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Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of disciples, and said unto him, "Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?" Jesus answered and said unto them, "Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see. The blind receive their sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear. The dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me." And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John, what went ye out in the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind? But what went ye out for to see, a man clothed in soft raiment? Behold they that wear soft clothing are in King's houses, but what went ye out for to see, a prophet?

Yea, I say unto you and more than a prophet, for this is he of whom is it written, "Behold I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare the way before thee. Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women, there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist, notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he. And from the days that John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesy until John, and if you can receive it, this is Elijah which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear, but whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows and saying, "We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced, we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented." For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say he hath a devil.

The son of man came eating and drinking and they say, "Behold a man gluttonous, and a wine bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners, but wisdom is justified of her children."

"Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done, because they repented not. Woe unto thee Chorazin, woe unto thee Bethsaida, for if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment than for you. And thou Capernaum, which are exalted unto heaven, shall be brought down to hell, for if the mighty works which have been done in thee had been done in Sodom, they would remained until this day. But I say unto you, that is shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, then for thee. At that time Jesus answered and said, "I thank thee O father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent and has revealed them unto babes, even so father, for it seemed good in thy sight. All things are delivered unto me of my father, and no man knoweth the son but the father, neither knoweth any man the father, save the son, and he to whom the son will reveal him."

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

Glory to God, verse 1, "And it came to pass when Jesus had made an end of commanding his twelve disciples, he departed thence to teach and preach in their cities." I'd like to point out to you that Jesus taught his disciples separately from the common people. Those that are called to discipleship in Christ will be taught in separate groups, and from a separate schedule than those that are just in the multitudes or the rest of humanity. Glory to God.

Verse 2, "Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples and said unto him, "Art thou he that should come, or should we look for another?" This is a very significant verse. I want to remind you that this is John the Baptist the one who God anointed to say, "Behold, this is the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world." John the Baptist announced Jesus Christ to Israel, and what is this a year later, couldn't have been much more than a year later, John the Baptist is saying, "Are you the one?"

Did you ever see this happen? A prophecy comes forth, and you believe it and it excites you, and the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year, you can't believe it anymore. You totally lost it. Now we've gone into this in great detail in one of the Daniel tapes, and the Lord has explained to us, that what happens is that we prophesy, when we hear a prophecy, the Spirit of God is joined to our mind, and enables us to hear it and to understand it, and then the Spirit of God separates from us. Okay now someone is going to lay hold of that, Yes, the anointing abides forever, but the anointing to prophesy is not always manifested in you, that ability to understand it comes and it goes, it comes and it goes, and when it withdraws from us and we start thinking with our carnal mind, we forget the word of the Lord, and if we don't forget the word of the Lord, we at least question whether or not it was God, because we are two men, we are still very human, still very adamic, and the mind of Christ comes upon us and leaves, comes upon us and leaves, and when it joins to us, it imparts information, truth, knowledge, wisdom, counsel, every good thing. And when it withdraws like wave that comes in and goes out, that comes in and goes out, we human beings have trouble holding on to and believing what the Spirit of God has said.

This is a sign of an adamic man who has given his whole life to serve God. John was a prophet, he was a holy man of Israel, he gave up his whole life to server God.

He spent his whole life in the desert in lonely places so that he could seek God and commune with God, and hear from God, and hear from God. He fasted continuously, and when he ate the Scripture says, he ate locusts, which are wild flowers and a little honey. He was continuously fasting so as to maintain the availability to the mind of God, so that he could hear it. And this happened to him, after he was chosen of God to announce the Messiah to the church, to Israel, or to the whole world, he wasn't even sure that it was true. And I'm suggesting to you that unless the fullness of the anointing is flowing through you, and the only one that I know of that the fullness that the Spirit without measure flowed through, was Jesus Christ of Nazareth, unless you're in that condition, you are in danger of hearing a word from God, and a week or a day or a month or a year later forgetting it. It's the condition of your humanity, I am not insulting you, I'm not condemning you, I'm telling you the truth, why?

So that you can lay hold of it and deal with it. And the Lord has commanded me to make a list of all of the prophesies and words of wisdom and words of knowledge that he gives me, because I forget it. And as I go back, I'm keeping this list for about, actually I'm keeping it for over a year, and I've looked back and read this list, and I complete forgot that he told me this or that he told me that. How could you forget what God told you? The carnal mind cannot contain it. It flows out, it flows out. So God wants us to know this, so we can deal with it. And I would be the last person to put you in bondage, God has told me to keep a list. What he's going to tell you to do, I don't know. But we have to in some way compensate for this weakness in our humanity. When we lose hold of the promise of God to us. Glory to God, and I'm a minister of the gospel, it happens to me all the time.

You all know I almost died, I was in the hospital for three months and five days, I almost died, and if I would have believed many of the prophesies the Lord had given me before I went into the hospital, I would have been dancing and singing through the whole experience, but I wasn't, I was screaming and yelling. And at one point, I really thought God wasn't going to keep me. Now how could that be, I had so many prophesies that weren't fulfilled. My carnal mind was prevailing in my mind, I was not thinking with the mind of Christ, I was thinking with my human mind, which is the carnal mind.

Glory to God. And this is what Jesus said to John the Baptist, or this was to John the Baptist's disciples, "Go and show John again those things which you do hear and see, and this is what you hear and see, you see the blind receiving their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them." So he didn't answer John's question, he didn't say, "Yes I am the one."

He said here are the signs, you decide. So what does that mean? Jesus doesn't want us receiving people because of what they say, the whole world is filled with people calling themselves prophets, calling themselves Christ, call themselves all kinds of names, Gurus and whatever else they call themselves, Jesus said, "Don't follow someone because of what he calls himself, but look at what he's doing, look at the fruit, and you'll know who he is. Glory to God.

Don't look at all of the man made entrapments, don't look at the big church building, don't look at all the charisma, but look for my spirit, and for my life. That's what he's saying.

Don't look for the costume that they're wearing, okay, look for righteousness, for I am holy, and those that serve me are holy and in the areas where they are failing they are repentant, they're striving for a holy life. Look for that, glory to God.

I'm going to put verse 6 off for a while, we're going to go on to verse 7, "And they departed", John's disciples departed. "And Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John..", now remember Jesus is not teaching his disciples here, he's teaching the man in the street, the average person in the congregation, and he says to them, "What went ye out in to the wilderness to see? A reed shaken with the wind?" So there must have been crowds of people coming out to see John, he was doing all of these weird things, he was standing up in public and rebuking the king, and telling him he was an adulterer, he was standing in the Jordan baptizing people, tell them to repent of their sins, he was going around saying, Messiah had manifested and here he is. He wore just a loin cloth, he was skinny from continual fasting, he didn't look anything like an average man in Israel that day. He looked like a mad man. So Jesus said, Why did you go out to see him? What did you think you were going to see, a reed that was shaken in the wind?

Well if you study in the Scriptures, you'll know that a reed typifies a man, a shoot coming up out of the earth, a spiritual life coming up out of the earth, and we are not suppose to be shaken by any wind or doctrine, if we are in Christ, we're suppose to be firmly rooted and strong and not affected by any natural or spiritual assault. So Jesus is saying, "Did you think you were going to see a man that could be knocked around by any wind, wind typifying spiritual power? Did you think he was a crazy man? Did you think that some evil power had caught him up and brought him out into the streets to rebuke Herod, who in their right mind rebukes he king in public, and calls him an adulterer. You either have to be crazy or you have to be a prophet of God. Because he wound up in jail because he did it. Glory to God.

And Jesus continues, "But what went ye out to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? Behold, they that wear soft clothing are in king's houses." Well John couldn't be a king or someone with soft raiment, he had a hard life. He lived in the desert. So he wasn't someone that was pampered, and I remind you that under the old covenant, there was a separation between the kings and the prophets. In the new covenant we are kings and priests, we're both, we're kings, priests, prophets, the entire five-fold ministry is in seed form within you, if you have been born again in Christ, you have the seed for every office in the kingdom. They're not all manifesting at the same time, they're not all manifesting in the same degree, but you have the potential for all things in Christ. But under the old covenant, the prophet and the king were separated, the prophets if they were serving God, frequently led very hard lives. Elijah and Elisha, they lived a lonely life with just a servant, away from the multitudes of people, they led a very secluded restricted life of continuous fasting, whereas the kings, ate, frequently fornicated and had many concubines. Their lifestyles were totally opposite. So Jesus was saying to the people, who do you think that John was.

Did you think he was a spiritual man that could be blown about in the wind? Which means he didn't come from the Spirit of God, because if he came from the Spirit of God, he'd be steadfast. Did you think he was a demon, did you think he was a king. He was neither one, he was neither one. Glory to God.

Verse 9, "But what went ye out for to see, a prophet? Maybe you thought he really was of God. There's a third group of people that thought he was of God. "Yes I say unto you more than a prophet." Jesus is saying, he broke down Israel into three categories, and all of these people went to see John, and one third of them were hoping that he turned out to be a mad man, that he turned out to be a demon possessed spiritual man. The second third of the group was looking to see if he wasn't a king, and what is that mean?

I really didn't touch on that, they were hoping that he really was Christ, but the Hebrews in those days, they expected an earthly king that was going to come and take them to an earthly war and overthrow Rome, and reestablish a state of the state of natural Israel. So Jesus is saying, "Did you think he was a demon? Did you think he was a king that would put you back on the throne? Or did you think he was really a man of God? Three different categories of people in Israel. Glory to God.

Verse 10, "For this is he of whom it is written, "Behold I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare the way before thee." Jesus confirms that John fits in to the third category, he is indeed a prophet of God, and he is the one that is sent to announce Messiah. So by saying that Jesus is saying, I am Messiah, because John was the one that said, "Behold, the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

So when Jesus said this, he was saying, Yes, John is a holy man of God, and so am I, and we witness to one another, the word witnesses to the spirit, and the spirit witnesses to the word. Amen, glory to God.

Verse 11, "Verily I say unto you, among them that are born of women, there has not risen a greater than John the Baptist, notwithstanding, he that is least in the kingdom of heaven, is greater than he." So what is Jesus saying? He's saying that a man that is a natural man that is serving God, this could be someone under the old covenant, or there are many people in the church today, that have faith towards God, but they have not been baptized in his spirit, and he's saying, those in whom the seed of his life exists, even if that seed is not manifesting and is just lying there dormant, that human being is greater than the person who is worshiping God and seeking him and fasting and doing everything that he could do, but in whom the seed of Christ life has not yet entered in.

This is not just talking about ancient Israel, there's a group of people in the church today, they're seeking God in all different ways. Some of them, we say, you know we acknowledge that they're Christians, and we say they have the thirty fold, and that's nice that they have faith in God, that's good, but the person in whom the life of Christ has been implanted, is greater than the greatest most holy man doing great works, going over seas, doing works of mercy and feeding the poor, and bringing medicine and doctors, they're great men, and there are great women out there having mercy on the world, out of a heart, that's calling out to them, there's no ungodly motive in it, but a person in a little church over here who is not living it at all, but in whom the seed of Christ has been implanted, they're greater than the person doing all the great works, why?

Because this person sitting right here doing nothing, has the potential for Christ to be reproduced in him. Okay now this is not to be misunderstood, and mean that the person that's greater should rise up and try to Lord it over everybody else, because Jesus said, "The greater you are in the kingdom of God, the more you shall minister unto the others." And if you have this seed in you, and there's misunderstanding in your heart, and you rise up and try to take an ungodly authority over your brother, or Lord it over somebody, be sure that God is not mocked, you shall surely reap what you have sown, for the Lord shall chasten you as a son, and not ignore it like a bastard.

We had somebody in this ministry once, and a word of knowledge came forth one day, and it was that somebody here was misunderstanding what I was preaching, and all of the announcement that I made that day was, why don't you all just come and talk to me and let me know what you think, because if you're misunderstanding it, you could be, I have no way of knowing it, but I never pursued it.

If I ever get a word of knowledge like that again, I'll pursue it, and sure enough somebody rose up and used the word that was being preached here, and they used it against me. You can't lay hold of God's word and use it for your own ungodly purposes, for you shall surely be chastened of the Lord. Hallelujah, glory to God.

Okay we're going on to, we're going to skip verse 12 for the time being, we're going on to 13, "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John...", well we pretty much covered that. "For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John, and what Jesus is saying is that after John came Messiah with the ability to reproduce his life in everybody, and we're now in the new covenant. And there's a prophecy in Malachi, Malachi 4, that says, "Before Messiah, that Elijah is going to come before Messiah. And Jesus said, with regard to that prophesy in verse 14, "If you will receive it, this, meaning John the Baptist, is Elijah, which was fore to come." And prophecy is Malachi 4:5, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear", Jesus said.

Well what does that mean? How could John the Baptist be the spirit of Elijah? Most ministers in the church won't deal with it, because they can't understand it, but I declare to you that in accordance with the word that the Lord has been bringing forth in this ministry, the spiritual man, the true reality of the life that lived its life as Elijah in the personality in the body of the man known as Elijah the Tishbite, the true spiritual reality of that man was appearing in a new soul, and in a new body known as John the Baptist. I declare to you your body is not going to be dug up from a grave at the time of the resurrection, you're going to have a new body, and I declare to you neither is your soul going to be dancing in the heavenlies waiting for resurrection, your spiritual life shall be resurrected and appear in the earth again and it shall have a new personality, and a new body, and Jesus said it, and he said If you have ears to hear, let him hear, and if you don't have ears to hear, I admonish you to not come against this word pray about it, if you can't receive it, leave it alone. Don't attack it, because if you're wrong, you are fighting against God himself. Hallelujah.

We're going to do verse 12 now, "And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force." Now what does that mean? I heard somebody preach for a long time, that the way we're going to gain entrance into the kingdom of heaven is to be waging a carnal type warfare against demons, but I declare to you that this is not what this Scripture says, it says, "And from the days of John the Baptists", from the days of the old covenant, of the end of the old covenant, until even now...", now this was before the resurrection, "...until now, the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence. There were always violent men trying to possess the things of God. They want the miracles, they want the bread, they want the fishes, they want the power, they want the power, they want the power, they don't want the righteousness, they don't want the holiness, and they don't want to give the love, they'll take the love."

They want to keep their adamic personality, they want to keep or continue to lay hold of, ungodly methods of getting their needs met, they want to continue to lie and to cheat, and the steal, they want to continue to make you the guilty one and make themselves righteous, when a problem rises up between people, they're not willing to sit down and honestly confess their part in it that may have contributed to a problem, but they want to make themselves righteous, and they want to make you evil, and they want you to agree with them. They don't want to live honestly, and they don't want to treat their fellow man as they would like to be treated, and they do not want to honor God with their thoughts and their words and their deeds. They want to go on living their own kind of life, they don't want to change, but they want the power, and they want the blessings that come from the power.

If they're sick, they want to be healed, if they can't have a baby, they want to get pregnant, if they're single women and they're not married, they want to get married, and there's nothing wrong with that, they want the power of God in their life. If they're poor, they want to be rich, if they're uneducated they want the education. I declare to you the word of the Lord is, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you, but not without righteousness. Because if your heart is subtle and desperately wicked, you shall surely reap what you have sown, corruption. And if you have used these methods to get worldly gain, which is part of the inheritance of the believer, your kingdom shall surely crumble in the hour that Jesus Christ judges your soul. You will not keep it if you've received it for a season.

And those that have been poor, and broken hearted and dwelling with nothing, waiting for the promises of God to be manifested in their life, in accordance with God's program, they shall stand up, and he shall be glorified in them, and he shall prove to the earth, that he is not a liar, that he is God, that he is righteous, and that he is holy. Because do you know in this hour, this world, I don't know about the world, but the church is filled with people that have blessings that didn't earn it in God. They didn't pay any kind of a price to get it, it's just a gift, and the church is filled with people that have all kinds of heart aches, all kinds of problems, and they're in God for ten or fifteen years, and the people with no trouble, are disdaining them, and saying, "You're not right with God, you're not healed yet, your son is still a drug addict, you're still in poverty, and I declare to you, these little ones that are being lied about by the pride in the mind of the Pharisitical believers today, God's going to reveal the truth, and all of this is going to be straightened out, and those that have given their life to him, are going to be wearing his jewels, spiritual jewels, and everything that goes with it, and all of these people who have received all of the gifts of God, as a gift without repentance, they're going to be taken down, it's going to be the same reversal as Jesus typified in his parable on Lazarus and the rich man.

Things in this hour, they're not the way they're suppose, they're not the way they look, they're not the way they look, but soon they're going to be the way they look. People that don't have a spiritual background, people that don't know God, they're going to be able to see it the way it is, because the way it is today, you need spiritual eyes to understand what is going on, with the littlest child in the street, they're going to know who God's people are, and they're going to be prosperous, and he's going to remove sickness from the midst of them, and there's going to be a holy people, glory to God.

So we're on verse 12, "And from the days of John the Baptists until now, the kingdom of God suffereth violence...", ungodly men want to possess it, "...and the violent take it by force."

I haven't looked that up in the Greek, but it says here in the English that the violent got it, they take it by force. Well I declare to you, well what is the violent man, the violent man is the adamic man, and I see adamic men with spiritual power everyday. They're in the pulpit, they've got spiritual power, they're preaching, their teaching, they're prophesying, the anointing is present to heal, and they're victimizing the people, they're victimizing the people, the violent take by force, they take without holiness, they take it without righteousness. I declare to you that's about to change.

Verse 16, "But whereunto shall I liken this generation?" What generation? The generation of believers that are taking the kingdom of God by force. What does that mean? Without holiness, without righteousness, without the love of God. Jesus says, how would I describe them to you? Let me give you a parable, let me show you what this generation looks like to the righteous mind of Christ. This is what they look like to me. Verse 16, "It's like unto children." they're like unto children. God calls them children. Do you know it's a curse of God to have children and women as your rulers? Brethren the church is not out from under the curse, because their leaders are children and women. There's a man that's about to stand up in the earth, and he's coming forth from the church, and he's going to have the righteousness of God, he's going to have the true doctrine that's going to bring us into everlasting life, and he's going to bring the church into order, it's about to happen real soon.

So this is what this generation is like, they're children sitting in the market place, calling unto their children. What is he saying? He's saying that by in large the people that are preaching and teaching and running in the church today, they're the same children as the children in the congregation, spiritually in many instances they're the same. Now don't use my words as an opportunity to express rebellion. God put them in the pulpit, he has given them authority and if you're sitting there you're expected to respect them. If I'm sitting there, I'm expected to respect them. It's the same thing, we've talked about this before, if you have a family with a mother and father, and three kids, and the father goes away, he dies, then the mother becomes the head of the family, and maybe she's not very good at disciplining the children, maybe she doesn't have much wisdom, or maybe she does, and then she dies, and the eighteen year old son becomes the head of the family. He has very little wisdom, very little knowledge, very little education, but he is the head of the family, God ordained head of the family. He's eighteen years old, it's legal.

That's what is going on in the church today. So one group of spiritual children are called to another group of spiritual children, and these spiritual children have been legally given authority by God, why? Because it's better than nothing until the very person of Christ appears, we're waiting for him to appear again. Some people think he's coming out of the sky, and some people think he's going to appear in men, but I'm not going to argue with over that, we're in agreement that we're waiting for him to appear again, amen? I don't care if you think he's coming out of the sky, we're all waiting for him to appear again, and he's going to set all things right when he appears again. And when he appears again, we'll find out whether he came out of the sky, or whether he appears in men.

So before that's happening Jesus says, there's one group of believers, and they're playing a pipe to another group of believers, and in the Scripture music typifies spiritual power. If it's not the Spirit of God, it's witchcraft power, and we're told that this is children doing this. It can't be the Spirit of God, when the Spirit of God comes upon you brethren, you become a man, you become a man, a spiritual man.

And even this group of children that are in the ministry, if the Lord has something to say to his people, and his Spirit comes upon them for one meeting, for one day, for one hour, for one month, at that moment, they're a man. But what happens is that after God says what he has to say, it lifts off, and they just become human beings again, and spiritual children. God is appearing in the five-fold ministry in accordance with his will and his purposes, but when he lifts off after the message is brought forth, that minister is just a natural person, and people are stumbling left and right, they can't deal with the difference between the man in the pulpit, because they see the Spirit of God on him, and they know the words of God, and then he comes down out of the pulpit, and they find out he's an adulterer, and they can't deal with it, because they don't understand that it's just loaned authority of God, why? Because God wants to talk to you, and there's no one righteous in the earth at this hour.

Glory to God, so Jesus says, they're like children sitting in the market place and calling unto their fellows. They're playing music to them, they're imparting spiritual power to them, for what purpose? Well let's try and find out for what purpose by listening to what they're saying, they're saying, "We have piped unto you, but you haven't danced, we've sent forth spiritual authority to you, and you have not done what we have told you to do." Then they're saying, "we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented." Now that word mourn is Strong's #2354, and it comes from a root that means "to frighten or trouble you", we've tried to frighten you, but you have not become grief stricken, we have not frightened you. We've shown you spiritual power, you haven't done what we've told you.

We tried to frighten you, but you haven't been frightened. We've warned you about hell, that you're going to burn forever, but you're not really scared, because if you were really scared, you'd stop doing everything that you're doing. But the church is filled with sin. We've told you to stop sinning, you haven't done it, we've tried to scare you into stopping sinning and you haven't done it, and you're not even upset over it. Glory to God, verse 18, "And then you turn around and you say, "Because John came neither eating nor drinking, you say he has a devil." What is Jesus saying? He's saying, you tried to bring them under your authority, and they didn't come, you tried to scare them and they didn't scare, why? Because this is what you're saying, "John came neither eating nor drinking, and you say he has a devil."

You can't even discern the prophet of God that is the greatest prophet under the old covenant. The reason no one has obeyed your spiritual authority and the reason nobody is afraid of you, is that you're an unrighteous man. You don't have the life of Christ, and you can't even discern his spirit on a prophet, when he sends a prophet to you. And that's why nobody is obeying you, and that's why nobody is afraid of you. Now I remind you that in the old covenant, when the Lord deals with prophets in the old covenant, the expression is, if that man prophesies, and it comes to pass, you shall fear him. Now it doesn't mean that you walk around trembling because this man has power to hurt you, that fear is a respect, you shall respect him, you shall listen to his words, you shall believe that it's me, when what he prophesies comes to pass.

So what's Jesus saying, he's talking about the Pharisees, and I suggest there are Pharisees in the church today, they have spiritual power, but the people are not responding, well how are you suppose to respond to spiritual power? You're suppose to become holy, you're suppose to repent, you're suppose to change your ways. The church is worse than the world, you're just a bunch of hypocrites with a few exceptions.

There's a remnant, God always has a remnant, and neither are they afraid, they think that they're going to go soaring up to heaven and that there's no way they're going be touched by the judgment. And they're going around calling God's prophets a demon.

So John came neither eating nor drinking, he was fasting, and you were so offended by his fasting that you called him a devil, you were so offended by his consecrated life, his life of abstinence, he not only fasted, this man was celibate, he didn't have a wife, he gave up all of the pleasures of this world to place his body in a condition where he would be most likely to hear from God for the greatest amount of time, for the most frequent amount of time. He gave up everything, hoping for the greatest, the closest union with God that was available to him under the old covenant, and you called him a devil.

And then they said, and then the son of man came, Messiah himself, and he was eating and drinking, he wasn't fasting, he was taking food and water, and you said, "Behold a man gluttonous and a wine bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. You lied about him, you didn't like him either. And Jesus said, "For what good work do you stone me?" What evil thing have I done? And they said, "We don't stone you for your good works, we stone you because you call yourself the son of man." Well the good works he was doing was suppose to be revealing to them that he was the son of man, that he was Messiah. So they weren't, here we go again, we opened the message with this, they weren't looking at the spiritual signs, they were looking at what he said, and they were offended by it, they were offended by what he said. They reacted to what he said instead of what he did.

When we opened the message, we said, don't believe the person that's calling themselves Christ, look at their fruit, okay, and now we're saying if a man is Christ, don't condemn him because of what he's saying, look at his fruit. Judge a man by his fruit, not by whether or not he says I'm Christ or not Christ, look at the spiritual fruit. And then Jesus says, "But wisdom is justified of her children.

Brethren, Jesus Christ is wisdom. This man was made unto us wisdom, he is the wisdom of God in human form, and he will be justified of his children, what does that mean? You are going to know for sure without a question of a doubt, that he is the very life of God personified, when? When he has children. Can you hear that? Wisdom is justified of her children. You will know said Jesus, that I am the very person of God, when my children are born. Glory to God.

Jesus Christ is having children. The Lord said to Jesus in Isa 53, I shall give you seed, I shall prolong your days, in your children, and brethren the church today are the children of Jesus Christ, but the Scripture also says, that when you're under age, you're no different than a servant. We don't look like we're kings and priests today brethren, we're still wearing diapers and we're messing up everywhere we go, and we're no different than the world until that seed that's in us sprouts and stands up in full stature. We have a whole church full of people with the exception of his remnant that are going around and they're condemning the people that don't have this, they're just the beginning of the procedure, and they're all lifted up in pride, and they think that they're going off to heaven, and that everyone else is going to hell. Brethren, I declare to you, beware of pride, it will separate you from God, it will separate you from the promises of God, it will separate you from the blessings of God.

My Bible says, Love your brother as you would love yourself, and I declare to you, your brother is the whole human race, you're all human beings, you're all out of Adam, beware of pride, it will destroy every remnant of the promise and steal and take it away from you.

Satan cometh to kill, steal, and destroy, he comes to kill the life of Christ that's coming forth in you, he comes to steal the kingdom from you, and he comes to destroy the entire, the corporate manifestation of Christ, that he cannot destroy that is coming forth in the earth today. And all pride is in the carnal mind which is ruled by Satan.

And we discovered in the Scripture where we went to the book of Revelation, that says there are two prerequisites for the appearing of Christ. When this creation, when this living soul, when this human race starting with the first fruit company, gets an understanding of the worth of the creation, and every member of the living soul worships the Lord Jesus Christ, in every thought, word, and deed, we get an understanding of the worth of the creation, that is one of the prerequisites that will cause Christ to come forth. How many people I hear tell me I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. You are worthy, why are you worthy? Because the very flesh of your body, the flesh that your organs are made of, was cut out of the very life substance of the son of God. And you are not worthy because of what you have done, but because you are the offspring of almighty God, in a fallen condition, you are worthy to be saved and to be raised back up in to the high realms of the Spirit where your father dwells.

For all intents and purposes, this creation is the child of God, and it was born dead, and he is in the process of raising us from the dead, Hallelujah. And we are worthy, because we are his sons, nothing that you've done, but you are the son of a king and you are worthy to obtain every promise he's made for you, but in a condition you're in now. You are dirty brethren, and so am I.

Our diapers have leaked, and the waste is all over us, and we're filthy, and we're filled with sin, but we're worthy, so the Lord is cleaning us up, and he cleans us up with judgment. Be not surprised that the fiery trials is upon you, brethren, if the Lord did not chasten you, surely you would know you're a bastard. What does that mean? God never ordained for you to come into this world, you're here illegally. Glory to God.

So we're on verse 19, "The son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, "Behold, he's a gluttonous man and a wine bibber, a friend of publicans and sinners." He was good and they made him evil. He was good and they called him evil, but wisdom is justified of her children. The whole world will know that Jesus Christ was the shape of the father, when the sons of God stand up in full stature, when Jesus Christ appears again in his children, in the same miracle working condition that he was in two thousand years ago. Every one that has scoffed at the gospel and has refused to believe it, will be proven to be a liar, and that God is true. Let God be true and every man a liar. His word shall appear, be not deceived, because it takes God so long to bring things forth in the natural.

What does that Scripture say, our fathers fell asleep so many years ago, and where is the promise of his coming? Be not a foolish hard hearted man, but believe the promises of God. And we're going back to verse 6 over here. "And blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me...", and in my King James Bible it says, in the margin, "move to oppose me", "Blessed is the man, who is not moved to oppose me."

What does that mean? It means all of us, when we meet a person, we have a reaction to them. Sometimes we like them, and sometimes we don't like them, sometimes it's a mild reaction, sometimes it's a strong reaction, sometimes people that meet a man in whom Christ is appearing, they don't like them, and they're going to do anything they can to cut them down, or oppose them, stop them from preaching, stop them from teaching, stop them from living, stop them, just stop them. Isn't that what they told the apostles, "Don't preach and teach in this name of Jesus Christ, don't do it." They just want to stop them, and if that's your response to a man in whom Christ is appearing, what that means is that your carnal mind is ruling your thoughts, and that has to be changed, you have to change your mind. Your mind needs to be renewed, you have to get the mind of Christ doesn't forsake his own. The only problem is that most people that are offended in Christ are really convinced that he's some kind of an enemy.

But all things will be revealed in due season, and wisdom shall surely be justified of her children, and it shall be proven that God is true, and every man is a liar, every carnal mind shall be proven to be a liar. Every carnal mind speaking through the mouth of a man that says that that prophet is not of God, that that teacher is not of God, you shall surely be proven a liar in due season. Hallelujah.

Verse 20, "Then Jesus began to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were not done, because they repented not." A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, the countries where Jesus was known, the countries, the areas where he was as a boy, or where he went in with some familiarity, they all rejected him, and they also refused to repent. What wouldn't they repent of? They would not admit that their carnal minds were ruling in their life. Of course they repented of their adultery.

Is some instances, they even repented of pride, but what they wouldn't repent of was that they would not admit that they were living their life by their carnal mind, and that there had to be an exchange of minds. They would not repent, they would not come into agreement with Christ. Brethren, we must come into agreement with Christ in every thought, word, and deed, and I acknowledge that there is a problem now, because the average believer out there isn't sure who's Christ, or where Christ is talking. There's so many different opinions out there, but in the very near future, he is appearing again in full stature, and there will be no question of a doubt as to where he is appearing, and if your mind disagrees with him, you have got to change. He is not going to change. He is not going to change, you must change.

And Jesus said "blessed are those that see the nail scars and the holes in my arms and believe, that's wonderful that you could do that, but greatly blessed are those who cannot see, and believe." Greatly blessed are those who in this hour, who in this hour have their spiritual eyes opened, or exercised in such a way that they can hear and see the son of God who is manifesting in part. He's not manifesting in full stature, but he is in the earth, he's been in the earth every since Jesus, well he left briefly, he's been the earth every since he came back as his Holy Spirit, he's speaking, he's teaching, he's preaching, but you can only see him and hear him with spiritual eyes and ears. And blessed are you who can hear and see Christ, as he appears in a man wherever that may be, and whenever that may be.

Glory to God. Verse 21, "Woe unto thee Chorazin, woe unto thee Bethsaida, for if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes."

And this is an indictment of the Pharisees, and we have plenty of them in the church today. This is the third time we're touching on this issue on this message. They repented when they saw the mighty works. It's not what a man says he is. It's not what a man says he is. Look at the fruit, and look at the works. He said the heathen would have repented, but you, you in the church, you're not willing to admit that I am challenging your religious concept. You won't admit that you're wrong, and therefore you won't repent, no matter what kind of works that I show you. You will not admit that you're wrong, even to the extent that you will call me evil, that you should not have to admit that you were wrong. It's pride, it will destroy you, if you have it, if you see yourself in this description, cry out to God, because it will destroy you, as surely as you put a gun to your head. Hallelujah.

Verse 22, "But I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at that day of judgment then for you." It's going to be, when the judgment of God comes upon the earth, it's going to be more tolerable for the unbeliever then for the Pharisitical believer. Why? Because the Pharisitical believer will not believe they're being chastened of God, they're going us a devil, they're going to call it a demon, they're going to make up all excuses for it, they will not repent, and I declare to you, there's going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, there's going to be a large company of believers that are not going to be taken in to the spiritual realm of God where he appears. There's a door opening in the heavens, and the five virgins are going to pass through into a life in the Spirit of God, and those that are not prepared, and why won't they be prepared? Because they don't believe why? Because their pride isn't in agreement with the way God's doing it. They're not going to enter in. And there's going to be millions of people coming that aren't even in the church today, and those Pharisees are going to be out there saying, "Lord they are publicans and sinners, how can you be putting your life in them? What about me? I gave out tracks for hours, and I went to the prison houses, and I fed the poor? And Jesus is going to say, "I never knew you, you never submitted to my spirit, and everything you did was of the instruction of your unconscious mind of your adamic personality, which is Satan. He does good works too.

Only that which you do which is a direct response to the instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ will prevail. We are building a house, we're building a spiritual house, and what is that house for, is it for you to live in? No it's not for you to live in. Each of us is building a house that will contain the Spirit of God without destroying us. Jesus had the Spirit without measure. Why is he the only one who had the Spirit without measure? Because if God gave us the Spirit without measure, we would burn up. Our soul in it's sin filled condition cannot contain the Spirit of God, it is the old wineskin that will be destroyed, and if our soul is destroyed, we will die. Christ must be born in us, we must get a new soul, even the soul of Christ, so that the Spirit without measure can be poured through us. Glory to God.

Verse 23, "And now Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven shall be brought down to hell, for if the mighty works which had been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, they would have remained until this day." Glory to God, we're talking about pride again, God is indicting the Pharisees, and there are Pharisees today, the sin of the spiritual man is pride. There is no sin outside of pride that can totally destroy you if your heart is right towards God. Look at David, he was a murderer, he was an adulterer, but he always repented, and said God, you are righteous, and I am the sinner, and God always brought him through, but the Pharisees in the church today, they'll blame everybody except themselves.

They'll blame God, they'll blame God's servants, they'll blame their mother, their father, they'll blame their left toe, they'll do anything, they'll use any blocks so that they don't have to repent, and say, Yes, I am guilty, Jesus have mercy on me.

So what the Lord is saying here, in verse 23, is that homosexual, Sodom typifies homosexuality, a homosexual which is one of the most visibly obnoxious sins in our society today, Phil Donahue had men homosexual married couples on his show the other day, it made me physically ill. The Lord is saying, "Those men that are up there on that program are more likely to receive the power of God unto salvation in their life, because they shall repent, then the pride filled Pharisee. Those men are up there, I heard them say it on tv, they said, we were born this way, we didn't choose this, if Jesus Christ appeared to them, and said, "There is an answer, I will touch you and you will be normal", they will be beating a path to his door, because they know that their sin is sin, but pride by the Pharisee is not discerned as sin. They don't recognize it as sin, and because they don't recognize pride as sin, they will not repent, and if they do not repent, they shall surely perish. And anyone listening to this tape who wants to go out and say, "I don't believe in reconciliation", you're wrong. I believe in reconciliation, the spirit shall be saved, the spiritual substance shall be saved, but the soul that sins, it must die. And your soul shall surely be destroyed along with your body if you do not repent. Glory to God. Hallelujah.

Verse 25, "At that time, Jesus answered and said, "I thank thee O father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and has revealed them unto babes." The Lord showed me many years ago that the human race is a jungle, it's a jungle on the soul realm, where the strong survive and the weak are killed or eaten alive. He showed me that we are a world where a man is either a predator or a victim, the victims are in the insane asylum, they're dying in the hospitals, they're in bondage to other men, in one form or another, and the strong have nine tenths of the money in the world, and the property, and they have enslaved one tenth of the world. The strong have enslaved the weak, just like man has gone out and almost fully destroyed all of the jungles today in Africa and Asia.

They've taken the animals captive, and they've made them bear their burdens, and they've made slaves out of them, and there is an element in our society that in the fullest extent available to them, will take men captive and enslave them and make them serve them.

Glory to God. But Jesus said, Father, you haven't given this message to the strong of the world, you haven't given it to the educated of the world, you haven't given it to the rich of the world, you haven't given it to the witty of the world, you've given it to the weak, you've given it to the broken hearted, you've given it to the victims of this world, that are overcome in various degrees, some more than others. I declare to you this message is for the millions of drug addicts, for the alcoholics, for the prostitutes, for the desperate. If you happen to have a middle class lifestyle, I'm not excluding you, this is a spiritual thing. This message is for a person who is spiritual not prevailing in this world.

Now if you have pride, you're going to say, "It's not me", but I declare to you, everybody has some area of weakness, and if you can't see it, God will reveal it to you, and he will take away what you possess that's hiding it, your money, your beauty, your intelligence, your ability to walk, talk, sing, play, glory to God. This message is for the weak, for at the moment those who have been overcome.

If you have not been overcome, just take a ride into Manhattan on Sunday brethren, looking at all these prosperous people, they have such confidence, they don't want to hear this word, but their day is coming, and the sand that they're standing on, their house that is made out of sand, it's going to be washed away, and their nakedness will be revealed, and then it's going to be their time. Everything we have is given brethren, everything, money, the ability to make money, the ability to have a happy family life, because you're attractive woman, there may be a lot of men who want to marry you. It's all given, and don't even believe that lie, when I was a young woman, we were a whole group of young girls and there was one young woman, she wasn't too pretty and she was always to heavy, and she was very shy, and everybody dated and she never dated, no one wanted her, and she was afraid.

Well I declare to you she went somewhere one day, and she met a man, and she was the first one that was married. So don't even think that your beauty is going to get you all that stuff, it's God's grace on your life, it's God's grace on your life, you're not assured of anything, it's just God's grace on your life, whether your children are healthy or not, nobody has it all, it just may look that way for a season.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and secure your life brethren, make it safe for your children, and your parents and your offspring and your aunts or your uncles. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, do it in your own power and destruction is already at the door. And if you're telling me that I'm crazy because your life is perfect, well we'll see what will happen, even it comes in a future generation. I'm not cursing you, God has cursed this planet. Only those in Goshen are going to see light, I'm not cursing you, it's just a matter of time, it's the whole human race outside of the remnant that are in Christ is cursed. Goshen, when the Hebrew children were down in Egypt, and God started inflicting the plagues upon the whole nation, and I point that out to you, Pharaoh was in sin, and whole nation paid the price.

The Hebrew children lived in Goshen, a small section near in Egypt, and it says when the plague of darkness came over Egypt, there was light only in Goshen where the Hebrew children were, those faithful to God. And I remind you that all Israel is not Israel, don't think you have it made because you speak in tongues, because you don't. The true Israel are those who are faithful to God. Did I answer your question? You're looking at me, did I answer your question? Okay.

Glory to God. Okay, Hallelujah, verse 26, "Even so father, for so it seemed good in thy sight." It seemed good why? To reveal these things, this wisdom to the babes and to hide it from the wise and the prudent.

Verse 27, "All things are delivered unto me of my father, and no man knoweth the son but the father, neither knoweth any man the father save the son, and he to whomsoever the son will reveal him." All things, all knowledge, all truth, all wisdom, this gospel of the kingdom, everything from God is delivered unto the son, by the Spirit of the father. And no man will be permitted to know the son but the father, neither knoweth any man the father save the son, and he to whomsoever the son will reveal him. What is Jesus saying? The only one that can witness to the reality of the son is the father, and there was a cloud, and a voice came out of the cloud, and it said, behold my son, harken unto him he's telling you the truth, and where's the spirit of the father? It's in that seed that was planted in your soul.

And no man can recognize the father but the son. Brethren there is no way that you can perceive Christ in a man, Christ being the word, the father being the Spirit, there's no way that you can recognize the Spirit of the father, even in signs and wonders. Jesus says, if they had seen these signs and wonders they would have repented, but the church didn't repent. Why? Because they didn't have the father. Jesus said, "If you had the father, you would have recognized me, but your father is the devil. There's no way you can recognize the signs and wonders of God, unless his life is in you, and there's no way that you can recognize the son, unless you have the Spirit of the father.

Now in this hour, a lot of people in the church have the Holy Spirit, and they can recognize the Spirit of God, but there having trouble recognizing the word of God. They're having a lot of trouble recognizing doctrinal truth in this hour. And Jesus says that there's no, that all things are delivered unto me, unto the father, and no man knoweth the son, no man knoweth the word of God, the true gospel of the kingdom, but the father. And you can't know the father unless you know the son, so where does that leave you? And then answered on, he said, "And he to whomsoever the son will reveal him. What's he saying? You've got to have Christ in you to recognize him in somebody else.

Paul said in another place, "We discerneth the whole world, we have discernment of spirits, I know what's in your heart, I know what's in that person's heart, I know, we the church discerned the whole world, but they cannot discern us. They can't figure us out, they don't know who we are, they don't know there's Christ in us, and very frequently they will attribute evil to our good works, why? Because they can't discern us, they think we're not in the Lord, they cannot comprehend his life in us. They cannot comprehend whatever measure of love or righteousness is appearing in us, why? Because they are yet carnal, so they attribute evil motives to that which we say, more than what we say, what we do.

They don't understand us, they don't comprehend us, they cannot discern us, they cannot discern us. When I got out of the hospital and I didn't have much to do, the Lord sent me over to a women's organization, and I walked in there, and they were praying for a microphone, and they didn't seem to have much money, and they said they needed tapes, and I told them they could borrow ours, and I donated some tapes, which we had here, which we weren't using, because that's how the kingdom of God works. If you have it and you don't need it, you give it to someone who needs it. Well you know what they thought? They thought I was trying to bribe my way into their organization. That's what they thought, I came to bribe my way into their organization, that's what they thought. God have mercy on their souls, Christian women, they call themselves Christian. Hallelujah.

What is a Christian? A true Christian is the one through whom Christ is revealed. So all Israel is not Israel, and all of the church is not Christian, hear the word of the Lord. Hallelujah.

Verse 28, "Come unto me, all of ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I remind you that the labor of the natural man is keeping Satan under foot. We labor continuously, resisting the sinful thoughts in our mind. It's a spiritual labor, which we frequently fail to keep that sin down under feet, it's a continual labor to keep from sinning, and although many of us have discovered, it's possible through discipline to bring our behavior into a large measure, into a place where we don't sin, it's impossible to stop sinning in our minds.

And Jesus discerns the motives and the intents of a man's heart, and by Jesus Christ we are judged for the motives of our heart, not for what we do. It amazes me how many believers don't understand this, they lie about their true feelings, and they think they're okay, but Jesus sees and knows all, and he's going to judge the intents of your heart. So Jesus says, "All ye that labor to keep yourself from sinning, and all of you that are heavy laden...", what are we heavily burdened with? Sin, we're laboring not to sin, but the sin's burdening our mind. We may succeed in our behavior, but not in our mind. Jesus said, "I"m going to give you rest." Well how could he give you rest? He is going to become the laborer in our garden, which is our soul, he is going to deal with Satan, once and for all, he's going to castrate him, and Satan will no longer have the ability to tempt us to sin, and we shall rest because Jesus Christ is going to take over the job that we are failing at. And you know that we're failing because the whole creation is still dying. Even members of the church are dying.

So we haven't made it yet. It's a nice fairy story to think you're going to be raptured away, and that your righteous until the rapture comes, but the truth of the matter is you're going to keep dying until you stop sinning. And we shall stop sinning when Jesus Christ takes over the job or the labor of keeping Satan under foot. He's going to relieve us from a job and a burden that we are failing to succeed, we're being destroyed. It's like dike, did you every hear the story of the little boy that put his finger in the dike? There's a whole big wall, and there's a raging sea on the other side, and a little leak comes through, and the whole town runs up to the wall, and they start plugging it up and it starts leaking all over the place, that's the human race. We're trying frantically to keep death from flowing over us, but because of the sin in our life, we don't have the spiritual strength to stop it. Only righteousness will stop the judgment of death from continuing to destroy the entire human race.

And Jesus said, "Stop trying, and give it all to me, have faith in me, repent, confess your sins, and I'm going to plug up the dike, and you shall surely not be overcome by the water of death, but as long as you keep on trying to do it yourself, you shall surely die. Jesus says, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart." There's a very deep meaning in that, and I declare to you that you are not your own man. Every human being alive must be ruled by a spirit, but if you're not ruled by Christ you are ruled by Satan. And if you are a believer today, you're ruled by Christ sometimes, and you're ruled by Satan sometimes. I'm sorry he's the spirit that rules in your natural mind, and I don't know everybody whose every thought word and deed is Christ except Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And that's the reality of it. Jesus sees us as his horse, Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. We are his flesh. We are his animals, he wants to ride us, he loves us, but we must do what he says. This is a hard word, but it is the truth, spirit is a superior lifestyle to soul, and the man will own a horse, we can love that horse, and we groom it and we wash it, and we braid it's hair, and we feed them, and we give them carrots, but when we get on his back, we don't horse where do you want to go today, he goes where we want to go.

So I declare to you spirit is superior to soul, as soul is superior to animals, and as much as God loves us, we will go where he wants us to go, and we will do what he wants us to do. And Jesus is saying it's not as grievous as you think it is, it's not as terrible as you think it is. He's saying, "Take my yoke upon you, take me a rider, because if you take me as a rider you'll no longer have Satan as a rider." The whole human race, they think that they're their own, and Jesus wants to rule them. They said, "We will not have this man to rule over us." Brethren, you're not your own, your Satan's, if you are not Jesus'. You don't belong to yourself.

So he says, "You think you have trouble in your life? Take my yoke, let me be your rider, and I'm not going to exact from you what Satan is exacting from you, which is sickness and death and pain and torment and every manifestation of hell." Glory to God. Jesus said, "Your heavily burdened because Satan is your rider, take my yoke on, all of you that are trying to keep Satan from overcoming you and I will surely give you rest. "Take my yoke upon you, take my life, my spirit, and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you shall find rest for your souls." What does that mean? He's not here to use you and eat your flesh. Satan is using you, Satan is using you, and he's causing your body, why? How is he using you? He's using your bodies and your souls to express his lusts through, and he lusts are sin, and because he's sinning through you, therefore your body is dying.

Jesus says, "I'm meek and lowly in heart, what I want to use you for is not going to kill you, what I want to use you for is going to give you life. And I hear all the voices saying, "What does he want to use us for?" I don't know, "Eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us, when we start coming into submission and going where he wants us to go, and doing what he wants us to do." Hallelujah, "For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." The Lord just reminded me that I left something important out. In verse 23, where is says, "Thou Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven shall be brought down to hell...", that that's an excellent example in the Scripture of how hell and heaven is in the mind. Now some people when I say that, they think I mean there is no place that is hell, there is a place that is hell. Hell and heaven are the same place, it's this planet, and depending , and it's this life that you're living, and depending on which spirit is ruling in your mind, this planet is either hell or heaven, it is a place, this is it, right here. When Satan is your mind, it's hell, and there is sickness and there is disease, and there is emotional distress and there is depression, and there is loss of life and loss of loved ones, and fighting and arguments and betrayal, and every evil work, and depending on to what measure because of your family line condition, you have descended into hell, that is the measure with which you are in hell.

We just don't go out into certain areas of the city with the drugs addicts and prostitutes. Once I was in the city and I didn't even know what it was until it was too late, there was a man standing there, he had pants on and a dress over it. He was a homosexual prostitute and I didn't know it, and he looked at me, and the pain in his eyes was intense, and it was saying, "Get me out of here, I'm trapped!" Brethren if you think this isn't hell, you are naive, but just as everything else in this world in every country that you go to, there are those who are prosperous and those who are more downtrodden, there are those who are prosperous and those who are masses of people in hell, it is the same way.

Now don't be deceived because you're living in America, we have our poor in America, and we have our drug addicts in America, but we have a middle class in America. We have people that live decent lives although they're not rich, they have a roof over their head and they're comfortable, they have clothes and enough food to eat, but don't be deceived, this is not how it's like across the whole world. There are people starving to death dying of diseases that are simple vitamin A pill will heal, and they don't have vitamins. Don't be deceived, this country is the high place of the world, or the western world, Europe, the European countries, this the high place of the world, we're just a small proportion of the world, and within each country we have the elite, those who are living a decent life, and we have the multitudes who are in hell, every second, every minute that they're awake, living on the streets, diseases on their bodies, tormented in their minds, raped physically, raped spiritually. You think this isn't hell?

This is hell brethren, don't be deceived because your torment is tolerable. You cannot have an accurate evaluation of to what degree you are in hell until you have experienced heaven, and when Christ fills your mind, and he meets your every need, and you no longer have anything to fear about, there is no distress in your soul, there is no lack, there is no need, but you are so full that you can't help but give out to others, when you've experienced that, as an ongoing experience, then you will be qualified to judge what level of hell you are in. And there are different levels of hell, okay.

COMMENT: Is Hell and death the same thing, hell and death?

PASTOR VITALE: No, they're not the same thing, they're not the same thing. We're told in the book of Revelation that there was someone riding on a pale horse, and hell and death followed him. Death is, the adamic mind is made up of parts, we talked about this, like a human body has lungs, and a heart, okay. The adamic mind is made up of Adam, which is the personality or the soul, okay, that's death, he's death, okay, and hell is this world system, the place where we live.

COMMENT: We're in this body, and I know somewhere in the Bible it says about, it describes how as being an everlasting place, and you say that this is hell, but this is not everlasting.

PASTOR VITALE: You talking about the lake of fire, that they're going to be, okay. The way this gets confused is that sometimes the King James writers don't have a very accurate translation. That word "everlasting", if you look it up in the Greek or eternal, if you look it up in the Greek, what it means is the life of the ages, the life of the ages. God is eternal, he's the same yesterday, today, and forever, that which is in eternity never changes. The life of the ages, this world system, is in the process of being formed, okay, and where it says eternal damnation, or eternal death, what that means, to answer your question, Yes, okay, however death, which is the adamic soul is going to be joined to the soul of Christ, and we just talked about it. What is going to happen when the two of them are joined together is that death is going to be burned up, it's going to be thrown into the lake of fire, which is Christ. And Christ is going to take over the labor of preventing him from causing us to sin, but he is a part of the creation. You see, God's whole purpose for this creation is that he who is invisible should be seen.

COMMENT: So what is it in the word of God when it says about being tormented day and night?

PASTOR VITALE: If you look that word "tormented" up in the Greek, okay, what it's really talking about is being forced into a mold, which I guess if someone took you and tried to force into a square peg, it would be very painful for you, and what that is referring to, is that the adamic mind which is now filled with sin, is being forced into the image of Christ. The image of Christ is being sealed on it, that if you look it up in the Greek, he's being forced into this narrow place which is the righteousness of Christ, and what that's talking about is that for the life of the ages, world without end Paul said, the creation is going to be dwelling together, the life of God, which is typified by the fire of God, joined to the adamic man, why? Because God wants to be seen, we're his shape. Can you say amen to that? Okay, but we're not allowed to sin, so the adamic man is going to be joined to Christ, and he's forever going to be forced into the mold of Christ, whereby he won't sin.

Do you understand? You don't have to agree with me, but do you understand what I said? Let me try it one more time. Glory to God, that word "tormented" if you look it up in the Greek and you study out the word, it means "to be forced into a mold" okay.

Now right now the mold that the mind of man is in, is a mold that's filled with sin, and causes us to die, and the mold that we're in, or the image that we're in is Satan, so we have to be changed, and we have to be forced, like we were a clay pot, and the Lord is smashing us and reforming us, we have to be reformed into the mind of Christ or the soul of Christ, it's very painful to man, to make these changes. So he's going to be tormented forever and ever, he's going to be forced into the image of Christ, for the life, for as long as this world exists, and Paul says, this world is without end. So he's going to be, natural man is going to be joined to the Spirit of God and the life of Christ, which is the burning flame that's going to keep the adamic mind without sin, which will be torment for the adamic mind, but it's not the torment that man thinks of, it's going to prevent him from sinning for the rest of the life of the ages.

COMMENT: Torment, meaning pain, right? So that's a constant thing?

PASTOR VITALE: It's not the kind of pain that man thinks of, Oh God give me an example for her. You see, if man were, if natural man were left to do his own thing, he would be in all kinds of sin, I'm sure you could say amen to that, okay. So God is going against the will of man, and forcing him to be righteous, and that forcing him to be righteous is going to be painful to him because he can't sin anymore, but it's not torment the way man thinks of it, do you know what I mean? Glory to God, and there's so many benefits from being in the righteousness of God, that they're going to way outweigh his discomfort as to not being able to follow after what his nature would like him to do.

COMMENT: Is there going to be a time where the man is going to just submit, and that way God can't force his righteousness into him anymore, he's just going to come into submission.


COMMENT: Then it's not an eternal thing, it won't be like...

PASTOR VITALE: He's going to be in the image of God, he's going to be formed in the image of God forever. The torment is being in the image of God, the torment, if you study the word in Greek, okay, it's not...(End of Tape 1)

Tape 2

It's not a discomfort the way man would think of a discomfort, the torment is being forced into the righteous image of Christ, and a time is coming that he's going to stop struggling, but the torment is not referring to the discomfort, the torment is referring, okay thank you Lord, the torment is referring to the fact that adamic soul is coming under the authority of the Christ. When Jesus spoke to a highly demonized man in one of the gospels, and they said, "Why have you come to torment us before the time?" Okay, what they meant was, that Jesus was bringing them under submission, that word "torment" in the Greek, it means to go down to the bottom, to go down under the feet of. So it's not torment as the mind of man would think of it.

COMMENT: When hell is described, what does it mean?

PASTOR VITALE: There are three different words that mean hell, one of them refers to just a hidden place, a place under the ground. There's a very good book on that if you want to get it, I could tell you where to write for it.

One Greek word that means hell is just a hidden place under the ground, and I'm going to suggest to you that your spirit is hidden under your soul and your body, that I'm looking at you, and I see your body, and I see your soul and your personality, but it's hard to see your spirit, it's hidden, okay. And another Greek word translated hell simply means the garbage dump, and it was the name of a place that was outside of the city where Jesus was ministering, and there was a big continuous flame going that they dumped the garbage on, and what's happening to man, is that I'm sorry but our bodies and our souls are made out of garbage, we talk about that in the 31 series, and we are being burnt in the garbage dump that the flame that is burning us is Christ and it's going to convert us into his life, that's what he meant. And the third Greek word, I don't remember, but I'll tell you where to get that book if you want, it's a really good book.

So he didn't mean what we thought he meant, and the King James translators translated it, basically in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic church, which never preached in the early church. Anything else? Okay, glory to God, any other questions?

COMMENT: We were talking about the seed of David, and I just wondered, was Solomon David's son, it was Solomon's seed that carried on the spiritual seed that Jesus finally came in through?

PASTOR VITALE: Christ was the seed.

COMMENT: I know he was the seed, but David had Solomon, and we know Absolam was his son, but were there any other sons?

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, yeah, he had several sons, but you see, this is a spiritual principle, so many people stumble at the spiritual principles, God said he was giving David a seed, but that seed didn't come forth until 500 years later, and it came down through Solomon, I see what you mean.

COMMENT: When you were saying before about sin, that even though we come into Christ, which stops us from, I forgot what you were saying, something about we still have sin, what does I John 7 mean when it says "Purifies us from all sins"?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's his life growing within us, but right now it's still separate from us, it's like a balloon inside of us, and the balloon is expanding and expanding, and he's within us, and the firstfruits sanctifies the whole lump, which means his presence justifies you before God, which means that when you sin, instead of God destroying you before it, you now have the opportunity to repent, and change your ways by the power of his life within you, and that's how you're being purified, a little bit at a time, is by repentance in the power of his life, and eventually he's going to grow up and fill your entire mind and body and totally join himself to you, and then you shall be like him, when you see him you shall be like him. Did I answer your question? Anything else before I shut this off?

COMMENT: You were saying something too about, sometimes you might forget what God told you last year, and I was looking over here, let me see if I could find it, that God said in Jeremiah, "I will put my law in their minds," and he will write them on their minds, so when God does that, shouldn't it be like impossible, not impossible, but sometimes when we God speaks to us, or he puts a word, he says that he will write it in our minds, and he will put the laws in our minds,

and he will open our minds. So let's say a couple of years down the road, what happens to the person that forgets, I mean doesn't the Lord say that he's going to write it on in our minds?

PASTOR VITALE: That prophecy is referring to your perfection, that prophecy is referring to the end of this whole procedure, you see, we're not really born again, we're born again, we're being born again, and we shall be fully born again, in the image of Christ, and the end of the procedure will be that his law will be in your mind and engraved on your heart, and you'll never sin again, because his law will be keeping you, but it's not accomplished yet.

COMMENT: What do you mean we're not really born again?

PASTOR VITALE: Well we're in the process of being born again. You were born again when you had your first experience, you're in the process of being born again, and we shall...

COMMENT: It talks about us being changed.

PASTOR VITALE: Well if you want to say that it's okay, I never argue about words, but that's how some people express it, but however you want to express it it's fine, you receive the promise of God and you're changing, and at the end of the process, you will be fully born again in that your mind will be totally like Jesus, and then you'll be fully born again.

COMMENT: Well I had a dream about a horse, it was about a horse, and I was in a rodeo, it was a rodeo, and I was one of the people that was going to ride a horse. You know they do the horse shows and everything, not the horse shows that we saw, but the ones that are really wild and almost like you know you have to, they're very risky, what do you call those, the ones that are like the rodeo type, people fall because the horses are wild. But anyway, in my dream I had to, I was up to do a show, and my horse was like really going wild and I was on the horse, but see I wasn't trained to do that, but I guess I was suppose to perform but I felt like I wasn't ready or something. So before we entered into the thing to do the show, I got off the horse because the horse was really wild, and I was afraid of falling, but in the dream I didn't regret doing that because I was afraid I was going to get hurt.

PASTOR VITALE: Well you know that the horse that...

COMMENT: It was a dark horse.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, it sure was a dark horse, see, you are Christ okay, you are Christ and the horse that you're suppose to be riding is the adamic man. See you're suppose to be overshadow your adamic man and bring him into submission and he's a wild bucking bronco, he's ruled by Satan, and sometimes we get on his back, and he throws us off, and a lot of people are afraid of trying to ride him because he's really vicious, and he kicks and he bites. So spiritually we really are horses, and the Lord is training us, bringing us into submission, we are wild bucking broncos, but in the dream, you typified Christ.

COMMENT: But I was scared, does that mean anything?

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah because we're all being raised, you see some of us are a little older than others, okay, like I'm in ministry, I'm a little older than you spiritually, you know.

But we're all sons in the making, I'm not in full stature yet, see. So right we're all scared, it takes a while. Well it's going to start moving faster as we approach the time, but we're all scared, it's painful, it's a painful process. Xxxx tells me all the time how painful it is, it's painful, but it's worth it, because we're going to have eternal life as a result of it.

COMMENT: I was saying it was your soul, and that it was bringing the soul into submission.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, he's a wild beast. Well Adam is your adamic soul, yeah same thing, different words that's okay. We don't want to be legalistic, we just want to get the understanding.

COMMENT: Oh, yeah, I was listening to one of your tapes, I think "The Seduction of Eve", Adam and Eve, I wanted to ask you a question on Adam and Eve, and I think you had answered this, I just wanted to ask again about Adam and Eve and the Serpent, I just want you to explain that to me a little bit.

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, well when the Lord made the creation, and I've told you even on this past tape, that God is a Spirit and he's invisible, and the whole purpose of the creation, is that he wants to be seen, and he wants hands and he wants to manifest in a realm of appearance, okay. So when he put the creation together, just like we could see, we have a body with a heart and lungs, and a brain, and all that, when he put the creation together, spiritually, it was made up of the dust of the earth, and in the dust of the earth was an intelligence. God is so great that when he made earth, the spiritual earth, it had an intelligence in it, and that intelligence is named Satan. So God took the spiritual life of his son, and put it into the earth, and he formed a man. There was a spiritual being that had mud all over him.

COMMENT: After the fall, that is when Adam became a being?

PASTOR VITALE: No, he became a being when God breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, but he was a spiritual being. He didn't look like we look now. So the son of God, he found himself, the spiritual son of God, found himself, the spirit, which we could think of it as a puff of air just to help you, inside of this body, made out of dirt, and the dirt had a mind of its own. God gave it to him. It was an intelligence in the earth, and it was a wicked intelligence, Satan is unredeemable, he is not even subject to the law, he's just evil. So why would God do that? Because God wants to be seen, and to be seen you have to have contrast. For us to know that God is good, we have to experience evil. To know the light, you have to see the darkness, and God made it that way, that the creation should be light and darkness joined together, with the light ruling. But right now the darkness is ruling.

Did I answer your question?

COMMENT: And Eve, Eve was the spiritual part.

PASTOR VITALE: Eve is that part of creation, well let me start it this way, the Scripture says Jesus was rich and he became poor so that we could become rich okay. What that means is, so that this creation could come into being, Jesus, the spiritual son, gave up all the spiritual authority, and let his father join him to this mud, that the Lord is forming his creation out of, and one of the things that happened is that he temporarily lost his power, okay.

Now Eve in the human being, is the human spirit, that drop of the son of God, that has temporarily lost his power that's in you, and you have a drop, and I have a drop. Every human being has a peace of the son of God, the spiritual life of God, that has temporarily lost his power, while he's buried in hell under the mud of this creation, and God has a plan. In the fullness of time, he sent forth his life, and he joined it to that little piece of the son that lost his power that's in you, and he's raising it from the dead, and he's going to eventually come out from under the mud. See our body is mud that's surrounding him, he's inside of you, and at the end of this process, God's going to raise him from the dead in you, and he's going to come up and he's going to be seen above the earth.

COMMENT: What happened at the garden when the Serpent tempted Eve to eat of the tree or something like that, what happened there that separated God and man?

PASTOR VITALE: Well the Lord, he made, this is how he made the creation, and he said, "Eve, you're that part of my son that's in each individual, the human spirit", and the natural example he gives us is human sexuality. He says, "Eve, you have the potential to bring forth the full Christ in you, the warrior manifestation of God, not to be weak, like you are now, okay. Now the Scripture that says, "She shall be saved in childbearing", this whole living soul, this whole human race is going to be saved, when your human spirit is fertilized by God the father, and produces Christ, it's going to take over your whole life, be a warrior, and be your everything. So Eve had the potential to bring forth the savior of the creation, okay. And God said to Adam, he said, it's like, I don't mean to be gross, but God wants you to understand okay, I hope I'm not going to offend you, but it was like God said to Adam, "Adam, you have a vagina, and there's an unscrupulous man locked in that body with you, his name is Satan, he has no morals at all, and if you don't watch your vagina, he's going to get in there, he's going to rape you and he's going to produce his child instead of my child. God said that to Adam. And Adam did not prevent Satan from doing it. Satan wanted spiritual sex with Eve, that is what he wanted. He wanted to be God.

And did you ever see, I don't know how many kids in your, well I know one friend right now she has an eighteen year old son, that all he wants is to be his father's place. The father goes away, and he's right there ready to take over the family, you know what I mean? Satan wanted to do what God was suppose to do.

God was coming to fertilize Eve and bring forth Christ in the creation, and Satan I want to do it, and he got in there ahead of God, and the way he got in there, was he seduced Eve into believing that he was God. And that's still happening today. It's in II Corinthians, he's going to be in the temple of God, calling himself God, all these believers out there thinking it's God, and it's Satan talking to them in their mind, and that's what happened at the beginning of time.

COMMENT: I know that in the Bible it describes the Serpent as being a beast, and so who is that beast?

PASTOR VITALE: That beast, we did a word study on the word "beast", and it really means flesh, it spiritual life form. See this is all, God brings the spiritual truth in to the natural, so we could try to understand it, but he was a spiritual beast, they didn't have bodies yet. He was the beast of the creation, the beast that's in the book of Revelation.

COMMENT: Because I was reading about describing it in Genesis, and in the Bible said, about the beast being more crafty than any other animal that he had created, and that when God created Adam, he talks Adam as man, and the Serpent, the beast being an animal.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, we looked up all of these words in the Hebrew, and I'm really not remembering them, but I know that that entire verse is on tape #19, and I go into all the words, that I look them up, I give you the word in Strong's, and that word "subtle", that's he more subtle than any other beast, it's not what you think it is, I can't remember at the moment what it is, but I don't want to say the wrong thing, I can't remember but it's all on tape #19, and it's all worked up there.

COMMENT: So throughout the generations Satan became the unconscious mind, he's living in our minds now. So he can't live outside of our bodies? You're saying he is the unconscious mind of man. Yeah, I looked up the word "unconscious" the other day and it said, a person without feeling pain or feeling or anything like that. So if Satan is the unconscious mind who can't feel a thing, how do you explain Satan ruling and doing evil things if the word unconscious means without thinking or feeling?

PASTOR VITALE: Well I'm sure that was just only one of many meanings of the word unconscious, because I know that if you look up the word unconscious in Webster's it also tells you that it's the hidden part of the mind. So there has to be more than one meaning there. Unconscious, I don't know, I'm sure if you looked it up, that it's there, but that's not the definition that we're dealing with.

COMMENT: And who are the demons, the demons meaning, when you say demons, like it talks about the Spirit of God, and we produce the fruits of the Spirit, like love, joy, and self control; are demons like the fruits as well?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the demons are the fruit of the human mind who is married to Satan, and the fruits of the spirit are the fruit of the human mind that's married to God. See it's the same female, she's produced Satan's child, and now she's going to produce God's child.

COMMENT: So a demon is not like a being, it's a fruit?

PASTOR VITALE: It's not a being, it's not a whole personality, it's a fragment of a personality.

COMMENT: See I don't have the Greek or anything like that, so I did look up the word "demon", and it's suppose to mean something about a inferior god, and then I looked up the word "god", and it says that god is a being. So I'm taking it like, well okay, so you look up the word "god", god meaning a being, and it sounds as though a demon is a being, and then it says somewhere, it talked about in the Greek, it meant, this dictionary had something about the Greek meaning, about it being, something about it being an inferior god, that's where I got the Greek meaning from, the inferior god, and then I looked up the word "god" it's suppose to mean "a being". So that's what I'm trying to understand, how is "demon" a fruit, but it explains in the Greek, what I saw to be in the Greek, explaining it to be an inferior god.

PASTOR VITALE: Well I think that the reason, I'd have to look it up and see, you know, we could go inside and look it up if you want, but off the top of my head....

COMMENT: So I am thinking about what you are saying, demon beings are in our bodies, but then you are saying it's fruits.

PASTOR VITALE: Well maybe, sometimes what we think a word means confuses us. A demon is a fragment of the adamic personality, a fragment. In other words a human being has a vicious temper, okay, that's a fragment of the adamic personality.

COMMENT: That's a fruit of the demons, or like...

PASTOR VITALE: Well I think the difference is when it's good, you see when it comes forth from God and it's good, like love, patience, or mercy, we call it a fruit. I've never heard a demon called a fruit in the Bible, although I have no trouble calling it a fruit, I don't want to confuse you, I've never heard it called a fruit in the Bible, in the Bible it's called a demon, or an evil spirit, or the Greek word is demoniac.

COMMENT: Oh what does it mean when demons reproduce and multiply, what do you mean when demons, I think I heard xxxxx saying something about demons multiplying and producing, what does that mean again, does that mean like, when the earth comes into, when there's more people in this earth, that's demons producing or something, what does it mean?

PASTOR VITALE: No, demons...

COMMENT: That's not what I was saying.

COMMENT: No, no, you didn't say that, I said that what does it mean, and I said, something she said, something about demons multiplying, yeah, and I said, I asked her is that the same thing as producing. So I wanted to ask you what does that mean?

PASTOR VITALE: Well demons, the example Jesus gave us is human sexuality, okay, human sexuality, what happens between a man a woman, sexual intercourse, and a child is born, that's the natural example that we have. When our human spirit has fallen into agreement with a wicked thought that's given to her husband Satan, she has a child, and that child is a demon. Now if she keeps thinking hatred, if she keeps agreeing with her unconscious mind, hatred, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, the demon of hatred is going to be born in her soul, and if she doesn't repent, if she keeps, now people in Christ know that this is not healthy. Heathens all over the world know that if you spend your life hating you're just going to dry up and die. If she keeps hating, those demons of hatred will continue to come forth in her soul, and she'll, what will they do? They'll cause her to hate more, to hate more. That's the way it works. And then what happens?

COMMENT: Isn't that a part of your flesh as well, couldn't that just be your flesh?

PASTOR VITALE: Hatred? Well your soul is your flesh also, it comes forth in your soul, yes it's a part of your flesh in your soul, and it will effect your body, it causes sickness to hate like that, unforgiveness will kill you, unforgiveness causes a root of bitterness and the bitterness will destroy you, destroy your body, sickness, all kinds of painful diseases.

COMMENT: That's true, that is what happened to my father. When he hated my mom so much, I saw that hatred in him, it was like I just him being, oh it wasn't healthy for him.

PASTOR VITALE: No, it's not healthy. So he probably has a couple of demons of hatred and unforgiveness, and what they do is they keep you in the sin. When Jesus cast the demon out, he weakens that era in your mind, that doesn't want to forgive and strengthens you with his life, so that you can start forgiving.

COMMENT: What does it mean when Jesus talks about in the Bible that he saw sick, because a lot of people remember I was telling you about how the church world today believes that Satan was Lucifer called a Cherub and he was cast down because of his pride, and all of that? When he says that he saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven?

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, I know what you're talking about in Matthew, Jesus said, I saw Satan fall like lightning. What's it's referring to simply, is Satan is the prince of the power of this world. If Satan is not ruling in your mind, and in all the minds that Christ is not ruling, Satan is the prince of the power of the air, he's in heavenly places with powerful spiritual authority, but when Christ appears, he fell from heaven.

COMMENT: Is Adam and Satan one?

PASTOR VITALE: They're one, but they're not the same, they're the conscious and the unconscious mind, but they're one.

COMMENT: So all this idea about him becoming a cherub, I think I tried to find it, (chuckle), it's not in there, and I was like, somebody said, "Well look up in Ezekiel and Isaiah 14, and from what I remember reading it, it doesn't really talk about oh this Satan and all that.

PASTOR VITALE: And it says he's a man, if you read, I think it's in Isaiah, it tells you he's a man. No it doesn't say that, that's all the imagination of the minds of men that put that altogether.

COMMENT: So all of this thing about him being a cherub and being cast down, that's no where I the Bible at all?

PASTOR VITALE: Well he was a cherub, it's in Isaiah, he was a cherub, yes he was a cherub, which is the anoint...

COMMENT: Who was a cherub, Adam?

PASTOR VITALE: Adam, he was without sin.

COMMENT: He was without sin, but it talks about Adam being a man.

PASTOR VITALE: Well he was a man.

COMMENT: And then in Genesis, it never said about him being a cherub, it just said him being a man. So how did that get into Adam...

PASTOR VITALE: Well you see, these are the hidden mysteries in the Scripture, it doesn't call him a cherub in Genesis, that's true, but if you look up the word cherub in Hebrew, did you look it up?

COMMENT: Well no, I think I looked up cherub, and it talked about people being cherubs I think.

PASTOR VITALE: If you look it up in Strong's concordance, cherub means imagination, an imaginary creature, and I'm going to suggest to you that God imagined man, and he said, "Oh that looks good, let us make man in our image." God imagined this whole creation. What does imagine mean? It means it didn't exist, God thought of it, and it came to pass. So Adam was what God imagined, and he's the anointed cherub, and when he was without sin, he was a cherub. When he fell, he was no longer a cherub, and the cherub is also mentioned in the book of Ezekiel, where God is talking about the glorified creation.

So when man is filled with the righteousness of God like Jesus was, Jesus is glorified, and he's a cherub, he's become a cherub again.

COMMENT: I know in the book of Revelation, it talks about Michael the archangel, and it talks about Jesus Christ and Michael the archangel, it talks about two, I remember you saying something about them being the same, and then I know in Revelation, I know that you say they're the same, why does it talk about two differences, it talks about Michael the archangel, and then Jesus Christ, it never referred to Michael the archangel being Jesus Christ.

PASTOR VITALE: Well if you look up the word Michael in the Greek, the one like God...

COMMENT: It just says like unto the Lord, but it never said he is God.

PASTOR VITALE: Right, well Michael is referring to the spiritual life, Jesus Christ was Michael joined to the flesh. It's with a different, what was the difference between Jesus and the father? The father was spirit, and Jesus was in a soul and a body, but they were both God. So when God is pure spirit, we call him the father, and when God is in a soul and body, we call him Jesus. Okay, so when Michael, Michael, have you listened to tape #4 yet, that's on tape #4, have you listened to that tape?

COMMENT: Is it called "Out Of The Dust"?


COMMENT: I think I was listening to that at my job. Yeah, that explains it on tape #4, Michael is Christ, the Christ that's in us, that's given us the power to overcome.

COMMENT: Who are the angels again? Are there...

PASTOR VITALE: The angels are the spiritual man that's coming forth in us.

COMMENT: So what is this about, in the Bible it talks about angels, and Gabriel the angel, Michael the archangel, the angels wrestling with angels, I mean, I believed for the longest time that God has angels up there, and he commands them to help us, like we all have angels, and it talks about Michael and Gabriel, the angel, and all of these angels, it says that in the word, what is your...

PASTOR VITALE: Well spiritual life dwells within us, okay. Now even I can't comprehend this, but as vast as the universes are with all the planets, that's what's inside of us, okay. So the spiritual life dwelling in us is our angel, and it's true, and it can come out and it could help us, it could help other people through us.

When Peter was in jail, and they were praying day and night for him to get out, and he got out and he appeared in front of the door, the woman answered the door, and she went running to tell them that Peter was there, and they said, "Oh it can't be Peter, it must be his angel", it must be his spiritual man that left his body and appeared in front of the door, and with people that are advanced in God, that spiritual life of Christ can leave them and do all of the good works of God.

COMMENT: All this evil that is happening like car accidents and burnings and all that, you know, we say that this is of the devil's world, and all of this is happening because of the rulers, and Satan is causing all of this, and then you say that Satan is in our unconscious mind, all these evil things that are happening, what is happening, like is Satan coming out of our minds, and...

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, he's manifesting, just like the angels...

COMMENT: It almost sounds like we have power or something like that.

PASTOR VITALE: We have ungodly spiritual power, sometimes it's called witchcraft, and the spiritual power of the natural man is witchcraft, and their god is Satan. There is spiritual power out there definitely.

COMMENT: There was a lot that you said, I was going to write it down but you said...

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, it's too long to write in good English, it would take me five hours to write this up in good English. So I'll put this on a separate tape for you, I'll have it for you when you come back.

COMMENT: Yeah, yeah, thanks.


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