019 - 1 Part

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This is a very important point, which the Lord has asked me again to speak to you about today. As I was writing here, I was not sure He wanted me to do it. The same thing that happened Sunday, but I just got a confirmation.


He wanted me to say to you that there are some people here who do not have that heavy background in deliverance. Even those who do have the heavy background in deliverance need to be reminded of these things.


When God reveals great wickedness to us in our own soul, it is very painful to admit it is there. First of all, just to make you feel better, no matter what it is God shows to you, most likely everybody else has it.


Do not get condemned if God shows you something very wicked in your soul. If you are condemned, God is not condemning you. It is your own heart that is condemning you. He has shown it to you so that you can get delivered. Before you can get delivered you have to confess it.


Very frequently, though not always, it has been my experience that He will require you to confess it to other believers who will pray deliverance for you.


Let me get back to my original thought. If God shows you something which you perceive to be terribly wicked, do not run around hiding it, being ashamed of it and then condemning yourself. God is not condemning you. He is showing it to you because He wants to deliver you.


If anyone here condemns you for hearing your confession, although I do not think that would happen here, they really have a problem. We are supposed to be mature enough to know that every single one of us has potential for every wicked work known to man.


We are all capable of murder or incest. We are capable, under the proper circumstances, of every evil work. Just because somebody looks fine who has a nice smile on their face does not mean they are okay. It does not mean you are the wicked one because God has shown you some demon in your heart. Everybody else has it too.


The proper behavior is not to say, yes Lord, I hear you. Now I am going to hide from everybody else and hope that you deliver me secretly, because I do not want anybody else to know I have that thing. I am going to wait, hiding in my room, or maybe I will go up for prayer one day and not really have to name it. It will just come out. It does not work like that, brethren.


The Scripture says we have to confess our sins one to the other. Do not go to the person who is brand new, carnal as can be, and has no experience, and say, oh, God told me.


You go to the people who God witnesses to you and has anointed with not only power for prayer, but with mercy and compassion. He requires us to confess our sins.


The Lord told me what is happening here. I do not know if it is one person or five, but there are people here who have heard from God. They know what some of their problems are, and they are spiritually hiding from the rest of the group waiting for God to deliver them in their own flesh.


What God said to tell them they are really doing is, in their own power, they are trying to fight it off.


We are supposed to resist. The Scripture says, submit to God, resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. We are supposed to resist when the urge to manifest comes upon us.


I believe the proper procedure, if God has you in ministry like this, is to go to someone and ask for prayer. You should tell them, God has shown this to me, and it is in my heart.


If it is there, it is not enough for you to try to repress it. You have to confess it, and you have to say, it is there. I hate it, and I want it out, and see if the Lord will bring the deliverance forth.


XXXX said there is somebody here who is under tremendous pressure from trying. They have acknowledged they have this thing, which they are trying to fight in their own power to resist it. There is no reason for it, because we have the power of God in this ministry. We are very blessed.


Do not bury it in your heart because you feel bad or ashamed that you feel condemned. It is usually one of three things you feel: bad, condemned, or ashamed.


I have been delivered from all kinds of garbage. I had one spirit that was so offensive to me, I had no trouble really getting deliverance. I would confess almost everything, but I had one spirit I could not confess. I could not do it. It was so wicked, and the Lord just set me up. This is a Word; the Lord set me up.


I could not confess it to someone so they could pray for me. He set me up in front of three solid believers. The Word, at least what I had, came forth by Word of Knowledge, and I was totally exposed. I was mortified.


I said, Well, everybody heard it. I might as well get deliverance. Either I could deny it and go home with it, or no one was going to believe me anyway. I might as well admit it and get it cast out.


Whoever this is for, this is a Word of Knowledge to you. If you do not come to a point where you can confess this, He is going to set you up. It cannot be just a head confession either, but a heart confession where you believe you are really guilty. A confession where you want deliverance so you do not have to be in torment every day of your life trying to keep it under foot.


He is going set you up in front of people who love you whoever you are. If you do not confess it yourself, He is going to expose you. He wants you delivered, because He loves you. 


Sometimes we have problems. It is not easy, but you should all know that everybody has some skeleton in their closet. If you are in a place where you cannot do it, then it is the only way you are going to get deliverance.


Once you get to a point where it is a snap for you to do this, then God may not require you to confess it to somebody else. If there is a hang up there, He puts you right up against it because we have to overcome every obstacle. We have to be victorious in every area of our life.


I know I was speaking to this sister the other day when I had that horrible scene with my boss. I have been working for him for nine months, but he has never humiliated me like he humiliated me last week. It was really awful.


My emotions wanted me to go out for lunch and never come back. That is what my soul wanted me to do, but I stood fast. I told God that I would do whatever He wanted me to do.


In any event, I knew even if He told me to leave I was sure He did not want me to walk out and not come back from lunch. He wanted me to leave as a mature individual; to get another job first and give notice.


I knew that this was not God. I called this sister for prayer, and I said, Sister, I know there is just no way out of these horrible things that happen to us except to take the victory. I was hysterical at this point.


Once we get to where we are, there is no place on the face of the earth to run. The only way out is to take the victory. Once we can get this revelation, it is half the battle. I spent years trying to run. I tried to run, and there is no place to run.


You might as well just put your shoulders back, try to be as strong as you can, believing that God is with you and just go through.  Just face it. I find that what helps me is that God will give me a Scripture that will strengthen me.


As all of you know, I have been so humiliated at my jobs. I have lost so many jobs over eleven years. On some of them, I had to work up to three months knowing that my job was gone. I had to work in the office, stay in the office on notice with all of these people who hated me and were giving me such a hard time.


Every day I would just say, He despised the shame. God had given me that Scripture that Jesus despised the shame. Whatever it is we need to comfort ourselves, He gave it to me, and He got me through. It was a tremendous humiliation to me.


I come from a family of workers and hard working people. We are not rich, but we are comfortable. I was humiliated by all of the things that happened to me financially such as losing all of these jobs, my financial situation, and everything like that.


The point is that wherever our weakness is, is where God is going to bring the trial. If we have trouble confessing what God has shown us about ourselves to our brethren because we are hiding that we have a problem, and we do not want anyone to know about it, you better believe God is going to expose me to you. That is the way He works. You cannot do that. You are not supposed to do that.


I have seen people do this too. You are not supposed to go around in a carnal spirit telling everybody about all the times you fornicated and all the times you committed adultery. That is not what I am talking about. If God says to you it is time for deliverance from such and such, your number is up, and I want you to confess it before mature believers who are going to pray for you, you have to do it.


The Word to this congregation is that if you do not, He is going to do it for you. Everybody here is called to a very high calling, and I really do believe we are out of time. It is upon us, we are out of time.


We are starting a new series that God has called "The Fall," meaning the fall of man. We are picking up in Genesis 3:1. I did not get past Verse 1 because God has put a lot of information in here. I will have questions and answers afterwards.


Genesis 3:1
1.  Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the Garden? (KJV)


I did not even get through all of verse 1, I just got through the first part of it.


1. Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made...(KJV)


That is as far as I got.


The Hebrew word translated serpent is Strong's #5175, and he is so called from his hissing sound the Serpent makes. It is from a root, Strong's #5172, which means to hiss or to whisper. It is especially used of the whispering of soothsayers. When it is used in that capacity, it means to divine or pronounce an omen.


Gesenius says to also see #3907, which is also a Hebrew word used to express the casting of spells. It literally means to mutter or to speak softly, and it is especially used in incantations or by sorcerers.


The Lord has given us a little study on what the spiritual concept of the Serpent means. We all know that he tempts us, causes us grief and wants to rule, but God wants to give us a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of the Satanic realm.


He started by telling me to investigate this word mutter. We touched on this in one of the more recent services. To speak from God's point of view is to have the ability to speak life. If we do not speak life by the power of God, we are making noise in God’s mind.


When we speak words, the world responds to us. When God speaks words, good and life come out of it. When we mutter or make noise not motivated by the Spirit of God, destruction comes out of it.


Webster's said that mutter is akin to the word mute, and we know that Behemoth is the mute beast. Webster's says to mutter means to utter indistinctly with a low voice with lips partly closed, or to utter in a low or imperfectly articulated matter.


What we are talking about is a half speech. What God is saying is that someone fully erect with spiritual authority speaks, and it comes to pass. Those of us that are the fallen creation, that are on a lower spiritual realm, we do not have that power, so we mutter.


We cannot get our mouth open all the way. That is the way God expresses it. We speak with a half closed mouth.  We just make sounds, we make noise and negative things happen.


It is akin to the word mute which means contributing to the pronunciation of a word, but not actually pronouncing the syllable. I pretty much just said that. When God speaks, He speaks clearly and articulately. What He desires to accomplish by speaking manifests.


When His mirror image, when the negative side of man, when the fallen creation speaks, he cannot get his mouth open all the way. This is a spiritual concept. He does not have the power to get his mouth open all the way, so he speaks low and softly. He mutters and makes noises.


The Hebrew word translated speak, Strong's #1696, and this is Gesenius comment #1. He says the primary power of this word to speak was observed in ancient days in the land of Holland.


The scholars in the land of Holland who were studying the Hebrew observed that the true meaning of this word translated to speak means to set in a row, to arrange in order.


We studied this. I do not know if you remember it or not, but we went over this word somewhere during this study in "A Place Teaming with Life," and I never understood that. What does setting in order have to do with speaking? The ancient concept of the word to speak, that is what it means.


God told me last night that when He speaks, the molecules and atoms are set in order. God says, chair, and the molecules and atoms come together in the proper order to manifest a chair. By the word of His Spirit, He creates..


When He speaks, the very basic building blocks of this world jump up and do what He tells them. That is exciting.


Webster's says that the word noise means to be loud, confused, or senseless shouting. It is sound without sense which also means rumor or slander. When God speaks, the worlds are created, and when man speaks slander comes forth with rumor and noise; without sense. That is what we sound like to God.


When natural man gossips and talks about nonsense, it is simply noise.


This word noise is from a root that means nausea. Nausea comes from a Greek word that means sea sickness. Everyone down here on the soul realm who is making noise is suffering from a form of sea sickness.


In the Scripture, the living soul is typified by the sea; The living soul is the sea. If we are making a noise, such as cursing, gossiping, or speaking words of death, we are suffering from a form of spiritual sea sickness which we have taken on from our fallen state.


The Lord asked me to touch on this again. There are three basic forms of elements. Forms that elements are able to take can be applied to our spiritual studies. The air as we know it is in the form of gas, and it refers to the spiritual realm.


The form of water is liquid, and it refers to the soul realm. The earth is in the form of solid which refers to the bodies. Body, soul, and spirit; earth, water, and air.


When I wrote this out, I said to the Lord, Lord, you said the soul is the liquid form, but what I do not understand is that you have told me before which I have been teaching in this ministry that the soul is made of the earth along with the body. He gave me an answer to that question, and I would like to share it with you right now.


Revelation 22:1
1. ...a pure river of water of life...(KJV)


God answered me, there is no water which can give life, because water is the realm of the soul. The soul is the negative image of the righteousness of God. However, when you mix the water of the soul with the gas of the spirit, the water becomes life giving.


You can see neither gas nor spirit. When the water becomes pure and sparkly and it gives life, we know the Spirit of God, in the form of gas, has been added to it, but you just see water. When you see water that also gives life, it means the Spirit of God is mixed with it.


2 Peter 3:5
5. For this they willing are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water. (KJV)


The word in out of the phrase in the water means in the Greek it is of the state or condition in which anything is done or anyone exists. In other words, it could be expressed in the form of.


I have an Alternate Translation for you on 2 Peter 3:5.


2 Peter 3:5 - AT
5. For this, carnal men are ignorant of that the heavens existed from before the foundation of the earth, because the heavens are within the Word of God, who is the Son of God, who is God. The earth exists in two states, one projecting forth from the water of the soul, which is the body, and the other in the state or condition of the water itself. (AT)


I said, Lord, I still do not understand how the soul could be made of earth. I understand what this says about the earth appearing in two states. I know it does.  It is the soul and the body, but I still do not understand how you can call the soul, which is made out of earth, water.


I do not have a complete understanding of the answer He gave me, but from what I understand it is spiritualized earth. It is earth in a different form.


 We know Jesus in His glorified body walked through walls and was able to change His form. That is what He told me. The soul is typified by water.


It is, indeed, made of earth. However, it is earth in a different form; a more spiritual form than these bodies are made of.


Psalm 55:2
2. Attend unto me and hear me: I mourn in my complaint, and make a noise. (KJV)


 Mourning and complaining and making noise is the cry of Christ in the heart of David. In a helpless spiritual condition, He cannot speak Himself up out of this realm of death. His mourning and complaining  is making a noise. He cannot speak. He has lost his ability to speak.


There are several words translated noise in the Scripture. The Hebrew language is very rich. Noise can be translated into a few different Hebrew words depending on the type of noise being described. I just picked out two words translated noise.


Strong's #1949 translated noise means to make a commotion. In Micah 2:12, it is used of a multitude making a noise.


Micah 2:12
12. I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee...they shall make a great noise by reason of men of the multitude of men. (KJV)


God who is separated from the realm of the soul. He is out here. This is the realm of eternity, and the soul is hanging there within Him because God is infinite. This is the realm of time. It has a circumference.


When God is out here, He hears the sounds of natural man as one big noise. We, the entire living soul, is making one big noise which is negative.


What is happening in Micah 2:12 and 2:13, is they are bringing forth the Christ which is making a lot of noise.


The second Hebrew word translated noise picked out was #7588.


Psalm 66:1
1. Make a joyful noise unto God all ye lands. (KJV)


It could be a joyful noise when God is involved in it; however, if God is not involved in it, it is a negative.


The conclusion we are drawing is that true speech is creative. It is a manifestation of high spiritual authority which commands the basic building blocks of this world, atoms and molecules. That spiritual authority causes them to form into and become whatever the speaker desires. It is going to put a lot of business men out of business.


On the negative side, Strong's #7588 translated noise also means in the Scripture, devastation and destruction.


Isaiah 38:17
17...thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption. (KJV)


That word translated corruption is the same Hebrew word translated noise.


What does that mean? It means God has delivered his soul from the depths of being gossiped about; being spoken negatively about; and being cursed in this natural realm.


The second Hebrew word translated noise that we are dealing with is Strong's #1949, and that also is translated destruction in Deuteronomy 7:23.


Deuteronomy 7:23
23. But the Lord thy God shall deliver them unto thee, and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction...(KJV)


That is the same Hebrew word translated noise.


Words can be very destructive; we can kill each other with them.


Job 19:2
2. How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words? (KJV)


One of the first things we learn when we come to the Lord is that our words can really hurt, especially if we start in deliverance. Just because the person cannot hear you saying it does not mean anything because something spiritual is happening.


Words can really destroy people. Gossiping or lying can really destroy people. You are killing them. According to the Lord, you can murder them. If you are still doing that and you cannot stop, you need deliverance.


Psalms 55:21
21...his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. (KJV)


Words are swords.


Psalms 12:6
6. The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. (KJV)


Words can be positive or negative, but only the Word of the Lord is positive.


I have an alternate translation for you on Psalm 12:6


Psalms 12:6
6. The words of the Sons of God are pure. (AT)


They have learned to arrange the molecules correctly. After many trials and tribulations, which resulted from their sin-filled souls being confronted by God, they were purified unto perfection.


As we are confronted by God, confess our sins, and get deliverance, we are going to receive the ability of speaking things into existence. It will be a privilege. The creative Word of the Living God will flow through us. Although, we will not receive that ability if we are going to use it to kill people.


We have to get our hearts purified so these great and wonderful things can happen to us. I cannot wait.


I had a couple of bad days. I was complaining to the Lord that this is taking so long. I had no idea it would take this long. In reality, He moved very rapidly in my life, but I wanted it all now.


How exciting that someone should come to you and say, help me, and you have the power to speak that help into existence. However, I do not mean that you could speak money into existence.


When someone in poverty comes to you, you want them delivered. You do not just want to give them a million dollars. You want their minds straightened out, so they could get a job or get off drugs. Money is not the answer. These are all spiritual problems.


I was speaking to this sister the other day about how we are going to help all of these people who have severe spiritual problems. They could not even sit in a service like this. The types of people who I am talking about are drug addicts, alcoholics, and people sleeping on the streets. They would not sit here. They need help.


This sister and I were speaking about it, and I said, You know what they need is the power of God. They need an application of the power of God, but I really do not believe it is going to manifest in the way that we saw it manifest in the ministry that I was in for five years. She was in the ministry longer than five years.


I do not believe it is going to be the power of old deliverance where you still had to come into the church, you had to sit in the service. A lot of these people, they just cannot do it because they are so far gone.


It was only a couple of weeks later that God showed this to me, because I did not know how the power was going to manifest. A few weeks after we had this conversation, the Lord revealed to my spirit the power is going to be in the spoken Word.


We are going into the streets by the power of the Son in us, because I would not know what to say if He does not anoint me and tell me what to say. The people are not coming here.


We are going to speak deliverance into their lives, so they get off drugs; stop beating their wives; can get and hold a job; can get an education. It is not a question of not having the opportunity of getting an education. It is that they cannot even sit in a class room. They cannot understand.


 We are going to speak to them, and something is going to happen to their mind. I cannot wait. Do you see this privilege? Although, it is a privilege that will be missed if we are going to turn around and use the power to kill someone, brethren.


It has been my experience recently that I have seen people with a lot of power with God in old order deliverance. Whatever their problems were, they have been using that power for very powerful witchcraft.


God has shown me the power that one has with God, should that individual fall and use it outside of the will of God, that power in witchcraft is directly proportionate to the power had with God. If you are powerful with God, and you decide to go against the will of the Lord, you are powerful in witchcraft.


The person I have in mind is in old order deliverance. If God gives us this kind of power, there cannot be any possibility of us turning to use it for our purposes by working witchcraft on people. We have to get purified, or in other words, our souls have to be cleaned up.

Back to the first phrase in Genesis 3:1


Genesis 3:1
1. Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made...(KJV)


That is as far as I went.


The Hebrew word translated beast is #2416. It is the Hebrew word chay, and it means living thing or living creature. It is not Behema. It is the word we use for the human soul.


We know that every member of fallen adam has three parts: human soul, human spirit, and the Satanic realm. That is the Hebrew word Behema. Sometimes it is translated beast of the field. It does get confusing because the King James writers can translate these Hebrew words two or three different ways.


It is Strong's #2416, translated beast of the field, but it is the Hebrew word chay, which means living thing. It can refer to either the living soul, a demon, or the Satanic realm depending on the context of the sentence.


In the Hebrew language, it is very common for the Hebrew word to be translated in totally opposite ways depending upon the context. For example, the same Hebrew word used to express the word wife is the same word used for adulteress.


If I am talking about a married woman and her wifely duties, we know the Hebrew word means wife. If I am talking about a woman of the street, when the same Hebrew word is used, but we know that I mean prostitute. If we are talking about a married woman who has cheated on her husband, we know by the context the Hebrew word means adulteress.


If I use that word with regard to a Godly married woman, I am not calling her an adulteress. You have to take the whole sentence or paragraph and decide what the word means, and this is very common in Hebrew.


Another witness to that is in the Hebrew language, for whom that is their first language, they do not include their vowels. For those of you whom have never seen the Hebrew language, I am sure you know the characters are not the same as English language. Whereas, in English the vowels are the letters; a, e, i , o, u, are part of the word.


In the Hebrew language, the vowels are either dots or lines, which go underneath the letter. A vowel can be expressed as one dot, two dots, three dots, or even a little line. There are a variety of different vowels that are not a part of the word. They look completely different than the symbols which are called the Hebrew language.


For those for whom Hebrew is a first language, they leave the vowels off very frequently in their newspapers and books. There are many words in Hebrew where the letters are exactly the same. In those instances, you need the vowels to tell what the word is, but they know what the word means from the context of the sentence. This is typical of the Hebrew language.


We have the Hebrew word chay, which is a living thing. It also happens to be the number 18 in the Hebrew language. It is the 18th letter and not the whole member.


Each member of the living soul is a human soul, a human spirit, and the Satanic realm. They each make up one-third and every element is required for someone to be a member of the living soul.


The beast of the field is not a Behema. He is a member of the living soul. He is an element and a part of each member of the living soul.


By the context of this sentence, I would say he is not a human soul. He is the Satanic realm. Does everybody understand that?


The Hebrew word translated subtil is Strong's #6175.  It is translated subtil only one time in Strong's concordance, and it means cunning and crafty. I have something very interesting to show you here.


Subtil is from the same root from the word translated naked in Genesis 2:25.


Genesis 2:25
25. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.  (KJV)


We said Sunday morning that this Hebrew word translated naked meant scantily clad.


 In Strong's concordance, the Hebrew word translated naked immediately proceeds the Hebrew word translated subtil. They both come from the root #6191 which means to uncover.


I am going to suggest to you that what this means is that the one word naked implies the uncovering of the human soul and the human spirit in their frailty. The uncovering of Satan is the uncovering of the malevolent or the evil aspect.


The Hebrew language uses two different words because one word means to reveal the fragility of the soul and the spirit, the weakness of the soul and the spirit. They are not evil. They are weak, susceptible, and could be overtaken. The Hebrew word meaning naked is used.


However, the Satanic realm is pure wickedness, and God uses subtil to describe it. The two words, naked and subtil, are one after the other in the dictionary, which is from the same word uncover. One word means to uncover frailty, while the other word means to uncover wickedness.


Adam and Eve, representing the human soul and human spirit, did not have their outer cover, or that part of the creation which would make them complete, whole and safe. They did not have either the cover of God or their bodies. They were the mind. The creation was the mind also known as the living soul.


The word translated salvation means complete, whole, and safe. Safe from what? What did we need to become safe from? If we are being saved, what do we need to be saved from? We need to be saved from the wicked animal life we are interwoven with.


Adam and Eve needed to be protected from the Satanic realm they were interwoven with for the purpose of giving the fabric of human life strength, substance, and form.


 We said earlier in the service that God is weaving a fabric because He wants to put a garment on. He is invisible. Remember what we said about the invisible man? The invisible man took limp bandages which had no form and wrapped them around his head.


He is wrapping something around Himself so that He could be seen. What He is wrapping around Himself is us. He is making himself a garment.

First, He is making the fabric by interweaving the human soul together with the human spirit. He is making the warp of the fabric that He is going to be weaving. The woof, threads that go in the opposite direction, is the satanic realm.


Adam and Eve, and Satan were literally woven together in every molecule and atom of their being. Satan was in there with them, and they needed to be protected from him because he had power over them.


The only cover that can complete us and make us safe from the Satanic realm that is interwoven within us is the Son of God. This will be our permanent safety, but we do not have Him yet, and even Adam did not have Him at that time.


When God joins Himself to us the earth will be subdued and kept under foot then  eventually swallowed up. When the earth is joined to the Son of God and fused with it, Satan will no longer be able to rape the human spirit and produce ungodly offspring.  Until that happens, it is a possibility for Satanic offspring to be produced in the human spirit.  That is what we need to be kept safe from.


Until God gets to the end of the process, we need to be kept safe from being raped by Satan and producing his children.


In Genesis 2:25, it was not time for this joining to take place.


Genesis 2:25
25. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed. (KJV)


It was not yet time for this joining, because the creation first had to be separated out into many members.


God gave Adam and Eve an imperfect, temporary covering. They did not have a body, and they were not joined to God. The covering that He gave them was the law.


Genesis 2:17
17. But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat...(KJV)


Here the law was imparted to them.


God just did not casually speak this, but when He spoke, molecules and atoms came into their proper arrangement in the mind of creation.


This is a spiritual knowledge everywhere in the world. You can go into isolated parts of the world, where the people are primitive, and they know you are not supposed to steal. They have no contact with the outside world, yet they know you are not supposed to murder someone or commit adultery. They know you are morally obligated to provide food for your children and your wives.


This is a universal law, which exists because God spoke it into existence before He subjected Adam and Eve to the vulnerability that man is in today.


Adam and Eve's mind was inherently evil. We have God's definition of evil. Evil is spiritual immaturity. The only good thing is God. The creation was then formed; the soul realm. It will eventually be raised up to the realm of the spirit with God.


It will be fulfilled, and it will no longer be evil. It is evil because it is deficient. It is lacking, which is negative. It is the exact opposite of God for the purpose of that God can be seen.


God wants His righteousness to be known. He has permitted the human soul and the living soul to be unrighteous, so people can look at both the unrighteousness and righteousness and know the difference. They can say, That is God. He is invisible. He has made us visible, so He can be seen.


Adam and Eve, the living soul that died, were and are everything God is not. That is so for the specific purpose of revealing Himself. Adam and Eve are an immature manifestation, because they are spiritually immature.


We have talked about children in these meetings and how they beat on each other. If we would leave children to their own devices, they would probably kill somebody.


They do not know they are not supposed to kill anybody. If a one-year-old child gets a hold of a gun, pulls the trigger, and kills his parent, is that child evil? He is immature. He did not know what he was doing. This is God's spiritual definition of evil.


That does not mean it is all right to do evil wicked works. If your child got his father's gun, you are not going to let him pull the trigger. You are going to take it away, and say, No, then swat his behind so he does not do it again.


I am not saying that evil is good.  Evil is definitely not good. We are not allowed to do evil, and God will judge us for it, but it is a condition of spiritual immaturity.


Adam and Eve's mind was evil because it was immature meaning it was not fully developed. It lacked the mind of God, which eventually will be added to it.


Adam and Eve were the mirror image of God. They were the garment He would wear, so He could be seen in the realm of appearance. When He puts them on to wear them, His nature will shine through the entire creation.


Before God added Himself to them, their nature without Him was evil. The cover God gave them during this dangerous time in their formation was the law. It was dangerous because they were subject to the Satanic realm.


 The law was imperfect and could only reveal sin. It could not stop them from sinning. The Scripture says, they were scantily clad. If you keep the law, it will bless you. On the other hand, if you break it, it will curse you. They did have a covering however. If they did not sin, they were protected.


There are people in the earth today with many blessings in their life. Although we are a fallen creation, they are blessed because they come from a long line of ancestors who have kept the law of God to the best of fallen man's ability.


For example, they have treated their brother well, helped the poor, had mercy, and there are a multitude of blessings on the lives of these people. They do not have eternal life because of their good works, but they do have multitude of blessings upon them.


Adam and Eve were scantily clad, meaning they had the protection of the law, which was not strong enough to stop them from sinning, but could bless them if they did not sin. However, should they fall, it was there to condemn them, and we all know that this is what happened.


Romans 5:13
13...sin is not imputed where there is no law.  (KJV)


Even though their minds were evil, and they had the potential to produce every evil work as we do today, they were not condemned until God gave them the law. Up until the point where they were scantily clad, they did not have the law.


They were in the spiritual realm of God where everything was fine, but God gave them the law. Now, they are in trouble.


Romans 8:3
3. For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh...(KJV)


The flesh cannot keep the law of God. It is impossible, because the law is against us. The law is against human nature.


If we were not raised up and taught not to steal; not to commit adultery; not to murder; not to dishonor our parents, we would probably do it. It is our human nature. It is our state of being and the law says, You are evil.


The law reveals our nature just as our wickedness or our unrighteousness reveals the righteousness of God. The law, which is a manifestation of God, reveals our unrighteousness. However, the law had no power.  It was weak through the flesh, so that God sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh.


What happened was that because man was incapable of keeping the law, the only way God could get him out of trouble was to send his Son. Due to his inability to keep it, man was utterly condemned to death.


By sending his Son, God is putting the finishing touches of the creation. What is going to be added to us will enable us to keep the law, and thus move out of the realm of death into the eternal realm of life.


He came not in the image of sinful flesh, but in the likeness of sinful flesh. The likeness of sinful flesh means that He had a soul, but He did not have neither the character nor the nature of sinful flesh.


Instead, he came with the character and the nature of the living God, and condemned sin, which is us, in the flesh. We studied how He did that.


The Spirit of God came with a soul in one body. He was born into a human body with a human soul that is inherently evil. He was locked in His human body, known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with a human soul. The way He condemned sin is that the Satanic realm which He was interwoven with did not overtake Him.


He separated himself out from it putting it underfoot which swallowed it up, and thus, saved it from its own wicked ways. What happened was His soul life became one with Him; therefore, it was delivered from death.


That is how God did it in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and He is in the process of doing it in every human being on the face of the earth. Salvation is by the Son. He is being birthed in us, so He can come forth in us. The purpose is so He can subdue the earth of our soul, and He is going to separate Himself out from it so we will be incapable of sin.


Last Sunday, we had a little talk about the mystery of God appearing in the flesh of a man, and we said that sometimes He appears in me and sometimes He does not. That part of our training is to get the ability to discern when the Son is manifesting and when it is a natural man.


That is because we are not joined yet. When the Son joins Himself to our soul, every thought we think and every word we speak will be the Son.


 You will have lost your separate identity. There will no longer be any discernment necessary. It will be one hundred percent the Son.


This was the procedure. First, God manifested the living soul. Second, He manifested the Holy Spirit to fertilize it. Lastly, He birthed the Son. For a season, the Son and the soul live in the same body, struggling for who is going to rule.


You do come to a place where the Son manifests in you maybe as much as ninety percent of the time during which you get tremendous victory over the soul, but you are still separate.


 We are all waiting for the day where He is going to join Himself to us, and there will be no more struggle to say, Oh, that thought is sin and I rebuke you. Father deliver me. It will not be necessary, we will be one with the Christ, and every thought will be His.


 Rest is what God has promised to us. We will no longer be laboring to call out and mark out sin when it manifests in our mind, and say, Father, I do not want it; I hate it, give me the victory. We will be able to rest from that procedure.


Adam and Eve were scantily clad. Their covering was the law, and they were not capable of keeping it. They were in a very fragile position. I just wrote out a little chart here for you.


The thirty-fold anointing is the law for those who are under that anointing. I know a lot of Christians do not like to hear this, but it is the truth. You are under the law, and you are blessed when you keep it. If you do not keep it, the curses of God fall on you.


I heard a local preacher recently preach that Israel cannot be cursed, and I say unto you, Brother, if you are reading this message, read the rest of the Scripture. You stopped reading too soon, because Israel was indeed cursed when they were tricked and seduced into breaking the law of God.


No witch or ungodly person can curse you if you are in Christ Jesus, but they can seduce you to break the law of God. Then, God will curse you. I am sorry if that offends you, but it is the truth.


If you are saying to yourself at this time that I do not know what I am talking about, I pray you have the presence of mind to pray about it. The purpose of the law is to reveal sin. It blesses when it is kept, and it curses when it is broken.


The sixty-fold is typified by the presence of the Holy Spirit. It heals and comes to us with gifts of deliverance among other things, because it is courting us to be the bride of Christ. He is the male element which has come to fertilize our human spirit.


The hundred-fold anointing is typified by the Son. He is defensive. There is no need for cures if nobody can touch you. You do not need to be cured if you never get sick. You do not need to be defended or raised up after you have been smitten, if the enemy cannot touch you.


The Son is defensive, protective, and represents the safety of the promise of salvation. Cures are not necessary because you cannot get sick. The enemy cannot even get near you; they just bounce off of you. That is the hundred-fold.


That is what we are called to. That is the promise of God. It is not the rapture. It is Christ in you; the hope of glory. The promise is to go from a soul man to a spiritual man with all spiritual authority, power, and provision with righteousness.


 We are back in Genesis 3:1.


Genesis 3:1
1. Now the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made...(KJV)


When you do a study in the Old Testament, you have to look up every single word. You never know what you are going to find.


The word than in the phrase he was more subtle than any beast of the field means a part of everything is Strong's #4480, and I do not know where they got than from. The meaning suggests denoting a part taken out of the whole.


Ruth 4:2
2...ten men of the elders of the city...(KJV)


That is the same word translated than. They took ten men out of the elders of the city. It denotes a part taken out of the whole. The word any in the phrase He was more subtil than any beast, is Strong's #3605, and it means the whole.


We are talking about a whole and a part of it. I have an Alternate Translation for you. I will read the King James first.


Genesis 3:1
1. Now, the Serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field, which the Lord God had made...(KJV)


Genesis 3:1 - AT
1. Now, the Serpent, the beast of the field, who was the most crafty part of the creation which the Lord God had made...(AT)

The creation is in many members. Each member is a human soul, a human spirit, and Satan who is the most crafty of all of the three parts of the creation.


Crafty means that his malevolent mind was revealed. Adam and Eve were naked, which metaphorically means their weakness was revealed. When Satan was revealed, his wickedness and evil was also revealed.


We are going into a study in Genesis 1:24-25. We are going to get some more knowledge about the Serpent.


Genesis 1:24-25
24. And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind, and it was so.


25. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind, and God saw that it was good.  (KJV)


It is a principle throughout Scripture that first God speaks, and then it happens. The way it is expressed in the Scripture is, And God said, Let, and the next verse says, And God made. What is really happening is that as God said, Let it be, the molecules formed to make what was being spoken.


The Hebrew word translated living creature, in verse 24, And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature, is Strong's #5315, nephesh. It means living soul. The living soul is the whole.


Cattle is the word Behema, which is the whole individual member. We have the whole living soul, then the completed members within the living soul, and then each member made up of three parts.


God created a whole living soul. The living soul is made up of many members. Each member has three parts; human soul, human spirit, and the Satanic realm.


In verse 24 what it is saying is, God said, Let there be a living soul. He is referring to the whole. Then he says, and cattle, which is Behema.


The next thing that He says, cattle and creeping thing. I do not know about you, but I have never doubted for a second that creeping thing meant bugs. Is there anyone here who thought anything other than bugs or rodents?


Surprisingly, it does not mean bugs or rodents. The Hebrew word translated creeping is Strong's #7431, and it means a reptile, a crocodile, lizards, or any other rapidly moving animal, whatever creeps upon the ground. It is used of all land animals. I believe that it typifies Satan.


What we hear the Scripture saying in Chapter 1, Verse 24, is,


Genesis 1:24
24. And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature, cattle, and the creeping thing...(KJV)


The phrase let it bring forth the living creature is referring to the whole soul.


The cattle is the individual member, and now the Satanic realm. The creeping thing is the Satanic realm which is within each individual member and throughout the entire living soul.


We have something else there in the phrase, And the beast of the earth after his kind. The beast of the earth is chay, Strong’s #2416, the human soul. We see God speaking life into existence in a descending order.


First, He speaks the whole, I want a whole living soul. He said, Let the earth bring forth the living soul, nephesh, cattle, each individual member of the living soul, the creeping thing, the Satanic realm, and the beast of the earth, the individual human soul after its kind.


The Hebrew word translated thing is Strong's #1697, and it means words, speech, discourse, a promise, something promised, and this word is used to describe the Word of the Lord.


What God is saying here is that He spoke the creeping things, the Satanic realm into the existence along with Satanic, ungodly words. The fallen realm, that is what it means. And God said, Let the earth bring forth the entire living soul.


Let me tell you what after his kind means. The Hebrew word, translated kind is from an unused root that means to portion out or to sort. The Hebrew word translated after means background, hinder part or background.


Webster's definition of background is: The circumstances or events which come before a phenomenon or development. The scenery or ground behind something seen or represented. It is back there, but you cannot see it.


When God said, after his kind, it was in reference to the thing about the part of creation He knows will not be seen. The mind cannot be seen. What He is creating right now is the mind of the creation, the unseen part inside of us. People who live in the carnal realm are more concerned with what people look like.


I saw a movie recently, but I am not sure what the name was. It was an old movie. I think it was with Clark Gable. It was really excellent. His first born son was crippled, and he hated him because his brother-in-law, who wielded a lot of power over him was crippled. He had a club foot, which was the family line curse, and he hated his son for it.


For years, the boy just wanted his father's favor, but the father rejected him continuously. He never called the first one his son. He just went right past him, that was his heir, that was his name sake. The second born son, on the other hand, was physically perfect. All three of them, the father and the two sons wound up in the American Civil War.


 He found out that his crippled son, in his soul, emotions, and mind, was just like his father. He thought just like his father, and the physically perfect son was not like his father.


Although the father was manifesting weakness in his rejection of his crippled son, he was a very fine man, a man of very great character, and the crippled son had his great character. The physically perfect son did not have his great character and, in fact, was weak.


In the middle of the battle field, in a moment of great desperation, they did not even know if they would survive. He overheard a conversation between the two boys. His perfect son wanted to go AWOL, while the imperfect son spoke of patriotism, glory, and love. At last, he received it and repented.


He realized what a terrible mistake he had made.  He had been a carnal man. He cared what people look like physically. He made a judgment of what kind of person someone was by their physical appearance.


God says, Let us know no man by the flesh any longer, because we are no longer carnal men, and we have to start to know each other by what kind of people we are. Those days are past us for those who are called to high things in God. 


The soul is in the background, you cannot see it.  What you see is the flesh. The Hebrew word translated to bring forth, merely means to lead out or separate.


Back to verse 24,


Genesis 1:24 - AT
24. God said, Let the earth bring forth the entire living soul in the background after his kind, and God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, in the background. Let him bring forth the entire living soul that will not be seen in the realm of appearance. Let him bring forth the cattle, each completed member, and creeping thing, each completed member with its Satanic realm, and the beast of the earth, the individual living soul that will also be in the background, and it was so. (AT)


There are three kinds of lives. This was the soul life.


24. And God said, Let the earth separate out the soul life of lives and form that part of the creation which will not be seen in the realm of appearance, which is the mind or the soul, that is the mute one came forth who lost spiritual power with God to speak his needs into existence, and may he come forth in many members, and also let the animal life that crawls close to the earth, who has never had spiritual power with God come forth, and may the many members of the entire soul life who will not be seen in the realm of appearance come forth, and may they come forth starting with the individual soul. (AT)


This is how God spoke it into existence. He started with the whole and He descended.


In verse 25, God says,


Genesis 1:25
25. And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind...(KJV)


He did it backwards.


In verse 24, the first thing God mentions is the living soul, and the last thing He mentions is the beast of the field.


In Verse 25, the first thing He mentions is the beast of the field, and the last thing that He mentions is the creeping thing, and the living soul is not even there yet.


God spoke it, and the molecules start to form what God spoke with the last thing that He said. The last thing He said was that the beast of the field come forth, and the beast of the field is the human soul that is not yet joined to the human spirit or the Satanic realm.


They started forming the creation with the basic building block, and the first thing that happened was the human soul was joined to the human spirit.


You have to start with the basic elements. I want to read you the Alternate Translation of Verse 25,


Genesis 1:25 - AT
25. And God produced each member of the soul life, who will not be seen in the realm of appearance, and joined it to the spiritual life of God. He wove them together with the Satanic realm, and none of them would be seen in the realm of appearance, and God saw His creation prosper. (AT)


What happened to the whole of the living soul?


Genesis 1:26
26. And God said, Let us make man in our image...(KJV)


If there is any question in your mind that when God said in verse 24, Let the earth bring forth the living creature, that He was referencing Adam.


 If there is any doubt in your mind, when you read Verse 25, where God starts from the bottom and goes backwards, the last thing that appears is not called a living creature. It is called man.


Let me give you an example. God said, I am going to make a cake, and it is going to have frosting, flour, butter, and sugar. The first thing I am going to do is go get the sugar, flour, and butter. I am starting with the last thing I named.


He named the whole thing, and then He named the parts that it was made of. When He went forth to produce it, He started with the last thing on the list, which were the ingredients.


The first thing I am going to do is get the ingredients because they are simple, basic elements. Then, the next thing I am going to do is make the frosting, because that is not simple. That is a mixture. That is chocolate, butter, and sugar melted together. Then, I am going to put the whole cake together, eventually putting the frosting on it.


When God made the whole creation, He spoke the whole. He said, I am going to make this sister, and she is going to have two eyes, and a nose, and a mouth, a heart, two lungs, a spleen, and a few other things.


When the baby forms in utero, it does not start with two eyes and a nose. It starts with the spinal column. It starts with the heart, it starts with the inner most organs, and God builds around it.


That is what He did with this creation. He said, I am going to make a living soul, and within the living soul, there are going to be members who are going to be complete within themselves. The members are going to be made of the Satanic realm, a human soul, and a human spirit.


When He started to put the creation together in Verse 25, He started with the human soul, and the Satanic realm, and He finished in Verse 26 with And God said, Let us make man in our own image. He got the human soul, the human spirit, and the Satanic realm. He stuck it all together, and in Verse 26, He says, Let us make man in our image.


We know you can have a heart over there, a lung over there, and a leg over there, but you will not have a person. They tried to do that. Dr. Frankenstein tried to do that, and it did not work. We are not just a bunch of organs. We are a miracle. God put it all together and made a living person out of us.


God made the parts first, and then made Adam. Next, He led the parts into the field which He had prepared in Adam. When He had made the parts, He made them in the realm of the spirit.


The next thing He did was form the man. Adam was the field. He took the souls and the spirits that were in the spiritual realm out here, and He led them into the field. They are now within the field. The earth rose up and cleaved unto them. They became the beast of the field and the fowls of the air.


When God created them, He spoke them into existence out here in the realm of the spirit. They were out here.


Remember, it tells us in Genesis 2:5


Genesis 2:5
5. And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew...(KJV)


God created it before it was in the earth and before it grew. It was out here. He started with the small parts.


The next thing God did was send His son into the earth. His son gave life to the earth, and Adam became the field. Then, God took the herbs and plants, and He led them into the field to plant them there.


The human soul to the human spirit were joined to each other, and then joined to the fabric of the earth, the Satanic realm.


The conclusion is, the Serpent is not an individual.  He is not a separate individual from Adam and Eve. He is a living creature, and that is Strong's #2416. That can be translated demon, creature of God. He is together with Adam and Eve, the human spirit and the human soul, forming the creation of God, the mind of man. He is not a separate individual.


When Satan seduced Eve, he did not drop out of the sky. He did not drop out of the spiritual realm of God. He was right in there in the creation with the Righteous Adam. The female and Eve became one after the fall, just as the Father and the Son are one.


He names the different parts of the creation with different names so we can understand it, but they are all still one. We have many aspects to our lives. We are mothers, working people, Sons of God, etc, yet we are all one person.


You have said before that the woof was the Satanic realm, and the warp was Jesus Christ. Today, you said that the warp and the woof was either something different or I missed it. I am not really sure on that, I am not clear on that.


What happened was that the spiritual entity known as the Son of God was propelled into the earth, and He gave life to the earth. The human spirit and the human soul were joined together as a manifestation of the Son and became the warp.


They were woven together. Together they became the warp, and the woof was the Satanic realm. They became the foundation of the creation. The Son of God and His many members became the warp, and the woof is Satan. Did that answer your question?





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