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I just want to give glory to God today. I have just come back from a week’s trip where I wrestled with the beasts at Ephesus. (Laughter) My God has assured me that His word will not come back void. I did not have much opportunity to communicate with the wild beasts, but His word did come forth. Resting in my bed, not even being able to weep, I could not see that any good was done in the encounter. For anyone reading this message, who does not know me, the wild beast is the mind of man, in anyone in whom it is ruling, whether it be a total heathen, which these people were, or whether it be a Christian in whom the mind of Adam, which is ruled by Satan, is reigning. But this encounter was with total heathens that do not even believe that God exists. Lying in my bed at night, with my heart breaking, the Lord spoke very simply to me. He said, my word shall not come back void. Just the few words, that I said, penetrated their heart, and He will do with it whatever is His intention to do with it. I praise my God for that. He has mercy on the reprobate, and He does not send His sons to argue with them, to prove them wrong, or to condemn them. He sends His sons to save those that have fallen into the pit, or have been caught in the snare of the minds of Adam, which is ruled by Satan. Anyone that says that there is no God is surely caught in the snare, and trapped in a pit, and in a jail within his own mind.


            I have just come back from a trip to hell. I thank God that I am returned, and that I am whole, and whatever words He let me speak will abide forever in their minds, and they will not be able to cast it out. These words shall root, and they shall grow, and He shall be glorified in them, because He is the one that sent me. Why would He send me if not to save that which is lost? Sometimes, it is so slow though, to my carnal mind. It just seems so slow, but this is how He is doing it. My carnal mind says to me, well, He is sending you there, so I should be able to say a few words, and they should repent, and receive the Lord. But it is not working like that. It is like a chip at a time; chip; chip; chip. But He is going to do it. Hallelujah.


            I just cast down those high imaginations that were spoken like there is no God and God is man’s making. Amazing. Man thinks he made God. (Laughter) Is that not amazing? The mind of man thinks he created God. Well, the Lord will set us straight. They are wicked because they cannot be anything else. They do not know any better, but the Lord will teach them. Amen. He will not condemn them or cast them out of the congregation, because of the life of His Son. He is inviting them in. Is that not amazing? Under the old covenant they would have been stoned to death for these words, but He has made a provision to bring us back, despite the condition of our mind. How incredible. Glory to God. Hosanna to the Highest.


            It was pretty cold there in hell. It was not hot at all. It was pretty cold, away from the light, and the heat of the sun, that is Jesus Christ. I am glad to be back in the warmth of His life. So what questions do you have for me today?


Comment: My first question is this. Most of the church world celebrates Easter. What is the origin of Easter?


Pastor Vitale:  The origin of Easter is in the pagan religions of antiquity. It is the festival of fertility. In case you are a Christian, and you wonder why we have Easter eggs and bunnies to celebrate Easter, it is because you really are not celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You are celebrating the festival of the fertility goddess named Ishtar. Eggs and bunnies typify fertility and reproduction, and procreation.


Comment: Ishtar is a goddess? Is that a demon?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, she is a female goddess. Yes, she is a demon.


Comment: Is it like the reproduction of the satanic mind?


Pastor Vitale: I never really thought of it that way, but pagan religion generates from the mind of man, and the mind of man is comprised of many demons, and false doctrines, and fragments of Adam that has risen up to place himself as God.


Comment: This is not the actual day that Jesus really rose from the dead?


Pastor Vitale: No, Jesus rose from the dead three nights and three days after the crucifixion, which was on the eve of the Passover service. It changes every year. So the first day of Passover, this year, was on a Friday. Jesus could not have risen from the dead less than three nights and three days later. Passover started on Friday night, and he was removed from the cross just before the Sabbath started. So that means Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night. Somewhere around Monday afternoon of this year is the time that Jesus was raised from the dead, but it changes from year to year.


Comment:  Was Friday the day, like it is in the springtime, and it was this last Friday that it would have been around that time?


Pastor Vitale:  Well, yes it was on Passover. He was slain on the eve of Passover.


Comment: This is correct that the Passover has been kept on that date all the way back to that time?


Pastor Vitale: According to the Jewish calendar. The Jewish calendar does not coincide with either the Greek or the Roman calendar that we go by. That is why Passover falls at a different time every year because they are going by the Jewish calendar, but it is the same month and the same day. There are many good books written on it, but this is just music and conversation in this message. I am no expert on those kinds of details. It is the same month, and the same day of the Hebrew calendar every year, but the Hebrew calendar does not line up exactly with our calendar. That is why it changes. That is why it is impossible for Easter to be the same time. Even in our calendar it is not the same time every year. It is impossible for Jesus to be crucified on Friday and raised on Sunday because it is not three nights and three days. Very frequently, it does not coincide with the Passover anyway with the calendar that we use. He is the Passover Lamb, and he was slain on the day of Passover eve.  


Comment: What does the word Easter mean?


Pastor Vitale: The goddess Ishtar.


Comment: Are we supposed to be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ?


Pastor Vitale: I do not find any command in the Bible that tells us to celebrate it. In fact, he has not been fully resurrected yet. The head of the body was resurrected. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was resurrected, the head of the body, but the body has not been resurrected yet. Jesus has to appear in his body, which will be the resurrection of his body. Do you celebrate a baby’s birth after the head appears? You wait for the whole body to be born. Amen. So he has not been fully resurrected yet. The man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was resurrected in three days and three nights. It was three 24 hour natural days and nights. But for his body to be resurrected, it is taking three one thousand year days. Now the time is almost up.


Comment: I want to ask you a question that I heard on a message recently, where I believe you said that the Spirit of Christ is different than the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. I thought they were the same. Can you tell me about that?


Pastor Vitale: The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Father. I remind you that after Jesus was crucified, and resurrected, and ascended, he said I go unto my Father. I remind you that the only difference between Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and full stature, and the Father, was that the Father is in Spirit form, and Jesus Christ of Nazareth was in the soul realm in a body. The only reason he was less than his Father, was because he had permitted himself to take a form that is less than spirit. The soul realm is underneath the spirit realm. But when Jesus was resurrected, and ascended unto his Father, which is Spirit, then he is Jesus returned to Spirit form, then he and his Father are truly one, because he is no longer in a body, he is no longer in the soul realm. He returned to the spiritual realm of God, where there was no longer any difference between him and his Father. Can you follow me?


            Jesus Christ, in full Spirit form is the Father. The only separation between them in the days of his flesh was that he took the form of a soul man. He lowered himself, and therefore there was a separation. But when he returned to Spirit form, there was no difference between him and the Father. So Jesus returned to Spirit form, and on the day of Pentecost he poured himself out on all flesh in pure Spirit form. God in Spirit form is the Father. Why? Because the Son has a soul and a body. When we get the Holy Ghost, that is the Father.


Comment: So who is the Son? Us? We in the flesh are the Son? Jesus, the Son, is now the Father.


Pastor Vitale:  Jesus is now the Father. He has become the Father, and he has come to you to impregnate you to bring forth Christ in you.


Comment: The Holy Spirit impregnates me, but he does not bring forth Christ until Christ is birth in me? Is that when I have the Spirit of Christ.?


Pastor Vitale: The Spirit of Christ is really the Father. The Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost is the same thing. They are the Father. The Father comes to your human spirit, and it is a woman, it is His wife, and He has intercourse with her, and He impregnates her, which is your human spirit, and she becomes pregnant with Christ, the son. So the Holy Spirit that talks to you, that loves you, that ministers to you, He really is the Spirit of the Father.


Comment: That is Christ too? Jesus is the Father, right?


Pastor Vitale: I know that it gets confusing. Right, but Jesus and the Father are one. God in Spirit form is the Father. When He starts to come forth in the soul realm, He is the Son. He is both.

Can you hear that? It gets confusing. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of the Father. I think I said it wrong a few minutes ago. He comes to you to direct you towards His

Son. The Son, or Christ, is God in the flesh. The Scripture says, by the foolishness of preaching, we shall be saved. So the Holy Spirit comes, and where does He direct us? To the Bible, towards preachers, towards teachers. He turns us towards the life of God wherever it is manifesting, and He calls us to place where the spoken word is being preached under an anointing. Those words are spirit, and those words are life, and it is those words that impregnate us. I said it wrong earlier in the message. The Spirit of the Father directs us, turns us towards His Son, but it is the word spoken out of a human vessel that are Christ, from within that vessel, that is reproducing the son in the hearts of men. Did I make that clear? Because the life of Christ is both soul and spirit. The life of Christ is both soul and spirit, so the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the Father. The soul of Jesus Christ is in the flesh in whomever he is dwelling. He is in two parts, but the two are one.


Comment: Is the soul spirit materialized?


Pastor Vitale: Soul is spiritual life matter. For those of you who do not know what matter is, it is anything with substance to it. Spirit has no substance to it. It is gaseous. You cannot grab it. Soul is matter. It is material.


Comment: Soul is materialized. It is the mind, the will, and the emotions, right? So it is materialized. It is made up of spirit, but it is materialized spirit.


Pastor Vitale: It is spirit in a lower realm than the realm of the spirit, and as spirit lowers, it takes on matter. It is just like you would take something and drop it into the sea, and leave it there for a long time, you would find that seaweed starts clinging to it.


Comment: So the body is matter. How is it that the soul is matter?


Pastor Vitale: How is it matter when it does not look like the body? Is that what you mean?


Comment: Can a soul exist without a body?


Pastor Vitale: If you recall, when Jesus was walking on the water, and the apostles were afraid, they called out, and they said it is a spirit out there. They did not realize it was Jesus. It is one of the only times in the Bible, if you look that word up in the Greek, it means ghost. All the other times, Jesus is speaking about demons; demoniac. But in that encounter, when the apostles saw Jesus walking on the water, it said they were afraid because they thought it was a spirit. That is not the word demon. That is the word ghost. Ghost is a whole personality, and demons are a fragment of a personality. Of course, let us not forget that God’s ultimate purpose is to totally spiritualize the creation. We shall, at the point of reaching full stature or spiritual maturity, we shall be souls that will be able to live without a body. But that is the ultimate end of God’s creation. We talk about that in the #71 series of messages, entitled Daniel’s Beasts. I think it is on Part 4, but I am not sure. I want to emphasize that is the completed creation. As far as our life now, it is not legal in God’s kingdom to be a soul existing without a body. The only way that it could happen is if you are a ghost, and that is illegal.


Comment:  The scripture that says if they do not have the Spirit of Christ, they are not of His. Someone that has the Holy Ghost, does that mean that they are not His?


Pastor Vitale: I am of the opinion that you are not Christ’s unless he has been conceived in you. That if you have the Holy Spirit, and you are living your whole life as a natural man, you are not Christ. I really have to look that up in the Greek and see what it means.


Comment: In this scripture it means you are none of His. It means you do not belong to Him?


Pastor Vitale: It means that you are not a part of His body, because to be a part of His body, you have to be dwelling in His soul. His body is his soul. This is a big misunderstanding in the church. It took me a long time to understand this. If you read some of my past messages on the Book of Revelation, I was confused about it for a long time. But when the Scripture talks about the body, our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. It is not always talking about our human body, because Paul clearly said, that there are celestial bodies, and there are terrestrial bodies. The terrestrial body, terrestrial meaning the ground, that is our human body, and the celestial body, celestial meaning heavenly, the celestial body is our soul. Our soul is the body in which our spirit lives. Our human body is the body in which our soul lives. What I am trying to say is, frequently, when the Scripture talks about a body, we have to, by the surrounding scriptures, determine whether it means the human body or the soul. The soul is sometimes described as the body of the spirit in the Scripture.


Comment: Do you believe that the Spirit of Christ in that verse is talking about Christ being conceived? Is that the same thing?


Pastor Vitale: Off the top of my head, what I think it probably means is that the Spirit of Christ will be the Spirit that is dwelling in a conceived Christ. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father that comes to you before Christ is conceived in you. Once Christ is conceived in you, then you have the Spirit of Christ, because that is the manifestation of the Father that is one with Christ. Can you hear that? It is very confusing.


Comment: You are saying that there is a spirit in the conceived Christ, and it is not the Holy Spirit. So there are two different spirits living in the person, the Holy Ghost and the Spirit of Christ.


Pastor Vitale: No, I believe that once Christ is conceived in you, and within him is the Father, which is the Spirit of Christ, you do not have the Holy Spirit anymore. There has been a change that has taken place in you.


Comment: Now it is the Spirit of Christ?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, now it is the Spirit of Christ.


Comment: How is it going to act differently from the Holy Ghost? Someone who has the Spirit of Christ and someone who just has the Holy Ghost, what are the manifestations?


Pastor Vitale: We have this in other messages. The Holy Ghost is not defensive. He is curative. He comes with gifts to encourage you to become married to His Son. Just like in the natural world, if a man desires a woman, he will either give her an engagement ring or a watch. He usually gives a woman that he is courting expensive gifts. In other parts of the world, a man does not even go himself. He sends his brother or his father to offer gifts to a woman that he wants to marry. That is what the Holy Ghost is doing. He is coming to the people of the earth, whose time it is, he comes with gifts to encourage you to consider His Son, and the gifts are the gifts of the Spirit; prophesy; tongues; faith. He comes with gifts.


Comment: So He may give someone He really wants to be married to His Son, a lot of gifts so that they will desire to marry His Son. They may have the Holy Ghost, and think this is going to be help and direction for a person’s life if I prophesy, or else they may think that this will draw them to the Lord, but some of them may not understand that it is for them, to draw them into wanting to marry the Son.


Pastor Vitale: Exactly. Well, that is the mentality of the whole church world. They think the work of Jesus Christ is outside of them. He is not developed in you yet, and they are going out to save the whole world, but they are not turning away from sin within themselves. They are not looking to correct themselves, or to transfer from their adamic soul into Christ because this teaching is just starting to come forth now.


Comment: That is similar to what I said, about what the Lord is teaching me, after what has been happening in the natural with me. I felt the Lord was saying this to me, that all these people want to just go and do all this for Jesus, but they are not allowing Jesus to do it all in them that he came to do.  


Pastor Vitale: Amen. So the Father is the one that is likened to the servant in the Scriptures when one of the young men wanted to get married. He would send forth His servant to bring gifts, and to say to the young woman, my master would like to marry you. Will you say yes? Then once the marriage takes place, and Christ is formed in the believer, then the Spirit of the Father is with Christ. So that is the difference. I got off my track. The difference is that the Holy Spirit is curative and not defensive. Amongst those gifts are healing and deliverance. If you get sick, he will heal you. If you have a demon, he will cast out the demon, but he does not stand up as a defense, and stop you from getting sick, or stop you from coming under a spiritual attack. That is not within his power. The Spirit of Christ is defensive. It defends you. He is the warrior. He is the seven Spirits of God, and amongst the seven Spirits of God is the Spirit of Might, which is Christ, the warrior.


Comment: So with the Holy Ghost, you are saying, if you got discernment and deliverance, then you know what to pray. Is that like warring?


Pastor Vitale: Well, there is a different kind of warfare that takes place with the Holy Ghost than there is with the Spirit of Christ.


Comment: So there is a warfare with the Holy Ghost? With the Spirit of Christ, He is the warrior, and He is in you as a warrior then. It is not just a gift.


Pastor Vitale: Absolutely. Now with the Holy Ghost, we pick it up and we wage war, hopefully according to God’s principles, but with the Spirit of Christ, He is doing the work for us. I remind you, and anyone reading this message, this is not preached too widely, but we are headed for the spiritual sabbath day, the day of rest. What is the spiritual rest? We no longer have to defend ourselves, and we do not have to wage war against the demons, but that Christ, in us, has come to a place of maturity where He is doing the warfare now, and we rest in Him. A lot of people that are called into this realm, where Christ is conceived in them, do not understand this because God is just bringing the message forth now. They do not want to lay down the weapons of the Holy Ghost because they think they have to fight, and here is Christ in them. It is just like the maiden in distress, and her knight comes along in shining armor, and he says to her, you do not have to fight anymore. I am here, on a horse, and I am powerful, and I have got a lance, and I am going to protect you. This innocent maiden is still trying to fight with all the people that are hurting her.


Comment:  You recently said in a message that some people go too far one way, and some people go too far the other way. Some just emphasize how much that you have to fight. They say you just cannot accept that lie. You said, what if they are in a position where they are not sure what is the truth, and what is the lie. You said, that is not the correct thing to do, to always tell them that they have to stand up and fight, and that it is Christ, in them, that is going to do it. Then you said, there are some that went too far the other way in saying you do not do anything. I think there is a fine line. I am seeing that there must be a fine line here of knowing whether you are fighting yourself or you are fighting Christ in you. How do you tell?


Pastor Vitale: Well, I think it is a transition from the life that we are invited to in the Holy Ghost, and from the life that we are invited to in being pregnant with Christ. I believe that when you conceive Christ, the teaching that will start to come forth to you is that you check out everything with the Lord. Lord, what do you want me to do?


            This is how the Lord taught me. I will give you a testimony. I was having a problem with my daughter. The local teenagers were threatening to beat her up, and really terrorizing her. Now I was binding, and losing, and breaking curses, and battling this thing in the spirit, and thank God, she was never hurt, but they were still terrorizing her. I could not take the victory. At the time I considered myself a powerful warrior. The Lord had given me great victory in deliverance. I prayed for bald people, and their hair grew back. Diseases were healed, and I thought I had power. But I did not know that I had no power. It was just Him in me. I thought I had power with God, and here I could not defend my own child. So I went into church, and I requested that the pastor ask the whole church to pray with me, and they did, and things quieted down for a week, and they rose up again. Finally, I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord, why can I not take the victory? When I asked the question, He led me into the Psalms, and He said, pray the Psalms.


            He led me to Psalms that exalted Christ. Lord, deliver me from my strong enemy, as if I had no power at all. I am telling you this thing broke. They left my daughter alone, and it was over, and completed, and finished. I went before the Lord. I said, Lord, will you explain that to me? I have just been in a church for four years where I have been taught to bind and loose, and wage warfare, and not be passive, and now I could not take the victory, and when I became passive, you gave me the victory. I do not understand. This is what the Lord said to me. First of all, I was not passive. I prayed ardently towards my God, who is the deliverer. At that point, He started teaching me that no one has power. All the power is of God. Any power that we have to cast out a demon or heal the sick, He has loaned to us. When He starts to bring us into conception, when we are in the process of being impregnated, He wants us to stop using those weapons, which were very valid at that time, and start turning to Him for everything. I still use those weapons sometimes when He directs me to.


Comment: Is it like a weapon to say in the name of Jesus? Sometimes I have not known what to do, but at sensitive times I would just pray directly to God. I know there is a real difference here, by praying to God or rebuking Satan in Jesus’ name. There is a big difference.


Pastor Vitale: There is a big difference, but as you increase in your pregnancy, you will find, or I found, that I had less and less authority to just rebuke things that I, in my natural strength, thought needed to be rebuked. The way the Lord has taught me to pray, and I believe I am pregnant with Christ, is Father, what would you do for these people? What would you have me to pray? Let me be you. Be in me. Let that mind that was in Christ Jesus be in me. What would you do in this situation? Of course, if it is an emergency situation, and you react on the spur of the moment, you have to believe that it is God. We are told, in a moment of crisis, do not worry. It will be the Lord that speaks in you. But otherwise, I pray all the time, and very frequently, I find out that the way the Lord tells me to pray, is not the way I would have prayed.


Comment: Is this born out of you or when you are pregnant with him?


Pastor Vitale: When you are pregnant with him, the imparted anointing will manifest from time to time at His will. The imparted anointing is Christ, Christ praying through you, not you praying with the power of God, but the very Christ, himself, praying through you.


Comment: So at this time are you moving from the imputed to the imparted?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, you go back and forth.


Comment: The imputed is for Adam, and the imparted is just Christ.


Pastor Vitale: Exactly. Both are valid until such time as God says to you, or any individual, I am bringing you out of the imputed anointing, and I want you to stop using it. I want you to seek me for everything. But He is going to teach you, and He is going to bring you slowly.


Comment: How long does it take? In the natural it is nine months for pregnancy. How long does it take when you are pregnant with Christ before he is born in you?


Pastor Vitale: I do not know. I have been pregnant for many years. I remember when I became pregnant with Christ, God had not taught me this teaching yet, but there were two prophets in the church that I went to. They both came to me, and told me that they had dreams that I was having a baby. I did not know what it meant. All I knew was that I was getting stronger. I had been ill for many years, and I was getting stronger and healthier, and things were getting more positive in my life. But He sent two prophets to tell me that I was pregnant, and I did not know what it meant. Now I know what it meant. So I have been pregnant for at least six or seven years. Of course, everybody is not the same. It is by His Spirit.


Comment: If we are pregnant with Christ, when we have a baby, are you saying that he will be a baby, that grows up and is a child, and that this is all within us? At first he is going to be a baby?


Pastor Vitale: Yes. He is a baby, but when he is fully born, he is going to be a full grown man. He is within us now. When we very first conceive, if he is a baby, he may not be manifesting too much when he is first conceived. Then as he continues in his growth, within us, he will manifest more and more, until he is fully born, at which point he will swallow up our soul, and our adamic personality will cease to be.


Comment: So he is only the baby during the nine month pregnancy?


Pastor Vitale: Well, he is continuously growing. When he is born he will be a fully grown spiritual man.


Comment:  While he is in us as a baby, are we to nurture him, and take care of him like a baby?


Pastor Vitale: The way we nurture him is with food that he needs, the word of God. There is a lot of word being preached in the church today that is false doctrine. He needs the true gospel of the kingdom to bring him forth. He needs this message that we are talking about right now. That is the food, and that is the nurturing that he needs to prepare his body, and your mind. You need a place where you are going to be receiving this food, where you are going to be hearing this.

Then he is going to be nurtured.


Comment: A real baby is sensitive to what people talk about even when it is in the womb. Is it the same with Christ? Does he know when he is being rejected or when he is being accepted?


Pastor Vitale: Very much so. As I move along in my pregnancy, I find that I feel his feelings a lot. When I am rejected for righteousness sake, sometimes I am very hurt, and I know that it is him, in me, that is hurt. See, he is a whole man.


Comment:  You spoke about spiritual abortion. How is it that someone will abort Christ out of themselves? You spoke about spiritual abortion and crushing.


Pastor Vitale: There are two stages to it, if we love our sins. You see, only one soul can be ruling in our life, either Christ or Adam. We can only be agreeing with one soul. Which husband do we want? It is because of wickedness in our adamic soul that we choose to join with our adamic soul. What that does is it crushes Christ underfoot. The Scripture talks about that in Hebrews, Chapter 12. We are expected to side with Christ in the warfare against our adamic soul. That warfare is breaking us free from our husband, which is Satan. When we are free, we are going to be totally joined to Christ. But if we love some sin, that is in our adamic soul, so much that we will not stop doing it, even though the Scripture tells us it is wrong, even though God sends a prophet to us, and tells us it is wrong, we love it so much that we keep on doing it. Whether we deceive ourselves, and say it is not a sin, or whether we know that it is a sin, and we think that we can get away with it, what is going to result from it is that Adam will have preeminence in our mind, and Christ will be crushed or bruised under the feet of Adam. If that continues long enough, the Christ, in us, will abort. If he is not being used, if we are not living out of him, if we are not letting him rule in our life, he will abort. So it comes in two stages.


Comment:  So it is a crushing, and that is like aborting.


Pastor Vitale: He will give us plenty of warnings, and plenty of chances to repent. At which point when we repent, he will come back to preeminence in our life, and put Adam down.


Comment: When someone has aborted, is it all over for them? Do they still have the imputed anointing or does he lift it off of them?


Pastor Vitale: I think it is a real possibility. It is individual by individual. I cannot tell you what God is going to do in any one case. I believe, in some cases, the person could even be impregnated a second time. I believe it is possible, but it does not always happen. It is up to God. He makes His decisions from individual to individual. Whether they will slip back to having the imputed anointing, or whether they will fall away from the church totally, that is between God and the individual.


            I knew a woman, in Christ, years ago. She was extremely anointed, a very gifted woman, heavily anointed with the gifts. It was imputed. She started slipping, and she had a dream. In the dream there was blood everywhere. I do not remember the details of it. It was just that there was blood everywhere. She sought the Lord for the interpretation of the dream. I cannot remember the exact word. I do not know whether He told her the baby died or not, but that was the intention of it. She lost his life. Anyone that does not know what I am talking about, his life within her aborted. There was blood everywhere. She said to Him, Lord, will I have another chance? She felt terrible. The Lord said, yes, you will have another chance. She asked Him in real life because she was aware Christ had been aborted. She did not have the full understanding, but she knew, and she completely went back into the world. I am still in touch with her, and she is still in the world. I want to tell you this because God is telling me to do it. The issue, brethren, that caused this spontaneous abortion was that she could not give up her desire for a husband.


            She kept saying over and over, I am only twenty five years old. You have called me to a place of consecration. No man even looks at me. I want a husband and a family life. At some point, the Lord said, it is yours. She is now married, and she has children. What caused her to slip was that God was calling her to a very high place in God, and her heart was lusting for a life that was the exact opposite of what He was calling her to. One day the Lord said, alright, you can have it. A lot of people do not understand. This is what the Lord is teaching me now, because I did not understand this. A lot of people lust for a husband or a wife, and a family, but they do not understand this. I am not going to put God in a box, and say never, but very, very frequently, you cannot have both. He will not give you both. A lot of people think I am going to have this deep walk with God, and they are still lusting and praying for a husband, or a wife, and children, and then they get it. When they wake up one morning, they say what happened to this deep walk that I had with the Lord? They are going to find out that they could not have both.


Comment: I am not praying for that, but I am confessing a desire. I am aware that the desire is a deep drive. Am I going to be protected if I bring it before the Lord, and is He going to help me through this?


Pastor Vitale: If your heart is truly willing to accept what He gives you, you are protected. If you can go before God, and say, Father, I would like a husband and a family, but if I have to choose, I choose you. This is my prayer all the time. If I have to choose, I choose you. If you give me both, I would like both, but if I must choose, I choose you. If you pray that prayer from your heart, you are protected. But then if He does not give it to you, you must accept it. I believe He will protect you from that driving desire, if you ask Him to, and your heart is true. This is a very hard word for you. Everything that He gives me to preach is hard. In that church that I was raised up in, there were a lot of people that got married, and a lot of them were heavily anointed. Every one of them that got married, fell away from the deep things of God. I know one man who was really anointed. He never goes to church. He is not in the things of God. He works two jobs because he has a family, and his wife wanted a house and furniture, and all the things that a normal woman wants. He works a full time job plus his own business. He is hardly ever in the Scriptures. He just wanted to get married really bad.


            I really believe that if we were to interview him, and say did you know that marriage would cause you to fall away from the deep things of God, he would say no, because he thought he could have both. The people are not being taught properly in this area. They are not being taught that it is a real possibility God may not let them have both, so that they could pray a prayer, Lord, I hope I do not have to choose, but if I have to choose, I want you. I know several people that got married, and they just fell away from the things of God, and the Lord is reminding me of the scripture where Jesus is saying, follow me, and one man said, no, I have just purchased some land. Another man said, no, I have just married a wife. Another man said, no, I just bought some oxen and I have to prove them. So these are all the things that will turn us away from God.


Comment: What is that a type of, where the man said I have just bought some oxen and I have to prove them?


Pastor Vitale: The man was a farmer, and cared about the things of the world. The things of the world will draw us away from Christ. I believe the Lord is saying, in this hour, that the people have not been taught properly, but they still have suffered the consequences. Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. The word is going out, and the hour is very late. The sons are being called up. The door is opening in heaven into full stature, and the word is going forth. Keep it in mind, that if you pray for a husband, or a wife and a family, God may not give you both. Be careful how you pray. If He will give you both, God bless you, but be aware of the consequences.


Comment: Are there any people in a high place of sonship that are married?


Pastor Vitale: I do not know because the door is just starting to open now, so we really do not know. Of course, if you are married at the time God calls you, He does not call you to divorce, but He does call you to get up and do what He tells you to do.


Comment: I am getting back to that particular subject that we were talking about concerning marriage last week. I was talking to a girl that was asking me questions. I was mentioning to her a few things that we spoke about in the service here. She is very interested. She was talking to me about the sexual relationship in marriage. I mentioned to her that there is a high place in God, that we will come into, where that will be left off at a certain point. In a certain situation, she was mentioning a woman, who said to her husband, that she did not need sexual relations in their marriage anymore because she was in a higher place in God. The husband said, but I need a sexual relationship in this marriage. She refused, and he went out, and committed adultery.  She was the minister’s wife, and he was in a high position in the church. I guess they both had gone through deep things in the Lord. This girl wanted to know how I felt about that. I gave her the biblical answer that Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 7:5 not to defraud one another in marriage. I want your opinion on it.


Pastor Vitale: I do not agree with that. I think that when we find something in the Scripture, we have to be very careful to look at the context of what Paul was saying. He clearly stated that in the context of fasting. Fasting is an activity that is associated with the imputed anointing. Jesus clearly stated that when the bridegroom is with them, they do not need to fast. When he goes away they will fast. Jesus’ disciples did not fast. Now to anyone reading this message, I am not fasting. If you want to fast, if it blesses you, if it is okay with the Lord, praise God. I am not against it, but this is my opinion. The men came to Jesus and they said how come John’s disciples fast, and your disciples do not? Jesus said, how can they fast when the bridegroom is with them? When he goes away they will fast. He went away, and now he is back, and he is in me, and I do not feel called to fast. My whole life is a fast. The Hebrew word that is translated fast really means afflict your soul, which means give up everything of the adamic soul life, of which food is just a tiny little bit. Afflict your soul. Afflict your adamic soul. Why would we want to afflict our adamic soul? Because it has got to die. Everything of the adamic soul has to die.


Comment: I hear what you are saying. It was after Pentecost that Paul was talking about how he fasted often. Why did Paul fast? He knew that he was called to be a son, right?


Pastor Vitale: I am not against fasting, and I do not know why Paul fasted. I feel that my whole life is a fast.


Comment: So some are called to fast and some are not?


Pastor Vitale: That is true. It could be that, and to be honest with you, I never looked up the word fast in the Greek. We do not know what he was fasting from. I have been fasting from sexual activity for more than eleven years. Not only sexual activity, but I have not even had so much as a date. The Lord has a hedge around me.


Comment: Paul was not married, right? He said he wished they could be like him. Well, he was probably fasting from sex, but I think he was talking about fasting from food, maybe not, but I think so.


Pastor Vitale: Well, he may have, but my whole point is that fasting from food is only part of the true fast.


Comment: If you are married to a man, and you chose to marry that man, and he still does desire sex, and you do not, I think it would be ungodly to tempt him to want to sin. It is not a sin to have sex.


Pastor Vitale: No, it is not a sin to have sex. Paul said, if the Lord is calling you, and you are married, live as if you do not have a wife. After the message last week, I went before the Lord because I listened to the message briefly, and that was the only witness that I had in my heart as to the celibacy issue, live as you have none. I said, Lord, I do not have a second witness. Jesus said, some men are eunuchs, but that was not referring to married people. The Lord gave me the second witness. It is in the Old Testament. When the Hebrews were waiting for the Lord to reveal Himself, when the ten commandments were being given, one of the instructions to Moses was tell the people not to come at their wives. They were not to have sex with their wives for at least three days before they entered into the presence of the Lord.


Comment: In the Catholic Church, that is what the nuns do, and the priests also. They think they are going to get closer to God if they do not marry and have sex.


Pastor Vitale: They are doing it in the flesh. Nothing could come of that.


Comment: So you are saying that is a perverted form, and there is a truth to that?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, there is a truth to it, but it is done in the flesh. When you are under the imputed anointing, and you are fasting, you should not do it too much, and withhold yourself from one another.


Comment: But sex is not a sin, and it is sin that keeps us from immortality. Sex is not a sin in marriage, so how can it keep us from immortality?


Pastor Vitale: It is because we are being raised up to a higher spiritual realm in which there is no sexual activity. It would be like trying to elevate yourself by tying a cylinder block on you. If you engage in something, it is holding you there. If you are trying to ascend to a place where there is no sexual activity, and you continue to engage in sexual activity, it is going to hinder your ascension.


            I just want to add this in the message. This is the second witness to celibacy in preparation to being restored to the high realms of the spirit. In the Old Testament God said tell the men not to come at their wives for three days in preparation for their coming into the actual presence of God. That is not an imputed anointing, but an imparted anointing, which is the actual presence of Christ. It required them not to have sex.


Comment: Our bodies are now. If this is so, then this is a high realm, and it could be revealed in my mind, but I am in a different body, because this body is a regular female body. I want a body where that is all gone.


Pastor Vitale: Well, you are going to get it, but until it happens, we have to hold on to the horns of the altar. I have told you this, personally and privately, and I will put in in the message. God does not call us to suffering. When He first called me to celibacy, I had a period of difficulty, but it passed, and I do not suffer for the lack of it. I believe that if He were to give me a husband, I would be a normal woman, but I do not suffer for not having it. You may be going through a period of difficulty now, but if this is what God has for you, it will pass. It is your soul realm trying to anchor you down. It does not want you to ascend, because if you ascend, everything has to ascend.


Comment: But I thought that you said lay aside every weight, but that weight is sin, the thing that so easily besets us. Is that talking about sin? But sex is not a sin. I do not understand why it could not be in the spirit. I will just pray about it. 


Pastor Vitale: Sexual activity is what the animals do. It is a part of life in this realm, just like marriage, where the woman must submit to the man. That is part of the life under the curse. These are the things we do under the curse. In Christ, there is liberty, which means the only one that we are in submission to is Christ.


Comment: I thought you said last week that you believe that the young women should bear children. Well, how does that coincide with what you are saying?


Pastor Vitale: What I am saying is that in this hour, what I see is that I do not see God calling very young women to the imparted anointing. I do not see it in this hour.


Comment: That brings up that question that I had this week. If a young child, say a five or six year old child, is called to sonship, are they too young to come into it? Can they come into immortality as a child? If the door opens for it, maybe it is not going to happen all at once. Maybe there are the few that are walking around in immortality, would not everybody in the earth be following them, saying what is this?


Pastor Vitale: Oh yes, once it becomes visible to the world, they are going to be wanting it.


Comment: There are going to be all ages, like say eighteen year old, or twenty year old, thirty year old. Can all these ages enter into immortality?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, because it has nothing to do with the age of your human body. It has to do with the maturity of Christ within your spiritual body. To get back to that issue, I do not know that we made it clear. If there is an eighteen year old, nineteen year old, or a twenty year old woman, and she is not anywhere near being called to the imparted anointing, she should marry and bear children, and live a Godly life. The only people that I see in this hour, because it is just beginning now, it is just starting, are mature older believers.


Comment: You said you do not see God doing that. It is almost like I am hearing that the young women should go ahead and marry because I do not see that God is calling you.


Pastor Vitale: In this hour, definitely. There are very few that He is calling in this hour.


Comment: You are saying that it is possible that these young children, or even young adults, they could be called, but in this hour they are not being called?


Pastor Vitale: Maybe twenty years from now they will be called. In this hour, God is raising up His firstfruits. From what I see that He is raising up, the testing is severe. I see the learning that he is requiring us to understand is intense, deep understanding of human nature. This is what I see in this hour. Most nineteen or twenty year olds could not even comprehend it.


Comment: That was what I was saying. What if a six year old was called? Do they have to comprehend all this whole school of teaching and stuff, when it is in the spirit, to come into immortality?


Pastor Vitale: I am not sure. I do not know. All that I can tell you right now is that God is raising up the firstfruits company and this is what I see is happening.


            My opinion is that it is very likely that once the firstfruits company has stood up in full stature, that people will be impregnated with the life of Christ. That uterine growth of the life of Christ, within them, will be developing much more rapidly than it is for the firstfruits company. Things might be more like they were when Jesus was being raised up. At twelve years old he said did you not know that I would be with the wise men studying the things of God? He was only twelve years old. I think that once the firstfruits company stand up, and people start being fertilized everywhere, across the face of the earth, as the life of Christ comes forth in them, they will be receiving this knowledge, or the ability to understand this knowledge. It will have nothing to do with the age of their human body.


Comment: How long do you think it will be before the firstfruits company comes on the scene?


Pastor Vitale: I think a lot of people are hoping that it is going to be very soon. We are all hoping that it is going to be very soon. The Scripture says that he is going to be resurrected after three days and three nights. Like Jonah, he will be in the belly of the whale, for three nights and three days. The third day has already dawned, so the resurrection has to be close at hand. We see the judgment of the church falling all around us. That is another sign that he is about to be resurrected, because first it is given unto a man once to die, when he takes on the flesh, and then the judgment. After the judgment is the resurrection. Glory to God. Jesus said, God is not going to tell us the exact time, but that we should be able to discern the time. So those of us that have been given the ability to discern the times, look around us and say, well, that baby is just about near due. So we all are hoping it is going to be very soon, because the whole world is going to change.


Comment: The verse that says those that are worthy of that will neither marry nor are given in marriage sounds similar to what you are saying, but could you expound on that?


Pastor Vitale: It is pretty much the same thing. We cannot live under the old covenant and under the new covenant at the same time. We cannot live under an imputed anointing and an imparted anointing at the same time. We are supposed to be journeying from the imputed anointing into the imparted anointing. That journey requires us, as the Lord calls us to do it, to give up whatever He calls us to give up. As we ascend out of this realm of the curse, one of the things that we are going to give up is sexuality. Another thing that we are going to give up is marriage, eventually, because that is all part of the curse. Life in Christ is each individual, with an internalized Christ, who is their husband, each individual being totally complete.


Comment: How is marriage part of the curse? How was it like before the fall, before the earth and the people were cursed?


 Pastor Vitale: It was Christ as the husband in the creation, the living soul, which was his wife. That was what it was like. The creation did not separate down into men and women until much later on, which is the result of the curse of God.


Comment: I think you said before, that being fruitful and multiplying, was a higher realm of reproducing. 


Pastor Vitale:  Yes. First of all, if you look up those words, be fruitful, it means to produce fruit. Who is the fruit? It is Christ.


            When God said be fruitful, He was saying produce Christ. Go forth creation, and let Christ be formed in you. That was what He was saying. When He said multiply, He said multiple into many vessels, but He did not say bear or give birth to. He said multiply into many vessels. He did not tell the creation to give an animal form of birth in Genesis 1. We discovered, when we did a word by word study in Genesis 3:16, where God was pronouncing the curse upon Eve, one of the things that He said to her was, in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children. When we looked up those words in the Hebrew, we found one of the possible definitions for the word sorrow. We have it in another message. Sorrow could be translated, thou shalt bear forth in a human body. That was the switch over. The way we give birth is a manifestation of the curse. If we want to be delivered out from under the curse, we have to give up those ways of life that exist under the curse. Bringing forth our young, as the animals do, is a part of the curse. It is very heavy, but it is the truth.


Comment: Will our bodies be different? We will not have wombs where we can have babies, and breasts to feed the babies? Will we have totally different bodies?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, but I do not know how long it is going to take.


Comment: Are our bodies like this a part of the curse?


Pastor Vitale: Paul calls it a vile body. This is our body under the curse.


Comment: I just thought he called it that because of sin, and once the sin was out, we would be in these bodies, but they would be full of light, and that would be our change.


Pastor Vitale: We are going to get a new body.


Comment: These bodies are made for reproduction. Right now this is the way it is. If we give up this realm of marriage, and bearing children like this, does this mean that we are going to be going through the pain of knowing that our bodies are going to stay like this? Our minds will ascend, and we will know, eventually, that our bodies will change, but at this time we have it this way, and we still have to walk around with a body like this?


Pastor Vitale: Right, because our mind is ascending before our body ascends. I just want to remind you that the pain is not going to be forever. The deliverance will come.


Comment: If we are still in this kind of body, we have to go through the pain to get rid of the sin, and finally we will get a new body? We go through pain, and more pain, until we finally get a new body?


Pastor Vitale: We are going to get a new soul before we get a new body. I believe the pain will stop when we move into the soul of Christ. The body is just a slave.


Comment: My thoughts of wanting marriage and children in this way is being under the curse. I will have to go through a lot of pain to get to this other realm. I have to be totally thinking differently. When I have the thoughts of Christ, I probably will not even have thoughts about marriage, sex, and children. It is going to force our bodies to change.


Pastor Vitale: All of these desires that you are having are out of your adamic soul. If you are called to have Christ formed in you, that soul must die. Your adamic soul must die, and everything associated with life in the soul realm must die.


Comment: You did say something about one minister that had written a newsletter. She was saying something about no sex, and you did not quite agree with that.


Pastor Vitale: I did not agree with that, and then the Lord corrected me. I even have it in another message. I did not agree with it, and it was that night that I put it before the Lord. I prayed about it before that. You see, when we pray for God’s truth, He does not always answer us immediately. I had prayed a few weeks, and I said, Lord, I cannot receive this. If I am wrong, please correct me. Three weeks later, he still had not corrected me, but the night that I put in in my message, He called me to repentance, and gave me the revelation. I did not believe that He could possibly call married people to celibacy. I did not believe it. That night He called me to repentance. He said, now that the door is opening to enter into spiritual maturity, for those who are called to enter into the fullness of His life, we must give up every manifestation of life that exists under the curse.


Comment: What happens if the husband or the wife is giving up sex, and then the other one commits adultery because they strongly disagree?


Pastor Vitale: There is no excuse for sin. I would address myself to that man. What would you do if your wife became physically ill, and could not have sex with you? What would you do if your wife died? Well, maybe you would get married again very quickly if sex is that important to you. What would you do if your wife became ill? What if, God forbid, she had a long term cancer, and she could not have sex with you for ten years? Would that justify adultery? There is no justification for adultery. God works all things together for good for those who love the Lord. This man had a severe test.


Comment: The one who wants to give up sex can do it. They can refuse sex to their partner in marriage, whenever they want?


Pastor Vitale: Now we are getting right back to what we have talked about many times. Everything is motive. If you are denying your husband sex because you want to control him, or for some ungodly reason, no, it is not acceptable.


Comment: What if you choose to give up sex because you want what God has for you, and you believe it is higher?


Pastor Vitale: If that is truly your motive, and you have gone before God, then you have to ask the Lord to deal with your husband. As we move into sonship, everything we do must be cleared with our Lord and Master. We have to go before the Lord and say, Lord, I have heard this message, and this woman is preaching that we have to give up sex, even in marriage, to ascend.  My husband is strongly opposed. What do you want me to do? The Lord might say to you, this is not your time to give it up. Have mercy on your husband, and continue sexual relations with him, and spiritually, go back to your husband. He might tell you that. Then He might tell you that it is your time to ascend, and I am calling you to give it up, and trust me to deal with your husband.


Comment: If you are married, and you are having a sexual relationship, there is no condemnation.

Can you still receive things in the Spirit in your mind?


Pastor Vitale: No, there is no condemnation at all. Yes, you can still receive things in the Spirit.


Comment: Your body is lowered every time you have sex. Is that what you are saying?


Pastor Vitale: I am not going to accept that word because there are going to be people out there that are going to take it the wrong way. Sex is not a sin in marriage, however, it is an activity that binds us to this soul realm.


Comment: When you say animal, I definitely think of a lower realm.


Pastor Vitale: I would rather not use that word for people reading this message, that would misunderstand what I am saying.


Comment: What do you mean by using the word animal?


Pastor Vitale: Well, that is how the animals reproduce. We are sons of God.


            Before the fall we were sons of God on a much higher realm than the realm where the animals live. Now we are higher than the animals in our mind because we are soul people, and we know God. We have a relationship with God, but we reproduce the way the animals do, and we mate the way the animals do. I do not believe that God created us that way. We are a fallen creation. The type of our fall is Nebuchadnezzar. He is described in the Book of Daniel, where he fell down, and he grew long nails, and he grew feathers. That is a type of the son of God that fell down into the animal realm, and dwelt there until what? What revelation brought him back up into the heavenlies? The Scripture says that he stayed there until he got the revelation that God rules in the lives of men, and that God rules in the heavenlies, and that there is none higher than God. At which point, the Lord raised him back up.


            Anyone listening to this message, I am not against sex. I believe that the marriage bed is not defiled. What I am preaching is the word of God that the Lord has to the sons. It is time. The trumpet is sounding. I am bringing you back up to the high realms of the Spirit. I am delivering you out from amongst the manifestations of the curse. If you want to be raised back up to the high realms of the Spirit, you must let go of that which you love in the world, where the curse prevails. Can you hear that? It is like an animal that has been a wild lion, or a gorilla that has been caged for years. You let them go out of the cage, and they do not know what to do. They will very likely turn back and return to their cage. It is just like when God took the Hebrews out of Egypt, many of them wanted to go back. What did they want? They wanted the garlic and the leeks. They wanted that which in Egypt was pleasant to them. Well, sexual activity is very pleasant.


            There are things in this world that we live in, this realm of hell that we live in, this bondage that we live in, that are pleasant. There are things that are pleasant like the garlics and the leeks. One of them is sexual activity and having babies. But God says, if you want to come out of Egypt, you have got to leave the leeks and the garlics behind. If you want to be a full spiritual man, standing in full spiritual stature, you cannot have sexual activity also, because the two are not compatible. Can you understand that? God is saying I have something better for you. Spiritual maturity in Christ is better than maturity on the soul realm down here, which includes a wife and a family. God has something better for us, but because we do not have that vision of how glorious it is going to be, and because it is a process whereby we must first give up that which we love, before we enter into that which is better, a lot of us are having trouble leaving it behind.


             Another example was Lot’s wife. She turned and looked back to Sodom. She lusted for the things of that life, and it caused her to lose her blessing. So we have to, by faith, hear the word of God that, that which we are going to, that which is on the other side of the desert, that the wilderness is going to be much better than what we are leaving behind. In the meantime, we are in the wilderness, where we do not have sexuality or family life, but neither have we yet moved into the fullness of spiritual maturity. We are in the wilderness. God is saying, harden not your heart in the day and hour of temptation, but have faith in God, and believe that which He tells you, that, that which He is bringing you to is better than that which He has taken you out from. Harden not your heart in the day and hour of temptation. Why? Because if you do, you will die in the wilderness. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


            Jesus, you give me these really tough messages to preach. Look at what it means that this message is coming forth. God is trumpeting the message that He is getting ready to take us out of Egypt. You think you came out of Egypt when you gave up your pagan ways, and you started going to church every Sunday, and your soul is filled with Egypt, and the thoughts of the world, and the lusts of the world? You did not come out of Egypt, brethren. All you did was hear the voice of Moses, and you started to get ready. We are not out of Egypt, but the trumpet is sounding now. God is going to take us out of Egypt, brethren. But you have to leave those leeks and garlics, or you cannot come. If you turn around and look back, you are going to lose out. Do you feel that anointing that came down when I said that? That is the word of the hour, brethren. Turn from your frivolities, turn from your baby games, turn from your worldish and childish desires. Turn towards God, which is Spirit, and follow Him, for He calleth to you in this hour. Wow! What can you say after that? (Laughter)


07/21/14 – Transcribed by MJS

07/23/14 - 1st Edit MJS




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