188 - Part 3

Part 3 of 8 Parts


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I do have part three of our series number 188 tonight, which is Revelation Chapter 21. Let me just bring you up to date on that -- well, first let me tell you this. We’re in the middle of about three series. We’re in the middle of Revelation Chapter 21. We still have not completed the series on creation. I think there’s another part to the Exaltation on John Chapter 1, if I’m not mistaken. I still haven’t finished Jesus in the Jordan. I don’t know how this happened to me, but it happened. So I need time to study.


We have part one and part two of message number 188, which is Revelation Chapter 21, and we also have a part four. What happened was, I had preached four parts of it, and I had not allotted myself enough time to study, and when I got into part four, I realized that. I didn’t have the Revelation. Well, God showed it to me deeper. Let me put it that way. So we went back. I redid part one, and I redid part two. And part four was OK as it stood, but I am going to do part three right now. Does anybody not know what I’m talking about? And then Lord willing, if He lets me, at the next meeting, we’ll go on to part five.


So what I have for you are the Alternate Translations. Oh, this is wrong. Just fix this here. I have the Alternate Translations of Verses -- could you lower that volume? Thank you.








Yeah, not all the way down. Just put it up just a little. Let me take a -- OK. OK, that looks good. Input [?volume?], OK.


So I have the Alternate Translations of Verses 1 through 10, which brings us to the end of part two. And I will comment on all of them. I’m going to take my time going through them and commenting on them because it’s been a long time, and the reason I didn’t suggest to you to review the messages was quite simply that I’ve been trying to do this for the last three meetings, and I couldn’t get it done until today. So we’ll go over Verses 1 through 10, and then we’re going to do Verses 11 and 12.


Glory to God.


Alternate Translation, Revelation Chapter 21, Verse 1: “And I saw the mind of Christ renewing Jesus’ soul, and Jesus wasn’t living out of the carnal mind, and the dead soul which He inherited from His mother and His dead unconscious mind didn’t exist anymore.”


So the Lord revealed to us that Verse 1 of Chapter 21, which speaks about a new heaven and a new earth, was speaking about our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the new heaven and the new earth; is He not? He is the new heaven and the new earth.


This is not going to do. [?It’s?] -- something’s [INAUDIBLE].


Maybe I should just jump ahead a little. We found out after a deep study that Verse 1 was speaking about the man Jesus of Nazareth, who inherited a carnal mind from His mother standing up in full stature. And the new heaven and the new earth that was in His mind was the fully matured mind of Christ. That was the new heaven and the new earth, which overshadowed the first heaven and the first earth, which were the mind -- the unconscious mind and the carnal mind that He had inherited from His mother.


And we translated that, “And I saw the mind of Christ renewing the man Jesus’ soul, and Jesus was not living out of the carnal mind, and the dead soul which He inherited from His mother and His dead unconscious mind didn’t exist anymore.”


Now we’re taught here that the condition of full stature means that you still have a carnal mind, but it is not functioning. It is brain dead. So even though His carnal mind, He had one, and He was brain dead, for all intents and purposes, it didn’t exist. He didn’t use it. As far as God was concerned, it did not exist anymore.


Verse 2 speaks about the holy city, and the holy city is Jesus’ soul. So let me remind you that there’s only one living soul, and that soul is either dead or alive depending on the mind that is being expressed through it. When the carnal mind is being expressed through your soul, the carnal mind is death. Your soul is dead, and your body is dead. When the mind of Christ is expressed through your soul, your soul is quickened, or your soul receives life, and in the first stage of resurrection, your body is preserved until such time as you are glorified.


So in Verse 1, we see the man Jesus of Nazareth receiving a fully mature mind of Christ, and in Verse 2, we see His soul receiving life. Now Jerusalem typifies the soul. I’m not going to read you the whole study, but it’s on part one if you want to listen to the message.


Jerusalem refers to the soul of man, and this Scripture says that Jerusalem is new and is holy, and therefore, the Lord showed us that the soul that Jesus was born with was renewed when the mind of Christ was fully raised from the dead in Him. It made His soul new. That is the renewal of His soul, and it made His soul holy.


So, brethren, the only way we shall be holy is when our mind is holy. So you can do all of the good deeds that you would like to do, and to whatever extent you can keep your thoughts pure. If it were possible that with your carnal mind you could never have an impure thought -- I don’t think it’s possible but if it were -- you would still not be holy, because the carnal mind itself is sin.


Renewal, a renewed mind, holiness, true righteousness is in a change of mind. But, brethren, receive this Spirit of the Word. It is not a change of your carnal mind, from thinking negative to thinking positive. It is not a change of your carnal mind from saying, “I don’t believe Jesus died for me,” to, “I do believe Jesus died for me.” It is a change of mind that involves getting a new mind. The mind of Christ must replace your carnal mind.


And this is done a thought at a time. Once Christ begins to be formed in you, a thought at a time dies to your carnal thought and arises in the newness of life as you look at that issue with the mind of Christ. It’s a continuous death of the carnal mind and ascendency of the mind of Christ. It’s a process. It’s a process, a gradual death of your carnal mind and resurrection of the Christ in you.


Alternate Translation, Verse 2: “And I, John, saw Jesus’ renewed soul coming down from God out of Christ, and she was in the correct moral order, and she was emotionally prepared to be joined to the mind of Christ, which was within her.”


Now I know we spent a lot of time on that on part one. How are you emotionally prepared to be joined to the mind of Christ? Brethren, we have some people right in this congregation. I’m just stating facts. I’m not against anybody or anything, but we have people right here who are not emotionally prepared to be joined to Christ. If they have their choice by their own open confession, they would not be here, and they would be out having a -- the things of this world, the good things of this world. That would be their choice, right? Right, right? Isn’t that right? That’s what I thought you tell me. OK.


Left to their own choice, they would not choose to be joined to the mind of Christ. They would choose a worldly husband and children and family. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just the truth. But we see that Jesus of Nazareth was emotionally prepared. His soul was emotionally prepared to be joined to the mind of Christ. And what is your soul? Your soul is your emotions.


So if God has you in a ministry like this, and your emotions are not lining up to the teachings of this ministry, what it means is, you have not yet been emotionally prepared to be joined to the mind of Christ. He has to prepare you, has to prepare you.


If you are five years old, how do you become emotionally prepared to go away to college? You must grow up, and I just [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


So we are all growing up in Christ. Your physical age may be a factor. It may not be a factor. Sometimes your physical age is a factor in that the maturity that you have gained from world experience, from being married, from being a mother or a father, it can contribute to your maturity in Christ. It doesn’t have to, but the Scripture does say that a person under thirty should not be called into the ministry. Doesn’t it say that? That a young person without much experience should not be called into the ministry. Why? Because if they are what will happen to them? Anybody?




OK, they’ll be tempted by the devil. That’s what the Scripture says. They’ll be tempted by the devil to be puffed up with pride, to be seduced by riches, and what are the three things that are the downfall of ministers? Power, sex and fame. Those are the three things that will pull down and destroy someone that God has raised up into the ministry. If you’re too young, you will never stand against it. So the Lord will have you training with somebody else until you’re able to stand on your own.


So you have -- we have to grow up into Christ, and if you have a conflict in your flesh, if your emotions are not in agreement with what God is doing in your life, He will bring your emotions in line with His mind. Not without pain, however. I’ll always tell you the truth. But it’s not going to be anything that you can’t survive. He will mature you. He will grow you up. And His purposes will be done in your life one way or another. So don’t push against the [?pricks?].


Alternate Translation, Verse 2: “And I, John, saw Jesus’ renewed soul coming down from God out of Christ” -- that’s His new mind, Christ -- “and she was in the correct moral order and emotionally prepared to be joined to the mind of Christ, which was within her.”


Verse 3: “And I heard a great voice out of heaven.”


Alternate Translation: “And I heard the authoritative voice of the Lord Jesus Christ saying, ‘Look, God’s temple, Christ Jesus, is in the midst of men, and because He shall live together with them and be the God in the midst of them, every member of the living soul shall be of the same stock and speak the same language.”


I have to go back to Verse 2. I’m hearing a question in the Spirit. I’d like to answer it for the message.


And it has to do with the three things that will bring down a minister. Fame, money and sex. And the question is, well, what if you’re married? Why shouldn’t you be married? Then you won’t be tempted with sex. Brethren, that is not true. That is not true. Remember Samson! The greatest temptation of your ministry will come from your wife. I tell you the truth.


The greatest temptation to disobey God will come to you from the people that you are intimate with. From the people who are in some measure bringing gratification into your life, and the choice will be between gratifying the one who was gratifying you or obeying God.


Now, look, if God gives you a wife, get married. If you’re a woman preaching, God gives you a husband, get married. But I want to tell you the truth! You’re safest from the seduction of loved ones when you’re not married. I’m not telling you not to get married. Do whatever God gives you. If He gives a mate, get married. But if you think that your mate is going to be in agreement with every sacrifice you have to make, you are mistaken! Because you will be torn between serving God and spending time with your wife and your family! And when your wife isn’t happy, it interferes with your sex life! And you will be tempted to disobey God.


And that is the truth of the Scripture. Paul clearly speaks about it. You have problems when you’re married, more problems when you’re married than when you are not married. I tell you the truth.


If you’re going to be in the ministry for Christ, and you’re going to be on the cutting edge of the [?move of?] God, you are to be dependent on no one except the Lord. When you have needs that He is not meeting, that puts you in a position where you could be influenced to disobey God or to not stand for righteousness. If there’s someone to be on the cutting edge of the move of God, there is to be no person in your life that you cannot live without.


The Scripture says, “Jesus committed Himself to no one. Jesus committed Himself to no one.” Does anybody know why? He knew what was in the hearts of men. You love people. You enjoy them. You have relationships with them. But there is no one that you need but Jesus. When you get to that point, if you need somebody now, it’s OK, for as long as God says, “It’s OK.” If you need somebody that’s helping you to mature, that’s OK. If you need me now as you’re maturing, that’s OK. But when you become a man, you won’t need anyone except Jesus. It’s OK to not be a man now. You’re maturing!


I want to tell you something. If you need me, you’re not a man! That’s OK. Know the truth. The man -- there’s only one person over the man. Who’s over the man? Christ! Christ. If you need a teacher, you’re not a man, but you will be. You will be. But right now, there’s someone between you and Christ. It means you haven’t arrived yet. That’s OK, but know where you are.


When you get to be a man, there’s no one between you and Christ. There’s no one. You cannot afford to lose. That’s the way it is. It’s lonely at the top. That’s the way it is. You know what the Lord told me the other day? Remember I gave you that Testimony? How I had wanted for years, I was looking for a friend who would be a minister? And it really bothered me that I didn’t have a friend who was a minister until finally I didn’t care anymore? He said to me, “You can’t have a friend who’s a minister when you need a friend who’s a minister. Now that you don’t need it, maybe I’ll give you one. If you have friends in the ministry and you need their friendship and you need their approval, they will seduce away from Me.”


This is a hard walk that a man walks. I tell you the truth. You’re all in training for spiritual manhood. I tell you the truth.


So we’re in Verse 3. Alternate Translation: “And I heard the authoritative voice of the Lord Jesus Christ saying, ‘Look, God’s temple, Christ Jesus is in the midst of men, and because He shall live together with them’” -- He’s living where? In our hearts? “And be the God in the midst of them, every member of the living soul shall be of the same stock and speak the same language.”


Brethren, when Christ is being formed in you, we are forming the family of God. You don’t see it very much in the church today. I believe it’s happening here, but new family lines are being drawn up. Spiritual family lines are being drawn. Now the only other church that I’ve seen it in besides this one is the church that we were raised up in. The whole congregation was really connected. To this day I meet people from that church, and my heart hurts me for missing them, and I’ve never had that experience anywhere else.


But there are new family lines being drawn. Now that does not mean that you give up your natural family. Some people preach that. No, that’s not true. Everything that God does in your life, He has to do it naturally. If your natural family is small or nonexistence, He’s going to be moving you into a spiritual family much more quickly. That just takes common sense. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that. If you’re a man and you have a wife and children, you have to raise them and minister to them and support them. If you’re a woman, you have to minister to your family. Most certainly so the people that don’t have tight families -- He’s moving them into spiritual families much more quickly, but even if you have heavily enmeshed in a natural family life, He’s still placing you in a spiritual family. But everything is a matter of priority. In your natural family, there is one mother and one father. There are elders in the family. There are children in the family. Everybody has their place.


So if you are heavily enmeshed in a natural family, it only makes sense to say you are limited as to your involvement in a spiritual family, but that does not mean that you have not been placed. You have been placed, and your role can grow or change at any time, but the spiritual family lines are being drawn, but it’s just for those believers in whom Christ is being formed.


That’s why you don’t see it very much in the church world. Because the church world -- the average believer in the church world does not have Christ being formed in their heart. They have the Holy Ghost, but they don’t have Christ. Spiritual blood lines flow through Christ, so if you go into a church -- a Pentecostal church, for example -- where the Holy Ghost is present, and everybody sings and dances, if the people are honest, they will tell you, they come in for the service and they go home. Nobody knows anybody. I’ve heard this many times. There’s no involvement from the people in their lives, one to another. Does anybody not disagree with that? Does anybody not know that? The people don’t know each other. They sit in the pews, and they raise their hands, and they prophesy, and they don’t even know each other.


That’s because spiritual bloodlines are in Christ. And if Christ is being formed in you, you will find yourself being brought together with the other believers and forming strong soul ties, that if you’re not aware of this, could actually frighten you. And I know that some women and some men have been misunderstood and sometimes even very distressed themselves as these soul ties form.


Some of them have been falsely accused of being homosexual. But there is a love that is greater than the love of women -- [?or?the?a?] love of the spirit. How do you know if you have a relationship that is a love of the Spirit? When almost 95 percent of what you talk about is Christ, you have a relationship of the Spirit. I tell you the truth.


So if you have a relationship with a member of the same sex, and you’re together continuously and talking on the phone and you can’t get enough of each other, examine the fruit. What do you talk about? What do you do? If your relationship is rooted and grounded in the Word of God, your relationship is Godly, and it is a relationship that the world cannot understand.


But be careful if you’re a man and a woman. Be very careful that you be not seduced into thinking that this spirit tie is bringing you together physically. It’s not. It’s of the spirit, but Satan’s going to try to get right in there and make it into something that’s it not. He’s going to try to bring it down to the earth and turn it into a carnal thing, which will bring destruction to both of you and to both of your families.


So you really have to monitor any tie that you have with a member of the opposite sex. You do not have to flow with everything. Wisdom is necessary. If that spirit tie is forming, it doesn’t mean that you just do whatever you feel. It doesn’t mean that at all.


And all kind of ungodly spirits can operate right along with that spirit tie and just go along for the ride. I had a man calling me once when I was in that other church. He came into the church. His wife was very carnal, and he was calling me a couple of times a week. And all we talked about was [sic] spiritual things. He was very attracted to the Spirit on me. I was very visible in that church, if you recall. I was very visible. He was very attracted to the Spirit on me, but something about his phone calls were bothering me.


And I started to pray about it. I said, Lord, the man’s not doing anything wrong. He hasn’t said one word out of the way, but something’s bothering me. I think what was bothering me most of all was that he called me from work. Something was bothering me, so I prayed and I prayed and I prayed. And the Lord told me that there was a spirit of adultery operating. You couldn’t see it with the carnal mind -- with the carnal eye, you couldn’t see it. And I started praying. What an explosion! I said, Lord, what am I supposed to say to this man? He’s calling me up. Doesn’t say one word wrong. I’m supposed to say, Brother, you have the spirit of adultery. Stop calling me. I don’t -- that doesn’t sound right, Lord. I said, If this is a true word, expose it. What an explosion! Didn’t even take a week. I say, Brother, you have the spirit of adultery. Don’t call me anymore! The Lord just exposed the whole thing. And he probably didn’t even know it himself, you see. Then I found out the whole time, his wife was hating my guts, and there was another explosion.


Don’t solve your marital problems with me. [?I’m?I’ve?] enough problems on my own. Go talk to your wife. That was some explosion. To this day his wife hates my guts. I never did anything, and he barely talks to me. But I’m clean. Be very careful. Because it comes out of the unconscious, you see. People don’t know what they’re doing. The ones that know what they’re doing, that’s easy to recognize and deal with. It’s the sin that comes out of the unconscious mind. There’s a man. He’s miserable in his marriage. A man in the world goes out and gets a girlfriend and has an affair. A man in the church finds a woman of God and gets his satisfaction through speaking about spiritual things. Go find somebody else, brother. I’m too busy.


Does anyone not know what I’m talking about? If you’re miserable in your marriage, go talk to your wife! Don’t come talk to me! And go to the Lord and find out what you need to do to be happy in your marriage. It’s very hard. It’s a hard walk. Be careful. There’s always someone who you’re going to hear a story that got divorced. This one left her husband. That one left his wife. They found their spiritual soul mate. There’s actually a ministry in Texas preaching it. It’s all over Nigeria right now. Be very careful, you know.


You don’t have to be afraid of anything. Then God could -- definitely can put ministers of the opposite sex together, but be very careful. Be very careful. If it’s too frequent, I would really check it out -- really, really check it out. Don’t stop praying until you hear from God. All right? Because no one wants to be used. Do you want to be used? Don’t be used.


Every person that’s unhappy has to find their happiness in Christ. If you’re married, you get ahold of the Lord and ask Him to help your marriage. It’s a very fine line, brethren, but I don’t really think that even the maturest [sic] believers that I know can really handle a close ministry relationship with a member of the opposite sex, even if you’re both married.


Sin is inflammatory. It is inflammatory. If you’re not -- if you don’t have a walk with the Lord where you can see it coming down the road, you’ll wake up one morning, and it’ll be too late.


This is a dangerous walk! Satan will stop at nothing to bring you down. If you’re really moving in Christ, he’ll stop at nothing to bring you down.


OK, I just would like to make a comment on Verse 3. If you go home and you review part one and part two, you might notice that in part two, I say that the tabernacle of God is the Lord Jesus Christ.


But in the Alternate Translation that I just read, I say that it’s Christ Jesus. It’s true that Jesus Christ is God’s tabernacle, but His name changes to Christ Jesus when He appears in the minds of the second generation of Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the tabernacle of God. When the glorified Jesus Christ gets inside of you, that tabernacle of God starts to grow in you. When He reproduces Himself in you, the name changes to Christ Jesus. So if it sounds like a contradiction to you on the message, it’s really not.


Verse 4: “And Christ Jesus shall cleanse and cover over the divided living soul with His anointing and her many parts” -- that’s each of us -- “shall be complete in Him, and she shall no longer be in morning or wail in distress because of her separation from God, which separation is spiritual death. Nor shall she labor to survive in this world system or experience great trouble because of the intense desires of her carnal mind because of the immaturity of the creation has passed away.”


So we see here that all of the distresses that we’re in, brethren, are because we are immature. That is not a criticism, nor is it an indictment. It is a fact, and it should be a fact that encourages you because if I can say to you that this walk is distressing you because you are immature, that is giving you hope. You shall mature! And you shall mature out of the distress. Praise God. I’m not insulting you. I’m giving you hope. You shall mature out of your distress.


Verse 5: “And the Lord Jesus Christ said to Christ Jesus, ‘Look, I’m renewing the creation. Therefore, write my nature upon the many members of living soul so that they may be true and faithful to me.’”


And again to those of us who are having trouble with our emotions, those of us whose emotions do not line up to a ministry that God has placed you in or a call that He’s put on your life, please note that you cannot be faithful to the call that He has given you unless He gives you faithfulness. He must give you faithfulness!


Brethren, of ourselves we can do nothing! Is that not true? Of ourselves we can do nothing. Now that doesn’t mean that you go out and you sin. It means you do the best you can. You desire it. You desire to -- that He should be pleased with you. And then He must give you faithfulness. He must give you agreement with His call on your life. If you haven’t got it, you haven’t got it. If it’s not there, it’s not there!


I have a note here. I’ll just read it to you. Referring to the true and faithful, please note that Revelation 20:11 says, “And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.”


Christ Jesus is the faithful and true one. We must be made in His image. Christ Jesus is the mind. He is faithful and true, and when we get a mind that is Christ Jesus, He will form our soul in faithfulness and in truth. He’s the faithful and true one.


And please note also that the faithful and true one makes war. The way that He makes us faithful and true is that He makes war against the one who was unfaithful and a liar. And you might be interested to know that that is not Jesus Christ on that horse in Revelation 21, but it is Christ Jesus. He wears many crowns. He wears many crowns. It is Christ Jesus. It is not the same Jesus Christ at the beginning of the Book of Revelation. At the beginning of the Book of Revelation, we have the glorified Jesus of Nazareth saying, “I’m the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning [?and?in?] the creation of God!” And at the back of the Book of Revelation, we have Christ Jesus, the second generation of Christ, wearing many crowns. Hallelujah.


It is Jesus Christ of Nazareth in another form, just as your sons and daughters are you in another form. They are you in another form. They’re made out of your flesh. They’re made out of your seed. They receive their soul from you. The only thing that they have that is not from you is their spirit. Their soul and their flesh is [sic] of you. It is you in another form. That is how the Father can say, “The sins of the Fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.” We sometimes get confused, those of us who are carnal because we think we are separate from our parents, but spiritually speaking, we are the same person. Just as if my plant over here put out a new leaf and the old leaf died. It is the same plant. It’s a great mystery.


Verse 6: “And Christ Jesus said to John, ‘Man’s new unconscious mind and conscious mind now exists, and I who am both the immature and the mature creation shall give this spiritually dead soul the Holy Spirit freely.’”


So Christ Jesus, the mind that was in John, said that this new mind is now available to men, and He said He is both the Alpha and the Omega, the immature and the mature creation, all swallowed up into the maturity, and that is -- and He shall give this spiritually dead soul the Holy Spirit freely.


Now notice the play here. First it’s Jesus of Nazareth. Then it’s Christ Jesus. And now the promise is to give the whole living soul the Holy Spirit liberally. Not Christ Jesus. He’s promising to pour out the living soul on the whole creation. Is that happening in this hour? The Holy Spirit is not pouring out on the whole world in this hour, is it? It’s not. We talked about this recently. This is the fulfillment of the prophesy in Joel. Always get mixed up too. Is it Joel 2 or is it Joel 3 where it says --


            Joel 2.


Joel 2. “I’ll pour out of my spirit upon [?all?your?] flesh.” He says it twice. God doesn’t stutter. God isn’t nervous. God doesn’t say anything without meaning. He’s going to pour out of His Spirit twice. He’s pouring out of His Spirit the first time now with the specific goal of raising up the firstfruits company of the Sons of God. It’s not for the whole world in this hour. After the firstfruits stand up in full stature, He will pour out a second time out of the Sons of God, not as the Holy Spirit, out of the Sons of God, for the whole world. And He’s coming up out of Christ and the Sons of God, but when it goes forth to unregenerate people, when that seed comes up out of the Sons of God and it lands on an unregenerate heart, it becomes the Holy Spirit. Becomes the Holy Spirit. It’s all God depending on where He’s penetrating, where He’s landing and what He’s doing. His form changes.


Verse 7: “Christ Jesus shall receive the living soul as His inheritance, and the Lord Jesus Christ shall be His God, and Christ Jesus shall be the Son.” Verse 8: “But the fearful members of the living soul who have not conceived Christ and those whose unconscious and conscious mind is Satan and the devil and those who are still fornicating with Satan and the carnal mind making use of Satan’s spiritual power and worshipping the carnal mind and all of those who don’t have the nature of the Father, all of which are that part of the renewed living soul, which is the second death, shall find themselves under the dominion of Christ, who is consuming and purifying sin by the spiritual authority of the Divine Incense, which is the Spirit of Christ.”


Now we spent a lot of time on that on a previous message, but basically what it’s saying is that if you are fearful or if you are in any form of sin, you are that part of the living soul which is still carnal. All sin is carnal. Yes, you’re supposed to resist. You’re not supposed to yield to it, but the cure for sin is that Christ should be formed in you and that He should arise in you and swallow up all of your fear and all of your sin and all of your conflict. The answer for sin is to be thrown into the lake of fire, and you shall no longer be a sinner.


Verse 9: “And Christ Jesus, the one who owns the many-member fallen living soul and who has fulfilled the Father’s requirements to execute the last deadly wounds upon her, appeared to me, as He forced my carnal mind under His feet” -- this is John speaking -- “and He was saying from within me, ‘I’ll open your spiritual eyes so that you can see the woman who was Christ Jesus’ bride.’ And my carnal mind was sleeping.”


John’s carnal mind had to be put to sleep for him to understand this glorious spiritual truth. And who was the woman who would be Christ Jesus’ bride? Anybody? Who?


            Soul of man?


The soul of man. Yes, the living soul is the bride. Now listen! First, you’re getting a new mind. When your new mind -- Christ Jesus is fully mature in you -- He will marry your soul. He’s going to join your soul. Now before can do that, before Christ Jesus can join with your soul, what has to happen to your soul? It’s a hard question. Anybody know the answer? What has to happen? Let me just say it again. What must happen to your soul -- I’ll make it easier for you -- before Christ Jesus can sit on the throne of your soul?


Wha- -- and I saw the souls of them, which were beheaded for Christ. I saw the souls of them, which were beheaded so that Christ could become their head. That’s the marriage. That’s the marriage. But before you get married, the bri- -- the bridegroom must be formed in you.


And he took me -- now let me make [?point?] with something out here, very important. That soul that Christ Jesus is marrying is still filled with sin. She’s still a whore and a harlot. It’s in the union of the mind of Christ to that soul that she becomes purified. So the place where [?we?] on now is that as Christ descends in us, and as we live more and more out of Christ, we rule our soul. We cannot stop her from sinning spiritually. We can stop the behavior. Our soul is a harlot. She’s totally immoral. She’s capable of every perversion known to man.


And the best that we can hope for in our present condition, even if we have Christ, is to cease from behavioral sin and to deal with sin in the mind through confession and repentance. Confession is an awesome weapon. If you’re being tormented, and there’s a driving force in you driving you to sin, and you’re trying to hold it back, hold it back, and you’re terrified that you’re going to lose your grip, the best weapon you have is confession. Go before the Lord, say, Lord, my soul is a harlot! If I would let her, she would do this, she would do that. She’s utterly wicked and reprobate and profane, and I’m not quite sure that Christ in me, Christ Jesus in me is strong enough to hold her back. But I confess that sin. I confess I may not be able to hold her back. Please help me.


He will never fail you, never. Confession is a weapon. That sin cannot be wiped out in this hour. It’s there. It’s present. It must be dealt with. You can’t hold it back yourself. There will be an explosion coming if you try to hold it back yourself. Important, very important.


Verse 10: “And He took me in the authority of God’s spirit to a heavily populated nation, which abides in a spiritually high place because Christ Jesus is her God.” She’s spiritually high because Christ Jesus is her God. See, Christ Jesus is not her God because she’s spiritually high. She was a harlot, but when Christ Jesus became her God, she became spiritually high. So we have people in the church, especially people with religious backgrounds that think they’re not clean enough to come and study with God or to come and receive the ministry of God. You do not have to be clean to come and receive the ministry of God. You cannot be clean. It is impossible for you to be clean. Come all ye sinners! Come in your filth! Because it is in relationship with Him, that is the only way that you shall be cleansed.


“And He showed me the renewed Jerusalem that many-membered sinless soul whose heavenly condition was reaching down into the hell of this world system and converting it into Eden.”

So you see when the mind of Christ appears in the body of Christ, the process will begin which will convert the physical world back into Eden. We’re living in such an exciting hour, brethren, really exciting. Does anyone have any questions before we go on with Verse 11? We’ll be doing Verse 11 and 12 tonight, Lord willing. Any questions on the review? OK. Let’s go on.


Verse 11, Revelation Chapter 21: “Having the glory of God” -- now we’re talking about -- let me just give you -- let me just put this reference on the message. We’re talking about the great and high mountain and the great city, the holy Jerusalem, the holy Jerusalem. She was having the glory of God, and her light was likened to the stone -- a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal. So we are speaking about the holy Jerusalem. Let me remind you that there are two Jerusalems, one earthy and one from above, and we know that this is the Jer- -- who can tell me how we know that this is the Jerusalem from above? As you read it in the King James, how do you know that that’s the Jerusalem from above? What modifying word tells you that?


She’s holy. Amen. It’s the Jerusalem that’s holy, so we know that it is the mind of -- that is the -- that Jerusalem is the city, that it is the living soul whose mind is Christ, because if her mind was carnal, she would be sin-filled. She would be sin-filled. She would be that wicked city, OK?


“Having the glory of God.” The glory of God, that phrase -- I know we’ve studied it before. I don’t know what -- on what message. I’m not going to spend too much time on it, but God has shown me that that phrase, “the glory of God,” is referring to the spirit of the Go- -- of God manifested in a man. When you say, I see the glory of God on you, we’re talking about the spirit of God appearing in the soul realm, because man is soul. So when spirit is expressed through the personality, which is the soul of a man, we see the glory of God, and there is an expression of the other spirit, and the name of the other spirit is -- huh?




Well, no, if -- well, no, they really -- we don’t call anyone the unholy spirit. What’s the name of the unholy spirit? He has a name. Satan. OK.


So if God being expressed through a man is called glory, we did find in the prophets an expression of Satan’s spirit, and it’s not called glory. It’s called an abomination. It’s called unclean. We found it in particular in the Book of Habakkuk, and it’s likened unto a man’s semen. God says you’re covered with shame, with the shame of an unclean spirit. We found that in the Book of Habakkuk and I think in Isaiah too. It’s in the prophets, and we also found it in Daniel 8, that there was a substance that flowed out of Satan. Now, this is spiritual, brethren.


There was a substance that flowed out of Satan that had impregnated the creation. And strangely enough you may recall was that the Hebrew word describing that substance could be translated bile. And when you see any of these horror movies about people with demons, they’re always vomiting up vile -- bile and vile stuff. There’s a Scriptural reality to it, except it’s not human. It’s spiritual. There is a spiritual substance of Satan just as God has a spiritual substance. And it is vile, and it produces -- what is the name of the -- of it -- of what it produces? The substance of Satan produces a child. What is the name of the child? The carnal mind, yes. Excuse me just a second.


So the glory of God is the spirit of God manifested in a man. So we find the holy Jerusalem, she had the glory of God. “The spirit of God was present in her, and her light was like unto a stone most precious.” The word light is Strong’s 5458, and it merely means that which gives light its -- its used of the sun. So we could say, her sun was like unto a stone most precious.


So I suggest to you that the word light is speaking about the sun of the fallen man, and what is the sun of the fallen man? The sun of the fallen man -- it’s the carnal mind, brethren. It’s the carnal mind. It’s that which keeps him alive. The sun is that which keeps us alive. Men cannot live without the sun. We would die. If the sun was not in the sky, we would be freezing to death. No food would grow. We couldn’t survive without it.


Right now, as bizarre as this sounds to all you Pharisatical [sic] ears, whoever’s hearing this message, we could not survive without the carnal mind. We could survive without Christ. Ahhhh! Blasphemy! It’s the truth. It’s the truth. The carnal mind has brought us into existence. Christ is the invading force. Did you see the movie “The Bodysnatchers”? Christ is entering into this world system and entering into another man’s labors. He’s taking over the bodies and the souls that have been brought into existence by the carnal mind.


In our condition at this moment, if we lost Christ, we would continue to exist. If we lost our carnal mind, we would die, and that is the truth. No lie ever saved your life.


So we’re talking about the light of the sun, so we know the sun of the fallen man is the carnal mind. That’s the sun which is about to be covered over with sackcloth, and remember that sackcloth typifies mourning. The carnal mind will go into mourning when the new sun, the sun of righteousness arises.


So we’re talking about the holy Jerusalem now. We just found out that the spirit in her is God and that her light -- that the mind in her is Christ. Her light is like unto a precious stone. The carnal mind is not precious, brethren, so let’s go into a little detail on the precious stone, but I’m telling you up front that what this is saying. She has the glory of God, she has the spirit of God and she has the light like a precious stone. That means her unconscious mind is the Father, the spirit of God, and her conscious mind is Christ. He is the precious stone. He’s our precious cornerstone that Peter tells us about.


“Having the glory of God and her light like unto a stone.” This Hebrew word translated like -- it’s Strong’s 3664, and it means to be resembling. The tense is was resembling. Her light or her conscious mind was resembling a precious stone. Now I looked this up in the Interlinear, and the tense in the Interlinear was, was resembling. Now I’m not making that clear. Let me try it again.


“And her light like unto a stone.” In the Interlinear it said, “was resembling.” Now the word like is not a verb. To resemble is a verb. So the King James translators took a verb and made it into a prep- -- I think it’s a preposition, like. Now that’s a serious change. Can you appreciate that? They took a verb is an important word [sic]. It indicates an action, and they made it into a simple preposition. So let’s see, and why would they do that? Because this is one of those phrases that has a very deep spiritual meaning, and they didn’t understand it.


So the word translated like is 3664. It’s really a verb. It means was resembling. The Interlinear says that, was resembling. I prayed about this for a long time. I cannot prove this to you, but I believe in my heart that the tense has to be was made to resemble. Not that her light was resembling a stone most precious, but that her light, her mind was made to resemble. And what I’m trying to -- what I’m going to suggest to you that this verse is saying is that conscious mind was made to -- in the image of the Father. That’s what it’s saying.


And I don’t -- I can’t explain to you the variation in the tense, but it’s what God put in my heart, so you could receive or not receive it. It’s up to you.


So this is a deep spiritual meaning to this verse. “Her light was like unto a stone most precious.” And I’m suggesting to you, it means her light, her sun, her mind was made in the image of the Father, and I’ll show you that a little more as we go on here.


The word stone is Strong’s 3037, and this is the Greek word which appears in 1 Peter 2:5, speaking about the stones of which the temple of God is built. So her mind was a stone in the temple of God.


Most precious means highly esteemed or of great price. Now the Greek word translated stone and its Hebrew equivalent -- now, sometimes let me review this for you because we haven’t done it in a while. Sometimes I’ll look up a word in the Greek, and I’m just not completely satisfied in my spirit as to what it means. And not in every instance but in a lot of instances, Thayer’s, the Greek lexicon that I use, will say this is the equivalent of such and such a Hebrew word, and I’ll go back into the Hebrew and get the Hebrew meaning, and sometimes I find some very interesting information going back into the Hebrew. Now remember the New Testament was written in Aramaic, in Aramaic, and then it was translated into Greek, and the Hebrew -- Aramaic is like a -- Aramaic is Chaldee. It’s like -- it’s a form of Hebrew. If you have the -- this [?thing?] is lexicon, it says Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon. They’re very similar. The Hebrew and Chaldee language is much richer than the Greek. You can have 50 meanings for one word in Hebrew, and when it was translated into the Greek, the Greek translators chose one of those 50 meanings and assigned it to a Greek word that had 20 meanings. So if the translation doesn’t sit right with me, and the reference for the Hebrew was there, I will go back, and sometimes I’m really blessed, and this is one of those instances. And let me share this with you.


The Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word translated stone is used to describe idols. The Greek word is used in Acts 17:29. This word stone, it means an idol. In Deuteronomy 4:28 and in Ezekiel 20:32, this word that’s translated stone is translated idol, idol, an idol carved out of a stone. In 2nd Corinthians 3:7, this word is used to describe the graven stone tablets of the 10 Commandments. So I’ve just given you four references where this word stone is not just speaking about a smooth stone. It’s speaking about an engraved stone, in three instances engraved in the image of an idol, and in one instance engraved in the 10 Commandments.


But the -- my whole point is, this word can mean an engraved stone without being modified. The intention of the word itself, both in the Greek and the Hebrew, can mean an engraved stone or an unengraved [sic] stone. You don’t need a modifying word to say that this is talking about an engraved stone. Is everybody OK? Because there is no modifying word, but we have usage. We have other Scriptures where there’s no modifying word but is used as an engraved stone.


So that means we have an option when we’re translating Revelation 21, Verse 11. We can make a judgment as to whether or not this stone is an engraved stone or a smooth stone, so let’s find out what it’s saying here.


So I’m suggesting to you that the glory of God is the spirit of God in the renewed man, man’s new unconscious mind and that this precious stone is the conscious mind of the renewed, which is graven in the image of the Father, and his name is Christ Jesus. This precious stone, this precious stone is the conscious mind that is graven, and it’s precious because the engraving is the image of the Father.


And let me remind you that the true graven image, the true idol, is the carnal mind. The true idol is the carnal mind, and the cherubim is the heart or the mind that is graven in the image of the Father. See, the true idol is the mind of man. Now, did you ever wonder how come God could say, “Thou shalt make no -- shalt not grave any idols,” but He had cherubim in the tabernacle. Did you ever wonder about that? Because it’s all right to graven an image if it’s graven in the image of the Father! But if you’re making that graven image out of the mind of man, it’s illegal.


So the carn- -- the mind that’s graven in the image of Satan, which is the carnal mind, that is the true idol. So you cannot worship any graven image, but if you’re worshipping your own heart, if your own desires are first in your life, you’re an idolater. That’s why the whole human race is in sin. How could we not do these things? It’s our human nature. But when your mind is graven in the image of the Father, you shall be a cherub. You have to graven one way. Either you’re in the image of Satan, and you’re the beast, or you’re graven in the image of the Father, and you’re a cherub. You’re either a beast or a cherub, one or the other.


The Kingdom of God is a heart, which is engraved in the image of the Father. The Kingdom of heaven is the Kingdom of God, which has brought Satan into submission and is ruling the two spiritual powers of the creation as one man. Man expressing the Kingdom of heaven becomes the cherub of God. The two cherubim in the arc typify the two generations of Christ, Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus.


So to be a cherub, it’s not enough to have the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the mind of Christ. But when that mind of Christ brings that carnal mind into such submission that they’re functioning like one mind under the authority of the Kingdom of God, then the name changes. Your mind becomes the Kingdom of heaven, and you become a cherub. When your carnal mind is ruling, you are a beast. When you have the Kingdom of God, which we -- I think we all have here -- or the Kingdom of God has not brought the carnal mind into submission, you are a -- does anybody remember what you are? Are you a cherub or a beast, or is there a third thing? What are you?


You’re a double-minded man. Sometimes you’re a cherub, and sometimes you’re a beast. You’re in transition. You’re in transition. Hallelujah.


Alternate Translation, the first half of Revelation 21:11: “The Lord Jesus Christ was possessing her unconscious mind, and her conscious mind was made to resemble the cherubim.” That means she was brought into the image of Christ. Continuing with the second half of Revelation 21:11, “Even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal.” The word even is Strong’s 5613, in the same manner, and it means in the same manner, as it can be translated in the same manner.


“As clear as crystal.” This means to be of crystalline brightness and transparency. Crystal is bright and transparent. Now, we’re not transparent now, brethren. We’re what you would call opaque. You cannot see through us. We’re filled with mud. Our spirit is filled with mud. If you remember the teaching in the creation series, mud got into the black hole, into the water in the black hole. We’re all muddied up, and we’re not transparent. Spiritually speaking, we have the ability to hide our true emotions and our true feelings and our true nature. And the more hypocritical we are, the more we do it, and most of us are because we all want to be socially acceptable. We know -- we have some revelation of the wickedness in our heart, and we try to cover it up. This is our condition.


But in Christ, we shall be completely transparent. There shall be no more sin to cover up. It won’t even be there. So we see this holy Jerusalem. The spirit of God is Father. Christ Jesus is her mind, and she is now crystalline, bright and transparent.


This phrase clear as crystal, this is the only time this word appears in the Scripture. The Inter- -- one Hebrew word, and it’s the only time it appears in the Scripture. The Interlinear text translates it being clear as crystal. We have chosen a different form of the verb and are translating this word became clear as crystal, and I’ll show you why in a minute.


“Even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal.” The Hebrew word translated jasper is 2393. Thayer says that there are different -- that there are many different opinions as to the color or known name of this stone jasper. One of his suggestions, however, is brass. Now I read all of those possible colors, and I couldn’t make any sense of them at all. I couldn’t relate anything spiritual to them at all. It was just one that made any sense to me, and that was why I chose that word, and this color is bronze -- is brass, brass. Now we know that brass -- does anybody know what is brass refer to in the Scripture?




Judgment. It refers to Satan. He is the vehicle by which God executes judgment against us. We will take this translation, which would indicate that the brazen serpent, which is the carnal mind, has now become the seraphim, the redeemed serpents which Isaiah speaks about.


This jasper stone, it’s a color that means judgment, but we’re talking about the redeemed creation. The Bible says it’s holy Jerusalem, so what do we do with judgment in holy Jerusalem? I want to suggest to you that the serpent, which was God’s vehicle of judgment, now that He has no more judgment to execute because the ho- -- the city has become holy, is now the seraphim. Did you ever look up that word seraphim? It means flying serpents surrounding the throne of God in the Book of Isaiah. Redeemed serpents.


So we see in this whole chapter, the Lord is speaking about the glorified, the redeemed creation, and Satan is there. Satan is in the midst of the redeemed creation, but he’s no longer executing judgment. Why? Because there’s no more sin. But he’s there, and he has been changed. He is now the seraphim that we read about the Book of Isaiah. He has wings. I don’t know. Maybe he has a harp also. Do you think he has a harp also? I don’t think he has a harp. That was a joke. He’s just -- he’s in the renewed creation. Satan is there. He’s no longer doing any damage, but he’s present. That’s what the jasper stone is.


You know, I studied with someone almost 10 years ago. He was so upset he left my house because I said that Satan was not going to be destroyed as he understood it. To him destruction meant -- he says, “Look at that word in the Bible! It says he’s going to be destroyed!” Well, destruction to this man meant to cease to exist. But I suggest to you that destruction to the Lord does not mean to cease to exist. It means to be destroyed to the existence or the form that you now have.


And I recall you to the teaching in Genesis where the Lord said to the man, “If you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall cease to be immortal.” But the serpent said, “God said if you eat you shall cease to exist.” And I want to suggest to you that my beloved friend that went running out of my house was preaching and believing out of the carnal mind because it was the serpent that said, “You shall cease to exist.” But God said, “You shall cease to be immortal.”


So even the serpent shall not cease to exist, but his form will change. Did I make that clear? His form will change. He shall not cease to exist. Destruction does not necessarily mean that you shall cease to exist. Brethren, nothing in this universe ceases to exist. It just changes form. If you burn it, it turns to ashes and gases. Nothing ceases to exist. It just changes form. It’s a natural law. Any scientist will tell you that.


Alternate Translation, second half of Revelation 21:11: “In the same way that the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline” -- let me give you the whole verse. This is a difficult verse. Try and stay with me. “And Christ Jesus was possessing her unconscious mind” -- this is the body of Christ now, the holy Jerusalem -- “and her conscious mind was made to resemble the cherubim in the same way that the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline” -- listen -- “the conscious mind of the holy Jerusalem was made to resemble the cherubim.” It was made in the image of Christ in the same way that the serpent ceased to be sin, in the same way that the serpent became a seraphim, in the same way that the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline.


And what the Scripture is saying is that the Lord Jesus Christ is dealing with the unconscious mind first. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you got a new unconscious mind. God’s working in your unconscious mind before He’s working with your conscious mind. In the realm of the unconscious, the Lord Jesus Christ is fighting Satan for you, but your conscious mind -- and we found many Scriptures on this -- your conscious mind will not line up to your new unconscious mind without judgment. Even though the mind of Christ is formed in you, even though -- maybe I said that wrong. Even though the Lord Jesus Christ is there in your mind, your behavior will not become righteous without judgment because judgment must wound your carnal mind. Your carnal mind must be wounded before your new conscious mind made in the image of righteousness can start to function in you. You don’t need judgment to get your new unconscious mind. That’s the Holy Ghost. You don’t have to be judged to get the Holy Ghost, but to get righteousness in your conscious mind, your carnal mind must come under judgment.


That’s what this is saying. It’s a parable. I know it’s a difficult verse. Just try and stay with me, and you can listen to the message. Let me say it again. “And Christ Jesus was possessing the unconscious mind of the body of Christ, and her conscious mind was made” -- oh, I think that’s a mistake. Where’s my pencil? That should be in Jesus Christ was possessing her un- -- or “the spirit of Christ was possessing her conscious mind, her unconscious mind, and her conscious mind was made to resemble the cherubim.” That’s Christ Jesus. “In the same way, in the same manner, by the same process that the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline.”


So let’s ask, how did the serpent become transparent, bright and crystalline?


Excuse me a second. To markers?


So this was -- “the spirit of Christ was possessing the unconscious mind of the body of Christ, and her conscious mind was made to resemble or brought into the image of the cherubim int- -- and she was made into Christ Jesus in the same way that the serpent, or in the same manner or by the same power source, that the serpent was converted into the seraphim, or that the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline.”

So how did the serpent become transparent, bright and crystalline? We found out in out study of Ezekiel 1, that the glorified creation is crystalline in shape and that the glory of her husband shines through her because she is no longer stained with sin. She [?would?] become bright and transparent when the stain of sin is removed from you. The darkness which is the stain of sin is no longer in her and her true nature is no longer distor- -- now what’s her true nature? What’s her true nature? The human --




-- spirit is no longer distorted because of her union with Satan and the carnal mind. Satan the serpent became transparent, bright and crystalline, when the Lord Jesus Christ overlaid her and joined Himself to her. And when did that happen? In the crucifixion of Christ. When Christ was joined to the carnal mind, the Lord Jesus Christ overlaid the serpent, who was in the carnal mind, broke up the carnal mind and joined with Satan. It’s like saying we had two rivers, brethren, and they both came together to become one ocean, and one river was muddied, and one river was filled with light. In this natural world, the muddied river would pollute the clear river, but in the realm of the spirit, the clear river of the Lord Jesus Christ will purify the muddy river, which is known as Satan. It’s the opposite of the natural law in this realm.


So in the crucifixion of Christ, [?into?] the carnal mind, the serpent was joined to Christ, so what are we saying? We’re saying that the serpent was made clear, OK, that the muddiness of her sin was made clear and crystalline. What does that mean? What was the muddiness of her sin? The muddiness of her sin was the carnal mind. She had spewed out her slime that I mentioned earlier. She had spewed out her slime and produced the carnal mind in the creation. In the crucifixion of Christ to the carnal mind, the carnal mind was dissolved, and Satan was joined to Christ, and she was no longer muddied and dirtied because Christ clarified her. She did not pollute Christ. Christ clarified her, and in the same way, the power of God is forming the conscious mind of the living soul in the image of the Father. It’s the power of God that has made the serpent transparent and crystalline, and it is the power of God that has formed the conscious mind of the living soul in the image of the Father. It is the power of the Lord Jesus Christ that has done it.


And I do have a note here that this event of Satan becoming transparent, bright and crystalline, is described in Verse 1 of Chapter 21, where it says, “And there was no more sea. There was no more sea. Satan was swallowed up by the power of God.” Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ had to bruise John’s unconscious mind, which is Satan, under his feet, so that Christ Jesus could arise and put John’s carnal mind to sleep and appear as John’s functioning mind.


The carnal mind must be put to sleep permanently for the cherubim to appear in our mind permanently. The Lord’s method for doing this is judgment.


Amplified Translation, Revelation 21 Verse 11: “And because the Lord Jesus Christ was possessing her unconscious mind, her conscious mind was made to resemble the cherubim in the same was that the serpent was made transparent, bright and crystalline. That’s through union with the Lord. And her unconscious and conscious mind were in the image of the Father because of judgment. Because of judgment.”


But judgment itself is through union, when we come in union with the Lord. That is judgment! It is judgment upon everything that is sin. So we’re purified through union. Judgment comes through union. Deliverance comes through union. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Right now we are a creation, which has separated from God, and in that separation we died. Life is in the rejoining, or as the Hebrew puts it, the knitting together once again with the spirit of God. A breech in the spirit, we’re told, I believe in the Book of Proverbs. Who can bear it? Who can bear being separated from God?


We’ll do one more verse, Verse 12, Chapter 21 of the Book of Revelation. “And this holy Jerusalem, she had a wall that was great and high, and it had 12 gates, and at the gates were 12 angels, and the names written [?there on?], which are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel.”


We know that from other Scriptures that Christ is the wall of our salvation. Walls of our salvation is the Lord. A wall is an enclosure chiefly for defense, a material layer enclosing space, such as a container. So the wall that is around our spirit is our what? What? Or the wall that encloses our spirit? What’s closest to our spirit? Our soul. Amen. Our soul.


Now I want you to understand that it’s a nic- -- it’s a common error -- and I even was making it here for about a year -- that in these Scriptures, we tend to confuse the body with the soul, so I want to give you a guideline with this. I just heard this in New Jersey. They were saying body where it should have been soul, and as I said, I made that mistake here for at least a year before the Lord corrected me. This is the guideline. The Lord is almost never dealing with this body. This body is the image of Satan. It’s the outer core that He’s saying, “Leave it out. It’s belongs [sic] to the Gentiles.” It’s just something He’s living with for the time being because we need it to survive. He’s almost never talking about this body. It’s almost always the soul, even when the Scripture says body. It’s the soul, which is the body of the spirit. So if you’re ever not sure, apply that test.


Christ Jesus is the wall of our salvation. When the mind is dead, the soul or the wall of the soul has no life. When the soul is dead, it is a wall, which is corruptible and capable of being penetrated by all sorts of spiritual and physical pestilence. When the soul is alive, it’s a wall which is impenetrable and simultaneously locks out all forms of pestilence and protects the spirit which is within.


So we see that the living soul is protected both from within and without, from the spirit within and from the soul, which is without, and we see that which is without being a reflection of the mind that is within. When the mind is alive, the soul is strong and protecting. When the mind is dead, the soul is weak, and everything gets in, and we’re being destroyed from the inside out.


“And had a wall great and high.” The phrase great and high are the same Greek words, which are used in Verse 10 to describe the great and high mountain, which is the many-membered nation of Christ Jesus. Great means structurally large. That means many members. And high means spiritually high. The holy Jerusalem has many members, and we shall be spiritually high because the mind in us shall be Christ. We are what our husband is, brethren. We are the expression of our husband.


And at -- and had 12 gates, 12 gates. A gate is an opening or a door, which allows admission.


08/06/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

08/08/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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