190 - 1 Part

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What I would like to do tonight, and I'm assuming everybody here is a mature believer, you know that this is just not a gathering of the saints that we're on a very heavy schedule that is going to end with, actually it's going to end with Armageddon, which has already started, and the Lord does have a set time for his appearing, and he is galloping ahead whether we're with him or whether we're not with him, he's galloping ahead, and the degree to which you can keep up with him, that's the degree to which he's going to be manifested in you in the hour that he fully appears in this earth. And it's my understanding of the Scripture, that there's a group of believers who will, who are keeping up with him, in such a measure that when he appears, you're going to be called the first fruits company, and the others who are not quite that strong, will come up later, but it is a race, it is a race, and he is not waiting for anybody. He's not waiting for anybody, he's meeting especially in a ministry like this, is no light thing, okay.


And just by way of example, I have probably two or three if not four messages more that I intend to give you on the Christ if he lets me, I still haven't finished the third message on Jesus In The Jordan, and he's got us in Revelation 21 tonight. So he's even ahead of me, you know, and he's moving at a very rapid rate of speed, so what I'm trying to do, is impress you all, with the urgency of the hour, and to remind you that these meetings are a very serious business, okay. Because the tendency is to just go on in our carnality and think it's a light thing and fellowship, it's not light thing. It's a very serious hour, especially in a mature ministry like this.


So praise God, tonight Lord willing we're going to do the first part Revelation 21. I also have an exhortation for you on the bones of Christ, which may turn out to be a second message, we may be doing two messages tonight. I'm not sure what it's going to turn out to be, and the third thing that we have to deal with tonight, is comments on the ministry that took place, the deliverance ministry that took place in the last meeting. And I'd like to give you an evaluation of it, because everybody here is being trained to minister in new order deliverance. Does anybody not know what that means?


Okay, in this hour, ministry out of our carnal mind is not acceptable to God. Well he's winking at it now because we're in transition. But we are in training to learn to recognize carnal ministry so that we can resist it, and to move into spiritual ministry. And I will tell you this, that if you are interested in moving into the ministry of the Spirit of Christ, there is something that you have to do. If you were in college they would call it a prerequisite. There is something that you have to do to enter into the ministry of Christ, the spiritual ministry of Christ, okay, and that is to learn to stand still when he is not manifesting, okay, it's a test. It's a test.


As you transfer from carnal ministry or old order deliverance, into new order deliverance, the Lord is going to be testing you every step of the way, and the first phase of your ability to move in Christ, is to be quiet when he's not manifesting. And I want to tell you I've gone through this myself. I'm not criticizing anybody, I'm giving you information, and I'm relating to you, the Lord's indication to move in the ministry of his Spirit. I'm not rebuking anybody, I'm not criticizing anybody, I'm giving you all an evaluation so that we can learn from there and go on. Because if you are here, he wants you to minister in his Spirit, he's not against you he's for you, and I'm not against you, I'm for you also. He wants you to learn how to do it, okay.


And I've been through this myself, it was a severe trial for me as a preacher, to come to a place where I had, I have it on a couple of, well I don't know if I put it on the tapes, but I said it in the meeting, if Christ doesn't manifest in me, there's no meeting. I'm not preaching out of my carnal mind.


I will not do it. The Lord has taught me, that to preach out of my carnal mind is to crush him, and I learned the lesson, and I want to tell you it was painful. Why was it painful? Because my pride hurt me. Do you think it's easy to sit in front of a group, and say, Well here I am and here you are, and here I am with a microphone in my hand and the Lord is not manifesting, what do I do now.


I want to tell you that is no fun, if you have a carnal mind and you have pride, and everybody has a carnal mind, and pride in this hour. And at the time that I was going through this crisis, it was causing me great anxiety, I would come into the meeting, and say, God hasn't given me a message, he's not manifesting, what am I going to do, what are people going to say, on and on. Severe anxiety in my heart. I'm not preaching anything to you that I haven't gone through, and it's my understanding that for any minister that is truly in Christ, God doesn't give them anything to preach that they haven't gone through.


I have to preach out of my experience to you, how could I preach to you to do it, when I haven't done it. You know now look, we have a lot of mothers here tonight, you know what it's like trying to tell your kids to do as I say, and not as I do, you know what they're going to do. They're going to laugh in your face and wag their tail at you, or not their tail, but they're going to put their finger to their nose. The Scripture says, they're going to put the branch to their nose. They're going to mock you, does anyone not agree with that. I cannot preach anything to you that I have not overcome, or it will not come to you with any strength. When I preach to you or any preacher preaches to you, that preaching, that word, goes forth with the power to root in you, and enable you to do it too. That's how men are saved, by the foolishness of preaching, my words are spirit, if it's Christ in me. And if it isn't Christ in me, you shouldn't be here.


My words are spirit and my words are life, and when I preach to you, whether it be an instruction or exhortation, an encouragement, whatever it is, when it's something that I have overcome in, my words are going forth to you, with an ability to strengthen you to do the same thing. That doesn't mean it's going to happen right away because my words are seeds, and if you have a willing heart, if you have a heart that's open, that's saying, If this is God, I want to do it, if it's God, I want to make the corrections, these seeds, these words will root in your heart, and in due season, Christ will give you the increase. And what I have will be yours. I'm here to impart everything in me that is of Christ to you, that's what I'm doing here. I'm not here to instruct you in emptiness, I'm here to instruct you with that which is been given to me, so that it can grow in you.


Okay, so we are going to have a Godly criticism of the spiritual ministry that occurred last week, does anyone not understand this? They do it all the time, doctors do it, lawyers do it. They sit down, Radiologists that read x-rays, a second Radiologist goes over the x-rays. Lawyers do it all the time, they get three hundred dollars an hour to write a brief and someone else criticizes it, there is a Godly criticism and what makes it Godly? The spirit that it comes forth in. If the criticism comes forth in a spirit of condemnation, then you've killed the person, you break their heart, and you wound them, and there is no growth from it. But if it's a Godly criticism, if you're telling them the truth and love which is Christ, in the Spirit of Christ, they will grow from it, and that's what we're going to do. And I want to tell you that God really was tested us at the last meeting, because we prayed for that young woman, and there was no anointing there at all.


Is there anyone that couldn't discern that there was no anointing, everybody knew there was no anointing, there was no anointing! And here we had a young woman who had just tried to commit suicide. Our carnal minds could say, "Well, the Lord is going to pour out an anointing on this one, she's going to get saved, she's going to be rolling on the floor, we're going to cast that demon of suicide out, and what happened? Zilch. How humiliating to our pride. Okay, now I want to point out something to you that is very common under these circumstances, the carnal minds of man get very anxious when there is a need and God is not moving. And I've talked to you about it, it's happened to me. It's happened to me as a preacher, how embarrassing. But I want to tell you this before I go on, that the one night when God was really bringing me through this, it was a meeting when this group was basically getting started here about a year ago, and there was nothing.


And I boldly said to all of you, if God doesn't give me a message you can go home, because I'm not preaching, and I meant it, and he came through with one of those powerful messages of that time. And not only that, but there was one woman here who was really struggling with the message, you, he broke your yoke in that meeting, that was the night that you pierced through, and there was another woman that was really struggling with it, and her yoke didn't break, she bounced out of the ministry.


So, let me add this in at this point, just as a general comment, I was going to get to it later. When the power of God comes down to test us, it's a spirit of judgment that comes upon us, it's a spirit that is designed to expose our carnal mind. It's a spirit or a manifestation or an administration of the Spirit of God, that is specifically designed to show what is of Christ and what is not, it' called separating the goats from the sheep, or the cow from the cattle. We're all cattle because we're all Christians, but some Christians are living out of their carnal mind, and others are living out of Christ. In this hour no one is moving out of Christ 100% of the time.


So we have to try each incident, each minute, each second, each incident, okay. So there's a spirit of judgment falling, and it's intention is to expose the truth of the spirit that is manifesting. Why? So that if it's the carnal mind, you can petition the Lord to help you to change, okay.


So God did nothing. How could that be? A carnally minded person would say, "Well God's not in that ministry." But that's a lie, God's got that girl in hand, he knows what he's doing, he doesn't need us to cast that demon of suicide out her. I spent five years casting demons out of people, I don't remember having one failure, four nights a week in five years, I was highly anointed in that ministry, until the time came that God started to show me that it wasn't me, that it was him in me, and that he was letting me have all these victories because he wanted to build my confidence, and it was a stage of spiritual development that I passed through. And now that I'm growing up in Christ, I know that I have no power at all, except what he does through me. The strongest power that I have in Christ, the greatest degree of strength that I have in him, is prayer, and he seems to honor my prayers. Most of the time, I don't dare to say all of the time, because I don't know, but he honors my prayers a lot of the time. That's my greatest strength, that I ask him, and he does it. I don't have any strength to do it, and neither do you, okay.


So I said all that to say this, that when nothing happens, when this young girl was sitting here, and there was no anointing at all, what did come forth was carnal counsel. It came forth, and I want to tell you why it came forth, it came forth because there were a couple of people, it was more than one person, there were a couple of people, okay, who must have had some kind of anxiety that nothing was happening, whether it was conscious, or whether it was unconscious, there had to be some kind of anxiety that said, "Well I better do something, because nothing is happening, okay.


So I leave you with this, Godly criticism, I leave you with it, in the love of God, petition the Lord, pray about it, because the purpose of this is to assist you and strengthen you in an ability to stand still when nothing is happening. If you came, you know who you are, if you came forth with carnal counsel, what happened to you was, that you were a horse.


Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord, the Lord was sitting on your back, but you did not wait for him to heal you, or to take the reigns. You were so nervous at the battle, or anxious at the battle, conscious or unconscious, that you rose up and you went into battle without a rider. That is what happened to you, okay. So just petition the Lord and ask him if that happened to you, then the stage of development that you are up to, is that it's time for you to learn how to stand still waiting for the instruction of the Lord.


So I impart this information to you so that you can pray about it, that God should help you to learn how to stand still, and it's painful, and I know that it's painful. You think, my God, you have to do something. I remember the first time it happened to me in a meeting. Well it was a little different, there was a heavy outpouring, and I had all of these notes, I had been up all night, working on all of these notes, and I thought I had to get on with the meeting, I had to get on with the message, and I literally waged war against the Spirit of God, who I don't know what he wanted to do, maybe he wanted cancel my message, I don't know. All my carnal mind said was, "Wow, I was up half the night working on these notes, I better preach!" And I had to repent. Brethren the Spirit of God runs the show, he runs the show.


And it's easier, you know, I don't believe I'll ever make that mistake again, that I went against the Spirit of God, but that's a little easier, it's very hard when he's doing nothing, it's very hard, but he is full well able to enable you to do it. All he wants is a willing heart, and he's going to teach you, and I want to tell you that when you, when you start to overcome and develop an ability to do that, he's going to move through you with power like you never saw in old order deliverance. I give you that promise, believe it's a promise in the Scripture. Lay down your soul life and he will give you life in the spirit, that will so far exceed it, that it will boggle your mind. So I encourage you to petition the Lord for this training.


COMMENT: You said, you know who you are, I don't know who it is, so I would like to know if it's me, I don't mind, if it's said out in the open. I would like to know what I gave that was carnal counsel, if I gave carnal counsel.


PASTOR VITALE: Well did you counsel anybody?


COMMENT: I did say something, I said, that the Lord is the only one that could fill the void.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, to be honest with you, I don't recall that, I really don't. Maybe it was just one sentence and I let it go, okay.


COMMENT: I told her about one time I was at a place of suicide too, and the Lord moved in my life mightily, and this may be the time that he will begin to move in her life, and then I said, Invite the Lord to begin to move in your life.


PASTOR VITALE: You see, it's not what you say, you didn't say anything wrong, but it wasn't the Spirit of God, it came forth out of your own heart, can you understand that? Okay, now you sister, you move in the spirit a lot, you get a lot of words of knowledge.


COMMENT: I'm conflict with that, I never feel any different, I don't know what you mean, you say anointing, I just...


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well that is what you're here to learn, you're here to learn that, okay.


COMMENT: You say I didn't move in the anointing, if you're saying that I'm not conscious of that, I'm just...


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well then I'm going to start telling you, I'm going to start telling you, because you have to learn to tell the difference, it's important, because we're moving into full stature. I know you want to go into full stature don't you? The words that you said, there was nothing wrong with that, but it was not the Spirit of God, and when you talk and it's not the Spirit of God, it breaks the anointing. See if God is testing us, and he's challenging us to just be still for maybe five minutes, and someone doesn't understand what's happening, and they start talking out of their carnal mind, it breaks the spirit, and what he intended to do, it may not come forth. So it's important that we move in his spirit, and you move in his spirit a lot.


So you have to learn to tell the difference, that's God's challenge to you in this hour, okay. And maybe I'm going to be, if I feel that you can handle it, I'm going to be a little more aggressive with you, and okay, I'm going to be a little more aggressive with you then, and if I feel, well I'm going to tell when it's the Spirit, okay, and when it's not the Spirit, I'm going to tell you, okay. Good bunch, we have a good bunch here. We have a good bunch here.


COMMENT: I know that I didn't move in the spirit, that I got anxious, and I just felt I wanted to do something for her, I just had this urge inside me, please let me do something for her, and of course I didn't wait for the spirit, anxiety and the anxiousness came on, and I just tried to think of everything out of the sky, you know, just to figure out what was for her at that time.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, so you both can say amen, that you did feel that anxiety that I mentioned earlier.


COMMENT: I can't say that I felt any anxiety, but I did leave feeling, "Lord did you do anything for this young girl?" Yes, I said, "Did anything happen to this girl?" All I could think is, I hope you moved somehow by the spirit and touched her, because I couldn't see anything.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, I believe that there was some help for her, but it came in a form that it's hard for the carnal minds of men to comprehend. There were two words of knowledge that came forth, okay, and one, I don't really remember, one came from this sister I know, I don't remember what you said, but it, now look at this mixture, this sister was manifesting her carnal mind, and right in the midst of it, came forth a true word of knowledge, and I don't remember what it was, do you remember what it was?


COMMENT: Something about "the house is out of order".


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, then right after that, I got a vision of the man, the grandfather who is suppose to be the head of the household, and I heard the words, the key is with the grandfather. And at that point, the counsel came forth which was out of Christ, and that counsel said, "Your household is out of order and the Lord is going to move on your grandfather to put it in order."


And I believe that when God says something like that, that there is a change in the heavenlies. Now let me try and give you some information here. The girl is not saved, she was as spiritually dead as anyone could be. It may not be her time to have a salvation experience with God. Now for everyone who is not in Christ, what is their protection? What is their protection down here in hell? Yes, but the law, their protection is the law.


So if you have somebody who is not under the control of Christ, and who is living in a household where the head has abdicated his authority, that's one person that is in one lot of trouble. So this is what I'm saying to you, if it's not her time to come to the Lord, and God, and we're all there asking the father to have mercy on this girl, he will move in the natural realm. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about. I've seen him do it. I've prayed for people, it wasn't their time to come to the Lord, he moved through the law to help them, because a son of God petitioned the Lord on their behalf. Do you know what I'm talking about? So if it's not her time to come to the Lord, maybe he's going to do something in that household to provide protection for her, under the law.


So I believe that something was done, but it was not done the way it's done in old order, and we have to be very careful to not bind up our minds, with carnal concepts of how God moves.


The Lord is creative, he can do anything he wants, anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and therefore we must yield to him. We who are carnal, we who are in a female position in relationship to the Lord. The person who is under the authority must yield to the authority. We must yield to Christ, if you're married, you must yield to your husband, unless he's opposing your instruction from the Lord. Children must yield to the mother and the father. Believers must yield to whatever authority God has put over them. We will have a petition in the case of abuse, you petition the Lord, but you can't be challenging the authority. We cannot be challenging the Lord, he's got to have his way, he's got to have his way. It's got to be, he'll never let it be any other way, he will have his way.


So, what does that mean? We must be taught how to yield to him, because we could be very well meaning believers, and enter into activity that will cause his spirit to depart from us for that moment, or that encounter, and that deliverance, he'll never leave us or forsake us. Okay, so what is our weapon, what do we do that is going to help us to be in right relationship with the Lord, and I suggest to you that there is only one answer, and that is that we must learn to recognize and yield to his spirit, because it has nothing to do with words.


Your words were excellent, but it wasn't the Spirit of God, it's not the words, it's not the technique, because our old order technique surely fell through. It's his spirit, and how do you learn to yield to his spirit? First you have to learn to stand still, and I don't think you know, it would be such a bad idea, well you pray about it, you're all mature believers, but I, this is a possibility, I'm not telling you to do this, I'm just making a suggestion. You might want to put a fleece out with the Lord, and just agree that the next couple of deliverances that you're not going to speak unless you're absolutely sure that he's prompting you, that you're not going to just speak whatever comes out of your mouth, but you're going to restrain yourself til you get a very strong witness that it's God.


He will be heard, he will be heard. Now let me tell you this, that if he's prompting you to speak, and you don't speak because you're concerned it's not God, he'll speak through someone who is more mature in this area, he'll speak through me, or he'll speak through anyone who will yield to him at the moment, and when you hear it, you will know that it was God, and that you didn't hear it. I want to tell you, years ago, when I was in that ministry that was going to Harlem on Monday nights, I walked into that church in Harlem and the Lord drew, and I knew it was God, and he drew my eyes to the top of the piano, there was a glass jar filled with beans, and I looked at it, and I didn't know what it was, and I said, "Oh, I wonder why God's showing me that?" And I turned away, and he drew me back to it again, and I said, "Lord I understand that it's you, but I honestly don't know what you want me to do, and I turned away, and I couldn't, if it was five minutes, it may have been less than that, he went to somebody else, and she understood that the Lord was saying that that was witchcraft, and she went and she told the pastor and they took the jar down, and they put it in a paper bag and they smashed it, there was a curse on it, it was pointed directly towards where the preacher would be standing, and we were in an area that was filled with voodoo at that time.


So don't worry, don't worry, the salvation of the world does not depend on your carnal mind, don't worry about it, because if that's what you're thinking at the time, if you mess up, he'll find someone else who will hear him, he'll do it. The burden is his, he knows that we're in training. So best that you should be quiet and not speak the word of the Lord then to speak your carnal mind, why? Because you're restrained, your being quiet, and missing him, is going to do more to build this ability in you to tell the difference then your speaking carnal. Can anyone understand that? Can anyone not understand that? We must learn to restrain ourselves and wait on our master.


So I'm not asking you to do it, it's just a suggestion, you might want to speak to the Lord about spending a few meetings just being quiet and seeing if he won't give you some instruction or some increase in your ability to tell the difference. Because this end time warfare, it's revving up brethren, it's getting hot, and it's getting heavy, and you're going to need to be able to tell what spirit is manifesting, where? In your mind.


Brethren, if you can't tell what spirit is manifesting in your mind, you don't have much authority or much hope of recognizing it in somebody else. If you can't tell what spirit is manifesting in your mind, if I were you, I would assume that I didn't know what spirit was manifesting in someone else. Because if you can't tell the difference in your mind, how can you tell the difference in me. Makes sense doesn't it? Makes sense to me.


Okay, so the battle starts in your mind, the overcoming starts in your own mind, and does anybody here not know that everybody has an anti-Christ in their mind? And there are many anti-Christs that have gone out into the world, that everybody has an anti-Christ, what is another name for it? The carnal mind, amen, Satan, the carnal mind, in your mind. And if Christ is being formed in you, you have two minds. So you've got your own personal anti-Christ, and your first order of business is to identify the man of sin in your own mind, and start to wage war against him, then you'll get sent to other people in this area.


Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying you can't pray for other people, God is doing many things in our life at the same time. But if someone comes to you and says, "I'm in pain", of course you pray for them, of course you pray for them. Okay, any questions on this area? The spirit of judgment is resting very heavily on this ministry. I believe it's on everybody. Some of us are more aware of it than others. Some of us are feeling it as a very heavy pressure. The more spiritually sensitive you are, the more you're feeling it, although it may be on you and you may not be recognizing it, you may have so much, you may have trouble in your life so frequently, that when the spirit of judgment falls, you can't tell the difference, so you just have a hard life, that could be too.


But we can have a hard life, but our problems do not have to result from that spirit of judgment. The spirit of judgment is the Spirit of Christ, and when it rests upon you, and judges a sin in your own heart, okay, when you take that victory, it builds Christ in you. Troubles in your life that come from the Spirit of Satan, when overcome, do not build Christ in you. God is glorified because you weren't overcome, but he's not building Christ in you. When the spirit of judgment that comes from God, starts manifesting in your life and on your family, with troubles and challenges, when you use the power of God to overcome, when you confess your sin and repent, and yield your members unto the Lord, Christ will be increased in you. You'll either conceive him, or if he's already conceived, he will increase in you.


I did have a word of knowledge before the election, the Lord said to me, judgment will start right after the election, and I'll be honest with you, I had a carnal thought, I really thought he meant the world out there, but it's falling like rain on this ministry. Judgment exposes sin. The worse thing you could do is cover over your sin. If you cover over your sin, you got a spirit of a Pharisee. Why? Brethren, it's not coming out, your sins will not be cast, we're told our sins will be cast into the sea, they've got to come out and they can't come out when you're hiding them. Now of course you're not going to go out and tell your worst enemies what your sins are, but we should be able to trust each other in this ministry, and these other believers should be trusted.


And the procedure for having sin uprooted in us, is that it must be exposed, and then after it's exposed, it has to be confessed, and repented of. You can't repent unless you confess it, you can't confess it unless it's exposed. It doesn't work to say, well if I have Jezebel, I repent of it, that's not how it works. How it works is that the Lord will reveal to you somehow, a specific thought, and a specific expression, or a manifestation of whatever he's doing in your life, and that must be confessed as sin, and repented of, and then he's going to work to get it out of you. Brethren we must confess what we are, and what are we? We are fallen man, we are fallen man, our heart is desperately wicked, who could know it? And the fact that we're all dressed up with the cover of the Holy Spirit, even if we've conceived Christ, it does not blot out our sin unless our sin is blotted out. This is a big mystery, but the forgiveness of sins, the true forgiveness of sins is the uprooting of sin in your mind, and the casting out of sin from your mind.


And when you have Christ, you have received the power to do this, but the fact that you have Christ, or even less, if you have the Holy Spirit, that does not mean that your sins are washed, I mean I have it heard it preached that your sins are washed away, and you're a new creature, it hasn't happened to you brethren, until your sins are uprooted and purged out of you. And that cannot happen until you repent, and you cannot repent unless you confess, and you can't confess unless your sin is exposed, because lots of sins that we have we don't even know that they are there.


And this is, what I'm talking about now, it is the literal dismantling of the carnal mind, Peter speaks about it when he says, the elements will be melted. It's the literal dismantling of the carnal mind, it's literal ripping apart of it, and this is called the judgment of your sin filled soul, it's called the judgment seat of Christ, which results in a transfer of spiritual authority. We're transferring out from under the spiritual authority of Satan and the carnal mind, into and under the spiritual authority of Christ. And I'm sorry but it's not the way you've heard it preached for the last twenty years. No such luck! (Chuckle). You have to go through it, but you could do it. Women have been having babies since the beginning of time, and we can go through this, it's not going to kill you, you will not die from it, no matter how painful it is, you will not die, you will rise to the newness of life in Christ. So strengthen yourself, and make yourself like men, and endure like good soldiers and go through, because the Lord has need of you, he wants you. He wants your body, he wants your personality, he wants to appear in you, he's your friend, he's not your enemy. And I'm his spokesperson, I'm your friend, I'm not your enemy, I'm the enemy of your carnal mind. The question is, who are you? What are you thinking with?


If you're thinking with your carnal mind, you might think I'm your enemy, but if you're thinking with Christ, I'm the best friend you've got, because I want to tell you that the average person won't tell you what you're doing, they'll just turn around and walk out of your life, or they'll cover it up and have resentments towards you. So I'm one of the best friends you've got, I won't say, the best friend, I'm one of the best friends you've got, and takes the love of Christ, to tell people the truth.


Jesus said to the Pharisees, I'll tell you the truth, and the truth will what? Set you free, and what did they do? They killed him. They cursed him, they denied the spiritual authority that he was speaking, and they told him that he was bastard, born out of wedlock. Spiritually speaking they killed him, when he tried to tell them the truth. And this is what is going to happen with the carnal mind of the men that you speak the truth to, but the men who are soldiers in Christ, the spiritual men who are soldiers in Christ, they're going to take authority over their carnal minds.


Your carnal minds are going to do it, they're going to try and kill me, they're going to try and kill anybody else in this ministry in deliverance or whatever, that tells you the truth. But if you're a spiritual man, now don't cover it up, saying, "Oh my God, what a shame that my mind is thinking that or saying that", don't cover it, everybody's mind is thinking that, and saying that. And if you don't believe that, you're mistaken. Some people just bury it better than others. Everyone has pride, everyone has Jezebel, everyone has witchcraft, everyone has mind control, and everyone has envy. And don't you believe it if someone tells you that they don't have it, because it's a lie. These are basic qualities of the carnal man. Some people have it more under control than others, but everybody's got it. And sometimes the people that have it under control, have a much worse case of it, than the people who don't, sometimes, but it doesn't matter if one has it a little bit, and one has it a lot, if you got it, you got it.


Brethren, if you've got AIDS, whether you've had it for one month, or you've had it for six years, you've still got AIDS. So don't cover it up. Don't say, "Oh, my God, I'm so mortified at this thought that came through my mind." Let it all hang out, but arise in Christ, and rebuke it. Don't let it hurt the person. Say, I see, but you're not me, I'm Christ and I rebuke you, and I'm waging war against you, I'm not going to deny that you're there, but I'm going to defeat you. I'm going to defeat you by living out of Christ, and I'm going to deny you, I'm going to wound you, and I'm not going to let you hurt anybody. Your worst enemy is your own carnal mind. You don't have any enemy out there that can do anything to you. Well they may be able to hurt you, they'll never destroy you. And the only reason that they can hurt you is because you're still carnal, they cannot hurt Christ in you.


So the first order of business is to take authority over our own carnal minds, and rule that thing, and ride that beast, master of our carnal mind. Even if you're not living it, even if your carnal mind is riding you like a horse riding on your back, you're still his master, he may be out of order, she, I should say, she may be out of order, she may be out of her place, she may have 99% dominion over you, but God said, You are the master of your carnal mind. And when God says you are the master, if you are 99 and 99-100% overtaken, when God says you're the master, all you have to do, is say Lord, I'm willing to fight, and you will take that thing, not all at once, little by little, but you will take hold of that thing and bring it into her proper place. If God said you could do it, that means he's imparted the strength to you to do it. And we must believe it, why? Because the odds are overwhelming, it's a David and Goliath situation. And your carnal mind would like you to believe that it's a lie and that's impossible and that you'll never overtake her, but we must believe God. We must believe God brethren, or we'll be in bondage to sin for the rest of our existence.


Okay any questions on this area?




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