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As you know, God has a right hand and a left hand. On His right hand is blessings and on His left hand is judgment. He is a balanced God and He is His Word. His Word has a right hand and His Word also has a left hand. The right hand of His Word can be called a message. What is His message? It is not even the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is a message telling humanity what He is doing to us. Everyone that calls themselves a Christian knows that the end of what He is doing to us is going to put us in a place called heaven. There is just some disagreement as to what heaven is and how we are going to get there. The right hand of His message to us, is the true message of salvation, the message that is going from God to man, the message that reveals our condition and tells us how He is going to deliver us from it. The right hand of that message is the part of the message that talks about all the wonderful things that are waiting for us, that He is going to do for us, what we are going to be, what heaven is going to be like, but there is a left hand to His message.


That left hand of His message tells us that we are a fallen creation, that we are out of order, that we are all sinners, and that this condition must be corrected in order for us to enter into heaven. The preachers that are preaching reconciliation today are preaching only the right hand of God, only the part of God's message, which is the right hand. They are only preaching the good part. Then we have the Sonship camp, which are preaching the right hand of God's message, and for the left hand they are preaching the condemnation that is coming forth from the traditional Church, hell and damnation, and all that.


I cannot say what is coming forth here in this hour is the ultimate truth, but I believe it is the next level of truth that God is delivering to mankind. It is an enmeshing, a melding together of the right hand message and of the left hand message. In one sentence, what God has given us to preach here, is yes, all of His glory is waiting for you, full stature, dominion over this soul realm and incorruptibility. It is all yours. God loves you. He is not punishing you. He does not hate you. That is all true. Yet, you are, we are, me too, are in a fallen condition. This correction must be accomplished for us to enter into all the promises. In order for us to receive this correction, associated with this correction, He is challenging us to look into our own heart to see anything that does not measure up to His standard of righteousness, and to join with Him to overcome it, through the death of it.


We see the people preaching reconciliation preaching only the right hand of God's message of salvation. He is the second man that is preaching a message that God has told me is the apostasized message of reconciliation. It is so well mixed with truth that unless someone is really keen to it, you are going to be receiving the lie along with the truth. Let me say this. I started to tell you before we put the tape on. You can benefit from the average reconciliation newsletter today. It is giving you the message of God's right hand, and that is all true. I do not want to convince you, God has to convince you, but you can learn the message of God's right hand, if you know in your heart that everyone is not going to enter in automatically, that there is a judgment of our own adamic soul, and that we must confess our sins. What is sin? It is everything in our nature that is not up to the standard of the perfection of Jesus Christ. Everything that is not in His perfection is sin, and it must be dealt with and rooted out to its death, and it must be replaced with the righteousness or the righteous characteristic of God. Do you understand that?


As long as you cans say amen to that, I do not see any problem with reading any of these reconciliation newsletters. Now this one came out today and he is saying true things. I am just going to point out a couple of lines that the Lord had me circle here to give you an idea of what I am talking about. He starts off talking about union in Greek and then he goes on to talk about a chemical bond. He says, perhaps the best way to explain a chemical bond would be the concept of the elements sodium and chloride. Separately they are both lethal. They will kill you if you take them in. If the two chemicals are mixed together, they still remain separate in identity, but together in a mixture, that mixture will kill you. But if the two are joined so completely that they form a new substance, that new substance is salt. Sodium and chloride, when joined, mixed totally to the point that they are a new element, they produce salt, common table salt, which humanity needs. We need salt in our system. They not only do not kill you, they provide a life giving substance. He is saying here that this is what is happening with the life of Christ and the life of humanity. This is not true.


When the life of Christ mixes with the human mind, the life of Christ will remain unchanged. We have teaching on this. We got it right out of the Book of Revelation. We found it in two different places. I am not going to go into it now, but it is on other tapes. When the mind of Christ joins with the carnal mind, there is not going to be a third substance formed. The carnal mind will be totally swallowed up, and the mind of Christ will prevail. He is not changing. Do you hear what I am saying? It is very dangerous. What is it doing at its root? It is giving the glory to man. Listen. It is giving the glory to man. In case anyone does not know what I am talking about, I am going to put it right on here. When the mind of Christ totally possesses your vessel, He will become you. It is the soul in you that is going to bend its knee and utterly submit to the mind of Christ coming through you. He is not compromising with you. He is not meeting you half way. He is not mixing with you and making a new creature out of you. He is adding Himself to you in His fullness, in His wholeness, in His completeness, and that addition to you is going to change the soul man in you, but Christ is not changing.


Then he goes on to say the identity of you remains as a personality. I believe that this is true until the glorification. If you remember my teaching, the first and second stage of the resurrection is when the personality of Christ is fully expressed through us. But there is a third stage where everything, every part of us including the body, is completely swallowed up and we become Spirit like Jesus is. At that point, I do not believe the human personality remains. I believe we are swallowed up into the complete Spirit of the Glorified Christ. As I have told you many times before, that I believe that Christ experiences in every one of us can be likened to one of our childhood years. They are all swallowed up into what we are as an adult. Everything that He is experiencing through us will be found in Christ, but there can be only one overriding personality. Mary at age fifty years old, whatever you are, you are not a mixture of Mary at ten and Mary at fifteen. Mary at ten and Mary at fifteen has contributed to what you are, but you are Mary at fifty years old. That part of your life experience is very greatly suppressed. It is not a predominant personality trait. If it is a predominant personality trait, you have got a problem. Some people bring their childhood into their adulthood and they are suffering from it.


What he said here is the identity of you remains as a personality, but your identity expresses through it the very nature of God. Well, that is true at this intermediate stage, but not in the stage of the glorification. Then he says, thus the death of Adam. Well, he is speaking about the death of Adam. Wonderful. We know Adam has to die. Thus the death of Adam, that carnal mind, allows the mind of Christ in you to be brought forth in a special way with your God ordained personality trait. There is some truth in that. The next thing that he says is that he does counseling and holds seminars on the four personality traits. I want to tell you that I was in a church that was doing this. It is astrology. I want to tell you I was in a church where they preached this. There were teachings for several services.


Let me read it for the people that do not know what I am talking about. I hold seminars that discuss the four personality traits, same as shown in the four gospels, and show how each person is disposed to the one that predominates them. Now in these teachings they are all named after an animal. There is the lion and there is the ox. I was in the church that was teaching this. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed, and God would not let me get it done. He said it is an astrology reading.


I do not ask anyone to take my word for it. I just ask that you pray about what I am telling you. In my opinion, this man has the deepest revelation of God among the few evangelists of today. Yet, if you have ears to hear it and eyes to see, in the midst of what I would call high level doctrinal teaching and deep revelation, is injected the occult. I am telling you, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. I am so excited because this says to me that those that are going to stand up in full stature are going to stand up very soon. I cannot tell you how excited I am.


I want to turn to the next page and read something else to you. This I believe is true. He says here that our soulish nature cannot be redeemed. It cannot be redeemed because our carnal mind is at enmity with God. Jesus came to set free our spirit, our human spirit, which was bound by the carnal mind. Amen. I would have to say the carnal mind and Satan, but amen. His coming was to release us. Release what? Release our human spirit. Is that not what I teach? I do not know if you are aware of it, but that is what I teach, that Eve, our human spirit, must be released from Satan and the carnal mind. She is being released through fiery trials. This ungodly union of the three of them is being melted apart through the fiery trials. He is coming to release us so that the mind of Christ could be developed by the joining of our spirit to His Spirit. That is true. Amen! He came back to break us from the prostitution of Adam. Well, I would disagree with him on a fine point. It is the prostitution of Eve, but amen, it is true. Anti-christ is mixture. That is the danger of it. No one is going to become a Hindu. No one is willingly going to go into the occult. It is this ungodly doctrine filtering into the true doctrine of God, subtlety.


Then he goes on to say, which I agree with also, when union with God comes, there is a change from Adam, who is a living soul to a life quickening spirit. Amen. Now one paragraph back, he talks about the prodical son. He says the parable of the prodical son reveals one of the households, meaning the household of God, I believe, who gives himself over to the flesh and desires. Now this is very subtle. This is very subtle. Pray about it because the underlining doctrine here is that man has full control. The underlining doctrine is that man has full control, whether he joins with Christ or whether he gives himself over to the flesh. Now I am preaching that it is a battle, but without the power of God, there is no way that we could win it. It is really the battle of Jesus Christ. Pray about it. He is saying man has the authority to choose, and I do not believe we do. Jesus Christ is in control of everything that is happening to His creation, which is His wife, and no man has ever hated his own flesh. He is going to save His creation, and He is going to do that job well, and it is going to be His victory and no man will take the glory for what the Lord Jesus Christ has done. Adam is not going to take the glory, least of all any individual man, which is like an insect in comparison to the Lord.


Then he goes on to say, the purpose of the exodus from Egypt is for you, while in the desert, to recognize reunion with Him by removing the fleshpots in Egypt from your soulish eyes. Again, do it yourself. God hopes that you will focus within, with your spiritual eyes, and identify with who you are. Now this is not quite so hidden to me, but maybe it is to you. Brethren, we are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God, which is Christ within us, because we identify with it. We are going to enter into the Kingdom of God when that Kingdom of God, which is Christ in you, becomes mature enough to swallow up everything in you that is not of Him, and destroy it to the fullest extent that when we eat a steak it absolutely dies to every characteristic that would identify it as a steak. You could start with the cow. We are not walking around with a cow on our body. We are walking around with flesh on our body because the cow is slaughtered and the flesh was cooked as in the Levitical offerings. It was either roasted or boiled, and it was consumed by a higher life form. We shall become the flesh of that higher life form, but the cow no longer has an existence of its own.


I am telling you, if you hear from God, if God quickens this to you, I pray you hear the truth from God. What they are saying is that they are exalting man. Even though further up he said Adam has to die, he is still denying that mankind must die and change into another form. This whole existence, as we know it, is vanity. As the Lord told you earlier, it must come down. It must cease to be, and we will live in another form as the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ. I personally believe, and I have told you this, that I do not believe our existence will be as dead as the fact that our consumption of the cow has put flesh on our human body. I believe that God is a higher life form than we are in this flesh. We will have a form of existence that will be greatly superior to this, and that there will be some understanding.


I do not know what, but I tell you this, man as we know him now, will not enter into the Kingdom. He will not. He will not enter into the Kingdom as an individual. Flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom of God in no way. We are the inheritance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Spirit will inherit flesh and blood. We are His inheritance, and He is going to consume us. He is going to consume us with the fire of His mouth, and we must die to everything we are. The underlining message here is that we will not die, but that we in the condition that we are in now, are going to be improved. We are going to be renovated, we are going to be polished up, and have our tires changed, and have our carpets swept, and we are going to become acceptable to God. It is not true. There is no glory, not even the glory that could fit on a pinhead, to man. It all goes to the Lord Jesus Christ. He will not give His glory to another. Are you understanding what I am saying so far, the subtlety of this deception? Glory to God.


Now this. As many of you know, I do not celebrate Christmas. I do think it is pagan, but I rejoice for those who do. The men that preach this doctrine of ultimate reconciliation, they will not name sin. They will not name sin. They pronounce everything good. They say, now we are preaching life and everything in the whole creation is entering into life, and there is no more sin. They will not call sin, sin. That is the statement that is prevalent in the Book of Judges, and every man did what was right in his own sight. It is what is going on in this country today. Every man is doing what is right in his own sight. It is the denial that the Lord Jesus Christ sets a spiritually and sexually moral standard. The standard to live by is set by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is denying that.


He is denying it under a perversion of the Scripture. If you have listened to the tape before this one, which we preached Sunday night, the Lord brought forth that Satan perverts the Scripture, and that if we receive a perverted Scripture, we have received a lie and it will hinder us from entering in. That is Satan's method of operation. If he cannot get you away from the Scriptures, he perverts it. I want to tell you, Jesus Christ exposes sin, and deals with that sin, and destroys that sin. He wipes it out. When Jesus Christ comes up against sin, the sin is wiped out. He uses to justify this statement the Scriptures. He says why do I rejoice with those who do, because Christ is being uplifted. See Philippians 1: 15-18. Well brethren, in those scriptures Paul says, Christ is preached to cause me to stumble is used against me, etc. etc. though I rejoice that Christ is preached. But listen to what Paul is saying. Christ is preached. This is not Christ. This is not the true message. This is a lie. This is not the true word. This is not the same thing as taking a true scripture and arguing over it.


Now his next statement is, fighting over who is right and their interpretation of Christmas is like fighting over how many angels are on a pinhead. Well, that is true, we are not suppose to fight over it, but we are suppose to take a stand for those who are undecided. They are suppose to know that Brother so and so is for it and Sister so and so is against it. Lord, what do you want me to do? We are not suppose to fight over it, but we are suppose to speak the truth and take a stand on it. This I also experienced in that other church that was giving seminars on the four possible human personalities, which the Lord has told me is astrology. The same principle, he says, a chorus is sung by the name, this is the day. It is better to change it like the saints have in Chicago have done by saying I am the day. Listen to the exaltation of man. Listen to it. I am the day. I was in this church. They would get up on the blackboard and take scripture applying to Jesus Christ and put their own name in it.


They were preaching that God has more than one begotten son. There is another important issue here. At that point, until God explained it to me, I faulted. They were saying, well, is not Christ coming forth in me? Are we not many begotten sons? Brethren, Christ is a many membered man. We are not the son of God in and of ourselves. He is a many membered man, and each of us is one of His members. There is only one begotten son. At one point, I even preached there were two begotten sons because I got the revelation that there is a second generation of Christ, which is Christ Jesus. I do have it on one tape where I said it looks like there are two begotten sons, but certainly no more than that. Now the Lord has corrected me on that. There is one begotten son. In the first generation of Christ, the Son of God was begotten. He gave up His soulish life and split Himself up so that He could be the mind of the second generation Christ, but the two are one. There is only one begotten son because the first generation of Christ and the second generation of Christ is one. The first generation of Christ, which is the mind of Christ, is inside of the many members of the second generation of Christ, and now therefore one generation of Christ. Can you understand this? There is only one begotten son.


Brethren, I want to tell you, I was in this congregation that had these two teachings that are appearing in this one newsletter, and God scattered them to the four winds. The church is closed down. I am not in a battle with this man. It is my job to reveal the truth, and I will do it to the fullest extent God lets me. I bless him, and I am not against him at all. If you hear excitement in my voice, it is because I am so excited because this says to me that Christ is really about to appear very soon.


Congregation: This reminds me of a vision that someone shared a long time ago of the form of Christ with all little heads of His people that composed His hands and feet throughout all His body, just one man.


Can you see the exaltation of man in this doctrine? After you hear the analyzation, can you see the exaltation of man? I am the day because Christ is in me, I am the day. No, no, Jesus is the day. Jesus is the new day. I am going to repeat what was just said by a woman in the congregation because it did not go on the tape. The lady said, we are in Christ more. What they are preaching is that we are in Christ more than Christ is in us. They are making Christ their household pet. Listen to what they are saying. We are imperfect, we are corruptible, we are dying, but we found this household pet, we found this chemical, we found this invention, and when we learn how to use Him, when we learn how to identify with Him, we are going to be whole. No, you are not. Do you see how they are exalting man and making Christ the servant of man? This group of people knows that they need Christ. They have tried everything else. They know that the doctors and the scientists will never preserve this planet or our bodies. They know they need Christ, but they are trying to use Christ like a new invention. They are trying to use Christ like a fountain of life. Is that what Don Coyote was looking for? There are these fantasies in our folklore where people go out and enter the wilds of Africa and South America and they are looking for the water that is going to give them eternal life. They talk about it in the book Don Coyote and other places.


They have found Him, and they are trying to apprehend Him and use Him to accomplish their own purposes. It is New Age. I want to tell you it is so close that it is mind boggling. I thank God that He has done a job in my mind that lets me see what is happening in these newsletters because they are mixture. Anti-christ is mixture, and they are right in the ultimate reconciliation church. The Lord told me a month ago that this church has apostasized. This is another proof to me that it has apostasized, and that is another sign that Christ is about to appear. Apostatize means to turn away from the truth. It means to turn away from the truth. You see, they were on the right track. There is a reconciliation in God, but they turned off. They turned to the occult. Wow! It is real close. I just know it in my heart. It is just really close. I want to tell you something else about the way God works. This is a principle, if you are trying to understand God. To me this is an established principle of His life and His word. When He brings forth the next measure of truth, the measure of truth below it, has an opportunity to give up where they were wrong and go forward. But in any event, they are going to fall away. They are replaced by the next layer of truth that God is bringing forth. Do you know what I am talking about?


Let me try it again. God is increasingly filtering knowledge into the human race. He wants us to understand Him, but we are very limited because we are human and pea brained compared to Him. God just told me how to express it. Each time, it happens on a regular basis, maybe every few years, nothing that you could predict, that the next level of doctrinal truth comes forth, the move of God of the moment moves into the latest measure of truth and leaves off of the level before it. Let me put it this way. God in the Church has a place which is His headquarters. God has a headquarters in the Church where the latest move of God is operating out of. Now the people, the average Lutheran or Methodist is not likely to be where the average Pentecostal is in relationship and knowledge. Can you say amen to that? Out of the Church, out of all the people that name the name of Christ in the world, there is a place where the Lord is at His most mature point in humanity at this time. Some people would say that is the reconciliation church.


A lot of people would say that. Most of the people in reconciliation would say that this is the latest move of God, and this is where He is moving. This is where He is charging forward, in the reconciliation church.


Assuming that is true, and I am not going to argue about whether or not it is true, because this is just an example. Do you understand the concept that God is in a particular place in the Church where He is most active, where His Spirit is moving most mightily? Can you say amen to that? Okay. Whatever that place is, this is just an example. When the next level of doctrine comes out, God's headquarters, God's point of focus, God's point of strength in the earth, is in the deepest measure of truth that is available in that hour. He moves into the latest measure of doctrine that is being preached. If the people who were preaching the most deepest level of doctrine do not go on, do not receive the new measure of doctrine that is being preached, they fall down into a different category. They are no longer a part of God's headquarters. The lady just said like the move of the Cloud. Exactly, so you understand what I am saying. The reason that the ultimate reconciliation church is apostasizing so rapidly is that the next level of truth is being preached. I do not know where else it is being preached, but I know it is being preached here. I am not saying it is the ultimate, but I am saying it is the next level of truth that is being funneled into the Church. Every ministry will receive a chance to go on to make their corrections in their doctrine and to go on and enter into this realm. Those who do not will find themselves no longer operating or preaching out of the headquarters of God or the move of God of the hour. Do you know what I am talking about?


That is why they are apostasizing so rapidly. The next move of God has come. I have to believe because God is a righteous God, that He is going to give every one of them an opportunity, either by speaking to them directly or they will get a tape, or however He is going to do it. He is going to show them which way the Cloud is moving now, which way the River is turning now, and He is going to give them a chance to correct their errors. If they correct their errors, they will move on up to the next move, but if they will not because of pride, they will stay where they are, and that move of God will lift off of their ministry.


I have sent out the Daniel Series to most of these ministers. Most of them did not write to me. I heard from two ministers that are not particularly well known. They both said that they believe it was true that the Little Horn is Christ waging war against the sin in His people. Not one of the well known evangelists


responded to me. I guess they think they are religious by not criticizing me, and I guess they think it is the right thing to do, to not stride with me. I do not agree. I do not believe that you should struggle or stride, but I think if someone sends you some tapes, that you should tell them what you think about it, that you should communicate, but that is neither here nor there. I sent out these tapes almost two years ago, and I have been wondering why I have not heard from them. Finally I got the idea that they did not agree with me and that this is how they are dealing with it.


The Lord has told me recently that their issue, their point of disagreement with me is where I say we have a soul that must be judged and killed. What they are saying, according to this newsletter, that he believes in the death of the adamic soul. So what is the difference between what he is saying and what I am saying? The difference between what he is saying and what I am saying is that he is denying the sin in his adamic soul. He is just saying, well it is just there, and we are going to make this transfer, and we are going to start living out of Christ. There is no reason to acknowledge sin or error or unrighteousness in any way, no reason to impute any kind of blame. Provision is available in Christ. Just start living out of Christ and you are going to enter in.


I am saying that we will not enter in without a warfare, that our carnal mind will never let us enter into Christ without a warfare, and that we are not capable of delivering ourselves from our carnal mind. We have to enter into warfare on the side of Christ against our carnal mind, and we have to look at ourselves, and we have to see the sin. We have to call it sin and we have to kill it. The line is very fine. Someone listening to this tape may not even hear the difference between what he said and what I said. But I am telling you there is a difference. His message, or the message of the ultimate reconciliation church, is giving the glory to man. The message that is being preached here is giving all of the glory to Christ. The lady just said we are to serve Christ, Christ is not to serve us. The doctrine coming forth from the mind of man is that Christ is to serve us. This is not true. We are to serve Him.


The Lord gave me a dream not too long ago. It had to do with the apostatize of the ultimate reconciliation church or the Kingdom Church, as I sometimes call it. I would like to read that dream to you from my file, and give you the interpretation that I have written up for it in my file. I also want to make some additional comments. Just to make it clear to you, the Lord gives me many dreams. A large percentage of the time, I type them into the computer with the interpretation. The Lord has witnessed to me that this dream that I am about to read to you applies to this tape. As I told you I am going to read it to you, and then I am going to read the written interpretation interjecting my present comments with it. I would rather not use names, but it was my brother-in-law and my sister in the dream. My brother-in-law was giving my sister many dresses. I noticed that the material was not too expensive, but there was a great deal of labor put into the design and construction, which made the dresses very expensive. In the next scene, my brother-in-law had his arm around me and had incestuous thoughts in his mind, but would not yield to them. In the next scene my sister and brother-in-law and their child and I were going to stay overnight in some house. The owner of the house claimed to be a Christian, but in reality the house was a Halloween house. My sister and brother-in-law thought everything was fine, but the child knew the house was a Halloween house, and ran out of it. She entered into an automobile, which was right outside of the house ,and locked herself in. But the wicked invisible Satanic force from the Halloween house followed her outside and broke through the window of the automobile with his spiritual strength.


The interpretation is my sister represents the Church and my brother-in-law represents Satan, and they are married. We know Satan is married to the Church. Does anyone not know that Satan is married to the Church? He is revealed frequently, more often than Christ through the Church, in case you do not know it.


Satan has given the Church the gift of many coverings or many bodies or many individual human beings. The fabric they are made of is not valuable because this flesh is very vile, and their soul is unsaved. But the labor made the garments valuable. These garments are valuable because Christ is going to take them over and give eternal life to them. He is going to finish us off, but Satan had produced all of these vessels in this realm of appearance. The people ,which the garments represent, are valuable because of the bride quality work they do for the Kingdom of God. Even though Satan has generated their bodies, Satan is giving the gift, not only because he has generated the individuals, but because he has become the head of the Church. He is giving the gift.


This dream is saying Satan is giving gifts to the Church. Satan is very very active in the Christian Church. How is he active? He is condemning a lot of people. Is not Satan the accuser of the brethren? Satan is being revealed through the Church, in many instances more than Christ. I have a note here to see Matthew 24 verses 14 to 28. This part of the dream is speaking of verse 15 in particular. When you therefore shall see the abomination and desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place. In the dream, I typify Christ in the Church. Now for all you religious people that are going to say I have pride, I want to put it on this tape that Christ is a Spirit, and in our dreams the only way He has of telling us that He is talking about Himself is to appear or give the symbol of a believer that has a close union with Christ. That is how I say I was Christ. Lots of times there are other people in my dreams that are symbolizing Christ. It has to be a believer that has a deep walk with the Lord. Then of course you also analyze the person's role in the dream.


Now the reason I say that I typify Christ was that my brother-in-law's incestuous thoughts towards me indicate that Satan is trying in every way she can to seduce Christ or the spiritual man in the Church. Remember that my brother-in-law is related. We are all related to Satan. He has generated our bodies and he has generated our adamic souls. We are related to him. We are Christ, but our mother, Eve, is still all mixed up in there with Satan and the carnal mind. He really is a very close relative at this point of our development. He is continuously trying to seduce us to commit adultery with him in the carnal mind. The symbol of this came up in my dream as my natural brother-in-law trying to seduce me.


Now remember, all of you who are listening to this tape, who are not very much into dream interpretation, God is a Spirit and the message He is giving us is usually spiritual. When we get dreams or visions, if we interpret them carnally, we are destroying God's purposes, and then we can do great destruction in our life. Now do not go around thinking that my brother-in-law is any kind of a pervert because he is not. If you have a dream along these lines, do not go about thinking that your family members are all perverted. Ask God for the spiritual interpretation of your dream.


In the dream, I typified Christ. Why? Because my brother-in-law keeps trying to seduce me into incest and I am resisting. I know that the spiritual man in the church or Christ in the church is resisting that seduction. In this dream I resisted the seduction. That is another reason why I said I symbolized Christ in the dream because I succeeded in resisting the seduction. You cannot resist Satan without the strength of Christ in you. In the dream my brother-in-law resisted his incestuous motives, but the spiritual reality is that the spiritual man in me resisted Satan, which is my own adamic being. This reversal resulted from the dream passing through my carnal mind. What I am saying is that in the dream, my brother-in-law was resisting being incestuous, but the reality is that Christ is the one that is resisting the incest. Once again, I have to remind you that when we dream or have visions, they pass through our carnal mind, which lets us see things from the opposite side of the mirror. In the dream, there was the one who was typifying Satan resisting the incest, but the reality is that it was Christ. In any individual that Christ is coming forth in, he is resisting the incest, the incestuous advances of Satan. Satan is always seeking to glorify himself and making himself God, so when the dream from God passes through our carnal mind, it comes out that He is the righteous one trying to resist. Do you know what I am talking about? Glory to God.


This part of the dream relates to verse 16. Then let them which be in Judea flee unto the mountains. The Halloween house is the Church structure. God sees it as a Halloween house. The child is the group of adamic believers within the Church who are faithful to God. They have run from the wickedness. Now remember, that everyone that names the name of Christ is not a child of the Kingdom. To be a child of the Kingdom, the seed must have been ingrafted in you. There are three categories of believers that have the ingrafted seed. Children, young men, and fathers. I remind you here, this is a very hard word, but God is not even addressing the people that do not have the ingrafted word. You are natural men that have been baptized with the Holy Spirit. You are natural men who have entered into a relationship with the Lord, that hopefully will result in your conception of His Son, but you have not conceived. You are therefore a menstrual rag. I am sorry, for it is a hard word. Ask the Lord for conception. If you are hearing this tape, do not panic and do not curse me. Just ask the Lord for conception, but the truth is the Kingdom of God is in His life, and it has to get inside of you, and it is not the baptism with the Holy Spirit. It is the ingrafted seed, which is going to grow into His full adult son.


The child in the Halloween house is the group of adamic believers within the Church who have received the ingrafted seed and who are faithful to God. They have run from the wickedness in the Church, but they are hiding behind a carnal defense, which is their own soul or their own works. Remember, they ran out of the house and they are hiding in a car in front of the house. They are hiding from Satan in the Church by their own carnal works, which is binding and losing, a false doctrine of the Kingdom or anything that their own mind could imagine to defend themselves, denial and all kinds of things. Our only defense is Christ. He is our only defense. We must get inside of His life, which is inside of us.


This part of the dream relates to verse 17. Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house. It means leave the corrupt Church world only with that which is permitted in the realm you have risen to. Do not try to take things with you from the realm below that have no place in the realm above that you have ascended to. Anything you have to lower yourself spiritually to take with you, do not do it, like the observance of Christmas for example. There are certain things we are going to have to give up to ascend to a higher realm in Christ. We just talked about this on the earlier part of this tape. It is not okay for others. There is a difference between standing for righteousness and saying what I am saying. It is not okay. You cannot bring that baggage up into the realm of the Spirit with you. Please pray about this. There is a difference between that and me condemning you, and trying to force you to change. I am telling you the truth. The ministry that says they are rejoicing in it, you are killing these people. You are killing them. Glory to God.


Many are going back to Christmas today. The Lord has shown me that many people that have ascended into Sonship and Reconciliation are going back into Christmas. Everywhere I look, I see people going back into Christmas. Satan penetrated their defense. Now remember, the spiritual force of the Halloween house attacked the car that the children were hiding in. Satan penetrated the carnal defenses of the children that ran from the house. This aspect of the dream refers to verse 18. Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. When you find out that you are still carnal and that Satan has penetrated your defenses, do not go back to the church world to take up your old cover. This happens to a lot of people. They think they have become very spiritual. They think they have all power over all the power of the enemy, and they are binding and losing and doing all these things. Then God reveals to them that they are not all powerful because all power is only in Him, and we are never all powerful in our own defense. When God reveals to you that you are vulnerable, do not get devastated and go back to the carnal church because I know people that this has happened to.


I know several people that came out of the church, that I spoke about earlier, that God utterly shut down because of the occultism that was operating there. They were into deep, deep, deep doctrine, and they are now going to one of the most carnal churches on Long Island. They were so devastated finding out about their vulnerability that they rejected everything, and they did not take that which was of God. They just rejected the whole thing. We were talking about gold ore earlier. They rejected the whole lump of ore without putting their soul through a smeltering process and retaining that gold which had been found in them. They just got rid of it. They must have had such a bad experience that they just got rid of everything. Do not do that. Put yourself through the smeltering process. Let yourself go through the fires and retain that which of God which has been developed in you. Do not go back to childhood. Do you know that in the natural world a lot of people that are very hurt people, regress. It is called regression. They go back to their childhood. They want to be children again. Have you heard of that? Well, this is what happened to these people. They found out that they bit off more than they could chew, and I do not know specifically what happened to them. I just know that right now they are in one of the most carnal churches on Long Island.


Sometimes it is okay to draw a conclusion. I am drawing the conclusion that they have bitten off more than they could chew. They were burnt so bad that they went all the way back to kindergarten. These people say that they hate this doctrine. They were sorry they ever learned it, and they were praying for God to utterly burn every last memory of it out of them. I know for a fact that they hate deep doctrine and they are in one of the most carnal churches on Long Island. I am going to suggest to you that they got burnt, and they got burnt real bad, and they ran back to kindergarten to help them. The Lord is saying do not do that. Do not go back to the church world to take up your old cover. This aspect of the dream refers to the believers who have come out of the church world, but are with child, which means they are pregnant with Christ. When you are pregnant with Christ, you are vulnerable because your adamic defenses have begun to be destroyed, but you have not yet given full birth to Christ. What am I saying? We will find ourselves in a wilderness experience where God is destroying our adamic defenses, taking binding and losing away, taking in a measure old order deliverance away, and the Christ defenses in us are not fully erected. We find ourselves vulnerable, as vulnerable as a nine month pregnant woman. You usually need some sort of help when you have got a big belly like that. You might survive without it, but it sure is nice to have someone helping you a little bit. There is a wilderness experience where we are vulnerable, where we have come out, but we have not yet entered in.


I was saying that this aspect of the dream refers to believers who have come out of the church world, and they are in one of two categories. The second category is that they have given birth. The Scripture says they are giving suck. This is two categories of believers. I personally do not believe the people in the category of giving suck have Christ fully born in His full maturity in them because if they did, they would be in full stature. I think this is the Scripture's way of saying there are two levels. Once you receive the ingrafted seed, you are either a pregnant woman and totally vulnerable or the Scripture describes you as giving suck. You have entered into some degree of maturity, but you are still vulnerable. Anyone who has had a baby knows that when you have a suckling infant, you are still very vulnerable. You have a small life that you are in charge of that needs care. They are totally dependent and defenseless and your obligation to care for them makes you dependent, especially if they are suckling also, drawing your very life substance out of you. You have to eat almost twice as much when you are nursing. What is happening in the natural is that you are taking the food, you are chewing the food, you are consuming the food, and it is coming out of your body in a form that is digestible for this infant. It is a tremendous responsibility and it is a drain on your biological processes as well as on your emotional processes because you have this tremendous responsibility. You are stronger than the pregnant woman, but you are still very vulnerable.


The people in the Church that are in this condition are those who are more mature than the believers who are pregnant. I am reading from my dream now. I just told you that. Nursing women are dependent upon their men. Of course, the third stage of receiving the ingrafted word is that you become a spiritual man. Then we have the scripture that says, but pray that you are not forced out of the church world without having conceived. This must be verse 18. I have an alternate translation here. But pray that you are not forced out of the church world without having conceived or received the ingrafted word, which will happen to those who remain until the Sabbath day, the day that God rests because the sons of God have manifested. But pray that you are not forced out of the church world without having conceived. The woman in the wilderness. I know someone that this happened to. How could you be forced out of the church world without having conceived? Well, there are two different spiritual forces that can force you out of the church world. If Christ forces you out of the church world, you will have conceived, or at least He is going to send you to a place where you are going to conceive. He is going to take care of you, but if your pride forces you out of the church world, you will enter into the wilderness without Christ as a dependent woman, and only disaster could come upon you.


Someone just mentioned Hagar. Well, that is very interesting. Even on a recent tape, we have the teaching that those of us that have conceived Christ are bearing two children, the child of promise which is Christ, and the child of the flesh which is Ishmael. Hagar is our adamic soul that has produced Ishmael in us. If we are forced out of the church, and it is our own pride, our own adamic soul doing it, we are Hagar in the wilderness. If Christ forces us out of the church, we are Christ in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. If we are a natural man and we let our pride or our rebellion force us out into the wilderness, we are a natural man who is being destroyed. She would have been destroyed, her and her child, if it was not for the mercy of God. See the difference? It is interesting.


Verse 28. For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Christ appears only where Adam has died. The meaning of verse 28 is that Christ appears only where Adam has died. The overall message in the dream is that Satan has penetrated the believers who have escaped from the church world, also known as the Kingdom ministries or the ultimate reconciliation ministry. Christ, wherever He is truly manifesting, has not been seduced. Alleluia! Glory to God.


I am going to expound on Matthew 24 starting with verse 4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you, for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many. Brethren, I suggest to you that coming in the name of Christ means coming in His Spirit. Many will come in the Spirit of Christ. A large part of the deception of the end time deception, that will deceive the very elect, is that the spirit on the men preaching the deception will appear to be Christ. In some instances may in fact be Christ. There shall be many coming with a Spirit of Christ, but they shall not be Christ. They may have some measure of Christ, and is not Christ His Word? They will be coming with deep doctrine, brethren. We already know they are going to be coming with miracle working power. They are going to be coming doing signs and wonders.


I am suggesting to you that this scripture which says many shall come in my name or my Spirit saying I am Christ means. It is referring to the fact that many shall come preaching something very close to the true gospel of perfection. Large parts of their doctrine will in fact be true. They will say to you, because I have this doctrine I am Christ. But Jesus said, be not deceived. I am saying to you, just as the Scripture says, he that does miracles, cast out demons and healing, does not necessarily have to be Christ. That alone is not the sign of Christ. It can be an imputed anointing. I am also saying to you, the doctrine alone does not mean that that person is Christ. Everything has to be present. All the signs have to be present to call a man Christ. He has to have miracle working power to deliver and heal. He has to have the true doctrine and the Gospel of perfection. Last, but certainly not least, and most important, he must come in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. I declare to you, brethren, that the righteousness of Jesus Christ exposes and deals with and ultimately destroys sin. It does not say do your own thing and I rejoice with you in it. That is not the righteousness of Christ. You need all three elements, brethren. If the man has miracle working power and a lot of deep doctrine that is right on the nose, check out his righteousness, and check out his attitude towards sin. All three elements of the Christ must be present.


Verse 6. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. I suggest to you there will be wars in the natural, but there will also be wars in the realm of the spirit. Individual members fighting against their own adamic soul in the strength of Christ, and there will also be wars within the Church from one element against another. One man will wage war against another in his mind, and our own carnal mind will wage war against the Christ in us. Wars and rumors of wars on many levels, but the end is not yet.


Verse 7. For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilence, and earthquakes in divers places. A nation is the traditional scriptural word for the non Jew. A kingdom refers to a nation that is ruled over by a king. I am suggesting to you that the nation is the believer that does not have the ingrafted word, and that a kingdom is a believer that has the ingrafted word, but may or may not be living out of it. So nation shall rise against nation, man shall rise against man, and kingdom against kingdom. A believer with the ingrafted word shall rise against another believer with the ingrafted word. Why? Because he is not living out of Christ. If two men have the ingrafted word and they both are living out of Christ, they would be in peace. If two men have the ingrafted word and they are rising one against the other, at least one is not, if not both of them, have to be living out of their adamic soul and their carnal mind, even though the kingdom of God has been conceived in them.


Verse 8. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Now brethren, if you have studied with us for awhile, you will know that we discovered, I believe in the 18th series in the Book of Genesis, when God pronounces the curse on Eve, He tells her she will bring forth in sorrow. We found out that there is a translation of that Hebrew word, translated sorrow, which is referring to birth pangs. It is referring to birth pangs and it can also be translated to give birth in a flesh body, to bring forth the way animals bring forth. I am suggesting to you that the Greek word translated sorrows here is the equivalent of that Hebrew word. When Jesus said this is the beginning of sorrows, He is saying this is the beginning of the birth pangs that you will feel as Christ begins to come forth in you. Alleluia!


Verse 9. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you, and you shall be hated of all nations for my name sake. Then shall they, who are they? The nations, the people that do not have the ingrafted seed in them. I suggest to you, brethren, there are going to be more people out of the category of believers who are baptized with the Holy Spirit, but do not have the ingrafted word, than there are going to be complete heathens or members of other religions out there, killing you. It is going to be the so called Christians that do not have the ingrafted word. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted. Brethren, I suggest to you that, of course, this is going to happen in the natural. Be prepared for it to happen in the spiritual also. It is going to happen in the realm of your soul. They are going to afflict you with their minds and with their mouths. There is witchcraft power in the tongue. They shall kill you, they shall truly kill your adamic soul. They cannot kill Christ in you. This is why Bill Britton wrote My Beloved Enemy. Thank you for killing my adamic soul, and giving me the opportunity to live out of Christ. I forgive you and love you for all that you have done. Ye shall be hated of all nations for my name sake. You shall be hated of all men in whom the ingrafted word is not present. That includes people that call themselves Christians, that claim they have the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We have a tape on that, the truth about baptism. Just about nobody is baptized in the Holy Spirit. We have received the Holy Spirit, which is a lesser manifestation of what the apostles experienced. The apostles were baptized with the Holy Spirit and the signs that reveal that are not the signs that we are seeing today. Glory to God.


Verse 10. Then shall many be offended and shall betray one another and shall hate one another. Many people are going to be offended in you, brethren. These ultimate reconciliation ministries that are trying to tell you that you could be at peace with all men before Christ has put down their criminal tendencies are lying to you. They are a manifestation of the false Christ. You can accept everybody's sin and say that you rejoice in it, and that you glorify it, and that you no longer call it sin. It is just your dark side, but I am telling you, brethren, for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, this is a revelation and a witness to them that you are not Christ because His righteousness is not in you. Alleluia!


Verse 10. Many shall be offended and shall betray one another. Brethren, believe me, I have experienced more betrayal since I started moving into Christ than I ever experienced in my entire life. Let me tell you something, when you reach this point in Christ that you are really moving in, there is no one that you can truly trust other than the Lord Himself. Why? Because your most beloved friends, the most beloved relatives who love you dearly, will be seduced by their carnal mind, and they will betray you. Did not Peter deny that he knew Jesus? In accordance with Jesus' prophesy, he denied Him three times. Brethren, when the pressure is on, for all men who have not yet taken full authority over their carnal mind, those men will be seduced by their carnal mind from time to time. If they are still in the warfare, if they have not taken total dominion over their carnal mind so that it cannot sin, which is the condition of just about everybody that I know of in the Church, even now, they are fighting with their carnal mind, but sometimes they do not win that particular battle.


Well, there has got to come a time when they will betray you because of the time that they do not win the battle, and if in that time Christ is manifesting in you, they will betray you. Now that does not necessarily mean they have to turn you into the police. Betrayal occurs in human relationships. You are fighting a difficult battle using all the strength you have to continue to think with the mind of Christ, and your best loving advisor comes in and gives you counsel out of their carnal mind. Brethren, that is betrayal. If you are still at this particular point of weakness in Christ when that happens to you, their carnal counsel will bring you down out of the mind of Christ. Brethren, we must learn to discern Christ in everybody that we relate to, from second to second, from word to word, from situation to situation. If the counsel is of Christ, we take it, and if it is not, we are to reject it and resist it. It is a seduction. It is a betrayal coming from our most beloved friend and they do not even know what they are doing. Alleluia!


They shall surely hate you, brethren. They will cry by their beds at night telling the Lord how much they love you and asking for forgiveness, and asking that you never find out what is in their heart, but their carnal mind will hate you. Until they take total dominion over that carnal mind, that carnal mind will hate Christ in you. Of course, you will be doing it to others, also, until you take total dominion over your carnal mind. The children of the Kingdom will hate one another until their carnal mind is totally put down. Now that does not mean twenty-four hours a day you are going to be hating one another. But that hatred will be coming forth. We have found out here in Living Epistles that sometimes it comes forth without our knowledge depending upon how trained we have been to discern good and evil. That carnal mind can possibly get out from under our authority and do great damage to someone we love because we are not yet strong enough in Christ to either discern it or to stop it when we discern it. There is a wild beast inside of us. His name is the carnal mind, and in Christ, we are to put a leach on him and tame him, and put him down under our total authority. That is the battle of Armageddon. The battle of the two minds, the mind of Christ against the carnal mind. Glory to God.


Many false prophets shall rise and deceive many. Brethren, the false prophet is your carnal mind. It is Eve joined to Satan, manifesting through their offspring, the carnal mind. The carnal mind, the false prophet, will arise in someone that you know to be a sound believer. I just touched on it earlier. At the moment of your deepest crisis, where you are hanging on to the mind of Christ by a thread, if Satan can do it, if he can lay hold of a believer that will yield to his carnal mind in this particular instance, if he can do it in your best friend and closest advisor, if this is one of the instances that the carnal mind is winning the battle, for just that one second, he will send your best friend in to be a false prophet to you. The way he does it, there are many ways that he does it, but when there is pain in our body or pain in our soul, emotional distress, it weakens the Christ in us. Why? Because it directs all of our energies to our physical or emotional person to strengthen ourselves in that area. Christ is left vulnerable, so Satan is likely to do some damage in these areas, and then move on your best friend to give you some carnal advice.


Under those circumstances, that beloved friend is a false prophet to you. You know, brethren, it would be so simple if things were black and white. If there were the good guys, those in Christ, and they were in Christ all the time, and then there were the bad guys or the false prophets, and they were bad guys and false prophets all the time, we would know who they were. Would not that be easy? But that is not the way it works. In each human vessel, there is a false prophet and there is Christ. They are continuously rising and falling. Only one can be manifesting at any particular given instance. This is the battle of the minds, also known as Armageddon. We must discern from second to second who is manifesting in ourselves and who is manifesting in our best friend and most beloved advisor. It is not black and white. Glory to God. Alleluia for the truth!


Verse 12. And because inequity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Now we looked up those words in another tape, brethren. This word, love, is the word agape love. What this scripture is saying, because inequity, which is the carnal mind and demons, inequity shall abound because inequity shall overcome Christ in some battles, the love of many shall wax cold. The love of Christ in them shall be diminished. Because we are in this battle of the mind, there are times when the carnal mind is going to prevail, during those times, the Christ in you will go down. It will become cold. He will be weakened. Let me say it again. I told you earlier, this is the battle of the mind, and only one mind can be manifested at a time. So in those instances when the carnal mind is manifesting in you, the agape love which is Christ, shall grow cold. He is a sun that will go down under the feet of the carnal mind for that instance, for that circumstance, for that situation.


So what is the scripture saying? Brethren, I plead with you, open up your hearts. Many false prophets shall arise and deceive many. The false prophet in your best friend, and the false prophet in yourself, and the false prophet in the strongest believer you know, is going to arise. The next verse says, and because inequity shall abound, because that false prophet has arisen because the carnal mind is abounding in you, beloved, the many shall wax cold. Christ, the agape love, of the many that this is happening to, shall go down for that instance, for that second, for that circumstance, under the feet of the carnal mind. That is how false prophets shall arise and defeat many.


Verse 13. But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved. He who shall engage in this warfare, he who shall engage in this lifestyle, of continuously looking to discern Christ, and discern the carnal mind, and respond accordingly. How do you respond if your most beloved friend gives you advice out of the carnal mind? Brethren, depending on how strong you are in Christ, if you can do it, you say to them with the love of God, brother, I love you dearly, but I do not believe that is Christ in you. Would you pray about it? Let me point out to you in verse 13, you are not saved until you endure to the end. What is the end? The end is that Christ shall take total dominion over your carnal mind, and this battle of Armageddon shall be over, and the carnal mind shall never be able to be revealed through your minds or your expression, or your behavior again. That is salvation. That is the salvation of your soul. It is being saved through death. So if you think that you are saved because you have a preliminary relationship with Christ, you are mistaken. Because the carnal mind could not understand this doctrine, they made up some fantasy about the completion of your salvation after the death of your physical body. It is not true. It is not true.


Thank you Jesus. Alleluia! Glory to God.


Verse 14. This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come. This Gospel of the Kingdom or the Gospel of Perfection, the Gospel of the perfecting of the saints, shall be preached in all the world for a witness to all nations. It is going to be preached, not only to the far corners of the physical globe, but it has got to be preached to our entire earth. It has got to be preached to our human spirit, to our human soul. It has to be preached to the powers and the principalities within us, in accordance with the Book of Ephesians. It says the powers and principalities shall be made known this gospel by the Church. You must preach to the powers and principalities in our own mind, brethren. Then shall the end come. The end of what? The end of Armageddon, the end of the battle of the two minds. The battle shall end in the death of Adam, and the exaltation of Christ in your individual vessel.


Verse 15. When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolations, opened up by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place. We mentioned that earlier. It is the carnal mind standing in the holy place of your mind where he is ruling through you. The carnal mind, of course, is ruled by Satan.


Verse 16. Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains. If you are in Judea, go up higher, not in your brother, brethren, but in your own mind. When you see the carnal mind exalting himself in you, flee upward into the mountains where Christ is. Ascend spiritually. Petition the Lord to help you to ascend spiritually.


Verse 17. Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house. We touched on that too. To be on the housetop means to be a carnal man who is as spiritual as the Lord has permitted you to be while you are still a carnal man. So let him which is on the housetop, when they see the carnal mind taking over the Church, standing in the holy place of your mind and in the minds of the leaders of the Church. If you are in the housetop, if you are a man, and you are as high as you could go, you must have the ingrafted seed in some measure. Do not go back down to take anything out of your house. We touched on this earlier, so I am going to skip past it. Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes. If you have left the church world, brethren, do not go back to get your cover. Do not go back to get the cover of the carnal church. The Lord wants you stripped. If you find yourself in the field and you find yourself naked, praise God. Go on and get the new cover that God has for you. Do not go back to the church world. If you find yourself, for a season, not sure what to do, do not go back. Ask the Lord to show you and to direct you to the place that He wants you to be. I am speaking on two levels. I am speaking naturally. You ask Him whether He wants you in a fellowship, and which one and where, and you ask Him where He wants your mind to be. Ask Him to give you His mind. Do not solve your own problems, because when you try to solve your own problems, you are short changing yourself. You cannot out think the mind of God.


Woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days. We talked about that, so I am going to skip past it. But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day. Now in the winter, brethren, that is the time when the sun is not shining, and Christ is the sun of our righteousness. So pray, brethren, that you are not forced out of the Church when the sun of Christ is not arising in you. Pray that you are not forced out of the Church when you are still a natural man, and you do not have an intimate relationship with Christ. Pray also that your flight be not on the Sabbath day. We know that we have a natural Sabbath day, and we know that the spiritual Sabbath day is the day that God rests. He rests when His Son stands up in full stature and starts doing the works of God. That is the day when God rests, and that is also the day when man rests, when he lays down his carnal works, the works of his flesh, and he gets things done by spiritual power. It is the day that man stops laboring.


Verse 21. For then shall be great tribulation such as was not seen since the beginning of this world to this time, no, nor shall ever be. What this is saying, brethren, is that once the firstfruits of the sons of God stand up in full stature, great tribulation is going to fall upon the Church, those who are not in full stature. This great tribulation is coming directly from the mind of the sons in full stature. They are going to attack sin in mankind, both in the men in the Church, and the men in the world. They are going to attack sin with the specific purpose and intention of destroying it. Why? Because they will have the authority to save your life in Christ. They will have the authority to engraft the seed of Christ in you, and bring forth Christ so that when your soul dies from the tribulation, you can rise into Christ and be saved. Alleluia! This is a hard word. Glory to God.


Let me go back to verse 20. Pray that your flight be not on the Sabbath day. What He is saying to you is, pray brethren, that you be one of the firstfruits company. Let me tell you the trials are very hard. The trials are very hard as you move into the Kingdom. I cannot really imagine them being much harder than this. Yet the Scripture tells me, I believe it is saying, it is going to be easier for those who are being raised up, who are willingly working with the Lord to attain to full stature. It is going to be easier for those men than for the men who are taken against their will. Verse 10 is saying, pray that your flight be not in the winter when the sun of Christ is not arising in you. That means you do not have the ingrafted word. Neither pray that it be on the Sabbath day after the sons of God have manifested in full stature. Verse 20 is saying there are two categories of people who will be around when the judgments that come from the fully manifested sons hit the Church. One category is the person who is in the winter time, that their seed has not yet been ingrafted in them. Their sun has not been added to them. The second category are those who are not a part of the Sabbath day. This is the group of men who have received the ingrafted word, but did not stand up in full stature with the firstfruits.


We have other teachings, specifically from Joel on other tapes, where we say that for out of the group of men who have received the ingrafted word, those who do not stand up in full stature as a part of the firstfruits company, will be lumped together with the members of the Church that have not even received the ingrafted word. Here we see another witness to that. Jesus said, pray that you are not in either condition when the sons of God manifest. Pray that you are neither without the seed at all, pray also that you are not with the seed, but one who has not stood up in full stature. Why? For then shall be great tribulation such as was not seen since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. I want to tell you, I want to remind you, I told you this before, this does not necessarily mean that it is going to be a torturous tribulation with people screaming and yelling and running down the streets and being guillotined. Jesus was saying, there was never a tribulation of this nature before, never before has mankind been pregnant with and bringing forth the manchild. Never before, had there been such a tribulation, which is a spiritual labor, which will kill our adamic souls and bring forth Christ in us. The world had never seen it before and will never see it again.


Verse 22. Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Except those days of tribulation be shortened, there will be no souls or bodies left. We would die off. But for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened. Who are the elect? The elect are those in whom Christ is appearing. For the men in whom the seed has engrafted, the days of tribulation shall be shortened. Why? Because Christ shall appear in them, rise to full stature, and put their adamic soul underfoot. The judgment, brethren, is upon your adamic soul. It is not upon Christ in you. Do not push against the pricks. Lean into this judgment and get it over with as fast as you can.


Verse 23. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ or there; believe it not. Why? Because there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders. They are going to do supernatural miracles, healing and deliverance, insomuch that if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Now we found in verse 5, watch out for the false Christs that shall come in His Spirit, saying I am Christ, preaching doctrine. Here in verse 24 we are told, watch out for those who come with signs and wonders. They must come in righteousness, brethren. They must come in a spirit of righteousness.


Verse 25. Behold, I have told you before, wherefore if they shall say unto you, behold He is in the desert, go not forth. Behold He is in the secret chambers. Where is that? The secret chambers of your mind. If they say the outside of you, do not go forth. If they say He is inside of you, do not believe it. For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Of course, we know that He is coming forth within us. When the Christ is coming forth within you, you will know it. You will not need another man to tell you He is coming forth within you. For Christ to be coming forth within you, you have to know the Lord in some measure. Glory to God.


Verse 28. For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. Brethren, Christ is not appearing in you unless your adamic soul is dead. So as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of man be. Do not believe He is out in the desert. Do not believe He is another man. Do not go looking for Him. If they tell you He is in the secret chambers of your mind, do not believe it either, because He is only in one place. Christ is only in one place, and that place is in the man who has killed his adamic soul under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the place of that dead adamic soul is righteousness, hatred of sin, without condemnation, and bold expression against it.


In the name of Jesus, I bless you all and I pray for you. I pray that everyone that the Lord has called to this high calling of being in the firstfruits company, the first group of men in whom Christ will appear, that not one is lost. I bless the whole world, Lord. I bless the whole Church, Father, and I particularly bless this man, whose material I have been working from. I bless him, Father, and I thank God for him. I pray that you have mercy upon your people and upon your Church and upon the world. But I also know that you have a plan, Lord, and that plan says that not everybody is going to manifest at once. So I pray for your perfect plan, Lord, for those men who you have ordained, from before the foundation of the earth, to be the firstfruits company.




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