188 - Part 5

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My Son shall arise in you. Yes, the Son of My righteousness shall arise in you. It shall utterly overtake your soul. And you shall not know the pain that you have known that you shall take the victory. And know that it is I that even gives you the victory, it is I that rises up in you and takes the victory. So stand back and see My salvation and see Me work, for I shall go ahead of you, I shall go before you and do the work. For this is not your work, but this is My work that I’m doing here. Rest in Me, and watch and see Me do this work, and I shall perfect it in you.





What does it mean that -- to say that Christ will appear in you? In order for Christ to appear in you there must be a union of the Spirit of God and the mind and the s- -- and the human spirit of man, producing the mind of Christ. The appearance of Christ is the mind of Christ [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


So what Satan does is he tries to take the word of the Lord and bring it down to the earth, that’s what he does all the time, so your prophecy was about a spiritual union of God and man. OK? And this spirit of witchcraft came in and tried to turn it into a physical union between a man and a woman, and that was what just blotted out my whole mind. OK? So it had to be some manifestation of somebody’s, or all of our, carnal mind. So I just want to clarify this because I don’t like it when I’m misunderstood, OK?


For so long as we are in these bodies, and for so long as we are in this condition, God has said that sex is all right, but you have to get married. So there’s no condemnation in sexual intercourse at all if you’re married, but there is something coming, there is a promise of something coming in the future of a higher measure of intercourse, and it’s intercourse of the mind. It’s a joining with the mind of man to the mind of God, and that’s higher. And then for a season it’s possible for people to engage in both activities, but then you’ll -- let me put this on the board for you.


So all of us in this hour, we are very, very human, and the overriding characteristic of humanity is that we are physical beings. We are physical beings, we need food, we eat, we drink, and the way the Scripture puts it is that we marry, but it’s really saying we engage in sexual intercourse, that’s what it’s saying. That is the needs of man, and God recognizes that, and He says if you will, marry. If you engage in intercourse outside of marriage there will be consequences, negative consequences, in your life, and in the life of your children. You can engage in it in marriage without any negative consequences, that’s what the Bible says. But the human race, right now, is in the process of being regenerated, regenerated or raised from the dead. Now, here’s our goal; we have a vision, where we were human we are becoming, what? What are we becoming?




We are becoming spirit, or spiritual. Spiritual things are of the mind, they’re of the mind. So whereas we ate natural food -- which is what? Flesh of beasts and things that we grow. In that day after we’re converted, OK, we shall eat -- what are we going to eat? We’re going to eat spiritual food, the Bible describes it as bread or the word of God. We’re going to eat the word of God. Let me put that up there, that’s true. We’re going to be eating the word of God. And whereas we drink natural substances in this hour, we’re going to be drinking of the Spirit of God. And whereas down here we’re marrying and giving in marriage, in a physical marriage, we shall have union or marriage with Christ.


So there’s a big gap between here and here. This is what we are now, this is what the human race will be. It may take another 1,500 years, we don’t know, we’re going up one at a time. But there is a transition period, there’s an interim stage -- let me just erase this -- there’s an interim stage where human beings begin -- they just begin to work their way towards spirituality. So they’re still engaging in eating, and drinking, and marrying, but yet they get a measure of the Spirit of God, which is known as the Holy Ghost or receiving the Holy Ghost, they get a measure of the word of God, which is this kind of preaching that you hear, and as they continue to mature they do have some experiences, isolated incidents of experiencing union with Christ. A union where you come together and your mind is exalted, you have a spiritual experience, and then it goes down again and it’s in yo- -- you’re just a human being again.


So this is the condition of the church today, we’re both. So just by way of example let’s draw this line, OK? This line is the 50 percent mark. So long as you’re on this side of the line you are mostly just a man, just a man that has -- every once in a while God lets you have a spiritual experience. But as you grow in Christ, and as you grow on, there will come a time -- I don’t know whether it’s 50 percent, maybe it’s 75 percent, I really don’t know -- but there will come a time where you will be more spiritual than you are physical. And as you become more spiritual you desire -- when it comes to union, to intimacy, to joining with another party, you will begin to desire more of a union with Christ than a union with a member of the opposite sex.


Now, we have to be very careful here because we have a lot of religious people in this world that try to enforce this on people, you can’t enforce it on people. You can’t be telling them that sex is bad, you can’t be telling them that they shouldn’t do it, you can’t be doing that to people. OK? Why? Because we’re human, and that would be putting them under the law and Jesus never did that, and never intended to do it. But there is a natural phenomenon in this world that as you become more spiritual, the things of this world that mean so much to  you when you’re in this world, start to fade away. And we have a natural example of that with a lot of Buddhists.


You see, Christians are not spiritual people, that’s why most Christians are eating, and drinking, and marrying. It’s very rare to find a Christian that is called to be a eunuch, very, very rare. Although Jesus clearly said there are eunuchs and there shall be eunuchs, very rare in the Christian church because the Christian church is still carnal. But if you look at a religion like Buddhism, which is a very spiritual religion, the spirit operating in Buddhism is not Christ, it’s the spirit of this world, but people that follow Buddhism tend to become very spiritual.


And in the books that I’ve read I’m told there’s no prohibition against sex in Buddhism at all, you don’t even have to be married. There’s no rest- -- there are no moral restrictions whatsoever in Buddhism, you can do anything that you want. But people that follow this course of study that produces spirituality in them by natural choice, eventually, goes so much over to the spiritual side that they lose interest in the physical side, which may be very hard for you to believe, but that’s what happens. And there’s no enforcement whatsoever in Buddhism, it’s all voluntary, you can do anything you want. They have no moral laws at all.


So as the church begins to become spiritual we will see some Christians starting to prefer an intense union of the mind with Christ, which can produce physical experiences, and that’s hard to understand but it’s the truth. It’s the same thing like taking LSD, your mind is expanded and your whole being experiences the experience. And I’ve been preaching this for a long time and someone just told me last year that there is one drug on the market that’s being abused in this hour, I don’t know what the name of it was, that produces all of the sensations of being -- of having sexual intercourse. And when you take this drug you feel that way for eight hours, now that -- well that’s what someone told me, I don’t know, anyway, that’s what I was told.


But as we become spiritual and enter into a union of the mind with Christ that’s what we’re going to be experiencing. That’s what we’re going to be experiencing. However, this in between stage may be uncomfortable, and some people panic when they hear what I’m saying, but nobody’s forcing anything on you, this is just a vision of what’s coming. And I’m told that heroin addicts are not very sexually active at all. They get it all through the drugs, they get it all through the brain cells; all of the satisfaction comes through the brain cells. Well, it’s a similar principle when you really become spiritual and you’re really having union with Christ. The experiences of the mind will be so exciting that you will naturally prefer it over physical intercourse. Well, why do you have to choose? Because the two are directly opposite from one another. They’re just directly opposite from one another, either you’re using your body or you’re using your mind; either you’re building your mind or you’re building your body -- I’m falling down here. So most of us Christians right now, we’re way back over here, everybody’s getting married, everybody’s eating and drinking, the Bible clearly says that, but there’s a vision. However long it’s going to take in the regeneration, when we are raised up again to be superior spiritual beings who cannot get sick, who cannot die, who have the power to heal people, who have the power to produce food in the time of famine, you have power to do all the miracles that Jesus did, in that hour that will be so exciting and produce such an excitement that we will prefer that over human intimacy.


So there’s all kinds of ridiculous stories about Jesus being homosexual, or whatever else they’re saying, because the carnal mind of man cannot comprehend that a fully mature man could choose to be celibate. Now, we see this in the Catholic Church, in the Catholic Church it’s imposed, it’s the law from the outside, and we see Catholic priests messing up all the time. They’re falling away all the time because it’s something that’s imposed on them, the words upon them, thou shalt not, thou shalt not; no one could bear that. Who could bear it? It says right in the Bible no one could bear it because we’re human. So you tell someone thou shalt not, some people succeed, some people don’t succeed.


But there’s a change coming that’s coming from the inside, from the inside. And as your mind increases in Christ you will be pursuing after the things of God to such an extent, at some point, maybe never in your lifetime, you may never experience it, but there will be a group of people -- of human beings in this earth, who will begin to experience it at some time, and it’s a very radical, shocking teaching. Everybody, almost without exception, in the church panics when they hear it. Mostly the men panic, but you just live your life until Jesus takes you along another path.


So I started to tell you all this to say that what happens is that when a prophecy comes down that speaks about this intense union with Christ, Satan rise up and tries to make it physical, and that was what was streaking through my mind, taking that prophecy and making it physical.


            Can I say something?




You know, I didn’t feel a physical thing at all when I was ta- -- when I was giving it. I don’t know where that came from. Maybe it came from the unconscious mind, maybe --


It came from somebody’s mind.


Maybe it came from mine. That’s why I was opening up for prayer, I’m open for prayer for -- if that -- if it did, but what was in my mind consciously as it started happening was that I’m going to have victory over my emotions, and it was a feeling of victory, it wasn’t any thoughts of physical thing at all.


Well, it may not have been you.


But it -- but still, in my conscious mind is not the same as the unconscious. You know, you may have been perceiving something that came out deep from the unconscious mind or the heart.


Yeah. I wouldn’t worry about it.


            Maybe from me or someone else, but --


I wouldn’t worry about it, it was just [CROSSTALK]


I was really -- yeah, I was shocked to hear that, that at the same time that I was giving that -- that’s why I way saying did it come from me, but I was really blessed by what was coming forth, what I was hearing, coming up deep within me was like -- what he was saying -- if he’s saying he’s going to utterly overtake the soul, that’s the emotions, then I could see how that can happen, that union with Christ, and overtaking the emotions and feeling that high in Christ for long periods of time. And [?I know?] that’s what I’m hoping for, but He said it’s Him that does it in us, you know?


I’ve experienced it briefly. It’s quite an experience. Awesome experience.


And it think that that’s what it’s talking about, He said I will utterly overtake your soul. That sounds wonderful.


I’ve experienced it several times, and I think the most -- and every experience -- each experience was different, but the one experience that was incredible, the only way I could describe it, I don’t even know how to describe it, but there was -- it was like the whole room filled with rain, and His life was just vibrating out of me and it was touching everybody in the room, and there was this intense spirit of joy, and I was totally fulfilled and content, completely fulfilled and content. You know, that’s what salvation means, it means satisfaction of every need. It means once you’re really saved -- see, we need food continuously because our body is never satisfied, always -- every day you have to have more food, every day you have to have more to drink. OK? Every so often you have to have sex again, OK, you need more, you need more, you’re never satisfied, but salvation -- the true meaning of salvation is 100 percent satisfaction 100 percent of the time.


So what are we saying here? We’re saying that satisfaction that comes through the flesh is an inferior form of satisfaction, because you have to keep doing it, whatever it is, you have to keep doing it. You like to play basketball? You have to go down and play basketball. Whatever it is you have to keep doing it over and over again, you can’t hold onto it. If your satisfaction is food, you’ve got to eat more. If you like to drink, you’ve got to drink more. If you like drugs, you’ve got to drink more. So we do find satisfaction in human life, but it’s an inferior form of satisfaction because you’re really in bondage to whatever satisfies you. You have to go out and get it. You have to figure out a way how you’re going to go out and get it. You have to figure out a way.


That’s what marriage is all about. That’s what marriage is all about. OK? It’s outside of you. Now, marriage satisfies emotional needs; it provides safety for the bearing of children, satisfies, to some degree, mental needs in your relationship with your wife, satisfies physical needs, but you need somebody else to be satisfied. But the true meaning of salvation, which you don’t hear preached very much today, the true meaning of it is that you are so satisfied, because Christ is within you, that any form of satisfaction that we just talked about, you wouldn’t even be interested in it, because the satisfaction that you’re getting from Christ is so intense. That’s the true meaning of salvation, total satisfaction on every level, and because you’re completely satisfied, to be at complete peace with yourself. No driving spirit -- you think driving, you think trying to figure out how you’re going to get your needs met today, or how you’re going to get your needs met next week.




Yeah, right.




Right, and it’s a mystery, and it’s hard for Christians to understand that if you just turn in that that satisfaction with Christ can be greater than any physical satisfaction. But people don’t believe it, you know, because they’re born into this world, they’re born into a whole different way, and there is a transition period that can be difficult.


So I just -- I don’t know what I’ll do with this exhortation, but in the event I put it on the message I don’t want anybody misquoting me, you can’t do this by yourself. You cannot give up the satisfaction that comes -- the physical satisfaction by yourself because you really can’t do it, you know, you’ll hold on for a while and then one night will come and you’ll go out and you’ll have that drink, or you’ll do whatever it is that’s pressing on you, pressing on you, pressing on you, the day will come that you’re going to go out and do it. So don’t try to do it yourself, please don’t anybody say that I’m telling you to try to do it yourself, because I’m not, I’m just telling you what life is all about. Just like you tell little children look, when you grow up, you get married and you have babies, it’s something that you’re not experiencing right now, but it’s coming in the future. When you tell your 12 year old or your 14 year old child about marriage, that doesn’t mean you’re telling them to go out and get married, you’re just telling them about something that’s coming in the future, and that’s what I’m doing here.


And as of now, as far as I know, this form of satisfaction of the mind, or through union with God, is only very minimally available to man, it’s really not happening now. So whoever’s hearing this message, please live your life and don’t go tell anybody that I told you to stop living your life, go live your life. If God gives you a husband, get married, and if He gives you a wife, get married. I’m tired of people telling me that I don’t want people to get married, do whatever God lets you do. You want to say something?


Yeah. Isn’t it too that not only that they don’t believe it, but that most of the way that it’s been taught in the church -- it hasn’t been taught correctly, in that, nobody knows really how to get there. And, of course, the one’s that choose it out of law usually fall into some perverted sin, but the real thing is available in Christ, but -- I mean, it’s just not out there in the church world. It’s not that they don’t believe it, they don’t know how to get to that point, right?


Well, I don’t know how to get to that point either, Jesus has to bring you, that’s why --


But they’re not even taught about Christ really growing up in the person and turn them within -- the Kingdom of God within, and --


Right, the kingdom of God is within you.


And so how could they live any other way but just a carnal person with experiences of the anointing once in a while?


Well, it hasn’t been time. When it’s time for it to come to pass then the teaching comes forth.




But to date it hasn’t been time, the Lord was not bringing the church to that place. And then there’s always the problem of fear, you know, everybody’s afraid that they won’t be able to make it, so they preach against it. But when the time comes for the church to enter into that, the Lord will bring them into it. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


I’ve had that experience several times, it was quite awesome, it was total satisfaction; it didn’t need anything. I felt big, I felt strong, I felt powerful, and it was really wonderful. I told you in my testimony once, I was up there for four weeks -- I was up there for two weeks, and after one week I started coming down, I felt myself coming down, and I had a temper tantrum right out there in the street. I was walking back from the shopping center and I felt myself descending, and I started screaming and yelling, I didn’t want to come down, but I came down. I told you that, didn’t I? God had caught me up for a specific reason, to pray healing for someone that had a heart condition who was healed, and He caught me up so high to give me that authority, that that person should be healed, that it took me two weeks to come down, and after one week I came down only partially and then I came down the rest of the way. And I remember during that first week someone told me that they hated me, and I just looked at them and I said oh that’s wonderful. I didn’t feel a thing, it didn’t bother me at all, nothing anybody could say could hurt me; it was just wonderful. It was really wonderful.


So even the world knows that the whole human race is entering into the century of spiritual things, except we have a lot of people -- more people becoming spiritual through an ungodly spirit than people becoming spiritual through Christianity. I saw them interviewing some chief high priestess of Wicca on the radio -- on the TV the other day. High priestess of Wicca, and she -- Wicca is a form of witchcraft. It’s an ancient form of witchcraft, it’s older than Christianity. And she was saying that the people are just prac- -- flocking to Wicca, they’re getting all kinds of converts. And when asked why, she said because it’s satisfying the spiritual needs of the people. Satisfying the spiritual needs of the people.


So that means that Christianity these days is only very, very minimally spiritual, very childishly spiritual. And we have a population of people, many of which are starting to crave spiritual food. Now, in witchcraft the spirituality is usually coupled with physical sexual activity. Why? Because this body belongs to Satan, and he wants to use it. And when you bec- -- and eventually you will die anyway. But in Christ, the spirituality in Christ which gives eternal life, where you stop dying, you have to ascend all the way up into the spirit, and only God can bring you there.


21 part five. Now, it’s been a long time since we did part four, so I’m going to review it as briefly as I can. And what we started on part four -- well let me put it to you this way, we’re in Revelation 21:12 where it says, “The names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel are written” -- well let me read it, verse 12, “And had a wall great and high,” meaning it was a wall -- walls are salvation, many-membered wall, it was very spiritually exalted because it was in Christ. “And the wall had 12 gates,” which is the number of God’s government, which means that God had authority over this wall or this soul. “And at each of the gates there were 12 angels,” indicating again God’s -- the number of God’s government, again indicating that the soul was ruled by Christ. “And the names written there on, which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel.” And we did say that this indication of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel is saying that this is a human -- that this soul is the soul of humanity, and it has all of the characteristics of man.


Because when we did a word by word study of Jacob’s prophecy to the 12 tribes we found out that when we put everything we found out together, that if you put all of the characteristics of all of the sons together, you have a picture of the many different characteristics of fallen man.


So we found out that verse number 12 of Revelation 21 is saying that even though man has all of these weaknesses in his character, the appearance of the mind of Christ in him is going to be strong enough to make him holy and righteous by filling in every lack. Let me put that on the board for you. Natural man is lacking, we are fallen, we fell down into a deep pit, and we’re dead -- lying dead in the muddy waters of hell. We are negative. That means we are concave, we are like a giant U, and we are lacking in our hearts, in our souls, we are lacking, that’s why we always want. We want to eat, we want to drink, we want to be satisfied, we want pleasure of multitude of kinds because we are lacking, because we fell down into this pit.


And the Scripture describes our condition as hills and mountains. Hills and mountains, highs and lows. Some people are high, some people are low. Some people are more stable than others. Some are up and down, up and down, high low, high low, they used to call if Manic Depressive. So at your high point you are satisfied, and at your low point you are hungry. And this condition of fallen man drives him, or let me say it colors every decision that he makes. What colors every decision? His hunger colors every decision, or influences every decision, that he makes in his life. Because fallen man’s primary concern is filling himself up, because when you’re hungry you can’t think of anything else. I want to tell you, when you are hungry that is in every thought in your mind. That’s all you can think about. And that’s the condition -- that’s men’s manifestation of hell, and that is the condition of fallen man.


So we’re told in the Scripture that when Christ comes upon us, He is going to flow upon us like this, and every valley is going to be filled, every mountaintop will be touched by Christ, every emptiness will be filled up, and the result is -- because Christ flows along the top, He touches the mountaintops over here, He fills in the empty spaces, or the waste places as the Bible says, and whereas we were high and low before we now become even.  And another way of saying salvation, if you look it up in the dictionary, another word for salvation is to be even. Contentment is evenness, lacking that drive. Now, in humanity that drive for food can save your life, if you cannot recognize that you’re hungry so that you go out and get food, you could die. So it’s a drive that God put there in our fallen condition so that we could continue on existing, but the ultimate goal of God for humanity is to be even, is to be satisfied, is to be in a consistent state of fulfillment so that we can go out and fill others, being completely filled our self from within, by Christ, we now come into a condition where we’re no longer thinking about ourselves all the time because we’re not hungry, we’re completely satisfied 100 percent of the time and God sends us out to meet the needs of the other hungry people of this world. How did I get into that again? That’s the same thing I was just talking about. How did I get into that?


I know what I was saying, we were talking about the 12 tribes of Israel, or the characteristics of fallen man being present in the soul that has been regenerated. They’re still the same. They still have the same characteristics of the fallen man, but because Christ has come upon them and filled up all the waste places, we’re no longer in hell but we shall be in heaven. We’re going to be the same, but we’re going to be satisfied. So you’ll still be able to see the valleys and the mountains, but all of the valleys, or all of the waste places, will be filled up with the life of God, and we will lack nothing.


So as a part of this study in Revelation 21, we decided to review a message that we did a long -- a couple of years ago, where we looked up every word in the Hebrew of Jacob’s prophecy to the 12 tribes, and we found out what the characteristics of fallen man are. And we started to review this on part four. So I’m just going to briefly go over it. I’m going to read you the recap of verses 11 and 12, and then I’m going to briefly go over these characteristic of the tribes that we did on the last message and then we’ll go on and finish it tonight.


Recap, Revelation 21:11-12, “And because the Lord Jesus Christ was possessing her unconscious mind, her conscious mind was made to resemble the cherubim in the same way that the serpent was made transparent, bright and crystalline, and her unconscious and conscious mind were in the image of the Father because of judgment. And the renewed living soul has all of the human weaknesses that the sons of Israel had, but Christ Jesus has made them faithful by reforming their nature into the image of the Father, and now only the Spirit of God can pass through the conscious minds of that many-membered holy city which connects heaven to the earth.” If you’d like to listen to the messages -- the original messages, where we worked up these alternate translations about the characteristics of the 12 tribes that may be found on message 42. OK.


So in part four we talked about Reuben, who was the first born. And the prophecy of Jacob to Reuben was, “Reuben you are the first of my reproductive ability to appear, and you have received the primary outpouring of my genetic and spiritual substance. You are the part of the creation which appears, which is seen, and the part of the creation which is its spiritual strength.” You see what I did here -- I really don’t want to redo this whole thing, just bear with me a minute. What did I do here?


Reuben typifies the sons of God who are overcome by the flesh when they enter into the realm of time. Now, remember, we were with God before we we came to be in these physical bodies, we existed in spirit form with God. Now, when we evaluate Jacob’s prophecy to Reuben we find out that there are some sons, when they incarnate, when they take on the flesh, they are overcome by their flesh. Now, those of us, human beings, we have a ch- -- we’re supposed to have a choice whether we will lead our life based on our mind, on our rational thinking, or whether we will lead our life because we’re following after the lusts of our flesh.


So one of the characteristics of fallen man, that means everybody has the potential for it, every characteristic here that we’re going to talk about, every human being has the potential for. Some people have more of one characteristic and less of another. So for the people who find that they’re overcome by the flesh that means that the characteristics of Reuben are appearing in you. And I remind you that Reuben, who was the first born, lost his inheritance -- remember why he lost his inheritance, anybody? Remember why he lost his inheritance, Reuben? Because of incest. He had a relationship with his father’s concubine. He was overcome by the flesh. Now, he knew that was wrong; he knew he wasn’t supposed to do it; he knew the law of God said don’t do it, but the lust of his flesh ruled and made the -- his flesh made the decision as to whether or not he would do this thing. Well, first -- you see, first you’re tempted, he was tempted, and then if his mind made the decision he wouldn’t have done it, but when his flesh made the decision, he did it. So this is the condition of every human being alive. Are we going to do what our flesh tells us to do, or are we going to do what we know to be right? And this is a decision that human beings have to make every day of their life in many, many areas.


So Reuben typifies the sons of God who are overcome by the flesh when they enter into the realm of time, and the reason that they’re overcome is that they have spiritual weakness. And where is your spirit? Your spirit is in your mind. So if you’re overcome by your flesh, if you’re living your life by yielding to the lusts of your flesh, what that means is not so much that your flesh is too strong but that your mind is too weak. So when Jesus comes to help you with a lust of the flesh, He doesn’t come and beat your flesh, as they do it some religions, but He comes and He joins Himself to your mind, and He strengthens your mind so that your mind can overcome your flesh.


Reuben fornicates continuously with the harlot, which is his own human spirit, and those men that are exhibiting this quality are unable to set their sights on the things of God and unwaveringly work towards them. Their lust of their flesh hinder them setting their sights on higher goals.


The tribe of Gad typifies those members of the living soul who are victims in this world. Now, we have some people that are victims no matter how hard they try. We have a category of people that are victims, they are continuously getting mugged, they’re continuously being victimized by employers, sometimes they’re women who are victimized by their husbands, they’re married four times and every man they marry beat them, this is no accident, but there is something inside of you, there’s a mark on your soul that’s attracting you to situations and to relationships that render you the victim.


And if you find yourself in this category you have the characteristic of Gad in you, and you need the Lord Jesus Christ in your life to be your savior and to deliver you from being a victim of this world. Some people are sick from a very early age, they’re victimized by the god of this world who has stolen their health from them. Some people are victimized financially, no matter how hard they work they can’t get ahead.


You know I was raised on the Judeo Christian ethic. I was taught that if you work as hard as you can you will be a success in this world, and I came from a hard working family. My father had three jobs, at one point four jobs, at a time. I worked a job and a half, at one point I worked two jobs. I’ve always been a very hard worker, but I found out that as hard as I worked that I lost everything in this world, and the reason I lost everything was that the Lord was showing me that I couldn’t accomplish anything without Him.


Now, God did it to me, I believe God did it to me, at the point that He called me into the ministry He started striping everything from me, but there are people in this world who -- we could say there was a curse on me, the curse came from God. He said you’re not going to succeed on your own because I’ve called you into the ministry, and the only success you’ll have in this world is the success that I give you. God does that to some people that He calls into the ministry, it’s not uncommon. So you could say it was a curse from God. When God -- everything that God does works out for your good, but when the god of this world puts a curse like that on you, and you work as hard as you can work and nothing goes right, we’re told in the book of Haggai you can have a bag with holes in it, you put all your money in that bag, you’re saving, saving, saving for 10 years, and then your wife gets sick and every dime that you had goes out the window.


So, you see, it’s wonderful to bring up people telling them that if you work as hard as you can work, it’s the American dream, you will be successful and be rich, and it’s not true. It’s a general principle that’s true absent of spiritual force opposing you. If there’s no spiritual force opposing you, you work as hard as you can work and you’ll be a success in this world. But we need to know that in the case of some people, there are spiritual forces opposing them, and they could work as hard as they could work and at the brink of success the whole bottom falls out, and it happens to them every time. And I never even knew that this situation existed until God showed it to me. That we have whole segments of society who are under curses such as this, and what they need -- the only help for people who are in this condition is to have a union with the Lord Jesus Christ, which union will destroy that curse, and then when you work you will succeed.


So there are people in this world who are victims, they’re victims of illness, they’re victims of poverty, they’re victims of a dark mind that they inherit, that they’re born with, then we have victims of sexual abuse, there’s all kinds of victims in this world, and in this country today we largely think that the answer to these problems is to give people money. People that are victims because of a curse on their mind will not be helped by money, they must have their mind renewed, and we see that happening in this country. We’re putting millions and millions of dollars into certain troubled areas of society, and it’s only helping the people minimally. Brethren, these people need the Lord Jesus Christ to turn their mind around, then you give them the money, and then you give them the education, and then they go, they work hard, and they succeed.


So if you’re a victim, or if you know a victim, that is the characteristic of the tribe of Gad. Let me read you this whole paragraph, “Gad typifies those members of the living soul who are victims in this world system. They experience being totally overcome by Satan and his demons, but shall find the strength to overcome them when Christ is born in them.” You know, if you are a retarded person you are victimized. You are victimized. You can work as hard as you could work and you may never become an independent person in this world. You may need someone taking care of you for the rest of your life.


So it’s good to teach the Judeo Christian ethic, I’m not against it, but I believe that we need to know there is a segment of society that that rule does not apply to. And what our society tends to do is to condemn the person that works as hard as he can work and can’t make it, we turn around and we condemn them, and I think it’s time to recognize that there are different kinds of people, and that depending on what you are and what your background is you need different kinds of ministry. If you don’t have the spiritual hindrance in your life then, you know, work, work, get out there and work, but if you’ve got this spiritual hindrance in your life then you need the Lord Jesus Christ. You need this curse broken off of your mind so that your work can lead to success. Glory to God.


Asher. Asher typifies those members of the living soul in whom the life of Christ will appear, giving life to the flesh man. So if you are, in this hour, one of those people in whom the life of Christ is about to appear, you have the characteristics of the tribe of Asher in you.


Naphtali typifies the female aspect of the living soul, even God’s many-membered loving wife, who brings forth spiritual sons in the image of God. Now who would that be? You may have heard me preach about the two different aspects of the church, there is the bride company and there is the bridegroom company. There are the sons of God in the church who are the bridegroom, and there is a -- there are many more members of the bride church in this hour, who are giving forth life to the spiritual sons. Every spiritual son -- every spiritually male believer in the church today has passed through the female element of the church, most likely Pentecost. So Naphtali typifies that aspect of the church which is not male, but which is producing the sons of God.


Manasseh typifies the increase of the many-membered body of Adam from having only natural members, to having both natural and spiritual members. What does that mean? Brethren, in this hour we have different forms of life on the earth, we have mammals, and we have human beings, and we have human beings that do not know Christ, and we have human beings who have received the Holy Ghost, and we have human beings in whom Christ is being formed, and very soon we’re going to have another category of human being on the earth, we’re going to have a group of people in whom Christ is fully appearing. And at that point there will be only two major categories, human beings in whom Christ is appearing and human beings in whom Christ is not appearing. And we found that in Joel 2. Once the sons of God appear all the other categories of people will be lumped into one category. It doesn’t matter whether Christ is being formed in you or you have the Holy Ghost, you will be in one of two categories, either Christ is appearing in you or Christ is not appearing in you. And that will happen once the higher life form of the sons of God appear. And once the human race comes into that condition -- well on the earth we have spiritual and natural men, Manasseh is appearing in humanity.


Simeon and Levi typify the spiritual duality of the living soul who was made of the spiritual son of God and the existence of the earth. Simeon and Levi, they’re paired, and they typify our condition of being both spiritual and [?soulish?]. We are double minded, we are spiritual beings in a flesh body where that flesh has a lot of power to try to direct us, and Simeon and Levi typify that condition of duality.


Issachar typifies the animalistic, rebellious beginnings of the living soul up to and including its change of mind and submissive marriage to God. So we see in Issachar a broad spectrum of the fallen living soul, and we see the living soul repenting and turning to God. So that’s a category that’s -- that we can see on the broad spectrum of humanity, and we can see it on an individual level.


I know in my case I was very rebellious and I came to a point where I repented and I turned towards God. That’s a manifestation of Issachar. And we’re seeing it in individuals, and we’re eventually, very shortly, going to see it across humanity. We’re going to see a company of people that have truly repented, and have truly come into submission of Christ. And if you’re hearing this message, and just in case you don’t know it, by and large the church world is not in submission to Christ. They’re out there doing whatever they want to do, and judgment is beginning to fall, but judgment only falls on the sons, He only falls on the sons. God chastens every son that He calls. So if you see people in the church world that are just pursuing it to their carnal lifestyle with no opposition from God, what it means is that Christ is not being formed in them, because God does not chasten people who have the Holy Ghost, He chastens people in whom His Son is being formed.


Those are the tribes that we finished on the last message, so we’re picking up right now with Zebulun, and if you’d like to review the original workup, that means how we got the alternate translation on Zebulun, you can review message number 42 part nine.


Zebulun shall live out of their flesh man, and he shall be a place where the soul man can manifest the carnal mind freely. If you have the traits of Zebulun that means that the large majority of your decisions, and the things you do in life, will be as a result to the urging of your flesh as opposed to the urging of your rational mind. Zebulun shall live out of their flesh man, they will respond to the urges of the flesh. And he shall be a place where the soul man can manifest the carnal mind freely. That means there’s going to be little or no opposition to the carnal mind ruling this person’s life. And if you’re in this condition what you need is a manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. And in case you hadn’t noticed it, no matter what your problem is, no matter what your human trait is that is your weakness, the answer is always the same, Christ in you, the hope of glory, you’ve got to get Christ no matter what your weakness is. Your weakness is a valley, it’s an area in which you’re lacking, and when you’re filled up with Christ you will no longer be lacking, but you will have dominion over that weakness. And you will live your life by the rational mind of Christ which will lead you into green pastures where you will prosper and have a good life, as opposed to following after your flesh which will lead you down into continuingly deeper and deeper depths of hell, and have your life to be totally destructive and unproductive.


So look at your life and evaluate yourself, and if you’re not leading a productive life you are lacking Christ. What you need is Christ. And He’s going to fill you up in every area that you’re weak and He’s going to give you the strength to lead a descent, godly, rewarding, satisfying life. And once again, we have an unfortunate condition in the church, where some people are condemned for not being able to stand up and get their life straight. There is a measure of power in the church today that helps some people, but there is a category of people who are so lacking, they are so lacking that the measure of power in the church today cannot help them. And the church then turns around and condemns the person who needs a greater outpouring of power, and tells them that the reason they’re not helped is because of something that they’re not doing. Now, when you tell somebody that they’re to blame, if you rebuke somebody and you blame them, that blame indicates that they have the power to do righteousness. If the person does not have the power to do what needs to be done then you’re blaming them is unrighteous, your rebuke of them is unrighteous. When the person has the power and doesn’t do, your rebuke is righteous. When the person does not have what it takes to do it and you rebuke them, you have condemned them. So if you can’t tell what condition a person is in, you’d better not speak, because the Lord does not -- is not pleased by you condemning these little ones that He has died for.


Zebulun shall live out of their flesh man and he shall be a place where the soul man can manifest the carnal mind freely, and his spiritual reproductive parts shall be a formidable enemy to the spirit man, and shall never be conquered. And he shall never be conquered. If you’re manifesting Zebulon you are a formidable enemy to your spirit man and to another spirit man out there, and you are unconquerable except the full manifestation of Christ opposes you. You are unconquerable in this world system, there is no spiritual man that will stand against you unless he be in full stature, or unless Christ be -- I want to take that back, I don’t know about full stature -- unless Christ be working in him, not the Holy Spirit, but the manifestation of Christ. This Zebulun is a very strong minded manifestation of a carnally mind in man.


Issachar -- I thought we did that already. The form of spiritual life joined to a violently emotional animal, that’s our spiritual condition, brethren, whose many members shall be cleansed from their corruption when their true spiritual nature appears during the harvest season.


So we see that several of these characteristics of fallen man will not be wiped out until Christ appears. And, once again, I refer you to old order deliverance which has a very real and valuable place in the church, but it cannot cast out the qualities of human nature. Deliverance can cast out demons which are produced because a particular quality of human nature has gotten out of hand, but you cast those demons out and you’re still left with that quality of human nature which is a part of the person’s personality. And in that instance, these lacks will only be dealt with as Christ arises and covers over these lacks, or these sins.


We’re still in Issachar, “And he saw that marriage to God would be good. And that as a result of such a marriage, the land of his soul would be cleansed. And he submitted to the yoke of the Lord, and the land of his soul was subdued under the headship of Jesus Christ the Almighty God.” So we see another characteristic of Issachar is that he will recognize Christ and recognize that Christ is good for him, and he will submit to the yoke of the Lord.


We’re told that there are some people that will never submit to the yoke of the Lord, they never recognize the benefits of being overtaken in Christ. So if you have that experience, if you have been able to recognize that submission to Christ is a -- is of benefit to you, you are manifesting one of the characteristic of Issachar. That’s a positive characteristic.


The tribe of Dan shall judge his own people, even the other 11 tribes of Israel. Now, brethren, it’s no secret to any honest believer that there is a community of Christians who attack other Christians. Christians who attack other Christians are manifesting the characteristics of the tribe of Dan. Dan is described as a serpent, and if you read the book of Judges, they have a history of doing some very wicked acts. Dan is the serpent within the church. God will let a Danite come against you to test you, to see whether you’re responding out of Christ or the carnal mind. Brethren, it is time to grow up and give up our naivety, there are Christians in the church that will -- that can and will hurt you. There are Christians in the church that are not honest people, they speak in tongues and they dance in the spirit. Some of them are clergymen and they are members of the tribe of Dan, and they will bite you and they will wound you, and God has permitted it to be so, so that you might be tested.


Dan shall be Israel’s adversary, and we know that adversary is another name for Satan, as Dan shall be Israel’s adversary as Israel experiences the course of life which bends him into the image of God. Now, remember that we’re traveling along the earth with a particular mindset, with a particular lifestyle, and when God apprehends us, the way the Scripture describes it, is that he literally bends us to turn us in another direction.


Our natural example could be a car going down the highway at 60 miles an hour, and all of a sudden you see it screeching on the brakes, it first has to come to a stop and then it turns around and goes in the complete opposite direction. From the moment that break is hit, and even though the car is still moving forward, from the moment the brakes start to hit that is a sign that Christ is in that person’s life. So the first thing He does is slow him down from the direction that he’s going in. So if you see someone that has been apprehended by Christ and they’re still doing the same things that they were doing out in the world, and they appear to still be going in the same direction, be very careful before you make your judgment about them because the Lord may not have turned them around yet, He may just have the brakes on them. When you’re going 60 miles an hour into destruction you do not stop on a dime, so have mercy and give people a chance.


He is a -- Dan -- “He is a biting serpent within the spiritual traveler, journeying through the realm of time.” And what that’s saying is that everybody has a bit of Dan in them. It says he is a biting serpent within the spiritual traveler. That means we all have an ability to hurt other Christians. Some people are fully yielded to it, other peoples are -- other Christians are slightly yielded to it, and those of us who are maturing in Christ are recognizing the hurtful thought in our mind before we speak it, and refusing to speak it. But every Christian, which is just another human being, has that potential in them to be very hurtful to other Christians. And they can oppress the men of Israel, that could be the serpent in your mind oppressing you or if you are completely given over to him you can be a vessel which is used to oppress the men of Israel, so that their rider, even the Lord Jesus Christ, would be thrown back to the hinder parts of their mind. Do you hear that? Every Christian has, in their own mind, a spiritual aspect of themselves, which if he can, will bite you with a specific purpose of having the Lord Jesus Christ thrown back.


How many of you realize that when you’re smitten in your body, you’re less spiritual? You lose your spirituality when your body hurts. You can lose your spirituality if a believer hurts you, if you’re hurt in your emotions or if you’re hurt in your body the Lord Jesus Christ can get thrown backwards and your carnal mind can become the mind that you’re operating out of. Well, this verse is saying that every believer has that potential, and sometimes we use it upon ourselves and sometimes we use it upon others. The way the church world puts it is that we can cause someone else to stumble. If we manifest the carnal mind to someone and the person is not mature enough to deal with it in Christ, we can cause them to stumble. And the more mature believer is answerable to God for causing your younger brother to stumble.


Gad shall be attacked and invaded by a troop of robbers, but he shall attack. And who are the robbers? They’re spiritual robbers, they’re the demons, they’re the carnal -- your own carnal mind and the carnal minds of other men, but Gad shall attack and press down the invading army when he comes into the image of Christ. So we see a group of people in the earth overcome, continuously overcome, not necessarily victimized, there’s a fine difference between being victimized and being overcome. We see a category of people who are continuously overcome, they just can’t get up over it. Life is just too hard for them. They’re not being victimized, but it’s just too hard. They’re fighting as hard as they can and they’re not making it, and if you have that problem the answer for you is that Christ should appear in your mind, because when Christ joins with you and appears in your mind you shall overcome every opposing force of this world system.


“The spiritual food of Christ shall be brought forth from within Asher, and the bread of God shall feed the nations giving them life instead of death.” If you are a teacher, and I remind you that a teacher is someone who brings forth doctrine. To officially be a teacher you must have the doctrine coming forth from Christ in your own mind. To pick up someone else’s teachings and teach from them, you’re not in the category of teacher of the fivefold ministry. I don’t really know what your name is, but to qualify to be a teacher the doctrine must be coming forth from your own -- from Christ in your own mind. And if you are a teacher and if God is bringing forth doctrine in you and you are feeding the nations with the word of God and you’re giving them life instead of death, that means if you’re not giving them the false doctrine in the church today but you’re preaching the life of God, this is a manifestation of the tribe of Asher in you.


“Naphtali is a loving wife stretched out into many members, he brings forth spiritual men in the image of God, shining with His brightness.” Naphtali is the church that has the Holy Ghost but in whom Christ is not being formed. The man in whom Christ are being formed come out of the carnal church with the Holy Ghost. So if you are a member of the church, that is the bride company, you have the qualities of Naphtali in your life.


“Joseph is a son of God that bears many offspring, even a son who bears spiritual young in the realm of appearance.” Now, Joseph is the most blessed tribe out of all of the 12 tribes. Joseph typifies the sons of God in the end time who have the double portion, they have the grace that was upon natural Israel plus the Christ which is growing forth from seed in their own mind; they have that double portion. To be a member of the tribe of Joseph indicates that you are walking, or you are designed, or you will at some time in the future, walk in full victory and dominion over everything in this world that has the ability to hurt other men. Joseph typifies the fullness of God appearing in men, and he’s greater than Judah.


Judah typifies that manifestation of Christ which was in the old covenant, which was lacking. Do you remember why it was lacking? The manifestation of Christ in the old covenant with Judah was lacking, in that, it did not have the ability to reproduce itself. God graced Israel with it, that manifestation of Christ was upon Israel but they did not have it within themselves to give it to somebody else. But if you have the characteristics of the tribe of Joseph in you, you have the Christ which is growing up from seed, and you have it within you to impart this glory to other human beings, doesn’t matter what tribe they’re from, you have the strength within you to give it to other people.


So the characteristics of Joseph where Joseph is greater than Judah. Joseph is greater than Judah. Joseph is the ultimate tribe. He is a son of God that bears many offspring; that’s spiritual offspring. Now, that’s talking about spiritual fatherhood, this is referring to that Scripture in Isaiah that says the barren shall bear many children than the married wife. We’re talking about spiritual children. Paul said I have begotten you as a father, I believe he said, with the word of truth. There are spiritual men being born in existing human beings in this hour, and they’re being born by the word of God that’s coming forth out of people’s mouths. Jesus said my words are spirit and my words are life, and if those words are of God and their spirit and their life, and they’re landing on your heart, the son of God is being formed and being born in you. And this is the quality -- this honor is given unto the tribe of Joseph. He bears many offspring, as we were talking about earlier in this message, not through a physical union with a woman, but Joseph bears many offspring by bringing forth the mind of God to the spirits of human beings so that they could join the spirit of God with the spirit of the man, so that Christ could be formed in that man. The son of God is a mind. When the son of God is formed in you what that means is that you now have the mind of God. You’re born with the mind of this flesh, when Christ is formed in you what that means is you have now a mind which is of God. And that’s what Joseph does, he brings forth the words that are spirit and the words that are life, so that they will join with the human spirit of a man so that the mind of God will be born in that man. And when the mind of God is born in you, you shall have victory over every problem in your life, and you shall have dominion over every enemy that has ever tried to destroy you, and no other tribe has the power to reproduce the mind of Christ. If you have the power to do it, you are manifesting the charac- -- or at least one of -- or the major characteristics of the tribe of Joseph.


And how will you know if you have the power to reproduce the life of Christ? You must have the proof. If you are a natural woman and you want to prove that you are fertile, what must you do? You must bear a child. In some nations, I know in Africa where they’re not Christians, the traditional Africans will not marry a woman unless she’s pregnant, because children are very important to African men, and you have to prove yourself to be fertile before they’ll marry you, that’s how their society goes.


So if you want to say that you are of the tribe of Joseph then you must be able to prove that you have the ability to produce the mind of Christ in another human being. And how would you know that you’ve done that? Well, you take a human being who is being overcome by this world and you speak the words of God to them, and over a period of time you will see the mind of Christ appearing in them and defeating their every enemy. And then you know that you have proven yourself, you have proven your ability to bring forth life. You must have the proof of your fertility, otherwise don’t talk to me, because I don’t believe it unless I see it. You must have the proof of your fertility. The Christ baby must be appearing in the mind of at least one person that you have ministered to for me to believe that you are of the tribe of Joseph.


“Joseph’s sons appear above their spiritual foundation,” that means that they’re obvious in this world system. “And they are able to master the realm of appearance, they’re able to look at it and journey about within it, but not be overcome by it.” If you are in Joseph you are taking the victory over everything that tries to destroy you in this world. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s not going to be a battle, but you must win. You must overcome or you’re not in Joseph. You must overcome. The battles are fierce. And for people who don’t have spiritual eyes, it may look like you’re not winning, but you have to take the whole broad spectrum, you have to look at where the person came from. Are you going forward? I don’t care if it’s five steps forward and four steps backwards, are you going forward? Are you pressing in? Is your life changing for the better? Are problems that you had disappearing? If you can’t say yes to that you cannot be in Joseph. You must have the power to overcome every wickedness and every power and principality in high places that would destroy you in this world system. And that’s everything, from physical infirmity to mental infirmity, to addictions, to every form -- to financial problems, you must be victorious when you fight or you are not in Joseph. And it you’re not in Joseph that’s no condemnation, what that means is, you need Christ. Ask the Lord to bear, or to bring to birth, Christ, in your own mind, because if you’re being overcome in any area, you are lacking and you are weak in this area, and the only thing that’s going to pick you up and put you on your feet is Christ joining Himself to you and giving you the strength that you need to overcome your problem. You cannot do it in your own power, you cannot, especially if you’ve been trying for years and you still believe that you’re going to start doing it tomorrow. If you’re overcome, you’re overcome, get Christ because that’s the only way you’re going to make it.


So I just want to say that, again, those who are operating in the tribe of Joseph are appearing in this world system, they are able to master it, they can look at it and journey about in it, but it does not overcome them. And this takes us right back to a teaching in the church today that says stay away from everything that’s not, what they call Lilly white, although nothing is Lilly white, meaning without sin, today. But when you’re in the tribe of Joseph, if God sends you into a bar you’re going to be able to go into a bar, you’re going to be able to tell whether or not it’s the Lord sending you into a bar. Maybe there’s a man sitting on that bar stool that is in no way going to get into a church meeting, and God sends you in to minister to him, if you’re in the tribe of Joseph you will be able to enter into that bar and not be overcome by the seduction there. You’ll be able to go anywhere, to minister to anybody that God sends you to, just make sure it’s God before you go or you could have a problem.


We have a church world that’s afraid of their shadow. They are so afraid of being overcome that they’re a disgrace to the name of the Lord. And it’s the truth. I tell you the truth. They’re afraid of everything, don’t talk to this one, don’t talk to that one, don’t listen to this message, don’t read that book, you’re going to mess up and go to hell. We are supposed to be fearless.


You know, when the Hebrew children entered into Canaan land, all of the tribes that were presently occupying Canaan land were terrified of them. They were terrified of them. No one’s afraid of us today -- most -- well, very few. There are very few Christians that are feared in this hour. There’s no fear of the church. That’s because the church in this hour is not manifesting Joseph.


“Joseph is the master of the living soul, he is the husband of Israel’s youth, and he make her bitter and grieved. He wounds her by dividing her into many members and setting himself opposite to them.” What that means is that Joseph will execute judgment. Someone that has that measure of authority in Christ will wound the minds of people who are living out of their carnal mind. Joseph will wound that carnal mind, and will implant the seed of Christ, you will feel the pain, but in due season that Christ mind will appear in you and will overcome your every enemy. Joseph also is marrying the living soul that’s after your wounded. And after Christ appears in you, he’s going to marry you, and you shall continue in the realm of appearance, that’s a union of the mind now, for the life of the ages. And Israel should be purified as fine gold by the spiritual power of the almighty God of Jacob.


So this is the procedure, you come into an encounter with someone manifesting the characteristics of the tribe of Joseph, they wound your carnal mind, and they wound it with the words that they speak. They implant the seed of the mind of Christ in you, and then when Christ grows up He marries you and you shall live forever. When the mind of Christ is fully born in you it will preserve your body and give life to your soul, and you shall live for the life of the ages.


Well, this is all Joseph. There’s a lot to say about Joseph here. Your help shall come from Israel, if you’re in the tribe of Joseph, Jesus Christ is your help, the great ship that who shall rule through the members of the body of Christ are His glorified spirit. Help will come from your father’s God, and the indestructible God, even the destroyer, shall break you down into your basic spiritual parts. Now, what this is talking -- this again is judgment. Those who are in the tribe of Joseph, sometimes we call them the two witness company or the sons of God, they’re coming to you who are having problems in this world, and they’re speaking words to you that are breaking apart your wrong thinking that is bringing destruction into your life, and they’re going to -- these words that are spirit in our life, these words that are of God, they’re going to rearrange your mind so that you start thinking constructively, and you start living in a way that’s going to bring prosperity into your life.


So Joseph manifests as the destroyer. He shall break you down into your basic spiritual parts, rearrange them, and restore you to the correct moral order. That means you’re thinking, which was reprobate, shall now be positive and constructive, and you’re going to start making godly decisions that are in your best interest. And because of that, you will receive the peace that occurs only when Christ is ruling over you. And the life of God shall be found in the satanic realm that’s in your own mind, and the life of God shall appear in your soul and in your human spirit. And God’s good intention towards your ancestor, Abraham, to impart the peace to them which results from being brought into submission to the authority of God shall be stronger than the curses of my offspring.


Now, this is really exciting. If you are in Joseph you can expect to be cursed by other members of the church. That may sound radical, but I remind you that the original Joseph was cursed by his 10 other brothers, they thought of killing him, and they finally sold him into slavery. So if you have been persecuted by other members of the church, if you have been locked out of fellowship, if you have been rejected, and harmed, and hurt, and ignored and hated, you may be exhibiting the characteristics of the tribe of Joseph. And God says unto you that the blessings that God promised to Abraham’s seed shall be stronger than the curses of your brothers, even until the last generation of Abraham’s natural seed is birthed, which is Christ. Christ shall be Joseph’s beginning, and the increase of he who are separated out from among his brothers into a consecrated life with God.


So there’s a company in the church today that are being separated out from the traditional church, they’re being persecuted and hated, and they’re being condemned, but God says no matter how bad it looks the promises that he made to Abraham on your behalf will be stronger than any curse that can be put upon you from any envious or misdirected Christian who does not understand you. And also it says that Joseph begins with Christ, so we have not seen anyone with the characteristics of the tribe of Joseph until at least after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus -- the resurrection and the outpouring of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joseph has the ability to reproduce Christ in other human beings, that’s the overriding major characteristic that he has. He will be persecuted and hated by his own brethren, he will be separated from the church at large, he will be cursed by his own brethren, but in due season God will bring him forth and he will have the staff of life that will minister to the world.


Benjamin. “Benjamin shall break the living soul into many members, like a wolf tears a dead animal carcass for food. At night, in the hour that the living soul has military power, he shall separate her into many members, polishing each member of she whom upon her death will be placed under the bridal of the living God. In the morning when Christ appears He shall swallow her up.” So we see Benjamin, again, being a destructive force, not quite as severe as Dan, but being a destructive force.


“The 12 tribes of Israel represent the many characteristics of the living soul and the many experiences the Son of God has had and having -- is having and shall have, as he evolves from the many-membered man, Adam, into the second Adam the [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


Judah typifies the many spiritual members of the Son of God who were lowered into the realm of appearance with the Lord Jesus Christ -- well, I guess I read this at the beginning. I shouldn’t have read it at the beginning, so let -- so I read this at the beginning thinking this was part four but it was from part five. So I gave the -- well, I’ll just read it to you again.


“Judah typifies the many spiritual members of the son of God who are lowered into the realm of appearance with the Lord, Jesus Christ, at the beginning of time, and who are manifesting in the flesh today. Reuben typifies the sons of God who are overcome by the flesh when they enter into the realm of time because of spiritual weakness. They fornicate continuously with the harlot, which is their own human spirit, and are unable to set their sights on the things of God, and unwaveringly work towards them. Gad typifies those members of the living soul who are victims in this world system. They experience being totally overcome by Satan and his demons, and shall find the strength to overcome when Christ is birthed in them. Asher typifies those members of the living soul in whom the life of Christ will appear, giving life to the flesh-man. Naphtali typifies the female aspect of the living soul, even God’s many-membered loving wife, who brings forth spiritual sons in the image of God. Manasseh typifies the increase of the many-membered body of Adam from having only natural members to having both natural and spiritual members. Simeon and Levi typify the spiritual duality of the living soul who was made of the spiritual son of God, and the existence in the earth which is Satan. Issachar typifies the animalistic, rebellious beginnings of the living soul up to and including its change of mind and submissive marriage to God.”


See the living soul doesn’t want to marry God, we’re running from Him. We are His bride, He is our bridegroom, and we are running down the street and locking our self in the bathroom on the wedding night. We don’t want anything to do with Him, but He’s coming to get us anyway.


“Zebulun typifies members of the living soul who have attained great strength in the soul realm, which enable them to freely rule over the spirit man. Joseph typifies the second Adam, the life quickening spiritual man, which shall evolve out of the living soul and bring forth live young.” What does live young mean? Brethren, we are dead, we have an existence, but we are dead. We shall be alive when the mind of Christ rules in us, and Joseph has the ability to bring forth, in full stature, that mind of Christ which will cause the human being that that mind is appearing in to be alive. The only reason our body dies is because our mind is already dead. When we have a mind which is alive, and only the mind of God is alive, when we have that mind in us our body will not die.


“Benjamin typifies the satanic element of the living soul and its function of testing and developing the spiritual life, which is within.” So we see Benjamin and Dan both have a satanic function, or the function of testing the believer, and that exists both in your own mind and in the minds of other people.


So we will pick up the next message that we do on Revelation 21, we will pick up with verse 14, and we’ll go on from there. Any questions about this message? Before you do, let me just make -- I fell to put one more comment on here.


We have just gone through the characteristics of all these tribes to say that every human being has a potential -- has every one of these characteristics in him, some people have more predominant characteristics than others. It’s just like if you have a tall and a short father -- a tall mother and a short father, you will have the genes to be both tall and short, but you yourself may be either tall or short. When you have a child your child may be tall like you or may be a little shorter, so we all have all of these characteristics, but they’re not all appearing in everybody. And the fact that we have the potential for all of them means that if we see the ungodly aspects appearing in us, with the help of Christ, we can cause the more positive aspects of human nature to be expressed in us, and suppress the negative qualities. Because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a vessel of dishonor. I’ve been a vessel of dishonor in my life, and I don’t want to be a vessel of dishonor anymore. I’d like to be a vessel of honor, and I would like every positive quality of the living soul to be appearing in me, and every negative quality to be suppressed in me. OK.


            That was my question.


What was your question?


            I was going to ask you --


Well, I answered it before you said it, I’m so spiritual, right?


Yeah. I was amazed. I was sitting there going, [UNINTELLIGIBLE].




 Yeah. The exact thing that I had in my mind was to ask you could every one of these tribes be in us.




            Every one of these characteristics? And you just went right before me.


Praise God.


            That was neat. That’s never happened before.


Well, the Bible says that the church is the bride and that Jesus is the bridegroom, and He’s coming to marry us, and He wants this union of the mind that we were talking about at the beginning of the message. And the church does not want a union of the mind with Christ. She doesn’t want it. She prefers to continue in the life of this world, so I like to give natural examples so that people can understand. And we can be likened -- the church can be likened to a bride on her wedding night, locking herself in the bathroom. She doesn’t want anything to do with her new husband. The church does not want this union of the mind with Christ, and most of us are running from Him, and those few of us who aren’t, usually He’s apprehended. I have to tell you that I got here by my -- the reason I’m here is that He forced me into this place. I don’t think anyone in their right mind -- with their right human mind, would come into this place, where I’ve given up so much of the world, willingly, He just forced me here. And now I have peace, I accept it, but I didn’t always accept it.


So we don’t want Him, our human nature does not want the things of God. Because of our human nature we want to continue in the life that we have now, and marriage to Him means a radical change that most people don’t want. Because human beings, we don’t really know what’s best for us, just like lots of times children don’t know what’s best for them. I know that there are a lot of things that I wanted that God didn’t give me that I’ve been very angry at, and now I realize that He knew better than I did, what was best for me. So we have the whole church having some childish idea of what’s good for them and rejecting what Christ is offering them, because they don’t understand that true peace comes in submission to God, in obedience to God, and eventually in union to God. That’s the only true peace. You’re a really blessed man, God really speaks to you. He really speaks to you, just open the Bible to the right place, it’s amazing.


            The Lord was just speaking to me.








            [INAUDIBLE] you can have a lot of peace.


I have a lot of peace, I wasn’t always this way. I was in a --


            It’s a godly thing to have peace.


It’s a godly thing to have peace.




But what a lot of Christians don’t understand is that you can’t have peace --




Yeah. The only way to have peace is in doing it God’s way, that’s the only way to have peace, because He will harass you until you do it His way, so you can’t ever have peace when you’re running away from God. You’ll never have peace until you come in under His cover and do it His way. I have a lot of peace, more than I’ve ever had at any time in my life, but I rebelled for a long time against this life. I rebelled for a long time, I screamed a lot, but He ignored me.


Anything else to say? See, when the Lord really apprehends you, you can scream and yell all you want, you’re going to do what He wan- -- what He has for you to do. We just don’t see if happening very much in the church today. We see people leading their carnal lives without the Lord exerting any pressure on them to do things His way, so people -- the average person doesn’t understand that the only reason this is happening in the church today is because the Lord Jesus Christ has said I am not ready. Jesus has said they’re doing -- I’m letting them do all that junk because I, Jesus, am not ready to start to correct them yet. And since that’s the condition with most of the church, when you see somebody who’s under the correction of the Lord, when you see somebody who He is blocking from doing what they would like to do, which is sin, and when you see somebody who the Lord is forcing in -- literally forcing against their will in the direction that He wants them, the average Christian cannot even recognize it as Christ, because they just haven’t had the correct teaching, and they just don’t understand that the Lord will definitely force you where He wants you when it’s your time to come.


It’s just that He’s just beginning to do it now, and the average Christian would probably be listening to me say this and think that I’m crazy but I’m not crazy, they’re immature, and I know what I’m talking about, because He’s doing it and He will do it, and He’s going to do it to every person that He calls, they’re going to come one way or another. And your example is Jonah, if you want to check it out in the Scripture, you read the book of Jonah. He tried to run away from God, he got on a ship going in the exact opposite direction of where God wanted him to go, and he wound up being swallowed up by a whale. You can’t run away from God. Glory to God. Anyone else have anything to say, any questions, anything? Hallelujah.


08/03/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

08/12/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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