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Music, fellowship, and comments on the Kingdom. The ages that are spoken about in the Bible are in our hearts. They are not in the realm of time and space. They are spirit. At least three different ages existed in the earth in this hour simultaneously. What is an age? It is a condition of our mind. The first age is having a mind that knows not God. It would be like the equivalent of the ice age or the dark ages. There are many human beings on the face of the earth that know not God. They are part of a company of people that are in the first age. The second age is a knowledge of God without the baptism of the Holy Spirit, likened to the thirty fold that we find in the Baptist Church. There is a many membered company of people that know God in that realm. That is the second age. The third age is the many membered company of people that have the baptism with the Holy Spirit, that have a personal relationship and power with God. A fourth age is about to appear in the earth, a many membered group of believers that will stand up with dominion over sin in their own soul. As a result of that they will have the fullness of God’s spiritual power, and they will stop dying.


All these four ages are existing in the same square of time and space. That is what is happening today with all these doctrines. All these doctrines, all of the errors that the Lord has corrected in some preachers, yet there are still preachers preaching the error. New believers come in, and they hear all these voices. They must go crazy. The Scripture talks about being blown about by every wind of doctrine. It is enough to make you nuts. It is confusing. God really has to bring us through the wilderness. Once the sons of God stand up in full stature, all that is going to come to an end. The true doctrine is going to come forth, and the false doctrine is going to cease. God’s authority is going to be established in the earth, and visible, and people will be able to see it.


Comment: Are a lot of people going through this confusion about right doctrine?


Pastor Vitale: Oh sure. The big problem is that they cannot see those who are preaching under God’s authority. They cannot discern it. That is what their problem is. When the sons of Godmanifest, it will be visible to everybody. It will be as visible as a Catholic priest in a black coat with a white collar. Everybody knows who he is.


Comment: When I look at these people that stay in one church for most of their life, they seem to be stable in what they believe. They do not seem to feel the need to move around, and listen to what might be coming across in the pulpits, and to find out what God is saying.


Pastor Vitale: God has to stir that upin them. It is not their time. It looks like chaos, but God really has an order.


Comment: Some people really think they have it together. They do not think they have any problem.


Pastor Vitale: Do not go by what things look like. They have a big problem if they think they understand it just like that, because we cannot understand anything without the Spirit of God. They may understand the man’s doctrine, but to understand the doctrine of God that is going to convert our souls into Christ, you can only understand that when Christ in you gives you the understanding. They do not have it together. They just look that way. Looks are very deceiving.


Comment: This is a very special time where we can really comprehend what the Spirit of God is doing.


Pastor Vitale: It is a very exciting hour. Everybody knows it, but we are all understanding it differently. Some people are waiting for the rapture. Some people are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, but everybody that has Christ has an excitement in their heart. They know something is about to happen. They may not be sure what it is, or they may not be exactly accurate as to what it is, but most people that have Christ know something is really on the horizon.


Comment: The time that the Lord had spoken to me personally, He birth like an understanding. It is such a joyful moving. It does not happen all the time. I consider it very much a gift, and a very special thing. When He speaks to me to bring a revelation to my understanding, that He may have been trying to teach me for a long time, it is finally birth in me so that I can comprehend it. It is how I think. It is something that He does at certain times, at His choosing, when His timing is right. I could never comprehend these things without Him.


Pastor Vitale: It is because it is His mind in you that is comprehending it. The mind of adam in you cannot comprehend it.


Praise songs sung here of God’s power, love, might, and glory. Heaven and earth are filled with your glory. Hosanna! Purify our hearts by your fire. Pour out your love on us.


Comment: I just sense His Christ, His dunamis. He is raising up an army. This is the Lord, and it is so beautiful. He is going to raise up people out of sin, and we are going to start praising God together. He is doing it. It is the door. Hallelujah. I am so excited. I have heard it said that yawning and burping is deliverance. What is this?


Pastor Vitale: Demons are part spirit and part soul. Soulish-ness sometimes, but not always, takes on matter. Do you know what matter is? It is substance. Your flesh, this couch, is called matter or physics. It has substance to it. Sometimes demons take on substance, usually the older ones. If they are just spirit, they will come out in the form of spirit, which is wind or air. You could yawn or you could burp. If they take on substance, you have to vomit them out, and you will see vomit in any container catching it.


I heard a testimony from a very old time evangelist by the name of David Nunn. He was a contemporary of Oral Roberts going back about forty years ago. He gave a testimony about a powerful evangelist that came through town and rented a stadium. He said that when all the people left, they had to get in double cleaning crews because of all the people that had vomited out these demons. There was like flesh laying on the ground. They did not expect it, so they did not have buckets available all over the bleachers.


Comment: Did you ever see the movie, The Exorcist? It was very exaggerated. Somebody who knew that story had some knowledge of it.


Pastor Vitale: There is always a cultist perversion of God’s spiritual truth. Whatever spiritual truth God brings forth, the carnal mind lays hold of it, and perverts it.


Comment: I understood it was not a Christian thing, that it was not of God. In essence, is that sort of what deliverance is?


Pastor Vitale: I did not see the movie, but I did read the book, The Exorcist, before I was saved. I understand that in the movie she would just stand there and vomit. It was a sign of a disgusting aspect of being demonized, but God’s truth is that when you vomit, you vomit the demon out. It is not a disgusting manifestation that makes you a vile person. God is glorified in that vomiting, in that He has delivered you from an unholy spirit. Belches and yawns I have experienced as demons came out of me. Sometimes I sigh a deep sighing, and they come out wailing.


Comment: A lot of times when I cry and wail before the Lord, I yawn like crazy.


Pastor Vitale: That is probably deliverance with demons coming out. It is nothing to be afraid of. You want to know how they keep getting in there? Well, they are in there before Christ gets there.


Comment: These are like things that came in before I accepted the Lord?


Pastor Vitale: They are a part of our natural personality. They are a part of the adamic soul. The Scripture says that the heart of man, which is the adamic soul, is desperately wicked. Who could know it? When that adamic soul repents, and turns towards God, certain aspects of it, which are ungodliness, God will separate from the soul, and it comes out in sighs, or burps, or whatever, when the soul turns towards God. You have to repent and turn towards God. These little points of wickedness become demons, and they become separated. You could think of your soul as a big ball of wax, one big blob, and there is no way to get the demon out. When you repent, God softens the wax, and removes them, and we are loosed. The big misunderstanding in the church is that God would never be in there with all those demons. Jesus would never go in there with all those demons, but they are there before Jesus. When Jesus comes in, he starts kicking them out. If he were to kick them all out all at once, there would not be anything left in us.


Comment: Jesus is here so strong. There is nothing religious about this. It is wonderful. Glory to God. He is moving quick. Things are happening really fast in this room. The anointing is here. This is just like sitting in a room at the church in Pinecrest. I was just happy to sit there, and look at the four walls, and feeling His presence. Oh, I am so happy, and it did not take a man to make me happy. Jesus makes me happy. I love watching God move and feeling His presence. Laughter.


Pastor Vitale: I love to see Him move. Most churches hinder Him. It is such a lie of the devil that we need something outside of God to make us happy. If you want to give us things, or people, or a boyfriend, that is wonderful. But if you have not given them, Lord, that does not mean that we cannot be happy. We can be happy with you. I believe it with all my heart. All we need is you. If we could just get to the place where we can really believe it with our heart, and not our head, and trust Him.


Comment: Many times I am very happy being with Jesus, when I can be there. It seems like everything else comes against that relationship. That is what I was talking about when I said it is such a special place. For me to get alone with the Lord, I think I covet that more than anything else in the world. My life looks like I am doing a million other things, but I am doing all these other things so I can find a place where I can survive. But my ultimate goal is to get alone with this, what I have right now.


Pastor Vitale: You have to keep pressing in there. I was in the same place when my daughter was little. I was in church four or five nights a week, and studying hours and hours here. It started this teaching ministry in my heart. I was sick all the time, and I went before the Lord and said, Lord, I do not know how I am going to do this. The pastor of the church that I was in, was talking about people traveling with him. I cried my eyes out because I knew I did not have any time to do it. It was during those months that the Lord gave me a vision of a device. He told me that I was to pattern it, and that it would be my enablement to serve Him. I could not understand it because I worked for a lawyer, but he did not do patterns. He referred me to a friend of his that wanted five hundred dollars. At that time, five hundred dollars may well have been five million. There was no way I was going to get that money.


I went up to my pastor, and he prayed for me, and I was so excited that I was jumping up and down. I did not know what it meant. I was waiting for this big miracle, and I got a word of knowledge that I just had to leave it to God, and not try to do it in my own understanding. Well, it was not until five years later that the Lord gave me the money to go to a lawyer. Now I have it patterned. All I can tell you is that when the time is right, if your heart is really hungering and thirsting for Him, and you really want it, do not give up pressing in, because the day is going to come that He will make a way for you to have more time with Him. I do not want to say that it is only for those who finish the race, because finish the race is usually attributed to full salvation. You have got to press in.


I am going to tell you something right now. He does not do this for just everybody. You really have to pass an obstacle course, and you have to pass His test that says you are faithful. It is not my test. It does not matter whether I say you are faithful or not. Jesus sets up standards for each individual. He says this is what you have to achieve, and accomplish, and show me before I will do this for you. It has nothing to do with any human being on the face of the earth. When you do it, and Jesus says I find you faithful, you are going to have everything that you need. Nothing will be withheld from you.


Comment: When she came in tonight, I sensed that I could feel her spirit, and that she was ready for something from God. I saw that happen, like you came in with an expectancy. I could sense it. Praise the Lord.


Pastor Vitale: Lord, we just love your Spirit. Do whatever you want to do tonight. I know you have strengthened our bodies. We give you praise. Whatever you want to do. It has been so long since I have been in a meeting like this. Glory to God. This is the real thing. 


Comment: He is taking us into the true Spirit where there is no night or day. He is taking us into that fullness. Hallelujah. I had a miracle happen to me. I was reading the Bible for a long time, when my mother died. Everybody thought I was crazy. I could not find the truth of the Lord through the people. The Lord was revealing to me in His word, His truth. What was happening was that everyone, that I talked to about it, thought I was nuts. But I would not let go of this word of God. When my mom died, I was at a very weak place in my life, and I just seemed to be getting rejected everywhere. It was right after she had died, and I was really sad being in the house. I went out and I sat on the bridge. When my boyfriend, at the time, went by, he just waved, as if nothing had happened. I was hurting so much. I just said, Lord, if you are real, I need you now. This car stopped, with people from Pinecrest in it, just like that. They said to me why are you crying? I told them that my mother had just died, and they said come with us. We are going to Pinecrest, and I just went with them. I did not know what Pinecrest was at all. I just went with these ladies. That where I was baptized in the Spirit, and water baptized. That was a long time ago.


Songs. The Kingdom and Dominion has been given to the saints of the Most High. Lord, you are more precious than gold. Great Is The Lord.


Pastor Vitale: It is very hard when you are single because your needs are not being met. You could disagree with me if you want, but my opinion at this point is, no matter how troubled your marriage is, no matter how hard your husband works, if he is working seven days a week, that guy is still there. When you get into bed at night, he is there. There is a warm body laying next to you, and if there ever is, God forbid, a real problem, he is there. I do not know any woman whose needs are completely met by her husband. It is just a whole different ball game when you just have nobody. It is really tough ministering unto your kids when there is nobody meeting your needs. Yet the Lord tells me in His word that He is all I need. Well, why do I feel this way? Well, I am doing much better now than before, but why do I feel this way? Why am I lonely? Why am I oppressed?


He said to me, Sheila, most of the promises in the Bible are for the spiritual. These gifts are spiritual gifts. He comes down to meet us in a measure because He knows we cannot get up there. But to get the fullness of His spirituality, it must be developed in us so that we can ascend. He is going to meet us in the air. He is going to come down to us, but we have got to rise up, too. The fullness of not needing anything else is in a spiritual developed Christ in you, and that takes time. But I believe that the age is upon us where it is going to happen much faster. I believe when the sons of God manifest, and we enter into the new age, not us, but there are going to be thousands, if not millions of people that are going to come in. If it took us sixteen years in church, and you for twelve years, they are going to come in into high realms of the spirit in six months, in a year. We are just going to be sitting there.


Remember the long battles that we fought. The reason it is taking, at least part of the reason it is taking so long, is that the time frame is very important. It has to be the right season. We are in a season now, where developing this spirituality is taking long periods of time. When the sons of God manifest and God’s perfect government is in the earth, there are going to be newcomers that are going to come in after us. They are going to be doing it in a fraction of the time. Christ is going to be conceived, and he is going to stand up in full stature. God has not told me, but I think it is possible that it could be happening very quickly; in a month, in six months, in a year. I do not know, but the major reason it is taking us this long is that the season is not here yet. It is like the seed was planted in the ground before the winter, and we just have to wait for the summer sun to rise.


If you plant the seed in October or November, and you plant a seed next to it in May or June, they probably will both sprout at the same time. Another seed could lie under the earth for months. We are spiritual seeds, and we have to enter into the season where it is permissible for members of the human race to develop to such a spiritual degree that we can lay hold of that much more of Christ, and be satisfied. That is the promise. A lot of people that are in the church do not understand. They are intelligent. People are intelligent, and they read the Bible, and they hear about all these promises. I remember when I was a new Christian, I heard the word that you are a complete man. I used to sit in church as a brand new Christian, a few months old, and I said, Lord, what do you mean I am complete in you? My heart is breaking. I have this problem. I have that problem. I do not understand it. Nobody could explain it to me.


The Lord finally told me that the answer is that this is a promise that has to be fulfilled in each individual. Your completion in him is when he stands up in you in full stature, and meets your every need. He is not standing up in me in full stature. I do not know anybody that has stood up in full stature, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who has now been returned to the spiritual realm. Therefore, it is not fulfilled in our life. People that teach and preach, read this and they see this, so they draw the conclusion that after you die it is going to happen. Their carnal minds cannot understand any other explanation.


I want to tell you something. I do not know whether I ever told you this before, but there is a season for revelation. We are told in the Book of Daniel that in the end time, knowledge will be increased. Now a lot of people think that means all of these modern inventions like microwave ovens, and VCR’s. No brethren, spiritual knowledge shall be increased in the last day. Explanations to certain spiritual questions will not be answered until we enter into a season that Jesus has ordained to be answered. The problem with human beings, including me, is that very frequently, when we have unanswered questions, our carnal mind step in, and answers the question. Instead of saying God has not given us revelation of the answer to that question, our carnal mind answers it, and we believe our carnal mind. The church is in a lot of trouble today for that reason.


A lot of them call it heresy. What do you mean by I am not complete in him? Well, you are not complete in him because he is not complete in you. He shall complete you. To give you a natural example, if I were molding you out of clay, and I put you together with one leg, and one arm, and one eye, and one side of your nose, and I said to you, I have got the other half of you, and he is back in the closet, but I did not form him yet. When I put you together with him, you are going to be complete. Well, you are complete in him, I just did not glue him to you yet. 


There is no way that you are entering into it because everything that the carnal mind would expect, it is not there. The people that have the message do not look like they are suppose to look. They are not wearing formal costumes. I am not that dogmatic. God could do anything He wants, but in most instances, they are not preaching out of big buildings. In many instances, they are not taking any titles. They are just being ruled by His Spirit. They wake up in the morning, and they do not know where they are going. I had an experience today. I went to the office supply store, and I had been out all day ministering to a woman in Patchogue. I was really tired, not exhausted, but I would have liked to go home and lie down. I came out of this store, and it came to me to go to the car stereo store on 25 A to get a price on fixing my broken stereo, which I did not have any money to fix.


As I headed to 25 A, I said to the Lord, look Lord, I do not understand it, and I have a whole list of financial bills. The last thing I would do is fix my car stereo. But I am just saying this last prayer, if it is not you, do not let the devil run me ragged. Do not let him drag me out, and tire me out, and run me around in circles, and prime me for a car accident or anything like that. If it is not you, turn me around and send me home. Well, I went to the car stereo place, and he gave me an estimate, which I certainly cannot afford, and I pulled out of there, and I said, I do not know what that was all about, but I guess I am going home. I looked to the right, and we have a fish store to the right of this store. They sell fish that you cook at home, and they have a restaurant. I pulled into their parking lot, and I examined all of their ads in the store. I said, what am I doing here in this place? I have no intention of coming here for dinner.


I turned the car around, and I drove home, and I said, well, I guess I blew that one. I really thought it was God, but it was not. I pulled up in front of the house, and at the same exact moment the timing was split second. The Lord was keeping me away so that I would arrive here at my house at that exact moment. A neighbor lady from across the street pulled up. This woman went into the hospital about a year ago. The Lord sent me there supernaturally to pray for her. I know we saved her life. These are not believers. Her husband told me that she had a miracle, and that she should never have survived. This was a year ago. She had a tumor in her bowel, and now the doctors say she has a tumor in her liver, and she is taking chemotherapy. She did not look well at all. Well, I grabbed her hand, and I started praying for her in the middle of the street.


These people do not even believe. I mean they believe in God, but they are not spiritually quickened. I prayed quietly because she gets upset when I talk about Jesus too much. But this woman, I am telling you, brethren, she has washed the feet of the saints. She has had mercy. I have never heard a wrong word out of her mouth. She has been kind. She had been giving. She had been everything we can be when we are not quickened. She has lived her life mercifully, and faithfully to her revelation of righteousness, which comes out of the mind of God. She does good works. That is all that God has given her is good works. When He sent her to the hospital a year ago, He told me that He was not going to let her die. He had ordained that she was going to live longer because He looked upon her life, and she has done the best that she could do with it, with what He had given her.


Now a year later, she has a tumor in her liver. I have known it, and I prayed for her. I said, Lord, what is going on here? But He never anointed me to pray for her. Today, in the middle of the street, I am holding on to her hands, and laying hands on her liver, and calling upon the name of God silently, because there is no point in upsetting her. God wants to save her, but His very prayer would have upset her, so I prayed silently in my own heart. Lord, would you save this woman a year ago from bowel cancer to let her die from liver cancer? What kind of a God are you? I am telling you something. She is coming out of this. She is going to survive. She is going to make it, and she is going to live, because I know that God prayed for her today. He sent me on this wild goose chase so that I would come back here at the exact moment to meet her in the street.


If you cannot follow after the Spirit of God, brethren, there is no way you are entering in, because it is not going to be anything that you could see with your eyes. You are going to have to discern the anointing. To be complete in him means to have him grow up to full manhood in us, and become our very life, our righteousness. That is the size of it. The Bible, the word of the hour is there are many promises in the Bible that have not yet been fulfilled in your life, and my life. They are promises. Paul stated them as fact. In all honesty, I am not a Greek scholar. If God would give me the time, I could look up a lot of these scriptures. I do not know what the tense is in Greek. I do not know what tense Paul used when he spoke it. But I tell you, that even if he spoke it in the present tense, if it is not functioning in you, if it is not operating in you, it has not happened yet in you. Use your brains, people. All of the people that are out there in the world, that will not have anything to do with born again people, because they think that we are crazy, they know this. They know that we are not without sin. They know that we get sick. They know that we are not complete, and that we have a few screws loose over here and over there. They all know that, and they say, get me away from these people. They are nuts. That is all I have for you.


Everybody that is hearing the blowing of the trumpet, I am telling you that the door is opening. I am going to repeat a parable that God gave me at this meeting today. He showed me a whole group of people. I have had many dreams like this, although it was different, the way He gave it to me today. He showed me a whole group of people at a house, with a ceiling like this. They were floating like a helium balloon floats. Instead of walking on the floor with their feet, they were walking along the ceiling, because their head was hanging on the ceiling, where a helium balloon would be hanging on the ceiling. I just remind you that spirit is air, and helium would definitely typify spirit. They were human beings that had been converted, and whose very substance had been converted by God to the extent that they got as high as they could go. They were off the ground. They were out of the earth realm.


They were walking along the ceiling with their heads, but they could not get up into the high realm of the spirit. Why? Because there was a ceiling there. I am telling you, brethren, the word of the hour is that a door is about to open in the ceiling. A door is about to open into the realm of God’s Spirit. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is going to make his soul available to us in the fullness, and he is going to give us the power. Us! Who is us? Who are we? We are that spark of life that lives within this heavy body, that lives within this adamic soul. They are the spark of life that was with Jesus from before the foundation of the earth. That is who we are. We are spirit. He is going to make a way for our true life substance to leave this adamic soul. Now not the body yet, not the body yet, but the adamic soul, and enter into his soul, and he will become everything.


You see, we are not aware that Satan is our everything before Christ comes to us. Every thought that comes into our mind is from Satan. Every emotion, every hunger, every desire, is Satan. Brethren, I am sorry to shock you, but we are nothing. We are nothing. We are manifestations of Christ or we are manifestations of Satan. We can only be one or the other. Of ourselves, we are nothing. Satan has been manifesting through the human race for thousands of years. I do not want to get into that hassle of how old the human race is. Satan has been ruling us for so many thousands of years, that we think it is us. It is not us, it is him. We are married to him, and he is living through us. I am telling you that it may be a strange experience to you now, to hear Jesus Christ impulse a thought into your mind, and then have to make a decision as to whether or not you are going to obey. That is because we are in transition.


When Christ becomes our everything, we are going to be just like we were when we were married to Satan, only we are going to be righteous. When I say just like we were, what I mean is that there is not going to be any question, or conflict, because he is going to be our very mind. I have been actively praying this way lately. Lord, be my eyes; be my ears; be my mind; be my righteousness; be my morality; be me. It is very hard to understand because we have been one with Satan for generations, and generations, and generations. But he is going to stop being our thoughts, our mind, or our unrighteousness, our sin, our lust, our envy, our cravings, or our emotional needs that are not being met. That is Satan in us. It is Satan in adam in us. It is going to be the Father, in Christ, in us, and we shall be complete. But brethren, it is not there yet, and neither is it after we die. It is now.


It is now, and the trumpet is sounding across the land. I would tell you that the Lord has told me that the judgment of the elders has begun. I remind you of Ezekiel 9. We have six men with slaughter weapons in their hands, and a seventh man carrying an inkhorn in Ezekiel 9. The Lord says, go and put a seal on everybody that is in the house of Israel that is moaning, and groaning, over the sins in Israel. For years I prayed, Lord, what is the difference? I know the number six means man. Who is this guy with the inkhorn in his hand? He is Jesus Christ, brethren. He is the Lord Jesus Christ, and the inkhorn symbolizes his power to seal you. His seal is his mind; Jesus Christ, your new mind. Your new mind has the authority to enter into our hearts, and say, adam, who is ruled by Satan, is no longer your mind. I see you with my mind. Behind him are the six men, typifying the human company, in whom Jesus Christ is manifesting. That firstfruits company, whose soul has died, who are completely in submission to Jesus Christ, and they are going forward, and slaughtering, destroying the adamic souls of the rest of Israel, which is the church today.


There is a change coming, brethren. It is now. It is in the flesh. It is not after you die. This fable got started because man did not have this revelation. It was not imparted to man. God did not yet explain to them what was going to happen. Some carnal minds rose up, and wrote a whole bunch of books, and now the whole church world believes those lies. It is a lie. It is not after you die. It is now. That first group, that firstfruits company, it is going to happen real soon that, that spiritual substance is in them. That door is going to open that is going to let that spark of life exit from the adamic soul, and enter into the Christ soul. Once we get into safety, brethren, once we get into the city of refuge, where the High Priest lives, Jesus Christ, he is going to burn down our adamic soul. He is going to burn it to the ground, but because the soul of Christ is present, our body shall not die.


I have not preached in over six months. I have been very ill, so I am just praising God. As you can hear, my voice is way off. When the Lord told me I was going to preach tonight, I said, Lord, with this voice? He did not answer me. I said anything you say, Lord, yes sir; yes sir; anything you say. Laughter. Glory to God. The Lord said say it one more time. There is a door opening. There is a door opening into the spiritual realm of God. It is only going to be open for a short period of time. Only those that are completely prepared when it opens, are going to pass through. Those who do not have oil in their lamps, those that are not completely prepared, they are going to see what happens to the people that enter in. They are going to want it, and they are going to go and try to get themselves prepared, but it is going to take so long, that by the time they get back, the door is going to close.


They are going to bang on the door, and they are going to say, Lord, why did you not take me? I cast out demons in your name, and I healed the sick, and I did all of your religious works, that you never asked me to do in the first place, and I did not enter in. Jesus said, be gone from me, I never knew you. There was wailing, and gnashing of teeth. You have got to be ready when the door opens. You have to be ready in your heart. Jesus has to do the work, but the number one requirement is you must be able to discern the spirit. I am telling you, brethren, if it appears in a donkey, you have got to be able to know that it is God. You have got to be able to know that it is God, and He is not religious. He can appear in a man, or He can appear in a woman. I do not know that He is going to do it, but I am telling you, brethren, if you send a five year old child to me, and witness to me that it was His word, I would have to submit and obey. I would have to submit and obey.


The church is filled with people that will look at your exterior. They will look at whether you are male or female. They look at what school you went to. They look at what clothing that you are wearing. They do not even listen to you if you do not fulfill their criteria. They are going to miss it. They are going to miss it as sure as I am sitting here with this voice. They are going to miss it because it is nothing you could see in the natural, in this hour. You cannot see it, brethren. It is spiritual. It is spiritual. It is spiritual. Sometimes, when God talks, you cannot hear it in the natural either. I just want to put this in the message. I keep trying to end, but the Lord will not let me. There are lots of times when God wants to speak to us. God speaks to us usually with symbols. Sometimes He uses an audible voice, but most of the time He uses symbols.  He is more likely to use an audible voice if you are immature. I know this is not what is preached in the church, but it is what God has told me. The less mature you are, the more likely He is to speak in an audible voice, because you will never understand the symbols in a million years.


As we mature in Christ, the language of God is symbols, mind to mind contact. It is mind to mind, not vocal cords. God does not have vocal cords. It is mind to mind contact. When He wants to communicate a thought to you, He frequently will flash something into your mind that you are familiar with. He has trained me at this point, when something flashes into my mind, or a person, or a thing, I will say, Lord, are you talking to me about that person, and that thing, or is this symbol symbolizing something else? In the last few months I have had several believers come to me, and say, I just know God is sending me to Bible school. He sending me to Rhema. He is sending me to Christ For The Nations. God is sending me. I knew that God is not sending you to Christ For The Nations. I know He is not sending you to Rhema. He is sending you to a ministry where they are going to learn this doctrine that is going to pass them through the door. But you see, God spoke to them. He said, I am sending you to Bible school. To them, a Bible school is a big complex of buildings that is known across the world, and has a big name. 


They cannot believe that He sent them to me, you see, to little Living Epistles. We do not have a big building. I am a woman. I just almost died. I am physically frail. There is nothing here that would draw someone with the lust of the eyes. There is nothing about me that would make you desire me in the flesh as a teacher. You must discern Christ in me. You must discern that Christ is manifesting in me, and that He has much to teach you. If you cannot discern it, you are going to go to Rhema, and you are going to go to Christ For The Nations, which are two beautiful schools, but to the best of my knowledge, they are not preaching this end time gospel that is going to get you through the door that is a part of the firstfruits company. That is the size of it. They hear God talking to them. I am sending you to school. They just cannot see it in the spirit. They cannot see it in the Spirit. So pray that God be your eyes, and your ears, and your understanding, and your mind. It is not enough to pray that He is your righteousness. You have got to start functioning in the realm of the Spirit. There is no way we are going to function in the realm of the spirit when we are manifesting out of adam. We must have eyes, and ears, and understanding out of Christ, or we will never understand.


I had a friend years ago. She said to me, God is sending me to Israel. I knew God was not sending her to Israel. I knew she was called to the Israel of God. In those days she was being called to the sonship message. I told her about Bill Britton. I suggested that she get tapes, and books, and she said, oh no, I am going to Israel. God told me I am going to Israel. I am going to Israel, and she never seemed to find the time. She studied sonship. In this hour she is an anointed woman of God, but she has never gone beyond the traditional doctrine. She has refused to study. Now it is about six, seven, or eight years later, and I said, is God still calling you to Israel? Look at what is going on over there. Are you still going to Israel? She said, no, I do not think He is sending me to Israel anymore. I do not know what that was all about. So now she is doubting her own ability to hear from God. God did call her to Israel, to the Israel of God. She could not hear it. She could not hear it. I am telling you it is passing right by her.


The Lord just told me that I got off my subject. The word from Him to you is the judgment of the church has begun. When the scandals with Jimmy Swaggart and Jim bakker came about, I think it was almost three years ago, when it happened. I could not understand it because, as far as my opinion is, the elders of the church are spiritual elders. You see, I have a spiritual revelation. I have a spiritual walk with God, and I know that the elders are those that have spiritual authority. I do not care how big your ministry is. I do not care if you have an airplane, and train, or ten mansions. I want to see the anointing on you. That is what I want to see on you. I want to see spiritual jewels. I want to see spiritual riches. Show me your anointing. I do not care what you have got in this natural world. It means nothing to me; nothing. You cannot take it in with you.


To me the spiritual elders are those people that are preaching mature doctrine, and doing to the extent that God lets them, signs and wonders. You have got to have both. You have got to have the word and the spirit. You have to have both, and of course, a witness in my own heart that this is a spiritual elder. When Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker came under judgment, I did not understand. The Lord just told me a couple of weeks ago, first in the natural, and then in the spiritual. He said I judged the elders of the natural church. I judged the elders of the carnal church. To the carnal church they were the elders, with all of the millions of dollars, and the planes, and whatever they had. I am not knocking them. I am not knocking them. They serve a purpose in God. I personally believe that Jimmy Swaggart is very much a man of God, but he is a minister to the carnal church. He is not a minister to the church within the church. There is a church within the church.


The Lord said that almost three years ago. Judgment started in the natural first, the carnal church. He said the judgment upon the spiritual elders has begun. Brethren, you are going to see ministries closing down; kingdom ministries. In my opinion, spiritually mature ministries are deliverance, sonship, reconciliation ministries, and the word that is being preached here. The Lord has told me it is perfection. I do not know who else is preaching that, but that is what God told me, starting with deliverance ministries. These are mature ministries, starting with the elders. In my opinion, the first elders to go are going to be those who teach and preach reconciliation. He is going right to them. I do not know if anyone else is preaching perfection. Believe me, I have been under judgment for years. I am preaching perfection. I do not know who else is preaching perfection. Whoever is preaching perfection, you are getting judged first. If you are preaching reconciliation or sonship, you are very likely under judgment already.


I am telling you, brethren, that ministries are going to be closing down. Time is very short. God is not winking anymore. It is all over, brethren. It is all over. This is it. This is the last trump. You are going to see ministries closing down. You are going to see ministers losing their anointing. Those who will not repent, confess their sins, and change their ways, they are going to be losing their anointing. They are going to become natural men, and they are going to die spiritually. What else might come upon them, that is between them and God. I do not know, but I am telling you this because it is happening already. It is happening. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Nobody believes it, you see. Nobody believes it. It is incredible. God keeps telling me that Noah preached for one hundred and twenty years, and nobody received his message. I know a few people that receive this message, but I am telling you, brethren, if nobody goes through with me, I am going through. I am going through because I believe this message.


The door is opening, and it is going to open for a very short season, and it is going to close. Only those that are completely prepared are going to pass through. Those who have become helium balloons will just go right through when the door is opened. Why? Because of their spirit, their life, they will flow; they are going to go right through. Then the door is going to close. Everyone down here on the ground does not even stand a chance. They will look up, and see all the people passing through. This is a very carnal parable. When they look up and see all the people passing through, they are going to be stirring around, trying to find out what they have to do, so that they can float on the ceiling like a helium balloon, so that they could become spiritual. By the time they get up there, the door is going to close, and I do not know when it is going to open again. If it is in the Scripture, God has not shown it to me. But it is coming, and it is coming now, and it is coming hard, and it is coming fast. The trumpet is sounding, and very, very, few are hearing it. The preachers in the kingdom message are under judgment, including me. We are under judgment, brethren. If you do not confess your sins, and repent, you are going to die spiritually. Glory to God.  


I do not want to leave it on that note. It is available to you, if you are hearing this message. Just tell God that you want it. Ask Him to help you. I am telling you it is really strong on me to give you this prayer that I am praying. Lord, be my eyes; be my ears; be my mind; be my thought processes; be me. I do not want to be a manifestation of Satan. Be me, Lord. Hallelujah. Did anybody want to make any comments or ask any questions?


Comments: I was just thinking about the five virgins who did not enter in, and how the men lifted the roof off the house to get a man to Jesus. I also thought about the Book of Revelation where Jesus is knocking for us to open the door. Jesus is the Door, the Way.


What an exciting hour we are living in. I do not care if nobody wants to go through. If He lets me, I am going through. I am going through. Yes, He is going to consume us. I know the way it works does not make any sense to the carnal mind. We cannot even repent unless He grants us repentance. We cannot believe mature doctrine unless God opens our ears and our eyes. I know that we cannot, but nevertheless, He comes to us.  He has done it to me, and I have seen Him do it to others, and I have seen people fail. I think this is what is confusing you. He comes in flesh. The stumbling block is his flesh. Jesus was the stumbling block to the Jews. They did not repent or respond to God because they failed to discern Him in the flesh. The same thing is happening today. God is manifesting in the flesh, and the people, the believers who fail to discern that it is Him, in any particular vessel, are guilty of pride. They are being cast down.


Lots of times I do not understand these things myself because there is such a fine line. All that I can tell you is that God knows what is inside of our hearts. He knows who is ready to be a member of the firstfruits company. He has already decided it, but He is still judging the elders. He is going to them, one at a time, through a human vessel. He is saying, what you are doing is not righteous. Will you repent? Many are not repenting now. To my mind, that is an insane thing to not repent. Do you really think you can fool God? But I see it everywhere. The thinking is I am going to be consumed by His glory, so I have got nothing to worry about, but God requires us to repent. Yet we cannot repent if He does not give us the grace to repent. I do not know what to tell you. I hear you. I hear your question, but that is the way it works. We are just tried continuously, right to the end. We are tried continuously. What are we being tried for? To find out whether we are utterly going to submit to Him, to the uttermost, or whether we are going to cleave to our carnal ways, as typified by Lot’s wife.


He wants those that are sold out to Him. Everybody in this generation is not sold out to Him. There is probably a lot that we do not understand yet, but that is the best that I could explain it to you. He is not taking people that are lukewarm in this hour. I do not know if He will ever take people that are lukewarm. He will put them in the fire until they are not lukewarm anymore, but He is not taking everybody in this hour. The Scripture is very clear that there is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth. I declare to you that when I first heard the message of reconciliation, I received it completely, but there are a lot of preachers that reject it because there really are scriptures that appear to oppose it. To the best of my knowledge, I have not heard anyone preaching the answers. God has given me some answers, but this is the thought that I was trying to make. I received the word of reconciliation on faith because God told me it was true, but I knew that there were scriptures that opposed it. To our mind there are contradictory scriptures. It is just that we are too carnal to understand. There is an answer in Christ if we ask Him. He will reconcile all scripture.


I know that there are scriptures that say that people are going to be locked out, and that there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. There are scriptures that say if you are tried by fire, and your house burns down, the house is going to burn, but nevertheless, you shall be saved. So it is not this body, and this soul, that is being saved. It is that spark of spiritual life that goes back to Jesus from before the foundation of the earth. That is what is being saved. The testing is that spiritual life, that spiritual son, ruling the soul that He is in right now. What is the sign that he is ruling his soul? He will be hungering and thirsting after God. If he is not, that means in some way, this spiritual son has failed to rule in this realm. Just in the days before Noah, God destroyed the body and soul, and took back the spirit. He took them out of the earth because they were utterly corrupted. They were not ruling in the flesh.


Of course, in the generation that the spiritual son of God prevails, and rules over his soul, and thus his body, in that generation, that soul, that personality, and that body, shall be preserved because the spiritual son within him, which is one with Christ, shall be ruling and preventing the soul from sinning. When our soul stops sinning, we shall stop dying. The spiritual life of Jesus Christ, or the spiritual life that was with Jesus Christ from the beginning, that is being rescued, because it has been buried deep beneath the earth of the living soul, in our human bodies. In the generation that it is rescued, and that it returns to righteousness by the power of Jesus Christ, the body and the personality that it is dwelling in, in that generation, shall be saved.


I do not want to get into that too deep now. This is what I am suggesting. Those that have come in here have heard me say that there is another step beyond what they call ultimate reconciliation. There is another step beyond. What has come out of ultimate reconciliation is ministry that says God knows that I am going to sin. We saw a whole ministry collapse. People were going out, and doing everything, because they were saying God knows that I am just a sinner, and I am going to be saved anyway. They really got into trouble. No, you cannot sin. You have to resist. You have to wage the warfare so that Christ will prevail over your adamic soul. This is not being preached in kingdom circles today. There is a passivity being preached in kingdom circles that says, God is going to do it, and everybody is going to be saved, and do not worry about it.


Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments. Everybody is not going to make it in this generation. If the trial comes upon you, and you fail, your house is going to burn down, but nevertheless you will be saved. That is the scripture. I cannot quote it to you. It is in the Bible. If the house burns down, nevertheless you shall be saved, but not necessarily in this hour. You could miss this whole glorious time of being a part of the firstfruits company. Can you hear that? So there is a loss. I am thinking of another scripture too, that says, you shall suffer loss. Maybe it is the same scripture. You shall suffer loss, the loss of your soul, and your body, but nevertheless you shall be saved. But you are going to miss it if your body dies, if your soul dies, if you are locked out of this spiritual experience. Even if your body and soul is alive, if you are locked out of this spiritual experience because you are not taking the victory to a measure that will qualify you to enter in now, you are locked out. If you are locked out, you are locked out, and that is not being preached today.


God gives us things, and revelations in stages. Why? Because our carnal minds cannot receive it all at once. If anyone is misunderstanding me, I believe in reconciliation. I believe that, but not the way it is being preached. You cannot do anything you want, and get in. There definitely is a difference in believers. There is a warfare that God requires us to wage, and there is an entering in. There is an achievement, there is an overcoming, and it is very real. Everybody that is saying, Lord, Lord, is not getting through that door. There are going to be a lot of shocked people around. We did a deep study in either 1John or 1Peter. It talks about the appearance of Christ. When we looked up all the words in the Greek, we found out that what it is saying was something about publicity. In other words, when Christ appears, it is going to be so obvious that he is appearing in the vessels in whom he is appearing, that the vessels in whom he is not appearing, are going to be ashamed.  


They are going to be ashamed. They are going to be ashamed. In other words, he is talking about people that are moving in the kingdom circles, that are hearing kingdom preaching. When Christ appears, it is going to be very obvious. Jesus said, as the sun rises in the east, and settles in the west, it is going to be that obvious that he is appearing. It is going to be obvious to everyone that he is appearing. He is not going to be appearing in everybody that travels in kingdom circles. He is not! If you do not want to believe me, if you want to argue with me, that is your prerogative, but I am telling you that you had better get on your face before God, because everybody is not entering in. It is going to take, I believe approximately 1500 years from now, for the entire human race to be absorbed into Christ. If he is not appearing in you, brother, and your body is still dying, sister, you just may miss it. You just may miss it. Can you hear that? Your spiritual substance will be saved somewhere down the line, but you are missing it now. Can you hear the difference?


Christ is being birthed in us. What Jesus is doing right now is that he is completing the work of the Father. What is the work of the Father? He is forming man in His own image. See, man is now in the likeness of God, in that we have a spirit. We are spirit. We are in God’s likeness, but we are not in His image. We do not have His nature, so the Holy Spirit comes. I hope you can say amen, that the Holy Spirit does not give us the nature of Christ. I know lots of people with the Holy Spirit that are in a lot of sin, and their minds are very reprobate in many areas. Well what does the church say? They say, well, when you die, you will get it. That is not true. This is the end of this spontaneous meeting. We hope that it has blessed you.



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