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The Lord asked me to speak to you about two things this evening. If He lets me, we’ll continue with the life message, but if He doesn’t, we’ll just go with His spirit. And I’d just like to comment on the move of the spirit here early [sic] it was wonderful. The Lord wants to be in charge of every meeting that bears His name. And in the church at large today, this rarely happens. Either the person ruling the meetings cannot hear from God or has cut God off. It’s a rare occasion to find a minister that yields to the spirit.


Someone said to me not too long ago, do you have an intercessory prayer group? I said, no, the only thing that we have that’s structured is two meetings a week, Thursdays and Sundays at 6:30, and if everybody would hear from God and come every time He called a meeting, I wouldn’t even do that. There’s not a doubt in my mind that the Lord is willing to have no structured meetings if when He put out the call for a meeting everybody dropped everything and came, but we are not yet there, brethren. Most of us wouldn’t even hear it, and if we heard it, we would think either it was a figment of our imagination, or tell Him that we didn’t want to break the plans that we already had.


Glory to God.


This meeting is a gathering that is ruled by the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I thank God for it. And if you want to crush this kind of an outpouring, it can only happen when man comes in and tries to inflict his programs and his restrictions and his time schedules on people. And I look forward to the day that the Lord calls me by divine appointment, and that the meeting takes form. I look forward to that day that we’re all that -- to be honest with you, I don’t know if I would hear Him. I might hear Him. I know that it’s happened to me. I was listening to the message “The Truth about Baptism” the other day, and that meeting was by divine appointment, and it was here, and there was only a few of us that heeded to the call. And I have an exhortation on that message that the most -- the average person that was called didn’t realize that they didn’t have a choice, that God was calling them to church. And they all decided, except a couple of people that came, that they couldn’t break their previously made plans. So that is why we have structured meetings on Thursdays and Sundays at 6:30. But the day will come that it won’t be so. The day will come -- first -- it’ll come in stages.


First it will come that the Lord will have a faithful core of people who will be able to hear Him, and they’ll probably make phone calls and announce the meeting. And most of the people will say that they can’t break their previous plans, or they’ll have some reason why they can’t come. How many years this is going to take, I don’t know, but eventually there will be no structure at all. The call will go out in the realm of the spirit. I’m gathering my sayings for a spiritual experience, and everybody that is called will come. How wonderful.


Now you have to believe that when that happens God is going to make a way for you to come. He’s not going to expect you to leave your children without being fed. The key to this whole thing is -- just for the record, I don’t know when we’re coming to this -- but just for the record when you hear the call you say, Lord, I hear you call but I have three children that have not been fed. I have five children that do not have a guardian to take care of them if I come. What is your answer to my problem? I desire to go. If You’ll make a way, I will go. And now the obligation and the responsibility is Yours. There is nothing more I can do. I cannot leave children unattended or unfed. And your blood is on His hands. Whose hands? The hands of the Father. You are off the hook, but if you don’t pray the prayer, brethren, your sin remaineth with you.


What sin? Rebellion, disobedience and pride. I condemn you not, come up. Come up. It’s glorious up here. Come up. Come up, I don’t condemn you. There’s a better way. There’s liberty where the spirit of God is. Oh you thought that means, in the service? No. There’s liberty when the spirit of God is ruling in your life. There’s liberty when you respond to the spirit of God. But before you can respond to the spirit of God, or even hear Him, you must give up your own devices. You must give up your independence, and become like a little child. Glory to God. OK.


There’s two things I’d like to speak to -- for a starter anyway. And the first thing the Lord mentioned to me was the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Does anybody here want to take a guess at what the faithfulness of Jesus Christ is? Anybody? Anybody? If you want to take a guess, just pick up the mic, please. Let’s hear what the congregation thinks it is.


Going by the scripture, He says, “My will is to do the” -- “My meat is to do the will of the Father,” so His faithfulness would be obedience.


Obedience to the Father?




Amen. I didn’t expect anyone to know that. Most people that I talk to think that He’s faithful to us. I used to think He was faithful to us, or to me, and the Lord has shown me that His faithfulness is to the Father. The faithfulness of Jesus Christ is to the Father. To do what? To cause us to do the Father’s will, because we have two souls. Amen. This is the Father up in the high realm of the spirit, and in a man -- this man has a big head. This man has two minds, and he has the carnal-mind and he has the mind of Christ. And the Father gives a command, and depending on which mind is manifested in the person, that result of that command -- I’m sorry, let me -- depending on which mind is manifested in the person, that influences whether the person responds or not.


Now if the carnal-mind is operating -- now most people when they come into a meeting like this, Christ is manifested in some measure, but let’s say the person’s doing housework, they’re feeding their children, they’re at their carnal job, there not doing anything bad they’re just involved in worldly pursuits, and the carnal-mind is occupying the large part of their mind and Christ is down here. He’s out of the way, they’re not thinking about spiritual things. The command comes from the Father and before it can get to Christ it has to pass through the carnal-mind, and it stops right there. The carnal-mind says I just imagined it. The carnal-mind says it wasn’t God. The carnal-mind says oh, there’s no way I’m going to be doing that.


And Jesus Christ, in our mind, down here, His faithfulness to the Father is to overcome this carnal-mind and get the message through to us. Here’s our conscious mind over here. And this message from the Father is passing through the carnal-mind, and it’s getting to our conscious mind in a perverted form. And the end result of that perversion is that we reject it. But when Christ is in your mind, when you have a second mind, that message does touch Christ and He is faithful to relay it to you in its pure form.


Now He may not do it every time the Father speaks, but overall His work in your life is to bring this to pass, to reverse the situation up here, to be the driving force of your life, to be so manifested, the majority of times, that He catches the command from the Father, it passes through Him, it bypasses the carnal-mind and it goes right to your conscious mind. That is His ultimate goal in your life, to be the ruling factor and the very spiritual law of your life. And to cover the carnal-mind, to utterly control the carnal-mind, and faithfully relay the instructions of the Father to your conscious mind, that you might do them in this realm of appearance. The faithfulness of Christ is to the Father to be bring His image, His instructions, His righteousness and His purposes for you into your conscious mind and into your everyday life. Glory to God.


And the scripture that says when our faith fails, the faith of Christ carries me through, well what does that mean? It means when we are carnal, and we cannot do what the Father tells us to do because of our carnality, the mind of Christ in us rises up, enters into our conscious mind and our emotions, and strengthens us to do the job. He does it in us; He does it through us. He is the legitimate heir of the Father. The carnal-mind is the illegitimate, bastard child of the bondwoman. And Christ, if He’s there -- if He’s not there I pray that His form begins to form there -- His purpose in your life is to be your mind and take utter dominion over every manifestation of the carnal-mind that is present in your thought processes. Glory to God.


Anybody have a question or a comment on that? OK. The other thing I’d like to talk to you about is Ezekiel’s new creation man. Our musician tonight said that the fire of God was -- she touched her abdomen and she said it was going all the way up to her head and all the way down to her feet, isn’t that what you said? Something like that. And I want to remind you that this is the word to us in Ezekiel chapter 1. And this is the promise of God to the glorified creation.


Now you experienced it in your physical body, it is also a spiritual promise that in our spiritual being, Christ will be our center -- well, let me change that. And the glorified man, Adam, will have been pushed inside -- Adam ruled by Satan -- the whole creation’s getting turned inside out. Christ is going to be on top -- trying to think of how to draw this. OK. This will be the realm of appearance out here. If we still have a body it will be our body. If we still have a physical body like this. That’s not a good drawing.


Well the promise of Ezekiel 1, anyway, is that this new creation man, Christ who is the lake of fire, our God is a consuming fire -- I have to draw that differently because I can’t make my point that way. Sorry. In the new creation man, this will be the order -- this will be our moral order: the Father, Christ, Adam underneath Him, and Satan. And Satan is down here in the pit. The pit, which is the Adamic soul. And the promise of the new creation man is that the fire of God, which is in Christ, will extend upward all the way up to the heavenlies where the Father is. And it will extend downward; Christ is your center now. Christ is your heart. He’s your center. And the fire of God will go all the way up to heaven, and all the way down to the bottom of the pit.


And the way it’s described in Ezekiel 1 is that the fire went from his abdomen up to the top of his head, and from his abdomen down to the bottom of his feet. And when we looked up every word in the Hebrew we found out that what it meant was that when your heart is Christ, when your center is Christ, which is the consuming fire, it’s going to extend all the way up to the heavenlies where the Father is, and it’s going to extend all the way down to the bottomless pit where Satan is trapped. And the result of it will be that Satan will be powerless to do any harm, and this will be your condition for the life of the ages. Total dominion of Christ over the entire creation. Hallelujah.


Yeah, that’s heaven honey. Glory to God. That’s heaven to be in that condition constantly. The joy that we experience tonight, and even better, constantly. No shadow of turning. No one minute you’re happy and the next minute you’re sad. No matter what comes your way, you will be so fully equipped to deal with it, it will not affect your emotions, it will -- you will just deal with it evenly, calmly, with no distress whatsoever, and total victory.


And the natural understanding of that -- this can be likened -- this is a spiritual condition that we’re talking about, which can be likened -- oh, God, I see the vision, Lord. You help me to draw this, Lord. This is going to be fun. This -- the natural example of this is the old fashioned knight that has his shield and his male armor, you know, the armor the knights wore. OK. And he has his lance in his hand, and he got the thing over his head and just his eyes are showing out. It’s not too bad, huh? This man is totally defensed. It’s very hard -- you have to get in between his armor to hurt him. And, of course, he’s a natural man, in the spirit there will be no vulnerable spot at all. This is what we will be like in the spirit. We will be untouchable no matter what the problem is, it will bounce off of us just like a weapon hitting the shield, or the helmet, or the breastplate of this man. Nothing will touch us; it won’t even be a fight. It won’t even be a fight. It’ll be like a little boy coming to attack his father, and his father holding his hand out and holding his head, and the little kid swinging. That’s what we’re headed for. Its worth -- yeah, like a glass wall.


As a matter of fact, it’s interesting that you should say that, because I’ve been in situations where people were cursing me, and the Lord has shown me a vision, on several occasions, of a glass wall, a glass shield in front of me. And they’re banging on the other side of the wall. Banging on it and cursing me, and trying to get at me, and they couldn’t get through. I’ve had that several times. Yeah. Yeah.


So this is what we’re coming to, where they will come at us and they will attempt to slay us, we will not even be touched, and then we will turn around and deal with it, just as one would deal with a small child. I don’t know about how you feel about this, but as far as I’m concerned it’s worth any price that I’ve had to pay, or that I have to pay. It’s worth anything to be in this condition, in the righteousness of Christ, not to be in any witchcraft power.


You know, the witches have heavy counterfeits of this. I was -- when I was in Africa, not too long ago, I had a very interesting experience. The Lord hasn’t really spoken to me 100 percent about this. But someone was talking to me about the witchcraft there, and they were telling me how some of the people there who are heavy into witchcraft, boldly announce that a knife can’t hurt them. And they just -- they take knives and they slice their skin, and nothing happens. Now I had never heard of that, but I’ve heard of yogis in India burning themselves and walking on nails, and nothing happening. So this is a fact, in Africa, that there are members of a particular cult, the knife cannot slice their skin. And about a day or two after I heard this story I went into a local fellowship there -- Christians. And the pastor there, a lovely man, a lovely man, but like all of us he doesn’t have 100 percent truth, and he was -- well, he was almost bragging, I guess he felt it was bragging in Christ. He was bragging how nobody in his congregation was sick for 10 years, and he believed that it was because that he and his congregation had moved into such a measure of spiritual maturity that they could not get sick. And I want to tell you, brethren, that may be true, but it may not be true. My personal opinion is it wasn’t true, but just for the record, not many particular person -- I want to tell you, if you think that it may be true, but it may not be true. Some people that are heathens just haven’t been sick for 10 years. Be careful if that’s what you’re believing.


I know I went into a fellowship in Queens, several months ago, and the pastor again -- I know he thought he was doing it in Christ, but it wasn’t Christ, he was bragging again. Says, we don’t go to the doctor here. He said, I -- someone got sick from my congregation and I went and I rebuked it, and they got up and walked out of the hospital. And -- however he said it, I can’t repeat his exact words, he was very strong that there’s nothing that should make a Christian need a doctor under any circumstances. And I sat in his service and I said uh-oh. And I happen to telephone his office last month and this -- the receptionist was not there, another woman was there, and I was told the receptionist was not there, she was deathly ill, she almost died; he could not heal her. She almost died from a severe asthma attack, and she was still very ill, missing a lot of work. She was also his receptionist in the office, and she was out a lot, she was very, very ill and he could not heal her. So be careful. Does anyone not understand what I’m saying?


If you want to have faith for healing, that’s wonderful, but be very careful that you’re not taking an attitude that you’re in control of your own life because you’re not in control of your own life. And I would be very surprised if anyone today is at a place where they can’t be physically hurt. I don’t -- if I’m wrong I ask the Lord to correct me. Of course it’s possible, I don’t know every human being in the church, but I don’t see it. I don’t see it happening yet. I don’t see us raised to that point yet. I just don’t.


So this preacher, who was bragging about the physical condition of the church, where it was obvious to me there was several areas that needed to be corrected in their doctrine, and several things that I saw. And I’m not being critical, I evaluate things in Christ. This pastor came to me and said brother so and so was out in the street the other day, and a wild dog came and bit him on the leg, and when the dog walked away there were no bite marks on his leg. And he just assumed this was God. And I want to tell you, God did not speak to me 100 percent, but I think there’s a real possibility that it wasn’t God, that it was some witchcraft operating in the man’s life, because there’s such heavy witchcrafts [?already?] there. Does anyone not know what I’m talking about?


And I really wondered why the Lord had brought that information to me just the day before. Just 24 hours before, I found out that there was a cult in this nation, where the men come right out on the street and slice themselves, and -- I’ve tried -- I’ve asked the Lord to confirm it. My opinion at this point is that it was not God. That’s my opinion. It’s not any measure of spiritual maturity that they haven’t been sick, and it was not Christ that the dog’s fangs did not pierce his flesh. So be very careful, brethren, when you think that you’re standing, because nobody’s standing. Nobody’s standing. And I want to -- let me tell you this too, I guess the attitude is, we are slowly ascending into maturity and as we ascend into maturity, these forms of divine health, and this form of -- I perceive, is that we’re Christ, that the fangs didn’t pierce his skin. I would call that having entered into a condition of preservation, which is where Paul was when the snake couldn’t hurt him.


So I guess the man was thinking that as we mature in Christ, little by little, these things will come upon you. All right? I want to give you my opinion, this is not God; this is my opinion. My opinion is that that is not true. And I would just like to let you know what my opinion is so that you can pray about it.


I believe that if you’re a fallen person, and the whole human race is fallen, you’re not happy because you’re a fallen person -- that you are on a journey, a spiritual journey, and there is a line that you have to cross, sometimes the Bible calls it the river Jordan, OK? It’s usually called the river Jordan. There is a line that we have to cross to get over here into the Promised Land, and all good things are in the Promised Land.


Now, while you’re on this journey -- you start off here from an unsafe condition, and you’re walking. Now, as you’re walking, if you are a very sickly person, you will find your health improving, problems in your family you will find them improving, OK? But every benefit that you receive from this walk still leaves you in a condition that a natural man can be in. You have not entered into any supernatural place. You are a person who was overcome in certain areas of this world, where there were other people that didn’t even have a relationship with Christ weren’t overcome in these areas. You were sick; there were heathens that are healthy. You were poor; there are heathens that are rich. You had destructive relationships in your life; there are heathens that have beautiful, loving relationships in their life. Does anyone not understand what I’m saying?


The benefits, the improvements, as you walk with God in this walk, are improvements that still would classify you as a natural man. OK? To get to a place where a dog is going to bite you and there will be no wound on your flesh -- now he didn’t say to me that the fangs went in and they prayed and the bleeding stopped, I could deal with that. He said there was no mark on his flesh. Now to get to a place like that, in my opinion, you have to cross over this line where you are no longer a natural man. See, this is the natural man that serves God, and his life definitely does get better and better and better and better, and he’s -- while he’s on this side of the line, he’s striving for the very best that a human being can attain to as a natural man, and some of that stuff is pretty good: health, beautiful relationships, financial blessings, meetings where His spirit is poured out, but you’ve got to get -- in my opinion, you’ve got to get over to this other side of the line, where you have become a spiritual man, and reality for a dog to bite your leg and for there to be no fang marks on your leg. That’s my opinion; you don’t have to agree with me if you don’t want to.


Now as far as not getting sick goes, I know that John Lake had an experience where he was working with people that had plague -- I don’t remember the name of the exact disease -- it was killing people by the thousands, it was killing missionaries that went in to work there, and when he didn’t contract the disease members of the medical profession came to him and said we want to examine your blood. We want to know why you don’t get this disease. And they took some of his blood, they put it on a slide, and they put it under a microscope and injected some plague right directly to his blood, and instead of the blo- -- the plague germs infecting his blood, his blood killed the plague germs. This is documented by heathen doctors that this happened.


Now one could say that that is divine health, but between you and me, and I’m always telling you be car- -- be very careful about drawing conclusions. We don’t know if this gift affected only the plague virus, or if he was incapable of catching any other disease. And there is a special purpose of God here. God sent this man to work with the plague victims, and He equipped him to go by making him invulnerable to the disease. Whether or not he had divine health that he could not get a common cold, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. When you have divine health you don’t get anything, ever. And even if he did have divine health, where he could not contract any disease whatsoever, what I’m saying to you is that it was a gift that was given to him for the specific purpose of ministering to those people. He was not someone sitting in a congregation attending two or three services a weeks, and leading a very carnal life that had passed into divine health. Does anyone not know what I’m talking about? OK.


There is a big difference. And the big difference is that the fact that he was ministering to sick people, strengthens the possibility, and the probability, that it was a gift so that he could do the job that God gave him to do. OK? So that’s my opinion about that.


And this -- on this side of the line, on the side of the river Jordan, you are in full stature. I believe to have a dog bite your leg, unless God is doing a supernatural one-time miracle for you, for a specific purpose, because God doesn’t do miracles without a specific purpose, it can be a gift, a one-time [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. But to be in a condition where dogs could bite you everyday -- excuse me -- and you will not show the fang marks, in my opinion, you have to be in full stature.


So what am I saying about this very well meaning man? I’m saying that if it was done by the power of God, it was a gift that God gave him this one time for His own purposes. Or it was an inherent spirit of witchcraft that was there from birth that the person didn’t know about. Because -- why am I saying that? Because in my opinion, you have to be in full stature to have that happen to you, unless it’s a one-time gift for God’s specific purposes in your life. Hallelujah.


Any questions on this? OK.


What about the prophets or the healers that come to the different meetings and pray over people, what would you say it is in that case?


Those people have an imputed anointing. God has given them a gift for a specific purpose, and that purpose is to be a blessing to His people that need healing. It’s just like John Lake who received the gift because God sent him to minister to the victims of plague. It’s a gift. OK? Thank you, Jesus.


I always thought that that’s the same thing with Paul -- that happened to John Lake -- that happened to Paul many years ago when the snake bit him, that he was sent to those people and God protected him at the time -- it was that he was immune to what could’ve destroyed him because he was on a mission.


Well the reason I think otherwise is that Paul had also other signs of full stature, like he said, “I live; but yet not I, Christ lives in me.” We know that Paul was sent to a place where he knew he was going to be harmed and he went anyway, so he was a prophet of God, he was a holy man, he was an apostle; he brought forth doctrine that was not present at the time. OK?


But I want to ask you, because if he was in full stature he would never go where God said no.




OK. And I never knew if this was true, but a missionary that had come and visited the United States, and he’s a very spiritual man; I won’t mention his name, but he said that Paul was warned not to go to, I think it was Jerusalem or somet- -- I think it was Jerusalem -- he was warned not to go there and he got in -- I guess he got persecuted bad, but he was warned by the other brothers and sisters in the church. He decided over them, you know, over the warning, that he should go anyway. What do you think about that? Do you feel that -- what do you feel about that?


What I feel about that is that God told him to go.




And that the local prophets, who were very much prophets, they were seer’s, they were operating in the gift of prediction, and they told him the truth. If you go, you are going to be persecuted, and you’re going to be put in bands. And he said well thanks for the info guys, but God told me to go.


Because this missionary said that if you would’ve -- that -- he implied he was in rebellion. That if he would’ve listened to those local prophets he -- his ministry would’ve gone further, and he wouldn’t have been put in bands. That’s what he said. I was like wow, is that true? And, you know.


Because the scripture clearly states that he was put in bands so that he could minister to the household of -- was it Herod?


            Then that wasn’t a chur- --


Not Herod --


            That wasn’t the true spirit at all in that man, that was sinning.


Not at all. Not at all. And who cares? Paul didn’t care about his ministry. Paul was not building his own kingdom. You see, that’s a mind that’s building one’s own kingdom. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I've heard it from two other preachers with regard to Paul also.


            Have you ever heard that?


I never heard that one, but I did hear this one. That's much more of a carnal interpretation of the Scripture. You see, when someone is interpreting the Scripture, and it's not in Christ, it is very common for the -- and not only interpreting the Scripture, you're going to find out that people that move a large part of the time in pride, which is almost all of us to- -- the only thing that varies is the degree to which we move in pride, because pride is the natural man. When they hear a story like this, they immediately put themselves in the position of the person. And they respond to you, or they interpret the Scripture by passing the problem through their own life. And either they're defending the person because they're really defending themselves, or they're looking at it in a way, such as building his own kingdom, because that's how they look at everything. Every prophetic word that comes to them, it goes to their mind to build their own kingdom, so they think Paul was like they are. Do you know what I'm saying?


You know, when I heard this though, the first time I heard this, it was when I was first coming into the deeper things of God and deliverance and all. And this person had come to town to visit a friend of mine and he's from another country and is a missionary. And that sounded very spiritual. You know what I'm saying? It sounded spiritual, because I didn't even know it was in the Word of God. And it sounded spiritual to me. And I was, you know, until now it hasn't been corrected.


Well the Lord says try the spirit. We are to judge everything in righteousness. We're to judge everything everybody says to us. We have the right to judge it, as long as our motive is the righteousness of God. So when you judge a statement like that, or any statement, you ask yourself, who is that statement glorifying? The man, if you analyze it and you pray about it, you will see he was concerned with building ministries. Jesus never built a ministry. And Paul never built a ministry. He gave up his ministry to live in jail in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. So Paul didn't think like that. That's the mind of a carnal man. OK. And -- you want to say something? OK.


I'll try to make this real quick. In one of the churches I was in, it was said that if Paul had only listened to his own Scriptures, he never would have gone through all the trials that he did. But they forgot what he said. "You will be persecuted much. You will have many trials." And all these things that he went through is what God's saying we'll have to have a chance of going to.


Well are they saying that about Jesus? "Well if He had only listened to His own message, He would have never been crucified." That's what they're saying. Carnality -- the carnal minds of man and it's a snare for the spiritual man. Because we look at people and we see their ministry and we see their life and we see the gifts on them and we forget to try everything that they tell us. We draw a conclusion. We draw an unconscious conclusion. Well, they look good, they sound good. I know they've given their whole life to God. Their ministry is anointed. I don't have to try the spirit on what they say.


            Or else we think --


Is that on?


I was presented this by, you know, a spiritual person who was a prayer partner, you know. And I was feeling, like, well, who am I to judge. It didn't even come into my mind to judge what, or to try the spirit on what he had said. I took it though, because he's prophetic and everything, you know. I took it to be of God. I was, like, who am I to judge this person. He's a missionary, is what I kept thinking in my mind, you know. I mean, it didn't even come into my mind to judge that. You know what I'm saying?


OK. As long as our desire is for the truth, not to bring anyone's ministry down, not because we're envious of them, and we want to wish them evil, but when we can get to that, you know whether you're at that place or not. I don't know whether you're at that place or not. I really don't know. But if you're not there, tell the Lord you want to be there, because it's a glorious place to be when you try everything that you hear, because you want to know the truth. What truth? Was that man in Christ, or was that man not in Christ? And if you're tal- -- if God answers you, and tells you that he wasn't in Christ, and it's truly the spirit of Christ in you judging for righteousness' sake, then you're all set up for God to put a prayer on your heart that's going to help that man. OK? But it can't be to build your own kingdom, can't be to build your own ego. And it can't -- don't lie to yourself. Don't let envy manifest through you or any form of wickedness and lie to you and tell you that it's this ministry of truth or righteous judgment. Don't -- ask the Lord not to let you be deceived, because you wouldn't want that, because you'll surely reap what you've sown. But it's a glorious ministry. Glorious. So I just want to mention one other Scripture that I heard from two other people. It's in Acts, where it says that Paul was present at


In the spirit, absent [INAUDIBLE].


No, not that one. He was present in a fellowship, I forget what town it -- I'm not very good at the letter, I don't know what town it was in, -- but it said he was a part- -- he was present in this fellowship. And the Holy Ghost said to the group of praying elders, "Separate Me out Paul and one other and send them, send them someplace." And I heard two separate ministers say, "You see Paul, the great apostle, he was subjected to the local elders." And they used that Scripture to support the ungodly structure of man, which says that every pastor has to have a pastor over him. And I want to tell you something, that that's a very carnal way of looking at that Scripture. God sends highly anointed people with high offices into local fellowships where the spiritual office of that person is higher than the pastor. And God sends them in and He expects the pastor and the other people of the church to recognize his office. Why? Because in the night season, God's going to tell him, "You see that man? He's an apostle. And I've got him sitting in your congregation for a season. Are you going to hear Me, or are you going to resist My thought to you. Are you going to recognize him for what he is, or aren't you?" I don't believe for a second that Paul was subject to those elders. I believe that God wanted to send Paul and Barnabas, and this was God's way of telling the other elders in the church, and confirming to them that Paul is God's sent one. You think that Paul needed these people to lay hands on him, to send him? Did not Jesus say, "Father, I know you heard My prayer before I prayed it. But so that they would believe, I speak it unto You." How childish to think that the apostle Paul was subjected to some local elders. You have revealed yourself to be a carnal man, an anti-Christ with a small mind in comparison to God. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Well I'm just going to wait on the Lord for a second.


Father, do you want me to go on with this message in life, or are we doing something else tonight, since this is Your night? I have been preaching for 45 minutes. If I start with life now, there's almost going to be a double message. We're just going to wait on Him for a couple of --




I'd appreciate it if you don't talk. Let's just see what He does.


To what you were saying before, I saw on television a priest, a Catholic priest, that, I guess he was in some kind of miracle work. And the hierarchy or the bishop, I guess wanted him to discontinue it. And he showed on television that the -- rather they said that the -- Mary was having tears when he was in the congregation there. And then he was -- he showed his wrists with the wound marks in his wrists. And also, when he went back to that same parish, the statue of Mary started crying again. So I was wondering, this is probably all in the line of witchcraft. Wouldn't you believe?


Yes, that's witch -- you know, I don't know what the name of it is, but it's -- I would call it a high level of witchcraft, because it's a witchcraft that is producing results in the natural realm, in that it is producing not results, but it is producing a material manifestation. There are tears; physical water comes out of the statue. That is a high level of witchcraft. The weaker levels of witchcraft can produce results in your life. You could lose your job. You could lose your boyfriend. If you're paying somebody, you can get the man you want against his will, you know. Or you can get something that you want. It will produce behavior. It will produce results in your life. But to produce a material product such as tears, this is a very high level of witchcraft, and I don't know what the name, if there is a name for it, I don't know what the name is. The Lord has just recently taught me the difference between the witchcraft that comes from Leviathan and the witchcraft that we would think of as witchcraft. I'll put that on the message right now. Did I tell you that? Did you hear the difference? OK. Let me put it on the message.


The kind of witchcraft that we see in Africa, for example, where I'm told the witchdoctors are very bold, they walk right into Christian meetings with bowls of blood in their hands and with charms and with incantations that are designed to cause the minister to die on the spot. They have strong witchcraft authority in Africa, where a lot of the men, mostly -- well men and women that are into this -- they will pronounce their incantation to your face and people drop dead. Now they've gone through a whole ritual back in their house, where they come from, which usually involves the drinking of human blood. When they come to you and they confront you, if you're not under the protection of Christ, there are many witches in Africa that have the authority to curse you unto death on the spot. Now people that fit into this category of witchcraft, which is -- I don't think anyone would deny it, it's very powerful -- when they see that you don't die, when they come into a meeting and that minister, that evangelist doesn't die, they recognize the spiritual authority higher than the one that they serve. And they turn around and they go away. They have a recognition that they're up against something that's bigger than they are. And that if they don't turn around and go away, it could turn around and kill them. So they leave. And that's the witchcraft that we see in, it's the overt witchcraft, it's the out-in-the-open witchcraft that we see, largely in Africa and some other areas of the world too. But Leviathan, the witchcraft that is joined with pride, the witchcraft that operates out of pride, we're told in Job 42, he has no fear. The pride of man is without fear. He comes to you and he tries to destroy you and he can't. And he won't give up. He has no fear of the God that you serve. He has no fear of his evil coming back on him. He is so filled with confidence, even though there is no immediate response to his incantations, which may take the form of Christian prayers, that he just keeps on praying. And he sees that God keeps raising you from the dead. He sees God's prospering you despite his prayers. But he won't stop. Why? Because his pride is so great that he cannot believe that you are protected by God. And if you're protected of God, that means he's out of order. Cannot believe it. He is so convinced that he is right, self-righteousness is associated with pride. He is so convinced that what he is doing it righteous that he will not give up, no matter how many times God raises you up. He will keep, and if you're not in Christ, he'll destroy you. And this is the difference between the African witch, African type witchcraft and the witchcraft associated with Leviathan, which is not usually recognized as witchcraft. Yes?


But don't they have to perform some sort of ritual, would you say, that the Christian prayers was a ritual that they would be performing?


Well, I know some people that pray psychic prayers. You've heard of psychic prayers. And they will pray for three, four or five years until they accomplish their will. If they get it into their head that a ministry's not of God, the Scripture clearly states leave it alone. They will pray against it until it comes down. And sometimes they bring it down. If they believe that a particular man and woman should be married, they will pray until they come together. If they believe a particular man and woman would be divorced, they'll pray until they get divorced. And they pray through, they pray through. They won't stop until they accomplish their will. And then, on the other hand, some people do not actually pray. It's just in their mind. It's just in their mind. They have a revelation that they are right and they will not let go of it until they bring it to pass. And it's witchcraft. It's witchcraft that's associated with Leviathan. Why? Because they think they're right. See, with the witchcraft in Africa, they know that they're dealing with spiritual power. They know that they serve a god. And when it doesn't work on you, they know that you serve a God that's stronger than their god. But Leviathan thinks he's right, no matter what, and will not give up. Very powerful.


I suppose, like, at times, you know, before we come to the knowledge of all this that we actually prayed prayers that were of witchcraft, of means, you know, not knowing, you know, thinking that it was the will of God, you know, a Christian prayer. I guess a lot of these well-versed ministers and pastors feel the same way, because they're so educated in the Word, let's say, and so many years in the line of ministry that they're not doing the wrong thing. So until, I guess, someone comes and tells them, you know, that they're


They won't believe it.


 -- doing the wrong thing.


They won't believe it. You see, people that are bound by Leviathan need a miracle. People that are practicing witches, in this country or on the other side of the world, as I said before, they know that they serve a demon god. And when they see a spiritual force that's more powerful, they will leave their god and go over. But the people that are bound by Leviathan, they think they're right. They'll never go over. That's why the Pharisees did not receive Christ. They thought they were right. And there was no -- the only thing that will help a person like that is a supernatural move of God which can, which is typified by what happened to Paul, then known as Saul. That's the only help for them.


Pride is the most severe sin in the Bible. It's the most serious sin in the Bible. I never used to understand it. She'd say, "Lord, what about people that are murderers?" Pride is the worst sin you can commit. Why? Because it will stop you from repenting. It will stop you receiving the correction of the Lord. No matter what happens to you, you see yourself as right and the other person is wrong. It'll kill you. And you know, some societies, they have the revelation of this. They're not Christians. I saw a movie once about a group of people that were present, some -- I think they were in the Philippines when the Japanese took over. And it showed you this Japanese ge- -- he wasn't a general but he was an officer -- and he rebuked what it wa- -- she was an English woman. And she was -- well of course she was frightened, they had been captured. But she really was manifesting pride very severely. And the Japanese officer came over to her and told her that she was manifesting pride, and that it was a serious problem in her character. And this was an aggressive, an aggressor army, right? But he had the knowledge from the society that he was raised in, how destructive pride could be. And that it needs to be, if necessary, beaten out of the child at a young age. Now in case there's any Pharisees listening to this message, I am not for child abuse. But the Scripture tells us that children are to be paddled and that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child, and that's talking about pride. And it's to be broken when they're children with the love of God and the physical discipline that comes with the love of God. And if you don't break it in your children, along with the love of God and the physical discipline, you hate your children. That is the word of God, brethren. And this entire country is under a very heavy spirit of rebellion. And heavy judgments are already falling on us because of it. We're rebelling against everything that society has ever formed to make human beings decent and to have guidelines for decent lives. We're tearing down everything that there is and it's a spirit of rebellion across the land. And the judgments are already falling. And they cannot stop until things turn around. Why? Because this nation was formed under God. God raised up this nation. And whether, it doesn't matter what people are saying, it doesn't matter that they're bringing in the Hindus, it doesn't matter that they're bringing in the Moslems. It doesn't matter. This is a Christian nation. And the judgments will fall until we come back to God. He will paddle us until we return unto Him. And man cannot make this an un-Christian nation. And Madalyn Murray O'Hair cannot make this an un-Christian nation. And reprobate minds cannot use our God-given Constitution to make this a heathen nation. Everything will fail except Christ. And we'll return unto Him. Glory to God. Did you want to say something?


I think I received the answer. You were speaking with June before and you were talking about this witchcraft praying against some ministry for five years. Eventually it could even at times break down the ministry. Would that mean that that ministry, the minister was not in the, going to be coming into full stature, that Satan was able to destroy it?


Well I don't know about full stature, but the Lord has shown me that if a minister has unconfessed sin -- now we all have sin, none of us are perfect. That means we all have sin. The safest place to be whether you're a minister or not is to confess every sin you're aware of and put it before the Lord and tell Him that you're not perfect and you're still doing it and you need help and ask Him to have mercy on you. That's safety in that. And if someone praying witchcraft prayers can bring down a ministry, it can only happen if the minister has unconfessed sin. Everybody has sin. It has to be unconfessed sin. If there's any kind of a loophole at all, you can bring him down. And I know there was a ministry over in -- I won't name the town -- I heard it was very, very anointed. And the minister was convicted of a crime. He is now in hiding. And the Lord taught me that someone was praying against him out of envy for several years. And apparently, the man committed the crime, but there was no mercy for him. He was convicted to a long term and he had the whole ministry shut down. So what am I saying? There was a loophole. He committed a crime.


So that's how witchcraft will get you. It will get you because of sin. If you don't have any sin, it can't touch you. But if you confess your sin, and you run into the city of refuge, and you say, "Lord, you know, either you've got to protect me, I can't do any more than I'm doing. I'm guilty. I'm guilty. I'm guilty. I'm guilty. And I'm trying to improve." That's the only safety that there is down here in hell. Confessing our guilt. Really confessing it. And asking for His cover. Because all you Pharisees out there, I'm telling you, you're not under the Blood unless you're doing that. You may think you're under the Blood, but you're under judgment. If you've got sin and you're denying it because your pride is ruling, you're not under the Blood. You're under the judgment and Satan is the executor, or the executioner, of those judgments. Glory to God. And that doesn't mean you won't have difficult, you won't have difficult times. If you do that, you will. Why? Because God has received your prayer, but then He moves to correct you. And correction is frequently painful. But it will be much less painful if you all confessed up and it's a true confession. Some people say the words, and they don't mean it. If it's a true confession, "I'm guilty. Have mercy on me." You'll still have to go through some things, but it will be much easier than if you're saying, "It's not me, not me. I'm under the Blood. Saved, sanctified, covered with the Holy Ghost and waiting for the Rapture." Watch out. Watch out. Glory to God.


The Lord was dealing with me today about a natural and spiritual family ties and He has shown me that no matter how fragmented our family might be, that fam- -- that God does not recognize any breaks in the natural family. In other words, if there is a father that is alive, that father is responsible. If there is a woman and she doesn't have her husband, her nephew has an obligation to her, and that's something that you rarely see in this nation today. The family is so fragmented, that our own children sometimes don't want any responsibility towards us. To think of our nephew having a responsibility to a single aunt, you just don't hear of it any more. You used to hear of it. But you just don't seem to -- I don't know anyone that his nephew has any form of responsibility towards them. Do you know anybody that you can say that to that? No.


My husband does toward his aunt in Florida who's a widow now and, in fact, well she's given him the responsibility to be her --




 -- executor. And he's always, you know, well maybe because he's her godchild that he's taken concern for her. And being that she's never had any children and she had to go through trying times with the first two husbands and the last husband was a very, very good man to her. But she is now 82 and he is concerned, you know, for her welfare and will handle whatever she asks him.


Well that's very nice, but it's very rare today. Very rare. So this is what the Lord was dealing with me on weekend. Man does not have the authority to dis- -- annul obligations that God has established. And God has established the family as the order of help to human beings. And He has said if a woman does not have a son, that her nephew is responsible. He has said that the children are responsible. And Jesus rebuked the Pharisees and He said to them, "You help your parents and you say it's a gift. And you have therefore disenrolled the blessings that come upon you for honoring your parents." It is not a gift. We have an obligation to our parents, to honor and respect them and if they're old and they cannot care for themselves, we have a responsibility. Of course, we have to ask the Lord what He wants us to do for them. If there's more than one child, then the responsibility is split amongst the children. But the fragmented family, we call it the nuclear family in the United States here, God does not recognize it. And if you have a need, God goes to your family first. Now they may refuse to help you, but I want you to know that God goes to your family first. And if they don't help you, it's a matter of time, God will deal with them. If you have a financial need, if you have a physical need, if you have any kind of a need, a legitimate need, don't look for it to be coming from some stranger, especially in the matter of finances, of personal finances. Some people in the church can't understand this. They go, "They've rejected their natural families," and they can't understand this. But I'm telling you that God has not disenrolled your natural family.


Now we also have a spiritual family. Now the spiritual family, from what I see today, is second to the natural family except for spiritual needs. We help each other within the church, but the first call is to the natural family. We have spiritual needs. We have relationships in the church. We have a descending order of authority in the church. And there are people, if we have any degree of maturity at all, there are people for whom we have some measure of responsibility. Now we must be careful not to take on an ungodly burden, not to take on the wrong person, not to take on too much responsibility for the person that God has given us a legitimate responsibility for. But there is, the spiritual family is a reality, that people do not have to be in your local fellowship, although they frequently will be, they don't have to be. They're people that the Lord has joined you to in the spirit. They could be anywhere in the world. Usually, from what I've seen, you have to have met them. I've never heard of God attaching you to someone you that you haven't met. So we have to ask the Lord who He wants us involved with as members of our spiritual family, who we have a responsibility to, what the degree of that responsibility is, and we want to ask Him to help us to not fail to fulfill our responsibility, nor to go beyond our responsibility. But the spiritual family is as much of a reality as the natural family, but it's much harder to see. It's much easier, you know, your nephew's your nephew. Your husband's your husband. Your son is your son. That's nice and easy. OK.


And there's witchcraft in the church, people having spiritual mothers and spiritual fathers and they're not appointed of God. And how do you know they're not appointed of God? The fruit is rotten. What has happened to your life since you're involved with this spiritual mother? How do you grow? How do you prosper? How do you experience the liberty of the Holy Ghost? Have you been delivered from bondages? Try the spirit, brethren. Every spirit's not a god. Don't be afraid to try the spirit. Don't be afraid to try the spirit. Hallelujah. OK.


Hi. I don't know if it's one in the Old Testament, one in the New Testament, it says that you have trouble with your mother or your mother-in-law and what not, but then it also has another Scripture that says to leave, separate from the mother and father and brother and sister. What is that referring to then?


Oh OK. OK. Two different situations. Separate from mother and father and cleave unto your husband. Is not that the Scripture?


No, it wasn't that at all. I think it was in Matthew [INAUDIBLE]. It's talking about --


Did you shut that off? It's not going to be on the message.


It was on. I don't really remember where it was, but it was talking about, in other words, you're doing God's will. The only one it didn't say was about don't leave your husband. But it says --


You're talking about there's going to be divisions.


Well that was one Scripture. But the other Scripture was that you should come and follow Him and not be more --


Oh I see. OK. OK. He that doesn't hate his mother and his father, yeah, OK. Well that's a, you know, a greatly misused Scripture. I honestly don't know what the Greek word is, but I know that the God who says to me, "Honor your father and mother and ye shall live long in the earth," is not going to come around and tell me to hate that mother and that father. OK. So it must mean something else. And what He was saying, what He was saying is that Jesus, from the moment He calls us, is to be the priority of our life. The priority, none equal to Him, of our life. And the reason He didn't mention your husband is because He is your husband. The reason He didn't say you have to leave your husband is that the man that you're sleeping with is not really your husband. Don't give him this message. I'm telling you the truth. From the day you enter into a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the man you sleep with is not your husband. The Lord Jesus Christ is your husband. He's top priority and He's numero uno. That's Spanish for number one for all you Chinese people out there. And that's a hard word but it's the truth. I am telling you the truth.


There was a woman, I knew her once, she had five children and the Lord kept sending me to tell her the Lord wants you in such and such a church and she'd say, "But you don't understand. I have five children." And a couple of weeks later the Lord sent me back to tell her again. And she says, "But you don't understand. I have five children." And finally, the Lord kept sending me back. She got really mad at me. And then once, and I said to her, "Won't you just pray, Father if it's Your will, make a way." She wouldn't pray the prayer. And then finally she was so mad at me, she prayed the prayer and one week later, she was in church, with th- -- the one that God was telling her to go to through me, with all of her five children. She called me on the phone and she said, "Oh, I've been going to church. We're revival. I've been there every night." I said, "What are you doing with your kids?" She says, "Oh, I took them with me."


I want to tell you something. God is your husband. And your obligation is to be willing to obey. Your obligation is to be willing to go where He sends you and do what He tells you to do. And then when you do it in the heaven of your mind, He will do it in the earth of your life. If you have a natural authority, such as a physical husband, he will have to deal with Him. And if you are willing and ready and able to go, waiting for the Lord to open the door so you can walk through, if the opportunity does not manifest, your hands are clean. You can't do any more than that. God does not honor rebellion. He does not honor rebellion.


Now on occasion, and I'm telling you, what I'm saying is very dangerous to the carnal mind, but I'm going to tell you. On occasion, God will have you rebel against a higher authority, but you better make sure that it's God. You better really make sure that it's God or you're guilty of witchcraft. So see, God's first choice is to go to your higher authority and speak to him and soften his heart and make a way for you to serve him. But sometimes that natural authority is Pharaoh and his heart is hard. And sometimes, God hardens his heart. But you better make sure it's God.


Now one thing you know for sure, you're not going to leave your kids alone. You know that. You're not going to leave your kids without being fed. You know that. So there are certain things you know God will never ask you to leave your children unattended. I don't believe that. I really don't believe that. But when it gets to other areas, if you have a natural husband and that his heart is really hardened towards you, you have to get on your face before God and ask Him what He wants you to do and just be, pray your way through and be very careful. But by- -- it could be a trial in your life. But the reality is Christ is your husband and your natural husband is under Him. And your job is to be ready, willing and able to go if He opens the door. If you're saying to yourself, I can't come because, I can't come because, I can't go because, I can't do this because, that's not Christ in you. Your response to whatever He says to you is, "Here I am, Lord. Open the door and I'll walk through. Fill my mouth and I'll speak the words. Make a way and I'm there." And if you're saying anything other than that, you're speaking out of your carnal mind, which is sin.


If we live that way, we're going to have a peace knowing that it's in God's hands. We've done our part. We've prayed it. And if He doesn't open the door, well then He has a reason for the time being. Have to --


You have to pray very carefully because sometimes, you know, our carnal mind will pray the prayer but deep in our heart, we really don't want to go. And then because there's witchcraft operating out of our carnal mind, the door doesn't open and we say, "Oh well, God didn't send it." So we really have to get on our face before God. I pray my prayer, my standard prayer is, "Father, I'm willing to go if You make a way. I'm willing to do whatever You instruct me to do. And now it's Your responsibility to let me hear You. Because if I can't hear You, and I don't do it because I can't hear You, there's just nothing I can do about it." But your heart has to be right towards God. You have to ask Him to help you to not be deceived by the pride of your own mind. Because I've seen it happen so many times. People really don't want to do something, or they do want to do something, and they pray and they wait a couple of days and they say, "Oh God told me." And they get up and they go and it was never God.


So there is no specific formula that I can give you that will be safe. All that I'm just giving you all the opport- -- all the possibilities on both sides and I'm telling you a lot of Christians are deceived by the pride of their own mind. So if I were you, I recommend to you that you pray a prayer asking the Lord to show you your own heart. If this message is touching you and you want to live for God, just tell Him that. "I want to live for You, Lord. And I honestly don't know, you know, whether it's You that talks to me or my carnal mind that talks to me. But I want to live for You. Now help me." Well you can't do any more than that. Nobody could do any more than that. See I'm in a place now where I rarely -- I'm not saying I'm incapable of being deceived because I'm not. But most of the time, I can hear God, most of the time. And if I mess up, it's usually because I didn't try the spirit long enough or I really didn't test it in the ways the Lord showed me. And I'll jump. I'll move too quickly. Usually that's when I go and I take the wrong path. When I feel a strong press on me, and I haven't really prayed it though, then it usually turns out that it's not God. But it's rare for me that I think it's God and it turns out that it's not, although it can happen. I'm not going to say it can't happen.


So it's the answer to all of our problems is constant communication with Jesus. Pray without ceasing and to have a heart that's for Him. And only the Lord could tell you the condition of your heart. Although usually, you know, you could tell when someone's heart is really turned towards God. You could tell the degree of commitment. And of course we can't be persecuting anybody that's not committed. The Lord has to draw them into a deeper commitment. We can't be doing that to anybody. That's the work of the Lord. That's the work of the Holy Spirit. All that we could do is speak the words. That's all we could do is speak the words. We are the, in relationship to the Lord, we are the woman and we have no authority to discipline, no authority to enforce. That's in the dominion of the man. So I'm sorry I can't be more of a help to you. Yeah, but that's all I could do is to tell you to seek Him because it's so easy to be deceived. The Scripture says, "If it were possible, the very elect would be deceived." Not so much by the man out there, but by our very own heart. Another Scripture says, "If we're deceived, we're deceived by the pride of our own heart." We're deceived. Why? Because our carnal mind got in there and convinced us that he was god and we liked what he said to us, you see.


If Paul would have said, when those prophets talked to him about being persecuted, if Paul would have said, if Paul really didn't want to be persecuted, he would have said, "Oh that must be God telling me not to go." Besides I want, you know, getting back to that, the prophets never told him not to go. They did not come to him and say, "Thus saith the Lord, don't go." They didn't tell him that. They said, "If you go, you're going to be bound." They didn't tell him to go or not to go. So the carnal mind of man says, "Well if I'm going to be bound, I better not go." But God didn't say that. God just says, "You go, you're going to be bound." It was a true word. It was a true word. And this is just the self-preservation of the carnal mind.


I was speaking to a young lady last week who was all concerned about avoiding getting the mark and she believes that the mark is in your hand and on your forehead. And she had wanted to enter the Army as a career. And she said that the Army is starting to put marks on the right hand of all of its members. And she's heard that people who are career people in the Army are thinking of quitting the Army rather than take the mark, and what do I think about it? And I said to her, "Well, you know, maybe the Go- -- maybe the Lord wants you in the Army. Maybe He's got ministry for you in the Army. Maybe He's got something for you to do in there. Are you, now what's influencing your more, your fear of the mark or your obedience to Christ? Has the Lord told you to not go into the Army because of the mark? Or have you -- if it's true that they're giving them the marks -- have you made your own self-preserving judgment to get out of the Army to save your life? And she just looked at me. She couldn't believe what I said to her.


Paul did not try to preserve his own life. He was just obedient to the Father. And that's the sign of a true apostle. True apostles have no ministry. Their service is unto God and when you serve God, you serve the people that he sends you to. But you don't have any ministry of your own. The ministry that you have is Christ in you and whatever that spiritual ministry directs you to. Now of course the church is carnal, so we have to do certain things. We have a name here. Its name is Living Epistles. Why? Because the carnal people need to know what your name is. I'm going to Nigeria now. The man called me up, he says, "What are you? Your letterhead doesn't say which one of the five-fold ministry you are. What are you?" And I said, "Well I don't usually take a title, but pick one of them. I'm all four of them." Because it's really not a five-fold ministry, you know. It's a four-fold ministry. It's, teachers and pastors are not separate. It's teaching pastors, teaching pastors.


A judge?


In the five-fold ministry? There's no name, there's no title judge.




Yeah, but that's not one. We're talking about Ephesians, yeah.


I meant a title for that name.


Oh, for that name. No, well he wanted one of the five-fold titl- -- he wanted to know whether I was a pastor, an evangelist, an apostle, or a teacher. He wanted a title. I'm all of them. All of those offices aren't Christ.


Is everyone?


Is everyone what?


Those four?


They're in me, you know. This ministry, it- -- the ministry in me is Christ. I'm not in full stature, but I do have an imparted anointing, which is Christ in me. And He's all of them.


So when you --




Only when you have the imparted anointing, then you'll have all of those.


Yes. Yes. The imputed anointing doesn't, the imputed anointing, there's no apostlesh- -- well I shouldn't say that, generally sp- -- well these, what am I saying here? The imputed anointing that we see largely in the church today, it's none of them. What they have is a gift to heal. Some of them have a gift to teach on the basic levels. They can teach faith, they can teach the Gospel of the Cross. Some of them are very anointed in these areas, but it's all a gift. That five-fold ministry that appears in Ephesians, that is for the men that have the imparted anointing. This ministry that's out there today is none of those things.


So these ministries --


Please take the mic.


Ministers that call themselves Apostle So-and-So and Apostle This and Apostle That. You know what I'm talking about? And they're all over the place where they, I mean you know, all over America, all over the world where they say Pastor This, Pastor That, Pastor That. But I've seen certain denominations and certain even, what do you call it, nationalities, within that nationality they go Apostle This, Apostle That, you know what I'm saying?


I know.


What is this?


It's just, it's like little children. They don- -- they think, you see, I'm not putting these men down. They think that because they're in the ministry that they must be one of them. It's just a lack of understanding. I don't call it an evil. It's really a childishness. It's an immaturity. That's what it is. That's what it is.


Is that the one in the Scripture [INAUDIBLE] "call no man father."


Well it does. You know, call no man father. Yeah. And it also says call no man preacher, call no man teacher. What? It's pride. Yeah. But you see, if you are a teacher, Jesus said call no man teacher. Call no man teacher. Don't call Adam teacher. If you look up the word in the Greek, it's called no Adamic man teacher. Call no Adamic man father. Now I'm not a teacher, but Christ in me is a teacher and He has chosen to teach through me. And that makes me a teacher. The day He doesn't teach though me, I'm not a teacher any more. It's not me. But so long as I'm in His service, so long as He's honoring me in this ministry, I am a teacher, I am an evangelist, I am a pastor. When it's Him and me, I am a pastor and I am an apostle. I am bringing forth the doctrine of the hour. I have the whole five-fold ministry, whole four-fold ministry. For as long as He stays with me. I hope He never leaves me. But if He leaves me, I've got nothing because He is my everything. Yes?


I was driving the car the other day and I had the message on. I guess it was Matthew and Mark -- can't remember which one I was listening to -- and when he talked about going to the highways and the byways and beg them to come in for the supper, is this the supper, this teaching that God's giving?


Is this the supper? I don't think so.


Oh because it seems to be a lot more meat than you've ever gotten at these. It sounds like a wedding feast, it sounds like.


Well, it's a part of it. But I think it's much more than that. Further down, if I'm not mistaken, further along in the book of Revelation, he talks about the fowls coming to eat much flesh. I think it's in the next chapter or the end of that chapter. And, excuse me, that which is being eaten, brethren, is our Adamic soul. Jesus said, "If you're hot or cold, I'm going to spew you out of my mouth." The Christ in us, which we are supposed to be one to, one with, is eating or consuming our Adamic soul. And that is the supper and that is the fowls that Jesus says, "Come and eat much flesh." Eat the flesh of kings and captains and all of the great men of the Adamic creation. Eat Adam. Adam is going to be consumed by Christ.


And that's the wedding.


And that's the wedding. Right. It's the consumption of the Adamic soul, so you can look at it that way. And another way to look at it is that it's the joining of Christ to the Adamic soul, which is the marriage. So when the Lord is trying to express certain things to us, He describes it as a consumption, as in eating, as a supper, and of, to express other spiritual truths, He describes it as a marriage. It's the same principle as the lake of fire and the wine press being the same thing. Why different names? To express and bring home to us different points of this truth that He's giving us.


I was in a girl's house, a sister in the Lord, for a very short time the other day and she came from the previous church I was in. I had to laugh as you were preaching because one of the things that she said, and I remember the pastor saying what he was going to eat when he was in the marriage supper. I couldn't even say anything. I just --


Italian food.


Italian food, or a big steak. And I just, I said, "Lord, they just don't understand," so I couldn't say anything.


Adamic soul that is the living sacrifice. Everyone who quotes that Scripture to you, "I'll make my soul a living sacrifice." But they don't know what it means. You've got to die. Our soul's the living sacrifice. It's our soul that's being boiled as a sin offering. OK? It's our soul that's being consumed. It's our Adamic soul that's being destroyed. It's our very own Adamic soul. But that's wonderful. Why? Because Christ is there ready, willing and able to take the place in a much more perfect way of everything that our Adamic soul is doing for us. So it is our death, but at the same time, it's the resurrection from the dead in Christ. So there's, you know, there's a great lack of misu- -- there's a great lack of understanding in the church. But the Lord is going to have to do it. Right now He's raising up this firstfruits company and when the firstfruits stand up in full stature, I guess that we- -- they're going to have the spiritual authority to make it tolerable for these people. Yeah.


When you were in Africa, and I saw the message, and I saw the people, how big is it? Is it like an auditorium, or is it a tent, or what is it that you were in? It seemed to house a lot of people.


It was out in an open field. They don't even have any chairs. They stood for the whole service.


Oh, wow.


Yeah. But that was a camp meeting. I also preached in churches where they sit down. But there was several camp meetings and in every camp meeting, there's no chairs. They stand. They don't even sit on the ground. They stand through the whole thing.


When you're in the churches, how big, how many people about?


I'm a very bad judge of numbers.


Two hundred?


They have churches of all sizes there. I was not, I'm told some of them have congregations of 1,000, but I was not in any really big congregation. I would say it was 100 or 200 people in the churches that I was in, which is not a large church. But they have as many different kinds of churches as we have here. I was in one fellowship that was very much like a New York fellowship. They were all professionals, all doctors and lawyers. It's not true that everybody's poor in Nigeria, you know. There's a lot of people that are wealthy over there. And it was a very sophisticated congregation, educated, wealthy and they had all the musical instruments that we have over here. It was just like being in a service in a local church here. And then I went to other churches where they don't have th- -- they didn't have any music at all, just, but enough had singing voices that they music service was very anointed. But they had nothing, only the voice. And then on the message that you saw, they just had drums. So there's all different kinds of churches there. Then they had the deliverance churches, they have the kingdom churches, then they have the churches that don't even believe in deliverance. It's just like here. They have Jehovah Witnesses. They have everything over there. It's just like here. It's just like here in the different kinds of churches, but they're much more anointed over there. When we got a spiritual problem here, at least in this area of Long Island, we got a spiritual problem, the spirit of God is not here in any great intensity in the churches that I could see on any regular basis. So Glory to God.


Do you feel that behind what we were, say many years ago, 50 years ago, they're in that spot now?


I think they're about 10 years behind.




I think God's going to catch them up very quickly. Now He sent me to that kingdom church and now that whole fellowship received this word. So they're way ahead of America. That He started with that kingdom fellowship. What He's going to do with it, where He's going to spread it to, I don't know. But in that way, they're ahead of us. But the other churches where deliverance and all that, they're about, and the anointing, by the intensity of the anointing, they're about where we were 10 years ago. And of course, you know, God could do it in a week. There's no time or space in the Spirit.


So you think we've gone, they've gone backwards in the last 10 years?


Who, us? In America?


In America, yeah.


Well it's not so much that we've gone backwards, it's that we've gotten off the track and of the Spirit of God is a river and the river curves. And if we don't follow the cloud, we keep going straight and all of a sudden, God isn't there. And I think that's what happened, at least in this area of Long Island. I remember the outpouring 15 years ago here on Long Island. And almost any Pentecostal church you went into, they were hopping with the Spirit of God. Well why is it dead when you walk in there now? Because God is doing something new now and they're still doing the same thing they were doing 15 years ago. And they're waiting for the Rapture. And they haven't, well they know that the Spirit isn't what it was but they think it's because of all the sin of all the people out there.


And that, I heard a teaching in a local church, the man was preaching on the Rapture, and he said, "Well, look at the conditions in the churches. The Spirit of God has withdrawn, but this great revival is coming and they're going to come rushing into the churches." They're not going to come rushing into the churches any more than they went rushing back into the Methodist church or the Lutheran church. The Spirit of God is leaving the Pentecostal church. Any church that's in Pentecost that has not gone on to the Kingdom message is experiencing a death experience. But they don't understand it. It's very sad. Makes me very sad. But I know that if I went to tell them, it wouldn't do them any good. Jesus said they wouldn't believe even if one rose from the dead. They're going to throw me out of their church and tell me I'm preaching false doctrine. They don't want to believe it. Pharisees.


See one of the biggest problems with the people in this area refusing to receive this doctrine is that they got their priorities backwards. We're supposed to try the spirit. If I'm wrong, you show it to me. Show me one Scripture that says try the word. Show me one Scripture that says try the word. It says try the spirit. So they're supposed to come to me and try the spirit and pray about the spirit and passing judgment on the spirit. And when they discern that it's the Spirit of God, they're supposed to receive my doctrine. But they're not trying the spirit on me. They're trying the word on me and rejecting me with the spirit, which is my Father, because they never heard the doctrine before because they don't like the doctrine. And let me just put this on the message. OK.


For those of you who are thinking right now, "Well what about all these people in these heavily anointed churches that are preaching what you say, Sheila, are the doctrines of men. Why don't you try the spirit on them?" And I'll answer your question. Because that glorious outpouring is not on them when they're preaching the word of God. It's on them in the song service and it's on them in the praise and it's on them in the healing service and it's on them in deliverance. And it's not on them when they're preaching a lie. It's not on them when they're preaching the Rapture. So don't go into a church and discern the spirit that's on the praise and just assume that the same spirit carries over to the message. Because I'm telling you, it doesn't. And if you open your eyes and your ears and your heart and you ask the Lord to show it to you, you will see that that anointing lifts off when they start to preach. So don't be deceived. They got it backwards. They're trying the word instead of the spirit. And they're being destroyed.


Are the people so deceived that they feel that the anointing's on when the pastor's talking because the same girl says they're making an extension, it's a large extension. She says, "Oh just wait when it's finished. The revival is going to be so tremendous. It's coming. It's coming." And they really believe it.


They believe what?


There's going to be a revival. That the church is so anointed that God's going to bring in many more.


Uh-huh. Well maybe He will. I don't know. That church is, from what I could see, it's a receiving place for people that have newly established a relationship with the Lord, you know. So I don't know. You have to go in there and try the spirit when it's [UNINTELLIGIBLE], you know, and see if they let you in. You have to go and try the spirit, you know. Can they be, maybe there is going to be a revival. Maybe God's bringing in 1,000 people on that basic level, you know. But you can't stay there forever. This is my line [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. If the Spirit of God is in the church, God is still using the church. If you can't discern the spirit there, you better get out. You better get out.


I just -- I think you answered my question. I just wanted to know how you tried the spirit.


Well eventually we all get to a place where, I mean, I'm in a place where I can, most of the time, I know what the spirit is. If I'm not sure, I'll ask. If you're not there, you ask. You go in and you say, "Lord, is this Your Spirit?" And I remember once, I was in a church and for some reason, I didn't think it was the Spirit of the Lord. They were doing something different than I had been used to. And I prayed right in the service. I said, "Lord, is this Your Spirit?" And the Lord told me it was His Spirit. I said, "OK, Lord." Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask the Father. He wants your questions. He wants your ask. He wants you to ask. He wants you to be in continuous communion with Him. This is the praying without ceasing. He'll never tire of your questions. He's not like me. He'll never get tired. He'll never have a bad moment where He'll manifest at you. He will always answer your questions. He may not answer you right on the spot, but He will answer you. He will answer you in your dreams. He will answer you the next day. He may answer you through another person.


I remember once when I was still in -- well, I'm still in training -- but when I was in youthful training, I was going to a church and we had a guest speaker and I was so distressed during his message. But a lot of what he was saying was true. But in my heart, I was in torment. And I was praying, God, what's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? Why do I feel this way? I was squirming in my seat. What's wrong? And I prayed through the whole service and I, soon as I walked through my door after church was out, soon as I got home, my phone rang. And it was someone that was in that same service. And the Lord sent her to call me up and tell me what was wrong with that message, that the man was not manifesting Christ. And what was putting me in confusion was that a lot of things that he said was true. And the Lord taught me and He said, "Sheila, anti-Christ is mixture; anti-Christ is mixture."


So anti-Christ is not going to just tell you one lie. That's too easy. They pepper their doctrine with truth so as to throw you into confusion. And that day, with that experience, I learned two things. I learned about anti-Christ and I also learned how to discern the spirit because I had been in that church where God was pouring out His fire four times a week. It was really the only church I had ever gone to. And I thought it was that way everywhere. But this day it wasn't there. That man did not have the fire of God pouring out on him. And from that day forward, I could discern the Spirit of God. Just ask the Lord to teach you. He'll do it. Everything's by His Spirit. And He'll wait for you to ask Him because He wants communion with you. And I'm not talking about a little bitty cracker and a cup of grape juice. He wants communion with you. He wants you to talk to Him and He wants to answer you and He wants to help you to hear Him and to understand Him. That's what He wants with you. True communion. So ask; ask; ask. And He'll answer you. And it's all -- it's a training. It's experience. He'll give you the experiences. Please take the mic. Yeah.


I just want to know are you receiving all questions or just relating to what was --


No, anything. The floor is open.




Oh yeah. Oh Lord. Am I up to this tonight? OK.


She's encouraging me. She said anything.


Help me, Lord.


She thinks this is going to be a whammy. OK. We'll give it for the whammy. No. No, it's not that big. If the -- I wrote this in pencil -- if the demon said, "You come to torment us before our time," you know the Scripture I'm talking about? Looking at it in the light of the demons die after they are cast out, could this be why they said, "Then cast us into the pigs." So they could exist? And how did they even know it wasn't their time? I thought they didn't know the time and what time are they talking about?


OK. Would you mind saying that again? I think there were three questions there.


Yeah, there's quite a few questions.


OK. Let's start with the first one.


OK. Number one, did they ge- -- want to be cast into the pigs so they could continue to exist?


Yes, I believe that was why they wanted to be cast into the pigs. And of course I haven't studied that in the Greek, but it's my opinion that when Jesus said to them, "Go ahead," He knew that it would never work. And in so many words, He was saying to them, "All right, try it. You'll see it won't work." So all that they succeeded in doing was killing the pigs and they still did not have a body to live in. Oh, Jesus. OK.


Two points here. First of all, all you religious people out there that are afraid to come to deliverance meetings because you think that demon is going to jump on you, I'm here to tell you that it cannot jump from a man to the pigs and neither can it jump from a man to another man. OK. Demon power, the authority of which is Satan, does not have the spiritual authority to transfer from one vessel to another vessel. OK. So they knew they had to come out and they tried to go into the pigs and the pigs died and they died too.


Now the Lord has just instructed me to give you a very deep teaching that I have never mentioned to anybody because I'm afraid of persecution. But I'll tell you about it. This is what the Lord has shown me. OK. You may have heard me say, I mentioned it one or two times hoping you wouldn't ask me any further questions about it, that the Lord has shown me recently that it was not necessary for the creation to fall. Now a lot of people preach and I preached for a while, that it was necessary for the creation to fall because how else would we have developed all these bodies. Now I remind you that the original creation was a spiritual creation and that we did not fall into these bodies until after the curse. It wa- -- the original creation was the formation of the Adamic soul. Please stop me if you're not with me because I'm going to build on this, OK. The original creation, when the Scripture says, "God formed the man," this is not the man. This is a prison house. This body is a prison house. God formed the Adamic soul and we didn't get these prison houses until after the Adamic soul had sinned. So while the carnal mind says, "Well of course, you know, therefore God knew we were going to sin and He said, 'Wonderful, you're going to sin and it's all OK for you to sin because I want you to spread across the earth and get all these bodies.'" And the Lord said to me, "That's not true." Now if you heard me, I told you a couple of times, God told me it wasn't true, but don't ask me what was true so I didn't tell you, but He wants me to tell you tonight. This is what the Lord told me -- and if you want any backup on this, I suggest you review if you have it, if you don't have it, I'll bring it for you, the message that I have on evolution.


OK. Let me start with what Jesus is doing now. And I'm going to give you a little teaching and I want to know if anyone here can't agree with me. We are, the human race is fallen. We're sinners. We're spiritually perverse. And a Spirit, known as the Lord Jesus Christ, is entering into us and changing us from the inside out. He's taking our perverse soul and making it righteous. And he's taking our, in some cases, crippled and deformed bodies and making them whole. OK. We have men who are murderers, mother haters, every kind of wicked human being you can imagine, criminals, Mafia people, and they meet Jesus Christ and He comes inside of their heart and they're changed. They're a whole new creature. Does anybody not say Amen to that? OK. And is not the promise of the Scripture that this change is going to go further? That this change is going to affect our vile fallen bodies, that we're going to be raised up in full stature and we're going to appear in the fullness of the righteousness of Christ, and that this body's going to part of the glorified creation, and that we don't know what we're going to be, but we see Jesus who is a glorified spirit. Can anybody not say Amen, that our total being is about to be changed because a spirit entered into our being and started to change us from the inside out. Can anybody not say Amen to that? OK.


This is how we got these fallen bodies, people. There was on the earth animals, as we see them, probably very much as we see them today. And there was a form of spiritual life. It was called the living soul. And what happened when the living soul fell? The way we got our animal body was that God took this spiritual life called the living soul and He locked it up inside of a prison house that didn't look like this at the time. It looked like a monkey. And I want to suggest to you that the presence of that superior spiritual life, because the life on the soul realm is superior to the life on the animal realm, and at that time, the soul wasn't even fallen like it is now. It still had a lot of glory in it. And I want to tell you that God locked it up inside of a monkey's body and it changed that monkey and it changed its body and it's changed its mental ability and God joined him to it, the criminal living soul that was fallen, locked him inside this animal body, and the presence of that highly superior spirit changed that body and that soul, or whatever was in a- -- animals have souls, and they became like us. This is, that's how we came to pass. That's how we are like this today. Now before I go on to the third stage of this, does anybody want to say anything? OK.


It goes with exactly the question I had about this particular verse. "We were lowered into an animal body." This is the question. Were we?




How could this be? Then the flesh of man is animal flesh.




Well what about this verse, 1 Corinthians, 15:39 that says, "There's one kind of flesh of men. Another kind of flesh of beast. Another of fish and another of birds." That tells us the flesh of man and the flesh of beast are different. Two different kinds.


Well that's true. The living soul, when it was joined to the flesh of the animal, changed the flesh of the animal. Just as the spirit of Christ, which is being added to us, will eventually change us, body, soul and spirit.


OK. I have another question.


Let me just say this. The Spirit of Christ being joined to us is bringing us, changing us and bringing us up. OK. That's the Spirit of Christ. The spirit known as the living soul was joined to the animal life. It changed it and it brought it up. So we are higher than the beasts, and our flesh is different. It's changed. But yet, there is an- -- I don't believe there is any preacher around that would deny that we're in an animal body, but it's on a higher level than the beast of the field.


Then I have another question. If it were so that in the very beginning, that was the curse, that that spiritual light being was forced and locked into a monkey's body, there were giants in the earth at that time. How can this relate to the fact that, whether monkey or ape, how can it relate? There were giant human bodies at that time.


Well we don't know how big the animals were at that time. I personally believe the whole creation shrunk on the other si- -- when we passed from one side of the flood to the other side of the flood, that the whole creation got smaller. So maybe the monkeys must have been, you know, very big.


And what makes you think it was a monkey rather than something else?


Well, we, I deal with it on that message, "Evolution," and we found Scriptures, unbelievable as it sounds, there are two Scriptures in the Old Testament about it. And I'm really -- I really can't give it out to you right now. I don't have it in my spirit, but I'll give you the message if you want it. The Scripture doesn't say monkeys, it says apes, but I don't know what the Hebrew says. The English translation is apes.


But then, God said, "Let us make man in our image." Then, actually, that image that was made was like God, as far as the apes were concerned?


No. The image of God is His Spirit impressed in our soul. It has nothing to do with His body. And we're not yet in His image. Our soul right now is in the image of Satan. Satan has engraved himself on the clay of our soul. But you see, we've been given a new soul and that new soul is engraved in the image of the Father. And when our new soul swallows up our old soul, when our new soul that's engraved with the image of the Father swallows up our Adamic soul that's engraved with the image of Satan, we shall be in the image of the Father. OK?




Well, I haven't finished yet. OK? Just let's see what, there's one more step to this that you haven't heard yet.


Being that we came from beasts and we look like we look now, and now it's really harmful and sinful if people have relations with animals, it's called bestiology [sic]. When did that change from when God first created man into the monkey and we came to look like this, that there's a separation between the two, the animal and the human?


Well if I understand you correctly, it was from the very beginning. From the time that the living soul was joined to the flesh of an animal, it became illegal to have sex with anyone other than someone else in your condition. Now this could have taken thousands of years. I don't know how long it took. Now we know that every spiritual reality in Christ has a perversion. OK? Well let me say this to you, that any man or woman involved in sexuality with an animal, OK, is the victim of the satanic mind that is trying to do what God has the authority to do and doing it in the natural. God did it in the realm of the spirit. It was a spiritual joining. He put the living soul inside of an animal body, thus raised up the animal body and formed a ne- -- something new appeared on the earth. But now this is what I want to tell you. This is what God had planned from the beginning; if man did not fall, this is how we would have populated this earth with bodies.


The living soul at the time before he sinned had the spiritual authority to reproduce -- I was really not prepared for this tonight, I have some notes on it at home. How do I say this, Lord? It's a form, there is a form of reproduction known to the scientists where the plant or the being, they spray. They spray themselves. They spray themselves. And I found some Scriptures -- which at the moment I don't remember where it was, I'll have to dig it out, I wrote it up and hid it in my cabinets -- that the living soul had the authority, the Lord describes it as lightning bolts. This was the soul before the, this was the Adamic soul before the fall. And he was spirit on the soul realm and this was, this was some animal over there, and he had the spiritual authority to send forth, in the Scripture that God showed me, it's likened to a lightning bolt. But from deep within his own self, he had the authority to send forth his spiritual being and enter into the heart of that animal, thus raising the animal up. He had the spiritual authority -- help me, Lord -- see, this is Adam. He was the whole. The whole living soul didn't go inside one animal. He had the authority to send forth -- the Scripture calls it lightning bolts -- that would be spiritual seed or spiritual sperm, and let's say there was a whole bunch of animals out there and every time one of his lightning bolts would connect with an animal, it would raise that animal up to a higher level, just like Jesus is raising us up to a higher level. And this was the plan that God had when Jesus said, "Go out," when Father said to Adam, "Go and multiply." Go out, be fruitful, produce the fruit of Christ, multiply, multiply into many members by sending forth your spiritual seed and entering into an animal and raising it up to the soul realm and fill the earth. Fill the earth of the Adamic soul with Christ. Produce the fruit. Produce Christ. Go out and multiply. Bring yourself into many members. Without falling, go out into the animals that were there. Send forth your lightning bolts, enter in, raise them up to the soul realm, and then after you do that, fill these natural men with the fruit of Christ, which is going to take them up to the next realm. You don't have to agree. Do you understand what I'm saying?


Oh, the animals [INAUDIBLE] changed to natural men.


And they changed to natural men. And then waiting to be filled with the fruit of Christ who's going to take him up to the next realm, which is what we're waiting for now. And I was just talking to, the other night, that it's very common for God to give us two choices. His will will [sic] come to pass in this world, but we can go one way or we can go another way. Remember we were talking about it? You can take the longer way or the shorter way or the harder way or the easier way, but God's will will [sic] be done. But there's more than one way to get there. So the creation is coming to pass. Jesus is the first of the creation of God and it's coming to pass in accordance with God's plan. But it could have been another way. It could have come to pass without man falling. And this is how it would have been done. The living soul that was in the right status with God had the authority. Please take the mic.


Was Adam in the right, when he was in the right with God, was he doing that?


I think he started and that very mystical Scripture in Genesis where it says, "and the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and found them favorable." If you pull that apart word by word, it's not, the word is not sons or daughters, it's just children and there's no sex indicated. And I believe that the Lord told me that what happened was that this had already started. So we had some people on the earth that were the product of the joining of the unfallen living soul and an animal, which was some kind of glorified body. They were glorious compared to what we are today. And the spiritual sons that were not yet in a body, they had a choice to do what God had asked them to do, to join with an animal and raise up, literally, their own body. You hear what I'm saying? OK.


So that they would have a body to live in.


So that they would have a body to live in. OK. But they didn't do that. They looked at the human beings that had already been formed and they wanted human sexual intercourse with them. Do you hear me?


So now what you told me was that Adam was not willing to wait, OK? Remember you told me that? And you said that was what the sin was. And the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, could this tree of knowledge of good and evil been that? They looked upon it and they wanted human sexual intercourse? Was that it?


Ask me again. I don't understand the question.


Well let's just go back to the fact that you told me that Adam was not willing to wait and that was the sin. And that he copulated with his own spirit.




Which was incest.




And brought forth the carnal mind?




So he didn't have the ability any longer to send forth lightning bolts and raise up sons of God, right?


Right. Right.


So by copulating with his own spirit, he locked himself into an animal body?


I don't know. I'm not going to answer that right now because I really don't have the answer. I'll ask the Lord about it, but I'm not going to say. It's a good question. I'm not going to say anything about it now. OK? Because this happened to us when I first started teaching on multiple incarnations. And I have a message called,


What happened?


I'm going to tell you. I have a message called "Reconciling Two Doctrines of Incarnation." Because I realized that two things that I was teaching didn't seem to jive and when I prayed about it, God gave me that message, "Reconciling the Two Doctrines of Incarnation," that He had given me. So I understand what you're saying, that the one that I told you doesn't seem to be jiving with this, and I don't know the answer right now. But I'm sure,


The one thing doesn't seem to jive with the other.


Well what I said was that Adam, within himself, fertilized his own human spirit and brought forth the carnal mind. OK?


Doesn't seem to be jiving.


And I thought you were saying it wasn't jiving with this, sending forth his lightning bolts and raising up human beings by taking animals and putting his spiritual seed in them, just like Christ is doing to us.


I wasn't saying that it wasn't jiving. I was trying to find out the answer to something.


Well that's what I'm saying. It's not jiving because I don't know the answer. But I'll find out for you.


But it is true that Adam wasn't waiting and his sin was that he would not wait for Christ to come forth in him.




And this was Christ, right? The sons of God within the Adamic,


This was Adam with an imputed anointing, doing this, sending forth his lightning bolts and for each seed that he sent forth, getting a body for each seed that he sent forth. How many times have you heard the Scriptures, it's in the Psalms, "A body I prepared for you." We are the body. I'm telling you, well you seem to be OK. Anybody hearing this message, if you're panicking, just listen. What I'm saying that the Adamic soul did with the animals is exactly what Christ is doing with us, on a lower level. It's exactly what He's doing with us. He's taking His lightning bolt and He's put it right in your heart. And He's laid hold of your Adamic soul and your Adamic body, which, believe me, is as much of an animal to Him as an animal in the forest would be an animal to us. We are animals to Jesus. He's a glorified spiritual being. And He's locked Himself inside of an animal body. We're animals to Him. Yeah.


Were they giants, those animals that the lightning bolts came and they became giants?


I- -- not that they became giants. I think the whole creation was bigger at the time, so the animals were bigger.


What you're saying is that the sons of God being projected inside the hearts of those animals and bringing them out of the animal flesh they --




-- were in and changing that flesh,




-- and the demons tried to do the same thing,


And they failed.


When, that's exactly what they tried to do.


They tried to do it and they didn't have the spiritual authority to do it.


What a revelation!


Isn't that great?


They tried to say, "We'll make it. Send us into the pigs. We'll raise them up." And they didn't. They killed them and they died too, right?


Exactly. Thank you, Jesus.


Big revelation! Praise the Lord!


Heavy, huh?


Yeah, this is really deep. This is deep. This is the answers --


I see all kinds of tomatoes flying at me in the spirit.


This is, but this is the questions that I've had for so long and this is what we need to understand where we came from. We are the sons of God. And we're in a foreign body right now.




And this is the way -- this is how we got here. But I'm questioning the part about the sons of God within the Adamic realm in the array of light that he was in, right? He was showing the light of God at the time, right? But they were looking on the daughters of, so in other words, they were looking up on another realm that was already raised up and they wanted sexual intercourse with them,




Instead of another what?


Human. They wanted external, they wanted --


They wanted intercourse.


-- the human intercourse, the human type of intercourse.


But, and that was caught, was that the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Was that the sin?


I don't think so.


Was that sin? Yeah, because it's not sin today, to marry, to have sexual intercourse within marriage


The Scripture says don't.




So it can't be that.


No, no, no. They were mixing their seed. The Scripture says, "Don't mix your seed." It was the spiritual sons that may or may not have had the -- Now look, they were [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Jesus is a spirit, and He had the spiritual authority to take the form of a man. We know that, OK? So it's possible that at that time, the spiritual sons had the authority to take the form of a man and they were going and having sexual intercourse with the human beings that were already appearing with the sons that were already in a human body. A different level of creation. They were crossing over their seeds, which is likened to a human being today having sex with an animal. They went down to the lower level. Why? Because they wanted to experience external physical intercourse. Jesus. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Ooh. I'm one chill from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. I just want to say one -- I remember once we went to --


This is one incredible night.


That's why He gave us the anointing with all of this joy and this singing.


Do you remember a couple of years ago we went to, what was it, South Haven Park?


Yeah, where they were [INAUDIBLE]?


And we were watching the ducks. And the whole group at the time went there. And everybody was having fun and I'm looking at the ducks and the Lord's talking to me and He's saying, "See those ducks?" I said, "Yeah, Lord." He says, and He said to me, "Remember Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse?" I said, "Yeah, Lord." He said, "Well all they are is animals with soul imputed to them." And I said, "Lord, what does that mean?" I even, I don't know whether it was you or not, but I told somebody. I said that's what the Lord told me. I don't know what He means. They're just animals with soul imputed to them. And this is what He was talking about. They were just animals and soul was imputed to them and they started wearing clothes and they started speaking language and they started having human relationships. Jesus. Woo. Oh, God, I'm so glad it's not the Middle Ages. They'd burn me for sure.




Well that's if I don't burn the message.




See and this, and the Scripture says, you know, and He laid flesh on their bones. And everyone has this fantasy of bones with flesh coming on. Well that's how He did it. That's how He laid the flesh on the bones. Everything that's in the Scripture came to pass through natural means. A piece of flesh didn't appear out of the sky and go lay on the bones. It came to pass in accordance with natural laws. That's what I'm telling you.






So within, the animals were created on the fifth day, right?




So between the fifth and the sixth day, there were men on the earth. Is this right? There were, Adam was created, right?


Adam was, Adam began to be formed on the sixth day. So at the dawn of the sixth day, the dawn of the sixth day, first Adam was formed in spiritual form. He was spirit on the soul realm. There's two realms where spirit can dwell. They're both spirit, one's higher than the other. So man was formed on the soul realm. He was a spirit. And somewhere in the early stages of the sixth day, he sent out his spiritual seed or his lightning bolts and each seed was planted in an animal and raised that animal up. I don't know how long it took.


Could have been thousands of years.


Could have been.


So Adam could have been doing what God had said, multiply.


He started. He started.


He could have been doing that and maybe that was part of what the giants were coming from.




That Adam could have been doing that. He could have been being obedient to that, until he partook of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But I still don't really understand. There was a tree of life, a tree of knowledge of good and evil. Can you explain that a little bit.


No, now this is what I was saying before. We have two pieces of information here.


But the sixth --


We have two pieces of information here. At this moment, I cannot link them for you. I believe both are true, but I cannot link them together for you. We have this revelation of the reproductive abilities of the living soul to go forth and multiply, to fulfill God's commandment to multiple. We have an understanding of that. And we have an underst- -- now this has nothing -- and we have some understanding of, not so much the fall, but what happened before the flood. OK. And then we have another piece of information that gives us some information about the fall, that Adam did not wait for the spirit of God to fertilize him but fertilized his own human spirit. And I cannot give you an accurate relationship between that information and this information right now. But there's not a doubt in my mind God will give it to me. But I don't have it for you now and I'm sure you don't want to hear my carnal mind teaching. You've got enough problems. Amen. I have enough problems. We don't need that. Glory to God.


So in the rest of these questions about this, and how did they even know that it wasn't their time. They said -- OK. If you come to terms before the time. What time? How did they know it wasn't their time? And what time is he talking about?


I did study that in the Greek. And first of all, let me remind you what the word torment means before we go any further. The word torment, if you look it up in the Greek, means to put down under foot. And what I'm suggesting to you that it means is that, in the heart of the man where these demons spoke out of, the carnal mind was prevailing and the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, had an interaction with them and they knew that, they knew sp- -- demons have a spiritual knowledge. These people, these soothsayers, they have some knowledge of the realm of the spirit. And they knew, to what degree they knew it, I don't know, but they had some indication, some knowledge, that this man, they knew He was God, they knew He was God. And they knew that He had come to take authority over this man and this creation, which was an Adamic man and he- -- they knew that what He was going to do to them was form His Christ in this man and put the carnal mind under foot. They knew that they were going to be forced down under foot. And apparently, they knew that at the time, for it really wasn't for another 2,000 years. And they said to Him, "Why have You come to us? It's not time yet for the carnal mind to go under the foot of Christ. Why have you --" They knew that He had the authority even when He was in a human body, but He wasn't full stature. Somehow He did it. He did it to the Gadarene Demoniac. He had the authority to bring forth an imparted Christ in them and put the carnal mind down under foot. And that's why they said, "Why are you tormenting us? Why are you going to put us down under the feet of Christ," because for evil demons, being under the authority of Christ is torment. They're in this restriction. The Man has returned to the house and taken His position of authority. So they said to Him, "How come You're doing that when it's not yet time for You to doing it." So they must have had some revelation of the resurrection of the creation, but they didn't have an, they didn't understand that Jesus Christ had the authority to do it at that time.


How did they know that it wasn't their time? How did they have any knowledge?


I don't know. All that I could tell you is that the witches have some knowledge of -- just go out into the occult today and to the New Age movement. They have a lot of knowledge. It's not the right spirit, but they have a lot of knowledge.


But the carnal mind doesn't have that knowledge. People walk around with a carnal mind but they don't have as much knowledge as the human has. [INAUDIBLE] carnal mind. There's demons in the carnal mind, but they may know something that consciously I --


It's the unconscious mind. If you recall, I think I had some comments on a message maybe a month ago, that the Lord had let me watch one of the talk shows where they were hypnotizing someone and trying to say they were going back to a past lifetime. And I had asked the Lord to explain that to me. I used to believe it was demons, but the Lord told me no, it's not demons. When they hypnotize you, and the person under the hypnosis speaks about a past lifetime, what they have contacted is Satan, the spirit that rules through the living soul and that was present in every human being that has ever lived. And that it was not the previous lifetime of that individual that's being hypnotized, but they have made contact with the spirit of Satan that has been in the earth from the beginning. And he was just playing with them. So Satan, all knowledge is in, spiritual knowledge is in Satan. That's what I'm saying.


And what time are they talking about?


They were talking about --


When the carnal mind's put under foot and the --


Well that's what we're coming into now.


And the resurrection?


Right. The time now. But of course, it happened to Paul. But he said he was out of season. OK. The time for the common man to bear the fruit of Christ and bruise Satan under the feet of that Christ, we're entering into it now.


Is it true then that the dominion will be given back to the sons of God, and that we will be able to shoot lightning bolts again, just like those demons tried to do but they failed?


Well I don't think so because the body, the purpose of that was to have a physical creation that was indwelt by spiritual life and we have that already. So why would we go back to that? We're going on to the next step, which is the glorification of the physical body.


So when Adam didn't wait for Christ, that's when he copulated with and, with his own spirit or himself instead of Christ, right, that he got locked into an animal body.


I don't have the answer right now. I'm going to have to wait.


I asked the same thing, didn't I?


You have to wait until the Lord tells me. OK. He'll tell me.


I think there was another question. Oh, anyway, he was locked into an animal body. You know that.


Yes, as a curse.


And he was able to bring that up to the level that we are now, which is a much higher level than an animal.


Oh yeah. I think we were even higher than this. We're fallen. I think at the time of the flood --


The blood was more light.


--we were much higher than we are now. Sure. Before the flood and even right after the flood, we were much higher.


Because they say that our blood right now is, like, slowed down. So it could have been that at the beginning, it went into the heart, but it stayed there. It wasn't just a lightning bolt, right? Went into the heart of the animal and changed the blood, brought it up to a higher level, right?


Yes. Yes.


Because it was light, right? It was powerful.


It was powerful, yeah.


And, but it, and it was a higher level than we are now.


Oh yeah. See the only reason...


So then the sin that was --


The only reason it's taken Jesus so long to do it with us --


-- started, continued and was deeper as the years went on.


The only reason it's taken Jesus so long to do it with us is that we're so fallen that He would kill us if He zapped us any harder than He's zapping us. You know, OK? Do you understand?




But those animals were not, they were not riddled with sin. They were animals that were not part of a fallen creation, so they could receive the lightning bolt. It may have been very fast.


This is incredible because there's no way that that teaching, if anybody could even get the understanding, there's no way that they could just be covered in the Blood and filled with the Holy Ghost and die and go to heaven. The only way that people could get out of the condition that we're in, after we were a glorified form and we're locked now into an animal body, it's for the reverse to happen, for Christ to project Himself within




And that's what's happening.


It's not that I die and go to heaven. The only way is for Him to go in there --


Heaven has to come down to you.


-- and go within. Heaven within and push out.




Nothing matters. There's nothing else that matters then is to, except for to come into full stature and go into glorification. There's nothing else that matters in there.


And there's nothing else that has any reality.


And just, it does- -- why even ha- -- why should people try to build their own kingdoms, once they know this? They don't know it, but their pride and the pride has kept them from it, right? But after you know this, there's no going back. There's no going back. There's nothing else that matters.


Nope. Christ is the only reality. Yeah. He's the only reality.


I would like to know the answer to that, though.


I'll tell you, as soon as He tells me. Talk in the mic.


I can't wait to find the answer, find out the answer to that about the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And, you know, what that was, a better understanding about it.


OK. As soon as He tells me.


And if that was the sin -- are you saying that wasn't the sin?




For the sons of God to look on those figures and want --


That was after the fall already.


That was after the fall.




So what was the fall? The fall was him not waiting on Christ, but it's deeper than that. I'd like to know more about that.




I thought the Lord was giving me a prophecy right when I was sitting here.


What was He saying? Put it on the message. What was He saying?


He was saying, "Come up higher." He said, "I'm giving you revelation that wise men have sought for years right now."


Amen. Ladies, you are a part of the making of history.




I'll never forget it. When you came to this [?Jehoshaphat?] -- oh, Lord, no. I'm so glad it came out.


What God had to reveal, she kept it hidden.




Must have been Satan going crazy.


Oh you better believe it.




I had mentioned one time to you about the sacrifice of the calf. Could that be any part of this also, that they took a calf, to sacrifice a calf?


You mean natural Israel?


Yeah. They felt, you know, why a calf? Why an animal?


Well wasn't that proscribed by the Levitical law, that it had to be, which animal it was, Levitical law said which animal it had to be.


Was this before the Levitical law though?




No the calf? Was that after the Levitical law?


Well I'm not sure what you're tal- -- are you talking about the natural Israel?


Aaron and --


Yeah that was natural Israel. That was way -- this was before the flood. This took, what we talked about tonight took place before the flood.


So there would be no relation between an animal sacrifice and --


And the animal is an ape. The Scripture, it's in the Scripture and the English translation is ape, although when I looked it up, if I'm not mistaken -- ladies, excuse me, ladies, please -- the translation, it says ape, but I think if you look it up in the Hebrew, it's chimpanzee. It's not ape.


That's not a good translation, but I've seen documentaries by heathen scientists and they claim that an animal called the rhesus monkey, the rhesus monkey is very close to a chimpanzee. That they did stu- -- I may not have this exactly right -- they did studies on their blood and their genes and the chromosomes in the rhesus monkey are so close to the genes and the chromosomes of the human beings, that when they want to study man, they study the rhesus monkey. And that's why, pl- -- that plus the Scripture, that says, that uses the word apes, but the word is really chimpanzee or something like that. So to me, that's why I say ape and not calf. So when the scientists say that we descend from an ape, well, we don't descend from an ape. It's not an ape that has evolved, it's not a monkey that has evolved into a man, but I don't doubt for a second it was the rhesus monkey or his forefathers that was penetrated by a spiritual lightning bolt and was raised up to what we call man. Now that's not, let me, I think you're OK. Let me put it on the message. Now I'm not saying the same thing as we evolved from the rhesus monkey. Because to say that we evolved from the rhesus monkey means that the rhesus monkey was our root. Our root is not the rhesus monkey. Our root is the creation of the God and the very Christ in him. Our root is Christ. Our root is Christ. Our root is Christ. The spiritual authority of Christ raised up the rhesus monkey. Man, you see, Darwin hit upon a spiritual truth but he looked at it with his carnal mind and he saw it backwards. He gave the authority to the monkey. The authority was not in the monkey. The authority was in the spirit that penetrated it and controlled it from within.


Could this be what happened to Adam when he sinned and he copulated with his own spirit and got the carnal mind, that after he got the carnal mind -- I'm still working on this, I'm back on that, I didn't realize that happened.


You have to wait.


But I think I just, when you said that Darwin saw it backwards, that the carnal mind always sees everything backwards. And you said in the word of God it reads like, it's like seeing it backwards. It sees everything backwards. That when he was doing it forward, he was shooting lightning bolts and they were raising up but when it's backwards, he was inside of the animal, trying to do it from without.


And the animal was the one that was responsible.


You know what I'm saying?


He gave the authority to the animal.


That he was locked inside the animal and he was trying to raise it up from without and he can't do that. Only Christ can do that.


Only Christ can do that.


So that's why we're waiting all these thousands of years for Christ to do it.


We're waiting for Christ, right.


We end up avoiding anyway and dying, right?




What would have happened to him if he was, if he had waited on Christ? He wouldn't have ever died, but he would have been in this transitional period, I guess, huh?


If he had waited on Christ? I don’t know exactly. I ju- -- I know that we wouldn't have fallen and that the commandment to multiply would have been come to pass by the lightning bolt form of reproduction and it -- there was a season that was allotted to Adam to fill the earth with human beings and however long it would have taken him to do it.


And it doesn- -- wouldn't have taken that lower form of sexual intercourse to do it.


No. It would have been done without.


It would have been the higher form of lightning bolts that were light, pure light, instead of having it flesh to flesh.


Right. There would have been no sexual intercourse. And it was the spiritual men that looked at the human beings already formed and came down and had sexual intercourse with them.


You know I think it was at St. Louis Zoo I was at. It was one of these places, there was an aquarium or a zoo or something where you see all these different animals and it said, it read on the board -- now this was people who may not even believe that God created us -- but it was saying, "The human being is the highest of the animal species," is what they say. That's the way they say that.




Yeah. But it's the truth.


It's the truth.


It's the truth. And I always thought, "Oh, those evolutionists. That's what they say."


Yeah, but it's true.


Because I thought I was in the image of God and that you don't say that about people. We ar- -- we have the Spirit of God in us. Animals don't, is what I thought, you know. But, you know, I was thinking that I was in the image of God and I'm not in the image of God yet. This is an animal body. And it is the highest form because it was raised up.


Amen. See the soul that was in right standing had the authority to raise the animals up to the level of soul. And now, he was a spirit on the soul realm and now the spirit on the spiritual realm, even Christ, has the authority to raise the soul realm up to the spirit realm. Glory to God.


This is just something in reference to what June had just mentioned about making the idol to a cattle, to a calf. But when you look up the words for man, one of the words is cattle, when I looked it up, so must be s-.


One of the words for man?


Describing, like, God's people.


Oh I see what you're saying. Yes. When God talks about the nations, you know, God sees us as cattle. I've known that for quite a while. Yeah. He sees the many, and you know when I used to work in Manhattan, I had this revelation and I go walking down the street with the hundreds of people and they, I could see them swarming. They were like herds of cattle. I saw them for what they were. See when God, like, catches you up in your mind, you see your surroundings totally differently. I saw them. They were just herds of cattle, just walking down the streets of Manhattan. That's what we are. And another application to the Levitical sacrifices are that the Lord could take any one out of His flock and sacrifice us, when He wants to. We're His. Can do anything He wants. He's in to- -- it may not look that way, but He's total control of His creation.


I really think the time is very short. You know, all of this stuff is coming out. The time, it doesn't matter the size of the group. What matters is that it was preached, it was preached through the spoken word, it has done great damage in the heavenlies, and if it's on the message -- I hope it's on the message -- we'll make a message out of it and it will be available for whoever the Lord wants to have it. And it's very important. What's happening here is very important. Don't be deceived by the way things look here. God never works in big groups. He doesn't. You're part of history, all of you.


One more question about this. There are still apes and monkeys.




So they didn't all get raised up, right?


No. They didn't all get raised up.


And that's just the answer to that, huh?


It's like literally the superior man on the soul realm went out into the fields, now imagine bible days, and there was a whole herd of cattle. In the bible days, he would take one cow and bring it to the priest and say, "Here, sacrifice it for me." This high spiritual man went into the crowds, the herds of the animal and he picked one, and his sacrifice was it died to everything that it was. When the spiritual man chose an animal, it died to what it was and he raised it up to the soul realm. But it wasn't all of the herd that was taken. And it isn't going to be all of this herd. It isn't going to be all of His human herd that's taken either. Jesus. [SPEAKING IN TONGUES]


Is it a question, Lord? Oh wow, it just went right out of my mind.


Well let me say something then. What just flashed through my mind was a picture of some of those Hollywood movies where they have the high priestess of Isis and all of that making sacrifice, you see. There's always a sacrifice being made. And the Spirit of God is making sacrifice, choosing a member of the herd and raising it up. And we're going to die to everything that we are, that we were, or that we are now. Yeah. And again, what I was trying to say is, when I saw that flash of that Hollywood movie, is that man is always trying to imitate God. So these pagan religions, sometimes they sacrifice animals and sometimes they sacrifice human beings. It's just Satan in these people doing everything that God does. But when Satan does it, he destroys and when God does it, He brings life.


When Christ formed the animals, that was the original thing? The soul, what was it then. You said the animals, the soul, the Lord created the animals first.


Yes. On the fifth day.


I see. And then the soul?


And then on the sixth day, He started to form the living soul.


I see. OK.


OK? So a lot of what the evolutionists say is true. God brought forth the creation. Yeah. And it probably took thousands if not millions of years.


So they may have not been, this isn't the question, but they may have not, if He formed the living soul, it was through the living soul that the lightning bolts were sent, right? So it was after the sixth day that they started doing that, multiplying. I was going to ask you, this is the question I wanted to ask you. How is it that the sons of God had that thought, to look up on them and want that?


Because they were --


That's sin.


That's sin.


So they were already in a sinful condition then.


The creation was not the perfect e- -- the creation was formed with the potential for sin but it had not yet sinned. And when these thoughts, and then it fell, OK. So at that point, we were dealing with a fallen creation. They had already yielded to sin. They just descended another step by doing that.


But the sin was not when they actually did it, it was when it was in the mind, right?


No. The sin was before the fall. This all took place -- that Scripture in Genesis about the sons of God looking upon the daughters of men -- that happened after the fall and ever since the fall, the sin that prevailed in Adam's mind, which resulted in the fall is continuously being played out in the creation. And the creation keeps descending and keeps descending. We can't stop. It's like a rock at the top of a mountain and it starts to fall and we can't stop.


Does this mean the creation was subjected to vanity? Is this what it's talking about, lowered, subjected to vanity?


Well that word means futility, which means no matter what you do, you can't get yourself back up to the realm of the spirit again.


And then you said subject, but He subjected the same in hope. So is this talking about the, but the creation was subjected to vanity.




Is it talking about subjected to the animal body?


No. I don't think so. I think that's a spiritual thing. It was subjected to futility. Remember I've talked to you about the circle of the earth? Let me review that for you.


You said not willingly, that, not willingly. It sounds like that it meant that that living soul was subjected to that animal body. Wasn't willing to, but it was cursed and subjected to it.


I really don't know. I'd have to look at it in the Greek, but what it means -- I have not studied it in the Greek -- but what that means to me, that word vanity means futility. We are on the circle of the earth and we keep going round and round like a rat on a treadmill. And we just keep going round and round and the only thing that's going to save us is to get back up to the realm of the spirit. And we can't get there. We keep going round and round and round.


And let me draw it for you another way. In case you don't know anything about geometry, I will tell you that if a circle is big enough, you can take a section of it and it will be a straight line. So I'm going to draw a section of the circle of the earth as a straight line. And we're just going back and forth on this line like a rat on a treadmill. We can't get out but you see, somewhere along the line, the Father looked out and had mercy on us and He sent His Son down from heaven. And He intersected the line of the earth. And He bent the circle upwards. He bent the circle upwards. We have this on the 38 Series. And the place at which He met man is a right angle, it makes Him the head of the corner. He is the head of the spiritual man. And He is the head of the natural man. And it is by His life joining with us, as a ransom, He's joined to us for the life of the ages that this hope is. Our hope is in Christ, that He will in fact come down and join with us and thereby enabling us to bend upwards towards the realm of the spirit, and get off of the circle of the earth. So this is what it's going to look like. The circle of the earth is like this. Christ has come down to us and at that point we stop going round and round. And we go from here and we go up. And pretty soon, Christ is going to absorb this whole circle and all of us are going to be in the spiritual realm of God. So that's what the vanity means, to the best of my knowledge, at this time. I haven't studied it in the Greek. And then, after all of us get into the center there, the Lord's going to put that circle of the earth, known as Adam, He's going to put him in the center. And that little pinpoint of light that you saw, it's going to vibrate out and it's going to be external. So Christ is going to be outside, and all of that --




That's death. And that's going to be on the inside. As we said at the beginning of this message, totally subject to the fire of God and made harmless. And all it's going to be is, it's purpose in the glorified creation is to give that creation form. And anybody looking at us --




Yes. Well, no. No.


It was to give it form.


Was to give it form, but it didn't look like this in the beginning. It had to be a human body to give it form. And we're going to shine like Jesus did on the Mount at Transfiguration. But if you look past the blinding light, you're going to see the form of a man. Right now, the form of the man is external. That's all you see, unless you have spiritual eyes. Even if you have spiritual eyes, and you can discern Christ on somebody, basically all you see is the form. But in the glorification, this form is going to be forced inward and the glory is going to be outside.


Now you said, I said like in the beginning, being that that's what they wanted, a form, the sons of God wanted a form and they were shooting lightning bolts and going into the animals for a form.


For a form, but the animal was outside.


And now you're saying, no, but it had to be a human. That's what we are right now, human beings, right?


Ask me again.


As you were standing there doing that, you said, no, it had to be human.




So you mean it has to be us, the way we are right now.


Oh no, maybe I'm missing. Let's take this slow. I want to tell you that sometimes you get all excited and you start shooting these questions at me like bullets. OK, now, we want to, we want to get the right answer on there, OK. So I'm going to ask you to please try and slow down a little, for everybody's sake, OK? I know that you're just excited. OK.


Now what I thought you said to me, or maybe I misunderstood your question, was that at the beginning of time, the creations was the same, that it was all light with the form of a man inside. I thought that was what you had said to me. And I answered you, no, that was not the case at the beginning. The creation was just light. Adam before he fell, it was just light. And he went and got a hold of an animal out here, and he shot one of his lightning bolts into the animal and it was inside of the animal, even though the creation wasn't fallen, it was not an animal body, even though that animal body was raised up to human when the soul entered into it. The animal body was raised up to human, OK. But the light was inside. It wasn't in this condition, with the man inside and the light outside.


The question that I was saying right when you said that it's a form, looking for a form.




I was saying, just like in the beginning, the sons of God were looking for a form, right? That's what I was saying.


They were looking for a form, but at that time, the form was outside. Their spiritual life was inside the animal and the form was outside, but in the glorified creation, the form is inside and the light is outside.


But with the lightning bolts, the seed is inside.


The seed is inside, but when you looked at the man, the lightning bolt entered and the animal was raised up to their level to the realm of soul. But when you looked at them, it was a man on the outside with the glory on the inside.


So then the purpose, you're saying that it wasn't the purpose that they had to fall for this glorification to come about.


No, they didn't have to fall. What would have happened --


But now, the glorification is going to come about because he's on the inside. But what would have happened, do you understand what I'm starting to ask now?


Yeah, I think I understand your question. Let me try. Let me try and answer that because I think I understand what you're saying.


I remember asking last week what was the purpose for us going out from him and through him and back to him.




It looks like this might be the answer if we get it.


This is what would have happened, if I understand your question. We have the spiritual seed of the soul man that had not fallen, joining with an animal and raising that body up to a level of human being that was higher than we are now. So I'll draw him like this. I have to make him happy because he's got a scepter in his hand. OK. So he was in right standing with God. All the artists are laughing at me. OK. There's his scepter. OK. So the man before the fall that had joined to the animal body was in right standing with God but the body, the body was external and the glory was internal in an internalized heart.  OK? Now the creation fell, so we have a whole planet filled with men that are fallen in a fallen human body and those of us that are in Christ, the glory is inside in our heart. Now what the Lord is saying here is that He's going to do the same thing to the fallen creation that He intended to do to the unfallen creation. You see -- God help me to explain this, please -- the only difference between the man that was not fallen and the man that is fallen -- now let me start that over again. You see, there's another step that we have to go to. And the step is what we're waiting for now, full stature and glorification. OK? So both the creation of the, where the man was not fallen and where the man was fallen was with the glory on the inside. It was the glory on the inside and the body on the outside. They were both in that condition, the only difference being is that the fallen creation has gone through thousands of years of terrible suffering that could have been avoided if it didn't fall.


OK, then, they didn't have to fall. It wasn't a necessary --


Let me just make a, just hold on a second, OK? And then when we're raised up to the glorification, the next step is that the body goes on the inside and the glory goes on the outside. Ok?


So the fallen man is going through a step that could have been avoided. This is not a necessary step to get to glorification, this wasn't, but God knew it was going to happen though. So --


But it didn't have to happen.


-- was it ultimately purposed by God?


No. No.


It wasn't. Wow. That wasn't ultimately purposed by God, thousands of wasted years.


And pain and torment and torture that so many human beings have been through. No. It was not God's plan.


His step was that and then the glorification after that.


Right. Right. But He knew that we had the potential to fall and He knew that we would fall. But it didn't have to be that way. It's just like, you know, someone with a carnal mind, this is a very fine line. The carnal mind might not understand this. It's just like parents looking at their child and you see it coming. You see the kid is headed for drugs or you see they're headed for fornication, they're going to get pregnant before marriage. You see it coming and you just know there's nothing you can do to stop it. You try every way you can. I heard a story once about parents, they knew their daughter was wild. She had to come home from school every day. They locked her up. Somehow, they couldn't figure out how she did it, but she got pregnant. She had to be home at 3 o'clock after school. They locked her in, but she got out somehow. And she got pregnant before marriage. So God knew that the creation had the potential for it and He did everything that He could within those guidelines. He formed the man with the potential for it and He educated Adam and He did everything He could do in view of Adam's weakness, but Adam went out and got pregnant by the wrong guy anyway.


Just so he --


God didn't plan it that way.


God made him with the potential to be able to fall if he had chosen that though, so that was the free will.


Yeah. That was the free will.


He gave -- He didn't want robots, as they say.


He didn't want robots. He did make him with free will, and Adam fell. But it didn't have to be that way. There was a plan. It didn't have to be that way.


Because see, you know what the ultimate reconciliation people teach? They teach that that is part of the step.


No way.


And that God meant for us to sin.


No way. No way.


It's not true.


Not true.


When he first [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the animal, the stage he first [INAUDIBLE] the animal and the lightning bolts were go- -- was that when Eve was within him?


I don't know. I don't know. You have to wait for that answer.


I guess it was about a month or six weeks ago we talked about evolution in the light of the scripture, and I felt it was such a controversial thing I didn’t put it on any message, which in the past I put things that I considered controversial on a message just for the members of this ministry. And let me just review it for you in case you don’t remember what it was that we talked about.


We found a scripture in one of the books of Kings, I don’t remember whether it was first or second book of Kings, and it talked about Solomon and what he traded for when he took all of this -- to get all of the gold to build the temple and everything he traded in copper. He mined copper. And what he did was he took that copper and he traded it. And the scripture, in two places, tells us -- I think one was in one of the books of Chronicles and the other witness was in one of the books of Kings. And the scripture tells us that he traded copper, which is a type of Satan, for several things. There were four or five things, one of which was apes. It was gold, silver, ivory, apes and something else.


And as we discussed it I told you that I felt very strongly that this was a scriptural witness to the fact that there is some truth in the fact that in some way we are associated with the mammal known as ape, or monkey. And this is a very controversial thing to say, but I remind you that we’re living in an animal body. The scripture clearly states that we live in an animal body.


And there’s a man whose name was Darwin, he’s dead, and he said that man has evolved from apes, and this is Darwin’s theory of evolution. Most Bible believers are very strongly offended by this theory, and to be frank with you, I wouldn’t want to believe that apes just lived on the face of the earth for millions of years and all of a sudden modern man was there, that’s not very flattering, and it certainly gives no glory to God whatsoever. But I know that I feel, and several people in this ministry feel, that if you look hard enough in most eras there is some smidgen of truth. And the Lord had spoken to me a couple of years ago, and He told me that the fact that the soul of man, or the mind of man, dwells in an animal body means that it’s -- and we know that the original creation that’s described in the book of Genesis that it was the creation of the mind of man. Somewhere along the line this mind, this spiritual creation, was joined to an animal body. OK? And we’re in here together.


The mind that God created plus the body that we’re living in. We’re warned in the scripture by Paul that we have to keep our body under because it’s an animal, and that there are lusts of the flesh and we have to keep it on a leash. Loraine had a dream recently where everybody was being asked to keep their animal on a leash, so this -- I hope this doesn’t offend anybody here. Can anybody not say, amen, to this fact that the scripture teaches that we’re in an animal body, and we’re supposed to be ruling it by the life of the spirit? Is there anybody here that cannot say, amen, to that? OK. Anybody? OK.


So it’s very shocking to even consider the possibility that we descend from a monkey, but when we did this scripture -- when we studied this scripture in the book of Kings and one of the book of Chronicles, I felt that God was saying that the satanic man, the copper, was being traded for gold and silver and ivory and apes. It was being exchanged for the spiritual man. Gold typifying deity, silver typifying redemption -- to be honest with you this is off the top of my head, I’m not prepared. I don’t remember what the ivory typified, and there was another element.


Well where does the word apes come from in the midst of all these metals? Copper, gold, silver, ivory -- ivory’s not a metal but it’s a substance. Why apes? Because, brethren, this is the substance of which man is made. Why ape? Why not camel? Why not horse? Why not rattlesnake? Why not raccoon? Why not kangaroo? Why ape? It was just too much of a coincidence. And this is so radical I had to stop the message. I couldn’t even bring myself to put it on a message. It’s just a good thing we’re not living in the 1800s, because for sure I’d be burned to death, but I’m telling you, brethren, that there’s nothing to be afraid of because God is still God, and as we move into the kingdom there’s only one way -- well that’s not true. I was going to say there’s only one way we’re going to enter in and that’s by moving into these deep doctrine, but the Lord just corrected me.


We are entering in, and an understanding, or a witness, in your spirit to deep doctrine is a sign that Christ is vibrating forth in you. It’s not that you can’t enter in without the deep doctrine, it’s that if you don’t have some understanding of it you’re not entering in, because He is the word. Now don’t take -- don’t misunderstand me. Don’t get fearful and think that you have to believe that everything that I’m telling you, because if you are in agreement with me, because you think it’s the only way that you’re going to enter in, you’re not entering in anyway. So you’re just receiving a lie. I hope -- I know -- I’m pretty sure everybody here understands this, and I really hope this message don’t get outside this walls, but I just want you to be able to go over this if you feel led. OK? So understanding this deep doctrine in whatever measure you’re understanding it, is a sign that Christ is appearing within your carnal-mind. That He’s coming forth. That He’s emerging. That He’s growing up and that He is swallowing up your carnal-mind, because your carnal-mind would never believe any of this stuff.


Well I was watching TV today, and I turned on channel 13 and they were doing a study on monkeys. And I heard from these biologists on the TV, and they said that 96 percent of the genes of what they called the rhesus monkey, I believe that’s the correct spelling, the rhesus monkey, 96 percent of the genes are identical to the genes in man. Do you believe that? 96 percent of the genes are identical, like in identical twins. As a matter of fact the second part of the program was on identical twins. Do you hear this?


Well this is -- I just want to take five minutes to show you how the Lord explained this to me, because I went before Him and I said, Lord, this is really a heavy word, you know, and I would like to understand better -- well I’d like you to correct me if it’s wrong, this was how I prayed. And if it’s not wrong, I’d like to understand better how it happened. At what point did the creation of God, the mind of man, become joined to a monkey? At what point? Did you perform an operation? Did you cut the monkey open? Did you stick the brain in? How did it happen? What happened? So this is what I want to put on this message that if you should desire you could listen to it again, and if it be the will of the Lord you -- this revelation should be birthed in your heart, if it be the truth and if it be the will of God.


Now before I tell you what the Lord told me, I just want to go over one other thing that I may or may not have made clear the last time. And that is this, we know what natural man looks like. We know what we’re like. We know that our body is vile. That it gets sick. That it gets damaged. That it gets old. That it gets all kinds of terrible things. It can wither, all kinds of terrible things can happen to it, and I hope that everybody here knows that when Christ comes to full stature, in this very same body that gets old, that dies, that withers, that gets rashes, diarrhea, when Christ appears in you that’s not going to happen to your body anymore. I hope you all know that.


And I’m not talking about your glorified body now, I’m talking about the kind of body that Jesus had when He walked the earth. I don’t believe that He would’ve ever aged if He wasn’t crucified. I don’t believe He was subject to viruses. I don’t believe He got measles. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe anything that touched Him -- and we don’t have any information about Jesus, but we do know that Paul was bit by a snake and it didn’t kill him. Church history -- tradition suggests Paul was -- someone tried to boil John in oil and he wouldn’t boil, and whether or not that was true, it’s my personal belief that when Christ comes to full stature in us, it would be true. This flesh would be incorruptible because of the spirit dwelling within it.


So what I’m suggesting to you is that this flesh is changeable, but that change is not dependent on the fact that this flesh lives for 60 million generations. The change that’s coming in the flesh is dependent upon the fact that the spirit that dwells inside of the flesh is changing. Can you hear that? Can you hear that? OK.


This is what God told me, at the time that the mind of man was joined to the monkey, or the ape or who cares, whatever the Bible says. I looked it up in Strong’s. I think the Strong -- King James says apes, but I think it really means a baboon if that makes any difference. I really don’t know. This isn’t very flattering. But at the time that this joining took place what happened was that the spirit dwelling inside the baboon changed, and the resulting fact, the resulting reality that the spirit which dwelled inside the baboon changed, changed the flesh of the baboon. And we have, today, modern man.


It’s my personal opinion that it took thousands, if not millions or billions, of years. There is a direct parallel to Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, I’m going to put this on the message because sometimes we get all hung up and it’s hard for our carnal-mind to understand, and we got into this with reincarnation. This is the point where what I’m saying here differs from Darwin’s theory of reve- -- of evolution. Revolution, evolution. OK. Darwin said that apes dwelled upon the earth for billions of years and just because time marched by, one day they woke up and they were man. And I’m saying to you, not a chance, brethren. One day the creation of almighty God, the mind of man, joined with the baboon, or the ape or whatever he was, and because the spirit dwelling within the animal changed, the outer appearance, the flesh of the animal, changed. Amen.


And it’s going to happen a third time. I guess it’s going to happen a fourth time. Well I guess it only happened -- it happened once. There was the animal, the living soul entered into him, he became modern man, the spirit of Christ is going to enter into us -- has entered in, but is going to come to full stature, we’re going to be spiritual man and then we’re going to become glorified man, whatever that change involves. We’re going to become glorified man. So it’s happened once, it’s in the process of happening the second time, and it shall happen a third time.


Now that’s a really heavy word. I mean, that is enough to rise up a bunch of lynches, and I’m not kidding you, because modern man, they can’t handle this. They can’t handle this. But I could see by your faces that everybody here can at least believe that it’s possible. OK. If I’m reading you correctly, you can at least believe that it’s possible. Now if it’s true it’s got to be birthed in your spirit, but we’re sophisticated enough here to know that what I said just makes sense.


Our flesh is going to change. There’s a vex spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it’s going to quicken your mortal body. It’s scriptural, brethren, but it’s shocking. And when you hear something like this, to even consider it enough to pray about it, you have to be -- have dominion over your soul, because your soul’s going to go banan- -- I mean, the souls of carnal men just go bananas when they hear this. But if you respond to what I’m saying with your spirit, you shouldn’t have any problem praying about it. And I don’t think anybody here’s having a problem. So this is what the Lord showed me today, He showed me how the joining took place, and I got very excited. I got very excited. OK. I just pray that the Father help me to present this to you.


Glory to God. We have been studying here about the creation. We’ve been studying about spiritual things and piercing through into the realm of appearance, and we’ve been studying how God formed the creation, which was the mind of man, but even more interest to us because of where we are in our point in development -- I don’t know about you but I’m really interested in this realm of appearance. How do we get here? What are we made of, you know? And the Lord’s been showing us a lot.


Now this is what He showed me today, I really found it interesting. Help me, Lord. OK. We’ve been portraying the living soul as a circle with the spirit in the midst, OK? And the spirit ruling in the living soul is Satan, and we know that where Satan dwells refers to the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. And that when he wants to appear in the realm of appearance, which we just found out in the last meeting, which I didn’t know myself before that, when he appears in the realm of appearance, what it really means to us in our everyday life is that it manifests behavior.


When a spirit wants to appear in the realm of appearance, what he does is perform behavior, because spirit is thought. Spirit is thought. It has no form or shape. So if a spirit thinks, sex, it’s impossible for a spirit to have sexual intercourse without a body. If a spirit thinks, I want a farm, although we know this is not a good example because the spirit that rules in the living soul is a criminal spirit, so we can assume -- I’m trying not to be 100 percent negative, you know, but Satan doesn’t want a farm, brethren. He doesn’t. So we know that Satan, the spirit that rules in the living soul, is a criminal spirit, and his nature is characterized by one word and that word is lust.


So you can assume that every thought that comes forth from Satan is going to be some sort of lust. I want to have sexual intercourse. I want to drink. I want to take drugs. I want to eat; I like food. I want beautiful things. The lust to the eyes: I want to possess the kingdoms of the world. The lust of the flesh: food, sexual intercourse, and the pride of life: power.


And what gives you power, brethren? Power -- money is true, but how does having power make -- you could have all of the money in the world, and if you’re the only human being on the face of the earth, what would you do with it? Power is to be exercised over other men. Power is no good without having other men to serve you. So every thought that comes forth from the mind of Satan falls in one of these categories. OK? And when it breaks through to the realm of appearance, this expression becomes hard. What it means is that it’s acted out, but before it could act out Satan must have a body. So here’s the living soul, and this is Satan, and he’s planning to act out the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. That is his desire. And he starts by bringing forth and he hits the soul around, which is the conscious mind -- I’ll put that up here for you. This is the unconscious mind.


So he starts vibrating forth because Satan is a negative energy source, and he vibrates forth, and he enters and he pierces through out of his place into the soul realm, or the conscious mind. But he still can’t act out his lust without a body.


Now what God has shown us in the last weeks, if you could just put aside what I’ve told you up until now for a minute and think back to the teachings on how the human body was formed, we said without all of this understanding that we’ve just been talking about for 15 minutes, we didn’t really understand why Satan wanted to pierce through to the realm of appearance. I don’t know about you, maybe you did but I didn’t know. I just knew that he wanted to pierce through. And he rose up in war-like, military power, and he pierced through into the realm of appearance, and he became hard, but I didn’t know what it meant in my natural life. But we’ve been finding out that when he pierced through, that was the forming of the body.


So for a second scratch everything that we just talked about. Satan pierces through to the conscious mind and then he continues -- he keeps on going, he hits the realm of appearance, he becomes hard and the human body, as we know it, is formed. And God has been showing us in these last messages that for all intents and purposes the human body is a reflection of the spiritual life that dwells in the center. Amen? You can stop me as we go along. The spirit -- the human body is a reflection of the spiritual life that dwells in the center.


So this is what I’m saying to you -- glory to God, what am I saying to you? My mind just went blank. Help me, Lord. Help me repeat what you told me this afternoon, it was just stolen from me, Father. OK.


So I’m saying to you the human body was formed, but I think what the Lord is saying to me that it didn’t happen that way. This is what I’ve been showing you all along, but I think God is saying we’re missing a step. Satan pierced through to the conscious, and he pierced through -- he caused to occur a third ring of reflection. A third ring of reflection. But I’m suggesting to you that it wasn’t the human body, it was animal life. It was animal life. It was animal life.


 He formed the body, but his soul was not yet impressed upon it. Animal life was formed in the realm of appearance, and if you follow this theory of evolution they’ll tell you that animals appeared way before man. And indeed in Genesis -- why we’re told that God made all the animals before He made man.  So the first thing that appeared in this realm of appearance were all the animals. And the question that I ask the Lord today, I’m not sure of His answer yet, but I’ll tell you what I asked Him. I said, Lord, are you telling me that these thousands, if not millions, of species of animals and birds and everything that’s in the world today, that this vast panorama and selection is a reflection of this spirit known as Satan? Is he so mighty that when his reflection is thrown into the realm of appearance that we have millions of species of animals and birds, is he really that big and powerful?


This is the fallout from the separation of the Son and the Father. Well if that’s what your fallout is like, boy Lord, gee, I can’t even comprehend what you are. Now He hasn’t answered me yet, but He hasn’t corrected me, and it sounded right. So Satan pierced through the conscious mind, he pierced into the realm of appearance and animal life was formed. And this is what I believe God told me, that animal life dwelled upon the earth -- for how many thousands of millions or billions of years, I don’t know, and Satan kept vibrating forth, and he kept getting stronger. Now you realize, I know you realize, I don’t have all the detail here. He kept vibrating forth; he kept getting stronger.


And let me give you the natural example, brethren. How is Christ appearing in us? How is He appearing in us? We existed as natural men. He entered into our heart as a seed. The seed become a zygote. The zygote became an embryo. If you’re blessed, the embryo has become a fetus. And in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth, it utterly impressed itself upon the soul of the man. It started as a mustard seed, and it grew up to be a tree that filled the whole earth. And I’m suggesting to you that this is the way God is forming His creation.


He knew what was going to happen with Satan. He knew Satan was going to fill the vacuum, and as a result of Satan filling the vacuum animal life was formed for thousands, if not millions or billions of years, before the personality characteristics of Satan was impressed upon the animal. Can you hear this? Christ is impressing His mind on the soul of the natural man. He’s doing it -- well it’s 2,000 years already. He’s been coming forth in me for years; it’s a very slow, painful process.


What is a slow, painful process? Christ is impressing His personality characteristics, His nature, upon my natural soul. It’s taking years, in my personal life, and it’s 2,000 years already across the board. And what I’m suggesting to you is that as Satan proceeded in doing exactly what God programmed him to do. The first thing that appeared was animal life, and somewhere along the line the seed of the life of Satan broke through into the mind of the animal life. And it started like a tiny seed, and it started to grow.


And this was the joining between the creation of God and the animal life. It was the same process that Christ is using to come forth in us, only it was one step lower. We’re the natural man, Christ is coming forth in us, and everyone here has a good idea of how He’s doing that. Well this was just animal life, and the mind of Satan came forth to oppress his nature upon the animals. For whatever God’s reason, He just chose the ape. The same exact process. And this is how God is bringing forth His creation, He’s doing it from the outer realm first, but it’s being pushed out from the inside. Can you see what He’s doing? First it was the animal, the animal life was filled with the soul life, and the soul life is going to be filled with Christ.


Not -- Christ is coming forth last. That’s what I’m trying to say to you. Christ is coming forth last. The first thing that appeared on the earth was the animal life. The second thing that appeared on the life -- on the earth was the soul life of man, and the last thing that’s going to appear on the earth -- I’m sorry, there’s going to appear a spiritual life, man and spiritual life, and then glorified life. He didn’t start with the first -- He didn’t start with man, and haven’t we talked about this? How in the scripture if you want to understand things you have to -- in other words, God -- isn’t that how it says it in Genesis? And God created the heavens and the earth. And He created the animals and He created the creeping thing, and He created man in our image and our likeness? But if you want to get to the last thing on the -- if you want to get to the basic thing that God’s doing, you have to start -- well that wasn’t it, because in Genesis He did start with [AUDIO CUTS OUT] first.


But we’ve had scriptures where Paul has said many things, and if you want to get -- he’ll name the accomplished thing first. He’ll say you’re going to be a glorified man, going to be a spiritual man. Christ is going to appear in you, and He goes down this whole thing, we have several messages on this. And if you want to get that accomplished fact which He names first, you have to start at the last thing that he names. Am I confusing you at this point? OK, because I just got confused myself. I just lost it for a second, but I think I recovered. OK?


The Lord, OK -- because the natural realm is a mirror image of the spiritual realm, so from where we are standing what it looks like is that God formed the animals, He impressed the soul life of man in the mind of the animals, OK? Now He’s impressing the Christ life in the soul life, right? And then we’re going to be glorified. So to us, because we’re the mirror image, it looks like Christ is coming forth first, but the spiritual realm is the exact opposite. So what really happened is that Christ came forth first, then came Satan, then came the animal life, but we’re the mirror. We’re the mirror. It’s backwards. But to our eyes it was animal life, soul life, spiritual life, glorified life. And that’s how the joining took place. Satan projected through to the realm of appearance, the animals are formed, and for however many thousands or millions of years it took, his spirit continued to vibrate forth into the realm of appearance. And at some point the seed of Satan’s spiritual life took root in the minds of the animals known as apes.


Who knows, maybe that was how -- well, no. I was going to say maybe that was how Adam -- how apes were chosen, maybe they received the seed, but God doesn’t leave anything to chance. God doesn’t leave anything to chance. Satan -- now we’ve talked about the fact that preaching will fertilize your soul and bring forth Christ in you. Amen. Everybody here knows that. When Jesus said my spirits are word and my words are spirit and my words are life. And when they go forth under the anointing they root in your heart and Christ is coming forth in you. Well I believe that the spiritual life of Satan was vibrating forth into the natural realm for thousands of millions of years before it rooted in a species and atoms. It rooted and it started to grow, and that was the beginning of man. OK, let me get over here with this question.


So you said that you mean Christ was in -- what was in the animal before Satan?


He was just an animal. Just like Ch- --




Well it has -- it had -- well I don’t really know whether an animal has a -- there’s a question in the Bible, do animals have spirits? I think they’re just souls. They are the projection of Satan. OK? They are -- animal life is a reflection of the spirit that’s in the center. Animal life is a reflection of the spiritual life that’s in the center, and just like Jesus, is impressing his nature on our soul. Satan vibrated forth and impressed his nature on the soul life of the animal. They just had a soul; I don’t believe animals had a spirit now that I think about it. They were animals with a soul existence, and just as Christ is vibrating forth and impressing His nature on our soul, I believe that Satan vibrated forth and impressed his nature on the soul life of an animal, which was one level below him. Now we as natural man are one level below Christ. He went to the level beneath him and impressed his nature on it. He’s a counterfeit. He’s counterfeiting everything that Jesus is doing. Jesus is impressing His nature on the natural man, Satan impressed his nature on the mind of the -- or the soul of the animal. Did I answer your question?




OK, great.




Oh, well praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. So I’m telling you I’m just awed at what’s coming forth in this ministry. Sometimes it’s -- and not only that it’s coming forth, but it’s coming forth so fast. And I asked the Lord today about it -- about all this revelation and the speed with which it’s coming forth and this was what He said to me that it’s a sign that I’m appearing because I am my word, and all spiritual truth and knowledge is in me, Christ, not me Sheila, Christ, that’s what He said to me. And it’s impossible for me to appear in you in full stature and not have you know these things.


So it’s not that their doctrine is necessary that Christ should appear, as Christ appears in you, one of the signs is the doctrine. Just like when you get the Holy Spirit, the witness and the evidence is speaking in tongues. The evidence that Christ is coming to full stature in you is that this doctrine comes forth from your spirit; you cannot say I agree with you, Sheila, and Christ is appearing in me. So, you know, don’t -- you know, don’t worry about it. Don’t get upset about it. Pray about it. Ask the Lord for the truth, and if it comes forth in you, fine.


Now maybe you’re not coming as fast as I am, that’s OK. But you don’t want anything that’s not of God. I wouldn’t want you to take anything from me that’s not of God, but that’s the point. I know you all know it here. I really can’t believe this message’s going to go anywhere outside of this room, but in the event that it does, that’s the size of it. You can’t steal it, you see? You can’t steal it. You can’t say Sheila said it and I believe it and Christ is appearing in me. No, that’s a lie. You have a lying spirit, brethren. OK?


Now if what I’m telling you is Christ in me teaching you, the spirit of Christ in me is speaking through my mouth teaching you this, then my words are spirit and my words are life. And if you are open to the truth of God, and you have an honest heart before Him, the words should root in your heart, and you’ll get your own witness. That’s the size of it. But you can’t say I’m going to believe -- I had a sister do that to me once. She called me up, “is there anything that I should know that I didn’t know?” I had been ministering to her on the phone for weeks. “Any other revelation that I should know about?” You’ve got to get it birthed in your own heart, brethren.


And as I’ve told you before -- I’m going to end with this because I have a whole message for you today, glory to Him. As I’ve told you before, if you’re moving at a slower pace than me, or than someone sitting next to you, don’t worry about it. The only thing that matters is that you’re moving, because if you’re moving, you’re going to get there.


And also, I believe in the law of inertia. I don’t know if any of you have heard of the law of inertia, it’s a scientific principle, and it says that as you move, as the ball rolls, you roll faster and faster and faster and faster. So the only thing that matters is that you’re going. Don’t worry about it. Paul said the only thing that matters is that you have finished the race. The only thing that matters is that you finish the race. Doesn’t matter if I get there a year ahead of you. Doesn’t matter if I get there 10 years ahead of you. The only thing that matters is that you know that you’re rolling. OK? Don’t get caught up in these carnal things because it could destroy you, you know? So and so’s moving faster than me, and -- don’t get caught in it, brethren. Don’t get caught in it. It’ll destroy you. It’ll tear you down. Just keep your eyes on Jesus, right? Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me, and don’t look at anybody else, OK? Just have a pure heart towards God, and desire His truth, and desire His spirit, and desire to please Him and you can’t fail. OK? I love you all.


7/29/14 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

8/6/14 – 1st Edit CAS/BP




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