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We are an incomplete creation, and are in the process of being completed. Our human spirits are formed in the likeness of God and our bodies to the likeness of Adam who is ruled by Satan. The human spirit is the female element of the creation. To be in God's image, we must be male. We are in His likeness in the human spirit.


Satan is not in the likeness of God, as he is the spirit that has pushed through our conscious mind, and has appeared in the realm of appearance. Our bodies are in the image of Satan.


The very last thing God commanded in the book of Genesis was that man should be created in his likeness, in His image, and that He should take dominion over the earth.


It is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring forth the birth, and to engrave the image of the Father on the souls of men. We are in the likeness of God, and we shall be in his image.


He said that He came to finish the work of the Father, which is the formation of the creation. He is engraving the image, and the mind of God on our souls. The process hurts, and it is painful! It may take a long time to complete; however, we will grow up to full stature, and become perfect through his appearance.




And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.


Many people misinterpret this popular Scripture to mean there will be a battle or Armageddon where God will kill so many people that the blood will be over five feet high in the streets.


The real meaning of this Scripture is describes the process which will allow the mind of Christ to overflow everything ungodly in us.


·        The winepress refers to the grapes. Wine refers to the Spirit of God, and the grape typifies the Adamic soul.

·        The grapes were trodden, means that they are being crushed.

·        The city refers to the New Jerusalem, or the soul of Christ.  The Old Jerusalem is the Adamic soul.

·        The bridle of the horse typifies the soul.


We are described as horses, or beings that have been brought into submission to Christ. The wine of the Father that is in Jesus Christ came pouring and flooding over into the winepress. The blood will pour out, and overflow the Adamic soul.


After the glorification process is complete, we have reason to believe that we shall live indefinitely, that our souls and bodies may not ever die. We shall spend thousands of years on this earth, ministering the Age of the Kingdom to billions of people.


The Church age will be ministered by the Bride Company. The Bride Company will be operating for at least a season after the sons of God manifest. They will reach out to people who are heathens, or that know nothing about Jesus. They will baptize the people with the Holy Spirit, and teach them about His work on the cross to fertilize them, so they may gain the knowledge of the cross to be brought forth to Christ.


I remind you in the book of Acts. One of the apostles went into a town, and they asked, Have you received the baptism with the Holy Spirit? They replied, No. We have just received the baptism of John. Baptism had been available for quite a few years, yet they had never even heard of it, so they could not receive it.


There will be people across the world that will have not ever heard of the sons of God; however, they will have an opportunity to experience the Church Age before it will come to its end. It will take thousands of years before every human being on the face of the earth is touched, as God moves slowly in comparison to our realm of time.


It has now been two thousand years since the apostles manifested in full stature. The fruit of their ministry has been very great. The Ministry of the Apostles really was the Ministry of the Church Age. This ministry brought forth the Bride Company which introduced heathen people to the word of God and to Christ in preparation for the marriage.


Now, there are millions of people across the earths which are eligible to be fertilized. We must include the main line denomination in this: the Lutherans, the Calvinists, and Methodists. They call themselves Christians, know the Lord, read the Bible, and have faith in the God. Then, there are people across the earths that do not call themselves Christians; however, they are eligible because they were born with the root of Christ.


The next stage has already begun. The sons of God are on the earth now and are manifesting. Very few people recognize who we are and take our word seriously because we are still in human form with feelings and weaknesses.


Many people will recognize the Spirit of God on you if you have a blessing or a prophecy for them; however, if you have a rebuke or a warning, then they will not.


There have been very few people in my life that have taken heed of the warning from me. There are two people which I could name that recognized it was the Lord. When we stand up in full stature people, and the judgments fall, then they will recognize us for what we are, and take heed of the warning.


We must listen to everything that people says to us. It could be a heathen, or someone on the street, it does not matter. We must ask if it is God. I am very careful about judging what people say to me. I do the best I can to try the spirit.


There is one other person besides myself who I know that God is using to execute judgments. At least two or three times, God has used this person to bring a warning to someone. If he is moving this way through you, then please let me know.


The person that I have in mind, brought a warning to a woman. The woman called herself a Christian. Her husband did very well financially. She had a substantial amount of money. God had really blessed her husband's business. She had a niece, who was a young woman, and was accused of a terrible crime.


The woman was told the case against her niece was not a strong one, and that her niece would not be convicted of the crime against her. None of the family members would retain an attorney for the fifteen year old girl, and instead accepted the defense of the public defender. Amazingly, their information was correct, and the girl was acquitted!


Who would take a chance like that? The person who ministered the Word to her told the woman that she cannot do things like this; however, she would not receive the correction.


Her husband's business had been making money for years, and is now doing very poorly. There is also trouble with her children, and to this day, the woman does not relate the problems to the fact that a warning was given to her by a manifesting son of God, and she did not take heed.


I have been praying about a problem that I have been experiencing for months. The Lord sent someone to me a week or two ago who spoke to me about rejection, and I said, Oh no, this is not rejection. I am not suffering from rejection. Oh no! I am fine.


They came to me, and they said it to me again. This time, I said to myself, You know, maybe I better check this out. Maybe it is the Lord speaking to me.


I humbled myself, and I put it before the Lord. It turned out that it was God speaking through this person telling me that my problem is rejection.


I must confess that I did not receive the word the first time; however, God was merciful, and sent her back to me a second time.


I thank him for sending her in the first place, and back the second time. I thank him for the Word.


Words of knowledge do not just come on the floor of the Church. Sometimes they come in an everyday conversation. Our ears have to be open to the Word of the Lord continuously.


Now, I have a full revelation that my problem is rejection, and I am actively repenting and asking God for deliverance.


I am very excited because when God moves like this in our lives, it means that he wants to deliver you. He would not tell you what the problem is, and then not deliver you. If you want the deliverance you must do it His way by going through the procedure a step at a time.


Have you ever tried to pray for somebody that wants to control their own deliverance? It has happened to me several times. The Spirit of God dried up, and I simply could not pray for them. It happened right in this ministry. I just could not pray for the person.


She wanted to direct me in my prayers towards her, and was upset because she wanted relief from the symptoms; however, she did not want the ministry that Jesus had for her.


I was so bound up from that Jezebel spirit that I had to say, If there is anyone else here that is anointed to pray for you, then go ahead because I have nothing for you, nothing at all.


When Jesus stands up in full stature his soul will flood over our soul right up to the horse bridles, and right up to the souls of men. He will overflow it, and will step on our Adamic soul. It will come under foot. We will be purged from all sin in our mind. This is the deliverance of our soul, and the salvation of our soul.


We will still walk around in Satan's body, in his image until we enter into the time period when God starts glorifying bodies. It may be the hour for the salvation of our soul, but not necessarily the time for the adoption of our body. There is a time and season for everything.


Once we receive the salvation of our soul, then our body will stay alive until we enter into the age where our bodies are glorified. I believe that Paul and John were caught up to full stature, but died because their body gave out.


I do not know how John died, but I do know that Paul was crucified. God took him. He did not let him live for these two thousand years to see this hour.


Once our minds and souls are saved it should be enough spiritual strength to keep our body alive. We do not know whether or not God will permit it, or whether he will require us to give up this life at some point.


There is the possibility that God will say, I am calling you home. He took Paul home.


Paul said that he was a man out of season. In other words, where he was spiritually, was not yet the season for it. 


It was not yet the season for salvation of the soul, yet Paul was caught up so high that when a snake bit his hand it did not kill him.


Paul was in a very high ream of the spirit. There is a great possibility that his soul was saved, but more than likely it was not yet the season for the full salvation of the soul.


When Christ appears, and we appear with him, we do not really know whether this will be the season to just continue to live until God glorifies our body, or whether we have to give up this body. Maybe it will not be the season, and God will let us be born out of season. It could happen either way. Glory to God! Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!


And the blood came up to the horse bridles, and it covered over the soul of Adam. Come quickly Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!


It is amazing what the carnal mind of man does to these Scriptures. Hallelujah!


I believe there are thousands of believers out there whose hearts are hungry, and I had a dream about it. It was years ago before God put me in the ministry.


At the beginning of the dream, I could see a big apartment complex. There was a woman that went to the same Church as I. This was a deliverance Church. The woman was in the dream, washing her clothes, and hanging out laundry to dry. I walked passed her, down the street, to a movie theater.


I remind you that Paul says that this life is an amphitheater where the realm of appearance or spiritual life is being played out.


I went into the movie theater, and walked up to the loge.  I ascended, as the orchestra was on the ground floor. The loge was about halfway to the balcony.


The usher in the loge was a woman whom had authority in the Church which I mentioned earlier. She was dressed in a uniform.


I believe the loge typified the deliverance Church. Although it is not the Sons of God Ministry, we do have authority and power in deliverance Churches. I offered her the word of the gospel of the kingdom, and she rejected me.


All of the people in the loge area rejected me. In the dream I was typified by Christ. I came with the Gospel of the Kingdom.


There was a man that I know to be a great sinner. I went to his house, and knocked on his door. He said to me, I am so glad you are here. We thought that you would never come. I went into his house. His wife and children sat down at the table set with plates, forks and knives. They were ready to eat.


The Lord told me that the Church was going to reject the Gospel of the Kingdom, and that it would go to the people who cannot accept the Church as it is today. They cannot deal with self righteousness and the Phariseeism that is in the Church today. However, they will accept the Gospel of the Kingdom when it comes to them.


I had another dream where I was sitting in the back of the Church, and was speaking to people who I knew. They kept turning around, hissing at me, and telling me to shut up and be quiet. The Church does not want this message! That was the Word of the Lord to me. In the next stage, we will wait for him to take it to the world where they will receive it! Glory to God! It is a glorious message! Thank you, Jesus!


When I came to the Lord, all that I wanted was teaching. I knew nothing about the Church world at all. I did not know where to go, or how to get it. I did not know anything about the denominations, but the Lord was very faithful.


The first Church that He sent me to was an Assembly of God Church. I was desperate with spiritual problems, and He wanted me baptized with the Holy Spirit.


I did not know one church from another, and from of all of the Churches in the neighborhood He said to me, This is the Church that you shall go to. So, I walked in.


Inside there was a full manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and no one even laid hands on me! I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


I stayed there for less than a year, and left because the Church's Bible study was just not clicking with me. There was false doctrine in the Church. I really wanted to learn, and I was going faithfully, but I knew it just was not right. He sent me to another Church where I received good teaching. He is faithful!


All of my life, I wanted to understand the Bible, and just know what it meant. I did not know that they taught in the Churches!


When I was ten years old, I wanted a Bible so badly that I convinced my father to buy me a Bible. When I read it I could not understand it, and was so disappointed that I cried. I wanted God that badly.


Now, all of these years later, He put the Bible in my heart! Glory to God!


The first teaching I heard was in Patchogue, in the Church of God. The pastor was preaching about the rapture, and the book of Revelation. I said, This is the Scripture that supports the rapture! The teaching never took root in me, and therefore, I knew it was not right. From the day that the Lord called me, he was operating in me so powerfully that no false doctrine has ever clung to me.


We had preachers come into the Church who were preaching the Doctrine of America, the Promise Land. They taught that America is the new Israel.


About a year later, I spoke to a woman in the Church. I had a lot of respect for her. She said, Did you not receive the doctrine? Let me pray for you.


I said, If you pray, and ask if it is the truth, then I will let you pray for me.


The teaching could not cleave to me. I do not believe it is to be a true doctrine. The feeling is all over me that they came in with the spirit of a powerful witchcraft.


I have heard it preached that He will sit on the throne of England, and the Queen of England will have to turn her throne over to him! The throne is our heart. He will come as a Spirit into the hearts of many men.


Jesus is spirit. The nations that he is coming into are the men and women. He is coming into our hearts and minds. He is not coming in as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a single man, to sit on a throne!


I went to a Church for while where they were teaching that Jesus is not the only begotten son of God because now we are begotten, and there are many begotten sons of God. That is not true! There is only one begotten son of God, and his name is the Lord Jesus Christ!


We are the next generation, and His offspring. He is living in his offspring. He is a Spirit now.


He will become our mind, and whereas He manifested in one man, now He will manifest in the minds of billions of human beings. When He becomes your mind, you will become a part of him.


We will not have a mind separate from the mind of Christ that will make you a second begotten son of God!


There is only one begotten son of God, who is now a Spirit. By his Spirit he is appearing in many, as a many membered soul.


Pride will just destroy you. Believers from this ministry left, and went off into a lot of false doctrine. They are dropping like flies.


They go around preaching that they are waiting for enabling or how to make all of these promises happen to us.


They were saying, When you believe it, then it will happen. When you think it, then it will happen. No, brethren! When he is born in you it will happen, and if you think that you are already born again, then you are mistaken!


Christ in you is the hope of glory. You are in the process of being born again, if you are pregnant with the new birth which is Christ in full stature, at which point your soul shall be saved. You shall not sin in your mind, and you shall be delivered from every physical and mental illness. You shall have no financial problems! No problems at all! You shall walk on the water! These are the signs that you have been born again! Amen!


When a woman in the natural ream has a baby, the baby must pierce through into the realm of appearance by piercing through from the womb, through the flesh of the cervix, into this realm of appearance.


Similarly, when Christ is born again, He must pierce through the Adamic soul, and appear in our conscious minds, and eventually in our bodies. He will appear in this ream of appearance just like a natural baby. It is then, that our souls will be saved as He will be seen in our words, thoughts, deeds and in behavior.


I do not know anybody that is 100% Christ because in this hour He has not born yet. You cannot be born again until Christ appears in you. He is currently in utero, and hopefully, if you are reading this message, then you are pregnant.


1 Peter 1:9


Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.


Paul talks about the salvation of your body. He calls it the adoption. The adoption does not refer only to your body, but refers to God claiming all of you, even the most outer part of you, which is your body.


The salvation will come in stages. When Christ appears in you, then your spirit and soul is saved. When he appears in your body, then all of you will be adopted including the most outermost realm. It is then, that you are born again as a totally new creature from the most innermost parts of your being to the most outer parts. Glory to God! It is exciting! I cannot wait! Hallelujah!


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