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When the Spirit of God sends you, when you go to someone, you will find that what you are doing is exposing sin in their heart. You are coming with a spiritual stinger. It is a form of copulation. A part of your soul is entering into the soul of that other person and what we have, as I described it on a prior message, is the First Phase of the White Throne Judgment. The first phase of the White Throne Judgment is that God will send a son of God to you and say, "Look, there is sin in your heart. There is sin in your heart."


If that phase is successful, the next thing that happens, not immediately, but after a series of such experiences, is that you are going to find Christ in your own heart doing the job of exposing the hidden sins of your heart, so that God no longer has to send someone to say to you in English, "Look, this is what you are doing is wrong". Maybe you did not know it was wrong, or maybe you did not think it was wrong, or maybe you knew it was wrong, and even though you thought it was wrong, you thought it was okay with God. Whatever you thought.... If God sends somebody to you, it is because the Christ within you is not strong enough in that area to say to your fallen soul, "Soul, you have to stop doing this." God will send a man to to tell you in English (or whatever your native language is), which is the first phase of the White Throne Judgment.


The Second Phase Of the White Throne Judgment is when the Christ within you, says, "Soul, you better stop doing it." If the Christ within you, which is now joined to your human spirit, is saying, "O God, I repent, help me to stop doing it," God is not going to send a prophet to you, brethren. You do not need one. When you go to someone and you expose sin in their heart, what have you done? You have established a soul tie with them. You have entered into their fallen soul with a stinger. A part of your soul has vibrated forth and entered into the heart of the other person. Then when Christ appears, He judges the sin.


If that same sin is in the soul of the messenger, who now has a soul tie with the person being judged, the judgment will fall on the messenger as well as the person being judged. Does anybody not understand this? You have to be clean in the area that you expose as sin, because if you are not, when judgment falls, it falls on the sin in your heart as well as the other person. Is not that what happened to xxxxx xxxxxxxx? It happened to him in a terrible way. I am explaining this because it is really important.


Not only is the judgment going to fall on you too, but the chances are that the person you went to will not be helped at all. The chances are the person is going to rise up in pride, which is the defense of the natural man. Pride is a sin in relationship to God, but for the natural man, pride is the way we survive in this world. Am I going to let Joe, Jack, John and Jimmy come and tell me all my sins? No, because if I do, they will spiritually kill me. They will eat my flesh off of my bones. They will use a knowledge of my sins for their own advantage, and damage me. So, what do you do? You stand up and you say, "Get out of here, stranger. Who are you to come into my house and tell me what is wrong with me?" In some societies, you would get punched in the nose.


Pride is the vehicle by which natural man survives in this world, which is a jungle, but when Christ comes into your life the whole thing turns around. Now judgment is acceptable to God, because the motives of Christ are perfect and unto your edification, whereas the judgments of the natural man are selfishly motivated, and unto your destruction. But, now, Christ becomes your worst enemy because you are still defending yourself against having your sins exposed. But what is the point of defending yourself against Christ?


Christ is come to elevate you back up into the realm of the spirit, but He becomes your enemy because you do not understand that we return to our first estate of righteousness and immortality by facing the painful truth that our present nature is the exact opposite of the righteousness of God, and that the exposure and overcoming of our sin nature is the only way to get back to the Garden of Eden. Christ, we One who was your friend, your defense, the One you could not survive without, has now become your worst enemy, even the enemy of your fallen soul. Glory to God.


How did I start talking about this? What am I saying? I am saying, that we are being raised up as sons of God, I am asking you not to be naive, and to think that you are going to go to sleep one night as a naive, unsophisticated person, and suddenly be changed. I do not mean to put anybody down, but, I, myself, have been very naive and very unsophisticated in many areas of my life, and I probably still am. I find that most of the spiritual children that God is raising up today are unsophisticated in many areas. I find it to be one of the signs of the true sons.


They have been beaten down by the world and hurt by sophisticated worldly people who know how to survive in this world by ruthlessness. I am not insulting anybody. We cannot go to sleep one night, being naive, unsophisticated people, and expect to wake up the next morning, which is a "rapture mentality," as glorious sons of God that are going to judge politicians in Washington.


Now, do not get me wrong. I know that God does not require formal education for His prophets. Do not misinterpret what I am saying. I am talking about your state of mind, brethren. I hope I did not confuse you there. We have got to, by the power of Christ, come to a place where we are not intimidated by people that manifest ungodly authority. The road, the path, that we are taking that is going to build this ability in our heart includes an education, which includes a knowledge of certain things that exist in life. For example, there are certain things that your lawyer (if you need an attorney) is supposed to do. Now, how can you stop this man from taking advantage of you if you do not know what he is required to do, or if you do not know that you are not supposed to sign a paper that your attorney has not reviewed?


We have to know these things, whether we learn them from formal training, or from a meeting like this, or from God ministering directly to you by His spirit. The only thing that I am telling you is that we must attain this knowledge. It must become a part of our spiritual being, and the most important thing of all is that it must become a part of our personality and the way we live our life. We must know how to have righteousness in every area, and that includes standing against ungodly spirits in the people that would victimize us. In a Godly way, in a Godly way.


I used to get upset when people victimized me, and the way I dealt with it was that I would get hysterical and start screaming at them. Well, let me tell you, nobody is going to listen to a screaming woman, or a screaming man. It is more common in women. No one is going to listen to you, even if what you are saying is true. No one is going to listen to you. The minute you raise your voice, the minute you get aggressive, they do not want to even hear the context of what you are saying.


We must learn to express what is in our heart in a Godly manner. We must learn to express chagrin and anger (there is a righteous anger) in a Godly manner. How? With words spoken in a calm, righteous spirit. Before righteous words can come out of our mouth, we must take authority over our emotions. It is our emotions that are killing us. The first thing we have to do is get our emotions in check. The second thing, we have to do is find out what is right. We must have a knowledge of what is right, not only in the law of God, but in this whole society that we are dwelling in.


We must learn the ways of the society that we are living in, and when people try to victimize us, we have to speak to them, and we have to suppress our emotions. I am going to clue you in, if you are upset because of something that somebody said to you, or because you were victimized, in most instances, your problem is pride. In most instances, this is what I found to be the case, that you are upset that they did that to you. They did that to YOU, they victimized YOU, and the problem is your pride. That intense emotion that is rising up in you that wants to express itself in an ungodly manner that will cut off all reconciling communication, is pride. Pride must be suppressed and dealt with, as sin, within your own being. Then, we must have a clear understanding of the righteousness and unrighteousness of the situation, and then we must become verbal people. We must learn how to communicate. You do not have to use big words, but you have to find a way to express yourself a clear and concise manner. When I say, "have to," I mean that "God is going to help you."


Practice listening to people that are good at expressing themselves. We must express what we are feeling in a positive non-accusatory way. There is nothing in it for anybody if we accuse each other. Our motive, our aim, the aim of our conversation should be resolution of the problem. Pride should be of no account, not my pride and not your pride, the Godly goal should be resolution, in a Godly manner, of the problem.


You will find that in a situation where you are dealing with a heathen (whether those heathen call themselves a Christian or not, if the proper contribution to the reconciliation process is not coming forth from both parties, then the reasonable party will have to back off. But even when you back off, you must back off in a Godly spirit. You must back off, expressing love and leaving an open door for that person to return to you at any time to make the situation right. Then, when repentance comes forth, you must deal with any unforgiveness, hurt or pride that is manifesting in your own heart. This is what God requires of us. Now, do not get all condemned if you cannot do it. I am giving you the optimal goal, I am giving you what to strive for. I am telling you what God requires of us. Strive for it, but do not condemn yourself if you do not make it every time. We are all involved in a battle, but you have to see what you are aiming for. Do you not? You have to see your goal. What am I saying?


I am going to say it one more time. We are being raised up as sons of God, which requires more than learning the Scriptures, more than getting the demons cast out of you. Being a son of God requires an ability to function in a godly manner in human relationships with both believers and non-believers. Being a son of God requires a knowledge of the society that we live in, an intelligent working knowledge of the society that we live in, a Godly dealing with our own pride and an ability to express what we are feeling in a positive way, so that we can, at least, give the other person a chance to say, "I really did not know you felt that way, and I am awfully sorry if I hurt your feelings. I did not even mean what you thought that I meant." You have to give the other person a chance.


Our ultimate goal is reconciliation of the problem, and even with the most stubborn person, it is beneficial and godly to part leaving an open door to pick up the move towards reconciliation at any time.


This very difficult lifestyle is what God is requiring of His sons, so if you think that you are going to go to sleep one night in the condition that you are in now and wake up tomorrow morning, as a manifested son of God, I have a flash for you. You have a "rapture mentality." It is not going to happen that way. Neither am I denying that your position as a worldly person either gives you a greater advantage or a greater disadvantage than, perhaps, your brother or sister sitting next to you.


That is why it is so important that you do not compare yourself to your brother or your sister. I am not denying that I spent years working for attorneys in this area. I have knowledge that you do not have. Learn from me. You may have knowledge in an area that I do not have. You may have knowledge in the area of nursing or the mentality of doctors. You may be able to give me knowledge if I am having a problem with a Puerto Rican person. You may be able to give me insight into the mentality of how a Puerto Rican man thinks. I hope that you are all aware that when you get into relationships with ethnic groups from different backgrounds that you must know what insults people, because what insults someone in one society may not insult someone in another society.


When our natural diplomats go overseas, they have to be educated in the culture of that nation so that they can avoid insulting the indigent people. They must know how to put them at ease and establish relationships with them. Everybody has something to offer. What I am telling you is that you should be aware that some people in the natural are more qualified or more educated (whatever word you want to use) than others. Do not look at your brother that is next to you and say, "Look at how well he is doing, and we have both been in God six years." Where were you when you both started? Number one, where were you when you both started and number two, nobody is in the same place in every area of their life. Just go with God and work on yourself.


So, here we are, back to the same exhortation again, work on yourself, do not compete with your brother, but help your brother and know that you must have something, there is something in your life, there is something in your mind that can help me. Everybody has something that he can offer to other people.


I know nothing about warehouses. If I was having a problem with a purchase that I made, I might call you up and say to you, "Is this typical or are they cheating me," and you would know because I have no knowledge whatsoever in that area. We are growing, we are learning, and we are becoming sophisticated, educated people. The sons of God shall surpass the most sophisticated people of high society in this country and in the world.


Now, if what I just said is stimulating your pride, you need to get before God and tell Him that you need deliverance from pride, because I do not say to you that we shall surpass the most sophisticated of our society to blow up your pride. I say it to you in the full awareness that it is going to be difficult, that it will require an overcoming of the spiritual barriers that exist in our own mind because of the way we were born. Do you hear me? It is going to be a battle. God is not going to drop it in your eye with an eye dropper. We must overcome. The result of it will be great knowledge, great wisdom, great sophistication, but most of all a great ability to love and have compassion upon our fellow man, because, if we go to judge our fellow man without these things, we, too, shall be judged.


When I say we are going to be knowledgeable and sophisticated, I do not necessarily mean that we are going to be wearing expensive clothes or that we are going to look like, in any manner, the knowledgeable and sophisticated of this world system. I do not know what we are going to look like. I am not talking about external things, I am talking about internal fitness. We shall be fully equipped, and we shall surpass the mind of any natural man in the righteousness and the love of Almighty God because by the time we get there, there will not be any pride left in us, or what ever pride is there, will be under the feet of Christ Jesus within us.


Examine yourself. I say that lightly, but I am not kidding. If what I said has stimulated your pride, then you know where you need work because you are not arriving at the place I just described with this kind of pride. See, the people of this world, they are rich and sophisticated and worldly with pride, but not so in the Kingdom of God. The greatest in the Kingdom of God shall be their teacher and a parent to them in the love and admonition of the Lord.




I want to talk to you about soul ties. I have some advanced teaching on soul ties for you. I watched a movie last night called, Tender Is The Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Lord showed me many years ago that if our mind is in the right moral order, we can benefit a great deal from what the world calls "great literature," and be very edified by authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, who writes about human nature. The Lord, showed me some very interesting things about soul ties in this movie last night. It is basically about a woman whose mind was shattered because of her early relationship with her father.


The two basic principles that worked together to shatter her mind are this: Number one, she perceived her father as infallible. She placed him very high on a pedestal. She idolized him. I guess in the church, we would say she idolized him. And then the day came when her father molested her. She found out that he was not perfect, and it broke her mind. She was a very wealthy woman, and she was sent by her sister, who was the head of the family after her father died, to a sanatorium. She met a psychiatrist there, a young, good looking psychiatrist, and he helped her. He brought some healing to her mind through the techniques of Freudian psychology, and then she fell in love with him.


The clinic was in Switzerland. This young doctor was counseled by a German psychologist he was studying under. His teacher cautioned him very, very, strongly, as strongly, as he had the authority to do, to not marry this woman, who was his patient. But the psychiatrist had fallen in love with his patient. His teacher warned him of disaster if he would marry her. The senior psychiatrist's counsel was based on his belief that the patient was reliving her experience with her father, that she was perceiving the young doctor who had helped her as very high, or, as we would say in the church, "she was idolizing this young doctor." When the day came that the patient saw the doctor's weaknesses (because every human being has weaknesses), the senior psychiatrist said, it would be a disaster for their marriage. The young doctor was trying to be ethical, and he heeded his teacher and broke up with his young female patient. He had not been officially dating her, but he broke the relationship, and she went home, and they just happened to meet again a couple of years later in another location in Europe.


The young woman threw herself at the young psychiatrist, and he really loved her. The problem was, that he loved her and she seemed to be very well. Before, she had been schizophrenic, manifesting bizarre behavior, loving you one minute and hating you the next minute. But now she seemed to have recovered in her mind, so he married her. The young psychiatrist decided to marry his former female patient. She told his teacher that they were going to honeymoon some place in Europe, and that he would be back at work within three weeks. That was the understanding that the young psychiatrist had with his wife-two-be, that he was going back to Zurich, Switzerland after the honeymoon, and that she would go with him. She was very wealthy, so they really did Europe in style. They were ecstatically happy, ecstatically happy, but then it was time for the young psychiatrist to go back to work and he told his wife that.


Now, follow me and check out the personalities here. There is a lesson for us in this, in soul ties. What the senior doctor was saying to his student was this. "It is very dangerous for an authority figure to marry someone that is dependent on them." What was the senior doctor saying? He was saying that, not only in marriage, but in all relationships, we should be as equally strong as possible. If there is any idolatry at all, not only in a marriage, the relationship could prove to be disastrous. We could be talking about a relationship in a ministry like this. I have told you in the past, that if you idolize me, it won't be long before you are out of here. If you idolize me, it is count down time until God shows you a weakness in me, and If you cannot deal with that weakness in me, you are going to bounce out of the ministry. I preached that a couple of months ago, if you recall. We are talking about relationships here.


I am telling you about the plot of this movie, which has to do with marriage, but we are talking about other relationships in addition to marriage. We are talking about all human relationships, with anyone, but particularly, with anyone that could appear as an authority figure to us. The point that God is making here is how dangerous idolatry is. You know, we hear these words and we say, "O, yes, I know idolatry is a sin," but we do not really know what idolatry means. We really do not know what it means.


What have we said here? "Idolatry" is "attributing or imputing infallibility to another human being." What does that mean? Does anyone not know what "infallibility" means? Idolatry means "to impute the quality of omnipotence to somebody," that is, "to believe that they cannot fail." That is what idolatry is, to look at somebody and say, "I look at you, and I do not believe that you could fail." Now, everyone can fail except Jesus. We shall be capable of failing until Christ within us totally swallows up our carnal mind. This is what idolatry is.


What was this doctor telling his student? He was telling him, if you get involved on a personal level with somebody that cannot see your potential to fail, it could be an emotional disaster for them. That is what he was saying to him. Now, this story is happening in the world. Christ is not present here. When such a person realizes that you are just human, you have had it. He also said to the man, be aware that psychiatrists, in order to be attracted to this field, have to have a little quirk in them somewhere. I think a lot of us know that. We know that every member of the human race has a little quirk in them somewhere. We all have our cracks.


When I was a young woman, when you were out looking for a husband or a wife, the expression was, you are going to find someone, who has holes in their head, that match the rocks in your head. The rocks in my head match the holes in your head. That is the way they expressed it when I was in my twenties. Everybody has something.


This was the word from the seasoned psychiatrist to his student Doctor. If I you find yourself in a relationship...and this is the word to us, whether it be your parents, minister or friend, if you find yourself in a relationship where one person is the strength and the other person is very weak, beware. Because what is likely to happen is that if the weak person finds strength from you and becomes restored in their mind, the day that they become normal in their mind and see you for just a human being, your relationship is over. Is there anybody not following me? It was an unbalanced relationship. He was a very strong, authoritative man. He was a psychiatrist. She had been his patient. She was total putty in his hands. She perceived him as her deliverer, pure idolatry. That was her weakness.


Now, what was his weakness? He knew all about this. He was a trained psychologist, studying under one of the best teachers in Europe, but he yielded to his emotions and married his ex-female patient, and they flitted around Europe for while, but the day came, that the young had to go back to work. His wife was as happy and well adjusted as could be, but the day that her husband told her that she could no longer have her way, a completely different personality manifested in her. She stood up and she said, "Do you not want me any more?" I will be glad to give you a divorce.


What are we dealing with here? Does anybody recognize the manifestation? Manipulation. He said, "O, no, I love you." I would do anything for you, but do you not understand, that I am a psychiatrist. I have been studying for years and I have got to get back to work. You hate me, she said. No, no, I do not hate you; I will stay, he said.


Now, they had enough money to live on. She was a multi-millionairess. Well, a few years went by and they had two children but he found that his mind, was becoming putty. His wife would set him up with another woman. They were at the Riviera and she said, look at that young woman over there. She is a movie star. Is she not beautiful? We are having a fourth of July party; invite her to the party. The man had eyes for no one, but his wife. The movie star was invited to the fourth of July party and the wife said to the movie star, you should ask my husband, to show you the Garden. Now, in and of itself there is nothing wrong there.


You know there is nothing wrong with men and women that are attached, are married to other men and women, being friendly with members of the opposite sex, if both parties can handle it. You have got to be able to handle it. So the movie star went up to the doctor and asked him, to show her the Garden, and he did not see anything wrong with it. After all, he was the host. So the doctor took the movie star to the Garden and as he walked off to the Garden with her, his wife withdrew to her room. When the doctor realized what had happened, he ran upstairs, looking for his wife, but she had already locked herself in the bathroom. She was down on her knees, and the other, negative personality was totally manifesting, accusing her husband of infidelity. She was screaming at him. Now just before this, she had said to him, you can never leave me, I cannot live without you. Now, she is on her knees, telling him that she hates him, throwing things at him, ready to scratch his eyes out. He had to give her a sedative and put her to bed. These were the signs of her mental illness.


Now, the husband is this very strong authoritative doctor, who deals with her in love, and she is this weak person with all these problems. What happened as time went on? She drew from his strength. The psychiatric expression is that the doctor imparted Ego strength to her. We know that this is what Christ is doing for us, where we are weak in our ego. What is our Ego? Does anybody remember what our Ego is? It is our conscience. Our Ego is our conscience. If you want to review that, it is in the Seduction of Eve, Tape #2. Where we are weak in our conscience, where, when we lack the ability to cope with a normal life, Christ comes in and joins Himself to us and strengthens our Ego. He gives us His conscience and the power to live out of that conscience that we have never knew before.


I have told you before that it is my opinion that psychiatry can be a blessing from God for people that Christ is not dealing with in this hour, just like a medical doctor can be a blessing from God. If you are not privileged to be walking in a deep walk with Christ at this time, you may be able to receive some help from a psychiatrist. The difference between the help that you can get from a psychiatrist and the deliverance that we get in Christ, is that the help that you get from the psychiatrist is part of the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, which is enforced by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The recipient of psychiatric care is helped for his generation, but if there are curses of insanity on the family line (which there would be in cases of mental illness), whatever help they to get cannot be passed on to their children. Psychiatric care is a band-aid that is available because of the Medical Community of the world. Psychiatric care can be a mercy from God, if it is not abused.


Deliverance in Christ, on the other hand, is passed on to the next and future generations. I teach the same thing that about Buddhism and Hinduism. There is good in those religions. They teach morality. They teach ethics, and we shall reap what we sow. If you are a Buddhist or a Hindu, and you are not harming your fellow man, you are going to be reaping good things in this lifetime, and also in future lifetimes, but there is no way you can attain to eternal life by practicing Hinduism and Buddhism we must have the Spirit of Jesus Christ to attain to eternal life, since He possesses the only true immortality. You see, there is a false immortality so the ex-female patient, who is now the wife of the student psychiatrist, was truly helped by psychiatry. She drew upon the Ego strength or the strength of the conscience of her husband, who was a psychiatrist, a well disciplined person, capable of functioning in the world, and she got better. The man really loved his wife. He loved her, no matter what she did. He loved her when she loved him, and he loved her when she hated him. He was devoted to her, and she got better. Then one day, he woke up and realized that he had sold his entire soul for his wife to get better. He had become a playboy. He had lost his career of psychiatry (because he never did return to work), and became a playboy that roamed the Riviera and all of the hot spots of Europe, just drinking and partying, but there was an emptiness in his soul.


Now, in Christ, when Christ gives us His Ego strength, when Christ restores our conscience to us and gives us the ability to stand up tall in His conscience, Christ is not destroyed. Remember the teaching, if you give your members of your soul to a harlot, (men or women because in this day women are just as promiscuous as men,) you are receiving all of the curses from these people that you are promiscuous with. It is to your destruction to be promiscuous. The Lord Jesus Christ has the ability to impart of His Ego strength to us, and He is not receiving our curses. We are receiving His life. We are receiving of His life.


Well, the doctor/husband woke up one day and he found out that he had given his whole life to this woman and, as much as he loved her, now had no purpose left in life. He was just a playboy. You cannot spend your whole life drinking and partying every day, so he tried to go back to his career, and he found out that it was too late. When he found out that it was too late, something in him broke, and he started becoming an alcoholic. He became an alcoholic.


Now, look at what happened. The doctor/husband imparted his Ego strength to his patient/wife. She got well, but something left him and he became weak, and their roles completely reversed. Did you ever hear the expression, "Role Reversal"? The roles completely reversed. Now, when she was weak, he loved her with everything that he had. But, when his weakness appeared, she did not have the ability to love him. She stopped loving him when his weakness appeared. Now, brethren, the love of Jesus Christ loves people, no matter how weak they are, no matter what they are manifesting.


What was the senior teacher saying to this young psychiatrist? He said, as a human being that is not Christ, the only chance that you have of helping somebody that is very weak is by not getting emotionally involved. Why? What is going to happen when you are emotionally involved? You are going to compromise your principles. What am I saying? If the young psychiatrist had said to that woman (his wife, whom he loved) when she manifested, "Despite this manifestation, I am going back to work as a psychiatrist because you have no right to take this from me. It is something that you do not have a right, to take from me. It is wrong, it is immoral, it is unethical, and we cleared this issue up before we got married." If he had, had the strength to do that, he would not have lost his moral strength, but he yielded up his strength, to her weakness. The young doctor yielded, or sacrificed, his moral strength to the strength of his wife's weakness.


The senior psychiatrist in this movie had a very interesting expression. I could not get it out of my mind, and was meditating on it all morning at the beach before my wonderful experience, with the "sex pervert." [In case you don't know it, brethren, meditating in Christ can cause such an uproar in the realm of the Spirit, that an unpleasant situation such as the appearance of a sex pervert might arise in the world of appearance.] The teaching psychiatrist called this power of the "weak" wife to convince her husband to abandon his career, the "tyranny of the weak," the "tyranny of the weak." This means that people in a weak spiritual condition... We see this in our children, tyranny. We see a two year old, having a temper tantrum, tyranny, and unreasonable attempt to control others. Adult people that have weaknesses will exhibit tyranny also, but we who are in Christ, must not yield to that tyranny. Why? Hear me! If we yield to that tyranny, we shall lose our strength. Do you hear this?


We are being raised up to go and have one-on-one, confrontations with people that have all kinds of problems. We must hear this word. We must hear this word. If we yield, to the tyranny of those who are weaker than we, we shall lose our strength. This is the word of the Lord to us tonight. They may get strong, but we shall become weak. We must maintain our integrity. We must stay very close to Christ. As I have been teaching in this ministry, there is not a doubt in my mind that the ministry of the Son, the ministry of the two-witnesses, shall involve personal relationships, one-on-one. We shall be required to be emotionally involved with the people we are trying to help, to get to know them, to love them, but when they manifest the "tyranny of the weak," we must resist with all of our strength in Christ Jesus.


Now, do not misunderstand me. I am not calling anybody names. Get spiritual, please. Anyone that is weaker than you, in relationship to you, is a weak person. Do you hear me? There is somebody out there I am a weak person in relation to, because they have a strength that I do not have. If God sends somebody to me (right now, it appears that nothing like that happens, I am always the one that is sent) but if the hour comes that God sends a man to me to expose a weakness in me and that person, forms a personal relationship with me and, at an appropriate moment, I manifest tyranny towards them, if they yield to it, they shall lose the strength that could help me if they resisted me. Once you fall down, brethren, you just try to get back up. Look at the condition of the human race since they fell down.


We have not been able to return to our original estate. That is why we need a Savior.


What is the Lord teaching us in this hour? He is teaching us about soul ties. This is a ministry where we are being raised up participate in the Son Company. This is not going to be an abstract thing, where we bind and loose or pray for people across the miles. The Lord is sending us to have one-on- one relationships with people that are going to be manifesting tyranny towards us, and He wants us to know that if we yield to that tyranny, we shall lose our strength in Christ. That is what He wants us to know. We must give ourselves totally to Christ in every aspect when it comes to relationships with other human beings. When you are joined to Christ and sin manifests in that person, or tyranny manifests in that person, the Lord requires us to manifest Christ. I never said it would be easy, and He never said it would be easy. It is hard and it is painful. You said you wanted the glory. This is a hardship that comes before the glory.


What is the word of the Lord to us tonight? I do not even know where this message came from. Glory to God. Alleluia! His word to us tonight is that we are called to a very high glorious calling, very difficult, very hard, requiring more than we have to give, but because Christ is joined to us, we shall, indeed, be able to overcome. He is arming us with knowledge. There is a thing called the, "tyranny of the weak." Someone can be weaker than you in a particular area and not necessarily weaker than you in other areas. If you are having a confrontation, and the other person is manifesting the "tyranny of the weak," God requires us to stand up in Christ, or we shall lose our strength in Christ. We must guard what we have. We must keep it like the precious thing that it is.


When God brings you to a place of authority in Christ, you do not give it up for anything or anybody. God is constantly building Christ, His authority in us. God is building Christ and He is increasing, and when God builds an area of authority into us, you had better believe that the person who has been raised up to see what we are going to do with that authority is just around the corner Are you going to yield it up to them, or are you going to hold on to it even when you are confronted with the, "tyranny of the weak," mind control, witchcraft or somebody telling you what to do, knowing that it is wrong? Who shall you yield to, the strength that Christ has built in you, or the, "tyranny of the weak?"


I remember the last secular job that I had. It was a very hot day. I get very uncomfortable when I am warm, and someone took the fan that was in my area. There was a woman just filled with witchcraft that worked near me, and she said to me, "Well, why not just take the fan out of the other office across the hall from you?" I said, "Well, xxxx would not like that. He would be very upset." She said, "Well, do not tell him. When he comes charging out of his office, asking who took his fan, just deny it." Well, I just looked at her. I want to tell you, brethren, there was a time in my life that when somebody spoke to me with that kind of authority, I would have done what ever they said, even though I knew that it was wrong (short of some serious crime, of course). When someone spoke to me in authority, I just did what they said. Can anybody say, "amen" to that?


Well, I just looked at her, without saying anything, but I did not do it. When she found out later on that I did not do it, she was very angry at me, but I stood in Christ against the "tyranny of the weak." Now, that sounds like a contradiction. She spoke to me in spiritual strength, but it was an ungodly, spiritual strength, that was a tyranny of spiritual weakness in relationship to the righteousness of Christ. We are going to be tried on every turn. We are going to be tried by children. If we watch children, we will be tried by the children. We will be tried by our parents. My own parents attacked me this week. They were demanding that I go to a doctor, mocking me, scorning me, and hating everything that Christ is.


I stood against the tyranny of weakness in my own parents and, at the same time, honored them. I almost did not make it. I almost did not make it because I was sick, and I was weak, and my mind was under attack, and my own parents rose up against me and started to eat my flesh. If I dishonored them, I would have failed. Glory to God. I did not take a hundred percent victory, but I took about a ninety-five percent victory. God had mercy on me. I got into a little bickering with them, but it stopped right off. Then I had to forgive them. I had to forgive them. Here I am, the way I suffer with infirmity, and they are trying to talk me into going against God. I would be dead in a month. They do not understand that, but what is the reality of what happened?


I have a problem with infirmity. God has not healed me yet. I am desperately ill, and they are fighting with me to do what would kill me, my own parents. I had to stand against the "tyranny of the weak" without dishonoring them. Now, I want you to know that God gave me the victory. I had a communication with my mother that I have never had the likes of before. I said to her, "Mom, how could you just deny all of the healings that I have had." She said, "Well, I believe that you believe it." I said, "Mom, you cannot say that to me. I will not let you say that to me." I said, "Mother, I love you, but I will not let you say that to me." Do you think I got up and walked away from pneumonia because I believed I was going to be healed?


My poor mother, God just humbled her in front of me, and she put her head down and could not look at my eyes and she said, "I am trying."


I say, "my poor mother" because she is caught between Christ in me and my father which is almost as big a manifestation of the antichrist that we prayed against in this ministry earlier. I knew he was rising up against me two weeks ago. I walked in the house, and he did not talk to me. He spoke to my mother, and made some snide comment about people who will go to the doctor when they get sick enough. When they get sick enough, then they will go. He had an aunt who was a Christian Scientist who did not go to a doctor for years and at the very end of her life, she went to a doctor. They used that against me, also.


Now, in the midst of this nine day trial that I have been through between physical and mental infirmity, I was down in some pit somewhere when my parents rose up and tried to eat my flesh. God required me to resist the "tyranny of the weak" and to still honor them. We were talking about it earlier. I had to suppress my own anger. I had to suppress my own pride, and I had to find words in a calm voice to tell them how they were hurting me. I told my mother, I said, "Mom, you know what doctors have done to me. I finally found something that is working for me and you are sending me back to the men who almost killed me." She got very upset when I told her that. I told her the truth, and it upset her very much. The truth of the matter is, my father was manifesting and he just stirred her up, and she could not resist. He is another story.


All of the ministry God has given me to my family has been to my mother and very little to my father, so she is caught between Christ in me and antichrist in my father. My heart just broke for her when she hung her head, and told me that she was trying because she really wants the best for me. This is a spiritual battle that she does not understand.


Whether it is your own child, whether it is a child that you are babysitting for, whether it is your parents, whether it is your brothers and your sisters in God, or your natural brothers and sisters, we must resist the tyranny of a spiritual condition that is weaker than we are in any given area that will rise up against us to challenge us, to bring us down to where they are. We must resist it, and we must communicate in love to that person. We must take the victory in Christ where a spiritual manifestation occurs that would destroy us, if it could in someone who does not even understand that they are being used to hurt someone who is standing in Christ. We must rise up in Christ and minister life to them. We must minister life to those who try to kill us, even though they believe they are trying to help us, but if we lose ourselves, if we lose sight of the vision because of our personal relationship with that person, they shall remain in death, and we shall lose our strength in Christ.


At the end of the movie, the doctor/husband man lost everything. He lost the woman he desperately loved. Even in his condition as an alcoholic, he still loved her, but she no longer loved him, because he had become weak. He lost his wife, his children, and he lost his career. He was left with nothing. We must maintain our position in Christ in a matter what, and Christ is continually increasing in us. We must not give an inch. We must be willing to lose everything that God would permit us to lose to maintain our integrity in Christ. We must not yield to the "tyranny of the weak," wherever it manifests, Even if it manifests in our own mind, or we shall lose our strength in Christ.


I believe the Lord gave me a deep teaching on soul ties through this situation. I hope that it has imparted some strength to you and some understanding of our interactions with other human beings. I do not know about you, but I spent years of my life being involved in relationships where I was hurt, where other people were hurt, where there were arguments, where there was separation, where all kinds of things happened that I had no control over. These ungodly life situations were ruling me. They were controlling me.


These relationships and what was operating in me that was causing me to be involved in them, was controlling me. I had nothing to say about it. Why? Because I was manifesting and my emotions were ruling me. What are your emotions? It is the Satanic aspect of the personality, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Through deliverance, through understanding, obviously through petitioning God, we must find out who our own enemies are in our own soul. Through deliverance and by the power of God, we must take dominion over them, and we must rise up in Christ and resist the "tyranny of the weak." What is the "tyranny of the weak?" Who are the weak? The fallen soul man. The weak is the fallen soul man, and the strong is Christ.


We must resist the tyranny of the fallen soul man in others and the fallen soul man in our own mind. Brethren, if you are in this ministry, we are entering into the deep. We are going in really deep. There is a battle on every front. There is a battle on every front in our own mind and in relationships with our blood family and our relationships with the world, where we go to work, and in our relationships in this ministry. Everywhere you turn, there is a battle. There is a battle on every turn.


We must arm ourselves with Christ, and what is the armor of Christ? It is forgiveness, the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, the gospel, this glorious gospel, that explains to us that we are ascending back up to a moral condition where we shall stop dying, faith in Jesus Christ, faith in the soul life of Jesus Christ to impart the ability to us to forgive, to suppress the fallen soul man, to express our feelings in an attempt at reconciliation with the other party. Yes, we must put on the full armor of God.


Do we really understand what the full armor of God is? The armor of God is Christ and everything that He imparts to us to pull this thing off. Our fallen soul man must not rule our life. He must not tyrannize us because, in relationship to Christ, the fallen soul man is weak, and he is manifesting the "tyranny of the weak." He is the tyrant within us who must be tamed by Christ in us. We must not give up any ground that we have taken, not an inch, not an inch. We must be willing to lose anything that the Lord will permit us to lose. We must walk in righteousness and desire righteousness. Any altercation that we are involved in, we must be striving for righteousness in it, in accordance with God. This is the armor.


Did I leave off any of the pieces of the armor? Would somebody turn to those Scriptures to see. I know I talked about the feet being shod with the gospel of peace. We talked about that. Glory to God. Alleluia! Glory to God. Alleluia!


Ephesians 6:13; "Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that, when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand, stand firm. Then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the Evil One. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Pray in the spirit on all occasions, with all kinds of prayers and requests."


The first one is what? The belt of truth. Well, we have to know what the truth is and what is the truth? What is manifesting in your own heart and what is manifesting in the other person's heart? If you think that you are involved in an altercation because they hate you, and the truth is that you just wounded them beyond their ability to deal with it, how can you deal with the problem if you do not really know what the problem is, both what is in the other person's heart and what is in your heart? What are we saying? We need discernment. We need to be manifesting out of Christ to analyze the problem.


Do you know how many times (I wish I had a dollar for every time) I have gone to somebody and I said to them "Look, you know you are feeling this way about me." In some way I have tried to help them, and the person's response to me has been, "No, you are totally off. That is not what I am feeling." But I know that is what they are feeling. They do not even know what they are feeling in their own heart. What does that kind of denial do? It utterly breaks off communication and it puts up a wall and opposes reconciliation. How can I resolve this problem with you if you do not even know what you are feeling towards me? If we are going to overcome in the evil day; well, what is the evil day? What is the evil day? It is the day of the judgment of our own fallen soul. It is the Great White Throne Judgment.


The day of evil is the day of the judgment of evil in your own fallen soul. How does God do it? He brings you into conflict with other human beings, and He takes out His line and His plummet, and He measures us as to whether we are manifesting out of Christ or whether we are manifesting out of our soul man. What do you think God is measuring? What do you think He is measuring? He is measuring how much of your reactions are Christ and how much of your reactions are fallen adam?


The first thing we need to take the victory in the day of the judgment of evil is an ability to know, first, what is in our own heart and what our own motive is when we approach this person, when we enter into conflict with this person. Are we trying to oppress them? Are we trying to put them under our feet for ungodly motives? Even if we are wrong, is our motive that we are trying to serve God and bless that person and help that person and bring deliverance into the life of that person?


What is in your own heart? Are you manifesting pride? Are you manifesting rejection? Are you manifesting envy? What is in your own heart? The next thing is what is in the heart of the other person? We must know the truth, or what? We will be overtaken. Where? In our mind. By whom? The Evil One. The Lord says,"Sorry brother, I have my line and plummet here and all I see is the Evil One." You do not even know what you are manifesting in your own heart. How can you overcome the Evil One when Christ is not even manifested in you? There is some lie in your heart.


What is next? The breastplate of righteousness. Our motive must be righteousness. Why do you want to know the truth? We had this in a recent message. Do you want to know what is in the other person's heart so that you can use it to blackmail them? There is such a thing as spiritual blackmail, you know. Do you want to hold it over somebody's head because you know it is their weakness? Why do you want to know what is in your own heart? So you could cover it up? Your motive must be righteousness. Your reason for desiring to know the truth must be a desire for the righteousness of Jesus Christ to be appearing in you. That is your second weapon. It is to overcome the Evil One in the day of his reconciliation to God, which is the day of His judgment. Glory. Alleluia!


What is next? The feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. The feet is what we are going to be standing up on, brethren. We are in a lying down position right now. Those of us in a ministry like this, hopefully, we are sitting up, but we are certainly not standing. We are not standing until Christ appears in us. The feet is that part of the body upon which we stand. We stand in a knowledge of this glorious gospel of what is really happening to us. We are not being raptured away to heaven. We are being resurrected in our mind. We are going to start thinking righteous thoughts and receive the glory of God in our very own mind. Alleluia!


What a glorious gospel. Who wants to be raptured? You asked, "Is that the lying wonder?" I think there are a lot of lying wonders. My memory is that the word is plural in the Scripture. You cannot enter in with this false doctrine, brethren. If you are a person that was called, and you are one of these people that no matter what happens, God has ordained that you are going to make it in this lifetime, that doctrine must come down. You may have to go through hell for that doctrine to come down, but we must have the truth of God's purpose in our life. This recent teaching came down in this ministry through the teachings on Noah, and what our glorious heritage is, and who we are the descendants of, and that we are going back up to a place in God where our every need is met because of the righteousness manifesting in our mind. Why? Because we are joined to Christ in our mind.


When God channeled that revelation into this ministry, He also gave me a revelation of the condition of some of the believers that are into Sonship. For some reason, I believed in the Doctrine of Sonship, but I never got all carried away with it. I know that there are people in the earth that are going around saying, "We are manifested sons" and all that, and they are just taken over with pride. I think that it is common knowledge that a lot of people that get involved in Sonship get snared by pride. I think that is common knowledge throughout the church.


What the Lord told me is that part of the reason that they are being snared is that they really do not have a full revelation of what Sonship means. I know, I used to read the Scripture, "They that follow after the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God," but there are a lot of people in the church world today that to them, Sonship means power. To them Sonship means power, but Sonship, brethren, does not mean that kind of power. It means the power that comes from righteousness.


I know it is very subtle. Do you see the difference? When God brought this true word into the ministry that our mind is going to be restored, that we are going to be geniuses, not to make ourselves big shots, but that all these problems of human kind were going to be gone. There is going to be food for everybody. There is going to be homes for everybody and everything that we need. There is going to be no more wars. We are not even going to be killing animals anymore. The original sons of God were vegetarians. There is not a doubt in my mind about it, that men did not eat meat until after the flood. What does this eating of meat mean? It is a reflection in the realm of appearance of our carnal condition. We are devouring each other, brethren. We devour each other spiritually, and in the material world we eat meat. On the other hand, before I let you go any further, do not think that because you stop eating meat, you will be you less devouring in your mind.


Only Jesus Christ can raise us back up to where we fell from. If you want to be a vegetarian, that is fine. I am not against vegetarianism, but do not be deceived. Do not think that if you stop eating meat, it is going to correct the aggressive condition in your spiritual life. It is not. Only Jesus Christ raising us up again can change that condition. I know people that have tried to be vegetarians, and they tortured themselves because they thought it would make them more spiritual. When God does it to you, you will not be tortured. When God raises you back up to the high realms of the spirit and you become a vegetarian, you will love it.


I am firmly convinced, even with things like fasting, that if you are tortured, God has not called you to that fast, and you are involved in some religious work. When God gave me this revelation of what Sonship really means, having total dominion over this earth, I was just flying. It just seemed to be a revelation of Sonship that I never heard being preached before. Does everybody know what I am talking about? I know it is a fine line. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? It is a totally different revelation of Sonship than you are hearing preached in the church. What do you hear preached? We are going to be like Jesus. Well, I do not think they even understand what that means. It is going to be glorious, totally glorious. That is righteousness.


What is next? The shield of faith. We must have faith that Jesus Christ is there in our heart imparting the ability to us to pull this thing off. To look someone (that is breaking your heart) right in the eye and say, "Look, I feel this way, you feel that way, how is God going to be glorified in this?" We have to have faith to believe that we are going to survive whatever the Lord permits us to lose, whatever that loss is. I lost my daughter. We have to have the faith to believe that He is there in power, ruling our lives to pull this thing off, that it is not going to be in vain. Whatever you lose, it is not going to be in vain. Whatever hurt you experience, it is not in vain. It is building Christ in you, and it is overcoming the Evil One who is involved in the day of being judged in this hour.


You cannot do it without Christ. You must fail if you try to do this without Christ. You do not have the power to do this without Christ. We do not have the power to overcome our own pride and our own emotions. We do not have it. It is when we join with Christ and become the enemy of our very own fallen soul that we have the power to partake of the judgment of the Evil One.


What is next? The Helmet of Salvation. Glory to God. It is the top of the head, and it is the protection of the mind, salvation upon our mind. Salvation is where? In the mind of Christ. Take on the Helmet of Salvation. Take on the mind of Christ. We cannot live out of our carnal mind and pull this thing off. No way. We must enter into Christ, and we must give up whatever He calls us to give up, whatever that may be. I do not know what. It is not the same for everybody. It has to be a general commitment, and we were talking about this earlier. It has to be a general commitment from you to God, that whatever you have is His. If He takes it, He takes it. If He does not, He does not. It has to be a general commitment that you are not your own. Was the helmet the last one?


The sword of the Spirit. Glory to God. The Word of God. Brethren, I have got a flash for you. The Word of God is not that book that you just read to me out of. The Word of God is the Living Christ. We are talking about the very image of Christ appearing in you. He could be conceived in you, and you have some manifestation of the sword but to take up, to lay hold of the sword of the Spirit means to put on Christ. It means the full appearance of Christ Jesus in you. What is Paul saying? He is saying, "For you to judge the Evil One in the day of his judgment and to survive and be victorious, Christ must appear in you." That is what He is saying, everything that we have been talking about tonight. Glory to God. It is very exciting.


Most of us here know that it is not easy. I do not know that it is going to get any easier. I do not know anything worthwhile in life that is easy. I do not know anything worthwhile in life that does not require sacrifices. It is just that there are a lot of Christians around (and I was one of them for a long time) that seem to think we can get all of this glory without giving up anything. It is not even true in the world.


I watched another movie recently about two professional ballet dancers. One of them chose to give up ballet and get married and raise a family. The other went on with her career, and she never got married, and she never had any children. The two of them met fifteen years later where the one that went on with her career was too old to be a prima ballerina any more, and here she was all by herself, no husband and no children. The one who had given up her career had a very loving family life with about four kids and a husband that adored her, and she was filled with envy for the one who went on with her dancing career. Neither one of them were content. They had a confrontation, and all of their passions manifested, and the one that had children, her daughter was now headed towards becoming a prima ballerina. She was very good, and she was entering into the New York Ballet Company. At the end of the movie, the two women made their peace with each other.


They both said that if they had it to do over, they would have done exactly the same thing. The one would have given it up and had her family, and the other one would have had her fifteen years as a prima ballerina, knowing that there was only loneliness waiting for her at the end. The movie picture was excellent. It really displayed the emotions that this woman had to go through after being a prima ballerina, and having everybody adore her and pay all this attention to her, to now have to back off and see a young woman come in and take all the glory, and then your money falls off too. It was heart breaking, but that is the way it is, and she said that if she had it to do over again, she would have chosen those fifteen years in the limelight. At the end of the movie, the woman who gave up her career to have a family, her daughter was obviously, according to the movie, well on her way to becoming a prima ballerina, and the ecstasy was all over her face. She was choosing what her mother did not choose.


Well, what is the message? If you want it, you have to make the sacrifice. The church is just filled with people, and God only knows I was one of them, that think they are going to enter in without a sacrifice. They think they are going to have their houses and their cars and their good jobs and everything good of the world because they are King's kids, and that they are going to enter in without giving up anything. They are very mistaken. They are very mistaken. This walk requires sacrifice.


I was watching the 700 Club the other day, and I got very upset. Well, I was sick for nine days as I told you earlier. It just brought a great depression on me, and I got very upset watching the 700 Club because they have all these people talking about all their miracles and all their healings and all of their financial blessings and all of the good things happening to them. Not that I denied all these good things to these people but I said, "Lord, look at all of us in this ministry." We are all having our own problems, whatever they are, you know. We are all serious with God here, and we just have so many problems and the Lord reminded me of what He has told me many, many, many, times, that this ministry of the Son is likened to the ministry of a prophet. If you want to compare yourself to other believers, do not compare yourself to the people on the 700 Club. Compare yourself to Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Zechariah. Compare yourself to Paul, shipwrecked, people threatening to kill him, stoning him, and how did he end up? He was crucified by Rome for a crime he did not commit.


He said to me," You have to compare yourself to the right people. You are right here where I want you, and you are doing just fine, and I am going to be glorified in you." That does not make us any better than the people on the 700 Club. He has called us to what He has called us to, and He has called them to what He has called them to. I do not think any of us had any choice. My personal opinion is that I do not think any of us had any choice. The question is, how hard and how long are we going to fight against what God has called us to and how soon are we going to lay it down? Well, we may not have the ability to lay it down. He may have to put us through some type of trials before we have the ability to lay it down. Somebody just said, "How long?" (Laughter) I do not know.


I just have one more comment on this message. I used to hear that expression, "take it a day at a time," and all my life I have been a planner. I come from a family of planners. My parents are planners, and I could not take it a day at a time. I was planning my life eight years in advance. That was the kind of person I was. I am going to save five dollars a week, so eight years from now I can do such and such. That was the kind of person I was. It is funny, but that is what I was like. That was what I was like. The thought of taking it a day at a time, I said, "Well, that is impossible."


Well, God has brought me to the point, the Lord Jesus Christ has brought me to the point, where I do not even want to think past tomorrow. Then when I heard the Scripture, "That each day has enough evil in it for itself," I could not even relate to that. Now, I do not even want to think about tomorrow. If it comes into my mind I say, "Go away, I do not want to think about you. I am serving God to the best of my ability today, and when tomorrow comes I will deal with tomorrow." This is the walk that we are in. Glory to God. Hopefully, He is going to appear in us. I believe it is in our lifetime. I really do. I really do.


The glory that is being poured out here, we could never have done anything to deserve it. What He is teaching us here, it is just a gift. There is nothing we could have done to deserve what He is permitting us to partake of in this ministry. What could we have done to deserve this? I want you to know that I think about the few people that have left because they could not deal with their pride, and my heart breaks. That is why they left, they could not take the victory over their pride. They were called here, but they could not take the victory over their pride. What can I say? Any questions or comments or anything you would like to put on this message, anybody? Glory to God.



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