112 - 1 Part

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I keep thinking that I want to preach.  God is not letting me preach. However, He has given me a message today in an informal way. The message He gave me for today is about Jesus. He will not even let me look at Scriptures. It is about Jesus in the garden.


The whole world reads those Scriptures in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and they think that Jesus went into the garden asking the Lord if it was possible that He would not have to go to the cross, and would the Lord not let Him go through that. The Lord has revealed here that, that is not at all what Jesus was praying. He was God. It was an ignorant translation. As we told you many times, there are many translations for any one word.


What Jesus was praying for in the garden was no such thing. He never was troubled because of fear. That is not what that word means. I will tell you what that means in a minute. He was never fearful. He was never anxious. He never tried to get out of the judgment, not for a second.


The Scriptures that say He was troubled do not mean that. In the Scripture, which I believe is in John 12, if I am not mistaken, where it says that Jesus was troubled - His soul was troubled. The word translated, troubled, is the same Greek word that is used in the Scripture where the people were all waiting for healings. It says, The angel came and troubled the water. It moved it, it was agitating, it was moving. This is what we want, movement.


First, we want the two souls to separate. When the two souls separate, the soul of Christ is going to come to life in the mind of the person. The sign of life is movement. The sign of spiritual life is movement. Jesus said, My Christ soul is moving. It is active, it is filled with the life of the Father and it is going to overshadow and take over my adamic soul.


The Lord showed me what happened in the garden was the spiritual circumcision. Up until that point, Jesus was living one hundred percent out of His Christ soul.  His adamic soul was so controlled that it could not sin, but it was still there. It was Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, down in the bottomless pit. What happened in the garden was the Christ in Jesus started to move.


If you remember our past teaching, the Christ soul within you is within the adamic soul. The example is that the Christ soul is the fruit of the grape. The adamic soul, or the carnal mind is the grape skin. Christ, in us, is in a position, the weakest position He could be in. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the root of the vine. Adam is the vine of the ungodly soul in the realm of appearance. The carnal mind is the grape skin and Christ is the fruit.


What strength does the fruit have? From that position of weakness He is going to cast the whole adamic vine, including Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, into the wine press of His wrath. Jesus is in the weakest part of our spiritual being, and He said, My soul is troubled. It is starting to move. It is starting to vibrate.


As I continued with the word study, I found out that His soul started to penetrate through the grape skin which is the adamic soul. It oozed through. There is the Scripture that says, He was in agony. I just rebuke the carnal mind. He was not in an agony of fear saying, Lord, strengthen me, because it says the angel was strengthening Him. He was willing, with every strength in His being, that His Christ soul should penetrate through or circumcise the adamic soul. He was in prayer continuously.


The angel that was strengthening Him was the very Christ within Him. He said to the Father, Lord, if you will, let this cup pass from me. He said, cup, meaning, a soul. A cup is a bottle. It holds liquid. It is a symbol for the soul. He had two souls. He had a Christ soul, and He had an adamic soul. Even though the adamic soul was totally under the control of Christ, He still had two souls.


He said, Father, if you will, let this soul pass from me. Let my Christ soul pierce through and cross over. Look it up in Strong’s Concordance, the word means, Cross over. Let it cross over into Adam’s territory, cover it over and permanently forbid it from manifesting.


The Scripture says, And as it were, beads of sweat appeared on Him as if they were great drops of blood. The word sweat, if you look it up, means, perspiration. The primary characteristic of perspiration is salt. Jesus said, I am the salt of the earth. If your salt is without saltiness, how are you going to preserve the life of your flesh?  What is the salt? It is the preservative.


It is the Christ soul that is going to give us life, because when Christ is fully manifested in us, this body shall never die. He agonized in prayer. He willed and said, Not my will, but Your will. He said that, not with His adamic strength, but with the strength He was receiving from the Father through the Christ soul. He willed to live out of Christ and something marvelous happened. His Christ soul started to penetrate the membrane of the grape skin of His adamic soul, and it started to ooze through.


The Scripture says, It was as great drops of blood, which means as it oozed through, it was thick with the soul life of Christ, like clots of blood. If you look it up in Strong’s Concordance, it is, clots. It came through in thickness, and it descended, the Scripture says.


Great drops of sweat, as it were blood, came down to the ground, descended to the ground which is the adamic soul. It was not thin and beggarly. It was thick, it covered over the ground, it killed it, and it cut off all the pores and all of its ability to function and to breathe. It crushed it. Jesus circumcised His own adamic soul by the strength that the Father gave Him, and the will or the spiritual strength and His agreement with that strength that the Father gave Him.


From the weakest position in a man, He rose up in strength and circumcised, for all intents and purposes, killed His adamic soul. This happened moments before He went to the cross. God prepared Him in His humanity to endure this experience. For the life of me, I still have not heard from God to what degree He physically suffered. I really am not sure, but God gave Him what He needed to go through this trial.


That man was never afraid. That man never asked God to let Him out of His trial. What a lie. I rebuke you, all you antiChrist demons and false doctrine that would ever say anything like that about Christ. He separated, and He overshadowed, He pressed down, and He glorified the Father in His victory over His adamic soul. He never once looked to the left, looked to the right, or asked God to get Him off that cross. You lying devils, every last one of you, I curse you with your root. He never wavered even in His mind.


There is another point that the Lord showed me in the study. As I recall it, I was rushing to get all this research done and I kept saying, There is something wrong, because He was not going to let me use the research.  Lord, you are going to have to just bring it all back to my memory. We found out that when God pronounced the curse on Eve, He said to her, You shall bring forth in sorrow. When we looked up the word, sorrow, in the Hebrew, we found that another definition. Aside from, being sad for, the word, sorrow, is, In a human flesh body or in hardness.


We know that at the time the curse was pronounced, the creation was still spiritual. They were not in these bodies. The curse of God upon Eve, one of the results of that curse was humanity fell down into these hard bodies, and we are now bringing forth our children in sorrow.


We all know how human beings multiply through bodies, but in those days, at the beginning of the creation, the multiplication was not like it is now. The creation was spiritual. The multiplication was a form of cell division. The offspring was born fully mature, just like many animals. They were born fully matured and capable of taking care of themselves, and with a full knowledge of God before the fall.


When we look at Jesus in the garden, we see that He is sorrowful. What does that mean, that He was sorrowful? Brethren, He is bringing forth the life of the Father in a human body. It is the reversal of the curse.  This was the last manifestation of the curse that new life should be brought forth in a human body. He did it within His spiritual being.


For everybody that is in Christ, once they pass through this place in Christ, they shall never bring forth life through a human body again. It is going to be spiritual life. I just remind you that we are called to do the greater works. The Scripture says, Oh you barren, cry not, you shall have many more children than the married wife because God has imparted to you the power to go to human beings, and to bring life into their souls, and to bring them through the delivery, that Christ should be born in them, even a spiritual birth.


We are on the way back up to the way things were before the fall. Hallelujah. Father, if there is anything I have left out, I just ask that you bring it to my memory since you will not let me use the notes. (Laughter) Glory to God.


I checked these Scriptures out in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In one Scripture, it said that Jesus fell to the ground and He prayed. I declare to you that I looked up those Scriptures and what it said was, He fell over the ground. He fell upon the ground. He covered over His adamic soul, and He did not let it make a peep. Every prayer that He prayed came out of His Christ soul.


When we pray a prayer that comes out of our Christ soul, not one word will fall to the ground. The Father will honor every prayer that the son prays when there is no ego in it, when it is only Christ. Jesus prayed, Father, give me the strength to circumcise my own soul. Give me the strength to pierce through. Give me the strength to utterly crush the adamic soul in me. He was never scared. He was never nervous. He was never, Chicken liver.


Do not tell me, He was just human, what do you expect? He never had any of those emotions. He was fearless. It is true He was a man, but He was a man of a new order. He was fearless, and He was totally obedient to His Father. As He separated out from His adamic soul in Christ, and then poured out upon it, crushed it, and suffocated it. This too shall happen to us. Glory to God. That is beautiful!!!


COMMENT: How come all of these powers all of a sudden are manifesting now? When I accepted Christ into my heart, I get all these powers coming through. I can see things. I can see visions. I read the Bible and get very far in depth in it. I tell the pastor about it and they think I am wacky. They excommunicated me.


I spoke to her about it, and she said, The Lord has called you, and you are getting deep revelations, and it is good. It is good from where? Is it good from the evil in me. Is it really the Lord working in me, being I have an identity crisis? I know I am here to serve the Lord. I am here to worship the Lord and serve the Lord, but there are so many people out there that are phony. I do not even know if I am suppose to help the phonies if God sends me.


PASTOR VITALE: You are worrying too much.  Why are you here? Did God send you here? If you believe it is a divine connection, then you are going the right way. You are submitting, and you are doing what He has told you to do. You are taking a step at a time. You just have to follow as He leads. If you go down the wrong way, He is going to put you on the right path.


The word is, Rest in Him. You are having a lot of anxiety because He is working in you very quickly. You are having a lot of anxiety and a lot of fear, but the real point of what your soul is doing, is that it will not let go of the authority. The word to you is, Let go, and let Jesus do what He has to do in you.


Your old way of doing things are still operating in you. That old way, your old man, wants control. He wants guarantees, and he wants a guarantee that you are safe, on the right path, and that you are not going to get thrown in the Lake of Fire. You want the security of this world. Your old adamic man is out there saying, I am not going to let go and let Christ do this in me until you promise me, and prove me, and give me an insurance policy, and Jesus will never do it.


I will tell you, personally, He will never give you the security that this world gives you. He will only give you one security and that is faith in Him. He is not a man that He should lie, but He is faithful, and that He is going to do it.


COMMENT: I always had faith in God and Christ. I remember since I was little, I had the ability. Christ had given me the ability, or the ability came from somewhere to look at a priest and say, He is a phony and not even a man of God. He has got his hand in the cookie jar, and stuff like that. This was even as a little kid.


PASTOR VITALE: These are all gifts. They could be false or true, but they are gifts. What is happening to you right now is the Lord Jesus wants to change your nature. He wants to destroy the beast in you and make you a righteous man of God. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.


Let us give you the benefit of a doubt. Let us say it was a true discernment of God. It was a gift that came without repentance. However, because you are called to be a son, and not an illegitimate son, but an heir to all of the promises, He is imparting your inheritance to you. Your inheritance is His righteous nature. In order for Him to give you His righteous nature, your old man has to die. You are going through things that not every Christian is going through. You may be very gifted. I would not, personally, even bother myself with whether it was a gift of God or a Satanic gift. As Christ impresses His nature on your soul, everything that is not of Christ is going to go, and you will have the true gifts.


COMMENT: Why can Christ not just take it? I am not afraid, just take it. If I were to go on an operating table now, and they were to cut it all out of me, gut my whole body out, I would say, Okay, do it.


PASTOR VITALE: Christ did not say that was okay.


COMMENT: You have to walk by faith because without faith we cannot please God.


COMMENT: She said I have to give up my adamic soul, right? How do I do it?


PASTOR VITALE: You do it a second at a time, an encounter at a time. Some take twenty years, and they are not even started.


COMMENT: I will be honest with you. I am afraid, because this is all new to me. I am like on a trip now.


COMMENT: We bind fear right now because it is not of God. Fear is not of God.


He has given you love and power and a sound mind. You can rule that right out, right now and rebuke the fear, confusion and unrest. You rebuke these things and walk in Him. God is still delivering you even now. You are not finished yet.


PASTOR VITALE: What is manifesting in you is a controlling spirit that is refusing to let the mind of Christ come through. You can rebuke that right now. Say, Controlling spirit, loose my mind, and Christ, would you be my mind.


COMMENT: Controlling spirit, loose my mind. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. Jesus, be in my mind, please Jesus. I rebuke all the fear in my mind. Be strong in me Lord. Help me to overcome, Lord, and show me the right way and teach me all I have to know, in Jesus name. Thank you Father.


PASTOR VITALE: Ask Him to keep the beast in check so that you do not let him overcome you.


COMMENT: Keep the beast in check, Lord. Keep him behind me and under your feet. I pray this in Jesus name. Thank you Father.


PASTOR VITALE: That is how you do it. You are feeling fear, because he is terrified because he knows he is finished. In your mind, it is not registering yet that he is going to die, but you are not. That spark of life that is really you is going to escape. You have to speak to yourself. If you are alone one day, say, This fear is not of me. You are right. You are going to have something to be afraid of, you are going to die, but the real me is going to escape, and I have nothing to be afraid of.


You have to fight back with the truth. That is the truth. The real you is going to escape and run into Christ. Just tell the thoughts to go away, and if it does not listen to you, you can always cry out and say, Jesus, please strengthen me because I am not taking the victory right now. Why am I not taking the victory? It is a constant dependency on Christ.


COMMENT: When that voice comes and answers me, what do I do?


PASTOR VITALE: Do not worry about it. The test is what happens in your heart. If you are filled with fear, and you say, I rebuke you fear, and a voice says, Fear not, I am delivering you, and you are still afraid, then you know it was not God.


The enemy does not want you delivered, so he will give you Scriptures to make you think that it is God speaking. If you still have the fear, it was not God. Then you rebuke him again. It is not in your mind, it is in your heart. It really does not even matter what they are saying. Just say, Go away, if the fear is still in your heart. He had a dream that flies were quoting Scriptures to him.


I really feel that the Lord is saying right now that by continuing to talk about this, we are strengthening it. It is your personal battle, and we will help you by talking and praying for you. Right now it is your battle. Sometimes, you just have to put it in your heart and stop talking about it. It reaches a point where we are not helping you, but we are strengthening you. 




We just ask you Father, if there is anything else that you would bring forth in this meeting, that you would bring it forth. Alleluia. Thank you Jesus. (Tongues spoken here by Pastor Vitale):


PASTOR VITALE: In my mind, He is bringing me back to that little teaching on the menstrous rags. We will see where He takes us from that. We are all female eggs. This is hard for the men. There are very few men coming in this day. We are all female eggs and, Lord willing, we shall become pregnant. We shall be fertilized, but there is always the danger of abortion until He is born in us. Until He is fully born in us, there is always the danger of abortion.


The Lord was rebuking Israel, saying they were as filthy as menstrous rags, because they had not produced the Christ. They had produced wind, the spirit of Satan, the ungodly fruit and the ungodly fruit of his spirit, (which is the carnal mind). Israel had the oracles of God, and they had the Spirit of Christ, but Christ was not formed in them. Their carnal mind prevailed, and they walked away from God.


COMMENT: Talking about the menstrous woman. Could that also be in the Jewish law where the woman were not allowed into the temple during her unclean period.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, we cannot enter into the temple in heaven unless we are pregnant with Christ. We cannot be menstrous and enter into the spiritual temple of God. We must have Christ within us.


COMMENT: I went through that for so long. Why is he saying that about women? I could not comprehend it until finally I understood.


PASTOR VITALE: I can really see how for carnal people, it looks like the women are hated here. It really looks like that, but I think the way the Lord wants us to look at it like this. He has given us a natural example for every spiritual truth so that we can understand. All of the women have been persecuted for centuries, and have paid a terrible price so that we can understand spiritual truth.


In the same way, all of Israel has paid a terrible price because God gave them a law that they could never keep. The Scripture says they could never keep it. It was a tremendous bondage for them, Jesus said. It was impossible for them to keep. That is why He gave them the Levitical sacrifices as a sign of justification, because they could not keep the law.


No man could keep the law. Man cannot keep the spiritual law of God, so God gave them the law of ordinances because of the transgression. He said, Every time you sin, if you follow this rule and regulation, if you bring an animal and sacrifice it, I will keep you justified before me until the provision is made, which is Jesus Christ, to help you stop sinning.


There is no new law. The ordinances of the old law are broken through Christ, because Christ is the new covenant. Right?  We are still under the law, and we can only keep the law through Christ being in us and working through us, because it is not us that keeps the law. It is Christ. That is why Christ could keep the law. So we are under law.


We are under the law. This is very upsetting to a lot of people. We are under the law until Christ completely enables us to stop breaking it. I call this the, In Between Covenant.  We really are in the in between covenant. We are no longer under the law of ordinances, but we are under the law of the Holy Spirit. Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind, and thy soul, and thou shalt love thy brother as thyself. But we cannot keep that law.


We hate in our hearts all the time. We fail to love God in our hearts all the time. We no longer have the law of ordinances where an animal sacrifice is made. All the animal sacrifices did was justified us with God, that He received our repentance.


Israel was still spiritually filthy. In this hour, we are still spiritually filthy. That is why we need deliverance. Now we have Jesus Christ. However, this in between covenant is about to be disannulled. God is no longer winking that we can go and say, Father, I sinned - please forgive me, and then continue on this way indefinitely until we die and go to heaven. That is a false doctrine.


He who has this hope of His appearing purified himself. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. We have been imparted the power of God to purify our soul. If we take that power of God and bury it under our adamic soul, as the unfaithful servant did with the one talent, the one talent is going to be taken from us.


There is a purpose why we were given this power. The purpose is to purify our adamic soul, which I remind you is what Jesus did. He was born with two souls. He was born with the perfect life of the Father, and He was born with a soul and a body that He inherited from His mother and from the line of Israel. He used the power of God within His being to purify the soul that He inherited from His mother which had sin in it.


Some people have heard this, and they have come to me and said, You cannot tell me that Jesus ever sinned.  Brethren, I remind you that sin is in the mind. If He never said a sinful word, if He never did a sinful act, the fact that He was born with a soul in a body from His mother, there was sin present in His being. He was born sanctified. That sin was separate from the life of Christ that was in Him. By the power of Christ in Him, He purified the soul that He inherited from His mother.


Some people get very upset over this. By the time He was crucified, He was the Lamb without spot. He purified His own soul. What is your other explanation? The Catholic Church says that Mary was perfect, so she gave birth to a perfect man. That is ridiculous. Mary was not perfect. There is nothing in the Scripture that says anything like that.


Somehow He had to get perfect. I am telling you that He had two souls. By the power of Christ, He purified His adamic soul, and because He overcame His adamic soul, the Father raised Him from the dead. If you have Christ, you not only have the mechanism to do what He did, but you have His overcoming power to do what He did, and in His mercy, you shall do what He did.


COMMENT: He overcame in the garden. That was what you were talking about earlier today, about how He started to sweat, and the perspiration and the salt came through, and it burst through the adamic soul.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the second half of it. I believe that as of His baptism in Jordan when the Scripture says, The heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him. What happened then was the Christ in Him was caught up to full strength and overshadowed His adamic soul or put a chain on it.           


Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, went down into the bottomless pit. He was chained, and he was unable to sin, but he was still very much alive, locked in the bottomless pit. He was able to talk to Jesus, but Jesus would not receive any word that he said. In the garden, He took a step further. Jesus actually overshadowed and suffocated the adamic soul. He killed it. The enmity in our flesh has to be slain. It is being slain in two stages.


Actually, it is three stages. When we start out, our adamic soul and our Christ soul are meshed together. We saw that in the deliverance today. The separation has to take place. It is called sanctification. It is in our mind, and it is a separation of thoughts.


It is a separation of the adamic thoughts from the Christ thoughts and an ability to discern whose thoughts are whose. That is a learning process. Jesus is our teacher. It is trial and error. There is no condemnation if we are deceived, because we have to learn. That is the beginning of it.


The second step is once the two souls are separated, Christ continues to grow. He starts out as a mustard seed. He continues to grow until He is a big tree, and until He is stronger than adam. There is a continuous warfare going on between Christ and adam. I just remind you that the spirit that is ruling in Christ is the Father, and the spirit that is ruling in adam is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


It is a continuous warfare. We do not win every battle, but we will win the war. The promise of the Lord is a righteous man can be cast down seven times, and the Lord will raise him up every time. Some carnal minds will say, But you are not righteous, but Christ in me is righteous.


He who is born of God cannot sin. Christ in me can be knocked down by my adamic soul seven times and God will raise him up every time. Every time He will come up stronger, until one day He flips over, and He puts a chain on the adamic soul ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He says, Even though you are still talking down there, and you are very much alive, I will not fornicate with you. That was what happened, I believe, at the baptism in the Jordan.


Then we hear in the Scriptures that He was tempted by the demons and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and He did not agree with anything they said.


The Scripture says, And Satan departed from Him. It did not say that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, died. It said, Satan departed from Him for a season. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, departed from Him for a season. What season? Until the time for what happened at the garden, until the time that Jesus was strong enough.


I do not even know whether it was a question of, stronger enough. Maybe it was just God’s will that this time would pass. I really do not know why there was a separation of approximately three and a half years between the standing up in full stature of Jesus, and His slaying of His adamic soul. God has not told me yet. Maybe Christ had to get stronger.


As I did the word study last night and this morning, the Lord did show me in the Scriptures that Jesus said, If You will. God is not letting me use my notes, so I am having trouble quoting the exact Scripture. He said, If it is possible, let this pass from me. What Jesus was saying, If this soul is strong enough, let it pass over. I guess at the time of the baptism it was strong enough to prevent Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, from making Him sin. However, it took another three and a half years to be strong enough to pierce through the adamic mind and cover it over with thick clots of the spiritual life of Christ and suffocate it.


COMMENT: You believe when Christ was tempted in the desert that He only spoke to Satan on one level or on two levels? As it is given in the Bible, the Scriptures are written in the physical sense, but they also have a spiritual meaning. Do you believe that Christ spoke to Satan in His mind, and also in a spiritual realm that He dwells upon now?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know the difference between those two realms. I believe that what we saw in the Scriptures, the temptation was the mind of Christ.


COMMENT: A story had been mentioned before. As someone pointed out, the witch took the demon and put the demon inside the bottle and the bottle started jumping around. Everybody saw the bottle jumping around. What was that?


PASTOR VITALE: What you are referring to is the spiritual reality that the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, exists in the minds of men. He also exists corporately throughout this world system. The warfare, to answer your question, was in the mind of the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


The way the Lord is taking this whole world system is that He is going to a man at a time. He is taking a victory within their mind. When enough minds are revealing Christ in full stature, that whole world out there is going to revert. That whole world is going to revert. It is hell now. It is going to reflect what is in the minds of the men that are in full stature, and it will be reflected in the world system. Did I not understand your question?


COMMENT: It contradicts what you said about the person astral projects a spirit. It comes and goes around and looks for witchcraft or evil in the person to lay to. It comes around, and it gets onto the person’s body. For it to be astralprojected, it has to leave the body and go in the air, come to another body and go into another body to seek rest to make it do what it wants to do. Therefore, it must go through the air realm to come through a person, not just only in a mind.


PASTOR VITALE: That is not exactly the way it works. Jesus told us clearly that spiritual life is likened unto a plant that is growing in the earth of our adamic soul, and it has roots. If you rip up those roots, the plant is going to die.  When a demon comes out of somebody’s mind, to astral project into somebody else’s mind or to fly around in the air, and do whatever dirty work it is going to do, it always has its roots in somebody’s mind. It always has its roots in somebody’s mind.


I will just make it clear on the recording because you did not tell the whole story about the witch. We heard a story about a white witch who helped someone who was being tormented by a demon. She did this by letting this demon come into her spiritual being, and then by witchcraft power.  She had the strength to put it in a bottle, and the bottle was vibrating, and she buried the bottle in the ground. The person was never harassed again.


I happen to believe this story, but that is Satan’s spiritual authority, which is highly inferior to Christ. When Christ delivers you from a tormenting demon, He rips it out by the roots and it dies. Christ has the authority to kill the demon, just like you rip a plant up by the roots and it dies. Witchcraft power does not have the authority to rip it up by the roots, so she had to capture it, and she put it in jail for the rest of its life.


COMMENT: That is not what I am talking about. Do they manifest themselves in power of the air, because there are people that levitate? It does not necessarily mean that you are hallucinating. People do levitate in the air. Nobody is connecting them. They are in the air. What is the reason for that?


PASTOR VITALE: This is very difficult.  




Father, I just pray. I just rebuke all carnal minds, Father. I ask that the scales be removed from the eyes, and the plugs be taken out of the ears, and that you give us the ability to understand.


Spiritual life dwells within. All spiritual power is within the Kingdom of God. God is within you, and the kingdom of darkness is within you. Even though this makes no sense to the carnal mind at all, when somebody levitates, there is not a demon outside of him lifting him or her off the ground. The demon within him is lifting him off the ground.


The example that was recently revealed here, and I just mentioned it earlier today, is that Christ is the fruit of the grape. He is within the skin of the carnal mind, which is hanging on the vine, which is Adam, which is being supported by the root which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Christ is the pulp of the fruit, the most innermost, weakest part of our spiritual being, and from that position, He is ripping the whole vine out of the ground and casting it into the wine press. No one from the outside is coming and ripping it up.


It is hard for the carnal mind to understand, but all strength is within, because the natural realm is the opposite of the spiritual realm. They are mirror images. In the natural realm, if I want to lift up that table, I take my hands, and l go over and, I lift up the table. The table is not a good example.


If I want to lift you up off the floor, I am going to go over, if I can do it, and I am going to lift you up off the floor by raising up my hands. If a spirit wants to raise her, the spirit is going to enter into her and raise her from within. It has to go through the air, but its roots are going to be in my mind. The root could be in my mind, and it may touch something in her to give it strength. I do not have all the answers.


Some witches have a lot of power. Maybe someone out there is so powerful that he could do it without having any strength in you. It is possible. God has not told me otherwise.


COMMENT: Just before we were talking about this episode with someone. How could Satan cast out Satan? What about taking that spirit and putting it in a bottle and finally putting it in the ground. It is using a witchcraft person to help someone who is wanting to get rid of a demon, which is Satan working against himself.


PASTOR VITALE: That is what they do. That is what white witchcraft is. It is very prevalent in nations where people are plagued by witchcraft. It is going on right here. I know somebody who is from a Latin background. Her parents are from different South American countries. They know about all this stuff, her house was cursed, and the curse came to pass. Her husband left her for another woman. She went into bed for three months and did not get up. Her mother took her to a white witch that broke the curse.


COMMENT: Where did the curse go?


PASTOR VITALE: A curse is just a spiritual power. You break it over the person.


COMMENT: Jesus said, How could Satan stand against Satan? How could his kingdom stand if Satan is divided against Satan? If a house is divided against itself, how could the house stand? What is the reason behind it all? What is Satan doing?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is not a curse. A curse is a spoken word that is spoken in spiritual authority. The breaking of a curse is not casting Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, out. For me to cast Satan out would be for me to be going to you and casting your whole adamic soul out. This is a curse. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has the ability to speak words that have power over somebody’s life. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has the spiritual strength to go to somebody and put chains on them with a big padlock.


Christ goes, and He takes the chains and the padlock off, but that is not casting Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, out. That is casting away his power on an unwilling person. The Scripture that you are quoting does not apply here; How can Satan cast out Satan? That is not what that Scripture is talking about. It is not even talking about an unclean spirit or even deliverance. The Scripture says that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, cannot cast out Satan. It does not say that Satan cannot cast out a demon.


Satan is your unconscious mind. He is the ruling spirit in your adamic soul. If Satan casts out your whole adamic soul, you are going to die, and he is going to die. If he does not have your body to live in, he is going to die. The Scripture did not say, How can Satan cast out a demon? It did not say, How can Satan break a curse? It said, How can Satan cast out Satan?


Jesus did not just cast out demons. Jesus cast out Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He is here to cast out Satan. He is here to destroy the adamic soul. You have to read the Scripture very carefully. One word is very important. Does everybody understand it now?


COMMENT: Do demons come from Satan? Demons are workers of Satan, so why would he kill his own workers? That I do not understand. If you were Christ, why would you kill me if I was your son? It does not make sense. You said Christ is just the opposite realm of Satan, right? So why would he do it to his own?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan’s kingdom is divided. Christ is not divided. Everyone that is moving in the authority of Christ is thinking under the instruction of Christ. Everyone that is moving under the authority of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is not doing the same thing, because Satan is divided. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is selfish. He is broken into many members, each one defending their own self and projecting their own self interest.


That is how you can have two human beings manifesting Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and not agreeing with one another. Satan’s world, which we see in the realm of the spirit, and which we see out there in the natural world, is men killing each other for power and authority and prestige. The same thing is true in the realm of the spirit. They are all against each other.


We were talking about Jesus being baptized in the Jordan. He was caught up, He was tempted by the demons, and He was tempted by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. That was an argumentative spirit that rose up in this meeting. It is an argumentative spirit, but it is more than that. It was really an anti-Christ spirit that was seeking to take authority over the teacher. It was an ungodly spirit that was trying to take dominion over the meeting, and it was an anti-Christ spirit that was trying to block doctrine from coming down. It was strife, and contention, and division. I think, if I had to say overall anything, it was trying to destroy the meeting, and it did destroy the flow of the spirit of Christ. It did cut off the flow of the Spirit of Christ.




 We pray, Father, that if it be Your will, that You visit us again.


We will just wait on Him, and if He does not manifest again, I guess the meeting is over. We will just wait on Him.


PASTOR VITALE SPEAKING TO SOMEONE IN THE MEETING: That is the kind of thing that has to be resisted, because even if what you were saying was truth, you were out of order in the meeting. You were not in true submission to the meeting. While it is a question and answer opportunity, it is a spiritual thing.


Please help me to explain, Jesus. There was an encounter here and people got upset. This is a spiritual meeting, and the Lord is giving us a lesson by example now, as to how ungodly forces can enter into a meeting. I know somebody mentioned it earlier, that the spirit is subject to the prophet. This would be an instance when the Lord would require anyone that this was happening in, to take authority over that spirit.


If it was not known, I am going to state it now, that to challenge is wrong. It is all right to have a question and answer, but to challenge a preacher in the middle of a meeting is not the way of Christ. There is no condemnation here. I am asking the Lord to help you to start recognizing when something ungodly is manifesting through you.


Even if a situation did stimulate you, the sin is still yours because you yielded to it. You have repented.




We ask you, Father, in the future that you help him to see it coming and to resist it. We thank you for his repentance, in the name of Jesus. We just pray for each of you, and rebuke whatever is manifesting in here. Father, we ask for instruction, if you want us to do anything. This is your meeting, Lord, and we thank you, Father, for giving us a practical example, and we thank you for our brother's humility and repentance.


The Lord is telling me to just say it again. We can get all carried away with small demons and with names, but He wants us to understand that this is much more than a demon. There is a spiritual force out there, and his name is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He manifests in many different ways, but he has one MO (method of operation), and that is to wipe out Christ.


A lot of preachers say He is a gentleman. I do not really know that, that is the truth, but when this kind of an encounter arises, He will withdraw. He will withdraw. If it is not dealt with, in Christ, He will never come back to the meeting again. I feel Him returning right now because everybody’s heart is right.


This was an example of the spiritual warfare. This is what Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, does. This is what he does in our own mind, and this is what he does in meetings, and this is what he does in our life. He wants to knock out the manifestation of Christ. I just ask Him, for all of us, that He opens our spiritual eyes, and give us an ability to recognize it when it comes. I pray He gives us the strength to cast it down when it tries to overtake us or to use us, and for that moment, make us a vessel of dishonor.


What is a vessel of dishonor? It is a vessel that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is using to do an ungodly work. I pray that He should help us to overcome that we should be vessels of honor. I remind you that you are still responsible for yourself, because everybody is responsible for themselves. We all have been victims at one time, and right now, for whatever God’s reason; He has made me the head of the meeting. I keep saying He has a sense of humor, but He has made me the head of the meeting. We are going to deal with this person as the Lord speaks to me, but He has not spoken to me yet. You are supposed to be resisting now. Praise the Lord.


There was a spiritual attack. There is no condemnation on any individual. It takes a long time to break a soul tie between friends. It could take a long time to break. Probably they have similar demons that strengthen one another.


COMMENT: When I was on the floor, and I was becoming weaker in the demonic spirits, the other person started to become stronger with demonic spirits. What happened was that person started to throw up. As I was getting weaker and weaker, this other person started getting stronger and exploded and started to throw up in the toilet. I feel that they are going back and forth. It is like you now, and then me, now you, now me.


PASTOR VITALE: I can pray, but it is a misunderstanding, and I know a lot of people say that. I am sorry, but I just do not have the authority to speak it and have it done immediately. It has been my experience that when you pray things like that, it just takes time. The stronger that it is, the longer it takes to break.


The way it works is not that I go in there with a piece of spiritual wood and put it between them. It does not work that way. When I pray a prayer like that, what happens is that the Spirit of God goes in and starts strengthening the two of them to resist.  This is not a popular teaching, but Jesus is not coming like poof and you are righteous. I wish He was doing it that way. He is not doing it. He is coming and saying, Poof, here is your weapon, now fight. That is what He is doing.


When we first get drafted into this, there are a lot of defeats. I was knocked down many, many times. I was overtaken many, many times. I am still overtaken. You know that. I am still overtaken, hopefully not too often. It does not happen to me too often. Until we are in perfection, we can be overtaken by a spiritual power.


COMMENT: I believe what the Lord is saying, the reason why you have to go through this for a length of time, is you are going to gain endurance, long suffering, and perseverance, because there is somebody coming up or peoples coming up, where He is going to use you to help them. If you had it so simple you would be impatient with what it would take with them. Obedience and standing on the word, perseverance, faith and then just trust that God is going to do it. Do not give up and do not be anxious. It is going to come.


PASTOR VITALE: Do not be embarrassed or anything like that. We rebuke embarrassment. It is important that you understand what happened.


COMMENT: I could not listen to you, because it is coming over against me again. What are we going to do with this? Are we going to take this matter and give it to the Lord, or are you going to wait on an answer from the Lord? I think we should just get rid of the demon. That is all. Whatever it takes. The Lord is going to do whatever it takes, so why can we not do whatever it takes? Are we not sons of God?


PASTOR VITALE: We are sons of God, and we do not do anything except the Father tells us to do it. I am going to tell you, in all love, that there is a spirit in you that is trying to dominate the meeting. That is the truth. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. We are just waiting upon you, Lord, to see what else you will do with us today.


This is the word of the Lord to you, young man. You are having a problem with aggressive spirits, and you think that the answer is just for everybody to lay hands on you and cast it out, but it does not work that way. The casting out of the demon is the very, very end of the procedure. The first stage is that He reveals to us that we have it. The second stage is that He requires us to overcome. Then when He feels we have taken the victory, He casts it out.


What is operating in your mind is that you are feeling distress. You do not want to be like this and, it is making you uncomfortable. You want to get rid of it by casting it out. It is not working that way. You have to start to resist. Jesus wants you to resist and wait on Him. I will not tell you for sure, because I am not God, but He is not likely to cast it out until you take the victory. He wants your spiritual arms to get strong for war.


You can do it. We cannot get out of this battle. What I hear coming from your heart is the same thing that we all go through, I think. We really do not want to fight this battle. God, why can you not just cast this demon out of me? I am telling you it does not work like that. He wants you to resist, and He wants you to overcome. Glory to God.


I am sorry if I gave you a hard time, but I had to take the meeting back because it was being stolen. Do you understand that? Okay.


COMMENT: He told you what my heart says and everything and that I feel this way. Since I have been here, you have not told me anything about what He has told you about you or anything like that. I know that you are the teacher, and you are supposed to help me, but does He talk to you about what you need to do or, are you just so perfect that you are all right?


PASTOR VITALE: This is the spirit that manifested last night when all that power poured out of you. It tries to take the spotlight off itself and put it on me. What the spirit is trying to do is focus on my imperfection, and everybody here, including me, knows that I am imperfect.


What it is doing is it is laying hold, denying the Christ in me, and focusing on the imperfection and getting the spotlight off of itself. It is a trick. What it is also doing is trying to tear down my authority. If I was weak in Christ, I could get upset by what you said, but the Lord has strengthened me and trained me in this area.


I will tell you this just for the record, but you know it already. I am not perfect, and I know that I am not perfect, and Jesus knows that I am not perfect. I am being as faithful as I can in the work that He has given me, and I know that you are here to get help from me. Praise the Lord.


(Spiritual music and songs are sung at this time).


Pastor Vitale prays deliverance for the oppressed man in the service:




Father, in the name of Jesus I just rebuke every strong man manifesting in this man. I break the power of every witchcraft curse that has come down on the family line. We break the power of all criminal spirits, sexual perversion, every filthy thing, whatever is upon him, including all the Hindu demons that came in through this other man. We utterly curse you and command you to manifest and hear every note that is being sung and every word that is being sung. Let it be a fire unto your bones. Let it be a torment unto you. Let it be unbearable unto you, and may you manifest and come out before this meeting is over, in the name of Jesus.


(Songs and music follow while a young man receives deliverance from evil spirits)


Song: My heart rejoices in the Lord. My horn is exalted in the Lord. My mouth is enlarged over my enemies, because I rejoice in thy salvation. There is none other as the Lord, for there is none beside Thee, neither is there any god like our God, and I rejoice in Thy salvation. My heart rejoices in the Lord. My horn is exalted in the Lord. My mouth is enlarged over my enemies and I rejoice in Thy salvation.


Second song: Create in my a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from Thy presence, O Lord, take not Thy Holy Spirit from me. Restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation and uphold me with Thy free Spirit.


Third song: Oh, the blood of Jesus, it washes white as snow. It shall never suffer loss.                              


Fourth song: Say to them that are of a fearful heart. Be strong; fear not, for lo your God will come with a vengeance, even God, with a recompense. He will come and save you. Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. Then shall the lame man leap as a hart and the tongue of the dumb speak. For in the wilderness shall waters break out and streams in the desert.


Fifth song: There is a river that flows from deep within. There is a fountain that frees the soul from sin. Come to these waters, there is a vast supply. Jesus is that fountain that never shall run dry.


Sixth song: Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling for you and for me. He is watching and waiting, waiting for you and for me. Come home, come home, ye who are weary, come home. Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling, calling all sinners. Come home.


Seventh song: He has given me the oil of gladness, the garment of praise instead of mourning, shining crown instead of ashes, and glory in the face of despair. I will rejoice in you and be glad. I will extol your love more than wine. I love to praise you. I love to praise you. I love to praise you and lift up your holy name.


Eighth song: By the anointing, Jesus breaks the yoke. By the Holy Ghost, in power is what the prophets spoke. This is the day of the latter rain. God is moving in power again. By His anointing Jesus breaks the yoke.


Ninth song: Come unto me all ye that labor. Rest your weary breast. Learn of me and peace abideth.


Tenth song: Rejoice not against me o my enemies. When I fall, I shall arise. Rejoice not against me o my enemies. When I fall, I shall arise. When I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.




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