Principles Of Dream Interpretation

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I was going to talk a little bit about dreams tonight. As I read this dream, I would like to say that, in my opinion the, the dream is definitely of God. It is also an excellent example of how so many of us are anointed to receive the dreams of God, but we are not anointed to interpret them. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not saying anything bad. I am sure she is a lovely woman.

This is very common in the church, I have been talking about it for a long time now, how many of is not so terrible if you are anointed to receive the dream, and you are not anointed to interpret. That is not so terrible, that is not dangerous.

What is dangerous is that many people in the church do not understand that receiving the dream is one gift and interpreting the dream is another gift. They think because God gives them the dream, I agree with her that the dream is of God. There is no doubt in my mind. Many people in the church think that because God gives them the dream, He also gives them the interpretation.

This is not true. I remind you of Nebuchadnezzar. I know he was a heathen, but God still gave him a dream, and he did not have the interpretation for the dream. I am going to suggest to you, in this hour, many people receive and are vessels for the gift of prophesy, and words of knowledge, but are not anointed to give the understanding, the wisdom, or the interpretation associated with it.

I am not here to knock anybody, I am here to save your life. My job is to save your life, because the truth is going to set you free. It is very important that you should know that if it is you or someone that calls you with a dream, that you or your friend may very well have heard from God, but it is your responsibility as we enter into adulthood...

The Lord has told me to tell you that we are teenagers here. To tell you the truth, I do not know what I am. Maybe I am an older teenager, I do not know. I am not a full grown man, or I would not have the problems that I have. Maybe I am a couple of years older than you are, whatever.

It is important that we should know that it is a pitfall, that it is a danger, that there is a manhole in the road, that when we get a spiritual communication either directly from God or another person, that before we receive any interpretation of it that we have to really pray very carefully for God to defend us against this pitfall. Nobody is trying to hurt you, it is a condition that the church is in, by and large. No one is deliberately trying to hurt you. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about?

This is the reality in this hour. Maybe I am wrong. I certainly do not know people all over the world. Based on the experiences that I have had, the average believer that hears from God is not anointed to interpret. I think by and large the interpretation, the wisdom, the understanding of spiritual communication, by and large, is in the imparted anointing.

Any manifestation of the imparted anointing, which is the very nature of Christ within us, any aspect of His nature that is truly imparted, what does that mean? It is growing inside of us. It is growing within us, with understanding. It is interwoven with our own soul. It is not just a gift that has been plopped there without understanding. There is nothing wrong with that.

I think I am going to put this on a tape, so let me clarify this. There are two anointings in the church. One is the imputed anointing, whereby we are given a gift. That is what I mean by it was just plopped there. The gifts and the calling of God, I do not know if that is a good word or not, but that is the word I used.

The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. They are a free gift from the Lord, and there is nothing required of us. No level of maturity is required, no level of wisdom or understanding is required, no level of ministry is required. It is just a gift.

I have likened the gift of prophesy, because we see the gift of prophesy much more than the gift of dreams. Can anyone disagree with me on that? Many more people have the gift of prophesy than have prophetic dreams on a regular basis. Can anyone disagree with me on that? That is my opinion from what I have seen in the church.

When we have the gift of prophesy, as we have been teaching here recently, the vessel that brings forth prophesy does not necessarily have to understand what they are saying, and most of the time they do not understand what they are saying. This may not be a very popular thing to say, but it is the truth.

I have said it, and I am going to say it again. Spiritual is spiritual, it is just a question of what spirit it is. There are many things that the spirit of God does, that Satan's spirit does. Why? Because they are both spirits, they do similar things, only one has an evil motive and destructive results. Of course, the spirit of God has a righteous motive and has positive results.

They do, do things that look the same. That is how believers get into trouble. What they do looks the same, sometimes it sounds the same. It is so close that, if possible, the very elect would be deceived.

There is something in the occult today called channeling, where a human being yields them self into a...they call it a meditation. What they are really doing is they are emptying out their mind and opening themselves up for a spirit to speak through them. These are demonic spirits that speak through them. They give them all kinds of information.

Some of it is very scholarly, if you are not aware enough to know, or educated enough to know that this is not of God, but it is a little god. What is a god? A god is a life form that is higher than the life form which you are. We are human beings. Any spirit is a god to us. Did you know that we are gods to the beasts of the jungle? The beasts of the jungle are life forms below us. Animal life, soul life, spirit life. We are gods to the animals of the jungle.

When the Europeans who had some industrial accomplishment in their lives went to the jungles of other continents, they were met by tribes, men that had not seen modern industry. They called them "the great white gods." Of course, those men had the ability to become educated and arise to the same place as the Europeans, but animals cannot.

We are a god to our dog. Any spirit is a god to us. That is why the Scripture clearly teaches that without Jesus Christ we have no power against Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and he can do what ever he wants to us. It may not look that way to you right now if you are a successful businessmen, but just hold on, because we are going to see some strange things coming up real soon. It is true whether it looks that way or not.

It is just a question of which god we serve. That is why Jesus says to us, "Take my yoke, my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Many men today do not realize that they are the beast of burden for the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. That is just the truth.

We see something called channeling. People open up their minds, and they yield to a spirit that wants to speak through them. I declare to you that it is the same spiritual happening that occurs when the gift of prophesy is operating. The person discerns the move of the Holy Ghost upon them, because the prophesy is subject to the prophet. If there is a spirit that is moving upon you and you cannot stop it, it is not likely that it is the Holy Ghost. He is not a compulsive spirit.

We are in church, or out of church, we perceive His presence, we yield our members to Him, and He speaks through us. Most of the time we had no idea what was coming before it spoke through our mouth. Lots of times we speak it to another person, and we still do not know what it means. That is the gift of prophesy.

It is in the imputed anointing, it is given without repentance. It is part of the ministry of the Lord to young Christians that are supposed to be introducing them to spiritual experiences. One again, we talk about that on tape #113. I highly recommend it, it is an excellent tape.

We are spiritual children, and we are learning how to become spiritual men. If you are looking for a natural example, remember or look at your children. I do not know how old you are. Look at babies and see how they are learning. This is what we are going through in regard to the realm of the spirit.

The gift of prophecy has nothing to do with our intelligence or spiritual knowledge. It is not an indication of anything that we should glory in, except that God has blessed us, which is nice. I hope you all know what I mean. It is a reason to beware, that pride does not come upon you because it has just been given to you. It is not there for any good thing that you have done.

We are talking about dreams. It has been my experience, again anyone that disagrees with me, I would be interested in what you have to say if you disagreed with me. I certainly have not seen the church all over the world, and I certainly have not been to every church in the United States.

God only knows, I have been in the church for fifteen years, and it is my experience that it is many, many more times available.

The gift of prophesy is more evident in the body of Christ than the interpretation of dreams. As a matter of fact, in all honesty, I do not know anyone that really has this gift beside myself. At this point, I am believing that it is not a gift, I have to stop calling it a gift. I believe that it is something that comes as the nature of Christ is built in you, as the impartation of the nature of Christ which is becoming your very nature, which is not a gift, but which is becoming intertwined within your very person, which is becoming you, that the very life of Christ starts appearing in you.

We all know about the fruit of the spirit, but something else that appears in you as Christ is developed in you is an ability to understand spiritual things. One thing that is a spiritual happening or a spiritual event is the reality of dreams. Many of us receive dreams. Why? Because we have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not that many of us can understand them, because not that many people have begun to enter into union with Christ that can be likened to marriage, which is His very life being revealed through you. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?

We are going to go on with the dream. This is my major point that I am making to you. Beware, I am telling you just as you would tell your children "Do not touch the hot stove."

The fact that God gives a dream to somebody does not mean they are anointed to interpret it. My counsel to you, and I live by this counsel, is that unless I am really sure that it is God...I have a lot of experience with dreams. I have been interpreting dreams and experiencing very exciting dreams for years, so I am not really talking about myself when I give you this counsel. I did follow these rules when I was younger, I hope you understand what I am saying.

My counsel to you is, "Do not give your interpretation, unless you pray about it first, unless you really seek God, and you are really sure that you have heard from Him." One of the things that is available to the disciples in this ministry is instruction interpreting dreams. I think that is a very exciting ministry. I do not know anywhere else where it is available. I think it is a fantastic blessing what God has placed here. I am finding out more and more, as I hear about dreams from other people that God most definitely has a language of symbols that He uses in dreams. It is very exciting to me, because there are many symbols that He speaks to me in dreams with.

I would always say, "In my dreams, in my dreams." Now I am finding out that He is using the same symbols in other people's dreams. I believe that He has told me that the symbols that He uses in dreams are universal. Maybe someday He will let me write a book on it, I do not know.

At this moment it seems it is impossible, because of the work load that I have. It is a very exciting thought. The first thing that struck me is that you were riding on a bicycle, because I have had many dreams either riding on a bicycle or riding in a car. I cannot even tell you where I learned what, but over the years I have found out that this typifies a carnal means of getting things done.

Spiritual transportation is accomplishing things. To be riding a bicycle or riding a car...I have never had a dream about riding on a train. I have been on a bus. Oh, I have been on a train. Cars, buses, trains, bicycles, always in my dreams have typified carnal ways of getting things done. Why? Because it involves labor, peddling the bicycle. Amen.

Let me read this dream. I think it is a wonderful dream. Let me make one more comment before I read it. This is another point I would like to emphasize and hope to impart to your understanding. We find this in the Scripture. I cannot tell you why, there is a lot I do not know why. I cannot tell you why, but for some reason when God speaks to us when we get a hold of what He says, it seams to be very negative. If you analyze it, and you pray about it, you will find that there is a very positive aspect to it. For some reason, when it gets written down that positive aspect is not stated.

For example in this dream, I know I have not read it to you, but XXXX dies in the dream. Someone who is not adept in interpreting dreams gets very upset. "It is my dear friend, she is going to die, what a terrible dream," but what comes after death? Life, resurrection. Hallelujah. It is really a question of training. There is not a doubt in my mind that anyone that has a relationship with the Lord can learn or at least develop some ability to interpret dreams. I think it is a tremendous opportunity. Let me read it to you.

Now this is XXXX's friend. "I was driving a bicycle and XXXX was sitting behind me. We were on a one lane mountain road. It was very twisting with lots of sharp curves and turns. The mountains were on one side and a deep precipice on the other. There was no guardrail, and it was very dangerous. At the bottom of the precipice were rocks and water. You could see across to the other side where there also were mountains and a road.

We are driving very fast, and I felt that I was losing control of the bicycle, I stopped and got off. I gave you the bike, and told you to drive. I decided to walk.

Walking behind me was your family, I remember seeing your children there. You go on the bike and began to drive very fast, you went around a turn too fast, you went flying off the bike. Your body hit the rocks, then you fell into the water. When your body hit the rocks, I knew you were dead. I began to call on Jesus to save you, then to cry. Your children heard me, and began running towards me.

A few of them jumped into the water to try and save you, also two people on the other side of the ravine jumped in to get your body. I knew that you were dead. I cried saying, it was all my fault, I should not have let her ride the bicycle. If I had not let her ride the bicycle, she would be alive now. Your son, XXXX I think came up to me and comforted me. He said, it is not your fault it was meant to be. Do not blame yourself."

They got your body out of the water, but you had died when you hit the rocks. You were not drowned.

When I woke up I vividly remembered this dream, and believed it to be from the Lord. Amen, because you had asked me to pray about a new ministry you were going to join.

We see a Godly dream, with an interpretation. No offense, I do not believe it is from God. I felt the dream meant that you should not rush into anything.

The two of you were riding a bicycle together, and you were sitting behind here. I perceive this very lovely lady, I never met her, but from what I can see, she is a little on the carnal side. Her interpretation in the dream is carnal. I see you and a carnal believer on a vehicle that is representing a carnal type of transportation. I am not exactly sure who she represents but, at the least, she represents the carnal church, or possibly some carnal aspect of your life that has been riding your bicycle, that has been running your life, some carnal manifestation that has been running your life. Can you say "amen" to that?

They are on a one lane mountain road. Mountains in the Scripture typify nations, they typify pride. I think it typifies this whole walk that we are in, in this lifetime. It was twisting with lots of curves and sharp turns. This lifetime, this existence, is very dangerous, and the road does twist and there are sharp turns and twists.

I have taught you here many times, the whole trick, if you want to call it a trick, the whole gift is to follow Christ. The only way we are going to get through is to follow Christ through this desert and this place of mountains and sharp turns.

If we cannot perceive Him correctly, we are going to go off the road. Paul said that we are going to be ship wrecked. This is definitely describing our existence here. "There was no guardrail..." It is a dangerous place,"...and it was very dangerous. At the bottom of the precipice were rocks and water. You could see across to the other side where there was also a mountain and a road.

We know that there are two sides. I am going to suggest to you that the other side is typifying the mountain of the Lord. She does not seem to have any understanding what it was like on the other mountain.

I am suggesting that it is our carnal self and the spiritual world that we are invited to. She says, "We were driving fast, I felt that I was losing control of the bicycle." Let me tell you something, brethren, God wants us to lose control.

This is a big misunderstanding throughout the church. God does not want us to be in control. Who does God want to be in control? God wants to be in control.

When we are in control of our life, it is very difficult for God to be in control. If we are in control of our life, and He wants to be in control of our life, what does He have to do? He has to knock us out of control. The way we have been raised is to control your own life, or we would not survive. Those of us who are going on in Christ, what we are up against is utterly unlearning everything that we have learned in our lifetime, to survive. It does not work in the Kingdom of God. There is a new set of rules in the Kingdom of God.

Just as I have been teaching you about this one set of rules in the Pentecostal imputed anointing church and another set of rules in the imparted anointing.

If you are entering into the imparted anointing, sometimes it is very distressful to you that things no longer look like they looked in the Pentecostal imputed church, that you do not feel like you used to feel anymore. There is a whole new set of rules, and sometimes it is very hard for us. I do not think just sometimes, I believe all of the times.

It is very hard for us to give up our old ways of what? Our old ways of getting things done out of surviving.

Surviving how? Surviving financially, surviving emotionally, and surviving spiritually. We all have needs. Obviously, our need for food, shelter, and clothing. We all have needs emotionally, we all have needs to deal successfully with problems in relationships.

As I teach here all the time, and I am telling you again, the way we have been taught to deal with relationships, from the most Godly people in a natural world, are not acceptable to God. Very few of us have grown up in families where we are taught the most optimum ways, the best ways to deal with human problems.

Almost everybody I know of, including myself and the church, has been raised up in a family where we were not taught the best ways. We were taught a little less than the best ways. Therefore, we have a few problems in our life.

As I said, if we were taught the absolute best way to deal with human problems, that way is not acceptable to God. The Kingdom of God has its own set of rules.

We may be a person that had a lot of problems in their life at one time, and we worked out those problems, and we did not die. We survived whatever our problem was, everyone has got their story. Whatever it was, it did not kill us, the problem did not kill us. Somehow, we survived it. That is a commendable thing. If your husband was beating you, you did not abandon your children, you stuck it out, however you did it, and it worked out. Whatever your problem was, you did not run away, you faced it and you took the victory.

The Lord is saying, "Now you cannot use those methods anymore," and your life may look to you right now that you have it under control, but God is saying to you, if He is calling you up. He is saying to you, "I see that you have it under control, but that is not my way of dealing with it. Before I can deal with it...," says the Lord, "... I am going to have to wreak everything you have done. I am going have to rip up all the solutions, all the band aids, all the patches, and the holes in the dike.

Everything that has covered over the problem that sometimes you do not even know that it is there anymore, guess what? I am going to rip the scab off, and I am going to show you that all you did was cover it over. You did not heal it because only I have the power to heal it, what you did was scab it over.

You cannot get into the Kingdom of God that way, so I am going to rip that scab off, and you are going to have to look at it again, but this time when I deal with it, I am not just going to scab it over, I am going to heal it. I am not going to give you a status quo, that it is no longer killing you, that you are surviving. I am going to give you life where death once was."

That is His word to the church, this is the whole idea of the judgment. Let me tell you this, that you may have built a scab over your wound, but I want to tell you that any scab that a man builds over his own wound is only for that moment. There is not a healing that you can pass on to your children.

I say this about psychiatrists all the time. It is the same situation with medical doctors. I am not against them, my feeling is, if anyone would ask for my counsel, give God a chance, see if He would not heal you without going to them, but if you need a doctor, if you need a psychologist, if you have been in the church for years, either your body is malfunctioning or your mind is malfunctioning. If you have not seen a steady improvement, by all means go see a psychologist. You would not hesitate to go see a regular doctor if you had diabetes, and you saw that you were not getting any better. When you were in the church, you would go to a church.

Most people would, XXXX and I almost died before we went. Most people would go to a doctor, XXXX also, you had that situation. Most people would go to a doctor, but most people will not go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist when they need help. I am not against it, if you have given God and honest chance. Why? Because, for whatever reason, the anointing in the church that God has brought you to has not brought a deliverance in your mind or your emotions, you should go for help.

I believe that in those circumstances that you can get help from a psychiatrist or a psychologist, I believe that God will bless it. I believe God will anoint it, if you are genuinely seeking help. I want to tell you something, the help from a psychiatrist or psychologist is just a band-aid for you. It is not going to deal with the spiritual roots that will bring forth healing that will be passed on to your children and the future generations of your family.

If you have a gall bladder condition, and he Lord does not heal you, you have surgery for gall bladder. Your gall bladder is healed, but any curse that might be in operation there is still on the family line. Maybe your children will need a gall bladder operation. When God breaks a curse and heals you physically or emotionally, it is passed on the family line.

So do not be a martyr, God does not want you to die. If He does not have the manifestation in the church at the moment that is doing this kind of work, do not be a martyr. Go get help.

Are you aware that God does not have the kind of manifestation that everyone needs for a healing in every church at every moment. Are you aware of that? He does not. Let us get on with this.

The mountains were on one side and a deep precipice on the other. It was very dangerous. Did I make the point I was trying to make? I do not know how I got off on that. At the bottom of the precipice....did anyone remember the point that I was trying to make, with what I was just talking about? I hope I made my point.

"There was no guardrail, and it was very dangerous." This walk is very dangerous. I believe it is the valley of the shadow of death. I believe that we can lose our existence here. We have to be very careful, we can lose our existence here. We can lose the prize that Jesus has for us in this lifetime. I believe that with all my heart.

I believe that the overall purpose of Jesus in the church cannot be defeated. His overall purpose in humanity and in the church will be accomplished. I believe specific individuals can fall away and lose their potential that God has for them in this lifetime. I believe that, that is a possibility.

I also believe that when God calls you some place or calls you to something that we have a lot of liberty. We can go early or we can go late. We can go when we first hear His voice and go at the beginning or, for many reasons, we do not understand it because we are afraid. For many reasons, we resist that first call, and God may have to drag us. If He has to drag us, we will still get there a little later. There are different ways to go. I believe that. We are not zombies, we are not robots. Hallelujah.

"We were driving very fast." Oh, that is the point I was making, "We were driving very fast and I felt like I was losing control of the bike." That was my point. God wants you to lose control of your carnal ways. He most certainly wants you too lose control. I also believe that if you are really willing to yield your members to Him, He will move you so rapidly that your head will spin.

Brethren, I do not know whether you know this or not, everybody is not really anxious to move that rapidly. I think it is a rare believer that really wants everything that God has for them as fast as they can get it. Most believers want the status quo.

They want the things of this world. Of course, the teaching in the church that this is all there is until our body dies, and then we go to Heaven, really promotes and strengthens this attitude in people. I believe that if believers were taught the truth as we are hearing it here, that your reward is here, it is what God is going to do with you and make out of you here and now, that there would be a much deeper commitment in the church.

God wants you to lose control of your carnal ways, everybody. He is still stepping on my fingers as I hold on to the cliff. He does that frequently. He wants you to let go.

"The two of you were driving real fast and XXXXX felt as if she was losing control of the bike. She stopped and got off, gave XXXX the bike, and told her to drive. She decided to walk." Now at this point I am not 100% sure who "she" represents, either someone that you are closely associated with in the church, closely associated in the church enough to be ahead of you, let go of you and you went charging right past them.

Remember, she got off the bike and decided to walk. You took over the head of your own life.

Either it is someone you are closely associated with in the church or something, another part of you, something within you. Now nobody is driving you, you are driving you, you got the first obstacle out of the way. At least you are driving yourself. It was the two of you, now it is just one of you.

She says, "Walking behind me were your children, I remember seeing your children there." I am not telling you that your children are not getting saved, it may be. It has been my experience in dreams that most everybody in the dream is a symbol of something. It rarely means, if I see my daughter in the dream that it means my daughter. I do not know why this is the way it is, but this is that way it is.

I have had dreams about my daughter, and in the dream I was not aware that it was my daughter. When I got the interpretation, I found out it was her. If I have a dream about my nephew or about this one or that one.

Not too long ago, I had a dream about my brother-in-law who died, and it almost never means the person. Sometimes it can, but the majority of the time these are symbols. I want to suggest to you that these were the children in the church. The church is filled with spiritual children that were walking. You were on a bicycle. I believe that God has called you to the first fruits company, and the rest of the children of the kingdom are walking behind you.

You got on the bike and started to drive very fast and recklessly. Well it would be nice if the Lord lets me know who XXXX represents before this dream is over. All that I have is that something that was in front of you got out of your way. You got on the bike and started to drive very fast and very recklessly. You may recall the first time you told me about this dream, before I knew about it, I told you that I had a word of knowledge that you were going to receive the deliverance that the Lord has for you here, that it was going to come very rapidly.

I had that very strong feeling, so this is a second witness to me.

You got on the bike and started to drive very recklessly, you went around a turn too fast, and you went flying off the bike. Hallelujah! You got knocked off of your carnal way of doing things. God speeded you up. Whatever that means in spiritual things, I do not know. Speeded up ministry, speeded up teachings, just speeded you up in the spirit. He speeded you up so fast that He broke your way, your carnal ways of doing things.

You fell down and you hit a rock, and your body hit the rock. Well who is the rock? Jesus is the rock. It says here your body hit the rocks. Who are the rocks? The Sons of God. Amen. Those vessels in whom Christ is appearing, those believers in whom His nature is appearing.

You fell off your carnal ways of doing things, and you hit the rocks, which may very well be the people here. Then you fell into the water, you died on the rocks later on here. It was the rocks that killed you.

I remind you that Jesus is the rock who right now is reaching out to take authority over our carnal minds. It is His full intention to paralyze our carnal minds, after He paralyzes them, He intends to crucify them. Crucifying our carnal minds by joining Himself to them. Let me put it on the board for you.

By joining Himself to our carnal minds through crucifixion, there is a Scripture in one of the books of Moses. I think it is the Scripture where He calls Himself a jagged rock, if you want to look for it. I know I have preached on it. It may be tape #110, I do not know why that pops into my mind. It is where we see Jesus as a jagged rock piercing.

I do not know what in that Scripture that He is piercing, but I know that we saw Him piercing something. We talk about it on that tape. What He is piercing is our carnal mind, He is entering in, and He is piercing our carnal mind.

That is a wonderful death to die. When our carnal mind is pierced and dies, we fall down into the water of His soul life. Now water typifies existence in the spiritual realm of the soul. The spiritual realm of the soul is the conscious mind. The spirit realm alone is the unconscious mind. Amen. Water can typify existence in the spiritual realm of the soul, either in Jesus' soul or in the carnal mind's soul. Both are typified by water. You have to read the whole dream, or the whole sentence, or the whole verse to find what is being spoken about.

It says here that your body hit the rocks, your body. Of course, I do not know whether you were here or not for the teaching, but we found out in the recent series called "Life" that our mortal body is our carnal mind. Do you remember that? Our mortal body is our carnal mind.

Your body hit the rocks. I suggest to you that, that is a spiritual understanding , not your physical body, but your carnal mind. Your mortal soul life hit the rocks of Christ, the people in whom Christ is being revealed that are ministering to you. You fell down into the water.

I am going to choose to say that you fell down into the water of His soul life. I am not exactly sure on that one. I do not see any deep significance there.

"When your body hit the rocks, I knew you were dead." Hallelujah. You cannot ascend into the Kingdom of God until your sin-filled soul dies. We read the Scripture that says that fornicators will not enter, homosexuals will not enter in, and the carnal mind of man looks around and says to people who are physically fornicating or a physical homosexual and says, "You cannot enter in."

Brethren, if you are a carnal person. This is true of me, it is true of everybody that is not in full stature. We are all of these things. We are the adulteress. If we are not in full stature, we are committing adultery with our carnal mind everyday of our life.

We are the adulteress, we are the homosexual. How are we the homosexual? We are in a spiritual sexual interaction with Satan and his carnal mind, which is really soul.

Soul is not supposed to have intercourse with soul. Soul is supposed to have intercourse with what? With spirit. We are the homosexual, we are the adulteress, we are the fornicator, we are everything that is named in the Scripture, if you know what I am talking about, where they say they will not get into heaven. If you have a carnal mind that is not paralyzed by the Christ in you, in the realm of the spirit you are doing all of these things, whether you know it, whether you do not know it. If we were not doing it, we would not be in this condition. Glory to God.

We have to die, this carnal mind has to die. It is a blessing to die when Christ is there to raise our human spirit from the dead. When our carnal mind dies, our human spirit which is the female seed of God , which is trapped in this ungodly union of Satan, the carnal mind, and the human spirit, when our carnal mind dies our human spirit will be released, and she will be able to pass into the waters of Christ and join with the Father and Christ.

Where it once was Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and our human spirit, Eve and the carnal mind, it will now be the Father and our human spirit, Eve, and His Christ. We shall be incapable of sin. We must die and fall into the soul life of Christ. There is no good work that you can do, there is no white wash that anyone of us can do that is going to qualify us to enter into the Kingdom, short of death.

Now this is not the death of the body. If you are listening to this tape and you are getting confused, your body does not have to die. Your soul has to die. It has to die at the hand of the jagged rock. Do not go out and try and do it yourself. We have a whole church world full of people on all different levels trying to do this thing themselves.

If you hurt yourself, you are going to be hurt. It is only when Jesus hurts you that you are raised from the dead. When Jesus hurts you, when Jesus sends His two-witness company in the form of the locusts, and horses with fire breathing out of their mouth to hurt you, that hurt will raise you from the dead. When it is Christ in the man, you will be raised from the dead. If you are doing it yourself as a religious work, you will just destroy yourself.

We see a large number of believers in the church still ruled by their carnal minds and their pride, saying, "I will enter into the Kingdom of God, I will reject my lower nature, I will identify with Christ. I will, I will, I will."

Brethren, I pronounce the death of Christ upon you, may you die in Christ, and may you be blessed. "Blessed are they who die in Christ, for they ruled and they reigned with Him for a thousand years." There is nothing that you can do yourself that could bring you into this glorious experience, except to work with the Lord to stop doing everything. Stand still and let Him into your life. Hallelujah

"I began to call on Jesus to save you, and to cry." Now, we hear about this in the book of Revelation Chapter 18, Verse 10. We will start with Verse 9. "And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication...," That is us brethren, the carnal believers "...and lived deliciously with the harlot...", That is our carnal mind, "...shall bewail her." Bewail who? The death of our carnal mind, and lament for her "...when they shall see the smoke of her burning."

Now that is a spiritual burning. It is no different than being slain by the rock which is Christ.

Verse 10."Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour is thy judgment come."

Verse 11. "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more." Well, that is pretty much it, I do not want to get into that. The men with carnal minds are weeping and wailing over the death of their brethren's sister who has died in Christ. To them it is a great tragedy. That is the way it looks to the carnal mind.

"Your children heard me and began running towards me." A few of them jumped into the water to save you. I really believe these are your spiritual children, not necessarily any one in particular, just talking about the reaction of the soul realm. They heard the one believer wailing and several of them responded to the wail. I suggest to you that is what happened when you heard XXXX wailing. You felt her pain, and you saw the smoke of her burning, you jumped in, and you tried to save her, but it was Christ that was killing her.

It says here, "When she wailed a few of them jumped in the water and tried to save you, but they could not. Also, two people on the other side of the ravine jumped in to get your body, but I knew you were dead." Now, the two people, two witnesses on the other side of the ravine, that is from the other side, the Christ side, they jumped in to get your body. See, they knew you were alive. They wanted your soul.

She said here, "They jumped in, but I knew you were dead." Do you understand? A group of people came from the carnal side. Let me see what she exactly says here. "They jumped into the water to try to save you, the carnal people, and they could not. Also two people, two witnesses, from the other side, from the spiritual side of the ravine, jumped in. They did not try to save you, they came in to get your body." She says, "I knew that you were dead," and that is the last thing she says about the two spiritual people.

Then she says, "I cried, saying it was all my fault."

Now brethren, this is another manifestation of the carnal mind. I want to tell you one more time that we are spiritual children, and if you would open your eyes, those of you who have access to children, just look at young human children, and ask the Lord to show you yourself in them. It is an established fact, anyone that knows children, that when anything goes wrong with the parents, the children blame themselves.

The parents get divorced, they think they are bad. If the father hits the mother, they think they are bad. If the parents have a fight they think they did something wrong. Anyone that is knowledgeable knows this is true of children. What is it evidence of? It is evidence of selfishness.

Now the first time somebody told me I was selfish, I got insulted, so if you are listening to this tape, please do not get insulted. I am not insulting you. Selfishness is not an insult to you, selfishness is a condition whereby the person who is selfish is overly concerned with their own self-preservation.

I declare to you, that every fallen man is selfish in varying degrees. Jesus is the only one that is not selfish. We are all selfish, because when it gets down to rock bottom, if we really see destruction coming, how many of us are just going to stand there and give up our lives for somebody else. It manifests rarely in a human being in a moment of crises, and that person is called a hero.

I suggest to you when it happens, it is a manifestation of the Christ that is in the fallen man that comes forth. The average man is going to try to preserve himself. This is the difference, the main difference, between a carnal person and a spiritual person.

Again, I am not insulting anyone, there are people who are carnal and people who are spiritual, and the major difference is the spiritual person is concerned with doing righteousness as God sees it. They want to do righteous at any cost to themselves.

Usually, the cost is persecution, sometimes you can lose things that are valuable to you, but the person who is carnal, their root motive for whatever they do is self-preservation. I am not insulting anybody, I am telling you the truth. I am not here to insult anybody.

"I cried, saying it is my fault." What I am saying to you is that I see this in the church. I even see it in myself, I try to resist it when I see it. It is true of every natural man, as I said, in varying degrees. It is selfishness, it really is a manifestation of pride.

When something happens, and we think it is because of something we did or something we said, that is what it is. Again, I am not saying this in an insulting way. It is a selfishness, it is a condition of relating everything to yourself. We would be better off if we did not do that. It is a condition of selfishness, it is a condition of immaturity and, if it gets out of hand, there are certain areas, since we are all fallen, it is acceptable, you can get away with it.

When it goes beyond that area, it becomes destructive mostly to ourselves, and when it enters into that category we have a name for it. We call it a false burden. We start to take on false burdens, and we start to feel that we are responsible for this one, and we are responsible for that happening, and we are responsible for that one.

Then we act based on that feeling of responsibility, and it is destructive to us and probably to that person we feel responsible for. Because now we are talking ungodly soul ties, and we are went right out of my head, there was something else, but it went right out of my head.

"She cried saying it was all my fault, I should not have let her ride the bicycle." Now examine yourself, I do not know where you are. If the shoe fits, I am telling you, this is the word of the Lord to somebody here. That God is in control, you are not in control, none of us is in control. That is the root of what this is saying, "I am in control. I let her drive the bike." XXXXXX if you hear this tape, I am not insulting you. "I let her drive the bike, therefore I am responsible;" therefore God has nothing to say about it.

If you want to go on in God, tuck this inside of your head, because it is something to watch out for.

I remember years ago, a brethren had an international ministry. He was a very respected man of God, he is still around. He had a friend who was also a minister, not a pastor, but a minister and a teacher. His friend started to teach a few things that he did not agree with. He started to pray to the Father to correct him. He was so sure that the man was in error, his beloved friend. Shortly within a year, if not less, he started praying that the Father correct this man. This man died.

He was too young to die, if he was sixty, I think he was in his late fifties or early sixties. He was much too young too die. He was well, full of energy, and keeping a heavy schedule for the Lord. The pastor gave a testimony at the church that I was in. He said, "I asked the Father to stop him from preaching and God killed him, I killed my best friend."

Brethren, God does not do everything you ask Him to do. There is a big deception in the church, mostly among young believers, that think that because we are king's kids, that the Father is our servant.

Brethren, the Father is not our servant, we are to serve the Father. Believe me, and thank God for it, He does not answer every prayer that we pray. Hallelujah. We would all be dead. Amen.

This aspect of the dream, I am pointing out to all of you who have ears to hear, who are interested in improving yourself and going on with God. I am not attacking anyone. I do not even know if XXXX is like this in the natural. She is like this in her dream. We talk about spiritual principles. I am here to help you, and I am here to kill your carnal mind. I am also here to raise Christ from the dead in you. Hallelujah.

"She cried saying it is all my fault, I should have not let her ride the bicycle." Do you know who that is? That is Satan in his carnal mind, saying "I am God. I am the power of life and death." It is typical of the natural man. "If I had not let her ride, she would be alive right now. God has no power, what a wimp God is."

Your son XXXX I think, came up to me and comforted me, and said, "It is not your fault, it was meant to be, do not blame yourself." Is it not XXXX your son that has a relationship with the Lord? I see this in the dream as typifying a believer who could be likened as the young man in the book of Job, who had a true knowledge and understanding of God, and he came up to her and said, "No you do not have that kind of power, God is in control, it is not your fault." Hallelujah Glory to God.

Now of course I am very dramatic when I am teaching, if there was someone where wailing thinking they killed someone, believe me I would go over to them and comfort them, and tell them, "No, it was not your fault."

They got your body our of the water, but you were dead. She does not say who got your body out of the water, but you were dead.

Thank God, you died when you hit the rocks, Hallelujah, you were not drowned. Now drowning in the Scripture is not a death that glorifies God, but dying when you fell upon the rock. How does that Scripture go? "If I fall upon you, if you fall upon Christ, you will be ground to powder, but if He falls upon you." I may have it backwards. Do you know what it is?

COMMENTS: If He falls upon you, He will grind you to powder.

PASTOR VITALE: If the rock falls on you, He will grind you to powder, and what happens if you fall upon Him?

COMMENT: You will survive if you fall on Him.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you will survive if you fall on Him. You fell on the rocks, hallelujah. He did not fall on you, you fell on the rocks. I believe that God gave your friend this dream, when she prayed about the new ministry you were going to join. I believe that He gave her this dream about the ministry you have gone into and I think that it is fully accurate. I expect you to die. We have to be very careful when we get dreams to not bring them down to the carnal realm.

A young woman called me several years ago, hysterical. She had a dream about a burning building, and a baby was burnt to death. She recognized some of the people in the dream. She was screaming on the phone she was so upset. I had to say to her, "I assure you no baby is dying."

Now, that does not mean that we cannot have a dream that is predictive about the future. I felt strongly that it was spiritual, now it is eight years later, and we laugh about it. The dream came to pass, but the spiritual aspect of it came to pass.

Again, my counsel to you as you enter into this interpretation of dream ministry, my first reaction would be a spiritual interpretation of the dream. I would not receive a carnal interpretation. When I say carnal, maybe that is not the right word.

I would not accept a dream to have an interpretation that is going to happen in this world, in the natural, unless I really, really got several witness from God. Especially, when the dream appears to be disastrous. You have to be very careful, you do not want to give any place to your carnal mind to hurt you or anybody else.

COMMENT: You were speaking about that minister who took responsible for the death of his friend because he prayed. That reasoning is one of the things that prevented me from leaving that one believer or a non- believer has power over somebody else by their thoughts, to control the events or situation in somebody else's life. Beyond that I do not know how to explain it.

PASTOR VITALE: Well the only thing that I could say to that is we are talking two different spirits here. When one believer controls another believer, that is not by the power f God. There are different ground rules when you are dealing with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and when you are dealing with the Lord.

The Lord, thank God, He will not receive any ungodly prayers from us. He will not do it, He will bounce them back, He will not hear them. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will receive every prayer that your devious mind, anybody's devious mind can conjure up.

Frequently, when the Father rejects a prayer, Satan lays hold of it and will fulfil it. If the person praying the prayer is not educated enough, they will think that the Father is answering their prayers.

The carnal mind of man has a witchcraft power, and we have been hearing about that in our study of Daniel. The natural man has a witchcraft power that we found in Daniel 12 that must be broken before we can be elevated to the Kingdom of God. It is very real.

There are always several factors. Number one factor, how mature is this witchcraft power in a human being? Second factor, how vulnerable is the victim that they are thinking of inflicting this on, because of family line curses, and physical illnesses and problem in their life? Of course, the major factor is, where does God fit into their life?

There are many variables. I will say this, a family life that is not too strong, or a family life that attacks its own young will produce a human being that is very vulnerable to witchcraft attacks from other people. The more a child is loved, nourished, and nurtured, in a family that is supportive, acceptive, and truly loving of them, the stronger their spiritual defenses of this kind of evil

There are some people who have very mature spiritual lives in the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. I really believe that if a person is not deeply in Christ, they can do great damage. People that practice voodoo and witchcraft, people that are really into it. There is all different degrees of this, you know.

What about people that bring people into bondage, like you told me once? You were concerned about XXX XXXX, that is witchcraft power. That is witchcraft power directed through mind control where a very strong mind has joined to a mind that is not that strong and is controlling it. Why did those people not leave? Because they were under his power.

It is very real, witchcraft power of the unregenerate man, which is everybody including the people in the church. It is very real. That is why as we enter into Christ. those of us that are called to perfection in this hour, one of the things the Lord is challenging us to do is to live out of Him. What does that mean? It means to examine every thought that comes into our mind, and every emotion, and every thing that we determine to be ungodly to wage a warfare against.

It is not enough to say "I will not act upon it." It is not enough, once you are called to this stage, to say "I will not hate that person. I am not going to let her know that I hate her. I am going to go and I am going to be nice to her." That is not enough. We have to pray to the Lord to give us the victory over the sin that is raging in our own hearts.

COMMENT: Being that you brought up the XXX XXXX thing. If these people had the mentality of David not to touch the anointed Saul. How can I express it? Where is the dividing line? One of those tapes from the convention speaks about how you have to up hold up the one that you believe to be anointed. Where is the guideline for those rules.

PASTOR VITALE: The rule is, there are two guidelines. One guideline for the carnal person, the one who is still yet carnal. Another guideline for the spiritual person. For the carnal person the guideline is, when the man starts asking you to do things that you know are outrageous, such as killing your own children, or committing suicide, now you know this cannot be Jesus, and you go away.

You do not wage war against XXX XXXXX. You get out, you get out. The guideline for the man that is yet carnal, is if the man asks you to steal, if the man asks you to have sex with him, or if the man asks you to have sex with the other members. Was there sexual activity with XXX XXXXX?? I heard that he was having sex with a lot of the women.

Now you can read the ten commandments yourself, you know something has got to be wrong. When you see outright sin coming from the man, you know it is time to get out.

If you see a little imperfection in somebody, that is not a reason to leave. None of this is a reason to attack the minister, you leave. If it is bad enough, you leave. If it is not bad enough, you are supposed to try to help them. You are not supposed to crucify them because of it.

I cannot give you any more direct guidelines than that. Now if you are a spiritual person, God expects a little more from you. If you are a spiritual person, you might be discerning certain things in them. Even if you discern a problem in the minster, we are supposed to be in submission to Christ. We all are supposed to be, but if we are spiritual we are required to be in submission to Christ.

When God brings you to that place, there is not acceptable reason to leave a ministry other than that God has moved you out.

If you find a fault in a minster, as I have told you many times, you have the right to pray about it. Hopefully not to crucify the minister, but that He should help the minister. If the overall picture of the ministry is that they are serving God, that they are in submission to God, that there is evidence of His life in the ministry, if the people are growing, if there is improvement in the people, if there are blessing coming forth, then you see one or two things that are not perfect, ministers are still not perfect men.

Your purpose should be to help them overcome and not to try and kill them, because of that one, or two, or three, or five imperfection in them. The rule that I always had for myself was for so long as the anointing of God was obvious to me, obviously to me on the ministry, I do not want any trouble with the Lord. As long as God is still anointing that person, I am not touching God's anointed. I live this way with other ministers. You are not supposed to be touching God's anointed. Even if they are absolutely off, even if they are absolutely out of God's will, rotten, reprobate, backslidden. David would not touch Saul.

Then you ask the Lord, "Father do you want me to go? Look at what this person is doing, there is no fruit in the ministry, well there is fruit but it is wicked fruit. People are getting hurt, I see people here for fourteen years and they are still getting deliverance for the same thing, I cannot perceive the spirit, I cannot perceive the love, and what ever else you see. Father, do you want me to leave? Can I leave?"

To think any individual has the authority to correct the pastor or insist that they make a change because you think they are wrong is a big mistake. Do not discount the possibility if you are doing that, that they may not be wrong, because you have never been a pastor, you have never been in that rule before. You do not know what it is like, and you do not know what you are up against.

What God requires us to do, if you see a big problem, if you see sexual activity going on in the church, you do not even have to ask the Lord you just get out. You know you have to run.

If you see a couple of small things, the first thing you do it evaluate the overall picture. Is God moving here, or is He not? If the answer is yes, He is moving here, then you just pray for the person that God should bless them and help them on the little things. If you see there is no fruit and God is not moving, then your prayer should be, "Father should I leave? Or what do you require of me?"

Did I answer your question? See, it is not easy. Moving in Christ is not easy, but He is challenging us to grow up and not be children anymore. He is defiantly challenging us to do that. He will answer any question that you ask Him, either directly or through somebody else. Maybe through me for as long as you are here.

He will answer you, He wants you to ask Him, He wants each and everyone one of us how to handle us. That is what you are here for, we are in training. You are not here to pass the time of day. You are here to learn, to become a spiritual man.

I am at a place right now that the only one I really answer to is God. I went through years where I was under authority. I was under my parents, I was under my husband, I was under tyrannical employers, I was under other ministers. Right now at this time in my life, and I do not know what is coming tomorrow, but a this time in my life there is no one that I really answer to other that the Lord. For however it lasts, He could change this in a second. I know that I am capable of submitting because He sent me over to Nigeria, and put me under a very lovely man, but a very controlling man. For five weeks, it was very difficult, but I did it. I know that I could do it, I know that whatever God challenges me to do it in the future, I know that I will be able to do it, once I know it is of God.

One, you keep trying, and tell Him that you want to understand this, and He will teach you. Roles are constantly changing. I have one relationship with you, and I have a different relationship with you. I have a different relationship with each of you. I have a different relationship with XXXXX. It is his house, for as long as I am here.

With regard to his house, I am in submission to him. If I am upstairs, sitting at XXXX's dinning room table, I cannot go over and turn off his TV, because I think it is not polite to watch TV when you are sitting at the same dinner table with me. Do you know that there are people that would do that?

I know people that would come into your house, and say "XXX what do you mean watching TV while I am having dinner at your table, that is rude." I know people that would do that, that is ignorance. I guess I am in submission , but only in very minor ways to other people. If I go into a supermarket, I am in submission to the rules of the supermarket.

There is no major authority other than the Lord right now. I declare to you, that you do not find yourself in a place like this unless you have proven yourself faithful to the Lord.

If you are a person that...and carnal people cannot hear from God, I am not insulting anybody, if you are carnal, you are carnal. If you are white, you are white, if you are black you are black. I am not insulting anybody.

Carnal people could not function in a role like this, it would destroy them. Why? Because someone like me has the Christ internalized. He is internalized. When I do something wrong and He corrects me, I hear it. I hear the correction, and I make the change. I am not destroyed, I am growing in leaps and bounds.

To put a novice, to put an untrained person in a position like this, they would be utterly destroyed by it. Why? Because they would not hear the correction of the Lord, and they would go down the path of destruction.

Very frequently, God's judgments do not fall for a long time after you sin. They would go down the path of destruction, racking up all kinds of curses on them, bringing destruction all around them. It would be a terrible curse to put a "green" person in a position like this. Just the fact that the ministry is flourishing, and there is fruit coming forth, and there are many good things in an independent ministry, where the minister only answers to Christ. Even that sign alone has to mean there is something right here. Hallelujah Glory to God.

I thought you might be interested what the Lord had to say about these distressing dreams that I am having, because I am almost afraid to go to sleep at night. XXXX's prayer did not help me at all, and he is a very anointed man. It did not even touch it. I just have been crying out to God. I have been literally afraid to go to sleep at night. I will not go to sleep without praying and sometimes it is not too bad.

The other morning it woke me up in the middle of the night, I had to rebuke something in the middle of the night. I think it was Saturday, all day it was horrible. I thought you might be interested in what the Lord told me about it.

This is what He said to me. First, He reminded me that spiritual is spiritual. It is just a question of what spirit we are dealing with, and then He reminded me that everything Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, does is a counterfeit of the one true spirit which is God. Again, I do not know about you, I have been in the church for fifteen years, I do not know anybody that I would really call a spiritual person someone that moves in deep realms of the spirit, that travels in the spirit, gets deep predictions. I do not know anybody that moves in these areas.

There are plenty of people around today that move in those areas that move by Satan's spirit, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. They are in the occult.

They are all around us, astrologers, card readers, physics. They are on the TV, they are every where. The Lord frequently uses them as an example for me, because there seems to be not many examples in the church. In the past He has used Star Trek a lot. I was severely criticized for this, someone really persecuted me for it in that other church, went and complained to the pastor about me and everything.

This is what God has done with me, and the fruit is good. He taught me a lot of spiritual principles from Star Trek, and He said to me, "Now look at that, that is witchcraft, but this is the real thing." That is how He taught me. That is how He is teaching me now.

He said, "Do you recall ever seeing a movie or reading a book or seeing a newsreel about a physic that gets a dream that somebody is murdered, and they find out where the baby is buried. She goes to the police and she helps them solve the murder. Usually the policeman accuse her of the murder. I Have see a few movies like this. Usually the dream is so upsetting that they wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. They are shocked and horrified.

They say to the detective, "I am not asking for these dreams, they are just coming on me." The Lord said to me that I have entered into a very deep realm of the spirit, and this is the difference between the physic and what I am experiencing. People that are receiving this kind of experience from the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will get information or knowledge, usually about crimes, about murders, bad things, they are always bad things that are happening to somebody.

He said, in the realm of His spirit, I have entered into a very deep realm of the spirit where when I go to sleep at night, I and seeing the crimes. I am experiencing in the spirit, the crimes against God.

The physic experiences crimes against men. I am experiencing the crimes of the living soul that died against God. I believe the Lord told me that, because when I look over the dreams that I have, that is basically what they are. They are about crimes against God.

He still has not told me how He is being glorified in this, and I have asked Him if there is any way, or anything that I can do that I should not be so distressed, because if this is happening to me because I am entering into a deep realm of the spirit, I want to go all the way. I will do anything that God enables me to do to stand in full stature. That is how bad I want this thing. I want it so bad I could taste it.

I tell Him all the time, that there is not anything that I would not give up so long as He gives me whatever strength I need to give it up. That is how bad I want this thing. If this is what I have to go through, if it is a part of the transition that is coming in me, then I have to live with it. If there is something I can do, I would like to know, He has not answered me on that.

I think eventually these dreams will have to be used as warnings. Although, as you know, on some occasions they have warned me, but even though I get the dream, if it warns me of something ungodly, when the ungodliness hits me I am still never prepared. I am never prepared when it comes out of left field.

Of course, after it happens I can look back on the dream, and it is a witness to me that God was in it. but I have to tell you in all honesty that the warnings that I have had in this realm that I have entered into, maybe I am just starting, maybe it is brand new, it has not been much of a benefit to me that I had that dream twice where I have seen the man's face. To the best of my knowledge, I have had dreams about three people that I have not met yet.

Twice I saw their face, and when they came into my life I recognized them. Once I heard their name and information about them. When this person came into my life, I knew that it was the person in my dream. I cannot honestly tell you that I have benefitted from these dreams, it is just interesting. Like I said, even if it is a warning, so I know I am warned, when it happens I still get clobbered. I think I just have my toe in the water. As I move in more deeply, I think I will have a better idea of how this can be used for good.

I have no rest, I woke up in the middle of the night last night, I get up in the morning, I am all upset, I feel like I am all beat up. The Lord said that I am going through something similar to what these physics go through. Somewhere along the line, I hope it is not much longer, it has got to start to be used for good. I will keep you clued in.

COMMENT: What guidelines to you use to determine whether it is a dream having no basis whatsoever and a dream of God?

PASTOR VITALE: Usually if the dream is not from God, I do not remember it. It is just very hazy. If the dream is of God, I wake up with a very clear memory of the symbols. I have not a doubt in my mind that it is of God, that I will wake up with very clear symbols the most of which can be interpreted by looking the words up in the Scripture.

Now, of course, a bicycle is not in the Scripture, but we know falling on the rocks is, and falling into the water is a lot of those I read to you from the book of Revelation. If God will just give you the insight to see it, many of those points in the dream can be found in the Scripture.

Of course, you have to have a mature understanding of the Scripture. I do not mean to be picking on the rapture people, I know I talk about the rapture a lot. If you have false doctrine in your mind, if your doctrine is false doctrine you are going to have trouble using the Scripture to interpret your dreams.

Once you start getting a real grasp at what this Bible is saying and these dreams start coming forth, sometimes it just clicks in my mind. Scripture, Scripture, Scripture. That is what it means. Scripture

that is a strong witness to me that it is of God, and then, of course, I take the Scriptural symbols as my interpretation of what it means.

I had a dream not too long ago, I really do not want to go into it, but it was a very upsetting dream. I kept hearing the word in my head, "calamity." There was a rapist, I ran and I hid, and I took my children and I was hiding. There was a whole bunch of stuff going on in the dream. I kept hearing that it was a calamity. I looked up the word calamity in the Scripture. I think it was in the book of Proverbs.

COMMENT: Is it really there?

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is really there. I did not even know it is in the Scripture. It is really there. It was in the book of Proverbs. I studied that Scripture, and I got a whole interpretation of the dream. I believe it was something that was happening, nothing for me to do at this point, nothing for me to do about it. It is encouraging to know that I am entering into a deep realm of the spirit. I cannot say that I love waking up in the middle of the night with this stuff. If it is of God, and this is part of the process, Hallelujah.

I want to encourage you to see the positive of God in the Scripture for whatever His reason. The Scriptures, frequently in the King James Version and the modern day versions, sound very negative. They turn a lot of people off. They do not want to hear this blood and guts, this death and damnation. This hell and damnation, they do not what to hear it.

Of course, there is a lot of encouraging things in the prophets, but all they seem to hear, even when there are encouraging sentences, all that they hear is the death, and the hell, and the damnation. That is all they hear. They are not even interested in the positive Scriptures because what it sounds like is that there is going to be death and destruction, and He is going to heal. Well who wants the death and destruction?

They have to be able to hear that their carnality must die before we can be raised from the dead. For so long as we think that we are going to die and this body is going to be raised from the dead, can you not see that there is not life in this message? There is no life in that message. God is not dealing with our bodies. He is the God of the living, He is not the God of the dead. He is the God. Do you know what that means? What is alive in us?

COMMENT: The spirit that is in us.

PASTOR VITALE: The spirit in us, He is the God of our spirit. He is the God of the spirits of men. This flesh which our body is made up of, which our immortal soul is made up of, is just clay, it is death. He is not the God of the dead. That means He is not the God of your personality, He is the God of your spirit. Did I say immortal soul before? I meant mortal soul. His concern for your immortal soul is the Christ in you. Your mortal soul is your carnal mind.

His only concern for your body and your mortal soul is that it stays alive long enough for the Christ which is now growing out of your human spirit can survive without it. That is His only concern for it. Do you know what it is like? It would be like one of you ladies saying "I am pregnant, and my only concern for the amniotic sac which is in my body is that it stays attached until that baby is born."

What do they do with the amniotic sack after your baby is born? They throw it in the garbage. That is what we are. Very necessary until the Christ is fully born in us. After that, we are garbage. We are only going to be in this condition until the life of Christ in us can survive without this corruption. We are the fertilizer that He is growing in.



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