060 - Part 1
(Revelation 12)

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Hallelujah. We’re in the 12th Chapter of the Book of Revelation. I’m not going to recap the Alternate Translations from the last message because we’re moving on to War In Heaven starting with chapter 7 and, well, I’ll tell you as we go along. This is going to very interesting today. We are going to diverge into the Old Testament for a while and we’re going to deal with some very controversial verses that most of the church world wonders about and I’ve got some interesting comments for you on them. OK, now, before we start I do have some comments that I want to make based on the previous verses which deal with the Sun-Clad Woman. I want to remind you that the scripture says, “And she brought forth a man-child and the woman fled into the wilderness. I don’t think I made this point on Wednesday.


Well, we said that the woman is the whole living soul, she is the female that is bringing forth the life of God’s son, and I’ve told you that the woman is saved in childbearing so once she brings forth the child, how come she’s fleeing into the wilderness? If that question has not entered your mind I now suggest that question to you and this is the answer. The bringing forth of the man-child will initially occur in a first-fruits company. When Christ appears in the first-fruits company it is legitimate to say that the woman, that the living soul, has produced Christ because every Son of God in whom Christ appears is a member of the living soul. So, the living soul has produced Christ but not necessarily in every member. The Scriptures are very subtle sometimes. The living soul delivered a man-child but only in a small company of believers that the Lord calls the first-fruits company or the Sons of God.


So even though the living soul has produced the man-child, the woman, the living soul, is fleeing into the wilderness because all of the remaining members of the living soul are now brought into a position where they are eligible to have Christ conceived in them. Why? Because the first-fruits company has stood up the Sons of God, the two witnesses we’ve been studying for weeks. When they appear in the earth they are going directly to the remaining members of the living soul with the power of no [INAUDIBLE] and the way the Scripture describes this is that, “And the woman delivered a man-child.” The Sons of God, members of the living soul, stood up in the full stature of Jesus Christ but the remaining members of the living soul fled into the wilderness -- maybe I should have given the old Alternate Translations but I didn’t bring it with me -- fled into the wilderness.


They fled away from Satan. They fled away from the satanic influence in their mind and they were brought to a place where they would be nourished by the word of God, where Christ would be conceived in them. So that’s the separation. Does anybody not understand that? There is a separation between those members of the living soul in whom Christ is appearing and those members in whom he is not appearing. In those members whom he is not appearing, they are still called the woman, and the members in whom he is appearing, they are called the man-child. OK, glory to God. Hallelujah. I’ll just read you this note in case I left anything out here. Once the Sons of God have manifested, the power to impart Christ to the entire living soul becomes available.


So, Satan, where, in the minds of the many raises himself up to wage war against the truth of God’s word, which is coming forth from the Sons of God. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Jesus Christ has divided the human race. Certain members are now ruled by Christ and the balance of the members are still ruled by Satan. And there was war in the heavens. Where? There was war in the minds of men as to whom would be the ruling spirit of the living soul. And I remind you that God only created one living soul. If you’re a natural man -- at this point we’re still all natural men -- the life of Christ is in us but we are still natural men until Christ appears in us and Christ is appearing in the earth, dividing the living soul, and she will not stand. Glory to God.


Verse 7. “And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought against his angels.” These verses are very simple. The word war is Strong’s 4171. It merely means war. It could mean a single encounter or a series. And the name Michael -- this is interesting -- the name Michael is Strong’s 3413 and I went back into the Hebrew because the Hebrew was more informative. Strong’s says that this is the Greek rendition of the Hebrew word translated Michael. In the Hebrew it’s 4817. And Strong’s says it means a seat, a chariot, a covering. It can also mean a saddle. And it’s from a root that means to ride on an animal or on a vehicle, to place upon for riding, and we’ve been teaching in this ministry for a couple of years now that the soul is God’s saddle. The natural man is -- this is Scriptural symbols -- the natural man is a horse, the saddle is the soul, and God, or the ruling spirit whether it be God or Satan, sits on the saddle. This is the reality of our spiritual being. God is forming a creation. It’s in three parts, spirit, soul, and body, and the three are one and the purpose of the creation is that the ruling spirit wants to manifest through our souls and wants to have the use of our bodies, wants to walk, wants to talk, wants to touch, wants to taste, wants to feel, and this is how the creation is coming together. For us to exist as a human being, as we know each other, there must be a spirit ruling in our minds or we would not have existence. That spirit sits in a saddle and that saddle is known as the soul and that soul rests on a horse, which is our body. It’s the spiritual reality of the Scripture. So, who was the ruling spirit of the natural man? Anybody? Satan. And who is the saddle that he sits in? Anybody? Which soul? The Adamic soul. Amen. The soul of Adam. Amen. And that saddle rests upon this vile body. Paul calls this body vile. This is not the creation of Almighty God, it’s temporary, it’s in between, it’s a paper mache model, if you know anything -- well that’s what it is, it’s OK if it strikes you as funny -- but that’s what it is. God is forming a creation and he has made a paper mache model. We’re not the real thing. We’re going to be layered over with gold and the result of it is that we’re going to become incorruptible. And this is the makeup of the creation of the Almighty God. The ruling spirit is whom? The Father. The ruling spirit is the Father and his saddle is? Which soul? Christ, amen. The saddle of the soul that the Father God sits in is Christ and the horse that Jesus rides on is not this mess that makes me sick almost every day of my life. Let me tell you, the horse that Jesus rides on has fire and brimstone coming forth out of his mouth. He’s glorious and the Scripture calls it the glorified body. Hallelujah.


So Michael, I think that we’re clearly told here, is Christ. He’s the seat, he’s the chariot, he’s the covering, he’s the saddle. That’s what the name Michael means. And the Scripture says, “And there was war in heaven and Michael and his angels fought against his dragons.” And I declare to you that there was war in the minds of men and the soul of Christ, together with His angels, the soul of Jesus Christ, the powerbase of Jesus Christ we’ve been teaching in the last few messages. There is a new kingdom in the earth. There is a new base of spiritual power in the earth. And we explained that to have existence, to have form as we exist in this world, there has to be a spiritual powerbase that has generated us and to date every human being alive came into this earth, they were born as infants as a result of the powerbase known as Satan but in this hour there is a new powerbase in the earth. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ and He is entering into the hearts of men after natural birth. It is a new birth and this is He that came by water and by blood and if ye be not born again you cannot see the kingdom of God. Ye must be born of water, you must be born of the spiritual powerbase of Satan, and you must be born of blood in your heart. You must have Jesus Christ birthed in your heart. That’s the second birth. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


So there was war in the minds of men and Michael, the saddle of the Father God, and his angels fought against the dragon. I don’t think there’s any problem. In last week’s message we established that the dragon was Satan. I don’t think anybody would have a problem like that. But, who are Michael’s angels. In the rest of the verse it says, “And the dragon fought and His angels,” so we’re going to try and get some better understanding about who and what angels are. Glory to God. We do have some previous teaching on angels if you want to review it on messages 30 and 34 but I’m going to take some time now to establish who evil angels are. I think the thing on messages 30 and 34 are pretty clear that the angels of God are the men in whom the Spirit of God is ruling and we even have Scriptures in the Book of Revelation, which we’ve been going through chapter by chapter and verse by verse, where it’s stated that the angels are the spiritual men in the church. I didn’t write down that message number but I did establish that when we’re at a meeting like this, hopefully Christ is manifesting in all of us. He may be teaching through me but he’s learning through you, Lord willing, and hopefully he’s also manifesting in spiritual gifts through you, through prophecy, through words of knowledge, through participation by answering questions, through singing. Hopefully the Christ in you is manifested and your Adamic mind is underfoot. There is one pastor in this meeting. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ and he’s manifesting in a many-membered company that is made up of all of us here. I am his servant.


I’m going to get into this “pastor is an illegal title.” There is only one pastor of the church. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. When He stands up in full stature in you, when there is no difference between His spiritual life and your Adamic life, when they’ve been joined together so that there’s no separation, you can call yourself pastor, brother. But if you call yourself pastor while you’re a natural man you’re taking a title that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. And if you study at the Scripture -- every time I say this to someone that doesn’t want to hear it they say, “Oh pastor is a legal title, it’s right there in the bible, and he gave them pastors and he gave them apostles and evangelists and pastors. Brethren, the pastor is the Lord Jesus Christ. You check out what Paul called the men that he set up in the local churches. He called them bishops and he called them overseers. He never called them pastor; neither did he call himself pastor. The pastor is the Lord Jesus Christ. When you become a God, when you are one with the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are everything that he is, including apostle, evangelist, and pastor in all of the other offices. Hallelujah. OK, so let’s try and get a revelation of who the evil angels are. I have some Scriptures for you, Psalms 78, just to establish that there are evil angels.


Psalms 78:49. “He cast upon them the fierceness of His anger -- this is speaking about Almighty God -- wrath, and indignation, and trouble by sending evil angels among them.”


Matthew 25:41. “Then shall He say also unto them on the left hand depart from me ye cursed and to everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”


2nd Peter 2:4. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgement,” and the intention of the Scripture is He is certainly not going to spare you carnal men that are sinning. Well, a lot of the church has laid hold of this Scripture and they’ve taught all kinds of things on it and I’m going to take this opportunity to expand on 2nd Peter 2:4 to try and impart to you about our idea of who the evil angels are and who the angels that sinned are.


OK, “For if God spared not the angels that sinned.” The word spared is Strong’s 5339, and it means to abstain or treat leniently, and what that means is that there were angels that sinned and God did not pardon them, God did not pardon them. There’s a big error in the church that teaches people that they’re pardoned. Well, we are pardoned, but, when Jesus Christ comes to us in the form of the promise, we are pardoned, but, we cannot stay in this condition. You see, if there’s a human man and he’s in jail and the governor pardons him, he just goes out and his heart is pretty much the same. Hopefully, if the governor pardons him he’s come to some form of repentance or that wouldn’t have happened, but he’s basically still a natural man.


Brethren, for God to pardon us of spiritual sin, implicit in that pardon is the fact that we much change so that we can no longer perform that sin again, and with the pardon, Almighty God gives to us the power to change. And this is not preached in the church. Well, yes you are forgiven but, brethren, I know this is a controversial word, I have it on other messages, but I’m telling you it’s the truth. If you can’t receive it at least as God to quicken it to you, whether it’s join -- now don’t make any snap judgement because this is an in-between covenant and I’m telling you this covenant with the Holy Spirit is going to pass away. If you think that you can go out and sin, whatever your sin is, and come back the next day and say, “well I confess it and it’s under the blood,” the day is coming that you’re going to lose that privilege.


This in-between covenant is coming to an end. Under the old covenant you had to take a sacrifice and bring it to the Levitical priest. This is the in-between covenant. You say Lord, I am sorry, and you place it under the blood of Jesus but everything that’s in part is passing away, not only prophecy and tongues, the in-between covenant of placing your sin under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, is passing away. We must enter into the new covenant which cleanses us from sin and gives unto us a pure conscience because, brethren, when you have a pure conscience you shall not sin and the entranceway into this new covenant is through judgement. Not judgement that burns you in hell forever, but judgment that, although it might be harsh, as we well know here, the result of it is to purge you from that which is within you which brings you to sin. Because when that day comes that the in-between covenant is no longer available, if you don’t enter in to the imparting anointing, if you don’t enter into judgment which is going to purify your conscience, when you sin and you wake up in the morning God’s going to see you and he’s going to lump you in with the heathen. It’s just the truth, brethren.


You have to move on in God. This judgment must come upon you so that you conscience can be purified, so that you can receive the power to stop sinning. Now, if there’s an area of your life in which sin has reigned over you and you have not been able to stop, please, don’t get frightened and don’t get condemned, just put this message before God and tell Him that you want the process that is going to stop you from sinning and he will do the work. We must have faith in Him because He who has started the good work in us shall not cease from it until the day of the Lord is accomplished in us. And what does that mean? The appearance of Christ. He’s going to do it. But He wants us to agree with Him our minds. He doesn’t want us to be rebelling against Him as He tries to purge our conscience. He wants us to be partners with Him. He wants us to understand what He’s doing and throw ourselves, to the best of our ability, in line with Him, to receive this purging, this cleansing fire, that’s going to give us a pure conscience before Almighty God.


So, we’re in 2nd Peter 2:4. “For if God spared not the angels that sinned he didn’t pardon them.” He didn’t pardon them. What did he do to them? “He cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved under judgment.” Now isn’t that strange? What did I just say in my last [?excerptation?]? That if you’re in this in-between covenant you must enter into judgment. You must enter into judgement so that your conscience is purified. Well, doesn’t it sound like that’s what He did these evil angels? Except that very few people get to the third thing that happened to them. He cast them down into hell, number one. Most people stop there. He delivered them into chains of darkness. They definitely stop there. And nobody seems to read that they were reserved unto judgment and we know that judgment purifies your conscience. Well is it possible the church world does not have an accurate understanding of this Scripture? Let’s find out.


To be cast down to hell. This is Strong’s 5020, and you may or may not know there are three, I believe, Greek words that are translated hell. This is the only time that this word is translated, hell. It is the Greek word Tartarus and Strong’s says that it answers to the Hebrew Gehenna. The Hebrew Gehenna, Strong’s 7585, and we are told under that number that Gehenna is the subterranean world of the dead, including its accessories, its buildings, its trees, its cars, its amusement parks, its bicycles, and all of its TVs and VCRs, and its inmates. Gehenna is a subterranean world of the dead, including its accessories and inmates. Brethren, take the scales off of your eyes. We’re living in it. This is it. The subterranean world of the dead. We are spiritual men who are living under the earth. We are spirit. We are not this body.


This body torments me. I am sick almost every day of my life and I declare to you, this body is not me. It’s a house that I live in. I am a spirit and my spiritual man is fighting valiantly to serve God to the point where he joins to me, to such a point that this body responds to the spiritual life that we are. My spiritual life has been cast down to the subterranean world. It’s inside this body and this body is dark and you can’t see through it. But something wonderful happened to me 11 years ago. The light appeared to me and He got inside of me. This dark, dense body that locks out the light. The light entered inside of me. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ and I am in the process of being delivered and if you have Christ you can say the same thing, but for all of those people out there in the world, they are in darkness. Isaiah says the darkness is outside of them and the darkness is within them. It’s in their minds and it’s in this whole world system that they live in.


Brethren, this is Gehenna. This is Tartarus. It’s the subterranean world of the dead where spirits that have been separated from Almighty God dwell under the darkness of the living soul which is ruled by the spirit known as Satan. We’re not talking about the darkness as we know it when the evening comes. We’re talking about spiritual darkness and separation from God is spiritual death. And for every body in this world that has not Christ, they are dead. The Scripture says death is the carnal mind. We are dead, but yet we have an existence, and this is a great mystery. He is the beast that received a deadly wound, yet he lives. Who is he? He is man. What was the deadly wound that he received?


He was separated from God, yet he lives, he has an existence. Why? Because God intends to take him back. God intends to heal him and to raise him back up into the realm of the heavens, the entire living soul. So he has permitted us an existence, but because of sin we were separated from God and that means that we died. And, brethren, I know I’ve preached this before, it’s a radical word, but I’m telling you the truth. Even if you have Christ in you, you’re still dead. I am still dead. I labor under a heavy anointing. I serve God under a heavy anointing. I am still dead, brethren. If someone were to shoot me or a car would to hit me this body would die, and if I were alive, if I had the fullness of the life of Christ I could not be killed, this body could not be killed, and this soul could not be killed. We’re not dead until we’re resurrected. We are being resurrected out from among the dead ones. We are in the process of being resurrected. Now, either you’re dead or you’re not. Either you’re pregnant or you’re not. You cannot be a little bit dead, and you cannot be a little bit alive. That means we’re still dead.


Now the church world doesn’t want to hear this but it’s the truth. Jesus Christ came to us with the promise in our condition of death and He is in the process of resurrecting us out from among the dead ones. We are being resurrected out from hell right now. We are in the process of it. But until we are actually resurrected we are still dead. So we are dead men but the day has dawned in our hearts. The light has appeared to us, glory to God, and the resurrection has begun. And He will not cease until he has completed this good work which he has started in us. Hallelujah.


So these angels, they were not pardoned. God did not say, “It’s all right to sin.” And as a result of their sin He cast them down to hell. He separated Himself from them. Death is the separation from God. They were separated from God. Where? Where were they joined to God? In their minds? Was not natural Israel joined to God in their minds? Did He not separate Himself from them? Are there not Scriptures where Jehovah says, “I have divorced Israel, my wife.” There are Scriptures that say that. God separates Himself from us our mind. He joins Himself to us in our mind and we are in heaven.


He separates Himself from us in our mind and we are cast down to hell. Those of us that have Christ in our mind this morning, right now, we are dwelling in the realm of the heavenlies because Christ is joined to all of us in our minds. And I’m preaching and Lord willing you’re understanding, and you are in heaven. And with regard to natural Israel and with regard to the angels that sinned, we’re going to find out who they were, God cast them down to hell. Well what does that mean? I suggest to you it means that these were men that had an intense, vital relationship with the spirit of Almighty God. They dwelt in the light of the heavenlies and because they sinned God separated Himself. Where? From their minds. And they were spiritually where? In their minds. Cast down to hell. They became carnal men and they started to dwell in the darkness and the spirit that generated the thoughts that entered into their mind became Satan instead of Almighty God.


And the spirit that motivated them to speak the words that they spoke, and to do the deeds that they did, ceased from being Almighty God and became Satan. Satan is not motivating me to preach this morning, brethren. Satan is not motivating me to hold these meetings. The Lord Jesus Christ is motivating me to do this. If he were to separate Himself from me in His mind, I don’t think any one of you would have a problem believing -- that was a very naïve statement, I was going to make that, “I would cease from holding these meetings and preaching,” that was in error because we know there are preachers all over Long Island and we all know one of them just around the corner practically from whom God has separated Himself in His mind and the man still holds meetings and the man still preaches and I declare to you he has been cast down to hell and the spirit that motivates him to do these things in Satan, or otherwise known as antichrist.


And that’s why if it were possible the very elect would be deceived because you can tell who a man is by what he does. I know, I’ve been preaching it, that you discern it by what he says, by his thoughts, his words, and his deeds, but, brethren, that judgment must be made by the Spirit of God. Yes, we discern where a man is by his thoughts and his words and his deeds but you’ve got to be able to discern what spirit is generous, thoughts, words, and deeds, because antichrist, the term antichrist means instead of Christ, and there is an antichrist spirit in the world that will preach, that will teach, that will hold meetings, that will perform lying wonders. It’s in the Scripture, healing and deliverance and prophecy, and it’s not the Spirit of God. And that’s why, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceit because he is doing all the same things. And if you are the elect, if you have the spirit of Christ but he is not operating in you, he’s not mature enough in you, for you to discern that it’s not the Spirit of God, even though he’s doing everything right and demons are coming out screaming, you shall be deceived. That’s what that means.


So, God spared not the angels that sinned but he separated Himself from them in their minds and the result of that separation was that they were cast down to hell. They became carnal men and the spirit that motivated their thoughts, words, and deeds was no longer Almighty God but was the spirit of Satan, the darkness which rules in the minds of mankind. The second thing he did to them was to deliver them unto chains of darkness. This word chain is Strong’s 4577. It is the only time it appears in the Greek New Testament. There are several Greek words translated chain. This is the only time this word appears in the Greek New Testament and it means to commit, to betray, to put in prison, you know, when you commit somebody to a mental institution? Commit. To be betray them. Now, of course this is a negative manifestation of the word but I guess somebody that’s put in jail or put into a mental institution, that they might feel betrayal. What it means is you turn somebody over to the authority of somebody. It can be delivered, put in prison, surrender, yield, or transmit. It’s turning somebody over to the authority of somebody else. And we’re dealing with the phrase, “And he delivered them into chains of darkness.” Now this word chain, Strong’s 4577.


OK, Thayer’s says this phrase, “To deliver them down into chains of darkness,” Thayer’s says it means it can be translated to darkness as it to chains. In other words, the darkness acted as chains upon the people. God separated Himself from the minds of these men that were angels of God. They were human beings in whom the Spirit of God was prevailing. The Lord separated Himself from them in their minds and he had them chained up by darkness. What does that mean? When God separated from them in their minds they became joined to the spirit of Satan. We cannot exist without being joined to a spiritual force. So when God separated Himself they became joined to or chained to or made one with Satan, who became the spiritual powerbase of their existence. Glory to God. And he delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment. The word reserved is Strong’s 5083 and it means to watch, to keep an eye upon, to guard from loss or injury, to keep in custody, to withhold for personal ends, to keep unmarried. So I’m suggesting to you that when God separated Himself from these men in their minds and caused them to be joined or chained to the spirit of Satan, why? Because if they weren’t chained or joined to the spirit of Satan they would cease to exist. We cannot appear in these bodies without a spiritual source. God joined them to Satan because if He didn’t they would have ceased to exist off the face of the earth. When our spiritual powerbase is Christ we are alive. When our spiritual powerbase is Satan we exist. God did not wipe out their existence but he caused them to be cast down to the subterranean world of the dead, which is where we are living right now. Does anybody not understand that?


And He did this. The reason that He did it was not to punish them forever with unforgiveness but to reserve them unto judgment, to watch them, to keep an eye upon them, to guard them from loss or injury. Well what does that mean? Brethren, He did not want these men wiped off the face of the earth. Why? Because He knew that the day was coming that Jesus Christ would manifest in the earth, imparting to men the power to no longer sin and that once again Almighty God would be joined to these men in their minds. Now if He permitted the human race to be wiped off the face of the earth there would be no one for Almighty God to join to in their minds, so they sinned. He did not say to them, “it’s OK, you’re pardoned, go out and do it again.” He didn’t do that. He said you sinned and I’m casting you down and joining you to an existence where Satan rules your mind, where you can be watched, where the human race can be perpetuated, where I’m not going to let the human race be wiped out. I’m going to keep you unmarried, I’m going to keep you unmarried, I’m going to keep you in custody in the custody of Satan, for the reason I’m going withhold you, for the personal end that I intend to manifest my Son, who will marry you, who will join to you in your mind, restoring you up to the heavenly realms and imparting life to you. And one of these meanings of the word reserved is to keep unmarried. And I declare to you that the Lord God will not let man, in his fallen condition, marry the Lord Jesus Christ. To marry the Lord Jesus Christ we must become virgins again. We must be purified. We must be cleansed. The Lord Jesus Christ is marrying a virgin and these are virgins that follow the lamb wither soever he goeth. He’s not marrying us in this fallen condition, brethren. We have to be cleansed and raised up and meet Him in the air in the realm of His spirit. Glory to God.


So we’re down here in the subterranean world of the dead, joined to Satan in our minds, for the specific purpose of perpetuating the human race, and for the specific purpose of being kept unmarried, unmarried to the Lord Jesus Christ, until we are cleansed and raised back up.


Alternate Translation, 2nd Peter 2:4. “Because if God did not grant leniency to the spiritual men that sinned, but thrust them out of the realm of God’s spirit down into the world which exists beneath the earth of the living soul and put them into prison by joining them to the darkness which dwells in the earth of mankind, or the mind of mankind, or the soul of mankind, even Satan, the spirit which rules in the living soul, for the purpose of preventing mankind from marrying Jesus Christ until the judgment which will restore their virginity has been completed. Brethren, if you want to know what you’re doing down here, you want to know why you’re suffering. Do you want answers, brethren? Do you want to know why God permits all this sin for all these thousands of years? Because He wants you to continue your existence, brethren. Because He knows that He’s going to raise you back up to the spiritual realm of God and it’s taking this long for Him to manifest His Son in a manner that will accomplish your resurrection. So if you’re suffering, if your life is terrible, it is not because God hates you, brethren. He loves you and even though there’s pain involved He’s keep you from total annihilation because it is His intention to join Himself to you and give you His life. So hold on, you’re not hated, you’re not punished, you’re banished to hell forever, you are being kept in a safe place, from God’s point of view. You are being kept from total annihilation. You are being kept from marrying the Lord Jesus Christ in your fallen condition because that would probably kill you. That would wipe you out totally. If the Lord Jesus Christ married you in your fallen condition you would cease to exist, you would be burnt up alive.


Before the process was completed, whereby Jesus Christ entered into the form that He is now in, whereby God can dwell in your heart. God’s not going to let you marry the spiritual life of God until the work of Jesus Christ is firmly, fitly formed in you, every nail and screw in place, so that when He appears in full stature you will not cease to exist but you will live in a new form and for whatever God’s reason, I can’t explain it to you. I just asked Him myself the other day, “Lord, why does it have to be with pain?” I don’t know. Why does it have it take this long? I don’t know, I’m not God, but this is the way He’s doing it, and His motive toward you -- brethren, you’ve got to start operating by responding to people’s motives -- His motive for keeping you in this condition, his motive toward you, His desire toward you, is to purify your conscience so that He can join with you and resurrect you out from among the dead ones. His motive toward you is not to punish you. His motive toward you is not to hate you. His motive toward you is not to torment you forever because you were bad. His motive toward you is to correct you, to cleanse you, to purify you, to teach you why so that you might be one with Him, so that you might rule and reign with Him, so that you might be Sons of God.


Now, this might be hard to hear if you’ve had a very hard life but, brethren, if you could just get a revelation of it, it’ll raise you up. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Now, Peter is saying in this verse that there were spiritual men living on the earth before the flood, that’s what he’s saying. If God spared not the angels that sinned, well, obviously he was talking about a long time ago; I don’t think anybody questions that, so he was implying that there were spiritual men living on the earth before the flood. And we know that Seth was a spiritual man. We know that Enoch walked with God and he was not. Well there was no Levitical law then, so obviously God had a relationship with mankind before the flood that was very close. Enoch walked with God and he was not


So, even before Abraham, and of course Abraham was not under the Levitical law, Abraham was under the Abrahamic covenant where he was God’s friend. How? Anybody know how Abraham had a relationship with God? On what basis? Faith. He believed God and God accounted this unto him as righteousness. You see, to have a relationship with God you have to be righteousness. Either you have to be righteous through a purified conscience, which none of us have in this hour that I know of, or you have to be righteous because God has imparted to you a cloak of righteousness and those of us in this hour have a cloak of righteousness. Who was our righteousness? Jesus is our righteousness because Jesus is in our heart even in a measure and is working to increase in our heart. God calls us righteous and we therefore have access to the throne of Almighty God. Abraham had access to the throne of Almighty God. He had a relationship with God. God called him His friend because God made him promises and Abraham believed him. He believed God and God imputed righteousness to him and now we find out that they were men that lived before the flood that God had a relationship with. Therefore, God must have imputed righteousness to them. Enoch must have had some form of righteousness for God to have a relationship with him. So I’m going to suggest to you that these angels that sinned, that they were the descendants of the line of Seth.


Let me just back up on that. If you recall, Adam and Eve had two children, Cain and Abel, and Cain, who was the evil, slew the son that had a relationship -- well Cain had a relationship with God too, if you recall. God spoke to Cain and he said, “Where’s your brother?” God had a relationship with Cain and Abel. Cain slew the brother that was obeying God and having the animal sacrifices and doing what God wanted, so there was only one offspring of Adam and Eve left and he was the evil, and there was no way God was going to bring forth Christ from the evil offspring of the living soul. So he gave Eve another seed. His name was Seth and the descendants of Seth, I suggest to you, had a relationship with God. Now, we know that God cast Cain out, after he killed Abel God cast him out, and I suggest to you that He was [AUDIO CUTS OUT] separated from God in his mind and that there was a line of human beings on the earth that did not have a personal relationship with God. I suggest to you that they were wiped out in the flood, the descendants of Cain. Seth had a relationship with God, Enoch was a descendant of Seth, and the descendants of Seth continued to have a relationship with God. They were spiritual men. They were angels. The Spirit of God was manifesting and flowing through them, Glory to God, and I suggest to you that the descendants of Seth, somewhere along the line before the flood, sinned, to the extent that God wiped out the whole line with the exception of Noah. Now, see the similarity?


There were two sons. There was Cain and Abel, one was evil and one obeyed God, and they were both offspring of Adam and Eve. There was a whole series of descendants of Seth and they were all evil but one righteous man came forth out of that line. His name was Noah. And God wiped out the whole lineage of Seth with the exception of Noah. And I suggest to you that they were the angels that sinned. Well the Scripture doesn’t say He killed them. It says He cast them down to hell. Well, brethren, out of the whole lineage of Seth one man survived. The whole human race today is descendants of Seth through Noah. He cast Cain out and he cast all of the evil descendants of Seth out but he continued with Noah, the righteous descendant of Seth, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Some of the offspring were evil and one of the offspring was righteous. This tree can produce both good and evil. Let’s go on and see what God’s going to show us here. Glory to God.


Genesis 4:26. “And to Seth, to him also, there was born a son and he called his name Enos. Then began man to call on the name of the Lord.” God had a relationship, a vital living relationship with the descendants of Seth. Glory to God. OK, now in the King James there’s a comment in the margin that says, “And men began to call themselves by the name of the Lord,” and I suggest to you that they were men of God, they were angels of God. God would not join with Cain, He cast him out. Glory to God. OK, now what was the sin of these men? What was the sin of the descendants of the line of Seth? Glory to God.


Genesis 6:1-2. “And it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair and they took them wives, of all which they chose.” And I’m suggesting to you that the spiritual men descending from the line of Seth were supposed to bring forth the image of Christ in their souls but they fornicated with their souls and produced demons, the image of Satan. They were supposed to be having a relationship with Almighty God and the words, thoughts, and deeds that came forth from them were supposed to be Christ but they stopped listening to God, the spirit of Almighty God that was in their mind, and they turned toward the whisperer, the existence that was buried in the heart of the earth, even Satan, that existence in the earth that was there to give the creation form. Almighty God said, “keep him under your feet, obey my spirit,” but Satan, from down deep under the earth, he whispered to them. And I suggest to you that the Sons of God, the spiritual line of Seth, looked upon the daughters of men, meaning the carnal manifestations of their souls, and they found them fair, and they took them wives of all that they chose. They fornicated with their carnal minds freely and without restraint and the result of it was that the image of Christ was not formed, but that the image of Satan was formed in the form of demons.


Genesis 6:4-5. “There were giants in the earth in those days and also after that, when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, when the spiritual Sons, when the Sons that had been joined to God, when they fornicated with the souls or the minds of the bodies that they were living in and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Now, if you have a King James translation, you’ll see that there are a few words that are in italics, and when you see a word in italics in the King James, it means that word is not in the original Hebrew. The word children is in italics and the word because and word were, but the word was we’re not dealing with. We’re dealing with two words that are in italics, children and became. I’m going to read you that sentence and leave those words out. When the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear to them the same mighty men, which were of old, they bore to these daughters of men something or someone that had appeared in the minds of man before. I’m going to read it again.


When the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, when the spiritual Sons fornicated with their souls, they bear to them the same mighty men which were of old. Men appeared that had appeared on the earth in antiquity. This word mighty is Strong’s 1368. It means strong, mighty, and impetuous. It means a chief, a military leader, and it’s used to describe Nimrod in Genesis 10:9. Nimrod has the history of being an evil man. And I’m suggesting to you that this word mighty, in this instance, is being used to describe mighty in an ungodly sense and I remind you, if you want to review it on message 8, we have a whole teaching where God describes the living soul as a military force that has set its own base and raised itself up against God. God was producing men from the spiritual base of Almighty God and the living soul separated itself from God, set up its own spiritual base, and started producing members of the living soul in which the mind of Satan was ruling.


And I’m suggesting to you that this is the intent of the word mighty. Mighty against God, mighty against God, and we know that when we studied the tower of Babel that God had to curse the human race with the curse of dispersion because the human race was so powerful that if God didn’t set us one against the other we would have come against God with such power that He would have had to wipe us off the face of the earth. And if He wiped us off the face off the earth there would be no souls and bodies for Christ to appear in, so he cursed us with dispersion and set us fighting against one another instead of fighting against God so that He didn’t have to wipe us off the face of the earth and that we could exist until the appropriate time when Christ appears. He has already appeared and He is appearing. He has appeared, He is appearing now, and He shall appear in the many members of the living soul that He has not touched yet. God has permitted this miserable existence, that’s why, that’s why, because He intends to have Christ appear in us despite everything that’s happened. Hallelujah.


OK and they bear to the them the same mighty men, manifestations of the living soul. They bear to them the same manifestations of the military strength of the living soul that would set its heart against God as appeared in whom? Anybody remember? Where did this appear? From the beginning of time in Cain. It appeared in Cain. He set his mind against God. God said to him, “If you do what’s right you shall be received also,” and Cain turned around and killed Abel. Instead of doing what was right, he killed his brother in whom righteousness was appearing. And when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear who, and the daughters of men, the minds of men bear to them the same mighty men, the manifestation of Cain, which were of old, men of renown. Now remember, Cain was cast out. Cain had nothing to do with God. I’d tell you he was wiped out in the flood but I really don’t know whether the line of Cain was wiped out before that or not. We only hear a little bit about the line of Cain, another generation, or two, and that’s the last we hear about it so there’s a possibility that line was wiped out before the flood, and apparently, in Genesis 6:4-5, if they were existing in the earth they had nothing to do with the line of Seth. And the Scripture says, “when the Sons of God fornicated with their carnal minds, with the souls of the natural man, the soul of their spiritual being bear to them, to who, the spiritual Sons of God, the angels, the men, that were joined to God in their mind, their own souls bear to them the same mighty men in the image of Cain, which existed before Seth was born, men of old.


The word old is 5769. It means concealed, the vanishing point. It talks about ancient time. It means ancient time, the concealed time, the hidden time, and I suggest to you it’s talking about the very beginning of time where Cain and Abel existed. We’re seeing Cain appear in the earth again and he is appearing in the minds of men that were serving God, the descendants of Seth who were joined to God in the mind in the same body, in the same soul, the spiritual life that was typified by Cain appeared in their minds. And, brethren, I declare to you that if you could have been a rotten, no-good, low-down sinner and Christ is now appearing in your mind, I suggest to you that the reverse is possible, that there was spiritual men that God described as angels that were walking with God and one day Cain appeared in their minds, same body, same soul, same name, same mother, same father, same wife, same children, but something spiritual happened in their minds. And Seth, who was a replacement of Abel, the righteous of God, became Cain. Glory to God.


This word renown is Strong’s 8034 and it means a definite and conspicuous position. It means a mark, a mark of memorial. If they were men of renown they had a mark on them. There was something on them that made you recognize them for what they were. It’s a mark of memorial or individuality and it can be used, according to [SPEAKING IN TONGUES], the lexicon that I use, it can be used to describe either honor in a man or infamy. Well what is the mark? We hear all this talk about the mark of the beast, brethren. What is the mark? It is either the mind of Christ or it is the mind of Satan that you walk with. When the Scripture says the mark is on the foreheads of men, it’s just typifying your mind, it’s on your forehead or on your hand, it’s in the way you think, and in your behavior. There are two marks that men can have, brethren. They can either think with the mind of Christ and perform the behavior that follows that thought process or they can think with the mind of Satan and perform the behavior that follows that. There’s no tattoo getting branded on your brain, brethren.


OK, what was this mark? They were mighty men of renown. What was this mark that they had? How could somebody tell -- now, they were in the same bodies, same soul, same mother, same father, same wife, and same children -- how could somebody tell that they were no longer the descendants of Seth but that they were Cain appearing again, if you will? Different body, different soul, different incarnation, Cain appeared in the earth again.


Genesis 4:14-15. “Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth and from thy face shall I be hid.” This is Cain speaking to God. “And I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth and it shall come to pass that everyone that findeth me shall slay me.” Let me read you Verse 15. “And the Lord said unto him,” unto Cain, “therefore, whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, men of renown, the Lord set a mark upon Cain. He made something happen to Cain lest anyone finding him should kill him. Well why didn’t God want him to die? Why didn’t God want him to die? Because no one has the right to take life except Almighty God and even though the line of Cain was wiped out, I declare to you that God wiped out the line of Cain, whether it be in the flood or whether they came to an end before the flood, God killed Cain. Satan, the pestilence that now became subject to, was not given permission to destroy him. Glory to God.


Cain died when he was separated from God but he still had an existence in the earth and the mark that God put on him prevented the pestilence in the earth from killing him instantly. His existence was preserved through his offspring. We know that Cain died but he had children. When it came time for Cain to die, the death was performed by Almighty God. Satan cannot wipe out this human race. He can kill individual members but so long as there is one member of the living soul alive Satan has not destroyed God’s creation. Only God can destroy what he has raised up. Hallelujah. Cain’s line ended as a result of the flood or earlier. That is to say, God killed him. God killed him and God had to put a mark on Cain that said, “Yes, he’s fallen and he’s subject to the pestilence of the earth and he can get sick and his body can die but you can’t kill him before he brings forth offspring because the ultimate end of his line can only come down through God.” Only God has the right to take life. We know that Satan is a murderer and that he succeeds at killing individual members of the living soul but he cannot destroy this entire living soul or any line that God raises up. Ultimately he cannot leave a line without offspring, without specific permission from Almighty God. And I declare to you that when you see a family line in the earth where there is heavy curses on that family line and you see that there is no offspring coming forth, where there is reprobateness and mental illness and all kinds of sexual perversion, you watch that family line, brethren. The day will come that there will be no offspring. There’ll be no offspring. Either the people will be barren or they will choose for themselves, as they are doing greatly in these days, not to have children. But I declare to you, when that family line comes to an end, Satan has not killed any family line of Almighty God. That is a curse of Almighty God.


Barrenness is a curse of Almighty God. I heard a preacher preach the other day that Satan has cursed this living soul. No, brethren, Almighty God has cursed this living soul. Don’t you give that glory to Satan. And I rebuke that lie that says that God does not curse sin. If you’re cursed, God has cursed you, brethren. And I don’t want to take too much time on this. I know that there are witches out there. I know there is witchcraft. I know there’s evil. But, brethren, the truth of the matter is for you to receive in your flesh any curse that is flung at you. There must be something in you that causes you to receive it and what causes you to receive it is the curse from God. Do you hear me? Jesus Christ walked in this realm of death. He was never sick. He was never cursed. He was never down. He was never devastated. Medical science uses a word called proclivity for you to get any disease that’s available to men. You must have, in your flesh, the proclivity, the receiver. We live in a realm of pestilence. All kinds of disease, spiritual, physical, mental, they fly around us like bees around our head but, brethren, they can only bite you if you have the proclivity and God gives you or does not give you the proclivity. There are natural examples in the earth.


Did you ever meet somebody that never gets sick? Everybody has the flu all around them. Their whole family, their neighbors, 25 people of their immediate family have the flu and they walk out in freezing, icy weather without a coat on and no hat and they’re never sick. Did you ever meet somebody or hear of somebody like that? They have no proclivity for the flu. There’s nothing in them that this disease can latch onto. It is a blessing of God on the life of that person. The same thing is true of spiritual things, brethren. If someone flings a curse at you and you get sick or your finances are destroyed, there was a proclivity in you that was placed there by Almighty God. This is a hard word. This is a hard word. So if you are victim of curses -- I can’t stay on this subject too long, I have all kinds of messages on it -- if you are the victim of curses you might have petitioned God for immediate help from the wickedness that’s coming against you but you have to look into your own heart and seek God for deliverance from the curse of God that’s upon you that makes you vulnerable and you’re probably going to have to repent of a whole bunch of sin. The proclivity that God has placed in you to receive the destruction is sin. If God has cursed you it is because there is sin, either on your life or on your family line, and even though you might not be performing that sin right now you have to seek God for whatever spiritual work must be done in your soul to remove the mark that God has placed on you that say, “hey, you, flu germ, you can get this one, it’s OK.” Do you hear me? You’ve got to get the mark taken off of your soul that says to the messengers of Satan, “it’s all right to bite this one.” God help us. Glory to God. OK, I already mentioned this to you but I just wanted to give you another witness that mankind has been killed by Almighty God, but He still lives.


Revelation 13: 3. “And I saw one of the heads of the beast as it were wounded unto death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast.” God has killed the human race, brethren, but we still exist. Why? Because He intends to join Himself to use through the Lord Jesus Christ and he has permitted all of our pain and torment and suffering that we should exist until the hour of the resurrection of the dead. Glory to God.


OK, I just want to go over one more time, Genesis 6:4-5. “And there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear to the them the same mighty men, which were of old, men of renown. They were giants. They were mighty men that were powerful in ungodly spiritual power in the earth of mankind in those days and also after that and the way it happened was that the spiritual Sons of God that were dwelling in the soul and the body that God provided for them, they fornicated with the souls or the minds of that vessel that God gave these spiritual beings to live in. And the result of that fornication was that the minds which were dwelling in that vessel, the souls, they bear forth the same mighty men which were of old, Cain appeared, men of renown. Cain appeared in the same body, in the same mind, in the same human person where the spirit of Almighty God had been reigning. Brethren, you’ve got to try the spirit on a person from day to day if not from minute to minute, particularly preachers, including me. I reviewed an old message the other day and I started to laugh when I heard myself preaching it, but it’s the truth. If you come in here and you fully believed that God has shown you I am not manifesting Christ flee for the hills. Don’t you be polluted by a wrong spirit coming forth in me. You’re not supposed to be puppets. You are Sons of God in the making. Now you better make sure it’s God.


Sometimes people get mad at me and they’re manifesting an ungodly spirit. I’m not talking about that, but the day that Christ leaves me you better get out of here real fast because there’s that guy right down the street and he’s still preaching and that building’s still standing there and all those people are in bondage reaping death. You’ve got to get an ability to discern what spirit’s manifesting in somebody and you can’t tell because of the clothes they wear or because of the bible in their hand or because they aren’t an owned-church building, you better get your ability to find out what spirit’s coming out of their mouth and if you can’t do it, don’t panic but tell God that you want it.


Your life is on the line. Your spiritual life is on the line. Do you hear what I’m saying? Same man, same face, same body, same person, same person you went to school with, same person who’s church you sat in for 5 years, same person, different spiritual life manifesting through them with no warning whatsoever other than your ability to discern the change in the spirit. And when this happened in that other church, I went from person to person, you know? Nobody knew what happened. Nobody knew the anointing lifted off the church. I spoke to one woman. She said, “I’m crying all the time, I’m depressed, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I said, “Do you know the anointing lifted off the church?” She says, “No, I didn’t know that.” God help us.


OK, the daughters of men or the souls of men, which were joined to the royal line, slated to bring forth Christ, where, in the minds of men? She bear or gave birth to the line of Cain. The military leader which was conspicuously mocked by God at the beginning of time, he incarnated again, brethren. He died. God cast him out. Cain, he incarnated again. Where?. Right in the temple of God, calling himself Almighty God. Do you hear this? God help us. I look at the condition of the church and I get all upset.


OK, the mark was a mark of infamy because if Cain had not fallen from his position of imputed righteousness he would have not needed a special sign from God to keep the soul realm from killing him before he could produce offspring. I’m reading my note here. We pretty much talked about that already. If you don’t have the curse from God in your own heart, it doesn’t matter what kind of pestilence you walk through, it won’t touch you. Brethren, there are people that are never bitten by mosquitos. My father never gets bitten by a mosquito. I was talking to another relative the other day in the house -- I had been at a lawn party -- and the mosquitos came out, it was 4 or 5 o’clock already -- so she ran in the house because she gets bit everywhere she goes. Standing in the house she was jumping up and down on her feet going “Ooh, ooh, ooh, it’s biting me, it’s biting me.” Pestilence follows you wherever you go if you have that kind of a curse upon you. And it’s true in the natural, and it’s true in the spiritual. I was at another lawn party and my mother was bitten by flies. They bit her so badly they drew blood. I didn’t get one bite. Brethren, it’s not what’s outside of you, it’s what’s inside of you. It’s what’s inside of you that’s going to kill you or keep you alive.


OK, so, this is the conclusion we’re going to draw. Angels are soul men, soul men with bodies. Angels are soul men with bodies, you and me, and what makes us either an angel of God or an evil angel is what? The spirit that we’re serving. If God is ruling and reigning in our minds, we’re angels of God, and if Satan is ruling and reigning in our minds, we are evil angels. Now let’s not get religious. We’re all in between now so if you have a bad day and you yield to say it and in your mind that does not make you an evil angel. Come on, give yourself a break. If you lie once a year that does not make you a liar. If you fall into adultery or fornication once, that does not make you a fornicator. These titles refer to habitual manifestation of the sin. Without resistance, without repentance, if you’re living for Christ in every fiber of your being and you slip, that does not make you an evil angel, OK? Glory to God.


OK, hallelujah. I also want to remind you, and this is very important -- well let me read you my note and then we’ll expand on it. Every man without the Spirit of God, we would say, “unsaved man.” The world is filled with men without the Spirit of God. That does not make them an evil angel either. I want to remind you that the law of God is in the earth. It was imparted to Adam when God spoke to him, when God was separating Himself from Adam, the spiritual law of God was impressed into the chains of mankind. I don’t care what religion you go into, unless it’s a satanistic religion. Men know that they’re not to murder and they know that they’re not to kill and they know that they’re to take care of their mothers when they get old and that they’re to take care of their wives and their children. This is the basic spiritual law of morality that exists in the earth and I don’t think anyone here’s going to do it, but I don’t want anyone hearing this message and going out and saying, “if you don’t speak in tongues you’re an evil angel,” because the earth is filled with men that are living moral lives. Christian and non-Christian men that will not hurt a fly, Buddhists that would rather die rather than they would kill you. If someone was approaching a Buddhist and threatened to kill them, the Buddhist would say, “kill me,” before they would kill they would kill that other man. And I’ve talked about this before.


All of morality is a manifestation of Christ, but it won’t get you eternal life. The only thing that’s going to get you eternal life is the indwelling Christ living in you but if you are a man and you are living a moral, ethical life please don’t call that man an evil angel because for his level of spiritual development, the way God looks at him, on that level of spiritual development, he is an angel of God. He’s a blessing to mankind. He’s a blessing to his family. He’s not an evil angel. Anybody not understand that? God help us with these Christian children. I had somebody tell me once that everybody that receives the promise, we should lock them up for at least 5 years before we let them go out and talk to anybody, scare the world half to death. Not only do they scare them half to death, they don’t even want to hear the truth, then when you come to them with a true word they say, “born-again Christian, get away from me, you nutty people, you.” They don’t even want to listen to you.


OK, I’m running out of time. I really don’t want to go to two tapes. OK, let me read you my note. “However, when it is time for these men to be judged, the men that are living a moral, ethical life but do not have Christ being formed in them, when it is time for them to be judged -- and when is the time of judgment? Anybody? Anybody want to guess? -- Amen, when Christ appears in them. When this particular man is confronted by Jesus Christ, when Jesus Christ enters into his heart and is conceived there and there is some manifestation of Jesus Christ, that is the beginning of the judgement. When these men enter into that state of maturity their morality and their ethics can no longer put them under the category of Angel of God. You see, if you’re in kindergarten you’re not expected to go out and work and support the family. When you’re 2 years old, your father wouldn’t get mad at you if you walk out of the room and don’t shut the light off. There are certain things that are expected of you in certain spiritual age groups. So this category of men that is under the protection of God because they’re living a moral, righteous life. When it comes their time for Christ to appear in them they can no longer hide behind their good works and say that they are Angels of God. When Christ appears in you, you have to start getting your conscience purged and repenting and confessing sin and if you won’t you now become an evil angel, because you now have a choice between Christ and Satan and you’re choosing the satanic way. Anybody not understand that?


We have to change as we grow. Through the 6th grade you sit in a classroom all day. You go into junior high school and you have to move from period to period. You go to a different classroom for each subject. As we grow up we must change. God requires more of us and if we try to function in the way we were functioning in the 5th grade we’re going to find ourselves having a problem. We’ve got to grow, we’ve got to change, we’ve got to find out what God wants from us in each realm that we’re in and do the best we can to achieve to it, ask Him to help us.


OK, I just want to answer a couple of potential questions here. Well then, who are the evil angels in the lake of fire? Who are the evil angels in the lake of fire? I first want to take a few minutes to talk about the lake of fire. What is a lake? A lake is a body of water that is surrounded by land. It is a body of water that is surrounded by land. I suggest to you the land is the soul, so there is water dwelling within our soul. The soul and body, brethren, but this is a lake of fire and I’m suggesting to you that there is fire dwelling within the borders of our soul and body. The lake of fire is Christ in you and the land surrounding the fire of Christ that’s in you is your own soul. So, the evil angels that are thrown into the lake of fire, they are the manifestations of your carnal mind that are being burnt by Christ as he appears in you. Glory to God.


All manifestations of Adam, or all human souls, will be brought into submission to the Christ within them or, we can say it another way, cast into the lake of fire where they will be tormented, the Scripture says, but when we study the word tormented we find out that it means they will be kept underfoot for the life of the ages. When Christ appears in you, the evil angel in you, your Adamic soul that wants you to sin, is going to be kept in check by the Christ in you so that it cannot make you sin, so that you will not have to die, so that you can live for the life of the ages.


Well, I mentioned earlier Matthew 25:41, “Then shall he say also unto them, on the left hand, depart from me ye cursed and to everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” Well, what does that mean? Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and the angels, and I’m going to suggest to you that in this hour, because of the work of the lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God is joined in mind to carnal men. There are Christians all throughout the church world that obey Satan 99 percent of the time. They cannot hear from God, they speak in tongues, they dance, they sing, they tell you that the Lord told them this and the Lord told them that, and they never hear from God. They are servants of their carnal mind despite the fact that they have perceived the promise. And I suggest to you that this Scripture that says, “Then shall He say unto them on the left hand, the left hand is judgment.” Those who are ready for judgment, those who are ready for judgment, God’s going to say to them, “Depart from Me ye cursed,” and whoever obey Satan is cursed, that’s a curse to not be able to hear the voice of the Lord and follow Satan. “Depart from Me ye cursed into everlasting fire, you souls, you minds, that obey Satan, tear yourselves from Me and enter into the Christ within you. You shall no longer follow the carnal mind. You, the spiritual Son and that man who’s obeying Satan in his own mind, it will no longer continue. I will bring forth Christ in that person without their agreement. They can’t hear Me, they can’t recognize Me, they can’t obey Me, they won’t do what I tell them, Christ is not being formed in them, I am going to bring forth Christ in you anyway and this carnal mind that’s causing you to be separate from Me, I’m going to break the relationship that I have with you and I’m going to cast you unto the everlasting fire of the Christ that I will bring forth in you against your will. Depart from Me ye cursed that obey the carnal mind, into the fire of Jesus Christ, which I have brought forth for you, that I have specifically prepared for the devil and his angels, all your manifestations of the carnal mind. I’m going to do it against your will.” Glory to God.


And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought against his angels. The word fought is Strong’s 4170 and it’s the same word as warfare, it’s the same word that says there was war in heaven. This word fought, it’s just a different form of the verb. It means warfare. It means to wage war. And they fought against the dragon. We did this in another message but I’ll repeat it for you. The dragon is Strong’s 1404. It means a fabulous kind of serpent, one who can fascinate, and is from a verb meaning to look, and we said in the last message that this dragon, it causes men to take their eyes off of God and look at him. It causes men to not hear the voice of God but to hear the voice of the serpent and, in many instances, believe that it’s the voice of God. That’s the witchcraft power of the carnal mind. Glory to God. It implies the witchcraft power, this word dragon. Well, the word fascinate, Webster says the word fascinate means to bewitch, to transfix, and behold spellbound with any resistible power, to command the interest of. And this word implies the witchcraft power of Satan and his ability to keep the eyes of men off God and to keep them looking at him.


Alternate Translation. And war raged in the minds of men. Jesus Christ, manifesting in the mind of his Sons, waged war against Satan and, Satan, in the carnal minds of men, waged war. And war raged in the minds of men. The war is in your mind, brethren. Jesus Christ manifesting in the mind of his Sons waged war against Satan, and Satan, in the carnal minds of men, waged war.


Verse 8. “And prevailed not, neither was their place found anymore in heaven.” The word prevailed is Strong’s 2480 and it means to have or exercise force. They lost their ability to exercise force, military force, and the word place, and their place was found no more, it’s Strong’s 5117, and it means a space limited by occupancy, a location.


Alternate Translation, Revelation 12:8. “And Satan lost his power over the minds of men and Christ layered over the carnal mind so that it could no longer influence the men ho were living out of Christ.” The place that they lost was their position of being able to influence the minds of men. “And Satan and his angels prevailed not.” They lost their power over the minds of men, and neither was their place their sphere of influence of the minds of men, was that not found anymore in heaven. Why? “And Satan lost his power over the minds of men.” Why? Because, “And Christ layered over the carnal mind so that it could no longer influence the men who were living out of Christ.” Brethren, you people who can’t hear the voice of Almighty God, Christ is going to be birthed in you whether you choose or whether you refuse, and when he is conceived in you, brethren, you will not listen to the voice of the serpent, you will not listen to the whisperer, and eventually you will not even hear the whisper. Brethren, I don’t care how far off you are, Jesus Christ is going to get you because this is the age, the mighty age, of His appearing and he is going to appear in every human being on the face of the earth and he who is the destroyer of the brethren, he who is the accuser of the brethren, he shall indeed be cast into the lake of fire, even Christ in you, and he shall serve Him and he shall perform the function that God has created him for, even to give form to the creation, to give you the shape of your body and the form of your soul, but the spirit ruling through you shall be Christ, Father in His Christ, and you shall be an angel of Almighty God. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Any questions today?


You mentioned that Michael was the Lord Jesus Christ, right? Yeah, Jude, chapter 9, it says, “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him but said the Lord rebuke you.” Why would he say, “the Lord rebuke you?”


OK, we have a whole message on that. OK, I’m going to answer you as briefly as I can, but I’ll get the number for you, if you want. It’s a very exciting message and what the Lord showed us in that message was that Moses, we’re told, now Moses was a servant in the house but Christ was a master of His own house. Now what this means is that Moses was a natural man in whom Christ was appearing. He was two men. He had the impudent anointing, he had Christ, and he had the satanic mind, and that book and those verses are a description of the conflict. You see, Christ, whenever he starts to appear in a man, he is commanded by God to overcome, to overcome what? The carnal mind. And those verses describe the conflict between an immature Christ. Moses was just a servant, he wasn’t Christ in full stature, and that describes the conflict between Christ and the carnal mind, and if you study it out, you’ll find out that that [sic] word --


04/23/14 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

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