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OK. I’m not going to read the Alternate Translations from last week because we’re going on. OK. I’m going to do the best I can with this. I really didn’t have enough time to get my notes ready.


We’re going on with Verse 13 of Revelation 21. OK. We’re going on with Verse 13 of Revelation 21, which reads -- when we’re talking about the New Jerusalem. Does anybody remember what the New Jerusalem is?




OK. Please use the microphone. Please help me. OK? I have a really hard time producing these messages.


            The mind of Christ [?formed in us?].


It’s -- well, that’s good, but it’s more than the mind of Christ, OK? Jerusalem is referring to the soul, which is the city of God, and the soul is female. And just like our natural type, the woman takes the name of her husband. So the soul -- now God made a creation. It’s called the living soul. And she takes the name of her husband. So -- and her husband is the mind that is in the creation. So when the soul has a mind called Christ, the name of the creation is the -- is Christ. But Jerusalem is more than the mind. It’s the whole of the soul with the mind in it. Do you understand that? OK.


I’ll give you my example one more time. If you take a rubber stocking, and I put it over my head, you could see my features. If you took the same rubber stocking -- I guess I didn’t tell you this. I was telling somebody else this. OK. I haven’t told you this one. Oh -- OK, if you take the same rubber stocking, and you put it over your head, we’ll see your features, and most of us would be able to tell who was under the rubber stocking. That rubber stocking typifies the soul. It reveals the mind that is within it.


Jerusalem is the soul. When it has the mind of Christ in it, it is the New Jerusalem. When it has -- I should say, when it has the mind of Christ Jesus in it, which is Christ who has grown up from seed, which is a three-fold cord, which means there was a joining between the spirit of God and the human spirit, and the two produced an offspring called Christ Jesus. It is a three-fold cord that is stronger than any spiritual enemy that could come to try to steal the soul away from God. So when that Christ Jesus mind is in the soul, it’s called New Jerusalem.


Does anybody remember what the Old Jerusalem is? What mind had to be in the soul for it to be Old Jerusalem?








Well, it was Christ in the beginning. But it’s also Christ in Israel, which was in [INAUDIBLE] [?anointing?], which is a two-fold cord. There was a union between the spirit of God and the spirit of man, but there was no penetration. And there was no offspring. There were not three cords. There was no offspring. It was two cords. And that two-cord mind of Christ can be, and already has been, defeated at least twice by the carnal mind. But the mind of Christ Jesus, which is a three-fold cord, which is an offspring born from a union cannot be defeated by the carnal mind. Is everybody OK? Any question on this issue? OK.


OK. So we’re talking about the New Jerusalem. And we found out that it’s surrounded by wall. And we found out that that wall is this physical body. And that there were gates in that wall. And we’re told in Verse -- well, let’s review the whole thing. And we found out that the gates in the wall typify human weaknesses. And it was an angel at each gate, which was preventing our human weaknesses from destroying us. Because it’s our human weaknesses that caused the creation to fall. And it’s our human weaknesses that cause individuals to get into trouble, and experience all kinds of heartache. And we found out that that angel that’s standing at the gate is the -- is Christ Jesus, who has been born in us after the Father has joined with our human spirit and brought forth an offspring.


So this New Jerusalem is a spiritual, or a symbolic, expression of the renewed creation. And I remind you that God made a living soul, and that that living soul, as I just said a few minutes ago, takes the name and expresses the nature of her husband. When she fell -- when the living soul fell and became unrighteous, she was married to whom? Satan. And she produced His offspring, whose name is?




The carnal mind. And it was a three-fold cord, which defeated the two-fold mind of Christ. OK? But the soul is the soul. The scripture talks about the inner man, the outer man, the new man, the old man. What the scripture’s talking about is this creation of God. The living soul. The old man is the man who was dead, because his mind was?




The carnal mind. And the new man is the same soul, who has been renewed. Is that not a scripture? Renewed in the image of God. The new man, who was renewed, or made, in the image of God. Somebody said that. It was probably Paul. I know it’s in there. OK. It’s the same soul. And the renewal of the soul is in a destruction of the carnal mind and the impartation of the mind of Christ. Same soul. You change its mind and it becomes a new creature. It becomes death. It becomes life. It’s corruptible. It’s incorruptible. Depending upon the mind that’s in it. The soul’s plastic. It’s made out of the dust of the earth. Reality of the creation is the mind, which is spiritual.


And our natural example of this is the human heart. Man cannot live without a heart. His whole body would fall away without a heart. Well, His whole creation would fall away without a mind. And the reason the Father let us stay in the condition of death, which resulted when a mind became fallen and carnal -- the reason He didn’t wipe out the carnal mind and let us die, was that in His wisdom, it would have been better for Him to just go forth with the plan that would provide the mind of Christ before He wiped out the carnal mind. So that when He wiped out the carnal mind, we could continue to live. Rather than wipe out the whole creation and start from the beginning again, and have a second creation with the same potential weakness as the first one. Maybe the same thing would have happened again. Maybe we would’ve fallen again. So He let us abide in this fallen condition for as long as it’s taking Him to get this three-fold mind of Christ ready, to get it inside of us. And then to have that three-fold mind of Christ knock out the carnal mind, which is the resurrection of the dead.


Now, a lot of people are bitter towards God, because they can’t understand how He could let people suffer. All that I could tell you is that He’s raising us from the dead. And He is saving us and delivering us from our torment as rapidly as I -- as He can. And the scripture says He’s never late. So if we think He’s late, there is something that we don’t understand. Because He’s never late. And there isn’t any error, or any harm, that He cannot undo if it’s two thousand years later. It’s -- He’s never late! Because He has the power to go back and make all things new. Behold. He says, “I make all things new.”


OK. So we’re studying the gate right now. Which we said is the physical body. And in the New Jerusalem, what is the condition of the physical body? It is? You don’t know?




No. He was preserved. He was preserved. Verse 13. On the -- OK, the Lord wants me to remind you that it’s the human spirit that is raised from the dead. And when she’s raised from the dead, her name changes, because she’s no longer dead. She’s now alive. So her name changes to? The human Christ. And when Christ is raised from the dead, He gives life to the soul, which is plastic. It’s either dead or alive, depending upon what mind is in it. And He also preserves this physical body. Which means, no matter what kind of a bug bites you, you will not itch, you will not get Lyme’s disease, you will not get any disease that is -- you know, the disease is still going to be in the earth. And the bugs are going to be there. The ticks are going to be there. The viruses are all going to be there. But we will be in a condition, why? Because our mind is alive. That it will have no power over us. When God made this creation, He said to man, “Have dominion over the earth.” And the exact opposite is going on today. The earth has dominion over us. We have allergies. We have coughs. We have colds. The elements knock down our houses and destroy our towns. So the exact opposite of what God prophesied is true. Why? Because the creation died.


So it’s in Verse 13, that it says, “On the East are three gates. And on the North are three gates. And on the South are three gates. And on the West are three gates.” And, let me remind you -- maybe I will read Verse 12 for you. Which I don’t have. OK. I’m a little out of it today. OK. Well, I’ll just review Verse 12 with you. I already said that we found out that the weaknesses in our human body are the weaknesses of the fallen man. And we’re told in Verse 12 that the names on the gates are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. And I believe I told you at the last meeting that when we did the study -- in the book of Revelation, on the sixth seal, we found out that when we studied Jo- -- Jacob’s prophecy to the 12 sons of Jacob, we looked up every word in Hebrew. And when we put the whole thing together, we found out that the weaknesses, the strengths and the potentials of all of the 12, as revealed in Jacob’s prophecy to them, are the weaknesses, the strengths and the potential of the entire human race. That Jacob’s 12 sons typify this entire fallen soul. And it’s the story of the soul, from the fall unto the regeneration. Jesus said, “There will be a regeneration.”


Does anybody know what regeneration means? A regeneration. If you have a battery, and it’s a rechargeable battery, and the battery dies -- your battery dies. You regenerate. You regenerate your body. Yeah. This creation’s about to be recharged. Our battery died. We’re about to -- I remember the first time I read that. I’m not sure which one of the gospels it was in, but I know it’s in one of the gospels. And I read that. Regeneration. Jesus said, “In the regeneration.” And I looked at the book, and the word just -- it just moved! It just moved. God just highlighted the whole word. I looked at that. I said, gee, I wonder what the Lord’s trying to tell me. What’s the regeneration? This is years ago. So this whole creation is getting recharge. We died. We’re going on horsepower.


OK. So w- -- well, let me review this for you also. Also in our study in Daniel 8, we found out a general idea of what the four directions mean. I’m not going to go into that now, but I will review it for you. We found at that the East typifies the eternal realm of God. And you may remember this one. I think it was at the last meeting, that I told you that God is everywhere. He is -- He has no beginning. He has no end. He fills all things. And in the midst of Himself -- this is called eternity. Could you please release that mic? This is called eternity. And in the midst of each -- you see, there’s no boundaries in eternity. It’s infinite. And in the midst of eternity, there is something called -- who knows what it’s called? Time and space. It has a beginning and an end. It has boundaries. It has borders. So that which typifies the eternal realm of God is called the East. As you study that word in Hebrew. That’s what it means. East is talking about everything that’s outside of time and inside of time. God is everywhere, outside and inside of time and space. This is also called the circle of the earth. We found out that fallen man is geometrically expressed as a circle. We’re talking about being flexible, or not being rigid. The geometrical expression of man changes as the nature of man changes. When he’s fallen, the geometrical expression of man is a circle. What is the geometrical expression of man when he becomes spiritual? Give someone else a chance. Give someone else a chance. Anybody? Anybody else? What is the geometrical -- do you know what geometrical means? To be expressed as a figure. What is the geometrical expression of the spiritual man?




Right triangle. Right triangle. Right triangle. OK. And what is the geometr- -- OK. OK, hang in there. Hang loose. And what is the geometrical expression of the glorified man? Give him a chance.




Yeah. The geometrical expression. That is a square. Yes, it’s a square. OK. So we find out that the East typifies the eternal realm of God that is both outside and inside. It is that which fills all things. Now we find out that there is -- well, what is the opposite of East? Is it North? West. The opposite of the East is the West. And what we find is, we study afterward in the Hebrew, that which is West is the realm of time. The West is inside of the circle. The East is outside and inside of the circle. OK. Anybody remember where the North is? What the North is? This is the visible world. The West is the visible world. Or you could call it the realm of the parents. OK. The North stands for that which is dark and hidden. Anybody want to guess what’s dark and hidden?




Satan. Can’t see it. The unconscious mind. Hidden. Secret. And the South is the exact opposite of that which is dark and hidden. So that would be what? Well, if the North is dark, what’s the South?




It’s light. And if it’s -- if the North is hidden, the South is? Open. OK. This is a hard one, but the South typifies, we found out, the conscious mind. The North is the dark, hidden, unconscious mind of Satan. And the South is the conscious mind that is being expressed by Christ. It’s the righteous mind. It’s the righteous mind. So we find that there are 12 tribes. Three of those tribes are expressing the qualities of the eternal God. Three of those tribes are expressing the qualities of the darkness of Satan. Three of those tribes are expressing the qualities of just this world -- this a- -- we have animals in this world. Just the physical world. And three of those tribes are expressing the creation whose mind is Christ in this wor- -- realm of appearance. Now that’s making it simple. We’re going to go over all the 12 tribes now. But as we go over them, you’ll see that some of them express more than one quality. So we’ll get into Northwest and Southeast, and all that. And I’m not going to get too hung up on it. But these 12 tribes typify all of the strengths, weaknesses and potential of this creation.


And I remind you that the potential of this creation, and every individual in it, is eternal. Why? Because that which generated us, or He which generated us, is eternal. We have the potential for greatness. The scientists know that only a fraction of our brain is being used. There are many mysteries that the scientists cannot answer. And the answer to their problem, is that with this dead mind inside of us, the creation is not being used to its optimum potential. It’s being underused. But when our mind become Christ, the creation will be used to its optimal potential, which is greatness. But the pride of man must be harnessed by the spirit of God, because it’s the pride of man that brings destruction. He gets out of control. He wants power. He wants to control. He can’t deal. He can’t deal without being regulated and ruled. That’s one of our weaknesses. So when J- --when Christ joins Himself to our pride, and overpowers it, we will be able to experience all of the greatness of God without the threat of destroying ourselves. Because we will be ruled by righteousness. What does that mean? Our motives for all of the -- for exerting all of the power. Our motives for doing everything we do will be righteous, and will result in a benefit to all of mankind. Fallen man is incapable of doing this. We’ve been trying for thousands of years. We keep messing it up. Power corrupts in the fallen man. But with God, all things are possible.


OK. So we’re going to try and go over this. If God helps me. My notes are not ideal. OK. For those of you that would like to make a note, the prophecy of Jacob to his 12 sons is in Genesis, Chapter 49.


And we’ll be taking -- I have here, our Alternate Translations of those prophecies, after we looked up all the words in the Hebrew. And we’re going to be taking it in the order that it appears in Genesis 49. Now the order of the tribes that appear in Genesis 49 is not the order that appears in the book of Revelation. And I had hoped to meditate on that and find out why the order changes. But I didn’t have time. So I don’t know whether the Lord will give it to me for the next meeting or not. But I just wanted to point out to you that it’s a different order. And we also have a listing of the 12 tribes in the book of Ezekiel. I haven’t compared the order. But noth- -- God is not frivolous. There’s got to be a reason why the order changes. Whether we can figure it out or not, God had to have a purpose in it.


OK. We’re starting with Reuben. This is the message series, number 42. On part 5, we do the tribe of Reuben. Genesis 49, Verses 3-4.


And our Alternate Translation -- well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to read the original. OK. Verse 3 and 4, Reuben, “Reuben, thou art my firstborn,” Jacob speaking, “My might and the beginning of my strength. The excellency of dignity and the excellency of power. Nevertheless, you are as unstable as water. Thou shalt not excel. And the reason that you won’t excel is that you went up to thy father’s bed,” -- incest -- , “and you defiled it.” He went up to my couch. So those of us that have studied in this area know that, in Bible days, the firstborn inherited all of the profiting, all of the wealth, and all of the power of the father. But Reuben was rejected, because he committed incest with one of his father’s wives. And you also may know that all of the sons after him were rejected. There were 12 sons. So 10 of them were rejected for the inheritance. It was the eleventh son, which is who? Joseph, who received the inheritance. And the reason they were all rejected was because they had human failures. The first 10 sons had human weaknesses that are common to all men. And finding out that Christ in us, Christ in you, the hope of glory is the answer to every human weakness. And when we add Christ to our human weaknesses, He fills them in. He fills them up. He covers them over. And He gives us the victory over them. And why would we want the victory over them? Because any human weakness is destroying our lives, and those -- the lives of our loved ones. There’s no question about it, that weakness brings destruction. Can anybody not say amen to that? OK. That’s why we have to be strong.


OK. Verse 3, “Reuben, you are the first of my reproductive ability to appear,” -- and the -- I, honestly, don’t know whether this is physically true or not. But the teaching here, and the biblical concept of it, is that the firstborn -- the reason that he gets all of your wealth, and all of the inheritance, is that he has received the primary reproductive ability, or pr- -- that which, in your genes, you have to give to your offspring, that a larger amount of it is given to your firstborn than to your other children. And I don’t know whether that’s biologically true or not, but it seems to be a scriptural principle. I know Winston Churchill was not the firstborn, and he was a great hero of World War II. And he was a mighty man of God. But it seems to be a spiritual principle.


So Reuben is the firstborn. And it says here that he was -- he received all of the father’s reproductive ability to appear. Well, we studied that here. When the Father gave the Son to be joined to the dust, so this creation could appear. And when this creation was brought forth, it took all of the strength of the Son. Now don’t -- or anyone listening to this message, don’t go getting religious on me. The Son at the beginning of time was not Almighty God. He had changed form. He had -- the Father had broken a piece of Himself off from Himself, and joined Him to the earth, and put Him in a weakened condition. It can be likened to shaping glass. If you take a piece of glass, and you lower it into the fire, for the purpose of molding it, that glass is in a weakened condition for a season. So the Son of God that was in the earth at the beginning of time, was in a weakened condition, which can be likened to a woman who has just given birth to a child.


The part of the creation which appears -- and Reuben is the part of the creation which appears, which is seen, and the part of the creation which is the spiritual strength of the Son of God. So we see the Son of God joining to the earth, and bringing forth a creation that can be seen, as well as spiritual. And that it took all of the strength of the Son.


Verse 4. Now this is Reuben’s weakness. “You fluctuate continuously between the carnal mind and the anointing.” You can’t make up your mind. It’s because Reuben is as unstable as water. That means anyone who he comes up against can fall him. Do you know what that means? Water takes the form of any vessel that you put it in. So for someone to be as unstable as water, that means -- well, if they talk to Joe, they’re going to think what Joe thinks. And if they talk to Johnny, they’re going to think what Johnny thinks. And as they go round robin, th- -- and you finally corner them and say, well, what do you think? They sit there and they say, I don’t know.


Now I’m not putting anybody down. If tha- -- if you are like that, you know that you have a weakness that you have to pray to the Lord for deliverance from. Knowing your weaknesses is a strength. I’m not knocking anybody. Nobody’s perfect. Know what your weaknesses are. It’s a great asset to know your weaknesses. Prize fighters all know their weaknesses. Why? When you know your weakness, then you can compensate for it. If you don’t know your weakness, and you just walk in wide open, you’re going to get creamed. Lawyers know their weaknesses. A lawyer having a trial, he knows the weakness in his case.


So the weakness -- so Reuben was the firstborn, his father’s spiritual son. And now this is his weakness. He can’t make up his mind. He’s influenced by everybody that’s near him. And he is not consistent. When somebody is not consistent, that means you cannot rely upon them. You can’t rely upon them. It means you don’t know what to expect from them. It doesn’t mean you don’t like them. And it doesn’t mean you don’t love them. But if you need to get something done, it means that you can’t say to yourself, well, the last time I asked Johnny to go to the airport to pick somebody up, he did a great job, and he was there on time and he brought the person home safely. The fact that Johnny did it the last time, doesn’t mean that he’s going to do it this time. So we’re talking about a person that needs to be supervised, that cannot function on their own. Because you never know what they’re going to do.


So if you f- -- if you hear yourself in this weakness, ask the Lord to help you become reliable, to become responsible, to become predictable in a godly way. We don’t want to be so predictable that we’re rigid, but to be predictable with regard to righteousness.


“You fluctuate continuously between the carnal mind and the anointing, and shall not come out of the borders of your old man, and enter into your new man,” -- which is Christ. And the reason you’re not going to transfer from Adam into Christ, is because you ascended up to your father’s bed, where his wife lay. And now this -- before I go any further, I want to remind you that this is very prophetic and wh- -- the next few words that you’re going to hear is what Adam did. What righteous Adam, who was good but not perfect, did. This is what he did that caused the fall.


Now let me remind you. Let me go over this. God made a creation. And he said to th- -- he said to Adam, I’m going to stand you upright in the garden. I’m giving you authority over sin. I’m calling you righteous, and I’m standing you on your feet. And you have the power to not obey the weakness that’s in you. And the name of that weakness was? What was the name of the weakness in the creation? Not yet. Satan. Satan. The beginning of time. The name of the weakness in the creation was Satan. And God said, Adam, I’ve given you the strength to not listen to His whisper. And I’m warning you that if you listen to His whisper, you’re going to die. And we found out -- we’ve done some deep studies here recently, that what really happened when the creation fell was that Adam’s lower nature whispered to him and Adam liked what he heard. And at the moment that he fell into agreement with his lower nature, he died.


Let me give you a practical example. Someone’s walking down the street. He has a weakness towards thievery. You know, just because you see somebody that’s vulnerable, that doesn’t mean you rob them. You have a choice. You can go pick up their pocketbook off the ground, and say, you know, you should hold onto your pocketbook. You should grab -- or you grab their pocketbook and run. When Satan whispered into Adam’s ear, and He said, don’t wait for God. You could become God yourself. That was his lower nature. And Adam said, yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea. And at that moment, Adam became one with his lower nature. And when he became one with his lower nature, this is what he did. He fertilized the creation. He joined with the human spirit and she gave birth to the carnal mind.


So we find the translation in Verse 4, is that you went up to your father’s -- the -- to the -- I’m sorry. Because you ascended up to your father’s bed, where his wife lay. Talking about the soul, the living soul. And you pierced through, and you opened her womb. He gave her a child. He gave another man’s wife a spiritual child. That’s what the scripture is saying. And the name of that child was the carnal mind. He birthed the mind into the creation. See, the creation was formed, but the mind wasn’t in it yet. It was just a temporary mind in it. And Adam yielded to his lower nature, and because he did that the mind that was born in the creation was a mind that was dead. And we’ve been teaching here for five years, and the Lord has been showing us that because spiritual things are so hard to understand that he gives us a natural example of everything. And that the natural example of the mess that this creation got into is human reproduction. And human marriage. Well, the soul that was waiting to give birth to the offspring of the Father, fertilized itself and brought forth a perverse offspring called the carnal mind. And we died. And Reuben typifies that weakness of the living soul. And the last phrase is, he, speaking about Reuben. We’re talking about -- actually, talking about the fallen mind of Adam. He ascended up from the unseen realm of Hades. That was his lower nature ascen- -- the lower nature of Adam, known as Satan, ascended up from the unseen realm of Hades, into the realm of [?parents?purance?]. And he fornicated with the wife of God, the living soul. The wife of God.


OK. Going on with Simeon and Levi. This is part 10 of the 42 series. And it’s Verses 5-7 in Revelation- -- I’m sorry, Genesis 49. Verse 5, “Simeon and Levi are brethren. Instruments of cruelty are in their habitations. Oh, my soul, come not thou into their secret, unto their assembly. Mine honor, be not thou united. For, in their anger, they slew a man. And in their self-will, they dig down a wall. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce. And their wrath, for it was cruel. I will divide them in Jacob, and scatter them in Israel.” So in the tribes of Simeon and Levee -- Levi, we find the following human weaknesses. Verse 5, “Simeon, the Son of God, who appeared in the earth.” That’s the Son of God, that joined with the earth and appeared. “And Levi, the living soul, that he was a part of and attached to, have the same father.” It -- what it’s saying is that the spiritual son and the living soul have the same father. And who’s the father? Who’s the Father of the Son and the living soul? Who’s the Father of the Son?




No. At the beginning of time. Who’s the Father of the Son?




Who’s the Father of the Son? The Father. Jehovah. Jehovah is the Father of the spiritual Son and the Father of the living soul that was made from the dust. They had the same Father. So we see that Simeon and Levi typify the spiritual Son and the dust that together form the creation of the same Father.


And our Alternate Translation goes on to say, “That they are unjust,” -- oh, I’m sorry, “their swords are unjust, immoral and unethical.” And we have talked about the sword in the book -- in our studies in the book of Revelation. Our sword, brethren, is our tongue. You can kill with your tongue. “Life and death is in the tongue,” James said. When you are a spiritual person, your sword is your tongue. And the reason your tongue is a sword is that your tongue is the vehicle for the expression of spirit. Whatever your mot- -- your motive is spirit. If your motive is wrath, envy or hatred, and you speak words out of those spirits, do you know, you can kill somebody? You can damage them. And depending on how much strength you have in your spiritual person. And it’s important that we know that we have these strengths in varying degrees.


We don’t hear about it much in this country. Now, over in Africa, it’s -- people know that cer- -- it’s inherited. You’re born with it. That there are people who can kill with their word. Now, in this country, most people would say, oh, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t believe her. Well, over in Africa, they know that it’s true. But you don’t have to believe that if you don’t want to. But I’m telling you, for the average person in our society right now, if you are really hating somebody, you are really wishing them evil in your heart. And that desire, or that thought, in your mind, is expressed through the spoken word, you can do damage to that person. And if you do it over and over and over again, and especially if you have authority over them, brethren. If you think it’s funny, because you are pronouncing evil upon your children. Or if you think it’s funny, because you are pronouncing evil upon your husband or your wife or anybody -- well, I don’t know, if you’re a husband pronouncing it on your wife. Anyone that has authority, it doubles whatever power they have in their own being.


Do you know that you could utterly ruin somebody’s life?I tell you -- you don’t have to believe me. I’m telling you the truth. There are some women who regret having a child, to such a degree that the child gets sick and dies. Now, don’t go getting condemned because at some bad moment, you felt hatred for somebody. Don’t go jumping off the deep end with this thing. I’m talking about a consistent, relentless hatred toward somebody. Ever hear somebody talking about their son for the whole lifetime? You’re just like your father. You’re just like your father. You’re just like your father. You’re just like your father. You’re just like your father. He grows up and he drinks, just like his father drank. And he womanizes, just like his father womanized. He did everything his father did. Why? Because he’s just like his father? Or because it was put on him? Or maybe a little bit of both. But you can’t do that to people. You have to understand that your words have power to hurt. And that your words also have power to do much good. And these -- a lot of people going around today, they think it’s nothing. They call their kids stupid and all kinds of things. You’re ruining their life. If you do it consistently.


Glory to God. So Simeon and Levi typify the original creation. And the original creation was, in their heart, were unjust, immoral and unethical. And those were the words that they spoke. Verse 6, still with Simeon and Levi. “Let my soul not agree with the counsel of the carnal mind. Let my spirit not be joined with him.” OK, now this is Jacob saying this. Let not -- he doesn’t want this negative part of Simeon and Levi. Jacob is saying, I don’t want my soul to agree with the counsel of the carnal mind. Because the counsel of the carnal mind does what?




It kills. It kills! It kills! This is not a joke. It kills! It may not -- see, people stumble, because they think it’s going to happen on the minute. I mean, I’ve had people say that to me. Well, it didn’t happen. Where’s the lightning bolt? Didn’t happen. We’re waiting until next week. Waiting until next month. Waiting until next year. Waiting until we have children. There is death in carnal counsel. There is life in the spirit of God! Choose ye this day, life or death. God said to the Hebrew children, “Choose!” The counsel of the carnal man or the counsel of God. Live or die! Your choice.


Brethren, you are not a victim. You are not a victim in your mind. If your body was completely bound. If you’re chained down and manacled, and you can’t even move anything but your eyeballs. If you know about Christ, then you’re not a victim, because they can’t chain up your mind. If you can say, “Jesus, help me,” you’re not a victim. Everybody has choices.


So, Jacob is saying, I don’t want my soul attached to this carnal mind. Don’t come near me with your carnal counsel. I’ve got enough problems telling the difference between my own carnal mind and Christ in me. Don’t come near me with your carnal counsel. And some people get very annoyed, and I think I’m one of them, when people who should know better come with their carnal counsel. I get annoyed when people who don’t know, who shouldn’t know better do it. But I really get annoyed when people who should know better. Don’t give me a carnal counsel, especially if I haven’t asked for it. Don’t do it.


Why? Why shouldn’t you do it? Because, brethren, when you speak words to somebody, it influences them. And if they’re taking a stand and they don’t want to be influenced by your words, it becomes warfare. I -- and the person has to rise up and say, I won’t be influenced by them. He has to reject the words, if he makes a judgment that those words are carnal counsel. And you have given that person a problem! Some people throw it off more easily than others. But you’ve put that person in a warfare. Let’s say they’ve been struggling with a problem for weeks, and they just reached a decision as to what is right. And Satan sends some willing person right up to them. And to say to them, are you sure that’s what you want to do? Are you sure that’s the right thing? Don’t you think, maybe, you should do it another way? You put confusion and doubt in their mind.


You’re not innocent, brethren. Every word you speak, you’re accountable for. Are you encouraging that person? Are you strengthening that person? Are you weakening them and putting confusion on them? Every word you speak has consequences. It is not an acceptable excuse to God that you didn’t mean to do it, or that you didn’t know that you were doing it. Think before you talk, or don’t talk! Hold your peace. What have you got to talk for? If you didn’t have time to think about your words, then you shouldn’t be speaking them.


So, Jacob is saying, don’t let my soul agree with their carnal counsel. I’ve got enough problems without that. And let my spirit not be joined with him either. That’s Jacob saying -- that’s the spiritual man saying, I don’t want to be joined with the carnal man in my thoughts. That doesn’t mean you stop talking to people, brethren. Doesn’t mean you don’t let them in the house. Doesn’t mean you don’t have dinner with them, if it’s a godly reason, if you’re having dinner with them. But you don’t take on their fallen thinking. Why should good influence -- why should evil influence good? The good should influence the evil. Jacob is saying, don’t do that. What? Because the average man has both good and evil in his mind. He has the carnal mind and he has the mind of Christ. And if some carnally-minded person comes along, who is an influential-type person, he joins up with your carnal mind. And then it’s carnal minds against your Christ mind. And maybe you’re going to be influenced.


Now remember the prophet that God sent to Jeroboam. God said, go to him and deliver your word, and come back by a different route that you went. Don’t stop. Don’t talk to anybody. Don’t stop off to eat. Just go home. And he went. And he delivered the word to King Jeroboam. And he started going home by another path. And another prophet came up to him and said, come have dinner at my house. He said, oh no, God told me not to stop and talk to anybody, but to go straight home. And the prophet says, well, I hear from God too. Why don’t you come have dinner with me? And the prophet obeyed the other prophet, instead of God, went to his house, had dinner, enjoyed the meal, and when he headed home, he met [?a lot?] along the way. A lion. A lion. And the lion killed him!


Someone’s carnal mind, joined to your carnal mind, can potentially overpower the righteous judgment in your own mind. Once you know that you have heard from God, or once you know that you have made a righteous decision, you don’t need to hear other people’s carnal voice, that are especially unasked for.


So, Jacob is saying, I don’t want my mind joined to this stuff. And this is why. Because the carnal man, in his rage against the restraints God places upon their satisfying the emotions and the lust in their mind. He’s saying that the bottom line of the carnal mind is rage. There’s a lot of rage in the carnal mind. And he’s raging at God. Why? Because God has put restraints on their ability to satisfy their emotions and the lusts of their minds. And in their rage against God, they killed the living soul. Now, what does that mean? Satan had restraints put on it. God formed the soul. And He said, there is a wickedness in this creation. And I’m putting restraints on him. And what were the restraints? The restraint was Adam. Adam had the instruction to guard the garden. The restraint was Adam, whose mind was Christ. But the scripture says here that Satan was in such a rage, because God held him down. Why? Why would God hold anybody down? Because He knew that if he rose up, that it would be the death of the creation. So, we see here a righteous control. A righteous control for the safety and the preservation in -- of the creation.


Excuse me. I lost my place. And in their rising up, because of their rage against God, they killed the living soul. And in satisfying the emotions and the lust in their mind, the result of that was that they rendered the human spirit incapable of bringing forth the Christ mind. How did they render the human spirit, which was the female seed of God -- how did they render her incapable of bringing forth the Christ mind? Anybody know? She brought forth the carnal mind. And in the realm of the spirit, you are joined to your offspring. So, in her union with Satan, she became permanently joined. Who? The female seed. The human spirit in the creation became permanently joined to Satan and her offspring, the carnal mind. And the creation died. Thus, plucking up the kingdom of God by its roots. Now, for God to put His mind in the creation, He’s got to first wage the war and defeat the carnal mind. At the beginning of time, all the Father had to do was wait for the right circumstances and impregnate His creation. When God has offspring, He gives birth to -- she gives birth -- His wife gives birth to a what? The offspring of God is a what? No. The offspring of God is a what?




No. The offspring of God is a what? Anybody? A mind. The offspring of God is a mind. God is spirit and His offspring is a mind. So, at the beginning of time, the creation only had a temporary mind. And before the Father could make it permanent, Satan got in there and put your permanent mind, which was Satan’s offspring in the creation. So now, the Father has to first tear down Satan’s mind, before He puts His own mind in. And all this happened, because of the immature creation’s disobedience to God.


Now, we found out that he was an inexperienced creation. Just like all little children, 1 or 2 years old, are rebellious, and are disobedient, but they’re only 1 and 2 years old. So, we find out that Adam, at the beginning of time, was inexperienced, with no true revelation of the consequences of what he was doing when he disobeyed God. But the reality is that he disobeyed God, and that’s why we are in the condition that we’re in. And therefore, to rage against God, and to be angry against God because of our fallen condition, or because of the results of our fallen condition, shows what? It shows that our mind is without understanding, and in darkness. And that the Father loves us and is working as rapidly as He can in the realm of the spirit, to raise us from the dead. But the condition that we are in is not God. God didn’t do this to us. We are ancestors. We and our ancestors disobeyed God, and we got hurt. And it’s the Lord’s full intention to restore us, but because God is a spirit it’s taking thousands of years. But the time is at hand, brethren, for the regeneration of this creation. Don’t give up now.


And we see this -- you see, even though this happened at the beginning of time, we see it happening over, and over and over again in human beings of every generation. Everything that happened at the beginning of time is being played out over, and over and over between individuals. Do we not see our men incesting their father’s wife? Doesn’t it happen? It’s all over the TV today. They’re telling you to do it. Do it. It’s good. If you watch the soaps in the afternoon. It’s the hottest thing. Go with your father’s wife. Everything you see happening in the Bible, that God calls sin, is happening between people today. People’s lower nature is rising up, and influencing to do what the person knows is wrong. Even though that person is resigned to not do it, we see their lower nature overtaking them. With regard to drugs. With regard to alcohol. With regard to all kinds of crime. Everything that we’re talking about here. It’s in every single one of us. Every potential -- every one of us has the potential to commit every one of these moral crimes. Why? Because we are fallen, and our mind is dead.


Verse 7 is speaking about Benjamin. I’m not going to read it in Chapter 49, because it just sounds so different. It doesn’t even pay. And I don’t think I’m going to finish this tonight. OK. We’re doing Benjamin now. Benjamin shall break the living soul into many members. Now, we know at the beginning of time, that the creation was just one mass of clay that was formed from the dust of the earth being joined to the spirit of God. And the spirit of God is likened to water. So, we had a lump of spiritual clay at the beginning of time. And there is a particular quality in the creation that caused that lump of spiritual clay to break into many members. We’re all a pinch of that clay, formed into an individual.


Benjamin shall break the living soul into many members, like a wolf tears a dead animal carcass for food. At night -- now, at night is in the darkness of the carnal mind. In the hour that the living thing’s soul, that’s the fallen creation, has military power. We found out in the book of Zachariah, that this living soul, that when it fell, it had, and has, military power. That this carnal mind has military, spiritual power. We found it in the prophets. We found it in the book of Revelation. We s- -- found it in several places. And what is she doing with that military power? Anybody? Anybody know? What is the target of the military power of the living soul? Who is she waging war against?




Who? Yeah. God. She’s trying to destroy God. And that shows you that she’s demented. Nobody can destroy God.


You know, once I said to somebody who was talking about their kids had been arrested, a couple young people that had been arrested for something stupid. You see, I said to the mother, I said, you know, I really don’t understand. Because to be honest with you, we really -- I really haven’t had anyone in jail in my family. To -- I really have no first-hand experience with that kind of thing. So, answer me a dumb question. Didn’t they know they would get caught? Why would they do something dumb like that? And the answer was, they really believed that they wouldn’t get caught. Ego. Pride. They really thought that they were going to put one over on the cops. Darkness of the mind.


So, at night, in the darkness of the carnal mind, at the time that the living soul has military power. Why? Because when it’s the daytime, and Christ is the light of the creation, the living soul has no military powers. She is under the strong rule of Christ, and her military power is strictly put down.


He shall separate her into many members. That’s the carnal mind. And He shall polish each member. How’s each member getting polished? Anybody?




How is each -- well, we’re getting polished by being rubbed against one another. We’re having trials and tribulations. That’s rubbing away our irritating aspects. And, of course, it is the fire. It’s the fire that pits us one -- against one another. In our ungodliness, against love there is no ruler. And everybody is doing what Jesus has told everybody to do. With regard to getting along with everyone, there would be no problems at all. And what did Jesus say to do? He said, esteem everyone better than yourself. He said, give it up, and turn it over, and trust me to make it right. Everybody’s out there fighting for their own rights. Why? Because you’re carnal. I’m not condemning you. Everybody’s doing it. Why? Because we’re all fallen. So, the trial comes upon us, because we’re fallen. And it’s the fire of God. And hopefully we’re getting out unreasonableness and our negative qualities rubbed away. And Christ is being developed in us. And that is the polishing, that Christ is coming forth in us. The law of love.


He shall separate her into many members, polishing each member. And upon the death of the living soul, each member will be placed under the bridle of the living God. In the morning, when Christ appears, He shall swallow up the living soul. When the mind of Christ appears in the creation. I guess, actually, that should have been, He will swallow up the carnal mind. And all of this trouble, and all of this pain, and all of this testing, will be just a bad memory.


I think I’m going to do one more and -- are we on the first message, [INAUDIBLE]?




As far as the message goes? Yeah. OK. I think we’ll make a short one tonight.


OK, this is Judah. “Judah, your brothers shall repent before you, present their needs to you with moanings and give thanks to you. You shall have power to destroy your enemies. Your father's children shall acknowledge your authority.”


Now the name Judah means -- who knows what the name Judah means? It means praise, and a lot of people in the church, they think that praising God is raising your hands over your head and waving it. But I declare to you -- there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to do it, it’s great. But I declare to you that the true praise -- well, there’s nothing wrong with it. You can wave your hands if you want to. That’s all right, if it makes you feel good. But the true praise i- -- anybody know what the true praise is? I preach that here a lot. What’s the true praise?




Well, yes, but what does it mean, to people that wouldn’t know what that means? What?


            To walk.


What do you have to do? What is the true praise? What do you do? It’s submission to God. It is submission to God. So you can be waving your hands over your head all that you want, and then God says, go to the left, and you go to the right. And He doesn’t really care that you’ve been waving your hands over your head. It really doesn’t mean a thing. You’re in church five nights a week waving your hands over your head, and you walk out the door, and you’re doing everything that He tells you not to do. It counts for naught, and the whole world knows it. And the whole world is laughing at that aspect of the church that’s doing it and calling them hypocrites, and they’re right.


So Judah means praise. Judah is speaking about the quality in humanity that has the ability to submit to God, and God is righteous. So, if you’re in submission to God, you’re living for righteousness, and that doesn’t mean you can’t fall once in a while. It doesn’t mean you can’t make a mistake. It doesn’t mean that your humanity cannot surface, but by and large, the overall evaluation of the way you live is that you are striving to do the right thing in every situation. And that is a quality that fallen man is capable of possessing. So here we see a quality that is not negative. It is a quality of fallen man that is positive.


If you don’t have it, and you would like it, tell the Father that you would like to develop this quality in you, because you just heard this message, and you found out that it’s something that you could hope for. You know, maybe in this hour, it’s not realistic to hope for a quality in you that would make you glorified. This is not the hour of the glorification of the average man. So, for you to ask the Father for it in this hour shows a lack of wisdom, but here we see that something that you could ask Him for and hope to receive at this time is an ability to submit to Him and to live for righteousness. So, if you don’t have it, and you would like it, ask Him to give it to you. If you have it, and you would like more of it, ask Him for more of it. This is the hour that this positive quality of fallen man is -- it’s possible for it to be developed in you.


But don’t be deceived. There will be sacrifices. When you live for righteousness, you will be persecuted, and every demon out of hell will come up and try to seduce you into being unrighteous. It’s a warfare; it’s an overcoming, and you don’t receive any positive quality without paying a price. Jesus said, “Count the cost.” In every situation, in every moment, in every thought, in every relationship, you’re either positive or negative. We have choices all day long.


So, if you are succeeding in a human measure -- now we’re not talking about perfection here -- but if you are succeeding in a human measure of submitting to God and being righteous in your dealings with men, being fair, being decent, being honest and upright and open and frank -- you know, deception and subtlety is not of God, and we have a whole -- not only a whole church full of -- I’ve known all kinds of people that are deceptive. They’re designers, they’re deceitful. They won’t tell you the truth for a multitude of reasons. They don’t want the confrontation. They want you to like them.


But it’s not of God. None of it is of God. Be honest. So, if you’re living for that, and you’re paying the price, and you’re still living for righteousness, even though you’re being persecuted, because you will be persecuted -- you will be -- this is what’s going to -- this is what you’re going to reap. If you sow righteousness, this is what you’re going to reap. Your brothers shall repent before you. Now that means the ones that are persecuting you when you don’t deserve to be persecuted. Now that doesn’t mean the next minute, the next day, the next week or the next hour, but eventually, at some time in your lifetime, when God exalts you, when He reveals to your brothers that He is with you, and when they become aware that the power of God is abiding upon you, and you have the power to bless them, to feed them in the time of famine and to help them in the time of sickness when the medical community’s failing -- they will come to you, and they will realize that they made a mistake. It’s not a forced repentance, and when they come to you and repent, you’re supposed to receive them with humility. You’re not supposed to beat them over the head with a two-by-four and tell you -- and tell them, I told you, you were wrong.


So your brothers will repent before you. They will present their needs to you with moanings and give thanks for you. And, once again, don’t anyone’s pride get up about this, because when you submit to God long enough, when you deny your own desires for retaliation and every other wicked work long enough, and Christ is appearing in you, you shall receive spiritual power to help people in a multitude of ways. And when God makes it known to them, they will come to you, and this is what they will do. And your response to them will be that you will forgive them and that you will pray for them and that you will help them, because if you’re not in that condition where that’s going to be your response, they’re not going to come.


“You shall have power to destroy your enemies.” That’s talking about spiritual power. If you submit to God long enough and hard enough, and you survive the persecution, you shall receive power. Someone that I know said that. Who said that? You shall receive power. Who said that? Who said that?




I thought Jesus said it. I thought Jesus said it. You shall receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you. You shall receive power. OK.


“Your father's children shall acknowledge your authority.” And we find out that in the church, when God gives people power, spiritual power, because they’re submitting to Him and living for righteousness and bearing the persecution, the traditional response of the church to the -- to these people who are receiving power is to deny that they have this power. That is to be expected. If you decide to walk along this kind of walk and submit to God and live righteously, and God declares and makes a judgment that you have indeed done this for true motives and imparts spiritual power to you -- because if your motives aren’t pure, you’re not going to get the power. You can’t fool God.


So, if you live that kind of a life, and He gives power to you, you will go through a season where your brothers will hate you, they will despise you, they will deny that God has given you power or wisdom or anything else that He’s given you, and they will try to rip it from you. They will talk about you, they will lie about you, they will pray psychic prayers towards you, and they will call you every evil name that they could think of. But he who survives to the end shall find that his Father’s children shall acknowledge his authority. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t defend yourself. “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.” Don’t defend yourself. Let them say anything they want.


“The son -- and this is still Judah -- the son of God was lowered into the realm of appearance so that he could multiply. He became a fallen, natural man, and now that he has brought forth many young -- that’s this many-membered creation -- who shall fulfill the promise and cause him to rise in spiritual power again.”


Do you hear this? Judah typifies the son of God who was lowered into this realm, and I remind you of the glass that’s lowered into the fire because it’s being formed, and it’s melted, and it comes into an unstable condition where it’s not good for anything. Melted glass is not good for anything. Soft pottery is not good for anything. The pottery has to be baked, and the glass has to be cooled. God likens this creation to a glass that’s not good for anything.


So now that he’s down in this condition, Jacob asks the question in his prophecy. “Who shall fulfill the promise?” What promise? The promise of God to this creation, and cause him -- cause who? The true spiritual son that’s in submission to God. If you’re in submission to God, you’re a son. And who shall cause him to rise in spiritual power again, who shall bring about the regeneration of this creation. Who is coming? Who’s coming with a tow truck to charge this thing up?


And the answer is, God Himself. God Himself, He’s everything. He’s everything. The Son came from him originally. The Son was in the bosom of the Father. The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ has returned to pure spirit. He is the Father. He’s coming forth and pouring out upon us. The Father is visiting this creation and giving us what we need to bring forth the regeneration of this creation. And how is He doing it? Where is he starting? When He hooks up the clips, where is He hooking up? Where is He starting? Where in the mind?


            The spirit.


In the spirit, in the human spirit. He is raising the dead human spirit back to life.


Verse 9. I think we’ll just finish Judah. There’s two more verses. “Judah, a young spirit, you have been elevated back into the realm of the spirit of God, my son, after having been plucked out of it like a leaf falls off of a tree.”


Now that’s very interesting. That’s very interesting, because we’ve used a tree here to describe this creation and how it looks to God, and we’ve said that the root system of the tree -- there’s a spiritual tree. What’s the name of it? This whole creation is a spiritual tree. What’s the name of it? The tree of what?




The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it has a root system that has its own name. What’s the name of the root system of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? What’s --          




Satan. Satan, in the unseen realm, he’s under the ground. Nobody could see him. He’s hidden. He’s hidden. Satan. And he has a trunk and branches whose name is that which is the carnal mind, and he has many leaves, which typify the --




-- many human beings. Amen. OK. Now we find out that the root system abides for the life of the tree, that the trunk and the branches abide for the life of the tree, but the leaves do not abide for the life of the tree. The leaves have an existence for a season, and they fall off, and they never rise again. The root system of the tree causes the tree to produce new leaves. The true reality of this creation is the spiritual life, likened to the root system. These bodies that we live in, they’re just passing -- they’re just passing garments, and they fall off of the spiritual tree called the tree of knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil, and the true reality of this existence continually produces new leaves. And how does it produce new leaves on this spiritual tree? Yes, babies are born. Babies are born.


And this tree of the knowledge of good and evil will continue to produce offspring, will continue to reproduce until -- anybody?




Well, until --



Yes, until that last day when the mind of Christ kills the carnal mind and takes over the creation. And when the mind of Christ is our mind, these bodies or these leaves will stop dying, and do we not read in the Book of Revelation about the tree of life, who has leaves that do not wither? Once the -- Christ becomes our mind, these bodies will no longer fall off of the tree. So I found that very interesting.




I found that.




So part of the prophecy to Judah is that he is a young spirit. You have been elevated back into the realm of the spirit of God, my son, after having been plucked out of it - that’s the death of the creation -- like a leaf falls off of a tree.


Well, maybe we’ll take a minute to compare this teaching to reincarnation. I just had a discussion with somebody about this, and it’s -- there’s a lot of confusion, so let’s take a minute on that. Reincarnation -- we do not believe in reincarnation here. Reincarnation is not a teaching of the Scripture, but there is no original thought coming forth from the carnal mind. Every teaching, doctrine and thought that comes forth from the carnal mind is a perversion of a spiritual truth that is established by God. Everybody OK?


Reincarnation is a misunderstanding of a spiritual truth, and let’s -- I’m going to just go over it briefly, so that we can compare the truth with the error. You know, an error is not an error if it’s obvious. Error is subtle. It’s subtle, that you have trouble telling the difference. Reincarnation teaches salvation by works. It speaks about the rebirth of the soul or the rebirth of the personality. It comes back in another baby that’s born with the same personality that you know is your mother or your father or your sister or your brother. And when they come back into the next lifetime, they will be living a lifetime that will be based on how they behaved themselves in the prior lifetime. It is a reaping and a sowing, a reaping and a sowing from lifetime to lifetime of the good and evil deeds that you did, and reincarnation teaches that you will keep on reincarnating until you do enough good deeds to -- and as few evil deeds as is necessary for you to arrive in a state of perfection. There’s only one problem with this teaching, and that is that fallen man will never, ever stop doing evil deeds, if it were true. OK? It’s impossible.


Second of all, it’s salvation by works, and the Scripture teaches us that salvation is not by works. There is no way you can earn salvation. It is a free gift of God. There’s no way to get it unless He gives you the present, and therefore you must humble yourself before God and ask Him for it, because there’s no way you could do it for yourself. He doesn’t owe it to you. He doesn’t have to do it. He doesn’t owe it you anything. He wants to give it to you, but He wants you to know that He is the only way you can get it, and He wants you to give Him the proper respect. He doesn’t owe you anything. We owe Him.


Did I leave anything out on re- -- I think that’s pretty much it, reincarnation, right. OK, we find the truth of the Scripture to be that salvation is a work of grace, it is the free gift of God, and that salvation is to the soul. Salvation is to the soul. There is no way that your soul can be saved. The Scripture says the soul that sinneth, it shall die. Now, if you pass on -- and what that means is, if your bo- -- if you come to a place where your body dies, if -- the fact that your body dies means that your soul has sin, and your soul too has -- is already dead before your body dies, and your soul is dead because your mind is dead. We’re all dead. Everything’s dead except our bodies, and even that’s pretty -- in pretty bad shape. OK.


So, the Scripture says the soul that sins, it will die. The only thing that’s going to get us out of this mess, which is called hell, death and hell, is the mercy of God. He has to come and put His mind, which is alive, in us, and that is when we shall be raised from the dead. Now there is a reality that says this soul, this living soul, is passing from generation to generation. We know that when two people have a child, we see the cha- -- excuse me, we see the characteristics of the child in the children, and we see good characteristics, we see bad characteristics passed on, and the reality is that we are giving our very soul to our children. He who is -- the two that are married there -- it’s a great mystery, the Scripture says. They’re one flesh, meaning soul. When you marry someone, you become one soul. And when you have children in this family, you become one soul. We had a little teaching about a dysfunctional family earlier. That’s how you get into all these problems, because you really are one soul in the family.


So the soul really is -- it really is reproducing itself from generation to generation, but it’s not like reincarnation teaches it. It’s not that me, Sheila, is born again in another person. That’s the teaching of the pagan religion of Nimrod, which says Nimrod died, and he was reborn as his son, Tammuz. No. What we’re saying is that it’s one soul which has varying degrees of characteristics, which are passed along the family line, and the whole purpose of this passing it along is not that we should sow what we reap, that we should do so many good works that we will earn our salvation, but the purpose of passing it on is that the living soul should be preserved. Now I don’t mean -- that’s -- that was a bad choice of word, because we use that word with regard to the preservation of the body when the mind is alive. Let me change that.


The whole purpose is that this living soul should be -- should not die until God gets here with His living mind that’s going to raise us from the dead. It’s just like somebody has a heart attack on the street, and someone runs to the telephone and calls the ambulance, and the ambulance comes running down the street with all the sirens blowing, and the attendants get out of the ambulance, and they get these -- I don’t know what they call it. It’s certain equipment. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?


And they get the machine on them, and they’re pumping their heart to get their heart going again. Well, in that amount of time until the ambulance and the attendants get to that person, they’re lying there in a position where they can’t even function. They’re gasping for breath, lying on the ground. That is the natural example of our spiritual condition, and God has refused to let us die because He is running here with the emergency unit, fully intending to raise us from the dead.


The problem is that we are fallen, and the Scripture says one day to God is 1,000 years to men. In the realm of the spirit, what is one day is 1,000 years to men. You know, they say when you’re choking to death, if your life is on the line, just one minute of trying to survive when you’re choking to death is like a million years. So we’re down here suffering, waiting for God to get here with our transplant. We’re getting it. We’re getting a transplant. Our brain is getting transplanted. We’re getting a new mind, and it’s going to save our life.


And for that reason, the Father has ordained that the creation will continue to reproduce, generation after generation after generation, each generation revealing the same weaknesses, the same strengths and the same potential that the entire living soul has always had. And the Lord is not only permitting this, but ordaining it to happen until such time as He gets here with the new organ that we need to raise us from the dead, and the name of that organ is the mind of Christ.


Can anybody not see the difference between reincarnation and the teaching of the Scripture? Any question along this area? This is very important, because the person I was discussing this with said to me, “Oh, well, you keep doing it till you get it right.” And when I tried to explain, he says, “Oh, well, so Christ keeps doing it until He gets it right.” No, Christ isn’t keeping on doing it until He gets it right. Christ has got it right.


OK. This is very hard, you know. People think all kinds of wrong things. Why? Because their carnal mind is functioning and is corrupting the truth of the Scripture. But you have to -- I’m not making fun of anybody. You have to talk about it. If you don’t talk about what you think, I’ll never know what you’re thinking. And the reason I repeat my other conversations with you is because frequently other people are thinking the same thing.


This is a -- not doing it over until you get it right. That’s not what the problem is. We keep doing it over, meaning we keep having more and more generations, so that the species known as the living soul will continue in the earth until the emergency unit gets here with the transplant. Everybody OK?


            Till the time is right.


It’s the timing. God’s keeping us alive until they -- He gets us onto the operating table. We’re in the ambulance, and the sirens are blasting, and we’re being rushed to the hospital. And He’s keeping us alive until we get that transplant, because our heart isn’t working. Our spiritual heart isn’t working, and we’re dying, you know, because your mind is your heart. The spiritual heart that we have, the center of our spiritual being, is malfunctioning, and it’s just like what we were talking about earlier when that person -- when I put that person on guard in this household, and I said, now, don’t let anybody shut this heat off, because the pipes are going to break. And six months later, it’s 140 degrees outside, and someone comes in and says, hey, buddy, shut off the heat. And he says, no, Sheila told me the pipes are going to break if I shut off the heat.


It’s the same thing. This heart is not keeping -- it’s not doing what a heart is supposed to do. Instead of keeping us alive, it’s killing us. It’s doing the exact wrong thing.


OK, so we’re going to finish up Judah, and then that’ll be it. “The spiritual root of Christ shall not be removed from the descendants of Judah.”


Now what does that mean? It means the potential, the potential in the men that have this reaching for God. There’s a group of people in the earth that have a quality that makes them desire God, and that is a potential in them for God enter in and join with them, and we call it a spiritual root. It’s an o- -- it’s an opening. It’s something; it’s a quality in fallen men. It could be you, because it’s something that’s available to fallen men. It’s something in you that God can join with or something in you that has the potential for God joining with you. Now when God joins with you, He brings forth His son in you, and His son is your new mind. So, if you’re in the process of getting, that’s you on the operating room table, and you’re getting your transplant. And it’s happening today. It’s available today.


“Nor shall a man with his mark -- because I guess that’s Judah’s mark -- cease to be born until Messiah comes.”


OK, that’s what we were just talking about. This human race is going to continue to reproduce. There will always be human beings on this earth until Messiah or Christ Jesus appears in the creation. This world will never destruct. It will never destruct. God will not tolerate it, because He fully intends to raise it from the dead. So that’s His promise to Judah.


“And Messiah shall have authority over the people.” When Messiah comes, He shall rule this creation. Someone told me the other night that it -- the information was just released that back in 1989, the whole earth was almost wiped out by a meteorite that was so dangerously close that the government didn’t tell us, because there was nothing that could be done about it. And they said that people would just panic, and it was a matter of six hours. If the meteorite was any closer, we would have been wiped out, and it would have been a disastrous death, but God didn’t allow it. So this world’s not going to be destroyed. God is going to come and put it in the right order.


            Which year was that?


In ‘89. In ’89. OK, any questions on this message tonight? Anybody?




OK, please put it on the message for me.


You said that that guy on the phone said, “Oh, it’s Christ doing it or coming in the flesh over and over again till He gets it right.”


Something like that.




I don’t think he said it exactly that way. I --


            But it’s Christ doing it over and over again until He gets it right.


Yeah, because I said, it’s not the soul that’s incarnating. And he said, “Oh, so it’s Christ that’s incarnating, and He’s doing it over and over until He gets it right.” Yeah, that’s what he said.


            He is incarnating over and over again, right?


He’s incarnating over and over again, but not until He gets it right.


OK. The thing that I think that is a little bit similar to what he’s saying though is that you said that Christ needed all those experiences. Right? You do say that, right, that He can’t -- He’s coming through the flesh over and over again to gain experiences until finally He stands up in the last day with the full ex- -- full extent of experiences He could have.


So, that does sound a little bit like -- I mean, I’m not saying that -- I’m not in agreement with what he’s saying, but --


I understand.


What you’re saying sounds a little bit like it, because He needed those experiences, so He is going through over and over again.


Yeah. I see what you’re saying, but I -- it’s just a question of saying it another way, and I wouldn’t say it that way, because for you, it’s OK, but you don’t really want anyone stumbling over you, and this reincarnation is a strong teaching. So the way I would say it and the way I see it is that we’re in this condition until we get our transplant. I said that. And all of these experiences are part of the transplant.


Now, just -- now remember that -- now think of it, of a natural operation on the operating table with the whole team around there.




Right, they give you a --


            And a new mind, right?


Right. They give you a heart transplant. It could be -- so each experience that Christ has in the flesh can likened to one of the steps in the heart operation. OK?


            Oh, then He’s taken thousands of years for this operation, you know.


Yeah, because -- yeah. One day with God is a thousand years to man.


So it’s easy for somebody to think that in five years, that they’re going -- they start out going for it, and in five years, that it’s going to happen. They don’t have any control over this. In five years they’re going to get the mind of Christ. So it’s what -- if he’s taken thousands of years, He’ll take as long as He wants, right?


Well, He’ll take as long as He wants, but the mystery is that He’s doing all this in the spirit. It’s not going to take thousands of years in you. Your fo- -- the formation of your personality --


            Oh, I see.


It could be at the very end of the procedure, and this is exactly what we’re getting into as we go on in Revelation 21, where it talks about the foundations of the city and get --


            Oh, so once He raises this --


These are the foundations of the city.


Once that He raises the spirit, then there’s no time or space inside that person, and --




            -- whereas the spirit of Christ is -- is that what you’re saying?


Well, say it again. I’m not sure what you’re saying.


Well, once He’s inside the person’s spirit, it’s not happening that it’s over and over lifetimes.




            It’s in the spirit, and there’s no time or space in the spirit.






And all the experiences that Christ has been having since this creation fell, every experience that He has is one of the foundations, and He is now the sum total of all of His past experiences, and you are on the top of all those 12 foundations right now. This generation -- now what is a foundation? Let me put this on the board for you.


A foundation is underneath the ground, right? A foundation usually -- it usually can’t be seen, and we’re told there are 12 foundations as we go in chapter, Revelation -- in chapter 21 of Revelation. So, just to make it simple, we know that 12 is the number of God’s government, and that it’s a symbolic number, talking about all of the experiences that Christ has had. So let’s say this up here is the realm of appearance, and here is Rita in 1992. OK, now your body was just born 24 years ago, right? Your body was just born--


            No, 30.


-- a few years ago. I’m just kidding you, OK, but the spirit in you has been around for the foundation that’s called Elijah. The lifetime that Christ experienced as Elijah is in you, because it’s a part of Christ. Can you hear this?


            What is Elijah? What’s that [INAUDIBLE]?


Because Elijah was a lifetime that we know that Christ lived in this earth. What was another lifetime that Christ lived in this earth?




Moses. I’m sure there are many that we don’t know about, but these are obvious. The Bible tells us about it. OK.


            So they were foundations.


They were all foundations. Every lifetime that expressed the manifestation of Christ in the earth is a foundational experience, and Rita or [?Celie?] or everybody who’s appearing up here in 1992 is the sum total of every experience that Christ has had.




Noah. And this is all under the ground.




This is all under the -- yes, Jesus too. This is all under the ground.




These are the foundations of the city. Well, the number 12 means the perfect government. There’s many more than that. There’s many more than 12. It’s a symbolic number.


            It’s about 12 times for all the [INAUDIBLE] --


Not even that. It’s just a symbolic number. It means the number of -- that has completed. See, when Rita stands up in full stature, when Christ is raised, when Rita and [?Celie?] -- when Christ is raised from the dead in them, the Christ that’s appearing as your mind will be the sum total of every experience that the spiritual Christ has had since the creation was formed. And you will have the --


            [INAUDIBLE] the first one?


I don’t know. I don’t know who was first. OK. And, of course, Abraham is in there too. There are many, everyone that was a prophet of God.


            [INAUDIBLE] the foundation [INAUDIBLE]. Adam was there.


Righteous A- -- well, righteous Adam, OK, but it’s not an exact number. It’s a symbolic number, and what it’s saying is that when Christ Jesus is born in you and anybody that it happens to, when this righteous mind is born in you, what is being born in you is every experience that all these men had, and it’s going to be born in your mind. That means everything that they learned will become your experience.


It’s like saying -- if you want to put it in a carnal way, it’s like saying, if you take Einstein and all the great scientists and Beethoven and all the great musicians and everybody of all lifetimes, that when this mind is fully born in you, you’re going to be able to do everything that they did. You’re going to have all the knowledge that Beethoven had, all the knowledge that Einstein had, and it’s just going to be there. It’s just going to be a knowing. When that mind is born in you, there’s all this knowledge, and all this experience is in that mind, and that mind is coming into you.


And, now, remember that we --




Through Christ, when Christ is born in you. When Christ is born, you know, remember what’s happening is that we are plastic. We’re like that rubber sheath that’s over our head, and when that new mind knocks out our carnal mind and comes in, we will be something that we never were before. Can you even comprehend it? Can’t even imagine that our entire brain will be used. What do they say? What do we use, a tenth of our brain? A third of our -- our whole brain’s going to be used.


            Two-thirds is not [INAUDIBLE].


We’re going to know everything. We’re going to have all knowledge, and not only are we going to have all knowledge, but we’re not going to have to do what we do today. I’m not going to have to sit for hours in front of that computer with a magnifying glass, looking up all these words, coming in here and saying, I’m sorry, I didn’t have enough time. My notes are incomplete. We’re just going to know.


We’re going to know every language on the earth. We’re going to be able to speak every language. We’re going to have knowledge in science that the scientists cannot even comprehend. We’re going to know everything about this world system, plus without labor.


            Instant, like.


Without labor.


            That’s the mind of Christ.


That’s the mind. All knowledge is in Christ.


            Anybody else?


That’s what Paul means, when he says there’s no other foundation laid but the foundation of Christ?


I believe he said the foundation is Jesus Christ. What he means is, well --


            Christ Jesus, foundation in Christ Jesus.


Did he say Christ Jesus? Yeah. What he’s saying is that there’s no way -- you see, Christ Jesus -- all of this is in Christ Jesus, and when Christ Jesus is born in you, it’s your entranceway into heaven. So what he’s saying is that there’s no other foundation. The only other foundation is the carnal mind, which will never get you into heaven. He is your entranceway into hell, and you’ll never get out of hell as long as your mind is the carnal mind. That’s what he’s saying. There’s no other foundation to build on.


So, you see, we have a lot of people around. Everybody means well. Most people mean well. Very few people really mean evil, but we have a whole church world full of people that are saying -- going around to people and saying, Jesus is Lord. Buddha is dead, so worship Jesus, because Jesus is the Lord. Mohammed is dead. He was never raised from the dead. So worship Jesus, you know, because he’s alive.


But, you know, that doesn’t mean anything to someone that believes in Mohammed. I mean, it sounds like an arrogant thing to say, but what they’re trying -- there’s a truth behind it. They’re just saying it wrong. What they’re trying to say is that, you know, Mohammedanism is a good -- it could teach you morality. It could teach you ethics. It could keep you from disaster in this world, because if you -- you’re going to reap what you sow. So, if you reap kindness to people -- morality and honesty and decency -- if you sow that, you’ll reap it. OK?


But it’s not going to get you into heaven. It’s not going to give you eternal li- -- and what is heaven? What is heaven? It’s eternal life. It’s dominion over this whole world, spiritual and physical. Mohammed can’t give you that. So, if you want to believe in Mohammedanism, it can enhance your life, it could help your children, and it could bring good things in your life, but it’s not going to give you eternal life. This body’s going to die, and your soul’s going to die, and it’s going to be over.


But if you want to get into eternal life, there are lots of good religions out there that will teach you good things, and you’ll get blessed. Why? Because you’ll be complying with God’s laws. You’ll be good to your brother, and you’ll receive goodness. You’ll be kind; you’ll receive kindness. You’ll reap what you sow, so it’s good. What’s wrong with the religion? Why do you have to keep pushing this Jesus down my throat for? Because Jesus is the only spirit that can give us eternal life.


If you’re happy with your life on this earth, and you’re willing to pass on -- well, then, you don’t need Jesus. I’m not going to tell you you’re going to burn in hell forever. You’re not, but why wouldn’t you want eternal life that was just described here, with the mind of Christ, all knowledge? The Scripture says eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard, what God has in store for us when we get this brain. Who wouldn’t want it? If you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it. That’s OK.


I don’t have to force it on you, because I’m telling you that you’re going to burn in hell forever. It’s a childish fable. You don’t want it -- Jesus will go to somebody else.


            I think some may feel that --


Please, give her the mic.


Some may feel, when they think of eternal life, that living forever would mean living forever in this condition.


In this torment, yeah.


            In this -- the way it is now.


Yeah, well --


            The torment of this world system.


Yeah, it just means -- Did I answer your question, Mary? Did I answer your question? OK.


Yeah, well, the bottom line is this. This is a many-membered soul. The only thing that has any reality is the spirit. And as I’ve been telling you here for a long time, in the hour that Christ Jesus is -- starts to be raised from the dead, and I remind you that He’s being raised from the dead a bone at a time, and one of the bones of his skeleton is buried in every human being on the face of the earth. And when that person dies without that bone being raised from the dead, that drop of His spirit goes back to the spirit. The body dissolves, the soul dissolves, and the spirit goes back to the spirit of God.


So, if you are a person -- if there are people out -- there’s a company of people out there who just don’t want this -- there’s no reason to condemn these people. And it’s my understanding, that as Christ starts to appear in people, He will appear, and He will appear, and those in whom He is not appearing, they will live out their lifetime, and they will live a normal lifetime -- what is it, 80, 90 years old, I hope, and they will pass on.


So, if you really, really, really don’t want it, it’s OK. You’re just clay. Can you hear this?


This is the most glorious, fantastic gift. It is being offered to men. If you really don’t want -- and I don’t say this with any malice -- if you really, really, really, really don’t want it, OK. But I would say to you -- I would ask you, because this is my style, and I would say to anybody, you owe it to yourself to understand what you’re saying no to. You owe it to yourself to fully comprehend what you’re saying no to. If you listen to me with an open heart, and you understand what I’m talking about, and you really don’t want it, that’s OK. And I don’t say it with any ulterior motives. I’ll still talk to you; I’ll still be friends with you. I won’t penalize you; I won’t ostracize you. You’re still a human being, if you don’t want it.


He’s got some people that want it, and He’s got some people that don’t want it, and He’s taking them anyway, and this thing is about to start. I’m telling you. It’s real soon. We’re going to start seeing this mind being born, just like a tomato plant. You wake up one morning, and you’ve got some green tomatoes on that plant, and you keep going out every morning, and one morning you go out, and one of those tomatoes is red. And you go out the next morning, and you’ve got a couple more red tomatoes. This thing is about to start to pop, and He’s got everything under control. It’s really exciting, except for all those people that are out there preaching the end of the world, God bless them. I have better things to do. I have this whole Bible to teach. I don’t have enough time to do -- I’m too busy to go out there threatening people with hell.


You see, it’s not really time for this message to go out to the multitudes yet. I am convinced that when the Lord says it’s time to send this message to the multitudes, they’re going to be flocking by the thousands, asking God for this experience. But in this hour -- in this hour, it’s going to a small group of preselected people. Now God is no respecter of persons. When God preselects a group, what that means is that He’s determined to get a small group through, so that He can send them back to pull the others through, because it’s not easy. Look at our numbers here. It’s not easy. People don’t want to pay the price. They don’t want the -- they don’t want to live holy. They don’t want to do what they don’t want to do, what has to be -- they don’t want to give up their carnal lives.


So God’s working with a small group, but the day -- the time is coming, and I firmly believe it’s in our lifetime. I can’t believe it being too far away. But after He does the work in this small group who are paying the price, who are living a consecrated life for Him, doing the best they can in their imperfect condition, then His mind will be born in them, and when He sends them out, very few people are going to have a choice. Why? Because this creation is His, and the -- any human being that has a carnal mind is stolen property, and the only reason that it’s being allowed this long is that His provision to redeem the purchase position, that his provision to get the stolen property back is not yet fully ready.


So everybody’s walking around doing their own thing, and in the darkness of their fallen minds, they think that they’re going to be able to do this forever, but this living soul is the property of God. You are not your own. We belong to God. We are His creation, and it just looks this way because the Lord’s not ready. Again, He’s setting up for the operation, and He’s got the operate -- I was in that operating room, man, and all there working around, taping me up, doing all these things. Everybody’s busy, everybody got something to do, and when the moment came, they cut me open.


And that’s what it’s going to be like, and it’s a mercy. It’s not a bad thing. It’s not a bad thing. We’ve been kidnapped, and we don’t even know it. We’ve been kidnapped and enslaved by a foreign nation, and we don’t even know it. And our minds are so darkened that we’re fighting against our Savior that wants to set us free. So, in the exact, proper moment, He’s going to take the whole creation against their will, and they’re going to scream and yell, and it’s going to be all over. And then they’re going to say, oh, wow, thank you, Lord. I can’t believe that I was fighting against You when You came.


Anybody else?


08/03/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

08/12/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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