143 - Part 10

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We have a lot here. We have a great deal spiritually. But the way it seems to work is that the more you have spiritually, the harder your li- -- the harder your natural life is. It just seems to work that way.


And the Lord has shown me that this entering into the kingdom of God can be likened to space travel. I may have touched on this a couple of times before, but I think He showed it to me a little differently today. I'd just like to share this with you. It can be likened to space travel. We're literally pushing against gravity. And I'll put it on the board for you again. We're literally pushing against gravity because we are a man.


We're linear man, OK, before Christ comes to us. We're a one-dimensional man. We exist on the line of the earth. We don't have any depth. To have depth means that you have spiritual access to the kingdom of God. If you're unsaved, you're a flat man. And we are dwelling on the circle of the earth. This would be our soul, and this would be the world that we live in. And we dwell in this soul and this body, but our whole sphere of activity surrounds us. It's outside of us, OK.


But when Christ comes to us, He bends us upward. Or more accurately, He bends us inward, and He starts to bend us in towards the realm of the spirit. And this bending in makes us a spiritual man or a two-sided man. This is the spiritual world, and this is the physical world. So He starts to bend us inward toward the spiritual world.


Now, you might hear a lo- -- that taught a lot, but what you don’t hear taught so much is that as you bend inward, your physical world starts to deflate, gets smaller. And as you reach into the kingdom, deeper and deeper, eventually, you're not going to have anything out here in the world.


And it's a process, and it's likened to space travel in that this pull inward is going against gravity. What gravity? The gravity that's created by Satan. She wants you out here. So Christ is pulling you this way, and S- -- let me put this on the board for you. Christ is pulling you inward, and Satan is right here, pulling you outward, and they're both in your mind. So for you to -- for us to turn inward, we're going against the gravitational pull of Satan, who wants to hold us to the earth.


Now, if you think of space travel, when the rocket takes off, it's fighting against the gravitational pull that wants to do what? That wants to keep the rocket on the earth. Well, there's a spiritual gravitational pull. Her name is Satan, and she wants us to stay on the earth. She does not want us to go into the outer space of the realm of God's Spirit.


So when James says the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, let me tell you, I think that Scripture has been understated. I never saw it like I see it now or like I'm experiencing it now. Do you know what this person feels like when they're being pulled in two directions like that? Like a rubber band. The only way that we're going to make it is if we choose to actively, by the power of Christ, war against that gravitational spul- -- pull, which is Satan in the form of the carnal mind. If we don't fight, I prophesy to you, you will never enter in to the spiritual world.


And, again, I liken it to space travel. They need nuclear fuel and all that fire blasting out of the rocket. That's what they need to get out of the Earth's gravitational pull. That power is imparted to us in Christ, but even in the spaceship, they've got to turn the key, and they've got to start the engine.


And the Lord has been speaking to me a lot about space travel. Look at those men. I'm sure you've all seen pictures of it, strapped in their seat. The pressure that's put upon them, if you've seen movies, their mouth is drawn back under the stress of the gravitational pull that's pressing on them as the ship is ascending into space. And when they come back in, if you've seen any of the movies, the ship that they're in is a ball of fire.


Now, remember, the realm of the spirit is opposite of the realm of the soul. So if in the spaceship we see that they're a ball of fire coming back into the Earth, I'm going to suggest to you that we're a ball of fire going out of the Earth. And what do I mean by that? Let me make it a little clearer. They're in a ship. And the way the ship is made is that it's fireproof, the inside of a capsule that's fireproof. But there is such an irritation -- the spaceship causes such an irritation, as it penetrates the gravitational pull of the Earth, that it's surrounded by fire.


And I want to tell you, as we penetrate the realm of God's Spirit, we are surrounded by fire, destructive fire, that if it can get to us, it'll destroy us. And in one movie that I saw, "The Right Stuff," about the first astronauts that went up, something went wrong with the ship. And they were concerned that he would burn up alive because the fireproof mechanism wasn't working.


Brethren, if your fireproof mechanism is a counterfeit, you're going to burn up. If your suit is made out of your intellect or any form of fabrication of your carnal mind, you will die when you try to get into Christ, when you try to pierce into His soul. When you try to pierce into the life of Christ, if you're not wearing His garment, you will surely be destroyed. That's how hard this thing is. It's time for the lie to die.


And I'm telling you that if this message is getting to you or if you're sitting here, the chances are like 99 percent, if not greater, 99 and 99/100ths percent that you no longer have any choice. And God has brought you here, and you've made any kind of commitment here, and you've overcome to the point that you're coming here on a regular basis, it's out of your hands. So when the trials come, we'll just grit our teeth and pray a lot, and let's not lie about how tough it is. Let's not lie about it, because we're going to have to need the -- we're going to need the truth to get through this stress and this strain.


And I'd just like to show you one more thing before we start with the meeting tonight. It really blessed me. I was watching a movie the other night, and it was about a new airplane. I don't even know if such an airplane exists, but it ma- -- it was a movie -- maybe the name of the movie was "Airplane." I don't know. They built this super airplane that went very high in the sky, and the pilot announced to the passengers. He said, if you look out your window, you'll notice that the light of the sun is all over the airplane. But if you just look a couple of inches above the rays of the sun, you'll see it's pitch black out. And he said, most people have never seen this except for a few astronauts. And what you're looking at is literally the edge of outer space.


Now, it had -- I don't know about you. Maybe you thought about it. It never had occurred to me that there was an edge to outer space, but they showed it on the screen, and this is what it looked like. This was the horizon, and it was all yellow and bright with the sun, and here was the airplane flying, whatever that looked like. And it was literally a line. It wasn't that smooth a line. It was a little hazy. And on the other side of the line -- I don't have a black piece of chalk. It was solid black, and you could literally see a line. The rays of the sun only went so far. And where the rays of the sun were not was darkness.


The Bible calls it, I suggest to you, outer darkness. Now, I'm not talking about space. I'm talking about the -- what I just told you is a type of something spiritual. The rays of the sun, of course -- let me remind you. I shouldn't say of course, in case you don't know -- typify Christ. And where does Christ dwell? He dwells in the inward parts of a man. And the rays of His life go so far, and when they're no longer touching a part of you, that's outer darkness.


Now, brethren, if Christ in you is buried under the feet of your carnal mind, I want to suggest to you that outer darkness starts right here in your carnal mind. If your carnal mind is so strong or if you don't have Christ at all -- well, let's say you have Christ. If your carnal mind is still -- well, I shouldn't even say that. Let me take that back.


You know, it has nothing to do with how strong your carnal mind is. I've told you this before. Let me tell you again. Your carnal mind is your carnal mind is your carnal mind is your carnal mind. It's how strong Christ is in you. If Christ in you has just been conceived, if He's a babe, if He's just starting to mature, if He's the size of that mustard seed and He doesn't have much strength, your carnal mind is in full control of your life, and your entire conscious existent -- entire conscious existence is dwelt in our outer darkness.


Now, as Christ starts to arise, as He starts to mature, you see, your carnal mind stays the same, but Christ is increasing. And He starts to penetrate into that outer darkness. You then have a mixture. The morning has risen on your carnal mind. The new day has started to rise, and you're now a double-minded man. In your conscious existence, you have light and darkness. You have day and night.


And in accordance with the teaching that the Lord has been bringing forth here over the last few months, I'm not exactly sure how to draw it, but what the Lord is doing is He is distinguishing or separating the light from the darkness. You see, first Christ penetrates the darkness. He invades the darkness, and you have darkness and light all mixed up, no longer any clearly defined line. And then once they're all mixed up together, once Christ has fully penetrated the darkness, the Lord is separating the day from the night and the light from the darkness. And in that separation, Christ will overcome the darkness and bring it into submission.


But what I really started to say here -- I don't know if I made my point or now. I just got so excited. Is that when I saw that actual line, it was an actual, physical line in the heavenlies, all I could think about was the circles that we've been drawing. And, of course, this is the physical body out here. Well, and a lot of people today, if they have Christ, this is the edge of outer darkness. This is the edge of outer space, right here. That's as far as Christ has gotten in you. So that just really blessed me. I hope it blessed you. It was awesome. It must have been a real photograph. It must have been a photograph of the real thing, because I just looked at it. And my mind was just -- my mind just boggled it was so awesome. The beautiful rays of the sun and then darkness, just darkness.


And that's this world, and that's our minds. Everywhere that the light of Christ does not touch abides in darkness. And in those of us that are existing today, no matter how far in we think we are, wherever the light of Christ is not touching, we are in darkness.


Now, because, as I showed you before, the Chri- -- the light of Christ is moving upon the darkness, is penetrating the darkness, we can be thinking in the light one minute, one thought, and thinking in darkness the next thought. They're all mixed up together, unless you have entered into the end-time process known as judgment, which is teaching you to distinguish between the day and the night and the light and the darkness. It's the judgment. It's the fiery trial that is teaching us or that is the vehicle by which we are learning to distinguish between light and dark, light and darkness and day and night. It's through painful experiences that we will learn to cling to Christ and that we will learn that which is destructive to us spiritually.


Every time I read about Christ being cast down by the carnal mind, I feel a deep grief in my spirit. And the night that I first preached that first, I think I mentioned to you, I never really realized what a tragedy this was. And I thank God for this study in Daniel 8, because I have understanding now that I never had before, that God had formed the man, and the man was good, but he was not perfect. He was an atom, A-T-O-M, that was not permanently -- I don't know what the chemical word -- the word for the -- the word in chemistry would be, but it was an atom that was not permanent. It was an atom -- the creation was an atom that was capable of being changed.


And God said to Adam, you're not stabilized. Your parts are not stabilized. It would be as if you're making a model airplane and -- or a car or any mechanical device. And you put all the parts together, but hadn't screwed the screws. It would be like putting a tire on the car, and you just -- you know how when you put the tire on you just put the nuts on and turn them once or twice, and you take the -- what is that called? A wrench?


            A lug wrench.


A lug wrench, OK. So before you take the lug wrench, you just put the nuts on. Is that what they're called? The [?luts?], OK. And you just screw them once or twice with your hand. If you drive your car like that, the wheels are going to go falling off the car, and you're going to crash up the car, destroy the car, and you're going to die. That's the best example I can give you. God had formed this creation, but it wasn't made secure yet. It was good. It was in the right order, but it wasn't all tightened up. Of if you're forming a piece of pottery, you could say it wasn't baked in the oven yet. It wasn't made permanent.


And God said to righteous Adam, be careful. Your lug nuts are not tightened up. And if you don't watch it, this creation is going to blow apart. And Adam couldn't hold it together. I believe it was a spiritual weakness. God knew that it was in the creation. God put it in there just like he put cyanide in the apple pits. God knew it was there, and He warned Adam, just like you would warn your children. Don't touch the hot stove. I don't think Adam was a terribly wicked person. He wasn't a -- he was a mind. He wasn't a person like we are. He had a weakness, but of course he wasn't like we were. He was much stronger, and he had direct access to God.


And we're told in the Scripture that our sins are not in the similitude of his. So, to be honest with you, I'm not really sure how God sees Adam, you know, but I know that God doesn't condemn anybody. But what I do know is that when I read these Alternate Translations, the grief, the severity, the -- of what happened, the tragedy of it goes right to the core of my being. I don't perceive any condemnation of Adam, just that God is feeling the tragedy of it. He warned the man, but the man couldn't hold on.


And I'm going to get ahead of myself and tell you right now. We'll see it in the last two verses of this prophecy, that -- we found out in the last message that the sin that brought down the cre- -- the righteous creation was rebellion, and that that rebellion -- we call it Satan. We say it came from Satan, but the spiritual reality is that that rebellion was a part of the creation. It was a part of Adam. It wasn't some devil that was outside.


Just like we've been teaching that Eve is the reproductive part of the creation. Rebellion was a part of the creation, but it was made to be under the authority of the righteous Christ. So it was really this -- you can't even say that Satan brought down the creation. It's the same thing as saying, if we are tempted to sin and we fail to sin, we were seduced by our own heart that's desperately wicked. Who could know it? That was what happened to Adam.


You really cannot separate Satan from Adam, any more than you can separate Eve from Adam. He was the intelligence and the mud that was given form to the creation. And God knew he was there, and Adam knew that she -- I'm sorry. Adam knew that she was there, and God said keep your foot on her head, and he couldn't do it. He let go. He couldn't do it.


So let me just review this for you.


I don't know. Maybe he could have done it. I don't have any of those details yet, but he didn't do it. Let me say it that way. He didn't do it. Maybe he could have done it. I don't know. I don't think God would have said to do it if he couldn't have done it.


I just want to go over this correction that I made on some of the earlier messages. I said something that wasn't accurate. And I keep reminding you here. We're a teaching ministry. We're a vital ministry. We are growing as God teaches. So sometimes I have to make some corrections. It doesn't happen too often, but it does happen sometimes. So if you get -- don't be confused. Always take the revelation on the later message. But if you want to talk to me about it, I'd be glad to talk to you about it.


I had told you on earlier messages that the fall was the exact reversal of what's happening now in the resurrection. I had told you that Satan was at the innermost part of Adam's being, of righteous Adam's being, and that Christ had authority over her and that over Christ was the Father. That's in this Daniel series. At the beginning of the series, I told you this. And I said that Satan started whispering to Christ, and that was the first stage of the fall. And that eventually Satan birthed her carnal mind and got on top of Christ and put Christ underfoot.


And on a ta- -- I've already corrected this on a message. I just want to go over this. God told me that's not true. That's not true. This was the condition of the original condition. Christ was at the center with the Father, and the mud was lying on top of Him. And in that mud was Satan. Satan was never underneath Christ. If Satan was under the feet of Christ, she wouldn't have been able to pull it off.


Now, let me just show you what's happening today. OK, the difference between the creation at the beginning of time, that was capable of falling, and the condition that the creation will be in when Christ completes His work is this. Is that Satan will be underneath, and Christ will be on top. The order will be the Father, Christ and Satan. And once the Lord gets us into that order, Satan will never get out again. But at the beginning of time, it was the Father and Christ, and the mud was on top, just like the invisible man had the bandages around his head and the coat and the shoes on. The mud was lying on top --




-- giving form -- well, giving form to the man, Amen, giving form to the man. Actually -- I don't know. I don't want to confuse you. But actually, the man -- well, OK, I'm going to leave it like that. Actually, when you say it that way -- the reason I'm hesitating is that when you say it that way, some people, if this is the first message they're picking up, will think that the mud was forming the man like this glass if forming the water. So for whoever's hearing this message for the first time, the substance was in Christ. The substance was in Christ, which is likened to the invisible man. The mud was likened to water or loose dirt that was lying over the invisible man, which was Christ. I just wanted to clarify that. But it's true to say it that way, that the mud was forming the man.


And God had a plan, however He was going to do it, to get this mud inside to be in the condition that the creation's going to be in after Christ raises us from the dead. But from the beginning of time, this was Adam -- the righteous Adam's condition. The mud was lying on top of him, and that was the weakness. God said to him, Satan's in the mud, and I haven't screwed up all your [?luds?] yet. And this creation can blow apart, so even though you're down there underneath, hold on with everything that you've got.


But this mud, it was a part of the man. What was the man made out of? The Spirit of God and the dust of the -- or the ashes of the earth. It was a part of his being, just like it's a part of our mind in this hour. The psychiatrists call it our Id. The psychiatrists know that there is a part of man that is lawless and desperately wicked, and that if we let it rule our life, it will d- -- utterly destroy us and bring us down to the depths of depravity. The heathen know that.


Even if you go into other cultures where they don't have the formal education that we have here but they have great wisdom that has evolved over the generations from one head of the family to the next head of the family, in China, in India, wherever they have strong families, in Africa, they know that you can't do anything that you want. They may not be able to read, and they know that.


So that was righteous Adam's condition. This wild, raging beast was laying on top of him, just like our carnal mind is laying on top of the Christ in us. The only difference, of course, was that A- -- righteous Adam was not fallen. It's much harder for us that it was for him. We've already been had. Our carnal mind's got us. Christ is the invading force. But for righteous Adam, at the beginning of time, the carnal mind didn't have him. There was no carnal mind. It was just Satan. So it was much easier for him than it is for us.


Now, remember, when the carnal mind births her -- excuse me, when Satan births her carnal mind, it strengthens her. And when the carnal mind births demons, it strengthens them. Each layer, each generation strengthens the unholy family, the sinful city. So at the beginning of time, there was just Satan. There was no carnal mind, and there was no demons. So there was only Satan. There was no carnal mind. There was no demons. Plus, righteous Adam was not fallen. He had direct communication with the Father. He was without sin. So I must say that it would have been po- -- it was possible for him to not sin.


But, remember, in this hour, righteous Adam was naïve. He was in the age of innocence. He can be likened to a young child. And the Father warned him, but he didn't do what he was told. And I'm going to suggest to you that the grief of Jehovah over the fall of His creation is intense. I don't know -- well, I can't speak for every human being. But I don't think many people that have studied these Scriptures really have any idea of the pain that the Lord felt when His son went down. This is what God has ministered to me. If you think, or if I think, that we're in pain coming up out of this, we have no idea what the Father has felt and has been feeling for thousands of years because of the condition that His son is in.


And the only other time that I got the slightest hint of it was when we did that chapter in Zachariah where it talks about the horses. In the very last verse of that chapter, that we found out when we looked up every word that the angel is saying, despite everything that's happened, this living soul is still going to produce the image of Christ. But it was said with a deep emotion. At least, that was what I felt when I did the translation. Nevertheless, despite everything that's happened, saith the Lord, My image shall appear in this living soul. Hallelujah.


OK, so what did I say here? Just let me say it one more time. There were only two stages of the fall. There were not three stages of the fall. Satan was never underneath Christ. There were only two stages of the fall. Satan whispered from a position of dominance. There was no passive whisper. Does anybody not understand this?


OK, let's try and finish this up. What an incredible ministry God has given us here.


Recap, Daniel, Chapter 8, Verses 10 through 12, and these three verses have been interspersed. I remind you, the purpose for the interspersion is to make the sequence of events run smoothly. Why they do not run smoothly in the Hebrew, I'm not sure. It could be for several reasons. It could be the translators reversed some of the verses, trying to make sense out of it in their own way. It could be a reversal because it was wri- -- seen from the -- from heaven or the realm of the spirit and we're reading it in the Earth. I'm not sure. We're talking about Scriptures that go all the way back, and who knows what the original manuscript looked like.


Do you know that even when Daniel wrote these Scriptures he did not understand them? The Scripture's very clear that Daniel did not know what was being said. So when these words were spoken to Daniel, they must have had some surface parable type meaning to him, just like they do today to the carnal men. And remember that when Daniel wrote these Scriptures, they were not dictated to him word-by-word. He was given spiritual impressions. He was given impressions, and he wrote down what he saw in accordance with his understanding.


And is this not a testimony to the incredible greatness of God, that He evolved the Hebrew language in such a way that the words used by Daniel, who saw this in such a carnal way, still can produce the deep revelation. That God put the additional meanings to these particular words so that when the day came that it was time for this truth to be revealed, it could be found this way. Is that not incredible, what God has done? He is incredible.


Because if this were not true of the Hebrew language, I believe His truth would still come forth. But because of the condition of men, they need some proof. Although, men are having trouble finding the proof that I'm giving. Although, if you have an open hear, it's there. But if the Hebrew language wasn't such that it could be done this way, the Lord would still come by His Spirit and say, I challenge you to discern My Spirit. And I'm telling you that this is the truth, and put all that other stuff away. And only those who are faithful to God are going to hear it, whether they're getting it through the kind of teaching that He's giving me here or otherwise.


Because you know I've had some ministry to a Hasidic rabbi. And I want to tell you I'm very anxious to see what God is going to do for them. But talking about their spiritual condition, Jesus Christ could manifest to them in the way most likely for them to receive it -- Him, which I don't know what that is, and they would still turn away from Him. That when Jesus said, in the New Testament, that even if one rose for wh- -- why should I send him up from the dead? They have Moses. Even if one rose from the dead, they wouldn't believe Him. They will not believe this. So God's going to have to give them a miracle. They will not believe this even if I show this to them in their own language.


So what does it come down to? Those people that can recognize His Spirit are the only ones that are going to recognize this. But there is going to be another category that are going to be taken against their will. And I found this in the Scripture 5 years ago, and I now know one person who has admitted to me. I told you about her last week, that the Lord's dragging her, and she's not happy about it. But she knows that it's Him, and she knows there's nothing that she could do about it. So there will be people taken against their will, but at least she knows it's the Lord.


Can you imagine being so carnal that you cannot recognize that this is God, and you enter into all these fiery trials, and your whole life is falling apart and you think it's Satan, and you think that God hasn't delivered you out of it? Do you have any idea the pain that these people are going to feel just because they think God has betrayed them? See, at least the woman I told you about, she knows she was betrayed by the preachers. She was betrayed by the church. What about the people that are going to think that Jesus is the one that betrayed them? Talk about pain. So no matter how hard it is, I thank God I'm amongst the first that are coming.


Recap, Daniel 8, Verses 10 to 12, interspersed. "And Satan's carnal mind went beyond the visible spiritual earth, which is Eden, and caused the visible physical earth, which is Nod, to appear. And Satan's carnal mind aborted the Father's Christ. And righteous Adam and the many members of God's creation were given unto Satan's custody beyond the spiritual earth of Eden because of rebellion. And Satan broke forth upon them and intertwined her carnal mind with them. And the spiritual potential of God's creation and of the many members which were to be born into it was permanently altered because of Satan's union with Adam. And Satan's carnal mind built a nation of physical men who would engage in continuous labor. And the many members of God's creation were reformed into Satan's image, and they became earthly, sensual and devilish. And they entered into the physical earth of Nod where they would labor to survive. And righteous Adam, Christ's dwelling place, was overthrown."


And in case this is the first message that you picked up, we are living in the land of Nod today. Another name for it is Hell or the valley of the shadow of death. I would like to point out something to you, about the Alternate Translation that we just read, that I haven't mentioned to you before. I cannot tell you whether it's in verse 10, 11 or 12 because we have these verses interspersed, but I do say that Christ was aborted. I do say that the ca- -- and Satan's carnal mind aborted Christ. In a verse prior to that -- I think it would be in Verse 9. Let me see if I can give you that verse.


I have Verses 8 to 9 also interspersed, so I'm not sure which verse it is. But we say, "And the carnal mind broke the spiritual bones of the Father's Christ and offered Him up as a sacrifice to Satan."  Now, obviously, the carnal mind killed Christ if he broke His bones and offered Him up to Satan. So I would like to comment on what the difference is between Satan's carnal mind breaking Christ's bones and Satan's carnal mind causing the Christ to abort.


And let me tell you this. This is the difference. That breaking the bones of Christ and offering up as a sacrifice was the death of the spiritual fetus known as righteous Adam. You can be a pregnant woman carrying a dead child, and the child will still be in your womb, and it will still my in an amniotic sac. First, Satan killed the fetus. Then, he aborted or caused to -- or purged or caused to evacuate from the creation the fetus as well as the amniotic sac. And the amniotic sac of righteous Adam is known as the Garden of Eden, the environment that righteous Adam existed in. A spiritual amniotic sac called Eden were purged or exhumed or went out of the creation, just as when [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when a woman aborts, both the fetus and the amniotic sac are purged out of her, so that's the difference.


Also, please note that the physical earth of Nod includes the fallen physical body as well as this corruptible planet which we inhabit. So when I said, "And they entered into the physical earth of Nod where they would labor to survive," the Scripture is speaking about both this physical body and the physical world that we live in. Now, brethren, this is a hard revelation. People don't like it, but it's the truth. These bodies that we live in, they're the image of Satan. They're not of Christ, brethren. They are the image of Satan, and they only exist when the person who's living in it has Satan for a ruling spirit and a carnal mind for a conscious mind. If the Father were the ruling spirit in your being and Christ was your conscious mind, you would not be in a body like this. You would be in a glorified body as the resurrected Christ was in.


Now, there is a transition period, because we are being raised from the dead. And that resurrection is in three stages. So there is a transition period where the Father will be the ruling spirit in us, and Christ will be our conscious mind, and we'll still be in this body, because we'll be waiting for the third stage of resurrection or the -- and/or the second stage of resurrection, which is going to deliver us from this prison house.


And the church is going to have to stop yielding to all these fantasies about how God made a man and a woman and made them perfect to live together. Marriage is a manifestation of the curse. Brethren, the tribulation has already started. We've got to give up these fantasies.


Now, you don't go telling this to people unless the Lord tells you to tell them. If you have a young girl or a young man or if you have children and God hasn't called them to this right now, don't -- you don't mention it to them unless you really feel it's God telling them. Let them go and get married.


Why? Because every human being in the Earth is not living in the same age, in the same spiritual age. If you're hearing this message, you have been called to enter in to the new age of Christ, but your 20-year-old daughter may not be called to enter into the new age of Christ. She might have a relationship with the Lord or she may not. If she doesn't have a relationship with the Lord, well, then, surely you're not going to discourage her from getting married. If she has a relationship with the Lord, she may not be, at this time, called into the new age of Christ. Let her marry. Please, use wisdom. Everybody's not where you are. Everybody's not where I am, and everybody's not where you are. And everybody in this meeting is probably at a different place.


So we have to hold on to our knowledge, hold on to our wisdom, hold on to our doctrine. Don't speak unless you're really sure that it's God's word that -- don't speak unless God has come to you and drawn upon what He has taught you and said to you, now, this piece of knowledge is for that person. This drop of wisdom is for that person. If you give them your whole computer bank, you'll kill them. Or if you give them something that they're not ready to hear at that moment, you could damage them. Of course, God can make everything right, but you could do them damage.


And I hope everybody here knows that when we do a spiritual damage, even though God will make it right, there is a period of time that is frequently involved in reconciling the spiritual realm to the realm of the soul, in reconciling heaven to earth. There's a time differential. It could take 5 -- God 5 years to fix that person up. Now, 5 years to one of us humans, that's just dust. That's a long time to be in pain.


So this is the reality of it, as you increase in Christ. You can liken the mind control to a spiritual computer. And the -- wait for the witness of the Father as to what you want to minister to that person. You don't want to kill them. You want to raise them from the dead. Look at it as a wonder drug. In its right place and in its right application, it'll save their life, but an overdose can kill them.


And check out your motive. If your motive is that you really want to bless and help these people, you're in good shape. Check yourself out. Don't lie to yourself. If you like power, if you want to exalt yourself, if you want to show how much you know, you shouldn't be saying anything. Shut your mouth. No condemnation in it. But if you can perceive that that's what's in your heart, don't talk. Because if that's what's in your heart, it's not Christ in your heart. Hallelujah.


OK, Verse 13, Daniel, Chapter 8, "Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?"


I'm going to tell you upfront that after praying about this mystical verse, the Lord has told me that the one person speaking to the other person is Christ Jesus speaking to Jesus Christ in the mind of Daniel, Christ Jesus speaking to Jesus Christ in the mind of Daniel, and I'll spell it out for you. I just want to tell you that upfront so it'll help you to follow me. Because if you stop to think about it, we’ve just gone through 12 cha- -- 12 verses of this chapter of some very deep revelation, and then all of a sudden, the Scripture says, and one unnamed person says to another unnamed person. Well, where in the world did that come from? It sounds like it came from out of left field.


But the reality is this. Let me show it to you on the board. If I can return you back to the first verse, possibly the second verse of Chapter 8 of Daniel, remember, that the Father joined to Daniel's spirit. That's how Daniel could get this information in the first place. Jehovah had joined to Daniel's spirit, we're told, which was still in a fallen soul. On the earlier messages, I said in a fallen body, but I changed that as we went along. The Father joined to Daniel's fallen spirit which was still in a fallen soul. And what happened? He formed a temporary imputed Christ.


Now, Christ in this man would have to be Christ Jesus, the second generation of Christ. Why? Because the Father was Jesus Christ. Now, remember, at the beginning, the Father and Jesus Christ were one, the Father and the Son were won. And when the Father moves to join with a man's mind and form His Son, we can easily say the Father is Jesus Christ, or you could say the Father if you want to. You can say the Father if you want to. He formed a temporary manifestation of Christ Jesus. Christ appeared in Daniel's mind. Why? Because he could have never received this revelation to put it down in words. Now, we know that Daniel didn't really understand it. But he couldn't even have gotten the symbols to put down in words if a temporary Christ wasn't formed in him.


So Christ Jesus or Christ, the Christ that was formed in Daniel's mind, which was really his spirit -- Daniel's spirit was expanded into a temporary Christ, that Christ Jesus, that was the temporary expansion of Daniel's human spirit, said to Father. And as we go down, you'll find out that there are words that indicate that the person He was talking to was a nameless one.


And I remind you that there was a time that the Father had no name. They said what do I call you, Lord? He said say I am. Call me I am. There was a time that the Father had no name, but at the time of Daniel's writing this book, we knew the name of the Father was Jehovah. Yet, the Scripture I'll show you later on says that the one was speaking to a nameless one, and that's another reason why I suggest to you that He was speaking to the Son. The Son had not yet been revealed.


Remember, a name is an expression of that what -- of that person's nature. So Jehovah had already been revealed to Israel. So if the Christ that had been formed in Daniel's spirit, which for all intents and purposes was Daniel's mind at this moment, didn't know the name of the one He was speaking to, it's not likely that it was Jehovah. It's much more likely that it was Jesus Christ who was not revealed for another probably 1,000 or so years. I'm really not that good on my dates, another 1,000 or 2,000 years. Is anybody not following me? OK.


We'll take it a phrase at a time. "Then I heard," Strong's 8085, and it sa- -- it means to hear. It can also be translated to cause to hear. Daniel was made to hear. It wasn't -- he didn't hear of his own strength. He was caused by the power of the Spirit to hear. One, the word one, is 259, and for some reason I didn't write anything down, but my recollection is that word 2- -- that number 259, it's an indefinite number, an indefinite person. It was not clearly stated who this person was.


And then this word one is modified by the word saint. "I heard one saint." The word saint is Strong's 6918, and it means holy one. Oh, I see where I wrote it, over here, OK. The Hebrew word translated one, Strong's 259, has several different definitions. It can also be translated the first. And I remind you that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. And I'm suggesting to you, then, that in this instance, the Hebrew word translated one is describing the first, the glorified Christ or the Father. He's all of those things.


"Then I heard one speaking." The word speaking is Strong's 1696. This word can also be translated to lead, to guide or to guide flocks to a pasture. Now, we know that the church is likened to sheep, flocks of sheep. This word can also be translated to subdue. And Christ, as those of us who have been studying these teachings know, is in the process of subduing His saints and breaking their witchcraft power. We found that in Daniel 12.


This word that's translated speaking can also be translated to plot against or to destroy. And as we found out in Daniel 7, Jesus is planning and fully determined to destroy the carnal minds of His people. Jesus was speaking about judgment that will restore the creation to righteousness.


Now, if you look at the verse, you'll see that it doesn't say what He was speaking about. "Then I heard one saint speaking," doesn't say what he was speaking about. This is another one of those instances of an abbreviated prophecy that God gave us a personal example of through Mary that day that he spoke the word [?soar?sore?] to you. Remember that? And we found out that He really was giving her a whole message with that word [?soar?sore?], but He just spoke one word.


And you'll find out, if the Lord will show it to you -- eventually you will find out that there are certain principles of communication that we've talked about are in this Bible. And when He relates to us personally, He follows the same principles. Why? Because this is the Scripture. This is the written word, and He is the living word, but He is the word. And if He lets us, we can learn principles of the way He communicates with men through this Bible so that we can recognize it when He talks to us directly.


We must learn to communicate with the Father, and it's not easy to communicate with Him. Why? His ways are not our ways. And that's why one of the reasons why the many members of the church are just floundering. They're trying to relate to him in a human way, and He's relating to them in a spiritual way. And He's saying to them, now, stop this baby talk. You've got to do it my way. And most of the people out there don't hear this kind of instruction, so you can't even say they're in rebellion. They just don't know.


So the Scripture says someone was speaking, but it doesn't kn- -- say what He was saying. Well, how are we going to figure out what it was saying? How are we going to amplify this verse to indicate what He was saying? We're going to do it by translating, Lord willing, the rest of the verse, and we'll see how that modifies what He was -- the word speaking. We're going to find out what He was speaking out by translating the rest of the verse.


Let's go on. "Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto him." Another is -- again, it's the same Hebrew word, 259. Now, there are several translations for this word 259, and another one of those translations -- we just translated that word the first. Another translation of that word is to be joined in one. And this is the witness that led me to believe that the first saint was the first, was Jesus, and the second saint was many joined in one, the body of Christ, or Christ Jesus. This is how I came to this conclusion.


You may remember that we discovered in our studies in Daniel 7 that the holy ones of the most high are the fallen men who are sanctified by the firstfruits of Christ. As soon as Christ is formed in you, God calls you a saint. As soon as you have conceived Christ, as far as God is concerned, the birth is assured, and He treats you as if the birth is assured. Now, we know that some people abort, but God will call you a saint from the moment you conceive. Just as a woman conceives, many people will start calling her mother. Some people do. It depends upon what your ethnic background is. They'll call you mother, mother with child.


So let me take this opportunity to tell you one more time and to put it on this message one more time, that if you have received the Holy Spirit, you are not in this category. You must conceive Christ. If you have been told there is no other step, you have been told an error. And if you have heard this doctrine and taken it to another preacher that has told you that this is an error, I suggest very strongly that you get on your face before God and hear from Him directly, because you are going to be hurt by this false counsel. There is another step beyond receiving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the seed or the sperm of the Father, and it's purpose is to impregnate you with Christ.


And we've found out in many other Scriptures that God sees the world in two categories, those in whom His Christ is being formed and those in whom His Christ is not being formed. And even if you've received the Holy Spirit, when the tribulation really descends in great strength, you will not stand. I believe we had this in the last message, Amos, Chapter 9. You will not stand, because you have a manifestation or a formation of Christ in you that has no roots. And as soon as persecution or tribulation arises, you will fall away.


Now, don't get condemned. Just pray that you conceive. If you have received the Holy Spirit, you are much more likely to conceive than someone who hasn't received the Holy Spirit. You have a relationship with the Father. His spiritual sperm is washing over you frequently. Ask Him for conception. Don't shake your fist at me. Don't take a chance. If you ask the Father for conception and this is a lie, what have you got to lose? And if you won't even pray about it, check out -- check yourself out for pride. This is a very serious hour. I see the tribulation descending on us very rapidly. I see things that I didn't see two months ago. It's falling everywhere.


Jesus. You must conceive the child which will save you when you bear Him. The child being born in me is not going to save you. The child being born in your pastor is not going to save you. The child being born in your husband or in your wife is not going to save you. We must all bare the Christ child. He is the savior. The Holy Spirit is not the savior, brethren.


Christ is the savior. I don't think anyone would deny that. The problem is that most believers never thought there was a difference between Christ and the Holy Spirit. Christ is the savior. He's the child that's going to save you in childbearing. Is the Holy Spirit a child? Pray, brethren, pray.


"And I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake," and this word spake is Strong's 559, and it's a different word than the word that was translated speaking above. And this merely means to bring light. Now, remember, the first word that was translated speaking -- we are translating that as being led to pasture or having our carnal mind destroyed. This word translated spake, Strong's 559, means to bring to the light. So this word we're translating as to speak, to impart knowledge to you, to reveal some truth to you.


"Unto that certain saint." Let me give this to you again. "Then I heard the first saint" -- Jesus, the first one, "speaking, and another saint said unto the certain" -- or that first saint, "which spake." And this word, that certain saint, is Strong's 6422, and this is the word that means nameless. This word translated that certain saint modifies the first t- -- the word saint the first time it was used. He is a saint. He is a certain saint. But we find out that that word means he's nameless. He's a certain saint. We don't know his name. if I knew his name, I would call him by his name, but the Scripture does not reveal his name.


So we find out here that the first saint named can be called the first one, and that Al- -- that Jesus is the Alpha, and now we find out that He's nameless. And as I put on the board earlier, in this hour, at the time that Daniel received and wrote down this prophecy, the Son had not yet been revealed yet. He was nameless. So I give you two witnesses that that first saint was the Son who was not yet separated from the Father but was appearing to Daniel in his mind, who joined with his human spirit and brought forth a temporary manifestation of Christ. Why? So that He could communicate these deep spiritual truths to the man, Daniel. Brethren, no carnal mind could receive this kind of a message. No carnal mind could receive this kind of a message.


I want to take a minute here to tell you something that I forgot to tell you earlier when I was giving you the exhortation. I want to encourage you about this gravitational pull. When I first started doing this kind of teaching, going back 4 years ago, 5 -- 4 or 5 years ago, even 3 years ago, I would sit for six hours doing this kind of research, and I would be in agony. I would be in torment. Satan, in my own mind, was tormenting me, wanting me to get up from that computer and not do it. And I didn't get any relief until I stopped, but I knew God had called me to it, and I pressed in, and I wouldn't give it up. And I pressed in, and I pressed against that gravitational pull.


And now the Lord has just reminded me things have completely reversed. I'm no longer tormented when I do this kind of study. I have the most peaceful time of my existence when I'm in these studies, but my life is very tormented these days. But what the result of this is is that I'm rushing into these deep studies in the word of God because now they're giving me peace. You see, first I did them out of obedience.


And you can relate this to yourself. If you're in torment when you're listening to the messages, in any way -- a lot of people go through this at the beginning. If you're in torment when you're listening to the messages, if there's something screaming in your mind to put them down, you are pushing against the gravitational pull of Satan's spirit, which -- through her carnal mind. But if you just don't give up, if you just press in, the day is going to come that it's going to reverse. Your life may or not become very difficult.


It's very dangerous comparing ourselves one to -- your experience to my experience. Nothing's -- God knows how much we could bear. Maybe you can't bear what I could bear. I don't know. It doesn't matter. Just -- it's very important not to compare experience, because what He's doing for you, He may not be doing for me. But the day's going to come that whatever the difficulties in your life, your safe haven is going to be these deep studies. Whereas first you couldn't bear it because your carnal mind was in torment. Now, it's going to be a safe haven.


And He just really blessed me. He told me that driving over here in the car today. And I got very excited that I said praise the Lord, what a wonderful word. OK, so I hope that I've established to you that the first saint was Jesus Christ, in His glorified form before He was separated from the Father, and that the second saint was Christ Jesus, the temporary formation of Christ Jesus in the mind of the man Daniel. If you can't get a witness to this, that's OK. You don't have to. But that's what I'm trying to convince you of.


Now, Christ Jesus' relationship with Jesus Christ is bringing to light the Lord's plan for the resurrection. I'm going to suggest to you that what Jesus -- the first saint was talking about was the resurrection.


Now, remember that for 12 verses, the spirit of Jesus Christ has just told the spirit of Christ Jesus, in Daniel's mind, how the human race fell. You see, Daniel, if you recall, went before the Lord and said, Father, my nation of Israel just fell. What's going to become of us? And the Father gave him the whole story of how the whole creation fell. Has this ever happened in your life? It happens to me a lot. I'll go before Him with a personal need, and His response to me is for a much larger sphere. Either He'll talk to me about the whole church, or He'll talk to me -- now that I have a ministry, He'll talk to me about the ministry.


In H- -- God's mind, when we go before Him with a personal need, you know, it's tiddlywinks to Him. He is concerned with resurrecting this whole creation from the dead. Now, if you really have a need, if you have no food or no place to live, of course He's going to meet your need. But when we go before Him with something, it may be important to you, but it's really not a life-threatening situation, He many times has come back to me with a word for the whole church or the whole world.


And what is He saying to me when He does this? Or if He does it to you, what is He saying to you? He's saying grow up, and stop thinking about yourself. Everything's going to fall into place. You serve Me. You seek Me first. You seek the kingdom of God first in its righteousness, and everything in your life is going to fall into place. Dwell in My Spirit, and don't worry about that. And He's told me, if you don't have it, you don't need it. Let it go. If He gives it to you, He gives it to you. If He doesn't, He doesn't. Grow up. That's His word to us here, grow up. Start thinking about someone else.


Alternate Translation, first half of Daniel 8:13, "Then I heard Jesus Christ speaking about His plan to raise the creation from the dead through judgment, and Christ Jesus said to Jesus Christ" --


Well, how do I know that's what Jesus Christ was speaking about? Well, brethren, what else would He be speaking about after He just spoke about the fall? He just gave a whole dissertation about the fall, and Daniel's original creation wa- -- I'm sorry. Daniel's original question was what's going to happen to my people. Jesus said stop worrying about your people. I'm going to raise the whole creation from the dead. What else would He be saying to Him. And we'll see further on that this is -- there are witnesses to this.


Continuing with the second half of Daniel 8:13, "How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?"


Now, brethren, this phrase is difficult. Try to follow me the best you can. I have rephrased it in English. If you -- taking the same words from the King James and put them in a different order. I've put them in the order with which I'm going to bring forth the Alternate Translation, because I don't think it's possible for you to follow me otherwise.


This is how this phrase should read, "How long shall be the vision, both the sanctuary and the host to give the transgression of desolation to be trodden underfoot concerning the daily sacrifice?"


Now, that makes no sense in English whatsoever. And in order to make this verse make any sense at all in English, either the King James translators move the phrases around, which is le- -- a legitimate translator's license. Or maybe Daniel did it. I don't know.


But I had a little trouble with this, and after I prayed about it, this is what the Lord gave me, and you can yea or nay. So we're going to start doing the translations with the -- it's called the syntax, with the s- -- the words in the order that I just gave you.


"How long shall be," Strong's 5704, to what limit of time. "The vision," Strong's 2377. This is the same Hebrew word used in Verse 2, and it means a divine revelation or an oracle of God, respecting future events. So -- now, this is not the Hebrew word that is talking about the vision that is this physical world. That was a different word. This is the same Hebrew word in Verse 2 where Daniel says, "And I -- God gave me a vision."


So we see now that Daniel is saying, to Jesus Christ, how long is it until this vision comes to pass? How long is it until what you have just promised comes to pass, so at the very least we now know that Jesus was speaking about future events.


"How long shall be the vision, both the sanctuary," the word both, this word both was translated from the Hebrew prefix vav, and it can also be translated because of. I'm going to suggest to you that it should not be translated both, and we're going to translate it because of, "Because of Christ."


Well, let me tell you this first. The sanctuary is Strong's 6944, and it means the innermost part of the temple or the holy place, which is Christ, shouldn't have any problem with that. The host is Strong's 6635, and we've been dealing with that since we're in this study. It's talking about the many members of the living soul. So the phrase is saying both the sanctuary and the host. In other words, the King James translators made it sound like something is going to happen to both the sanctuary and the host, but that word both should be because of. Because of the sanctuary, or because of Christ, the many membered creation is going to be delivered, not both Christ and the many members but because of Christ the many members of the living soul are going to be delivered. The use of this word in our Alternate Translation would make the sentence a little clumsy, so I haven't translated it, but that's the sense of it.


And then we have the word to give, and, "Both the sanctuary and the host to give." I know this is a very difficult verse. No there's -- was no way I could have made it any easier. The word to give is Strong's 5414, and be- -- it can be translated to give, but it also means to set, to put in place or to impose a yoke upon one. And I remind you that Jesus has a yoke. He says my yoke is easy and it's light. And not only does Jesus have a yoke -- if Jesus has a yoke, the carnal mind has a yoke, and the carnal mind's yoke is laborious and painful, and he's an evil task master.


How long is it going to be until the many members of the living soul put a yoke on Satan because Christ is given to them? "The transgression of desolation to be trodden under foot," the transgression, again, we had this in the last message, 6588, is the sin of rebellion.


And I mentioned this as the beginning of the message, so I'm going to go over it quickly. Please note that just as righteous Adam's fertile part has a name, Eve, the rebellion within righteous Adam's second beings also has a name, Satan. She never was an individual in her own right, but she was a part of the unified righteous creation. In the same manner, any problem a believer is having with Satan today originates within their own fallen heart.


The church, one way or another, is going to have to face up to the fact that their enemy or the enemy of the church is not outside of them but inside their own heart. Yes, they're Christ, but there's another side to them that's desperately wicked and trying to kill them. We're talking about the transgression of desolation.


The word desolation is 8074, and it means to be laid waste or to be in ruins, and that was what happened to the righte- -- to the Christ within righteous Adam. It was laid waste. Its bones -- his bones were broken. He was ruined. And then we have, "the transgression of desolation to be trodden under foot," "to be trodden under foot," Strong's 4823, simple means something that is -- something to be trodden under foot with the feet. And I remind you that our previous studies in Daniel 8 revealed that it was Satan's carnal mind who tread Christ under foot. I think the King James expression is, "And she stamped on him, and then she slew him."


"Concerning the daily sacrifice." The word concerning, brethren, is not in the Hebrew. And if you look in your King James Bible, you'll see that there are a lot of words in italics in this verse, and that is because the King James translators had difficulty making some sense out of it, so they had to add a lot of words. And the reason they couldn't make sense out of it was they had no idea what God was saying here.


Concerning, not in the Hebrew, the daily sacrifice, Strong's 8548. We have found that word in both Strong- -- in both Daniel 12 and Daniel 8, and we found out that depending on what words accompany it, it can be describing this age of labor. That word can mean men or an age of continual employment where we labor continuously. And we found out in Daniel 8 -- I think that was the translation in Daniel 12. And in Daniel 8, we found out that it meant the visible spiritual earth of Eden. So it depends on what words are modifying it. In Verse 13, we shall translate it continual labor.


Alternate Translation, the second half of Daniel 8:13, "How long shall it be until the saints put a yoke upon Satan in their own minds because of Christ and shall thus be delivered from the rebellion in their own hearts which has caused them to be trodden under the feet of their carnal minds and brought to ruin?"


Amplified translation of that half -- the second half of Daniel 8:13, "How long shall it be until Christ's warrior spirit is added to the saints so that they can put a yoke on Satan in their own minds and be delivered from the rebellion in their own hearts which cause them to be trodden under the feet of their carnal minds and brought to ruin?"


So we see, if Christ Jesus in Daniel's mind can be asking such a question, that is yet another witness that Jesus Christ was speaking to Him about the reconciliation or restoration of the creation, because there was an interaction going on. We're not told what Jesus is saying, but we're told [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- we're told what Daniel is saying. So I think it's a pretty reasonable -- it's pretty reasonable to say that Jesus Christ was speaking about the resurrection of the creation. And now Christ Jesus in Daniel's mind is asking for more details. He says, how long is it going to be? What you just told Me about, how long is it going to take? So we see what Jesus Christ was speaking about is being fed back to Him by Daniel's mind.


Alternate Translation, the whole of Daniel 8:13, "Then I heard Jesus Christ speaking about His plan to raise the creation from the dead through judgment. And Christ Jesus said to Jesus Christ, in Daniel's mind, how long shall it be until Christ's warrior spirit is added to the saints so that they can put a yoke on Satan in their own minds and be delivered from the rebellion in their own hearts which cause them to be trodden under the feet of their carnal minds and brought to ruin?"


So we see that there is no set time for the resurrection, which is a second witness to what Jesus said when He was asked of the day and hour. The reason Jesus didn't know the day and hour was that there's no set time. God has all the ti- -- the Father has all the time in the world. Brethren, it's until we overcome. This world is going to continue indefinitely until we overcome. There's no set date, but there is a season, but there's no set date.


Verse 14, "And He said unto me" -- who said unto who? Jesus Christ said unto Christ Jesus in Daniel's mind. He answered His question. "Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." Now, I have a surprise for you with the translation of this verse, and I'd like to comment on the fact that we went over this verse in the message "Symbolic Numbers." I think that was the name of the message, something about symbolic numbers. The numerical expression of this verse that I gave you on that message is valid. It is valid. But God is giving us another way to look at it for the purposes of Daniel 8. I want to make that very clear, that what we did when we were using this verse for Bible numerology purposes is correct. This is just another way of looking at it, when we bring it into the wholeness of the prophecy here.


"And He said," Strong's 559, means to bring to light. "Unto," 5704, to the limit of. What he's saying is to what time? How long is it going to take? Or this is how long it's going to take. It's going to take until the time that. "Two thousand," is Strong's 505, and believe it or not, this word can be translated family. It can be translated family, ox or cow. And not only is this in Gesenius, I'm pretty sure it's in Strong's too, which means that it's really obvious. It's in  Strong's too. It's in Strong's also. The Hebrew form of this word that appears in the Hebrew Scripture that's translated two thousand, it really doesn't mean two. What Gesenius says is that it indicates dualism, two sides to something. It indicates dualism.


I'm suggesting to you that the Scripture is speaking about the two-sided family. Now, what is the two-sided family? We said earlier, in the exhortation, that unregenerate man is a linear man. He exists on the flat plane of this earth in one dimension. The man that becomes spiritual through union with Jesus Christ becomes a two-sided man. He, through union with Christ, develops a second side, which is a spiritual side. So this number that's translated -- or this Hebrew word that's translated two thousand, which can also be translated family, ox or cow, I'm going to suggest to you is speaking about the two-sided family or the spiritual family of Christ in the earth, the people in whom Christ is being formed, the two-sided family of Christ.


We're told -- Paul tells us in the New Testament that we are the family of God, and we are dwelling in animal bodies. And an ox is one of the faces that's in the four-faced glorified creature. It'll pull together when I give you the whole of the numbers here.


"Two thousand and three hundred," the number three is 7969. Now, that just means three, and I'm going to suggest to you that that is talking about the -- this fallen creation, which is now three-sided. We have a spirit, which has died. We have a soul, which is perverse, because it's in the image of Satan. And we do have a body. Now, remember that Satan went beyond and formed a third layer, this body. When we are glorified, we will not have a third layer. We will just have two layers.


Because why? Because the s- -- the glorified soul of Jesus Christ does not need a body. The soul -- the fallen soul that we have now cannot survive without a body. Satan went beyond and made a third layer. But when we're raised from the dead, we won't need this body anymore. The soul of Christ does not need a body. The soul of Christ -- the glorified soul of Christ is what you saw -- what you see in the Scripture that describes the resurrected Christ. He could change form. He could disappear. He could appear, doesn't need this body. This body's a prison house.


So I'm suggesting to you that the number three is talking about the three-sided creature, of the three-sided aspect of the fallen man. And the number hundred is Strong's 3967, and this word can be used to speak about heavy usury. Now, we know that usury is forbidden in the Law of Moses. That's charging interest on a loan. You cannot charge usury to anyone that's in Christ. If you loan them the money, you cannot make money off of their grief that needs -- that makes them need to borrow money. You can charge usury to someone who's not a Christian, but it has to be within a reasonable amount.


The number three, meaning body, soul and spirit, and the number hundred, relating to heavy, that would be illegal usury. And I'm going to suggest to you that -- well, let me say it this way. The number three hundred -- let me review this. The number three hundred is speaking about the three-sided, linear condition which fallen man is in today. Now, don't mix this up with the two-sided spiritual man. The three-sided, linear man exists on the flat, linear plane of the visible, physical earth, which has no spiritual dimension to it. He is a fallen spirit, which possesses a soul and exists in a physical earthen body.


The two-sided spiritual man lives both on the linear as well as the spiritual plane. He is a spirit who has life through union with Jesus Christ. The two-sided spiritual man lives in a body made of spiritual earth. That's the body that the glorified Christ had, which has the authority to exists in the [?phisible?] -- the visible spiritual earth, that's Eden, as well as the visible physical earth, that's this world here, Nod or Hell, for as long as this world exists. Did not the glorified Christ enter into this world? He could exist in Nod or in Eden. Right now, we can't get into Eden. We can only exist in Nod.


Usury is an illegal amount of interest on that which is loaned. I'm suggesting to you that Satan has loaned God's spiritual family, the bodies which we need to survive in this land of Nod. But he's ta- -- she's taking more than she's entitled to, because she's using our spirit and our souls also. You see, God decided to not let this creation be destroyed. The Lord turned us over to Satan, and we're bound to her with chains of darkness. Why? Reserved unto the judgment, which is going to restore us unto Eden.


And that's the answer that I have to people that say, how can God permit all these atrocities to continue in the world? How could you say there's a God? The reason that He's done it is that He knows no matter what kind of atrocity you go through, your human spirit is still returning to the Father, and He's fully intending to raise this creation from the dead.


So she's taking more than she's entitled to through the use of our spirit and our souls. OK, now this word days, "And he said unto me, unto two thousand and three hundred days," in the Hebrew, the word is not days. In the Hebrew, the wo- -- it's mo- -- it's two words, evenings and mornings. The word evenings is spiritual 6153, and that word can also be translated a foreigner or a stranger. And I suggest to you that Satan is the foreigner. She's the foreigner to the family of God, or the stranger.


And I point out to you that if you look up this word in the Hebrew, it is singular, and it is feminine. Now, the King James translators made it plural, because it wouldn't make any sense to say two thousand three hundred evening, singular. So if you're listening to this message and you think I'm off the wall, here's the first concrete proof that ma- -- that what I'm saying may have some validity to it. This word -- Hebrew word translated evenings, Strong's 6153, Gesenius clearly states is both singular and feminine. And Satan is singular and feminine. She is the foreigner and the stranger.


The word mornings is Strong's 1242, and this word can be translated presently, meaning now, at this time. If you want to look that up, Gesenius gives several Scriptures, at least three Scriptures, in which this word is translated presently, at the present time. And we're going to translate it presently.


"Then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." The sanctuary's Strong's 6944, and we know that the sanctuary is Christ, the holy place. But this sanctuary is going to be cleansed, so we can't be talking about Christ. What is the name of Christ whose bones was broken? Does anybody remember? What is the name of the residue of Christ in fallen man, after His bones were broken? Anybody know?


            Christ Jesus.               


No, the -- He's the human spirit, Amen. So we're going to translate the word -- Hebrew word sanctuary, in this case, Eve. I chose to say Eve, not the human spirit, shall be cleansed. The word shall be cleansed, Strong's 6663, means to be made righteous, to declare anyone just or innocent. Brethren, we're speaking about justification. Eve shall be justified. And this word can also be translated to purge oneself, and we know that Eve has to be purged before she can be justified. Why? Her justification is through union with Christ. The Holy Spirit must come to each individual's human spirit and cause her to conceive Christ. When Christ is born in her, He will purge her from the carnal mind and Satan, and she will be justified through union with His righteousness.


So Alternate Translation, Daniel 8, Verse 14, "And He said unto me, until the time of the spiritual family of Christ in the earth of the foreigner who is presently using their three-sided existence illegally, then shall Eve be made righteous."


Let me read you that again. "And He said to me" -- and He's answering -- now, Jesus is answering Christ Jesus' question, how long is it going to take for this wonderful resurrection to take place? And Jesus Christ says -- I'm sorry. And Daniel, Christ Jesus, says, "And He said to me" -- Jesus Christ said to me, "until the time of the spiritual family of Christ in the earth of the foreigner" -- these bodies in the e- -- and this world, "who is presently using their three-sided existence illegally, then shall Eve be made righteous."


And how is Satan using our three-sided existence illegally? It is his ongoing act of spiritual sexual adultery with Eve, which has brought our whole world, including our souls and bodies, into existence. And it is this ongoing act of spiritual sexual intercourse which is sustaining our world as well as our bodies. Let me remind you, brethren, that our whole existence in this world is an environment that can be likened to an amniotic sac, which was established when Satan joined in a spiritual sexual union with Eve. And our bodies and our souls are also a result of that illegal, adulterous sexual union, with our human spirit. That is how Satan is illegally using us. Satan went beyond.


Amplified translation, Daniel 8:14, "And He said to me -- and Jesus Christ said to Christ Jesus in Daniel, it shall take as long as is necessary for the spiritual family of Christ to overcome Satan's present illegal use of their spiritual substance, their human spirit, and then Eve shall be restored to righteousness."


Hallelujah, hallelujah. Glory to God. Please note that the Scripture says the sanctuary shall be cleansed. This cleansing takes place as our human spirit conceives and gives birth to Christ. No mention is made about the cleansing of our souls, because once Christ is fully born in us, He shall marry our souls, and they shall automatically be cleansed through this marriage.


And I just said it earlier. I'll say it again. This marriage will force out Satan, the carnal mind and any demons. So there's no talk about cleansing our souls. The difficult thing is cleansing our human spirit. That's the hardest thing.


And we have a lot of preachers in the kingdom church today preaching that this salvation is coming automatically. And I declare to you that that's true, but they've skipped a step. The salvation of our soul is coming automatically, after Christ is fully born in our human spirit. They don't seem to see this step. And for Christ to be fully born in our human spirit, we must engage in an intense, ongoing, lengthy warfare, and they can't see any of that. That's one big step to be blind to, the judgment. They're blind to the judgment, and there's no way that they're going to breach that gap. Somewhere along the line, they're going to have to submit to this element of the truth, of the judgment, because there's no way that they're going to enter in or they're going to bring anyone else in with this doctrine that eliminates it, as unpleasant as it may be.


Brethren, you can't have the baby without the labor. Some women have very easy labors. I know women who have their babies in a half an hour, with almost no discomfort. But, brethren, there has to be some pressure. You cannot wind up with a baby in your arms without the labor. I'm sorry, but the stork does not bring the baby. We have a whole world in denial. The world's in denial. The church is in denial, and we have a crisis in our society because of denial. It's a crisis. It's a plague across the whole country, of people just not facing up to hard realities. Why? Because it's too painful. They don't want the pain.


But, brethren, whether you're some young girl that's denying that you actually had intercourse in that car the other night or whether you're some girl or some married woman that's denying that you're really pregnant, the day is coming that you are going to have to face that labor, whether you believe it or not. Why? Because Christ has -- the glorified Christ has decided that you shall be saved through childbearing, whether you deny it or not.


He's going to raise the creation from the dead, and this is how He's decided to do it. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, whether you reject it or not, it's either coming upon you with your educated agreement, or it's coming upon you in your ignorance. But it's not coming -- but it's coming upon you. And should it not come upon you, you are a cursed person. Should it not come upon you, you're cursed. You shall surely die in your sins. So, arise, oh Israel, and acquit yourself like -- acquit yourselves like men, and enter into the battle.


Alternate Translation, Daniel, Chapter 8, Verse 13 and 14. "Then I heard Jesus Christ speaking about His plan to raise the creation from the dead through judgment. And Christ Jesus said to Jesus Christ in Daniel's mind, how long shall it be until Christ's warrior spirit is added to the saints?" I think I said that wrong. Oh, no, that's right. I'm sorry. "And Christ Jesus said to Jesus Christ in -- and Christ Jesus, in Daniel's mind" -- I put it in the wrong place. "And Christ Jesus in Daniel's mind said to Jesus Christ, how long shall it be until Christ's warrior spirit is added to the saints so that they can put a yoke on Satan in their own minds and be delivered from the rebellion in their own hearts which cause them to be trodden under the feet of their carnal minds and brought to ruin?" And He said to me -- and Jesus Christ said to Daniel, said to Christ Jesus in Daniel's mind, it shall take as long as is necessary for the spiritual family of Christ to overcome Satan's present illegal use of their spiritual substance. And then, Eve shall be restored to righteousness."


What a message. It's incredible. Well, Verse 14 was the last verse of the prophecy given to us in Daniel 8, and it's the end of this series entitled "Daniel, Chapter 8." Verse 20 to 27 give the interpretation of the prophecy. And you may remember when we studied Daniel 7, we found out that the interpretation gave additional detail to the prophecy. And I expect we'll find a similar situation in Daniel 8. Our study of the interpretation, which is Verses 15 through 27 of Daniel 8 shall be called "Daniel, Chapter 8 Interpretation," and we'll have a new message number.


And now, I'm closing. I'd like to take the time to read you the entire Alternate Translation of the prophecy Daniel, Chapter 8, starting with Verse 1. "A vision appeared to me, Daniel, at the time that the fallen creation became spiritual, and it was similar to the vision that I had seen earlier. And I realized that a divine revelation was being presented to me, and as I tried to understand it, I was immersed in the Spirit of God and joined to the Father in my human spirit, which was still in a fallen human soul. And I was able to look at this divine revelation with the mind of Christ"


"Then I opened my spiritual eyes which were in Christ and was able to understand, and there was righteous Adam, the [?souled?sold?] animal life that God had made with two spiritual laws in His mind. And he was standing in full spiritual strength in the earth, and the two-horned creation was in a high spiritual place. And Satan was more powerful than righteous Adam. And I saw righteous Adam coming out of heaven and spreading himself into the earth, and Christ was his conscious mind, and the Father was his unconscious mind. And he was protecting God's creation from materializing in the earth in a perverted form, and he knew that Satan was strong enough to strip off Christ's righteous covering and begin an independent existence."


"And as I turned to Christ to receive understanding, there was the vision. Satan rebelled against righteous Adam and brought her horn out from under his authority. And Satan appeared in the earth and began to dominate righteous Adam, but didn't penetrate him right away. And Satan had the spiritual vision of the land of Nod in her mind. And Adam, the lord and master of God's two-horned creation, couldn’t escape from Satan's witchcraft power. And Satan fell upon righteous Adam, whom I had seen standing in Eden with full spiritual authority over heaven and earth."


"And Satan took Eve for a wife, and I saw Satan je- -- penetrate her, and Satan's spiritual substance flowed into her, and Eve became the harlot who birthed this carnal mind." I'm sorry, "who birthed the carnal mind because of Satan's witchcraft. And Satan's carnal mind overthrew the Father's Christ, and fallen Adam wasn't strong enough to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth any longer."


"And Satan's carnal mind used violent military strength to make herself high priest over the creation. And Satan entered into righteous Adam's unconscious mind, and the carnal mind entered into his conscious mind and into Eden, the vision which his Christ mind was sustaining in the spiritual earth. And the carnal mind broke the spiritual bones of the Father's Christ and offered Him up as a sacrifice to Satan, and Satan's carnal mind purchased God's creation. And Satan's carnal mind went beyond Eden, the visible spiritual earth, and caused Nod, the visible physical earth to appear. And Satan's carnal mind aborted Christ, and righteous Adam and the many members of God's creation were given unto Satan's custody beyond the spiritual earth of Eden because of rebellion. And Satan broke forth upon them and intertwined her carnal mind with them."


"And the spiritual potential of God's creation and the many members which were to be born into it was permanently altered because of Satan's union with Adam. And Satan's carnal mind built a nation of physical men who would engage in continuous labor. And the many members of God's creation were reformed into Satan's image, and they became earthly, sensual and devilish. And they entered into the physical earth of Nod where they would labor to survive. And Christ's dwelling place was overthrown."


"Then I heard Jesus Christ speaking about His plan to raise the creation from the dead through judgment. And Christ Jesus said to Jesus Christ, how long shall it be until Christ's warrior spirit is added to the saints so that they can put a yoke on Satan in their own minds and be delivered from the rebellion in their own hearts which cause them to be trodden under the feet of their carnal minds and brought to ruin? And He said to me, it shall take as long as is necessary for the spiritual family of Christ to overcome Satan's present, illegal use of their spiritual substance. And then, Eve shall be restored to righteousness."


Hallelujah. I'd like to tell -- just put on this message how this scenario is being played out in this country today. There is a spiritual move to destroy manhood. We've talked about this before. There is a mindset going forth saying that men aren't necessary. Women can now have children out of wedlock. They don't need the men. They're trying to abolish them completely.


I saw on Oprah Winfrey today several couples who were broken up because the women left. One left with her children. The other left without her children, because their husbands were not treating them in the way they wanted to be treated, romantically or whatever, not paying enough attention to them. They were not being beaten. They were not being physically abused. They just didn't like marriage, and they picked up and they left. And even Oprah Winfrey said on national T.V. that she's been on the air for years, and she said all kinds of women are on her show that have been battered and abused and have left their homes for these reasons, but this was the first time she ever heard of women picking up and walking out because their husbands didn't take them out.


So I remind you that every 10 or 20 years or so we take another step downward. We don't have to wait 40 years. I used to think it would be every 40 years , as each new generation came in, but it's not. It's every 10 or 20 years we take another step downward. So if the Lord doesn't intervene in another 10 or 20 years, we're going to have children without anyone wanting -- being willing to take care of them. What are we going to do, start a police state and start sterilizing everybody?


So let's pray for the coming of Christ before then, because our society, brethren, is rotting at its core. And a spiritual he-goat has appeared in this nation, and he's doing everything that it can to destroy the ram, and it's done quite a bit. And it's getting worse every 10 or 20 years, and it's starting to fall faster. Maybe every 10 years we'll go down another peg.


But civilized society is at stake. Brethren, you go into the jungles of South America or in Africa, and they know they have to take care of their children. Selfishness is covering the land. One woman said, he wouldn't buy me anything. I had to pay all my bills, or I had to go to work. So she left her two kids with her husband, and she went to work because he wouldn’t buy her anything. Civilized society is rotting at its core.


You know, everybody's not going to come in. I have to tell you that. Everybody's not going to come in. Some people's bodies are going to hold up. Everybody that wants it is not going to come in. But it's not -- you see, the carnal mind is saying g- -- it's the teaching that's associated with Hell and damnation, that it's this terrible thing. I heard you say that they're going to be ashamed and humiliated. Have I said that, that if God doesn't take them?




What? Use the microphone. The people need to hear your questions.


            Maybe it was before it was on the message, and we're talking about before, people that aren't going to come in. Before the message, you even talked on Daniel. I think that's what Mary Jane is [?referencing?].


The people that are in rebel- -- the people that don't come because they're in rebellion against God are going to be ashamed. Yes, that category of people, there's going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. But there are some people that they're just not called to come in, and they're going to live out their life, and they're going to pass on. But the human spirit is going to return unto Christ. It's not a terrible thing. It's a terrible thing to have -- it's a shame to have the Holy Spirit to do -- to have this offer made to you and to turn it down is a shame.




Yeah, but if you're not called to it in this lifetime, well, then you're not called to it in this lifetime. You see, when you try to understand the Scriptures, you have to be very careful to understand that there are different categories of human beings. And God is not saying the same thing to every category of human beings. And one of the biggest problems of the carnal mind -- I caution you to be weary of it, is to take a word of the Lord and apply it to a category of people that it was not said to.


And that's what you just did. I didn't understand what you were saying at first. That's what you just did. You took this teaching, that those that have been called to the marriage supper and didn't come are going to be ashamed. You took that, and you applied it to people who aren't called.


So when we take Scriptural teaching, we have a lot of questions that we have to ask. Who is speaking? Who is that person speaking to?  Or [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- you shouldn't -- that's the first thing that you should do is ask those questions. Who is speaking, and who are they speaking to? And what are the circumstances surrounding this exhortation? You can't just pull Scriptures out of the Bible, because that's how people go astra- -- I mean, you could do it if you want to, but that's how people go astray. They just pull Scriptures out of context. And some people build great webs of false doctrine around it. Can you understand what I'm saying?




Yeah, well, OK. Well, God will do it. But for the people -- I really don't think that there are going to be people who are crying out to God that want this salvation with all of their heart and soul and are doing everything that they could do, that God's going to leave them behind. I don't think so. I don't think so. I believe the prophecy that said, if you don't have a womb, He'll give you a womb. If you're spiritually barren, He'll give you the child that's going to save you anyway.


But you have to face the fact that everybody in the church doesn't want it, and everybody in the world doesn't want it. Everybody doesn't want it. There are different categories of people in the world. Everybody is not like you. Some people are very different than you.


So if we have a -- and a lot of people do this. This is very common in the church, and it's very common in the world. If we put everyone in our place, we're going to run into trouble. If everybody that we're talking to or everyone that we're trying to understand, if we put ourselves in their place, we're going to run into trouble, because people are different. And we can't judge people by ourselves, can't assume that because -- 




Mary --


            I think I was really judging myself, because I feel there are so many people who are much more spiritually adept and more disciplined in their life, [?their prayer?], everything about them, far more than myself. I don't see myself [UNINTELLIGIBLE] of measuring up, such a high calling.


Well, you probably don’t, but He's chosen you anyway. It's nothing that we have done.


            That's for sure.


It's nothing that we have done. But you are in the category that has done everything that you could do, and you have every reason to believe that He's going to take you. You have no reason to believe that He's not going to take you. You're supposed to have faith that He's going to take you. You are going to be one of those who is come to His wedding supper and who has a wedding garment on. The people that are going to be ashamed are the people that are rebellious and arrogant towards God.


            I'm having a little trouble distinguishing the church and the firstfruits. Is the firstfruits the church --




            -- or is that separate? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] is that the -- and the bride? It's all confusing [CROSSTALK]


Yeah. No, the church is -- well, to the best of my knowledge, the church are those who have faith in Jesus Christ, and that includes [?thirty folders?]. Everyone that names the name of Jesus as their savior is the church. OK, now what did you ask? And the firstfruits are that group of people within the church, or without the church, in whom Christ is going to appear in full stature. He's not going to appear in the whole church initially.


            And now the bride.


The bride -- well, the bride is on two levels. Almost everything we're talking about is on two levels. I mentioned this earlier. Every member of the firstfruits has a bride within them. The bride is your soul. When Christ appears in your human spirit in full stature, when He's fully born in your human spirit, He's going to marry your soul, and that is the salvation of your soul through union with Christ. OK, then we have the church broken into two groups of people, one group of people in whom Christ is being formed. If Christ is being formed in you, you are a member of the bridegroom company. And if Christ is not being formed in you, you are a member of the bride company. There's no man in you. If you have just received the Holy Spirit, the man's not in you. Why? the Holy Spirit's not the man. The man is the child that's going to be born in you. So if you haven't conceived, you're still a virgin. You're not pregnant yet, and you're a maiden. Did I answer your question?


And, of course, this situation is constantly changing. You see, we're not stuck in the spirit like we are here in the flesh. You're born a woman. You live your whole life as a woman. But spiritually, we can go from being a woman to being a man to becoming a spiritual man. And in the church today, you may not be -- if you're hearing this message, you may not be a member of the bridegroom company. You may be a member of the bride company. But next month or next year you may have advanced to be a member of the bridegroom company. There is growth in Christ. There is opportunity in Christ.


And I say the same thing about ministry here. Study to show yourself approved. Submit to the existing ministry. Learn and, in due season, God will -- you will grow into a ministry. I don't know what kind of a ministry you're going to grow into. I can't promise you that you're going to be in the spot that I am. Maybe you will be. Maybe you'll be higher than me. I don't know. It's that I'm not the one that determines what your ministry is going to be. But if you followed after Christ, if you studied to show yourself approved, if you learn everything that He's put you here to learn, in due season, He's going to give you some sort of a ministry. Why? Because He needs all the help He can get. There's supposed to be growth in the believers, and we have churches all over the country where the people have been in the same spot for 30 years. They come into church once, twice a week, and they sing a couple of songs, and they listen to the message, and they go home. And they're really not doing anything for Christ. They haven't grown.


Now, sometimes people hear a me- -- young Christians hear a message like this, and they get all lifted up in pride, and they think that this ministry is the ministry that God has given them. This ministry is the ministry that God has given me. You're here for training. If God's going to give you a ministry, you have to pay your dues. You know what I've been through to have this ministry? Most people wouldn't do it. You've got to go do your own thing, but you can't -- you have to wait for the Lord. You can't do it on your own. You have to stay here as long as God keeps you here. Nothing should take you out except the hand of God. Submit to the ministry. Study to show yourself approved, and in due season, He's going to do with you whatever He's going to do with you. Just please come and say goodbye to me, and I'll bless you. You don't have to stay here against your will, but you shouldn't leave before God tells you.


And there's ministry for everybody on some level, whether it's full-time ministry, whether you're going to have to work to support yourself or not. I -- that's between you and the Lord. I can't tell you. But everybody's supposed to be growing, and everybody is supposed to have some measure of ministry to the body of Christ. And you may already have it, but that doesn't mean you're going to stay there. You should grow until if you die, until the day you die. Maybe we're not going to die anymore. I hope we're not. There's supposed to be continuous growth in Christ until we're in full stature.


And the -- a lot of preachers don't like to preach this. I'm telling you the truth, because they have large congregations. And they have all these immature believers trying to take over their ministry, so they have cho- -- and it's the same thing -- you know, you've raised children. Ladies here have raised children. You know what kids are like. At 2 years old, they do this. At 3 years old, they do that. That's what young believers do. I did it. I got the word that I was going to be a teacher, and I went rushing. I wanted to get in the pulpit of the church that I was in. Not that I wanted to take over the ministry, but I thought I was going to be in that pulpit. I never got into that pulpit. God told me, you'll never preach in that pulpit, and I never did.


So you have to wait and see where God wants to put you. As soon as you try to do it yourself, you're interfering with what God is doing in your life. We're all supposed to be growing every day, continuous growth only to stop at full stature or physical death. You're supposed to grow. You're not supposed to stay where you are, not supposed to stay babies forever. Did I answer your question?


            -- bridegroom company is supposed to teach the church?




            They're supposed to teach the church?


Yes. But right now, as a general rule, that is not happening. And the reason it's not happening is that the bride cannot recognize the bridegroom. She thinks she's the bridegroom, or she thinks she's the ministry. She may not put it in those terms, but she thinks she is God's ministry in the earth. And as I've told you before, I'll tell you again. When God establishes an authority, He starts speaking to you through that authority. And this is a -- it's a big misunderstanding in the church today, that no matter how much you have heard from God in the past, when the day comes that He establishes His authority in your life, a lot of what He has to -- not that He's going to stop talking to you. I'm not telling you He's going to stop talking to you. He's not.


But a lot of what He has to say to you is going to start to come through that authority, and we have a lot of believers in the church today that are saying God speaks to me directly, and He's been speaking to me directly all my life. And anything He has to say to me is going to come directly to me. And if that's what you're thinking, I ask you to pray about this. Because if you're in this ministry, He has a lot to say to you through me. And if you can't believe that, you're going to miss a lot of what He has to say. So it's really something for you to pray about.


I even had one person come to me and tell me, gee, the Lord's been talking to me a lot, talking to me continuously. And the minute I walk into your house, He stops, and He talks through you. So this is what's happening. It's happening on an individual level. Why? Because there haven't been that many preachers with the imparted anointing to date.


And as I've told you before, there's a problem reconciling the spiritual things of God down here on the earth. So over the last 10 years, if not longer, we've seen a lot of believers start to see the beginnings of the imparted anointing in them. Christ is conceived in them. And Jesus said that if Christ is conceived in you, you're greater than the greatest man with the imputed anointing. So these believers, whether it's in their conscious mind or their unconscious mind, they know that they know things from their direct communication with the Lord that that man on pulpit just doesn't know.


They know that they're greater than him, but they don't understand that in due season -- and it's going to be ushered in very soon. God is going to place judges in the earth. It's going to be a firstfruits company that are going to be teaching directly from the mind of God, and it's already started. Although, in -- I believe I'm one of them, but we're not in full stature yet. And when He brings those people into the earth, whether they're in full stature yet or not, and He puts you in a ministry like that, He's going to start speaking to you through them. He's still going to talk to you, but He's going to have certain things to say through them.


So we have a lot of people in the church today that can't comprehend this. They think that the that God's raised up with an imparted anointing to teach is also -- well, let me start that over again. They think that they are greater or at least equal to the person that God has put in the pulpit with an imparted anointing, and that's not true. Now, we're all equal before God as believers. We're all equal before God as believers.


When God puts you in a teaching situation, there is a teacher, and there is the disciples. And in that relationship, you are not equal. And this is a misunderstanding in the church. So we see this on a personal level, and we see it in the whole church, that there are teachers in the earth today -- there are several out there, maybe many, that are teaching under and imparted anointing. And the preachers that have the imputed anointing don't recognize it, and they won't learn from them.


There's a lot of good teachers out there today. They may be denying the judgment, but everything else that they're teaching -- there's a lot of good stuff in it. The word of God is appearing in the church today, the true gospel or at least portions of it. There's truth that's appearing in the church today, and a lot of the preachers that are members of the bride company won't touch it. I know some of them have read it and have rejected it. They don't recognize the authority on the preachers with the imparted anointing. They think they're equal. They're not equal.


So God has to do something to convince them that they're supposed to be learning too, that the fact that you're in the pulpit doesn't mean that form that point forward you only hear directly from God. I even prayed today. For whatever reason this was really on my heart today. If it was the mind of God flowing through me, which it may very well have been, we're really, really close, because the -- what was coming out of my mouth was -- I can't remember the exact words, but to the extent of, well, if they won't receive the doctrine, then let them die in their sins, something like that. They just won't respond to this word that's coming forth. Why? Because they think that they don't need anyone, that they've got a direct pipeline to God, and it's not possible that He's doing something through someone else that He's not doing through them that they need to hear. They don't believe it.


And they -- a lot of them are going to miss this thing. Some of them may repent as they go on, but there's a lot of them that are going to miss this thing. Why? Because of pride. So this is not a person that's doing everything they could do to enter in. This is a person bound with pride. And I know that I prayed today, and I pray frequently. If ever God raises someone up with a higher authority than me that He let my eyes see it and my ears hear it so that I can submit to them. I don't want to miss anything He has to say. But if that day should come, and it may very well come, I don't want to be blinded. I don't want to stop until I stand up in full stature, no matter what it means. Standing up in full stature is more important to me than my position of authority in this ministry. But you take the average preacher out there, and the most important thing to them is their position in their ministry.


If I had to give up this ministry -- I think it's glorious. What God's given us to do here is incredible, but my most important goal in life is for Christ to appear in me in full stature. But these other preachers, they don't understand. They talk about full stature, but maybe they don't really believe it, you know. What their problem is that they're bound here in this realm of physical -- of the physical earth. They're bound here. Their heart is here.


God was speaking to me the other night about that, that Scripture that says where your treasure is, that's where your heart will be. I never realized it in the dimension that He showed it to me. What is the most important thing in your life? If it exists in this physical world, we're trap- -- you're trapped here. Because -- oh, Jesus, help me express this in words. This body goes where this soul is, and this soul goes where the spirit is. And if the thing that you really love most in this world, if it's true -- don't deceive yourself. There's no glory in deceiving yourself. If you really want Christ more than anything in this world, your heart is reaching towards Christ, and it's willing to give up anything in this world. And you are turning inward.


And the day's going to come that this body's going to disappear. Why? Because you have reached inward to such a degree that your body's going to be pulled into the realm of the spirit. We are out here in this cursed place because we lust for the things that exist here.


This is a hard word. Do you love Christ more than your husband? If it was really the Lord and He said your husband's not coming, but I'm calling you, and you'll never see him again, would you go, would you go, would you go? If He said it about your children and your beloved curly-haired grandchildren, would you go, would you go, would you go? And that's the size of it, where you treasure is. Where that which you desire most is, in due season, you shall be there.


And I don't think there are many people in the church today that would be willing to give up their families, their jobs, their ministries, their clothes, their makeup, their sexuality, their prestige in the world, their money. They may tell you they're willing to give it up, but very few, very few.


When Jesus said you have to hate this world, He wasn't fooling. Where your treasure is, that's where your heart's going to be. That's one hard word, brethren. And that's why if you're called in this hour, He's stripping you of everything that's dear to you, because we would never let go willingly. We would never let go. We're trapped here in this physical world called Hell, or the land of Nod, because we love things of this world. We love the things of this world.


Now, most Christians here that you love the things of this world. They think the Lord's talking about, you know, riches, you know, big houses and big cars. No. Well, that may be trapping you here, but that's the easy thing to give up. Just ask yourself a question. If Go- -- let's say there was a rapture, and God said to you tonight, I'll take you if you're willing to leave everything, what would you say? And He means everything. What would you say? Ask yourself.


            [INAUDIBLE] just an illusion [INAUDIBLE]


Yeah. Well, most people wouldn't say that, very few, very few. We talked about it on another message, when the famine that Elijah pronounced upon Israel started to come to an end. There were a couple of lepers that heard the word that they could get into the -- I believe it was the Syrian camp and take the riches of the Syrians. None of the people that had riches in this world were willing to risk getting killed in the Syrian camp, but the lepers that had absolutely nothing to lose, they entered in, and they found the camp abandoned. And there was food and gold and silver.


Brethren, only those people who have nothing to lose are going to enter in, because you can say it -- well, I'm not contradicting you. I don't know you, but in gene- -- I speak in generalities. People will say it, and they will say it, and they will say it, and when it comes down to the line, they won't leave something behind. Would you believe that if God told you to come and you had dependent children, would you trust Him enough to take care of your children and just go?




Not many.




Well, praise the Lord. Well, at least you're honest.


            [INAUDIBLE] I think that the, you know -- the system has got into you so strong --




            -- that it's powerful. It's powerful.


Yes, very powerful.


            And I think that -- it takes a hand of the Lord to remove that, you know.


Yes, I agree completely.


            Because I know myself, the tendency is, you know, I can't do it.


Yeah, it's true. You know i- -- and, of course, we can take that on a less extreme level. We can take it just about coming to meetings. I knew a woman once who had a 13-year-old daughter, and I told her she should be in church, if not here someplace else. She says I won't leave my daughter alone, 13-year-old girl. I said, well, she can come with you. She doesn't want to come, and I won't make her come. And I won't leave her alone. And she -- the woman got very upset and gave me an argument. You're telling me to leave my daughter. I said, no, I'm just asking you ho- -- look, you're putting God in the back seat. She's 13 years old. Either make her come or leave her home alone for a few hours. She wouldn't do it. She wouldn't go. Her thir- -- that's not a baby, her 13-year-old daughter.


I know someone else who has talked about coming here and has complained to me that it would cost her a lot of money to get a babysitter for these long services. But I know for a fact that this woman owns a $700 coat that she paid for 5 and $10 at a clip. I don't own a $700 coat. I don't even desire a $700 coat. If it was me, I'd be putting that 5 and $10 away for a babysitter to get to the meeting. Now, I'm not criticizing her. I'm not condemning her. But I'm telling you, these two woman that I just told you about have clearly shown where their heart is. And to me it's more acceptable to have it in your daughter than in a $700 coat.


I repeat, I'm not condemning this woman. I'm talking to you about the reality of people's hearts. And they have every excuse in the word, not just these meetings, any church meeting. Make a commitment to a church and be there every time the door opens, unless for some reason -- you know, sometimes you really can't be there. And if you do it, you're the one whose spiritual growth is going to go [?sshhh?]. And then the ones whose spiritual growth didn't go like that are going to look at you 5 years later and say, who do you think you are? Because they can't believe that you grew to what you are. They cannot believe what you are in Christ, because they know where they are, and they can't believe that you got there.


And they can't see you. That's why a prophet is not without honor except in his own country. They remember you getting deliverance, and they cannot believe what God has done. Why? Because He didn't do it to them. That's why they can't believe He did it to you, with a couple of exceptions, obviously.


But everybody does not grow at the same rate, and God does definitely reward those that will dig in and make that commitment. I don't know when He first called me and I got a revelation that I didn't even understand it in my understanding. I just knew that I had to be at that church, and in those days, there was an incredible anointing poured out, and my daughter was only about 7 or 8. She was still pretty young, and I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the Lord put me in a house where my neighbor used to watch her on Friday nights. And on Sunday I took her. Wednesday and Friday nights my neighbor watched her. And then one Sunday night my neighbor wasn't home. I could not get a babysitter, and I cried out to God. I really wanted to be at that service. I said, Lord, you've got to do something, or I can't go.


And something told me to go to church. I went to church. I sat down, and she fell asleep in my arms, and she slept until I took her -- picked her up to go home. She slept through the whole service. God put her to sleep. But you've got to want to be where God is that badly to ha- -- experience that kind of growth. And it's a very rare person. I want to tell you it's a very rare person. And, of course, if you feel that way, you're going to be persecuted by your family. They're going to tell you that -- you know, what are you doing over there? You don't love your family anymore? You know, same old story. But that's the person that's going to enter in first. It really is a race.


And I told you -- I tell you all the time, and I'll tell you again. I don't care if you have 15 children. The question is how bad do you want it. Then you have to trust God to make a way. If you tell the Lord that you have 15 children and you want to make this kind of a commitment to Him but you don't know what to do with those children, then there's nothing more you can do. If He makes a way for you, He makes a way. And if He doesn't, if He says now is not the time, wait 10 years until they're grown, well, then it's His decision. But if you want Him that bad, He knows it. And it's not very many.


Why? Because there's some satisfaction in having a husband and having a family and children. There's satisfaction in it. You're not that needy. The people that are very needy are the ones most likely to make this kind of a commitment. And don't tell me I'm calling you needy. I don't know. Maybe it's not true in every case, but generally speaking, it's the people whose emotional needs have not been satisfied, hurting people, that will make this kind of a commitment to God, because their needs aren't being met in their families.


            [INAUDIBLE] much needs are met with a husband and children. The void [INAUDIBLE] presence of the Lord.


Well, then He's done that to you. He's put that in your heart. You know, you're definitely His. He's put that calling in your heart. But there are a lot of people that are different than you. There are a lot of people that can take God or leave it. They go to church on Sunday. It's a religious work. They feel good. A lot of people, if they're tired, they don’t go. I'm not saying we should be in a religious bondage where you can't not go one night. You see, the whole point is it's not supposed to be religious bondage. It's what do you feel. Like you just said, there's a need that's not fulfilled in your family, so you go as soon as the door op- -- well, everybody here does that.


In 5 years, I took on everybody. My mother was mad at me. My daughter was mad at me. But I knew I had to be there. I needed to be there. It was not a religious work, and that's the difference. Even if you come every time the door opens, if it's a religious work, it's not going to do you any good. It's got to be in your heart. And you ca- -- I don't think you could be in that condition unless God has put it there, and in this hour very few.


            A question came up about praying for souls. Is -- you know, and -- well, I had said, if God puts it on your mind to pray for a specific soul, you know, I would    go along with that. But I don't know if that is God's intention. What would you say about that?


I'm sorry. I don't understand your question.


            Like --




            No, no. For --             




            To put a burden for souls. And I don't know. With all this teaching and everything, I wondered if that was possible.


Oh, it could be. But if God doesn't lay it on your heart, it's a religious work. It could be. Yeah, definitely. It could be God. Although --




-- basically speaking -- and this is just a general statement. If God has laid it on your heart, please do it. But in accordance with the understanding that I have, that is one of the ministries of the bride church. See, the reason --


            That is?


It is a ministry of the bride church. You see, the bride church is reaching out with the Holy Spirit anointing, with the imputed anointing, and trying in this hour to touch the whole world. We were just talking about that. God will use anything to touch the people. Once His Spirit is upon them, He'll draw them to the doctrine. So the bride church, one of her ministries is to reach out and touch the world with the imputed anointing, false doctrine and all. They talk about the love of God. That's not false doctrine. That's OK. And then, the bridegroom comes in, or they're drawn to the bridegroom.


So to be a member of the bridegroom company is to be a spiritual man. And it involves hardship and responsibly, and one of the overriding characteristics of the bridegroom company is the doctrine that's coming forth. If -- maybe this will help you to understand why we don't see very much of that in this ministry, because that's the job of the bride church. Everybody can't be doing everything. God delegates authority, and that's the job of the bridge church, basically speaking, to pray for souls, to pray for revival, to pray against abortion, things like that. What we do here is bring forth doctrine. And the judgment, we're bringing forth the judgment here. We're pointing out the carnal mind in people's thinking, and we're getting beaten up because of it. And the woman are out there touching the whole world. It's not that God's not doing it. Every ministry doesn't do everything. We're doing the hard stuff here.


            So you would say that this is not really the ministry of the firstfruits company? That's really the church ministry. That there's far more important things for the firstfruits company?


The firstfruits company is the man, is the bridegroom, and they're bringing forth --


            And the work i- -- that work is --


That work is to bring forth doctrine and the judge the carnal minds of men, which will br- -- result in the appearance of Christ.


            And that ministry is hard enough [CROSSTALK]


Well, it's not -- it's very hard. You know, but we can't be doing everything. And besides, the women have to be doing something. They want to feel useful, so they're out there praying for revival and praying for souls and giving out tracts. Now, if you feel led to do something like that, I'm not telling you not to do that. But generally speaking, this is what God has shown me, that this ministry -- and if you're called here, it should be true of you too, is manifesting the man. And if you want your example of what men do, look at a traditional marriage of 100 years ago. Don’t look at an American marriage today. Men lead. Men rule. Men execute judgment. You know, women never hit their children. It was always the men that ministered the discipline, took their child out to the woodshed. We execute judgment, bring forth doctrine, judge the carnal minds of men, judge righteous judgment. The woman is not allowed to judge. We make judgment here, so we're handling the weightier things of God.


            That -- the tasks of the firstfruits company are more heavier --


They're weightier. They're more responsible.


            -- than the --


They carry a heavier re- -- I don't want to say more important, because we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But we don't -- it's also it's not true. Everybody's job is important. Everybody's supposed to be doing the most that they can do with what has given them. Now, if you're in the bridegroom -- if you're in the bride company, you are not qualified to bring forth doctrine or to execute judgment or to judge righteous judgment. You can't distinguish between the carnal mind and Christ, so you can't be doing that. It's a sin for you to do it. You're out of your place if you're doing it. Well, you have to have something to do. You do what you can do to the best of your ability. You reach out to the world in this basic way. And it's very important. I don't want anyone here to think that I'm putting down anyone's ministry. If your ministry is to turn on the light switch, you do that as well as you could do it, and you're very important in what you do.


And I don't put down anyone's ministry, but neither am I fool enough to say that everybody's ministry is equal, because everybody's ministry is not equal. The president of the country, his job is not equal to the governor. Everybody -- we're all equal as human beings before God, but we are not all equal in our function. Yet, not -- no one is to look down on someone else's ministry. Everyone's very important in their place, but we're to know who we are in relationship to everybody else so that we can be respectful and act according.


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