171 - 1 Part
(Dream & Interpretation)

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COMMENTS: This is a dream that I had August 27, 1992. I was at a plant, this is a working place, a plant. There were several different working places, several different buildings. It is a plant of some sort, working, I guess it was like a factory. A glob of, this is what I...I do not remember every single thing, but I remember this glob of stuff coming out of a machine. It looked like dough, it looked like dough or clay. We found out that it was inflammable and was very dangerous. Everybody had to evacuate the building.


I was telling everybody to evacuate. I ran over to another building, and I told them to evacuate. The whole area was going to burn. It was going to burn up because of this glob of stuff it was going to catch that came out of the machine. It was either clay...it looked like dough, pizza dough or cookie dough or something. Everybody had to evacuate the whole entire area, and I found myself trapped.


These people were trying...this whole group of people that were in this building working started coming after me. They decided that I was...they wanted to kill me. I got trapped in a house where these enemies were going to kill me.


PASTOR VITALE: You were working with them, they were your coworkers that were coming after you?


COMMENTS: Yes. Now that, I cannot remember.


PASTOR VITALE: They were just present in the dream.


COMMENTS: All I remember is telling these people to evacuate and something changed, a group of people started to come after me, and they were going to kill me. I ran from the place. It had to do with this mixture of stuff that was coming out of this machine, and it just got bigger and bigger. It was a big glob, a monstrous thing, whatever it was. It was just a big glob of stuff.


Everybody had to evacuate, and then I got trapped in this house where these enemies were going to kill me. The house was beautiful. Again, part of the house was beautiful, and part of it was old and crummy. It seemed like that in this house, it was like I was invited there or something, but it was a trap. I got trapped in the house, and they were going to kill me.


Then they found out that I had supernatural power, and that I could fly, and I could only fly when it was necessary. This is what I found out. You know that show, "The incredible hulk"? He is just a regular man until an emergency, then he changes when he is under pressure. Have you ever seen "The incredible hulk"?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Superman does that too.


COMMENTS: Superman is a regular man until under pressure, and then he changes. This is what happened in this dream. I was trapped in this house, and these people were after me, they were going to kill me. I found a baby in the house, and that was part of it. I found a baby, and I took the baby in my arms. I decided I was going to save the baby and, because of the baby, they were coming at me.


They were coming towards me, and I go "NO!" There was a window there, I crashed open the window, and I flew out the window.


They go, "Oh, she can fly." Then they go, "But she could not do it at her will," and I could not. I could not fly when I just decided to, but only under emotional pressure, when my emotions...It was like to save the child, to save myself, to save the child. I flew, I crashed open this glass in this house, they were coming towards me, and there was no other way. I was thinking of any other way I could do this, but there was no other way. They were coming with guns, they were about ready to shoot me, and I went like that, and I crashed open the window and flew out the window.


I had the baby in arms, flying up, but I could not get above the telephone lines. I go, "Why can I not get above the telephone lines? That is not very high." I thought. "Well, I will try it a little higher. I tried it a little higher, and in my chest I felt a little fluttering of fear of heights, and that is why I could not go any higher. I go, "Well I will just stay a little bit lower under them, that is all right."


I was moving tremendously fast, and they saw how fast I was going. I went through all the trees, and they could not even shoot me with their guns.


Then, let me find it on the paper here so I can see if I did not miss anything. Yes, they found out that I was...they were finding out all these things they could about me, that I could not fly at will. I could only fly under emotional stress.


PASTOR VITALE: They were revealing all of your weak points?


COMMENTS: They were finding out everything they could about me because they were bound and determined to track me and kill me. They had to get rid of me. I realized I was going very fast, I knew that they would try to shoot me, and that is why I was going very fast. This was even beyond my own abilities. I was amazed at what was coming forth from me too, because I could not do this as a natural person usually. I could not do it at will, but only under certain situations in this would it click in, you know.


PASTOR VITALE: Emergency mode, right?


COMMENTS: Yes, only under this emergency. They tried to shoot me with their guns, but they could not because I flew away to fast and through the trees but not above the telephone lines. That was a problem. I flew very fast, but I was not going very high. I flew over a park area, and this boy was there and he was...I flew down, I flew into some telephone lines that I could not see, and it was another trap.


They decided to trap me because I was not going above the telephone lines. I was not going that high, I was going fast but I was not going high. They decided to trap me this way. Some kids, children, made rubber bands. This is kind of funny, but they made rubber bands. This whole dream is like a movie. It is like a movie, it is suspense, it was incredible, and I remember most of it.


I think this is a direct result of getting deliverance, because most of my dreams had been demonic. This one, after getting deliverance, I slept well and then I had this incredible dream.


I flew into these rubber bands that I could not see. I go, "boing!" and I came down on the ground. I go "Oh, if that was not something, it was a bunch of kids making a joke." I landed on the ground, and this little boy came up to me with a bow and arrow, and he was going to shoot me. It was a real one, he was going to kill me. This boy, this little boy was going to kill me. There was a baby lying in the grass, the baby was unusually large. It was an unusually large baby, and the baby could talk.


The baby ruled over all the other children. The baby is the one that talked and ruled over, it had a scepter, ruling over all the other children.


I came up to the baby and I go, "Oh," and I talk to her and she goes, "Oh, it is all right, he will not hurt you, I will make sure of that. Now you behave."


PASTOR VITALE: The baby said that?


COMMENTS: The baby said that to the boy.


PASTOR VITALE: It was a female baby?


COMMENTS: A female baby in rulership, and she was not a very pretty baby but she was a baby. Something looked funny about her. Something was not right. Unusually large, and she was ruling over everything and it was a baby, in a baby's body. She goes, "Can you not stay? Stay with me."


I knew I had a journey, I had to get this baby, this real baby that was with me and I had to leave. I knew something was not right about this park and all these children. I left, I continued and I went on. I said, "I will see you some time, I will catch you some other time, there will be another time" or something like that and I left.


Right after that was an airport. I decided, I am going to get a ticket and get out of the whole area, because they are seeking my life here. I decided to get a ticket. I got on the plane and on the plane was the whole group that was going to kill me. They go, "Aha, we got you."


PASTOR VITALE: They got on the plane ahead of you?


COMMENTS: They got on the plane ahead of me. The whole thing was a plan and even the park was a plan, that was part of them. I got on the plane, and I go, "Oh no." I backed up, and I had the child in my hands and I go, "Oh no." I was just myself then, I was not able to fly, and that is why I knew I was not going to be able to fly clear across wherever I was going. I was only...it was just me.


PASTOR VITALE: You do not know where you were going? It was just an escape route, getting on the plane was just an escape route?


COMMENTS: It was an escape. This was the ramp, it was a ramp, and this ramp was part of the plane. The plane started to take off and I go, "Oh no, there is no way to escape now." They go, "We got you." They all came with their guns, and they were going like this. I ran up the ramp, and I saw this woman walk up and she goes, "I was the one, I was the one that pretended to be that baby." I go, "No." I looked at her, I go, "Oh no," and I looked at her face and I go, "You are the one."


Just right then, again, it went past my mind, my hand reached up for something that clicked that was part of the ramp. I flicked that off, and the whole ramp fell off with all the people. They all go "Ahhh" and they fell, you know, they fell. I ran up the ramp to the second level, there was a higher level on the plane. I ran up into the plane, and there was just normal people sitting there. I go, "I made it." I walked up there, and I talked to two giants. I just knew they were angels.


I start speaking in tongues, and they understood me. That was the dream, and I was going, in my real tongue, my heavenly language, that was what I was talking. I was talking in my heavenly language, and I was talking to them and was going (speaks in tongues). They were going, "Oh yes." What I was telling them was, "Close calls but I made it."


That is the end of the dream and I woke up. I go, "This is incredible." I am standing there talking to nine-foot angels. They were just normal people, they looked like just normal people. Matter of fact, one of them was kind of heavy set. They did not look like beautiful gorgeous men with wings or something. They looked like just regular people, but they were like nine-foot tall. They all understood me. It was on a higher level on the plane.


That was the end of the dream, but I was like "Close calls but I made it." It was really neat. It was glorious, and there I was talking to these angels in my heavenly language. That was the dream, it was just, I do not know, I woke up, I was like, it was really neat.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a beautiful dream.


COMMENTS: Going back to the start of it, can you tell me piece by piece, can you help me?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, if you will go through it with me, because I do not remember the details.


COMMENTS: First of all, at a plant.


PASTOR VITALE: A manufacturing plant?


COMMENTS: Yes, some kind of a plant that makes something.


PASTOR VITALE: This whole fallen world system which you could call "the land of Nod," you could call it "hell." We found out, I believe it was in the study of Daniel Chapter 12, that the Lord calls this world, "A place of continual employment."


It is the world of labor that the creation fell down to when...and it is part of the curse God pronounced upon Adam, "You shall labor in this world system." That is what the factory typifies, this world system, this fallen world system.


COMMENTS: Working and digging.


PASTOR VITALE: Were you working and digging or the others were working and digging?


COMMENTS: All of us.


PASTOR VITALE: You were all working. That is all part of this concept of laboring continuously until we are delivered out of this world system.


COMMENTS: A glob of yellow stuff comes out of the machine.


PASTOR VITALE: First, let me back up a little. You were not only laboring, but you were digging. Probably that means that you were...it is the people of this world system digging either for water, food, or precious metal, laboring to survive.


COMMENTS: A glob of dangerous stuff that was made that was an accident came out of the machine, and it just kept coming out.


PASTOR VITALE: That sounds to me like the sin that is just flowing over this world system, and it is produced continuously. Sin is continuously churned out of the fallen minds of fallen men, even of the Church, that if they could do it, will choose to not produce sin. It is coming out anyway because of our fallen condition.


COMMENTS: I had to warn, a few of us, me and someone else, had to warn everyone to evacuate the area because it was inflammable.


PASTOR VITALE: The person who was with you was the Father, and you typifying Christ. The two of you were going to this world of continual employment and you preaching the gospel, "Evacuate, this world is going to be destroyed." Is that it, it was going to be destroyed?


COMMENTS: This stuff was inflammable, and it was going to burn.


PASTOR VITALE: Sin was going to cause great destruction to this world system. There is already destruction here but, apparently, something much worse is coming, and you and the Father were preaching, warning everybody to do whatever they had to do to evacuate.


COMMENTS: They all turned against me, and they decided they were going to kill me.


PASTOR VITALE: That sounds like the Church.


COMMENTS: They called the police on me, and the police were going to kill me.


PASTOR VITALE: That sounds like the Church world, and the police that they called were the Scribes and the Pharisees or the existing five-fold ministry. There is a lot of humming in the Church world about the manifesting sons and their doctrine and everything else that they could find to complain about them.


COMMENTS: Then I ran into this house, and part of the house was old and not nice, and the other part was extremely beautiful.


PASTOR VITALE: If you ran into a place of escape, it would have to be Christ. Christ in this hour is still being built. The part of it that was old and not quite so nice is the...let me back up a little.


What is Christ or the New Jerusalem? It is the new mind that is being made of the Father and the human spirit and their offspring, Christ. Amen.


The part that was not so nice would be the human spirit because she, the human spirit of the many members of the living soul, is polluted and filled with spiritual filth. The name of that spiritual filth is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


The mind of Christ in the condition that it is in the world today with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth, the members of Christ Jesus in whom Christ is appearing are half beautiful because of the Christ that is appearing in the human spirit but half old and not so nice, because Eve is still dirty.


COMMENTS: It was in this house that I ran to, but the police were right outside the door.


PASTOR VITALE: You were running to Christ, but the Church and the Scribes and the Pharisees are everywhere trying to stop the people who are ascending. That is just a reality. I could attest to that.


COMMENTS: Then, the one that was with me deserted me.


PASTOR VITALE: The one that was with you deserted you?


COMMENTS: I had one other friend that was with me, that was at the plant. At this point when I came to this house, that person deserted me.


PASTOR VITALE: We know that the Father cannot desert you. This is the same one that was with you at the beginning?


COMMENTS: Yes, somebody that was with me, I think so. Yes.


PASTOR VITALE: If that is the case, then it was not the Father who was with you at the beginning. We know that there are people who are called to this end-time company that are going to desert. It is just going to happen. They all abandoned Jesus on the cross. Paul had disciples that abandoned him, they went back into the world. Those of us that are going all the way, we will experience betrayal and desertion.


COMMENTS: Wow. This person deserted me, the police were at the door, and this is the house where I picked up the son. This is the house where I picked up this baby.


PASTOR VITALE: Then, it was not the Father from the beginning. That person typified the company within the Sons of God that will apostatize, which may very well be the ultimate reconciliation.


COMMENTS: Wow, that is heavy. Like Peter did to Jesus. Right?


PASTOR VITALE: I honestly do not know I could relate it to that.


COMMENTS: But that was only for a time being.


PASTOR VITALE: I honestly do not know that I could relate, I would have to meditate on that. I want to go on with the dream.


COMMENTS: Then, I ran into the old part of the house, which you are saying is Eve. I backed up, and they were coming towards me with guns. They were also testing me, testing my powers at that point. That is when they all came at me with guns.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the Church world, that is what they are doing. They did it to Jesus, and they are going to do it to us.


COMMENTS: I ran, it was just me, and I had the baby in my arms. At this point when there was nothing else, this is when another power came through me. I go "No!" and I broke the window.


PASTOR VITALE: First of all, let us put on the tape that the baby typifies the Christ child that you are bearing. I think there must be some connection between this sudden surge of power and the Christ child being in your arms.


Very frequently, the soul and spirit realms are reversed. In the dream you were saving the baby, but the reality is that the baby was saving you and imparted the strength to break through the window.


The Lord says that He will always make a way of escape. It is impossible to be trapped when the Lord Jesus Christ is fighting for us. He will make a way where there is no way, but we must resist in our mind, and that scream where you said "No," was an expression of your refusal to yield to the bullying tactics of the Pharisees.


When we stand for righteousness sake and refuse to yield, Jesus will open a door where there is no door.


COMMENTS: They were going to destroy me and the child. They were going to kill me and the child too. To save myself and the child, I had to get out of there and I broke the window. I know you said that glass typifies witchcraft.


PASTOR VITALE: A glass shield typifies witchcraft, I do not know that a glass window typifies witchcraft. This was a window in the house that was half beautiful and half not beautiful?


COMMENTS: Yes, but this part of the house that I ran into to escape them, because they came into the house looking for me in the beautiful house, they did.


PASTOR VITALE: Was this the nice part?


COMMENTS: This was not the nice part. I ran with the child into the part that was not so nice. There was one part that was beautiful, and there were pretty pastel colors, and the other part was not pretty at all and it was dark. This was the dark part of the house.


PASTOR VITALE: Then, that sounds good that you broke through the witchcraft in the dark part of the house. That sounds good.


COMMENTS: I go "No!" and I broke through. I flew very fast through the trees, and they could not even shoot me.


PASTOR VITALE: You received supernatural power to escape. What is coming to my mind right now is that in Revelation Chapter 12, that after the woman that typifies the living soul gave birth to the man child, she fled into the wilderness. God gave her wings, and she flew into wilderness.


COMMENTS: Yes, I thought that too. They found that I had supernatural powers, but I could not use it at my will.


PASTOR VITALE: The Church world, whoever it is that is manifesting anti-Christ, will always be looking to reveal the weaknesses of the yet imperfect Son of God. That is what they do. They may not have a conscious understanding of it, but they will come to you, they will accuse you, they will tell you that you are not in full stature, they will point out all of your weaknesses and try to tear you down. That is what this part of the dream sounds like. They knew you had a weakness, you were not in full stature.


COMMENTS: Only in an emergency did this supernatural power come through, and it would surpass my will.


PASTOR VITALE: That sounds like the Lord to me.


COMMENTS: They trapped me in that house to do, actually to do testing on me. They wanted to test me to see what my powers were like.


PASTOR VITALE: They would have brought you down if they could have.


COMMENTS: That is what they were trying to do. They tried to find out my abilities. It seemed that they knew that baby was there. I do not know, it seemed like they put that baby there in a sense, that they knew that baby was there or something, because they knew that with my emotions I would take up the child. You know what I am saying? They were checking out my emotions, and they knew that I would go, "Oh" and take up the child. I took the child, I ran to the back, and they were going to kill me and the child. I broke through the window and flew through.


Then they go, "Oh, she can fly." They were amazed, they were all amazed but they...I knew they would immediately make plans to bring me down, and that is what they did. I realized I was going very fast. Again, it was by my emotion and the emergency that I was doing this. Then I flew over, but I could not get above the telephone lines.


PASTOR VITALE: I think that those of us who are ascending are really starting to ascend much more rapidly. I would say that is what your speed indicates. We can only ascend at a particular rate of speed. The Lord controls the rate of speed at which we ascend. Even more that, I think the Lord is saying to me, it is not that the Lord is not letting us go any higher or any faster, but our humanity would kill us if we go any faster.


Just like going into outer space, you have to take certain precautions based on our humanity, or deep sea diving. If you do not have a pressure suit on and you come up, even if you do have a pressure suit on, if you come up too fast, you get the bends.


We are ascending as fast as we can without killing us. Those wires indicated that at that time, you could not get any higher. Although, I think when you first went through this dream, you mentioned something about fear. It could be your fear was keeping you from going higher.


COMMENTS: Yes, the speed was tremendous. I realized that the speed got very high, but the height was what I did not have. I said that I would try going above the telephone lines, so I started to ascend but I had fear. It seemed like there was a fear of ascending for feeling that if I get out there too far, I would not be able to get back down. That was my feeling in the dream, that if I get up too high, I will just float up there, and all that is out there is the universe, and I will just go out there, and I will never come back down.


PASTOR VITALE: What comes to my mind is Lot's wife. She was drawn back to the things of the world. That is something for you to pray about and is probably something that is affecting the whole company of believers that are ascending. There really is something in them that wants the things of this world.


COMMENTS: Wow. Then I came to a park, I flew over a park area. This boy... there were children playing. I flew into...they decided since I could not get above the telephone lines and they noticed that, they decided to make an invisible telephone line that I would hit into, and it would bring me down. It was made out of rubber bands, it was like a big joke to all the kids. They made it, and I bumped into it and I go, "boing" and I fell down. What does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: To me that means...that is talking about their psychic prayers and their spiritual power that they are setting up to keep the Sons of God from ascending. In some measure of strength, it can stop the Son. We have to overcome it in Christ, but it is real.


COMMENTS: I bounced off of it.


PASTOR VITALE: You bounced off of it.


COMMENTS: It is rubber.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, so any barrier set up by the witchcraft power of the saints can only be overcome by confessing our own sins and submitting ourselves to the Lord to cleanse us so that we ascend over the barrier in Christ. So long as there is...however, how do I explain this? Of course, we will have sin until we are completely in full stature.


Depending on the witchcraft strength that sets up the wall, for each barrier that is set up, it requires a specific degree of deliverance to get past it. As we ascend, the wall that this witchcraft saint has the strength to set up cannot stop us anymore.


All the way up, until we hit full stature, there is always going to be some highly demonized person or some self-righteous Pharisee praying witchcraft walls up for us. When we approach them, the only way we can get over them is by petitioning the Lord. If we are still not delivered enough to ascend over it, then we have to ask the Lord for a special dispensation to be permitted to ascend over it just for this purpose, because our sins are confessed and repented of, but we may not have been delivered yet.


Those walls are walls that our sin keeps us behind. It is not the witchcraft power of the saints. The only thing that stops us is our sin.


COMMENTS: I got entangled in the rubber bands, and then I came down on the ground. What does that mean, entangled?


PASTOR VITALE: It means you got entangled with the things of this world. That is what I was just trying to say. The only way the witchcraft power of the saints can stop us is by stimulating sin that exists in us, causing us to be looking for things that we have already overcome.


COMMENTS: That is exactly what has been happening.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I did not think to put it on the tape though, but that is exactly what has been happening to you. You have been looking back, you have been looking back to what you have already given up. You have been looking back to what you have already overcome. That is what the witchcraft power has entangled you back in the things of the world, but God is going to give you the victory. You are battling, you are going to have the victory, but that is the way it works.


Every time in my life that I ascended over a family line curse or some aspect of my personality that was killing me, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, always sent something or someone typifying what I had just overcome into my life to try to tempt me to go back again, without failure.


COMMENTS: I have experienced that several times.


PASTOR VITALE: Even in the areas of relationships where your relationships are on such and such a level, and you ascend in Christ, and you say, "I do not want that in a relationship any more, I am asking God to give me healthier relationships that do not include that particular kind of problem, and someone comes right into your life with that particular problem that you just overcame, and the relationship is very tempting. It has never failed in my life to happen. The test always comes.


COMMENTS: What does it mean when I come down on the ground, and I see a boy that is very mean, and he has got a bow and arrow. It is a real one, and he has decided that he is going to kill me with it.


PASTOR VITALE: He was a little boy, he was a child right?


COMMENTS: He was a child around 7 or 8.


PASTOR VITALE: He is typifying the children in the kingdom. He is a male, and that means he has Christ. This is not the carnal Church and the existing five-fold ministry, this is now the kingdom Church that has Christ. He has a weapon, he is armed, that means that he has Christ to some measure in him. He is trying to kill you because, even though he has Christ, he cannot see Christ in you. Maybe in the dream you typify a more mature manifestation of Christ or whatever.


COMMENTS: Yes, I was older, definitely.


PASTOR VITALE: You were more mature so he was trying to kill you from envy.


COMMENTS: I was a woman, and he was a boy in the dream.


PASTOR VITALE: You were a woman with a child. You were a woman with the Christ child. For whatever reason God portrayed it that way. You were a woman with the Christ child. You were a pregnant woman, the pregnant woman, and when your Christ child is completely born, you will be a full grown man. In the dream, this was a little boy, a child. It is not exact, but that is all that I have right now.


You had the potential to full stature, because you had the Christ child. He was still a little boy, but he had to have some measure of Christ because he was male and he had a weapon.


COMMENTS: He was a total enemy to me. He was very much against me and he was cruel, he was very much against me. He was a total enemy.


PASTOR VITALE: Sounds like the Sons of God to me.


COMMENTS: He was going to kill me with his arrow.


PASTOR VITALE: Sounds right.


COMMENTS: What does it say about the arrows that fly by day? I think those were the arrows that fly by day. What are those arrows now?


PASTOR VITALE: Witchcraft power of the saints.


COMMENTS: Of their thoughts?


PASTOR VITALE: Their thoughts and their sins, their envy and their hatred and whatever else is there.


COMMENTS: I began to pass him by, and I saw a baby on the ground that was an unusually large baby.


PASTOR VITALE: She was female?


COMMENTS: The baby was female and she could talk. What does this mean that she was a large baby and not a very pretty baby?


PASTOR VITALE: I would say that she typifies the carnal mind, the baby of Eve and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. You said she was female and she had a scepter.


COMMENTS: I thought maybe it typified the carnal Church.


PASTOR VITALE: I would say the carnal mind, the invisible realm of the carnal mind. She was female, the carnal mind is female. She had a scepter which means she had authority, and she was giving directions to all of the children in the park that were male, right?


Yes, so she is the carnal mind who was ruling over all of the Christians that have Christ conceived in them and that had spiritual weapons imparted to them and are using those spiritual weapons, not against the carnal mind, but against the members of the First Fruit Company that are about to appear in maturity.


COMMENTS: That are ascending?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that are ascending.


COMMENTS: They mocked me with the rubber bands. That was mockery. That was like a big joke on me, and then they were really going to kill me on the ground.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I believe it. They would do it if they could.


COMMENTS: They were a bunch of little boys playing in the grass. The baby lying in the grass was an unusually large baby, what does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: The only thing that comes to my mind is "hell hath enlarged herself," but I do not really know. I know that in dreams for someone to not be...I do not know who is hearing this tape, this is not true in the natural at all, this is for my dreams, Christ is shown by a beautiful person, handsome man, a beautiful woman. Characters that are not pretty, it usually means that, that is the condition of their soul, that their soul is ugly.


Dreams are not talking about physical faces. When we see a beautiful man and woman in the dream, it means their soul is beautiful. If we see a "not so beautiful" person in the dream, it means their souls are ugly. It is referring to sin.


COMMENTS: As you are saying this, it comes to mind, what it really was about that baby was that, that baby never came to maturity in its body, but it could talk. It was an old lady, that is what it was. The baby was an old baby, but it never matured, it stayed a baby, but it was old. That is what it was, and she had power over the sons on the ground.


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind has been around for quite a while. She is old, her days are over. The baby typified the invisible realm, and the children were all the members of the whole world that she is controlling, including the Sons.


COMMENTS: Which is the carnal mind, is immaturity? It is immaturity in itself, right?




COMMENTS: It causes people to grow old but never go into the true maturity of Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, that is true.


COMMENTS: Then she said, she goes, "Oh stay, please stay with me."


PASTOR VITALE: The reason she said "Please stay with me" is that, in this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to the many members of the living soul that fell and asking them to leave Eve, their lover, which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and receive Him as their true husband.


I just found this in the Scripture on a message that I was working on, that when the Sons of God, and this Scripture that I was working on, when we do the Alternate Translation, it says that when the glory of God is revealed in the Sons, when they are standing up in full stature, that carnal men every where will see the glory of God.


It will be that obvious that even carnal men could see it. They will see the glory of God, their souls will rise from the dead, and they will remember who they were at the beginning of time, that they were really Christ at the beginning of time. They will willingly leave Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and cleave unto Christ. That fits right in with your dream. The carnal mind was saying, "No, stay, stay," because humanity is starting to respond to the love of God. Hallelujah.


COMMENTS: I said, "The boy that was mean to me, that wanted to harm me, he had a bow and arrow aimed at me." I did not know this, but at the time they were all part of this same group that wanted to kill me, same group of people.


PASTOR VITALE: One more point. The bow is the weapon that Jesus appears with in the early part of the Book of Revelation. He is carrying a bow, so that is another witness that this male child who has a spiritual weapon is a manifestation of Christ in immaturity. He has the same weapon as the Lord does.


COMMENTS: I found out that to hold me down to earth, they posed as children because I am attracted to children and babies. They posed as children, but underneath they were this group of older people that wanted to kill me. They had it all planned. They had it all set up and planned. They were children.


I thought they were just kids playing in the park. I never caught in the telephone lines when flying, but these kids made some telephone lines out of rubber bands. I did not see them till right up on them and got caught in them again. They thought they had me then to kill me.


I went on the ground over to a baby that could talk. I felt sorry for the baby. The baby was in charge of the older boys playing in the grass. The baby was lying in the grass. The baby said, "Remember me" and "Are you coming back to see me?" That is what she said, "Please remember me as you go on" and "Are you coming back to see me?"


PASTOR VITALE: First of all, I think the fact that they were older people and posing as children just typifies the "lie" aspect of the soul realm. She promises wonderful things that would keep us from the spiritual things of God, and it is really a lie. The carnal mind lying in the grass saying "Come back to see me," that is just typifying the seductive qualities of the living soul that fell.


COMMENTS: The Serpent in the grass.


PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent in the grass, yes. That even when you start to ascend towards Christ, she is always using her witchcraft to draw you back. Of course, grass typifies the spiritual life of God. She is present while the spiritual life of God is growing in a man, the carnal mind is there with her seduction.


COMMENTS: Yes, she was very seductive. She had a lot of power over all the boys.


PASTOR VITALE: Over all the spiritual young men, the carnal mind, the harlot, has authority, over all the spiritual young men.


COMMENTS: I comforted the baby and was friendly, but I just knew something was wrong, and I had to get out of there. The people were still after me and I knew that. I got a plane ticket...right after that I go into an airport and there was a plane ticket. I get a plane ticket and decided to take a plane out of the whole area. What does the planeY?


PASTOR VITALE: A plane goes up in the sky. To me, it typifies the ascent into full stature.


COMMENTS: These people that wanted to kill me and the baby, as I got on the plane, on the ramp part, which was part of the plane at that time, on the lower level or the ramp, they were on the plane.


PASTOR VITALE: Again, I think this typifies the Church and the Kingdom Church. There is a company of people in whom Christ has begun to be formed that are not living out of Christ but are still living out of their carnal mind and permitting themselves to be vessels for Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, who is using them to try to stop the company of Sons which are truly ascending.


Once again they are trying to hinder you. Right up until the very last step up into Heaven, they are right there. I believe that as we ascend they are going to be there, trying to drag us down and destroy us before we ascend, and "That Dragon was there waiting for that man child to be born, to devour it as soon as it was born." Revelation 12.


COMMENTS: They all came towards me with their guns and they said, "At last we caught you, there is no way you can get away."


PASTOR VITALE: Were these male children also?


COMMENTS: Male and Female.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, because guns are a carnal weapon. Guns are the weapons of the carnal man, but the company that had bows and arrows, those were Christians in whom Christ was being formed. They were using the spiritual authority of Christ to hurt the ascending Sons.


I guess this company of male and female was a mixture of Christians, some of which had Christ being formed in them, some of which did not have Christ being formed in them.


They thought that they had you. Once again, it is impossible to corner a Son when Jesus is with you. There is no such thing as having your back to the wall, there is always a way of escape. I think the primary thought there is, do not ever think that you are free of these kinds of anti-Christ manifestations out of other believers, because you will never be free of them. They are going to be there right up until the last second.


COMMENTS: They seemed to be amazed, they were amazed at my tactics of getting away from them. Like, have you ever watched McGiver on television? Do you know what McGiver is?


PASTOR VITALE: I think I may have watched him once a long time ago. It is a detective program, is it not?


COMMENTS: Yes, sort of. Have you ever seen the way that he always figures out ways, he puts things together to do what he does?


PASTOR VITALE: I only watched him once or so.


COMMENTS: Well, he is very intelligent. He does all these intelligent things. He makes all these little things out of nothing. He makes a way of escape, or he makes a way to trap somebody, or he makes a way to get out of something just when he is about to get killed. This is what the show is always about. In the dream, I was similar to McGiver. I was always thinking of something to get out of it, a way of escape that was really beyond my person. It was Christ in me.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, supernatural way of escape.


COMMENTS: It was similar to that, to McGiver. Anybody who is familiar with McGiver will know what I am talking about. They started coming towards me, they go, "At last we caught you, there is no way to escape." Again, I started running up the ramp where there were several plane windows. I was going "No!!!"


I was running up the ramp, I was hitting the plane windows, and there was no way to get out because these windows were not made of glass. They were made of some kind of a plastic material. There was no way to get out of them, there was no way to get out the back or the front.


I ran up the ramp, and this lady followed me up on this side of the ramp. She was not on the same side. That means something, I do not know what it means, but she was not on the exact same side. She was running up the side of it, she could not be on the same side of the ramp I was on. There was a wall banister, and she was on the other side of the banister. Do you know what that means?






PASTOR VITALE: It is a rail.


COMMENTS: She was on the other side of the rail. Why was she on the other side of the rail?


PASTOR VITALE: There must be some separation in Christ. You had to have attained to some measure of Christ that she had not attained to.


COMMENTS: Yes, that is it exactly. There was no way I could break through the plane windows because they were made of plastic, not glass. What does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: Plastic is a man-made substance, glass is a natural substance. If you do any kind of a study in the Levite priests, they are forbidden from wearing any unnatural substance. Even today, religious Jews will not wear synthetic fabrics, they have to wear cotton.


COMMENTS: Oh, I see. They thought with their man-made things they trapped me, that there was no way because this was all man-made stuff, this plane, so they could trap me.


I ran up the ramp, and I was hitting on the windows, and there was no way to get out. They were laughing at me. They were like, "We have got her." They were very wicked, they had their guns, and they were about ready to shoot me. The woman just had a few, she was the head of this whole thing, this woman.


PASTOR VITALE: You know she typifies Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Satan is female.


COMMENTS: She was dressed very...like an executive secretary, very well. She was very proud that she had caught me.


PASTOR VITALE: Pride is the overall general characteristic of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


COMMENTS: She had a few more nasty things to say to me before they all shoot me, before she would shoot me. The group that was on her side was watching, down on the lower level. I was standing on the ramp and she was about to say...I was just looking at her and she goes, "Yes, I was the one that pretended to be that baby. I was that baby." What does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind are really one.


COMMENTS: Wow, that is what that was.


PASTOR VITALE: Just like Jesus either appears in Spirit form as the Father or in the earth as the Son, Satan either appears as the unconscious mind of a man, spirit, or she appears in the earth as her carnal mind.


COMMENTS: No wonder this dream is so exciting, because right when she goes, "Yes, I was the one, I was that baby on the grass." I said, "Hmmm," and I looked and I saw a lever, right when they were going to shoot me. She was saying this, and she was very proud and was saying, "Goodbye." I reached up, and I saw that lever and I went like that, and I pulled that lever, and all of them fell. They all fell out.




COMMENTS: It disconnected the whole level. I ran up to the top, the top level, I do not remember if I had a baby in my arms at that point or not. Maybe it was birthed, maybe it was birthed in me.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me put this on the tape though, that you had to do something. We see a teaching in the Church today that is teaching passivity. You just sit there like a couch potato, and Jesus is going to do it. That is not true. We have His strength in righteousness, but you saw the lever and you had to reach up and pull it, you had to do something.


COMMENTS: Oh yes. I was active through this whole dream, fighting a battle, flying, running away, looking to get away from them, had the baby in my arms, protecting the baby, I lost my closest friend, all these things that happened. It was the glorious thing that was like, that was the end of it. I ran up these stairs.


PASTOR VITALE: Sounds like a James Bond movie.


COMMENTS: I know, it was just like a movie. Even at that point that I was hitting on the windows and running up that ramp, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, she comes up there and goes, proudly says, "We got you." I hit this lever, and it knocks her and everybody, her whole company off.


PASTOR VITALE: It is like an Indiana Jones movie.


COMMENTS: Yes, exactly, just like the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I went and saw four times, because I loved it. I woke up going, "Wow, this is just like a movie." I ran up to the top, and there are all these people, a whole company of people that were on that level that were rising, I guess, to Sonship, full stature.


They were all sitting there like nothing had ever happened, they were just waiting to go. At this point, when this happened, the plane started to take off, so Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind and her company thought that they were going in the air with me.


PASTOR VITALE: That whole group in the Church, they think they are going up.


COMMENTS: They think they are going to be raptured. I cut them off. Glory to God.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me say something here. There is, I believe, a company in the earth today that are waging this warfare. There are many people whose numbers are larger than the company that is fighting, who are going to ascend because of the warfare of the fighting company. You had all this people on the plane, but you are the only one that was engaged in the warfare. For every Son that God equips to wage this warfare, there is a whole bunch of people hanging on him, waiting.


COMMENTS: The people on the higher level you mean?


PASTOR VITALE: The people that were already on the plane.


COMMENTS: They were just sitting there, they did not even know what was going on. They did not even know I was in a battle. The only people that knew was when I came up, and the angels that were nine-foot tall, which were bigger than all these people, regular people. I conversed with them immediately, and I knew I had to converse in a higher language with them. I really do say "Shunda" in my tongue and I go "ShundaY(speaks in tongues)" They were answering me back and going "Oh yes, yes."


What I was saying was "Close call but I made it." That was the end of the dream. It was incredible.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. That is wonderful.


COMMENTS: What is the lever?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what the lever is other than to say the weapon of God.


COMMENTS: What would you say the last few nasty things, with her pride, she was saying, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: Just revealing her basic nature as pride.


COMMENTS: She was bragging that she was that baby. In other words, that she had made that carnal mind or that she was at the root of that and that was how she appeared, bragging about her appearance.


The whole group, the whole Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, company down there were all watching her. They were all in obedience to her. They would not shoot until she said, she was going to get the pleasure of it, of killing me while they watched. I started to recognize her face, that she was the one that posed as that little baby. She was proud that she had pretended to be that baby.


I did not know what I was going to do. I thought they might...I did not know I was going to pull that lever, it just happened at the last moment. Again, an emergency thing.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, and Jesus says, "Do not worry what you are going to say when you go before the counsel but, in that hour, the Holy Ghost will speak through you.


COMMENTS: I pulled that lever, and it caused the whole lower level or the ramp hooked onto the plane to disconnect, and they all fell back.


PASTOR VITALE: This could also typify Eve separating from Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


COMMENTS: Oh, wow. Eve is on the higher lever with Christ, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, was cut off. Amen.


PASTOR VITALE: She went up and joined Christ. The separation of soul from spirit (other words inaudible).


COMMENTS: I ran up some stairs to the higher level which was the plane. It seemed like that was a ramp, the whole plane was taking off with a ramp hooked to it. I pulled that lever which I was not even sure what that was, I just pulled it, but something in me knew what it was. Right when she was going to do it, she was standing on the ramp, and they were back there on the lower level floor of the ramp, and it cut them all off.


I saw two giants on the higher level. I was aware they had to be angels, and I began talking to them like I was real close to them, like I knew them. In other words, I knew them by the spirit because I did not know them, really who they were. It was like a movie. You know what I am saying? Like it was all planned out. I went there...in tongues, I spoke to them in my heavenly language. What is your comment on this?


PASTOR VITALE: The two angels, I think, were the Father and the Son.


COMMENTS: They did understand my language.


PASTOR VITALE: You just ascended to a higher level.


COMMENTS: I was talking about what happened and all the close calls to them but I made it. I was talking about the Lord to these angels. I was talking all about...I wanted to talk about the Lord to these angels, and they were all excited with me.


PASTOR VITALE: You ascended into heaven.


COMMENTS: Yes, it was heaven. They looked like regular people, these people, these angels, only they were like nine-foot tall. They were giants, they were a lot bigger too, bigger boned and everything than normal people, they were nine-foot tall. I woke up saying, "This is like a movie." It was just incredible.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord.


COMMENTS: I could not wait to tell you, I could not wait to talk to you about this dream.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good dream. I get so excited when I hear dreams. You are really the only one that I know, besides myself, that gets such Scriptural dreams and detailed. It is so Scriptural, it is really exciting.


COMMENTS: That is the most exciting one I have had for a long time except for the one about, "put a lid on it," the one about the manhole and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, underneath. This one was more exciting even. That was pretty good.


This girl at work...is there still room on that tape because this is another dream that I would like to mention...








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