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-- -Chapter 21, Part 7. I'm going to read you the Alternate Translations of verses 12 through 17, and then we will do verses 18 through, I believe, 21. That may be wrong, probably verse 21.


"And the renewed living soul has all of the human weaknesses that the sons of Israel had, but Christ Jesus has made them faithful."


Who's them? Us, He's made us faithful. Why? Because the heart of man is unfaithful, but Jesus --


"But Christ Jesus has made us faithful by reforming our nature. He must give us a new nature, and that nature must be in the image of the Father. And now only the Spirit of God can pass through their minds and their personalities of that many membered, holy city, which is us, which connects the heaven of Christ to the earth of the soul. And the mature Christ Jesus is built upon the overcoming experiences He has had in the many lifetimes of His immaturity. And Christ Jesus was speaking with me, and He had the Lord Jesus Christ within Him, the one who is the standard against which the soul and mind of the [?living?] --"


What does that mean? It means, if you think you're in full stature, brethren, look at Jesus. He was crucified, and the Father raised Him from the dead. Are you prepared to let yourself be killed to see if the Father raises you from the dead? Don't tell me that when your body dies you pass into some kind of holding place. Don't they have that doctrine in the Catholic Church? What's it called?




Purgatory. Brethren, if you are a manifested son of God and your body dies and you're not back up on your feet within three nights and three days, I've got a flash for you; you have bought a lie.


"And Christ Jesus compared the living soul, which is in the form of a square, to the glorified man, Jesus Christ"


Don't compare me or yourself to your brother. Don't compare yourself to your pastor. Don't compare yourself to your father. Compare yourself to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, and you will know how far along you are in your spiritual maturation. Don't compare yourself to the prophets or someone who wrote a song that you like or someone who casts out demons. Compare yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ.


"And Christ Jesus compared the living soul, which is in the form of a square, to the glorified man, Jesus Christ, whose human spirit is separated from Satan and joined to His Christ mind, and the living soul was glorified."


Brethren, the sign that you're in full stature is that your human spirit is separated from Satan. Don't be a fool, brethren. Don't be a fool walking around saying you have these promises when you don't have them. If you want to be positive, you can say you understand that they're promises, that you believe God's going to make it real to you. You can be positive without being a liar. If your body is sick and you walk around saying you're healed, you are a liar. If you're an alcoholic and you haven't stopped drinking yet and you say that you have, you are a liar. If you desire to have a baby and you're not pregnant yet [?or even?] -- you are a liar. You don't have that baby until you have it in your arms. Don't give me all these ridiculous stories floating around the church world today. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


[INAUDIBLE] I'd like to see you try to get out of the supermarket with money that you say Jesus said you have. Let's see you get past the cashier. Wake up, church; the whole world's laughing at us. You're not healed unless you're not sick anymore. You're not delivered unless you're not being driven by that demon anymore, and you're not in full stature unless you fully birthed the Christ child. And if your body got killed, your Father would raise it from the dead in three days and three nights. Come on off it, brethren. Let's get on with reality.


"And Christ Jesus measured the mind of the glorified living soul, and it was the mind of a man who was an angel."


Brethren, if there are thoughts of death and hatred and envy and perversion and adultery and fornication in your mind, your mind is not the mind of an angel. Let's get it together. What did I say just a few minutes ago? This end-time warfare will not be with the words that men speak, but it will be from heart to heart or from mind to mind. It has nothing to do with what people say. People's motives and people's intentions and people's love or hatred do not necessarily -- or are not necessarily expressed through their mouth, and if you can't start tuning [?into?] motive, you're going to have a problem with this war. And you're not going to tune in to their true motives until you stop -- until you start tuning in to your own true motives.


You've got to look at that cesspool that's in your heart, brethren. Every door that you closed 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago because it was so ugly -- that skeleton in your closet was so ugly you could not bear to look at it. You must look at it; you must confess it as sin, and you must deal with it, and you must dispel it from your mind so that Christ can arise in you and be a holy God in the midst of you so that your thoughts might be purified, so that your mind might be the mind of an angel.


Continuing with verse 18. This is the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John, Chapter 21. "And the building of the wall of it was of jasper: and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass."


The word building is Strong's 1739, and it really means structure, so what the verse is saying, and the structure of the wall, wha- -- the material of which that wall was made. Let me remind you. Well, does anyone remember what the wall is? What is the wall of the city, anybody, the defense of the city? The wall of the city is Christ, and now the Scripture in verse 18 is speaking about what that wall or what Christ is made of, what Christ, in the glorified creation, is made of. And we're told that the structure of the wall was jasper. Well, what does that mean? What kind of a structure is jasper? The Greek word means -- the Greek word translated jasper means a precious stone of various colors. For some are purple; others are blue; others are green, and others are the color of brass. And there's another kind of jasper that's clear as crystal and yet another one that is white.


Now I'm going to read a few definitions to you. It gets a little technical. I would just like to put it on the message. If you're not following me, don't worry about it. I'll go over it and clarify it after I read you these definitions. So jasper is a precious stone of various colors. I read the colors to you. And Webster says -- and that was the Greek definition, but I went into Webster, and Webster says that jasper is an opaque crystalline quartz of any -- of several colors, especially green chalcedony. I may not even be pronouncing that right. Chalcedony is a translucent quartz. Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicon dioxide which occurs in colorless and transparent or colored hexagogonal [sic] crystals and in crystalline masses. Hexagogonal [sic] means eight-sided.


A mineral is something that is neither animal nor vegetable, any of various naturally occurring solid substances obtained for man's use, usually from the ground. It usually comes out of the ground. Minerals come out of the ground, and some of the -- some examples of minerals are salt, stone, sand, sulfur or water. Silicon is a non-metallic element which occurs combined as the most abundant element next to oxygen in the earth's crust.


Opaque -- now I don't know if any of you are familiar with the word opaque, but I'm familiar with that word, and what it means to be is something through which light cannot pass, but as we go on, you will see that that definition does not really fit with the message of the Scripture. So I went into Webster, and I did find another -- there were at least five definitions for opaque, and the one which we will use is that if something is opaque it is impenetrable to forms of radiant energy other than visible light. Now the problem that I got into was that -- what I've been saying here is that Christ is opaque, and I said, Lord, how can light not pass through Christ? He is light.


OK, so I found this other definition which says all forms of radiant energy cannot pass through an opaque object except light, OK, except visible light. So what is this saying? It's saying that the mind of Christ, which is light, which is energy, which gives os- -- gives off rays, which is spiritual power, OK, cannot be penetrated by any other form of radiant energy. That means -- and what is radiant energy? It's a type of spiritual power, so that means, yes, Christ is light, and He is radiant energy, and He does emit that radiant energy, but no other form of spiritual power can come into Him; He just gives out, and that's what makes Him male. Traditionally speaking, the scriptural definition of male is the one who gives, and the female is the one who receives.


I tell you the truth, brethren. If you are receiving help from men in this hour, you are spiritually female. If you are matured to a point where you go to Christ to have every one of your needs met, you are spiritually male. There is no shame or disgrace in this, but you must know who and where you are. Maybe you're half and half in this hour; maybe you go directly to Christ for some things, and for other things you have to go to a minister. There's no shame in it, but you should know that you are female, and you should use that information to help to submit to the minister that God has put there to help you. Until such time as you become male, you need an intercessor. And the human person who goes to Christ for all of their needs and who then ministers to you in your life is a manifestation of Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, if it is in fact Christ Jesus in them mediating for you.


So in some areas Christ Jesus is in your heart mediating between you and God, but in the areas where Christ Jesus in you is not mature enough to give you what you need, to give you the counsel, to give you the wisdom, to give you the revelation -- in those areas, if God has placed a God ordained person -- the person has to be of God. You have to pray it through, and I believe that the Lord will witness it to you. If God has placed that person in your life and they're channeling wisdom and knowledge and understanding and revelation to you, for every area in which God is speaking to you through that person, to you, they are Christ Jesus, in those areas, only in those areas. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about?


It's even possible that one person would be Christ Jesus to you in certain areas, and another person could be Christ Jesus to you in another area. You could have many people -- it's possible; it doesn't have to be -- that God has raised up to be Christ Jesus to you because He wants you to have the ministry; He wants you to have the information; He wants you to have the revelation; He wants you to have everything. And everybody in the body of Christ is not equal. Everybody in the God ordained ministry isn't equal. You could have two ministers raised up by God, both of them; they're not equal. Even if [?are?] -- they're not the same ministerial level, each of them most likely have different strong points and different weaknesses, but also within the ministry, there is gradation of authority.


And if I were you -- if I were me -- I do it myself. I don't counsel you to do anything that I don't do myself. I would be praying every day of my life for an ability to recognize who's who in Christ. You need to know who you have authority over and who has authority over you. You need to know. And the fivefold ministry is a mess because they don't know. They all think they're the highest; everyone I've met so far thinks they're the highest.


OK, "And the building of the wall of it was of jasper." So what does that mean? OK, we're still defining jasper, and we just got through talking about opaque. Now we're told that jasper is crystalline. To be crystalline means that we're talking about a substance which has a body that is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, a compound or a mixture that has a regularly repeating, internal arrangement of its atoms and often plain faces. Let me put that on the board for you so you can get some idea of what I'm talking about.


And for those of you might who might remember and those of you who might not, the glorified body of Christ is in the form of a crystal. We discovered this in our 38 series. So to be a crystal, to be legitimately categorized as a crystal according to our modern science, you must have certain characteristics. Just as to be characterized as a human being, you must have two eyes and a nose and a mouth, you must be warm-blooded, you must be either male or female, to be a human being. You need certain organs in a certain -- placed in a certain order. Everybody's face looks different, but everybody has a heart in the same place; everybody has lungs in the same place; everybody has eyes in the same place.


Well, to be a crystal, you must consist of atoms that all look the same. And what does that mean? Let's say there's one electron here and one electron there, and every atom in this crystal has one electron there and one electron there. Everybody OK? Some electrons -- some atoms look different than that. Some atoms can have three electrons over there and three over there, but for a substance to be a piece of crystal, every atom in it must be the same, and there are billions and billions of atoms. You have to put it under a microscope to see that. Everybody OK?


And then the other thing was -- let me just get the exact words that I used over here. External plane faces, plane, P-L-A-N-E, and what we're talking about there is what you would see in a cut diamond, for example, and I can't draw a cut diamond. Can you draw it for me? A diamond is a precious stone that has many surfaces, and it's cut that way.




[?Oh?], these are prisms?




Yeah, OK.




So this would be one plane face; this would be another one. It means flat surfaces, many flat surfaces on one -- externally many flat surfaces in one piece of crystal, and this is typifying the body of Christ. We shall be one glorified body of Christ with many plane surfaces. Each of us will be a plane surface in the body of Christ, but we're going to be so completely joined that we will be one, and on the inside, our atoms or our spiritual being is going to be exactly alike because Christ is not divided.


The carnal mind is divided, so your mind can be very different that my mind, especially since the carnal mind is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, so some minds are evil, and some minds are good, and some minds are in-between. But Christ is not divided, so your mind will look just like my mind when we're both fully born in Christ. Internally, we will look exactly the same, and, externally, we will be a plane surface, P-L-A-N-E, a flat surface, of the whole organism. And exactly what that means, I honestly don't know. I just know that we're going to be joined; we're going to be completely joined, but, more specifically, I don't know what that means.


But I do know this; this just came into my mind. The Scripture symbolizes the glorified man as one man in Ezekiel 1, so, eventually, these bodies will fall away, and we will be just one ocean flowing together. Eventually, when we're completely spiritualized, there will be no separation. So that's the only information I can give you with regard to the many plane surfaces.


So jasper, then, is a precious stone which benefits man. It has external, plane faces, which is impenetrable to forms of radiant energy other than visible light. Nothing's going to get through it except the light of Christ; no other spiritual power is going to be able to penetrate it. And it is made of a non-metallic substance, non-metal substance, which is the most abundant element next to oxygen in the earth's crust, and the earth's crust is typifying man again. Jasper has a regularly repeating, internal arrangement of atoms. I just showed you that on the board. And it's found in a variety of colors, purple, blue, green, white and brass.


Purple is the royal color and speaks of the Father. Blue signifies heaven and speaks of the kingdom of God, which is the mind of Christ. You may recall the kingdom of God is the mind of Christ. And green signifies the life of God. Brass is the color of the serpent, and white is the color of the carnal mind. And we worked all -- I got all this information in the studies that we've been doing here for five years. This is what we have found, that white is the color of the carnal mind, and it is typified by a tooth, a white tooth whose root goes way down under the gum, and Satan would be the root of the tooth, and the white tooth is that which is showing.


OK, and in my dreams -- and you know that my dreams have been very fruitful. Someday I might -- the Lord might let me write a book on the Bible symbology of dreams. I have had dreams where the Lord has described a deliverance preacher as a dentist, and He has described someone having their tooth pulled as receiving deliverance. And I believe that drea- -- that the symbols in dreams are universal. That means that if God wants to talk to you about a deliverance preacher, unless He has more than one symbols -- that means a deliverance preacher -- for this discussion, let's assume He has only one symbol that means deliverance preacher. You will dream about a dentist, and if He wants to talk to me about a deliverance preacher, I will dream about a dentist. Symbols in dreams are universal. He does not give you one symbol and give me another symbol because God is not the author of confusion.


So if jasper is the material of which the wall which is Christ is made, then we see that Christ is the spirit expressed as purple, blue and green, the life of God, which is intertwined with a crystalline or many-faceted bronze and white earthen structure which is the living soul. Christ is impenetrable to forms of radiant energy other than visible light. Christ cannot be penetrated, and so we see that Christ consists of the spirit of the Father, typified by the purple, the blue and the green and the living soul, typified by the bronze and the white.


Hmm, you may recall the teaching here about Jesus going about and saying, I am the Son of God, and I am the Son of man. And I'll tell you what I've told you many times before. Jesus does not stutter; Jesus is not confused; Jesus is not mixed up. He knows who He is the Son of, so if He says I am the Son of God and I am the Son of man, there must be a message that He is giving to us. Does anybody remember what that message is? Nobody. Every offspring has a mother and a father. Jesus said I am the Son of God; Father God is Christ's Father. And I am the Son of man, and man is Christ's mother; the living soul, the wife of God is the mother of Christ. The spiritual seed of the Father joins with the living soul in its reproductive part, which is called what?




The human spirit, and the offspring of the Father God and the living soul, which is a what? The offspring of spirit and soul is a what? Is a mind. And when the Father God is the Father of the living soul's child, the name of that mind is --




-- Christ, thank you. And when Satan is the father of the living soul's child, that mind is called?




Carnal mind, amen. So when the Scripture tells us that the wall is made of jasper, the wall being Christ, is the spirit of the Father. The purple is the Father, and the blue is Christ, and the green is the life of God that appears in the soul when her mind is Christ. So the wall is a mixture of those three colors, purple, blue and green, typifying the life of God in three different areas, intertwined with the bronze and the white of the satanic realm, and the mixture produces a mind which has structure. And I remind you that the Father in the realm of the spirit is pure spirit, has no structure, has no form, has no shape, but a mind, which is the offspring of spirit and soul -- a mind is spirit, but a mind is always attached to a soul, OK. There is structure. A mind is an expression of spirit in a structured form, a mind, which is expressed through soul, which is personality.


The Spirit of God may be expressed to men outside of the personality of a man. God can speak; God spoke from Sinai, and His voice thundered. God spoke to Saul of Tarsus, and He was a ball of light. That's pure spirit; that's the form of the Father. But when God speaks through a man, we see Him speaking through a mind which is in that man. The mi- -- the offspring of God, which is a mind, is always expressed through a man. Spirit alone can be expressed either through a man or without a man. Man and mind have structure; spirit has no structure. OK.


Alternate Translation, the first half of Revelation 21:18, "And Christ consists of the Spirit of the Father and the living soul."


Christ is made up -- Christ is the mind which is the offspring of the Spirit of the Father and the living soul; that's what it's saying.


Continuing with Revelation -- with the second half of Revelation 21:18, "And the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass."


The city, I remind you, we're talking about, here in Revelation, Chapter 21, is the living soul. And this Greek word translated pure is Strong's 2513, and it means to be Levitically pure; it means to be purified according to the Levitical law, which means holy unto God, so the city was holy unto God, and we find that in earlier verses of the same chapter. Let me just put it here on the message. We see in verse 10, "That great city, the holy Jerusalem," so we're still talking about that great city, holy Jerusalem, in verse 18. Remember that in our study of Jesus in the Jordan, Part 2, we found out that in Psalms 68:13, the Scripture does speak about tarnished gold. There is such a thing in the Scripture as tarnished gold. And does anybody know who or what the tarnished gold is?




Well, that's reprobate silver, OK. The tarnished gold is the human spirit who is engaged in her adulterous union with Satan; she's tarnished gold. She's still gold, you see, but she's tarnished. But we're told that this city is clean gold or pure gold, Levitically pure gold. That means she is separated from Satan. This means that the human spirit is separated from Satan. Excuse me; I need a pen here.


OK, the phrase, like unto, is Strong's 3664, and it means resembling, and the word clear is 2513, and, again, it means Levitically pure. Glass, Strong's 5194, and it means any stone. It can mean any stone which is transparent like glass, so we see that the city is not necessarily glass, but it's made out of stone. It's mineral. It's -- and remember that Jesus said [?you?ye?] are the salt of the earth, and salt is a mineral, so we see the glorified city with its wall as Christ and the soul itself in a Levitically clean condition because she has been separated from Satan and is now married unto Christ, and she is clear. She is transparent like glass. There's no darkness in her; you could see right through her; there's no darkness in her.


Alternate Translation, the second half of Revelation 21:18, "And the holy living soul was glorified."


That's what its saying here. She was pure gold like unto clear glass. She was glorified, and she had become a crystal, a precious stone.


Amplified translation of the second half of Revelation 21:18, "And the holy living soul was expressing the spirit of Christ, and she was spirit."


Glorification means that the creation has become spirit. Well, how does she -- how does the soul become spirit? Brethren, when the marriage is fully completed, when she is so completely joined to her husband that there is no separation, that which was soul shall have become spirit, and that is what the glorification is, spirit swallowing up soul.


Humanity is in these flesh bodies today because the mind in us is the carnal mind. The mind of the flesh has produced a flesh body, but when the mind in us is spirit, we shall have a spirit body. Can you hear that? We have this flesh body which is corruptible because the mind in us is the mind of the flesh and is a corruptible mind. But when our mind is spirit and incorruptible, we shall have a body which is spirit which is incorruptible. Brethren, everything that you see in somebody's body is an expression of their mind.


This is a hard word, but I'm telling you the truth. Listen to what I'm saying. Don't panic. If your body is filled with disease, there is something wrong with your mind. I tell you the truth. Don't get mad at me. Repent and get delivered. Repent and get delivered if you're filled with disease and sickness and you're crippled and crushed every day like a moth, physically. You better get before God and start repenting and asking Him what you must do for Him to have mercy on you and turn your sentence of death around.


Brethren, according to the Scripture, no one is supposed to be sick before they die. You're supposed to -- when your time is up, if it's not time for you to enter into life, you [?should just?] go to sleep and die. And do you know that people die that way in this hour? People have blessings and curses on their life. Some people just lay down and go to sleep, and that's it. They're no- -- brethren, it is not happenstance. It is not a throw of the dice whether or not you are in tormenting sickness for years before you die. This is not a throw of the dice. It has to do with blessings and curses, and you have a whole lifetime to get before God and get yourself straight with him.


I want to tell you there are bad things out there in the medical community today. I'm not telling you not to go to the doctor. You all know my testimony; the doctor saved my life three years ago. The Lord put me in a hospital. But I want to tell you I would not want to go into a hospital not knowing that the Lord sent me.


I went to see my neighbor across the street the other day. I haven't seen him in eight months, and the man is in a living Hell. He's been sick for a long time. He lost a leg because of diabetes, but I could not believe what he looked like. I'm just going to make this very short. Apparently, he had diseased kidneys, and the doctor sat him and his wife down and told him -- told them that it was a very simple procedure. They put a shunt in his arm. What is a shunt? It's something -- I can't even explain it to you. But they would have a simple surgery, put it in his arm, and they would operate on him, remove both of his kidneys, and he would just have to have dialysis very brief periods of time. He'd be fine, and he'd live a happy life, so he let them cut out both his kidneys. And they tried to put the shunt in his arm. The shunt is that which they do the dialysis through, and his body rejected it because every two days they're putting a new one in his arms. He and his wife thought it was a one-time thing. Every two days, he's in some kind of surgery. The man's eyes were haunted. He looked like he was in absolute torment, and his wife is in torment with him because he's driving her off the wall, and he really wants to die he's in such torment. And his wife said to me, had they only know that this was even a possibility, they would have never had the surgery, and [?the man's?] -- would have -- he's lived his life. He's got grandchildren, and he's had a good life. He would have just passed on. She said had they only known there was even a possibility of this happening, they would have never done it. They were not told the truth by the medical community.


Brethren, I don't recommend anyone go through this life without the Lord. Let me tell you. This Hell is a terrible place to be in, and these doctors are getting out of hand; they're getting out of hand. Just in case anybody's misunderstanding me, if God sends you to a doctor, you go. What I'm saying is don't go unless God sends you. I wouldn’t want anyone doing anything to me that was not under the control of the Lord. Let's go on.


Alternate Translation, Revelation 21:18, "And Christ consists of the Spirit of the Father and the living soul, and the holy living soul was expressing the spirit of Christ, and she was, therefore, spirit."


Brethren, when you express the spirit of Christ, you shall be spirit, so don't give me all this junk that all you people dancing out there are expressing the spirit of Christ because, when I look at you, I see flesh. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? When you truly express the spirit of Christ, you shall be spirit, and the more spiritual you are, the more of Christ you are expressing.


Continuing with Revelation 21:19, "And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire and the third, a chalcedony" -- if I'm saying that right -- "the fourth, an emerald."


Now this Greek word foundations is Strong's 2310, and it means beginnings or first principles. Garnished, Strong's 2885, to put in order, made ready, prepared, and this phrase, all manner of, in the interlinear, it's speaking about the whole. All manner of precious stones, it's speaking about the whole of the precious stone. And we found out, in verse -- excuse me, in verse -- it's either 10 or 11 that the precious stone was who?




Christ is the precious stone. Here it is, verse 11, "Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious." Jesus Christ is the light of the city.


Alternate Translation, the first half of Revelation 21, Verse 19, "And the first principles are the beginning of the Christ of the living soul of the whole Christ were put in order."


Now that doesn't make much sense. I'm going to put it in better English for you. Oh, my goodness, I'm losing all my papers here. I'm going to put it in better English for you, but I'm going to read it to you this way again because I'm just using all of the words. Let me make it clearer to you.


"And the first principles and the beginning experiences of Christ," which Christ had in the beginning as a living soul. Wasn't Christ first a living soul and then a quickening spirit?


So in the begi- -- "And the beginning experiences which Christ had as a living soul" -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


"And the beginning experiences" -- and the first principles, we're translating it, and the beginning experiences of Christ of the living soul. We're saying, "And the beginning experiences which Christ had as a living soul." Was not Christ a living soul and a quickening spirit at the last? And the word translated adorned we're taking another translation meaning prepared. And the precious stone we're translating the mature Christ.


"And the beginning experiences which Christ had as a living soul prepared Him to be the mature Christ."


I Corinthians 15, I think it's Verse 45, "And so it is written, the second man -- the first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit."


Continuing with the second half of Revelation 21:19, "The first foundation was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald."


Now the first foun- -- well, let me review foundations for you. We did this, I think, in the last message. Who is the only foundation that is laid?




And Jesus Christ is the only foundation that is made. We said that this is the realm of appearance up here, and we're quoting the Scripture in Hebrews that said all of those people in the hall of fame could not be perfected without us. What that Scripture is saying, that, in all of those prophets manifesting Christ, we find Christ having experiences as a living soul, and we know that He had experiences [UNINTELLIGIBLE] foun- -- I'm not going to do this exactly.


Foundation one, he had an experience as Abraham. He had an experience as Isaac. Christ in these men had spiritual experiences. He had experiences in Jacob; He had experiences in Joseph, had experiences in Moses. Of course, these are not in the right order. And these are just some of the men that Christ has had experiences in as a soul. These are some of the personalities that He experienced as His childhood. Just as your 15-year-old child had a personality that is very different from your present-day personality, these men were childhood experiences of Christ. Just as you had a 14-year-old, a 13-year-old, a 16-year-old whose body no longer exists and whose personality no longer exists and whose life no longer exists, but all of those childhood experiences have been swallowed up into the mature you. Christ has had many foundational or childhood -- foundational or beginning or childhood experiences which have led up to and shall eventually result in a mature Christ appearing in humanity. Is anybody not understanding me?


So we see Christ having all of these experiences, and now, in the realm of appearance, we see Jesus Christ of Nazareth appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration saying, I am the first human being to manifest the maturity of Christ who is no longer a living soul but who is now a quickening spirit. And on top of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, what's the next foundation?


            [?Christ Jesus?].


OK, Christ Jesus. I suggest to you that is the final foundation, and Christ Jesus is a foundation because Christ Jesus is a mind. So if you have Christ Jesus in you, if you have the mind of Christ in you, He is the second generation of Christ; He is -- it's Christ Jesus in you, if Christ is being formed in you. When you see Christ Jesus, you know that there is, dwelling in your mind, all of the experiences and wisdom and knowledge that has been gleaned from Christ Jesus' experience in all of these foundational, childhood experiences. It's all in Christ Jesus, and as Christ Jesus matures in you, everything that Christ learned, through every one of His experiences with all of these famous Bible characters, is available to you. And if you don't have it now, it's either because Christ is not being formed in you, or He's still a mustard seed. But if you have the mustard seed, you have the potential to have, as your own experience, every single experience and every single thing that Christ has learned through every one of our patriarchs. Is that awesome?




That is awesome. So we see a city with spiritual foundations in it, spiritual foundations, foundations that are in the mind. It's just like saying, if you look at somebody who has a PhD in physics -- let's do this on the board. If you see someone or you are introduced to someone, Dr. XYZ, which has a PhD in physics, what do we know about his foundations? We know that he has a master's degree. We know that he has a baccalaureate degree. Well, let me put it in a term that might be more easily understood. He has a bachelor's of science degree. What's under that? He has a high school diploma.




He has a junior high school diploma.


            [?Grade school?].


And he is a graduate of grade school.








OK. So when you see Dr. XYZ, he doesn't tell you that he's a graduate of preschool. He says, I'm Dr. XYZ, PhD. Well, as Christ Jesus comes forth in your mind, anyone with the wisdom of God knows, as He matures in you, that you have the benefit of all of the experiences of Christ from the first day on the earth; all that wisdom is yours. There's only one catch. What's that?




You have to die, brethren. You have to give it up. You have to count your dreams of this world as dung.




Glory to God. So let's just briefly run over these foundations. The first foundation is jasper. You may recall that I said earlier jasper is purple, blue, green, bronze and white. And I’m going to suggest to you that the jasper typifies the first Adam, the first Adam that had the mind of Christ. The next founda- -- well, let’s put it on the board. Do I have any other colors here? Do I have any green? Haven’t really used this board very much lately. Here’s a yellow. Here’s another blue. Is this a green? I found a green. OK. So the first foundation is the first Adam, I said it was blue and purple and green, and it was also bronze and white. First Adam, soul man. OK.


The second foundation, sapphire. Now remember, in the foundation -- it doesn’t say -- it says it was in the foundation were all these stones, all these spiritual qualities were in the foundation. The second one is Sapphire, and sapphire is a rich blue. And I want to suggest to you that within the first Adam we had blue, which is Christ, the color of the sky, the first heaven. This is before the fall, brethren, before the fall. Christ is the next foundation. Let me say imputed Christ. OK.


The third foundation -- now, starting with the third foundation we see the fall of man, and the third foundation -- I may be pronouncing this wrong -- is chalcedony, we’re told it’s a pale blue or gray. This is a rich blue, and now chalcedony is a pale blue or gray. And there were only three of these stones that in the lexicons indicated a particular tribe of Israel. And the way it indicated this particular tribe is that you may recall that the breastplate of the Levitical priest had certain colored stones in it. So there were only three of the foundations which can line up to a stone in the Levitical breastplate, and this is one of them. It’s chalcedony, it’s pale blue, so we see the richness of the imputed Christ fading and turning into a pale blue, or even a gray.


And I pulled out for you the -- well let me say it to you this way, you may recall that back in part three of this message we reviewed the characteristics of the living soul, that we found out when we studied Jacob’s prophecy to the 12 tribes, if you recall that. So I pulled out our Alternate Translation of Levi, because this stone, chalcedony, was lined up with the tribe of Levi in the breastplate of the Levitical priest. And although I couldn’t find any indication in my notes that the second foundation, which is sapphire, means the tribe of Simeon, I’m going to suggest that to you and I’ll tell you why, because the first foundation is the first Adam, the second foundation is sapphire, and the third is chalcedony, and chalcedony we know is Levi, and when I looked at these Alternate Translations about the prophecies to the tribes, Simeon and Levi are together.


Simeon and Levi typify the spiritual duality of the living soul who was made of the spiritual son of God, that would be sapphire, the rich blue, and the existence in the earth, Satan. So we see the third foundation, I suggest to you, is typifying -- well maybe this isn’t even the fall yet. Let me just put a mark here. This is one, and this is jasper. This is two, and this is sapphire, and this is the imputed Christ. And in three -- what was the name of that stone, did anybody remember?




Chalcedony. We see that it’s supposed to be Satan in proper order, Satan in submission to this imputed Christ. And she’s supposed to be -- I’ll just mix it with yellow -- light blue or gray. So we see the first Adam in right standing, we see the kingdom of God, the imputed Christ, we see now here the kingdom of the two heavens, the imputed Christ together with the spiritual authority of Satan is the kingdom of the two heavens. When the kingdom of God is bound to the spiritual authority of Satan, when Satan is under control of the kingdom of God, the two together is the kingdom of the two heavens. Am I losing anybody? This is the kingdom of God, and the two of them together is the kingdom of heaven. OK? This is all at the beginning of time.


Fourth foundation -- we’re going from the bottom up. Fourth foundation is an emerald, and it’s also the number four where four typifies the earth, the four corners of the earth, and the emerald is green. And I want to remind you that the color green is dual. In this world, in this soulish realm, green means sickness and death. I may even say to you, you look green, you don’t look well. OK? That means you look sickly. But in the spiritual world, which is typified by the plant kingdom in this earth, green is a sign of life, green lawns, green trees, green grass. Green in the plant kingdom is a sign of life, green in the animal kingdom is a sign of death. And plant life typifies spirit -- plant life in this world, in this soulish world, typifies spiritual life. Everybody OK?


So the fourth foundation is an emerald, it’s speaking about the earth. And I want to suggest to you that it is speaking about the death of the imputed creation. First Adam in right standing, kingdom of God, kingdom of the two heavens, and then death, are foundations one, two and three. Is everybody OK? Foundation number five.




The death of the imputed Christ, yes, the death of the imputed Christ. Just bear with me a second, I lost my place here. OK.


OK, the fifth foundation is the sardonyx, if I’m saying it right, and that is red and white. It’s a red and white stone. And I remind you that the number five means ministry. Now, I want to suggest to you that at the fifth foundation the creation is already on its way back, and we’re talking about the white blood of fallen man -- I don’t want to take up too much room -- white blood of fallen man mixing with the red blood of Jesus.


Number five, ministry; a time in the earth where both fallen blood and glorious blood is available to men. A time period in the earth when both the blood of the fallen man and the spiritual blood of Christ is present in the earth. And Christ has had experiences in the earth at a time, or maybe even in an individual like me or you, where we have two kinds of blood, we have fallen blood and we have -- if Christ is being formed in you, you have spiritual blood. That is typified by the fifth foundation, the sardonyx, and it’s the beginning of the resurrection, the beginning stages, or the preparing of the creation for the resurrection.


And the sixth foundation is the sardius. Now remember, -- and that color is -- well, it -- some of it can be red, some of its red and some of it is flesh-colored, but we’re going to take the flesh-colored because number six is the number of man, and I’m going to choose flesh color for sardius. Flesh color -- a flesh-colored stone typifying man, so we see that five and six go together.


And the seventh foundation, the life of Christ begins to appear with the seventh foundation, and I suggest to you this begins with the imputed anointing chrysolite, chrysolite, and it’s green. Chrysolite is green. Now, down here we have green showing the death of the soul realm -- let me put this in -- the death of the soul realm, and now number seven we have chrysolite.


Now, I want to suggest to you it’s typifying the life -- let me say the imputed life, of God. The imputed anointing is appearing. I don’t know why this fifth and sixth foundation is in this order, it seems to my carnal mind that five should be the flesh-colored foundation of man, and that six should be the mixture of the spiritual and the natural man, but that’s the way it is there. I don’t know whether the people copying the Scriptures from the Greek copied it wrong or made a change, or there’s just something that I don’t understand, but it seems to me that five and six are out of order.


OK, going on with foundation number eight. Oh, no, let me tell you this; chrysolite is a stone that appeared on the breastplate of the priests, and it typifies the tribe of Asher. It typifies the tribe of Asher, and the translation we have -- the Alternate Translation of Jacob’s prophecy to Asher is as follows, “The spiritual food of Christ shall be brought forth from within Asher, and the bread of God shall feed the nations giving them life instead of death.”


So here’s another witness that foundation seven, in addition to the green color, is speaking about the imputed anointing, Asher shall bring forth spiritual -- the spiritual food of Christ. OK? And who brings forth Christ? The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has to come to you to bring forth Christ. So Asher is typifying the imputed anointing. Did I put that up there? I didn’t put it up there. I did, that was seven? OK.


Eight is the beryl, which is pale green, pale green, pale green. The only thing I have to say about that, is that we’re continuing on along with the imputed anointing, and eight, I believe, is the number for new beginnings. Does anybody know? Eight is new beginnings. OK? So we’re still in the imputed anointing.


Next, number nine, is topaz, which is a greenish yellow. OK, now, we have an artist here. Is this the color spectrum, is this how it goes? Blue, green --


            Of the rainbow?


Yeah. Is that in order for the rain- -- it’s not in order for the rainbow? OK. We have as the ninth foundation, topaz, which is a greenish yellow, and it’s a positive color. I don’t really have anything to say about that, but it just seems to me to be a -- green is a healing color. Yellow, I really don’t recall what it means, I just remember it’s a positive color.


Moving along with the healing of the living soul. And the tenth foundation is chrysoprasus. Chrysoprasus, which is a greenish gold -- no, this was a greenish yellow. Now we’re going to have -- and yellow, of course, is -- we’re talking about gold already, as we talk about yellow it’s touching on gold. Gold is spirit, so we see that we’re moving from the imputed life of God, which is green, and the creation’s becoming more spiritual, so we have the ninth foundation is a greenish yellow, and the tenth foundation is a greenish gold, which means it’s becoming more and more spiritualized. If I could just spell this, chrysoprasus. Greenish gold, so the creation is becoming spiritualized, going from green to yellow.


And the last two foundations -- well let me tell you this, that chrysoprasus is the stone which typifies Naphtali on the Levitical priest’s breastplate, and Naphtali is a loving wife, stretched out into many members, he brings forth spiritual men in the image of God, shining with His brightness. Can you hear the imparted anointing in that? Let me say it again, Naphtali brings forth many members, so we’re talking about an expanded humanity -- he brings forth spiritual men, spiritual men -- to be spiritual you need Christ -- imparted anointing -- in the spiritual men in the image of God -- to be in the image of God you must have Christ -- shining with the brightness of God. So already with the topaz, we begin to s- -- I’m sorry, is that topaz? I’m sorry, with the chrysoprasus, we’re beginning already to talk about the imputed anointing -- I’m sorry, imparted anointing. So that starts over here.


And the jacinth is number -- the eleventh foundation, jacinth, a light violet to a moderate purple. A light violet --




Yep, that’s the imparted anointing. To a moderate purple. So we’re moving into the imparted anointing now. We’re going from the green of healing into the yellow of spirit, into the blue and the purple of God’s royalty.


And the twelfth foundation is amethyst, purple or bluish violet. I think I spelled that wrong. Purple, bluish violet. And when I looked up this word in Webster’s it has a definition of it that says, “Amethyst is a remedy against drunkenness,” and we know that this whole creation is drunk on the wine of the, who? On whose wine are we drunk?


            The Harlot?


The wine of the harlot. Every one of us has partaken of her poisonous wine, and we have died, but the amethyst foundation is the antidote and the cure for drunkenness. So we see that when we -- this came up a little higher than I had wanted it to -- when we have the twelfth foundation built in, when we have all of these experiences -- and I believe that as Christ begins to come forth in you, after that mustard seed is engrafted to you, we have to go through all these stages. We’re all experiencing the first -- well, we’re experiencing the first Adam, and I don’t -- it may not be exact, you know, I don’t know how we’re experiencing the first Adam, maybe through the Scriptures we’re experiencing him. We’ve all certainly experienced the death of the soul realm, everyone here is experiencing the two different bloods, and we’ve experienced being a flesh-man, and most of us here have experienced foundations seven and eight, we’re experiencing life of God on a daily basis. And whether or not we’ve started in on foundation nine, where we become to be spiritualized, that you have to find out from God.


But you have the potential for all these foundations in Christ as He’s being formed in you, and to make them real to you, you must have many experiences in Christ Jesus. You’re going to be experiencing, probably, everything that Christ has experienced over all of these thousands or ever how many years, I don’t know. It’s just like -- it’s not going to take us all those years to experience it. It’s just like someone who goes to school -- see, the reason this creation moves so rapidly is that if you go to school to be a scientist, for example, and you learn everything that you could learn in your chosen area of science, then you go on to be creative, based on everything that you’ve learned. Then the generation that comes after you learns everything that you learned, plus what it took you a whole lifetime to learn and write books and document, OK? Let’s take it right here in the ministry. I have been laboring for years to bring forth this doctrine, you are partaking of my labor. God started giving me this doctrine 14 years ago. I spend hours bringing forth this doctrine. Now, you have the benefit of these meetings, and you have the benefit of the messages, and if it’s the will of the Lord you can come into where I am in maybe five years, right now. Maybe five years from now the people the Lord’s bringing in will enter in, in three years, because the literature will be available. Now all you have is messages, maybe five years from now you’ll have books, and correspondence courses, who knows what you’re going to have. Does anybody not know what I’m talking about?


So we have to have all the experiences -- to become into a full son, we have to have all the experiences that Christ has had over the ages, but it’s not going to take us thousands of years. We’re getting an intensified course, and it’s going to come into us in one lifetime. There’s only one problem when you’re chosen for this course of study, it kills you, it kills the life you were born with and it replaces it, gives you a whole new life. And the experiences are stressful and difficult, but they will not kill you, just your carnal mind, and you shall be fully born into the kingdom of God.


And Paul said he counts everything that he had achieved in this world as dung, that he should just know the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of His resurrection. Now, Paul was not speaking about the power that came to the man Jesus of Nazareth, he was talking about the power of the resurrected Christ in him. He was saying he counted everything he had every accomplished in this world as dung so that what happened to Jesus of Nazareth should happen to him. Does everybody understand what I’m saying?


You don’t give up your whole life unless it’s going to happen in you. You see? You don’t give up marriage, you don’t give up the glory of this world; you don’t give up the money that you inherited, or that you earned, because you read in a book that there’s glory waiting for you. Jesus has to make it real to you, because if it’s not your turn for Him to make it real to you and you give up all of your worldly goods, you shall find yourself without any worldly goods and without any spiritual goods, and that’s just plain stupid.


So wait for the call on your life, don’t get ahead of God, you’ll wind up bankrupt. You see, when Jesus does it to you, He takes away that He takes away the soulish things that He might give you spiritual things, and it’s painful enough that way, but you’re only without for a season, and then He pours in the spiritual things. If you give up the things of this world and He’s not pouring in, you can find yourself bankrupt. Brethren, I don’t want to scare anybody, but there are Christians who have made this mistake. They’ve given up everything and God has not come through, and they’ve severely backslidden and they’ve had some very bad years. I’m a very blunt preacher, don’t be stupid, you have enough problems in your life.


And there’s only one thing that would make you do something stupid like that, and that is pride. That is pride. You get -- you receive the Holy Ghost, and you find you have a gift to prophesy, and you’re prophesying every night in the church and you’re bringing forth glorious prophecies, and you start drawing all kinds of conclusions about what God is doing in your life that wait on the spirit. Don’t give up your job until He provides an income for you, you might find yourself without food and shelter. And don’t ever think that He’s calling you without making provision for your family. If you’re a man, He is not calling you to leave your family without food and shelter. If you’re a woman, He is not calling you to abandon your children, unless they are securely provided for. Jesus. So that is all we’re doing tonight on Revelation 21. Are there any questions tonight?


            I was hoping you could’ve gone on to the pearl, but I guess that’s next time?


Yeah, I didn’t do the research. I told you, I said to the Lord, short message tonight, what am I going to do? And He gave us that other whole message. Praise God. You have to wait. You waited all these years. You have to wait.


08/05/14 - Transcribed by VerbalFusion

08/12/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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