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We just sang the Song, "Send Judah First Here," and I feel I'd like to make a couple of comments on that. We know that Judah means praise and I know when I first came into the church, I use to hear a lot from people, if you have a problem, just praise God, praise God, and that's the answer to it. I am afflicted a lot in this walk with the Lord and sometimes I am so afflicted, I can't praise Him. All I could barely do is say, "Help Lord, help me, have mercy on me." That's how afflicted and sick I get sometimes.


And I had also noticed that in the New Testament, there is very little mentioned, if any mention at all of musical instruments, or of music. We know that in the Book of Acts, we hear about Revivals and gatherings where 3000 people were added to the church and there is no mention of music, musical instruments or singing. And I've wondered about it for a long time and the Lord gave me the answer recently. We'll those of us who have been following along with these tapes, we know by now that the true praise is not raising your hands and saying, "Praise you Jesus, Praise you Jesus." That the true praise is submitting our will to Him and submitting our soul to Him and even when it's denying what we would like and even when it's painful to us, to do what He wants us to do, that, that is the true praise, that is from man unto God. And the Lord told me that the reason there is virtually no mention of music in the New Testament is just that. That music, singing and instruments are an Old Testament type of the true praise, which is submission to His Spirit. And we know that there is a lot spoken about musicians and music in the Old Testament. I even had a musician say to me once, well, you know musicians are priests, because the musicians in the Old Testament were Levites. And that means, we who are musicians in the New Testament, we are priests. And this person happen to be speaking out of the spirit of pride, in accordance with the whole conversation with lifting herself up against the preachers and competing with them. And that was the motive for her saying that. And I prayed again after that conversation. I said, Lord, you know, is it true, I'm just curious to know and this is what the Lord told me. That musical instruments and singing, although it's a blessing and there is nothing wrong with it, it is an Old Testament type of the true praise, which is submission and obedience to God. And that's why we see so little about it in the new Testament. And we know in this Ministry, the music that God has sent us, has been on and off. We have had some Music Ministry since the Lord raised up this Ministry, but at the beginning, I was very disappointed that He didn't prosper the Music Ministry more that He did and I could never understand it. And now the Ministry exists about two and half years and what the Lord is just saying to me is that if I give you music for a season, it's fine and it's a blessing, but in the New Testament, you don't need music.


The true music is your praise unto Me. And in this hour the Lord is doing away with all types and shadows and moving us into the Spiritual reality of a life with Him. And I remind you that the promise is to be so content and so satisfied within ourselves, that it just makes absolutely no difference what's happening in our life outside, whether or not we have musical instruments, or beautiful singing voices in the service. If God give it, it's a gift and it's lovely. I'm not knocking music, but in this hour He is doing away with the types and shadows and He's bringing us into an intimacy with Himself, that will fulfill every need, including the need of hearing anointed music, which makes your soul feel good. He is going to make our soul feel good. Glory to God.


The Lord is given us Chapter 19 of the Book of Job tonight. I'm going to go through that Chapter, I'll just comment on it. Before I start, I'll just give you some background on our friend, Job. The Lord told me something very interesting about Job earlier this week. I was having a very hard time, which is nothing new for me. And I went before the Lord and I said, Lord, I've never studied this out myself, but I've heard another preacher say, that Job's trials and tribulations lasted for 6 months. I've been under severe trials and tribulations for over 30 years. When is this going to end, you know something is wrong here, 6 months, 30 years? And you know what the Lord said to me? The Lord said to me, "Job is the oldest book of the Bible." It's pre-history. If you look in your King James Bible, you'll see that the Book of Genesis and the earlier books of the Bible that are considered prehistory have no dates. When you get into the Book of 2nd Samuel, I just turned to that, there is a date. 1st Samuel it says, 1020 BC, when you get into Joshua, it says, 1400 BC, Deuteronomy is 1410 BC, Exodus 1450 BC, but there is no, Oh, I'm sorry there is a date in Genesis, 1913 BC. Let me look at the beginning of Genesis here. 1913 BC in Genesis. I believe the dating in the Bible starts in Chapter 12 of Genesis with the call of Abraham, 1921 BC.


If you go back before that, when the Scripture is talking about Noah, anything up to Chapter 12 of Genesis, there is no date. It's called pre-history. And if you flip through the Book of Job, you will see that there are no dates with the Chapter with the Book of Job. Job is the oldest book written. It's a book that predates history. That means that Job lived before the flood. That means that there is good chance that Job lived to 999 years old or there about. Can you hear what I'm saying to you? Job did not have all these things happen to him in 6 months. Maybe it was 600 years.


You want to make a comment? Let me put it on the tape, OK. I'm telling you, man our minds are going to kill us, our carnal minds are going to kill us.


COMMENT: Before the flood, wasn't the man and wife together in one body?


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, that's an interesting point, yes, that's an interesting point, yes, yes, yes.


Well, I don't believe Job, well, I'm going to get into something that I'm not sure about, cause I didn't intend to get into it. But that's what God told me. He said, you think and some carnal man somewhere wrote in a book, that this only lasted for 6 months. And I said, well Lord, you know his friends came to visit him. How long could they have sat there attacking him? Could they have really sat there attacking him for 600 years? And the Lord said to me, Sheila, he said, this book is a parable, okay. It could have been a series of friends that came to him over a period of time. And who knows, maybe they stayed there for years and wailed and mourned with him. We don't know. We don't know.


Job lived in pre-history. That means he most likely lived into the 800 or 900 years of his life. Isn't that interesting. So whoever this writer was, that drew a conclusion that all this happened over 6 months, I never got a witness to it in my Spirit, but I never got a denial in it, so I listen to everything that I hear other preachers say. If the Holy Spirit doesn't rise up in me and tell me it's not true, I just say, well, I'll put it before the Lord, maybe it's true, I never studied that. I don't even know how they drew that conclusion that it was 6 months. Probably it had a lot to do with their carnal mind saying, well these men couldn't have possibly been sitting there talking to him for more that 6 months. But I remind you, brethren, that the Magi spent 2 years following the star looking for Jesus.


Now in our society today, if someone got up to follow a star for 2 years, by the time they got back, they would have no home, no business, no savings, no nothing. But we are not even talking about time of the Magi. We are talking about pre-history. People didn't have every day bills. They hunted as they went. They wanted something to eat, they went out in the woods, and they hunted it. And they slaughter it, they didn't have a butcher that they went to. There probably wasn't even any money exchange. They slaughter it, they built a fire and they cooked it.


Well, maybe Job had a group of friends around him for years. I remind you, it was very common among mankind not too long ago, to attend public executions in our history. Man have looked upon judgment executed in the early days of this country when we had the original pilgrims. They had public discipline. They would put people in the stocks. They had dunking, they would tie people in chairs and dunk them in the water. That was all done publically. The whole town turned out to look at it. Well, maybe the whole town turned out to look at Job. The spectacle, look at what happened to this man. It could have gone on for years. Society was not then like it is now, with mortgages to pay and utility bills to keep up. They were nomads. They took their tents with them.


They went to see the modern day spectacle, of the judgment of Job. Maybe it was the thing to do. Isn't that interesting? And I have to tell you, that the thought never occurred to me that the Lord told me all this just this week. The thought never occurred to me that if Job did live in pre-history, and I believe he did, and that he must have been a man of years just short of 1000, that his wife would have been within him. And if this is the first tape you are hearing, and you want to hear how we draw these conclusions, call me or write to me, and I will give you the tapes where the Lord revealed to us that in pre-history, man was a dragginess. I found out the fancy word for it. Man was a dragginess, he was both male and female. His wife was within him. Glory to God. His wife was within him. Hallelujah.


I honestly don't know. Does anybody know whether Job's wife's name is mentioned in the Book of Job? I know his children are named, but I don't know about his wife. I don't think so, but I don't want a strong statement, cause I could be wrong. Hallelujah.


Okay, I just want to give you some pointers on Job, just in case if there is anyone listening that's not too familiar with this man. It's very common in the church world today to believe that Job was perfect, because at the beginning of the Book of Job there is such a Scripture that says that Job was perfect in the eyes of the Lord. And I said to somebody once, a very young Christian, Job was not perfect, as we reckon perfection. And she got very upset with me, she said, I just heard a preacher on the radio say that Job was perfect and who do you think you are, preaching all these different things. Well, brethren, Job was not perfect, read the book. He was perfect with regard to his keeping of the law. He was righteous as to the righteousness of the law, but in his heart he was not perfect. In his heart he had fear.


The Scripture clearly state that he made sacrifices on behalf of his children, because he knew the wickedness in their heart. He was afraid that the judgment with destruction would fall upon his children. He had pride, brethren. He stood before the Lord and maintain that he did not deserve this judgment. Thus by making himself righteous, he made God unrighteous. God unjustly he said, had reigned down this judgment upon him. And Job had rebellion. I'm sorry I cannot think of an example at the moment of his rebellion. But Job had three of the major sins. And his righteousness and his perfection was that righteousness and perfection which comes by the law.


But those of us that are in the New Covenant in this hour, I hope we know that if our righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees, we shall never enter into the Kingdom of God. And the righteousness of the Pharisees was the righteousness of the law. Brethren, we must move on.


When God puts His finger on you, and says it's time to enter into the Kingdom, the righteousness of the law will no longer cut it. It will only cut it as long as the Lord says, I will bless you in your life because I have not called you up higher yet.


Now I had a preacher get very upset with me once, because I told him that I had ministered to a Jewish man along these lines. I was trying to convey to this Jewish man the concept of Jesus Christ being our sacrifice. And I said to him, if you want to be righteous before God you have to go and get an animal and you have to find a Levite Priest to sacrifice it. And the Levite Priest has to sacrifice in a temple that doesn't exist any more. So your vehicle for righteousness no longer exists. All I have to do is repent and believe that Jesus is my God. And this preacher got so upset, he didn't even let me explain to him, I know that the Old Covenant is not in effect any more, but Paul said, he became all things to all men that some might be saved. I was trying to reach this man in a level that he could understand. And this preacher got so upset, he corrected me at the time and he preached about it for the next three services.


Brethren, I know that the Old Covenant is torn down, but I'm going to tell you something that might shock you. There are Jews alive today that have no revelation of Jesus Christ. They are not the Jews that walked the streets of Galilee and of Jerusalem, when Jesus was there. All they have is the Old Testament and they have been taught from their earliest years that this is a lie, that Jesus is Messiah. And they are in that Old Testament and they read it and they study it and they have a revelation of Jehovah or they have a revelation of Jesus Christ in the Spirit, maybe that was what the Lord wanted me to say. They have a revelation of the Spirit of Christ, but they don't even know that it's the same Spirit that was in the man Jesus Christ. And they love God and they are serving him to the fullest extent that they are able, until the Lord gives them a revelation of Jesus Christ. And I'm going to tell you something. He's with them, He loves them and He blesses them and He pours out an anointing on their services to Him.


And when I first came to the church 12 years ago, 11 or 12 years ago, I told that to a few people, and I was severely rebuked. They told me it was impossible. I said to them, I've experienced it. They said it's impossible. And I said, well what do I know, I'm a brand new Christian. And then a few years went by, and I came to the place where I said, Lord I'm not going to stop believing that unless I get the correction from you, because I know I experience it. And then a few years after that, the Lord said to me, it's true, don't worry about these people, they don't know what they are talking about and set themselves up to be wise sages in the church, with their legalistic religious spirit. And now recently, I subscribed to a Newsletter that comes forth from a Christian Organization within Israel.


And I read in that Newsletter that people who visit their Organization from all over the world, they take them on tours into the Orthodox section of Israel, into their synagogues and they were saying in this Newsletter, how anointed the services are, that the Holy Spirit falls down. I know it's true. I know it's true. And if you want to criticize me, you just go right ahead, but I suggest to you, that before you do that, you go before the Lord and ask Him if you are not moving in some religious spirit or some spirit of envy that is denying that God will bring the Jewish people back.


Brethren, let me tell you something, that envy that's burning in your heart against the natural Jew, it's not necessary brethren. There's enough in God for everybody. He is going to fill all in all. You don't have to worry about your brother or sister, that's more anointed than you. You don't have to worry about the natural Jew. You don't have to be in competition for the sheik. Just serve God, brethren. There's more than enough and an overflowing for everyone of you. God is not a man, God is a Spirit. Come up out of your carnality. Come up, come up, He's calling us to come up. Come up out of your carnality, brethren. So, how did I get into that. We were talking about Job. I don't know how I got into that.


I just want to make this comment, oh boy, I'm really rambling tonight. That was a very prophetic word that just came forth. And over a year ago, about 2 or 3 services in a row, I found myself speaking prophetically to, in some instances the Jewish people and in other instances about Israel and about Judaism. And on one tape, I even said I don't know where this is coming from because it certainly wasn't directed toward anyone in the congregation. And I said, I don't know where these tapes are going, that God has me teaching prophetically this way in this hour. And in the near future, Lord willing, that particular tape is going off to a Jewish scholar in Princeton. And I won't go into the whole details right now, but the Lord told me to write to this man and when He told me to write to him, I said, Lord what tapes do you want me to send him. And the Lord named a few tapes and I listened to the tapes, just so that I would know what I'm sending him. And one of them was one of these tapes, where I'm speaking to the Jewish people. And that tape was preached over a year ago.


Brethren, we could be sitting here with any number of people in this congregation and the Lord knows where these tapes are going over the next hundred years. There is no time or space in God. And if you think I'm preaching just to you, you are mistaken. You are mistaken. I'm preaching to every person that God intends these tapes to get to. Maybe for the next thousand years. Hallelujah.


Come up out of your carnality. And if you can't do it, ask God to bring you up. You are going to die down there. Okay, let try and get on with Job. So, Job was self righteous. He believe that because he kept the Law that there was no argument that God could have with him. And we are going to find out in Chapter 19 of the Book of Job, that Job is very aware that it is God that is reigning down judgment upon him.


Now I remind you at the beginning of the Book of Job, we see Satan asking for permission to touch Job. Isn't it Satan doing this to him? I further remind you, brethren that it was God who called Satan's attention to Job. God sent Satan, the executioner, the avenger, the executioner of judgment. God reigned this judgment down upon Job and the vehicle by which he did it, was Satan.


So, let's go on, we will start with Verse 1, and let's see what God wants to show us in this Chapter. And I remind you, let me just tell you this, let me put this on the tape, that three friends came to visit Job to comfort him supposedly. And all they did was condemn him. They came to help him in his moment of affliction, but in reality they attacked him and condemned him, and that is what is going on as we enter into Verse 1, of Chapter 19. Then Job answered, who he answered? He answered his three friends and he said, how long will you vex my soul. They came under the guise of comforting him, but they were vexing him. And how much longer will you break me in pieces with words.


I want you to know brethren, if you are suffering for Christ, it's going to be a very rare person that's going to comfort you. They are going to come to you, they are going to criticize you, they going to tell you, you are in sin, they are going to rebuke you and they are going to vex you and cut your heart out. And you are going to find that the only one you can go to with your problems, is Jesus and I've been going through this for years and it's been getting worse and worse. And the Lord put me in a Psalm recently. I don't remember the number of the Psalm, but David was crying out and he said, I looked for comfort, and there was no one to comfort me. And I looked for pity and there was not one who would pity me. And Jesus said to me, that was David speaking prophetically, that was what they did to me. Do you really think they will treat you any differently.


Brethren, if you are suffering for the gospel sake, if you are suffering for righteousness sake, don't expect pity and comfort from other men. Turn inward, turn to Almighty God. And let me just put this on here. Yes, I believe that all suffering, all judgment, all infirmity is a result of sin. But brethren, once you have confessed that sin and repented, if God has permitted the judgment to fall on you, for ten, eleven, fifteen years, after you have repented, it's no longer a judgment for the sin, it now becomes a trial, that is forming Christ in you. And if anyone doesn't understand that, please get in touch with me.


Before you condemn somebody that is sick all the time, and brethren I am sick all the time. Before you draw a conclusion that I am sick because I don't forgive my brother, or because I'm in some kind of other sin, you better get it straight about me, because if you condemn me falsely, you are in trouble with the Lord. And I declare to you that I have repented all the repentance that I need to repent of, but I can't do anymore until the Lord brings forth the deliverance. If He permits me to be sick for twelve years, if His trial upon me, it's not a judgment for not forgiving my brother. Glory to God. You must get spiritual. Hallelujah. If there is un-forgiveness in me and I repent, I must wait for the deliverance. Hallelujah, Glory to God.


Okay, we are in Verse 3. These ten times have ye reproached me. Ye are not ashamed that ye make yourselves strange to me or alien to me. Aren't you ashamed that you have made yourself different than me. What does that mean? It means that you have a different spirit than me, you have criticized me, you have come against me, I'm in agony. I lost my children, I lost my wife, I lost my home, I lost my land, I lost my riches. And all you could do was tell me that I deserved it? Brethren, even if it's true that I deserved it, where is your mercy? And where is the truth of God's word that no matter what He takes away from you, in order to bring you into a knowledge of Him, He will restore two fold for your shame, when the judgment has worked it's work in your life? Glory to God.


The destruction is not the end. Life must come out of the destruction, brethren. God is not a man, He is a giver of life. And His destruction results in a resurrection out from among the dead.


Verse 4 - And be it indeed that I have erred, mine error remaineth within myself. He said, If I really had erred, if I really have sinned, well, that error remaineth within me. If indeed ye will magnify yourselves against me, and plead against me my reproach, I'm going to go a few Verses at a time here. And if it be indeed that I have erred, my error remaineth with myself. If indeed ye will magnify yourself against me and plead against me my own reproach, if you tell me it's my fault, no matter that God hath overthrown me and has compassed me in His net, God has done this to me. Do I need you to sit there and tell me that it is my fault. I know that God has done it. Hallelujah. God has overthrown me, He stripped me, He has taken everything from me, He's humiliated me, He's made me vile and He has compassed me about with His net of affliction. And I need you to come here and tell me that I deserved it.


Behold, I cry out of wrong but I am not heard. I cry aloud but there is no judgment or justice. Glory to God. He has fenced up my way that I cannot pass and He has set darkness in my path. Well, here we see the pride of Job. He knows that it's God. He has never once blamed it on Satan, but he claims that he doesn't deserve it. He claims that he doesn't deserve it. Glory to God. I cry out but I'm not heard. I cry aloud but there is no justice. The Lord, He has shut me up that I cannot pass and He has set darkness in my path.


Brethren, I don't know about you but I have experienced being shut up by God, and by having darkness set in my path. I want to tell you something, brethren, there is a false thought in this Country today, that condemns people that can't stand up and become useful members of society. Brethren, there are spiritual jails. There are spiritual obstacles, there are spiritual hurdles, there is spiritual darkness, that people cannot overcome when they are given every opportunity. As you compare one ethnic group of people that have been spiritually devastated with another ethnic group of people that have not been spiritually devastated, because the ones who could not take an advantage of the opportunities as the other, brethren I declare to you, you are just one more manifestation of the ignorant, into which this Country has fallen. You deny all spiritual factors. Brethren, I declare to you, God can shut you up. He can make you to fail at everything you put your hand to. He can put darkness on your mind that you cannot pierce through, with all the psychotherapy in the world, with all the love in the world, with all the money in the world, with all the education in the world, if God has shut you up, brethren, you are shut up.


Verse 9 - He has stripped me of my glory and taken the crown from my head. And what is His glory. It means his success in life. His positive life style, his family, everything that he had. Verse 10 - He has destroyed me on every side and I am gone and my hope, he hath removed like a tree. Brethren, when the Lord decides to bring you up out of the carnal realm, when He decides to bring you up out from under the Law, and start dealing with your sin as they exist in your heart, this is what you are going to experience, brethren. If you are no longer made righteous under the Law in God's eyes, and He starts looking at your heart, brethren, He is going to start coming against the sin in your heart. He shall destroy you on every side. He shall expose your sins and you may even come to a place, where you feel that you have no hope. But I declare to you brethren, that Jesus Christ is your hope. The Lord will bring you to a place where there is no hope in this world system. No hope in getting yourself back up on your feet. No hope in the economy, no hope in the doctors, no hope in mercy from other men, even in the church. And when you turn to God for your deliverance, that is when it shall come forth. And I declare to you that these judgments are designed to wreck the carnality in your mind and to bring you to a place where you turn to Jesus Christ for everything, because everything that is not of faith is of sin. And when you come to that place, I declare to you, the destruction will lift off of you.


But if you lift yourself up in pride against God, and you declare that you are innocent and God is unrighteous brethren, watch out because the judgments are already falling upon you. And I remind you that the judgment for pride is destruction. How interesting that Job says, that the Lord, Verse 10, He has destroyed me on every side. That is the judgment for pride, brethren. And in another place he says, everything that I have feared has come upon me. Fear is lack of faith, brethren. And Job feared for his children. That is why he made sacrifices for them every day. Brethren, you cannot bring your children into the Kingdom. Their own sins must be dealt with.


Job did not have faith in God to take care of his children. He was afraid that they would be destroyed and that which he feared came upon him. If you fear for your children brethren, give them to God. If you try to save them yourself, they are surely destroyed.


Verse 11- He hath also kindled His wrath against me and He counted me unto Him as one of His enemies. The wrath of God against Job? Job was perfect in God's eyes and now God counts him as one of His enemies? Brethren, I'm sorry to shock you but the enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ are not the demons, they are not the heathen out there in the world, well, they are all mankind, but He is not dealing with mankind, He's not dealing with the heathen, they are His enemies, but He's not going after them, His wrath has not been kindled against them. His wrath has been kindled against those to whom He has offered a relationship with Himself, that will not repent of their sins, that lift their head up in pride against Almighty God and say they are righteous, because they speak in tongues, because they go to church three times a week, because they have a gift, whatever that gift might be. Watch out brethren, destruction is already behind you, coming right after you.


There was a woman who came to this Ministry once and she said, that as soon as she recognized sin in her heart, she cried out to God because she wanted to avoid the judgment, and she really believed that she was controlling the judgments on her life. And destruction fell on her. God deals with that in the Book of Job. I don't have that Scripture off hand, but I know I touched on it in a few tapes.


Job in one point in the Scripture, says to the Lord, why did you have to do this to me, why didn't you just tell me what was wrong, I would have changed. Because you couldn't have changed. God must change you. You don't have the power to keep the judgment off of you, cause the only way to keep the judgment off of you is to stop sinning. And the way the Lord deals with your sin is to judge you. The Lord gave me a very hard word a couple of months ago. He had called me when I was 10 years old and somewhere along the line I lost him until I was 28. Or was it 38. I was 38 and I found the Lord, or the Lord found me, let me come back into the congregation of the family of God.


And I said, Lord why did I have to lose all those years? I wasted all those years. Why did you do that to me. I've been saying that for 12 years. Well, the Lord just answered me. He said, Sheila, I didn't turn my back on you, you walked away from me. And I said, Lord how could you say this to me. I was only 10 years old, I didn't know anything, I didn't understand, I didn't know what I was doing. Why didn't you come to me and explain it to me, I wouldn't have done it. And the Lord said to me, Sheila, you were incapable of doing anything else. You were so filled with pride and rebellion, that even if I spoke to you, and you could hear every word I was saying, you would have done the same thing. And the judgments fell on me at 11 years old, and I've been going through hell ever since, and the hellish part of all those years are the 12 years that I've been with the Lord. Why? He's purging the sin out of me. I did not have the power to stop sinning. What a self righteous pompous remark to say, don't judge me Lord, just tell me about it and I'll change. You can't change. And the way Jesus changes you, is by reigning down judgment upon you. That's the way it works. You cannot avoid the judgment. If God chasteneth you not, you are a bastard. When the Lord draws close unto you brethren, everything that is in us that is of sin is His enemy. Everything that is in us that is of sin comes under attack. Everything that is in us that is of sin, gets thrown into the fire. And you say, Lord why me? Because you have sin in you. And it is the mercy of God to judge that sin that you might come into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ and enter into the Kingdom of God.


Verse 12 - His troops come together and raise up their way against me and encamp around about my tabernacle. And that Hebrew word that's translated tabernacle, is the same word that's translated tent and I suggest to you that the tabernacle that our spiritual life lives in, is the tent of this body. Tents are made out of animal skins, are they not? Dead animal skins, are they not? Well, in case you don't know it, we are dead. And our spiritual life is living in the tent of this body. Glory to God.


His troops. Who are His troops, brethren? Who are the troops of the Lord? They are the demons. And the wicked men come together and raise up their way against me and encamp around about my tabernacle. He has put my brethren far from me and my acquaintance are verily estranged from me.


Brethren, you know it's very common in the church today, that when they see someone greatly afflicted, they decide he's in terrible sin. Well, I adjure you, you had better get on your face before God, before you make that judgment, because I suggest to you very frequently severely afflicted believers are under the judgment, known as the tribulation, that process that will bring forth Christ in them.


And this is what it's going to be like brethren. Verse 13 - You are going to lose your friends.


You are going to lose the members of your family in a measure at least and your friends are going to be estranged from you. My kinsfolk have failed, and my familiar or intimate friends have forgotten me. They that dwell in my house and my maids, count me for a stranger. I am an alien in their sight. Because when God starts reigning down judgment on you brethren, you will have a different spirit. You won't be like these people anymore, even the members of your own household. They are going to discern that you are different and the deeper you get into God, the more likely their carnal minds will rise up and attack you. Job is going through the tribulation that will result in his glorification.


Verse 16 - I called my servant and he gave me no answer. I entreated him with my mouth. Rebellion in his own household. He called his servants and they wouldn't respond.


Verse 17 - My breath is strange to my wife. Rejected. Now brethren, all of these things don't happen to everybody that goes on with God. I don't know anyone that's experience everything here, but for everything that's named, I know someone that's experienced it. I know someone who's wife or husband has rejected them, has threatened to divorce them, whose parents have rejected them, whose friends have rejected them. Verse 17 - My breath is strange to my wife. She says, I don't even know who you are, you are not the man that I married. Though I entreated for the children's sake of mine own body. Confusion in the family. And the word in my margin in the King James Version is repulsive. His breath was repulsive. Breath meaning his life, his spirit that was in him. It was repulsive to his wife. Though he entreated for his children's sake, the children of his own body that there be peace. His wife couldn't stand him. Yea young children despise me, I arose and they spake against me. Rebellion in the family brethren. All my inward friends, or all my close friends abhorred me and they whom I love are turned against me. So what are we talking about? Great spiritual affliction in relationships. Rejection. Severe rejection.


I'm short of money and I know I'm going to get some money out of this. $312.75 brethren in my pocket. Hallelujah. The damage was too small to repair it. The car is 7 years old, I'd be a fool to repair it. The money is in my pocket. Don't tell me Satan has power over me. My life is in the hand of God. Hallelujah.


Verse 20 - My bones cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. My bones cleaveth to my skin. That means that he lost weight brethren or maybe some people lose weight from infirmity others gain weight.


I knew a very anointed preacher once, obese doesn't describe him. Obese is not accurate to describe him. His size was incredible, and he stood up in front of the whole congregation and he said, this is what the Lord has put upon me to humble me. He had been living with it for years. As a matter of fact I knew two preachers, they are still around, I just haven't seen them in a long time, that had this problem. One of them, a very great advocate of deliverance. And if you asked him why the Lord didn't deliver him of this huge weight, he said, he didn't know. Why don't you cast the demon out brother? God didn't anoint me to do it.


God will humble you brethren. In some cases you will get so ill, that you'll be very skinny and in other cases, you could be beyond obese. And no matter what you do, you cannot take that weight off. Glory to God.


My bone cleaveth to my skin and my flesh and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. Brethren, don't be deceived about this tribulation. It's severe. I have been brought to places, where I don't think I'm going to survive, but I know that I will survive, because God is bringing me through. I've been in this tribulation for a long time now and I'm telling you it's severe. We tell the truth in this Ministry. I'm not lying to you about the labor that's going to bring this baby forth, it's going to be painful. And on occasion it's been so severe that I've gone before the Lord and I said, "Lord if you don't bring me through, I'm a dead man." I'm finished. And of course, He brings me through, but this is what Job means, by the skin of his teeth. I'm barely slipping through, brethren. I should have been dead seven years ago. I should have been dead seven years ago. I'm serving the Lord with everything I got, why am I not healed? Because He's bringing me into Spiritual Perfection and the infirmity is being used towards that end. Don't tell me I didn't forgive my brother. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Verse 21 - Have pity on me, O ye my friends, for the hand of God has touched me. Brethren, I've had Job's friends come to me. One, very recently and it really upset me, telling me that I have no faith. I've been sick since I was eleven years old brethren. And I've been sick for the twelve years in God. Sometimes I get discouraged, don't rebuke me, have mercy on me. Have mercy on me that He's touched me in this manner. He's chosen to use this vehicle to bring me into perfection. And who am I to question the Mind of God. But when I suffer, brethren, when I get so despaired and without hope, have pity on me. Don't rebuke me and condemn me and tell me it's because I've done something wrong. Look at all of me, look at my life. Won't anyone take pity on me? I have news for you. The only people that will take pity on me are those who are moving in Christ. And it's during such a conversation you are not in Christ, you will criticize me. You will criticize me and anyone like me. Glory to God.


Verse 22 - Why do you persecute me as God. And he's saying this to his friends. He's saying this to men. Why do you persecute me as God does and are not satisfied with my flesh? Isn't it enough that God has put this judgment on me. You have come along to jump on the wagon and kick me when I'm down. This does not glorify God, brethren. If you can't find pity or mercy, stay away, stay away.


Verse 23 - Oh, that my words were now written! Oh, that they were printed in a book! Verse 24 - That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rocks forever! Verse 25 - For I know that my redeemer liveth.


You see, even though Job was claiming his self righteousness and saying that, God had no right to do this to him, he was double minded, you see. He still loved the Lord and he still had faith in God, so what are we saying here. Job had a problem. He had the sin of pride, which made him double minded. He loved God and exalted Him and knew that God would bring deliverance. And yet out of the same mouth, came bitter and sweet water. He said, Lord I don't deserve this, I'm righteous that makes you unrighteous. And that's why the judgment of destruction fell upon him, because he was double minded.


Verse 25 - For I know that my redeemer liveth and that He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Who? My redeemer is going to stand at the latter day upon earth. Job had a revelation that God was going to manifest in the form of a man, in the last day. How did Job know? He had a relationship with God.


There was no Bible in pre-history. Moses wrote the Bible. Verse 26 - And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. Now the word, worms was added in by the King James writer. So what we have there is, and after my skin destroyed this body, and body isn't there either. After my skin destroyed this, yet in my flesh shall I see God. And after my skin destroyed this, I'm not really sure what that means, I haven't looked up these words in the Hebrew, so I'm going to go past it. But, he claims here that his skin, has the capability of destroying something. He says, after my skin destroyed this, yet in my flesh shall I see God. Job had a revelation, that God was going to appear in his flesh, in your flesh, in my flesh. Glory to God.


Verse 27 - Whom I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold, and not another. Job knew that he was going to see Christ within himself and that his eyes would behold Him, and not another. What do you mean, not another? That his eyes would no longer see Satan in his own flesh, but that his eyes would behold God in his own flesh. My reins be consumed within me. And that Hebrew word that's translated reins, it's the word for kidneys, but what it's really referring to is your Spiritual substance, the most inner part of your being. So what is Job saying? The most inner part of his Spiritual being is going to be consumed. Well, what is the most inner part of the natural man? What is the Spiritual power base upon which a natural man exists? It is Satan, brethren. His reins shall be consumed. Satan shall be consumed within him when Christ appears in his flesh. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Job had a revelation of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Glory to God.


Verse 28 - But ye should say, Why persecute we him, seeing the root of the matter is found in me? His friends are saying, he deserves it, he brought it upon himself, he's evil, he's sinned, and he deserved everything that he is getting. Well, brethren it's true that he deserved everything that he is getting, because if there was no sin, there would be no judgment, but that's not the Mind of God. That's the mind that preaches Hell and damnation. That is a truth with a wrong motive. Job deserved everything that he got, because there was sin in his heart. But God's motive was not to condemn him for that sin, but to deliver him of that sin. The judgment was not a condemnation, it was to bring forth deliverance from the sin. So Job's friends knew that Job was guilty but they could not see the life or the goodness or the mercy of God in the judgment. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Verse 29 - Be ye afraid of the sword; for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know that there is judgment. Glory to God. This is Job speaking to his friends now, and he says, But ye should say, Why persecute we him, seeing the root of the matter is found in me? Be ye afraid of the sword for wrath bringeth the punishment of the sword, that ye may know that there is judgment. Don't be wrathful towards your friends because the judgments are going to fall upon you. If you condemn your friends, if you judge your friends, if you deny the mercy of God, if you preach a false motive for the judgment, the wrath of God will surely fall upon you. And why shall they fall upon you? That you should find out that there is judgment for wrath in this world. What does that mean? That you should find out that, you shall reap what you sow, because God is a just God and you shall experience for yourself, that the judgments of God are merciful, beyond our understanding. And that all of this suffering will come to an end at some place, at some point, at some time. And we shall see Almighty God standing in our flesh. Hallelujah.


You know the Lord spoke to me about a Scripture in the Book of Revelation, that we haven't gotten to recently, towards the back of the Book, where Jesus said; well, maybe it's not in the back of the Book, but He said, And all eyes shall see Him and those that pierced Him, shall see Him. Do you know that Scripture in the Book of Revelation, Those that pierce Him? And everybody thinks what it means is, that those that crucify Him, will see Him. But the Lord said to me, No, those who pierced through into His soul will see Him.


Those that pierce through into His soul and become one with Him, their the ones that are going to see Him. You can't see Him until you are like Him. You have to pierce through into His soul, which is the Kingdom of God. And when He stands in your flesh, brethren, you will see Him. And if you have read the Book of Job, you will know that further on in the Book, there is a young man that cannot bear this humiliation, that Job is going through. That's not exactly accurate, what he cannot bear, is that the truth is not being told about Almighty God. The truth of God's motive is not being told. And this young man has been afraid to speak up because the other 3 men, the 3 friends of Job, are older than him, and he felt that he had no right to say anything. But the Spirit of God rose up in him and couldn't bear it any longer and moved in to bring correction. And this young man spoke the truth about Almighty God, that His motive for all evil that He does to us, is to rid us of that sin and bring forth righteousness, that we might be resurrected out from this realm of death. His motive is good towards us. His motive is life towards us. His motive is not to destroy us and burn us in Hell forever. He doesn't have to do that to us, He's too great.


And at the very end of the Book, maybe we will turn there, to the very last Chapter of Job. Glory to God. We are in Job Chapter 42. Job repents. Then Job answered the Lord and said, I know that Thou canst do everything and that no thought can be withholden from thee. You can't hide your sin from God, brethren. Who is he that hideth counsel without knowledge? Therefore have I uttered that I understood not. I was ignorant when I blamed you Lord. I was ignorant when I said that I was innocent and you were therefore unjust to me. What was I ignorant of? I was ignorant of God's motives. I was ignorant of God's plan for all mankind. That's like these local preachers, that in the near future, are going to be saying, I repent of preaching that all men are going to burn in Hell forever. Lord, I did not understand You Jesus. My mind was carnal and my thoughts were different than Your thoughts and I preached out of my carnal mind and I repent. That's what Job was saying. You are a wonderful, mighty, all loving God, therefore have I uttered that I understood not, things too wonderful for me, which I knew not. I couldn't preach the truth, they were too wonderful for me to even comprehend, that the Lord is going to raise the whole creation back up. Hear, I beseech Thee, and I will speak. I will demand of Thee and declare Thou unto me. I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear. Now this is Job. I have heard of You Lord, but now mine eyes seeth Thee. I had a letter knowledge of you. Brethren, the letter will kill. It will destroy, it will bring rebuke, and hardship and condemnation. We must know God in the Spirit. We must be partakers of His mercy and of His life. And the way we get there, brethren, is to go through the judgment. Hallelujah.


And Job says, in Verse 6 - Wherefore now that my eyes seeth You, I abhor myself, I despise myself, and repent in dust and ashes. Well, what are you talking about Job? Well, I no longer think that I am righteous, said Job. And I no longer think that I don't deserve what came upon me. When I look at the holiness of Almighty God, I see myself for the sinner that I am, and I repent. Instead of saying, Lord how dare You, or how can You do this to me, Job says, Now, I see why You've done this to me, I see Your motive and I see the justice and the loving and I repent. And it was so, that after the Lord had spoken these words unto Job, the Lord said to Eliphaz, the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against Thee. Now remember what Job had warned them, just earlier at the back of Chapter 19. In the last Verse of Chapter 19, he said, Be ye afraid of the sword, for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword. I may have said it wrong the last time. The wrath of God brings the sword upon you and God's wrath raises up against you, because you have condemn me and attributed my suffering to the wrong motive of God. So, now that Job repents, God turns to his friends, and the wrath of God is kindled against them. And why? Because you have not spoken of Me, the thing that is right, as My servant Job has. And I'll just skip down the rest of the Chapter. The Lord says, Bring a sacrifice and My servant Job shall pray for you.


Verse 10 - And the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends. We must forgive our enemies brethren. We must forgive those that persecute us, for indeed they are the hand of the Lord that is bringing forth the image of Christ in us. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God.


Then came there unto him, all his brethren and his sisters, and all those that have been his acquaintance. He got more sheep, he got more asses, he had seven sons and three daughters. It doesn't say anything about a new wife. Isn't that interesting, his wife must have still been within him. His friends came to him, he got new sheep, he got new camels, and he got new oxen and new asses, and he also had seven sons, and three daughters. And his wife isn't even named. So he was a superior spiritual being, who had his wife within him. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus.


We praise You Lord, and we thank You for the judgment and I personally would like to repent of all the times that I get angry at You, because you know what's best and for every affliction that You've let come upon us. You have everything under control, Lord, and Your ultimate goal is to bring us up where You are, and who could argue with that motive. Although by a man's mind, Lord, and I don't consider myself that carnal, but I must be. Sometimes it's really hard, Lord. It's really severe.


In the church world out there, they don't believe how severe Your judgments could be. They don't believe it Lord. They say that it's Satan. They absolutely refuse to believe that it's You. But I declare unto the church world, until you admit that it is God Almighty that has touched you, there is no deliverance for you. When you have given the glory to Satan, that he should have this power over you, to bring such hardship into your life, more power than your God, because if it's Satan, that means that your God can't deliver you, or your God can't keep you from him. It will just get worse and worse, until the Lord brings forth repentance in you.


As we look towards the world today, the judgment is already upon us. I just pray for everybody Lord that it should result in Your appearing in them and not in their destruction, because the judgment is falling in two stages. It's falling upon the whole world, with regards to wars and famines and hard times. But the judgment that Jesus spoke about in the Bible, the tribulation, for you to have experienced the tribulation described by Jesus, Christ must come forth in you. If you are one of those that will not repent even though you have been caught in a war, or some really hard times, it was not the tribulation spoken of by Jesus. And when Jesus said, That the world has never seen and shall not see ever in the future, tribulation like this, He was not speaking about the intensity of the pain and the torment. He speaking about the fact that this tribulation is bringing forth Christ and the world has never seen it before and will never see it again.


Brethren, this world has been a torture chamber for thousands of years. Wars, people tortured, skinned alive, burned at the stake, crucified, torn and quartered. Man is a horrible animal and he has burned people at the stake, tortured people for centuries, for thousands of years. And the church world is waiting to see a tribulation that's worse than everything that's happened on the earth in all these thousands of years - No brethren. That's not what Jesus meant, because all of those terrible of things never produced Christ. Jesus was talking about a tribulation that will cause Christ to be formed in you. So hard times are coming upon the whole earth. Why, because we are reaping what we sow. Pray that your hard times result in Christ being formed in you. That it should not be a waste. Glory to God. Bless you all. Any questions on this message. Bless you all. May the Lord appear in you. May He grant you the ability to repent, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


We have a question here.


COMMENT: In Chapter 19: 26, in my Bible where it says, Even after my skin is destroyed, yet for my flesh I shall see God.


PASTOR VITALE: I do have a recollection of looking that Verse up once in the Hebrew and I believe that, that is accurate. It does mean after my skin is destroyed, I shall see God in my flesh.


Now I remind you that the Bible clearly distinguishes between the flesh and the skin in the natural and in the Spiritual the flesh can be referring to the adamic soul. And I suggest to you that without having studied it recently, what I believe the Lord is reminding me of, is that what it means is when this natural body is destroyed, the Lord shall appear in our soul, in our glorified body. That's what he has the revelation of, that this natural body will be destroyed. But even after the destruction of this body, his redeemer shall appear in the flesh of his soul and in the flesh of his glorified body. Okay. Do we have another question? Resurrection of the question Ministry.


COMMENT: I was wondering, when his body was destroyed, does he mean in generations later?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know. It's very possible, because what we've been teaching in this Ministry, it's a very, very, hard word, is that there is just one Spiritual life that God has given a corruptible body to and that body cannot endure, so the Spiritual life keeps transferring from one body to the next. Just like a house plant, look at one of your house plants, leaves die, you pull them off, and you throw them off, and the plant puts out new leaves. And the body and the soul of a man that is going to be of the Spiritual life of a man, that's living in that hour that Jesus Christ is giving us the life of the ages, that's the personality and that's the body that's going to be preserved. But it's the same Spiritual man. All of these generations, we keep putting out new leaves, we keep having babies and babies. And in that last generation, which is not going to be the same personality that you have now, but it will be the same Spiritual life that you have now, that's the body and the personality that's going to be preserved. So, you are probably right xxxxxx. This man, Job had a revelation of the deep things of God. So he said, This body is going to be destroyed, but still my Savior will appear in my flesh. In what flesh? In the flesh of a future generation. You are absolutely right. That's what he was saying. And this is a very hard thing for believers to accept, because we are all still so carnal, that our own soul, that our own personal lives are still so important to us. But I declare to you, brethren, as the Lord said to Peter, There are things that you couldn't endure now, but that you will endure in the future. What did the Lord mean when He said that to Peter? He meant that you were going to ascend into a high realm of the Spirit, where you could endure things that you could not endure now. And I declare to you brethren, that as difficult as this revelation appears to you, as hurtful as it is to you, as difficult as it is for you to believe, I declare to you, that when you ascend into the high realms of the Spirit with the Almighty God, and you get a revelation of how important the Spiritual life is and how very unimportant the soul life is, you will be able to receive this revelation.


I had a woman call me up on the phone once, and she said, How could you preach that, that, after we worked so hard in this life time, all the things we did for God. How could you say the personality is not resurrected? Well, I say it because I believe it's the truth, I believe it's what God has told me. And brethren, just like when you impart to your children, all of your physical genetics, when you have a baby that frequently looks like you, you also impart to that child, all of your Spiritual genetics and all of the genetics that come from your soul. So for all intense and purposes, when the personality that you are in now, passes on, when it dies, your Spiritual, soulish and physical genetics, are existing in your offspring. You have given it to the next generation to preserve it until that generation, when the Lord will impart the ability to us to stop dying. And in that generation, the personality that is preserved shall be you. And if you can't receive it now, in the words of xxx xxxxxxx, please just put it on the shelf. If I've upset you, I'm sorry, but I'm preaching the truth as the Lord has shown it to me. Try not to worry about it. Don't worry about it brethren, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But if I'm right, the Lord will give you a revelation of it that will make it tolerable. Hallelujah. Do I see another question over there? Okay. Glory. I saw it on your face.


COMMENT: That last Chapter 42:15 and my Bible says, And in all the land, no women were found so fair as Job's daughters and their father gave them an inheritance among their brothers.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me get what your question is. What is your question?


COMMENT: To me, you know it seems like their inheritance is in their brothers. Like their brothers are going to pass them. I don't know exactly.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well we know that in those days, that men had their wives within them, that the wife typified the soul. Okay. Let me get back. What Verse is that? Okay, that's the last Chapter and it's Verse 15. And in all the land there were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job, that's the souls of Job. And their father gave them inheritance among their brethren. Well that means that there was a soul life that was within the vessels. The brethren typifies the Spirit, the male typifies the Spirit and the female typifies the soul and because Job repented and Job came into submission to God, the blessings went upon his offspring and his soul. Now remember brethren, that the soul is desperately wicked, and bent upon destroying the Spiritual man. So what is this saying? Job was no longer in rebellion, and in his offspring, the souls were in submission to the Spiritual man. And they received the inheritance with their brethren. And what is that inheritance? The Spiritual life brethren, is the Spiritual life of Christ that was propelled in the earth, that is already eternal. To what part of us is eternal life being imparted? To our soul. So the daughters typifying the soul, they were given the same inheritance that their brethren had. The soul, which is perishing was given the inheritance of the life of the ages that the Spiritual man had. Not only was the Spirit preserved, but the soul was preserved.


Did I answer your question? When it says here, that his father gave them inheritance among their brethren, the brethren is typifying the Spirit. Now the Spirit of God is indestructible. It's the Spirit of God that is giving life to this creation. It was when the Son of God was propelled into the earth and joined to the earth, we came into being. What is dying, is the soul that sinneth. So when it says here that his daughters were the fairest, there were no one that were found so fair, that meant that they weren't wicked. They were brought into submission by the Spiritual men. And because they were brought into submission, they were fair, they were respectable, they submitted to their masters, they received the life of the ages. The daughters of Job received the life of the ages. The souls of men received preservation. Because they came into submission to the Spirit man.


So when Job gave up his rebellion, and when Job gave up his pride, and when Job gave up all of his sin, and came into submission to God, okay, in his offspring the same thing happened. Now let me remind you, that Job was male and female. And whenever we sin, brethren, it's our soul that's sinning. Our soul is the one that's lifted up in pride. Our Spirit is not lifted up in pride, our soul is lifted up in pride. Job had pride and Job had rebellion, his soul was out of submission to his Spiritual man. Just hold on, lets get this on the tape.


COMMENT: It was his wife that said, Curse God and die.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. It was his soul, that said to him, Curse God and die. But Job didn't listen to his wife or his soul and he repented and the blessing went on to the next generation. And in the next generation, the daughters or the souls of the next generation were not telling their masters to curse God and die. They were in submission. They were in submission to the Spiritual man.


Did I answer your question? So this is very exciting. Here was a Book that was written in pre-history and it has all of this revelation that God is bringing here now. Brethren, I declare to you that the truth of the word of God has always been in the earth for those to whom God determines to impart it to. He's always been in the earth, from the very beginning, from day 1, God has been in there. He's always had a man. He's always had someone that has known the truth of His word. Glory to God. To the best of my knowledge no one knows who wrote the Book of Job. And we don't really know if the man existed or not, whether it is a parable or whether the man really existed. We honestly don't know, but it's pre-history. That was very interesting tonight Lord.


It never occurred to me until xxxxxxxx, even mentioned it, that Job was a pre-flood man with his wife within him. How very, very interesting. Glory to God. Thank you Lord.



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