Snake In The Playground

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 10:47 AM

Hello Pastor Vitale,

My dream:

It was late in the night, with very bright moon light.

[Pastor Vitale:] the moon reflects the light of the sun. in this context, Christ in the individual reflects the light of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is the sun and Christ in the individual is the moon

Pretty much I was able to see the ground with that moonlight on.

[Pastor Vitale:] the ground signifies the personality/soul. The light of Christ is illuminating your personality/soul

Me, my brother and my dad went to a neighbour's house, which is near that playground.

[Pastor Vitale:] Scripturally, "playground" signifies "war games," ie, spiritual warfare

I guess, those neighbours were having a party. So, everyone was drinking, singing...etc.

[Pastor Vitale:] this is the carnal church, which does not initially comprehend the warfare

After a while, they started praying. I saw my brother knelt down and joined the prayer.

[Pastor Vitale:] this is the prayer of the Holy Spirit, female anointing. The male Christ prays without ceasing: on the way to work, in the shower, etc.

I really wasn't interested.. I really didn't care Sheila.. So, I said to my brother, "I am returning back home".

[Pastor Vitale:] home to the spiritual realm of God.

The prayer of the Holy Spirit arises out of the carnal mind influenced by the Holy Spirit, but the prayer of Christ arises out of the Christ Mind, the spiritual realm of God.

So, I was going home alone.

[Pastor Vitale:] Serving Christ (rather than the Holy Spirit) is a solitary walk

As I came to that play ground,

[Pastor Vitale:] you approached the warfare out of Christ

I suddenly saw a thin and moderately long black snake crawling towards me. I knew it was chasing me...

[Pastor Vitale:] you understood the warfare with a mature understanding, ie, that the Serpent is, indeed, chasing everyone who serves the Lord.

So, I walked the middle of the ground..

[Pastor Vitale:] you did not turn to the left or the right, but stayed in the middle, which is Christ, ie, your dream does not say whether you were afraid or not, but, in any event, you stayed in Christ. Fear usually causes us to fall out of Christ. Fear that manifests aggressively would be going towards the left side, and fear that manifests as denial would be going towards the right side.

and right somewhere there I found a pair of scissors on the ground.

[Pastor Vitale:] because you stayed in Christ, you found a weapon within yourself (the ground of your personality), and that weapon is Christ

I took the scissors, and cut the snake into pieces.

[Pastor Vitale:] there is a snake within all humans. Jesus called it our" immortal worm." That snake is 2-sided

At the end of the snake's tail I saw this cap like covering... [kinda like.. like a covering a snail has on its top, its shell]

[Pastor Vitale:] . One side has the potential for good, and the other side acts like a cover over that side to hinder it. Interestingly, sometimes this "covering side" is called "a shell."

I removed the covering or the cap..

[Pastor Vitale:] you removed "the veil" from your spiritual potential

and saw this little liquid flow out of it...

[Pastor Vitale:] your spiritual potential for Adam to regenerate within you escaped from his captor (the shell)

That's it...this was the end of my dream!!

[Pastor Vitale:] Congratulations! You escaped from the hindering shell. That is why you can recognize the Lord's hand in the Doctrine of Christ

Sincerely in Christ,
Sheila R. Vitale,
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries

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