Dead Twin

Subject: Death Of Twin Sister Dream

Date: 8/16/1999

From: xxx


I told you one time, that I have a twin sister,

PASTOR SHEILA: Everyone who has Christ is a twin. You are the Old Man and the New Man.

and I was the first one born.

PASTOR SHEILA: Cain is the first born, but Jehovah gave the rights of the first to Abel.

I had a dream last night that she died Friday. When I heard the news that she died, it change me forever.

PASTOR SHEILA: When Cain dies, our life changes forever, because we enter into righteousness.

I recall, myself saying, I'm a man now,

PASTOR SHEILA: Abel grows up into Christ Jesus and when Christ Jesus rules in our life we become a spiritual man.

and I need no women in my life.

PASTOR SHEILA: You don't need the spiritual authority of the fiery serpent any longer. Christ Jesus is your new subconscious mind.

A woman can hurt you.

PASTOR SHEILA: It is dangerous to pursue spiritual ascension through the woman's timeline.

Some of my fellow employee's friends wanted to know, why was I working, after hearing the news of her death.

PASTOR SHEILA: Why do we continue to labor after Christ Jesus ascends in us? Because the ascended Christ Jesus must bring our whole personality into the higher centers.

I told them that she's dead, and I must continue on with my life.

PASTOR SHEILA: We continue one with our life as Christ Jesus raises our consciousness little by little.

There was no funeral. I found myself walking through a local mall, and many females passed in front of me.

PASTOR SHEILA: A mall is where you buy and sell. This is the spiritual aspect of our world, where the female element seeks continuously to bring the male element down to her level.

I said, no more female in my life, I'm a male I need no woman to bring me down

PASTOR SHEILA: You refuse to commit adultery but the fiery serpent, Leviathan, and Satan. You a strong enough in Christ Jesus to have all of your needs met without them.

This has to do with relationships. You'll no longer relate to other people on the female level, and you will no longer permit the other party in a relationship bring you down to spiritual womanhood.

End of dream.

God Bless


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