145 - 1 Part

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There is no way anyone can understand these Scripture unless the Holy Spirit is giving it to you. There is no way you really could understand the spiritual truth behind the Scriptures, unless God is giving it to you in your heart.


COMMENT: It all seems to work around the same theme, having Christ being born in you.


PASTOR VITALE: It is throughout the whole Scripture, that is the message.


COMMENT: Of the whole thing.


PASTOR VITALE: No matter what book you pick up, that is the message.


Once your eyes start seeing with the eyes of Christ, it is like saying...some people might say when you travel, the world becomes smaller to you. I know that is true having gone to Nigeria. I had to call Nigeria last week, and it just amazes me that I have a friend in Africa! I was talking to them just as I am talking to you. The world shrinks, that is true.


When you start looking at the Scripture with the mind of Christ, the Bible shrinks. It does not become a book that you have a whole year to read through, and that there is so much to understand. When you get the true message of God, it is in every Scripture that you pick up. It is just confirmation after confirmation. If you are reading the Scripture, and every book seems different to you, it is a sign that you are looking at it with your carnal mind. Why? Because your carnal mind is divided, and your understanding is divided.


Every page in the Bible seems like a different story to you. When you are looking with the mind of Christ, everything is in union and everything is in one where ever you open the Bible. That is the message of the Bible, that Christ must be formed in you. He is everything. Everything has come out of Him, everything is going through Him, we shall return unto Him. He is the only reality, and He is all that there is.


We are a fallen creation, and we have problems because we are fallen. The way He is healing us, the way He is healing the wound that slew the beast, which we are, is that He is revealing our problems, and He is dealing with them, dispelling them, and replacing them with His nature in us. To get back to Him we must face what we are. I tried to bring forth that message at the last meeting. I was totally seduced, I could not bring it forth.


I want to talk to you tonight about what happened at the last meeting, because all three of us were involved. Now I take the full blame, because I am supposed to be the head of this ministry. I should have turned around and asked you two to stop discouraging me.


It was a spirit of seduction that came upon the whole meeting. We are just going to talk about it tonight to understand what had happened, and hope that it does not happen again. You may recall that I mentioned to you that when I was preaching I came under a very heavy attack. I tried to bring this revelation with regard to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, Adam, and Eve, saying that is no more than a trinity than the Holy spirit, the Father and the son is a trinity. I was really under attack, I had trouble bringing it forth. As I had trouble bringing it forth, you started yelling at me not to bring it forth. Well, not yelling at me but saying that it was a strong statement. You said "Do not, you are confusing me."


Then XXX picked up on it, and I said "Okay," and I sat down. I take full blame, being the head of the ministry, but I do want you to know that a spirit of seduction came upon all of us. I have the message for you today, eventually I will draw up a permanent exhibit for you. I did not have time to do it. I am going to put it on the board for you tonight.


The most important thing that God wants me to touch on tonight is that this spirit of seduction did come in, and it was able to reveal itself through all three of us. We have to be aware of that.


The primary thing that I want to say is that, "Well what happened there was that I was having trouble bringing forth the revelation, and from the congregation...I understand that it is a problem because we are such a small congregation, that the tendency is to be familiar." I have to tell you that it is not appropriate for the congregation to be telling me to sit down, and forget about it. Can you understand that? It was not appropriate.


COMMENT: It was so confusing for all of us, you mentioning it over and over.


PASTOR VITALE: I understand that. No matter what is going on up here, it is not to come from the congregation to tell me to sit down. I should have resisted it, and I did not. I am not denying my responsibility. You both have to understand that you were out of order in telling me to sit down, and to let it go, to drop it. I am not saying that you were "fresh" to me. What happened was that you both permitted a spirit to go through you that strengthened the attack that was coming upon me.


You both permitted a spirit to come through you that was not Christ. That is the only thing that matters. We are trying to return into Christ, and there is a war going on, and the war is in our mind. The war is between our carnal mind and Christ. They are fighting for who is going to have the use of our mouth, and who is going to have use of our body, and who is going to have use of our mind.


I am asking you to understand that there was a seduction, and that all three of us yielded to our carnal minds. Without condemnation, for all three of us, this is sin. What is sin? Everything that is not of faith is sin. Everything that is not of the life of Christ is sin. To that degree, it is sin. I am not condemning you, we are in a war. We have a carnal mind, that carnal mind, in the Scriptures the Lord has told us, is likened to a spiritual rapist.


It extends out as a rapist would expose himself, as a rapist would expose his genitals. The sexual parts of the carnal mind penetrate into the mind of the believer that is trying to live out of Christ.


It could happen within our own mind. Our carnal mind can do it within us. Our own carnal mind can penetrate out from us and penetrate into the mind of another believer or non-believer.


I just want to go over what we talked about over the phone. The three ways, I do not even know what to call it. I will not give it a name, because I do not know what to call it. There are three ways offhand that I know of that we can give our thoughts to another individual. We could ask a question, we can make a comment, or we can make a suggestion. I want to go over what the difference is.


When we ask a question, it is obvious that we are stating our thoughts, and that it is our thought distinctly. There is a separation between the thought of the person asking, and the person being asked. It is obvious. When a comment is made, the line is very clear as to who is making the comment. I think, in my opinion, that is a comment or statement. It is clear that a person is making a statement, and that it is their statement.


Then there is a suggestion. This we all have to be very aware of. This is the technique that the Serpent used in the Garden.


I never understood it as I understand it in this hour, as the Lord explained it to me. When the Scripture says, "the Serpent whispered," all that it ever meant to me is that he talked to Eve, but he lowered his voice. He talked in a whisper. What it really means is that he made a suggestion. What a suggestion does is that it does not clearly distinguish itself as being a thought separate from the other person. That is what it does.


It operates in a spirit of mind control. The way it comes forth, it penetrates into the other person's mind and registers as their thought. This is what a suggestion is, and that is what happened to Eve. That is what Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, did to Eve, to the creation. Eve was just the fertile parts of the creation whose name is Adam. They had the thoughts of God. Adam and Eve, the creation of God, were moving in a discourse. You can liken it to me teaching.


They were in a mind set, they were in a state of mind, they were communicating in the mind of Christ, and all of a sudden there was another thought in their mind. They could not tell that all of a sudden it was not God's thought. Now I know the Scriptures says, "the Serpent said unto Eve," and the Scripture really made it sound like she had a choice. Those of us that have listened to Tape #2 where we go into the Song of Solomon, it is a little clearer in that place, that she really was deceived. She thought that voice was of God. She thought that was God's voice. This is what a suggestion is.


We must all be aware of it, that it should not be used to violate us, and we who are becoming spiritual men would not want to be violating others with this technique. It is a technique that originates with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Which is who? Satan is the father of the carnal mind. It is a technique of the carnal mind. It is a communication technique of the carnal mind. We all have a carnal mind, and that carnal mind is a wild beast, he must be...well it is a she. She must be put on a leash.


The Lord even showed me in a recent televison program, it is very common that people like to keep dogs. Big dogs, violent dogs, Doberman pinchers, pit bulls. I saw something on TV that the dog was so well trained, when the man said, "stay," he stayed. When the other person tried to leave the house the dog growled at him, then the man said, "down," and he stopped growling. That is our carnal mind. Only we have a carnal mind that is doing what she wants. Did you ever see a dog who will not obey?


We have a wild venomous beast within us. She is unrestrained, we say,"stay," and she does not stay. We say "lay down," and she does not lay down. She does whatever she wants, and she is ripping, and tearing, and raping, and biting the people that we love. We must get her on a leash, in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and restrain her. Before we can do that, we must recognize her, we must not fall into the deception that Eve fell into.


I remind you the man was not deceived. What does that mean? It means that Christ in you, and Christ in me has the ability to discern the whisper of the Serpent. Spiritual women cannot tell between the voice of God and the whisper of the Serpent. The man was not deceived. If the man is in you, if Christ is in you, you have whatever you need to not be deceived. What do you do? You ask the Lord to make this a reality to you. Tell the Lord if you have experienced this.


I want to tell you something, if this has happened to you, if you have yielded to the whisper of the Serpent, if the whisper of the Serpent has come out of your mouth, you have been victimized as much, if not more so, than the person in whom the thought was ejected. If you are serving God, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is whispering out of your mouth, you are being victimized. I do not condemn anybody. Ask God to help you get your dog on a leash, because you dog is victimizing you.


It is as if you had a gun, and when that gun spoke to you, you obeyed. You picked up that gun and you shot someone, and you never wanted to do that. You are obeying, you are being obedient to, you are being the servant of a spiritual weapon by the name of the carnal mind. When Christ is not being formed in you, there is very little you have to say about it. When Christ is being formed in you, you now have another weapon. You have a weapon that is greater than the weapon of the natural man, which is the carnal mind.


We have done studies, both in the book of Revelation and in Isaiah. We have found it stated that the carnal mind is a weapon of the natural man that is typified by a scythe. S C Y T H E. It is used to reap the harvest, it is the weapon of the grim reaper. I do not know how this ever got started, but the whole world knows that the weapon of death is a scythe. Is the natural man not death? Is Adam not death? Is this existence we are in not death?


The weapon of this existence is the scythe, which is the carnal mind. It cuts, it rips, it wounds, and it destroys.


Depending on our physic heredity and the condition under which we are born, our family line curses, and what has happened to us since we were born, some of us have a bigger scythe than others, some of us have sharper scythe than others, Some of us, because of our upbringing, have been trained to restrain that dog or that beast with a greater efficiency than others. Then there are some people that not only are unable to restrain it, they cannot even recognize it.


I want to tell you that this is a curse. We are going to break this curse tonight. This comes under the curse of foolishness. I am not insulting anybody, I an telling you the truth of the Bible. This comes under the curse of foolishness. The Bible says that the wise man sees danger coming, and he prepares and he avoids it, but the fool walks headlong into the trouble and falls into the ditch. Glory to God.


Also associated with this curse is family trouble between parents and children. That is also associated with this curse, the curse of the fool. It is rooted in pride. I want to tell you that if you are being condemned, your own heart is condemning you. I am not condemning anybody. I want to tell you that Jesus Christ is strong enough to break this curse. He is strong enough to break it in your life, He is strong enough to break it over your family and your home. He is powerful enough to turn every problem rooted in foolishness, turn it around, and be glorified in every area of destruction, in every area where it is operating.


Glory to God.


The curse of foolishness is rooted in pride. Sometimes, there is alcoholism present, sometime addiction or compulsive behavior, sometimes there is immaturity present. What is it? It is an inability to discern between good and evil. It is an inability to recognize destruction. It is an inability to function on a victorious level in the world as you know it.


When we chronologically age and become adults, we are supposed to be ruling in whatever our station is. If you are a woman, you are supposed to be ruling over your children with love and affection, but you are supposed to be ruling.


If you are a man you are supposed to be ruling over the whole family. Everybody is supposed to have their area.


The world calls it a "pecking order." The field of Psychology calls it a "pecking order. Did you ever hear of that? Where they get that from is that some psychologist at one point did a study on a barnyard that has roosters, and chickens. They found out, in case you do not know it, let me tell you this, Chickens, and roosters peck each other. When they battle, and they fight, they will use their beak, and they will peck one another.


This psychologist that did this study found out that the strongest rooster would go over, and peck the one that is just under him, just to show his strength. To establish his domination of the barnyard, roosters fight. I do not know if you know that, they fight violently.


We have some nations that train them to fight, and it is a very bloody battle. There is a whole descending order. The chief honcho rooster pecks the one under him. That one gets licked, and gets up and goes and pecks the one under him. Then it keeps on descending, everybody pecks the chicken or the rooster that is weaker then they are. The smallest, weakest chicken in the barnyard is the runt and the loser. I am making a joke out of it, but that is what it is called, the "peaking order."


Everybody, every human being, has their position of authority of the society that they live it. In their family, in their school , in every area of their life. Glory to God.


I want to briefly review the three stages of the resurrection. Well, let me show you the three stages of the fall. Then I will show you the three stages of the resurrection. I just have a few more comments on this, and we will see what will happen after that. First stage of the fall. First stage of the resurrection. Glory to God. In the beginning we have the Father, we had His Christ, and out here we had the glorified body. Now we are doing the same thing I just showed you, we are doing it with circles. Is anybody confused? Just a different way of looking at it so we can get abetter understanding.


The realm of the spirit is at our inner most part. It is our inward part. If you ever read in the Scripture about the inward part, it is talking about the realm of the spirit within you. Your most inward part is the realm of the spirit.


The first thing that happened here was that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, injected herself in the middle. She took on the role of spirit. She made herself a spirit. She did exactly what the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour. She put herself right there in the middle as spirit. She was up here in Christ, unseen. She separated from Him. There was one, there became two. She put herself in the high realm of God's spirit. Adam's skeleton did this. Why did Adam let his skeleton do it?


I suggest to you the answer to the question was that he was not totally out of agreement with his skeleton. Adam liked the idea of being lifted high above the clouds. Therefore, he yielded to the whisper. You have a question?


COMMENT: In the circle, and then what is the next one?


PASTOR VITALE: It is the Father. What I did, it is the same diagram as this except Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, injects herself right into the realm of the spirit. Satan, the Father, Christ, and the glorified body. I just want to show you a comparison to what is happening in the resurrection.


First stage of the fall, we have Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the Father, and Christ. In the first stage of the resurrection we have Christ , Satan, and the carnal mind. I want to remind you that in the first stage of the resurrection, Christ from His position of weakness under the carnal mind is going to...He has done it in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is full well able, and intending to do it in you. He is going to control Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and her offspring, the carnal mind, from its position of weakness.


The Lord Jesus Christ is lying down on the mat. Satan and the carnal mind has His shoulders pinned down. By the strength of the Father that is within Him, He is ruling with His mind. In the Man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he took full authority over that which was laying on top of Him. That is what happened in the fall. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, took full spiritual authority over the Christ. That was how she got to be a spirit, she whispered to Adam, and he did what she told him.


I want to tell you something, brethren, most of you probably know this. Bondage to other people is real. You do not have to be in a XXX XXXXX cult to be in bondage to somebody. Do not listen to people's whispers, especially if you have Christ. Bring every thought and every suggestion before the Father.


People in the world know this, people that are wise in the world know this, doctors lawyers, politicians, they know this. If you ever have the opportunity watch them operate, it is a warfare that can be likened to a warfare between two wild animals n the jungle. Do you know that expression, "I will make your forehead as hard a flint?" Watch two hard-nosed, strong-minded people, negotiate.


Watch their eyes, look at their faces, they are not receiving a whisper. They are standing there with a baseball bat bunting everyone of them off of them. This world is a jungle, it is a jungle of the mind. It used to be jungle of wild animals, but we are moving into a spiritual age. The jungle is now in your mind. You cannot tell what kind of an animal someone is by looking at their face, or by looking at how they are dressed, or looking at what they do for a living, or by looking at whether they are a man or a woman or a child.


We are talking about the power of the mind. As the Lord has revealed here recently, the living soul that died is coming into puberty. Her sexual organs are maturing. The sexual organ of the living soul is the mind. We found out in the last meeting that if Christ is not being formed in you, you are going to be devastated by the carnal mind.


If you think that you have seen spiritual power, up until now you have not seen anything yet. What is coming of age is the spiritual puberty of Leviathan, and it is a different form of witchcraft than the witchcraft that we have seen traditionally in Africa, and the Caribbean, also in Europe.


I do not know how much it is happening in Europe today, but I know last century they were burning witches at the stake, there was witchcraft in Europe. I know that there was witchcraft being practiced in many of the European nations. It is a different kind of witchcraft. It is coming forth, it is the sexual organs of the living soul that died, it is the carnal mind. It is a different kind of witchcraft.


She whispered to Adam, and when Adam received her whisper there was a spiritual sexual union, and she slowly threw a seduction. She took authority over him, until she was fully ruling from her position of weakness. That is how she got on top of the blackboard, remember the other diagram? I said by someway, I am not sure, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, got up here in the realm of the spirit. I know that is how she does it, but I do not understand the spiritual authority.


She whispered to Adam, and he liked what she said. We have touched on this before, there is a reality of seduction in our world. Where ever God has given you authority over, where ever, your children, over a job, over a ministry, in a ministry, where ever you have a God given authority you are a male.


Where ever you have authority, there is someone or many coming to you to bring you down. It is the nature of the beast. It is the nature of the world that we live in. If God has given you that authority, you better hold it dear, because once you leave it, it is no fun getting back up there, if you can do it.


Remember Elijah, they all came to him, they commanded them to come down. What did he do every time the armies came? They came in the name of the king. He turned to his God. He prayed. I want to tell you, brethren, if you try to hold on to your authority without God you will be seduced, you will come down, and you will lose everything the Lord has given you. Your help is in Christ. Love your brethren, love your parents, love your minister, love your brothers, and sisters, but your salvation is in Christ. Do not turn to human help, because you will surely fall down.


You have to by the grace of God. God speaks through men. The first person you turn to should be the Lord, after you go to the Lord, after you petition the Lord for a solution to your problem, then when a man speaks to you, you listen, and you say "Father, was that you, speaking through that man?" You must first and, for most, go to the Lord with every single problem.


It does not have to be a big formal prayer. Do not be religious. Just say "Father, what do you want me to do? Father what is the answer? Father, let your will be done." This is the problem.


I want to tell you something, when you start to pray about everything, if you get into long religious prayers, you are going to lose your mind. You are going to be on your knees 28 hours in the day, you cannot do it. I am telling you, you cannot do it. Then when people start seeing that you have some spiritual authority, and they start coming to you for prayer, you not only have yourself, but all these people. Forget it, you cannot do it.


I want to tell you, I have seen the most profound manifestations of the power of God that have come to a prayer something like this. "Here they are Father, they just called me, you heard the whole conversation. Bless them Lord, and deliver them." That is the fullest extent of my prayer. How can you do it?


Did you hear my testimony about the lady having the baby? You did not hear that? I got a call at midnight, I still had a secular job at that time, I still was a disciple, I did not have a ministry. Two Christian women were being a midwife to another Christian from the fellowship. She was having trouble. She had, had her baby, she was at home, but she could not pass the placenta.


One of them felt the Lord told her to call me. They called me up, they woke me up. I was a sickly woman at the time. Working a very hard job a great distance from my home. They woke me up at midnight, they told me "The Lord told me to call you, please pray." I hung up the phone, I said "Father please deliver that placenta," and I went back to bed. Fifteen minutes later, they called me again. They thought I was on my knees binding and loosing, and they called to tell me to stop binding and loosing because the placenta passed.


Do not let any man put you in bondage, do not let them do it. It is with your mind. Your strength is rooted in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The closer you are to Him the more Godly your prayers will be. The more Godly your prayers are, the more likely He is to answer them. You do not have to go through a whole big ritual. It is in the relationship you have with Him. Everybody does not have the same relationship with the Lord.


This is the first stage of the fall, and this is the first stage of the resurrection.


Can yo see the correlation? The creation fell, we hit bottom. At the crucifixion or the manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of the age, we have started up again.


Now let me tell you, this event, how I can say that we have hit bottom and started up again, the whole creation has to be started up. It looks something like this. We fell in many members. We fell in many members, just one or two members have started up. These members are still falling. At this moment there are many more members that are falling than are going up. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


The whole creation continues to fall. Every one of these little circles that you see on this side of the board is a brand pulled out of the fire by Joshua. That is in Zechariah 1, if you are interested. The creation will continue to fall, it is a member at a time. It is coming up a member at a time.


Let me give you the second stage of resurrection. The second stage of the fall, the carnal mind comes up and lays over Adam, and rules from the dominant position. She comes into a male role. She attained to her male role through seduction, and seduction, I remind you, is a weapon of passivity. Traditionally this is why, you see women's lib is fighting against these stereo types. These stereo types are rooted in spiritual reality. The weaker person, in a conflict. Let me state it this way. The stronger person in a conflict tends to use physical force, blunt, and to the point authority. That is what a man does. A traditional man, that is how they fight.


Women traditionally fight through seduction and other passive means. She cannot over take the man, he is too strong for her. His body is too strong for her, his authority is too strong for her, his righteous reasoning is too strong for her. What does she do? She seduces him. Now this is traditional, I know it does not happen a lot in this country anymore. "Oh honey..." sometimes she cries "...oh you do not love me? Please you do not love me!" Is that not what Delilah did to Samson? It is traditional. Why do we not see this in this country today? Because the men are mostly women.


I want to tell you something, if you are a woman, and the way you get your needs met is to fight, brawl, or to speak boldly you are moving in a male realm.


I am not condemning you, put yourself before the Lord. If you are woman, do you want anything manly in you? Unless it is God giving you spiritual manhood, I am not talking about that. Where ever I go, I see women battering their husbands into submission. They fight with them boldly, they contend with them like two male beasts. They do not seduce them anymore. Why are you laughing? Because you do that? (laughter) Well if the shoe fits, God bless you!


It is the truth, I am telling you the truth. We have a plague in this country. We have many plagues in this country. Were ever you go women are complaining that their husbands are not interested in sex. It is every where. It is in the doctor's office, it is on the tv shows, it is everywhere. The husbands are not interested in sex, the men are tired, the men have headaches, the men are saying everything the women have said for centuries. "Not tonight honey!"


You see it on the tv. This gorgeous sexy young woman, I just saw it on tv the other night. The husband crawled in to bed, and put his back to her, she was hanging over him trying to seduce him, and he was not interested. That is role reversal, it is every where you look. I am not saying it is in every individual person. It is everywhere. Recognize it when you see it. Females seduce, females fight with passive weapons. Men are blunt, and to the point, physically, and verbally aggressive.


Second stage of the resurrection, Christ gets on top. I put an extra ring in here. Christ is on top. He has come out from under His weak condition, and He is ruling the carnal mind, and Satan. If you are honest with yourself, brethren, Satan is at the core of the being of every human being alive today. Even those who speak in tongues, and call themselves Christian, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is their root. If Christ was your root, you could not die. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is your root, Satan is my root.


There is another root in me, glory to God. It came out of dry ground when He smelled the scent of water, which was the Holy Spirit, and He came forth. He is now ascended, and He is totally controlling our Satanic vessel from a position of male dominance.


Satan is still my root, and he will be your root, whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not. Whether you curse me or not, the truth is the truth, you cannot kill the truth. Satan is the root of every human being alive today. He will be your root until Christ is in you, and He is formed, and ascends to this position, and slays her. When He slays her, Christ shall be your root, and you shall live for the life of the ages.


Do not let anybody lie to you brethren, you never got anything but a lie, you are not saved. Your spirit has been redeemed. This flesh, this body, this personality, is not saved. If Christ does not appear in it, it is going by way of all flesh, back to the earth. Your body is going back to the physical earth. 


Over here, of course, in the fall, the carnal mind slew the Christ, and in case you did not realize it the Lord is telling me to put this on the tape. No matter how strong you are in Christ you are a female in relationship to God. You warfare is passive, you warfare is to complain to your husband. You recourse is to complain to your husband. I want to tell you, if you are out there aggressively taking on demonic forces, and it is not Christ in you doing it, you are in a male role. Do you hear what I am saying? You are not hearing what I am saying.


Binding, and loosing, and other forms of spiritual aggression are witchcraft, unless Christ in you is doing it. Unless Christ in you is praying these prayers. Rebukes, execution of judgment, binding, and loosing, every form of aggressive warfare that is not generated from Christ in you is male behavior. Coming through a female in relationship to God is witchcraft. Do you understand what I am talking about? Even counseling that is not Christ is spiritual male behavior on part of the female.


I want to tell you something, your greatest satisfaction will be in total submission Christ. I know we have a lot of men today that are imperfect men. I know that. If you are in Christ you have an ideal here. You have an ideal husband, and the greater your submission to Him, the greater the measure of blessing upon your life, the greater measure of safety upon your life, the greater measure of comfort upon your life. Do not go around beating people up with your mind, because you think that is what Christian are supposed to do. That is not what they are supposed to do. Christians are supposed to be in submission to their God, the Lord Jesus Christ.


They are not supposed to have one thought apart from His thought, because if you are moving under your own thought, I am sorry, brethren. Do not get religious with me, the truth is going to set you free. If you are moving under the authority of your own thought, it is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in your own mind that has separated out from under the authority of Christ.


Where there was one tree of life, there are now two trees. There is now the Tree of Life, and the tree of death, or The Tree of the Knowledge of Good, and Evil, which is death.




I pray for everybody here that the Lord impart the ability to you to distinguish between your carnal mind, and Christ. I pray to you Father, that you cannot hold them accountable if they cannot tell the difference. I ask you Father to give them that ability to distinguish between their carnal mind, and Christ. If they do not choose you let the judgments of correction fall.


Hallelujah, let them be deceived no more Father.


There is just one more point, I think I am putting it in a little late. Let me see how I can say this to you. I mentioned to you that in the stage, in the age before the fall that it was called the age of innocence, and men had glorified bodies. The world that they lived in was called heaven. Then we are going to say that there were two stages of the all. One before the flood, and one after the flood.


We will say the realm of death before the flood, men were giants. I meant to say that was the Garden of Eden. It was not Heaven. The age of innocence, the body was glorified, and the world was the Garden of Eden.


Man fell, he fell into the age of death. In the age of death before the flood, men had giant bodies. Of course, the world had to be hell. It was not as it is today. I do not know how to separate those two out, but they fell into hell, and they had giant bodies.


The second stage which is after the flood, they fell into human bodies as we have them now. They are still in hell. Hell is spiraling downwards. I do not know, there are two different names there. The Lord has not told it to me.


Now we are moving into the age of life. We will say life before the flood. Who is the flood? Does anybody know? Where is the flood coming from now? We are expecting a flood, I am Noah, and I am preaching to you. "There is a flood coming, build an ark." The flood is coming out of the minds of the sons of God that are in full stature. If you do not have your ark this time, we are in the realm of the spirit, and your ark has to be inside of you.


Our ark is the formation of Christ in you, not the baptism of the Holy spirit. If you do not have an ark, when the flood comes out of the minds of the sons of God in full stature you could drown.


Only those who where in the ark survived, you have to have Christ formed in you. Life before the flood, we are still in these fallen human bodies, and it is still hell.


There has to be different names in here, but I am not getting it right now so I am just going to leave it. Then we have life after the flood, after the flood of the sons of God. I want to suggest to you that up here we had physical giants, and down here we are going to have spiritual giants. Death before the flood, there were physically giants.


Death after the flood, they fell into the vile human bodies that we are in now. Life before the flood, we are in the vial human bodies that we are in now. Life after the flood that is coming from the minds of the sons of God, we will be spiritual giants.


I want to remind you that these physical giants were both male and female. The human bodies did not fall into male and female bodies until after the flood. I want to tell you that the corresponding truth, that life after the flood where we have spiritual giants, although I do not expect that their bodies will return to that kind of stature. They will also once again be male and female. Christ, Interlinear Text, He will be the male, and the human personality under the authority of Christ which is the personality we were born with shall be the female. We shall once again be male and female. Glory to God


Of course, we are going back to the Garden of Eden which is Heaven. The Garden of Eden is within you. When Christ is in full stature within you, your soul is in the Garden of Eden. I remind you that the Father put Cherubim with flaming swords on the way back to Eden. That is Christ.


To get back into Eden, we must pass through the Fire of Christ, the Lake of Fire, do you remember? When you go through the Lake of Fire, you are getting back into the Garden of Eden. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Is that not wonderful? We are on the way back up. Glory to God.


Any questions on this or anything? We are closing out. I will take a question on anything. I just give up on making it on one tape. We have not had a message on one tape in a long time. Glory to God.


COMMENT: As I mentioned at the beginning of the message that all through the Bible Christ is being formed in you, and you see it every part of the Scripture.


PASTOR VITALE: He is the only reality, and the only reason we have a book called the Bible with so many words, and so many stories is that man is very fallen. The fact that you can see, this is a sign that you are being resurrected, but the man in the street, the unregenerate man that this book goes to, I want to tell you that a lot of them cannot even get anything out of the letter.


I know when I first came to the Lord, I wanted God so bad I had to force myself to read this Bible, it gave me no pleasure I did not understand it. It caused me pain, discomfort, emotional discomfort. I was determined to read it. What gave me the most pain was the prophets. I could not understand a word that they were saying.


I pressed in, and by the grace of God, I just broke through. I remember the night that I broke through I was sitting at the kitchen table, I saw a vision of the mighty angel of the book of Revelation with the one foot on the sea, and the one foot on the land.


I did not know what it meant, but when I look back that from that time forward I started understanding the Scripture. I pierced through. What did I pierce through? The veil. What is the veil? The veil is His flesh.


I pierced through the soul of Christ where I was enabled with His spiritual eyes to see the Scripture. Let me show you that on the board. This is at the beginning of the Revelation tapes. I do not know what chapter it is, 2 or 3, it is pretty early. We have the Scriptures where this appeared, where John pierced through. This is us, if Christ is being formed in you, He is at your center.


I will just make this in one circle. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is in one circle with he carnal mind.


Most people when they first come to Christ are living out of their carnal mind. In Christ, remember the recent teachings, Christ is the New Age. Christ is a spiritual law and is an age. He is the New age. Why? Because Satan and the carnal mind is the Old Age. It is this age of wickedness, it is this age of death. When Christ comes forth in us, two ages are in our hearts.


If you remember the teachings from the book of Ecclesiastes, all the knowledge, and wisdom, everything that God is, it is in Christ. It is as if you swallowed an apple pit, it is inside of you, but it is not doing you any good unless you can access the vitamins that are in it.


What we have to do, and what happened to John is that, let us say our spiritual reality is here.


Eve is joined to Satan, and the carnal mind. Our true spiritual reality separates out from Satan and the carnal mind. By the power of Christ, He is strengthening her from inside of her. She pieces through the veil which is His flesh. She enters into His soul, and she abides there for as long as the Father lets her abide there.


She is literally in two places. She is in Christ, but her roots are in Satan and the carnal mind. As far as her consciousness is concerned she is 100% in Christ, but it is only temporary.


When we did those Scriptures in Revelation, I think it was 2 or 3, John said, "And when he looked around to see where he was, he perceived that he was within a soul, that was in full submission to the Father." You see, the Father was in the midst of the Christ. Christ was in full 100% submission to the Father. When Eve separated out, and entered into Christ, Eve or the human spirit, of whoever this is happening to found themselves in full submission to the Father.


We cannot approach unto the Father. We will burn up. There is too much sin in us, we would be destroyed. When we get the permission from Christ to enter into His soul, He is already in submission to the Father. We enter into His labor. Glory to God.


One day this separation will be permanent, and when we enter into the soul...you see what is happening...I cannot believe this message that God gave me. What is happening here is that our human spirit is entering here, and withdrawing. entering, and withdrawing, just like human sexuality. entering in, and withdrawing, entering, and withdrawing. The day is going to come that she is going to enter into the soul of Christ, and she is going to stay there.


When she stays there the carnal mind is going to die, and break down into spirit and soul. Why? Because the carnal mind is the offspring of Satan, and Eve. When God breaks up this unholy trinity, the carnal mind dies, that part of her which is spirit returns to Eve, which is the seed of the Father. That part of her which is soul returns to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Satan is soul, she stole the spiritual position. She is a part of the living soul that died. Eve is the female seed of God.


The carnal mind has to die. When Jesus slays the carnal mind in you, your human spirit, or Eve is going to flee into Christ, and abide there for the life of the ages. What is going to happen to Satan? Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is going to get in there too, but she is going to become invisible again. She will come back into her place where she is unseen, and unnamed, and unmentioned. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Is the carnal mind dissolved at that point.


PASTOR VITALE: At the point of.. yes the carnal mind is dissolved, That is what Peter is talking about, that your elements are going to melt. That is the dissolution of your carnal mind. She breaks down into spirit and soul. Spirit returns to Eve, because she is the offspring.


If you have a child, the child is made up of the sperm of the father, and the ovum of the mother. What is happening here, in the natural God forbid if a child dies, that is the end of it. In the spirit which is a greater realm, that which is spirit returns to the spirit, and that which is soul returns to the soul. Just like when our body dies it returns to the dust, and when our soul dies it returns to the lump of clay. When our carnal minds dies, it breaks down into spirit and soul.


The spirit returns to Eve. She gets her seed back, she gets her ovum back. The soul returns to Satan. Eve coming in here, she abides with Christ for the life of the ages. There is no more carnal mind. The carnal mind is the city of Babylon which will go down into the sea of Christ, never to be seen again. Not even the memory of it will be present.


There will be a new city, a new Jerusalem, and that is Christ coming down from Heaven, coming down from the spiritual realm of the Father. The new Jerusalem.


Where did the old Jerusalem come from? It came out of the spirit of Satan. It is called Babylon. Hallelujah.


What a glorious message.


COMMENT: What I can remember I tried to formulate it when I woke up I said, "I have to remember this, because it is very important." It is vague again. I know it applies to me. I will explain it. It seemed to be in a basement. I see that pole. My brother was there, and a little child. There was something wrong with the little child. He took his fist, and he punched the child in the head.


PASTOR VITALE: This was your brother?


COMMENT: My older brother. Punched the child in the head to kill him. I did not know if it was my grandchild. I picked him up, and said "It will be all right. Get him to the doctor, get him to the doctor, get him some help."


We were going in to all these doorways, and places to get him help. It kept going on, and on, he did not want to get help.


Then it changed, then it was XXXXX, and then I was telling XXXX, "You have to get help for the child." They did not want to take him to the doctor because then they would be at fault. This child that was hurt, it was hurt in the leg. The leg was all open, and wounded. They did not want to take him to the doctor, because the doctor would blame them.


It got no where.


PASTOR VITALE: Was that the whole dream.


COMMENT: No. It brought me back to my childhood, because my brother hated me. A fierce anger at me, I do not know why, I do not remember why. He always had this hatred on his face for me, and he was always growling at me.


One time I said to me, he hit me on the side of the face. I said to him "Hit me on the other side." Thinking I am the martyr in the Bible, it says turn your cheek. He would not hit me.


Another time, it was a big joke, a friend of his came over, and I made a big joke out of my brother being so furious with me. I was laughing at him, and it was angering him all the more, and his friend was laughing at him too, because it was a big joke.


I could always remember him having this hatred for me.


PASTOR VITALE: I think there is a spiritual application to this dream. Let us try to use our spiritual mind. Who is your big brother, spiritually speaking?


COMMENT: Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ is your big brother. Amen Jesus. Who is the Child?


COMMENT: Me probably.


PASTOR VITALE: No, who is the child. We are being spiritual here. In relationship to Christ who is the child. "And a little child shall lead them."


Who is the child?


COMMENT: Christ again?


PASTOR VITALE: The second generation of Christ, us. Many membered second generation of Christ. Our big brother hit the child in the head. Amen. Who is the head of the second generation of Christ? Right now.


COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I wish He was. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, at the present time is the head of the second generation of Christ. Is not the fulfillment of the Scripture in Revelation, I believe chapter 19 or 20? I have it on a recent tape. "I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for Christ." That was Jesus punching Satan in His child, which is Christ Jesus, which is not every member of the church, but the company of believers in whom Christ is being formed, is Jesus' child.


He is very anger at what Satan has done to His offspring. He is smiting the church to the point of death. It is about judgment, it is going to come soon, it is really just trickling down. There is judgment coming.


COMMENT: I know I feel the fire.


PASTOR VITALE: Fire! In Nigeria they say fire! When they want to get the demons out they say fire! Judgment is falling, you have just received a prophetic word for the Lord, that judgment is coming. That is going to separate Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, as the head in those members of the church in whom Christ is being formed.


The Lord is coming with recompense, and great wrath. The judgment is going to be so powerful that it is going to be...well, to carnally minded people it is going to look like these people are going to die. To those people that it is happening to, they may feel like they are going to die. You are not going to die, because your God will come and save you.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Then it switched to XXXXX, and I am sorry but XXXX typifies witchcraft. To me XXXX typifies witchcraft. Everything is a symbol in the dream. Then it was no longer Jesus had the child. If I remember correctly. XXXX was the custodian of the child, XXXX probably is typifying the carnal church. Who is the custodian of the Christ child? The carnal church. The church whose head is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Then she refused to take him to the doctor. The carnal church does not want Christ to appear. The ministers of the carnal church will not turn the children over to Christ. They are hindering their growth.


I would say she typifies the carnal church, that includes the kingdom church. Any church where Christ is not ruling comes into this category. The child's wound transferred from the head into the leg. Now the legs we need to walk on. Walking is a means of carnal transportation. Jesus hit or punched the head which is Satan, and the unconscious mind. He ripped open the leg which was severely damaged, correct me if I am wrong. The leg was severely damaged, the ability of the church world to continue in their carnal walk is severely damaged.


XXXX would not take the child to the doctor, who is the doctor? Who is our doctor?




PASTOR VITALE: Jesus is our doctor. The carnal church world has a child whose ability to walk, whose ability to get things done, whose ability to get their needs met, is severely wounded. The church world will not take the child to Jesus, because the church world consciously or unconsciously knows that if they when they let Jesus in, they are going to lose all their power.


What is the result of this? The child is being sacrificed. Now listen to this, you had two separate dreams. What should have been the first part came second. Do you remember my teaching that when dreams come out of the realm of the spirit it is the mirror image, it is reversed. What should have been the first scene was the witchcraft rooted church world having a damaged child and refusing to call Jesus to help them. The second scene is Jesus coming anyway, very angry punching the head of the child, separating the child from Satan. Which is the carnal church.


The church world is dying, God's people are bleeding to death, the ministers that are controlling it will not turn them over to Christ. He is coming anyway, and He is going to deal a death blow to the church, which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in these ministers. He is going to take His people unto Himself. Judgment. I do not know how long....I know that God does not do anything without talking to His prophets first.


Almost everyone that I know that is spiritual is getting some kind of word that judgment is upon us. How long is this is going to continue before it is obvious that the judgment is here?


I do not consider what is happening to you judgment, because you are in agreement with it. When I hear this kind of a dream, I could be wrong but what it means to me that judgment is coming without the people's agreement. Judgment is coming to set the people free from shepards that are keeping them in bondage. Judgment is coming to people that cannot over come their own carnal mind. That is what it means to me.


When Jesus comes with a recompense, boy that Scripture is burning in my head that He is coming with a recompense to save you. What it means to me is that it has got to be knowledgeable. The knowledge has to be at least available to the church world, if not the world, that Jesus is doing this.


For so long as the church world continues to call the judgments of God Satanic, denying that Jesus is doing it, and, of course, at the same hand denying their guilt.


That is not judgment. Jesus must be glorified, it must be known that it is the Lord of Hosts, their God that has come to wage war against them. It has to be. Until that is common knowledge in the church, I do not see how we can say the judgment has come. That is my opinion right now, based upon the Scriptures. It is going to be real soon.






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