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The preacher, the pastor of the church is a convicted felon. I have spoken to some of the people. God closed the church down. They are broken hearted. Their heart is broken. I have heard this man preach. He is good. I have seen him minister. He is good. How could this have happened? He is a natural man with an imputed or loaned anointing of God. But you see, the real five fold ministry is coming forth now, and the men in that five fold ministry, and the authority that they have, the power to heal, the power to prophesy, the power to cast out demons, it will come forth from righteousness within them. This is called the imparted anointing. It is power with God, coming forth from righteousness that has been built in the man, because he has submitted his life to Jesus Christ, and his heart has been converted. We have to be converted. We submit our heart to Christ, but then we have to be converted. To what? From sin unto righteousness. This is going to be appearing in the church world soon.


Now there are a lot of people that do not go to church on Long Island, New York because they could not understand how this pastor, that they loved, could have been having an affair. I am telling you, and I do not know if you know this or not, but it happened. Does anybody here not know that this happened? There is a whole ministry out in Suffolk County that was glorious. You walked in there, and the place was rocking with the power of God. Still the pastor was involved with several other women. The Lord sent a prophet to him. He said, stop it, or I am going to expose you in public. He laughed at the man, and said who are you? I am the pastor of this church. Do you know that sometimes when you have the power of God, you cannot discern Christ in another person? Do you know that we have to acknowledge Christ wherever he manifests. Do you know that it is almost suicide to think I hear from God, so do not tell me that He is talking through you. He will talk to you through anyone that He wants to. God sent another prophet that told him, stop doing it, or I am going to expose you in public. He said, get out of my office. Then he was caught in bed with another woman. The whole ministry shut down. This is two years ago. God still has not restored it. It is like death. They are still open, but when you walk in there, it is like death.


The imputed anointing, the gifts, and the calling of God, are without repentance. Why did God pick him? Probably because he was a good administrator. He collected the money. He knew what to do with it. He maintained the building. He ran the services. He was a good administrator, but he was not righteous. There is a five fold ministry coming forth in the earth through men. When I say men, I mean men and women. Do you know there is no male or female in Christ Jesus? Do you know that when Christ is ruling in your life, you are a spiritual man? Do you know what it means by there is no male or female in Christ Jesus? It means that, spiritually, your body does not matter. It means if Christ is ruling in your mind, you are a man. If Christ is tread under the foot in your old man, and your adamic, or your carnal mind is ruling, you are a woman. There are a lot of women in male bodies in the pulpit. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


God is a Spirit. Christ is a Spirit. He is a Spirit. I have heard some people say, oh Jesus is black. When Jesus comes back, he is going to be black. He is going to be Chinese. He is all of that. He is in that black body over there, and he is in this white body over here, and he is in this female body over here, and he is in that male body over there. He is everything. He is a Spirit. He is in every man, and in everyone. He is a Spirit. He is not green. He is not yellow. He is not black. He is not orange. He is not Chinese. He is not Greek. He is all of us. It is time to grow up.


Comment: When we get to heaven, we will see him as a man. We are not going to see a disembodied spirit. That is the way I picture him. Do you know what I mean?


Pastor Vitale: You are going to see him as a man. Hallelujah. The whole purpose of this creation is that the Lord God wants to have a body. He wants to appear. He wants to be seen.


We were saying that we are being converted from sin unto righteousness. The day that you receive the Holy Spirit, you are not made righteous. What has happened to you? You have been justified before God. What does that mean? The Lord has permitted you to come near unto him. He has agreed to set aside your sin for the period that it is going to take you to work with him to get you cleaned up. You have got to be cleansed. You cannot stay like this because you have the Holy Spirit. You cannot stay like this. You have got to stop sinning. Does anybody not know that? You have got to resist the sin. You have got to stop by His power. When He shows it to you, that something that you are doing is sin, you have got to say, yes Lord, I am sorry. Help me to not to do it anymore. You cannot stay like you are, and do whatever you want. You are being converted. You are being converted from a sin filled natural man to a righteous spiritual man, in which there is no death.


The new and the real five fold ministry is about to come on the scene very shortly. What does that mean? It means that God has a people, and nobody knows who they are right now, but they have been working with God, defeating sin in their mind at every turn. There is a conversion about to take place. We are being converted bit by bit. We are in the process of being converted. The full converted man is going to appear in the earth, righteous, by the power of Jesus Christ, with sin utterly defeated, and put down under his feet. There are a lot of people in the church that do not go to church because they know how imperfect these men are. They have been hurt. They have been wounded. They have been disgusted. Some of them God tells them not to go, and some of them God has told to go to church.


All kinds of people are not going to church in this hour. A lot of these people, if you talk to them, they will tell you that God says I do not have to go to church. A lot of them, God has told not to go to church. But the Lord says, that the true five fold ministry is about to appear on the scene, and he wants his people forming in groups to be taught of God. These people that have heard the word of the Lord to come out of the church, they do not want to go, because a year ago they heard God say, do not go to church. Now God is saying something different, and they are having trouble understanding. God wants you to know the reason why it is necessary to form in groups. It is fine to study from newsletters, and it is fine to listen to messages, but the spiritual reality of your life is that Christ is being built in you. Your adamic soul is being destroyed, and Christ is being built in you. The way God does it, is by the foolishness of preaching.


You can read your newsletters, you can study your messages, but it is not head knowledge. It is a spiritual experience that occurs in your soul, as the word of God is preached under the anointing. The words fall upon your heart as seed, and your soul receives the seed, and the life of God is reproduced in you. Sometimes you can get it off of a message or by reading a message. But the ideal way to do it, the way that is going to bring the life of Christ forward in you, as rapidly as possible, is to be sitting in a meeting where the word is being preached, under the anointing, defeating sin in your mind, and building Christ in you. There are a lot of people that are going to have to make a lot of changes.


Somebody said to me once, talking about a particular preacher, he cannot leave Long Island. He is the prophet that God sent to Long Island. I do not deny that he is the prophet that God sent to Long Island ten years ago. That does not mean he has to stay on Long Island for the rest of his life. If God gives you an instruction, if God tells you something, that does not mean that it necessarily forever. If God comes a week, or a month, or a year later, and says, alright children, it is time to do something else. If you sit there and say, oh no, I do not believe that, because God told me not to do it, you are in trouble, because He is going to go on without you. I am telling you, He is going to go on without you. We have to hear the voice of the Lord from second to second, from minute to minute, from day to day. We need to follow after the cloud by day, and the pillar of fire by night. We must follow Him. We must follow Him. We must hear Him in our own mind, and we must hear Him through the mouth of others.


Also, another point that He wanted me to make was about spiritual authority. Many believers have been so hurt by what the existing five fold ministry have done. I repeat, there are many, many, very well-meaning people in the five fold ministry. They just fail because they are human. Everybody is not in sin. Most of them are not. There are a lot of very well meaning sincere people, but they are just men, and they are not perfect. There are so many believers that have been so hurt that they do not want to submit to any authority. The word of the Lord tonight in this area is that there will be an authority in the five fold ministry, and He requires us to submit as we discern Christ. Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ. If you see that the man is in sin, you do not follow him. Pray for that ability to discern the spirit, because we are on a journey, you see, and we have never gone this way before. It is a new way. We have never done it before.


I just got out of the hospital. I was very sick. I almost died. I had been in a place with God where He had healed me of every infirmity for twelve years, and I had a lot of serious problems. He healed me of everything. I got very ill, and I was not getting any better. I knew that I was dying, and I said, Lord, if you want my life, you can have it. I just do not care. If you want me to die, I will die. It makes no difference to me. But if you are telling me to go into the hospital, I will go. I do not understand this. You have healed me of everything, all kinds of serious problems, for twelve years, and now all of a sudden, I am not getting healed. If you witness to my heart that you want me to go into the hospital, I will go. Otherwise, I will die. It makes no difference to me. He sent a couple of prophets to me, and the word of the Lord was go to the hospital. Well, I went to a doctor, and the doctor took a blood test, and he said you are dying, which I knew. He said if you do not get into a hospital, you are going to die. I had a disease that produced malnutrition in my body. I was dying from malnutrition.


This is my point. While I was praying to the Lord, as to whether or not He wanted me to go to the hospital, He gave me a dream. I had two dreams. I was on a desert, and it was pitch black. In one dream, I was riding on a horse, and I did not know which way to go. I could not understand what was happening. Lord, what are you doing? I was looking, and I did not know which way to go, and all of a sudden two men came out. You know the men at the airport, they have those flashlights, and they wave them so the planes know where to go. They were waving at me, and saying this way, this way, come this way. It was within two days after that, that the Lord witnessed to me to go to the hospital, and it saved my life. We are going in a way that we have never walked before, you see. We have to follow after His Spirit. We have to follow after His Spirit. That is the word of the hour that is being trumpeted to the whole church. We must become a spiritual people. We must follow after His Spirit. We must learn to discern it, and we must wage war against sin in our own mind, and in our own heart, because the hour is at hand for conversion. It is very exciting. I am excited.


Well, I got way off my track today. Let me see what else I have for you here. I am going to stop soon. Maybe I should just stop here. Does anybody have any questions?


Comment: What is the five fold ministry? What is that?


Pastor Vitale: It is the number, five fold, ministry. It is referring to Ephesians 4 in the Bible where it talks about pastors, and teachers, and apostles, and prophets, and evangelists. No, it does not say five fold ministries, but in Ephesians 4:11 it talks about apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers in that order. It is called the five fold ministry because there are five different offices. They are spiritual offices. It is probably a tradition of man to call it the five fold ministry. There are five offices that typify the ministry of Jesus Christ. Somewhere some man coined the phrase, and it is not in the Bible. Some man said it, and everybody picked up on it. This is a perfect example of how false doctrine starts.  Now that is not hard, and I do not see how that is hurting anybody, but that is how false doctrine gets started. Somebody says it and you hear it.


God really wanted that question in this message. This is exactly what the Lord is talking about, because we are still carnal, the most spiritual of us, and I am not insulting anybody. I am including myself in this. We are so carnal so much of the time. This is what happens. There is a lot of misunderstanding about a lot of things, and Jesus is starting to clean it up.


Comment: Are you saying do not go to the church building?


Pastor Vitale: No, I am not saying that at all. Listen to the Lord. A lot of people need a church. Well, if you like, when we finish the question and answer time, I will pray for anybody that wants me to pray for them because it may just be the Lord that has called you out of church to stay home and study with Him. God does not condemn you. That is the warfare that we talked about earlier. You are two men. There is sweet and bitter water in your mind. There are two thought processes in your mind, and it is the old man and the new man. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Well, what does that mean? One day you are going to the Catholic Church, and the next day you are going to the Pentecostal Church, and the third day you are sitting home because you do not know what to do. You are unstable in all your ways just like everybody else. I am not insulting you.


I hear what you said. There is a lot of misunderstanding in the church. Judgment day begins at the moment that Jesus Christ takes up residence in your heart. He is the one that is judging your soul. He is the one that is revealing sin to you, without condemnation. He is revealing your sins so that you might repent and get delivered from them, so that all your sins should be cast upon the water. That is in the Old Testament. Cast your sins upon the water that you might be filled up with Christ. Get the mud out of the glass so we could fill it up with the water. Glory to God.


Comment: They say that when you die that God judges us.


Pastor Vitale: I do not know any scripture that says that. To be honest with you, I do not know any scripture that says we get judged. The scripture that you may be thinking about is it is given unto a man once to die, and then the judgment. Well, the problem with this, brethren, is when do we die? What is the scriptural definition of death? I challenge anyone in this room, and anyone reading this message, to show me a scripture that says the Lord considers us dead when this body dies. On the contrary, the Scripture says the carnal mind is death. The carnal mind is death. We are dead spiritually when we are living out of our carnal mind. In God’s mind, if we are not living out of His Son’s life, we are dead. You pray about this.  I suggest to you what the scripture means, is that it is given unto a man once to die, and then the judgment. We were alive with Christ before in the realm of the spirit. When we were born into this flesh realm we died. The judgment is in the flesh. You pray about it. I am telling you it is the truth. It is given unto a man once to die. When Adam fell in the garden, when he sinned, and he fell into this low flesh realm, he died, and we all died in him. I remind you of the scripture that says spiritually dead, but we are being resurrected. The whole creation is spiritually dead. We are dead unto God. In God’s mind there is no difference. If you are dead, you are dead. When Adam sinned, and fell, and he was driven out of the garden of Eden, the whole creation died.


Comment:  I thought that when you died that you do see the Lord, and He would say if you were good or bad, or whatever you did in this life. You say, according to God, whether we are dead or alive it does not matter. I never heard of this.


Pastor Vitale: What is upsetting you? I do not want you to go home with this. We are being resurrected now. The good part is we are being resurrected in His Son. We are in the process of being resurrected. The whole creation died with Adam. Do you believe God made a creation like this where people die, and people are on drugs, and people are on alcohol, and all kinds of bondage? Do you think God did that? This is the fallen creation. It is because we are fallen. We are existing in a realm of death, destruction, and decay. Everything dies here. You leave the house alone, and the paint starts falling off on the outside. The animals die. The plants die. You wait long enough and everything dies.


Comment:  I do not think I am dead. I think that I am alive with him, Christ. I feel him all over me.


Pastor Vitale: That is because you are being resurrected. His life is in you. You are being resurrected. You have his life in you.


The Scripture says that Levi paid tithes in Abraham. What that means is that when Abraham paid tithes to Melchisedec, the seed that would eventually be born is Levi. Does anyone know the scripture? Nobody knows what I am talking about. My whole point is that the whole creation died in Adam. Adam was a single entity, within him the potential to multiply into many members. My support for telling you that the whole creation died when Adam died, is the scripture, Adam, dying, he died, when God put him out of the garden. Look it up in the Interlinear. His body did not die until almost a thousand years later, but he had died spiritually. If you check it out in the Hebrew, that is what it says. The scriptural support for what I am saying is that Levi paid tithes before he was ever born, when he was a seed in the sperm of Abraham. God says Levi paid tithes. God is acknowledging life that has not even been birth yet. Abraham paid tithes, and Levi was in the seed. That is my scriptural support for saying, before we were ever born into this world, we died, because Adam died, and we were in him. The whole creation fell down and died. It is given unto a man. Who is the man? Adam. He is only one man; one creation. God made one living soul. He has multiplied into many members. It is just like one plant that can multiply into five hundred leaves. We are all members of Adam. We are like cells in his body. God only made one living soul.


Comment: If tomorrow I have a heart attack and die, what happens? Am I in heaven with Jesus?


Pastor Vitale: Heaven is with Jesus. Your spirit is going to be with Jesus.


Comment: If I am supposed to be transformed, then how can I die? Spiritually I am alive. My nature dies, and my body has got to die. I do not live four thousand years like people in the Old Testament. This is my confusion. Do you understand? What happens? Where do we go?


Comment: I have another question about the two fold anointing that you spoke of. You said that God imputed this anointing to men to be the leader of a church. My thoughts are this. God puts man in that place, or does man through his own will, put himself in that place, because of denominations, organizations, and still is it the will of man usurping what God really wants to do?


Pastor Vitale: Both are true. The preacher that trained me used to say they were not sent, they just got up and went. No, God did not call them, they just went to a seminary, and got a degree, and they started a church. But I believe that there is an imputed five fold anointing, that God has called an anointing, with spiritual gifts and power that is capable of helping people.


Comment: When you said God empowers a man to lead His people that way, I kind of thought it was man’s own nature, wrong doings, and misgivings, being connected to it. Plus denominations are made mostly of men. God did not make denominations, even though there are saved people in the denominations. Denominations are there, and working, and leading people, as you said.


Pastor Vitale: I agree with you completely. Maybe someone has had a different experience, but it has been my personal experience that when God anoints these men, who are without repentance, usually you can see them functioning in the pulpit. I personally experienced a man that the glory of God was all over him in the preaching, the revelation, the healing, and the anointing that was on the service. Then I would meet him one day during the week, and I would not believe it was the same man. What am I saying to you? When God imputes authority, it does not necessarily mean that, that authority is imputed 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. God will put the anointing on a man and lift if off, just like the prophets of the Old Testament. They did not walk around under an abiding anointing. When God wanted to prophesy, the Spirit fell on them. That is the imputed anointing.


Comment:  Maybe our prayer for these men should be that they should really hear themselves preach, so that anointing that comes upon them could take seed in their hearts.


Comment: In 1978 or 1979 I heard this on the 700 Club TV program. This man that was very hurt in a car accident, died for about ten or fifteen minutes. He was healed after a while by the Lord, but he said that he went up to heaven, and he heard beautiful music that was undescribable. He said no music on earth could compare with it. Everything was perfect, the flowers, the streets were painted with gold, the pearly gates, and it was paradise; nothing like here. He looked down, and saw this big man in the room. From up there he could see his body. He said what is that pathetic thing lying there? All darkness was around. They were trying to help him. The pathetic thing down there was him. He saw the Lord as a big man. He did not want to come back here. He said, I do not want to come back. The Lord said, no, you have to go back and witness what you saw. I believe that. It has always been embedded in my mind. I even told others that. He said it was so beautiful with the music, the flowers, everything was so perfect.


Pastor Vitale: Praise the Lord. This is the imperfect realm. We are going from imperfection to perfection. Scripture says, if the Lord permit, let us go on to perfection. There is a perfection in Christ. It is a promise in the Bible. Let us go on from the basic doctrines unto the doctrine of perfection, only by special permission of God. We have to have the permission of God to go on to spiritual manhood. Paul said, when I was a child, I thought as a child, and now that I am a man, I think and speak as a man. He was not talking about a natural man. He was talking about his spiritual condition.


Comment: Being spiritually dead was the first time that I heard those words. I never heard it before. If any of us die, they say that you see the Lord.


Pastor Vitale: Where does it say that? Everybody may say that, but can you show me that in the Bible? I see him right now. He talks to me in the morning, and He talks to me at noon, and He talks to me at night. He gives me visions, He gives me life, and He gives me love. I am being resurrected.


Comment: When somebody passes away, they say he or she is with God. He saw the Lord or she saw the Lord.


Pastor Vitale: In a measure that is true. The Scripture says that when we die, our soul goes back to the dust, and our spirit goes to be with God. So we would see God in a different way, but we, who are partakers of His Son’s life, we do not have to wait until we die anymore to see Him. We have got Him right now, you see.


Comment: I know that I have felt the presence of the Lord. He has healed me many times. I talk to Him since I have been born again. I used to love the Lord even before. Now I want to know more about Him. I always want to read about Him, and it is exciting to me to talk about the Lord, and to see spirit filled people like you. Like you said, now that we are spiritually dead, when we die, does the Lord not know we are not the same when we have passed away?


Pastor Vitale:  Our spiritual life. You see, it is very hard because we are carnal, but we have to realize that this body is not me. The Lord gave me an example. I do not want to get too deep. I will tell you why I am hesitating. The Lord has shown me something.


Just the other day I was saying, Lord, I have to find that scripture. But He revealed to me that the body of the spirit is the soul. You see, the spirit rests in the soul, and the soul rests in the body, and the true temple of the Spirit of God is the soul. It is not this corruptible vile flesh. This is not the temple of the Holy Ghost. The temple of the Holy Ghost is the soul of Christ. It is not the soul of Adam, not the old man, but the soul of Christ. Yes, we are two souls. You have two souls. You have the soul you were born with, which is the natural man, and you have Christ. One of them is going to have to prevail in you. The soul of Christ is absorbing your adamic soul, and they are going to be one. There will be no more double mindedness. Glory to God.


Comment:  The soul is not one fold. It is three fold. The soul is still living in this temple, even though the temple is Him, within the soul, as you said. But it is still within this temple. How then can you say that?


Pastor Vitale:  Are you referring to Jesus when he said, when you tear down this temple, I will build it in three days? My answer to that is, the human body that Jesus was living in, had no sin in it. What I am going to suggest to you, at the risk of getting in over my head, that the Scripture teaches that if you look for it, that this body is a reflection of the spiritual life that dwells in us. He was the fullness of the image of the living God, and his body, even though it looked like us, it had no sin. It had no disease; it had no aging, it had no corruption. Yes, his body was the temple of God, but I do not believe that is true of this vile body. No, not until we are converted, but we shall be converted when we get our glorious body. Our soul is the body of the spirit, and when the body is reflecting Christ, is the house of the soul and the spirit.


Comment: Jesus said, if you destroy this temple, I will raise it up in three days. Is that three thousand year days, or is he resurrecting us?


Pastor Vitale: Jesus said, if you tear down this temple, in three days, I will build it up. Now I agree with you that it is three one thousand days. Now the next question to me is going to be that Jesus was resurrected in three natural days. I remind you that the Greeks came to the disciples, and they said to them, we would see Jesus. The disciples went in to Jesus and said, the Greeks want to see you. Does anybody know what Jesus said? He said, if a corn of wheat fall into the ground, it will bring forth a great harvest. Now what kind of an answer is that? He would not show himself to the Greeks. What was he saying? He was saying you will see me in the next generation. That was what he was saying. Three thousand years later, three thousand years after the crucifixion, the Spirit of Almighty God that raised Christ from the dead, is going to be filling the minds, the souls, and the bodies of his church. You want to see Jesus, He said look at my body.


Jesus was saying, three thousand years from now I am going to be standing on the earth filling all of the vessels of my body. You want to see me? You are going to see me in my glory. You are not going to see me as one. You are going to see me as many. We know Adam started as one, and now we are billions of people. Jesus is the second Adam. The first Adam was a living soul, and the second Adam a life quickening Spirit. Jesus was the second Adam and he started as one, the spiritual life that dwelt inside of that temple. The temple, the seed was bruised, right? The body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was bruised on the cross. His spiritual life came flowing out, and it is sprinkling all over the whole world. It is sprinkling on you, and it is sprinkling all over the whole world. It has sprinkled on you. It is inside of you, and it is going to grow, and it is going to root in your soul. He is going to fill your whole mind and life with himself. What he is doing in you, he is going to do in everybody. He said to the Greeks, if you want to see me, come back in three thousand years. You can see me personally rise from the dead in three days, but if you want to see me in my glory, come back in three thousand years. Glory to God.


07/12/14 Transcribed by MJS

07/30/14 1st Edit MJS/BP/CAS





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