162 - Part 3

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We are in the middle of a series of messages that the Lord has entitled, “The Roots of Denial.” And it's an unusual message. I’d like to give you some backup because this is the third message on it. We have several messages on denial. You'll be getting them in your package, brother John, OK, for this one. But this series is called “The Roots of Denial,” and the first message we went into psychiatry. Well, let me tell you what the Lord's doing here. The Lord is revealing the basic roots that all religions, including secular humanism, which is psychiatry, have in common. And why is God doing this? Because there is a new kind of ministry that He is bringing forth in the earth to date. By and large, the church or a member of the church would go out to somebody and say, look you’re a sinner, and if you don't repent and receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, you're going to burn in Hell forever.


And by and large, people are being converted through fear. And this is not the nature of God. I know that it has worked, and it has worked for some people. How do I know? We see people in the church, but this is not the truth of the nature of God. And we see this reality demonstrated in the Book of Job, where Job’s two friends condemn this man who was in the midst of terrible suffering, and finally this young man who was afraid to talk comes forward and says, you have not told the truth about our Lord and savior; you have lied about the nature of God. And he starts to tell Job the glories of God and how all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. And the end of the Book of Job is that the Lord heals Job and gives him back two-fold everything that he lost.


Let me fill you in. Job lost everything. He lost his wife; he lost his children; he lost his land; he lost his cattle; he lost his sheep; he lost his goats; he lost his money; he lost his health; he lost everything. And his wife said to him, curse God and die. Now what does that mean? Even God hates you. Look at what's happened to you. And his two friends came to him and told him all the reasons why he was so bad that God would do this to him, and Job refuse to curse God. He refused to curse God, but Job was guilty of three sins. He was guilty of self-righteousness because he continued to maintain throughout the whole book of Job that he did not deserve this judgment.


Now, brethren, we must understand that there is something in the Scripture, and it's not just in the Scripture. It's throughout life and throughout literature called -- it's called reverse inference. And what that means is that if I say to you that this is not a man -- I look at this girl over here, this young woman and I say you are not a man. Well, that means that she's got to be something other than a man. And we all know that there's only male or female. That means she's a woman. I didn't come out and say she's a woman. I said she's not a man, but I said the same thing in two different ways. I can say this woman is not a blonde, neither is she a redhead, neither is her hair white. That means she has brown or black hair. It's called reverse inference.


So when Job insisted that he was not guilty, that he did not deserve the judgment that had fallen upon him, y- -- implementing reverse inference, we find him saying God is guilty. Now, if all this is fallen upon him and he doesn't deserve it and he's been such a faithful servant of God, well, then, God must be unrighteous. If there are two people in a conflict and one person declares himself righteous, he therefore, without saying the words, declares the other person unrighteous. And so therefore Job’s main sin, major sin, one of his major sins, was pride. That is pride, brethren. It is the pride -- it is the sin of self-righteousness, which is pride.


Job’s second sin was fear. He was so afraid that his children would be destroyed that he made sacrifices for his children continuously, either not knowing or refusing to acknowledge the fact that we cannot make sacrifices for our children or for our mother or for a wife or for any relative and keep them safe. Why? Because each man must repent for himself. There is no sacrifice that can be made that will deliver you from the destruction and the wrath of God by another person. And I want to tell you something. That includes the person of the Lord Jesus Christ if you will not repent. So Job was guilty of fear, fear for his chil- -- and everything that he was afraid of fell upon him. All his children died. And I haven't studied it personally, but I'm told that if you study it in the Hebrew, his children were into some pretty bad stuff, and the --




I haven't studied it myself. OK, please. That's what I'm told. So his second sin was fear, and the third sin -- what was his third sin? I had no idea I was preaching on Job tonight. Pride, fear -- does anybody remember the third sin?




Well, no that's pride. Pride, fear -- well, Lord -- I’m sorry. The Lord caught me off guard; I don't remember his third sin. But in any event, he was guilty. Someone called me up once and they said to me Job was perfect, and I said, no, Job wasn't perfect. And this woman got really upset. She said, I just heard on the radio. Don't tell me he’s not perfect. They just preached that he's perfect.


Brethren, Job was perfect with regard to the covenant that he was involved in with God. And the Old Covenant required only works of the flesh. Job was perfect in that he made every required sacrifice. He fasted when he was supposed to fast. He bowed when he was supposed about. He did everything the law required of him. He was perfect with regard to the law. And here we see in the Book of Job an example of what the church is coming into today. We have a church filled with people who are perfect as they keep the law. They won't drink; they won't smoke; they won't fornicate; they won't commit adultery; they won't party. They won't do it. They wear long dresses and no makeup and no jewelry, and they clean the outside of the cup, but the inside of the cup is filthy. And they -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE]


Do you know what I mean by the cup? Yes, the inside [?of their?] heart is filthy. And they cannot understand why the blessings of God are not falling upon them. They cannot understand that they are cleansing themselves by their own works and that there is no salvation in our own works, but salvation is in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through His appearance in us and through the cleansing, through destruction, of our sin-filled soul. First, Christ appears; then He kills our sin-filled soul and becomes our life. That is the cleansing; that is the purifying of the flesh. There is no work that we can do that would make us clean. That was the sin of the Pharisees, pride. They thought they had it within their power to make themselves clean. There is only one way we shall be made clean, and that is through death to self.


John the Baptist said he must decrease so that Christ could increase. Life is in the Son, and there's no room in your mind for the two of them. And from the second the Son of righteousness begins to arise in you it is the -- He is sounding the death knell of the carnal mind, and your carnal mind doesn't like it, and he starts to try to kill the Christ in you, and he starts to live you. And he starts to tell you that your religious works are going to get you into the kingdom. We shall only enter in through the purifying of the flesh, which is the appearance of Christ in us. OK.


This message is about the basic principles of psychiatry, the basic principles of Hinduism, the basic principles of Buddhism. Now, why would be as Christian study that?


We're studying it because God is showing us that individual places in these three areas -- that we are in agreement with these pagan religions, so that we can go to people and no longer have to say believe in Christ or burn in Hell forever. But we can do what Paul said he did. He became all things to all men, so that we could go to a Hindu, and we could say, hey, I'm not your enemy. You know this particular aspect of your religion, I agree with it. Do you know that Christianity agrees with that? Do you know that what you're teaching is true but the one problem you got is that you got the wrong spirit? You got truth, but you got the wrong spirit. Salvation is in the Christ. We're not going to go as an enemy; we're going to go as a friend.


Paul debated in the synagogues. Paul went anywhere. He became anything to anybody just to get into a relationship with them, to talk to them, to drop a seed of Christ into their mind. He was a sower of the seed of God. And I declare to you this ministry is in the world. It's in the church today. God has ministers that He puts in a relationship with people, and they don't have to sit there. They don't sit there. They don't force Scripture down their throat. They befriend them. They don't condemn them because they're in a pagan religion; they bef- -- they're not afraid of them. You know there's fear in the church today. Don't talk to a Jehovah's Witness. Don't talk to them you’ll get polluted.


I want to tell you every Scripture that that kind of a statement is based upon is an ungodly and inaccurate translation of the Scripture. Don't eat with them. Brethren, the Scripture is a spiritual book. No harm can come for you if you sit at a table and eat spaghetti together with somebody. What harm can come to you? The Scripture says don't eat with them; don't partake of their false doctrine. Go to them, be friends with them. Talk to them; have mercy on them. And when God opens the door, drop your seed, but don't you receive their seed; don't eat with them. OK. So this is why we're doing this series. We have already done the "Roots of Psychiatry and Hinduism," and tonight we're going to do Buddhism.


I'm just going to give you a basic review of what we found that. We found out that the major religions of the world and psychiatry is a -- I believe it’s a religion. The name of it is secular humanism. We found out that just about everything we've studied has identified man's problems. Many elements of the world, they know what man's problem is. Where they differ is in the solution. And as we did psychiatry and Hinduism -- and actually we did Buddhism already, we lost the message. This is the second time we’re doing it. We found out that they believe many things that we believe, but their solutions are works of the flesh because they don't know about the spirit of Jesus Christ. And I want to tell you this before I go any further. The Lord has shown me a long time ago that the reason there is so much false doctrine in the Church is that God has permitted it to happen.


What we have is a separation. We have one group of people called the church where the power of God is moving. We have the Holy Spirit, and, largely, a great deal of false doctrine. And then we have with they call the cults or the false religions, and of course it’s not the spirit of God. They have a lot of spiritual truth, a lot of it. Now why would this mix-up be? Because when the word gets together with the spirit, there's going to be an explosion that's going to end in you arising to full stature. And the Lord will not permit this until we enter into the proper season. So He has kept the church away, largely, from spiritual truth, because He is not going to let that explosion happened before the time, and now is the time.


He's putting it together. The spirit of God with the word of God. And wh- -- He's going to be sending people out to Hindus and to Buddhists, and they're going to be mass conversions. Why is there going to be mass conversions? Because, you know, Christianity is not a religion of the head. It is not an intellectual religion. It is a re- -- well, we all know it's a relationship with Christ. These thoughts that float around in our head, they've got to become in experience to us. It's a relationship with Christ that is supposed to result in what? Now most Christ- -- was is it supposed to result in? Your relationship with Christ, what's the end of it?


Eternal life.


Yeah, but how is that going to happen, through the rapture?


My relationship with Jesus. It's going to happen --


And what are you taught, not what you’ve heard here. What are you taught? How are you going to get eternal life?


I'm going to get eternal life when I go to heaven.


OK. Would you say the same thing?


Yeah, pretty much [INAUDIBLE]


OK. Now, what I teach here -- I am not mocking anybody. I am not mocking anybody, but you've got to hear what the other people say to better understand what I have to say. Christianity is teaching the power of God, relationship with Jesus Christ, and then they say you get the full blessing, eternal life, when you get raptured and go to Heaven, and that's not true. We're getting the full power and the fullness of His life right here in the earth. And the message and the power of God is coming forth now, and the result if it, in due season, is going to be a group of men walking on the earth in the full -- of the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when I say men, I'm talking about people in male and female bodies that have become spiritual men. OK. So this is why we're going to have mass conversions.


I got off my point. The church is carnal. There is very little teaching in the church that is instructing the people that what's going to happen to you when we approach the hour is that you are going to ascend spiritually. They think if they give up their drinking and their partying and their smoking, the rapture’s going to come and they're going to wake up in Heaven one day, but that's not true. We are going to ascend unto a condition of being spiritual men.


We are carnal now. What does that mean? We are dependent on the earth. We labor to survive, we labor to get our food, we labor to have shelter. We build houses. Spiritual men speak, and it appears in front of them. Spiritual men say food, and 5000 people are fed. Spiritual men say arise from the dead and the dead arise. Spiritual authority is in the word. We are about to ascend to a condition where there is no need, no lack -- you know, it's great what the church is doing now, spending millions of dollars over to starving people in Africa, and they're having all kinds of trouble. I speak to evangelists. Corruption on the other side, the people aren't getting the food, money lost -- brethren, were going to go over there, not on an airplane. We're going to travel in the spirit. We’re going to land down in Mexico or in Africa, and we’re going to say food, and the people are going to be fed, OK.


Now why isn't it happening now? Because what we seen the church now is just taste of the age to come, OK. So we are to become spiritual people in Christ, and to become a spiritual person, one must do certain things that will develop spirituality in them. And this is -- if it's being taught at all, it's been taught on a very limited basis. Why? Because the doctrine is one day Jesus is going to come and you’re going to be spiritual, but it's not true. Now Hinduism and Buddhism they have a revelation that if you want to be spiritual, you have to work at it. If you -- well, we'll talk about a little while. Their whole religion is a program, a way of life that results in the person becoming a spiritual person.


So they have the wrong spirit, but large numbers of Hindus and Buddhists are developed spiritually. They just have the wrong spirit. And when Jesus says now is the time and the sons of God go out and minister, these people are going to come into the kingdom, and they're going to come into full stature as you snap your fingers. And the carnal church, large numbers of the carnal church are going to be sitting in their air-conditioned churches, man, and they're going to be saying what happened? And they're going to be -- whoever is in this category is amongst the company typified in the Scripture as the five virgins without oil. They could be -- these people will include Christians who are living for God in every way they know how, but when the door opens, spirituality will have to have been developed in you to a certain degree for you to enter in.


And they're not going to enter in, and there's going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and they're going to be crying out and saying, Jesus, I cast out demons; I healed the sick, I visited the prison ministry. Why didn’t You take me? And the answer is going to be, because you weren't prepared, and you weren't prepared because I sent My minister to you with the doctrine and the ministry that was going to prepare you, and you went, and you didn't check it out with Me, and you made a judgment rooted in pride that it wasn't God, and you missed it. I tell you the truth. There are going to be millions of conversions of Hindus and Buddhists that are going to be moving into full stature like this, and thousands, if not millions, of Christians sitting in pews in real pretty churches trying to figure out what happened to them. I tell you the truth.


This message has been overwhelmingly received in Nigeria, and I'm convinced that the reason for that is that the people in Nigeria are very spiritually developed. They've been into spiritual things for thousands of years. As my hostess said to me when I was over there, she said we have always worshiped God. Our problem was it was the wrong God. But there've always been spiritual over there. In this country, people call this message very deep. Mature Christians, Christians that have been around for 25 years. A lot of them can’t understand this message. In Nigeria they're giving them -- these messages out to the new converts. It's boggling my mind, and they understand it, and English is not even their first language.


And I got a letter the other day, or maybe I told you about it, from this young man who was a Catholic. And he said I first heard one of your messages, and I -- it -- just, I couldn't bother with it, but I couldn't leave it alone, and I kept listening to it, and then one -- at one moment I realized that I was standing in front of God, and He pierced me. He knew that the anointing on the message pierced his heart. He had a spiritual experience with Christ. It's not enough to say, Lord Jesus, I receive you. Christ has to receive you, and when he receives you, He captures you by entering into you.


So we have found out -- so far we have studied psychiatry, Hinduism and Buddhism that they have all identified the human condition; the condition of the fallen man. They have identified his problem. But their answer to his problem vary from religion to religion and none of them will give eternal life. We have also found out that we have to overcome a few religious concepts that say that nothing works except Jesus. There is a truth in this world, and this is the truth, that these religions including psychiatry can impart some measure of relief to a troubled person, but it is only for this lifetime. It is only for this lifetime. It will not -- they will not inherit eternal life, nor will the blessings that they would have received if they got this deliverance from Christ go on to their family line. It is just for this lifetime.


Now everybody that's honest has to confess this. We have [?Apple?] and all these drug rehabilitation centers [?all over? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] people making it. There are men and women making it off of drugs, AA. They're making it, and they don't know Christ. So the church has to face this. I heard a preacher saying not too long ago you don't need all those twelve-step groups. You know, well, maybe you do need it. The anointing in the church today is not all that it could be. The knife is dull. My counsel to you is give God every possible chance you can possibly give Him, but if the anointing that's in the church today is not strong enough to keep you off of drugs or alcohol, for God sakes, get to AA or NA, and give up your religious spirit.


I'm told AA and NA is filled with Christians whose hearts are broken. I've spoken to a couple of them. One young woman cried in my arms right in that spot. God didn't keep her. She went back on heroin. God didn't keep her, and she walked out of here and went back on it again. Look, brethren, we got to get -- the whole church is in denial. The church -- Rita likes this, but the church is a dysfunctional family, and the whole church is in denial. It's got to go. If I don't have the power to help you, please, go get help. If you're having a heart attack and God doesn’t anoint me to stop it, call the ambulance. They all run to the doctor. They won't let your body die, but when it comes to emotional or spiritual problems if the church can’t help you, most of the ministers will counsel you. You don't need anything else. Just sit there and die slowly. Excuse me.


OK. I'm having some trouble getting into this message. OK. We found out in psychiatry -- well, let me just take this generally speaking. As I said, all three religions that I just named have identified man's -- fallen man's problem. And this is what they all agree that it is. They use different expressions. They use different words, but if you read the book -- I'm basing these teachings on a book, which the name is on the other messages. I don't know what the name is. But I know it's by someone called Sugerman. They use different names; they use different words, but if you read the book with an open heart you'll see that they're all saying the same thing with some minor variations.


And this is what they're saying that fallen man has a divided self. Now what are they talking about when they say self? Some people call it a self; some people call it an ego. Christianity calls it a soul. I will give you another name for it, personality. Man has a divided personality. Some men have a more severe division than other men, but every fallen man has a divided personality, and this is where it’s divided. Now I remind you the Scripture; Christ is not divided. Now, if Christ -- if Paul says Christ is not divided, can anybody not understand that there must be something somewhere that's divided? Paul talks about your immortal soul. If Paul talks about your immortal soul there's got to be a mortal soul, or why wouldn't he just say soul. OK.


I'm going to suggest to you that your immortal soul, that which is eternal, that which will never die, is your human spirit. You see, this is where the world gets confused. The human spirit is joined to the soul. It's actually a part of the soul. I'd spoken to a Rabbi about this who has studied Hebrew, and this is even how the Hebrews see it. This human spirit is joined to and a part of the soul. Now this is our fallen condition. So we have a human spirit. Can you see? I draw it in circles to try to simplify it. And wrapped around our human spirit is another layer. Sometimes it's called the carnal mind; sometimes it's called the personality; sometimes it's called ego; sometimes it's called the self. This human spirit we have received from God. It is this human spirit that makes us different from an animal.


Did anyone ever ask you, what is the difference between an animal and a human being, because the Scripture says animals have a soul? Did you ever wonder? Well, if animals have a soul, why are we so different than animals? Why is God only in man? What is different between us and animals? This is what it is; animals do not have a human spirit. Animals do not have a human spirit. We have a human spirit; animals just have a soul. We have a human spirit, which is joined with Satan and has produced a carnal mind. The animals just have a soul.




The life of the flesh is in the blood. That's the spiritual essence of it, but the soul also encompasses personality. That's true, but you'll find things in the Scriptures expressed different ways when God is dealing with different subjects. OK. That's true what you said, but I can't apply it here. I'm trying not to confuse anybody, OK.


This human spirit is what is left of the glorified Christ that existed at the beginning of time before He died. We have recently come out of the study in Daniel 8 where we found this expressed in this way, that the glorified Christ -- I shouldn't say glorified Christ, excuse me. A Christ that was justified before God, a Christ that was in right standing before God but an immature Christ at the beginning of time, died, and He died, because the carnal mind broke His bones. They were spiritual bones. And what happened to Him was He fell down into the earth, and He got covered over with flesh, and He became us. And every one of us has a drop of Christ's dead bones in him covered over by the flesh or the carnal mind, and then after that covered over with a fallen human body.


This human body is fallen; this human body is not the image of God. I preach to the church all the time. Brethren, a body that's in the image of God doesn't die when you stick a knife into it. I'm sorry. We are being formed into the image of God. We’re in His likeness right now, but we're not yet in His image. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]




Is it going? OK. We're in His likeness, but we're not yet in His image. So I remind you, well -- God help me to bring this forth, Lord. OK. So this is our condition, and this is the division. Our carnal mind or our personality or our self has separated from our human spirit, in some individuals more and in some individuals less.


And let me tell you now why it separated. And again, all religions agree in this. Before the fall, God said to Adam, “If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall surely die.” And I'm going to suggest to you that there is a fear of death in man's unconscious mind even though we have actually already died. We know that Adam did eat of the tree of knowledge of -- of the knowledge of good and evil, and that he did die. But fallen Adam has retained, in his unconscious mind, the command of God. And psychiatry knows most people have a fear of death, most people, if not everybody except someone that really knows their God. Everyone that I ever met has a fear of death. OK. So psychiatry and these other religions have analyzed the mind of man, and of course this is our mind. That's another word for it. We can also call this our mind. You don't have to say carnal mind. It’s the mind.


And they have said, this is what the problem with fallen man is. He's afraid of death, but even more than being afraid of death he has a fear of something that the psychiatrists say is a fate worse than death. Now when Adam fell He separated from God, so the unconscious mind of man is motivated largely by fear of death and fear of separation. And this fate that's worse than death that they claim every human being has in their mind -- I don't tend to doubt it, but I can't speak for you -- Is a fear of separation; a fear of being unattached, a fear of not having a family, a fear of being totally alone in this world, a fear of being unattached. You try to be single in this world, they'll come out of the corners of the world trying to convince you, you should get married. It's not socially acceptable.


And this is what psychiatry, Hinduism and Buddhism have all acknowledged that fallen man’s condition is rooted in a fear of death and a fear of separation from society. Now this is what has already happened to him spiritually, but the fear has flowed into this world. And what has the mind of man done to help himself? Now let me just put another comment in right here in case you're not aware of it. This is Hell. This is the place that righteous Adam who was in the Garden of Eden with his every need met fell down into. In Eden, he was attached to God, and his every need was met. Down here -- OK, down here, he has to fend for himself. That's the curse; you shall labor to bring forth food from the ground.


Well, this fear is rooted in the human spirit. The personality has risen up to defend the human spirit. Now, remember, the carnal mind has replaced the Christ which was in right standing with God. The carnal mind, if you've heard any of our earlier messages, is a female spirit. She is in a male role, but she's not equipped to do the job, and we liken it to a woman whose husband dies and leaves her with five kids, and she does the best she can to raise those kids. But she -- you really need a man when you raise kids. Don't have children if you're not married. You need a man. Children need a man in the house. So those kids have got to grow up feeling the loss of the presence of a man in the house. And that is the natural example that God has given us of the carnal mind. She's taken on the role of Christ, but she just is not equipped to do the job.


So she -- let me give you this. Thank you, Jesus. In the garden the Lord said to Adam, “Protect the garden.” Now when we looked up all those words in the Hebrew we found out that it wasn't a natural garden that God gave Adam to protect. A garden is a place where things grow. A garden is a fertile place where when you plant seeds they grow. The Bible is a spiritual book. God had said to Adam there is a fertile place in you. There is a fertile place within you were things grow, and it's my seed, the Father said, that’s supposed to be growing in your garden. Guard the garden so that Satan’s seed doesn't get in there, OK.


So the assignment of God -- God said -- now, we're talking about two things that God has said to Adam. “If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall surely die.” We find the human spirit very afraid of death and afraid of separation from God because he knew that death meant separation from God. And we find the carnal mind trying to do the job that Adam failed to do. She is trying to defend the human spirit but she's trying to defend the -- did I tell you that the garden is the human spirit? Fertile parts. Adam had fertile parts, the human spirit. And God said don't let Satan get in there because if Satan gets in there it’ll bring forth the carnal mind. Satan got in there, it brought forth the carnal mind, and now the carnal mind is defending the human spirit against the penetration of the Father.


What are you saying? She's still fighting, so she's fighting towards the Father, right?


She's fighting the Father, amen. The carnal mind is resisting the father. The Father wants to get into your human spirit plant his seed and bring forth Christ, but the carnal mind knows when Christ comes forth, He's going to kill the carnal mind. So the carnal mind is obeying the command of the Father. Now here this, brethren, defend yourself from religious works. Don't obey a religious interpretation of the Scripture that will bring death into your life; the letter killeth. You've got to get the spirit of the word or you shall surely die. Am I talking about your body? I'm not talking about your body. How can you die if the Holy Spirit is in your heart? He can leave? He will die.


Don't tell me I'm telling you a blasphemy. The Scripture says you can crucify him afresh. The Scripture says he can tread him under your feet. It's not true once saved always saved; it's not true. Don't tempt God. So we have the fallen mind of man, who was terrified of separation from the human spirit, defending the mind of man against God and protecting the garden. And because the carnal mind is incapable of doing the job and is in fact doing a job that she's not supposed to be doing, she has caused a separation between the personality and the human spirit. Now how can we identify our human spirit? It's very hard to identify our human spirit. Why? Because Satan has so permeated every fiber of our being that all we see is him.


Now as we move into Christ, for those of us that have a relationship with the Lord, we start to see Christ more and more, but we have found Scriptures in the Old Testament and in the Book of Revelation which indicate that our human spirit is so polluted with Satan that she can be like an to a fabric that has been dyed. Every fiber has been changed into something else. So it's very hard to see our human spirit when we're just starting out in Christ. I'll give you some guidelines. Our human spirit is spirit. That means she is involved in everything spiritual that is spiritual about us. She cannot appear alone. The human spirit is the female seed of God and she can only appear in union with a male spirit. When she appears in union with the Father, she is Christ. When she appears in union with Satan, she is the carnal mind.


Every aspect of witchcraft involves your human spirit in an adulterous relationship with Satan, which has produced the carnal mind. Every spiritual experience you have in Christ speaking in tongues, prophesying, any spiritual experience in Christ, means that the Father has joined with your human spirit and there is a manifestation -- some manifestation of Christ appearing. So we see in our human spirit spirituality, and by the nature of our spirituality we can determine who she is joined with that is producing this manifestation. And for those of us that are moving into Christ, we see her nature as the harlot appearing because she has in union both with Satan and with the Father, and she has produced in your mind a carnal mind and the mind of Christ.


James says the double minded man is unstable in all his ways. What does that mean? One minute you're thinking with the carnal mind, and the next minute you're thinking with Christ. And the two are at war with one another, brethren, because the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit lusteth against the flesh, and they'll never be reconciled. Flesh and blood will never inherit the kingdom of God. So when Christ begins to be formed in you, Armageddon has already begun in your life. And I want to declare to you, despite everything you may have heard in your church doctrine, that when Armageddon is appearing in the minds of enough people, it's going to appear out there. Maybe there will be a dictator. Maybe there will be an anti-Christ. I don't know, and I really don't care. All that I care about is that it’s going on in my mind and that Christ is winning.


Because whatever happens out there, when Christ kills my carnal mind I'm OK. Because if I'm hungry I'll say food and it will appear. And if they drop an atom bomb, they can't kill me. Now, look, brethren, you all have a choice; we all have a choice. We can concentrate on what's happening out there, over which we have no control, and the way the church deals with it is they say, well, don't worry about it, because you're going to get raptured because they know that we have no control -- If anti-Christ stands up in the Middle East, what are you going to do? Right, you're going to fly away right?




OK. I want to encourage you not to look out but to look in because there is no rapture of the body. So submit yourself to God; let Him -- permit Him to develop spirituality in you. Permit Him to arise and you. How? By laying down the works of your flesh, by turning your life over to Him, by turning every decision over to Him so that by the time the madman stands up in the Middle East, which very well may happen, He's going to be so mature in you that there isn't anything that they could do to you that you will not be overcome.


Several years ago I heard an evangelist -- he was a man of God. I don't doubt that he was a man of God. He came into the church I was going to and he said, “Brethren, they've already prepared the concentration camps. They're ready for the Christians; they're going to lock them up behind barbed wire.” And since when can barb wire hold Jesus? If they locked me up behind barb wire, I expect an angel to smote me -- to smite me and raise me up in the middle of the night, and I expect the locks to fall off the doors. Brethren, there's no hope if your eyes are out there. And if you think your answer to the problem is the rapture, you’ve got your building on sand because it’s not going to happen.


OK, so this is the condition of the human mind. The carnal mind is trying to obey God. Now how many people do you know like that? They're doing something -- they're doing a job that was never assigned to them, and they tell you how sincere they are; they're trying to do it. Do you know anybody like that? They can’t get ahead in life. They can’t get ahead in the church, and they say I don't understand this. I'm on my knees every morning. Someone told me once they knew someone that had knobs on their knees because they were on their knees so long. I fast 29 days out of every month. I’m skin and bones, and nothing's happened into my life. Well, maybe God never told you to do that. God never told the carnal mind to protect the human spirit. She's protecting the human spirit against God. Her job is to come into submission to Christ so that this creation can be in right standing with God and be visible. Her job is to give form to the formless spirit of God.


So getting back to our subject; the carnal mind is defending the human spirit and because she is not equipped to do it, she is killing the human spirit. She is not only defending her, but she has put her in bondage. The carnal mind is putting the human in bondage, and this is the divided self. The carnal mind has built a wall around the human spirit. The Bible describes it as a defense city. The human spirit is the city; the carnal mind is the wall around it. You know, you heard about Jericho with the Wall of Jericho. And the carnal mind will not let the Holy Spirit near the human spirit. Not only will she not let the Holy Spirit near the human spirit, but even for people that don't know the Lord. The personality is crushing this human spirit.


Any creativity or any creative potential that we have is in our human spirit. The stronger your carnal mind -- and this varies in degrees, depending on the curses on the family line, depending on your experiences in life. The more the human spirit is crushed, the more desperate the person's life becomes. The carnal mind can be lightened up through some manifestation of Christ in the earth. And we have been teaching here over the years that Christ is available to every heathen. And Christ is available to the heathen through -- who remembers? Do you remember, anybody? Do you remember? Through the what?




No. Through the law of God. There is a place for religious works. If it is not your time to be spiritual but you are determined to not steal, to not lie, to honor your parents, you will surely reap what you have sown. If you a Hindu or a Buddhist and you hate Christ because that's what you were taught but you were raised in a family that unknowingly is satisfying the law of God through honoring your parents, having mercy on the poor, you shall surely reap what you have sown. And if you live your life in accordance with the carnal law of God, it will weaken your carnal mind.


And we have a group of people in the world today that don't know Christ that are creative. They are talented. Their life is in order; they're successful; they're married; they're happy; their children are whole. Every Buddhist isn't dying; every Hindu isn't dying; every Muslim isn’t dying. How come? They're reaping the good deeds that they sow, but when the day comes that God comes to the Hindu or the Muslim or the Buddhists and He says it's time for you to come up higher, and to come up higher you must acknowledge Christ, if they won't do it, they start to lose everything that they have sown, that they've reaped.


You see, everybody's not in the same place at the same time. God’s not dealing with everybody the same way He’s dealing with you. That’s why you should very careful and not to look at other people and get envious or bitter towards God. It's like a family that has 10 children. You deal with the 1-year-old one way and with the 9-year-old the other way, and with a 16-year-old another way. So this is the condition of man. The self is divided. The carnal mind has surrounded the human spirit in some cases so severely that people need a psychiatrist; they can’t function in life. And this is the basis of man's problem according to all four religions, I think, I just named, psychiatry, Hinduism, Buddhism. I may go into Taoism, of -- all religions. I don't know about Satanism, aside from Satanism. Every religion that I read on they agree that this is man's problem. The carnal mind is out of control.


You know, I saw a Star Trek episode once, and they found a robot in outer space, and they took it into their spaceship. And the robot told them that he was programmed to sterilize disease germs on a particular planet, but he got hit with a meteor shower, and his memory banks got a little out of whack, and now he was out there sterilizing everything imperfect. And men are imperfect, and he was killing every man that came his way. That's what’s happened to the carnal mind. Adam was told to protect the human spirit and now the carnal mind is killing her, crushing her creativity, crushing the life out of her. And this is called the divided self.


So we are told throughout all these religions as they study and investigate further that man's primary problem is selfishness. Now the first time told me I was selfish I got insulted, but I didn't understand what selfishness was. To me, selfishness was not being willing to share my piece of bread with you, but that's not the true definition of selfishness, at least not according to the spiritual definition. The true definition of selfishness is to be concerned with oneself. You could be the most giving person; you can give away everything that you own, but if you really sit down and honestly examine yourself, everybody, every human being alive is concerned with self-preservation. I mean, no matter how good you are, you're not going to give your last piece of bread away when you know you're going to starve; that's just being human. The only one who would do that is Jesus. The only one I would do that is someone who was so supplied by the father that he knows no matter how much he gives away, it keeps flowing in.


But we are separated from God, brethren. Fallen man is separated from God, and he is now protecting himself, so he's hoarding everything. He's hoarding everything, no matter how much you give away. The condition of our fallen mind is turned inward. It's just our human condition. There is no condemnation in it. I want to tell you, if I had one piece of bread and I knew that I was going to die if I give it away, I can’t honestly tell you that I'd give it away, and I’m a ministry of the gospel. And I can’t sit here and tell you -- stand here and tell you that I would definitely do it. So what am I saying?


Fallen man's condition is a condition where his mind is primarily directed toward self preservation, otherwise known as selfishness, and our selfishness is killing us because this is the diagram of it. Self-preservation, no one's going to see what's in my heart, because they'll attack me. No one's going to know what I've got because they're going to want to take it. Covered over, whitewashed, hidden. And I want to tell you something. If you're in the world, that's what you need to survive.


Do you know what man's biggest problem is when he comes to the Lord? His biggest problem is that the way he was raised, which was good when he was in the world -- he was strong, he was tough, he ruled, no one could take advantage of him. No one could push him around. All of these qualities that we need to survive in the world are now turned against Christ. All of our strength -- all of the strength of for mind that would make us a good husband, a strong father, a strong mother. You're not supposed to be weak. I tell you all the time; women are not supposed to be weak. They're supposed to be as strong as they could be and, in that strength, submit to their husbands. I'm not supposed to be weak; nobody's supposed to be weak. Even the children, they're supposed to be a strong as they can be for their age, but they have to know that their parents are their parents. They're not supposed to be weak. You're supposed to be all you could be. The major is not weak, but he submits to the general. You have to be all you could be.


So this is what's happened to us. We're this wonderful person in the world, and Christ comes and knocks on our door, Hindu, Buddhist, heathen, and He says all of that toughness, that was a good thing that made you a good provider, that made you a good husband, that made you a good mother, you got to lay it down because now Christ wants to be all of those things to you. And most people have one trouble doing it. I want to tell you, everybody has some trouble doing it, so what is Christ answer to our inabili- --


Now, why won't we do it? Why won't we say, Lord Jesus, hallelujah, I want full stature; take it. Why don't we do it? Because the carnal mind's out of control, and what’s behind her actions is a fear of death, fear of separation from society, fear of never being loved, fear of never finding anyone that will love us or never being able to love another person, fear of the loss of everything that a human being needs to survive and be prosperous and happy in this world. And she's programmed in there. You see, something went wrong with the creation at the beginning of time, just like that robot that I told you about. The creation was good; God said it was good. Didn't God say it was good? God said the creation was good. Something went wrong; a meteor shower rolled over it, and his memory banks were reprogrammed and now we're in this condition. I’m making a joke.


So Christ wants to come and save us. Save us from whom? Who does Christ want to save us from? Well, the church tells you it's the devil. Well, I agree; Christ wants to save us from the devil. The big question is who is the devil? And he's not some red freak out there with a pitchfork and horns and a tail. He's us. He's inside of our head, amen. He's inside of our head, right here, and that part of us which has the potential to be Christ is being crushed by the devil. Only he's not out there. He's in here, and human beings have a big problem.


I talked -- I think I talked to you about it the other day, about the mirror image. This world that we live in called the Earth or the soul realm, it's standing exactly opposite to the realm of the spirit. It's a mirror image of the realm of the spirit, so what we see here appears to be the opposite of the way it is in the realm of the spirit, but this is just an image. This whole world is an illusion. Our only reality is spirit. This part of us, our human spirit, that's the only thing that's eternal. It's the only thing that's eternal. It's the only true reality.


So what happens to the Christian is that then they start studying the Scripture and they start studying spiritual things, they think that everything's happening out there, but it's not. It's happening in here. So somehow, by the grace of God, He's got to convince His people that's it's not happening out there. It's happening in here.


I was in deliverance for five years. I'll still do deliverance when God anoints me, but right now I'm primarily a teacher, but I was in deliverance for five years. I cast out demons five nights a week. Four or five hours, five nights a week I cast out demons. I saw people throw chairs across the room. I saw men splattered on the floor as five guys went, ah, and jumped on him, crushed him down to the floor. I've seen it all, and they'll teach you in deliverance circles, those demons are out there, man. I've got a flash for you. They're not out there.


Then you go into some churches and they say, well, you're not possessed, but you're oppressed. Brethren, give me a break, will you? You're not possessed, but you're oppressed. Brethren, your problem is your mind. Your problem is the fallen condition of your mind. There's no such thing as free-floating spirits in the air. They're in your head, they're in your head, they're in your head, and the church is going to have to wake up.


You know, the Hindus know that people have demons. I took a book out on Hinduism once, and I opened it up, and I saw a picture. And I said, wow, if I didn't know better, I'd say that was a mass deliverance service, and I started reading the caption. It was a mass deliverance service. Satan was casting the demons out. Well, that's the spirit of Satan. It's not Christ over there. Now how could that be? I'll tell you how it could be.


Some people don't -- aren't really bothered by demons. Why? Well, it could be a lot of reasons. Maybe they're reaping good stuff and they're sowing good stuff. I don't know. I know that that's pagan religion, but everybody that's a Hindu and a Buddhist is not a highly demonized person. I know a lot of Christian preachers would like you to believe that, but it's not true. It's not true. Some of them are very nice people, and they're nice because they're living according to God's carnal law, and it has -- He has not yet come to them and said, give it up. So everybody in India is not highly demonized, but some people are wicked. The -- we -- humanity is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


I don't know what they do over there, but they've got demons. So they go to the Hindu priest, and he does a mass deliverance, and they roll on the floor, and the spiritual power of Satan comes down, and they get cast out. Now the difference between a mass deliverance like that and a deliverance in Christ, if it's done properly, is that the Hindus get their demons back again. They grow back again. Did you ever see someone with a wart? You cut it off, and it grows back again. Some people get polyps. They cut them off. They grow back again. If Satan casts out a demon, it grows back again. If a demon is cast out in Christ and the person is prepared for the deliverance -- and what prepares you for the deliverance? The presence of an indwelling Christ to move right into that spot that's emptied out and take it over. It doesn't come back again.


I want to tell you. Just about everything the spirit of Christ does can be done by the other spiritual power. There's only one difference. With Jesus, it's permanent, and it results in a continuous increase back up unto the heavens. So our soul is divided. Our worst enemy is this guy that's protec- -- that says he's protecting us. Did you ever see an overprotective parent? Did you ever see a family where the parents won't let the kid go out? They grow up, won't let the girl date. She's 25 years old. She can't get out of the house on a Saturday night, never gets married.


You know, I know people like that. They never get married. When I was young, they used to call them old maids. I don't know what they call them today. It was the worst fate that could befall a woman. I know parents like that. They make their kids so afraid. The word that's used in the world is overprotective. They make them so afraid, they can't function in the world. They can't hold a job. That's the carnal mind. She's killing us, and she's not only killing us. She won't let help in, so we're killing ourselves. Both w- -- for all intents and purposes, at this point in our life, we are both our human spirit and our carnal mind.


Now this is what we've got that the other religions don’t have. We have an opportunity to hook up with the Holy Spirit who starts out, out here, usually in another man, and He's going to come in, and by His spiritual authority, which is greater than the spiritual authority of the carnal mind, He is going to pierce this wall, and He is going to enter right into the human spirit. He's going to get past the carnal mind, and He's going to plant His seed, and when He plants His seed, Christ is going to appear. Christ, the spirit of might, is going to go to war with the carnal mind and eventually knock him out completely.


So let's talk a little bit about Buddhism tonight. I don't know. I'm all over the place tonight. I'll just stop here. Are there any questions here about the condition of man? Well, let me just say this before I take any questions. We know that the answer in Chr- -- this is the answer in Christ. This is the answer for Christians, that Christ has to be born in us to convert this condition and change it back to where it was before the fall.


With Hinduism and Buddhism and psychiatry, what do they do for you? What do they do for you? Well, they start -- well, psychiatry will start a dialogue, a conversation, with your carnal mind, and the end result of will be that they will inject new thoughts into your mind. They will inject new thoughts into your mind, and when you work with the psychiatrist, you will be able to discharge some of the thoughts in your mind that are killing your own human spirit. You're afraid. Why are you afraid? Your father made you afraid when you were a little girl.


Brethren, psychiatrists know about family line curses. They just don't call it that. They don't call it a curse. That's a dirty word in our society today, but they know what your father did to you, that he wouldn't let you out of the house because he was afraid you were going to skin your knee. And you grew up to be some kind of perverted [?male?], so you go to see a psychiatrist, and he starts treating you like your father should have treated you. And what happens? Your human spirit starts to respond and starts to develop and becomes bold and starts coming out of her shell. And, of course, the psychiatrist is an authority figure, and it weakens the carnal mind, and the human spirit grows.


Now we found out, in Hinduism, that the answer of this problem, by Hinduism, is that they weaken the carnal mind through religious works, through meditation and through physical exercise, through discipline. They lay hold of their body and their mind through discipline, and they refuse to be ruled by this outer circle. They refuse by their own will power to r- -- be ruled by it, and they develop this human spirit, but, of course, it's by the spirit of Satan.


But they -- there are a lot of Hindus. Now every Hindus is not a practicing Hindu. Those Hindus that practice, I've known several of them. They're very happy in their lives, very disciplined people. Do you know that one of the biggest problems we have in this country today is a lack of discipline? Discipline must be taught from when a child is very young. When you teach your young children discipline and by the time they become men and women, they then know how to discipline themselves. Young men and women that have not been taught to discipline themselves are victims. They're victims of parents that may have loved them very much but did not know how to raise children.


I want to tell you that discipline can save your life. If you are being attacked by a depression but you have been raised that you know -- and you see this in prisoner of war camps, amongst soldiers. You get up in the morning. You make your bed. You take your shower. You get dressed. You wash your dishes. It has been drilled into you since you are a child. That can pull you out of your depression. People that are not disciplined will -- sometimes you go to people's houses, and they're a disaster because they have yielded to this lack of discipline which has strengthened the weakness in their own soul.


So we see Hinduism using discipline, physical and mental, to bring their life under their own control, and they believe that the ultimate -- and what are they trying to do? Let me make this clear. They're trying to escape their carnal mind. Psychi- -- people that go to psychiatrists are trying to escape their carnal mind. Why? Because he's crushing their human spirit which is their true life, their creativity. Hinduism is trying to free the human spirit from the carnal mind through discipline and through meditation, meditation which stimulates the human spirit which is joined to Satan.


And they believe that the ultimate deliverance -- Hinduism believes that the ultimate deliverance is through reunion with the creator of the universe. Now isn't that what we believe? So you see, now you can go up to a Hindu and say, hey, man, I believe in reunion with the creator of the universe. Let me tell you about the creator of the universe. Let me tell you about Him. I've got something in common with you. You're not my enemy. You're my brother. Let me tell you about Jesus.


OK, so we have a whole message on Hinduism. I'm not going to do that again. Are there any questions so far? And I'm going to try and touch on Buddhism. I'm really all over the place tonight, OK.






            What you were saying there is that Jesus, or Christ, was the original -- when God made us, was the original seed that was supposed to be implanted, and Satan somehow got in there and planted his seed instead.


[?The tail, planted a tail?].


            All right, so through that, now we have to fight to earn for Christ again. We --


To fight [CROSSTALK]


            -- fight the get Christ within us. That was our punishment for that, in a sense, that we let Satan in, that he came in, so now we have to fight to free ourselves from Satan and come back to Christ.


Right, except that I want to put on the message it's not a punishment, but we did reap what we sowed. See, Adam was disobedient and what God had warned him about came to pass. It wasn't really a punishment. It's more like God saying -- it's more like you saying to your child, well, if you touch the stove, you're going to get burnt, and then you turn around. You're watching him. You're watching him. You're watching him, and you turn around, and he touches the stove. Now you didn't want your sun to get burnt. You warned him, but he touched the stove. God loves us. God loves us. Yes.


            I was taught that the h- -- the spirit is dead in a person until they accept Jesus into their life and invite the Holy Spirit in, and then that makes a human spirit alive joined with Christ.


Yes, that's true. The human spirit is dead, but, remember, Hell is a place where the dead have an existence. Hell is a place -- look it up in your concordance. It's in Strong's. Hell is a place where the dead have an existence. You see, there a wrong tr- -- there's a wrong definition of death in the church. We think that death is the death of this body, but it's not. Once the creation fell, once the spirit died, it's just a matter of time till everything else dies, you know.


            Also you said Satan is in us, in our carnal mind, but Satan is actually outside of us, isn't he? And what we are is, like, his children because it says that we obey Satan, our father, Jesus said.


No, now this is the mirror image problem, no. All spiritual life is in the minds of men, OK. Now it's a reverse -- let me give you another example. I know this is tough. Everything in the natural world is an example to help us understand spiritual things. Now when we look at the ocean or the sea, we see a great body of water, and we can see islands in it, little pieces of land in it, OK.


In the realm of the spirit, it's the exact opposite. We are the islands. Did you ever read in the Old Testament about the islands? We are the isles, and the water is inside of us. The drop of water is inside of us, and that drop of water is the spiritual life whether it be the spiritual life of Satan or the spiritual life of Christ. It's inside of men, and we are ruled or controlled by spiritual life from within. It's within. All spiritual life is within, and it's a great mystery because when God first told me this, I had a problem with it. I just know that it's true.


As big as this world is, this world is in a place that's called the time-space continuum. It's time. It has substance to it. Spirit has no substance. I- -- well, it doesn't have this kind of substance to it. It doesn't have form. It doesn't take up room, so it's possible for a spiritual world that's greater than the -- that [?is as?] far out as you can imagine to be inside of men. OK, I can't explain it any better. I don't understand it. I just know it's true, that spirit arises from within us. It arises from within us. OK, anybody else?


            I was just thinking, the computer world, how you can take a tiny little chip and put so much into it.


Yeah, OK.




Thank you.


            And, Jimmy, I was thinking too about the Scripture when Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead," when the man wanted to bury his father who still wasn't dead. Jesus referred to them as the living dead. That's what they were, the living dead. He said, "Let the dead bury their own dead."






            What he was just talking about, Satan being outside of us. Well, there is a Scripture that makes us think that he's out there in the air.


What's that?


            That Scripture.


What? That he's the prince of the power of the air?


            He's the prince of the power of the air.


Yeah. Well, there is a couple of Greek words that are translated air. The air is spirit. If you look it up, you'll see that it's talking about the spirit.


            [?The human spirit?]?


It's talking about the realm of the spirit which is within.




It does -- it's not a Greek word that is translated atmosphere. The air out here is the atmosphere. It's not that Greek word. It's a different word. Yeah.


            Do you know when Peter started to tell Jesus that he didn't think that it was going to come to pass that Jesus should give up His life, and Jesus turned around and said -- did He say, I bind you Satan, or did He say, I rebuke you Satan?


I doubt that He said, I bind you, because that's a false doctrine, the way they used binding and loosing in the church. I doubt that He said that.




He said, "Get thee behind Me, Satan."


            Oh, that's what He said, yeah.


He said, "Get thee behind Me," and what did He mean by that? That's a good point? That's a real good point.




Let me show you what he meant.


            -- [?called?] Peter Satan [INAUDIBLE]


Yeah, called Peter Satan, and let me show you what He meant by it. That's a good point. Thank you, Jesus. Now Peter had two minds. He had a carnal mind and the mind of Christ.




OK, I don't know. Really, I don't know how to put it on the board. Let me show you with my hands. I told you this the other day. Only one can be on top at a time, and the one that's on top is the one that's talking through you.




So for Satan to be on top, Christ had to be tread underfoot, so Jesus said to him, "Get thee behind Me." Let -- get down, carnal mind, and let Christ come up on top.




OK. That's what He said.


            [?That was pretty good?].


Only one spirit can be showing from second to second. Now you could change from second to second. You could go from Christ to Satan from second to second, but at the second that the spirit's appearing, it can only be one at a time. I may be able to speak Spanish as well as English, but at any given moment, I'm either speaking Spanish or English, OK.


            You spoke about owls before and their souls, but I'm looking at Ecclesiastes 3:21, and it says, "Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?"


That's a bad translation.


            I was wondering.


Yeah. It's a bad translation. What it's saying is that man has a soul just like animals, but what we have that they don't have is the human spirit which has produced the carnal mind. Check in -- I think it's in the NIV. It's much clearer.




            I don't -- you said -- you started to say that -- I mean, how do we identify our human spirit? And then you said it's very hard to [INAUDIBLE] the human spirit, but I didn't really get the whole answer of how we -- how do we identify the [CROSSTALK]


It's spiritual. The human spirit is spiritual and creative. When we're in a meeting like this, she's manifesting. She's manifesting in unison with the Father through the Christ. OK, she's also in creativity. She could be in art or in music. I know a lot of people would disagree with me about this, but this is my opinion. I believe that a lot of classical music was inspired by the Christ in an unregenerate man, and a lot of the classical -- well, I won't say that now. I know, like, Mozart was a very degenerate man, and his music is beautiful, and I'm of the opinion that it was a gift from God to the unsaved world. And, you know, you're free to disagree with me if you want.


I know that there is some classical music that is demonic. I've heard it, and as a matter of fact, one of Mozart's pieces -- when his father died, he wrote a requiem mass that is horrible, but he has written music, and Beethoven who is also very reprobate has written music, that -- I believe that I have the spirit of God, and I believe that I have discerning of spirits, and the music is beautiful. It's uplifting.




Yeah. I don't listen to music very often. Usually, with all my free time, I'm listening to messages, but when I do listen to music -- and there's not much Christian music I'll listen to. I listen to Rita's music. I listen to June's music, but I don't like the Christian rock that's out there. It's a worldly spirit. It does not glorify the Christ in me at all. But I will listen from time to time. I'll go to the opera. I'll go to a concern, and it is uplifting, and it is beautiful, and I am of the opinion it was a gift from God. Does not the Scriptures say that He gives corn and oil and rain and all of the good things to the evil as well as the good?


            OK. And you said that -- the second part of that was you were saying that -- how that the father or the mother could have been overprotective over that person and through their carnal mind crush that person's human spirit. Well, when a child is first born, they're born with a carnal mind, right?




            But if a parent really knew how to bring up that child, could that child have grown up with a weakened carnal mind and their spirit manifesting most of the time instead of that carnal mind? You know what I'm saying?


No, ask me again.


I'm saying -- OK, a child that comes from a dysfunctional family would probably be overprotected like that, right?


Oh, yeah.


            And what I'm saying is I know that the child is born with a carnal mind, but if the person really -- if the mother and father were functional and their human spirits were at a level where they were really manifesting who they are in the spirit --




            -- they could bring that child up to where that w- -- that carnal mind could be weakened.


Oh, yes.


            And their human spirit would manifest.


Oh, yes. Your parents are very important in your life. Outside of a supernatural move of Christ, I believe that we cannot get past our parent's problems. If our parents are emotionally disturbed, the children will be emotionally disturbed. Outside of a miraculous move of Christ, we cannot get past the authority that's over us, and I want to tell you this situation exists in the church today. If you go to a church and Jesus is not your head, if you have made the pastor of that church your cover, and it's preached in some churches, you cannot get beyond that man. You will not grow beyond where he is. There's a ceiling. There's a spiritual ceiling in our life, and we cannot get beyond the authority that raises us, so you'd better not idolize any minster or any pastor. That includes me. I really recommend you don't idolize me because God won't tolerate it. He doesn't tolerate it. You'll be out of here. He doesn't throw me out. He throws you out, whoever does it. He hasn't thrown me out yet, OK. Don't do it. It's dangerous. [?And --?] it's dangerous. Get your eyes off of man. [INAUDIBLE] question?


            Just a comment. I was just thinking about that young rock group, the Grateful Dead.




            Even they know they're dead.


I guess the Lord really wants me to say this because you had to remind me twi- -- He had to remind me twice through you. The Scripture [?really sa-?] -- the Scripture says to be carnally minded is death. The scriptural definition of death is to be thinking with your carnal mind. The scriptural definition of death is to be living your life thinking with your carnal mind, so anyone that's teaching you that you die when your body dies, they're teaching you a lie.


And it's -- not only is it not true because we all died when Christ died at the beginning of time. We were in the loins of Christ at the beginning of time, and when He died, we died. Brethren, if a young woman who is a potentially fertile woman, who has the potential to have one, two, five or 13 children in her lifetime, if she dies before she bears her first child, every potential child that would have been born to her would have died. You said you wanted 13 children, brother do- -- John. If, God forbid, your mother died before you were born, all 13 of you would not exist. So we all died in Adam's loins at the beginning of time, so that's a false doctrine, to be teaching anybody or [?to believing?] that you die when your body dies.


And on the contrary, aside from the fact that we died at the beginning of time, we do -- our soul doesn't die when our body dies. Our body dies when our soul departs from it. Our body does not keep our soul alive. Our soul keeps our body alive, and our bo- -- you look up the Greek word that's used mostly to describe death is the word thanatos, and it means the separation of the soul from the body, which separation kills the body.


Now check this out. Everything that happens in the realm of the spirit is being counterfeited own here in the fallen realm of the soul. The spirit of Christ separated from Adam, and he died. The soul separates from body, and the body dies. It just goes right down the line and keeps repeating itself on a lesser and lesser degree. Does anybody not understand what I just said? Your body doesn't kill your soul, and I don't know how long it takes your soul to die after it separates from your body because the soul that sins, it's going to die. The Lord said, the soul that sins, it's going to die.




Yeah, it doesn't -- OK. The Scripture does not say the soul that sins that has had a relationship with Jesus goes to heaven. The Scripture says, the soul that sinned dies, and your spirit is gathered unto the Father's.






            Thanatos, and that's [INAUDIBLE] Scripture.


In what Scripture?




What Scripture?


            The soul that sins must die.


No, that's [?in the Hebrew?]. [INAUDIBLE]


            Oh, so what kind of death is it talking about?


I don't know.              


            [INAUDIBLE] the body?


Well, the soul that sins that dies, it can't be separation from the body because the soul keeps the body alive. The soul that sins dies. To me, it means to -- dissolution, it dissolves. OK, is everybody OK? Should I go on with this Buddhism? Are you all OK? Yeah, Michelle has a question, OK.


            It's about idolatry. [?You?] were talking before about idolizing anyone, like a pastor or [CROSSTALK]


Try and talk a little louder for me, OK?


            All right. How do you know if you're idolizing someone like a pastor or mother or friend, when you're looking more to them than to God? What are the signs?


OK, the signs are that you go to them before you go to God. No matter what your problem is, you should go to Jesus first. To get into a state or if you have a problem, if you're immediately running to your pastor, you're really flirting with trouble. Now, of course, we know that God puts people in our lives to help us. Like, I know you call me a lot. But what I do to avoid that is -- or what I used to do. I really don't -- pretty much it's just me and the Lord right now. I would say, Father, I have a problem, and I need t- -- I need help. Who would you have me to talk to about it?


Now if you're in a church and you believe that God has put you in the church, you may not have to do that every time, but from time to time, just check it out. Say, well, Lord, I'm calling Sheila for counseling, and I just want You to know that You're still number one with me, and if for any reason You don't want me calling her or at any time You don't want me calling her, You want me to go to someone else, just tell me and I'll do it, OK. Because, you know, anything could happen to me. God could take me tomorrow. It's possible. I hope not. I don't believe it, and if all of -- if you're counting on me, where is that going to leave you? You have to believe that if God were to take me tomorrow, He would have another counselor waiting for you for so long as you needed counseling. Eventually, you're not supposed to need it anymore, but for as long as you need it. Your faith has to -- just one second, OK. Your faith has to be in God.


See, this is where the church is in trouble. Their faith is in their job. Their faith is in their education. Their faith is in their job skills. Their faith is in the fact that they tithe. Their faith is in the fact that they go to church every Sunday. Their faith is in the fact that they fast. Brethren, your faith must be in Jesus Christ to provide your every need no matter what the tragedy or no matter how difficult the circumstance.


And I want to tell you that money is one tough problem. We -- most people won't confess it, or they don't believe it, but not many people really have faith in Jesus to provide their money when they've been working all their life. And I repeat again, I'm not knocking anybody. You spend your whole life working. It's really hard to believe that if you stop working God's going to provide your needs. It's hard, and I know. I'm going through it. It took God three years to strip me of a secular job, and I'm still having problems. I used to tell Him all the time, you know, Lord, if my natural father came to me and said, I'm going to support you for the next year, don't worry about it, I'd go home and sleep like a baby. God says to me, I'm going to support you for the next year, and I'm having an anxiety attack for the next two years.


And I've gone before Him, and I've told Him, I know that it's sin, and this is what I'm feeling. My mind says You're more qualified to support me than my father, but I'm having all this anxiety. So it's very easy to believe it in your mind, and then God takes it away from you. It's not so easy, but He'll do it because He loves us. And I want to tell you right now, I'm thanking God for where I am. When I look at the economy today, I thank God I've already gone through my trial. I don't have anything to lose. He already took it all from me. It's all gone. I'm living, waiting for Him to provide my needs right now. I'm not waiting to lose my job. I'm already in it, so what He gives me I have. But for someone that's been working all their life supporting themselves all their life, that is one hard thing. You know, in 1929, they were jumping out of the windows when they lost their money. Please, don't count on me. Count on the Lord. Did you have a question?




Anybody? OK, I'm going to try this Buddhism if the Lord lets me do it. He may not let me do it. I've really been all over the place tonight. OK, I'll give you the basic principles of Buddhist thought, and then, Lord willing, I'm going to show you where it meets and agrees with Christianity. It's very exciting. It's a very exciting message God gave us.


It says here the goal Buddhism is to overcome man's predicament. And what is man's predicament? He is fallen. His carnal mind has taken up the job of protecting his human spirit, and instead of protecting it, he's killing it, causing all kinds of problems in his life. Buddhism says that man's predicament is sorrow, which re- -- Buddhism emphasizes man's attachment to himself. You see, we're not supposed to -- I took it off the board. We're not supposed to be attached to our carnal mind. We're supposed to be attached to God. Our problem is our attachment to ourself and our unwillingness, which is rooted in fear, to let go of ourself. Jesus is yelling, let go, let go, let go, and we can't let go. How do you do it? How do you let go? How do you repent? How do you confess that [UNINTELLIGIBLE]? How do you do it? You can't do it. It's a miracle. The Scripture says God grants us repentance. It's a miracle that we could see ourselves for what we are. It's a miracle.


And I declare to you that God won't let you see yourself where you are before it's time for Him to move in your life. Do you know I believe that if we really saw our hearts, we would go mad. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who can [?know it?]? So He shows us little by little. Who could bear it? I have shed many tears over my failings. I have cried my eyes out at what God has shown me in my own heart, but, brethren, it's the only way we're going to make the transfer into Christ, but it's a miracle that He lets us see it. It's a miracle of God. It's a mercy of God to let us look at our own heart and say, You're right, Lord, You're righteous, and I am unrighteous. Have mercy on me. OK.


So the way Buddhism puts it is that man's -- fallen man's relationship to reality -- relationship to this reality, which would be the human spirit, is not correct. Well, we just said that it's not correct. Our relationship to our human spirit and to God is not correct. What are we doing? We're surrounding it and killing it, and we're looking inward. And the answer -- ma- -- I don't think I made this clear. The answer to this condition is to stop looking inward and to start going outward. Isn't that what Jesus teaches? Doesn't He teach a life of faith? Doesn't He teach a denial of self and an expression outward?


Now what we see in the church today is many people trying. They're trying. They're really trying, and they give money, and they do good works. But, brethren, I'm here tonight to tell you that it's got to be a spiritual work in your heart, and that is a miracle of God. It is a miracle of God to stop defending yourself and let Jesus arise and be your new mind. It is a work of grace that He is just starting to do in this hour, and we have a whole church full of people that think that they're OK and they're ready for the rapture, and they're not. And when the times, the Lord's coming to them, and He's saying, it's your time, and I'm going to give you the strength. Admit that you're week and I'm strong. Admit it not just with your head, but let Me have your heart. Let Me have your life.


And then, if you won't do it or if you can't do it, judgment will fall. The Scripture tells us the judgments of God are merciful. We're told in the Old Testament. In the New Testament we're told nobody loves the chastening. We're not that stupid. Nobody loves it, but in the morning, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness. What is that? What is it? We've got to understand what these words mean. What is the peace- -- who knows? What's the peaceable fruit of righteousness? You be quiet, someone else. Who knows? What is the peaceable fruit of righteousness? What is it? Who is righteous?




It's Christ. It's Christ. Your works are as filthy rags. Christ must arise in you. He must arise in you, and when He arises in you, He will tread your carnal mind underfoot. Did not Paul say Christ will shortly bruise Satan under your feet? And they stand up in church and they say, now when I say three, everybody --




-- make Satan ashes under your feet, and everybody's -- I'm sorry if I'm making fun of you. It's got to stop. It's got to stop. It's got to stop. I don't mean any harm to anybody. It's got to stop. [?And everybody?], grown men stand there and stamp their feet. It's got to stop.




It's got to stop, and if it doesn't stop, judgments falling. It's got to stop. I make a joke out of it because it's easier to take, but it's got to stop. The witchcraft in the church has got to stop. Well, let me tell you this about Buddhism. It arose in India. Hinduism arose in India, and Buddhism arose in India. Hinduism has pretty much remained confined to India, but Buddhism has gone out beyond the borders of India, and Buddhism is an outgrowth of Hinduism, so they have a lot of teachings in common. And the basic difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is this. Hinduism believes that we re- -- we get delivered from the tyranny of our carnal mind through union or reunion with the creator of the universe, which is true. That's what we believe, amen.


Buddhism does not believe in re- -- now this is very interesting. Maybe I'm just going to be skipping around here tonight. Buddhism does not believe in deliverance through reunion with the creator. Buddhism believes in deliverance through what the author of this book calls a blowing out of existence, which means this. Buddhism teaches there's not going to be any more world. There's not going to be any more union because we don't even really exist. There's just a core of consciousness. They say the body doesn't exist. There's just a core of consciousness, which I suggest to you is the human spirit, that exists.


And I want to tell you that if -- the next time you talk to a Buddhist, you can say amen because that's what glorification is. That's what -- does not the Scripture say, "And when every enemy is put underfoot, even the last enemy, which is death, Christ shall give up the creation to the Father, and the whole creation shall be restored to pure spirit." That is glorification. This world won't exist. These bodies won't exist. Personality won't exist because there's not going to be any more Christ. We're going to be total union with the Father.


So we could say Hinduism teaches deliverance through full stature. And what is full stature? The condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion. Buddhism teaches glorification as the answer to our [?problems?]. [INAUDIBLE] Buddhism does have the stop that we would call full stature, but they don't stop there. They go on to what we call glorification, which Hinduism doesn't preach.


And, again, Hinduism and Buddhism and psychiatry are geared towards delivering men from the experience of sorrow. They consider the experience of sorrow as the inescapable fact and condition of human existence. Some people are more sorrowful than others, but people that have the best life experience some sorrow. In the Buddhist view, man's suffering is rooted in a distortion of the way he looks at the world. Well, that's true. Isn't that what we teach in the church, renew your mind? Isn't that what they teach in the church, stop looking at it that way? Don't be negative. Look at Jesus. Have faith in God. All things are possible in Christ. Change your thinking. The only difference is the Buddhists believe that your mind is renewed through knowledge, and we that are in Christ know that knowledge -- what does knowledge do, somebody?


            [?Puff up?].


Puffs up, knowledge puffs up. It cannot be in your head. Christ must arise in you. It is a spiritual happening. It is a spiritual experience. It must happen to you. Now I went to a -- I was in another church recently, and I heard the preacher preach the Holy Spirit brings forth Christ in you. He was preaching all the right things, but I think if he heard me say that the Holy Spirit enters in, causes you to conceive, Christ is born in you and arises and kills your carnal mind, he'd probably throw me out of the church, but he was saying the same thing. He said the Holy Spirit brings forth Christ. The Holy Spirit is not enough. The Holy Spirit is not enough. The Holy Spirit is not enough. His function is to bring forth the Son.


There is another step in there that is not being preached. The function of the Holy Spirit is not to let you speak in tongues or get all puffed up because you prophesy. That is not the function of the Holy Spirit. The function of the Holy Spirit is to fertilize, to join with your Holy Spirit and cause Christ to begin to be formed in you. It's another step, and we have a whole church full of Christians that have been sitting in church for years with the Holy Spirit pouring over them for years. They have been prophesying. They have been speaking in tongues. Sometimes they've raised the dead, and Christ is not being formed in them.


The gifts and the calling of God is without repentance. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. Christ only comes forth with repentance, so when you're a child, God lets you play with spiritual blocks. It's the truth. He lets you play with spiritual blocks. You dabble in spiritual things, but when you grow up in Christ, He's not fooling anymore. He wants the real thing. What is the real thing? What does He want? He wants your life. He wants your life. He wants to walk in you. He wants to talk to you. He wants to think in you. He wants to be you.


You know the Scripture in Genesis, "And the Father walked in the garden in the cool of the day."? He walked in Adam's mind, brethren. We are the garden, and there's a weed in our garden. It's a big dandelion, and it's filling up the whole garden. Do you know how da- -- how deep dandelion roots grow? Do you know what you have to dig up to get a dandelion root? There's one big weed in the Father's garden, and it's about to be dug up, but before the Lord digs it up, He gives you a present.


Why is He doing it that way? Because if He'd just rushed into your life and dug up your weeds, you'd probably die from the shock. We probably would die from the shock. Don't you know that if you uproot a tree without certain precautions and special care, that tree will die from shock? Do you know trees die from shock? So He introduces us to spiritual things slowly, but the problem with the church today is they got stuck. They got stuck. They're sitting there. They took a wrong turn, and they're in trouble, but Jesus is coming. He's going to get them out of trouble.


God loves His people. He's going to get them out of trouble. Where people stumble, where the believers stumble is how God gets them out of trouble. They can't believe that God would be rough with them, and they call it Satan. They call the judgments of God Satan, the judgments of God which are merciful. Why? Because they produce life. He doesn't let you stay in your death. He will beat you to the point of death if it is your time to live. Maybe He'll kill you and raise you from the dead, if it's necessary.


Brethren, man is a stiff-necked, stubborn people. The church of the living God is a stiff-necked, stubborn people. He calls, and they won't come. They think they have all the answers. I get letters all the time. I've just been converted. Send me messages so I can go out and evangelize. Brethren, you're not ready to do that. You've got to submit yourself to study and discipline and ministry. You've got to be prepared.


And if I ever get to it tonight, we're going to find out that in -- I don't know what's going on with me tonight. I can't get this message out, that in Buddhism they have teachers that minister to small groups of disciples, teach them, build spirituality in them. They do what Jesus did. Do you know that Buddhist and Hindus have pictures of Jesus on their wall? Did you know that?




They do, they do. They call Him a prophet. They call Him a holy man. They call Him one of the Ascended Masters. They know all about what He did. They know all about it, feeding the 5,000 and raising the dead. They know all about it. Now I honestly don't know whether anyone in Hinduism has ascended, of course by another spirit, to this point. There are books written about it. I don't know whether it's hypothetical, whether they're saying it's possible to happen or whether it's actually happened. I would like you to know. I'll answer your question that I believe that the spirit of Satan can raise up a man to do everything that Jesus did except one thing, and that's rise from the dead. I want to tell you Satan has power. Now I'm not saying this to make you afraid. I'm telling you the truth, that Satan has more power than we have.


You know, I was over in Africa, and I found out that every horror movie that they ever made in this country, that I thought was fantasy, is based on truth of the witchcraft that goes on over there. They have people over there that kill with their mind. They have a cult over there that takes a knife and slices their flesh, and nothing -- and they're not penetrated. They're not pierced. They have all kinds of -- they're doing all kinds of things over there with their mind, and when they receive the spirit of Christ, they're going to enter in like that. Spirituality must be built in us. It must be built in us.


The Buddhists and the Hindus, they recognize Jesus as a holy man. They have no problem with it. Everything He did, they teach. OK, Lord, help me get this message out, OK. Buddhism teaches that this whole world is an illusion. Now we've been teaching that here. This world is an illusion. Our body is an illusion. Our soul is an illusion, and I'm going to try and explain it to you because I know we have people here tonight that never heard this teaching.


            [INAUDIBLE] [?knowing the truth?] is two different things, you know. Like, sometimes, you might not ever heard it, but when you hear it, you know it's the truth.


Yes, well, that means something in you is responding to it. Some people, I believe, are born with a greater potential for spirituality than others. There's no question about that. Those of us that have been in deliverance know that there's such a thing as psychic heredity, amen. [?It's like you?] have to renounce psychic heredity.


People are born with an ability to be spiritual that they have inherited from their family line, but it's almost always occultish. Why is it almost always occultish? Because there have been workers of witchcraft in the world for thousands of generations, and it's built -- it increases with each generation. Christ has only been in the Earth 2,000 genera- -- 2,000 years, so -- and not only has He only been in the -- well, He's only -- I won't say that. OK, He's only been in the Earth 2,000 years.


If you see families -- I don't see too many of them, but I do know one family where salvation has been on the family line for four generations, and there -- on this fourth generation, almost everybody has a relationship with the Lord. It does go down on the family line. Of course, everybody has to have their own experience, but when Christ is moving in family members, well, it's just a matter of time because the Scripture says train them up in the ways of the Lord, and they will return to the Lord when they are grown, so it's passed on the family line. But we see a relationship with Jesus on the family in this hour, but I don't really see spiritual development passed along in Christ. I don't know if anyone would disagree with me on that. I may be wrong about that, but I haven't really seen spiritual development passed along. I see people having a relationship with Christ and going to church.


But I declare to you that the Lord is doing a new thing in this hour, that the Old Testament prophets declare that the Lord will do a new thing. I've heard it prophesied in various churches for the last five years, that the Lord is doing a new thing, and that new thing is that he's building spirituality into his carnal people through the formation of Christ in them. But because the message isn't really being preached, some people will find Him coming upon them as a thief in the night. That's what that Scripture means. Now whoever He's bringing this message to, some people are hearing the message and entering in with understanding. Others are hearing the message and rejecting, but, brethren, if God has called you to this end-time move of God, if you are called, if you are one of the vessels that He intends to appear in and you won't come, He is coming upon you as a thief in the night. It's going to happen to you.


The Scripture says, Jacob is going to be like a -- he's a man. Jacob is a man who's going to be like a woman with his hands on his loins as a woman in travail. What is he giving birth to? We're giving birth to the Christ, and the Scripture likens it to the physical experience of childbirth, and there is some pain involved, and most human beings -- why? Because they are preserving themselves, because they are defending themselves, they will run from the procedure that will lead to the birth of Christ in them which will save their life. Why? Because we're saved in childbearing. You've got to have the baby. You've got to have the baby. There is no salvation in the Holy Ghost. There is no salvation in the Holy Ghost. Salvation is with the Son.


You've got to have the baby. What baby? The Christ child in you. He must be born in you. You've got to have the baby. Why do you have to have the baby? Because is not this world passing away? This world is passing away. This flesh is passing away. This carnal mind is passing away, and if you have not had the baby, there will be nothing left of you. Did not Peter say that the elements will burn and come crashing down? What elements? Your carnal mind. If Christ is not in you, you shall not live. You will not survive the burning. The only thing that will survive the burning is the gold. What's the gold? Your human spirit is the gold. All the wood's going to burn. This flesh is wood, brethren. Your carnal mind is wood, so if Christ isn't in you, you're not going to be burning in Hell forever, but there's going to be nothing left of you.


So I do- -- I guess I'm not going to really get to much of this Buddhism tonight. Let me just try and tell you briefly how this world is an illusion. This whole world is an expression of spiritual life. Spiritual life has no form and no shape, but it is passed -- spiritual life can be likened to energy, to radio waves or to light waves. You know, you can't see radio waves or light waves. Now when you take rays of light and you pass it through water -- I'm a terrible artists. I'll try. You pass it through a body of water. If this is happening in our atmosphere, does anybody know what you get? Anybody remember what you get?


            A rainbow.


A rainbow. You see a rainbow. Light rays passing through water in the atmosphere produces a rainbow. Every time, without exception, light rays pass through water, you get a rainbow. Every time the spirit of God passes through the water which typifies the living soul, what do you get, somebody? Every time the spirit of God passes through the water of the living soul, what do you get?




No, not Christ.


            [?An image?]?


An im- -- a man. Well, you're right. I'm sorry, you're right. When it's the spirit of God -- I should have just said spirit. When a spirit passes through the water of the living soul, you get a man. When that spirit is God, you get -- I usually draw it by putting a scepter in his hand. You get a glorified man. When that spirit that is passing through the water of the living soul is Satan, you get a fallen man who has no power. Thanks. He has no power. Every time a spirit passes through the water of the living soul, man appears in the earth, and what in fact he is, is this spirit that is covered with an illusion. The rainbow is not real. You cannot grab it. You cannot capture it. It's an illusion. It's an image in the sky, and every time a spirit passes through the water of the living soul, this spirit finds himself covered with the image of a man.


We are spirit. We are spirit. We are spirit. The reason we have so much trouble understanding that we're Christ when we're in this in-between stage is that Satan is still so much a part of us that we have trouble really seeing what we are, and I've started to tell you this before. I think -- I don't think I got it out, or maybe I did. Our human spirit -- if we're in Christ, our human spirit is a harlot. She's in union with both the Father and Satan, and she has two offspring. She has a daughter who is a bastard, and her name is the carnal mind, and she has a Son which is the child of promise, which is Christ.


And we did a message on this. It's called "Heaven and Earth," and the Lord has revealed to us that spiritu- -- the reality of our spiritual condition is given to us in the example of human sexuality. That's how He's done it. We have a whole message on this. It's called "Heaven and Earth." This is what He showed us, that when a man and woman have a sexual union, they separate, and a child is born, and all three are separate. Mother, father, man, woman and child, you have three separate individuals, but, remember, this world is the exact opposite. It's the mirror image of the spirit. What is causing this world to exist is the fact that a male spirit has joined with a female spirit and has produced an offspring and that that offspring is living in an environment that can be likened to the amniotic sac of a fetus.


When the Father joined with the creation and produced His Christ as well as a sac, the whole creation was in Eden. When Satan joins with Eve, which is the condition now, and has produced the fetus, which is fallen man, and the sac or the environment that fallen man is living in, it is this world, it is called the Land of Nod. It is called Hell. It is the place where we sleep the sleep of death. And the reason God is not whipping it out completely is that if He did, we would cease to be, so He is arising from within us. And now the harlot has two children, and the harlot has two amniotic sacs. Only, in this hour, only one environment is being seen, and it's lying on top of the spiritual environment of Christ.


And when the hour comes that a group of men -- that the first group men stand up, that Christ appears in them, that the mind of Christ is manifesting in this world permanently. Now I remind you that John the Baptist said, "He who sent me said, the one upon whom the anointing abides, He is the one." Now when you prophesy or you speak in tongues and then you go home and forget about it, the anointing is not abiding upon you. When Christ appears in your mind and does never go down, when He permanently appears in your mind, when -- it's going to be a group of people. The next appearing is going to be a group of people. From that point forward, it's just a matter of time until this world, this Land of Nod, disappears, and that image of the spirit that's coming through the mind of Christ and the amniotic sac that it exists in becomes our world.


Everybody OK? I want to show you something on the board here. Do you know that Scripture that says the heavens rolled up like a scroll? I want to show you what it means, if I can draw it. Well, there's a -- I want to tell you something else first. Do you know the Scripture that says, "And one of the heads of the beast received a deadly wound."? I've heard people wondering what that deadly wound was for years, but I want to tell you, the Lord showed me what the deadly wound was. And, first of all, the Scripture doesn't say one of the heads. If you look it up in the Greek, it said -- that word one always can be translated the whole of, the whole of the heads, meaning the many-headed creation.


A- -- fallen Adam is divided. We're in many members. The whole creation was wounded. The whole of the many-headed creation was wounded, and, Lord, please, help me to draw this. So we had an amniotic sac in which Christ was in utero. Now let me just tell you this. The creation hasn't been born yet. We don't even know what our world looks like. We're in utero. Does anybody not know what I mean, we're in utero? We are a fetus. The creation has not been born yet. OK, so there was an amniotic sac, and Christ was in it, and all of a sudden a wound appeared in the amniotic sac.


And, you know, there's a spiritual reality of this. It's called a leg ulcer. It's not a wound that comes from the top of the skin and goes in. Thank you. It's a wound that arises. It starts at the bone, and if you look at the person's leg, there's a red circle on their leg, and every day it gets redder and redder and deeper and deeper, and finally the skin breaks and it ulcerates, but the wound doesn't go from the surface in. It comes from the underneath out. Everybody know what I'm talking about?


            A boil.


A boil, OK. That's good. So there was this amniotic sac, and all of a sudden, there was a wound. There was a rip in the sac. Something arose from underneath and started arising and spiraling outward, and all of a sudden, this amniotic sac split, and the Scripture says, and it rolled back like a scroll. It rolled back like a scroll. Can you all see it? It rolled back like a scroll, and this is what happened. All of a sudden, that which was underneath came to the front, covered over Christ, and all that you could see was the carnal mind. Everybody with me?


And we found Scriptures in Daniel 8 that said Satan went beyond -- when she poured forth her carnal mind, she went beyond Eden. Another layer came onto the creation. Brethren, this whole world is laying on top of Eden. Can you her this? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


We regret that we have lost approximate 45 minutes due to technical difficulties. We pick up with the message. Eve is so completely dissolved in the water of Satan that you think that you are your persona- -- you know, this personality in you is a manifestation of Satan, and Satan has so confused God's people that we think we're him. See, right now, your mind is so dissolved in the water of Satan that you can -- are having trouble understanding what's going to happen to you when Christ is [?all in one?].


This is what's going to happen to you. He's going to boil you for a sin offering. That's in Daniel 7, and the water of Satan is going to vaporize and leave you, and the true you which you cannot see right now is going to be separated from this adulterous marriage to Satan. And the water of Christ is going to come upon you, and you're going to be dissolved in or [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


That's in Daniel 7, and the water of Satan is going to vaporize and leave you, and the true you which you cannot see right now is going to be separated from this adulterous marriage to Satan, and the water of Christ is going to come upon you, and you're going to be dissolved in or marred to Christ, and then you're going to know who you are, and you're going to -- in your oneness with Christ are going to experience a greater me- -- not only a great measure, you're going to experience life, and you're going to realize that what you experienced in your union with Satan, which is your personality now, that it was death. And because the Lord has just started to teach you this and you're having trouble understanding it, the discipline that hears this for the first time has a fear of being dissolved into nothingness, but it's not true. It's not true. You're going to be dissolved in your husband, Christ, and you're going to have life, and you're going to live forever. Yeah.


            You remember Lazarus and the rich man?




            Well, Lazarus appeared in paradise or in heaven as Lazarus, and he had already died, and he still appeared as himself, the same way the rich man, even though he died, he appeared as himself in Hell.


I'm sorry, Jimmy, but the Bible doesn't say that. I have a message on it. You take it home with you tonight, Lazarus and the rich man, OK. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's what you've been taught. It's all wrong teaching. It doesn't say that. I'll give you the message. If I forget, remind me. OK, you take it home with you tonight. OK, don't get embarrassed now. That's what they teach you. It's not true.


            [?There are so many Scriptures?] [INAUDIBLE] definitions [INAUDIBLE]. Every Scripture that talks about Hell and where the worm doesn't die --




            -- and how that people are going to be resurrected, the just and the unjust, you know, and both small and great, those that -- whose names are in the book of life will go into heaven, and those whose names are not are going to be thrown into the lake of fire. They'd already died.


OK. I have all this on message. If you're willing to listen, you can have the messages. All of this is done. I looked up all the words in the Greek. You see, the whole problem is this. Let me give you an example. I talk about this a lot. We find a lot of people in the church that have the gift of prophecy, and everybody hears the prophecy come forth, and they know that it's God. And then the person turns around and interprets the prophecy, and it's their carnal mind interpreting the prophecy. OK, what we have in the church today is a group of teachers that are reading the Scripture and interpreting it with their carnal mind. It's -- what you have been taught is an interpretation of the Scripture, and it's just fantasy. Paul says, in the last days, that they're going to be preaching fables for true doctrines. Doesn't the Scripture say that?


            But this has been preached for 2,000 years by everybody?


God, help us. No, I don't believe it was preached by the apostles, OK. I don't want to get stuck here. I'll give you some messages to take home with you. You pray before you listen to it, and ha- -- try and have an open mind. Ask God that, if it's true, to show it to you, OK, because this is the condition of the church today. Let me remind you that God is righteous. God has permitted this. Why? Because the day that the word mixes with the mind of a person that has the spirit of God, there's going to be an atomic explosion, and Christ is going to appear in this world system, and this world is going to fold back like a scroll, and it's going to be Eden again. So God has kept us in this condition until the appointed time.




And it's happening right now. You have a question?


            I just want to make a comment on the -- what -- you were going over the Scripture earlier, that Jesus did not mean My cup pass -- you know, that He asked the Father that that cup pass from Him. And I was talking to a brother recently who -- he's a student of the word, and he's gone back into original transcripts --




            -- and this is beyond the Hebrew and the Greek of the concordance that I could look into, but I was extreme- -- I -- it just -- like, in my spirit, I just bore witness with what he was saying, but I knew what he was saying was from an original transcript beyond this, and he said that is not what was written at all. He said what Jesus what Jesus actually said was, "Father, for this purpose, can I enter the world?" That's what he was saying. He wasn't even saying, "Father, may this cup pass from Me?" It's a total wrong trans- -- it's wrong. The wording and everything. As a matter of fact, the wording is just the opposite. It's like Jesus was jumping on it and saying, Father, I'm ready.




            Can I do it?




            While the carnal mind is telling us -- the trans- -- whatever, you know, the [CROSSTALK]


Translation, right.


            The translators is saying Jesus was saying, can I get out of this?




            And that's not what He was saying at all.


Not at all.


            He was saying, Father, for this purpose that I came, can I do it now?


Right, that would have been sin. If Jesus was saying that, it would have been sin because Christ would never say that. Only a carnal mind would have said that, and if Jesus was manifesting a carnal mind in the garden, that would have meant He was not God. It would have meant that Christ was not fully paralyzing his carnal mind, and there's another witness to it.


I'll give you another witness to it. On the cross, the Scripture says, "Jesus cried and said, Father, why have You forsaken Me?" Brethren, Christ would never accuse the Father of forsaking Him. Only a carnal mind of man would do that, so if you could believe that, you believe was not perfect after the baptism. I've now given you two witnesses that if you believe what you're preaching, you are saying that Jesus was not perfect after the baptism. You're saying that He tried to get out of the crucifixion by asking if this cup pass from Him, and He was saying, Father, why have You forsaken Me?


And the reality of what He was saying, which is translated, Father, why have You forsaken Me, when I looked it up in the Greek -- when I looked up all the words in the Greek, I found out that it said, Father, now that you have forsaken Me, I can die. I want to tell you, if every drop of blood drained out of His body, that body would not have died so long as the Father, in full stature, was present in it. So -- now why would Jesus say, you know, now that it's -- now that You're leaving Me, I can die? Why did He hang there for six hours? I don't know why it took six hours, but it took six hours for Jesus to join Himself to the carnal mind. It took him six hours --




OK. It took six days -- I’m sorry, it took six hours for Him to slay the enmity in His flesh and of the [?twain?] to make one new man, and the Father would not depart from Him until the joining was complete. So Jesus was saying now it’s all right, Father. Do it. The job is done. You can leave me and I could die.


I think when Jesus was saying in the garden, Father if it be possible let this cup pass from me, He wasn’t in sin and He -- when He said that, but what was happening was -- is that he was being tempted, because in Hebrews later on it says unless you sweat drops of blood you haven’t suffered temptation, or something to that effect. So He didn’t sin by saying that. He was still the perfect Christ.


The perfect Christ would’ve never said that, jimmy. The perfect Christ would’ve never said that. And try to remember what I said earlier that any thought that comes out of the carnal mind is sin. Christ would’ve never said that.


            And it makes Him look weak.


It makes Him look weak.


            He said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


Yeah, He was talking about the disciples that had fallen asleep; He wasn’t speaking about Himself when He said that.


            But that’s possible because He was flesh too. You know?


He was the Son of God.


            Yes He was.


And He had total dominion over His flesh. OK?




            He was perfect. I agree with you.


He was perfect so He could’ve never to- -- look, I’m not going -- I will never twist your arm. You’re going to have to, you know, get before God. Listen to the messages, get before God and get your answers. I really don’t want to hang up the whole meeting at this point. OK? But what you’re doing is giving back all the false doctrine that you’ve been taught, and we could sit here for three hours and everything you tell me I’m going to say it’s not true, so I want to, sort of, cool it. OK?




June wants to speak.


I just wanted to comment about when you were saying about Christ asking the Father everything. You know? How much we have to ask Christ everything. You know that it’s the same thing with us.


Right. Right. I even -- yeah?


            When you said too --


Give him the mic.


When you had said Jesus had said, Father, now can I do this, and I bared witness. I felt that. I felt that all within me that we should ask the Father everything.


Everything. Everything.


            Ask Him first. I felt it. I felt it all through my body.


Uh-huh, amen. He wants total obedience.


And before when you were talking [UNINTELLIGIBLE] brought forth to my mind the sign that Ceely has in her basement saying repent daily. I never understood what that meant. Otherwise repent of my own ideas, my own thoughts [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. And it brought back to my mind when He once told me -- He says, “You haven’t even got the right to be right.” And I understand now that any of my right -- so called right thinking, give everything back to Him.


Right. And it -- you see, the carnal mind will say well, if somebody’s hurting me or somebody’s giving me difficulty, well pack up and get out of here. That’s what the carnal mind says, but Jesus doesn’t say that. Jesus said that He’s going to make us stumbling blocks to the nation. That in the time of judgment He’s going to send us to the house of Israel to challenge, what? To challenge the sin in their heart. And they’re going to stumble over us because they will not be able to perceive Christ in us, but will think that we are a carnal person saying I don’t like you, or a carnal person saying you have offended me personally. No. Christ will send us to the people to point out their sin when any natural person in their right mind would flee from the situation.


So that’s the whole point when -- see, people don’t really understand this concept of obedience. When Christ matures us -- as we mature in Christ, He’s going to transfer us from a place where He meets all of our needs to a place where we meet all of His needs, and as we meet -- and I know you think that’s a contradiction, I’ll explain it in a minute. I just said Jesus didn’t need anything, now I’m saying Christ -- Jesus does need us. Christ does need us. What He needs us for is as an expression in the earth of Himself. That’s why He said you’re worth more than many sparrows.


We are the potential to be the expression of Christ in the earth. In a place where He’s seen, but He wants to be everything. He wants to be calling the shots. He wants to be setting everything up, and sending us, and we can -- who can know the mind of Christ? Who can know the mind of Christ? If you wake up in the morning, how do you know how He has planned to use you that day? So we must be in a condition of mind where we have so submitted to the Lord that we are His. Which means at the prompting, we will go where He wants us to go. There is a scripture that says Israel is the horse of the Lord. Brethren, we are the horse of the Lord. When He kicks His heal into our side, we’re supposed to go to the right. And we got a whole church-world going to the left when He’s kicking on the right side of the horse. And very soon He’s about to pull in the reins, and our neck is going to start to hurt, and your neck is where your pride is. Did you have a question brother John?


Yeah, I have [INAUDIBLE] what you were saying is that, for example, [INAUDIBLE] what has taken place in the last days. So really when He says in 1 and 18, “I am he that liveth, and was dead.” Our Lord [?said?] he died then, but this coming forth later through us, in other words Him reforming Himself in us, He becomes the one that was dead that will live forevermore.




And not only that, but, “He will rule with a rod of iron.” He didn’t do that before.




            That cannot be done until He comes to [INAUDIBLE].




            And reforms Himself as [INAUDIBLE].


Right. I want to show you that on the board. I’m glad you brought that up. I showed you this once before but the Lord showed it to me differently. This is the difference between Christ at the beginning and the glorified Christ in the condition He’ll be in after He rises again.


 At the beginning, remember the Son of God was mixed with the ashes of the earth to form the clay out of which the creation was formed. So we saw a creation that was a mixture, and it was a mixture of spirit -- I’ll draw it as circles and triangles -- was a mixture of spirit and dust. So Christ never really had total dominion. Satan was never really tread under His feet. That potential for weakness was there. He was ruling, He was in right relationship with the Father, He was Christ, but in His flesh was Satan mixed up throughout His whole fle- -- the flesh of His mind. OK? So Satan was giving suggestions the whole time. She was never completely under His feet, and that’s how He fell. That’s how He became tempted and fell.


But after the resurrection, He’s going to be in a new condition, and I showed it to you before. Well there’s not even going to be a carnal mind. OK? It’s just going to be Christ, the carnal mind will be dead. OK? It’s just going to be Christ and the Father. OK.


So the creation fell before it was put into its final form; that was what happened. So of course, Satan’s going to come into total submission -- total permanent submission to Christ, and will never rise again. And the way that the scripture expresses it is that Satan will be castrated. And we found that scripture, that Satan will be castrated, three years ago, and now we find out in our recent studies that Christ was castrated at the beginning of time. OK? When we found out that Satan was going to be castrated I didn’t even know what it meant. We were all -- we thought what an unusual, you know, expression in the scripture. We found that in the number 38 series, and now we find out that everything that happened to Christ at the beginning of time is happening to the carnal mind. Well it’s not saying that it’s being castrated, it’s the carnal mind, which is the expression of Satan in the earth. Satan has to go back to being a female. Yep?


Was Satan castrated when Jesus was nailed to him for the life of the ages, the cross?


At that time, once the carnal mind was castrated in the man Jesus of Nazareth, but we’re all attached in the realm of the spirit even though the fallen creation is divided, we’re all attached. We have one corporate unconscious mind; his name is Satan. Then we have individual conscious minds, but we have one corporate unconscious mind, and his name is Satan.


So Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in His vessel, Christ -- in the vessel known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, castrated Satan, but it has to happen to the rest of us. You see, once Jesus did it, as far as God is concerned, it’s just a matter of time until it happens to the rest of the creation. But God is in heaven. For us down here in the earth, until it happens to us, as far as we’re concerned, it hasn’t happened yet. OK?


And the example of that is the American soldiers that were found in the Philippine Islands 20 years after World War II was over and they still thought the war was on. They were living out in the jungles and shooting everybody that came by, and no one told them the war was over. Well -- see, this is another big misunderstanding in the church. Yes, Jesus did it, and He completed the work on the cross, but that work that He completed on the cross, it has to get inside of you. Has to get inside of us. Has to save us. OK?


            Can you explain why hell isn’t forever?


Well, we found out hell is forever, maybe you missed that message. We found out hell is forever. That eternal torment is a reality, and this is it right here. This world system will -- I used to preach that it would self-destruct. I looked at what was going on around me, and I used to preach that we better get into Christ because this world is going to self-destruct, but the Lord corrected me and He taught me this world would never self-destruct. I think we just had it on a recent message, it came out under the anointing. Even if an atom bomb fell on this world there would be one man and one woman left, and just like cockroaches, they would repopulate the world.


That’s what fallen man is to God, cockroaches. They’re indestructible. They can’t be killed. They go back to the beginning, you know, to the beginning of -- well, after the fall, they go back to the fall. You can never wipe out the cockroaches. There’s only one thing that’s going to put an end to eternal torment, and that is that the age of Christ is going to arise from underneath it, and is going to appear, and there’s going to be a wound, and Christ is going to arise through it and it’s going to roll back like a scroll. That’s the only thing that’s going to put an end to eternal torment.


            So it does comes to an end?


Only in Christ, not from any natural disaster that could occur in this world.


Adam felt like, say -- whatever, 6,000 years ago, and that is hell from 6,000 years to now?


Well I think it’s more than that, but [CROSSTALK].


Or whatever. However -- when man fell in the beginning that just kept going on and that was hell going on through generation to generation to generation, but when the last generation of Christ stands up, there won’t be any more hell?


No. It’s going to be swallowed up by Christ, otherwise it would be eternal torment forever. Continuous cycles of birth and death, which is what Hinduism and Buddhism talk about. Let me put this on. Hinduism and Buddhism believe in reincarnation, and they believe that the soul of a person is in bondage -- is bound in this world and will continuously be born in a new body and die continuously, continuously, until it arrives at perfection through the good works that it does in many lifetimes. OK?


And this is based on the doctrine of karma, which says you reap what you sow. Well that’s in the Bible, you reap what you sow, but they believe that -- now not your spirit but your soul. The scripture says, “The soul that sins will die,” but reincarnation says the soul will continue to be born into this world-system until it learns its lessons and attains to perfection.


And I want to declare to you that every demonic and ungodly doctrine that exists has a basis in spiritual truth, and that the basis in spiritual truth of reincarnation, which I do not believe in, don’t anybody misquote me. I do not believe in reincarnation, it is an ungodly doctrine. But the spiritual truth that it’s based upon is the reality of the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation. They got it a little wrong. It’s not the soul that dies and comes back, but it’s the soul that’s imparted to your children in the next generation that reaps what you sow in this lifetime.     


            Like the curse of the master goes on for 10 generations.


Yeah. The curse of the master goes for ten generations, and I have seen it. I have seen people who are living with three other generations beyond them, and they see the curse that was on their life and their children and their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. And I want to tell you, brethren, that is one manifestation of hell, to see something that has devastated your life, devastating the life of your child or your grandchild, it’s like living it all over again. You don’t have to die and get born in another body, you see it happening right here in the next generation. There’s a lot of spiritual truth in Hinduism and Buddhism, but they just -- they’re off a little. They’re just a little off. Yeah?


I wanted to a- -- make a comment about it. She said something about how we have no rights, and I see that in the fact that our carnal mind has no rights standing up to Christ. OK? I see that. But a lot of times that’s turned around and misunderstood, and the carnal mind actually takes hold of that and thinks you don’t have any rights. You know what I’m saying?




The carnal mind takes it, because -- I heard that preaching -- people were going around saying but we don’t have any rights, and they were going under a terrible mind-control from the preacher. And there was seduction, and there was sexual sin and everything, and they’re all going well we don’t have any rights. Oh, right. You let some man rape you and you don’t have any rights? You let somebody -- you let your husband abuse you and you don’t have any rights? It’s -- I think it’s carried too far. It’s false. Something’s wrong with that.


Well we have no rights, as you said, in relationship to Christ. You know, I watched a movie about a year ago called The Nun’s Story, and it was about this woman who had given her whole life to be a nun, and how the church controlled her life. And as I watched that movie I said wow that’s really terrible how they’re controlling her whole life, until the Lord showed me that that’s how He’s controlling my whole life. But God can do it, you see.


            God can do it.


God can do it. And God can do it legally, and He’s righteous, but man cannot do it. So when Christ tells -- told me to go to Nigeria and I didn’t want to go, because I was just ignorant and it was one of the high points in my life, one of the best experiences that I’ve had in my life, but because I was ignorant at that moment I didn’t want to go. Christ had a right to say to me you have no rights. I’m sending you to Nigeria get on the plane, that’s what He said to me, you’re going. OK? But a man, you know, a man can’t tell you that you have no rights.


 We who are in Christ, have the rights of Christ. And what is the right of Christ? The right of Christ is righteousness. We have the right of righteousness. If someone is coming against us with a carnal mind in an abusive stance, we have the righteousness of Christ, which opposes sin wherever it appears.


            But what if I can --


However -- let me just put this in -- however, we have to be very careful because whether somebody -- let’s say somebody sins against you, if you hear this preaching and you rise up in your carnal mind and go after the person, you are in sin. If you rise up in your carnal mind and you rebuke the person, you are sin -- you are in sin. If you are guilty of retaliation or un-forgiveness or anything that manifests out of your carnal mind, you are in sin. However, if Christ rises up in you and rebukes a righteous rebuke, you are not in sin.


Now how do you recognize a righteous rebuke? You have to check out your motives. What is your motive? Has your pride been hurt? Are you defending yourself, getting back to what we were teaching earlier? Have you risen up against your brother to defend yourself, to defend your name, to defend your property? Or have you risen up in the righteousness of Christ to bring a correction that will give life to your brother? And if you can’t look at your actions and answer that question, you better not do anything, because if you’re doing it out of your carnal mind you’re going to have to answer to the Lord for it.


The whole reason for these messages is to have an understanding of what was happening in us in Christ coming forth, right?




But also that the whole -- it’s like we’re all in relationship to other sons, right? Or sons in the making. And if we can’t be in relationship to them, because life is about relationships, then what’s the use? It’s got -- I mean, what’s -- there’s a purpose for it all, right? You know what I’m saying? I mean the whole church-world, even the Sonship Churches that I was in before, they got the message but then when they tried to apply it at home, or with their roommates, or with friends, it just wasn’t working. They’re lacking the counsel.


Well it’s more than lacking the counsel, you cannot judge righteous judgment out of your carnal mind. You cannot give a righteous rebuke out of your carnal mind, so if you don’t have Christ, you can’t give a righteous rebuke.


But, like, in some situations, like when something would come up, they’d go before the minister or they’d try to talk it out, and somebody else in the church would say well, you know, you -- but we don’t have any rights. You have to lay it down. You have to, like, sort of like, sort of like dying to self-preservation. But in some cases the other person really was being either abusive or something was wrong, something was wrong that was manifesting, while the other person was getting abused. And if you do it you end up being an enabler, right? I mean, you just enable them to keep on going, keep on doing that.


Yeah. All I can say is that the righteousness of Christ must prevail. In the church you cannot abuse somebody. You -- the righteousness of Christ must prevail. However, Paul said cann- -- why can’t you suffer the loss? What was he talking about? He was saying what I just said, if you’re rising up against your brother because you’re defending yourself, it is not acceptable to God. Lay it down and trust God to defend you. But if you are developed and mature in Christ to the point that God will manifest through you to render a righteous rebuke to your brother’s edification and deliverance, then you do it. But very few people in the church are mature to that point. Yes?


Like you said -- yous [sic] brought it before the pastor, and maybe that’s where the problem went wrong, instead of bringing it before God Himself. As we said earlier, as we all came to the understanding we should, as Jesus did, bring it before the heavenly Father.




            And she just indicated that they went before the pastor, so maybe somewhere through that --


            Sometimes [INAUDIBLE].


            And it couldn’t have been taken care of through him, only through the Lord.


Well there was corruption in that church.


            I have a question for [INAUDIBLE].


Well, you see, you go to the Lord with it and if your pastor is in right standing, He’ll send you to your pastor, because the pastor does have this function as long as he’s in right standing with God. But, you know, you’re right. Check it out with the Father, but there was a problem in the church.


It’s necessary to have not only the spirit, but it’s necessary, I feel, to have not only the spiritual understanding and everything spiritual, spiritual, but how to live it out practically with your relationships.


You can’t live it out unless you have Christ.


Right, but what church really teaches you? I mean, I know that -- like the other day when the three of us were here talking, you were giving practical advice for all of us in relationship to one another, and I thought this is so useful. I mean, this really touches bottom line. This is right where the rubber hits the road, or whatever you want to say, you know? It’s right on it, and you can take that spiritual thing and apply it to it then.


Right. Well this is, you know, that I call this a new-order ministry, I believe in another five or 10 or 15 years there are going to be a lot of ministers ministering like this, apparently I’m one of the first. If there are any others, God hasn’t revealed them to me. Maybe they’re in China. I don’t know. But God’s the mover. God comes in slowly, there will -- there’s going to be a lot of people preaching this doctrine. There’s going to be a lot of people counseling and teaching on this level, because this is the wisdom of God that has been placed in me. So -- but it’s coming in slowly, and as God raises up people through this ministry, whoever’s raised up here and brought to this place will go out and have the groups of their own. That’s how God does it. It starts little by little.




Right. So you’re all -- anyone that’s been called to this ministry is very blessed, because in this hour -- and as I tell you all the time I’m not talking about living epistles -- anyone that’s called to this spiritual ministry of Christ is very blessed because in this hour there are very few people that the Lord has trained to the point that they could minister on this level, and I’ve been through hell to get her. He almost killed me to get me here. So I can only handle so many people at a time. I’m very human. Sometimes I’m physically frail. So I can only handle so many people at a time. So if you’re called here, you’re very blessed. And maybe 20 years from now they’ll be -- it’ll be as open, and it will be as free as we have churches where you can get the baptism -- where you can receive the Holy Ghost right now.


Do you know when the Holy Ghost was first made available to men you could only get it in California? People were flying in from Europe and all over the world to receive the Holy Ghost. Was only in California. And then God sen- -- was it California? Is that where it was? Yeah. And then God sent all those people all over the world, and now you can go just about anywhere and find a church where someone will lay hands on you and you can get the Holy Ghost.


The same thing will happen with this move of God, but right now, in this hour, I’m convinced that God is offering it to the most needy. He’s offering it to the people that if they don’t get the ministry that He’s pouring into the church now that they could get into a lot of trouble, whatever it is, physically die, backslide or go back on drugs, whatever it is. He’s bringing this ministry to the most needy who are crying out to Him, because the others aren’t going to die without it. He’ll get to them in due season. He’s never late. OK? Anybody else?


Not only does He want His word to go out, I believe that He doesn’t want it, you know, He doesn’t want it hidden under something. He wants it to go out. That’s what I’m saying.


He doesn’t want it hidden, but it’s not God, the problem is man. The problem is man’s frailty and man’s humanity, but it’ll get out. It’s just taking it’s time. You know, taking His time. Taking His time.


And it’s much more than preaching the word. When you preach a word like this all hell comes against you. I remember God told me I was going to teach -- oh, it had to be at least 10 years ago, and I used to cry all the time. I had such trouble on my jobs. I was so persecuted on my jobs I used to cry out and say Lord when are You going to let me teach, you know? And He told me, a couple times, He said that you wouldn’t stand it. It would kill you. That’s what He told me, it would kill you.


[INAUDIBLE] they went against all the different churches, all the different synagogues, and that’s like the whole thing happening all over again.




            Now you can understand it if you can see it. If you can see it.


Well it’s going to work like that, but it’s still going to be sons of God. I believe there is a difference between the sons of God and the apostles. I don’t believe the apostles were in full stature. I think Paul was in full stature.


I don’t mean that, I’m saying that as far as this ministry’s going, as far as what you have going here, it’s like He’s establishing again.


Yeah, but they’re not going to be apostles, they’re going to be sons of God.


            I’m saying as an example maybe, say I have the full understanding.


I see. OK. They’re going to spread -- the word is going to be spread in a similar manner.




OK. OK. Anybody else?


What he’s talking about Satan in the churches and what Jesus said, Satan can’t cast out Satan because then he would never stand. So how can he be -- cast them out of his own? How can he cast out -- Satan cast out Satan?


The scripture says Satan cannot cast out Satan, it doesn’t say Satan cannot cast out demons. OK, let me explain that to you.


            Yeah, please. That’s something that I was curious of.






            I had a question [UNINTELLIGIBLE] a question about that too.


OK, now who was Satan -- how was Satan being revealed in the earth? Anybody?




OK. Who’s he joined to that’s producing the carnal mind?




Yeah. OK. And we have a carnal mind, which is our personality. So if Satan in one person comes to Satan in another person and tries to cast out Satan, he has to kill the person. The only way you get Satan out is to kill the person. But when this unholy trio has offspring and produces demons, Satan can cast out the demons. Only --




Yeah, well Satan can cast out the demons and then it’ll still be a carnal mind. See, only Jesus can cast out Satan. And the way Jesus is casting out Satan is by replacing him with the Christ, because if Satan is cast out and not replaced by Christ the vessel will die. The vessel will die.




Do you have a microphone in your hands? Yeah, say -- ask your question again.


            Satan would have no reason to cast out demons.


Satan casts out demons all the time. In Santeria, and in Hinduism, and in Buddhism. I said it earlier tonight that I saw a picture of a mass deliverance in India in a book on Hinduism. They cast out demons in Santeria all the time.


            And in, like, an exorcist is the same thing as Satan casting out --


The Catholic Church casts out demons all the time.


            Why? That’s part of his kingdom. Why would he do that?


Because the fallen man is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and they do some good works, they don’t do good, they do good work.


            But the demons come back?


They grow back because a dem- -- what is a demon? What is a demon? A demon is the offspring of Eve and the carnal mind. She’s a harlot. She’s having a continuous sexual union with Satan, her husband, and that sexual union is producing this world called the Land of Nod. She’s also having a sexual union with her offspring, she’s in incest, the carnal mind, and the offspring of the incest is demons.


            Demons can do good works?


Well I don’t know about demons doing good works, but the carnal mind can do good works. The carnal mind could do good works.


            Can a demon cast out a demon?


I don’t know. I don’t know. I never thought about it to tell you the truth. I don’t know. I’d -- offhand I would say no.


Aren’t they faking if they do? If Satan’s casting out a demon isn’t it fake? It’s not real, is it?


Sure it’s real.


Well isn’t one more powerful than the other in a sense? You know, like there’s degrees of demons; isn’t it?




            So one could possibly be more powerful than the other?


Anything’s possible. I don’t know. Anything’s possible. Anything’s possible. OK, anybody else? OK. You have one more question there? You have a question? OK.


07/25/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

08/06/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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