The Following Message Has Been Transcribed And Edited For Clarity, Continuity Of Thought, And Punctuation By The LEM Transcribing & Editing Team.


COMMENT: I saw two men in the air facing each other. They both had on white garments. A black rope was circling them. One of the men shot up into the air and the rope closed in on the other man, very quickly and tied him up.

PASTOR VITALE: One man shot up higher in the air than he already was?

COMMENT: Yes. Because he knew that the rope was going to...I guess he knew that the rope was going to come in.
PASTOR VITALE: He shot up higher to avoid, to avoid being bound.


PASTOR VITALE: What did you say after that? What did the rope do?

COMMENT: The rope closed in on the other man very quickly and tied him up. The rope pulled him downward. The man that shot up began saying "I am God."

PASTOR VITALE: Hold it just one second. The rope closed on the other man quickly, and the rope pulled him down.

COMMENT: Yes. Downward.

PASTOR VITALE: Pulled him down. The man that ascended said "I am God."

COMMENT: I am a god.

PASTOR VITALE: I am a god.

COMMENT: "Now I am as God. I sit on the throne of your heart."

PASTOR VITALE: Wow. I sit on the throne of your heart.

COMMENT: The planet earth appeared.

PASTOR VITALE: The planet earth appeared.

COMMENT: The man in the air took it in his hands and crushed it to powder.
The powder or dust fell down from his hands, it covered the man that was tied up. He lay there as if dead.

PASTOR VITALE: One moment, I need a new piece of paper here. The man who was tied up lay there as if dead.

COMMENT: A grave now appeared. Like he was put in a grave, buried in a grave.

PASTOR VITALE: Buried in grave.

COMMENT: Purple flowers with five petals appeared, along with roses and white lilies growing among golden wheat.

PASTOR VITALE: Growing among golden wheat.

COMMENT: A golden light with glitter in it began to shine forth from the grave.
The man in the grave shot out of the grave with a golden form to where the man in the white garment was.
PASTOR VITALE: When you say a golden form you mean his body became golden?


PASTOR VITALE: Golden form towards the man in the sky?

COMMENT: Yes. Instantly the white garment was blown away.

PASTOR VITALE: Of the man who just came out of the grave?

COMMENT: No, the man in the sky had a white garment on. It was instantly blown away.

PASTOR VITALE: Was that positive or negative? That it was blown away.

COMMENT: Well, it revealed his true nature, because a black figure was unmasked.

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, he was a phony.


PASTOR VITALE: Revealing black garment.

COMMENT: It was a figure of a man just as the golden figure of a man it was not clothes, it was just his form.

PASTOR VITALE: Revealing a black form.

COMMENT: Then the two figures appeared to be male, began to fight. The golden figure cut off the head of the black figure. The black figure fell to the ground, and all that was left was its skeleton.

PASTOR VITALE: To the ground, only skeleton left?

COMMENT: The black blood poured out of the form and formed a stream of black water.

PASTOR VITALE: The black blood poured out from the form, and it turned into black water? Is that what you are saying?

COMMENT: Streams, it started that way. It poured out, it was like it formed a stream.

PASTOR VITALE: Forming a stream of black water.

COMMENT: The water turned, changing into murky water. Like stagnant murky water. Cattails, water lilies and lily pads had grown.

PASTOR VITALE: Cattails, water lilies, what else?

COMMENT: Lily pads.

COMMENT: Frogs and mosquitoes where in the pond also.

PASTOR VITALE: Well, that does not sound too good, frogs and mosquitoes in the pond.

COMMENT: The golden figure, still in the air, sent down fire into the pond setting it on fire and burning it up. All that was left was the seed.


COMMENT: Yes. A vine started to grow forth from the seed. It grew high in the sky and penetrated a rain cloud.

PASTOR VITALE: High in the sky and penetrated a rain cloud.

COMMENT: It then began to rain. The skeleton remains of the black figure came up out of its grave, and they made ready to war.

PASTOR VITALE: Wow, again.

COMMENT: Yes. It had a sword in its hands. Some how its bones got broken up and turned into powder. Yellow flowers again growing, lots of them. A tiller came and tilled it under.

PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry, what was that last thing?

COMMENT: A tiller.


COMMENT: A tiller came and tilled it under... the flowers under.

PASTOR VITALE: Turned the yellow flowers into the soil? Is that what you mean?

COMMENT: Nothing was left with the ground tilled under, and straw was sticking out of the tilled soil to decompose, to nourish the ground.

PASTOR VITALE: Like mulch, right?

COMMENT: What came to me was how farmers prepare the soil for the next season. They have the straw sticking up in the land or to let it rest for the seven years to replenish the nutrients, to grow good crops.


COMMENT: That is what came to me.

PASTOR VITALE: It is seven years the ground has to lie sour. This is an interesting one. Let us see what the Lord has to say.

Two men in the air, facing each other. Well, the air typifies the realm of the spirit, and the two men we know are the fallen adam and Christ.

We see the war of the ages raging right now. The two spiritual men fighting for dominion over God's creation and what does that mean? They are fighting over the authority or manifest, a visible creation and live through it. We are the prize, man is the prize.

Then there appeared a black rope. A rope and this man...oh okay, the black rope, I am not quite sure whey this rope would be black, but the fact that the one man shot up higher to avoid being bound, says to me that the rope was trying to bind the two of them together.

Now the reason the creation does and is dead is because the original atom of the creation, which had a positive and a negative charge, which when tied together, caused the charge of the negative to be positive. Those two poles if you separated the positive and the negative charge separated out from under the authority of the positive charge and set it up.

The Scripture says, "set up its own base." That is the Scriptural term. The separated creation cannot survive. Even Jesus said to Satan, well I guess He was not just saying it to Satan. It is a spiritual truth, "A house divided cannot stand."

The two poles, positive and negative, must be bound together, and when they are bound together, the positive pole will rule. The only time the negative pole has power is when it is put from under the unified creation. I do not know at this point why the rope appears to be black, but I do believe that this symbol is indicating Christ's attempt and intention to recapture the negative pole of the creation, whose name is Satan and bind her to Him so that the creation can once again become positive.

Another way to say that is, the creation can be raised from the dead and, therefore, will be under the rulership of Christ. Maybe before the end of this tape the Lord will tell me why the rope is black. I am just going to pass on with that now.

One man shot up higher than.... now both men were in white garments.


PASTOR VITALE: They were both appearing holy, or righteous. We know that the Scripture speaks about angels of light. Obviously from everything than you said, this one man was positive, and one man was negative even though they both appeared to be positive. That also can be indicated to the fact that to the carnal mind, this creation appears to be alive. You need a spiritual understanding of the concept of death to understand that we are dead.

The problem that most people have in believing that this is hell, the world that we live in is hell, is that they do not understand that we are dead. They think that we die when our body dies. When we become spiritual, we see the spiritual understanding that separation from God is spiritual death, that we have died spiritually. That is why after a season our body dies. Once you get that understanding, it is easy to comprehend this is the hell. This is the existence under the ground. That man fell down too.

It is hard for carnal people to see. Since fallen adam thinks he is righteous, righteous by his own religious self-works, he is portrayed in a white robe.

The two men appeared to be righteous...oh, I know why the rope is black. I will bet you the rope is black because fallen adam sees the binding together of the two poles of the creation as an evil work. To him, to the carnal mind of man, it is in fact an evil work, because Satan and his carnal mind will die to this existence. It is the death of death.

Let me say that again. The binding together of the positive and negative elements of the creation, which is the bringing of the negative elements back under the authority of Christ, will sound the death knell of this world as we know it.

COMMENT: That sounds right, because the Lord was showing me that the rope was black. It was black, and then it would be gold, and then it would be black. Do you know what I am saying? It was like that.

PASTOR VITALE: There was gold underneath the black. Black and gold?

COMMENT: No, the rope in the vision was black, but then like as a flash it would be gold, but then it would appear black. I am saying, okay what color is this? It is black.

PASTOR VITALE: It is really gold indicating the deity of Christ, but fallen man sees it as an evil thing. Fallen man sees the joining together or the binding together of this world and this existence as we know it with Christ, as death, because he does not have the revelation of the resurrection of the dead mind of Christ in him.

Even the people that hear this message, when Christ comes to destroy their carnal mind, they just have a big problem with it. That problem as I see it, it is in the fact... well they hear this intellectual message, but emotionally speaking most people in this hour, most Christians in this hour have very little identity in Christ, if any at all. Most Christians do not have any identity in Christ.

They read the Bible, and they will go to church, but if you put them together in a fellowship it is very rare that their meeting or that their fellowship would be speaking about the Scriptures. It is always...their whole life is carnal. When you come to a man like this, and you start taking away from has nothing to do with their intellect. Emotionally, it registers that there is going to be nothing left of them. I have actually had people say this to me in a burst of emotion. People that have been receiving this kind of judgment in this ministry.

In a burst of emotion, they have said to me, "If you do not leave...there is not going to be nothing left, I am just going to die." Then you tell them, "Well, that is true but then Christ is going to appear in you and they hear it, but their emotions do not understand it. Therefore, their automatic reaction is panic. The man sees this binding together as a very negative event, and the whole creation is running from it.

Nobody...I personally believe that the Scripture bears out that no man will come to this willingly. Usually you have to see some kind of traumatic event in your life that has caused you to run into Christ and say to Him, "You are so much better than me, that whatever my life has been to date, I choose you and I trust you to bring me through." That is what it takes, because to the carnal mind, this death of this carnal life is terrifying. It is a lack of knowledge of the unknown.

Of course, all this preaching about burning in hell forever could scare anybody, but even if you do not believe that, just not knowing what is going to happen to you, not knowing what your life is going to be like, not knowing how you are going to get food, how are you going to get shelter, how are your emotional needs going to get met, is very traumatic to the typical human being.

They see the work of God as evil. I have been saying for years that the whole Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ with all the judgments that appear in it, that just about every Christian or most Christians will tell you this is the wicked judgment of God, and the demons, locusts, and men are going to be tormented. All the symbols in the Book of the Revelation are all the works of the sons of God upon the carnal minds of men.

The end result of these works is that Christ will be raised from the dead and save their lives, but the carnal minds of men see it as a wicked tormenting act. I have had people come to me with dreams, they are terrified, and when we analyze the dream we see that it is Christ coming to kill their carnal mind.

The bottom line is that fallen man identifies with his carnal mind. It is that Christ is coming to kill you. He is coming to kill me, but we have another life. Who can comprehend that emotionally? I really feel sorry for people that when this judgment starts and they cannot comprehend it.

Of course, I went through it too. I did not have much understanding in the beginning and you just survive it, but once your personality as Christ develops, once you become a person who could actually spend an evening of fellowship, where the primary conversation is Scripture, you know, we could talk for hours about Scriptures, once that is established in you, that is the establishment of your Christ personality.

You know that if everything else is stripped of you, you will always have that. You know that, God forbid, you are locked up in jail or, God forbid, a bomb hits and there is nothing, I know I have the Lord, and He will always be with me. I know I will always have intellectual stimulation with Him.

If my Bible gets burnt up, if there is not another human being alive that I could talk to about the Scripture. I know I could talk to the Lord about it, because I have face-to-face conversations with Him. This kind of knowledge gives you some peace as you see Him literally stripping your life away from you.

The average person that starts with this, it is terrifying to them. "I am going to be alone. Who am I going to talk to?"

Let us go on, I will go on for hours like this. That is the black rope.

COMMENT: Praise God.

PASTOR VITALE: It is really gold, but man sees it as darkness. One man shoots up higher to avoid being bound. This of course is fallen adam. How do I know that? Christ is not avoiding being bound. Fallen adam is the one trying to get away. What I find very interesting is that He did not go down, he shot up higher.

Is that not interesting? The rope closed on the other man quickly and pulled that man down and that seems to be inconsistent. It pulled the man down. The only thing that comes to me at this time is that this binding is taking place here. Well, it is taking place in carnal men that are not in full stature, and we know that a lot of the workers of witchcraft have a higher spiritual authority.

The Scripture clearly states that the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light. The only thing that is coming to me right now is the elements of the creation, who have some spiritual authority in Satan, are escaping the reaching out of the Lord Jesus Christ to them by ascending to a place in the spirit which is higher than the Sons of God at this time.

I could see that because the Lord has been directing us to some of these workers of witchcraft down in local Port Jefferson here. I know my prayer is "Lord I do not want to tangle with them until I am ready to. They are probably stronger than I am unless you specifically send me in and go with me, unless my big brother who has already overcome the world goes with me. I am now the son, Christ Jesus, who is not in full stature. I do not think I am up to a battle with a high level witch. I think I would be defeated."

That is my opinion, so therefore this is the only thing that comes to my mind. I see fallen adam ascending up higher than the Sons of God in this hour, because I know Jesus Christ through this two-witness company. Let me just put this on the tape.

The two-witness company is the company of believers in who Christ is being formed, who have some authority to reproduce the life of Christ in other men, but are not yet perfect themselves. These believers are called members of the two-witness company. They are very human, and when they enter into full stature, their name changes to the Sons of God.

The rope then would be the members of the two-witness company, Christ in imperfect men, and that also might be another reason the rope came up black, because the gold of Christ is still intertwined with the darkness of the humanity of the two-witness company. I think I will take the second explanation.

Christ in this hour is under the darkness of humanity of the imperfect members of the two-witness company. Yet, nevertheless, Christ is reaching out to bind up Satan and the carnal mind, both in the individual members of the two-witness company and also reaching out to bring others into this conversion process. Satan in many people, in this hour, has the power to escape that rope. I know there are a lot of people that the Lord has sent to this ministry, and they just would not stay. They would not stay for the correction and the Lord lets them loose.

I know that the day is coming that everyone that the Lord calls will be forced into submission. Right now whatever His criteria is, I do not know, but a lot of people He lets them go. I think it is because of the authority. There are basically two people here right now that have the authority to judge sins and that is XXXX and I. Our authority is limited, because we are not in full stature, and some people He brings back and others He just lets go.

I would say the man who ascended up above the rope typifies the company of human beings that the Lord is trying to comprehend in this hour, but who, because of their own witchcraft power, and we know all of humanity has witchcraft power, the witchcraft power that is resident in their humanity, in this hour. They are escaping the rope which is typifying the two-witness company, which is reaching to bind them to the kingdom.

We know that Jesus said that, "Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven." We have a lot of Christians today misinterpreting that Scripture. They are going around binding demons and loosing the gifts of God, but a deep study of that Scripture indicates what the Lord was really saying is that everyone that you minister the life of Christ, everyone that you minister...let me start all over again.

Everyone, if you are a Son of God, and you are a member of the two-witness company because the Lord has appointed you, everyone that you pray to be bound to the kingdom, and how do you bind someone to the kingdom? Christ must begin to come forth in them.

Everyone that you are ministering the life of Christ to, that is how you bind them to the kingdom. Everyone you have put your life's blood into to minister to them, the Lord is going to do it in the realm of the spirit. If you suffer long with somebody, if you lay down your life for somebody, if you put yourself out to teach, and to preach, and to help them and to counsel them, that is binding them to the kingdom on earth.

The Lord is going to move in the heavenlies by seeing to it that the seed of Christ is implanted and that Christ is formed in them. That is what that Scripture means. It has nothing to do with binding demons. It has to do with binding people to the kingdom. They have it backwards.

COMMENT: What about the second part? The loosing?

PASTOR VITALE: The loosing, I am trying to remember, "and everything that you loose shall be loosed." Well, that which is being loosed is the human spirit. She is being loosed from the bondage of Satan and the carnal mind. Everyone, every captive you set free shall be freed, and everyone who is spirit you bind to the kingdom shall be bound to the kingdom. The human spirit has to be set free from the carnal mind before she can be joined to Christ.

We are binding and loosing, actually we are loosing and binding. We are loosing the human spirit from the grips of Satan. The second witness to that is that we will set the captive free. Then the binding to the kingdom is that spirit which is set free to Christ that is the true binding and loosing.

COMMENT: Inaudible.

PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord. Something we really have to learn. I have a strong feeling. You know, I was tormented actually on and off for the last six weeks, but these last few days have been horrendous, and we spoke yesterday so you know that. I have a revelation that all of this breaking of curses and rebuking demons and all that stuff, it is just a temporary help. It is like putting a band-aid on a wound, that the deliverance from torment and every other problem of harassing spirits is not in defeating the spirits. The answer is the ascending in Christ to a place where all this wickedness cannot hurt us.

It is like taking an inoculation in our physical bodies, and after I got off the phone with you yesterday I was so high in the spirit, Christ apparently rose up very high to give you that teaching. I was so high in the spirit that when I got off the telephone, I was singing and when I called you I was in torment. What was it? Two hours later.


PASTOR VITALE: I just know I had risen above the whole mess, and it was now under my feet.

COMMENT: Praise God.

PASTOR VITALE: That is the answer. I do not want anyone listening to this tape misunderstanding me. You do have to break curses and rebuke the devil as long as we are down here in the same place. When we are both down here in hell, we have to fight the devil, but when you are in Heaven, you do not have to fight him. The answer is to ascend into Heaven.

The problem is that we do not have any power to ascend into Heaven. God has to do that for us. He has to catch us up, and it has been my experience every time that the way He does it, is that He will give me an opportunity to minister and then as I respond to His call, I have a choice and all of us have a choice. You can say, "Well I am not going to minister," or "I am not going to do this," I am just going to lick my wounds. I am really hurting down here, and we will stay in hell, but when the Lord opens the door for ministry, and you arise into it even though you are hurting, what happens is that Christ arises, and you come out right from under the problem.

When Jesus says, "Put others ahead of you and forgive others," all of this counsel that He gives us, it sounds like He is favoring the other party, but it is really not true. It is a set of spiritual laws. This life of selflessness or this selflessness is a spiritual way of life that will help you or help us to abide in Heaven, if we can only understand that, and I have that revelation. When I am really afflicted, what I have to do is get into a study, and when I go into a deep study I come right out of it.

I was so afflicted that I could not seem to do it, because it would take me two hours in front of the computer to go deep enough to escape the torment I was in. It was much easier for me to flow with that teaching. God really had mercy on me and brought me out of it.

Let us go on. The rope closed on the man and quickly pulled him down. Well, the Christ in the two-witness company closed on the company of men in the earth in this hour that are responding enough to Him or laying down their life enough to be bound by Christ. The rope pulled him down. I would say the rope pulled down their carnal mind. I would have to say that it would be the only sense that it would make to me. Of course, the way up is down. Everyone that is moving on in Christ knows that the way up is down.

You have to give up your carnal ways, you have to lay down your life, and sometimes you have to suffer loss waiting for the Lord to restore.

At this time that is how I see being pulled down. We are pulled down frequently. It does not have to be that way, but frequently those of us that are apprehended have to be pulled down in our natural life. Frequently, we have to give something up as the Lord turns the direction of our life. That is how I see the "being pulled down." It is in the natural.

The next thing is the man who ascended said, "I am a god," which is the truth. We know that Satan is a god, and that the Lord Jesus Christ is The God, which is the greatest of all the Gods. "Now I am as God," I believe it is in Isaiah 14, if I am not mistaken, that Lucifer said, "I shall ascend above the stars of Heaven. I shall be as God. I sit on the throne of your heart." That is true.

Satan, through the carnal mind, is sitting on the throne of man's heart in this hour. That is what we see in the Book of Revelation 20. The Scripture saying, "I saw the souls of those...," I cannot quote it exactly, ...who were given over to Christ." I saw the souls beheaded, because the carnal mind is currently sitting on the throne of our hearts.

She is the sitting queen. That is why most of the time when we have a reaction, except for those of us who are moving in Christ, our automatic reaction is the carnal mind, because she is the sitting queen and possession is nine tenths of the law. Therefore, if we desire the wisdom of Christ, or the instruction, or direction of Christ, it is necessary not to take an automatic reaction but pray through, and let Himself be heard and ask Him to be our mind.

He has to come in. The Lord Jesus Christ has to come in and wound the carnal mind so that we can hear Him, because the carnal mind makes a lot of noise and tries to block the Lord Jesus Christ out.

We see here Satan speaking the truth. "I am a god. I am as God." Well, he certainly is the prince of the power of the air. He is as the god of this world and "I sit on the throne of your heart." That is true. Then you saw the planet earth appear and the man in the air, which we have now identified as Satan, took his hand and crushed it to powder. Dust fell down and covered the man who was tied up.

We see Satan crushing...well, the planet earth typifies the cosmos. Every individual human being its own spiritual cosmos. Of course, Satan posses all of the kingdom of this world, and I believe that is what the symbol "the planet earth" means. Now, why would he crush it to powder?

I know what that means. Satan is executing the judgment of God. Satan is God's servant, he is the prince of the power of the air. He executes spiritual justice in this world. He is the mediator of....I do not know if mediator is the right word, but he is the Lord's henchman, who executes God's judgment, and this entire world is under the wrath of God.

We have all been turned over to the judgment of death, therefore Satan has the authority to bring sickness and torment, and physical death and mental diseases upon the people under his command. Therefore, I would say the "crushing to powder" is speaking about Satan's authority to remove people from this world. If, in fact, when this body dies it eventually returns to dust, so at least at this point in this interpretation, that is how I see that.

Satan exercises his authority and demonstrates his ability to crush this world to powder or individuals to powder to take their life from the earth. The dust fell down and covered the man who was tied up. Dust fell down and covered the man who was tied up, and that man who was tied up, he laid as if he were dead?


PASTOR VITALE: That is an interesting symbol. It sounds like it could be symbolizing the multiple incarnations of Christ. Now let me make this clear. I do not believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation speaks about the recycling of the soul, but the Scripture says the soul that sins dies, and I believe that every human being that passes out of this world has a body that dies and a soul that dies. It is just the spirit that returns unto the Father.

That spirit is recycled, and the spirit in fallen man is the Christ. It is the skeleton of the Christ which died at the time of the fall. The spirit which is in fallen man is a dead spirit, and it is the skeleton of the Christ which died at the time of the fall that is life to the creation, died, His spirit died. God made a man and the Scripture says, "He was good," and that man fell or that man died spiritually. The essence of the man that God made was spirit.

Our true essence is spirit. What happened when we died is that our spirit died, and we began to live out of the flesh. We began to enter into an existence as a beast. That is how God sees us. We are, in fact, the beast of Revelation. We are spiritless men, because our spirit is dead.

It is the spirit, the dead spirit which is the dead Christ. The dead spirit is the skeleton of the Christ which died, which goes back to the Father, when the human being who is abiding in a bestial existence, died. Did I make that clear?

COMMENT: It was not the last, the bestial, whatever?

PASTOR VITALE: The human spirit, which is the skeleton of the dead Christ in, I do not remember exactly what I said, in mankind. Mankind is now living in a bestial existence and the only thing that survives when our body passes out of this world is the skeleton of Christ,

which, even though it is dead and it is a skeleton, the Father wants it back, because it is spirit, it is made out of the life of the Father, and He takes it back. It is that spirit which is in man that is continuously being recycled through many births and deaths in this world system. The births and deaths are of this physical body and of the soul, and we keep reproducing, reproducing, reproducing. When the individual dies, the body returns to the dust and the soul, which is spiritual, returns to the original lump of spiritual clay from which the original creation was made.

We are told in the Book of Jeremiah that the potter has the authority to mar the clay and reform it. That is speaking about the soul. It is the spirit, the dead spirit of man, which is the skeleton of the Christ which died, which is continuously recycling through the earth as the Father reforms the souls and the bodies that He dwells in.

COMMENT: Oh, that is how they get reincarnation.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Reincarnation is a provision of a spiritual truth, and then they say reincarnation teaches that the soul is recycled until it gets it right. Intimately associated with reincarnation is the doctrine of Karma, which is that which you sow, you reap. You are going to have endless lives and deaths until you learn to be righteous.

I believe that is a lie, and what I believe the truth is, is that the skeleton of the dead Christ, which is known as the spirit of man in the fallen creation, will continue to cycle through this age through many births and deaths, until such time as the Father raises that skeleton of the dead Christ from the dead.

We see this event in the Book of Ezekiel. It is called the Valley of Dry Bones by some people. The Father says to the prophet, "Prophesy unto these bones, old bones live again." The skeleton of the dead Christ could never raise Himself from the dead. He will be dead, and He will endlessly cycle through the earth of this world system until the Father raises Him from the dead.

There is no question of working His way out of here in any manner, shape, or form. The power of the Father raises Him, or He will not be raised. That is the bottom line. That is a radical difference between reincarnation, and I call it multiple incarnations in Christ Jesus.

It is Christ who is cycling through the earth, not the clay, it is the spirit. It sounds to me your symbols in this vision seem to be going along those lines. Let me read them again.

The man in the air, which we have established as Satan, took in his hand that which he has authority over and crushed it to powder, the human bodies of man. Satan has authority to kill souls, because that soul is already dead. We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. I perceive this crushing to powder as the death of the body and the soul. Then that fell down and covered the man that was tied up and lay as if he were dead. The man who was tied up laying as if he were dead is the dead Christ. This dust that was crushed and covered over, I perceive it to be multiple incarnations in Christ. Did I make that clear?


PASTOR VITALE: This other man was laying as if dead and buried in a grave. Now that is a Scriptural symbol, to be buried in a grave. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were walking sepulchers, and that underneath or inside of them they were just dead men's bones.

Now the Greek word translated "grave" in the New Testament means "sepulcher." It is not speaking about a grave that is dug into the ground. It is speaking about, I think the word is mausoleum, a building that they build on top of the ground. That is what that Greek word means.

The Lord was saying to the Pharisees, "You are exhibiting above the ground of the physical earth and if you have spiritual eyes, you can see it. I see it," that they are mausoleums, they are extensions above the physical earth, except that they are of a high spiritual order. They walk around.

Buried inside of them is the skeleton of the dead Christ, and Jesus called them dead men's bones. The bones of Christ inside of them, but He is still dead.

When Jesus said that to the Pharisees, He was really insulting them and rebuking them and telling them, "Look you have the power of God, you have the Word of God, you have the power of God in your life, but dead man's bones have not been raised from the dead in you. What have you done with the power of God?"

The whole purpose of the power of God is that Christ in you should be raised from the dead and what have you done with it? That is what He was saying to them. The same indictment in this hour is going to the spirit filled church. "You had the Holy Ghost, what have you done with it? How many of you have had your human spirits raised, how many of you have a human spirit which has begun to be raised from the dead? Are you out there looking for your Cadillac's? Looking for all your goodies. Are you looking for the Holy Spirit to give you the good things of this world?"

Even if you are petitioning the Lord to heal your body or to cast out a demon by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Lord will do it for you, but that is a byproduct of the Lord's purpose in giving you the Holy Spirit. This is a radical thing I am saying to you.

The sole purpose in the Father giving us the Holy Spirit is that the bones or the skeleton of His dead Son should be raised from the dead. If in accomplishing that, He heals our body, if along the way He casts out a demon, if along the way we are barren and we want to have a baby, He lets us get pregnant or any other gift He gives us, well praise God for it.

It is just a byproduct. The Lord has one specific purpose, and the Lord indicted Israel, severely indicted Israel. He said, "I gave you the word of God, I gave you the power of God." What He was saying to them is that, "Christ was not raised from the dead in you. You are my wife, Israel, I have given you the ability to reproduce or to bring forth my Son in you. You have a spiritual fertility, Israel, you are the female egg, and I am the male seed. My seed has been flowing over you for all these years, but you have not conceived my son. You have menstruated."

"You did not conceive." That is what the Lord is saying, and He said it to Israel as an indictment. He said, "Not only have you not conceived my Son, which would be your legitimate righteousness, but you have made yourself righteous in your own eyes, based on your own ability to read these Scriptures, and your ritual acts of fasting and washings and whatever else you do." He said, "Your righteousness is as menstruation. It is a false righteousness, because the only righteousness would be in the conception of the Son."

In the New Testament, we are also. "She... "she" speaking about the wife of God or the soul that God created, ...shall be saved in child bearing."

Our only righteousness is in the Son and Israel refused...I am sorry, not refused, she failed to bring froth the Son. The skeleton of the dead Christ in the members of Israel was not raised from the dead. Therefore, every work of righteousness she endeavored to achieve was nothing but menstruous rags. It was worthless, and that every man that ever was born into Israel, of course with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ, died.

God's purpose of His ministry to humanity is to raise His Son, the skeleton of Christ, from the dead. The proof that Christ has been raised from the dead in any man is that, that man cannot die, unless he agrees to it. We know Jesus of Nazareth agreed to it.

We have all kinds of people saying, "I am a god. I am a son. I am a manifested son," but they still die, and that means they are liars. That is very shocking to a lot of people, that God's major purpose in everything He has done for humanity, is to raise His Son from the dead. Everything else is on the side, a byproduct.

Do you know, when this country started doing a lot of research because they wanted to put a spaceship into...I guess into outer space, there were many inventions that are now on the market as a byproduct of all the research that was done for space travel. All the electronics today, I think much of them, if not all of them, grew out of the research that was done for space travel.

Laser surgery and laser lamps grew out of all of the research for space travel. They were all byproducts. Now these inventions have done much good and blessed our society, but they are all byproducts of the major initial thrust of the research, so the Lord wants His son raised from the dead.

The dust falling down on the man who is buried in the grave. We are the walking graves, graves on a high spiritual level. Of course, we see many carnal Christians portraying this event as a grave dug in the ground being split open when Jesus returns, natural skeletons and flesh coming back on them. It is really just fantasy. We are the graves, we are the walking grave. We are made out of earth. The skeleton in the grave is not a human skeleton, but the spiritual skeleton of the Lord's Son.

Wow, that is awesome. Is that not powerful? That is really powerful. Then you say purple flowers with five petals appear with roses and white lilies, they appeared upon the grave and also golden wheat appeared on the graves. Purple is the color of royalty, I think it may also be the color of the priesthood, if I am not mistaken. Purple appears in the priesthood. I could be mistaken about that.

Flowers typifying the Holy Spirit. The number five typifies ministry. I do not know the significance of the roses and the white lilies. Well, we know Jesus is the lily of the valley. White is the color that typifies righteousness. What this says to me is that the life of Christ is beginning to come forth in the grave.

I hear a question, I do not know weather it is you, or it is just that the Lord wants me to put this on the tape. How can I say the flower typifies the Holy Spirit? Is that your question?

COMMENT: I do not think so.

PASTOR VITALE: It must be the Lord. Let me put it on the tape then. We know that this creation is a plant. Jesus has told us that He is the true vine, that we are the planting of the Lord. We are a spiritual plant growing in the spiritual earth of the soul. Jesus is the vine, and the spiritual life in man is the... let me put it this way. Christ, in the form of the spiritual life of man, also known as Christ Jesus is coming forth in the individual. As our natural example of natural plant life, before the fruit can come forth, the flower must come forth.

If you have every gardened at all, you know if you lose your flowers, there is no fruit. The Lord has told me, I do not know that I have any more proof for you other than the logic of this, that the Holy spirit is the flower which is coming forth from the vine. It only lives for a season, and then it dries up and it passes away. If that flower produces fruit, the fruit abides and becomes nourishment. Actually, you can even say the fruit abides forever.

You could look at it this way with our natural example. That is, you take the tomatoes off of the plant and eat it. It becomes part of your human flesh. It continues to live in another form, but the flower is beautiful for a season and then dries up and disappears.

Only the flowers that produce the fruit abide forever, and this is a radical teaching. There are many individuals in whom the flower will abide, but that flower will not produce fruit. Either that flower will fall away or some flowers just do not produce fruit, or the fruit does not come to full term.

All of these things are happening in the individual members of humanity. Some people get upset if they hear me or someone preaching along these lines saying, "Well, Christ could abort or Christ may not come to full term." They say, "How could you say that about God?" Well I can say it, because I know Christ is going to appear in His people, in His full strength, but He is not going to appear in every individual person. The individual that He does not appear in will live out their life and pass from this world system.

As new people are born into the world, eventually we will have a population of human beings in whom Christ is appearing, in every individual one of them. It is likened to survival of the fittest in the animal world. It is just the truth, Christ can be aborted in an individual. He can fail to come forth in an individual, but He cannot be aborted, and He cannot fail to come forth in this humanity.

In the overall humanity, He most certainly will appear and fulfill every one of His promises which He has made to the spiritual creation. His promises, unless you have a specific personal prophesy from the Lord, the promises which are in the Scripture are to the spiritual creation. They are not to every individual human being who appears in a malformed form on the earth. That is a hard word, it is a mature word, but it is the truth. Did I make that clear?


PASTOR VITALE: I see these flowers with five petals, the Holy Spirit with a ministry that come out of the Holy Spirit appearing in the grave, and the golden wheat appears. The wheat is the fruit, and this is golden wheat so it says to me, it is the fruit of Christ coming forth in the dead, walking graves, which we are. Then, I have a golden light with glitter shone forth from the grave. We see a progression here. We see the dead Christ, you see Him buried in the grave. We see royal flowers, purple flowers, flowers coming forth from the true vine. The ministry of Christ.

I do not know what the roses and the white lilies mean actually, and then we see the fruit of the wheat...the golden wheat, which is the fruit of Christ coming forth. Then a light with glitter shines forth from the grave. What that says to me is the two stages of the maturity of Christ. The grave, the golden wheat is the fruit of Christ which is not yet in full stature and the golden... oh maybe not. Okay, I think the Lord just corrected me. The golden wheat is the fruit of Christ, which is the mind of Christ, or the person of Christ in the consciousness of man.

The golden light is the spirit of Christ, which is the Father, which dwells in His Christ. That is speaking about the conscious and the unconscious mind of Christ as He appears in man. Did you have a question?

COMMENT: Yes, this came to mind. The rose, when it said the rose and the white lily growing among the golden wheat. The Scripture, Jesus saying the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley, could it be that the roses... could that be a sweet smelling savor?

PASTOR VITALE: It could be. I do not see why not, but the question is what is the sweet smelling savor because that is just another symbol. As you spoke, I think the Lord said to me that this is speaking about the two generations of Christ.

COMMENT: Oh, okay.

PASTOR VITALE: The roses and the lilies, you are absolutely correct, speaks about the Lord Jesus Christ, and the golden wheat is the second generation of Christ coming forth.

The golden light is the spirit of Christ who has the ability to vibrate out beyond the Christ, which is living within the man.

COMMENT: I can see that, according to what you said about the explanation of the flower and the fruit.

PASTOR VITALE: We see here the Holy Spirit with it's ministry. We see the first generation of Christ, then the second generation of Christ, then the spirit of Christ. Some have a full progression of the Godhead here. That is interesting. Then we see the man who was buried, shoot out of the grave with a golden form, towards the man in the sky.

The man shot out of the grave, well I see that as the resurrection of the dead. His form was golden, it was the deity of Christ. That is just another witness that this is Christ rising from the dead. He rose towards the man in the sky. He went forward to challenge the prince of the power of the air, to expose him for what he was. Instantly, the white garment was blown away, revealing a black form.

We see an angel of light being exposed as Satan in his carnal mind. The two figures both appeared to be men, they began to fight. Well, for those of us who have been studying here, we know Satan is female, but that he has been appearing in a male role. In fact, in his role as the prince of the power of the air, he is male to this fallen creation but is female in relationship to God.

We see the two men fighting with one another. Satan is certainly fighting as a man, the battle is over us. The battle is over God's creation. Who is going to be the mind of this creation, whose life will be expressed through us, Christ or Satan? Through this carnal mind, I see this as the battle for humanity. I see the first symbols that we dealt with as the resurrection of the first fruits company.

The first fruits company will then emerge with Satan in a battle for the balance of humanity or as the Scripture puts it, "for the balance of the kingdoms of this world." Each human being, each individual human being is a kingdom. The two figures appeared to be male and began to fight. The golden figure cut off the head of the black figure. Again, a very Scriptural symbol.

I mentioned it earlier, our souls must be beheaded. Satan, the carnal minds who are joined to the human spirit. The Scripture called her a female queen in the Book of Revelation, who is the Harlot of Revelation who is sitting on many waters, possessing the whole humanity. She must be cut off, so Christ can be the legal authority and king of this creation.

The black figure then fell to the ground, and I cannot read my handwriting. The black figure fell to the ground only.

COMMENT: All that was left, the skeleton.

PASTOR VITALE: Only a skeleton was left. We see the death of death, we see the death of Satan and his carnal mind. There is a significance of only a skeleton being left. That says to me that the carnal mind has died, because the carnal mind is Satan's flesh. Just as Christ died, Christ was the flesh of the Father. If you can hear it.

The black figure would be the carnal mind with Satan as the spirit of the carnal mind. Just as we have Christ with the spirit of Christ, which is the Father. See, where ever the Son is the Father is present in spirit form. Based on that knowledge, I say that the black figure falling to the ground with only a skeleton remaining, that says to me the death of the carnal mind. The skeleton being Satan in the weakened position. He fell to the ground, so he lost his authority in the realm of the spirit, he died. This is the death of death or the second death as the Scripture says.

Black blood poured out from the form that is the skeleton right?

COMMENT: From the black figure, from when the head was cut off.

PASTOR VITALE: Did this happen before the black figure fell to the ground and only the skeleton was left?


PASTOR VITALE: Black blood poured out from the form, forming a stream of black water. Water in the Scripture is a type of the soul realm, of spiritual life in the soul realm. Of course, there is living water in the Scripture. Jesus said, "I shall give you living waters." Although, I cannot think of black water being in the Scripture, not to my knowledge. To me this would be the other side of the living water. It would be the water or the spiritual authority in the soul realm that causes death.

I think that would be born out by the next few things that you said. Water changed into murky water with cattails, water lilies, lily pads growing out of it. What that says to me is that the spiritual realm of the soul, the soulish realm where Satan was the prince of the power of the air over, became stagnant and died.

We see here now there has to be two, it has to be talking about two things. The soul realm became stagnant and died. Then the black figure became a skeleton. That has to be speaking about the death of the carnal mind and the death of Satan. It has to be on two levels. I am going to revise what I said a few minutes ago.

The black stream turning into black water, changing in to murky water with all these other water lilies, cattails, water pads growing out of it, frogs and mosquitoes in the pond, this is speaking about the death of Satan's soul realm. The black figure falling to the ground with only a skeleton left is speaking of the death of Satan as he exists now.

We have a lot of Christians all confused when they hear my teachings. I had one man point to the Bible and say to me, "Well, the Bible says he is going to be destroyed, what are you talking about?" If you study the Scripture, honestly ask God to show it to you, you will see that the Scripture is talking about the death of this existence.

We die to what we are. I know that I have died several times in this lifetime. I used to be a housewife and a mother. I was into cooking, baking, sewing and doing all these domestic activities. I completely died to that life. Now I am a son of God, my life is high in the spirit. I do, to be honest with you, as little domestic chores as possible. Not because there is something wrong with that, or I do not want to do it, nor am I saying it is low in prestige.

It is nothing like that at all. I am in such a radically different world, that sometimes it is even distressing to me to have to come down out of the spirit to do worldly things. I hope I made that clear.

I am not against being a housewife at all. It is a Godly life style. It is a beautiful thing when God calls you to it and when you are in it. I have completely died to it and if at some time, I had it here for a year, the Lord sent somebody to do all that kind of stuff for me. I did not do anything like that at all. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. I just have some help, I do not have total help. If ever He should send me that kind of total help again, I would be willing to give up all domestic activity.

My primary life is in the spirit. I have died to that. I have certainly died to being a mother. I died to many things I used to be. When the Scripture says that Satan dies, he is dying to the existence that he now has. He is dying to the existence that he is the prince of the power of the air. He is dying to the existence where he has the authority to speak and live through human beings. He is going to become a servant of the Christ. His function is going to completely change.

He is going from an existence where he is male to an existence where he is a female. You might even say if you were looking for a natural type of an example, I just gave you one whereas I am now a spiritual man, whereas if God would reverse me back to being a domestic woman, that is what is happening to Satan. He went from being a spiritual man, back to being a carnal woman. The way the Scripture describes that is to say that Satan is destroyed or he is dying. The truth is that he is dying to his existing life style. He is not dying. Did I make that clear?


PASTOR VITALE: Black figure falling to the ground and only a skeleton remaining describes the death of Satan. The black blood, the Scripture says that the life of the flesh is in the blood. The power, the spiritual authority to exist in this world is found in our human blood. If you puncture yourself, blood pours out and you die. The authority to cause the soul and the body to exist in this world is in the blood.

We see black blood typifying Satan's power to incarnate human vessels and sustain them in a form of existence in this world. That is the black blood pouring out. It turns from blood, it turns from that which that sustains life into water, spiritual authority, but that which no longer sustains life. It becomes stagnant and murky. Also the fact that it goes from a stream, running water into stagnant murky water says to me that he has lost his authority to incarnate and sustain life in this existence.

It is now a dead pond, which is now home to only frogs, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes being pestilence and frog typifying cold blooded animals. We see Satan no longer has the ability to sustain warm blooded mammalian life.

The next symbol, golden figure, still is in the air, sent down fire upon the pond. The Lord is not satisfied with the fact that He has destroyed Satan's ability to incarnate and sustain life on this level.

On top of that we see Christ is sending down fire and burning up even of that which remains. This I suggest to you is the casting of the Devil and Satan into the Lake of Fire. Actually, this is the casting of Satan, the Devil and the false prophet into the fire. I say the false prophet because of the next symbol says only a seed is left.

Now let me remind you who Satan and the Devil are. Satan and the Devil are Satan and the carnal mind held captive in the carnal mind. Satan is living in his carnal mind, is the dead human spirit of man. We call her Eve. She is God's female seed, who has the potential to bring forth spiritual life, and the spiritual life which is born to God's creation, known as Adam or man, is the mind of that creation.

Eve was stolen by Satan. She was trapped into adultery, she bore his offspring, which is the female carnal mind. Eve for all of these thousands of years has been trapped in a white slave type bondage by Satan and the carnal mind. It is the fire of Christ burning up the carnal mind which will free the human spirit. Peter speaks about it, he says that the elements shall burn and shall come down with a crash. That is what Peter is speaking about. Isaiah speaks about this also. He says if it were not that the Lord left us a tenth, we would have surely have been destroyed.

We see out of all this destruction, all of this fighting, all of this battle, all to save God's wife. In particular, the reproductive parts of God's wife. Why? Because the soul is God's wife. What the human spirit, the breath of life that the Father breathed into the creation at the beginning of time, is what the Lord wants back. He wants to join Himself with her. He wants her to bear His son, which is Christ.

We see the seed which is left that is the freed up spirit of man. I am trying to read my next symbol. Does that say a vine started to grow?


PASTOR VITALE: A vine started to grow from where?

COMMENT: From the seed.

PASTOR VITALE: From the seed. That is right in line to what we are saying. The Father joined with the spirit of man. Jesus said, "I am the true vine." You see Christ coming forth out of her. The vine grew high in the sky and penetrated around the rain cloud, clouds typifying the soul realm. We know Jesus said that He is coming in the clouds, which means Jesus who is now a spirit, He is one with the Father, He is going to appear again in many souls, many souls.

We also read in the Prophets about the Nimbus, which is a large dark rain cloud so filled with water that there is lightening and thunder associated with it. It is very dark. That typifies the Father in His condition getting ready to rain on humanity. We hear about the latter rain and the former rain. The latter rain, I believe that was which was poured out in the form of the Holy Ghost. I am sorry that is the former rain. The latter rain is the spiritual authority of Christ, which is about to come pouring out on the Sons of God, which Christ is appearing in full stature. That is the outpouring which will save all of humanity.

The former rain, the Holy Ghost, does not have the authority to save all of humanity. We see many human beings stumbling over the fact that the spirit of the Father in the form of the Holy Spirit has been in the earth for two thousand years. Men are still wicked and still unconverted. The church is just as wicked and just as corrupt. We see many people devastated, disappointed, hurt, losing their faith because they do not understand that, that was the former rain.

The Lord only had a specific goal to come forth as a result of the former rain. People were blessed along the way, but as far as the Father was concerned, that former rain was sent to raise up the first fruits company.

Whatever we got along the way was as they might say in the world, "found money." If the whole world did not get saved that is okay, because no one is saved anyway. We are just reconciled unto God. When the result of the former rain is accomplished, and the first fruits company stands up with unlimited power in Christ flowing through them, the latter rain or this rain cloud, they are going to pour out of this rain cloud, which describes the Sons of God in the soul realm. They are about to pour out of their spirit upon all of humanity. This will be the gathering together and the rescue of the entire creation with their consent or without their consent.

Most of them will not consent except the possibility someone who has heard this message and whose life has been so terrible that they are convinced that their only hope is to submit to this, but that is not the natural man consenting to it. That is a man who has been devastated, who has turned to God. I am talking about the typical carnal man. Nobody is going to agree to this as far as I can see.

We see the vine growing out from the seed, Christ coming forth from the liberated spirit, grew high into the sky. That would be the Lord Jesus Christ being crucified and raised up from the dead, ascending up and penetrated the rain cloud, unless that is the second generation of Christ. I am not sure. That might be the second generation of Christ.

I would say that is the second generation of Christ coming forth. It began to rain, that is the latter rain. The skeleton, that is the ministry of the Sons of God. The skeletal remains of the black figure came up out of the grave ready to make war again.

Now this says to me that the first battle was for the first fruits company, and now we see the skeleton coming up again. This is the battle with the rest of humanity. Witnessing to what I just said, no man in his left mind is going to agree to this cleansing. If he is in his right mind, he will agree to it. In his Christ mind, he will agree, but no human being in his left mind, no fallen human being, is going to agree to Christ taking his kingdom. The carnal mind or Satan in his carnal mind will raise up in every man and fight Christ to the death.

The black figure has a sword in his hand. Through many studies, I have come to believe that the weapon.... let me back up a little. The skeletal remains of the black figure were speaking about Satan, comes out of the grave ready to make war. The sword of a spirit is the mind that he brings forth. We see here that the sword typifying the carnal mind, Satan manifesting through the carnal minds of humanity, is once again waging war against the first fruits company in full stature.

Something was broken up, I cannot read my handwriting. Bones were broken up and turned into powder. The bones of Satan not only being broken up, but being ground unto powder. This is the point where he dies to everything he was in this world. He is changed into another form. If you take bones and you break them or if you take bones and chop them, they are still bones. When you ground them to powder, you have completely changed their form.

Yellow flowers began to grow, Now yellow is a good color, it is the color of the sun. We see that Satan is this wild raging madman who is making war, who is making war against Christ. After he is ground to powder, his form is completely changed. He starts to produce yellow flowers, he starts to produce something positive, because the form he has been changed into is a form that is under the authority of Christ.

The negative pole of the creation has been bound up to the positive pole. They are now functioning as one, with the positive pole ruling. The negative pole is producing a positive colored flower.

Then a tiller came forward, turned the flowers under in the field. The ground was turned under, there was straw sticking out of it. The field is lying fallow. We talked about this before, that it seems to be symbolizing the fulfillment of the Levitical law, which says, "Let the field rest so that it can produce fruit after it is restored."

What that says to me, the cyclical quality of this world that we live in, just going through the cycle, but now the cycle is not negative. The cycle is positive, a new age. I see this lying fallow as a period of time in which the creation is going to be placed back in order. It is not going to happen over night, that all of these trillions of human beings on the face of the earth are not going to be turned into Christ over night. It is going to take time.

Then, of course... oh maybe that is what that means. After every human being... Oh well, I really do not know the sequence this will happen. I better not say it that way. Eventually, we must see the physical earth turned back to Eden.

I think this fallow field is saying that the world, the physical world will remain in this physical condition with some changes for a season. Then after that season is over, we are going to see the physical world changed into an incorruptible condition we call Eden. Hallelujah.

COMMENT: Wow I was really fighting with my mind on that last part.


COMMENT: Yes, because it did not make any sense. The Lord said, "just relax" and guess what?

PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. Oh that was beautiful.

COMMENT: I said alright Lord.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is how I see it, and we actually got this on tape too.

COMMENT: Praise God.

PASTOR VITALE: Finally, we got this thing working. Glory to God. That was really lovely. I find these visions.... this was a vision?


PASTOR VITALE: When your first started telling me about them, my reaction was, "Well, they are really beautiful, but they all seem pretty much to be the story of the fall and the resurrection. Why is the Lord giving you the story over and over again." He told me what the answer is. It is just an excellent teaching tool. As He gives you these symbols, it seems... I am having trouble finding the words...Lord please help me say this. It is just a tremendous opportunity for Him to bring forth His teaching on the resurrection of mankind.

It is just a simplistic way that it flows naturally as I explain the symbols of the vision. It is much lighter than going through the grievous studies of the word-by-word and saying, "Well, I looked this up in the Greek. This is what it means. I looked that up in the Greek." Everybody can not bear that, but He establishes these visions in such a pattern that it just brings forth the teaching in a simple conversational tone. A lot of people are going to be blessed by it.

Assuming the sound it alright on this tape, I will defiantly make this available as a tape, one of the tapes that the ministry dispenses for people who want to hear it.

COMMENT: That blessed me when we started talking about the yellow flowers. I said, "Now Lord, this does not make any sense to me." I was trying to understand it as we were going along. It was like the Lord was narrating what was happening. I said, "This does not make any sense to me, no this must be my own mind. I must be going off here." He said, "No, just relax, just listen and watch." I said, "alright."

PASTOR VITALE: Praise God. It seems to me back on a second glance here that the yellow flowers coming forth indicate that there will be something positive coming out of this dead physical earth during the transition period. Even that will be plowed into this physical earth and the new world will come forth. Wow.

COMMENT: Praise God.

PASTOR VITALE: That is wonderful. Yellow flowers could mean anything. It could mean plant life and trees that do not die after a season. I have no idea. I heard some fantasy once. Someone's fantasy that the flowers will not die, and that you will step on them and they will spring up again. That is what it is going to be like in Heaven. Well, who knows maybe it means something like that for a season.

Some kind of blessing coming forth from the earth, but even that will just be for a season. The fruit that comes forth from that flower will be a whole new world. At this time, I have no revelation at all as to what that flower would mean in terms of reality. Perhaps He will tell me. If He tells me, I will add it to the tape, but right now I have no...I cannot see what it would mean except that it would be something positive coming forth from this corrupt planet that we live on.

Praise the Lord. I do believe that I heard from the Lord as to what the yellow flower means, and this is what I heard Him telling me. The yellow flower signifies the preserved human bodies. These human bodies that we live in will be preserved when Christ is raised from the dead in us. Remember, when that spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it shall quicken your mortal body, which is speaking about your soul. It will make your soul alive, and it will preserve this physical body.

This physical body is not being raised or quickened. It eventually is going to be destroyed because it is in the image of Satan. This is Satan's flesh. It is typified in the Scripture by the outer court. For the season that we remain in this flesh, which season includes the first and second stages of the resurrection, for the season that the man is in the condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion, this physical body will be preserved. It will not get sick. It will not die, nor will it be a source of torment unto God's people. The Lord describes it as a yellow flower.