205 - Part 1

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If you study it out in the Scripture, you will find that the spiritual symbology of a vineyard is a place where a spiritual life grows. Is not Jesus the true vine? Does a vine abide in a vineyard? If there is a true vine, must there not be a false vine? There is a false vine, brethren. Jesus is the true vine. Who is the false vine? Satan is the false vine in the form of a mind. Remember when a spirit is appearing as a mind, the name changes. When the Spirit is the Father appearing as a mind, His name changes to Christ. When Satan is appearing in the mind, his name changes to the carnal mind or death. It is a false vine possessing God’s possession. We are God’s possession. He loves us. He hates the weed. There is a weed growing in us. Does not the weed kill the true plant in us? Do not weeds kill the cultivated plant? Farmers are out there every day hoeing their ground, ripping up the roots of the weeds, hacking them out with a knife. There is a weed in the living soul, and it is growing up and filling all of the earth of this living soul with its pestilence.

But there is a husbandman, you see. Who is the husbandman? Jesus said the Father is the husbandman. He has already started to destroy this weed. Do you think Satan is after you? Satan is not after you. It is the Lord. I tell you the truth.You have never had so much trouble in your life since you consecrated yourself to God. You went down on your knees, and you said, Father, receive me. I will pay any price. Let me enter in. Two weeks later you think Satan is after you. Every son that God calls, He purges. He will prune. He will rip sin out of you. He has heard your prayer, and you cannot enter into the kingdom in this condition.

So Noah planted a vineyard. The plain talk of this parable is that he had a proud thought. The same thing happened to him that happened to Adam in the garden. He said, am I not wonderful, and I do not need God to be wonderful. There was a tree in the midst. How was the tree in the midst? Let me back up. On the other side of the Flood, Noah was the only one who was righteous. What does that mean? It means he had the mind of Christ and a carnal mind, and he was succeeding by the grace of God, of living out of the righteous mind of Christ. How do I know that? He was the only one that obeyed God and prepared for the Flood. Every other human being on the face of the earth was living out of their carnal mind, and said it has never rained on this earth before. You must be crazy to prepare for a flood. Noah had a carnal mind. He just did not listen to it. He kept kicking it. He kept stepping on it, and he was faithful unto God, and he was saved from the Flood.

When he got to the other side, he was destroyed by pride. That tree that was in the midst, that was under the feet of the Christ in him, that partial tree whispered to him and said, you are wonderful. He said yes I am, and a vineyard was planted in his mind, the receptacle that would receive the carnal mind. Then he got drunk on his vineyard. We have several scriptures talking about wine in the Scripture. We all know that wine typifies the Father. The harlot of Revelation 17:6 has a cup in her hand and she is drunk on the blood of the saints. We have scriptures in the Old Testament. Brethren, Noah got drunk on the spirit of Satan that was coming forth from the vineyard, that foul place in his mind. He was drunk on his own pride. He was blinded and deceived by his own pride because Noah was in a high place. He was still fallen, but the creation has been falling slowly. The creation has been falling slowly. At the time of the Fall, the creation was so vibrant with the life of God, that even when the mind of Christ died, it still had life in it.

When you read God’s pronouncement upon Adam and Eve, it says dying, you shall die. It is a slow death. We are at the bottom of the line. This creation has been dying for thousands of years. Noah, although he was not perfect, was a being who was far superior to that which we are today. He had authority over his carnal mind, much more so than we have in this hour. Let me qualify that. The provision is available today for the mind of Christ to be formed in you. I am sure there are some mature believers across the church world who are fighting this war and living out of the mind of Christ. At this point, it is my opinion, and you are free to disagree with me, that there are very few. It is mostly because most of the people have not heard this message, and they do not even know that there is a war going on. They think the war is with the demons that are out there somewhere. Someone told me that they saw a demon standing in the window right outside. I am making a joke, but I really do not mean to insult anybody. I really know people believe this. A demon within his mind was projecting an image unto the window sill and waved to him. That was what happened.

It is time for the church to grow up. You see, we have been dancing and singing, and we have the Holy Ghost, and that is all wonderful, but it is time to graduate from kindergarten. It is time to learn to read and write and understand this stuff. Kindergarten is over. So Noah got lifted up in pride. He had a very similar experience to what happened to Adam in the garden, and he yielded to the subtle suggestion of the Serpent. In all fairness to Noah, I have to say I do not know if I could have taken any more of a victory. The whole world was wiped out, except him and his sons. Give the guy a break. This is the bottom line. The creation, and individual members thereof, will continue to fail. We will continue to fail until Christ is fully born as our mind in a form that is mature, in a form which is a threefold cord, in a form which is a result of not only a union, but a penetration of the female seed by the male seed. It is the bearing forth of the manchild of Revelation 12:5, in a form which puts down roots deep into your soul, and in a form, which the Scripture says is the resurrection of Christ, in which form he will never die again. All of the men in the Bible failed. Natural Israel failed. Everybody failed because God had not yet completed the work that made success possible, but that work is available today, right now. It is for us. We are the last generation. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

We are the sum total of all of the heroes we read about in the Book of Hebrews, where we are told it was not given unto them to receive the promise without us. We are it. Back to Noah. A vineyard was planted in his mind. He gave place to the devil, and the carnal mind rose up, and tread Christ underfoot, and spiritually he died. Now God had made a covenant with Noah. The covenant was on behalf of all of the offspring of Noah. Brethren, we are the offspring of Noah and his three sons. Every human being on the face of the earth today is an offspring of Noah. We are his descendants. What happened to us? He was a superior being. He lived almost a thousand years. He was the righteousness of God. What happened to us? Something happened to us. Noah was unfaithful to God. He fell prey to the human weakness that is common to all of us. We are told as we studied all these words in the Hebrew, that Noah’s son, Ham, went to visit his father one day, and discerned that the spirit in his father was not Christ.

Ham had the spirit of righteousness upon him, and in the unfortunate circumstance where he was forced to choose between God and his human father, he chose the righteousness of God. He spoke the truth. I see sin in your mind. What has happened to you? Repent. Perhaps the Lord will restore you. Perhaps it is not too late. You never read this part. The carnal mind of man translated this passage to say Ham uncovered his father’s nakedness. It makes Ham the evil one. Ham is really the righteous one. He called to his brothers, Shem and Japheth. He said, come on, maybe it is not too late. Maybe we can help our father. Maybe God will have mercy. He looked around, and there was Shem and Japheth, and they too had fallen in their mind. Ham was the only one standing for righteousness. Noah rose up, and I am sorry to tell you that our common ancestor did not repent. He said, you wicked son that would speak evil about your father, and he cursed Ham’s offspring. Noah, and his three sons, and their offspring, and all of their descendants went tumbling down. We are all the descendants of Noah and his three sons.

Approximately five generations after this fall of the mind, the human race fell into these bodies. I do not honestly know what Noah and Ham, and Shem, and Japheth looked like. I am convinced from my studies in the Scripture that they did not look like us. I believe that all of humanity, up until that time of Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japheth, lived in a body far superior to ours, that was both male and female. Their reproduction took place by some form of cell division. Now remember, that to have Christ as your mind, the male is the father, and the female is the human spirit of man. While the mind was a union of male and female, the physical appearance was a union of male and female. When the separation took place in the mind, the woman, which was Noah’s human spirit, separated from the Spirit of God. After approximately five generations, this separation was manifested in the flesh through the breaking down into male and female bodies.

I do see some discussion of giants on the earth in the history books, in the Book of Samuel, I believe. There is no information at all about any female giants. Anybody know anything about a female giant? Every giant I ever heard about was a male giant, a warrior. Og of Bashan was the last of the giants, and he died barren. Now let me ask you a question. If there was no female giant, what difference would it make if Og was barren or fertile? The Scripture says Og, the last of the giants died and he was barren. I tell you the truth. We must use our minds, brethren.

COMMENT: Who was God referring to when He said, let us make man in our image? You said that Jesus, the Son of God, was the mind of God. Jesus said, speaking to the Pharisees, before Abraham I was. In John, and also in the Book of Revelation, the Scripture says speaking of Christ, he was God and nothing was made without him. The Scripture also says that Christ was from the beginning, and that he was in the bosom of the Father. When God was saying let us make man in our image, what was happening? He was not referring to his physical being, but was speaking of His mind, expressing His thoughts, and agreement of mind. Let us be in agreement and bring out man. Do you understand what I am saying?

PASTOR VITALE:I think the brother is saying that when God said, let us make man in our image, He was saying to the man, let us be in a union of mind that will be you, soul, expressing my thoughts. Is that what you were saying? Yes, that was what God was saying. Amen.

Let me just add one more thing to this now. When we are going back up, when we are raised from the dead, we will have every reason to expect some measure of reversal. I do not believe we will go back to the way it was, but it will be similar to the way it was, because God never goes backwards. Everything always goes forward, so there has to be similar aspects to it. But at the beginning of time, men only found their element was joined to mind, and this union produced a human being that was both male and female. We fell down into male and female because of the separation of mind. Do you think it is possible that when the male and the female join in the mind again, it will ultimately have an effect on the human body that will end this condition? We know that the body is going. We know the creation will be glorified. We know we will look like Jesus. Jesus, in this hour is a ball of light, that has the ability to take human form, but he is not restricted to this human form. The condition of Jesus today is greater than the condition of the man at the beginning of the creation. But the one thing that he has in common, the one thing that the glorified Jesus has in common with the man at the beginning of time is the fact that the mind of God, the Father, the male, is in complete and total union with the Spirit of man, and there is no separation. That condition of mind must affect our physical being. It has to.

COMMENT: This is in regard to the question that the brother asked. God, Himself, having different facets of means decided to recreate this man to a mind or a soul like Himself. But from the Book of Job, where God is speaking to Job about pride, what about when God said the sons of God sang and the morning stars had joy? What state was that? Also, earlier you said the reproduction state of Adam was an animal. In other words, we all are like animals, but he had a mind that God had planted in a body. The animals reproduce and we reproduce just like the animals, so our reproduction never really changed.

PASTOR VITALE:You are going to have to help me out on this. Just give me a quick reminder of the first question again. I do have an alternate translation on those verses in Job. I did it a few years ago where I looked it up word by word. I found out that the sons of God in that hour were in seed form, which can be likened to the male seed, to a man’s sperm, if you will. We do have a scripture whereby it says that Levi paid tithes while he was yet in Abraham’s womb. We have a witness that God looks at a man’s seed and He talks to it like it is a full grown man. The sons of God singing does not mean that. Before you leave I will give you the message number that translation is on. The second question is a good question, but it was not exactly what I was saying. Let me try.

If I am not repeating what you said, correct me, okay? We are in animal bodies now, and we reproduce as animals, but we are in a fallen condition. I hope I have not offended anybody. I am in a fallen body too. Some people get upset when I say this, but it is the truth. Is it not the truth that we have babies like the animals do? We are in a fallen condition. When God pronounced the curse upon Eve, there is one of the Hebrew words that was translated in sorrow you shall bring forth. When we looked it up in the Hebrew, we found out that an alternate translation of that word was, you shall bring forth your young in this manner. I cannot say it said as the animals do, or whether it was in a human body, or something like that, but I can get you that message number too. I will look it up for you because I have it on a message. What else did you say to me? I know that you saw a contradiction in it. Tell me again.

COMMENT:Earlier on, you said that when God created man, the man Adam, He created man and the animals the same. The only difference was the mind that was placed in the animals. You also said that the animals and man reproduce the same way. We eat and reproduce the same way. Yet in the case of Noah, and again in the case of Eve, after God cursed them, if Adam reproduced like the animals and ate like the animals, then when does the curse come before or after? I do not know how to communicate. Do you know what I am saying?

PASTOR VITALE:I hope that I did not say that. I hope that you misunderstood me, if I did say it, that the original Adam reproduced and ate like the animals. If I did say that, it is an error. That was a spiritual creation. We were not in these bodies at that time. I may have been using an example and ran it together. At the beginning of time we were a spiritual creation. The animal at the beginning of time was a spiritual animal. We read in the Book of Revelation about the beast. This is a spiritual beast. It is a spiritual animal. When we studied Daniel, Chapter 7, we see a parable explanation of the living soul and its fall. We see God describing it in terms of it being an animal. The Lord showed us in the Scripture that the creation as a whole can be see in this form. At the center of the creation is the spirit. It is either the carnal mind or Christ, depending upon what we are talking about.

When Satan separated out, and joined with the creation, what he did was add another orbit to the atom of the creation. Everybody following me? Another orbit was added to the creation. It is called outer darkness and it is this world that we are living in. I want to show you it in another way. I am drawing the tree of life as a circle just to hopefully make this simpler. This is the creation at the beginning of time. It was righteous, and because it is righteous we call it the tree of life. Satan was in the midst of it, and Satan was inert. She was inert. Just as we see in common table salt, the elements of sodium and chloride, the destructive qualities of sodium alone, and the destructive qualities of chloride alone, which are poisonous to human beings, become inert when they are combined. Not only are they no longer poisonous, but they become a substance which is beneficial to man like table salt. Satan was inert. Everybody following me?

She was in man. She was inert. She was harmless. We found in the Scriptures that when they are describing a communication from one realm to another realm, the Scripture will frequently call it or describe it as an earthquake. Well, when Satan whispered to Adam, there was an earthquake, and the creation started to shake. I want to suggest to you that when Adam received the thought, a fissure appeared in the earth, just like in natural earthquakes. The Scripture calls it the wounding of the creation; the wounding of a creation. Brethren, when you cut your arm or you cut any part of your body, that which is inside flows to the surface. Satan flowed to the surface, covered over the spiritual, but nevertheless visible world, that Adam lived in, which we know as Eden. It was visible, but it was spiritual. This world is visible, but it is physical, and it is lying on top of Eden.

Brethren, if Christ is being formed in you, he is being formed underneath your carnal mind. The kingdom of God is within you. It is within you and he is Christ. The kingdom of God and Eden is Christ. The mind of Christ in you is all of these things. He is all of these things, and he is being formed underneath your carnal mind. Now we have a condition of living in a world that is no longer Eden. Most people do not get upset when I call it the Land of Nod. A lot of people get upset when I call it hell, but it is hell. That is what it is. The Land of Nod means the land of sleep. We are asleep to spiritual things in this hour. Did not Paul say awake to righteousness? This whole world is sleeping to our true reality which is within. This is our condition, Eden is lying underneath this world. You do not get to it by digging down into the physical earth. This is a great mystery. The way you get to it is by turning inward to God. When the required number of men are manifesting the mind of Christ consistently, without cessation, there is going to be an earthquake because Christ is underneath here, and a big fissure is about to open up.

Revelation 9 says locust came out from under the earth. Locusts eat vegetation. Spiritual life is likened to plant life. We are not the planting of the Lord. I suggest to you the locusts are the immature beginning of the sons of God. I do not believe they are in full stature. There is another name for them. When we are not in full stature we are called the two witness company. When we are in full stature we are called the sons of God. There is going to be an opening and they are going to come up on the face of the earth, and they are going to start devouring the false vine, not only in their own mind, but in the mind of whoever God sends them to. I have got a flash for you. If God sends you to somebody to devour their carnal mind, they are not going to thank you. Get ready to be persecuted.

I am going to give you a little bit more of this. We see this happening, both in our own mind, and the last thing to happen is the conversion of the physical earth. The last thing to happen is the conversion of the physical earth that we live upon. The first thing to happen is the resurrection of our spirit. There is a spirit in man. The spirit in man is the residue of the Christ, which died, which was killed by the carnal mind when Adam received that ungodly thought. Each of us has a spirit. In the Scripture, spirit is symbolized by bones. There is a bone in each and every one of us, and together we make that skeleton that is lying in the valley of dead bones, the skeleton, through which God sent the prophet, and said, prophesy to those dead bones; O bones, will you live again? I say amen.

We see this experience of the resurrection of the dead taking place in three stages. We know the Book of Revelation speaks about the first resurrection. Most people think that means the first group of people. I suggest to you it means the first in a series of steps that will result in the resurrection and total salvation of your person; spirit, soul, and body. The first stage of the resurrection is a series of events which pretty much I have been describing to you tonight. It is the warfare of the mind. It is enduring the hard times, which are killing your carnal mind, and making you more and more dependent upon Christ. It is the warfare that is resulting in the strengthening of the mind of Christ in you, and the wounding of your carnal mind. The end result of this is the exaltation, or the birth in fullness, the full birth of the mind of Christ in you, and the simultaneous captivity of your carnal mind.

This will happen when the mind of Christ in you is still lying underneath your carnal mind.

Does anybody have a problem with that? The Holy Spirit enters deep into your heart. The mustard seed starts to grow. Christ begins to be formed, and he is inside of your heart. What is your heart? It is the heart that you were born with. It is your carnal mind. Does anybody have a problem with that? We have a carnal mind and it is getting stretched out, and Christ is getting bigger and bigger like a pregnant woman. Christ is getting bigger and bigger. When he is fully born into spiritual manhood, he is completely controlling the carnal mind from a passive position. He is underneath. He is totally dominating the carnal mind, but it is not physical. It is spiritual. I hope you all know what I mean. He is dominating the carnal mind, but he is not in a dominant position. This can be likened to a wrestler being pinned down on a mat, on his back, by a three hundred pound opponent, and by the power of his mind, controlling that muscle bound man. For us to come into this condition, it is the cessation of sin in our mind. The carnal mind has become totally incapable of sin. He is totally controlled by righteousness.

Please bear with me for a few minutes. I seem to be losing my breath. I just want to stop talking for a few minutes. Satan, you are not going to stop this message from coming forth. If you kill me, God will either raise me from the dead, or He will give the message to someone else.

We see the first stage of the resurrection. Resurrection is a process, a process that I believe will take an entire lifetime. This is concerning the parable that says, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. I speak to you plainly tonight that it is a moment of God, and a twinkling of God’s eye is not a human eye. When God opens His eye, you exist. When He closes His eye your lifetime is over. It is a one life time, I suggest to you. You have spent the early part of your lifetime experiencing whatever hardship you have experienced, which has led you to what we call a salvation experience. It is reconciliation unto God. From that point forward, hopefully, we are pursuing the things of God, and Christ will be conceived in you. Christ will begin to be formed in you. This is a process that is taking your entire lifetime, and all of this is the first stage of the resurrection.

The culmination, the ending, the highlight, the apex of the first resurrection, is the birth of the fully mature mind of Christ in your mind. Every action has a reaction. Every cause has an effect. When Christ is fully born in your mind, the reaction, and the effect of this event, is the overpowering, and the bringing into captivity of your carnal mind. Brethren, to be doubly minded is a spiritual perversion. All of us here have two minds. We are in a condition of spiritual perversion. You are not supposed to have two minds. The doubly minded man is unstable in all of his ways. At the beginning, the creation had one mind. It was Christ. Then it had two minds, and the carnal mind killed the Christ. Then there was just one mind in the creation. It was carnal, and now there are two minds in the creation again, and in due season, and I trust in our lifetime, we shall see the fully mature manifestation of Christ kill the carnal mind, which is possessing God’s possession. Amen.

The highlight, the culmination, the end, the fulfillment of the first stage of the resurrection will bring us to the condition in which we saw the man, Jesus the Christ. We know something about him. We know that he said no one could take his life. We also know that he was in a human body that held to a rigid form. I know of no scripture that indicates Jesus the Christ, in the days of his flesh, taking on any form other than the man Jesus. Amen. There is a revolution of our development, and there is an evolution of our spiritual development. Jesus the Christ was crucified, and he was not raised from the dead in the same condition that he was in before the crucifixion. He was not raised as a man in a body that was unchangeable. He was raised from the dead in a higher life form. He was raised from the dead as a glorified Spirit, which could appear without a body, if he chose to, as he appeared to Paul as a ball of light. As a glorified Spirit, he could appear in the form of his past existence as Jesus the Christ. We also saw the glorified Jesus Christ appearing in a form on the road to Emmaus, that was not even recognizable to his own disciples. We see a man in a glorified condition, capable of existing if he chooses to do so, without a body.

Now remember, the Father is pure Spirit. Christ is a man, who no longer needs a body. When we did Daniel, Chapter 7, we found out that, that mysterious term called the ancient of days is describing the one who, through righteousness, now no longer needs a physical body, as we know it, to live in. The ancient of days is the Lord Jesus Christ in his glorified form. Jesus, the Christ, still needed a body. God is bringing up a son. Now remember, the son that He formed at the beginning of time died because of inexperience. Remember that God said, if you eat of that tree you are going to die, and Adam said what is death? Let us find out. God is bringing up a son with His image, and His nature, and He is giving him many experiences so he never falls again. We see Jesus, the Christ, a valid manifestation of God in a form whereby he is in a body that is not changeable, an immature manifestation of the Godhead, if you will. Some people would call this blasphemy. I say it is the truth. He needed a human body to continue, but because his mind was righteous, the Father saw fit to glorify him into a higher realm of Spirit. We see the third stage of the resurrection in glorification.

The big question is where is the second stage of the resurrection. This is somewhat hidden. I am going to tell you what the Lord has shown me. You are free to believe it or not believe it. It is up to you. I see Christ in the first stage of the resurrection in a passive position, lying underneath the carnal mind. The example in the Scripture is the grapevine of Revelation 14. The fruit of Christ is underneath the grape skin, and that is why the crushing of the grapes are necessary, so that the life of God can pass through. Amen. The grape skin is the carnal mind. The fruit is Christ. Now we see in the second stage of the resurrection a piercing through of the Christ to the outside of the carnal mind, pulling himself into a dominant position, reversing the carnal mind underneath him. The scriptural name for it is the circumcision without hands.

Brethren, when your mind is Christ, you have become a spiritual man. This is how there is no male or female in Christ Jesus. Your spiritual manhood is contingent upon the mind which is being expressed through you. If you are living out of your carnal mind, for spiritual purposes, you are female. If you are a man, and you have a family, it has nothing to do with marriage, or children, or family, or any such thing. This is spiritual. If the mind that is being revealed through you is Christ, you are a spiritual man. You are an elder in the church. It has nothing to do with your physical body, with what kind of a job you have, or what kind of an education you have, or how much money you have. It has to do with whether or not you have a male mind, and Christ is the only male mind. As you are being newly born, and you find yourself with a male mind, we find the need for the circumcision of the new born Christ. He must pierce through this membrane.

The scripture where we found this, believe it or not, is in the account of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. It is where the King James translators and the whole church world teaches you that our Lord, our savior, was down on his knees begging the Father, sniveling, saying please Lord, do not do it to me. Is there any way I do not have to do this? I want to suggest to you that our Lord Jesus Christ never did any such thing. I want to suggest to you that when your mind is Christ, you do not snivel, and you are not so scared that you sweat blood. You just do what God tells you to do. I want to suggest to you that when you are a fully grown spiritual man, you are totally without fear. Well, what was that account all about? We looked up every word in the Greek, brethren. It had such a hidden spiritual meaning that the account that you are familiar with was the only sense that the King James translators could make out of it.

I suggest to you that such behavior, as was suggested in that passage, is not the behavior of the Son of God. It is weakness. It is the behavior of a weak man, and that Jesus, the Christ, never manifested any such behavior. We looked up all the words in the Greek, and what we find happening, is Jesus is petitioning the Father. The condition of him being on his knees, when you look that up in the Greek, what it is suggesting is that he was bowed down before the Father. He may have been physically on his knees. I do not know, but what the scripture is indicating is that his human soul, that which he was born with, was in total submission to the Christ in him, and he was therefore bowed down before the Father. Brethren, if you like to kneel, that is fine. You are free to worship God any way that you want, but I want you to understand that if you are down on your physical knees, and your carnal mind is not in submission to Christ, you are wasting your time, and it is just a religious work. It means nothing to God. I tell you the truth.

Jesus was bowed down. His humanity, that part of him which was female, was in total submission to God the Father. I remind you that Jesus said, I do nothing, and I say nothing, except what my Father has told me to say and to do. Jesus wanted to circumcise himself out from underneath this carnal mind. He wanted to circumcise that carnal mind off of him because it was the next stage of his maturity, and with an increase in maturity came increased spiritual power. Of course, the most practical explanation is that he knew he was about to be crucified, and that the resurrection of the dead was the third stage of the resurrection. We had to really get that second stage in before the third stage. Jesus was humbled before his God, and he was saying, Father, will you give me permission to pierce through this carnal mind? Am I strong enough to do it? We found this in an alternate translation of the Greek word.

Father, is it time? Am I strong enough to do it? The Father said, come. The scripture says Jesus was in agony, praying, do not let this happen to me, Lord. No! He was in agony of mind because this circumcision was an act of the will. It was an act of the will of the Christ to penetrate this membrane.

He was concentrating. I do not know exactly how it was done. I have no information on that, if he was praying or what he was doing. All I know is that it was an exertion of his mind and of his will to overcome this carnal mind one more degree. The Scripture says that as this happened, his life is described by the scriptural account as blood. Do we not know that the blood of Jesus is the life? It is his spiritual life. If we have his blood, we are justified by his blood. This membrane was not cut away in one swift cut like you find in a male baby being circumcised. We find that this membrane, known as the carnal mind, is porous. It is in a condition through which moisture can seep like a sponge when you sprinkle water on the top. The water will seep down and appear on the bottom of the sponge. The carnal mind is porous.

The life of Christ is described in this account as blood, and he put pressure on every point, of which the carnal mind was covering him, and he started to pierce through. When he got to the other side, he did not come to the other side all at once, but he started to appear on the outside of this membrane as large drops of blood that was falling on the ground of his soul. Are you following me? The Greek word translated blood is a Greek word that specifically means clotted blood; clotted blood, not free flowing blood. It came to the surface. The life of Christ came to the surface and clotted. I want to suggest to you that this clotted blood turned into a scab, and completely sealed in that carnal mind, moving Christ into the dominant position. He rises up from the garden, and walks out, and for the first time in the Scripture, we see an act of aggression by spiritual authority. He said to the guards, I am he, and they fell backwards. I do not know of any other scripture whereby Jesus is in a warfare stance prior to this.

He is healing. He is delivering. He is raising people from the dead. I know he threw over the tables of the money changers, but that was a physical act. It was not an act of spiritual aggression. I would like to show it to you in another way, which is very interesting. We touched on this earlier. The creation, at the beginning of time, was sliced open when Satan oozed up, when a big fissure opened in the earth, just as we find results from natural earthquakes frequently. The Scripture calls this a wound. You read about it a lot in the prophets, that a wound is delivered; a grievous wound. I mentioned this earlier that, that what was on the inside went to the outside and covered over what we know to be Eden. Everything that we see today is a wound. It is as if to say someone slit open my body, and all of my internal organs came to the outside, and covered me over, and I was wounded, and my skin was pushed to the inside, and you could see my heart, and my lungs, and all the blood was on the outside. So this whole creation, the condition of our mind, the condition of our physical body, and the condition of this world system is a scriptural wound.

We know that when we cut open this body, and expose ourselves in that way, we are susceptible to infection. Are we not? Let me tell you, we are infected. This creation got infected. When Christ in you circumcises away your carnal mind, it is a healing of the wound. He is pushing everything back inside that is supposed to be inside. He is sealing it over with a nice tight scab, and the healing will be completed. We did find other scriptures witnessing to it. One is in Daniel 8. I found it in a couple of places. This is how God is raising us from the dead. For the time being, our concentration should be going to the first stage of the resurrection, and the warfare that is proceeding it. That is God’s message of the hour to you. Glory to God.

12/17/14 Transcribed by MJS

12/18/14 1STEdit MJS

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