143 - Part 8

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Recap: Daniel 8:1-9: A vision appeared to me, Daniel, at the time that the fallen creation became spiritual and it was similar to the vision that I had seen earlier and I realized that a divine revelation was being presented to me. And as I tried to understand it I was immersed in the spirit of God and joined to the Father in my human spirit, which was still in a fallen human body, and I was able to look at this divine revelation with the mind of Christ. Then I opened my spiritual eyes which were on Christ and was able to understand and there was righteous Adam, the sold animal life that God had made with two spiritual laws in His mind. And he was standing in full spiritual strength in the earth and the two-horned creation was in a high spiritual place and Satan was more powerful than righteous Adam and I saw righteous Adam coming out of Heaven and spreading himself into the earth and Christ was his conscious mind and He was protecting God’s creation from materializing in the earth in a perverted form. And He knew that Satan was strong enough to strip off Christ’s righteous covering and begin an independent existence. And as I turned to Christ to receive understanding there was the vision. Satan rebelled against righteous Adam and brought her horn out from under his authority and Satan appeared in the earth and began to dominate righteous Adam, but didn’t penetrate him right away.


And Satan had the spiritual vision of the land of Nod in her mind. And Adam, lord and master of God’s two-horned creation couldn’t escape form Satan’s witchcraft power and Satan fell upon righteous Adam, whom I had seen standing in Eden with full spiritual authority over Heaven and earth and Satan took Eve for a wife and I saw Satan penetrate her and Satan’s spiritual substance flowed into her and Eve became the harlot who birthed the carnal mind because of Satan’s witchcraft. And Satan’s carnal mind overthrew the Father’s Christ and tread Him underfoot. And fallen Adam wasn’t strong enough to sustain the image of the Garden of Eden in the earth any longer and Satan’s carnal mind used violent military strength to make herself high priest over the creation and she broke the spiritual bones of the Father’s Christ and the carnal mind offered righteous Adam up as a sacrifice to Satan and Adam was separated from the Garden of Eden and Satan exceeded the limit of her spiritual authority and her carnal mind purchased God’s creation and Satan became fallen Adam’s unconscious mind and the carnal mind became his conscious mind and the carnal mind established her own vision in the physical earth where Eden had appeared. And fallen Adam entered into the existence known as death in the land of Nod, which is Hell.


Continuing with verse 10: And it waxed great. Who waxed great? The he-goat waxed great, even to the host of Heaven and the He-goat cast down some of the hosts and of the stars to the ground and stamped upon them. The word it waxed great is Strong’s 1430. This is the same phrase translated became great in verses 4 and 9. And I remind you that it is a different Hebrew word than the Hebrew word translated waxed great in verse 8. The Hebrew word translated became great in verse 4, 9 and 10 then is Strong’s number 1430. It means to twist or bind together. In verse 4 we said that the mind of Christ within righteous Adam caused the Garden of Eden to materialize in the spiritual earth and in verse 9 we said that the carnal mind within fallen Adam caused the land of Nod to materialize in the physical earth.


Now I’d like to point out to you a change in terminology here. I’ve been speaking about the physical creation. The physical creation meaning the environment that we live in. And I’ve been using that term, physical creation, both to describe Eden and to describe the land of Nod. I think I may have touched on this last week, but I want to make it clear to you. I did touch on it last week. The spiritual creation, the environment of righteous Adam, was not in the realm that we’re in now. It was in a spiritual realm. The creation was visible but not physical in the sense that we are physical. It was visible, it could be seen, but it was visible in the sense that the resurrected Christ was visible. He was a different order of man than we are. He walked through walls. He materialized. He dematerialized. He appeared. He disappeared. He took different forms. That was the nature of the visible creation that was a projection of the mind of Christ in God’s creation, Adam. The physical creation -- that’s the term I’m going to use -- the physical creation is that creation which is also visible, OK, but not spiritual -- physical that was formed when the vision that was in the carnal mind was projected and took form.


So we had a visible spiritual creation which is the reflection of the Father through His Christ and we had a visible physical creation which is the projection of Satan through her carnal mind. They’re both visible. One is spiritual and one is physical. OK? Glory to God.


So we’re dealing with the phrase and it waxed great even to the host of Heaven. The word even is Strong’s 5704 and it’s gain speaking about some certain limit. Some certain limit. It went as far as a particular stated limit and it waxed great -- excuse me. And it waxed great even to the host of Heaven. So it waxed great. It bound itself together with a physical creation even to the extent of the host of Heaven. It went as far as the host of Heaven. I’ll talk a little more about that in another minute. The word host is Strong’s 6635 and that word means army or soldiers and I’m going to suggest to you that this word is referring to the many members of God’s creation, the living soul. And I remind you that when the Hebrew children came out of Egypt in the Book of Exodus, God refers to them as His host. We are the armies of the Lord. Sometimes some people think that’s a big joke. We’re a pretty ragtag army. But I want to tell you if Christ before you, who can be against you? I want to tell you all the sophistication of the world will not save it when Christ comes to swallow it up. Hallelujah.


And the word Heavens is Strong’s 8064. Please note that the King James says Heaven but the Interlinear text says Heavens and I’m suggesting to you here that the scripture is speaking about the two-horned creation. The two-horned creation. And the He-goat, which is Satan waxed great, intertwined herself with the physical creation. She projected her mind into the physical creation even to the limit or even to the place where the host of Heaven was.


Now I want to suggest to you that first Satan birthed her carnal mind within the creation and then the carnal mind’s environment -- the land of Nod. The land of Nod was now an idea in Adam’s mind. It had not yet materialized into the physical earth, but what I believe this phrase is saying is that the He-goat, Satan, brought forth in her mind the image of the land of Nod and it touched the host of Heaven. What that means is it touched or it affected all of the potential members of the living soul that had not been born yet. I believe at this point Adam was still a singular creation and was a single entity. And if you’ve listened to our series number 31, the Lord revealed to us in that series that he was a zygote. He was a zygote. When a human female egg joins with a human male sperm initially they join so completely that the two cells become one cell - the first cell of the new creation, the first cell of the baby. And the Father joined so completely with His creation, the man, that I suggest to you Adam was the zygote of the spiritual creation. He was destined to multiply into many members, many spiritual members.


And when the he-goat waxed great, when the he-goat came with his carnal mind and the vision of the land of Nod in his carnal mind, that that vision touched the host of Heaven, touched the many members of the living soul that had not yet been born. And remember, Levi paid tithes while he was still in the loins of Abraham. God deals with people that haven’t been born yet. He can talk to your ovaries and I think it’s millions -- if not millions, thousands of eggs in your ovaries and the Lord will talk to one of them and say now you come forth. It’s time for you to appear in the realm of appearance. That’s how great our God is. I’m suggesting to you that Satan, the he-goat, through her carnal mind and her vision of the land of Nod which was in her mind affected all of the many members of the living soul that hadn’t been born yet.


Brethren, we were affected by Satan’s behavior at the beginning of time. God, at the beginning of time, knew how many human beings would be born on the face of the earth. He knew you and me at the beginning of time. I don’t think anyone could have trouble understanding that -- that the scripture says that. He knew us at the beginning of time and He had a plan for us. We were to be spiritual men. But Satan brought forth her vision and that vision -- remember we talked about cause and effect? That vision was a cause that produced an effect in the many members of the living soul. Now you’re saying to me, Sheila, how could you say that God’s plan was thwarted? I don’t believe God’s plan was thwarted. But I’ve given you my opinion here that when God calls you, you can come early or you can come late.


There is a -- well, Adam certainly had a measure of free will. Right now we’re all in such bondage with curses and problems I don’t really know how much free will we have. Depending -- it varies from person to person. But in righteous Adam’s case he had free will. He was not in any form of bondage whatsoever. But he made a mistake. God called him to be the creation of God in righteousness and he took a wrong turn that’s been going on for thousands of years. But he took a wrong turn. He’s still going to be the creation of God in righteousness. He didn’t come right away when God called him. He took a turn and he’s coming late and I think the same thing is true in each of our lives. God calls us. We can come right away or we can fight and kick and scratch and come five years later. But if He calls you, you’re coming. If He calls you, you’re coming. But I personally don’t believe that every move we’re going to make is written down in a book as some Eastern religions believe. I don’t believe that.


I believe God’s will in our life must come to pass but we do have a measure of free will and the more freer we are in Christ, the more liberty we have in Christ, the more delivered we are in Christ, the more room there is for us to exercise free will. The more bondage we’re in, the less room there is for us to exercise free will. And sometimes Christians get very confused as to why God seems to be very gentle with really wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked people and not quite as gentle with people that seem OK to us. Well, the answer, brethren, is that very wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked people may be so bound that they really cannot help what they’re doing and He’ll have great mercy on them. But the Pharisees in the church, brethren, that should know better, whose life is reasonably in order, they don’t do what God tells them because they just don’t want to. He comes down very hard on you.


It’s not rational to the carnal mind. God’s mind is not rational to the carnal mind. The carnal mind will say look at that wicked person. Get him Lord. And He’ll turn around and smite the Pharisee for his pride and his lack of mercy and compassion. So let’s go on. We have an alternate translation of the first phrase of verse 10 of Daniel 8: And it waxed great even to the host of Heaven.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: And Satan’s carnal mind materialized the land of Nod in the physical earth and permanently altered the spiritual potential of the many members of God’s creation. If you’re wondering why I’m saying permanently altered, it’s because Satan permanently altered us. It’s taking a miracle for God to permanently alter us back again. And if you remember the teachings in the 78 series, our spiritual condition can be likened to a dyed garment or a dyed piece of fabric. When you dye a piece of fabric it is permanently changed. There is no way, if you take a white piece of fabric and dye it red, there is no way you can get that fabric white again. Maybe you could make it black. You might be able to dye it a color that’s darker than the red, but you’ll never get it white again. The dye has permeated every fiber of the piece of fabric. It is permanently dyed. We have been permanently stained with sin. But with God, all things are possible. And because of God’s miracle-working power and His love for us, He is getting the dye out of the garment, which we are. We are His garment. We have been dyed with Satan’s life, which is sin. Because He’s God He’s going to separate us from that dye. It’s impossible. Let me read it to you again. And Satan’s carnal mind materialized the land of Nod in the physical earth. Now, not the spiritual earth, now in the physical earth, and permanently altered the spiritual potential of the many members of God’s creation.


Continuing with the second half of Daniel 8:10: And the he-goat cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground and stamped upon them. Cast down, Strong’s 5703; it’s used to describe a man falling to the ground or falling from a horse or a seat or into a ditch or in a snare. It’s used to describe a man falling. I found it very interesting to see that Jesus used this same word to fall into a ditch. Adam fell and he also -- this word also means to fall off of the horse or off of a seat and we’ve also found in our studies that the Lord likens His spiritual warriors to soldiers sitting on a horse and that the bridle or the saddle of the horse is our soul and that the horse is this physical body we’re in. We are spirit. We are spirit. And when Christ is joined to us we are Christ. And Christ in us is the head of the corner. He is the head of the natural man, which is our carnal self and our physical body and He is the head of the spiritual man. The Father in Him is the head of Christ. The spirit of Christ is the head of Christ.


But we have many Christians today, brethren, who are following after their carnal minds and frequently after the lusts of their body. So we’ve got a problem here. And the Christ that the Father had begotten in righteous Adam is the man who was cast down to a spiritual woman who was arising in his manhood. And the woman doesn’t like it. And she’s fighting. And the horse doesn’t like it. The horse wants to do what it wants to do. So we’re in the middle of a glorious experience in humanity. We’re seeing the return of the man to his house. Gesenius says besides all of those meanings, which in case you haven’t discerned -- and I’m suggesting to you that righteous Adam fell -- he fell down to the earth of carnality -- but further to that, Gesenius says that this word translated cast down is used specifically to describe an abortion. It is the specific phrase that is used to describe an abortion. I’ve told you many times that Christ can abort. Christ can abort. Until he’s baked in the oven and made permanent or, another way to express it, until the carnal mind is slain and joined to Christ in crucifixion, the Christ in you can abort.


I’m not trying to frighten anybody. The truth is going to set you free. Hold on to what God has given you, brethren. Because there is an enemy in your life that will take it from you at any cost. They’ll use anybody. They’ll use anything. They’ll tell any lie. Who? Satan in other men and in your own mind will do anything to kill the Christ in you. Jesus said -- I hear all the Pharisees yelling, Jesus said no man can take my life. I lay it down. Jesus was in full stature, brethren. You are not in full stature. You are pregnant.


You know, I had a serious decision to make last year with regard to my finances. And I decided to take a particular course of action and I had a dream and in that dream the Lord said to me you’d better do it. I had decided not to do something. He said you’d better do it. You’re pregnant. And I woke up and I prayed about the dream. I said, Lord, could you really be telling me to do this? I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing it. But the dream stayed with me and the dream stayed with me and I felt the Lord was telling me to do it. You’re still vulnerable. You’re still pregnant. What does that mean? Christ is not in full stature with you. You have needs that a man of full stature doesn’t have. You’d better do it. And I want to tell you that every fiber of my carnal mind -- my carnal mind that was trying to live in righteousness -- said to me no. Don’t do it. And I said -- and I prayed for several days and I said well, it’s so strong on me. I think I’m going to do it. Father, if that’s not You, correct me. And I went and I did it and it was one good thing that I did it. I want to tell you that I would have never believed that someone following after righteousness would have taken that turn. But God told me to do it. And it has proved out a hundredfold that it was the Lord.


Brethren, we are not going to enter into the kingdom of God based on our own understanding. No matter how hard we try to be righteous, no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, we do not have the mind of Christ. We have the mind of Christ available to us at isolated moments when He gives us access to it. We do not have the overall mind of Christ operating in us without thought. You’ll never make it in without the ability to discern Christ and respond to His spirit. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


So we’re talking about the word cast down. Gesenius says that this word, in particular in the Chaldee - and Chaldee is very close to the Hebrew -- a large part of the scripture was written in Chaldee -- I believe that’s another name for Aramaic if I’m not mistaken. Gesenius tells us that this word is specifically used to describe an abortion. And I’m going to suggest to you that the vision of Satan’s carnal mind increased until it touched or threatened to overtake the vision of the Father’s Christ. And then in fact it overtook it and caused it to abort. And you may recall the teaching that the original creation was joined to the Father and produced Christ and it was a righteous creation. And then Satan came up out of her place and she took on the role of spirit which is spiritually male and she brought forth another child in the creation -- Adam.


And we have a type of that with regard to Sarah and Abraham. Abraham had two sons - Ishmael, the son of the flesh, and Isaac, the son of promise. That’s a natural type of this spiritual reality. As the creation began to fall Adam had two offspring -- Christ and the carnal mind. And the carnal mind arose with such military strength that it caused the Christ within the creation to abort. Now how could this happen? How could Christ be aborted? Brethren, the creation was good but it was not yet made perfect. And it could be likened to a vase made out of clay that was formed and it was formed to the Father’s liking. He called it good. But it wasn’t made permanent yet.


I have to make a correction here of something that I’ve been teaching you. I’ve been teaching you that the three stages of the fall are being exactly reverse by the three stages of the resurrection and the Lord showed me today that that is not exactly accurate. So let me show it to you this way. We had a creation. We had the joining together of the spiritual seed of the Father wrapped in clay. Let me start at the beginning. We’ll draw the creation as a circle just for argument’s sake. The clay was made up of the dust of the earth and the spirit of God which was like unto water and when they were mixed together they formed a third substance called clay. So just to give you a general idea, at the beginning we’ll say that the spiritual substance of the Father was in the form of triangles, just to make a point here. And that the dust of the earth was dots and they were all mixed in there together. And they were another substance -- clay.


And then we see in the parable of Adam and Eve that the Father reached into this creation and took out, the scripture says, one of Adam’s ribs. We have an exhibit on this if anybody here wants it and they don’t have it, I’ll get it for you. And that Hebrew word translated rib really means one of Adam’s sides. I had this on another message. I’m not going to spend too much time on it, but what we’re saying here is that Adam had two sides. One was spirit and one was the dust of the earth. And He separated them. So this is what the Father did. And again, this is a very simplistic drawing. He took everything that was of the Son and put it together in the form of a spiritual female seed which can be likened to a woman’s ovaries. And He put the earth outside of it. This would be like a peach pit within a peach.


And what did He do? He prepared the creation for fertilization. He prepared the creation to bring forth the Christ, which would be its righteousness. This is typified in the scripture in Genesis where it says: And the Father put Adam in the garden. He brought forth Christ. He brought forth Christ in him. Is not the internalized Christ our Savior? Is He not the hope of glory? Is not Christ in you the hope of glory? This was as it was in the beginning. He brought forth Christ and He was all provision for the entire man. He was all provision. He was Christ within. And He was all provision for the entire man.


But let me go back. I just said that for understanding. Let me go back to the beginning. When God separated this out, He put His spiritual seed, which was in the form of a female seed -- it had to receive the seed of the Father to bring forth Christ -- and that female seed was Eve. And she was the woman that He took out of the man and then He put back into the man in a separate condition. Then the Father, who was outside of the creation, brought His male seed in, fertilized the creation and brought forth Christ. So we have at the beginning of time a manifestation of Christ which is without sin that is lying underneath the clay and present in the clay is who? Anybody? Satan. So we have a Christ in full stature lying underneath Satan and He was ruling her from a passive position. Even though He was underneath her, He was ruling.


What I had told you earlier -- let me just review this for you -- I had told you that Satan was underneath and that Christ had total dominion over her and He was ruling her from a dominate position. Remember that? Well, that never came to pass. This -- if this were true, then the creation would have been permanent. The creation was not permanent. That was how Satan could pull off what she pulled off. Because the creation was not yet permanent and the next step -- now Christ was ruling from the passive position -- and the next step would have been for Christ to get on top and internalize Satan. And that would have made it permanent. But before He did that Satan started whispering and started to exercise dominion over righteous Adam. And something that she said, he liked and he lost his dominion. And the first thing that happened was that she exercised total authority over him from her dominant position and then the next thing that she did, she killed him. And she replaced him with her carnal mind and, as we found out in the last message, the scripture describes it as she purchased God’s creation. She purchased the man, Adam. God made one creation. When the offspring of God is in that creation -- the offspring of God is Christ -- Adam is righteous. When that creation is revealing the carnal mind of Satan the creation is fallen. Adam was righteous. He fell. Adam was revealing Christ. He was righteous. He fell. He’s now revealing the carnal mind and he will soon be raised from the dead and we will be righteous again.


It’s still God’s creation. All three stages. All three stages. The first stage, when Christ is appearing, is called innocence because the creation had not sinned but was in right standing with God. The second stage is the fall. The creation is called death and it’s the carnal mind ruling and reigning through us. And the third stage is called life, when Christ will be erected in us again. This time permanently. This time in the dominant position and then -- let me put it on the board for you. Let me do it this way. Remember, as we have the diagrams, Christ is coming forth right in the middle of the carnal mind and starting to exercise authority. Let me do it from the beginning because you can’t read that.


Those of us in whom Christ is being formed He is coming forth right in the midst of the carnal mind. How did that happen? The Holy Spirit got into the carnal mind, got into our heart and brought forth the second offspring, and the Christ is growing right in the middle of the carnal mind and starting to exercise authority over her. And the next thing she’s going to do -- and of course, that’s full stature. When she starts to exercise total authority -- I’m sorry. When Christ -- when He starts to exercise total authority over your carnal mind and paralyzes it to the point that you can no longer sin, you will be in full stature. The second stage of the resurrection is when the Christ forces the carnal mind underneath Him into a passive position. Christ rules from the dominant position. And this is what is typified or called in the scriptures the circumcision of your stony heart. Christ which was in the middle is piercing through and forming over and on top of the carnal mind. It is the circumcision of your stony heart -- of your carnal soul. And the third stage of the resurrection is the slaying of the enmity in your flesh. Christ will kill the carnal mind. Of the two -- of the twain -- of what twain -- of the Christing of the carnal mind, He shall make one new man -- the creation of God. Hallelujah.


So we’re dealing with the second half of Daniel 8:10: And it cast down -- who -- the he-goat cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground. We said that cast down is speaking about the abortion of the temporary Christ. It’s just like having an abortion of a fetus in your body. The baby’s not permanent yet. It’s not born yet. It’s the beginning stages of God’s creation. Some Christians believe that God created a fully mature creation but I declare to you there is no witness to that at all. And if we look at our natural examples and if we read the scriptures with an open and honest heart you’ll see that everything that God does begins with a seed. Everything God does in seed form. Everything He does in the scripture and everything He does in our life begins with a seed form.


No man is born fully mature. No man is born with all wisdom. We have to grow. We have to grow into what He’s called us to be. You can have the highest calling and you have to grow into it. You can go to college, you can go to medical school, you can go to law school, and come out and you’re not a doctor until you practice. You have to grow into it. And that was what happened with the creation. He made the man. He formed him out of the clay. He brought forth His life in the man. The scripture tells us He put him in a garden. And then the next stage was for the man, the life that He brought forth in the man, to utterly slay the enmity in the clay. And why was the clay necessary? It was there to give form to the invisible creation. But before Adam could slay the enmity in the earth, the weakness that was within Adam was overtaken by Satan. And the creation fell.


And now Jesus is doing a very similar reverse and we found the resurrection to be in three stages. First stage, the Christ in you starts to paralyze your carnal mind and eventually takes total dominion over it so that you are incapable of sin. That is the first stage of the resurrection. The second stage of the resurrection -- He pierces through your carnal mind which is lying on top of Him and moves into a dominant position. What effect does that have in your life? It gives you more spiritual authority. And as we discovered in a recent message, this is what Jesus did in the garden. The King James translators couldn’t understand the deep spiritual truth of the Hebrew words so they translated it to say that Jesus was crying out for God to take this terrible trial away from Him.


I declare to you Jesus never did any such thing. There was not the slightest bit of fear in Him or trepidation. He knew what God had called Him to and He went towards it with all of His maturity and strength in Christ and the sign that God has given us so far that He moved into a greater stage of authority after the circumcision of His soul was that He merely said I am to the guards and they fell backwards. And that had never happened at any other time recorded in the Gospels. And for anyone who’s concerned that I’m saying Jesus had more power than He had, I’m not saying He was God. He was the Son of God. He was in full stature but I don’t think anyone could deny that He had more authority after the resurrection. After the resurrection He changed form. They didn’t recognize Him. He looked like a different man. He walked through walls. He could do many things that He couldn’t do before the crucifixion.


I’m saying that there was a third stage, and in that third stage -- it happened in the garden -- He circumcised His stony heart, He moved into the dominant position over His already paralyzed carnal mind and that that was reflected in the fact that His words were so powerful that He just said I am and the men fell down. And I declare to you -- I can’t give you scripture for this right now, but I declare to you that had He wanted to do it, He could have killed them with His word. Now I don’t see anything in the scripture about Jesus before the crucifixion that showed that He had an ability to be destructive to anybody. He provided the food. He provided the fishes. He healed. He delivered. And He said now you go tell that fox Herod that I do cures and I do healing and I’m delivering the oppressed and then I’m going to die. He never had any authority to take anybody’s life.


Now, brethren, we know that the Father takes people’s lives. I hope you all know that the Father takes people’s lives on occasion. If you know anything in the scripture that indicated that Jesus filled any such function, please show it to me because I can’t see it there. And this is one of the biggest problems for heathens. They cannot reconcile the Christ of the New Testament with Jehovah of the Old Testament. They see Jehovah executing judgment. They see people dying. They see the wicked being slain. And they say well, look at Jesus. He never did anything like that. And they can’t reconcile the two. Brethren, now listen to me, Jesus was in full stature. He was a full manifestation of God but He was an image of a manifestation of God. The mature manifestation of God is pure spirit.  Jehovah.


Now, when Jesus ascended after the resurrection He went back to the Father and He once again became pure spirit -- a mature manifestation of God, the Father. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the Son. He said the Father is greater than I. He was a less mature manifestation of God than the Father. So we’re saying that the he-goat, which is Satan, caused Christ, in the not yet fully completed creation, to abort. And he cast down some of the host. These words some of is Strong’s 4480 and it means a part of the whole. And I’m reminding you that the creation is a two-horned creation, as we have been studying here for weeks. The ram had two horns. It’s a two-horned creation. It had Christ and it had Satan. Two spiritual laws were in the mind of the ram but God designed them to function as one. The typical human example we have is marriage. He said you are one. You are one. The man and his wife, you are one and the way you’re going to be one is that the wife is going to submit to her husband. And that’s what He said to His creation. You are one. You are one creation. And the way you’re going to remain one creation is that Satan, who was put there in the clay which was giving form to the invisible creation -- He said the way you’re going to be one creation is that Satan, you’re going to submit to the man.


As we found out, Satan decided that she had other ideas and that she separated out from her God-ordained place and she materialized in the world as a goat and she challenged the ram, God’s righteous creation, and she killed him. What we’re talking about is the fall of man. So the word some of means a part of the whole and it cast down a part of the host. It cast down a part of the whole. It cast down that part of the whole creation. It cast down the Christ.


And the word the -- there is no Hebrew word translated the. This word is -- in the Hebrew language it’s a prefix. And it’s a letter. It’s the fifth letter of the Hebrew language called the Hey and, of course, we know that the number five in the scripture means ministry. There’s a lot of -- I didn’t write down the number for you, but there’s a lot of information about this letter in the Gesenius lexicon. It’s not in Strong’s but if you get the Gesenius lexicon there is a lot of information about every letter of the Hebrew alphabet and it appears at the beginning of the words that start with that letter. So if you’re looking for it you could find it. Gesenius tells us that the prefix hey, in its original form, represents a lattice or a window. This idea is expressed in the Hebrew word hey. It sounds just like the letter hey, which means lo or see or there it is. It comes from that Hebrew letter, and they just add a very simple letter that has no sound after it and they made a word out of it. So the basic root of the idea of that Hebrew letter means to see or to look through a window.


Let me just tell you this at this point in case you don’t know it. The Hebrew language is a very special language. Each letter has a numerical meaning to it and each letter is very important and has deep significance and the Hebrews of -- even the Hebrews that study the Jews -- that study of their language and the Bible today -- know that the letters of the Hebrew language are very -- have very spiritual significance. And each letter means something very significant and that when God combines these letters together to make a word it has a very deep spiritual significance. So a single letter alone can have a very deep significance. And Gesenius tells us that the spiritual significance of this letter hey, it means to see, to look through a window.


So what does that mean for us? I’m going to take a little break here to do a little study on the word window because what I’m going to try to suggest to you is that this one prefix where it’s translated some of the -- what it’s really saying is that the part that was the spiritual creation that was the reflection of the mind of the Father through His Christ, the spiritual environment called Eden, that that’s what was cast down. So I’m going to hope to convince you that this word hey, this prefix hey, is speaking about the spiritual environment that righteous Adam had erected around himself, called the Garden of Eden.


I looked up the word window in Webster’s and this is Webster’s definition of window: it’s an opening, especially in the wall of a building and its purpose is to admit light and air. So first of all let me remind you that the things of the earth are opposite of the things of the Heaven. This earthly realm is a mirror image of the realm of the spirit. Just like if you hold a piece of writing up in a mirror it looks backwards in the mirror. What happens down here is the reverse of what happens in the realm of the spirit. So in the earth, if we have a window that lets in light and air, in the realm of the spirit, a window would let out the light and the air. And I’m suggesting to you that there was a window. First of all we had a creation. We had the spiritual seed of God, which had become Christ, and it was surrounded by clay. And there was a window in that clay. There was an opening.


Now we have to get spiritual. It was not a square window like you have in your house. It was a spiritual window. I don’t know what it looked like. But it was an opening and its function was to let the light, which is the spirit and the brightness of God, out into where? Out into the spiritual environment that surrounded the Christ. So it may not have looked the same. It may not have looked like your window upstairs but its function was the function of a window. So, as I said, a window in our world lets light and air in. But in Heaven, God’s world, a window lets the light of His life and the air of His spirit out into the spiritual environment known as Eden.


Webster also says, when I looked up window, he said there’s more information under the word eye. So I looked up the word eye. And Webster says that an eye is the visible structures within and surrounding the orbit of the eye. He also -- well, let me just show you that. I’ll try to go flow. Webster says that an eye not only means the eye in your head, but it means the structure surrounding something that’s in the center. So that’s another witness that here is Christ inside the clay of the creation and there is an environment out here God called an Eden. So Webster’s saying that the eye includes the structure. That’s the whole point I’m trying to make. We’re talking about the physical environment that was created by this superior mind called Christ and, as we’ve explained in other meetings, that we are fallen human beings. But if someone’s an artist, first they get a thought in their mind. They get a concept in their mind. They get an imagination in their mind and then they pick up a paintbrush and a canvas and they create a painting.


Well, this is what God does with His mind. And the painting that He created is the world that we live in. And we are part of that world. We have literally been spiritually painted by a superior mind. That’s what we are. Our true reality is spirit. He has painted bodies for us. He has painted personalities for us. We are His spiritual life. But He wanted to appear.


So let’s go on with this. The eye is the visible structure within and surrounding and orbit of the eye. It’s also the faculty of intellectual perception. The eye is the ability to understand. The eye is also a point of view or a judgment. I don’t know about you, but I never had any idea that the word eye meant any of these things. But it’s in Webster’s. It means judgment, it means a point of view, it means an idea. Brethren, the eye of the creation, just as the eye of the storm, it’s the center around which this whole creation revolves. And it’s Christ. It’s the spiritual life that is the center of this visible creation. That’s what we’re talking about when we say eye.


And it also can be translated -- not translated. Another definition of eye is the word loop, believe it or not. That’s what Webster says. Now I have some comments on that. I’d like to let you have them. First of all, let’s deal with the faculty of intellectual perception, point of view and judgment. I’m suggesting to you that these definitions are functions of a rational mind and that Christ is the expression of the Father’s rational mind in the earth. We are an expression of what was an idea or an imagination in the mind of God. He caused it to come to pass. Next we’ll deal with the visible structures within and surrounding the orbit of the eye. An orbit, Webster says, is a range or sphere of activity. The visible structure, I then suggest to you, is the visible creation which surrounds the intellectual perception of the mind of the Father as it’s revealed through His Christ.


What we’re saying, brethren, is what I’ve been teaching you all along. That the creation is an idea in the Father’s mind which, when passed through His Christ, takes form and becomes a visible reality. In this one Hebrew letter prefix then, hey, the scripture has suggested God’s entire creation with the Father’s mind as the center of creation and the Father’s perception, how He sees the creation, surrounding His mind. And is this also not what we’ve been teaching for several years? When the Father, through His Christ, was the center of the creation it was the Garden of Eden. But something happened. The creation was overcome and the Christ within Adam, which was not yet perfected, died and Satan caused her own offspring to come forth in the creation. That’s how we fell. She brought forth the carnal mind and now this whole creation is the perception -- what a perception -- it’s the idea of how Satan sees us. It’s corrupt and it’s vile and it’s fallen. And this is the perception or the projection of Satan’s mind. And Christ is in the earth today, thank God, with a new idea, with a new way of doing things. It’s a new idea, but of course it’s not new. But it’s new to us. And He is not going to rest until He causes this perception of Satan’s to abort and reestablishes the mind of God in the creation once again. That’s what’s happening in this hour.


Now I would like to spend just a couple of minutes to comment on this definition of eye, meaning a loop. This is just a little extra. I thought you might enjoy it. Brethren, carnal man’s latest theory on time travel is called quantum mechanics. Has anybody heard of that? Quantum mechanics? I keep telling you I’m no scientist. God keeps giving me all these little tidbits here. I’m no scientist. This is what very, very simplistically quantum mechanics says. It says that time is a loop. I think they draw it something like that. That’s not right. Time is a loop. Something like that. Don’t hold me to it. I guess this has to come up like this. Yeah, that’s more like it. If I’m not mistaken that’s the sign for infinity, too. They say that time is a loop, which means it keeps repeating itself. And they’re saying now if you can lay hold of some -- some energy that’s not yet known to man, if you can get up enough energy greater than the hydrogen bomb -- and if you’re living -- if you’re existing at this point on the loop, it’s possible for you to move yourself out of this position and, for example, find yourself in this position on the loop. They’re talking about time travel. And it says if you do that, if you can find this energy source and you can wind up in this position on the loop, just to make it real simple, you can -- you who are a 45-year-old woman, can find yourself having a conversation with your very self at 15 years old because time is going round and round and round. That’s what it says. OK? Does anybody not understand what I’m talking about? OK.


So what I’m going to suggest to you is that this is right in line with the scripture that tells us that we’re existing in an age which is a world without end. If you look up that word world in the scripture it means age. Although I always thought that the age that God was talking about was a circle. I don’t know whether it’s a circle or a loop. I really don’t know. But I know that Paul talks about the age being without end and that the type of it is a circle and that it keeps going round and round and round and that this age will not end of its own accord. But it will end when the new age of Christ comes in and swallows it up. So I see a similarity in this word. This is all in the prefix hey with is talking about the verb to see. Not the verb. I’m sorry. The prefix to see. That’s what it means. To see. And they told you our only hope of getting out of here is the impartation of the spiritual power which is great enough to blast us out of it. And that is the power of Christ. I just found it fascinating that this word eye -- that another definition of the word eye could be loop. What I’m saying -- what I’m suggesting to you -- I’ve already suggested to you that this prefix hey is talking about the physical creation. And now I’m showing you in another definition, the word loop, that it’s referring to the realm of time, which Paul calls age without end or world without end. So we have two witnesses here if you can hear it that this word eye is speaking about this physical system or this physical environment that we’re living in. I thought you might find that interesting.


Well, anyway, to take it a step further, this is what the Lord laid on my heart. He took me to the Song of Solomon, chapter 2, verse 9 and He told me that this verse demonstrates the principles set forth in the Hebrew prefix hey. Song of Solomon 2:9 says: My beloved is like a roe or a young hart. My beloved is like a roe or a young hart: behold, he standeth behind our wall, he looketh forth out of the windows, showing himself through the lattice.


And I’m going to take a few minutes here to do an alternate translation on this because it’s right in line with what’s being revealed in Daniel 8:10. Is everybody with me? Have I lost anybody? OK.


I’m not going to do anything with that phrase my beloved is like a roe or a young hart. I’m starting with behold he standeth behind our wall. The word standeth is Strong’s 5975 and it’s the same Hebrew word that we find in Daniel 8, verses 4 and 7. And it means -- and we translated it in those verses. We found out that it could be translated -- that same word stand could be translated to establish the vision or to erect the visible creation. Here we find this same word in Song of Solomon 2:9. Behold he standeth behind our wall. The word wall is Strong’s 3796 and Gesenius says it means a wall made of compacted clay. I suggest to you that it’s talking about the clay house that the spiritual creation is living in. Your spiritual life is living inside of a clay house. Does anyone have a problem with that? OK. We’re spiritualized clay.


I just want to make one point over here. The scripture clearly states that they’re behind the wall, so I just want to suggest to you that -- we could say it that way. We could say that this is the clay and that this is Christ over here behind the wall. But we have found out after many years of studying in this ministry that spiritual things are within. They’re within and that they can be called underneath. Right now, if Christ is being formed in you, He’s lying underneath the carnal mind. So you could say He’s behind the carnal mind or you could say He’s underneath the carnal mind. Sometimes when we go from natural to spiritual it’s not exact. You have to pray. I’m not asking anyone to take my word for it, but you have to pray about it.


OK. So behold, he standeth behind our wall. Now the word our indicates that Christ is in there with our human spirit. He’s married to her. Christ is marrying us. He’s not marrying our body, brethren. Christ is not marrying our body. We are a spiritual creation and He’s coming forth and He’s married to us and we’re going to be living together inside -- at least for a season -- inside of this clay house. We are not our body. Our body is a slave. That’s an easy one. If you look it up in the concordance that’s what the word means. The Greek word, I believe, is soma. I don’t know what the Hebrew word is. And it means a slave. It does whatever the soul tells it to do and the soul does whatever the spirit tells it to do. The body is a strictly a slave.


So they’re living -- they’re standing behind the clay house and he looketh forth. The word look means to exercise the power of vision, to bring into place or condition by the exercise of the power of vision. It’s the same exact thing as in Daniel 8. The Christ within Adam exercised the power of spiritual vision. Not necessarily the power to see, as you look at me. Have you ever heard of a visionary? Have you ever heard of a man having a vision for a great charitable work and he brings it to pass and 20 years later there’s this tremendous organization? Maybe there’s a scholarship. Maybe there’s a church building. Maybe there’s thousands of people in the church? It all started off as an idea in some man’s mind. And the way we express it in English is that he had a vision and the vision prospered. It materialized. That’s what’s happening here. Christ was born in the creation when the Father joined with the man, brought forth His Christ and the vision that the Father had for the creation materialized. But there was a great tragedy. Satan, the god of the earth, seduced the Christ that was not yet perfect, brought forth her own offspring in the creation. She seduced the man. I should say that. Brought forth her own offspring in the creation and Satan’s offspring -- her vision -- the vision in the mind of her offspring destroyed the Father’s vision which was not yet perfect.


Brethren, the spirit and the natural things don’t mix. The flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit lusteth against the flesh. They cannot live in peace. One must rule. Either you will live by the spirit and you will live or you will live by your carnal mind and you will die. In this hour we’re in an in-between stage. Those of us in whom Christ is being formed, we have two offspring. We have two spiritual lives. We have a carnal mind and we have Christ. And James said we’re unstable in all our ways. James calls it double-minded. He said: Brethren, these things should not be -- sweet and bitter water coming out of the same mouth. Psychiatrists would call us a multiple personality. We don’t even know who we are. Most of the church today can’t distinguish between their carnal mind and Christ. They think every thought that comes into their mind is God and they’re going down the path to destruction. They can’t tell the difference. This is what sanctification is. But the church thinks they’re sanctified. Have you ever heard someone stand up and say I’m born again, saved, washed in the blood and sanctified? No, you’re not. The sanctification is the separation in your mind of Christ from the carnal mind. You must be able to distinguish who is talking to you. Very few can do it in this hour and I don’t think anyone can do it 100 percent of the time.


I hear lots of things in my head and I say we’ll see. We’ll see if it was God. We’ll see who was talking to me. Sometimes I can tell, sometimes I can’t. You’re pretty safe if you know you can’t tell. Your problem is when you think you can tell a difference and you can’t. That’s when you get into trouble.


So the word look means the spiritual authority to establish the vision, to cause a physical creation, to cause a visible -- excuse me, to cause a visible creation to materialize. That’s what the word look means.


And we’re dealing with the phrase behold he standeth behind our wall. He looketh forth out the windows. And the word windows is Strong’s 2474. It’s a window so-called from being perforated. This word is from the root 2490 which means to perforate or pierce through. It also means to begin, of which the idea is derived from that of opening. Now I want to tell you what God laid on my heart. I can’t prove it to you but what’s very strong in my heart is the phrase the opening of the womb -- the opening of the womb. You hear it in the first five books of Moses. I looked up those scriptures to see if it wasn’t the same Hebrew word and it was not. But this is what I have to say to you. As we have studied in prophecy for several years now consistently, the Lord has a different word to express the spiritual concept of the physical event. We found this when we did Daniel 7. This is very common. So you can’t -- you can’t your witness -- you can’t use as your witness the fact that it’s the same Hebrew word. You have to pray about these things. You have to get the witness in your own heart.


So what am I suggesting to you? Let me just say it again so that you can stay with me. I’m suggesting to you that this Hebrew word translated windows, 2474, is saying this is one legitimate translation of it is that it means to pierce through, to begin through opening. And this is what the Lord has laid on my heart -- that this word window is being used to suggest the opening of Adam’s womb. The first-born came forth; who was Christ, the first-born came forth. The Father joined with the creation. He penetrated him. He perforated him and He joined with him and He opened his womb and the first-born came forth. Hallelujah. Remember, the first Adam was a living soul and the last Adam was a quickening spirit. The first Adam is Christ in His immaturity. They’re the same creation. At first the Eternal One was a living soul and at the last He was a quickening spirit.


The word showing is Strong’s 6692 and it means to shine, to be bright, to glance forth. I’m suggesting to you that expressing the bright shining nature of Christ in the visible creation is what this word showing is suggesting -- to express the bright shining nature of Christ in the visible creation.


And the last word we have here is lattice. It’s Strong’s 2762 and it means a net or a network. Webster’s says that a net is -- well, do you all know what a lattice is in English? It’s like something that you put over a window, OK? But now we’re talking about a spiritual window, you see? When you’re talking about a carnal window it’s like a shutter that goes over the window. But we’re talking about a spiritual window here and you don’t have to agree with me if you don’t want to, but I’m of the opinion that every -- every verse in prophecy -- and I know that the Song of Solomon is considered poetry, but it’s still prophetic. It’s not realistic. Do you know what I mean? It’s not -- it’s nothing that you can relate to everyday life. It’s obviously -- either you take it as a fantasy or you take it as a parable that has a deep, hidden significance. So everything that comes out of this kind of teaching in the scripture is spiritual.


This is God’s way of talking to us about spiritual things because we’re yet carnal, and He’s given us a Bible that can be received by people who are yet carnal on whatever level they’re on. And yet He’s given us the ability in Christ to understand deep spiritual truths through this same word, through the mind of Christ. Have you ever heard the expression what you see is in the eyes of the beholder? If you look at a glass that’s half-filled with water, this glass right here, you can say it’s half empty or you can say it’s half full. Everything is the mind with which you’re looking at something. This is why we have great controversy over doctrine in the church. Some Christians are yet carnal and others have started to become spiritual. And they will never convince one another to their way of thinking because they’re looking at the scripture with two different minds. That’s why we must never fight over the scripture. The Christ within you must be your witness to spiritual truth.


So let’s go on. Lattice means a net or a network. Webster says that a net is a meshed fabric which is twisted, knotted or woven together at regular intervals. And I remind you that we are the garment that the Lord is weaving. We are the meshed fabric that He is weaving to lay over His spiritual substance. Why? So that He could be seen. He wants to appear in a visible creation. He’s invisible. He can’t be seen. He has substance but He’s invisible and our example is the movie “The Invisible Man.” The Invisible Man had substance when he put the clothes on him, when he put bandages around his head, he took form. He was invisible. God has substance but He’s invisible and we are that which He is wrapping around Himself so that He could be seen. But He has no intention of being revealed as the carnal person that we are. He has every intention of arising from the deepest depths of our spiritual being and penetrating us and being seen in the visible creation. He wants to be seen and in order for Him to be seen, in order for His nature and His personality to be seen, He must suppress our carnal mind. And there is a warfare going on in your mind between the Christ and the carnal mind.


Some people are looking for a man to arise in the Middle East. Brethren, it’s in your mind. This is the battle of the minds because whichever mind is prevailing in the minds of men is going to appear in the visible creation. Brethren, for strong men to appear -- for Hitler to have appeared, for a strong man to arise in the East, there must be a criminal mind appearing in men and it materializes. Do you know that Hitler had a vision? He had a vision. He wanted to conquer the world and it materialized at great cost and pain to millions of people.


I declare to you, brethren, Christ has a vision and He is going to cause it to materialize through the minds of men and it will result in the death of the wickedness of this world system. And He will appear and He will rule. I tell you all the time, I’m not concerned with what’s happening out there. I want to be one of the people, if I have anything to say about it at all, I want to be one of the people through whom the mind of Christ is revealing righteousness. I want to be a part of what’s about to happen in this earth when Christ stands up in the Middle East. I don’t care about antichrist. I want to see Christ stand up. And when He stands up He’s going to put down all rule and power and principality in the earth. He’s already done it in the Heavenlies. It must appear. What He has done in Heaven must appear in the earth and He’s going to be doing it through men. And everybody on the face of the earth will either be a vessel through whom Christ is appearing or a vessel through whom the carnal mind is appearing.


And if I have anything to say about it, brethren, I want to be Christ. And that is my -- the whole thrust of my life. I have no control over what’s going on out there. I have some measure of control in Christ with what’s going on in my mind. I want to be revealing Christ. And when you are revealing the mind of Christ everyone that you touch will change. It has to produce change. What happens to you is a cause that must produce an effect.


Webster says that the word network is a fabric or a structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals and are not at all secured at the crossings. It is a system of lines or channels. Now remember our studies -- our geometrical studies -- the natural man is geometrically expressed as a straight line. So a network is a system of lines; and a system is a regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole. It’s a group of interfacing bodies. We are all bodies. We’re a group of interfacing bodies under the influence of related forces. Brethren, we are a group of -- humanity is a group of interrelated bodies, and we are all influenced by the spirit that’s ruling in humanity. Right now that spirit is Satan. Christ is an invading force and He fully intends to take the bodies of this interrelated community away from Satan. We are His creation and He will possess us once again.


So what am I saying? I’m saying that the lover standing behind the wall and looking forth is Christ within righteous Adam exercising His spiritual authority to erect or cause to stand or to materialize the visible creation as an expression of the Father’s mind. And this is the exact same thing that we’re finding in Daniel 8. It’s a second witness for you. If you can receive it, receive it. It’s a second witness. As to what? That this is how this world came to pass. It is an image that is projected by a superior mind. When Christ in righteous Adam, by His spiritual authority, caused a visible creation to appear it was called the Garden of Eden. It was destroyed. What happened to the Garden of Eden? It was destroyed. It was replaced by Satan’s perverted vision, which is the world we’re living in today, which is about to be cast down. Hallelujah.


So let me give you an alternate translation on that and we’ll finish up Daniel 8:10. This is alternate translation Song of Solomon 2:9: Look. He establishes the visible creation from behind our clay wall. He has the authority to establish the visible creation because He was pierced through by the Father and became the beginning of God’s many-membered creation, revealing the glory of the Father through His many-membered body. And I put that in better English for you and this is what it sounds like: Look, now that Christ is become Adam’s mind, He has materialized a visible creation which reveals the glory of the Father through a many-membered body, even though He’s still underneath the earth of the living soul. He still had the authority to do it. His mind was so powerful that it could pierce through the clay. And this is what we saw on the Mount of Transfiguration. Of course Jesus’ mind was piercing through the clay the whole time of His ministry, but what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration was that He revealed what was inside Him -- the glory that was inside of Him -- and He had the spiritual authority to have it penetrate past His clay house.


OK. We’re going to finish up Daniel 8:10 now. I just want to repeat a couple of things to get you back in the swing with me. We had an alternate translation of the first half of Daniel 8:10 which read as follows: And Satan’s carnal mind materialized the land of Nod in the physical earth and permanently altered the spiritual potential of the many members of God’s creation. That says we were permanently altered, just as you permanently alter a fabric when you dye it. It is taking a miracle of God to undo what happened to us during the fall. Then we’re continuing with: And the he-goat cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground and stamped upon them.


So we said the word cast down is referring to the abortion of the unfinished Christ. The phrase some of the host is referring to a part of the two-horned creation, which is the part that was the Christ. And the prefix hey is referring to the visible environment which surrounds the mind of God as expressed through His Christ. I’m suggesting to you then that the military increase of the physical vision of Satan’s carnal mind aborted the spiritual vision of the other part of the two-horned creation, which is the Father’s Christ. Now remember, the two visible environments were different. The visible environment of Christ can be likened to Christ after the resurrection. He was visible. He was visible, not physical. He was visible but we knew that He was a different kind of man than we are. He could change forms, He could disappear. When Satan manifested a visible creation it was physical. It was solid. It was dense. It was unchangeable. And of course we have man’s mind doing all kinds of surgery -- plastic surgery -- all kinds of perversions to change this body.


So Satan’s vision, which is reflected into a visible creation, is physical, solid and it’s supposed to be unchangeable. The Father’s vision is revealed through His Christ, is visible but not physical. It’s visible and it’s spiritual and it’s changeable. There’s liberty in it. These bodies are jailhouses. These bodies are prison houses. Our spirits are prisoners in these houses. When Jesus said set the captive free, well go visit the people in prison. Well it’s very nice if you have a prison ministry, God loves you. But, brethren, there’s a spiritual application to it. We are the spiritual prisoners trapped in these bodies. We’re trapped in the earth. We’re weighted down here as surely as if a cement block was tied to our feet and we were thrown into the ocean. How do I -- we can’t get out. That’s what I’m talking about. I don’t know about you but I can’t ascend into Heaven unless this body dies. We’re trapped down here.


We’re caught -- I took it off the board. We’re caught in a time warp. We can’t get out. It’s going to take a superior mind with a superior and unprecedented amount of energy to blast us out of here and that mind and that energy is resident in the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ. And for you to get out He has to get inside of you. The deliverance from this time warp that we’re trapped in is coming from within us. Spiritual life is within. He’s got to get formed in you. He has to grow up in you. He has to be fully born in you. You must be fully born again unto the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. As He was in this world, so are we. We must be fully matured as He was. Our deliverance is in the full birth of the Christ in us so that we have full spiritual authority over this world. This world couldn’t kill Him. He said Satan cometh for Me but he has nothing in Me. He was living by the spiritual authority of the Christ.


This may come as a shock to you but we are living by the spiritual authority of Satan. Christ must arise in us and destroy that authority. We are the kingdoms of this world that the Father has given over to Christ. We are the many crowns that He is wearing in the back of the Book of Revelation. That’s why it is such a farce that Satan could say to Jesus I’ll give You the kingdoms of this world if You worship me. How could he give Jesus what the Father already gave Him? He was offering Jesus what he didn’t own. Hallelujah.


OK. The word stars is Strong’s 3556, and that means a globe or a ball and once again I remind you that I -- we just found out that we are a system -- that the many members of humanity is one system. We are all interrelated. The scripture likens us to a plant whose root is buried in the earth and we are the many leaves of that plant. No man is an island. I know that’s not in the scripture, but it’s true. No man is an island. We all have one spiritual root. Right now all of humanity is rooted in the spiritual plant life or the spiritual planting known as Satan. We are the leaves of his plant and Christ has entered in and He’s taking us back and we shall be the planting of the Lord. Our lives shall be rooted in the spiritual life of Christ.


But we are all one. We are a system. We are the stars. When we are in Christ we are the stars. Why? Because we’re in Heaven with Christ. We’re in the spirit. To be a star we must be in the spiritual creation with Christ. And we’ll see the phrase he cast the stars down to the ground. It means that he stole the many members of the creation and he took them out of the Heavenlies. He stole from them their ability to be a part of the spiritual creation and he made us a part of his earthly creation, where we are his prisoner. And we are here for Satan’s pleasure and that is why a man without Christ has no authority over the devil at all. He can virtually do anything he wants to. And many people wonder why Satan and curses have so much authority over someone who has Christ.


And the answer to this, brethren, is that Christ has just begun to be formed in you and Satan still has some very strong holds on you and it’s a warfare. It’s Armageddon. It’s the battle of the minds and it’s going on in every individual mind where Christ is being formed and it’s going on in the world, in humanity as a whole, in the minds of humanity as a whole, and it’s also going on in the physical environment. And we are already in the process of seeing a tremendous change. The Lord is starting with a small group of people. As I’ve told you many times, if you’ve received the Holy Spirit that is not the same experience as Christ being formed in you. If you’ve received the Holy Spirit you have received the vehicle which will bring forth Christ in you. The Holy Spirit directs you to the Son. The Holy Spirit must root in you. He must join with your human spirit. He must join with your spiritual life and Christ must be formed in you. And this all takes time and the whole time that it’s happening Satan’s trying to destroy that fetus -- that spiritual fetus -- that’s deep within your womb -- within the spiritual womb of your life.


And it isn’t until Christ grows up in us that He takes full dominion over the enmity in our flesh. And depending on where we are in our spiritual growth, Satan can have one lot of authority over us.  And that’s the answer how come. And I know you’ve heard a lot of fantasies in the church but that’s all it is, is fantasies. The truth is Christ must be formed into you unto the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ and until then you’re a vulnerable child. We are the little children of the kingdom.


Now I had mentioned this once before, but I want to remind you again that Levi paid tithes when he was still in Abraham’s loins. And what does that mean to us? It means that the stars of Heaven, which we read about in Daniel 8:10, were not born yet. That the stars of Heaven that Daniel 8:10 is speaking about is all of the potential offspring, the potential many members of the living soul that were in righteous Adam. They were cast down to the ground. All of the human beings that had not yet been born were killed before they were born and Satan laid hold of the creation’s potential to produce human beings and brought them forth as carnal men and women instead of spiritual beings in Christ. And this is expressed in the scripture that says: And although your sin is not in the similitude of Adam’s still, you have sinned. And what is the difference? Adam sinned when he was in a position of authority over Satan. We sin, but we are already overtaken. That is why God has mercy on us. We don’t have the strength to not sin. Anyone that thinks they don’t sin is deceived.


I know there’s a line in the church that quotes that scripture in 1st John that says, “He who was born of God cannot sin.” Brethren, that is true. The Christ in you cannot sin. But there are two of you. You have a carnal mind and you have the mind of Christ -- if you have the mind of Christ. The Holy Spirit is not the same thing as the mind of Christ. The Holy Spirit is the beginning of your transition from the carnal mind to Christ. You must conceive Christ. He must be formed in you. It’s a different experience than receiving the Holy Ghost. We have both. Christ in us cannot sin but our carnal mind can sin. If we were without sin we would not die. We die because there is sin in our members. We get sick. We have problems because there’s sin in our life. Jesus was without sin. He had total dominion over this world. I don’t know anybody that could say that. How could you say we’re not -- that we can’t sin. It’s an error in the church, brethren. If you believe that I ask you to pray about it. It’s not true.


OK. Let’s finish this up. So -- where are we? Verse 10: And it cast down some of the hosts and of the stars to the ground. So the stars were the many members of the living soul that had not been born yet that were seeds within the creation of God, which we established earlier was a zygote. He was the first cell of the creation of God that was made of the female seed in the man and of the spiritual seed of the Father. They joined and became one new cell, the first cell of the many-membered creation of God. So they were killed before they were born and they came forth in an altered form -- the form that we’re in today.


And he stamped upon them. Strong’s 7429, meaning to profane, to tread with the feet as a potter does clay. This is the same Hebrew word translated stamped upon in verse 7. In verse 7 we found out that Satan formed Adam into her image and in verse 10 we see that Satan formed the many yet-unborn members of God’s creation in her image while they were still in Adam’s womb. She changed -- Satan changed the spiritual nature, the spiritual genes, if you will, of the many members of humanity while they were still in Adam’s womb. Now a perversion of this of course we see in radiation. Aren’t we warned if you’re taking -- if you’re in a room where someone’s taking x-rays, cover your reproductive organs because the radiation, which is energy, can damage the cells of your ovary, the eggs of your ovaries and you can bring forth a deformed child? And then again, on a positive note, is this not what the Holy Spirit did to Mary? Did He not hover over her and choose one of the eggs in one of her ovaries and bring forth a new thing into the earth? And He ministered to that egg that was in her ovary that was microscopic before it was born and brought forth that holy thing of God.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The second half of Daniel 8:10: And Satan’s carnal mind aborted the spiritual vision of the Father’s Christ and the many members of God’s creation, which were to be born into it, and Satan reformed them in her own image and the many members of God’s creation became earthly, sensual and devilish. Let me read that again. And Satan’s carnal mind aborted the spiritual vision of the Father’s Christ -- that’s the environment called Eden -- and she also aborted the many members of God’s spiritual creation which were to be born into the environment and Satan reformed them while they were still in utero in her image and the many members of God’s creation because earthly, sensual and devilish.


And I believe James demonstrates that fact for us in chapter 3 of the Book of James, verses 13-18: Who was a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? Who has Christ? Let him show out of a good conversation, a good lifestyle, his works with meekness and wisdom. But if ye have bitter envying -- if you have a carnal mind -- if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not and lie not against the truth. Don’t oppose the Christ in you. Brethren, if you are one of the blessed people in this -- well, you’re blessed and I don’t know that I want to say you’re cursed, but you’re blessed that you have the Christ in you but you have this conflict in your life. If Christ is being formed in you, you have mixed emotions. On the one hand you have wisdom. On the other hand you have bitter strife and envying in your heart. Don’t yield to your carnal mind. Don’t fight against the Christ in you. Join with Christ to destroy your carnal mind. That’s what he’s saying.


But if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts glory not and lie not against the truth. Don’t pit yourself against Christ, either in yourself or in somebody else. This wisdom -- what wisdom? The wisdom that brings forth -- the wisdom that says bitter envying and strife is OK -- wisdom that justifies your sin. This wisdom descended not from above. Not from Christ. But it is earthly, sensual and devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above, the wisdom that comes from Christ, is first pure, then peaceable, gentle and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace. Righteous Adam fell down from a life of righteousness into an existence of devilishness, carnality and death. And that’s us today, brethren. But glory to God, we’re on our way back up.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The whole of Daniel 8:10: And Satan’s carnal mind materialized the land of Nod in the physical earth and permanently altered the spiritual potential of the many members of the God’s creation and Satan’s carnal mind aborted the spiritual vision of the Father’s Christ and the many members of God’s creation which were to be born into it and Satan reformed them in her image and the many members of God’s creation became earthly, sensual and devilish. Hallelujah. And as we’re finding out, Daniel 8 is the story of the fall. Anybody have a question?


There was something that I wanted to add. I didn’t put it in my notes. But I’d like to take a few minutes to give it to you. God gave me some understanding in the scripture where Jesus was saying that it’s as hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God as it is for a camel to enter into the eye -- to go through the eye of a needle. And when we did that little study on the word eye, I looked that up but I didn’t have time to put it in my notes. But I want to give it to you anyway.


First of all, what is a needle? It’s a long sharp-pointed instrument which is a type of Christ. Christ -- one of His titles is the nail. He’s the nail. He’s a long sharp-pointed instrument. If you’ve been studying with us for a while we’ve given scriptures on that. I don’t have it right now. He is the one that is piercing through. He’s going to crucify the carnal mind. He’s going to pierce through him. OK? And the eye of a needle is an opening in the needle through which a piece of thread goes. Now each of us is a thread in the garment that He is weaving to cover Himself so that He can appear. OK? So we would have to pierce Christ, to go through the eye of a needle, to be a thread that’s thin enough to go through the eye of the needle. Going through the eye of the needle means to pierce Christ. I remind you of the scripture that those who have pierced Him shall see Him. And if you remember the teaching that we’ve been giving here for a while now, we must pierce Christ. Let me put in on the board for you. I’ve been praying about this for years.


OK. This is us. Christ is coming forth inside of us, in our inward parts. We are out here. We have a carnal mind and our true spiritual reality is Eve, who, at the present moment, is married to Satan since the fall and joined in one -- Eve, Satan and the carnal mind. And Christ is coming forth in the midst of us and the reality of what’s happening to us is that God is waging war against this ungodly trio here and eventually He’s going to break Eve free. Eve is our true spiritual reality who is captive. And the natural type of that is Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob, who was raped and taken captive into the house of a barbarous Hivite, named Shechem and she was trapped in his house. And that’s what’s happened to us. We’re trapped in Satan’s house and we’re joined there with our offspring -- our illegal, our bastard offspring, the carnal mind -- and Christ is waging war against this union. As soon as Eve gets free enough, as soon as we get enough power from Christ, we’re going to pierce into Christ and we’re going to abide forever in the household of Christ. And this household will cease to exist.


The carnal mind is going to dissolve and Satan will become Christ’s servant. I’m not going to go into that whole thing now. But Eve must pierce into Christ. We found this in the Book of Revelation in the early chapters. The way the scripture describes it is that every time we reject a thought from our carnal mind we’re hitting on the household of Christ. I draw it as a ring, just to help you to understand. We’re hitting on that household of Christ and we withdraw and we’re hitting on it and we withdraw. One day we’re going to hit on it and we’re going to go shooting in and we’re going to pierce Him and forever we shall be with the Lord. The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of Heaven is within you. It’s not up there in the planets. It’s within you and we must pierce into it.


So to pierce the eye of the needle, to pierce into Christ -- OK? -- We must love Him enough to give up all the riches of this world. And a camel, first of all it’s an unclean beast -- an unclean beast of burden. I declare to you that this physical body, which the scripture likens to -- it’s a beast of burden that carries our spiritual life. It is not entering into the kingdom of God. Flesh and blood, brethren, will not inherit the kingdom of God. Our spiritual life is inheriting the kingdom of God. Our true spiritual life, our spiritual substance, our human spirit is going to pierce Christ and enter into the kingdom of God. This body, which Jesus likens to a camel, is a beast of burden. It’s an unclean beast of burden. This body is not a reflection of God. This vile, fallen human body is a reflection of Satan. It’s fallen and it’s not entering into the kingdom of God. But our spiritual substance is going through, is piercing Christ, is going through the opening in His life and the thread that we are is going through with it. The thread is His soul life. We’re entering into the kingdom. We’re getting a new garment. But this carnal mind and the soul life associated with the carnal mind is not going to be our garment. We’re getting a new garment. Isn’t that exciting?


            You know, when Christ pierced -- in the original -- when the creation was originally made that atom that pierced through with such an explosion and so forth -- is that going to be the same when He pierces through and swallows up death? Do you think that will be the same type of an explosion or you know?


Well, I don’t really think -- he didn’t really pierce through at the beginning. At the beginning it was a division. It was a cell division that can be likened to the splitting of the atom. There was the Father and the Son, but they were one. They were a single atom and the Father split the atom and it took great energy to split the atom. This is the way we did it. We have diagrams of this in the 38 series. This is how we did it. So the Father still existed and the Son became a new cell within Him. Because this is eternity out here. Nothing is greater than the Father. So the Father is outside of the realm of time and He’s inside the realm of time. And the Son is inside the realm of time. So it was one cell and now we had two cells. You have those diagrams, don’t you?


He became a cell of positronium, which is a product of nuclear fission. OK? So it was nuclear fission. It was cell division. But I’m not really sure what your question was. In this last hour, we’re being joined. It’s going to be nuclear fusion. I’m not really sure what your question was. But we’re not being joined through fission; we’re being joined through fusion. Because first the Father separated from the Son and then He brought forth the creation in the Son and the Son is now a many-membered creation. And we’re all going to be joined again through fusion, which produces many, many more times heat and energy than fission. Fusion is much more powerful.


Did I answer your question? Yeah? It’s nuclear fusion. And nuclear fusion sometimes is called a meltdown. You know what happened at Chernobyl? It was a meltdown. That’s what’s happening. That’s what Peter was talking about when he said the elements are going to melt. There’s going to be a melting down. What’s melting down? We have Satan, she stole the fertile parts of the Father as typified by Dinah, and she brought forth the carnal mind and the three are one and they are joined. They are one cell. So, just as it took a great heat to bring forth this cell division which separated the Son from the Father, it’s going to take great heat to break Satan away from Eve and the carnal mind. That’s the meltdown. That’s the meltdown. And then Eve is going to marry -- is going to marry Christ.


            Wouldn’t it be the same type of thing from --


No. This is happening through fusion. Maybe I didn’t make it clear with what I just said. Let me put it this way. Maybe this will help you. We have Satan, Eve and the carnal mind, and they’re all one cell. OK? Maybe I didn’t say it exactly right. Well, I did say it right. Let me put it this way for you. The way Eve is getting free, OK, is that this is somebody’s mind. In this same mind Christ is appearing and Christ is great heat. Christ is joining with Eve and as a result of this fusion, the heat that’s produced from the fusion is going to destroy the carnal mind and bring Satan into submission. It’s fusion. It’s not fission. OK? It’s a joining.


            I was just -- how you taught about [INAUDIBLE] about fire and it’s going to          burn away elements. The meltdown.


Yeah. It’s a meltdown.




It’s all falling together?




Very exciting. I just see it everywhere, no matter what scripture I pick up, it’s just there. It’s just -- it’s like He’s just opened up everything. I wish I had -- I wish I had more time or I wish I had a superior mind or something. It just takes me so long. We’re doing one verse a night. We’re just chugging away here, you know? There’s just two more verses left in Daniel 8 before we get into the interpretation of the information that we received.


            I’d like to share something that Sister [?Lavoy?] shared with me yesterday. She was talking about hidden treasures. [INAUDIBLE] and have to actually mine it for it to come to mind. [INAUDIBLE]. Which I don’t really recall right now. But these things are hidden and they are there and they’re hidden in the darkness and you have to --




            They’re buried.


They’re buried. But all of this information is in Christ. You have to get -- when you get into Christ you see everything. See, Christ is likened to space travel. See, we’re trapped in this carnal mind down here. We’re a universe. We’re a universe that’s -- that’s orbiting around Satan. Every person is orbiting around Satan. Now, when Christ comes forth in one of these people it automatically brings you to a place up here. And you can see everything. You see, you can’t see everything from down here. You can’t see everything from down here. But when Christ enters into your heart you ascend into position that a spaceship would be in. You can see the entire earth. You get all knowledge. That’s just a way-out example. That’s the principle of it. All knowledge is in Christ. So it’s true you have to mine it out but -- it’s true to say that that’s one way to look at it. But really, to really get all knowledge you have to penetrate Christ. He knows everything. And the reason it’s coming so slow to us here is that our carnal mind is still a very real part of us. But very soon, in some of us, I hope in all of us, Christ is going to become our mind and we’ll just know. We’ll just know. Very exciting to just know these things. To not have to study it, to not have to look up all these Hebrew words, to just know. That happens to me a lot. I just know a lot of things, but with the scripture, you know, it’s just requiring a lot of work. But it’s glorious. Absolutely glorious.


            [INAUDIBLE] planets before it or will be after?


Planets before?


            In other words, creations or plans of God for the ages? [INAUDIBLE]. The creation that He’s bringing forth. There’ll be none after it. What He’s doing, it’s one big thing. Am I explaining it properly?


Yeah. Well, I don’t really know that there’ll be none after this. I don’t know. I know that I have not seen and I have not heard what God has in store for us. I don’t believe that there’s -- maybe I didn’t understand what you said. I don’t believe that there’s life on any other planet. Is that what you meant? No. I don’t believe there’s life on any other planet. I believe the planets are out there basically because there’s -- every spiritual reality has a physical expression in this physical environment that the spiritual life of Christ is dwelling in right now. And there are many members. We’re a system. The creation is a system. We’re many human beings. And the reflection of that spiritual reality is the many -- the many systems out there. But I don’t think there’s life anywhere. There are just dead planets that are reflecting the spiritual reality that’s within us.


The scientists are looking in the wrong place with regard to these aliens. If you saw the TV show a couple of weeks ago, they’re not out there. They’re inside of people’s minds and when I watched that program one of the scientists said well, we’re not really sure they’re from outer space. They may be from another dimension. Yes, you’re right. They’re from another dimension inside of people’s minds. Even -- even this scientist that said they’re from another dimension, I don’t think he comprehended that these demons or these aliens or whatever they want to call them, with their spaceships and all, they’re coming from inside people’s minds. And I keep saying this. I can’t comprehend it. I just know that God told me and it’s true that there’s no time or space in the realm of the spirit and that the spiritual life that dwells inside of our minds, inside of this form, of this slight body, is greater than all of the time and space that is encompassed by the -- including the universes. I don’t understand it but I know that it’s true.


There’s spiritual life in here. We are cities for spiritual life and there’s all kinds of spiritual life inside of us. And in a lot of people the ungodly spiritual life, the carnal mind in Satan, is so developed that, just like we are sending out spaceships to Mars and the moon, they send out spaceships. And when they get here, into the physical environment they materialize. When they’re in our minds they have no physical form. But when the pierce through into this world system they become hard. They take form. And carnal man thinks they’re coming from outer space. No. They are figments of men’s imagination that have become reality. They’re figments of the wicked mind of man that has taken form.


            I have a question regarding what you were speaking about just now. The broken body of Christ. When we celebrate communion where we break the break and you drink the wine or grape juice -- the thing we do -- when we partake of communion and we partake of the body of Christ and His blood, does that cause a deeper manifestation in us?


Well, I don’t think so, Carol. I think that every natural thing that we do is a type of a spiritual thing that God wants us to do and He gives us natural types because we’re carnal. As soon as we become spiritual enough to partake of the spiritual reality there’s no longer any need to do the natural thing. I don’t think eating a cracker and drinking grape juice can do anything for us at all. The true communion is the eating of the literal flesh of Christ, which is what? It’s His mind. It’s the joining of our mind to His mind. Can you hear that? OK. That’s the eating of the bread. He is the bread. He is the word of God. It’s the partaking of the spirit.


What you’re hearing here tonight is -- it’s not the letter of the word. What you’re hearing tonight is the spiritual word of God and if any of it joined with your mind, if you received any of it, you have taken communion tonight. And the blood of Christ is the spirit of the Father through which the word is coming forth. So the true communion is spiritual and once you enter into this spiritual communion there’s really no reason to take of the natural communion anymore. Before you enter into the spiritual communion we take it if that’s all we know. If that’s all we understand and we desire to be obedient to God and you want to take crackers and grape juice, well God’s going to honor that. He’s going to bless it. But once He brings you to the spiritual communion then there’s no reason to do the type anymore. Can you understand that? OK. Glory to God. Anybody else?


            [MUSIC PLAYING]


            [SINGING] Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, unto the house of our God. And He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His path. The Lord shall go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.


            Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, unto the house of our God. And He will teach us of His ways and we will walk in His path. The Lord shall go forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.


            [MUSIC PLAYING]


            [SINGING] Savior, like a shepherd lead us, much we need Thy tender care; In Thy pleasant pastures feed us, for our use Thy folds prepare. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Thou hast bought us, Thine we are. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Thou hast bought us, Thine we are.


            We are Thine, do Thou befriend us, be the Guardian of our way; Keep Thy      flock, from sin defend us, seek us when we go astray. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Hear Thy children when they pray. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Hear Thy children when they pray.


            Thou hast promised to receive us, poor and sinful though we be; Thou hast mercy to relieve us, grace to cleanse and power to free. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Early let us turn to Thee. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Early let us turn to Thee.


            Early let us seek Thy favor, early let us do Thy will; Blessed Lord and only Savior, with Thy love our bosom fill. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus. Thou hast loved us, love us still. Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus, Thou hast loved us, love us still.


            [MUSIC PLAYING]


            [SINGING] Holy God, we praise Thy name; Lord of all, we bow before Thee; all on earth Thy scepter claim; all in Heaven above adore Thee. Infinite Thy vast domain; everlasting is Thy reign. Hark the glad celestial hymn angel chorus above are raising; cherubim and seraphim, in unceasing chorus praising, fill Thy Heaven with sweet accord: Holy, holy, holy Lord.




6/15/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS





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