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Praise you Jesus. I just pray, Lord, for the strength to bring this word forth. That you should be glorified in it Lord. (Pastor Vitale praying in tongues) Thank you Jesus.


I will let you get your place in the word. We are going to be in Numbers, Chapter 16, this morning.


(Pastor Vitale praying in tongues) Hallelujah. Brethren, we are approaching a very serious hour in the program of God. We are approaching the time that He is going to start judging the rebellion of His church. The church in this hour is as they were in the days when the book of Judges was written. Every man is doing as he pleases. That group out there that would try to snare me by my own words, I will just put on the tape that God always has a faithful remnant.


When I say that the church is as they were in the days when the book of Judges was written, it is the majority, but there always is a faithful remnant. Everyone is doing what they want, everyone is going where they want, disobeying God, saying, "That ministry is not of Him, that this word is not of Him," and exalting their own carnal minds and their own thoughts above the counsel, the will, and the purposes of God."


There is great distress and violence across the land and in the church.




The hour is at hand, saith the Lord, that I shall put all things in order, saith God. Yea, indeed, I have raised up a judge to judge Israel, saith the Lord. Yea, my Christ, He is in the earth, saith God. The hour is at hand that I shall show to the world and to the church, he whom I have chosen. The vacation that the church is on is over, saith the Lord. If the only thing that will call your attention to my ordained leadership is the execution of death upon members of my church, let them start dying, saith God. In accordance with my judgement to the rebellion in their heart, let them who will not submit to my ordained leadership start to die.


(Pastor Vitale praying in tongues) My people are stubborn, saith the Lord. Their hearts are hard, saith the Lord. They are obstinate, they are lifted up in pride and rebellion, and they will not obey. They call their own mind God. Each man does as he thinks is right in his own heart, saith the Lord. This day I proclaim unto the Heavenlies, choose who you will serve. Separate yourself from the ungodliness in the church and submit to my God-ordained authority. For, indeed, all those who persist in their rebellion shall be swallowed up by their own carnality. Hallelujah.


Well, the Lord just asked me to say that there will be some natural deaths. I do not know how and where He makes this judgement. There will be some human deaths, but there will be many, many in this hour in whom the Life of Christ is dwelling. They are alive because the first fruits is alive in them. Some are going to be swallowed up by their carnal mind and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


Alive, they are going to go down into the pit, and they are going to lose whatever anointing they have. The Lord said that the vacation is over.




Chapter 16 in the book of Numbers. "Now Korah, the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi and Dathan, and Abiram the sons of Eliab and On, the son of Peleth, sons of Reuben, they took men. They rose up before Moses, with certain of the children of Israel, two hundred and fifty princes of the assembly, famous in the congregation, men of renown."


They gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them "Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them. And the Lord is among them, therefore lift ye up yourselves above the rest of the church."


Brethren, in this hour, God has placed His five-fold ministry, the true five-fold ministry, those who are preaching out of the mind of Christ, they are in the earth. The church world has consistently refused to acknowledge their authority. They have persistently rejected their teaching, their wisdom, and their counsel. The Lord says that in the realm of the spirit, men of renown, respectable, responsible preachers in the church world, not some new, unschooled believer that does not know better, men of renown, respected men of God have gathered together in their minds. They may have never spoken a word to each other, they may have spoken to each other.


In their minds, they are one man, they are in one accord. This is what they are saying, "You who are preaching out of Christ, who do you think you are? Do you not know that everyone that has the Holy Ghost is a Son of God? Do you not know that we are all called to full stature? Do you not know that we have power in Christ? Who are you? Who do you think you are to say that you are a judge over Israel?"


"Ye take too much upon you seeing that the congregation is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them. Therefore, ye lift ye selves up above the church. We have no ruler, we hear from God, we move in the gift, God speaks to me. Why are my prayers not strong enough? Why would I need your prayers? What do you make yourself?"


Verse 4. "When Moses heard it, he fell upon his face. His heart broke." Brethren, why did he fall upon his face? Because he discerned rebellion and pride in the hearts of this anointed people. This holy congregation amongst who the Lord dwells, one day inequity was found in them. It was there all along, but the Lord was winking, it was under control. One day when the Lord God ordained that it was time to be revealed, it manifested in the natural.


They gathered in a mob, they went up against the God- ordained authority, and they said, "Why do you think that you are better than we are? We are under God just like you. Every man hears from God for himself." Hallelujah.


The answer to your question, brethren, is that every man hears from God but does not obey. Every anointed believer hears from God, that is true, but they decide that it is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Then they obey Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and say that he is God. You do hear from God, you are holy because the first fruits are within you, but you are young, you are immature, you are not ready to be without authority over you.


The son is the heir. He is as a servant until he reaches his maturity. You have not reached your maturity, brethren. You still need to be under authority until your training is complete. You do not make the judgement whether or not your training is complete. God makes it.


Moses fell on his face, sin has appeared in the congregation of God. Amongst those that hear from the Lord and are holy because the first fruits is amongst them, along with the holiness is found pride and rebellion. How can the Holy Ghost dwell in the same place as a demon? Because you are filled with demons. He will do it for a season. If you will not submit to His deliverance, He just might kill you. He did it to Ananias and Sapphira.


That would probably be a better fate for you than to lose your anointing. To become a part of this world system, to have known the glory of God and find yourself a back sliden heathen, how terrible. Moses went on his face, sin was revealed in Israel.


Verse 5. "He spake unto Korah and unto all his company saying. Even to morrow the Lord will shew who are His and who is holy and will cause Him to come near unto Him. Even Him whom He hath chosen will He cause to come near unto Him." Moses said to the people, "You have an imputed anointing. It is lent to you without repentance for the purpose of purifying your sin-filled soul. You have not repented and you have not gotten deliverance." How do I know that? Because you are in rebellion and lifted up in pride. You are living out of your carnal mind, you are yielding to sin in your mind. I am going to show you that when you do that you are not holy. You are holy when you are in submission to the first fruits in your heart.


When you have tread Him down under the feet of your carnal mind, you are not holy. I challenge you to stand by me and call upon the name of the Lord. We will see who the Lord believes is holy, come on up let us put it before the Lord. Will you pray with me. Will you ask the Lord to reveal who is righteous. Will you ask the Lord to reveal sin where ever it is appearing. You will not? Why will you not pray with me sister? Oh you already heard from God, oh I see, and God told you, you are righteous and I am not. I see.


He spake unto Korah and unto all His company saying. "Even tomorrow the Lord will show you who are His and who are Holy, who will cause Him to come nearer unto Him." God will receive the one who God perceives to be holy. He will permit that man to come closer unto God. Even the one that He has chosen, will God cause to come near unto Him.


Moses said that God is going to make it real clear to you who is holy. The way He is going to make it clear is a manifestation of spiritual power. No man has seen God and live, except by special dispensation of the Lord. Come up, stand up next to me and God is going to pour down His fire. One of us is going to live and the other one is going to die.


Come up here and stand up next to me, it is the hour of the fire of God. The one that is living out of the holiness of Christ is going to ascend into full stature. The one that is a phony, the one that is a liar, the one that is a deceiver, he shall surely die. Either physically, or he will lose whatever anointing he has. The hour of confrontation between man and God is at hand. All of you believers that have been playing church, it is all over. Either you are going to enter into full stature or you are going back into the world, where you will be judged with the world.


A few people, according to God's judgement, should have known better. They had a revelation of the truth and used it for their own purposes and did not submit to the delivering power, the cleansing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. God will kill them. That is what He told me. Hallelujah.


Moses speaking Verse 6. "This do: Take your censers Korah, and all his company, and put fire therein and put incense in them before the Lord tomorrow. It shall be that man whom the Lord doth choose, he shall be holy. Ye take too much upon you, ye sons of Levi." The whole church is kings and priests. You take too much upon your church. You read in the Bible that you are a king and a priest. You denied the God-ordained authority in the church. You have made everybody equal. Everybody is not equal.


Christ is the head, and there is a headship company. Even in the headship company, there is a God-ordained order until there is such a time as we, the whole human race, is translated into Christ, at which time Christ will offer up the creation to the Father.


"Until the whole creation is in perfection, there shall be order in my church, saith the Lord." Glory to God. Moses said to Korah, "bring your censers and your fire." That means, "Let us make an offering to God. Come stand next to me, we are going to have a service. We are going to petition the Lord, we are going to go into prayer, we are going to ask Him to reveal Himself."


What happens when He reveals Himself? He judges sin. "Come on, stand by me, we are going to have a prayer meeting, we are going to ask the Lord to pour out His fire."


His fire destroys sin. Everyone that is truly under His anointing is going to survive and increase in Christ. Those of you that are phony are either going to die or lose whatever anointing you have.


Verse 9. "Seemeth it but a small thing unto you that the God of Israel hath separated you from the congregation of Israel, to bring you near to Himself to do the service of the tabernacle of the Lord, and to stand before the congregation and to minister unto them?"


Do you think it is a small thing that God has called you? It is not a small thing. What a great honor and with honor comes great responsibility. What a great honor and responsibility that the Lord has called you to be His church. What kind of examples do you set for the new believers? What kind of example do you set to the world? "You do resist the Holy Ghost, you resist me, saith the Lord, and my word and my Christ."


"You have not fulfilled your responsibilities to me, saith God, nor to the world. You have not represented me to the world, saith the Lord. You have represented a perversion, even Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. You have caused my name to be muddied and stepped upon, blasphemed by the heathen because they know of your hypocrisy as it is known to me."


Verse 10. "He hath, the Lord brought thee near to Him, and all thy brethren, the sons of Levi with thee and seek ye also the priesthood?" Brethren, every member of the church in this hour is not a member of the Melchizedek priesthood. You are spiritual Levites, and you are to minister in the temple. God has a work for you, but part of that work is not to put down the anointed priesthood of God and set yourself up as king.


It is what the church is doing in this hour. God has given you all this grace, all this grace, all this honor, and you want the priesthood too.


It is not enough that He has healed your bodies, that He has healed your minds, that He let you partake of the hidden manna. That He has used you in ministry, that He has blessed you financially, that He has changed your heart from wicked to righteous. That is not enough. You want to be the big chief honcho also. Well, the only one that sits at the right hand of the Father is chosen by the Father God.


Even the Son cannot chose that. You cannot put yourself at the right hand of the Father, only He does that. You cannot buy it, you cannot work your way into it, you cannot steal it, neither can you get it by witchcraft and mind control. You cannot get it by calling the word of God evil and the evil the word of God. Do you not have any fear at all that there is a God in Heaven? Where is your fear of God? "Because I am long suffering, saith the Lord, you think I will not recompense. I will recompense, saith the Lord. All vengeance is mine." Hallelujah.


Verse 11. "For which cause both you and all your company are gathered together against the Lord, and what is Aaron, that ye murmur against him?" You are gathered against the Lord and His servants, the men in whom the Lord is appearing in this hour for the purpose? Rebellion and uprising for the purpose? To seize the priesthood of the Sons of God and to posses it for your own purposes and glory.


You are so demented that you think you are doing God a service. You are so given over to your carnal mind and so much the servant of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, you believe that you are doing the Lord a service in coming against His anointed.


Verse 12. "And Moses sent to call Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, which said, we will not come up." We will not come up, we will not stand with you, we will not pray with your, we will not have a prayer meeting with you, and we will not submit this to God. What do you make yourself? Who do you think you are to even call this meeting? We will not come.


Verse 13. This is Korah and his friends talking and his relatives. This is why we will not come up. "Is it a small thing that you hast brought us up out of a land that floweth with milk and honey, to kill us in the wilderness except you make yourself altogether a prince over us?" So you helped us, so you cast a few demons out of us, so by the power of God you healed us a few times, so you taught us a few things, but now you want to make yourself a prince over us. We will not come up. You have called us, but we will not come, you are no prince over us. We utterly deny any authority you think or say you have over us. We say it is witchcraft, and we will not come.


Verse 14. Korah and his pals still talking. "Moreover thou hast not brought us into a land that flows with milk and honey, or given us inheritance of fields and vineyards, wilt thou put out the eyes of these with me?" We will not come up.


We know you have some authority. We do not like it, we deny it, we say it is not true. We know you have the authority to put out the eyes of some of these men, to execute corporal punishment upon us. We are not coming near you, you are wicked, you work witchcraft, you force your will on us. You manifest ungodly discipline in the natural. We know you did a few good things for us, you taught a few interesting things. You prayed a few victorious prayers. Now you are trying to make yourself a prince over us. We say to you, you do not have the power of God, because you had the power to bring us out, and you do not have the power to bring us in.


Our life is painful, we have trials and tribulations, all the demons were not cast out, just a few. My body is still sick, my marriage is still a mess, I still do not have a job. You are a phony. You are a phony. God never made you a ruler over us. Every one of us is a king and priest, we are all equal.


You did a couple of good works, and you are trying to put yourself over us, you are trying to make a cult out of this and bring us into submission so you can destroy us. Witchcraft! Mind control! Every ungodly work, we are not coming up. Glory to God.


Verse 15. "And Moses was very wroth and said unto the Lord. Respect not thou their offering, I have not taken one ass from them, neither have I hurt one of them." This is what they say of me. Even when they falsely accuse me, I still do not harm them. I turned to the Lord and said, "Father do not accept their offering, they are speaking lies about me, do not receive their prayers. Do not honor the prayers that are saying, take him down. Do not honor the prayers that are saying, wipe him out. Do not honor the prayers that says he is not of you."


Moses still did not come against the people. He did not harm one hair on their heads. They have accused him of working all kinds of witchcraft against them. In the most severe trial of his ministry, his own people turning against him, he still will not harm them. He turns to God and says, "Do not accept their prayer, do not let them kill me. What they are saying is not true, you know it is not true, you know I have done nothing but good to them. Yet they seek to kill and steal what you have given me, do not receive their prayer Lord." Glory to God.


Verse 16. "And Moses said unto Korah, be thou and all thy company before the Lord, thou and they and Aaron to morrow. And take every man his censer and put incense in them and bring ye before the Lord. Every man his censer, two hundred and fifty censers, thou also and Aaron each of you appear with your censer."


Verse 18. "And they took every man his censer and put fire in the door and laid incense thereon and stood in the door of the tabernacle of the congregation with Moses and Aaron." Brethren, the censer and the sacrifice of the incense, we did all that in our Revelation series. It typifies the sacrifice of one's own soul.


Brethren, the Lord will not receive the sacrifice of our soul if it is unclean. It must be an animal without spot. I point out to you that even though they resisted Moses, he just continues to preach the word of the Lord. "You will show up, and you will stand with me. We shall offer before the Lord, the Lord will receive the clean sacrifice. His rejection of you will reveal that your soul is unclean."


Despite their refusal to come up after Moses seeks the Lord, he repeats the command. "Present yourselves with your sacrifice, and we will see who the Lord accepts, and we will see who the Lord rejects. You have accused me of witchcraft, you have accused me of mind control, you have accused me of selfish motives that want to dominate men. Let us see what the Lord has to say about it."


Verse 18 says, "And they took every man his censer and stood in the door of the tabernacle of the congregation with Moses and Aaron."


Verse 19. "And Korah gathered all the congregation against them unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation and the glory of the Lord appeared unto all the congregation." If that was not proof enough for them, they did what they did not want to do. They did it. God in them moved them to do what they did not want to do. They obeyed Moses, and they still did not understand that he was God's chosen.


I do not know whether or not they stopped to think about why they did it, but they did it. The Scripture says in Verse 19, "Korah gathered all the congregation against them." They were so convinced that they were right, that they were righteous and God's leadership unrighteous, that they actually appeared with their sacrifice in front of the tabernacle. Their heart was against him, as one man, fully manifesting pride and rebellion, so blinded they could not see it themselves.


Brethren, that is suicide to appear before the tabernacle of the Lord with pride and rebellion against God's ordained authority in your heart. This is what is happening in the church today. Believers qualified, if the Lord permits, to go on to perfection are standing before the Lord with pride and rebellion in their hearts. A hard, obstinate heart turned towards God's leadership refusing to submit to it, learn from it, or acknowledge it in anyway.


The Lord says that this is where we are in this hour, His God ordained rulership and the rest of the kingdom people. This is what the Lord is telling us this morning in the realm of the spirit. We are all standing at the door of the tent of the congregation. We are all standing in front of God waiting to be caught up to full stature. Only the priesthood knows that large numbers are not going to make it, because their heart is wrong.


All of those that are not going to make it, they think they are going to make it and God's ordained ministry is not. We shall see, for it shall be revealed by fire of what your house is made.


Verse 20. "And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron and all of the other members of the congregation said, well God speaks to me, I hear the word of the Lord, I prophesy, God speaks to me face-to-face. I hear an audible voice."


I declare to you, brethren, in the hour of God's showdown, the second witness to which is Elijah on Mount Carmel when all Israel was present as Elijah took on the forces of Baal, I declare to you in the moment of the showdown that God will be speaking to the Moses/Aaron company.


The Lord just corrected me. God speaks to everybody, but this congregation is so lifted up in rebellion and pride that all they can hear is their own Satanic mind, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, saying "I am God." Hallelujah. The church world is watching as this confrontation lines up in the Heavenlies.


Verse 21. "Separate yourselves from the congregation." God is saying this to Aaron and Moses. "Separate yourselves from among this congregation that I may consume them in a moment." This is God's people. God's holy people, God's anointed people in the wilderness. We were told that in Verse 3, that the congregation is holy, everyone of them, and the Lord is amongst them. In Verse 21 God is saying to His faithful, anointed ministry, "Separate yourself from them that I might consume them in a moment."


Verse 22. "And they fell upon their faces and said, O God, the God of the spirits of all flesh, shall one man sin and wilt thou be wroth with all the congregation?" Aaron and Moses pleaded for the church. He said, "It is only one man's sin, everybody else is a victim. Will you destroy everybody?" God said, "Judgement begins at the house of the Lord, I will not have rebellion and pride ruling in my church."


Verse 23. "The Lord spake unto Moses saying, speak unto the congregation, saying, get you up from about the tabernacle of Korah, Dathan and Abiram." God heard Moses' and Aaron's prayer, He gave the people one more chance. He said, "Moses go warn them, tell them to get away from the priests that are leading them to destruction, tell them to leave." Tell them to leave the churches that are preaching the false gospel. Tell them to leave the churches that are turning them away from God's ordained ministry, tell them to go. You will see what happens.


This is the same principle as God getting ready to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. He was asked, "If there are ten righteous men will you not destroy the city?" God said, "Sure, show me ten righteous men and I will not do it. Show me five righteous men, show me one righteous man, and I will not do it."


I declare to you, God got Lot out, and He did it. God destroyed that wicked city because the righteous will hear His voice and come out. Everyone that remains shall be consumed. Hallelujah.


Verse 25. "And Moses rose up and went unto Dathan and Abiram and the elders of Israel followed him. He spake unto the congregation, he spake unto all the innocent people who were just followers. He said, depart, I pray you, from the tents of these wicked men and touch nothing of theirs, lest ye be consumed in all their sins."


You have accused me of making myself a prince over you, but you are in bondage to wicked men. You will not submit yourself to God's anointed, for the ministry that will set you free and into spiritual maturity. You have submitted to wicked men. Come up out of their tents. Leave them, because, if you do not, when I judge them, the judgement shall fall on whoever is near them.


God gave them a second chance, because of Moses and Aaron's prayer.


Verse 27. "So they got up from the tabernacles of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, on every side. Dathan and Abriram came out and stood in the door of their tents, and their wives, and their sons, and their little children."


Everybody came to the front for the big confrontation. It does not say that they got out. Moses says, "depart." It does not say that they departed. It says, "they got up," they stood up, they came to see what was going to happen, just like all of Israel that stood around when Elijah confronted the priests of Baal. Glory to God.


Verse 28. "And Moses said, hereby ye shall know that the Lord sent me to do all these works: for I have not done them of mine own mind." Moses said that there is a confrontation coming, God is about to move with the mighty move of spiritual power, and you will know after this move of God that God has sent me and what I have said to you, what I have done, the prophesy I have given you, the instructions that I have given you, the counsel that I have given you, the word that I have preached to you, that it has not been of my own mind. That would be witchcraft which you have accused me of. It has not been of my own mind, it has been of God. Hallelujah


Verse 29. "If these men die the common death of all men, or if they be visited after the visitation of all men, then the Lord hath not sent me." They are not going to die a natural death, they are not going to fall into a natural sickness, so that the mind of man can say, "God did not judge them, they just got sick, or they were just hit by a car." That is not the way they are going to die.


Verse 30. "But if the Lord do a new thing, and the earth opens her mouth, and swallows them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit, then ye shall understand that these men have provoked or despised the Lord. It came to pass as he made an end of speaking all these words that the ground clave asunder that was under them."


The earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, their houses, all the men that appertained unto Korah and all their goods. They and all that appertained to them went down alive into the pit and the earth closed upon them. They perished from amongst the congregation.


Brethren, what the Lord is telling me what that means for us, how that is going to manifest in the church today is that believers that have some knowledge of God, that have tasted of the good word of God, that have experienced the miracles of the age to come, that will not repent of and give up their rebellion and their pride, they are going down into the pit alive.


Brethren, Life is in Christ. The pit is the fallen adamic soul. What the Lord has just told me that this means is that they are going back, sliding into a carnal state of mind, but at the same time while retaining in their mind a knowledge of the Life of God.


I want to explain that a little further. The whole world is out there, brethren, and they are in hell, but they do not know that they are in hell. They do not know that they are in hell because they have never experienced Heaven. They have nothing to compare it to.


It is easy for us to look at drug addicts and people that are completely overtaken in all kinds of sin and say, "Well, they must know that they are in hell." Very frequently they do. The world is full of people that are okay. Their husbands and wives love them, their children are healthy, their finances are okay. There is just an unhappiness in their soul, they think that they are happy.


They are reasonably content, because that is all they know. Except in the situations where people are in a war, a land that is filled with war. Aside from those situations, the average person, even if he is not too wealthy, even if he has got a deformity in his body, he has just accepted his life, and this is the way it is. It is not so terrible, because he does not know any better.


For centuries in Europe and other parts of the world, there where people that were very poor, dirt poor. They were happy, they called them "peasants." They were happy. They were happy with their family life and their children. They worked 20 hours a day just for enough food to eat and a little house to live in.


They were happy, that is all they had, they knew they could never become Lord of the manor, and they accepted it. We know things first appear in the natural before they appear in the spiritual. For these last 100 years or so we have seen a new thing. It is called the middle class. We see the children of poor people rising up and saying, "I do not have to be where my father was, I can go get an education. I could do other things. I could go into business. I could change my position. I could get all the good things of this world."


What do you think has happened? Some people have attained to it, not everyone. Those who have not, are no longer happy with their poverty. They are no longer happy because of their wife, or their husband, because of their children. They are no longer happy with the simple things of life.


We now live in an age where it is possible to rise up out of that. To see that possibility of rising out of it and not succeeding is a manifestation of hell. I declare to you that the believers that experience this judgement of God, they are going back into the world, and they are not going to have anything to say about it. They are going to lose their anointing, they are going to lose their ability to speak in tongues, they are going to lose their ability to be blessed by or hear from God in any way, but they are going to retain the memory of it.


They are going to be in the world, and they are going to be overcome by it. They are going to be on drugs, they are going to be on alcohol, they are going to be in fornication, and, in some cases, prostitution, murder, and thievery, but they are going to retain in their mind a knowledge of what it was like in the kingdom with the Father.


They are going to have no power to come up out of it. They are going to go down into the earth alive, brethren, and they are going to be judged with the world. Lord willing in His mercy, one day He will grant them repentance. We know God has told us that judgement is in the flesh, and if that repentance is not granted before your body dies, you have lost it in this lifetime. Your spiritual substance shall indeed be saved, but your personality and what you know as this existence shall be burnt up.


Verse 33, I will start with 32. I will read it again. "And the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all of the men that appertained unto Korah and all their goods." They and all that appertained to them went down alive into the pit, the earth closed upon them, and they perished from among the congregation.


"All of Israel that were round about them fled at the cry of them, for they said lest the earth swallow us up also." When this starts to come to pass in our lifetime, when respected members of the church start back sliding, and go into the torments of hell, the members of the congregation that sat under them will believe that God is righteous, and He is revealing who God's ordained authority is. The members of the congregation shall flee, because they are going to be afraid that they will be swallowed up and lose their anointing also.


Verse 35. "There came out a fire from the Lord and consumed two hundred and fifty men that offered incense." All of the members of the church world, the respected members of The church, The leadership of The church that opposed God's ordained ministry at the hour of confrontation, consumed. They shall back slide, and they shall slip back into a life, an un-anointed life of death and all of the torments associated with it. In that hour, the people that are in their congregations that are bound because of their spiritual authority shall be freed, and they shall scatter. In due season, God shall bring them under the dominion of the judge of Israel, Christ Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


I would just like to back up to Verse 22 where it states that the Lord is the God of the spirits of all flesh. Brethren, if your body dies, your soul dies. God is the God of your spirit, He is the God of the Living. He is not the God of the dead. The soul that sins, it shall die. He is the God of your spiritual life. I know that the end of your faith is the salvation of your soul.


Brethren, you are Christ, your soul is the living soul that died. The end of this whole procedure is that this whole creation shall be saved. It shall be swallowed up by the glorious soul of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do not be deceived that it is only happening in the last generation. When Christ stands up in full stature in you, your adamic soul that fell shall be swallowed up, and it shall be saved. If your body dies, your soul dies. Your spiritual life goes on.


The living soul is one entity. The creation of God in many members can be likened to a tree. His roots, his trunk, and his branches have been abiding in this realm of appearance from the time of his creation. The human vessels that we are can be likened to the leaves on the tree. There is a new crop of leaves every season. The leaves that die, they fall off and never rise again.


Our bodies and these souls will never rise again. The bodies and the souls are just garments that the living soul that died is covering himself with as he appears in this realm of appearance. The roots, the trunk, and the branches shall be swallowed up by Christ. Even the Tree of Life, the two trees, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life shall become one tree. At this happening, a new crop of leaves shall appear on the tree, and these leaves shall not fall off. They shall not die, and they shall not rot. They shall be a healing for the nations, they shall abide forever in the realm of appearance with Almighty God.


It is just the last crop of leaves that come out that are going to remain in the realm of appearance. The spiritual life of the living soul that died, the root, the trunk, and the branches are going to be saved and made one with the Tree of Life, swallowed up by the Tree of Life.


This body and this soul, if it is not swallowed up by Christ in your lifetime, it is gone forever. It is compost, it goes back into the ground and fertilizes the tree.


This is the word of the Lord in this hour, things are getting serious, time is short. The Sons of God are about to stand up in full stature. They are already in the earth, not in full stature but in a manifestation that can be likened to Moses. They have been given authority over the congregations. They have seen God face-to-face.


I declare to you, even if you are hearing from God, even if you prophesy, there is a place that it is called the Most Holy Place that only the priesthood enters into. In that place, the Lord tells you the most secret things, the most awesome things. I declare to you that if you hear the word of the Lord, do not assume that, that is all there is, because you have not heard the whisper of the Lord in that Holy Place.


You are a Levite, but you are not a high priest unless God has ordained you so. Whether you believe it or not, it does not matter. Either God has ordained you or He has not. What you think does not matter.




This is the hour, saith the Lord, of the confrontation of good and evil. I shall deal with my church, saith the Lord, I shall bring them under judgement, I shall bring them under submission, everything shall be in order, saith God, and I shall be glorified.


Verse 41. "But on the morrow all the congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron, saying ye have killed the people of the Lord." Brethren, prepare yourself, those of you who can perceive the true anointed of God, after the confrontation that will be visible to all men. The people that survive, instead of running under the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood are going to stand up and say "Look at that witchcraft. They killed our leaders." They will deny it was God.


On the morrow all the congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and against Aaron saying, you have killed the people of the Lord. What is the sign of anti-Christ, brethren? He who denieth that Christ has come in the flesh is an anti-Christ.


They are going to deny that the judgement on the people is of God. They are going to deny that the prophesy is of God. They are going to deny that the execution of that judgement is of God. They are going to say, "You said it of your own mind. To cover yourself, you say that it is of God. You prophesied out of your own mind, you taught out of your own mind, you counseled out of your own mind. You murdered those men out of a wicked spirit. My God is love, He does not kill people."


Verse 42. "It came to pass when the congregation was gathered against Moses and against Aaron they looked towards the tabernacle of the congregation and behold the cloud covered it and the glory of the Lord appeared."


It came to pass that when the congregation was gathered against Moses, something made them look up and the realized that God was manifesting. They are kings and priests, they can discern the anointing. God manifested. Hallelujah.


Verse 43. "Moses and Aaron came before the tabernacle of the congregation." Brethren, the congregation was not confronting Moses and Aaron. They were whispering behind their backs, talking in small groups, calling him a witch, saying that he used mind control, and now to add to all of his sins, he was a murderer.


The glory appeared on the tabernacle. They looked toward the tabernacle of the congregation and behold the cloud covered it. The glory of the Lord appeared. Moses and Aaron came before the tabernacle of the congregation, and the Lord spake unto Moses.


Brethren, God hears what you are saying. God hears you killing His anointed. God hears you calling His gospel of perfection, unclean food. God hears you accusing His servants of witchcraft, mind control, lies, and ungodly ulterior motives.


Very soon the cloud of the Lord is about to appear to deal with you. The Lord spake unto Moses and He said, "Get you up from among this congregation so that I may consume them as in a moment." Moses and Aaron fell upon their faces. Moses said unto Aaron, "Take a censer and put fire therein from off the alter, put on incense. Go quickly unto the congregation and make an atonement for this people for there is wrath gone out from the Lord. The plague is begun."


Brethren, the very men, the member of the Melchizedek company that you are killing with your thoughts, your mind, and your mouth are going to pray that God forgive you. They are going to intercede for your life. Do you want to know something? You were dishonest. You did not go to them, you talked behind their back. It took them a while to realize what was going on. By the time they found out what was going one, the plague had already begun.


Verse 47. "Aaron took as Moses commanded and ran into the midst of the congregation. Behold the plague was begun among the people. He put on incense and made an atonement for the people. He stood between the dead and the living, the plague was stayed."


Verse 49. "Now they that died in the plague where 14,700 besides them that died about the matter of Korah." Those of you that move in the spirit at all, you know that you do not get the knowledge at the exact moment that it is happening.


By the time Moses saw in the spirit, heard in the spirit, and perceived the sins of the people and sent Aaron out to make the atonement, 14,700 people had died. The Lord says that we are going to see those that are going to go down into the pit alive. The leadership, brethren, the leadership, the Pharisees that should be able to discern Christ or maybe do discern Him and are denying Him for their own personal motives, they are going down into the pit alive.


There are going to be those that are locked out, banging on the door, saying, "Lord, Lord we cast out demons in your name, how can you do this to us?"


There will be "innocent," and I say that innocent with quotes around it. Nobody is innocent, brother.


The younger members of the congregation who have just as much pride and rebellion as their leaders, who are just as carnal as their leaders, who hate God as much as their leaders, who will accuse the Lord and His servants of murder, they are going to die the death of a natural man, 14,700 of them, beside those that died about the matter of Korah.


Verse 50. "Aaron returned unto Moses unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation." The plague was stayed. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Some will survive and come under the rulership of the authority of the teaching of the Melchizedek priesthood. Hallelujah.






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