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As the Lord brings forth His new order ministry, we find that there are smaller groups. The Lord says that He puts those who are alone, or those who are solitary, not necessarily lonely in their minds, but those who do not have families, He puts them in families. I saw an excellent example of it. I was at a convention last week, and the Lord showed me a congregation of about a thousand people that was truly a family. The man that was at the head of the ministry had the love of Christ. He was the most spiritually developed man I personally have met, as far as the love of God is concerned. You may know that no member of the congregation can get any higher than the head of the ministry, unless God elects them to come out and be directly under Christ. That is the only way you can ascend beyond the spiritual level of the God appointed head of any group.


I was told when they gave us a tour of his church, that they were accused of being a cult because everybody there is there so many times a week. They just love being there. They love each other. They have all kinds of outreaches to people, missions, 24 hour prayer tower, and everybody is important. Everybody’s ministry is important, and the head of the ministry has a revelation of God, that although he is the God appointed head over that ministry, everybody’s ministry is appointed of God. He has no right to cross over that line into someone else’s ministry unless the Lord speaks to him and tells him there is an error there, and I am sending you to correct it. That is the same relationship as it should be between a man and a wife. The man is the priest of the household, but in ministry that God has given his wife, he has no authority over. There is so much misunderstanding in the church.


I am saying all that to say this. The Lord showed me that what the world cannot comprehend is this. They cannot comprehend the spiritual family. He told me that you cannot see it in America today, but not that long ago in Europe, and I believe it still exists in India, and other parts of the world, we have a full manifestation of the extended family. There is one patriarchal head, whether it is great grandfather or whoever he is, and they have twelve children, and the twelve children have twelve children, and each of the children’s twelve children have twelve children. Maybe it is not a thousand people, but there could be a hundred or two hundred people in a family, and they all acknowledge that the grandfather is the head. The grandfather and the eldest sons make the body of elders over the whole family. The world has no problem with that. We know that this is the way the world has been run for many years. It is changing in this country, but we will not get into that now.


 The Lord told me He is forming His spiritual family. Have you not read in the Scripture that we are now a part of the family of God? God has a family. What the people are stumbling over is the flesh. When God ordains a man over a ministry of many people, and that ministry is in order, and they submit to the head, and they submit to one another, and the love of God abounds, they call it a cult. Why? Because they cannot comprehend the crossing over of the bloodlines. If it happens in the flesh, if everybody is the natural descendant of the great patriarchal head of the family, nobody has a problem. When God brings a man, by His Spirit, and places him as the head of a family, and brings people in by His Spirit, that are not blood related, the world cannot comprehend that. They really are a family, as much of a family, if not more so, as this family that I just described in the natural. The mind of man cannot comprehend this.


Beloved, God puts the solitary in families. No matter what the world says, it is Godly, if it is the Spirit of God. What started this entire exhortation is that one of the young women here was accused of being a lesbian on two points. She has a revelation that she is called to be a son of God, and she is dealing with the possibility that God may call her to be a eunuch for Christ. We do not know whether that is true or not, but we have to deal with the possibility. She has accepted and submitted to that possibility of giving her life over to God in that area. She told this to another young woman who the Lord is drawing into the ministry. That young woman’s grandmother got very upset, and accused the first young woman of lesbianism. We discussed it, because it is necessary to discuss it. That is a cutting wound to be accused of being a lesbian. It is such a wicked sin, and especially when it is untrue, and there is heavy witchcraft behind the woman who said it. This is not to be ignored. This needs to be discussed and dealt with in the spirit. This requires prayer. You should come for prayer at the end of this service, so we can break those curses over you.


As we were talking about it, the Lord gave me a word. This was the word. David and Jonathan had a love that is higher than the love of women. Homosexual communities take that scripture and say it means that David and Jonathan were homosexual, and that homosexuality is better than the married wife. But brethren, the scriptures cannot contradict one another. The Scripture says, when a man lieth with a man, it is an abomination unto the Lord. Another opinion is an interpretation of the carnal mind of man of God’s Holy Scripture. What it means is that the love that God has sanctified between a man and a woman is holy in its place, but if you are called to ascend into a higher spiritual order, there is a love that is higher than the love between a man and woman, which love is a combination of eros, sexual love, and hopefully phileo love. Hopefully, if you are married to a man, you are going to be friends, and have the love of friends along with the eros love.


But there is agape love. It is the love of God. The love of God does not touch sexuality. The Scripture says that it is higher than the combination of eros and phileo. I am not telling anybody to give up marriage. I am telling you what the Bible says. If God does not call you to it, you could not give it up anyway, but it is still in the Bible. I cannot stop preaching it because people do not like to hear it. It is in the Bible. If God calls you to be a eunuch, even if it is just for a season, it may not be for the rest of your life. If it is for a season, while He is bringing forth deliverance in your soul, He could be preparing you for a Godly marriage. That could be true too. If for a season He is not giving you a man, but He gives you a friend that you are very close to, and the root and basis of your relationship, that which you have in common which draws you together, it can be Christ. If that is Christ, then the things of God, the life of God, the Spirit of God, and the doctrine of God, will have you talking about Him all the time. This is the love that is higher than the love that you are going to have in marriage. It is in the Scripture.


I will pray for you now. We rebuke that witchcraft that came against you, in the Name of Jesus. We break any curses that came down upon your head, and I ask the Lord to heal the wound in your soul, of false accusation. We rebuke false accusation, and the hatred that is come against you. We also come against the fear that is rooted in witchcraft that you are not of God, and that you are seducing her granddaughter. We rebuke that and we break its power over you. We ask that as has already happened, as a result of this offense, which the Scripture says must surely come, let Christ be glorified and magnified in you, and that He come forth stronger, as He already has. Glory to God. We pray for strength for the young woman, whose grandmother is manifesting.


As I told you earlier, whenever God calls a son, anti-christ stands up immediately and opposes that son. It is usually either an employer, a husband, or some kind of person that has authority over you. In this case, the young woman’s grandmother. The young woman is spiritual. She is saved. She is called to sonship in Christ. The grandmother does not even know the Lord. She is steeped in witchcraft, but in this natural realm she has authority over this young woman. For anyone reading this message, this woman is 24 years old. She is not a child, but she lives in her grandmother’s house, and her grandmother has natural authority over her. This is the conflict that I have seen time and time and time again, when God calls a son. If you are a woman, God could raise up your husband against you. If you are a man, he will raise your employer up against you. Anti-christ has got to be somebody that has authority over you. If he is your employer, you will have to deal with the fear of losing your job. The crux of the trial is this, who do you trust, and who do you serve? Do you serve your natural authority, or when God calls you, do you serve Christ?


I remind you, take heed to this word. If you rebel against your natural authority, whether it be your husband, your mother, or your grandmother, or your employer, and it is not Christ, you are in rebellion, and you shall surely reap what you have sown. But if it is Christ saying, come up higher and come out and above the natural authority that I have placed upon you, if you do not come, you shall surely reap what you have sown; ashes, dust and ashes, and corruption. So brethren, try the spirit, because all the spirits are not of God. Seek God diligently, and give your heart to Him, and He will never leave you, nor will He forsake you, nor will He fail you, nor will He turn you over to the destroyer, a heart that is honestly seeking Him. Fear not, for He will deliver you from every false doctrine, and every destruction, and every spirit that would seek to eat your flesh, if your heart is truly panting after Him. Discern your own heart, brethren. Honesty is the name of the game. What will you gain by covering over your sins? You deceive no one but yourself. God tries the heart. You are only deceiving yourself, and if you deceive me, it does not do you any good. God is your judge. Hallelujah.


This is the hour of the trying of the heart. Those whose heart is turned towards God is being permitted to enter into a union, a relationship with Christ that is going to raise him above this soul realm. Brethren, if you hide your sins, you are doing nothing but destroying yourself. Proverbs 28:13 says, he that covers his sins shall not prosper, but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them, shall have mercy. I hear them screaming, but love covers a multitude of sin. Brethren, the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is His life, shall indeed cover your sins and press them down, after you have confessed them and repented. But if you try to cover your own sins, with your own flesh, you shall not prosper, but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them, shall have mercy. What mercy? What form shall the mercy take? The form of the mercy, is that if you confess your own sins, and forsake them, that the Spirit of Almighty God shall cover your sin and press them down, and not let them cause the loss of prosperity in your life.


You cannot do it yourself. You cannot walk in your own unrighteousness. Your righteousness is as filthy rags. Your own cover will do nothing but kill you. Brethren, repent, because the hour of the judgment of the church is at hand. I just had this experience the other day. Someone wrote me a letter, lying through their teeth, telling me that they love me, when their heart was hating me, making a subtle backhanded snide remark because they did not have the nerve, or they thought it was ungodly to come out and tell me the truth of what was in their heart. This is a minister of the gospel, who would not come out and tell me what he thought. Why? Because he thinks, and I believe that he really believes it would have been the wrong thing to do. What he is saying is peace, peace, but what I am telling you is that there is no peace when your words are like butter, and your heart sticks knives in me. That is no peace. That is a spiritual lie.


The Scripture has promised us that those who are in Christ, and are panting and thirsting for His righteousness, we shall know the hearts of men. What has this man done? He has lied to me, but the Lord has revealed his heart to me. So what is the result of this? There is no resolution of the problem. A wall has been erected. What wall? A wall of self-righteousness. Jesus called the pharisees, you whited walls, that put up walls of your own righteousness, so that your sins cannot be revealed, so that they cannot be dealt with, so that you cannot be purged of them, so that you will stay in your sin filled condition for the rest of your days. You have been called gods by the Scripture, but indeed you shall die like men if you do not confess your sins and repent, and be elevated by the Spirit of Almighty God, who in His mercy, has offered you this salvation. What shall become of us if we reject so great a salvation? We shall surely die. So take heart, brethren, and look up, for the hour of the conversion of your heart is at hand. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


That is the exhortation, brethren. I get so excited when deliverance comes forth when I preach. In the church, that I was raised up in, we were taught God will confirm the word with signs and wonders. After the preacher finishes preaching, you come up on the prayer line, and they pray for you, and if demons get cast out, that is the sign that the message was of God. I do not know about anybody else, because I just know about me and God, and frequently when He lets me preach, people are looking right at me getting delivered. I give glory to God that this is a spiritual ministry. If you want to come up on a prayer line after the message, you can, but God is not bound by prayer lines. God is not bound by rules and regulations that say you cannot get prayer until after the service is over. You get prayer as the word comes forth in accordance with the will of Almighty God. That is when you get your deliverance. Come out all of you in the name of Jesus, and may the Lord be glorified in this earth. I knew it was going to be good tonight. I had a bad night last night, and I woke up with an anointing on me, that has me hopping since I got out of bed. I wonder what the Lord is going to do in the rest of the service. Hallelujah.  




Yea, saith the Lord, I am the Lord of the heavens, and I am the Lord of the earth. Yea, I am the Lord of the realm of the Spirit, and I am the Lord of the realm of the soul, and I own all the cattle on the hills and all of the gold, and all of the silver, and I am the possessor of every soul in this realm of appearance. Yes, indeed, the entire creation exists within me, saith the Lord, and at my word, saith God, you exist or you cease to exist, saith the Lord. At my word, you prosper or you wither, saith God. Yea, even that one known as Satan, who has been exalted by my people unto a position equal to me, I say unto you, the raging beast, he is my servant, saith God. Yea, even Leviathan, as I describe him in the Book of Job, saith the Lord, he is the ravaging raging beast, and I have put a hook in his nose, saith the Lord, and I have drawn him out, and I have taken authority over him, and he dances for me, saith God. And he does what I say, saith the Lord, but when I send him against you, he goes, and when I call him off of you, he comes, for I am the author of life and death. I am the author of your salvation, saith the Lord God. It is I who pulls you out of the pit, or I, who leaves you to stay, saith God. I am, indeed, God of this entire creation, and therefore I am worthy to be praised, saith the Lord. For it is I, who is thinking good things towards you, saith the Lord, not evil thoughts. I have good thoughts towards you, saith the Lord. It is my intention to bring you forth in my image, even as pure gold, saith the Lord. But I will not have you enter into my life while you are still in your sins, saith God. You must come up out of your sins, and me being a righteous God, saith the Lord, I shall indeed chasten you, for you are my sons and not bastards, and I shall beat you, saith God. And I shall press you into the mold of my life in my image and my righteousness, and thou shalt cry, and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth, saith the Lord. And many shall blame my servant, Satan, saith God, but I declare unto you, I am the judge of Israel, saith the Lord. And I shall chasten sin, and I shall bring correction, and I am the ruler over my people, and I shall bring all into order, saith the Lord. And no more shall my church be like it was in the day of judges, saith the Lord, every man doing what he thinks is right, saith God. But I shall place a spiritual elder in the earth. I shall stand him up in my church, saith the Lord. I shall make it so obvious that it is my life upon him that it shall be as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, saith the Lord God. And my church, my family, saith the Lord, shall come into submission to my life in the men in whom I am manifesting, saith the Lord. And there shall no more be destruction upon my people, for there shall be a father in the house, saith the Lord, and the people shall no more be orphans and widows, saith God. There shall be a provider, and there shall be love, and there shall be judgment, and there shall be righteousness, saith the Lord. And there shall be no more rebellion or destruction or death in all of my holy mountain, saith God. I shall do this thing, even the Holy One of Israel, saith the Lord, it is I. It is I. I am all that there is. Everything that is not of me is a lie, saith the Lord, for I am the truth, the way, and the life, and outside of me there is only lies and destruction and death, saith God. You, who worship the dead, I say unto you in this hour, rise up and look up, for the light has risen, saith the Lord. The light has appeared, and has worked its way into this realm of appearance, saith God. I say all who have eyes to see, look up, for indeed I am here, and soon, yea, the whole planet shall have eyes to see, saith the Lord, for I shall appear. I shall appear in men, saith God, and my wisdom, and my righteousness, and my love shall be evident, saith the Lord, but it shall be an anathema to those that know me not, saith the Lord. Indeed, my love and my righteousness manifests as warfare against those whose hearts are evil, saith God. They shall see me as a wickedness, saith the Lord, and they shall reject me, and they shall deny that I am God, and they shall deny that I am the God, whose name is love, saith the Lord. For they know not what love is, saith God, but love is honesty and righteousness, and correction of everything that is not love. Yes, they shall not call me evil to make themselves righteous, saith the Lord. I will not have it, and I will not tolerate it, saith God. But there shall be public chastening, saith the Lord. There shall not be chastening behind closed doors. There shall not be skirmishing to keep people’s reputation safe, saith the Lord. Correction shall be made publicly, saith God, where there shall not be a doubt on anybody’s mind that I have corrected this person, saith the Lord. There shall be at least two witnesses in the midst of every correction, saith God. In some instances in my church, and among my ministers, it shall be greater than that, saith the Lord. I shall break the pride of my ministry, saith the Lord. I shall break the pride that is ruling in my ministry, saith God. Those who will not repent, I will take them down, saith the Lord. Those who will repent, they will repent in great travail, saith God, but I will not tolerate the pride that is existing in my church. Indeed, I shall break the rod of pride, saith the Lord, that my life can come forth in my ministers, and that my people shall live, that they shall feed and be at peace, and be in safety from the wolves that are ravening, saith the Lord. That the new fruit on the vine should not be devoured by the foxes, saith the Lord. I shall do all these things, and I shall chasten what needs to be chastened, and I shall correct what needs to be corrected, and I shall mold in my image the souls of all of those that I have chosen in this hour, saith the Lord. Even in this moment, saith the Lord, my servants as described in Ezekiel 9 are going forth. Yea, even the man with the writer’s inkhorn, even the Lord Jesus Christ at the head of the company of those who are executing judgment, saith the Lord. Those that have moaned and groaned and wailed for the lack of righteousness in Israel, are being sealed. That sealing is almost complete, and as it nears its completion, the judgment has already started in the areas where the sealing has already taken place. Mark this day, for a wail shall go up from Israel that has never been heard of before in the new covenant church. A wail shall go forth, and the whole world shall hear it, saith the Lord. They shall say where is God? How can this be happening upon the church? Have you not heard Israel cannot be cursed? How can this happen? I declare to you, I shall say unto them, I shall curse whomever I shall curse, and I shall have mercy on whomever I shall have mercy. (Tongues) I shall close the door of every church that does not welcome me, saith the Lord. I shall turn over to the magistrates every believer that will not confess his sins, and he shall put you in jail, and you shall not come out until you have paid every wit. What have you to pay the debt with, saith the Lord? I remind you of the natural example that existed years ago in this country, when someone was put in debtor’s prison. They never got out. How could you earn the money you owe when you are in prison? They never got out. And you who have been turned over to the magistrates, you shall never pay every wit until there is no life left in you. There is only one way out, saith the Lord, and that is to become an indentured servant. You work for the one to whom you are indebted until your debt is paid off. I declare unto you, all who in this hour would become my indentured servant, come forth and join yourself unto me, for outside of that joining, you shall never pay the debt that you owe, and you shall surely die in your sins. Blow the trumpet and sound the alarms, for indeed judgment has gone forth upon the church, and all those who erect their own whited walls shall be destroyed with the wolves as I tear them down. For those of you who would humble yourself before me, look up, for indeed, your redemption draweth nigh. (Tongues) Yea, saith the Lord, I have heard thy cry for many a year, saith God. I have seen thy dark side, saith the Lord, defeat my Son in you, time and time again. But I have ordained, saith the Lord, that those days are past, saith God. For indeed, my Son shall overcome in you, and he shall rule in this city, saith God, and he shall hear my voice, and he shall understand my ways, and he shall be obedient unto me, saith the Lord. I shall send him forth in great power, saith God, with a ministry of healing, and deliverance, and reconciliation. I will send you in great strength to the dead of this world that call themselves by my name, that they should be raised up by your word, saith God, that they should be delivered by the power that is within you, saith the Lord. I shall put a strong reign on you, saith God, and I shall not let your carnal mind rule, but he shall serve my Son that dwells in you, and the two shall become one. Hallelujah.




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