129 - 1 Part

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There is a difference between judging righteous judgment and judging before the time. Jesus says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." That is judging before the time.


What that means is that you judge out of your carnal mind. You judge the circumstance, you try the spirit on the person with your carnal mind. Jesus says that if you do that, you are going to reap what you sow. Someone is going to judge you with their carnal mind, and you are going to get hurt by it.


When someone comes along moving in the spirit of Christ, and they judge righteous judgment...what is righteous judgment? It is judging or evaluating a situation or trying the spirit on somebody with the Christ in you. Jesus said, "I judge no man. Yet, if I judge I judge righteous judgment."


Did He not just contradict Himself? No. He said, "I, Jesus, the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I judge no man as a man, but if I judge, if you see me judging, you better believe that it is the Father in me that is judging righteous judgment."


As soon as the spirit of Christ comes against an ungodly act in a believer, they rise up and they call it a spirit of accusation in the Son who has spoken righteously. They will accuse you of accusing them. This is called projection. When God starts to bring people into your life for you to start to minister to, which is going to happen eventually...I have no idea when it is going to start, but it is going to start because He is training you to be Sons.


When He brings these people into your life, and He anoints you with the spirit to speak a righteous judgment to them about something that is happening, usually in their relationship, they will accuse you of accusing them. They will have difficulty discerning the difference between the righteous spirit that is on you and the ungodly spirit of accusation.


Both spirits will speak the same words, they will tell you what you are doing that is ungodly. One spirit is a sin. If you judge from your carnal mind it is a sin, but if it is the righteous judgment of Christ in you it is not a sin. Someone that is in their carnal mind, when you come to them in a spirit of righteousness, the first word out of their mouth is, "You are accusing me."


We are in this reversal cycle as the Sons of God manifest. As Christ starts to come forth in you, you are going to find that the people that you are in relationship with rising up...not anyone that you are in relationship with, but the one that God has put you in confrontation with, not relationship with, you are going to find them rising up and accusing you of everything that they are doing.


The Lord has told me to review the difference between Old Order Deliverance and New Order Deliverance and to explain how deliverance works. I know I have gone over this a few times, but apparently it does not get into your understanding. I will go over it as many times as I have to. This is what the Lord has asked me to do, so this is what we are going to be doing tonight if you will help me.


Thank you Jesus. I am going to try to simplify it as usual by drawing our fallen adamic soul as a circle, and our fallen adamic soul, I remind you, is desperately wicked. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Let us make this a study in deliverance, let us start at the beginning. I just quoted you a Scripture that the heart of man is desperately wicked.


Let us take this opportunity to review what the heart of man is. I have mentioned this several times. If you feel that I have said something, and I have not defined the term, or you do not know what I mean, please let me know, and we will do it.


On Part 1 of The Harvest, I mixed up my imputed and imparted anointing again. If anybody realizes that I made that mistake while I am preaching, please stop me as it is much easier for you to stop me here in the service than for me to go back and make the correction on the tape. Did anybody recall me mixing that up on the imputed and imparted anointing?


If you hear me making any kind of mistake, if you hear me say, "The book of Revelation," and it is the book of Isaiah or any kind of mistake, an obvious mistake, not a doctrinal thing that you disagree with me on, please stop me. Do you understand the difference?


We will review the definition of the heart of man. I remind you if you check in your Strong's concordance there is one Greek word translated "heart," and another Greek word translated "mind." I think just about everybody, including myself, for years believed the same situation existed in the Hebrew, that there was one word for heart and one word for mind; therefore, they were two different spiritual organs.


When I investigated, I found out that, that Hebrew word "lave," is translated "hearted mind." It encompassed characteristics of both heart and mind.


What I am saying to you is that they are the same in the Hebrew, and it was a Greek phenomenon in the Greek language that separated them. When God originally imparted the concept of the heart and mind to the men through the Hebrew Scriptures, they were one and the same. I am suggesting to you that the heart and the mind are the same.


We all know what the mind is. The mind reasons, it thinks things out, it weighs one possibility against the other. The mind uses logic, in the mind is intelligence and an ability to study. The mind learns from its experiences.


The mind has a Godly emotion. What I mean by a Godly emotion is anything that is not lust. A Godly love can come forth from the mind. What is the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ? It has nothing to do with emotion.


The agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the higher form of the love of man, the philos love, is commitment, it is honesty, it is love, it is respect, it is communication, it is caring. This comes from the mind. This does not come from any form of lust to be committed to any one human being.


To know that they are relying on you and depending on you, and that you will be there for them, that is not an emotion. That is a commitment, that is a high form of love. That form of love comes out of the heart or the mind of man. When you love with your heart, that is the kind of love that will make a man leave his wife and go to another woman.


The God love with the high form of human love would say, "No, this is just a fling of lust, I have made a commitment to my wife, and I am not going to yield to this lust. I am going to love her with respect, honor, and commitment."


Two kinds of love that are totally contrary one to the other. Just as the Scripture says, "The flesh is contrary to the spirit and one lusts against the other." The Godly kind of love which is a commitment and an understanding, a desire to meet the other person's needs, that comes out of your heart or your mind.


Christ is commanded by the Father to rule the fallen adamic heart as well as the fallen adamic soul. We find that God is requiring of us, or that part of us, that which is at the weakest place, to rule. That sound illogical to my mind, but God's ways are not our ways. He puts us in a position of weakness and says, "Rule, because I say you can do it."


When we have Christ in us, we are ruled by Christ. When you do not have Christ coming forth in you, when the only heart that you have is the fallen adamic heart, by what authority do you rule lust which is lying on top of you? Does anybody remember.


The natural man...you do not even have to be a Christian to rule lust. You must have some teaching in morality and ethics. You can be a Christian, non-denominational Christian, who has read the Bible. You do not have to be. You could be a child who was raised in a home where you were consistently taught by your parents, "This is right and this is wrong."


"You do not want to work, I am going to throw you out of the house." Some parents do that, I know people that do that. I knew a man who went in and turned the bed over on his son, the son went out and got a job. He did not let him sleep. A carnal man says, "What a terrible man." A spiritual man says, "He saved that boy's life." Do you hear what I am saying?


When you are a total carnal man, you do not have the heart of Christ at all. You may not even know Christ at all. You could be a Buddhist or a Hindu. It is possible to rule with your heart or your mind, and I guess heart is a misleading word. Heart/mind means center, they mean the same thing.


The difference between heart and mind in the Greek, if you look them up in the Greek, some of these qualities refer to the heart, and some refer to the mind. In the Hebrew, all of these qualities refer to the heart.


The way a natural man rules the lust of his soul which is lying on top of him, he is taught. He could be a Hindu, he could be a Buddhist. He is taught, "You respect your parents." There is a Law in the spiritual realm of God that says if you do not respect your parents, you are going to die a premature death.


The Hindu who was raised to honor his parents, whether he knows it or not, is fulfilling the law of God. That is his protection. When lust rises up in his heart to hate his mother, he has been raised since a very little child to know that you do not hate your mother, you do not raise your hand to your mother, and when she asks you to do something you say "Yes ma'am."


That knowledge that was taught to him by a Hindu parent is going to save his life. Why? Because it is satisfying the law of God. Whether they are a Christian or not, they are satisfying the law of God. That is how human beings survive without utter destruction in this world system without a personal relationship with God. His law is a part of them whether they believe in Jesus Christ or not.


Lord, You are going to have to help me tonight. Of course, outside of the soul we have the human body. This heart over here, this intelligence that says if you yield to your lust, and you have a different sex partner every night, if you yield to this lust over here, if you yield to the lust of your body, lust is both physical and emotional, it can be spiritual. This body is an animal body. It is programmed to have sexual activity.


You can be tempted by your body. Lust is in the body defiantly. Animals do it all the time. It is chemical. Lust is also in your soul. Emptiness in your soul, something lacking in your soul that somehow gets translated into your mind that it can be satisfied through physical sex.


With all the advertising going on the TV today, whatever has convinced you that, that is what you need or drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive food eating. Whatever the lust of your soul has convinced your brain that is the answer to your problem, it can cause you to fornicate, eat compulsively, take drugs. Whatever your soul is convinced of, it will be outplayed in your body.


Your heart is not controlling your soul or your body. The only lust of the body I know of is sexual, that it is just a chemical thing in the body that human bodies desire sex. All these other lusts, drug addiction, eating, lust for people, lust for prestige, lust for power, lust for money, lust for clothes, all of these things come from a lusting soul.


The human being, that natural man who was raised properly will have his heart strengthened, his conscience strengthened to such a point that he will be able to rule his whole vessel from his innermost part. This is the natural man, and most people have a lot of trouble understanding that we are not this body. This body is in outer darkness, it is the outer realms known as Hell. It is as far away from your center as you can get.


Of course, if I just erase these words "heart and soul," we have a mini universe here. This is the sun, and this is the earth orbiting over here. This is Mars orbiting over here. Of course, we have a few more circles, can anybody not see that?


Each of us is a universe. In the Greek, the word is "cosmos." Each of us is an individual universe, the whole living soul is a universe, and the ruling authority is from the deepest depth of your heart. It is from within. Whether you are a spiritual man or a natural man, this body does what it is told. Your soul does have a mind of its own, which is called lust.


Lord willing, your heart is strong enough to control that lust, and to direct it in a safe or Godly way. If you want sex and God gives you a husband, the marriage bed is undefiled. There is no Godly taking of drugs or alcohol. There is a Godly intake of food, with discipline and within limits.


This is what the heart is, it is also the mind. It reasons, it has logic, it has intelligence, it learns. In the Hebrew, the heart and mind are the same. Let me say this again. In the Hebrew, the heart and the mind are the same. We have eight qualities listed here, there is probably more than that. The heart understands, reasons, logic is reason, it has intelligence, it can study, it can learn, it has Godly emotion, and it is the conscience.


In the Greek, heart and mind, it breaks down these qualities. In the Hebrew, they are one word. It is more heart. I do not even think it is translated "mind" in the Hebrew, but do not hold me to that. I may not be correct.


The Hebrew word is "lab." It means the center, or the sun of our spiritual being which every other part of our spiritual being revolves around and, Lord willing, we are supposed to be subject to our heart, the innermost part and the weakest part, because everything else is laying on it.


I want to tell you something. When someone hurts my body, it affects my heart. When I was laying in the hospital for three months, and I could hardly move it affected my spirituality, you better believe it. If our body is in pain, if we are being afflicted in our body, it is a spiritual power play to see what is going to happen.


If you are a believer, and God tells you to do something, and Satan succeeded in making you sick to the point...like I was telling you, I worked sick all the time. If he gets you sick to the point that you cannot work, in that moment, in that incident, in that motion, Satan has tread the Son of God underfoot.


Christ told me to work, and I could not get up off the bed. Our whole life is a power play, whether you are a natural man or whether you are a spiritual man. Your whole life is a spiritual struggle of who is going to rule, the lust of your flesh, the lust of your body, or the conscience of your heart. We have a crisis in this country today, because most people used to live by the conscience of their heart.


I will never forget a line in the movie "Gone With The Wind." Scarlet wanted the guy she loved, I forgot his name, she wanted him to leave his wife, Ashley his name was Ashley. She said "Nothing is stopping us, Ashley. Just leave her, and we will go away and get married." He said "Nothing but honor." He would not leave her.


Today the guy would say, "Yeah, good idea! I will see a lawyer tomorrow." Why? Because his heart has not been trained properly in this perverse society in which we are living. He is yielding to the lust of his flesh. I want to tell you that no good thing could come out of yielding to your lust. It will not last.


What is the divorce rate up to? 75%? People are getting married for lust. It does not last. Live your life by your heart, preferably the heart of Christ if you have it. If you do not have it, hopefully you will have an adamic heart that has been trained, been influenced by the morality of the laws of God that are letting you live a disciplined and healthy life. Healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


There are people out there that do not even know Christ that have a healthy life. Healthy spiritually, healthy physically, and healthy emotionally. It is by and large, by the way, along the family line that they are fulfilling the laws of God.


We are talking about deliverance here. Does anybody not understand what your heart is? Does anybody not understand that we have two hearts? The heart of the fallen adamic man and the heart of Christ. The carnal mind is the heart of the natural man, and the mind of Christ is the heart of God. Hallelujah.


Let us start out with the natural man that is permitted to enter into a relationship with the Lord. This is his carnal mind in his center, this is his soul which is his lust. The Holy Sprit approaches him, usually from out here, usually from outside of him, usually from another human being.


My experience came from reading a book. The anointing can be in written matter, it could be in a room when you walk in. Most people have their experience with another human being in which the Holy Spirit is dwelling.


That Holy spirit enters into the heart of the natural man and engages it in spiritual sexual intercourse. This carnal mind, or this heart of man is in three parts. Satan has taken the rule of male. We know she is female, she is a spiritual lesbian. We have found in recent tapes that in this natural realm, lesbians do not have the authority to produce children. In the spiritual realm a spiritual lesbian can and has produced a child.


Satan had an incestuous relationship with Eve, and they have produced a child called the carnal mind or the heart of man.


The three are one and appearing together as our human personality, as whatever we are, as men recognize us for what we are. The Holy Spirit from outside of us, from outside of this person, has entered into the heart of a man, and is approaching Eve who is the seed of God who has the spiritual authority to bring forth offspring. She is the female. The Holy Spirit which is the spirit of the Father is wooing her for the specific purpose of joining with her and bringing forth... right in the middle of all this, He wants to bring forth His Christ.


This is the diagram of Old Order deliverance. Christ has not yet been conceived in here. This person...let me do it this way for you. We have the heart of man, and Satan had intercourse with Eve, produced a carnal mind. Eve is the Harlot of Revelation. She has no conscience, and she is completely taken over by Satan. She fornicates or commits adultery with both Satan and the carnal mind. She is having sexual intercourse with both Satan and the carnal mind.


Satan is her unconscious mind, and the carnal mind is her conscious mind. She is fornicating with both of them. Now what does that mean? It means that sometimes we know things are wrong, and we still do them. Sometimes, we know things are wrong, and we do them anyway. That is fornication with the carnal mind. Sometimes, we do not know things are wrong, and we are seduced.


Sometimes, we know things are wrong. I have experienced knowing something was wrong, but having a seduction come up from out of my unconscious mind so fast that I could not rebuke it. That is fornication or adultery with Satan. Both of these acts of fornication result in offspring, and the name of that offspring is demon.


It is almost like saying that the demons are the second generation of Satan. We have been teaching here about a second generation of Christ. This is very interesting, the Lord just gave this to me. We have been teaching here that the first generation of Christ was the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth who was crucified, who was raised from the dead, who ascended, who is now pouring out of His spirit upon a many-membered body, and He is their new mind.


Whoever has Jesus as their new mind is a second generation of Christ. Does anybody not understand that? Satan is doing the same thing.


COMMENT: Is that the same? The 42nd?


PASTOR VITALE: Both. Did I say 42nd? It is the second generation of Christ or the 42nd generation of Christ. Both terms are correct. Satan is doing the same thing in each individual.


There is one individual. We appear in the realm of appearance, because Satan has fornicated with Eve, produced the carnal mind, the three are one, and now you appear as an individual in this realm of appearance. Every time we sin, that we fornicate, that the whole of the personality fornicates with either the conscious or unconscious mind, they are having offspring again. Many offspring, many individuals could have many demons. It is the second generation of Satan in this individual.


What happens when the person...maybe I should have not put in this about the Holy Spirit. I think I did that a little too soon. Let me back up a little.


Here, we have a natural man. The Scripture says that his heart or his carnal mind is desperately wicked. It has in it Satan, Eve, the carnal mind, and demons. They are all stuck together. Depending on the curses, the person might have a few demons or many demons.


COMMENT: This is a fallen adamic heart?


PASTOR VITALE: This is a fallen adamic heart. It is all hooked up with the lust, and the demons get out here also. The whole spiritual being, depending on the family line curses, and how severe the person's situation is, there are demons everywhere. They are all together.


Paul said, I cannot quote it exactly, it is in Romans 7 or 8. "When I hate the sin that I am doing, when I separate the sin that is in my mind, it is as another law in my members, it is no longer me, but sin that dwelleth in me."


One of the literary principles of the Bible, I have talked about literary principles before. One of the ways the Holy Spirits imparts information to us is by reverse inference. If Paul, saying the Scripture, "If I hate that sin, it is no longer me, but sin that dwelleth in me," then we can legitimately draw the conclusion that if he does not hate it, then it is not sin that dwelleth in him, but it is him. I will say it again.


Before I say it again, I have cautioned you not to draw conclusions about the Scripture, not to draw conclusions based on your own carnal mind.


There are certain conclusions that we can draw that are legitimate. Your foundation must be sure. I am going to say this again. Paul said, "If I hate the sin that I am doing, but I cannot stop doing it, it is not me, but sin that dwelleth in me."


I say to you that if Paul or any other man says to you, "I do not hate the sin that is in me, and I do not mind that I am doing it, I yield to this lust continuously." Then, I could say that it is not sin that dwelleth in him, it is him.


Does anybody not understand what I am saying? It is called reverse inference. If you receive a statement as truth, if you believe the Bible is true, if you believe what Paul said is true, than you must believe that the exact opposite is true. I am going to suggest to you that this is the fallen adamic soul of man. Unrepentant, unregenerate, he does not mind the sin that he is doing. He has no conviction.


Let us make it simple. He is in fornication, he has no conviction that fornication is wrong, he has no conviction that abortion is wrong, whatever his thing is. He has no conviction, he, therefore, has no repentance, and he, therefore, does it willingly and openly.


It is not sin that dwelleth in him, it is him. He is in agreement with the sin that is in his heart. All of these demons are fused together and are one with Satan, Eve, and the carnal mind. Hallelujah.


Then enters the holy spirit. As I told you before, He heads right for Eve. He goes right through the demons, He pierces through the soul, through the demons, He gets right behind...even though Satan and the carnal mind are there, He gets right up next to Eve. The Scripture says that He implants Himself in the lining of the heart. From this point, he starts influencing the natural man of the heart.


This man became convicted. Fornication is against the law of God. Every time he feels compelled to fornicate, he says, "I know it is wrong, and I do not want to do it. I resist." At this point, the Lord...this is an example. I am not telling you this is what happens.


Did you ever want to cut a piece of glass? You take a knife, and you score it, then you snap it. At the point that the man gets convicted of sin, the Lord scores it. It is no longer a part of the whole. It is in there with everything else. That score has been made. He has prepared it to be cast out.


He has prepared this quality known as "fornication" to be separated from the spiritual being of that person. When Jesus Christ does this by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, when He does that, it then becomes a demon. I am sorry. I guess I should not have called these demons over here. At this point they are not demons yet, they are ungodly qualities.


At the time of the conviction, repentance, and our rejection of it, the Holy Spirit comes in and marks it off. It now becomes a demon of fornication in preparation of it being cast out. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


This diagram of a spiritual being can be likened to a lump of clay. Part of that clay has a blemish in it. The Lord comes down and plucks that piece of the clay off and throws it away. That is what deliverance is. Before you are convicted of a sin and come into repentance, the sin that you do is you. It is an error to say you are fine, that you have been washed in the blood, that it is just demons in you. That is not true. We must take responsibility for what we are. Confess, repent, and your sin will become a demon. Then, Lord willing He will cast it out.


This is the way it works for the man that has the Holy Spirit, power that comes from the outside. God will send a man with an anointing. How do we get the demon out? Remember, God just scored it, now the glass has to be broken, it has to be snapped. It takes power to break a piece of glass. Most likely the power will come from a preacher, an anointed service you are in.


Wake up! I rebuke spirits of sleep, you lying devils you are not going to steal this from them.


This power is going to come from some man holding a Holy Ghost-filled service. The power of God is going to go towards that demon. Also, if the Holy Ghost is in that person it is going to go towards it. The power comes from the outside, and the power comes from the inside.


Just like in the days of the flood. The rains came from within, and the waters well up from the ground. Everything God does is from without and from within.


I know we have had this in other meetings. In the book of Zechariah, the Lord says, "I will be the wall of fire around you and within you." I think I have the book wrong, it may be Isaiah. It takes about the darkness covered the people. The gross darkness was in them. The spiritual life, light or dark, Christ or Satan, is both inside of you and outside of you.


The attack on the demon comes from the anointed man of God, and it also comes from underneath the earth of your soul. Lord willing, that thing is cast out. Then your soul will adjust to it. In the place where you had a demon of fornication will be a chastity. In its place will be a quality that comes from Christ, chastity, purity.


To put it in a nut shell. The power of Old Order Deliverance comes from the outside and somewhat from within you. It is the Holy Spirit. It is not Christ and the power within you. It is not enough. God can do anything He wants, but usually it is not enough. Usually, you need one person or some people outside of you.


That is why I know with Old Order Deliverance you will see a person in a chair with people gathered around rebuking the spirit. That is what is required for a person whose soul is in this condition.


Lord willing, we are going to move on in God. There is a better way, you cannot use the better way unless Jesus brings you into it. We do not have any choice how we get delivered. What we do is cry out to God for deliverance, and thank Him for when He gives it to us. We are not giving the orders as to how He is going to bring forth this deliverance. If you try, you are going to end up with no deliverance. You have to do it His way.


Does anybody have any questions on Old Order Deliverance? Let me just put these comments in. Old Order Deliverance, there can be manifestations, but there does not have to be manifestations. There can be screaming, there can be yelling, there can be rolling on the floor, there can be vomiting, there can be yawning, hiccupping or belching. There does not have to be, but the sign is that there is a change in your life.


The one true sign of deliverance is a permanent change in regard to what was a problem in your life. If some how you manage to cast a demon out of somebody that has not been convicted, that has not repented, that does not hate the sin, I do not think that is possible. If you can do it, it is possible that the person will rebirth another demon of fornication.


If you cast a demon of fornication out of somebody, and they go out a week later and fornicate, they are going to get the demon again. You are wasting your time. We see in Old Order Deliverance, very frequently, people that do not get deliverance. Any honest preacher that is in Old Order Deliverance will tell you "Everybody does not get delivered."


Why not? One possible reason is that the Lord knows that they are just going to go out and do it again. Maybe they will get it worse this time.


Then we come and find the believer in whom Christ is appearing. What does that mean? It means Christ is being formed in them. How does Christ start to be formed in you? The diagram that I showed you before the Holy Spirit has implanted itself in the heart of the fallen adamic man and the carnal mind. It is having sexual intercourse with Eve and has impregnated her.


Right in the midst of the same place where her child, the carnal mind is, her child by Satan, she is also bringing forth the child of the Father, which is called Christ. For all you religious Pharisees out there that think that Jesus will not stay in the same place with a demon, I want to tell you that you are filled with demons when He first comes into you, and the miracle is that He would even consider doing it. He loves you so much that He would consider living with all of your demons until He gets them kicked out, gets your purified, and cleaned up.


I also remind you that the function of Christ is to purify us so, eventually, we can dwell with the Father without an intermediary. If you were all cleaned up you would not need Christ at all. Glory to God.


We are talking about the New Order Deliverance or deliverance by the imparting anointing. We see that Christ has come forth. For those of you who would like to pursue it, we have a study on the seven spirits of God. It is the #35 series. We find out that Christ...I do not know if it is the last three or four spirits of the seven spirits of God that typify Christ.


The first few typify the Holy Spirit, and Christ is the double portion. He is the warrior spirit, He is power, He is defensive when He is in His maturity, He is much stronger than the Holy Spirit. He is the Son, and where ever the Son is the Father is. This is your double portion, it is the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is just the spirit of the Father.


All judgment is given unto the Son. The authority to judge your soul, to deal with the demons or the impurities in you soul, is in the Son. The Scripture clearly says that, but people do not understand what it means.


I hope I am imparting an understanding to you of what it means. The warrior, the one with the real power, is Christ, which is the double portion, the Father and the Son. The spirit of the Father alone, which is the Holy Spirit, is limited as to what He can do in your life. Of course, God can come from on high and give you a miracle, He can be sovereign, He can be anything He wants, He over-rides His own laws.


What I am suggesting to you is that He is not doing it as a matter of course for everyone that petitions Him.


If you are honest with yourself, unless you just do not know anything about the things of God, you will know that everybody is not healed. I know Christian that I would call strong Christians that have died. Everybody is not getting delivered from drug addiction today. I was telling someone earlier, AA is filled with Christians. They cannot stay off of drugs by being in the church alone, they need AA.


"Something must be wrong with the church!" What is wrong with the church? We found out in a recent message is that the church has just received the Former Rain. We have not yet received the Latter Rain. The purpose of this Former Rain was to raise up the temporary five- fold ministry and spiritual men and spiritual women that would prophesy.


The deliverance of this creation is not coming until the Latter Rain. The Latter Rain will pour out of those Sons that have stood up in full stature. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


We see a believer in whom their human spirit has produced Christ, they have conceived Christ, and He has begun to be formed in them. I cannot tell you exactly when, because it may not be the same for everyone. Jesus said that nobody knows when that day will be, even the Son does not know. Why did He say that? Because it is not the same day for everyone.


Everybody does not get the Holy Spirit the same day, everybody is not going to stand up in full stature the same day, everybody does not get deliverance the same day.


I cannot tell you in any individual, or at what stage of maturity Christ has to be, I do not know. God has an individual plan for every one of you. In New Order Deliverance, the impurities in your soul are attacked from the Christ within you, and there is no longer any need for some man with an imputed anointing on the outside to assist you.


This is the imparted anointing. To the carnal mind, the deliverance takes a different form. It looks different, and it gets some people upset.


There are no more people sitting down on a chair, these are no more three people hovering around you. Sometimes, frequently there are no manifestations. You just know that the ungodly behavior goes. There may be some mild manifestations. Glory to God.


This is the fulfillment of the Scripture, "And He cast them out with His word." We see a lot of people attacking Old Order Deliverance saying, "This is not Scriptural, you are supposed to be cast out with the word." The word is what comes forth from within you. If you do not have a word that is anointed to do that kind of deliverance, I do not know about you, but I take what ever is available to me at the time.


What am I saying? Old Order Deliverance is valid when there is no one around to help you to conceive Christ and help bring forth an imparted anointing from within you. If you have conceived Christ, but He is not yet strong enough to be judging your soul, this is the White Throne Judgment. When Christ is conceived in you and He starts judging your impurities, this is the White Throne Judgment.


When He is still to young to do the job by Himself, the Lord may let a man outside assist Him. It will be a man with an imparted anointing, not an imputed anointing, and he is going to look different too.


This is the man that is going to be casting it out with his word. The man that has the imparted anointing will cast out demons by his preaching, with the anointing that comes forth when he preaches. The Gospel of God will join with this Christ over here and strengthen him. This will become a demon and it will go. Eventually, you will not longer need this man, but there will be an overlapping.


The casting out of demons with the word is the way the Lord will cast out demons from you by someone who has an imparted anointing. The technique is different. Also you will find that ministers that preach in the imputed anointing, if I have not made it clear, I believe they are very important, and there is a very real place for them in the body of Christ. I thank God for them I got a lot of deliverance from a man with an imputed anointing.


They are likely to have scheduled mass deliverances or scheduled deliverance nights. God honors it, and lets the demons be cast out. For someone who is manifesting the imparted anointing, we do not schedule our own meetings. We had mass deliverance here tonight, and I had no idea it was going to happen.


In a Minster that has the imparted anointing, Christ runs the show. All that we can do is say "Lord, please deliver us." All that you can do is say "Lord, I have a problem, I need deliverance." All I could do is say " Lord, I am here, do what ever you want today."


I cannot promise anybody, "Come on Friday night because it is our deliverance night." I am not knocking the preachers that do it. That is where they are, that is the ministry that God has given them. I cannot do that. God honors it for them. He would not honor that for me. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


This man with the imparted anointing is preaching, the anointing is coming forth, and it is strengthening the Christ within the person. This impurity becomes scored and it leaves.


Of course, the imputed and the imparted anointing overlap. When you get a man with a mature imputed anointing and someone with an immature imparted anointing, it may be very difficult to tell the difference. Then again, of course, you can be getting both kinds of deliverance. Nobody should give up anything. You should just yield your members to Christ, to have Him do with you anything He wants to do with you.


Lots of times people know that they need deliverance, and they go up, someone lays hands on them, and they do not manifest. It does not always... sometimes it takes awhile to get a problem scored like that. You have to sit under a ministry, you have to sit under the anointing, your soul has to be prepared to enter into a place where these things start being broken off of your soul, where the Lord literally starts grabbing them out of your soul.


We are in the hands of God, we cannot ordain these things ourselves. It is very important to listen to His voice and follow Him.


There is another very important point that I want to try to convey to you tonight. I told you that deliverance can have manifestations, it does not have to have manifestations. It can come with the laying on of hands, it does not have to come with the laying on of hands. Especially if the person has an imparted anointing, Christ in that person can come across the room and touch anybody.


Deliverance is intimately associated with spiritual warfare. For the person that really has not exposed himself to the cleansing of Christ, he is filled with impurities. The natural man is filled with impurities.


If somebody is working witchcraft against a man that is filled with impurities, what we have here is someone working witchcraft or someone hating this person. That hate or that witchcraft links up with the spirit hate, or a spirit of witchcraft, or the quality, or the impurities, or the hate or the witchcraft in the person that is being attacked.


That linkage, the evil or the wickedness both in the outside force and the inside force combined together can do damage to that person.


Remember what I just told you, that whether that man has the imparted or the imputed anointing, unless you are very mature in Christ, there is a man out there in the imputed anointing. He is working with the Holy Spirit within you; with the imparted anointing, he is working with the Christ within you.


This is the same principle that when there is a man out there working witchcraft on you, he links up with the witchcraft that is in you.


Remember, I just said the spiritual things are both within you and outside you. Now this witchcraft is around you, and it is stimulating the witchcraft within you. You are uncomfortable, you are being harassed. When you are in this condition, the first thing that you need is to get the witchcraft in you cast out.


Jesus said, "The prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in me." This is what Jesus meant. When the witchcraft and the hatred came against Him, there was nothing in Jesus to link up with. Of course, because He was in full stature, His spiritual armor was on, I believe it did not touch Him at all.


When you find yourself being harassed, if you associate yourself with certain kinds of people that a problem within you is stimulated, my temporary answer to you is stay way from those kinds of people. We know we are not supposed to be running around with homosexuals, and people that are immoral. That is not what I am talking about.


Let us say you have a tendency towards gossip. You have not taken the victory yet so it would be best not to associate, or at least on an intimate level, with someone who is going to strengthen the gossip in you until you get delivered. Because then you will have somebody outside of you stimulating the gossip inside of you, and you will be in trouble.


The temporary answer might be to stay away from that person, but the long range answer is not to stay away from that person. The long range answer is to get this gossip out of you. This way when someone approaches you with gossip, you do not respond to it. By not responding to it, you save the other person.


By not responding to it, as long as your heart is right towards that other person, they will be convicted that they are gossiping and, Lord willing, that will result in their deliverance. When two people that are weak in any area link up, you are both going to fall into sin.


I am going to repeat it again. The temporary answer is to stay away from a person than will strengthen you to ungodliness. The long range answer is to get that thing out of you so that you can go to that person and help them. That is what Jesus is doing with us.


If you ask around, if you have not experienced it yourself, you will find out that people who have been delivered from all kinds of problems, Jesus sends them right back to where they came from to help the others with the same problem.


He is not going to send you right back to where you came from if you are going to be polluted by them. He may separate you from people with the same problem, for a season, until you get delivered, and you better believe it that He is sending you right back to the people that have the problem that you were delivered from.


This is the diagram of the person who has not had deliverance, or much deliverance, they still have the same problem that is attacking them. To go around saying that all of your problem are from people working witchcraft on you, it may be true, but it may not be true.


The answer is that we are to look inward, and we are to see if there is any open door. We have to ask the Lord is there any legal ground for this to come upon you. Jesus said that the prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in me.


"Lord, how come the prince of this world came, and he found something in me? How come I am being hurt, tell me so I may repent and get deliverance." Of course, we can pray against the witchcraft, you can break the curses. Be careful, please do not send them back unless the Lord specifically tells you to send them back, because every spirit of witchcraft that comes against you is not some witchcraft doctor in Africa doing a Voodoo dance against you.


The witchcraft that comes against you is from a suffering person that has heavy witchcraft in their mind. They are deranged, and they really have no control over it.


You do not really want to be hating these people, you want to ask the Lord how you can help them. If the Lord instructs you to send it back you do it. If He does not, do not do it. We are not supposed to be taking an eye for and eye anymore. We are supposed to be praying for our enemies, and blessing those that hate us. Amen.


Of course, we are not going to be stupid about this, we are going to ask the Lord, we are going to break the curses, we are going to cast it down, and we are going to destroy it. Do not send it back unless you really hear from God.


It has been my experience that pretty much the only time He tells me to send it back is with people that really should know better, that are maliciously knowing what they are doing. This is the only times, to the best of my knowledge, that He has had me send it back.


Even then, my famous story is the witch that tried to kill me in Harlem, and God did not send it back on him. He saved him. I found him three years later praising God in a church in Brooklyn.


Of course, we do not know what his story was. He may have been raised in that kind of witchcraft and knowing that he was doing wrong.


We do have another situation here. For people who have had a measure of deliverance, or deliverance in a particular area, let us use witchcraft again. Let us say someone attacks them with witchcraft.


Let me first tell you this. If you go before the Lord, and you say, "Lord what is my open door? What must I repent of, and what must I get delivered of ?" You can be convicted, you can confess your sins, and you can repent, and the deliverance may not come for a long time.


You can have demons cast out of you, but your defense is not raised up for a long time. Let me explain what I mean by that. Let us say that you used to have witchcraft, and it has been cast out. Let us say most of it has been cast out, there is really nothing for this witchcraft to latch on to. Because you were into witchcraft for so many years, because you had curses on your family line, because of, because of, because of. The spirit of witchcraft has been cast out, one of the things that witchcraft does is to break down your natural defenses.


If there has been heavy witchcraft in your family line or in your life, it does not have to be, but the chances are excellent that you will have emotional problems. Insanity is rooted in incest and witchcraft, if you did not know it.


We have a spiritual wall that is our soul, then we have a wall that is our body, that our defense is to what? Our heart. Why? Because our true spiritual being is our heart. Even if the witchcraft is cast out, that does not mean our spiritual wall has been damaged from the witchcraft. Sometimes the physical body has been damaged by the witchcraft.


We get all this witchcraft cast out, we confess it, we repent, we get it cast out, but getting that demon cast out, or getting that multiplicity...maybe you had a hundred demons of witchcraft. If every last one of them were cast out, that does not mean that this wall has been repaired. It does not mean that the wall of your emotions has been repaired. It does not mean that the wall of your body has been repaired.


Sometimes, this is basically the difference between the deliverance and healing. Deliverance and healing are intimately related. They do not necessarily come to pass in the same week. Sometimes, they do not come to pass within the same year.


You could have been delivered from many spirits of witchcraft, either there is nothing there or that there is so little there that you have it under control. I do not know if it is possible to get rid of it all or not. I think it is possible to have so little that you have it under control.


This witchcraft that has been in your body and on your family line all these years, and you have damaged emotions. You are not exactly stable, maybe you have a little bit of paranoia. Maybe you do not think right in some areas, maybe you have rejection, some kind of damage that has happened to your soul. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


Sometimes, your body is sick. Infirmity is a direct out growth of witchcraft. Everybody that is a witch is not sick. If they are not sick their children are going to be sick, their grandchildren are going to be sick, or their great grandchildren are going to be sick. Witchcraft eventually will wipe out your family line.


This person has no more witchcraft, or so little that it is under the control of their heart, but their soul is still damaged, their emotions are still damaged, and their body is still damaged. Somebody out here starts praying witchcraft against them. Now this person can say " The prince of this world cometh and he has nothing in me." Then, how come you are sick, how come your emotions are in a turmoil? Because God cast out the demons, but He did not repair the walls yet. He did not repair my body yet, He did not repair my emotions yet.


It is possible for someone to be afflicted by witchcraft, and the answer is not having a demon cast out of them. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? We have to be honest with ourselves, you have to know who you are talking to, and you have to know who you are ministering to. You have to ask the Lord, and He will tell you.


If you are dealing with a person who is under attack and just does not want to admit that they have witchcraft, then the chances are that they probably have it.


The chances are that their own witchcraft is contributing to the attack. It is possible if some one is a believer and they have been in God for a long time, or I do not know, maybe even they are not in God for a long time. Everybody does not have witchcraft. Some people, their whole family line has lived a pretty moral life. Maybe they do not have it, or it is minimized without deliverance.


It is possible. It is possible to be attack by witchcraft from the outside especially if you are serving God and not need a demon cast out of you.


God, for what ever His reasons, has not yet healed you of the fruit of your problem. What is the fruit? Disease and emotional distress. It is possible for this healing to come years after the demon was cast out.


What do you do for a person that is in this condition? You break the curses, and you join with them, because this person whether they have the Holy Sprit or whether they have Christ, if this witchcraft has made them sick or causes severe distress in their emotions, whether it is the Holy Spirit or if it is Christ in them, He has been totally overcome.


He has Christ underfoot if he has made the person sick, or if he has sent them into an emotional tizzy.


He has won this battle, he cannot win this war but he has won this battle. What can you do for them? You join with them in your mind. I believe in the laying on of hands. You just impart your love to them. It is just something in the spiritual realm, you are for the person. The Christ in you that is out there will join with the Christ or the Holy Spirit that is within them and, Lord willing, they will get at least their temporary healing.


What has knocked them down and made them sick, they will get healed of. That may or may not close up this broken wall. I declare to you that this broken wall is not getting closed until Jesus Christ closes it up.


There is a preacher that some of us here know and love that used to say all the time, "That is just a band-aid. Old Order Deliverance is just a band aid." It is true, it is a band-aid. If I am bleeding, and blood is pouring out of my leg, I want a band-aid. Do not tell me I do not need a band aid.


If I am not about to get a miracle that is going to stop the blood from pouring out of my foot, please put a band-aid on my foot. We have to help the people, we have to do what ever we have to do to help them, people that want help. You cannot help people that do not want help.


People that want help and are willing to work with you, at least to some measure, we have to do everything that we can do to help them.


This is really important. Then again, we have people that are really mentally ill that would be diagnosed by a psychiatrist as mentally ill. The chances are very slim, although anything is possible. The chances are slim that they have Christ in them. They could have the Holy Spirit. They could even have Christ in them.


For whatever reason, this soul is so demonized and so damaged to get like this, I am really convinced that you have to inherit it. It needs to come in two stages, and then if you are born to mentally ill parents, you inherit the curses. If you inherit the curses, then the mental illness that are in your parents is afflicted upon you as a child, and it just cements you in.


This is what we call impurities. There are so many of them, there are so many of them, that even this personality has the Holy Spirit, and I believe that it is possible for them to have Christ, this stuff is so strong even if they have Christ, He is buried alive. He cannot even move.


Even when you get somebody out here that has the imparted anointing, and it is coming from here, this guy is just so...for example the Gadarene Demoniac, someone that has been institutionalized, that is on medication, that is really far gone. I have never ever seen a person in this condition helped by Old Order Deliverance. I have never seen it.


The Lord has told me that the answer for them is to have Christ conceived in them, and then He has got to grow to the point where He can overcome all of this junk that is in his soul. I have never seen anyone in this condition helped at all by Old Order Deliverance.


When you see a person in this condition, and they seem to be spiritually drowning, the answer for them is not Old Order Deliverance. The chances are that they have not conceived Christ. The ministry for them is that they must conceive Christ.


If for some reason they have conceived Christ, but they still are not prospering, the Lord may send you to have a relationship with them that will strengthen the Christ in them. Maybe He has been conceived, and He does not grow.


Some women get pregnant, and the baby does not grow. Did you know that? Sometimes, the baby does not grow, then eventually miscarry. It just does not develop properly.


Everything that happens to a natural woman with a baby in utero can happen to a spiritual person that is pregnant with Christ. You can conceive, and you can abort. You can conceive, and the child could be dead in your womb. This is not going to happen to the Christ over all, but this could happen to the Christ in an individual.


If you see someone that is highly mentally disturbed, what they need is Christ to be conceived in them, and/or for you to have a loving relationship with them that will strengthen the Christ within them. You cannot go to these people and start casting demons out of them, especially if they do not agree to it.


If they agree to it, and after you educate them about it, after you talk to them about it, if they want to try, and you have their permission, maybe you can do it. I have never seen it work for someone this far gone. What they need is Christ to be formed in them, and to get so strong that they can overcome this junk.


I am going to say it again. What is your job with people highly demonized to the point where they are mentally ill and on medication? Number one, we have to seek God for specific instructions. We always seek God for specific instructions with each individual, especially when you see that they are mentally ill.


You do not want it on your conscience that you have made it worse. There is no condemnation if you make a mistake.


I am telling you that you would not want that, I know you would not want that. Seek God on the individual before you do these things. Then, you have to enter into a relationship with them, which is under the auspices of Christ, which will result in an internalized Christ arising in them strong enough to overcome.


Very frequently, this soul is so damaged that when Christ starts coming forth, it is like they are living out of another soul.


God does not even try to repair this damaged fallen adamic soul. The person lives with both souls, but he lives out of Christ. If you can understand what I am saying, this is very important.


I have never seen Old Order Deliverance work on a highly demonized person to the point of mental illness, and institutionalized. I have never seen it. It must be the imparted Christ coming forth and setting them free. It is my understanding from the Lord that Old Order will not do it.


You will break their heart, you will hurt them and, in any event, you should not be forcing it on anyone, anywhere, ever.


People like this, you have to walk with kid gloves. We are ambassadors of Christ. We are Number 1, ambassadors of His love. You cannot deliver people against their own will. God can in certain circumstances, but you better make sure it is God.


We have entered into an age of responsibility. Our spiritual childhood is over, the Lord wants us to start moving in some measure of maturity. If you made a mistake, you made a mistake.


Let us say you made a mistake, all things work for the good of those who love the Lord. Do the best you can. Take the individual case before the Lord. Do not assume you know the answer for anybody. It is just our humanity, everybody thinks they have got the answer for everybody. It is just being human.


We all think that we know what this person needs. I want to tell you something, we do not know what this person needs. We really do not know what this person needs. Unless the Lord Jesus Christ has given us a specific word of knowledge and told us, we do not know what this person needs. We can hurt people. The Lord wants us to start taking responsibility for what we say to people.


Nine out of ten people in the church world are counseling out of their carnal mind. It has got to stop. You cannot counsel out of your carnal mind. It is death.


I hope I imparted an understanding of deliverance to you. Any questions on this subject?


COMMENT: This is in regards to myself when I am always falling asleep. What I am doing is, I am asking the Lord to break whatever is holding it back in my carnal mind. If it is not happening in my life, if the imparting is not causing the carnal mind, the imparted anointing is not causing my carnal mind to be destroyed enough to keep me awake, under the anointing, should I then spend my time doing the tapes night and day, to do nothing else until it takes effect?


PASTOR VITALE: No. You have to live a normal life, you do have a family.


COMMENT: It is taking months now, I fall asleep against my will. I rebuke it, I do not want it, I pray all day before the meetings, and it still happens. What am I doing wrong?


PASTOR VITALE: You may not be doing anything wrong. Everyone matures in their own order. Everybody starts from a different place. I think that it is happening much less. It only happened once tonight. I rebuked, and you woke up.


COMMENT: It just happened.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. I will pray for you after the meeting. That is the same thing I do with my infirmity. I put it before the Lord, and it is out of your hands. One of the major lessons that God teaches us when we enter into maturity, is that we are totally out of control. He has the control.


While we are children in Christ, He lets us have some control, because no one changes over night.


COMMENT: In my case...inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Whatever it is, it looks more to me like it is more control. All of us like to be in control of our lives. This is a stage that everyone coming in to the Kingdom has to go through. We have to find out that He is really the boss.


A lot of believers will say, "Yes, He is the boss," then they go out and try to run their own life. There is no condemnation in that, because before we came into Christ we would not survive if we were not running our own life. That is just our fallen adamic man. That is just the way we were trained up in the world.


Now that He is in our life, we have to change. We cannot be doing that anymore.


COMMENT: I feel that it is something that I am doing.


PASTOR VITALE: That is not necessarily true, but it may be true, it does not have to be true. Personally, I do not think that it is true. To feel that way could be a manifestation of pride. One of the manifestations of pride is that we think that whatever happens to us, we are responsible. This is also a manifestation of co-dependence. I am not saying it is true of you, you pray about it. It is also a manifestation of immaturity.


When a child's parents get divorce, the child thinks that they are divorced because of him. The child could have nothing to do with it whatsoever, but all the psychology book are filled up with it. Children of divorced parents think that surely they must have been so bad that their parents got divorced. Or if a man leaves his wife and his family,"Surely I was so bad, that Daddy could not stand to be here with me."


This is something that a child does, and something that a co-dependent does. It is called an ungodly burden. We blame ourselves no matter what happens. That is something for you to really put before the Lord. Maybe you are a little co-dependant. Is that possible?


COMMENT: Who would I be co-dependent on?


PASTOR VITALE: Who would you be co-dependent on? To be honest with you, I do not know, but it is a sign of several different degrees of co-dependency. There are all different degrees. I do not know. To tell you the truth, I do not see co-dependency in you. Then, maybe I am not exactly on the button. I know that when one thinks that no matter what happens to them, it is their fault, that is not a Godly attitude.


I may not be putting my finger on it. If God speaks to me about it and tells me what it is, I will let you know.


I know it is not a healthy altitude, it is called an ungodly burden. You are putting yourself under so much pressure to think that everything is your fault. Or that no matter what happens to you, you have to do something, because there is something that you can do to make it right.


Although I do not see you co-dependent on anybody, I know one of the...I forget what they call it. In AA where one of the things you have to repeat is, "God give the grace to accept what I cannot change."


One of the signs, whatever you want to call it, I do not know in your case, there is not anything you have to accept that you have the power to change it, then you go after it, then you drive, and when you fail, because some things cannot be changed, so when you fail you condemn yourself.


It is a syndrome that is setting yourself up to condemn yourself, because nobody can achieve everything. Do you hear what I am saying?


COMMENT: ....delivered of ever since I was a child, when I was told I was dumb, and I was stupid, that I would never amount to anything. That I guess in my mind, I set forth, that what ever I attempt, I am going to do, even though I would not get high studies, or anything like this, that I became to busy to even listen for the Lord. Maybe God could even work on that busy syndrome.


PASTOR VITALE: He is going to bring forth your deliverance. He has a plan with your name on it, you have to relax and let Him be God. I understand that you want it.


COMMENT: I cried, I felt embarrassed that I had to be told week after week, except that one week to wake up. I do not want it, I say, "Lord, do not let it happen."


PASTOR VITALE: That could be pride.


COMMENT: I have to be dependant upon Him, that He has to do it.


PASTOR VITALE: He has got to break it. It could be pride. He has got to keep you wake. I would not worry about it. There is no way that you can rush this procedure. Just like when you get pregnant, it just has to take the nine months, there is no way that you could rush it.


Your major lesson right now is that He is teaching you to rest in Him. The harder you push, the less you are going to accomplish it. He will do it, He will touch your thigh, and He will cripple you. Anybody else? Glory to God.






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