143 - Part 7

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We’re back in Daniel 8 tonight. I don’t have any new material for you. I started preparing verse -- I think we’re up to verse 10 -- and the Lord just gave me some corrections on what we’ve already done, so the message that we have tonight I guess is pretty much of a review with some new information. I’m going over verse 6. The Lord showed verse 6 of Daniel 8 to me in a dimension that I really didn’t bring forth when we did verse 6, so I’m going to give you some comments. We’ll redo verse 6 and I made some more changes, editorial changes, in the alternate translation to make verses 1-9 run smoothly and consistently. I think we’ll just make it a view. Please don’t speak unless you ask to be recognized and please have a microphone in your hand if you have a question. We’re just going to take this opportunity to make sure that everybody’s understanding what’s going on so far in Daniel 8.


As I told you in our last meeting when I combined the Amplified translations of the verses we’re been studying in Daniel 8 I found a duplication of ideas and I’ve made the necessary changes in the alternate translations to correct this problem. The change that I’ve made is that I’ve cut out the duplication because I amplify one verse. I see a few words, and I know that you have to fill in the whole thing, and I’m filling it in in every verse and I’m repeating it all the way down. So I cut out the duplication. I went back into every verse. I looked up the words and the numbers and the meanings and what I did was I cut out the idea where I had added it in because I knew it belonged there and then what usually happened was the next verse we had the actual Hebrew word that expressed that idea. So I left it there but I cut it out where I had added it in. OK? Everybody with me?


I told you that last week and I’m continuing to do that, but when I started to work on today’s message I found a different kind of problem and that was that I really didn’t see verse -- I think it was verse 6 -- I’ll know in a minute -- as deeply as God showed it to me today. So please remember that each Bible translator chooses the English translation of the Hebrew word based upon his understanding of the Scripture. You may have noticed that I suggest three or four of the many translations in the lexicon to you for each Hebrew word that we study. Each translation which I suggest to you is correct in accordance with the revelation that the Lord is bringing forth here. Then I choose just one of all those translations that I give you because I can’t put them all in the alternate translation and sometimes I do that. I’ll put one or two meanings together. I think the Lord is telling me that it makes the alternate translation clumsy. So I have to stop giving two or three alternate translations of a particular word in the alternate translation. He’s telling me that I should go over all of these possible meanings of the Hebrew words with you, discuss all the possibilities and then, as He showed it to me, to choose just one for the alternate translation. OK? Eventually we’re going to be making a book out of this and it really has to read smoothly.


What’s happening today in verse 6 is that I had to go back and choose a different translation than the one that I put in our alternate translation of verse 6. Not only did I have to do that, but I had to go back into Gesenius and I’ll be giving you shortly a couple of more translations for a particular word. I’ll tell you what word it is because the Lord showed it to me that the word that I chose didn’t really express the depth of what He’s saying here. And, as I’ve told you before, Hebrew words can have both positive and negative translations and I just had picked one kind of a translation and the Lord instructed me to pick another kind. So we’ll go on and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


I just want you to know that each time that I’ve done this, each time that I’ve chosen one of the translations that I’ve already suggested to you when we studied the verse, and if I have to go back I’m just taking another one of the translations that I’ve presented to you. I haven’t changed the Hebrew words and I haven’t changed what I’ve taught you. It’s just that when I put all the verses together I find out that one of the translations that I already suggested to you is more appropriate in that place in relationship to all the other verses that are coming along. OK? Everybody understand what I’m talking about? OK.


We’re going to go over verse 6 of Daniel 8 again: And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran unto him in the fury of his power. The word came is Strong’s 935 and I told you when we did this verse last that it means to enter into and it can be translated -- and it is translated to take a wife in Judges 12:9. As I said above, I had to choose another translation of this word when I realized that this translation, to take a wife, did not adequately express the violence with which Satan took this wife. He took her violently. Also, I didn’t express clearly that Satan joined specifically with Eve, who was righteous Adam’s fertile parts, and that Eve, righteous Adam’s fertile parts, were already engaged in a union with the Father, which had produced a temporary or an imputed manifestation of Christ.


To say Adam and Eve is as if to say Mary and Mary’s womb. Now that may be hard for some people to believe, but God has made this very simple because we are all spiritual children and at least when we started out we were very carnal. But that is who Eve is. She has no existence of her own. She is the reproductive parts of God’s creation, the man. So when Satan joined with her and when Satan took the creation as a wife he went right for the fertile parts of the creation. Now remember, the creation stands and, depending on which male spirit is joined with the fertile parts of the creation, depends on whether or not the creation is righteous, and the name of the righteous creation is Christ; or if Satan is joined with the fertile parts of the creation -- and the name of the creation is Adam -- if Satan is joined with the fertile parts of Adam, which are called not womb but Eve, then the name of the creation -- the name is the carnal mind and the creation is fallen. Whether the creation is right standing or whether the creation is fallen, the name of the creation is Adam. The name of the creation is Adam. That creation goes by the name of the offspring of the spirit who was in union with his fertile parts.


Let me say it again. The name of the creation is Adam. When the spirit of the Father joins with Adam’s fertile parts, whose name is Eve, and produces His offspring, the name of the creation is Christ. When Satan joins with the creation, when Satan joins with Adam in his fertile parts, whose name is Eve, and produces his offspring, the carnal mind, the name of the creation is fallen, and its name is the carnal mind. Christ is righteous -- is the righteous Adam. The carnal mind is the fallen Adam. We can call him fallen Adam or carnal mind, whichever we want.


I don’t know about you but for a while I was getting confused about Adam and the carnal mind and this is how God has explained to me. OK? Everybody all right? This is deep but I know we can do it. We’re just going to go slow.


The following additional translations from Gesenius for number 935 more clearly suggest that the Hebrew word translated came in verse 6 could also be translated to lead the people to war. It can be used to describe a leader and a commander. It can be translated to come upon or to fall upon anyone and to bring -- or to bring anything hurtful, such as a calamity, upon anyone. I suggest to you that in verse 4, Satan, the he-goat, hostilely fell upon righteous Adam and took Eve, Adam’s fertile parts, those parts of the creation which the Lord had told Adam to guard. Satan took her for a wife, thus bringing calamity upon the creation. The one who, as we shall soon see, was the lord and master of God’s creation -- Adam, whose name was Christ, righteous Adam, we’re going to find out it’s the translation of another word, was lord and master of God’s creation when Christ was his mind and the Father was his unconscious mind. But the he-goat came upon Adam hostilely -- fell upon him hostilely -- and raped his reproductive parts, bringing calamity upon the creation.


Why? What was the result of it? When Satan birthed her carnal mind within the creation we found out that the offspring of the woman was stronger than the offspring of the Father, which had not yet been made permanent. It had not yet been made permanent. It was an imputed anointing which can be likened to the gifts of God which are without repentance; the gifts of the calling of God which are without repentance. Adam was not proven. Adam was capable of sin. He was no incapable of sin. I’ll be reading you all the alternate translations a little later on. We found out in one of the verses that Adam knew of Satan’s potential to destroy him. I suggest to you that he had to be in agreement with Satan’s mind in some measure to be brought down. This is the condition or a similar condition that we’re in today. Adam had not yet sinned but those of us in whom Christ is being formed, this is our condition. We very much have a potential to sin and we’ve got that carnal mind in there whispering to us, saying I am God. That’s our condition. No one outside us can defile us, brethren. No one outside of us can defile us. Only that which is within us can defile us.


Going on with this phrase: And he came to the ram that had two horns. The word ram typifies -- it’s an animal of course which typifies righteous Adam. And the two words that had is one Hebrew word, Strong’s 1167, and the Interlinear translates it with. Gesenius and Strong’s both say that this word means lord, master, possessor, owner or husband. I’m suggesting to you that the intent of the Scripture is to say that the ram -- well, the phrase is the ram that had two horns, but it’s really saying the ram that was the lord and master of the two-horned creation. He was the lord and master over both horns. Now the two horns were operating in unison. They were operating as one. They were operating as one and Adam, righteous Adam, Adam with the mind of Christ was the lord and master over the lower horn, who was totally under his possession and control.


When we worked up the first half of verse 6 in Part 3 of this series on the other message, we translated this phrase as Satan entered in as Adam’s husband. I’ve changed this alternate translation. The Lord told me it wasn’t accurate and this is the one we’re using now: And Satan fell upon righteous Adam, the lord and master of God’s two-horned creation, the one who I had seen standing with full spiritual authority over Heaven and earth, and Satan took Eve for a wife. In Part 3 of this series I said at this point, please note that as soon as Adam was penetrated he died to his manhood and became female -- spiritually female. I also said this is the third stage of the fall. Adam is slain and the whole creation is joined to Satan with chains of darkness, which is his spirit. Remember, Paul said the chain he bore was Christ.


Now this isn’t exactly accurate, so let me go over that for you. It is true that as soon as it happened to Adam potentially he completely died to his manhood. And we find ourselves in a similar condition today. Brethren, Jesus Christ is saving this entire living soul and from the time 2,000 years ago when the mind of Christ was born in the first member of this many-membered human race, which is one man, from that day forward, for all intents and purposes, the carnal mind and Satan, the god of the carnal mind, has died to their manhood. Satan and the carnal mind have been ruling in this world system as men; have been ruling in this world system as men since the fall. From the time that Jesus Christ came into the world and that the mind of Christ appeared in one member of the living soul, again -- for all intents and purposes, Satan and the carnal mind have died to their spiritual manhood. Now they’re still out there raging and fighting to keep it, but it’s just a matter of time that the carnal mind will dissolve and Satan will come back down under the submission of the last Adam, the lord and ruler and master and husband of God’s creation - the last Adam, the quickening spirit, not the first Adam, the living soul. OK?


So what happened at this point -- I just want to go over that for you -- I jumped ahead of myself a little bit here. And Satan fell upon righteous Adam. Well, the way Satan fell upon him -- we have the creation -- Satan fell upon him from within, brought forth his carnal mind in the midst of Christ. When it says Satan fell upon him it means he reached out for him and started exercising control over him. That is the first stage of the fall. So what I told you wasn’t wrong. For all intents and purposes, it happened. But it was a process. This is the first stage. Satan appeared, brought forth her carnal mind and started to exercise dominion over Christ - first stage of the fall.


Second stage of the fall: The carnal mind pushes Christ underneath and starts to exercise dominion over the Christ from a dominant position. She’s now laying on top of Him. She’s covered Him over. She’s covered Him over. And the third stage -- did I say resurrection is the second stage of the fall? And the third stage of the fall is that the carnal mind penetrates Christ completely, slaying Him. There was no longer any battle by which she is paralyzing Christ or keeping Him down or keeping Him covered over. Christ has died and of the twain -- of what twain? Of the carnal mind and of the Christ mind -- Satan has made one new fallen man and his name is Death.


This potentially happened from the moment that righteous Adam agreed in any measure with Satan’s thought. This potentially complete act happened the minute that Adam listened to Satan’s whisper and said hmm, isn’t that interesting? Maybe. And I want to tell you, brethren, as God raises you up as the sons of God and you start to exercise authority, you must know the voice of your God and not even consider something that you don’t believe is coming from Him because it will be the beginning of your death in Christ. And I want to tell you that the day is coming where the Lord is reversing this whole thing and this battle won’t exist anymore. But that’s a long way off and wherever out battle is now we are to dig in and stand for Christ. Don’t let anybody take your crown because once you lose it, you’re going to have to right like a banshee to get it back again, whatever level you’re at. None of us are in full stature. Whatever level you’re at when you give it up to Satan you try and get it back. It’s impossible without the power of God. Where God has given you a victory, if you give it up you could wait. God could give it right back to you, but you could wait one long time for Him to impart the power to give it back to you.


Discern correctly where the Father has given you authority. Don’t dig in from an authority that you’ve given yourself, because if you’ve done that, then your enemy is the Father and no matter how hard you fight, you’re sure to be defeated and you’re just going to get beat up for nothing. So pray everything through carefully. But once you are sure the Father has given you authority in a controversy, dig in, brethren, and be more afraid of God than of the forehead of the man that you’re involved with because if God be for you no one could be against you. Hallelujah.


Of course, this is what’s happening today. Those of us, if you’re listening to this message, chance is excellent that you have been called to the resurrection of the dead, Christ has appeared in your inward parts and has begun to exercise authority over your carnal mind. The carnal mind’s not paralyzed yet but Christ has begun to exercise authority. Now the real you is in here somewhere. You’re half -- well you’re probably 9/10ths in your carnal mind and 1/10th in Christ and when Christ starts to exercise authority over the carnal mind and execute judgment over the carnal mind, Eve is in here getting bombed. She’s 9/10ths in the carnal mind and she’s 1/10th in Christ. Why? Because when this process started she was completely in the carnal mind. This exercise that Christ is directing towards the carnal mind is designed to set Eve free. Eve is locked up in here. Satan’s here, too -- Satan, the carnal mind and Eve. She’s under the judgment. She’s screaming her head off. She’s feeling intense pain, but it’s the only thing that’s going to get her away. It’s called the white throne judgment. It’s called the judgment of your wicked soul, which is the carnal mind and if you’re fallen you have one. Everybody has one.


Lord willing, this control that Christ has started to exercise very soon is going to become paralyzing. I don’t know, brethren, whether I’m imagining this or not, but I’ve been going through something for almost a week now. My whole life is passing before my mind. People that I haven’t thought about in years, incidents that I haven’t thought about in years, are going through my mind and I asked the Lord what it was and I’m not sure this was Him. But someone said to me, didn’t you ever hear that your whole life passes before you before you die? Well, I sure hope God said that to me because I’m ready to go. I’m telling you.


OK. Is everybody following me? I’m just making a correction to verse 6. What I told you in verse 6, that which I just had on the board, is all true but I jumped the gun. We don’t see this in Daniel 8 until we get to verse 7. So everything that I said was true. I just put it in the wrong place. I got ahead of myself.


Continuing with the second half of Daniel 8:6: And ran -- who ran? And the he-goat ran unto him -- who - unto the ram in the fury of his power. And the he-goat ran unto the ram in the fury of his power. This word ran is 7323 and it’s used to describe one who takes on the prophetic function with evil purposes in Jeremiah 23:21. I told you that the last time. What I’m suggesting to you is that when the Scripture says the he-goat ran unto the ram I’m suggesting to you that Satan, the he-goat, exalted herself in her mind and took authority over the ram who had authority. Now we did a message recently where we spelled out all these spirits and we said that Jezebel is someone who tries to take authority over someone that has authority over them and that’s what Satan did. She exalted herself in her in her mind and she took authority or attempted to take authority over God’s ordained authority and she succeeded.


I want to tell you, brethren, as Christ starts to come forth in you He is vulnerable. He is vulnerable to destruction by Satan which is the God of your carnal mind. Don’t be naïve. Don’t fall prey to the teaching in the church today. You can abort. Oh, I hear them screaming in the spirit. You can abort. I know at least two people that aborted. One woman came into the service. It had been a horrible confrontation going on for a long time. I was begging her to do whatever she had to do. It was a long time ago. I couldn’t reach her. She came into the service one day and a member of her immediate family, her physical family, her natural family was there and this member of her family said to me I had a dream. And as she brought forth the dream, the dream quite simply was that there was a child that was getting hit by a truck and it died. And as it came forth I knew that it was -- that this woman was aborting. I knew that’s what God was saying. She was just sitting there. She already had three feet out of the ministry already -- just daydreaming, looking off the place. I just looked at her and I knew it had just went right over her head - didn’t mean a thing to her.


And I just sat there and the relative asked me to interpret the dream and I said well, somebody’s aborting. Something like that. I didn’t name anyone’s name. She’s just dreaming away. And the Lord must have tapped her on the shoulder because all of a sudden she looked up and she said Sheila, did you say that was me? I said I didn’t say it was you. I just interpreted the dream but I believe the Lord just told you it was you. Someone had to say that to you. I didn’t say it to you. Well, instead of repenting she got hysterical, left the ministry and went around and told anyone on Long Island that would listen to her that I told her she was losing her anointing. I never said any such thing. I told her when she said is it me, I said in my opinion it is. I never told her any such thing. She aborted. She aborted. She had a deep comprehension of what God is doing in this hour and she couldn’t understand the doctrine. She fell down really fast. I’ve never seen anything like it. She lost all of her understanding and knowledge of the doctrine, lost her ability -- at least in our meetings -- she totally stopped prophesying. Very anointed woman of God, she just lost everything. To this day has no knowledge of anything that’s preached here and she was very deep in. Because of that dream which I perceived to be of God, believe God has told me she aborted. You can abort.


Now I’m not trying to scare you. What I’m telling you -- what I’m telling you is that there’s a life inside of you and it’s fragile and you should know that it’s fragile. The truth will always set you free. You should know that you have to fight to keep that life growing inside of you. You should know that your number one enemy is your own carnal mind -- your own carnal mind -- yours. There is nothing I could do to you to cause you to abort other than seduce what’s already in you. Do you know what I’m saying? I can only seduce what’s already in you to sin yourself. If you study the Scriptures and the first five books of Moses, Israel could not be cursed but they could be seduced to sin and then God cursed them. Does anyone not know that about Israel? You are Israel. No one can curse you but you can be influenced to sin. When they pray these psychic prayers against you, the way they work is they put pressure on you that can result in influencing you to sin, and then God judges you. And the reason we’re affected by these curses and psychic prayers is that we all have sin in our heart. That’s how we’re hurt by them.


I remind you that natural Israel was under a much -- they’re going to crucify me for this one, but I’m telling you the truth -- natural Israel was under a more powerful anointing that the church is under today. Before you hang up the message I just remind you that they went into battle and not one person was killed, not one person was wounded, not one life was lost. They were living a totally supernatural life. They had no doctors. Their shoes never wore out, and when the disciples came against Moses the enemies, his enemies, died. We don’t see anything like that today at all. Although I believe it’s around the corner. My only point is natural Israel was under a much more powerful than we are under today. We’re not seeing anything like the miracles that Moses performed. It’s not the same anointing. Hallelujah.


I’m suggesting to you that Satan made himself a prophet, which is a high spiritual office, to righteous Adam. And how did he do that? I’ve told you many times that the Hebrew text is frequently very abbreviated. Studying the Scripture without first having some measure of truth in your heart then can be confusing and frustrating. On the other hand, when one has a measure of truth in his heart the abbreviated Hebrew text is complete enough to witness to the truth that’s already in your heart. Brethren, we can only understand the deep things of God when we have the two witnesses of God available to us -- the Spirit, which is in the written Scripture and the word, which must be the engrafted word which is the Son Himself who must be in our heart witnessing to the spirit of the words in the book. To try to understand the deep things of God with the Holy Spirit alone, which is the Father, must result in failure because truth is in the Son. Truth is in the Son. It’s not in the Holy Spirit. I mean come on, brethren, look at the doctrine that’s in the church today. They all have the Holy Spirit. They’re speaking in tongues, they’re prophesying, they’re dancing in the Spirit, and look at their doctrine.


I can hear all the Pharisees yelling the Holy Spirit of Truth. It’s the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit. That’s what they tell you. Brethren, the Holy Spirit of Truth is one administration of the Spirit of the Father, just as the Spirit of Christ is another administration of the Spirit of the Father. The Holy Spirit is the Father alone. All other administrations of the Spirit of the Father are in Christ, the Son. They’re in the Spirit of Christ, which is in the Son. Why? Because the Holy Spirit has one primary function in the earth today and that is to impregnate humanity with the man-child of Revelation 12, bring Him to full term and thus save God’s wife through bearing the Christ Child, who is her righteousness. I declare to you that the reason or one of the reasons, that we see such a weak manifestation of power in the church today is that God’s primary thrust is to impregnate. He’s not bringing us out of Egypt. Christ is going to bring us out of Egypt. What the Holy Spirit is doing is getting Christ inside of you. He’s preparing us for the big move of God by internalizing His Son in us.


            Do you know a Scripture that the Holy Spirit would teach you?


What it’s really saying is that he’ll bring forth Christ in you. He’ll bring forth Christ in you. Because I know I looked it up once. And the Spirit of Truth is in Christ. So the Holy Spirit comes -- I think it says He will bring you to all truth, if I’m not mistaken. He’ll bring you to the Son. The Holy Spirit brings us to the Son. You have to read these Scriptures very carefully. The Scriptures are not frivolous. If there’s one word different or a little different it means something else.


I ask you, brethren, not to be naïve enough to believe that every modification of the term Holy Spirit, such as Holy Spirit of Promise or the Spirit of Truth means the same thing. This would be the same thing as saying that the Seven Spirits of God are one and the same. Now, we all know that the whole together is the One True God but it’s important to be able to discern the different functions of the different administrations of His Spirit. Again, the most obvious example to me is that the manifestation of the Spirit of God to natural Israel was doing many more signs and wonders and powerful works than He’s doing today. And that was the Spirit of Christ that was over Israel. It was an imputed Christ but it was the Spirit of Christ. See, Christ is the warrior. In the 35 Series, Message 1 we did a study on the Seven Spirits of God and we found out that the Spirits that are named before the Spirit of Might are the Spirits that are associated with the imputed anointing and that the Spirit of Might is Christ Himself.


The prior Spirits bring you to a place where Christ starts to come forth in you. Where He engrafts and begins to be formed and starts to grow up to you -- grow up within you in a warfare strength and at that point He’s called the Spirit of Might. When He becomes powerful enough in you to defend you He becomes the Spirit of Might. It is the very Christ Himself. You may recall other messages that we’ve had here -- I believe in the 78 Series, where we found out that the carnal mind is Satan’s spirit of might. The carnal mind is the warrior of the god Satan. And why is Satan a god? Because she’s taken on the role of spirit and a spirit is a god to anyone in the soul realm. And Christ is the Father’s warrior. I’m not going to jump ahead of myself. I talk about that a little further on. I’ll wait until I get to it.


Oh, here it is, right here: And ran unto him in the fury of his power. We were speaking about how Satan made herself into a prophet. Let me refer you, brethren, to Revelation 13:11-15. I’m suggesting to you that the second beast -- this Scripture is talking about the beasts of Revelation -- that the second beast is what Eve became after she married Satan. She still looks like a lamb because she’s the Father’s female seed. But she speaks like a dragon because she’s joined to Satan and exercises all of his authority.


Eve is our human spirit. She is that part of us which is spiritual and she is the false prophet because she directs fallen man to worship Satan instead of the Father. Our human spirit is that part of us which is spiritual. The rest of us is clay. Our soul and our body are made out of clay, but our human spirit was with the Father from the beginning. She is our spiritual nature and when she is copulating with the Father she is bringing forth the life of the Father within us and pointing us to the Father. That’s where the discernment lies. Our discernment lies in our human spirit. If she is 100 percent or 99 percent joined with Satan she’s going to be trying to convince you that Satan is god. Not some two-horned goat that’s up on a wall somewhere but she’s going to be trying to convince you that Satan and the carnal mind in individuals is Christ. That’s how if it was possible the very elect would be deceived. Our human spirit is our spiritual self. When she’s joined with the Father she is Christ. Is not Christ a prophet? Christ is a prophet, brethren. It’s in the Scripture. He’s a prophet.


When she’s joined with Satan carnal mind is the false prophet, telling us that Satan is God and the prophet -- the High Priest -- witnesses to the god that they serve. And if you recall, in Revelation 13 it says: And she was influencing all of the earth to worship the first beast. Eve, our human spirit joined to Satan will try to convince us to worship Satan and those of us in whom Christ is being formed have a problem. Our human spirit is partially in the carnal mind and partially in Christ. So if you’ve had a salvation experience, if you now have a relationship or a friendship with the Father, please don’t be deceived. You’ll die in your deception. There’s still 99 percent joined to Satan and the false prophet is right in your own mind. Even if you’re 50/50, if the Christ in you has become 50 percent of your mind, that carnal mind is in there, very strong, sitting there in the temple of God, calling herself god, saying worship Satan. Saying I am god. No one outside of you can hurt you, brethren. Only that which is within you can defile you. And that which is within you can be influenced from what is outside of you, but if you don’t have the potential for sin, nothing outside of you can make you sin.


That brings us right back to Adam -- the righteous Adam. He had the potential to sin or he would have never fallen. There was nothing Satan could have done to him if he did not have the potential to sin, and he was warned by the Father. He was warned that Satan, if he let her out, would be stronger than he was. Hallelujah.


The word fury is Strong’s 2534. I told you this last time. It can be translated the warmth that comes from wine or poison that burns the bowels. Revelation 17:2 tells us that the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of the harlot’s fornication. We found out that when Noah became drunk because of the wine of Satan’s fornication which was going on in his mind, he died to his manhood in Christ. We found that out in the Number 60 series, messages 1 through 3. Also the word bowels in the Scripture can refer to one’s reproductive parts. I’m suggesting to you then that Satan’s fury can be likened to poisonous wine which caused righteous Adam to die to his manhood in Christ and that this fury, this poisonous spiritual wine is Satan’s warrior offspring, the carnal mind. I’d also like to suggest to you that when we find the word fury in the Scripture expressing the attitude of the Father that it’s referring to the Father’s warrior offspring, the Lord Jesus Christ and His second generation of sons.


John 5:22 says that the Father hath committed all judgment to the Son. I found that very exciting. I’ve read about the fury of the Lord in the prophets many times and I never realized that it was referring to the Lord Jesus Christ and the second generation of sons. We are the vessels through which the judgment of the Lord is being ministered. He’s going to do it through men. He’s not dropping lightning bolts out of the sky. I know the Scripture talks about hailstones and all that, but I suggest to you that those are symbolic types of men, of human people, through whom Christ is being revealed. The judgment is coming through men. We are the fury of God. In Revelation 15, the first verses: And I saw another sign in Heaven great and marvelous; seven angels having the seven last plagues. The end then is filled up the wrath of God. If you study that in the Greek what it’s really saying is they are filled up with the wrath of God and the seven last plagues are coming through them; through their minds and through their mouths, because they are filled up with the wrath of God. What is the wrath of God? It’s the lust that God has for His wife. We are His wife and He’s tired of us committing adultery with Satan in the carnal mind. He wants us for Himself. He wants to have a spiritual union with us, a spiritual sexual union with us, and brethren, once again, if you have the Holy Spirit, if you receive the Holy Spirit, if you speak in tongues; that is not a sexual union with the Father. It is a friendship with the Father. I tell you the truth. How do I know? If you had a sexual union with the Father you would have born His Son and you haven’t born His Son. How do I know? You’re carnal, you’re reprobate, you’re filled with sin. That’s how I know.


Continuing with the second half of Daniel 8:6: The word power is Strong’s 3581. This is the word that has appeared in Daniel 12 and I think we’ve already seen it in Daniel 8, if I’m not mistaken. It can be referring to the power of Christ or the power of the carnal mind. One of its translations is used to describe a large lizard. In view of the surrounding verse I am taking this word power to mean the witchcraft power of the carnal mind. It could go either way. I’m suggesting to you that this word power is referring to righteous Adam’s repressed witchcraft power which was with him the whole time. What’s his repressed witchcraft power? It’s his lower horn that was under the authority of the higher horn and they were operating together as one. That witchcraft power was under the total control of the Christ. It was harmless, but it was there. Righteous Adam’s lower nature waged war against him and ultimately defeated him. I suggest to you then that Adam had to be at least tempted by Satan’s thoughts in order for him to fall. I also suggest to you that in our fallen condition it’s impossible to arise to righteousness without a Christ-based warfare against our own carnal minds.


I think this Scripture alone should be enough to prove that Satan’s carnal mind is a military war machine which needs to be put down and defeated, not just ignored as so many are preaching today. Thousands, if not millions of believers, moving in a religious spirit, thinking that they’re going to enter into the kingdom and these people have deep revelation -- deep revelation. One way to -- one good test to see if someone’s revelation is coming out of Christ is to try and find out whether or not they believe in the judgment. Adam never believes in the judgment. Adam does not like the judgment. Adam will never preach the judgment and Adam will never preach his own death. Why? Because a house divided against itself cannot stand. If Adam preaches his own death what good will it do him? That’s a good test if you’re testing someone’s doctrine because, brethren, I’m telling you with all diligent warning, there are ministries in this country today that sound so good and a lot of them sound very much like me and people are falling into deception.


If you want to try a ministry, ask them what their position on the judgment is. Do they believe in it? Do they think it’s necessary to attain full stature? Because if you ask them do you think Jesus Christ is Lord, they’ll say yeah, I think Jesus Christ is Lord. Do you believe in the deity of Jesus Christ? Yeah, I believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. Sounds real good. I’ve read magazines by these men that are so good that I have to pray to the Lord, Father if this isn’t You show it to me. And He’ll show me one little sentence, one little phrase that’ll give way and not everyone’s where I am, brethren. I would guess that most people wouldn’t -- just the average believer that’s still a disciple would not discern this at all. Does it have to do with this? Yes?


            When you discern something in an article, do you immediately throw it away?


No. I don’t throw it away, but you really have to know where you are in Christ. I know for many years I have read newsletters that weren’t accurate because no one’s in perfection today and the Lord has always given me the ability to, as they say, eat the chicken and spit out the bones. So you have to know yourself. You have to really ask God whether He wants you to read a newsletter or whether it’s dangerous for you. A lot of these newsletters with end-time ministries have very good doctrine and you can really learn a lot from deduction. I know there was one ministry, I read his material for a long time, and I would just ignore whatever I felt wasn’t of God and he had some really good revelation on a lot of things. You have to try it yourself. I wouldn’t want anybody here to get into a bondage where they feel they can’t benefit from any other ministry. That’s a sign of a cult. I really wouldn’t. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to get into that, but I do, you know, caution you to just keep your eyes open and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call me. But this is a good guideline, you know. Look for their position on the judgment. Besides, you have to learn how to take care of yourselves. I can’t be babying you. You’re supposed to be growing up. But use some wisdom. That’s an excellent guideline. What is their position on the judgment? I believe it’s the issue of the hour. Hallelujah.


ALTERNATE TRANSLATION: The second half of Daniel 8:6: And Eve became a false prophet to righteous Adam because of Satan’s witchcraft. Now what does it mean that Eve became a false prophet to righteous Adam? Well, we already talked about this but I’ll go over it again. Eve was and still is Adam’s potential for spirituality. God knew that when Eve joined with Satan that it was just a matter of time until the carnal mind was born and that the carnal mind was stronger than righteous Adam’s imputed Christ. Eve, the harlot, the one who had given life to righteous Adam by birthing the Christ mind within him had now taken another lover and was imparting death to Adam by birthing the carnal mind within him. Eve, together with whoever her husband is, determines the spiritual nature of a man, whether he is spiritually alive because Christ, the offspring of the Father, is his mind or whether he is spiritually dead because the carnal mind, the offspring of Satan, is his mind.


Now don’t all of you Pharisees get down on Eve. Remember, as the parable of Dinah reveals, the woman was helpless. It was the man’s place to defend her against attack. Dinah’s father, Jacob, typifies Adam, who was too selfish to obey God and defend the woman. What do I mean he was too selfish? He was -- brethren, again, I’m not condemning anybody but we have to know our condition. Selfishness is the condition of the carnal man. He was too concerned with self to obey the Father. He must have liked what Satan was whispering in his head. So to be selfless he would have not been concerned with himself and being obedient to the Father, but he was so concerned with himself that he disobeyed the Father. The Father said guard the garden -- the garden -- what is a garden? A garden is a place where things grow. Well, spiritually what grows? Either Christ grows in you -- you have a child here -- either Christ grows in you or the carnal mind grows in you. Brethren, we’re not children anymore. The garden was Adam’s potential to produce spiritual life, Eve, his fertile parts, his reproductive parts. And the Father said guard them. Guard them against what? Against your lower horn, against your nature. Guard them against Satan because if Satan can do it she’s going to rise up and make herself a man and fertilize your fertile parts and the creation will die and it will be a disaster.


Adam heard this word from the Father. Brethren, how many times have you been warned of God and when the crises came you couldn’t take the victory? How many times have you been warned by your mother or your father or your husband and for whatever reason, you couldn’t bring yourself to partake of their counsel to you? It’s happened to me many times. It’s just out human nature. Adam had received the gifts and the calling of God without repentance. Why wouldn’t he have repented? Because he hadn’t sinned yet and he did not fully comprehend, I believe, completely. Just as you would tell a child don’t touch the stove, it’s hot. And what does the child do? If they can do it they go right over and touch the stove. Why? Because they don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re talking about. What is hot? What do you mean I’ll get burnt? What is get burnt?


Brethren, that’s why we have to have judgment for our natural children and for our spiritual children. If your child goes running out in the street after his ball I hope you paddle him. You can’t be watching him every second. He must learn to discipline himself. If you say Junior, you’re not to cross over that curb and you see him do it and you don’t paddle him because -- because -- because -- because -- if you’re making excuses for him -- well, he did it because -- the next time you may not be there and he may run out and he may be dead.


I believe there is spiritual judgment. I believe the Father will restrain us from killing ourselves if necessary. If He warns us and we don’t listen I believe He will permit severe judgment. Not every case -- everybody’s different. But I’ve seen Him permit severe judgment to fall upon people to stop them from their own destructive tendencies so that discipline, so that self-discipline, could be internalized within them. Maybe they really can’t stop drugging, drinking, sexing. Whatever they’re doing, they can’t stop.


I heard someone on a talk show recently. They were not converted people, you know, they were heathens. And a couple of them were saying that they wanted to legalize prostitution. The other women were against prostitution. The women who were for legalized prostitution were giving all the traditional rhetoric. You know, that it’s a victimless crime, etc., etc. and that it’s just wasting the taxpayers’ money to put these women in jail. The women who were against it were recovering -- I think they called themselves recovering prostitutes -- they had been prostitutes and they were out and they were saying that it’s not just a simple thing that a woman decides to be a prostitute. That it’s a compulsive behavior just as drug addiction and alcoholism. It’s just another symptom of our society. The one woman had something very interesting to say. She said she has ministered or she has counseled thousands of prostitutes and she has frequently heard them say that they were so desperate, they couldn’t get out, they couldn’t stop doing it, and they stood on that street corner and they cried out to God, saying if you’re real, get me out this. And within 60 seconds a policeman came over and arrested them.


Judgment is the mercy of God. To the carnal mind it’s incomprehensible but it’s the mercy of God. And only -- and again, I’m not insulting anybody, brethren. This is a scriptural term. Only a fool despises the correction of the Lord. And our country is going crazy with rebellion and the curse of the fool is upon our nation and there are forces that are trying to destroy us. There are forces that are trying to destroy our police force. And if they succeed, there will be chaos in the streets of our nation. There has now been some new laws passed -- I don’t know the details, I don’t have the time to go into it. In any event, if the FBI is not granted special dispensation -- not only the FBI but police officers everywhere -- police departments -- they’re going to lose their authority to get a legally court-ordered phone tap. There are restraints on it in this country right now. You’ve got to get a judge to sign an order to tap somebody’s phone. They can’t just do it at will. Some regulation has just been passed that, if the Supreme Court doesn’t give the police departments across the country a special dispensation, they’re going to lose their ability to get a court-ordered phone tap, severely crippling them in their crime fighting. There are forces trying to destroy our police force. We’re going to have chaos in the streets if God lets this happen.


I declare to you the lower horn of our nation has risen up and is butting heads with the ram and if God doesn’t give us a miracle that ram is going to die. I tell you the truth. If God doesn’t give us a miracle that ram is going to die. The ram that is the United States of America that was under God at one time that today hates God. Hallelujah.


And Eve became a false prophet to righteous Adam because of Satan’s witchcraft. Eve, the harlot, the one who had given life to righteous Adam by birthing the Christ mind within her had now taken another lover and was imparting death to Adam by birthing the carnal mind within him. Eve, together with whoever her husband is, determines the spiritual nature of a man, whether he is spiritually alive because Christ, the offspring of the Father, is his mind or whether he is spiritually dead because the carnal mind, the offspring of Satan, is his mind.


Remember, as the parable of Dinah reveals, the woman was helpless. It was the man’s place to defend her against attack. Dinah’s father, Jacob, typifies Adam, who was too selfish to obey God and defend the woman. I suggest to you then that for Eve to have been raped, Adam had to have already fallen into agreement with Satan in his mind. But the seed of the woman shall save her in childbearing. He shall not be imputed this time. He shall not be a gift that is given without repentance, but his nature shall be fully born within the woman and he shall be the very heart within the midst of her and it will be impossible for him not to protect her. And she shall be as a tree planted by the waters, that spreadeth out her roots by the river and shall not see when heat cometh but her leaf shall be green and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit. That was Jeremiah 17:8 if you’re interested.


Amplified translation of the second half of Daniel 8:6: And Eve became the harlot whose fornication produced the carnal mind because of Satan’s witchcraft. You’ll see that I changed the word from prophet to harlot because I believe in the Scripture it means the same thing. I’m sorry. I believe that she is both the false prophet and the harlot and again, we see another situation where God gives two different names -- two or more different names -- to the same person -- each name describing an aspect of their character. And we know that God Himself has many names. I’m suggesting to you that Eve is not only the false prophet; she’s also the harlot. And as I put all these verses together, which I’ll read to you at the end of the message, I felt harlot was more appropriate in view of the following verses that are coming along.


And Eve became the harlot whose fornication produced the carnal mind because of Satan’s witchcraft. Eve became the harlot whose fornication, which in the verse we’re dealing with, is described as poisonous wine, and we found out when we studied Noah, etc. and from the harlot of the Book of Revelation that that poisonous wine is --


6/15/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

6/18/14 1st Edit MJS & CAS




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