for miles and miles, presenting themselves to the guillotine laying their heads down. But my Bible says that their souls were beheaded, how do we behead a soul brethren?


I do not know how to behead a soul, I do not have the strength to behead a soul, I would not know where to start but the Lord Jesus Christ knows how and He has got what it takes. He has got a weapon. The one who died for you, the one who was crucified and rose from the dead, the one who is pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh, and raining on you right now, He has a weapon that He wants to give to you. And that weapon is not that spirit that is raining on you, He has come to give you the weapon, Christ is the weapon. See the spirit that is raining on you is the resurrected glorified spirit of The Lord Jesus Christ.


But he is coming to make the life, that mind that was in the man Jesus, who was Christ, He is coming to put that mind in you, because you see His spirit just comes with gifts, it does not come to make you righteous and until you become righteous you will continue to die. So the glorified spirit comes with gifts and the end of those gifts is that his life starts to grow in you. That mind that was in the man Jesus, that mind that made Him Christ he wants it to grow and Christ will sit on your soul and he shall truly be your head. Who ever said that back then you were right it just has not happened, praise God, do not be embarrassed.


So the judgment seat of Christ is when this mind begins to grow in you. And it can not just be there it has to start to operate. If it is just lying there is not doing you any good, brethren if I know you have lights in here but I do not know enough to turn the light switch on, these lights are not doing me one little bit of good, I am in the dark. So it is not even enough to have Christ being started to root down in you. He must start to function. He must start to be your mind and this entails warfare against the god that is sitting on your soul in the temple of God calling himself God. Saying this is God speaking, go to church every Sunday and you are going to get raptured, I am making a joke out of this but you know there are people who believe this. I am not really making fun of anybody but I do use humour to make a point. We must learn to recognise who is speaking to us.


Do you know that every thing that is spiritual is not of God? May be you know that here but in the United States we have people who do not know that. It is very sad; we have ministers that do not know that. There is one woman some where in the United States, she actually put in her newsletter that the way she knows that angels are surrounding her is that they come in the middle of the night when she is sleeping and turn the vacuum cleaner on and off. She put it in her newsletter the woman has deep revelation. So the judgment seat of Christ is His mind in you waging war against the mind that you were born with and you see that there is something you do not know that you were born with it is your human spirit. We were told in the book of Job that says there is a spirit in man that spirit is your true reality. When this creation fell our true reality was joined unto Satan.


When Eve received the seduction; it does not say Eve, the scripture says the woman then there was a joining of the mind and that was how we fell though we are still joined; we are still joined. He is in there, he is not just out there, he is not a red freak with horns and tail, he is not, did you know that? He is not a red freak. Did they show you that in Nigeria here, with the big long tail and with an arrow at the end of it with the big horn? (Laughs) It is not true. He is a part of the nature that we were born with. He is right in here, the battle is in here, Armageddon is in here. Judgment is Christ in you wounding unto death without mercy the mind that you were born with.


And if you ever wondered how you could reconcile the scriptures of the New Testament showing the love of Jesus with the warfare of the Old Testament; if you have ever wondered how to reconcile this loving forgiving God with this merciless God, let me show you how to do it. Every warfare scripture is against Gods enemies. Gods' enemy is not the Philistines; Gods enemy is not your friend down the street. Gods' enemy is not another nation, not another race not another sex. God has one enemy, the multi-membered carnal mind of men. And when Christ begins to be formed in you, you are now a member of the family of God and every human being in whom the carnal mind has the free reign to manifest is your potential enemy.


Now you must understand that this is not enmity as you would know it as to human beings. Brethren we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but powers and principalities that most of the people do not even know are operating in their own mind. Every scripture in the Old Testament which prophesise the defeat of Gods enemy it does not matter whether the prophet calls him the king of Assyria, whether the prophet calls him the king of Ethiopia. These are just symbolic names so that people who are carnal can get some understanding and value from this bible. Of course many of these prophecies have come to pass.


We know that Babylon was defeated, Persia was defeated but do not be deceived just because the history is realistic do not think that there is no deep spiritual meaning to these, of course there is. The scripture is bottomless, it just goes deeper and deeper and deeper as spiritual as you become it goes deeper. Do not stay on the surface Brethren, God have much to tell you but He will just give you as much as you can bear. So Gods enemy is the carnal minds of men. And when you first become called into this warfare your enemy is in your own mind (and you must fight this thing until you can see it (inaudible).


We must learn to distinguish between the voice of our carnal mind and the voice of our Lord that is number 1. If you cannot do it you just ask Him for it, if you cannot do it pray for it, He wants you to do it, He wants you to ask. Then you start agreeing with Christ that spirit which is in you, that spirit which is joined to Satan whose plight is typified by Dinah in the book of Genesis. She was raped and taken into the tent of her assailant. I did not read anywhere that she came out, I do not know. Did she come out? I think her brother did their deeds to the men of that tribe. I do not know I may be mistaken for some reason I said I do not think she came out maybe she did.


PASTOR VITALE: Did she come out? Yes, she did.




PASTOR VITALE: She did, praise God. I am not perfect.


So that spirit in us which is joined to Satan is now joining to Christ in us. This condition of being joined to Satan and being joined to Christ is typified in the scripture by Sarah and Abraham. Abraham had two children, one of promise and one of the bonds woman. Well in the spirit it is backward; it is our human spirit which is female, which has the two children. She has the carnal mind and she has Christ and they are both in your head and if you ever want this warfare to end in the beading of the carnal mind and replacement with Christ, you must join with Christ and we see a type of this if you go to David when he went to exile, when he went to that churlish man, who would not give him any food, who would not give him any water.


The man just despised David but that churlish mans wife saw the anointing of God upon him and she went out in the night and she brought him food and she brought him water, she joined with David and shortly after her joining with him that wicked husband died and she became David's wife. That is what is happening to us, we must join with Christ who will kill our husband. He is our husband Brethren. Satan is our present husband in the form of the carnal mind. When Satan appears in our mind his name changes and becomes the carnal mind. Christ is the invading force; He is rescuing us. We have been taken into the tent of the carnal mind and we are captives there. He uses us, he uses our mind, he uses our body, he makes us do things we would not do.


The scripture says we are the harlot. Do you want to know who the harlot of Revelation is? It is us, we are fallen. We are the carnal minds harlot and when we get paid the pay is death. But the strong and mighty one is come. He is saying join with me; join with me. Do not cover your sins; confess them. Denounce this carnal mind, denounce this union, denounce this ungodly marriage and come with me. The judgment seat of Christ is Christ in you wounding your carnal mind that is the scriptural expression; he must be wounded unto death, Amen.


This is the judgment seat of Christ; it is corrective. Let me give you an example, if there is a sin in your heart, you are aware of envy in your heart let us make it simple, envy; every body knows what that is and the Lord comes to you and you confess it and you repent. Christ will wound your carnal mind in that area, imparting to you an ability to overcome this envy and tread it under your feet. Now sometimes we do not have the strength to do these ourselves, so the Lord will bring into our life an encounter with another human being, sometimes it may not be pleasant but when we confess our part in it that is sin the Lord is faithful to bring forth this very change in our nature which we can call deliverance.


The judgements of God are corrective and merciful and they always produce the fruit of His life, no I am not going to lie to you they can be uncomfortable, they can be painful especially if you have pride, it can be very painful. That is what hurt your pride, they have to die. So the judgement of God are merciful, welcome them into your life. It is just like a woman going in to labour. Who likes being in labour? Is there anybody in here who wants to labour? But when it is over you have a man child. That prophet that said I saw a man sitting with his hands wrapped on his loins like as if he were in travail. He is speaking about the birth of the man child of Revelation 12 in you. And he likens this travail to a human labour of a woman bringing forth a child.


There is some pain I will not lie to you but walk with the lord, how do you walk with Him? Confess that sin, oh Brethren it is not worth it covering over your sin, there is no sin that is worth separating you from God, there is nothing. Life with Him is such glory; nothing in this earth is worth holding on to especially your pride. So we see the judgement seat of Christ is a corrective judgement.


I hear some questions on your mind what about Revelation, Chapter 20, Verse 12. And I saw the dead both small and great stand before God. KJV


Brethren we are all dead, we are all dead. The only one that is alive is Jesus of Nazareth. If we were not dead as I said earlier our bodies would not die when they were hurt your bodies only dies, when your mind is already dead.


The spiritual definition of death, does anybody know? It is separation from God, separation from God. We are spiritually dead and our soul is dead because the soul that sin shall die. And the living soul at the time of the fall sinned that is why it fell, and when it fell it died. But behold I show you a great mystery we have not ceased to exist. We are dead but we have not ceased to exist. The scripture tells us that Hades is a place underneath the earth where the inmates continue to have an existence and were there is fire and pain and torment consistently and the church father has drawn the erroneous conclusion that this place is a places outside of this world and is the cause of this physical body but my bibles tells me that we died when we separated from God and that we fell down into a hole in the ground, we fell down to hell, this place right here and that our spirit died and we is now buried under this earth of our souls and our bodies. We are already dead. Do you have a question?


So and I saw the dead the great people of this world, the ones with all the prestige and all the power and all the money and all the brains and all the education and I also saw the small ones, the ones who are being killed by this world all the day long. You see even though this is hell for some people it is much worse than it is for others. There are different degrees of hell but do not be deceived material comfort do not necessarily indicate heaven brethren, there are different degrees of hell. The scripture says it is better to have little and to have the grace of God upon your life than to have a big house and be married to a mate who fights with you day and night, the contentious woman. It is better to have little and have the blessings of God and have a healthy body and a healthy family life and children who live and prosper and respects you and honour you because children that dishonour you are a curse. We have a plague of that in the United States right now.


There are some things that are not worth paying for with your soul, but you see because we are dead most of us do not understand spiritual things and we become seduced, many of us. So cleave unto the Lord He is our only hope. So I saw this dead living soul and all of its many members except the man Jesus the Christ. The great ones of this system and the small ones of this system and they were all standing before God and the books were opened. Now the books brethren are us. Are we not living epistles? What is a book?


A book is something that contains information and have pages which are printed upon and the printing process is an engraving process that a couple of a thousand or more years ago books were clay tablets. The Ten Commandments were stone tablets. Well we have a clay soul and it is engraved, it is written upon and that writing either says CHRIST or CARNAL MIND. So when the lord opens your book He want to get look at your nature and He is going to make a judgement as to whether it is the nature of Christ or it is the nature of the carnal mind.


And the books (plural) were opened that is because we are many membered dead soul and another book (singular) was opened which is the book of life. Brethren Christ is not divided, Christ is not divided okay. Fallen dead men is divided so there were many souls that the Lord has to examine. God examines each and every one. Are you dead or are you alive? And if Christ was found written on your nature then you are a part of the book of life. Remember what I just told you, your human spirit is partially attached to the carnal mind and partially attached to Christ. Well if you are partially attached to Christ you have got your foot in the book of life.


And look at what is going to happen to everybody whose books were dead. And the dead were judged that is those things which were written in the book, it does not matter, adultery, sin; it is all one. The soul that sin it shall die. If your mind is carnal you are all of these things or you have the potential for all these things. You see we have to understand that the fact that you have never in your life committed adultery does not impress God. If your mind is carnal as far as He is concerned you have the potential to commit adultery, you have the potential to steal, you have the potential to murder and you have the potential to commit every sin known to fallen man.


God is not concerned with your behaviour in this instance but with your potential for it. it is not acceptable to God to be potentially capable of sin, that is not a holy person. It is a person with a sin nature and beyond this brethren, every sin that we are going to read about in a minute that we hear is tossed into the lake of fire is being committed by all of us in the realm of our unconscious mind. Just by the fact that we are joined to carnal mind and that we are fallen, I will go over them with you but all these sins our human spirit is engaged in and she is a harlot. She is joined to Satan and his carnal mind and she has produced this fallen world which is just an image of the spiritual reality.


Revelation 20:12 (Second Half), And the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to there works and the sea gave up the dead which were in it. KJV


Now the sea typifies the unconscious mind of men which is Satan he is your unconscious mind I am sorry but it is just the truth and he gave up all the dead what does that mean. He was so threatened by this war that Christ is wagging against him he shall release every part of our human spirit that is in his possession. He is going to throw us out; he is going to give up all the dead ones because at any point which we joined with him we are dead but that part of us which is rooted in Christ we will live by.


That is how Paul could say I am dead but yet not I it is Christ who live within me. But if you have one foot on the land and one foot on the water and when the water dries up you just find yourself standing on dry land, it is going to be a gradual conversion, why? Because if God killed our sin nature before He had begun to join us to His righteous nature we will cease to exist. You see, it is Gods purpose that we should not cease to exist. When He said to Adam in the garden, if you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you will surely die, When God said that, the Hebrew word translated "die" does not mean "cease to exist". It means you shall become mortal; you shall die to your Godhood. That is what God said to him. And the sea gave up the dead thank God which were in it and death and Hell delivered up the dead which were in them. Death is your carnal mind. To be carnally minded is death amen.


And Hell is this world that we live in. You know, we can not see the firs from the trees brethren. People think there is heaven and hell and then there is this place, what is this place? It is hell. There are various degrees of hell. It is right here, we are not going to another planet; we are not dropping into a hole in the ground. This is Gods creation brethren. Let me tell you this; this is Gods creation, at the beginning of time He formed man out of the dust and He put a mind in that man, the scripture said He breath the breath of life into him. He put a mind in him that was the breath of Gods life and God is righteous. He put a righteous mind in that clay man and because the mind in that man was righteous, now Adam did not look like we looked today. We are fallen, we are dead; Adam was alive.


Do we look like the skeleton in the ground of the man that died six years ago? Okay, Adam did not look like us, nothing like us. If you were looking for your dead friend's skeleton will you be able to recognize him? We do not look anything like our living ancestor looked. He was glorious, his mind was God. I know that I can not even imagine what that means I just have some vague idea and because his mind was God he had this ability to project an image that is very much like a moving picture but because his mind was so high this moving picture has a form and existence; it is this world, it is this world but it did not always look like this.


When his mind was God it looked liked Eden. but his mind died and a mind called death possessed the clay man and in this hour the mind of this death called carnal which we have found scriptures which indicates the Lord sees as criminally insane, a spiritually criminally insane mind is possessing his creation and this is what the world looks like everybody is killing each other, hating each other, poverty, disease, every moral sin known to man. This is the product of a criminally insane diseased mind; a mind which is separate from God. So we see hell and death was cast into the fire, hallelujah. A rebuilding of our mind in righteousness, a rebuilding of our soul in righteousness, a rebuilding of this flesh in righteousness and last but certainly not the least a rebuilding of this physical world as a result of the righteous mind of God.


So this hell and death, the mind which is death and world which is hell was cast into the lake of fire. Does anybody know who the lake of fire is? It is the mind of Christ in you. You see there are two minds in here, Christ is wounding the carnal mind and consuming him, consuming him, consuming him. And hell and death delivered up the dead which were in them and they were judged every man according to their works. Everyone was found carnal, no good.


Revelation 20, Verse 14And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. KJV


This is a bad translation by the King James translators. I have studied this verse; I have looked up every word in the Greek. And what this verse is really saying is that hell and death, death and hell which is the second death were cast into the lake of fire. Okay, I am not going to take the time to tell you how I got it because we are going on and off the tangent. Okay, but if you can receive it, receive it that frequently the King James translators they did the best they could, they were scholars but they were not spiritual men and when you try to translate a language. What they did was they sat down and they pulled out all verbs each word having up to 20 to 40 potential translations. They picked the translations for the verbs and they pulled out all the Nouns and the Adjectives each one having up to 40 to 60 potential translation and they made up the translations based on their understanding, they did the best they could but they were not profit; So we must get at the spirit of His word because life is not in the letter, there is blessing in the letter.


If you do not know any better, if you come out of some sin that you did not know it is sin God will bless you for it, why because you are going to reap what you sow but the life of Christ is to the life of the ages is not in the letter so we have got to get the spirit of the word, we have got to or we will die. Life is in union with the son, he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Life is not in the rapture; life is not in another planet called heaven. Life is in the joining of that mind which was in the man Jesus that same mind which must be growing in you, the joining of it to your carnal mind and Paul calls this the crucifixion of Christ.


Paul said I am crucified to the world, he said, I live, but not I, Christ lives in me. Christ the mind was joined to the carnal mind and Christ did not die brethren, His carnal mind died. I really did not expect to go this way tonight, are you all with me? Okay.


Revelation 20, Verse 15, And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. And in Chapter 21, we see who all those were.


Revelation 21, Verse 8, But the fearful and the unbelieving and the abominable and murderers and wore mongers and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death. KJV


That is another bad translation. Brethren we are all these things, spiritually speaking. I do not have any note with me but I looked up every word in the Greek a few months ago and we are the harlot, we are engaged in an adulterous union with the carnal mind. We are the fearful because fear is in the carnal mind; I do not care how brave you think you are. Wait until Christ reveals Himself to you, you are going to quaint; your knees are going to smote one against another. We are all these things, it is the carnal nature.


Glory to God, the Christ in you is the lake of fire and all of these weaknesses which are in your carnal mind are going to get thrown into the lake of fire in union with the son of God which will kill your sin and impart life, the life of the ages to you. So confess your sins do not cover them over, you are deceiving yourself. Paul says there are those who oppose themselves. There are some Christians who even do not understand or are so bound by pride, and I am not picking on anybody I am telling you if you have a problem it is pride. This is universal, we are all the same. Our human nature is all the same. There are Christians who have trouble confessing there sins and repenting and getting this stuff ripped out of it and if that is you then you have a problem with pride. And if you have got pride in you probably are sitting there telling me I do not know what I am talking about but I know what I am talking about, I know what I am talking about.


I had a few battles with pride and I won them all because it is Christ in me that has won them all and if you tangle with somebody in whom the mind of Christ is manifesting you will loose because if you are tangling with them it got to be your carnal mind and he will surely die because the mind of Christ we are told in the book of revelation He is like a scorpion, you have never heard this before but I am telling you, He is like a scorpion he has got a stinger and He is going to penetrate your carnal mind and He is going to let His seed in it and while you are fighting the son of God, that seed is going to be growing and you will be defeated from within because He is going to save you and He is going to have you whether you agree or not because this creation is His.


He made it, He created it, He formed it, He put His mind in it, He saw it die and He is raising it from the dead and there is no carnal mind or demon on this earth that is going to stop our God from raising His creation, His son from the dead and when your time comes He will have you. He is not a gentleman. Do you have that lie here in Nigeria that God is a gentleman and He will not take you against your will, did they tell you that here? That is what they tell us in the United States, that he is a gentleman. No He is not a gentleman, He is a war hero. He is the captain of a host and we are His wife and he will have us. Thank God.


So since I did not expect to do this tonight I really at the moment cannot explain to you how the second death, I cannot explain it, it is bad grammar over here but if you can receive it, receive it. The second death is death and hell, the second death is death and hell. I have tapes on it. We have a whole library of our tape in Lagos right now with sis xxxxx's sister. I am going to be sending as many tapes as I can get o her as soon as possible and there will be a lending library for any one who wants to pursue this any further.


Okay so let us go on. Does anyone want to ask a question on this area before we go on to something else? I am still on the judgment right? Does anybody want to ask a question about any of these?


COMMENT: I am not too clear about some points because, perhaps I am new to this place. We have known in the Pentecostal world all along that there is going to be the rapture which Paul preached about. Paul told us about in Thessalonians, but from what you are saying now and from what I have been hearing for sometime now I do not know where the rapture, what place the rapture is takes now, I do not know how to explain it now, I do not know what about it .


Then again right here, just this evening, I have got to know a few things, if I am right from my own estimation or understanding of whatever you have been saying. You have been telling us that as soon as we receive Christ. We receive the Lord Jesus Christ, we believe in Him, a new nature comes into us the nature of Christ begins to be formed in us and the judgment seat comes in. The judgement seat begins to fight sin out of our live, judging every sin in our life and getting us out of sin that is what I am getting to understand by what you are saying. And that after that, Christ will now come to indwell in us. Christ, it means that when we first receive Jesus Christ, Christ has not come to dwell. I do not know whether that is what I am trying to understand.


That the nature of Christ will begin to come gradually as you renounce your sins, as you go away from sin, as you believe in him daily, as you live in Him, as you read His word, as the word dwells in you, the nature of Christ comes into you. With this nature coming into you, the judgment seat comes in. And then there comes Christ. Christ will now come. Christ is a different one coming into you. Is that what I am trying to understand?


PASTOR VITALE: One of the problems that we run into, we human beings run into. We tend to see spiritual truth as a mirror image, as if we are looking in a mirror. And to make it as simple as I can, spiritual life dwells within us. Being carnal; everybody, being carnal perceives it as being outside of us. So some very well meaning teachers have taught that it is this physical body which will be caught up. But I will like to give you something else to think about and pray about. That it is not our body that is being caught up but it is our spirit and our soul. Our spirit is fallen and we are down in hell and it is being caught up through union with Christ to heaven. It is the spirit; we are not going off the earth. You do not have to believe it but you understand what I am saying.




PASTOR VITALE: No, the beginning it has come. It is just like you plant a seed under the ground, it has to sprout, it has to grow to become a tree, it takes time. But you have a very good grasp of the understanding. I just like to clarify it in one point for you. It is the Glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ that come s into you and his job is to change your nature, to change your human nature over to the Christ life and you have got a good grasp of it. Okay.


COMMENT: It appears that I heard you say that Christ did not die but that it was His carnal mind that died. I do not know whether I am correct.


PASTOR VITALE: I am going to make this brief. I have a 12 tape series. I think Sister xxxx has it, if you want to borrow it. I am going to make this simple okay. The man Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ was crucified, he died, He was raised from the dead. But there was a mind in him that was separate from the man. That mind was Christ. His mind did not die. The fact that His mind was righteous Christ was the overriding factor that caused the father to raise the whole man from the dead.


I am going to say it again; I am going to say it again. I feel to say it again. This is very; I am throwing a lot at you. Please do not be frustrated or embarrassed if you do not if you do not understand me. There was a man; his name was Jesus of Nazareth. He was born of the woman Mary. He had every thing we have, a human body, a carnal mind; but He had something that we have now but that the average man does not have. He had the seed of the life of the Father and he had two minds and that mind which was of the Father totally overpowered the mind of His humanity and therefore his name was Jesus of Nazareth who was the Christ, whose mind was Christ.


Everyone else, I am Sheila Vitale, the carnal okay, we can all say this for ourselves well we have two minds now. I am making a point here. Every one has a carnal mind but his mind was Christ and that is why his name was Jesus the Christ. So when the man was crucified, this is very important. The reason why the Father raised him from the dead is that during that six hours while he hung on the cross, what he did was kill the carnal mind. When he finally died and the Father looked upon him, there was no; the sin did not even exist. The enmity in his flesh was slain that which he inherited from his mother was completely destroyed, and the Father said amen rise from the dead. You do not have to believe me but you understand what I said.


Thank you very much, I appreciate that. It is not a pleasant side of the ministry to have people misunderstand you and even leaving saying that Sheila said Jesus did not die for us. I really appreciate that, because for the (Inaudible) you are used to certain terminologies. Jesus died for us. He gave up his humanity for us. He could have lived for ever as Jesus of Nazareth but He made that sacrifice which results to his returning into pure spirit form. The sacrifice of the life of the man Jesus who was Christ resulted in a change of form. He is now in a form of the glorified spirit by which He can pour out upon all flesh but with one man, it could not be, Okay.


COMMENT: Is this what I am hearing? You said that a man that is righteous is in a process of death. David said that since I was young and now I am old, I have never seen the righteous man forsaken. I want to understand that place when you said that if a man is righteous, that is a process of death, I can not understand. I do not know whether she said such. And she said if the seed of Christ is in us that is the process of life.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay so we now see that the judgement seat of Christ is not to be feared but I tell you a mystery, many believers when they come face to face with the judgment seat of Christ it stirs fear in their emotions and it will help you to know that this is the fear of your carnal mind. He is terrified when he is confronted with the awesome military strength of our Lord and saviour, Christ Jesus. And because both minds are still in us, we frequently feel the emotions of both minds. A danger that I would like to warn you about is that when Christ come to bring this judgment unto you and you perceive this fear in your emotion, you should know that Christ is never afraid and that Christ being your new husband you should not be afraid.


Therefore if you have fear it is not Christ in you that is afraid but it is that law of sin and death, which is no longer you and you must rebuke it and deny it and cleave unto Christ and confess your sins and let your carnal mind be crushed because your carnal mind will arise and give you every thought you can imagine to resist the crushing. And it involves seduction and deception with your carnal mind telling you, this cannot be God, this cannot be true. If you will just pray, submit yourself to the Lord.


Tell Him if you do not know whose voice you are hearing. God cannot expect more of you than you can do. He will meet you where ever you are. You do all that you can do. You confess your sins, you repent, you commit yourself to God and from that point forward it is His responsibility to open your eyes and open your ears to show you what he wants you to see in your life. The judgement of the carnal mind comes when you have trouble confessing your sins and trouble repenting but let me warn you brethren, there is no way to enter into life of Christ without this crushing judgment. We find in the book of Job. We find Job saying to the Lord, why are you doing this to me? Why did you not just come to me and tell me what my sin was and let me repent? Why do I have to go through l this?


And the Lord said to Job you do not have the ability to repent unless I grant you repentance, you cannot repent. You cannot survive without me. Without me you are nothing. We found scriptures in the Old Testament where the Lord looked at the living soul and He looked at it and He called it nothing. Unto God we are an empty shell unless Christ is appearing in you. He calls us nothing but because God is so great this nothing has an existence; but this earth must be filled with the life of God. And it shall be filled with the life of God and we shall be something in Him.


So that is the judgment seat of Christ. Fear is never of God. It is your carnal mind terrified; terrified. When we have the reaping and sowing judgment which is mediated by Satan or the one who meets out what you sow and this judgment is unto destruction. Let me go back to the judgment seat of Christ for just a minute. No matter what you experience is unto life, crushing, death, pain, embarrassment, whatever is unto life. The death you die is Christ arising in you. But the people in whom Christ is not being formed, who are unbelievers and it could be believers who are operating and living outside of Christ although has been reconciled unto God but have not received the seed yet. Whatever you do you shall receive a just recompense but this is unto destruction.


If you murder, there will be murder somewhere, if it is not in your life, then unto the third and forth generation. The sins of the fathers shall be visited unto the children unto the third and forth generation, but do not forget that the blessing of God shall be longer generation a while unto two thousand generation. So we are not to fear curses, we are not to fear judgment but we are to throw ourselves at the mercy of God. Now here is the catch, no matter what kind of sin is on your family line if you offer it up on the alter unto Christ. If you confess this sin unbehalf of yourself and unbehalf of your ancestors and repent, this sin is now transferred to the judgement seat of Christ. Christ will deal with it, He will root it out and He will increase in you. But when you cannot repent or you are not in a place where repentance is available to you, we reap what we sow.


Now I guess death was a bad example I really should not have done that because the reaping and sowing judgment are operating on every level of life. If we mistreat our brother we shall be mistreated in the same way. If you do not respect your brother, someone will not respect you. If you cheat your brother in business, someone is coming to cheat you. If you covet your brothers' wife, someone will come for your wife. If you seduce your neighbours' daughter, someone is coming for your daughter. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be the next day, it could be in the future generation. So we see the reaping and sowing judgment is for unrepentant people, unrepentant people, and this is the reality.


But when we come to Christ, if we humble ourselves before God we see the reaping and sowing judgment swallowed up by the life giving judgment seat of Christ. But we must know that there is enough reason for judgment in this world. Babies do not die at birth for nothing; babies do not die at one year old for nothing. I read you the scripture at the begging of this meeting, it says that the Lord is good, God is righteous. So the mind of men will say how can a loving, righteous God let a one year old baby die? So maybe the mind of men condemn God, they call Him an unrighteous God, or make up some fantasy that children under a certain age do not know good or evil.


Brethren, we are born dead, one day our ancestors died at the time of the fall and we all died in him. Every infant born is born with a sin nature. If your baby died at birth it was a just recompense. God is righteous, do not tell me God is not righteous or neither to tell me that Satan is stronger than God because he is not. Every sin shall have its just recompense. Brethren, we deserve to die, that is the truth. But our merciful God has come to us and said confess your sins and repent and I will receive you back unto me but the judgment of Satan is pronounced upon this creation and therefore we see all kind of unhappiness and unpleasantness in this hell. Babies die in hell, people who spent their whole life doing Good works die in hell.


So let us know where we are and let us know the condition and let us overcome our pride, get that thing under your feet and run to the judgment seat of Christ for mercy because those of us who have received this message has received the ability to be delivered out of this sowing and reaping judgment. This has been killing people for generations, which have been producing hardship and torment and sorrow, tears and pain and all forms of tribulations for centuries. So we to whom the word of truth has come have an opportunity to follow the way of the Lords escape through confession an repentance.


Brethren it is not true that when you come to the Lord every sins is wiped out and it stops right there. Did they teach that in Nigeria, well they teach that in the United States? It is not true, every sin shall have its just recompense but when you have confessed and repented and offered it up unto the Lord, it is no longer unto destruction but the Lord will bring an experience into your life which when you deny that sin; If you have been cheating people all your life in business and now you have repented and come before the Lord and you said you want to stop doing that.


He is going to send someone into your life that is going to be such an easy touch and it is going to be hard to not cheat this person and the Lord is going to say let me see what you will do. Are you really repentant? Are you really repentant enough to cry out to Jesus and say Lord Help me not to do this evil deed? And when you do it He will rip the potential for it out of your heart. And He will send someone to come and cheat you and He will say will you forgive them or will you condemn them. So the testing is on Hallelujah, and if you fail the test, you get right up and try again; just say in the right attitude, confession and repentance will save your life. If you stay in the mindset of confession and repentance there is no weapon formed that can destroy you.


The only weapon that can destroy you is wilful sin. Wilful sin and that is talking about being overcome. God knows the difference, maybe you do not know the difference, maybe Job's friends do not know the difference but Jesus knows the difference. He knows when you have wilfully sinned and when you have been overcome and it is a lie to say that you have received Jesus as your Lord and saviour today and tomorrow you are without sin. You are filthy! And He does not clean you up overnight.


And I want to tell you something, that if the Lord Jesus Christ is not dealing with you in a particular hour at this moment it is none of the business of the other members of the congregation. He cannot be cleaning us up in every area at once. Do you know the difference between judging before time and righteous judgment? You know Jesus said I judge no man but if I judge I judge righteous judgment. What kind of double talk is that? He says I judge no man with my carnal mind, that thing is death. That thing cannot do anything in my mind, but if my Father in heaven direct my righteous mind towards sin for the purpose of dealing with it unto life, resurrection of life. I judge and I judge righteously and that means I judge without condemnation when I call him sin.


You have to call over somebody's sin or make an excuses for it or act like you do not see it when the Lord is calling your attention to it, is a sin of pride. The bottom line is which mind are you doing it in the mind of God can not sin but if you think you have got the mind of God and you are go around judging your brethren out of your carnal mind you will surely reap what you have sown. You have judged and you shall be judged, Amen. So that is the two judgements; we are blessed people, we have been shown the way of escape.


There is no sin you can not be delivered from if, there is no curse that can not be broken over us but I will not lie to you, I will not lie to you. This conversion of nature, this deliverance out of family line generational sins do not take place in one week, or in one month or mostly not even in one year, I can not tell what God will do for you but I can tell you about me, I can tell you about people that I have been working with and it could take years. But it is a process and things are getting better, everyday of your life are getting better but you have to hang on to the horns of the alter.


You have to make a commitment to Christ. Sell out to God, give up your evil ways and turn over to the way of the gospel and even when things do not look like they are going right, trust God because He is not a liar. He is not a man that He should lie but He frequently does not deliver you the way you think He should do of you. And the rest of you brethren do not condemn your brethren who are (inaudible) you are in your carnal mind. I had a dream not too long ago that I was in a mental institution and I was the only one that knows that it was a mental institution. Brethren the carnal mind is insane, criminally insane. We shall teach the powers and principalities in our own mind righteousness.




Father in the name of Jesus, we just bless this fellowship and everybody here dear God. We pray for the death of the carnal mind and the exaltation of Christ in everyone here Lord. For those in whom the seed has not been planted father, I pray that not one person will either this evening or at the end of this meeting without having the seed engrafted. Oh God, that the very life of Christ should appear through them oh God. Let your mercy in this bible come to pass in this group of people Father. Let your manifested son stand on the earth and let your glory shine from East to West that the bondages might be broken over this creation in the name of Jesus. Amen.




I would just like to share a dream; can I share a dream that I had? I woke up in the middle of the night with this dream and it was very upsetting but it was not until I prayed about it latter today that the Lord told me it was a glorious dream that it was my carnal mind that was terrified (laugh) In this dream I was there with several other people and we were being laid into a dungeon and there were these heavy doors that were being unlocked. These big doors were being opened; I do not remember how many doors there were. When we got into the deepest dungeon there was a man and he was chained to a wall. He had a metal collars on with heavy chain that was driven into the stone wall, on his neck and on his hand and his feet.


And he was a big powerful man and all of a sudden all the people who had authority over him seem to disappear and he was loose and there I was, I do not remember if anyone else was around but I know that the people who had power over him were gone and his chains were broken and the few people who were still around were all one by one started falling asleep they were terrified and woke up all upset and several hours latter the Lord spoke to me and said Sheila that is the mind of Christ that is buried under the carnal mind of the people. That is the man of God who has been in bondage for all of these years buried under the earth, the dungeon of the earth and the church has been working towards saving or releasing Christ, since we have been doing everything we can do and now we know that Christ is God I do not want anyone to think that I am giving power unto man, it is the big problem in the church today, I am not giving power unto man but there is something for us to do.


So it was the church opening all those doors through studying and speaking of the Lord. And when this man got loose he flexed his muscles and he seemed to be growing in front of me and everybody was falling asleep and terrified and the Lord gave me a scripture in Isaiah 53 where it said our Lord was imprisoned and He just witnessed it to me first in my spirit and then in the scriptures that is the releasing of Christ. Right now we know about it and I think Bro xxxx mentioned it earlier, our carnal mind although there are remaining areas but he is breaking through it, he is breaking his barn and the carnal mind of men are terrified.


And I just believe that very soon, I definitely believe it is in our life time that we will see a group of men in full stature and you see even if it is not me that is in that first group, I still rejoice because that is the sign that we are in that season, and if it happens to someone else then I have more reason to pray. But that dream just excited me so much because this whole world system and the principalities thereof are terrified and they will look upon the Christ, we were told that clearly in the scriptures and they will go to sleep, they are just going to shut down and know( inaudible) and we are about to see, glory to God.


09-03-2010 FBA.


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