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Well glory to God, the Lord has given me a Scripture which has surprised me because I thought we were going to be preaching on a different Scripture than this, but he's given me Micah 5. "Now gather thyself in troops O daughter of troops, he hath laid siege against us, they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek, but thou Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto thee, that is to be ruler in Israel, who's going forth have been from of old, from everlasting. Therefore will he give them up until the time which she that travaileth hath brought forth. Then the remnants of his brethren shall return unto the children of Israel, and he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God, and they shall abide. For now shall he be great unto the end of the earth." Glory to God.


"Now gather thyself in troops O daughter of troops...", well what's on my heart is that the human race is troops. We know that troops mean many men, and that the human race gathers in groups or troops or in families, and the daughter of troops would be the offspring of man, which would mean the many generations that have come out of the original generations, Adam, Eve, and Seth, amen? And the Lord says, "Now gather thyself in troops humanity, O daughter of troops, all of the offspring of the original troops, he hath laid siege against us. Who has laid siege against us? I declare to you this is the mind of man speaking, and shouting a warning that the Lord God, even Christ is waging war against the living soul. Glory to God, and why do I say glory to God? Because if he chastens us not, we are bastards, and in this hour the living God is waging war against the wickedness in the hearts of the living soul.


And I say glory to God, because the judgments of the Lord are merciful, they shall deal with our wickedness, they shall bring us into a condition of righteousness, in which condition we shall have the life of the ages, no more tears, no more pain and no more suffering. So we thank God for the correction. And that's a little hard, when you're hurting from the correction. When your natural father is hitting you with the paddle, it's pretty hard to say thank you dad, but the spiritual reality of it is that we are to thank God, well first of all, we're to thank him for all things, and especially to thank him for the correction, because the correction will result in deliverance from our trouble, and whatever your trouble is in your life, the correction, a spiritual correction is what you need for deliverance.


If we are having trouble, whether it be financial trouble, whether it be marital trouble, whether it be confusion in our mind or insecurity, whatever the problem is, there is a spiritual root to that problem. You may look at someone who stutters, there is a spiritual root to that problem, and when natural man heals, he takes you to a doctor for your body, he takes you to a psychiatrist for your soul, but when Jesus Christ heals you, he goes to the spiritual root of the problem, and when that is corrected, your soul will heal, and your body will heal. When a doctor heals your body or your soul, you're running a good risk of the problem returning, why? Because the root has not been dealt with, and only Jesus Christ can heal the spiritual root of your problem. Glory to God, so the Scriptures say, we're in Micah 5:1, and we just have the pronoun "he", that's one thing we've talked about the Scriptures that you heard before, the pronouns are very unclear, it's very hard to find out who is talking about whom, both in the old and the new testament, and I'm suggesting to you that this is the mind of man saying, Watch out run for the hills, the one that's stronger than us, even the Lord Jesus Christ is laying siege against us. And what does laying siege mean? He's tearing down our walls, he's tearing down our defenses, he's exposing us to the stroke of his correction, and problem with the carnal mind of man is that he has a lot of trouble realizing that it's Jesus Christ doing this, he thinks it's Satan.


But I declare to you all correction originates with God, and if Satan is on your tail, it's because the Lord has given him permission to be on your tail. Satan is the servant of almighty God, and there are two kinds of correction that I'm aware of at this point, and one is the reaping and sowing correction, you shall surely reap what you sow, isn't that what the Scripture says? Well if you're not, well let me not put it that way, the person who causes you to reap what you sow, is Satan. If you do evil to your fellow man, and you have an evil experience somewhere down the road, Satan has arranged that evil experience, and why has the Lord let him do it, because Satan is the law enforcement of God. He is the enforcer of God's law, and you have sown wickedness and you have now reaped it at the hand of Satan, that is his job.


However when you are son of God, and Christ comes to dwell in your heart, it's a different form of judgment known as the white throne judgment, and this judgment is executed by Jesus Christ himself, and the difference between the two judgments is this, when Satan corrects you it's just for the moment and you're pretty sure to go out and sin again, if not that sin another sin. Because you may have learned not to do one thing that's brought destruction into your life, but your soul still remains in a fallen condition, and you will sin in another way. Because the only way we will stop sinning is to be elevated unto the spiritual realm of God by the power and authority of Jesus Christ, Satan cannot do that. So he might stop you from stealing, well then you'll go around and you'll blaspheme.


Natural man must sin, he cannot cease from sinning. When Jesus Christ judges you, oh, the Lord just gave me a word for you, when Satan judges you, you are corrected in the soul realm, you're corrected in your soul, but the spiritual root of your sinning is not touched, when Jesus Christ corrects you, this is in line with what I just said, he goes right to the spiritual root of your problem, that is that Satan is your god. So when Jesus Christ corrects you from the white throne judgment, with each reaping of that which you sow, you shall be elevated higher and higher into the realm of the Spirit of God until you no longer sin.


Did I make it clear, I'm going to say it one more time, the reaping and sowing that is executed by Satan, it just stops you from sinning on the moment, but you continue to sin and you will continue to sin, because Satan does not have the power to impart what you need to give you the strength to stop sinning, but Jesus said to the harlot or to the adulteress, "Go and sin no more". The reason Jesus Christ refused to stone the adulteress was because he had the spiritual authority to add to her the righteousness that she needed, to add to her what was deficient in her character so that she would no longer be an adulteress. So what is the purpose of stoning her? Stoning was unto death, what was the purpose of killing her since he had the spiritual authority to correct the error in her spiritual life that was causing her to sin. Glory to God.


The correction of the Lord to his church has already started. Judgment shall begin at the house of the Lord. We're in Micah 5:1, "...he has laid siege against us, says the living soul, they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek." Who is they? They are the many members of humanity, and what are they going to do? They are going to smite the judge of Israel. Who is the judge of Israel? Even the Lord Jesus Christ, and the many members of the living soul that are in Israel because brethren, if you have had a salvation experience, you are still very human, you have not yet been converted in to a spiritual life form. You are human, you are human and you have received the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ which is the promise of salvation. But this Scripture in Micah 5 is saying that the church is very glad to receive the Spirit of God, and they'll receive his gifts and they'll take his blessings, and they love to prophesy, and they love all the good things of God, but when the Lord comes to correct sin in the minds of Israel, what are they going to do? They're going to smite him, they're going to try to kill him, and with great seriousness, if they could kill him, they indeed would.


And of course we know that when Jesus Christ manifested 2,000 years ago, the rulers of Israel caused him to be crucified, but little did they know, had they only known that when they crucified the Lord of glory, he would appear again, this time not in one man, but in many men, had they only known, that when, because they were going to prune the three, that it would have grown back many times over, they would have never killed the Lord of glory, had they known, but they didn't know and they smote the judge of Israel, the members of the ruling party of Israel, the leaders of Israel. The ones that were in the Scriptures, the ones that were responsible to God for educating the people, the ones who should have recognized him when he came, they smote the judge of Israel with a rod upon his cheek. And I haven't looked up these words in the Hebrew, but "rod" frequently can be translated tongue. They smote him with their mouth.


Do you know that your words can kill? Your words can kill. The spirit behind the words, if it's hatred, if it's rebellion, which is the sin of witchcraft, those words and those emotions and those thoughts can kill your brother. Jesus Christ because he was righteous, hallelujah, after they killed him, his father raised him from the dead.


But when you speak against, or even, you don't even, it has more power when you speak the words, but a lot of Christians, they say, "Well I won't speak it so I'm safe, no it's in your mind, it's in your mind. If you have evil thoughts towards anyone, you're killing them, and the more spiritual power that you have with God, the more ungodly spiritual power you have when you let your thoughts become ungodly. Do you know that as you move on and grow in Christ, spiritual power is being developed in you? And when the moment comes that you yield to an ungodly thought, envy or lust or hatred towards your brother, that spiritual power that's manifesting in Christ, that same power is behind your thoughts of hatred and envy, and you have great power to do damage to your brethren, who is not yet in a spiritual condition where he's going to be raised from the dead three days later. You're destroying your brother with your thoughts if they're not godly. We must resist ungodly thoughts, how? By looking up the corresponding thought in the Scripture.


If you hate your brother the Scripture says, "Love your enemies, and pray for those who despitefully use you. Go for prayer, repeat the Scripture, meditate on it, and understand that these wicked thoughts can no longer exist in God's kingdom. Confess it as sin, and ask the Lord for deliverance. Your thoughts are powerful, glory to God. And they the members of the living soul, the members of the church who are still in their humanity, shall smite the judge of Israel, they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon the cheek. Well what's happening now, Jesus was crucified and ascended to the father 2,000 years ago.


Brethren, there is a company within the church who are living for Christ, they're not perfect, they're not without sin, but their every heart's desire is for righteousness, and to do the will of God, and they are the ones who are being smitten by the carnal elements in the church, the carnal men in the church. Who are the carnal men in the church? They are the ones who think with their carnal mind. Who is the judge of Israel that's in the church? He who endeavors and prays continuously that the mind of Christ might be upon him, that he might think with the mind of Christ. And when you pray day in and day out to think with the mind of Christ, what do you think happens? You start to think with the mind of Christ and you start to see sin in your brother. And if one day the Lord sends you to a brother in a spirit of righteousness, to say brother, "Brother what you're doing, this is wrong, you're destroying yourself and you're destroying your family, repent that God might bring deliverance to you, and you turn around and say, "Who do you think you are, you dirty so and so, get out of my life", you have smitten the judge of Israel. And when did I not give food to the poor Lord, and when did I not visit the sick or visit those in prison? Jesus said, As you have done it to these little ones, you have done it to me.


And I declare to you that when the Lord sends one of his little ones to you, in his spirit of righteousness to tell you the truth and you smite them, you have smitten the Lord. And this way we know that you are the offspring of those who have crucified Jesus, because your forefathers, they killed the prophets and they crucified Jesus, and in this hour, they're crucifying the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth today. The same spiritual life, the carnal mind of man that crucified the prophets, they are in you, if you are smiting God's anointed.


The Lord is calling the church to repentance, for the judgment of the church has already begun, and he said, start with the elders, and he's already beyond the elders. I don't know what order he moves in, I don't understand, but I know that a woman approached me in the parking lot of Pathmark supermarket yesterday, and the judgments of God were executed upon her.


And a spirit of great love, I was loading my car and a woman came over to me, she looked okay, she certainly wasn't living in the streets, and she asked me for a dollar, or a dollar fifty, and she told me she had no food for her children, and I gave her some money, but I questioned her, and I asked her, I said, what is your problem? Will you tell me what your problem is? Aren't you on welfare, if you have such a need? She said, Well I'm waiting for my check, I ran out of food. I said, "Do you know the Lord?" She said, "I know the Lord". I said, "What church do you go to, won't they help you?" She said she just came from the church, apparently this church has a pantry, "The pantry is closed", she said.


So I gave her some money and I said, let me pray for you, and the spirit of God was pressing on me and this prayer came out of my mouth, it had to come out of the spiritual realm of God, because it didn't come out of me. I took hold of her hand and I said, "Lord, you said your children would never be begging bread, and I said, begging, and the Lord wanted her to hear it, she was begging, a child of God, and she was begging, and the Lord continued to pray through me, and he said, "I curse this condition, this spiritual reality that is caused this condition in your life, and the spirit of God started pressing on me, and I didn't want to say what he wanted me to say, cause I knew what it meant, she didn't know what it meant, but I knew what it meant, and he wouldn't let me off the hook and I had to say it, and I said, "...and in the name of Jesus Christ I pray that the correction, the spiritual correction necessary to lift her out of this condition come into her life." And she hugged me and kissed me, it was a godly prayer, I guess that she was responding to that, but she didn't know what I prayed, the Lord executed the judgment upon her that is going to correct whatever error that's in her soul that is producing this condition in her life.


Hard times are about to fall upon her and she's already got hard times, but it was done in a spirit of great love, I sobbed all the way home to my house, I couldn't even see to drive the tears were pouring out of my eyes. Do you hear what I'm saying? This woman is in a condition where she had children, no husband, no food, she's on the street begging for bread, why? Because there is some kind of sin in her life that has produced this, only she apparently is not aware of it. Do you know the church is filled with troubled people that haven't even been taught that they have to repent. You can't just make a general statement I repent, the Lord has to show you your sins and you have to repent of sin as he reveals it to you, so that you could be delivered out of this wicked condition of being a beggar on the streets. God have mercy, how terrible to be in that condition. What a curse of God, this is not a curse of Satan, that is a curse of God. Hallelujah.


I'm going to go further, I don't even know her name, I said to her, "Do you have a husband?" She said to me, "The father of my child is in jail." So she's not married to the father of her child, and the man is in jail. So right there, brethren whoever is listening to this tape, don't think that you can fornicate, you cannot, don't think that you can live with a man out of wedlock, you cannot. For already destruction is upon you. You must repent and ask the Lord to bring a spiritual correction in your soul, because when you commit these sins, something happens to your soul.


The natural example would be if you were take your hand God forbid and put it into a meat grinder and your hand would become mutilated. Let's say you were doing, you were trying to steal something, and the person who was protecting his property has like a bear trap, and you put your hand in, and your hand got mangled, when we break the spiritual laws of God, our soul gets mangled, destruction comes upon our soul, and it has to be corrected. So you see it's not enough to say, "Well I did it, and now I repented."


No you have to have an application of the spiritual power of God applied to your soul to heal the sore and the wound and to remove the curse of God that has fallen on you because of it. Okay when we sin okay, it's not enough to say, "I know it was wrong and I repent and now I'm okay. You're not okay, that would likened to saying, "Well I know I shouldn't have tried to steal somebody's money, and I put my hand in the bear trap to get it, and I know it was wrong, and I'm sorry." Your hand is still mangled. There has to be a spiritual correction made to your soul that's going to unmangle it, that's going to heal it and return it to its normal condition. And the problem that we have is that we can't see our soul. If your hand was mangled you'd be running to the doctor, you'd know you had a problem, but when your soul gets mangled, you can't see it.


COMMENT: So what do you do, you ask God to heal it, to heal the soul, is there a prayer for that?


SHEILA: Okay, well you can ask God to heal your soul, but what's the real important issue here, is that you need an application of spiritual power, it's not just what you say, we need the power of God behind the words. Frequently and in most instances, you would need hands laid on you by a person of God. Okay, you seek God in your prayer closet and you repent and you say, "Lord I need healing, and at one point when God is ready to do it, he will come by his spirit upon a person of God, and anoint them and through them let his spirit flow through them, and the healing will come to your soul, just as if you took your hand to the doctor and they stitched it up and put penicillin anointment on it.


COMMENT: And you can ask God to deliver you too at the same time, deliver and heal?


SHEILA: Yes, you need to be delivered of any demon that may have been born in your soul because of the sin, and your soul needs be healed of any wounds or scars that are on it, and sometimes that takes a long time, but we have to be aware that it's not just the words, we need the power of God to perform it, okay. Glory to God. The judgment of God has already started upon the church, and it's beyond the elders, he's going to the street, I know it because it happened yesterday, and it is to be feared in that it is not going to be pleasant. But glory to God, the result of the hard time will be the healing of our soul, and this woman is not only suffering, her children are suffering, her little babies that don't even know what's going on are suffering.


So somewhere along the line, this woman has to hear that she can't live with this man when he comes out of jail. I guess that's somebody else's job because I don't even know who she is or where she lives, or anything about her, I'm sure the Lord will send someone to her, and she'll probably reject it when she hears the word. And then whatever God is going to do to correct her, whatever else he's going to do.


What he does is he brings us to the point where we are so overcome, either desperate for food, or so overcome that we get on our face before God, and say, "Lord what did I do to deserve this, what kind of a God are you?" And then he comes to us and he says, I'm a righteous God and you have sinned, and you have got to stop sinning or my judgments will continue to rest upon you, even unto your death, if you don't confess your sins and turn around. And I declare to you that is the truth, that is the truth. His judgment will rest upon you even unto death, if you will not repent and repentance includes changing your ways, you've got to stop sinning.


You can't get the healing until you stop sinning, and I don't see the church world being taught this, and my heart breaks, because they really don't know, they're in darkness, and the Scripture says my people perish for lack of understanding, they don't know, they think it's okay. They're born again and they speak in tongues and Jesus loves me, you know, glory to God.


COMMENT: When you said before, when the soul is wounded you ask the Lord to heal and deliver you, you said the words, it's not just the words it's the power of God, but the main words that you would use to pray is heal and deliver?


SHEILA: Yes, well deliverance refers to the casting out of any demons that may have been born in your soul, it refers the breaking of the curse, because the curse of God comes upon us when we sin, and healing refers to a wounded spirit or a damaged soul.


COMMENT: Then the Lord could send somebody to lay hands on you, and the power of God is behind it all, but when you would pray it would be those words.


SHEILA: Right, those are the words, and then he sends the power. Glory to God, Hallelujah. Okay we're still in Micah 5, glory to God, we just got through verse 1.


Verse 2, "But thou Bethlehem Ephrata, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel.


Bethlehem Ephrata, that's the prophecy that Christ would come out of Bethlehem, and the Scripture is saying that out of a little unknown town, out of the thousands of people of Judah, out of the thousands of the members of the church, Christ is going to come forth out a little known company of people, and I declare to you that there is a religious spirit on the church today, and there is respect of persons, and there are institutions giving bachelor's degrees and master's degrees and doctor's degrees, and they study in Bible school for years, and they have all kinds of fancy credentials, and I declare to you that when the sons of God come forth, nine out of ten of them, are not going to be graduates of Bible school, they're not going to have any degrees, they're not going to have fancy clothes or live in fancy places, they're going to be unheard of, they're not going to have any reputation in the church.


Remember Jesus made himself of no reputation, and when God reveals himself in them, there's going to be a great outcry from the established church, quote unquote, because the church is where Christ is, and there's going to be a great outcry, who is this man, that speaks with the authority, that he speaks with. He doesn't have the authority of the Scribes, he speaks with the authority of the Spirit of God that rests upon him.


Who is he, where did he come from? I never heard of him, what Bible school did you go to, where did you learn to cast out demons, who taught you to prophesy, where did you ever hear that doctrine? I heard it in the secret compartment where I dwelt with my husband, and what you see upon me is his life. And the reason you don't like me is because it's on me and it's not on you. What?! I have a doctorate from the Bible school in Oklahoma. Mercy.


"But thou Bethlehem Ephrata, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee, shall he, shall the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, even Christ Jesus, come forth unto me, that is to be ruler in Israel, whose goings have been from of old, from everlasting.


Brethren, the Spirit of almighty God whose goings are from old, which are from everlasting, he who is the one that changes not, that always was, that is now, and that always shall be, is appearing in the flesh of a first fruits company of men. And the men that he picks are going to be unknown men, they're not going to be smart, they're not going be educated, they're not going to be sophisticated, but they're going to have his Spirit and he's going to appear in them for the specific purpose of being ruler in Israel. You know I went to a convention a few days ago, and there were 300 ministers in that convention, and every single one of them, now this may sound funny, every single one of them had their hair blown with a hair dryer, it looked really neat, it was beautiful and fancy, all these men with their fancy hair, blown with a hair dryer. And the man that was running the meetings, who was the most anointed men I've ever come across in all of my experience with God, he didn't have his hair blown with a hair dryer, he was such a down to earth man. He had a big pot belly, and he didn't have a fancy suit on, and all of these ministers out there, they were so fancy, and they all said, glory to God, which is not the Spirit of God. And this man, he wasn't fancy, he stood up there and he was down to earth, and he spoke the word of the Lord. In this case the man was excepted, and the reason he was excepted is that he had a big prosperous church, so they excepted him. But I declare to you when the Lord comes forth in that little one that's been out watching the sheep all these years, there's going to be a great outcry from the established church, and they're going to try to kill him.


But the Scripture says in Micah 5, verse 2, that he has come forth unto me, unto God, that the Lord has ordained that he is to be the ruler of Israel, because indeed it is the one whose going forth has been from of old, from everlasting, it is he that is appearing in these little ones. Glory to God.


Verse 3, Therefore will he give them up until the time that she which travaileth hath brought forth. Well what does that mean? Therefore will he, will the Lord give them up? Give who up? Give Israel up until the time that she which travaileth, who is that, the living soul, that's the woman, the sunclad woman of Revelation 12, she's travailing in pain to bring forth the manchild. In verse 3 of chapter 5 of Micah says that the Lord is going to give up Israel until the time that the living soul is ready to produce that manchild which is Christ. Hallelujah, Israel lost the anointing, she lost the leadership of the world in God, through her rejection of Christ, but I declare to you this is the time that she which travaileth is bringing forth, it is indeed the hour of the sons of God, and the hour is even now at hand and the Lord is reaching out for Israel, the one that he turned over, he gave them up, because they wouldn't receive messiah.


And why wouldn't they receive messiah? Because he blinded their eyes, why? So that the message could go to the Gentiles. He gave them up until the time that the sunclad woman would bring forth the first fruits company of Christ. That time is now, this is the second part of verse 3, "...then the remnant of his brethren, shall return unto the children of Israel." The remnant of his brethren shall return, glory to God. The Scriptures say that at the end of the times of the Gentiles, the Jews will be grafted back into the tree, what tree? The tree of life, which is Israel. Glory to God.


Verse 4, "And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God." Who shall stand and feed? The first fruits company in whom Christ is appearing, he shall be one man, one man, in a many-membered body, we shall all be of one mind and one accord, and we shall therefore be one man, even the body of Christ, and we shall stand and we shall feed in the strength of the Lord, that means we shall survive.


We shall live by the spirit and the life of almighty God. We shall be sustained in this realm of appearance, by the life of Christ. And we have studied many times here if you recall, that there are now two power bases in the earth, that the power base or the spiritual life source that has generated humanity today is Satan, and the natural man with his vile body is the flesh of Satan, and the image impressed on our soul is the image of Satan, he is the spiritual power source that has generated the human race with the exception of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as it appears now, but there is now a new power base, there is now a spiritual source in the earth that can sustain a soul and a body, alive in this realm of appearance, and it's not Satan, it's the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you remember the teaching, that which is our true life, even our human spirit, is being separated from her husband Satan, she's being broken free as a result of severe spiritual warfare, and she's being transferred into the soul of Christ, she is exchanging souls, she is exchanging the soul life which is the life in this realm of appearance of Satan, that has been generated by Satan, she's exchanging it for, the soul life of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah.


The hour is at hand saith the Lord, it's now saith God, it's now. Therefore will he give up Israel, until the time, I'm in verse 4, "..and he shall stand", who? Christ in the flesh shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, he shall appear in this realm of appearance. He shall exist as a man, because he is supported by the spiritual power base known as the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan in his mind can be destroyed, because the power base of the Lord Jesus Christ has come to a mature enough place that he can keep his body and soul alive.


You see, if the Lord destroys Satan before Christ in you is strong enough to sustain your soul and your body, you will die. Can you hear that? Satan is supporting your life in this realm of appearance. Christ is present and growing stronger everyday, and when Christ in you is strong enough to sustain your life, the life of your soul and your body, the Lord will destroy Satan. If he destroys Satan before Christ in you can sustain you in this realm of appearance, you will die, can you hear that? Glory to God.


And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, he shall be sustained by the spiritual authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, his soul and his body shall live, because he has as his ruling spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ. And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, and the majesty of the name of the Lord his God. His spiritual base is the source of his spiritual strength, shall no longer be Satan, it shall be Christ, and they shall abide for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth, and they shall abide, they shall abide for how long, does anybody know? They shall abide for how long? Even for the life of the ages, world without end. They shall abide, they shall no longer die, that's what that means.


When Satan is the spiritual source that is causing your soul and body to exist in this realm, in this world, you will ultimately die, your body will die, and your soul will die, because the soul that sinneth, it must die, your spirit will return to Christ. But when Christ is the spiritual power source that sustains your body and your soul in this realm of appearance, you shall not die, but you shall abide even for the life of the ages, glory to God, Hallelujah. For now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth. Who is going to be great unto the ends of the earth? Even the Lord Jesus Christ, he shall be great, he shall appear in the many members of the living soul, and he shall vibrate forth, and he shall appear at the ends of the earth, even this realm of appearance, and I remind you that we are cities for spiritual life.


Spiritual life dwells in us, and dwells inside of us, deep inside of us, and when spiritual life wants to be seen, it rises up from the depths of, I guess this is what I'm going to put on the board, it rises up from the depths of our spiritual being, well let me put it on the board for you, glory to God. To make it easy, I'm going to draw a circle, and I'm going say that this circle represents a man, does anybody have a problem with that? It represents the spiritual life of man. It would like taking our face and our skin off and showing a medical student, this is what a human being looks like, and showing them the lungs and everything like that. So this circle typifies man, and man, in order to exist in this realm of appearance, he has a center. Modern man has that center Satan, and Satan is married to Eve, and they have a child, and his name is the carnal mind. And that is what every human being is built around. This is the condition of the human spirit, she's married to Eve, and she's living in the realm of the spirit with her son the carnal mind, and they are all desperately wicked, and outside of them, is the soul, we have a human soul, and that is the mind, the will and the emotions.


I'm doing this very simply, and then outside of that, we have a body, and we all know what a body looks like, that's what you see when you look like a man, but that's what you look like on the inside, okay, glory to God. Now our condition is changing. Jesus Christ is in the earth, and he has another soul, and in his center is the father, and Eve, she's coming out, she's getting divorced from Satan, and she's going to exchange her soul, she's going to exchange the adamic soul which is ruled by Satan, and she's going to be received into the soul of Christ, and she's going to be married. I'm sorry that's Eve. Let me erase that. So she's getting divorced from Satan, and she's coming to live over here with the father, and they're going to have a child, and this child's name is Christ. This is the adamic man and he dies, no good, he's going to die.


This is the son of God, he's going to have a soul too, and he's going to abide for the life of the ages, he will not die. There's an exchange of souls, and the one that's surviving is Eve, and she's going to transfer into the soul of Christ. Does anybody have any questions on that, did you understand what I said? Okay, glory to God. And the Scripture we're dealing with, Micah 5:4, it says, "And he shall be great unto the ends of the earth." Now let me show you what that means, glory to God, Hallelujah. And he shall be great unto the ends of the earth, okay here's our circle again, this typifies a spiritual man, and in the center, I'm doing this here, is the father, Eve, and Christ. Now the Scripture talks about in the natural the heart of man being the center of the natural man, our heart pumps the blood, and life through the whole body. Well the spiritual reality of our life, is that we have a spirit at our center, and this is our body out here.


Now when you look at a natural man, he exists from top to bottom and from left to right, but our spiritual life is from inside to outside, it's like saying, I want you to go from where your physical heart is to outside of your flesh, it's from inside to outside, are you following me? Okay. This is our spiritual life and this is where Christ dwells, deep within us, and he wants to get outside of our bodies. He has to vibrate and pierce our body, and he's going to exist outside of our body as well as inside of our body, and there's a Scripture that says there's going to be a defensive fire within us and a wall of fire without us, outside of us, and that wall of fire, is the Spirit of God that starts deep within us, and vibrates out and becomes a protection or the armor of God all around us. You with me?


Okay, so the Scripture says, back to the Scripture again, it took me a long time to get here, "And he shall be great unto the ends of the earth."


Well the ends of the earth is the human body, he's coming from deep within us underneath the earth and by his Spirit, he's going to vibrate forth, go past our bodies and be a defensive armor outside of us. So when the Scripture says he's going to great unto the ends of the earth, that's what it means. He's going to rise up within us, and he's going to go to the end of earth, what is the end of your earth? The end of my earth is this body. He's going to go past the body and become an armor. And I remind you that after Adam and Eve fell in the garden, it says that they made aprons of fig leaves to cover themselves.


If you look up that word "apron" in the Hebrew, it means they made armor for themselves. And what is the armor that Adam and Eve made for themselves? This fallen human body. Someone said, what is the fig leaf? To tell you the truth I don't remember, I have it written up somewhere, but they made it out of a natural substance, let's say that for this tape, they covered their spiritual life with a natural substance, but when Jesus Christ is glorified in us, when he vibrates forth to the ends of the earth, and utterly surrounds us, this is going to change, it's going to cause our body to change, and we're no longer going to be corruptible, we're going to have a different body, we're going to be incapable of getting sick or dying, and that's going to occur when Christ is fully formed in our mind and penetrates beyond this body. It's going to, you see right now he's deep within us, and the reason this body gets sick or gets hurt, is that he has not reached the ends of the earth, he's on a journey from within your mind, and he's working his way outward, and wherever he goes, light comes and healing comes and victory comes, and when the day comes that he gets to the ends of the earth, to our bodies, then it will be made a reality.


The Scripture which says, "If that spirit which dwelt in Christ dwells in you, it shall quicken your mortal body." Have you ever thought, well that spirit dwells in me, why isn't my mortal body quickened? Did you ever think that? Because he's on a long journey and he hasn't gotten to your body yet.


So when that light touches your body, it will be quickened, it's already touched your spirit, and your spirit is quickened, it's touching your soul and your soul is getting healed and ultimately he's going to reach your body and he's going to go past your body, your body is going to be glorified, you'll never be corruptible anymore, and he's going to be your armor. And the Scripture in the book of Revelation also calls it a breastplate, a breastplate of fire, that no ungodly spiritual power will be able to penetrate, it will not be able to penetrate the armor which is the Spirit of God, it will not be able to touch your body, nor will it be able to touch your soul, this is not a very good diagram, you will have a soul in there, and there's no way it will be able to break up this three fold cord of the father, even Christ, and you will be undefeatable and incorruptible.


And someone asked, how come it's taking so long? The only answer I have for you is that the Scripture says, "One day to God is a thousand days to man." And the Lord gave it to me in a very interesting way the other day, he said to me, you know the living soul, humanity is the offspring of God, that has died, and it's taking all this time for the father to raise him from the dead.


COMMENT: Is it that it's so dark that it takes time for this light to burn through?


SHEILA: Well I'm sure that's a factor, I'm sure that's a factor, but it's still, to my mind it's taking much too long for me, you know, but that's the way it is.


It would be almost like, if a fetus in a woman's womb could think, or it could have awareness, and I don't know how much awareness a fetus has, it's like the fetus saying, "Nine months in this belly, you know, when am I going to get out?" And the spiritual reality of humanity is that we're in the womb of the earth for a period of gestation, the word is gestation, we're in utero, we're being formed, we haven't been born yet, we're in the process of being born, and we shall be born when Jesus Christ appears in us, he's our life.


COMMENT: What happens when we're born? Once it reaches the body, while we're still on earth, what does that mean, that we're not going to die?


SHEILA: It means that our body won't be able to die, because the spiritual life in us, it will be Christ, who has come forth in us, and he will be of such a high spiritual authority that even if something happened to our body, God will raise us from the dead, that's what happened to Jesus.


COMMENT: Let's say I've reached, Christ has reached my body now right, and grow to be ninety, ninety nine, or whatever, would I ever die?


SHEILA: No, you wouldn't die unless the Lord ordained it, now Jesus Christ was in a condition where he couldn't die, but the Lord took him, raised him from the dead, and now he's not, he's not in a, well the body he's in is your body, and my body, but the body of the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God took him. Paul said, it's now my time, I'm to be offered up, and I believe that Paul was in full stature, and that they couldn't have killed him unless the Lord said, okay, and the reason that the Lord said okay, was that Paul said that he was born out of season.


Now is the time for Christ to appear in men, and what does that mean, he's going to stand up in full stature imparting his life to us, a life that can't be ended. And this happened to Paul 2,000 years ago. So the Lord took him because he was born too soon. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: He never died like they buried him in the ground, God just took him?


SHEILA: No, I believe Paul was crucified, but it with God's approval, he was in a spiritual condition where if God didn't say okay, no matter what, they could have stuck all the nails in him they wanted and he wouldn't have died, but the Lord let him die because he was born before his time. Anything else? Any other questions? Glory to God.


COMMENT: What happened to Enoch? He never saw death, he was taken up, in full stature of Christ, so God didn't allow anything to happen to Enoch, like die like everybody else dies, and they get buried, and when they say in the Bible when Enoch was taken up, that is another way of saying, that's God, it means that God took him, he reached the full stature, and he never saw death, because he walked with God, so God took him. It only happened like maybe, it didn't, because all these other great men of God, why did they have to see death, and you know what I'm saying?


SHEILA: Because it's the purpose of the Lord to deliver the whole creation.


COMMENT: It would be God's purpose for me to die, even though if I were to reach that full stature, and God's knows when, there's a possibility that I might die just like everybody else.


SHEILA: Well there's a possibility, but the difference between you and the men that lived 2,000 years ago is that the Scripture says there's a time and a season for everything, amen, you know that Scripture? There's a time and a season, there's a right time for everything, and we have now entered into the time that this gift is going to be offered to a large portion of the population known as the first fruits company. Christ is going to be standing up in full stature, and imparting his life to them, so you have every reason to hope that you will, especially if the Lord has called you to hear this message, you have every reason to hope that you're going to be one of those people that he's going to stand up in, that he's going to impart his life to you, so that you won't be able to die, and when that happens, he's going to commission you to go to the rest of the world, and bring his message and bring his life to them, because it's his ultimate intention, and it says right here, at the end of Micah 5:4, that this is what's going to happen with the Lord. It says, "And they shall abide, they shall live forever, and he shall be great unto the ends of the earth, both the ends of your personal earth, and across the entire earth, he's going to cover this planet, the Scripture says, like the waters cover the sea. He's going to rule this whole planet, you know the Scripture that talks about the prince of the power of the air, that's he's up there in the air, and the whole world lieth in wickedness? Well the whole world is going to lie in the glory of God.


COMMENT: I have the understanding that you're saying Paul was similar to Christ, Paul saw death, but Jesus rose again, and Paul didn't rise again.


SHEILA: We don't know what happened to Paul, I don't like to draw conclusions, we don't know, I don't know what happened to Paul, do you know a Scripture that says what happened to Paul? No.


COMMENT: Wasn't he stoned?


SHEILA: As far as I know, the Scripture says, Paul at the time that he was in prison under the authority of Rome, said, and he was being tried, I think he was being tried for murder, I may be mistaken about that, and he said, "it's time for me to be offered up". So I think that's an educated conclusion since he was in jail, and he was being tried for a severe crime, when he said, "I'm going to be offered up" that they executed him. I think that's a reasonable conclusion to draw that they executed him, and we don't know what happened to him.


COMMENT: Did he rise again with a glorified body?


SHEILA: I don't know, if he did, the Lord didn't tell us about it. Personally I don't think so, why don't I think so? It was not the correct time and season, so I don't think so.


COMMENT: I have heard that now Jesus has a glorified body, and he's going to be appearing in us, but he's in us, and he's being formed but he's got a glorified body and if he wanted to appear, he could, but he's in an ascended realm.


SHEILA: That's true, of he wanted to appear he could, but he has given up his privilege of living like he lived right after the ascension, when he walked on the road to Ammaeus, and he took one form and then he appeared to the apostles, and he appeared in the form of the crucified Jesus, and he has given up his privilege of that freedom, do you know why? Do you know why?


Amen, right now he's bringing forth children, he is making the sacrifice of giving up that liberty of being able to live and go and come as he pleases in this world, because he is raising his kids now, you see.


All these women that are hindered in their walk because they have five kids at home, when they're kids are raised, they'll be able to go all the way with God. Well Jesus is hindered from coming and going as someone who didn't have children. Why? Because he has a million kids that he's raising up now and that's a lot of work raising up a million kids. And don't anyone lay hold of my words because I say Jesus is hindered, he's hindered because he's permitting himself to be hindered, just as he was crucified because he permitted himself to be crucified.


But the reality is that he's hindered, he's hindered because he is putting all of his efforts into doing the same thing in us, that he did in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but it's his conscious choice to be hindered, yes he's God, he's God.


COMMENT: What do you mean by the first fruits company, I heard you mention it a couple of times?


SHEILA: God created one living soul, he named it Adam, and in the Scripture he likens the living soul to a plant, a plant that has one root system, but puts off many leaves, this is all one plant, okay, so the living soul now is in many members. We are all made out of the same lump of clay, okay, and it is the intention of the Lord, to appear in the whole living soul, okay, but he's not going to do it all at once. He's going to do it in a group of people first, and then he's going to send those people out and each person is going to bring in just for argument's sake, ten more, someone gets ministered to and then they go out and they minister, and then that person goes out and ministers, now you have four people ministering, so there's going to be a group of people he's going to appear in first, and that is the first fruits company, and from then it's going to spread all over the world.


You see it's really wonderful the work that the church does, missions, and helping people in Africa, and India and giving them food, and educating them and digging wells, that's wonderful, but that's just temporary, temporary. The reality of the help that Jesus Christ has promised us is his life, in every human being. Right now people in Africa, they're writing you know, they think we are their rich brother, well maybe we are their rich brother, but they're really looking to America for money and for food and for medicines and for help and this must be temporary, this cannot be permanent, it cannot, it is not godly.


It is the intention of the Lord Jesus Christ to strengthen them right where they are, and to give them a spiritual authority that will cause them to by them, by the life of Christ in them to have their own needs met. It's not godly to be dependent like that, it's got to stop.


COMMENT: So what they need is a word like this to bring them into depending on Christ?


SHEILA: Well what they need is Christ, you see this word will bring forth Christ if Christ has said it's your time. The bottom line is all power and authority is in Christ. If it's not your time for him to come forth in you, you could be sitting under this word for twenty years and it's not going to do you any good. He's the big shot and he decides who is coming and who is not coming. It's really important that we know who he is.


You know a woman said to me, she said to me a couple of months ago, I want to accomplish something a while back, and I asked the Lord, and I don't like who he sent me, and this time I'm going to do it without him, I'm not going to ask him. That's what she said to me, she's not going to ask the Lord to help her, cause she didn't like the guy that he sent. People don't know who God is, you can't do that to God! He's the chief honcho, he's the super boss, that's what he is, you can't tell him I'm not going to ask you, I don't like the way you did it, you can't do that. And the sad part of the whole thing is that people are perishing from lack of knowledge, they don't know who God is, they don't know the truth of the word, and they don't know that they've got to stop sinning because judgment is already falling, but glory to God, the sons of God are about to manifest, they are already are in the earth preaching the truth, but the problem that we have today and this answers your question, the problem we have in the earth today, is there are teachers in the earth, that are not teaching under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, they're teaching under the authority of the Scribes and Pharisees, and they're standing up and waging war against the ministry that is bringing forth the spirit of the word, and the problem is that men are carnal, and the preachers that are preaching the letter of the word, they're doing the best they can, they believe what they're saying. They're the one that seem to have all the money, they have the big churches, they have the big organizations, they have the fancy suits, and all the degrees hanging on the wall, so carnal minded Christians come forth and they think that's God, and they don't understand that God is where his Spirit is.


God is not where the money is, God is not where the degrees are, God is not in the university down in Texas, God is where his spirit is, and if we're going to have any hope at all in his salvation, we must become spiritual, and we must learn to discern his spirit, so when it appears in the little man that has ragged clothes on down the street, you better believe it's God. The people have to be trained to become spiritual, so that they can discern their savior. Why? Because he's a spirit. Did you have a question for me?


COMMENT: Yes, I was going to ask a question on, why would God allow this to continue to happen, continue like this, why can't God expose them for who they are?


SHEILA: He's in the process of doing it now, but for whatever reason, and it's very painful to us humans, he does these things very slowly, and the reason that he permitted them for a season, is that there was no teacher in the earth, there was no one teacher, there was no man that was capable of preaching the Spirit of the word, so he permitted this group of preachers to raise up and to teach, and they are authorized to teach about faith, and they're authorized to teach about the love of God, and they are authorized to teach that God is and that he is a spirit, and they are authorized to preach about sin and repentance, and all that was authorized by God, and now the Lord is raising up the spiritual man in the earth, and the spiritual man's job is to preach the gospel of the kingdom that's going to bring in full salvation. It's the gospel that no longer is going to send money and medical supplies, it's the gospel that's going to cause people to have spiritual strength stand up in them, so that they don't need other people. Do you understand that?


And the first group of preachers don't understand what's happening, and they are waging war against the second group of preachers which according to Micah 5 is the judge of all Israel. Can you hear that? The judge is already in the earth, he's not in full stature, but he's in the earth, and he's in the earth with a lot of authority.


And a lot of Christians who are carnal are waging war against him, and blaspheming him, and saying that he preaches false doctrine, and that he's not of God and they are dying in their ignorance, and the Scripture says you better not come against another ministry, just in case maybe you're wrong, you know maybe it's God. You better not be opening your mouth against another ministry, because if God didn't raise it up, it will disintegrate. So if you don't want to go there, you don't go there, but you better not be coming after another ministry with your tongue, because you could be destroying yourself, amen? Anything else? Glory to God.




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