084 - 1 Part


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I’ve learned to depend upon His Word.


Comment: I started to say that sometimes it surprises me when I start singing out, and I feel His presence through me. I feel His presence so strong. I just feel like He is with me in the true Spirit, and it just blesses me. I do not know what to say. It is powerful. I almost felt like someone else starts singing through me. He is awesome. It is awesome.


Pastor Vitale: The word for it is awesome. Well, that is probably true that someone else is singing through you. We were saying earlier that we have multiple personalities in Christ. We are Christ and we are adam, and your other personality just came up. James says that we have a double soul, so your other personality came up.


Comment: Even though it says there are two, Jesus said, Lo, I am in the midst of you. Of course that could mean in the spirit, too. I believe that there was more with us right now. I felt in my soul, those that are in Christ are with me, even though they are not here in the flesh. I am so blessed by it. It just touches me so much.


Pastor Vitale: The Lord gave me a better understanding of asking for angels to help us. I was confused about that for awhile because, as I grew in Christ, I knew that the Lord had taught me that the true angels are the spiritual men. The spiritual man in you is an angel, and the spiritual man in me. I said, Lord, how come you prayed for angels to help us if that is the truth? I prayed that prayer a year or two ago. He spoke to me the other day, and He said, Sheila, when you pray for angels to help you, I raise up the spiritual man of my children all over the world to pray for you. They may know you, and be praying for you. They may not know you, and be praying in the spirit, and know not what for. But when you ask for angels, you had better believe that people that are obedient to me, are praying for you all over the world. Hallelujah.


Comment: And they may not know that they are praying for you?


Pastor Vitale: I believe that God has an order. First He goes to people that know me. He will give them some kind of a communication to pray for me. I have had a lot of people call me up, and say, you have been so heavy on my heart. They hear the Lord, but they do not understand that they are supposed to pray for me. Just to make it carnal, God determines that He needs nine people to pray for me. The first nine people he will go to are the people that know me. He will put a thought of me in your mind, and if they respond by praying for me, if they understand what it means, He will stop there. But if they do not understand, He will go to the next nine. He will keep going to believers, and when He runs out of believers that know me, He will go to believers that do not know me, and He will just anoint them to pray in tongues, and use it for however He wants. When we get someone on our heart, or a vision of somebody, the Lord has brought me to the place, where most of the time, I will say, Lord, do you want me to pray for this person, and how do you want me to pray? I still mess up once in awhile. I realize that He is calling me to ministry when He lays someone on my heart.


I had an experience once when I was in a secular job. I felt this urgent need to be with the Lord, so I went into the ladies room, and I had a vision. I recognized it as a woman that I knew. In the vision I was praying for her. It was at a meeting, and I had a microphone, and I prayed healing for this person. As I walked into the ladies room, this vision filled my mind, but I did not know what it meant. When I got home that night, there was a message on my tape recorder, and this woman that was in my vision had called me. She was in desperate need of prayer. She was very sick. See, God got me into the ladies room, away from the carnal job, but I did not understand what He wanted me to do. If I would have just responded and said to Him, Lord, what do you want me to do? Does this woman need prayer? Does anybody need prayer? What am I doing in here, and what does this vision mean, and what do you want me to do? I am sure that I would have prayed for that woman, and her need would have been met right then. This way I did not get her phone call until ten hours later. She was in agony.


When the Lord speaks to us, or when we see visions, or have feelings that we believe are in Christ, we have to ask God what He wants us to do, because He is talking to us, but we have to understand what He is saying. It is a foreign language. He calls us to ministry, and if we are obedient and faithful, He will call us to ministry anywhere, when you are driving a car, or at work. He will call you at any time. He is not bothered by these carnal hindrances like when we are driving a car or we are at a job, when He calls us. When you are working at a job, you owe your boss those eight hours a day. I do not want anyone that might be hearing this to misunderstand me, but if the Lord calls you for ten minutes into the ladies room, you go. If you are taking time out of your own carnality, then God is not honored in that. But if the Spirit of God calls you away, He is a higher authority than even your natural boss, and you go. You have to make sure it is God.


In the kind of job that I had, it was easy to get into the ladies room for ten minutes. That was no problem at all. I do not believe the Lord would ask you to do anything that would really harm your job, but if it turns out that He does, if it is really God, He will have another job for you. The problem with a lot of believers is that they are so zealous for God that their zealousness is in the flesh, and they want to witness to people, and do all these things that are not God, and it is their own carnal personality. They get into trouble, and that happens a lot with younger believers. When someone is paying us, we really do owe them a full days work for our pay. I just love this supernatural walk. I love Him leading me every step of the way. It is beautiful. Glory to God.


Comment: I was just getting the realization from the Lord how it is to be led by Jesus. Why do we resist? It is really beautiful. I mean it is a beautiful life, and that is where life is.


Pastor Vitale: We resist it because we do not realize it. Some of us realize it, and some of us do not. Our carnal mind wants to rule. The example in the natural is the traditional male and female role. Women are very free in this country today. I believe the type of the soul that must submit to Christ is in the way things were in years past between men and women. He really expects us to do what He says as the man in this marriage. All men and women in the flesh are all women in relationship to God, and we want to do what we want to do. For years women were very submissive to their husband, but in recent times, a lot of women, in general, have a lot of freedom. A lot of women, Christian and non- Christian, are very willful and rebellious towards their husband. Many families have unseated the male, and the woman is ruling. That is what is happening when we do not follow Christ. It is the woman in us, not being obedient, and ruling, and we are out of order. That is when we get into trouble. When we are in perfect order under Christ, every problem we might have is dealt with by His Spirit. When we take the lead, we get into trouble. To answer your question, the reason we do not follow Him is that we want to rule. The soul person in us, which is typical to the wife in the natural marriage, wants to run the show.


Comment: Then the soul leads us off into the carnal realm. We think we have something better in the carnal realm, and we try to conjure up something.


Pastor Vitale: Right, and it is not always a conscious decision. We think with our carnal mind, which we have been doing all of our life, until we come to Christ, and if we really want to do it, very frequently, we will tell ourselves it is God, and it is not God. It is our own strong will striving to do what we want to do. We are not willing to wait for the lead of Christ. Frequently, He will require us to hold back on doing anything until we hear from Him. Anything impulsive is a real good chance it is not going to be God. Unless, of course, some people that are really mature in Christ, and have been brought to a high degree of obedience, God can move on them in a way that we would call impulsive, and it can be God. But you really have to be in a mature place in Christ for that to happen.


I am at the point now where I feel something coming on me. When I feel it is the Lord telling me to do something now, I will always have a cooling off period. If there is time, I will make it twenty four hours, but if it is really urgent on me, which happens to me, I will take a sixty second cooling off period. If there is a prayer on my heart that I believe He wants me to pray, I will say, Lord, I am going into the kitchen, and I am going to do something. I am coming back in here in sixty seconds, and if this is not you, take it out of my heart, because if I do not hear from you, I am coming right back in here, and I am praying that prayer. I always have somewhat of a cooling off period. I go do whatever I am going to do, and then I come back, and if there is no check in my spirit, I pray the prayer, or I do what God wants me to do. I always give myself that opportunity to be corrected in the event that it is my own soul directing me, and not the Lord.


Comment: I want to hear His voice so clearly. I believe I heard this morning that the Lord is giving me, by a spirit of prophesy, that I am going to hear His voice clearly. I have heard that prophesy from someone else that gained that prophesy, but I heard it again this morning. I am just looking forward to that time when I hear His voice clearly about every little thing. It is beautiful, but I just wonder if He is doing this right now. This morning I got up, and I just felt a peace, and I felt like singing, and playing the guitar, and just worshiping the Lord. I did not have the desire to go out. I thought is this the Lord saying this? It is not always so clear like a voice, but that I want you to trust me. Maybe He is doing it because He wants me to learn to trust Him, that it is okay, and that I am in His Spirit. It is alright, and that I am led by His Spirit, and He wants me to trust that I am being led by Him, and trust Him with my life in general. That is not an easy thing to do. It is easy to trust Him in the sense of ministry sometimes, and just sing and play the guitar, and go into a group all the time. But to trust Him every day with everything is hard. It looks like He is leading us into this thing that is not traditional at all. He is taking us more and more out of tradition, out of Babylon, out of the way that things are usually set up. He is taking us away from it, because He is saying something else now. He is doing a new work.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, especially when He is telling us what to do is not traditional. That is really hard. Just like when Jesus appeared, and he plucked the corn on the Sabbath, He will deliberately tell us to do things that will fly in the face of tradition, because we are being trained to follow after His Spirit. We have to be very careful because if He finds us obedient in this area, the day could come that He will tell us to do traditional things. We have to be careful not to say that cannot be God because He is taking me out of tradition. I have spoken to a lot of people recently, that are saying believers that are maturing should not be going to traditional churches, because God is taking us out of church, and now we are living His life, following after Him. As He brings you through the trial, you are going to have to admit your error. Hallelujah.


Song: He made something beautiful out of my life. Hallelujah. The birds are joining in. He had something to say about that. After all, His name is in there; beautiful.


Pastor Vitale: Amen. Do you remember you gave me that testimony about the dog that came out and sang with you? Well, I went to a prayer meeting the other night, and there was this beautiful dog there. She was just beautiful, and so full of love. She was so excited that all the people were in the house. I used to have a big German Shepherd, and every time we had company, he would go up and lick everybody. My husband would say to me, that dog thinks everybody has come to visit him. He would just run out and say hello to everybody. That was what this dog was doing. The woman, who was the host of the prayer meeting, she wanted to lock the dog up. It was so on my heart, oh let him be in the prayer meeting. He wants to praise God with us. I just did not feel to say it to her. She locked him up, and he was barking because he did not want to be isolated from all the people. God loves animals too. He really does. They have to be in their right place. We all have to be in our right place, and animals and children are not allowed to be destructive. I think that sometimes we are too legalistic. If animals are going to be obedient and quiet, they should be permitted to join in the praise. The Word says that all creation shall praise God.


You can hear the bird singing in the background. That is the bird called beautiful that is praising God. I believe it. The whole creation loves the Son of God on some level, on whatever level they are capable of it. The bird sang loud enough for it to get on the message. Do you like The Old Rugged Cross? If it is the Spirit of God playing it, it is beautiful. Song: The Old Rugged Cross is played and sung. I feel blessed. I feel like I could even go to Manhattan and talk to people on the street. I like doing that too. I also like to give out clothes and food. That attracts them right off if they need it. Then I can talk to them. What I liked the most was singing to them.


Pastor Vitale: I have never really done that. You really need an anointing for the Lord to bring the people over to you. I have never done that. I would like to someday. Then they come over to you, and you talk to them? That is nice. Everything about Jesus is nice.


Comment: Give me, oh Lord, the quietness of heart that makes the most of labor and of rest. Save me from passionate excitement, fretfulness, and idle fear, keeping me ever in the restful presence of thy love. Teach me to be alert, and wise in all responsibilities without hurrying, and without neglect. Tame thou, and rule my tongue, that I may not transgress thy law of love. When others deter, may I seek thy image in each fellow man judging with charity as one who shall be judged. Banish envy, and hatred from my thoughts. Help me to be content, and let not the strife of tongues be with my unspoken thought. When anxious cares threaten my peace, help me to run to thee, that I may find rest, and be strong in endurance, and valiant service.  


Song sung: The blood that Jesus shed for me way back on Calvary. The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power. It reaches to the highest mountain, and it flows to the lowest valley. Oh the blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power. It soothes my doubts and calms my fears, and it dries all of my tears.


Pastor Vitale: The Lord just told me that there is going to be a series of messages that are going to be made at meetings like this, and to call it the Rita and Sheila Series. In traditional churches, it is all the music at the beginning, and then the preaching, but this is different. It is a song or two, and a question. I saw the message, Rita and Sheila, music and questions, #1. The majority of messages in this ministry are really heavy teaching, deep, deep teaching. When we started the Friday night meetings, it was a much lighter teaching. It was not the deep teachings. Then when I started not feeling well, towards the end, about a year or so ago, He was having me preach without all of that preparation, so the messages were lighter. When I first heard those messages, I said, Lord, they are so different than the rest of the material coming out in the ministry. I will probably never give them out to anybody.


Just to show me how wrong I was, the ministry is sending out a lot of copies of these messages that are not this deep, deep teaching. The Lord showed me that there is a real need for a lighter message as well as the deep teachings. Now this series of music, and questions, and answers, is inside of that category of not being the deep teachings. But a lot of the questions you asked, the answers are very deep, but they are not coming forth in the format of the deep teachings. Do you know what I mean? It is not that formal deep teaching with definitions. This is the same teaching, but coming forth in a much lighter, more informal way, because everybody is not ready for that heavy teaching. It is tough. These can be sent anywhere. God already has the people that are waiting to hear these messages. Praise the Lord.


Comment: That was what that idea was. I am sure of it now. It blends. How interesting.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it does. I see it now. So this is the new format; music, questions, and Christian answers in the message.  Hallelujah. Glory to God. It is so wonderful not to be bound by religious tradition. I do not want it to end either. I want to go by His Spirit, wherever it takes me.


Comment: We are going to be so sensitive. We are going to know so easily. We are going to be able to discern what is of Christ, and what is not, if we call on Christ. He is a real gentleman, is He not? He is perfect in all His ways.


Pastor Vitale: Well, He can be tough when He chastens us, but once He brings us into some measure of obedience, He is really gentle in the way He tells us things.


Song: When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word, what a glory He sheds on our way. While we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with all who will trust and obey. Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Not a shadow can rise. Hallelujah, that is just what you said, no shadow of turning.


Pastor Vitale: The Lord had given us some revelation on that phrase in the Scripture, no shadow of turning. He told us that what it means is that, in the natural man, we have a shadow. That shadow is Satan. We could be doing all kinds of good works, and manifesting all kinds of mercies of God, but we have a shadow of turning, in us, that it is possible that we can turn, and Christ goes to the background, and our satanic, ungodly personality comes forth. But in Christ, there is no shadow of turning. He is all light. He is the sun standing at high noon. There is no shadow cast by him. There is no darkness in him. When he appears in us in full stature, we shall be in glory with him, with no shadow of turning. No more will it be possible for his face to turn away from us, and for the other face of our carnal mind to be manifested through our thoughts, and our words, and our deeds. It would be His glory in our mind, and in our mouth, and in our behavior, one hundred percent of the time, for He is the sun at high noon. In Him there is no shadow of turning. There is no darkness, whatsoever, in Christ. Hallelujah.


Song: Not a shadow can rise. Not a cloud in the skies, but His smile quickly dries it away. Not a doubt or a fear, not a sigh nor a tear, can abide while we trust and obey. Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share, but our toil does he richly repay. Not a grief nor a loss, not a frown nor a cross, but it is blessed if we trust and obey. Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. We never can prove the delights of his love, until all on the altar we lay. For the favor he shows, and the joy he bestows, never fear, only trust and obey. Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. 


Comment: I was in a merchandise market. It was a great big building. I saw one place that was selling new age items, but a lot of it had been cleared out. There was a sign on the wall that someone wrote, Christ consciousness is everywhere. I was shocked when I saw that. I knew that it was not the Christ consciousness of the Spirit of Christ Jesus. It was the Christ consciousness of what they were talking about. It was a little bit eerie. I looked at it, and thought what is this? They are coming out with the same words. It was so close, and it really sounded like the same thing, and it is not. I walked by this store, and they had crystals, incense, and books on New Age. A couple of them had actual photo pictures of some supernatural things. I saw lights that hurt my eyes. It must have been demonic. I walked by the picture lady, and she said, I do not understand why I have had such headaches lately. I am sitting here with a terrible headache right now. The Spirit of God was in me, and I am thinking, It is demons, honey. It is demons. I knew the Lord was saying that because that happened to me once before. I was in a mall where they were selling crystals. I do not know if crystals themselves are demonic. God would have to show me that. In this case, they were demonic. They were selling them, and they were for more than one purpose. It was not just for beauty. They said they loved them because when the sun goes through them, they make rainbows, and they do. I felt a check in my spirit at that time, and I think that they are used for demonic purposes, in the way that she was selling them.


Pastor Vitale: I do not really know that much about how they use them, but the little bit that I heard is that they use them for healing purposes. Crystals are just a counterfeit because in our deep studies here at Living Epistles Ministries, one of the things the Lord revealed to us was that the glorified body is described in the Scripture as a crystal, as crystalline. The glorified body of Christ is a giant crystal. I do not know if you were here when we were teaching that. It is a many facet type crystal, and each facet is another human being in whom the life of Christ is glorified in. They say these crystals are beautiful when the sun shines through them. When Christ shines through the crystal of his body, he is glorious. This is just a counterfeit. The Lord just corrected me. It can be a counterfeit, but it also can be a natural type of the spiritual reality that is coming forth in the earth today, the body of Christ. Christ in full stature is indeed a crystal. Glory to God. The sun that is shining through it is coming from within the depths of it, even Christ, himself.




Yea, saith the Lord, I shall shine forth as a crystal, saith God. I shall be seen in every facet of my body, saith the Lord, and I shall be at high noon, saith God, and there shall be no shadow of turning in me, saith the Lord. Yea, there shall be no darkness, saith God, for the darkness shall be bound in the bottomless pit, saith the Lord, and he shall serve the spiritual man. Hallelujah.


Comment: That made me think that a crystal is actually very beautiful. The Lord gave me the word, transparent. The more we get in Christ, and the more transparent we get, the more Christ is going to be seen through us. We are going to be so transparent, and every light, every promise, is going to shine forth right out of us.


Pastor Vitale: It is going to shine through us, and beyond us, because spirit cannot be confined to the limits of our body. It comes from the depth of our being. It rises up and fills our body, and it vibrates past forth our body. In the occult they call it an aura. That is occultish, but it is a spiritual reality, that the spirit within us extends beyond the limits of this body. When it is the fullness of Christ in us, he is going to extend beyond the limits of this body with such a blinding white light of his purity and righteousness. That will be glorious. Hallelujah.


Comment: It reminds me of this song. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth. Shine forth, O God, in the tabernacle of your holy hill. Shine forth, O God, where thy people and thy presence dwelleth there. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.


Pastor Vitale: I am going to put this in the message. When Rita was talking about demons earlier, the thought went through my mind, she is talking about demons, and all the kingdom people reading this message, they are going to reject the teaching. Then the Lord said to me, I am in full control of this message, and you are both saying exactly what I told you to say.


I am a kingdom preacher, and His word to me is that deliverance is the ministry of God to the natural soul, to the adamic soul, and the ministry of God to the Christ soul is the increase of His life in us. We have two camps, both of which have an error. The camp that says deliverance is the answer to everything is idolatry, because it can be a help to the natural man, but there is no way that deliverance is going to bring forth Christ in us. It might break away a few of the bondages that are hindering Christ, but once the Christ life starts coming forth in us, only Christ, himself, can increase. Deliverance cannot increase Christ. The error in the kingdom message is that we now have the life of Christ in us, and we no longer need deliverance. The misunderstanding is that we are two men. We are a natural man, and we are a spiritual man. Although it may not be true for everybody, there is a truth in that our natural man might need deliverance from time to time until Christ is in full stature.


I used to know a preacher that called that a band-aid. Well brethren, what is wrong with a band-aid? If you are having a problem in your adamic soul, and Christ is coming forth in you, but you are hurting in that area, what is wrong with having ministry to your soul, and your adamic man, until such time as Christ stands up in full stature in you? I think that is a misunderstanding in the church, that the Lord wants dealt with. I have heard kingdom preachers say, how ungodly it is to be preaching the kingdom and deliverance. Well, I do not think it is ungodly because deliverance ministers to adam, and the kingdom ministers to Christ. James said that we are double souled, and we are unstable in all our ways. If we petition God, and He says that our adamic man can benefit from deliverance ministry in that interim period, while adam is being swallowed up by Christ, I believe that it should be available to those who can receive that blessing of Christ in the name of Jesus.


Comment: I agree with what you are saying. I believe that if He had me talk about demons, it was the Holy Ghost. I believe that he is doing that work in my life, where I am seeing both. I believe in the kingdom message, but I also believe it includes deliverance. I did not even think about it, whether the kingdom people would disagree or not. To me it just all goes together. I speak freely about demons. It is a part of what God has done with me. He has delivered me, and He is still delivering me. I do believe that when Christ comes forth in that person, there will come a time when we come into the fullness, and we will not have to have it anymore. We will not have to have deliverance anymore. At this time, I am not there yet, and I am still getting deliverance.


Pastor Vitale: Praise the Lord. She is not there yet. That is a deathblow to Leviathan. For anyone to say that they have arrived is wrong.  Brethren, we are not there yet. We are in transition. Glory to God.


I think the Lord wants me to tell my dream, and put it in this message. I had a dream that I was in the hospital against my will, and the doctors and the medical community were really pressuring me to stay there. My parents were there, and they were in agreement that I needed to be in the hospital. What was wrong with me was that I had a lump between my breasts. From what I know about medicine, God forbid, if someone has a lump, it is usually in their breasts, not between their breasts. In the dream I escaped from the hospital, and returned to my apartment, but the police were looking for me, and I was running and hiding, and running, and hiding. There were two believers in the dream, that I knew, and they were fellow-shipping, and they did not seem to be aware that I needed help.


This is the interpretation of the dream that the Lord gave me. First of all, I asked the Lord for the interpretation of the dream, and Rita immediately, under the anointing, said to me, well, in the Song of Solomon, the woman has myrrh between her breasts. Most of us know that myrrh is a type of Christ. It is the bitterness of his travail. There are also healing properties in myrrh. So myrrh is a type of Christ. This lump that was coming forth, that the doctors and my parents were so concerned about, was coming forth between my breasts. Christ is appearing in me, and to the carnal mind of man, whether he be in the church, or whether he be a heathen, whoever is looking at me with their carnal mind, they think that it is a cancer. They cannot discern. All that they know is that it is different than they are, and they perceive it to be something ungodly. They perceive it to be something that I need to be delivered of.


The whole carnal realm is trying to take me captive, both in my mind, and in the minds of other people. This is a reality of my life. There are people who will come to me, and indicate in one way or another, that it is not Christ in me, and that I need deliverance. In the dream, the Lord told me that it was as David who ran and hid from Saul. I believe this dream is for everybody in whom Christ is starting to appear in. The reaction of the world to him, and that is the world outside of the church, and the world in the church, is the reaction of the man who is seeing and thinking with the adamic mind, who is not yet thinking with the mind of Christ. When they see Christ appearing in us, they are persecuting us, and they are telling us that we have something unacceptable to society. We, in the realm of the Spirit, at least, are running and hiding, because there is severe persecution coming against Christ, as he matures in the earth.


The two believers in the dream, that were fellow-shipping, they are the church world, that may recognize Christ in a believer, but do not seem to be aware that we really need a lot of prayer and a lot of love, because there is a lot of persecution coming against those in whom Christ is starting to be revealed. Anyone reading this message, if you have a revelation, if you know somebody in whom Christ is appearing, and they appear to be very strong to you, because of the anointing on them, the word of the Lord to me through this dream is, no matter how strong a believer looks to you, you should know, that until Christ appears in full stature, they need your prayers, and they need your love, because they are being severely persecuted. In the dream, the police were looking for me. The whole natural realm is out to stamp out Christ, if it could possibly do it. It cannot do it, but I do believe that it could happen in an individual, that the realm of the soul can overcome Christ in an individual, and they can be overtaken. It is in the Scriptures, I believe, in Hebrews 12. But Christ shall come forth in the earth. Nothing will be able to stop that, but it is possible to stop him in an individual. That is not a very popular word, but the Lord has told it to me, and I believe it to be the truth. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


I think the Lord spoke to me during this meeting. For those of you that do not know, and there is no way that you could know this. At one point, while Rita was singing, I went into the kitchen, and brought the whole bird cage, with my bird in it, in here. I really believe the Lord showed me an anointing coming down on the bird, and he is going to talk, and he is going to say praise the Lord. He is a beautiful little yellow parakeet. The bird did not move the whole time Rita was playing and we were ministering. He was just sitting on his perch without moving. I do not know what the Lord is doing now. I do not know if this message is over or not, but the bird is starting to move around. It is almost like he was paralyzed as the anointing was upon him. He is just totally still soaking in the anointing. Now he is starting to move around. Glory to God.   


Lord, someone just came into my mind. What do you want us to do? Do you want us to pray for this person who just popped into my mind very strongly? Those of you reading the message, I am going to ask you to just bear with us, because this is a series of messages that the Lord is doing. We had no preconceived format, so right now we are just going to wait on the Lord. I am going to wait for Him to speak to me as to whether or not this message is over. He could be ending it here, so please just bear with us. I will, if the Lord speaks to me, and the message is over, I will announce it in the message so you do not have to wait. We are just going to be quiet for awhile.


Tongues. Glory unto the living God. We praise you, Lord. We praise you, Father. I have a question on my heart to the Lord. Lord, we know that there are a group of believers that are gathering to your glory right now in Missouri. Three of them are from Long Island. We went to visit a family in Missouri. Lord, would you join our spirits with them, O God? This is the Christian that you put in my heart. Will you join us in the spirit, Lord? I do not even know what I am asking for, but to the fullest extent, that you are willing and prepared to do it now, would you join us in spirit with them, and any others? This is exciting. Anything you want to do. We love your Spirit, Lord. We love the supernatural so long as it is legal, and in Christ. If it is your Spirit, supernatural things are Godly. It is only illegal if it is coming out of the adamic soul, O God. I personally have been praying for years for supernatural experiences, the more the merrier. I cannot get enough of the spiritual life of your Spirit, O God. Lord, would you do this thing? Hallelujah. What are you going to give us this day, O God? Glory to God.


Is there anything we have to do, Lord? Is there anything you are requiring of us? Or should we just sit here and wait upon you, O God? Jesus. O Jesus. Tongues. Lord, do not let us fall victim to any spirit that is not you, but if this is you, do it, O God. Take us out of our bodies, O God. Do it. Do it. Do it. Nothing seems to be happening right now, but I really question if an anointing did just came down on us for traveling in the spirit as Philip did. I spoke to a lady on the phone the other day, who is on in years. I am told that she travels in the spirit, but for her own purposes, does not like to discuss the details with anybody. When I spoke to her for the first time, I said that I hear that you travel in the spirit. Is this true? She said it is true, but she would not give me any of the details. I heard from another person, the person who gave me her phone number, that she would, from time to time, just find herself in a totally different geographical location preaching the Word. I heard another testimony about five or six years ago, and I really started banging on heaven’s door. I wanted this experience in God. The Lord has promised it to me, but I have not experienced it yet.


I heard a testimony from a preacher, about another preacher, and this was his testimony. He was an evangelist, and he was in a hotel room that was not too modern. There was like a wire hanging down from the ceiling with a light bulb, that you had to reach up and pull that chain to shut the light off. As he reached up to shut the light off to go to bed, the Lord said to him, will you go preach in Russia for me? Now this was before the iron curtain came down. His hand was up in the air. The Lord said, will you go to Russia to preach for me, and the man said, yes Lord. He was immediately translated to Red Square in Moscow. He was standing on a soap box preaching the gospel. This was no dream, brethren. He was there, and he preached his message in the flesh. He was there. He preached his whole message, and just as he finished, he saw the Russian guards coming to arrest him. The Lord just whisked him up, and in the next moment of consciousness, he was right back in his hotel room, and his arm was still raised, and he was shutting the light off. That is the kind of experiences this mature woman in Christ is supposed to have. God translates her to a location, and she preaches, and He brings her back. Now I have been praying for that for years. I would really like to experience it with God’s permission.


Of course, Smith Wigglesworth had experiences like that. I read it in one of his books. He was at a prayer meeting down on his knees with Godly people, and they were all praying. Before the prayer meeting started, one of the members there had asked for prayer for a distant friend. I do not know what the relationship was between the people. There was a woman that he cared about who was all the way in Canada. She had been institutionalized for incurable insanity. She was locked up in her own padded cell for life, and declared hopeless. As this group of men, whose hearts were turned towards Jesus, started to pray, Smith Wigglesworth felt himself lifting out of his body. As he described it, he was literally flying across the sky. He could see the cities beneath him. He went all the way to Canada, and he landed right in her padded cell, and he rebuked the devil. He rebuked the devil, and he finished the ministry of Christ, and he was instantly back in his body in the church. The next day the aides went to feed her, and she was perfectly normal, and she went back home to her family. She was hopelessly insane, and the next day she was so okay that they just released her. Now Wigglesworth did not float or see the cities beneath him when he was coming back, and reentering his body. Hallelujah.


This is really interesting. That bird is not moving again. He only started to hop around, when for a minute there, the anointing sort of lifted. I did not know whether the Lord had finished the message or not. He started to hop around, but he is just sitting there like he is just listening. Hallelujah.


We want to be spiritual people. We do not want to be hindered, and restricted, by this body, but the Lord just told me to say, that before we shall be delivered from the restrictions of this body, first we must be delivered from the restrictions of the carnal mind. Before we can break out of this body, we must break out of the carnal mind. We must live out of Christ to the fullest degree that He permits us, and when we perceive that our thought processes, or our emotions are adamic, we are to rebuke it, and deny it, and pray through until Christ rises again. It is not until we take that kind of victory, that He will permit us to pierce through our bodies. The victory must come in the mind first. Hallelujah. The flesh must be crucified, brethren. We must learn to recognize that it is an adamic thought, and we must wage war against it, deny it, and hate it, and pray for Christ to be our mind in that area.




Very soon, saith the Lord, thou shalt see my soon coming king. Very soon, saith God, I shall give thee glorious experiences in the Spirit. Very soon, saith God, thou shalt indeed travel to many places by the power of my anointing. And my glory shall be upon you, saith God, and indeed, my Christ shall be revealed to thee, saith the Lord. Many shall look, and many shall ooh, and many shall ah, and there shall be those that call it witchcraft, saith God, but I declare unto you, I shall have done this thing by my Spirit, saith God.


Song: Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. Alleluia, alleluia, we are going to see the King.


I keep trying to say this is the end of the message, but I am being restrained by the Spirit. I guess He has one more thing to do before we finish up. I do not know what it is. Just hang in there, brethren. Glory to God. 


06/24/14 Transcribed by MJS

07/09/14 1st Edit MJS/CAS




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