064 - 1 Part

The Following Message Has Been Transcribed And Edited For
Clarity, Continuity Of Thought, And Punctuation By
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In this message we will discuss how God’s Spirit defends us and how He moves. Christ is not out there in the sky, detached, and floating around. He will not just simply drop down in front of you and prevent that man from murdering you!


Christ is in your mind just like Satan is in your mind. His life dwells within us, vibrating forth, controlling our external circumstances. Christ vibrates forth just like the demons vibrate forth. It is spiritual whether it is Christ, or the Satanic mind. He dwells within you, and depending on the power, the strength or maturity, in which He has developed within you, He will vibrate forth from you, and control all of your external circumstances.


In a condition of great maturity, Christ has the power to vibrate forth from you, and literally move a car that may crash into you out of the way. He sees it happening before your human eye sees it, and rises up from the depths of the ship that He is sleeping in!


Do you remember the account in the scripture where Jesus was down in the bowels of the ship sleeping on a pillow? The disciples came down and said, how could you be so calm? There is a big storm up there. Jesus said, you do not have any faith? I took care of it before you even saw it.


Jesus is down in the bowels of your being. He is asleep on a pillow; however, He has sight that goes beyond your sight. He rises up from you, vibrates forth, has the power to literally deflect a car that is crashing towards you, knock the gun out of a hand of a man that is opposing you, or to destroy a missile that is coming against you. These circumstances can only take place when we have achieved to a condition of maturity, and have arrived at that place where Christ has developed in us. Even when He has fully developed in us, He will not always defend us. His decision depends on what He wants us to learn from the situation. While half of the church understands this spiritual teaching, the other half does not have the understanding. Instead, they place their carnal mind into it which causes them to get into trouble. We have to walk the fine line, brethren.


It is difficult for me as a teacher to help you to walk the line, as I can only counteract with the possibilities that I could think of. I have no way of knowing what your carnal mind will make of what I am saying. This is why it is so important that you give me feedback.


If you are thinking something that could be hurtful to you, then at least if you share it with me, then you could hear my input. Whether you choose to listen to my advice or not is on you. Of course, all things work for the good of those who love the Lord.


I will be glad to discuss anything with you concerning spiritual things, as I am fully aware that these types of messages are not taught anywhere else; and therefore, there is no one else that you can go to. The only one besides me is your carnal mind, which along with pride is your greatest enemy.


Brethren, I declare to you that Christ is coming forth in each and every one of us! There is nothing that anyone outside of you can do that will stop Christ from coming forth!


Your own soul may rise up and tell you that it is Christ, and cause you to enter into sin; however, Jesus will come against your sin! He will come against sin wherever it is manifesting.


If you are called and someone kills you, then He will raise you from the dead! There is nothing anyone can do to hurt you except your own soul, your own pride, and your own sin!


If you are called in this hour and Christ is being formed in you, then He is more concerned about the sin in your heart, than the sin in the heart of the man that is coming against you. As a matter of fact, He sent the man against you to see what is in your heart!


No one is entering in untested! We are tested in conflict, and through confrontation. The Lord wants to see what will manifest, and is literally forcing the sins in our heart to manifest. Some of us know those sins are there, and others do not. Some of us know that we have certain sins, but do not realize that we have others.


The purpose of the trials and the conflicts and the confrontations is to expose what is hidden in your heart. Once this happens, Jesus will deal with it. You can go the easy way or the hard way, the short way or the long way, but whichever way you may choose He will dispose of it one way or another.


The chances are ninety-nine to one hundred percent that if you are entering into this realm, and you are starting to go through the trials and tribulations that one of the people that you are going to conflict with will be me, or whoever your minister is.


The Lord wants to see what is manifesting in you and what is manifesting in me. He will deal with sin wherever it manifests. If you decide to defend yourself by setting up your own defenses, then you are manifesting pride! Pride is the most subtle of all spirits. It will manifest in ways that you may or may not recognize. It will bind you up with cords that will cut off the anointing in you.


The Lord requires of us to live out of Christ, to love, to forgive, and to continue on. Your only defense is the Lord Jesus Christ!


When pride begins to operate in your mind, the first thing that will happen is that you will discern the anointing as your enemy. You will say, that was a false anointing because you are on the opposite side, and think that you are right.


Pride has to be dealt with because if it is not dealt with, then it will get worse and worse and worse. You cannot walk around manifesting unforgiveness and rejection with walls between you and other believers. You cannot do it with your mother or your father, or with other believers, and you certainly cannot do it with me!


You cannot partake of a ministry, and reject the minister through whom God is ministering the ministry. You cannot do it, or it will be just a matter of time before you will stop receiving the ministry!


No matter how much you love the ministry coming forth, if you have set your heart against me, then it is countdown time. One morning, you will wake up and say, gee that word does not sound right anymore. Something is really wrong.


God may move you out! He may make a judgment that your heart is not right; and therefore, you will be unable to receive the ministry, or He may move you out because of an irreconcilable situation. However, do not be deceived and assume that if He moves you it is because you are right!


You cannot be my enemy, reject, and mistrust me, and still receive this ministry! You cannot have unforgiveness in your heart for me, keep me at arms length, and think that you are going to continue to partake of what Jesus is pouring out here! You are required to forgive me, and to continue in a trusting relationship with me while believing that God will take care of any error that I may or may not have made. You cannot set your mind up against me and continue. I personally will not move anyone out; however, in His time and judgment the Lord may move you out!


I pray for your well being, for blessings to fall upon you, and for God's mercy. I pray that every one of us here makes it. I pray that we should be of one mind and of one accord.


If you are reading this message, and your heart is not right, if you have walls up, and defenses around you, then the spirituality that Jesus is pouring out or the unity of the spirit is being interfered with. This disruption can affect the whole ministry! It is not the Spirit of God, but rather man's way of dealing with problems. It simply cannot be!


In Christ you will find love, forgiveness, and righteous judgment. Righteous judgment is quick and clean, with the two-edged sword of the Lord Jesus Christ. Righteous judgment is not an on-going hostility. Whether the hostility is against me, the man in the street, your employer, or your parents it is hurting you, and not hurting me! It is hurting you! Somewhere along the line you will have to deal with the problem that you are having with me, or other human beings.


Pride is the monster that dwells under the sea. Its cords are reaching out like seaweed. He sends out cords of seaweed, and wraps them around your head until He has you wrapped up like a mummy.


I have been bound by pride, and could not get out of it. The Lord has ministered to me to rise up in strength to go to the person, and tell them that you love them. It has nothing to do with whether or not they have sinned against you. You must confess it as sin, so there may be deliverance available to you! What is manifesting in your heart now is the only issue! If they have sinned against you, then God will deal with them! Do not put them in their place! Do not put a fence around them or mark them off, and say, untouchable. Glory to God!


Christ is spiritual. It does not matter whether it is the mind of man or the mind of Christ as they are both rooted in the mind of man, and are vibrating forth. There are no free flying spirits in the atmosphere. Even demons vibrate forth, and root in the minds of man. Demons are the product of fornication between the spirit of man and the soul of man. They are entities without bodies.


When a demon is cast out of a believer, or when a man dies the demons will eventually die. There will be a separation just as like when a human being dies. The soul goes back to the dust, and the spirit goes back to the Father from which it has come.


We are the spirit and the soul of man dwelling in a body. When the spirit of man illegally fornicates with the soul of man they produce offspring without bodies. They are soul and spirit, free flying spirits in the atmosphere known as demons. They have been severed from their life source, and have not yet dissolved. When these demons find themselves without a body, there is a separation that takes place which is their death.


There is a direct relationship between personalities of human beings that leave the body. When our bodies die we are left with only a personality. The condition of a personality without a body is such as a ghost, and is in the same condition of that of a demon.


Let us take a look at our natural example. When a human body dies, depending upon the circumstances of the climate and the condition of the body, it takes a certain amount of time for the body to deteriorate to the point that only the bones are left, and all the flesh is consumed. It could take days or even weeks if it is in a cold climate.


The Lord said, when the body dies and the human personality leaves the body, or a demon is cast out of a human being, it could take a period of time for the soul to die. The scripture says, the body dies, then the soul dies, and the spirit goes back to God. By earth time, we do not know how long it takes for the soul to separate from the spirit.


I had an experience where there was a person that I was waiting to hear from. I was very close to this young man, and had not heard from him for awhile. Then, all of a sudden he came to me, trying to get into my thoughts by literally banging on the doors of my mind for three whole days. The last time I had spoken to him, he said, I will be in touch with you, but it will be a few months. I interpreted this spiritual experience to mean that the phone was going to ring in the next couple of days. I got a phone call alright, but, the call was from somebody telling me that he had died three days before this experience started! I had no idea he was dead! I was in God already.


We can have poltergeist experiences once we are in God as long as any part of our soul man is manifesting. All poltergeist experiences, error, deception, and sin are in the soul. We will be affected, if not afflicted, and subject to the possibility of every wickedness that arises up in the soul realm so long as we are soul. We do not stop being soul because we want to stop being soul, but instead only when Christ swallows up our soul. There is no way we could speed it up! This is His!


When a man dies, the body dies, but not the personality. Personality is soul attached to spirit. The personality does not die at the same moment that the heart and the brain stop working in the body.


When a particular person has a strong desire to reach someone, then what we have is an ungodly phenomenon. A spiritual thing of the personality that leaves its body, and makes an effort to reach another human being is not God, but rather a ghost!


Ghosts are personalities that have very strong wills that are opposed to the fact that God had destroyed their body. When we die it is the will of God. God is in control of everything. If your body dies, God has said that it is alright for your body to die.


We have strong personalities in the earth that have said, I refuse to die. However, their body dies because God destroys them. This kind of will is present in your soul. The soul will literally cling to the spirit and will not permit this separation. They exist for a season as a personality without a body. This is what a ghost is. They are real, and are usually evil, soul people, that are either hanging on to this earth realm because of desires for vengeance or some form of strong emotion.


All emotion comes from the soul. Emotion almost without exception opposes the will of God. A very strong will and a very strong emotion is the greatest sin we can commit. It is pride and it is opposing the will of God and it is very powerful.


The Lord has told me that there are cases in human kind where this manifestation of the will of man can be so strong that it can keep the soul and the spirit together for a season after the body disintegrates.


The Lord has told me that demons are part of the soul. There are two ways they can manifest as something apart from the personality. During the first instance, if you are a believer, and are living out of Christ, and recognize a certain aspect of your heart as sin, and if you see hatred or rebellion in your heart, then step back say, I see you, and I do not want you as I call you sin! The Lord will mark it off, so that you become a candidate for deliverance! Paul said, if you do not want to be like that, then it is no longer you, it is sin that dwelleth in you and it has become a demon.


The second instance you can find demons manifesting apart from the whole personality. This happens when the person has fallen, and their heart is filled with sin. They are living on such a low spiritual realm that there is virtually no manifestation of righteousness in the personality at all. In this case, the soul will produce fornication between the soul and the spirit where it becomes so intense that it produces offspring, and overflows with so much wickedness that we will see demons present. It is an overflowing of wickedness. The world has documented cases of highly demonized people that do not know the Lord at all, and yet we see demons talking out of them.


I saw a movie once about a clinically dumb and deaf man that had supposedly murdered several women. He had no vocal cords and could not talk; however, He was heard talking to women. He would go and pick up the women and then murder them. He could not talk any other time. It was a demon speaking out of him. Those are the two instances that I know of that manifestations of the personality known as demons have separated out from the personality.


By and large, our souls are one entity. Our personality is one entity. When there is so much manifesting in that entity, and under the right circumstances they become demons. Think of the human body. Our personality is just one entity; however, we actually have many organs and microscopic life in our blood.


A woman told me of her cousin who was murdered. While he was still in the coffin his whole presence came to her during her sleep. The cousin was saying, you have got to help me! You have got to help me! She said, I cannot do anything for you. Then, it left her. It was the personality that had departed from his body. The personality is the soul and the spirit joined together.


First, a human beings body dies leaving their personality which is the joined soul and spirit. The next step involves the spirit and the soul separating. After the soul goes back to dust, and the spirit to the Father, then the dissolution is complete.


We cannot deny the things that happen in the world just because they are occultism. If they are spiritual, then we must know of it. It is not uncommon that a personality, after separation from the body, tries to make contact with people.


I had been taught that demons coming to you, impersonating a person, were wickedness in the atmosphere, or in your own mind trying to entice you into a relationship. However, I do not believe that anymore. Instead, I believe that this is how a human being dies.


We do not know how long the soul and the spirit stay together. It depends a lot on the person's attitude at the time of the death of their body. We do not know how long this process takes; however, once they separate, then they both go back to where they came from.


If you are a believer who loves the Lord, and you believe that it is glorious to be with the Lord, then you will release your life to Him. The process of the breakdown of the body, soul and spirit will happen as rapidly as possible.


If you are a person who is lusting for the things of this world, or for the love of a man or a woman, money, vengeance, your children, or anything that is important to you in this world, then you are not going to want to let go of this world, and it will take that much longer for the process to occur.


The Lord has shown me that this also happens without your body dying in the Spirit of God. For example, the Lord can call someone to a ministry and the anointing of God can be upon that ministry, or a human being in power, and for whatever reason, if God wants you to go this way and you go the other way, for all intents and purposes, you or that ministry have died. If you will not shut down the ministry, then you will be literally a ghost standing there.


I was not raised in the church world, and was very surprised to find out that the Lutheran Church, the Methodist Church and some of these main line churches were alive with the Spirit at one time, but are dead today.


The denominations have no right to be standing because God is no longer there. But they are ghosts. They will not give it up. They will not believe that God is not there anymore. So they keep on doing the same thing over and over again. God said, they are ghosts in the natural realm.


This is what happens with human beings. The body dies and the personality refuses to give up the things of this world, and their lust for the things of this world binds them to this world. Glory to God!


It must take a couple of weeks for a body to decompose, and in a high heat area it possibly could only take a week. One day with the Lord is a thousand years to men. It may take a thousand years in the realm of the Spirit for that decomposition to take place.


The spirit goes ahead of the death of the body. In other words, when you have offspring, your spirit is already in your offspring. God has prepared your next incarnation before that lifetime comes to an end. It is prepared before you die in your offspring. Your spirit is living in your offspring.


The personality is not resurrected. It is not going to be your personality that will live again. It is your spiritual substance or your spiritual life which is in your offspring. The human spirit which is of Christ is already living. The only thing that is resurrected is that which is within us, which is of Christ.


The scripture says, we are gathered to our fathers; not referring to the Father as God, but our original ancestor, which is Christ the spiritual Son of God that was buried in the earth from the beginning of time. He is still in the earth living in the vessels that are alive in the earth and overcoming. We will be returned to the Spirit of God that is flowing through the earth.


It is God's intention to overcome, rule the earth and dwell in the earth for the life of the ages. Our human spirit is not flying off into the atmosphere somewhere, and then, going right back into the spirit that is in the earth. God has ordained that the spirit of His son shall overcome the earth of the soul and rule in the earth.


Your personality is not resurrected. The scriptures that talk about the patriarchs that died are expressed as they were gathered to their fathers or their original ancestor. The scripture reads, he was gathered to his fathers.


Our father is Jesus Christ. He is in the earth dwelling in the vessels that are still alive. He is in the earth now, and will remain to overcome the earth of our souls. He will rule in the earth for the life of the ages. He is not out in the atmosphere, but in the earth.


When a particular vessel dies, then the part of the vessel which is Jesus Christ will remain in the earth. It is the exact opposite of what the carnal mind would think. The carnal mind would think that it flies away to the sky.


In the realm of the spirit, there is no time or space. When we have offspring, our spirit has already been imparted to share with our children. We are of the same spirit and soul. Our children’s soul is attached to ours. They have their own soul, and we have our own, but there is a constant mixing. When and if I die, what is left of my spirit is in her. All of my spirit is now in her.


The people of the Old Testament had this revelation. There is a scripture in one of the books of Kings where it talks about a man who I believe had 12 sons. The scripture says, the 12 sons went out to battle, and then were all killed. Look at the pronoun. The scripture reads, and all of his sons were killed and he died. The implication is that it was just a matter of time that this man died, and he would be no more.


In the realm of the soul, everything is the opposite of the realm of the spirit. We do not fly away into the realm of the spirit, and then get born again. Our new life is already born through our offspring.


People from past generations have it built into them of how important it is to have children. I have watched movies about other cultures where they make statements like the next generation is the future. So, they did have some revelation of this.


This is the future of the human race living in the next generation. In our society the roles are so perverse that more and more people do not even want their own children.


I read in the Old Testament, that if a man died without having produced children, then his brother married the brother’s wife. The first child takes the brother's name. Of course, the last name is the same.


Let us say there were two brothers, Joe and John. Joe got married and then died, so John gave his brother’s wife a child. The genealogy would read, James was born, son of Joe. You must have a son to continue in the earth. This revelation flows into families that there has to be the same spirit in two brothers.


In the last generation, in the hour that Jesus Christ appears, the souls that are in existence will be the ones that will be glorified.


There is such a thing as being cut off from the earth. It happens that whole families are wiped out. If your family line comes to an end, then there is a curse of barrenness upon your family usually directly related to witchcraft and idolatry which has been so intense upon your family line that God does not let it continue. God will cut off whole families through barrenness or through death.


Every one of or family lines go back to Noah, which goes back to Seth, which goes back to Adam and Eve. Somewhere along the line, God had broken us down into family lines. The family is not cut off, so long as there is spiritual offspring.


God has promised His Son, Jesus Christ, so that He will inherit the land. He is promised Him a soul and a body. In that day, when Jesus Christ stands up and appears in men, then there will be personalities that are alive and will be given the life of the ages. These personalities have never lived before; however, the spirit that is living in that personality is the spirit that goes all the way back to the beginning of that family line.


If something happens to your body where you do not receive the life of the ages in this lifetime, then your spiritual substance shall be glorified. It shall be glorified! If it is ten generations down the line, it is still you! If you cannot understand that, then God will minister it to you. I am admitting to you that it took me awhile; however, I have the revelation of it now.


I am not this personality, nor this body, but am the spiritual life of Christ that was propelled into the earth at the beginning of time. I shall live for the life of the ages in whatever body and personality God gives me. This personality and body is simply a garment that my spiritual life is wearing. Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s body was killed, yet He rose again as a Spirit. He now has a new body and a new soul! It is yours and mine!


Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a man. The Spirit that dwelt in Him was the Logos, the Spirit of Almighty God which wore a coat. The name of the coat was Jesus Christ of Nazareth. His true substance was the spiritual life that was revealed on the Mount of Transfiguration, and that body died. We know that the Spirit that was within Him rose again, and showed Himself at several times in the form of the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There was a spirit inside of the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! When His body hung on the cross, that spirit was joined to the soul of man under great pressure by the power of Almighty God!


All of the atoms that His soul and body were made of were formed into a new man, the creation of God, a spiritual man that was not Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It was much greater than Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He had become a spiritual entity, the creation of God.


Of the twain, He made one new man. He is a spiritual being that had the power to take the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I remind you that He walked on the road to Emmaus with His disciples and they did not know who He was! It is obvious that He took the form of a man because they talked to Him and they said, stranger, do not you know what happened in Jerusalem in these past days? The Lord was crucified! We thought He was the Savior of Israel and they killed Him.


They were talking to someone who looks like a human being; however, they had no idea He was Jesus Christ! The spiritual life inside of Him rose again, and took the form of a human being that they did not recognize as Jesus Christ.


In another account, the apostles came out of the water and they said that they saw a man up on the shore that was baking bread and cooking fish. They said to each other, it must be the Lord. They perceived it was the Lord even though but He did not look like Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


He rose as a spiritual entity that had the power to take the form of any man. He was no longer the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! He was God!


His body was crucified. The spiritual life that was inside of Him was converted into a new life form. He was joined to the natural man by supernatural power. This Logos, or the Spirit of Almighty God, was fused together with the Spirit of the living soul. Somewhere in that process His body was absorbed. All of the atoms were broken down, of His soul and of His body and fused together with the Spirit of Almighty God. He came up with a new substance, the creation of God; the son of man and the Son of God in spiritual form. The glorified creation, not a Christ walking in a vile human body, but the glorified creation that God prophesied of.


Genesis 1:26


And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.


He became a spiritual being, a spiritual being that could take the form of human beings. His body was exposed to the great power and pressure of the Spirit of Almighty God and His atoms were broken down, and He was converted into a new form of man.


His flesh was no longer the vile flesh that we have. He was formed into a new man; of the twain He made one new spiritual man. Now you are two men. You are a soul man and a spiritual man.


He rose again as a totally new entity, and not the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but the Son of God. The spiritual Christ had obtained the soul that the Lord had sent Him to obtain.


He is dwelling in your body and in my body. He is dwelling in many bodies. The living Christ is inside of us. He will do the same thing that happened to Jesus Christ of Nazareth on the cross. He will crucify our souls! He will stand up and appear in us! This body will disappear and we will get a glorious body! He will rise from the dead in you! This vile body that you are living in will disappear, and you will have a glorified body! The same process happened to Him! Jesus had a vile body! He was a man born of a woman! He said, no man could take my life, but I lay it down!


Before glorification His body was destructible. It was a body just like ours. He got it from the house of David. It was corruptible except for the fact that it was preserved by the indwelling Christ.


He said, no man can kill me without my permission to do it! If they tried to kill Him, just like in the Garden of Gethsemane, His Spirit would have vibrated forth.


Just like in the TV show Star Trek, his gun was set on stun! He could have electrocuted them! He rose again, and He took His same body back. He went back into His body, and changed His body there when He came out of the grave. He was now pure Spirit with the ability to take the form of man. He rose again, and He was no longer the Logos of God in a human body, but was now pure Spirit, the first of the creation of God, the first of the glorified beings that God intends for all of us to be, who is no longer living in a vile body, but in a glorified body.


He is pouring Himself out from the realm of the Spirit upon all flesh, and is dwelling in everybody who has His Spirit, in the same way that He dwelt in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is overcoming our souls that are waging war against Him.


In the hour that He completes the work, He will overcome each of our souls, nail Himself to it, and rise from the dead in you and in me. In due season, our bodies shall change just like His changed. We shall have glorified bodies!


Many believers get very upset if they hear that life as we now know it will be totally destroyed. One of the biggest problems with believers is that they think they have this power. I am of the opinion that they do not have this kind of power. I am hammered into the ground and get weaker every day; however, the more I am crushed, the stronger His will lives through me. He will live out through us!


Being in the condition of being totally controlled sounds so horrible to some people. Come up and out of the carnal mind! Being in that condition will be more glorious and greater than the very best that any human being has ever accomplished! Go to the library, and look up someone that you admire. Understand that your life totally controlled by Christ will be greater than that.


The carnal mind cannot conceive of this because no one wants to be controlled! Everyone, including myself has a fear of being controlled! Being controlled by Christ is glorious! We will be totally consumed by His life! We will be worn like an overcoat! We will be His servant! He will be our very mind, and will live His life through us!


Look back at our society years ago. The modern women of today are horrified at the way women used to be in relation to men. Women had no lives at all. They lived for their husbands. They shopped, cooked, cleaned, and bore and raised their children. The only glory they had was the success of their husband. They would wait on them, shine their shoes and did everything they could so that their husband would be successful and prestigious. If their husband were a success, then they were a success. 


I watch the talk shows on TV, and hear women saying, I was a vegetable. I had no life of my own. I lived through my husband. It was horribly, damaging to my mind.


When Christ controls us, it will not be damaging to our minds! He who lives in darkness is dead! He will give life to your dead souls! Your soul shall be death until it is swallowed up by Christ! He is ruling through every aspect of it!


Although it may be hard to see when we look at our children today, but our spirit lives again in our offspring. I have heard of the most rebellious, horrendous, children who were called to the ministry when they turned forty or fifty years of age.


Children can go for thirty or forty years of rebelling against what their parents taught them, or rebelling against everything that their parents are or were, and then at forty or fifty years old a change takes place.


I heard of a testimony from my very own teacher. There was salvation on his family line for several generations, and he was in church since he was a little boy. Both of his parents were born again, and prayed for him all of these years as he grew up to be a wild, rebellious, mad, man, jumping on top of cars, beating people up, drinking, and throwing garbage cans through windows.


My teacher was in his late thirties, driving along in his car when God grabbed him by the back of his neck, and dragged him out of the car. God brought him down on his knees, and put him right here in the ministry.


When God brings forth salvation on a family line, the seed is passed through to the next generation, so that they may prosper.


We know that one can plant and one can water, but only Jesus Christ can bring forth the increase.


Look at different families with salvation on the family line for several generations. You will find that the prosperity it is not necessarily in every offspring, but at least one child.


If you have ten children, then usually at least one child will carry that holy seed. God showed me that I am the only one out of twelve.


I am the first generation with salvation on my family, as the rest was into witchcraft and occultism. In coming generations, I will see the prosperity increase.


In the church that I was raised up in, there was a whole family that prospered. They invited me to a family party, and the entire family was there: grandparents, six kids, aunts, uncles and a hundred grandchildren! They were all called! They were all living a life of some measure in Christ. I said, Oh my goodness! I have been persecuted by my family because I am the only one, but look at this! I later found out that salvation went back four generations in that family! It has to start somewhere.


If you are the first one, you may be lonely, but you can be rest assured that in the next several generations, there will be a harvest of salvation on your family line. I believe it with every ounce of strength in my body that it grows once the seed comes forth in a line. Satan tries to destroy our children and wipe out our family line; however, nothing can stop it. It will come forth!


God has shown me there is no time or space in the realm of the Spirit. If you are exposing yourself to this kind of ministry, then your children are exposed to this kind of ministry.


It may not manifest for fifty years. It may not manifest until the next generation; however, do not give up hope. If it has entered into your heart, then it will enter into the hearts of your children. It must appear! When you plant and water, then God must give the increase!


The Lord has shown me family line soul ties as a circle. Let us say that we are a natural relative. There is a line like in an atom which goes between the two of us. What is in you comes into me, and what is in me comes into you. It goes around and around.


If it exists between a person that has Christ in them, and a person that does not have Christ in them, then believe that you will not pick up the pollution of your relative, but that your relative will receive the glory of Christ!


Think of it as an atom. It is flowing between your soul and my soul. I am getting your garbage, and you are getting my garbage. That is one of the reasons the scriptures are so against fornication. When two people that do not have Christ enter into a soul tie by fornication, then you have imparted to them every curse on your family line, and they have imparted to you every curse in the realm of the soul. If it is physical fornication, then it imparts every physical curse.


If one of these people has Christ, then remember that Christ cannot be polluted by the harlot of your soul. Christ will not receive the filth of your soul, but the soul or the harlot in the other person shall receive the life of Jesus Christ. It may not manifest in them; however it may be in their offspring. It shall manifest without a question of a doubt!


As we mature in Christ, we must fellowship with the people on the lowest spiritual realm, filled with filth from the top of their head to the bottom of their toes. Brethren, we must fellowship with these people on this low spiritual realm, unless they are upsetting you so much that you are not doing them any good anyway.


If you are the lowest human being that ever lived on the face of the earth, and when I talk to you, and have an exchange of ideas with you, then compassion will rise up in me for you.


I will not receive your filth, in that circle which is going around between us, brethren, but instead, you will receive the life of Almighty God. It will raise you up out of the mud and muck, and will restore you to fellowship with God.


Brethren, we must fellowship with these people. Do not subject yourself to them by submitting to their counsel or ministry. Do not submit to their sin, but talk to them and listen to their problems. Cry for them, brethren. It will raise them up out of the depths of the pit.


Brethren, we must not abandon our natural families. I know there are scriptures that could sound like this is what Jesus is teaching, but I declare to you that it is not what He is teaching! You are one soul and one spirit tie with your family. In an immediate family, which includes a husband, wife and children you are one flesh. When He hung on the cross, one of His last words were to John, take care of my mother.


That same man said, that is not my mother out there. Do you remember that account? The disciples came to Him and said, your mother and your brethren are outside. Jesus said, they are not my mother and my brethren; these, the ones I am ministering to, they are my mother and my brethren.


Some people in the church have picked this up, and say, we are the body of Christ. You are to abandon your natural family and go with the body of Christ.


Brethren, read all the surrounding scriptures, so you can get the revelation from God as to what He meant. He was making a point. Obviously, He did not mean that He wanted nothing to do with his family. On the cross, His last words were to provide for His mother, and not only did He provide for His mother, but His very good friend received the charge and lived in that friend's house until the day she died.


Scriptures are filled with sentences and words that do not mean what they sound like. You cannot just pick out an isolated scripture without reading with revelation.


When I first started reading the bible in the book of Judges, I could not understand the account about the Levi priests that were breaking all the rules and ministering in a private house to a private family with the idols there.


I was sitting there, scratching my head because I thought you were not allowed to have an idol and I never heard of a priest ministering to a private family. It never occurred to me that the bible was describing an extremely sinful situation because I thought that everything in the bible was good.


It was then that I began to learn that the bible is the story of human nature. I found out that both Abraham and Isaac turned their wives over to the Pharaoh. Can you imagine that? You can go to bed with my wife, just do not kill me. Abraham and Isaac said, take my wife. We found out that Jacob was a fake; the patriarch of the twelve tribes. He was a crook. His name means usurper. He was an ungodly man.


The bible is the history of our human nature which must be destroyed and swallowed up by Christ. That is why the Lord has so much mercy upon us.


Do not get me wrong, He will judge sin; however, He has mercy on us because He knows that our condition is but dust, and we can only resist to some measure. We can resist in our behavior; however, we cannot resist in our mind without the power of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, even with the power of Jesus Christ I cannot resist because I am not there yet.


There are a lot of sins that I am aware of that are manifesting in my mind and in my personality and I do not like it one little bit. I resist it at every turn with all the strength that I have, but it is there until the Lord swallows it up.


I am what I am, and you are what you are. The Lord expects us to resist, to go for deliverance, and to at least acknowledge it in our own mind, and rebuke it because it is sin. But, it is there. We are what we are.


We are waiting for Him to appear in us. Can you imagine this; moral resurrection, righteousness in your mind? How glorious! Can you imagine walking down the street and Christ vibrating forth from you as a force field and nothing can touch you? No disease can touch you; no ungodly thought can seduce you; no bullet can hit you; no man no matter how vicious or violent can harm you; can you imagine this? Walking down the street with Christ vibrating forth from you with such power that beggars lying on the street stand up and start walking?


I know there are some people in this ministry that are starting to experience a new form of the ministry of Jesus Christ. We do not have to do anything. How humbling for our pride! We do not have to lay hands on anybody or say a word! You do not have to pray in tongues! Just stand there! He will vibrate forth and do what He wants to! Does it make you feel useless? Brethren, it is His work! There is no personal glory! The sooner we give up that desire for personal glory and personal ministry, the sooner He will manifest in power through us and permit us to partake of His glory by being there when He is doing it! How exciting!


Brethren, it will not happen with sin in our hearts! All rule, power and principality must be put under the feet of the Christ in us if you want to really enter into these deep realms of the spirit. You have got to be on your way in this process of destroying your own soul, being a partner with Jesus Christ and living only through Him.


Brethren, there is nothing about my life that is of any consequence. He knows that I need food and clothing, but my own needs are of absolute no consequence, except to the extent that He wants to keep me alive because He has decided that I am one of the vessels that He will manifest through. Thank God!


My needs are totally unimportant to Him. He has one thought in mind, and that is His mind towards the human race and the extent of that program through which He has judged He will manifest through me.


He will keep me alive. He will feed me and give me a place to live because He is picked me in this hour. But my immediate needs are of no consequence to Him. What I think I need is of no consequence to Him. When I got hurt, He had mercy on me and healed me. He did what He was going to do. This ministry, to the extent that it is my whole life is of no consequence to Him.


Brethren, if He took every last one of you out of here He will still dwell inside of me, and will use this vessel. He will not waste the work that He is done in me.


If tomorrow He decides to shut down this ministry, then I will cry. I have put a great deal of my soul, effort and time into this; however, that is not what He is concerned about. He is doing a work through me, and if He decides to increase this ministry by twenty-five people tomorrow it will be because He has made that judgment totally separate and apart from my desires, will or needs.


If He decides to shut it down tomorrow because He has determined to do another kind of work through me it will have nothing whatsoever to do with what I have done or what I feel. I have to go with my husband wherever He goes and partake of Him in whatever He calls me to partake of Him in.


I heard another preacher once who was really upset that God was diminishing his ministry. He was up there in the pulpit, and he was saying, you do not understand! This is my whole life's work.


I have got a flash for you, brother! Our personal needs do not matter. When God calls you into this realm of the Spirit that is being preached in this ministry, you drop everything and go! One of two things can happen to you: He can force you to drop it and take you, or He can drop you. Nothing matters to God except that He keeps me alive! I will die if He does not feed me, and meet my immediate needs.


He does not care that I do not have a husband. He does not care about that at this moment! I may think I have money problems; however, I do not. It is just my carnal mind. He does not care that my daughter is thousands of miles away. He does not care!


It is not that He does not care as a carnal man does not care. He cares as a strong, loving, husband who is doing His thing. I have to go along with it and that is it! Either I go with my husband, or I do not. The choice will affect the measure of grace in my life. The more my soul resists my husband, the more grief I have in my life. The more I submit to Him, the more peace I have in my life.


Paul said that he was a bondman in chains. He clearly said that Jesus Christ was his chain. Brethren, I declare to you that either Jesus Christ is your chain or Satan is your chain. There is no free man on the face of this earth. You may have been ruled by Satan for so many years that you think you are free; however, you are not free. You are either ruled by the mind of Christ, or by the mind of Satan. You are not free! You are somebody's servant, whether it be Christ or Satan.


This is the hour of His reaching out for us. If you are in a ministry like this, the chances are He is reaching out for you. The time is coming real soon that He will be reaching out for all men. All rule, will and principality, our own will, shall be put down.


Brethren, I declare to you, no matter how badly you want something, or think that you need it, if He is not in agreement with you then it will be gone. Start counting down! Count down because it will be gone! I also declare to you that if He has determined that you are to have it, then there is no voice on this earth that could take it from you, no witchcraft power, no man, or no false prophesy.


Nobody can take it from you if He is determined you are to have it. This is the hour of His reaching out for us. He is calling to us to lay down our own wills, and submit to Him. It is a very hard thing to do; however, He will bring us through it with much love and tribulation. We enter into the kingdom by tribulation. Glory to God!


But eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what the Lord has in store for us. He is got me to a point where I live for the manifestation of His Spirit. I have experienced some intense manifestations of His Spirit through me. He does not do it nearly frequently enough, as far as I am concerned. It is glorious to have Him manifesting through you in such strength. There is no fear. There is absolute fearlessness!


Natural man has an ungodly lust for power that is rooted in pride which the Lord will put down. He will have to break your pride before He will let you enter into this. He will not permit any ungodly lust for power to lay hold of His power and use it!


Stand up when you see every problem falling down in front of you. You will see people that are doing unrighteousness. They will back off with fear in their eyes! We are going out to deliver the bound people of the earth! It is glorious!


Last night, I was upstate. As I was driving home this morning, I stopped off at the bagel store for a bite to eat. There was a well dressed, man, in his early thirties, in the store, buying a bagel. He looked prosperous as he was wearing an expensive pair of casual pants and a nice shirt. He was kidding around with the young woman behind the counter. The Lord said to me, look at him. The world would look at this person, and say, what a nice refined man.


The Lord brought to my mind a vision of a different young man. This man was aggressive, and had a look of a person who was tormented in their soul. The world would look at this man and say, what a low class person.


The Lord said to me, this guy standing up there buying that bagel would be in the same condition if he had experienced the things that this other man had experienced.


People that do not display manners, and are obnoxious in society have been have been wounded in their souls, beyond their ability to endure it. This poison of hate and the wickedness just pours out of them. Without God, society has no alternative but to deal with these people on their own by locking them up. There their souls have been damaged! There is no hope for rehabilitation other than the ministry of Jesus Christ!


According to the will of the Lord, we must deal with these people, or we will receive the recompense! Brethren, this is what we are called to do; however, Christ must first be formed in us to a certain measure before we will be able to do this. Brethren, minister to these people with compassion and the hard judgment of the law. They were not born like that. Nobody is born like that!


Look at the societal rejects with their obnoxious exterior, dirty clothes, smelly bodies, spittle hanging out of their mouths, and say, my God! What happened to them to make them like that? Look past it with the mind of Christ! Cry for them, so there may be deliverance for them. Those that will not respond will have judgment fall upon them. If you are condemning them in any manner, shape or form, then you are not qualified to minister to these people in your present condition. You must change! You cannot enter into this ministry if you cannot cry for them!


If you are subjecting yourself to the ministry, then your mind is being converted and elevated. You will be brought to a place where you will be obedient to Christ. His love will be flowing through you. You will be able to cry for these people, and deliverance will come through your compassion.


Remember the teaching on the difference between Phileo love and Agape love. Phileo love produces sympathy, which does not include reconstruction. Agape love includes compassion which sets up that soul tie and the circle flowing between the two of you. When He partakes of the spiritual life in you, then that spiritual life will get inside of them. It will raise him up from within his very own being. That is the ministry that we are entering into. It is glorious, brethren; however, we will not enter in without the judgment of our own souls. No way! No way! No way! Forget it! Forget it! With much tribulation we shall enter into the kingdom! I have been through a lot, and I think it is worth it!


Prophesy coming forth in tongues from Pastor Vitale:


Yeah, saith the Lord, indeed the hour of my reaching out for you is at hand. Yeah, saith God, I shall burn your hedge, but I say unto you, daughter of God, thou must rise up and overcome, saith the Lord. I shall not carry thee as an infant any longer, saith God. Indeed, if thou not riseth up and overcome when I make the way, when I burn the hedge, when I open the door. If thou still idolizes this man, saith the Lord, indeed I shall set him against thee, saith God. I shall reveal his true nature to you saith the Lord and he shall attack you and he shall eat your flesh and thou shall see the truth of who is manifesting in him, saith God, and thou shall weep.


11/20/2010 mariap-Editor

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