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He was in a church where he was praying deliverance four times a week as an officer in the church with authority, with power. The man had power, and great love. The love of God was evident in him, very much so, and he was seduced out of the ministry that God called him to, largely by his wife, but the ultimate responsibility lays with him. No matter what your wife does, the responsibility rests with the man.


If you are a natural man, you do what your wife tells you, and you do not listen to the Christ in your own mine, you will bear the responsibility for whatever happens to you, your wife, and your entire family. If you are in a woman's body, and you are a spiritual man, if you listen to either your carnal mind, or the carnal mind of your husband with regard to spiritual things, you will have to bear the consequences.


Whatever reproach is associated with it. Very important to know who you are. It is much harder for a natural woman to be a man than a natural man to be a man, because if you are a natural woman but a spiritual man, and you are married to a natural man, it is much harder than a physical man who is also a spiritual man, who is married to a woman. A natural woman who is also a spiritual woman, you have to learn to walk that line.


You have to learn to submit to your husband, to bless him, to ask God to intercede for you. The moment he is asking you to do ungodliness, you have to resist him in Christ, and it is hard, but it is doable. You can do all things in Christ.


I heard from someone recently who is a pretty strong woman of God, a really strong woman of God. She is having trouble with her husband. I do not know what I want to say about it, but I am going to tell you what Paul said.


In this current distress, what current distress? This current distress whereby Christ is appearing in your mind. If you are not already married you are better off without a husband. If you are called to this, if you are called to tabernacles, if you are called to the deep things of God, and you are not already married, I am going to make an very inflammatory statement, God is not calling you to human marriage.


We have a big problem because we have young women in the church that believe this. What happens is that they are caught between a time trap. They are caught between two generation, or between two ages. They know that God has called them, they know that they are already powerful in Christ, but they cannot believe that they have been called to Eunuch hood. There is not enough teaching on it. We are really the only ones I know of that has tapes on it.


The women, I think if they really heard this teaching they would not get married. This particular woman was confused, and she believed that God told her to get married. I know He did not tell her to get married. There was not a doubt in my mind that, that marriage was not of God. She thought it was. Things are not good, and she called for prayer. She was quoting me 1st Corinthians 7. Why did you quote 1st Corinthians when you married the guy?


I tried to tell her, I went as far as I could go without offending her so much that she would not want me in her life anymore, but she could not hear a word I was saying. She is quoting 1st Corinthians 7, she is saying if God breaks it, she is prepared. She said that there is no way that she is going to let her spiritual life die to follow a carnally-minded man, unto the death of her spiritual life. She has given the matter into God's hands.


If you are called like that, brethren, God is not giving you a husband. If you have that kind of call on your life, your husband is Christ. If you get into a natural marriage you are going to have tribulation if that man cannot follow after the spirit and you can. You have trouble. There is a lot of young women, more than young men, called to Eunuch hood in this hour. They cannot reconcile that doctrine.


A lot of it is influence coming from their own families, mothers, fathers, grandparents. "You should get married. "That is what a woman is supposed to do, get married." There is not enough support in the church preaching, "No, you are not suppose to get married." Then they fall in. Of course, God could still do it that way, there could be delays.


I had a dream, I am going to share it with you because it ties right into this. In the dream I was working at a desk with a computer, it did not really look like my desk in my office. I was at a computer screen, and I was busy working away. Then all of a sudden I heard someone singing, I turned around, and there was a whole group of people standing at the door way of my office. There was a woman in the midst of them. She was singing this beautiful melody. I said "Oh, it is my mother."


It was not my mother in the dream. I said "Oh mother, I knew you would come," something like that. What the meaning was is that as soon as I heard her call, she called me by singing, and as soon as I heard her I turned the computer and the whole office over to a man by the name of Dave which I thought was interesting. I will get to that in a minute. I turned it over to him, and as I was walking out of the office, I said to myself, "I gave him the key to everything, the house, and all."


I said to myself "I wonder if that was smart? I have given him authority over everything." I kept going. I went into my bedroom, now it was not my bedroom furniture, it was like an army cot, very sparsely furnished. I was down on the floor groping, groping very strenuously. Under the bed was a pair of my summer sandals, and after great effort I pulled them out. I looked down at my feet, I had sneakers, and heavy green sweat socks on.


I took off the green sweat socks and my sneakers, and I was putting on my sandals with thin nylons. I want to tell you this now that the feet is the part of us that is appearing in the earth. The covering of the sneakers and the heavy sweat socks is the covering of Satan's earth, the physical earth. I was changing them for sandals and nylons, which is a thinner fabric which would be God's earth, the spiritual earth that Jesus was in after the resurrection.


I was typifying Christ, I was exchanging the physical earth for the spiritual earth. That is what is happening to us now. We are being converted. Amen. As I was there, it was such a struggle making this conversion, I was aware that in the outside of my bedroom, in the outer realms, in the physical earth, was Dave. He was committing adultery with my next door neighbor. I do not have such a next door neighbor. A woman had come in and rang my door bell as if there were several apartment on the same floor, which is not the reality of my real home.


Not only was it adultery, but there was perverse sex going on. The first thing that Dave did was that he reached up to the wall, and he went to pull the plug out of the computer. You never shut off the computer by pulling the plug out of the wall. I do not even have a plug up there, but in the dream there was a plug in the wall, and he pulled it out.


This is the interpretation that the Lord gave me. That this was Christ, I typified Christ. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in the earth doing the work. His mother sang to him, music in the Scripture is a symbol of spiritual power. His mother, I guess, would be Eve, His Father was God. His mother was Eve buried in the earth. When He heard His mother singing to Him, it came time for Him to leave.


This can be interpreted a on couple of different levels, and I will just give you this one for now. He left as Jesus of Nazareth. He left in the hands of a man, not a woman, which means He left men in the church with His authority which makes them men. He went in, He was in the outer realms, He was in the earth as the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and He went in. He is inside of all of us. He is working frantically to convert us from the physical earth to the spiritual earth.


He wants us to be spiritual, as He is working His head off, those of us in the outer realms, the church at large. Remember, Dave was a man. This is not the women in the church, this is the men. They are out there fooling around, and committing adultery, and perverse sex.


I want to remind you that I have shared with you that pornography and perverse sex in dreams is a symbol of our interaction with our carnal minds. I am convinced that God has told me that, that is how He sees it.


When we interact with our carnal minds, it is not only adultery, it is perverse sex, perversion. What was the message of the dream? Here, He is working frantically to get us out of here, we are trapped in the physical earth. He wants to bring us into the spiritual earth where we will have liberty, and freedom of death, all of us including me... all of us. It is everybody. If you are not fornicating with your carnal mind at all you would be perfect. Everybody is doing it on some level.


There is the church, He is working His head off to set us free, and we are having fun. I asked Him "Lord, why Dave?" This is what I think He said to me. We were just talking Sunday night about David and his "rag tag" bunch. I think that was what the Dave was, typifying the David company, which is the believers in the earth today upon whom His spirit is resting, and who He has left in charge of the church when He went in.


He is inside of them fighting for their very life. I fully believe that He is not at all comfortable living inside of these physical bodies. I believe it is torment for Him. The church, and those that are spiritual men, and in charge, are out there committing adultery, pulling the plug out of the computer.


What would pulling the plug out of the wall mean? Disconnecting His mind, I guess. He pulled the plug out of the wall. The plug gives us electricity. Disconnecting His spirit. Why? To do what gives us pleasure.


What am I saying to you? It was a word to me that we are in a war. The problem is that it is a war that we cannot see. It is a war of the mind and what Satan, through her carnal mind, would like to do is to convince us that all is well. It is never well. It is well that Christ is with us, but all is not quiet. The minute you rest, the minute you turn your back, the minute you yield to denial in any area, you are going to lose ground.


The positive side of the dream was the He is there working like a bandit to get us converted. It is a reminder that God is love, He is never condemnation. He is reminding us, because it is so easy to forget when things are sweet, things are peaceful, and things are going good, you forget that you are in a war. Your tendency is to go back to your carnal ways.


I want to talk to you a little again about dealing with your wife. I have been watching movies for the last three days, and I have a lot of movies to tell you about. I saw the movie "Kennedy (JFK)," an excellent movie. It was a little rough as it is rated R.


There is some language in it, there were some four letter words. There were some pretty heavy scenes about homosexual perversion. They did not show you anything, they did not show you overt sexual acts. They showed you homosexuals rousting about with one another. It was powerful, I wanted to warn you about that.


If you think that would not bother you, this movie was excellent. In this movie, it is from a different slant. It is about...I think it was a Louisiana public prosecutor who was a righteous man. There are righteous men around, I really do believe with all my heart. People that you would say they really have not had a born again experience, but they are living in this earth, and to the best of their ability they really are desiring to live straight and look for truth and honesty. There really are people like that you know.


Some of them are straight, and some are in the church. He was one of these men, he believed in our country, he believed in our government, he believed in truth, decency, and honesty. It came to his attention that someone who lived in his district was involved in what appeared to be a conspiracy to murder the president. Three years after the incident, he put it away. Three years later certain incidents happened that brought it back to his mind. He could not deny it. He could not deny the facts that were coming to him.


He started investigating, he took his team, he was like the D. A. He took his team of assistant D. A.'s. They started working on it. I want to tell you that his biggest opposition was his wife. Remember what I told you, if you are a physical man you can have a physical wife opposing you, and you can have your carnal mind opposing you.


As spiritual man, whether he is a spiritual man or a spiritual woman, a man is supposed to have a grip on his carnal mind, anybody could slip. By definition, a man is someone who rules his carnal mind. Anybody have a problem with that?


That is the definition of man. Maybe I am making a mistake about this. When I listened to the tape from Sunday night, I never even spoke to you about a man taking dominion over his carnal mind. The reason I did not was because I assumed that a man who was a man has his carnal mind in check. His only problem is his physical wife. Of course, I guess a physical man could have a problem with his carnal mind. It is a physical possibility.


A physical woman could either be a spiritual woman or a spiritual man. There is nothing wrong with being a spiritual woman. If you are a physical man, there is something wrong with it. If you are a woman there is nothing wrong with it. The only word that the Lord has to say to you about it is that if you are a spiritual woman it is ungodly for you to influence the man, whether it be the physical woman who is the spiritual man or whether it be your husband.


There is nothing wrong with you being emotional, there is nothing wrong with you feeling what you are feeling . There is nothing wrong with you being hurt. For you to take those feelings and use it as a warfare against the spiritual man in your life, whether it is your husband or somebody else and try to stop them from doing what their manhood tells them to do is not Godly.


Nevertheless, the ultimate responsibility lays with the man. No matter how a spiritual woman, whether she is in a male body or a female body, no matter how much influence she exerts on the spiritual male, whether he is in a physical male body or a physical female body, even though it is sin that you are tearing down his manhood, the ultimate responsibly rests with the man. He must answer to God for what he does. He is the one that is in danger of losing his manhood.


It is not a small thing to let Delilah cut your hair off. If you are having trouble understanding me at all, think of Samson. It is not a small thing to yield to something you know is not righteous that is being pressed upon you by a spiritual woman in your life. Whether she is your wife, your mother, your daughter, a member of your congregation, or whatever, to yield to it is not a small thing. Why? Because it is not an isolated incident. It is an incident that is chipping away at the wall of your manhood.


You yield one time too many, you are going to come down, and you are going to be a spiritual woman. I want to tell you that if you are a physical female, and God has raised you up to spiritual manhood, it is a bigger disgrace to you to be brought down to spiritual womanhood as it is for a natural man who also is a spiritual man, either in Christ or just a man who is truly a man in the world. Let me make that clear.


You can be a spiritual man in Christ, you could be a man of God. You can have a born again experience, or you can be a natural man who is functioning as a man. You are ruling over your family, you are ruling in righteousness, in kindness, and in love. You are the head of your family. God will bless you and bless your whole family for it. Why? Because you are in the natural order.


I believe the blessings of God are upon Hindus, and Buddhists, and every religion where their family life is in God's order whether they know it is in Jehovah's order or not, whether they know it is in Jesus Christ's order or not.


When your family life is in order the spiritual law of God is blessing you. We have physical men that are spiritual men, but they are not in Christ. Anyone not following me? Then we have physical men who are in Christ, and we have physical women who are spiritual men. In my opinion, you could only be a physical woman who is a spiritual male in Christ. I believe thousands of women in this country today have not done it by the authority of Christ, and I do not think it glorifies God.


I am not going to deal with that today. I will put this on the tape, that is a phenomenon of our country, and the world today. My opinion is that it is not going backwards, Jesus is not coming with a recompense and knocking these women back down to staying home with the kids baking cookies. He is not going to do it. Glory to God. Why?


Oh dear God, I am getting off of my subject. Because for them to become what they are, they have mutated, they have changed. They cannot go back. They have become a new thing.


These women would be absolutely miserable at home with ten kids baking cookies, being subject to a male, and that kind of life would be intolerable for them. They have become a new thing, they cannot go back to what they were. In my opinion, the most likely thing to happen would be mass conversion. The Lord apprehending these spiritual women, and bringing them into His armies as spiritual men for Christ. That is what I see happening sometime in the near future. Let me get back.


Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Let me get back to my subject. This man, this District Attorney, I believe it was in Louisiana he became absorbed with what was filling his mind. His wife was very threatened, she did not like it. I want to point out to you that the basis of her opposition, and this is typically female.


I am not knocking anybody, I know there are people going to misunderstand me. I am not knocking women, I am not knocking anybody, no matter who you are. If you are a spiritual man, know what you have to deal with in other people and with your own carnal mind.


If you are a spiritual woman, that is fine. Do not be used like this to tear down your husband or the spiritual man. This is what I am telling you, I am not attacking anybody. There is a place for everybody in God's society. We only get into trouble when we do not know who we are, and we get out of place, we take on authority that God never gave us, then we cause chaos in the family. We can cause chaos in the family. That is what I am ministering to you. I am not against anybody.


Her root motive was self-preservation, she had a life with this man, they had a servant, so they were very well off. They had five children, they seamed to be very much in love, he was very much involved with the children and with her. She had an ideal life but, brethren, things do not always continue forever. I have no problem believing that God called this man into His service.


I want to tell you something. Jesus will call men that do not know what we call "a born again" experience. I got some advice from a pastor once. If you need a doctor, a lawyer, or any kind of professional, do not take the most competent one, take the one that is born again.


I have to beg to differ with him. God could speak through any heathen, God could move through any heathen. It is possible He could give a miracle to someone who is not the best lawyer, but it is my personal opinion that God is most likely to take you to the best lawyer there is and to move upon him to have mercy upon you than He is to take you to an incompetent Christian lawyer and give you a miracle through him.


You do not have to be born again for God to move through you. If you think that, it is a manifestation of pride in your mind, because it is not true, God spoke through a donkey. He will apprehend anybody He wants for His service.


As a matter of fact, let me tell you this. I prayed a very interesting prayer coming over here. I have been on my back for three days now. I have been watching movies and TV. I have been watching Bill Clinton for a while now. I hope you know... well, if you do not know that is okay too. He won the democratic primary. I like that man, I have been watching him on TV for a month now. I do not like his politics, I do not believe I could ever vote for him. I do not like his politics. I like the man.


I prayed this very interesting prayer coming over here. I said, "Father, apprehend that man." I am sure God put the prayer on my heart. I do not know what God is going to do with him, he is pro choice, for many, many things along those lines that I could never vote for. That is where his mind is right now, but God could do anything with him. I said "Lord, I see righteousness in that man, use him, lay hold of him, and use him for your glory." I believe that God put that prayer on my heart.


Were you not out there with a mind that was reprobate? Were you not lost, was I not lost? One thing I find in common in just about everybody that God has really called, I mean really called, called to the deep things of God, I see in them certain basic raw material. I see a love of righteousness.


No matter what has happened to us before God called us, maybe we have gotten twisted or perverted in our mind because of experiences in our life. That same basic material, that love of righteousness is there. I see that as a common root in everyone that God has a deep call upon. I see that in Bill Clinton.


It is going to be interesting to see what God is going to do with him, and how long it is going to take for Him to do it. I do not know.


Getting back to the movie "Kennedy (JFK)." His wife was very threatened, her husband was working much longer hours, coming home later. There was no indication at all that she thought it was another woman. He just was not home as much any more. He was obsessed with what he was seeing.


Brethren, someone has to put this vision in his mind. It would not surprise me if God told me, "I brought this truth forth in him." Remember, there were thousands millions of Christians praying about Kennedy's assassination, especially black Christians. I believe God raised him up to answer their prayers. Thousands, millions of Christians praying for justice and truth. I think God raised him up. He could not get this out of his mind.


His wife came against him, she argued with him, she fought with him, she threatened him with divorce. Then one night she really hit below the belt. The man that her husband was seeking to prosecute was a homosexual. According to the movie, a notorious homosexual. Not a married homosexual, sitting home having a nice quiet family life, as many of them say they do. I do not know whether they do or not.


He was notorious, he had relations with prostitutes, according to the movie, group sex, perversion beyond the fact that it was homosexuality. His (the prosecutor) own wife said, "You are after him because he is a homosexual." Here he was struggling to do righteousness, all Hell is coming against him. On every level he is being told to shut up. All of his resources are being cut off. Washington will not give him anything he is asking for that he should be getting. Information, fingerprints, anything he wanted.


Threats on all side, then his wife comes to him, and says, "You are after him because he is a homosexual." I want to tell you, in the movie he was visibly shaken. He said to her, "I cannot fight them, and you also."


Brethren, this is what our carnal mind is doing to us. It is coming in, and not only did she say that, she said, "It is not true, it is in your mind, there is no conspiracy." She was in total denial. She was against him every step of the way. Why? She lost her status quo.


She had two choices. What was her status quo? Her family life that was very ideal for her. She had two choices. To support her husband, as he was out late hours waking her up at 4 o'clock in the morning. She though he wanted to make love to her, and he is talking about John Kennedy.


She could have sacrificed and seen him through this, or was she going to wage war against him and try to stop him? She waged war against him, I am sorry to say. I am glad to tell you that she could not stop him. He was enough of a man to stay with what the Lord put on his heart.


There was no mention of God in this movie. Why do I say the Lord put it on his heart? Because a spirit of righteousness was appearing in him. There is no righteousness outside of Christ. He laid his whole career on the line.


What he suggested in the movie is that it was more than a conspiracy, that it was a bloodless Coup d'etat, which means all of the high ranking offices in the government conspired to kill Kennedy, including the joint chiefs of staff, the CIA, and all of the other intelligence agencies. He even said Lyndon Johnson, who was vice president at the time, and Nixon were in on it.


He called it a Coup. You hear about a Coup in South America all the time, but usually a Coup does not come without an army, fighting, and people getting killed. It was a bloodless Coup. The army never got involved, just the intelligence agencies. They killed him, they killed Bobby, and they killed Martin Luther King.


This is what the movie states, we had a Coup in the United States. He called Washington, he wanted to do examinations on the body, because the autopsy was very important. I have never hear this before, President Kennedy's brain disappeared. He wanted look at the brain, and see how the bullet entered in, and our President's brain had disappeared.


His wife did not stop him, he was prepared to let her divorce him. I want to tell you that she was certainly not assuring him. He was under great distress, but he was man enough to go for the mission that had been imparted to him. She did not leave him, she eventually believed him. My whole point is, look at what she accused her husband of, that he was against this man because he was a homosexual.


Are you surprised that strangers talk about people, and level accusations against people that stand for righteousness, when a man's own wife would say that to him? We are looking at this on many levels. If you want to be a spiritual man, if you are called to be a spiritual man, you are required to cleave unto Christ, and His righteousness, and to resist spiritual women where ever they are appearing in your life.


Whether they are your natural wife, whether they are your natural husband, because you are a human woman who is a spiritual man. Whether they are members of your congregation, whether they are children, or whether they are your own children. I want to tell you the hardest one to resist is your carnal mind, because it is invisible. If you are called to spiritual manhood, you are called to fight the world.


The Lord has been showing me that it is not just in the church. It is a spiritual principle that exists among humanity. Where ever possible, the soul realm will kill a man. A man that is really a man, she will kill him.


Satan will manifest through any carnal mind that will let her in to destroy a man, someone moving in righteousness, anywhere. Study history, great, great books, God has shown it to me. Satan's' carnal mind will come against righteousness where ever it is manifesting. It does not have to be in a Christian. Why?


Because this whole creation is made up of the Son of God joined to the earth. The potential for righteousness can appear any where, with or with out Christianity.


Male babies are much more likely to die than female babies. I watched a talk show the other day. The man was saying that if you eat more vegetables you could live to 120 years, if you are a woman, and you eat so many vegetables you could live to 120 years old. The host said to him, "What about men?" The doctor said, "Well, men are a different story."


Men are physically more vulnerable than women. They die more easily, did you know that? They die more easily, they die after birth more easily, they die younger than women, it is a fact. A scientific fact. Men are more vulnerable in this earth. Everything about this earth, physical, and spiritual, both aspects of it, which is rooted where? In Satan, is reaching out to destroy men, where ever it can.


The saga of the two-horned ram, and the one-horned goat that materialized in the earth is still being played out continuously in this earth where ever it can be played out, in our own life between the Christ in your own mind, and the carnal mind. It is being played out in your family, it is being played out at your job, it is being played out in your church, it is being played out from country to country.


That which happened at the beginning of time is happening everywhere around us for everyone that has eyes to see and ears to hear. This is Satan's world. Christ is the invading force.


Our natural example even where Christ is not present, men are being slain where ever possible. Men are physically killed in wars. That has been going on for centuries. In this century we have men dying spiritually all over the world. We see a new phenomenon, spiritual men. If you are a physical woman, and you are a spiritual man, your wife is your carnal mind. Your whole family my be rising up to kill the man in you and, by God's grace, you have to deal with it in the righteousness of Christ.


Righteous response to the attempted murder of the man is not what one would think of as love. Remember, I did not say that you have to combat it in the love of God. You combat it in the love of God to the fullest extent that you can. Brethren, when someone is trying to assassinate you, it is more likely that you are going to have to respond in the righteousness of God. There is a difference. The righteousness of God is a manifestation of the love of God, but it is the hard warfare manifestation of the love of God.


It is the love of God that went forth when God told them to take the land. Jesus Christ is a warrior, He is the captain of the host. We are His hosts. You do not love someone who is trying to kill you, brethren. You respond to them in righteousness which frequently is a warfare. Where would we be if we tried to love Satan to death? Sometimes you have to fight.


I want to tell you this man who was a D. A. He had a whole team of D.A.'s working with him. They were a pretty good group, the were pretty competent, they worked together well. The movie revealed that someone got to one of the men and put doubt in his mind. He stood up at a meeting, there must have been five or six of them. He got very emotional, he tried to put doubt in everyone's mind. He said he would not go on, he would not accuse the Federal Government, the joint chiefs of staff, would not get involved.


He brought a contention in the group that was never there before. They were working together, loving one another, helping one another. These were not Christians, they were just the District Attorney's office, they were dedicated.


Someone got to one of the insiders, he stood up, and brought contention in the group, brought a whole other spirit in there. The man that brought the trouble, finally he went storming out, and said, "I will not be a part of this anymore." Another man stood up, and said, "I have been watching him (the prosecutor), he has been doing things that were not right."


The leader of the group, the District Attorney, stood up right at that point and said, "I will not have the fighting, I will not have contention in this group." He took that man on nose-to-nose.


I cannot remember the exact phrase but he said, "Who is the boss here? You or me?" He gave him the opportunity, but the guy could not accept what the boss was doing. He said, "I will accept your resignation." The guy walked out. There could be only one boss. Do you hear what I am saying?


An outsider got to someone in the group, caused a big flurry amid trouble inside, and even though he left, he left that spirit there to the point someone that had been faithful all along stood up in rebellion against the leader. In righteousness, he said to him in so many words, "If you want to stay, stay but I am the boss." Brought another whole spirit into the group.


They tried to blow him apart from the outside, they tried to blow him apart from the inside. A spiritual woman in his group tried to bring him down. His physical wife tried to bring him down. A spiritual woman in his group tried to bring him down. When that spirit got on someone else, it tried to bring him down.


Do you know if he did not put that person out that whole group would have been attacking one another till they were destroyed. He did not put him out, he gave him his choice. The guy left, his pride up and left. It would have been the end of the investigation. In fighting, they would have attacked one another, but because of his masculine strength he did not let it happen. They lost two. The rest of them there went on. He did that in love, but someone unschooled would say, "That is not love."


They think love is babying somebody. Brethren, we are in a war, we are an army. God has given us very important work to do. The first thing is that we have to be able to discern the enemy. The problem is the enemy, who is the enemy? The carnal mind could appear in someone you dearly love. I am not saying you should throw them out of your life.


What I am saying is that you have to learn how to deal with this type of betrayal, that is what it is, hear the word. Betrayal, betrayal of who? The betrayal of Christ, the same spirit that was upon Judas, manifesting through the mouth of someone you love.


We must learn to deal with it in righteousness, because betrayal is not dealt with in love by sitting down, and putting your arm around someone and kissing them on the cheek. There are certain times you can do that, depending on where it is coming form, and what the circumstances are. Betrayal, I cannot see ever being dealt with, with love. Certain problem can be dealt with in love.


Betrayals always must be dealt with in righteousness. That is the left hand of God's love. I cannot even say that it is judgment, but it is the strength of God who loves enough to not permit the betrayal to destroy. Never raised his voice, never lost the Godly spirit that was on him, just took him on nose-to-nose, and showed him who was the boss. Gave the man a way out, all he had to say was "You." Would not say it. The man said "Then I will have your resignation." Even then he could have said "No, I will sit down."


That man ruled his group, he was a man from beginning until the end. His wife could not bring him down, the spiritual women in his group could not bring him down. There was no indication in the movie at all that his carnal mind got that far. He was just moving in a powerful spirit of righteousness. Just went for it all the way, and at the end his wife came around.


If you have been called to spiritual manhood in Christ, you have got some battle. Not a battle, you have a war on your hands! At the end of the movie I was blessed that the man that left, the one that he said to "Who is the boss?" came into the court room to support him at the end. The other guy was completely conned, because he really turned against him. Someone got him on the side street there and polluted his mind.


That man, the first man who brought the new spirit into the meeting, he was destroyed by his own carnal mind. He was a spiritual man working on this encounter, someone got a hold of him, he said "No, I am not supposed to talk to anybody." He had instructions not to talk to anybody about this. The guy put a lot of pressure on him, and he listened to him. What that man had to say strengthened his carnal mind, and he died to his manhood in that situation.


The second man that was polluted by that spirit, he did not die to his manhood, and he came back while the trial was going on, and their friendship withstood the test. Brethren, when you die to your manhood that is a very serious thing. You can die to your manhood in a particular incident, and not in another incident.


I want to tell you, you cannot be a spiritual man, you cannot be a physical man without fighting for it every step of the way.


It may be an unconscious thing for men who have been men all of their lives. Men who have grown up with a father who was a man. They may look at me, and not know what I am talking about, because I am talking about deep spiritual things, it could be unconscious. Do you understand what I am telling you?


This whole earth that has been generated by Satan, the physical earth, and the earth of the mind which is the carnal mind, is specifically designed to destroy men where ever they appear, and you have to fight for your manhood every step of the way.


The reason it is so obvious to me is that I am a woman, and God is bringing me into spiritual manhood. To someone who just grows up with strong male models, do not think along theses lines, but it is true just that same. You are in a war. The people closest to you are capable of being your biggest opponents. The people closest to you have the greatest strength to bring you down.


Of course, it is possible for you to be used by your own carnal mind to bring someone else down. You have got to know what is going on in your mind.


You just cannot be speaking out what is in your mind, you are in a war. James said "Sweet, and bitter water is coming out of the same mouth." Got to stop up that bitter water. It is not all that hard. The hardest part is recognizing it is happening to you. That is the hardest part, because it is an unseen enemy. Once you start doing it, you will get into the swing, and you will do better and better.


Remember, the lesser horn was not the weaker horn. Lesser does not mean weaker, we talked about this earlier tonight. The lesser horn was assigned to a lesser or a subordinate position by the Father. We said that the same situation exists in relationships to women in this society, women are not supposed to be weak. God has not called any human being to be weak. Not children, not women, not men, nobody is supposed to be weak.


You are supposed to be as strong as you can be, but in that strength you are supposed to know your place. You are supposed to submit to whoever has authority over you in accordance with God's ordained plan. You are not weak, you are a captain, not a general. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


I am going to read you my note, I do not want to leave anything out here. The same principle operating between the natural men and women. Recognize that I say "natural" men and women. There is such a thing as spiritual manhood. That spiritual manhood is only valid in Christ. You cannot be a spiritual man without having received the wisdom to know when you are not functioning in a spiritual office. When you come into the natural world you have to function as a woman. It is very hard to be a spiritual man.


I came up against this very recently at a convention. A lot of the preachers were very distressed at me, they did not know what to do with me. They were very concerned about being Godly men, and not having any ungodly thoughts towards, any sexual thoughts towards women other than their wives. They did not know what to do with me. God told me to leave them alone. Not try to meet them on their own ground, that they were frightened of their own emotions. They did not want to do anything wrong, to not threaten them.


Be a women in a Godly quietness. Let them have all of their cliques with all of their macho ways, and that is what I did. It was a very pleasant convention for me.


The men that were not threatened by me spoke to me, and I spoke to them. The men that were threatened by me, I was a demure women, I left them alone. You have to be able to go back, and forth, you have to be able to submit, just like the captain submits to the general, but he can be a real tough captain on his troops. It is something that has to be learned.


We see it in our natural lives, you are supposed to be in submission to your husband. You can be real tough on your kids if you are a women, if necessary. Some men are in submission to their employers, then they come home, and they rule over their families, everyone has to be able to go both ways. Even Jesus, submits to the Father, but rules over us. Everybody has to submit to somebody except the Father.


If you are not submitting to anyone in your life, you better get before the Father. It is not natural, you have got some kind of problem.


Why kind of problem? Some where you are supposed to be in submission, and you are not in submission. Everybody has to submit to someone.


We see the same principles operating between natural men and women. We also see today natural women have risen up, or many natural women have risen up and made themselves equal to men. In this hour, these militant women are threatened by the very existence of Judea, Christian world values, and the family life.


What I am saying, as demonstrated in the Scripture in Daniel 8, when women rise up into the position of men, and it is not in the authority of Christ, they will find that they are stronger than the man. We have been teaching this for weeks now. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Women are not weaker than men. They are in a subordinate position because God has put them there. They are not weaker than men when they come out from under that authority. When they come out from under the position that God has put them, they find out that they are stronger than the men.


We have a plague and epidemic in this country of men with lost manhood. They are in male bodies, they have male sexual organs, but in their mind they are not men. They are not ruling in their house, they are in submission to their wife. Sometimes they are in submission to their children, some times they are in submission to their mother. It is a disaster to this country.


A large percentage are not men, they are women. There is a rage among women today. I saw it on a talk show recently, some very educated psychologist said "There was rage among women today." Why? Because the men are not acting like men, they are not protecting, they are not nurturing, they are ruling. Their women feel unprotected.


Brethren, we have a real problem. I give this counsel to my daughter all the time. If you want to be married to a man, you have got to treat him like a man. You cannot burst his shoes, and tear him down, shut him up, act like a man to him, then expect him to be a man. When you do that, you have made him the women. I know what I am talking about, do not shut off the tape.


In this relationship only one came be male, someone is ruling and someone submitting. If you are ruling sister, you have made yourself the man, in so doing, I know you did not mean to do it, you have made him the women. You are in a rage that he is acting like a women. Come on, get your act together, what do you want a man or a woman?


If you find that you are married to a women, you have been married to a women for the last 20 years, you want him to become a man again. Or if you have any hopes of him becoming a man again, you are going to have to start acting like a woman. You are saying "He is a woman, if I do not push him, he will not do it. If I do not do this, he will not do that."


Sister, he is going to stay a woman. You can believe what you want, you can deceive yourself. He is going to stay a woman until you start acting like a woman, and I am not going to fool with you. I am not a fooling preacher!


When you start acting like a woman, he is not going to stand up in full stature tomorrow. It is going to be painful. It is a change that you are going to work at, you are going to have to pray for him, if not five times a day, you are going to have to encourage him when he falls down, and not stand over him like his mother. I believe with all my heart that in Christ it can be done, but nothing is easy. Change is never easy.


If you are a single women, and you keep ending up in relationships with men that do not have much of a manhood, you had better ask yourself "Why?," You better get your own head straightened out before you get married. I am telling you the truth, there is a plague in this country. Men are being killed left and right, and when they die they become women. They die to their manhood.


The answer is not to become the man, the answer is to shore them up. Strengthen them, build them up, ask God to help them, ask God to make them the man that He intended them to be. In that transition period, you stop being a man. You find out that there is no man in the house because you stopped being the man, you grab on to the Horns of the Alter because Jesus is the man in your house. He will get you through. Glory to God


Pastor Vitale talking to someone in the congregation: She thinks that when you get an emotion, that is the spirit, and she follows that emotion.


COMMENTS: That is what the Baptists are trying to tell me.


PASTOR VITALE: It is true. Apparently, there are people in the Pentecostal Church that do that. Christ is not an emotion. I was just talking to her about it the other day, Christ is not an emotion. As a matter of fact, He is the opposite of an emotion. Christ is a rational mind.


Emotions are usually identified with females, and they are destructive to the man with the rational mind. Any man who is moving in a spiritual manhood, any women that is moving in a spiritual manhood knows that emotions...not that emotions are bad, but they must be under the authority of the greater horn.


When you have Christ, and you have the two horns the rational mind in you is the greater horn, and the emotions of your human personality are the lesser horn. If those emotions come out of the authority of your rational mind, you have got trouble.


I saw him on XXX XXXXXXX's show, he was on the TV. He looked...I do not know what he was feeling like, but he looked very calm and steady. His mother was sitting next to XXX XXXXX, I do not mean any irreverence for the woman, but she was blubbering away. This is typically of the women. The son said to XXXX XXXXX, "I wish you had not brought her on the TV, because it is taking all my strength to be rational and bring my case to the people."


Listen to this, this is what has been happening in this ministry. This emotional woman was touching his emotions. She did not know what she was doing. What would have happened? If it could have, her emotions would have strengthened his emotions, and they would have come out of the authority of his rational mind. What would have happened if that occurred?


If his emotions came out from under the authority of his rational mind, he would have lost his opportunity to present his case. Maybe if you are blubbering like that you can get a few words out. Let me tell you this, XXXX, I have been telling you this for a long time, we have had this problem here.


I do not care what you are thinking when you are blubbering like that. When you are screaming your head off, nobody is going to listen to you when you are making a scene like that. It is female to make a scene like that. I looked at the women on the TV, and she was annoying me.


I spoke to the TV and I said, "Get a hold of yourself woman!" After the son said that, a couple of minutes later they put the TV on her, and she had stopped blubbering. I suspect someone said "Get your act together or you have to leave."


She was sitting there, her eyes were all red, she was depressed. It was her son, but she was not blubbering anymore. This cannot be tolerated by any rational person in authority. This kind of emotional out burst, except in certain limited circumstances, is not acceptable. If you really want to do it, go in your room and cry.


When there is a serious business going on, you cannot be doing that. If you cannot stop, you have to be removed.


This is a reality of life that women do not want here, because women by and large are in rebellion. That is a difference between a man, and a women. I do not care what your body is, that is the difference between a man, and a women.


A man is ruled by his rational mind, a women is ruled by her emotions. For thousands of years this was acceptable, everybody knew that a women was ruled by her emotion. If they had a problem they went to her husband. It was acceptable to be female, her husband was in charge. The man was the rational mind.


Today there are a lot of women who are ruled by their rational mind. You do not look at the body to determine someone's sex today, you have to look at their life. When you get upset, when you get persecuted in the church, do you do what Jesus tells you? Or do you do what your emotions tell you?


If Jesus has planted you in a ministry, and something happens that has hurt you, are you going to obey Jesus? Or are you going to obey your emotions? What you do determines if you are a spiritual man or a spiritual women. I have gone to places where I was in total agony going there. God sent me, I would not yield to my emotions. That makes me a spiritual man. When you look at a person's overall life, that is the basis of how they are living their life.


They are killing the manhood of the young men, this is what we see, and this is what we are studying in Daniel eight. That the lesser horn, the lesser spiritual authority...Remember, everything that is lesser, not that you are worthless, you are the weaker vessel. That does not mean you are weak. It means that you are in the weaker position, just as the captain's position is weaker than the general, but you as a man are not supposed to be weaker. Does anyone not understand me?


That is true in this ministry, you are the weaker vessel, I am the male. In the ministry you are the weaker vessel, that does not mean I am better than you are, but God has given me the authority. In your strength He is requiring that you submit to the authority He has placed upon me. As a human being that does not make you less than me. Does anyone not understand that?


It is very important. People get all uptight about this, they do not understand that. Everybody has their self worth as an individual.


We are all required to submit to an authority where God as ordained it for the sake of the whole human race, for the sake of the country, for the sake of the church. There must be order. The fact that we are a fallen nation, unless we submit to an authority there is going to be chaos. This is all a manifestation of the curse, someone having authority over you, whether it the head of the ministry, your husband or even your boss.


There is not going to be that kind of labor in the new order. This is all a manifestation of the curse. God has initiated it because man is filled with rebellion, and pride.


He would not submit of his own accord. God has done this out of His love for us, and there is such a spirit of rebellion over the whole nation today. There is a spirit of rebellion raging across the earth, across the nation in our families.


I would just like to share with you a movie I saw. I cannot remember the name of it. It amazes me the things I see in these old movies. The Godly role models for men and married women. The blessings from the earlier movies, and to not know if you are aware of it or not, but the men in the movies today very frequently, they are fooled.


We have weakened role models. Our young men today have weakened role models. They show men being fools, everyone. There is an onslaught on the men in this nation.


There is an outright onslaught against men in positions of leadership, and exercising their God given ordained authority. It was an old movie, it was about a young farmer, and his wife. I do not know about today, but in those days the farmers were very independent people.


As a matter of fact, Americans were very independent people. Most Americans in the frontier days, I guess it was the frontier days, they were all independently employed, they were farmers, or they were sheepherders or they were cattlemen. They did have a couple of doctors, and lawyers. Even the general store people owned their own stores.


This concept of corporate employment is an abomination to the Lord. God has ordained that ever man should be answerable to God, and king over his family. This whole concept of a men being under an employer, being taken care of by an employer, has made our men spiritual women. When you are a man, when you are a spiritual man there is no one over you but Christ.


Please be aware that you cannot be expecting our men to change. The way our society is if you are a man or you feel you are a spiritual man, or you are a women, and you feel that you are a spiritual man, you receive this word. You cannot get out of your chosen place of employment until God moves you out. Do not try and do it yourself, do not ask your husband to do it himself. A man that is a man in God's eyes does not have an employer over him.


God is over him, he is an independent man, king of his family. In this movie he was a typical independent man farming very hard work, farming. It is hard physically and emotionally. He lost his crops a couple if times. You have to be strong. His wife had a baby, the baby had one of the well known diseases that you do not hear of anymore.




PASTOR VITALE: It is the disease that is cured by vitamin D. I honestly do not remember.


COMMENT: Malaria?


PASTOR VITALE: No, not malaria. The child was very sick. They were not too educated in those days. The local doctor found out that it was this disease. I do not know, I just heard Rickets in my head. I do not know if that was God or not.


The doctor told them that the child needs milk. If you just give the child milk. They could not afford to buy milk. The baby was sick and crying all night. This scene I want to tell you about, the man was there doing what ever he was doing, something in the field.


His wife never came against him. Oh, I left an important part out. He had a choice. He could have stayed as a farmer and not afford the milk, or give up the farm, and go work for somebody else, then he would have had money to buy the milk. Then he would have lost the equity in his land, his whole life, as it was would have been destroyed. He could not bring himself to sell his farm. His wife never challenged him. He was the king of that family, but she cried out to God.


She never fought with him, she never argued with him, she never had a harsh word with him, their family was in order. One day she got physically attacked by it, she said "I cannot bear his crying anymore Lord, I cannot bear it." She broke down, and she cried, the man turns around, and looks up in to Heaven, and says "What do you want from me Lord? Do you really want me to give up this farm, and go submit myself to the factory, to the darkness, to the dungeon. Is that what you want me to do ?"


Then it was blacked out, and the next thing you see, is someone gave them a cow. This was in the movies! Having a relationship with the Lord, I a can attest to you that, that was very accurate.


I have prayed like that myself sometimes out of utter frustration, and that is when He moves. She never opened her mouth to this man, she never challenged his authority, but she was honest in her emotions. She broke down from the grief, and that is what did it. A genuine emotion. She never challenged his authority, and God moved.


The movies today portray men to be jerks, women to be tramps, children to be horrors. What is that program "Married with Children," the daughter is a prostitute, it is horrible! They had a couple of young women on there, they were talking about indicting this guy on statutory rape.


They had a young woman on there, I think she was 15. She said she was sexually active since she was 9. It was her decision, there was no incest, no rape, nothing forced. When they asked her about it "Do you not think that you are too young?" She said "Who are they to tell me who I can have sex with?" At nine years old!


Rebellion is raging across the nation, largely because of ignorance. It used to be, I am sure you heard this, years ago you could not have a job as a teacher if your moral life was not impeccable.


They are saying now that it does not matter what your outside life is, but they are totally discounting the spirit, completely discounting the reality of the spirit. That is why they say homosexuals should not be allowed to teach the children. Children form soul ties with teachers, and it gets on them.


We have a nation full of parents and teachers into all kind of reprobate sin. They are in rebellion against God, in rebellion against their parents, in rebellion against whatever form of authority they have.


The rebellion is being revealed in 9 year old children. They are uncontrollable, because the parents are in such rebellion. In many cases they have lost their spiritual manhood, their spiritual authority to rule over their children.


There was a man on this program, I do not know how old the boy was, 16 years old. He is bringing girls into the house, the father knows about it, he is sexually promiscuous. Drinking all over the place. The father says "what should I do, I cannot stop him." The father gives him condoms.


You put him out of your house, this is not the first time I have heard this. You put him out of your house. The children rising up and taking over households. Why? Because the parents are not spiritual men to their children. In a relationship between the parent and the child, whether you are the mother or the father, you are a spiritual man to your child, who is the spiritual women, male or female.


We see role reversal on one more level of our society. The parent has become spiritual women, and the children rising up to be spiritual men, inadequately trained spiritual men, which is exactly what happened in the story of Samson?


Have I not been preaching that here for years? The reason we are in the trouble we are in is because Satan become the spiritual man, and she was not qualified. We see our society falling apart in front of our eyes.


Women sitting up there, they lost their jobs, so they become a prostitute, they cannot see anything wrong with it. They said it was a smart move. One of them stood up there, and said "tax free." They do not pay any tax. $1200 a week. We are in a lot of trouble. Do not despise the judgment when it is falling, it has to come. We are in a lot of trouble.


Young 20 years old sitting up there, a professional prostitute, a straight A college student, said she had no self esteem. When it came to her social life, she was not the bell of the ball. She says "Now that she is a prostitute she has self esteem." That does not make any sense. I will tell you what the common denominator is. Everybody, general speaking, is grasping for control, everybody wants control. If you are rejected, it means that you have no control.


There is this young girl, no one is asking her out, no one is inviting her to parties. She has no control over this rejection. When she is a prostitute she has control, she picks the men, she picks, she chooses, she rejects. They pay her, she has power, she gives them pleasure, she has power. They need her, they want her, they come back to her. She has control. Associated with rebellion is a lust for control. Lust for control.


Somebody rejects you all the time, one might think the Godly thing to do, "Well, I will try to be more sociable. I will get a new hair cut, get myself a new dress." That would be considered the normal reaction. There is a rage for control that is raging across the nation hand in hand with rebellion. Rebellion against what? Rebellion against the authority of God, and whoever is manifesting it.


It is rage against authority, lust for control is taking that authority, and making it yours. It is what they call Jezebel.


We see, sweeping across the country today, rebellion working with Jezebel to the point that men and women are selling their bodies, thinking it is nothing. Her straight A's were nothing to her. The most important thing to her was that she had control. It is a spiritual sickness. We are in a lot of trouble.


Exactly what the Father is going to do beyond what He has already done, we will see things crashing down. I do not know about you, I do not see thousands of people running to the churches, I do not see it.


I see the churches falling apart. I have been told that there is a world wide revival going on in eastern Europe. I heard it on the XXXXX, there is a revival going on all over the world, but I do not see it here.


I saw on the XXXXX today, I hope I am not making a mistake about this, I think it was the Presbyterian church. A local Presbyterian church made an announcement that before the service started they were having Indian soothsayers to cleanse the air, to cleanse the spiritual atmosphere with sage.


It is a certain Indian rituals to get rid of the evil spirits, and bring in the good spirits. The Indians protested, they did not want their religion violated. They did not want their religion associated with any Christian religion.


It is the most incredible battle that is raging in this nation. No matter hard you fight in the spirit, it has to come down in the natural. You may fight in the Heavens, but your warfare must manifest in the earth.


I want to again lift up XXX XXXXX to the Lord. Again, he is doing a fantastic job for the Lord here in the earth. I told you there were a couple of things that he has done that I do not understand. I have never run a ministry that size, maybe he knows something that I do not know. If it is a mistake, he is entitled to a mistake, he is doing a fantastic job.


He raised up this legal organization for Law and Justice. It is supposed to oppose the XXXX which is a horror that has descended upon our nation, they fought, and they have very fine attorneys. They have voted for anti-God laws. We have this organization coming through the XXXX. Anybody that is being persecuted can call them, I do not know what they charge you. I think if you really have no money they will defend you without any charge.


They said on the XXXX today that the lead singer of the group XXXX XXXXX do you know that group? It was a heavy metal rock group that is involved in the occult. The lead singer was converted, and is now out witnessing for Christ. Glory to God.


He has some meeting scheduled in Salem, Massachusetts which is the seed of witchcraft. The local witches, I had seen this on TV a couple of years ago, the witches in Salem, that is where they used to burn the witches, are very strong.


The witches of Salem came out and threatened the owner of the hall with violence where he was to appear if they let him continue with his lecture or whatever he does. The owner was going to lock him out, he called this center for Law and Justice through the XXXX. Their attorneys wrote him a letter, and said, "You are going to have a law suit if he cancelled the appearance. He is going to appear." They did not picket, they threatened him with violence.


If this continues, we are running the risk of being a police state. If everybody gets violent to obtain what they want, someone is going to come in with an army, whether it be the American army, whoever is going to be in charge of it, we are going to be a police state. That is where we are headed.






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