The Horse That Sat On Its Tail / Conflict Of The Ages

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We regret the technical difficulty with the first dream that we are interpreting.


Woman's Dream:


I can't remember all of the dream. I was in a really pretty green pasture. There were horses everywhere. I was with some girls who I did not know. We were walking, and all of a sudden, the horses got hysterical and started running like maniacs. You could see this white cloud chasing every single horse. All of a sudden the horses fall to the floor like the white walls of smoke was catching them. It was weird. We started running scared and I got through the smoke with these girls. I did not know who they were. I do not know what a bathroom was doing in the middle of a pasture, but there was a bathroom in the middle of the pasture. We run into the bathroom, and were saying what is going on? What is going on? Then all of a sudden we stick our heads out, and all the horses were sitting straight up in the air. The smoke had cleared away. They were sitting straight up on their tails. The tails were on the floor holding them up, and the tails on their feet, whatever you call them, were up in the air. They were looking like they were in a daze, like there was something wrong with them.


All of a sudden, this little horse comes into the bathroom with us. We said what is the matter, and are you okay, because the horse looked really scared. It was like a baby or a colt, whatever. Do you want to go pee pee? Then the horse like shakes his head and has a smile on his face. Then the pony or horse, whatever it was, sat on his tail. Then we started walking back to this big building. We went into the building, and there were around a hundred girls right there. All of the girls were really pretty and young, like twenty or twenty-five. Most of them had blonde hair. I do not remember what happened when we walked in there. I remember there was a woman there, like a teacher, who was showing us movies of this guy that owned a farm full of horses. She was trying to get his horses, and was going to send those bombs after his horses, so that they could stand on their tails too. Does any of it make any sense?


Pastor Vitale: What an exciting dream. I have told you that you are a prophet, because you get dreams from God. The Bible says that Israel is the Goodly Horse of the Lord. You know God is superior to men, just like men are superior to horses. God is superior to us. Sometimes we have trouble understanding spiritual things, so He explains it by saying we are His horse. What that means is that He is a higher life form than we are. He calls Israel, which is His chosen people, a horse. You know that man was with God in heaven in the beginning, and he fell. Man was in heaven with God and he fell down to a life that is similar to the animals. The Bible describes that as horses. The promise of the Bible is that God is coming, and He is going to raise us back up again to a life in the heavenlies. That does not mean flying away to heaven. It means He is going to give us spiritual authority over this world that we live in. What does that mean? It means no more sickness, no more money problems, no more emotional problems, but we are going to be victorious in everything that we set our hand to. Do you understand that?


The way the Bible describes it, in our fallen condition we are lying down in a bed. That is what the Bible symbol is. The day is coming that God is going to come to us and stand us up. This is an example. There was a little bird out here in front of the house. He fell out of the nest. He was safe on the high limb of the tree, and the poor little thing was either hurt or too young to fly, when he fell out of the nest. He was still alive and the pestilence, all the bugs, were all over him. I looked at him and I wanted to cry. He could not get away and he was just sitting there on the ground with all the bugs crawling over him. My friend was going to take him home because her nephew likes to take care of baby birds. She said there were hundreds of fleas all over it, so she could not take it home, because it would pollute the house. The next day he died.


Why am I telling you this? The Bible says we were in the high limb of a high tree, and we were very safe, until we fell down. The whole human race is sitting on the ground, and there are all kinds of spiritual bugs crawling over us that make us sick, make people mad at each other, and give people all kinds of trouble. The promise of the Bible is that God is going to put us back up in that high limb of the tree where the bugs cannot get us. We are not going to have these problems anymore. The way the Bible describes it is that right now we are lying down in the bed, but He is going to strengthen our legs, and He is going to strengthen our ankles, and He is going to give us the strength to stand up so the bugs are under our feet, instead of on top of our head.


Getting back to your dream, remember what I said about Israel being the goodly horse of the Lord. The horses typify Israel, and whoever believes and has faith in Jesus Christ is spiritual Israel. The horses came off their four legs, and stood up on their tails. They stopped living the animal life that is down here, or they stopped lying down in the bed, and they stood up straight, meaning that spiritual strength was given back to them. That means no more sickness, no more death, and just glory with Jesus Christ.


Comment: The horses in the dream were not on any feet at all.


Pastor Vitale: That is wonderful. They were standing on Christ.


Comment: What about the evil lady with the bomb?


Pastor Vitale: Lord, help me to explain this. I do not want to get so deep that you do not understand me. You know we are a soul, you and me. Right? Jesus is making us into a spirit man. Something is about to happen to everyone that is a soul, that is going to change them into a spirit. Everyone that is lying down on the bed is a soul, and when they stand up, they are going to be a spirit. When we are in our soul state of mind, when we are thinking like a soul, we get scared about what is going to happen to us because we do not understand it. To the soul mind, it looks like it is an enemy or an evil lady coming after us. The Bible says that the sons of God are coming, or that God is coming in a cloud. You said they looked like a whole bunch of clouds, right? The Bible says that the Lord is coming. We are all waiting for the Lord to appear again. It is going to be real soon. It says He is coming with clouds, which is plural. The reason they were on the grass is that Jesus is a Spirit. Jesus is a Spirit, and He is coming inside of soul men. He is going to appear in men. The men are down in the grass. What I am saying is, men who are souls, when Jesus appears in them, they are going to be spirits. That is what the dream meant. They were clouds, which is spirit, but they were down on the grass because it is men who were souls that were made spirit. They are going after the horses. To the horses, it looks like they are going to get hurt. That is just their soul mind understanding it that way. After it is all over, they are going to be standing on their tails.


Comment: The way they were acting in the dream, it was like it was an everyday occurrence.


Pastor Vitale: We are waiting. Do you know what a revival is?


Comment: I thought you were saying that after Jesus comes, everything is okay. This was like an everyday occurrence, like she was trying to torture them, to do something to them.


Pastor Vitale: That is how the soul mind sees it, but it is not going to happen in a second. It is a procedure. It is going to happen over a period of time. It is not going to happen to everybody at once. That is why when you went into the schoolroom, the teacher was teaching you about some other horses in another place, because it is not going to happen to everybody at once. When the first group of horses stand up on their tail, God is going to send them to help all the other horses that are still souls, and are still subject to all the bugs. The horses that are now up in a high safe place, He is going to send them to help the ones that are not there yet.


Comment: Do you think that lady was God?


Pastor Vitale: I do not really know, but I think that God was in her. The soul mind sees it as evil, but it is not evil. It is not evil. It is God coming to save us.


Comment: How come everybody was really young and beautiful, and they had blonde hair? There were a few with dark hair, but most of them had blonde hair.


Pastor Vitale: Everybody has sin. The Bible says we were born in sin and shaped in inequity. Everybody that is alive on the face of the earth today, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth, of course, we all have sin. That is the reason that we are dying. We inherited our sin. We were born this way, so Jesus is coming to cleanse us.


Comment: You know something funny, I remember looking at myself getting in the car, and I think I had blonde hair. It does not make any sense why I should have blonde hair.


Pastor Vitale: Why? Do you think Jesus is not going to cleanse you from sin?


Comment: Yes, but I do not want blonde hair.


Pastor Vitale: Oh, it is not going to be your real hair. That is just a symbol of your spiritual condition. Do you remember I had a dream about you a year ago, where I was looking all over for you? You were standing on a line outside the laundry room waiting to get washed. That is wonderful. That is your soul that is getting washed. Your blonde hair is just a symbol. You can have whatever color hair you want.


Comment: All these girls were young and perfect.


Pastor Vitale: Everybody is going to be perfect, but nobody is perfect now. That is why we have all these troubles. That is why it is really not accurate to say God is going to bless me because I am a good person. Nobody is good, except Jesus, but we are in the process of being made good. Everybody is going to be perfect when you stand up on your tail. You are going to be perfect. The reason everybody is young and perfect is that we are being truly born again. It is nice to say that we are born again, but we are really in the process of being born again. We are not really born again until Jesus appears in us. When He appears in us, the Bible says that is really the beginning of our life. It is the beginning of our true life. This life is just a bad dream. Everything that has hurt you over the years, and all the pain that you have experienced, you are having a bad dream. You are about to be born.


Do you know what the Bible says, and I hope you can understand this. You know that when a woman is pregnant, she carries the baby for nine months. The Bible says that we will come into our true life, that which we really are. The human race, you and me, are spiritually pregnant with the life of Jesus Christ. When He is fully born in us, He is going to stand us up on our tails, and we are going to be perfect, and we are not going to have any more problems. We are going to be as a new born. This is not life. This is like a bad dream. The Bible says we are in the belly of the earth being formed. Can you understand that? You are about to be born, and you were there in the dream, and your hair was blonde. How wonderful. God loves you very much. You were called.


This is the interpretation of the second dream called the Conflict Of The Ages.


Woman's Dream:


This dream really troubled me. I woke up feeling confused. What I remember of it, I was taking care of a child, who was not mine, who was about four or five years old. I was not going to take care of this child, but the child was in trouble. It was in the city. I could see the buildings and the big streets. I do not know what was happening to this child. There was some kind of a battle, a war going on, and this child was going to get hurt. I think the child was on the enemy's side. The child wanted to kill me. She hated me. It was a little girl. I refused to let this little girl carry on like this. I picked her up and took her with me. She fought me to get down. I was running from this man who was going to kill me. It seemed that this man had changed and turned. It seemed like he had something to do with my brother for a moment, like just a flash, this man that wanted to kill me. I saw that this man was definitely a movie star from TV. I do not know this movie star's name, but he is a singer. In the dream, he was a very good singer. The scene changed from the streets to open land that I was traveling across with this child. I had this child in my arms, and I was either running or trying to get away. I was not just running from this man, but a whole clan, like what you would think is the mafia.


This particular man's face is very clear in the dream. In reality, I see him in movies. He is very popular and famous. He has got power and is very good looking. He has been in some of the older movies, where he has played the lover type, but also some roles with a gun.


Going back to the dream, I do not exactly remember, but seeing this man was shocking to me. He was in this dream as I tried to get away with this child. Then I began to fly, but it was hard to rise up in the air. It was hard. I was getting up to the level of the trees and the telephone lines. I was livid when I found out that he could fly too. He began to fly with me. I decided to sing songs. I said I am going to sing. He said, no, you are not. He said you are not going to sing, and he tried to kill me. He was trying to kill me. It was this man who had power, who was a movie star. He said he was going to kill me, and I woke up before this was finished out, it seemed. I was kind of glad because this was kind of like a nightmare. The child resisted me, and the child was going to kill me too. The child hated me. She hated me and she was going to kill me. This is shocking to me because this man is a movie star with fame, money and power, and he is telling me that I am not going to sing. He sang along with me for a moment, mocking me. It was terrible. He mocked me. Everything about Christ that I was singing, he mocked me. He said you are not going to sing. This guy was really going to kill me. He had this adamic face that was nice looking, and he was very strong in his face. His eyes had a very strong look, adamic, very powerful.


We were flying near the area where we both came down. As the dream was ending, there was this woman there that had opened up this manhole. She was working, doing a man's type of a job with straps on her. She was outside, but she had lifted the manhole cover off. It was not on the street. It was on the sidewalk corner with some sort of sign, to cause people to take notice, like men working. I tried to get her to trap that man down in there because he had gone down there for something. He started to go down there to about his waist, and I tried to get her to force him down further, to trap him, so that I could get away. From what I remember, she could not quite comprehend what I was saying, that this guy was not on my side, and that he was an enemy. I woke up. That is what I remember.


Pastor Vitale: This man had power and this powerful man said you cannot sing. You gave a whole description of who this man is in the dream and we found the message was not recording. We drew the conclusion based on scriptural principles that this very good looking man was charismatic. That was the look that you saw in his eyes. He was seductive towards the entire living soul that he typified. Satan, in the living soul, who is committing adultery with every member of the human race. He was good looking and a very well known movie star because every member of the human race knows him. He was a singer and music in the Scripture refers to spiritual power. It can refer to the spiritual power of the living soul or to the spiritual power of Christ. It simply means spiritual power. We have to examine the surrounding circumstances of a dream or the surrounding scriptures to determine whether it is ungodly spiritual power or Godly spiritual power. Ungodly power is soulish, and rooted in Satan. Godly spiritual power is of Christ. In this dream he was well known. He was a movie star and a lover, but he also had a criminal element. She saw him with a gun. This is the living soul to the majority, if not the whole human race, with a few exceptions that are starting to enter into Christ.


He is the most desirable man that we could ever want. The whole human race is deceived because first of all, he is not a man. She is a female. She is a spiritual female. The whole human race has been seduced. We have been dwelling with Satan, who is female, for all of these thousands of years. Of course, in the dream, you were singing a different song. We are told in the Book of Revelation that God is going to give us a new song. That song typifies spiritual power. Jesus is giving us His spiritual power. That is the new song that we are about to sing. I guess there is no way I can repeat what I said earlier. I will just have to go by the Spirit. We have this very powerful man. One of the things in the dream that was emphasized was how powerful this man was. The man typifies Satan, who is dwelling and married to the living soul. He is very powerful. We are told that, if I am not mistaken, in the Book of Isaiah or one of the prophets. I am pretty sure it is Isaiah and it is in the chapter that we did the #31 Series on. I could be mistaken, but I think it is Isaiah, chapter 24. This is the man that has deceived the entire world.


How has he deceived us? He has deceived us into agreeing with his mind. The entire world has fallen into the delusion that is this world's system. We have talked about illusions before. This is on one of the more recent messages of spiritual principles. This did not get on a message. This was in the conversation after the meeting. We were having coffee at the table, and the Lord was saying that this whole world system is an illusion. It is the projection, the physical manifestation of the satanic mind, for the people who are in a spiritual realm, whereby they do not have the spiritual strength to resist this ultimate mind control. The whole world system that we live in is a manifestation of the spiritual strength of Satan's mind. Satan's mind is what has created hell. If we are trapped here in any way, whatever our spiritual jail is, it is because Satan's mind is stronger than our mind.


The example that I used during this conversation was Star Trek. Now if anyone ever hears this message, I do not know what you will do with it, or what you will let me do with it. I am not into witchcraft, but spiritual is spiritual, and God has let me watch Star Trek as He would teach me spiritual principles from it. For every witchcraft spiritual principle, which is the counterfeit, there is a true spiritual principle. What I said, at the table the other night, was that this whole world system is an illusion that we are trapped in. It is of such a high spiritual order that, for us, it is reality. This illusion is reality for us. Why? It is because we are so spiritually weak. In the Star Trek Movie, Kirk was subjected to this jail. He was in a cage like in a zoo. What happened to him was his mind was so strong that he realized that his bars in his cage was a projection of his captor's mind. By his own strength, he refused to believe it, and the cage disappeared.


This is our condition. There is only one man that has ever lived that has a mind strong enough to resist the mind control of Satan, and tear down the jailhouse. That is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are all subject to the illusion of this world system. We are locked in a jail that is created by the mind of Satan, and we are not strong enough in spiritual strength to say, I do not believe your mind. My mind said I am not in jail, and therefore, the jail is going to fall away. This is mind control in our adamic strength, by which we shall never overcome Satan, but the Lord Jesus Christ, He has the mind of God, and this is the battle of the ages. Whose reality shall we live in? Satan's reality, which says you are my victim, you are my slave, in however it is manifesting in each individual's life, and I shall live through your flesh. Or are we subject to the mind of God that says you are no man's servant, you belong to me, let the bars fall away. Do you understand what I am saying to you?


That principle in Star Trek was true, but the lie about it is that any natural man has the spiritual strength to overcome this mind control. Only Christ can do it for us, to partake of Christ's mind to deliver us from the destruction that is in our life, because Satan said that is our place or that is what is happening to us. The only way we can benefit, the only lasting way, that we are going to benefit from Christ's sacrifice is to have Him inside of us, overcoming Satan within our very own mind. Then any help that He gives us will be permanent, for us, for our descendants, and for our families. God put that in.


We are going on with your dream. That is the man in the dream. I believe in the dream, you typified the living soul that is maturing in Christ. Why? Because you recognized that the man was evil, and you were running away from him. You recognized that he was having a bad dream. You must be imagining it. No one is trying to kill you. Who is trying to kill you? You must have a devil. No one is trying to kill you. Jesus said, why are you trying to kill me? They said, oh you must have a devil. No one is trying to kill you. But Jesus knew their hearts better than they did. I think that a lot of them really had no idea that they were trying to kill Him, but they were. Satan, in them, was trying to kill Him. You represent the part of the world, which is in Christ, that is beginning to recognize the spiritual reality of our condition. There is a way of escape through your musical instrument, by singing the songs of Christ, which spiritually mean by starting to move in His Spirit. There is a way of escape in the mind of Christ, which is going to break the power of Satan's illusion over you.


You know Satan has written on all of our souls. For you, personally, he has written on your soul, and he has written some terrible things on your soul. Without Jesus Christ giving another concept of you, projecting another concept of you into your spiritual being, you shall fulfill everything that Satan has written on your soul. I say that for every human being alive. Only Christ, becoming your new mind can give you a new end. Hopefully, you are going to stand up in spiritual strength and not come to an end. Only Christ can change what has been written about you. Pilot said, what I have written, I have written. What the living soul has written about every human being alive is what is written. There is only one man in the entire universe that had the strength to change what has been written. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ.


Alleluia! This is so anointed, I am shaking for saying it. In the dream, you typified that woman of the church world, which is still female, because it is you. You are a female. They are playing the song of Christ. They are starting to move in His spiritual authority, and starting to think with His mind. Because they are starting to think with His mind, they are starting to see the truth. The truth is this spiritual entity that we have been committing adultery with for thousands of years, that her true goal for us is to utterly destroy us. Because we are starting to see the truth, she who is in the form of a male, because she has usurped the male role, is chasing us and trying to kill us, as typified by you in the dream. Those of us that are moving in Christ, are sounding the alarm. It is the last trumpet. If you heard the Noah messages, we are doing what Ham did. We are saying, look at what happened. Look at the spiritual truth, there is a spiritual life in us, and he is charismatic. Everybody loves him, everybody desires him, but he is killing you if you yield to him. You were sounding the alarm and he was trying to kill you.


The woman was standing by the manhole and saying, I do not know what you are talking about. What are you talking about? You must have a devil. There must be something wrong with you, because I simply cannot understand what you are saying. Look at this man. He is a movie star and he is not hurting anybody. You really must have a devil. In the dream you said she was saying, he is harmless and not hurting anybody, why do you want me to do this? He is killing the whole human race. The manhole. The woman who had the dream just got the word that the manhole is the bottomless pit, and that she wanted the woman to trap him in the bottomless pit, and she only looked at her real funny. Yes, that was going to be the next word out of my mouth.


Not only the world, but the whole Church world, looks at me when I say this. They say I am crazy and that I am preaching a false doctrine. Jesus died on the cross and we are under the blood. What are you talking about? Satan must be trapped in the bottomless pit. The woman having the dream said, these dreams are very important, a lot more than I think. In the dream there were signs like a square yellow sign erected. I do not remember what it said, but it was yellow and it was erected right above the manhole. While we were flying, we held onto that, and right by that yellow sign was where he said, no, you are not going to sing that song. He was in that manhole right up to his waist.


Yellow is the color of the sun. Jesus is our new sun. You have a new sun, and He is standing right over the manhole, and Satan went down into the manhole. He was chasing you, and it looked like he had the authority to kill you. It looked like it enough to scare you, but what happened was that you both came down, and Satan went down in the manhole. You were above ground, and he went down up to his waist, which means he is going down under the Christ in you. He is on his way down under. Glory to God.


This dream is not just for you. This dream is for the whole world, for the Church and the world. Just to make it clear, not only the Church, but the world is in two camps right now. Everybody that is in the Church, that is not understanding these things because Christ is being formed in them, is in the second category. This is hard to take, but it is the truth. If you are a Christian and Christ is not being formed in you, it is not likely you are going to understand this. God is lumping you with the heathen. The woman by the manhole is the rest of the world, which includes the Church that does not have Christ formed in them, that cannot see the danger, that cannot see the warfare. They just do not understand what is going on, and standing right next to her is the battle of the ages. They are all looking at the Middle East, but the battle of the ages is happening right here in the earth, and it is happening in a small group of people, and the rest of the Church and the world is standing right by. Not only do they not understand it, they really do not even comprehend that it is going on.


Just let me flip through my notes to see if there is anything else that I want to comment on. The man wanted to kill you. He was a singer, and the scene changed from the city streets to the open land, and you were traveling. Of course, there was a woman in there, and also the child. There are really only two categories, those in whom Christ is being formed and those in whom He is not being formed. Now the group of people in whom Christ is being formed have a small child. What that means is that small child, the group in whom Christ is being formed, is divided into two parts. There are those who are more mature and those who are less mature. That is the end time ministry, the true Melchisedec priesthood. The less mature, the people who are not priests that are in this group, that God is forming Christ in them and drawing them into this, they are trying to kill the true sons of God just as fiercely as the living soul is trying to kill.


The woman who had the dream said, this little girl in the dream hated me. She was about four or five, so she was not easy to carry. I would like to know what that means, that I had to fly with her. I was trying to rise up in the air with her to fly and she was heavy. It was not just like carrying a little baby. She fought me. She kicked and fought. She hated me, and she wanted me killed like the rest of them. There was more than just one besides this particular one, this movie star. She fought me and I was trying to save her life, and she could not understand that I knew that I had to save her. When I took her with me, I thought I will save her, and I am taking her with me against her will. I know she hates me and does not want me to take care of her, but I am going to do it anyway.


This is the ministry of Christ in the believer that is not in full stature, but is moving in the two witness company or the Melchisedec priesthood. There are many names for it. This is the ministry where a believer is sent by Christ to die for another believer. That is the ministry that is present here. I am sure it is in other people too, but it is present here. There is a lot of rejection. God sends us, those of us that are in this company, to believers to begin the judgment of their soul. What is that? To expose sin in their soul. The one who is having sin exposed in their soul does not like it. Most of the time, they decide that you are not of God, and they hate you. They kick and they scratch, and they come against you with the spiritual power of their carnal minds. They tell you that they have to safeguard their souls against you, that you are trying to kill them, and that you are trying to destroy them. What they do not understand is that all that is true, but that it is their adamic soul that Christ, in you, is trying to kill.


Here we are, a company that is moving in Christ, to start bringing the next group of believers, that are qualified for this transformation in their souls, to start extending that ministry to them. Instead of saying welcome, I am so glad you are here to help me convert into Christ, they are meeting us with weapons, with hatred, and with bows and arrows. They are defending themselves against Christ in us like that little girl that you were carrying in the dream. There are many of them. The spiritual weight against someone that is in this ministry is very heavy and it pulls you down. By the grace of Jesus Christ, in our minds, we are going to fly and that male company is going to fly with us. By the power and grace of Jesus Christ, they will eventually overcome their own souls and grow up and become a part of the ministry that is going to go out to other believers. This is how the Melchisedec priesthood will increase in members. As each member finds the strength in Christ to come into that ministry, they will be sent to two or three or four or five or as many as you can bear. God is not going to give you so many spiritual children that you are going to be destroyed, but He is going to give you the maximum that you can bear. There are a whole group of believers out there that Jesus is ready to overcome in, and they do not have the strength to do it themselves. Jesus sends those of us in this Melchisedec priesthood to strengthen them and help them to look upon their own souls, which is very painful. There are natural defenses that are built into our mind.


The woman who had the dream says this girl was lost in the city and she was around destructive machinery or something like destructive people. That man wanted to kill her and me. She did not understand that he wanted to kill her.


The Scripture clearly calls us a city. Jesus said you are cities. That city with all the destructive machinery is your adamic soul that your spirit is living in. You are spirit and your spirit is living in a city. It is the city right now of Adam. That is where we are to escape from. From the city of Adam, we are to enter into the new Jerusalem, which is another city. The machinery typifies or identifies the city as adamic because machinery is man's way of getting things done. All that meant was that you were dwelling in the adamic city. When we first start leaving our adamic city, we go out into a open field.


The woman who had the dream said the little girl was very reluctant to leave. She wanted to stay there, but she was in danger. I picked her up and I think that she kind of joined with me when I flew with her in the air. She kind of hung on to me. Either she enjoyed it or she stopped fighting me as I was flying.


There is a whole company of believers in whom Christ is trying to be born, but are not strong enough to work with Him. Those are the people that the more mature sons are being sent to. It does not mean that one person is better than the other. The Scripture clearly states that if you are one of those that have been strengthened, that you are to strengthen your brother. There is no exaltation of self in this. Christ is determined to save this entire living soul. There is a group of people that by His election only are spiritually strong, and they are going forth to help the others. That is the size of it. The people that we help will not work with us. They will hate us and think evil of us. They will lie about us, and they will try to kill us, sometimes spiritually and sometimes physically. Jesus said we are to die with them, or die for them. We are never to take anything that they do personally or in any ungodly way. We are to be available to help them no matter what happens. Why? Because we have become the guardians of Christ's children. We have a very heavy responsibility, and we are to get them through in accordance with God's individual plan for us, and any individual person that you are involved with.


Let me see what else I am going to say here before we have to go. You had a flash of your brother. That was just indicating wickedness because we know you had a bad experience with your brother. Of course, the living soul is your brother. We all are of Adam. We are all of one blood. We were just talking about the streets changing from the city to the open field. I just addressed that issue, but you did succeed in flying out of the city. That means you have really taken significant strides in Christ, that you exited the adamic city and you entered into the open field. In due season you shall enter into the city of Christ. There is a time and a season. Now we have to abide in that wilderness before we can enter into Christ.


The woman who had the dream mentions the residential area with the trees and the corner where the manhole cover was. She asks is that the area of Christ and the manhole the bottomless pit?


I think you were back in the adamic city then, but you were standing above it, and Satan was going down under the streets of the city. He is being buried.


The woman who had the dream says, as I woke up, I remember him only starting to go in the pit up to his waist.


Well, he is not completely buried yet. I sure wish he was, but I know he is not in my mind. He is not completely buried, but he is on his way down under.


The woman who had the dream says, most of the Church world is that working woman saying why should we do that? She had the power to do it and I told her to do it, but she was looking at me funny, like why should I do that?


That is really a glorious dream because it is way beyond you individually. What it is saying is that even though most of the Church world refuses, or is unable because of blindness to enter into this spiritual warfare, for those few believers in whom Christ is manifesting, Satan is being buried and he is already up to his waist. Alleluia. I want to tell you that when the firstfruits stand up, I do not know how many it is going to be, but if it is as few as twelve across the world, when that firstfruits stand up, they are going to be such a powerful corporate manifestation of Christ that they are going to take the whole world by storm. People who could not even comprehend this are going to be putting Satan under their feet very rapidly. I have been waging this warfare for years. It is not going to take ten or fifteen years for these people.


The woman who had the dream says, when I saw that the man was down in the pit up to his waist, I was saying he is going to back out when he figures out what is going on. I said, quick, get him down there, and the woman was looking at me funny. I am going, quick, put the lid on it.


We are not to condemn any believer that is not engaging in this warfare. First there is the firstfruits company, and when they stand up it is going to bring the power of God into the Church, and into the world, in such strength that many are going to succeed indeed. There are many that cannot do it now. Many that do not understand it now are going to succeed. The Lord gave me a word as we sat in the meeting last night. We found out that many believed because Lazarus was raised from the dead. The Scripture does not say many believed because Jairus's daughter was raised from the dead. Nor does the Scripture say many believed because the widow's son was raised from the dead, but many believed because Lazarus was raised from the dead. We found out that when Lazarus was raised from the dead, he was raised in full stature. That is a witness that when this firstfruits company stands up, many will believe. When they believe they will start fighting the warfare and they are going to have an older brother in full spiritual strength. When a son of God in full spiritual stature comes over and lays hands on them, and says I crush your carnal mind, it is not going to take ten years for that carnal mind to crush. Maybe it will happen in a day.


The woman who had the dreams says, it is going to be easier for that child to receive once he is down in the bottomless pit. That child is going to have it a lot easier and it will not be fighting like that.


Many of them will believe. We are still going to have many human beings resisting. There still will be scribes and pharisees resisting the sons even when they are in full stature and trying to kill them. God is going to do it. This whole human race, every individual member is either going to come into Christ or live out their life and waste away as a menstrual egg, an egg that did not produce the Christ. God has not let me study it yet, so I still have not gotten this straight in my mind, but it will take between a thousand and fifteen hundred years. Every human being on the face of the earth is going to be in submission to Christ, at which point Jesus will be our mind and offer us up to the Father, which means we shall be made spirit and we will come out of these bodies. Alleluia.


Let me continue to go down this list here. You said it was not just a man, but it was a whole clan chasing you. Of course, this is the mind of all the people in the Church living out of their adamic mind who are trying to kill you. They do not like what you believe. They do not like the Church you go to. That is okay, but they will not leave you alone. They are against it in their mind. They hate it in their mind. If they could do it, they would turn you around in their mind. Then they turn around and say that you are trying to force them to believe your doctrine. The truth is they are trying to shut you up, but you do not have any problem with them believing what they want to believe. The truth is they are trying to stop you, but they cannot see it because their mind is negative. The movie star was acceptable to mankind. We talked about that. He had money and he had power. We know that all the money and the cattle belong to Jesus, but we know that in many instances He is letting Satan have that money until such time as Jesus takes over the world. He was a lover and he had a gun. We said that he was very charismatic and seductive and desirable. He has a criminal element. Human beings are very agreeable that we should worship money and worship sex and be involved in everything that Satan would lead us to be involved in. The world is in agreement with him.


In the dream you had seen the man on TV and you were trying to get away with the child. I find that very interesting that he is on TV because there are a lot of believers that tell you when Christ appears again, the whole world is going to know because he is going to be on TV. Glory to God. That is a manifestation of the carnal mind. Adam is on TV. When Christ appears He is going to appear in men. If God wants Him to appear to any individual, He will send a man manifesting Christ to that individual. You are not going to know that Christ is risen because He is going to get on TV. That is a manifestation of the carnal mind. Of course, you say you were running from the man, which is Adam, and you started to fly. Glory to God. Then he flew with you because he has spiritual power. This is significant. Those of us, when we resist, we shall surely fly, just like the woman in Revelation 12. If we resist, God will give us wings, but we have got to fight this battle. We have to fight this battle. You cannot be the woman standing by the manhole and expect to fly. You have got to at least submit yourself, at least pray, if God comes to you and honestly say, is this true? Is this true? Am I safeguarding my adamic soul? Am I breaking a relationship with you because I want to keep my soul alive? At least ask the Lord what is true. Those of us that are willing to do it, we shall surely fly if we abide in the conflict. Glory to God.


We have a woman who is relatively new in the ministry, and she was struggling with these messages, and having a hard time with it. God had witnessed to her that there was a lot of truth in this ministry. When she told me, I felt that she had wrestled with God like Jacob had wrestled with the angel. If it was of Him, she wanted it. Glory to God, she pressed through. Now she understands these messages, and she is going forward. As we submit ourselves to the anointing that is on the messages, it is nothing that I do of my own self, our carnal mind is destroyed and Christ is increased. The more that Christ is increased, the more we will understand. Glory to God.


In the dream you started to fly, and flying was very difficult. It is very hard to live out of Christ because the weight of that child, or whoever we are carrying, or even our own adamic life is dragging us down. Then of course Satan started to fly also. Yes, he has spiritual power. He chased us into the spiritual realm. What does that mean? That could mean a lot of things. It could mean that if you are a believer, and you are starting to be spiritual, well he starts praying charismatic witchcraft through you. Satan in the dream was charismatic. All that means is that when you are not spiritual he comes against you in the flesh, either in your own flesh or through others. When you become spiritual, he knows that he cannot stop you from being spiritual, so he tries to get you to use your spiritual power in a form of witchcraft. We have a whole Church full of believers that are praying charismatic witchcraft and they think it is God. Even in the higher realms of the spirit they do that. There are quite a few realms he has to pass through. Remember what the Lord said, offer to buy your food and your water and ask them to let you pass through in the Scripture. There are many armies of many nations that they had to pass through and wage war with to get to the promised land. That is what is happening in the spirit right now. There are many levels.


After you started to fly, you started to sing. You were flying and singing at the same time. That means you were moving in the power of Christ, both in your spirit and in your soul. Music is in the realm of the soul. The flying shows spiritual strength, and singing about Christ, that shows that you started to move in Christ in the realm of your soul. At that point, the movie star of Satan said, you better stop doing that. It is one thing to let you fly in the realm of the spirit, but when you start moving out of a different soul, then I am putting my foot down here. You are not going to live out of the soul of Christ, no way. At this point, Satan is no longer hiding. You see, when you move into spiritual power and start to fly, he flatters us. He says, oh yes, that is okay. You can have spiritual power, but here I will teach you how to pray that my work is still done through you. That is the charismatic witchcraft. Once the believer starts obeying Christ in their soul or in their conscious mind, Satan is not hiding anymore. That is when the warfare really starts. When any believer starts to obey Christ's mind instead of Satan's mind, that is when the warfare comes out into the open.


When you are aware that you are obeying Christ, if you are not already, you shall be aware of Satan's commands to you. You shall be aware of his response and his punishments when you disobey him. That is full fledge spiritual warfare. The only way we will ever take the victory over any ignorant or unwilling person praying psychic prayers against us is when we first take the victory over our own adamic mind. If they are still in a stage where they are going around blaming the spiritual warfare that is making us uncomfortable, on another person, there is no victory. We must come to an understanding, by the grace of God, that they can only hurt us or damage us because we have weaknesses or holes in our hedges. There are areas in which we have not yet moved fully into Christ. Jesus said, the prince of this world cometh and he has nothing in me. Yes, it is true someone's psychic prayers can harm you, but God uses it for your good. How? Because we have to overcome it. Through overcoming it in Christ, in love and forgiveness, and tolerance, we shall be strengthened in the weak areas of our soul that permit us to be damaged. Do you understand what I said?


Let me see what else is here. I would like to finish it. He threatened to kill her and the child resisted and tried to kill her. Those of us that are involved in this warfare, we are fighting against Satan in our own mind, and we are also fighting against Satan in those members of the Church that God has sent us to, to get them out of hell. God has sent us on a mission to get these people out of hell. Instead of welcoming us with cheers, they are hating us, cursing us, and aligning themselves with Satan, to not only resist us from saving them, but to bring us down. If they could do it, they would bring us down. You said in your dream that the child wanted to kill you. These spiritual children that Christ is trying to rescue from hell, are trying to kill Christ, the Christ in us. In case anyone does not understand me, I am not saying we are in full stature, but I am saying there is a line that we cross over. From the point that we cross over that line, our function, our purpose in life, is that Christ is manifesting through us more than fifty percent of the time, and we can be called servants of Christ, in that we are doing the work of Christ, even though we fall down to our adamic soul on occasion. Do you understand that? Did I make that clear? I am not in full stature. I would not have these clothes if I were in full stature.


The man had power and he said that you cannot sing. He forbade you to sing. We talked about that. He forbade you to move in the soul of Christ. It was bad enough that you had the power of Christ to fly, but as long as he could control you there, it was okay, but not when you start using that spiritual power to obey Jesus Christ. You see, we cannot refuse to obey Satan without spiritual power. It is impossible. First, God gives spiritual power to the Church, but the Church does not know what they are suppose to do with it. A large part of what the Church is doing with that spiritual power is not what it was given to them for. Spiritual power was given to the Church so that it could overcome Satan in their own mind. What are we saying? We are saying that Satan will tolerate the impartation of spiritual power to the Church. When he knows that there is nothing that he can do about it, he will tolerate it.


When the Church starts using that spiritual power to overcome him, that is where he forbids it and puts his foot down and will start to execute spiritual punishments in the life of the believer that tries to do it. This is the out and out warfare. Spiritual punishment is a reality and we must stand against it in the full battle array of Christ. He is trying to punish us. He will only be permitted to punish us to the extent that the Lord Jesus Christ permits him. The Lord Jesus Christ will permit him to punish us. Why? So that our arms and our muscles can become strengthened in spiritual warfare, so that we can overcome that punishment and be victorious in Christ. Jesus Christ has not prevented us, or delivered us, or exonerated us, or let us not be involved in this warfare over Satan in our own soul.


Jesus Christ has imparted spiritual strength to us by which we can overcome our adamic soul, which is ruled by Satan. He has given us the strength. He has given us the weapons. He has given us the wisdom. He has given us the knowledge, and we must wage the warfare. Glory to God.


I am just reading off my notes here. Satan is staying with her for awhile, while you typified the Church world, who is using the spiritual strength that Jesus gave you to come against him, or to use it for anything other than warfare against your own soul. Satan is in a lot of spiritual warfare. Satan is in a lot of things. I would not be surprised if he is involved in many prayers against making it in our home town. He is involved in a lot of prayers, in deliverance, in healing. There are a lot of believers casting out demons to exalt themselves. Jesus allows it. Why? Because He wants that person delivered. He knows that you are young in Christ, and even though it is your own pride saying you have the power to cast out demons, Jesus Christ will honor that prayer because He wants the other believer set free. Satan is very active in deliverance ministry, in ministry of healing, very very much so. I am not a musician, but I am told that there is a lot of pride and competition in the music ministry. Satan is very active in the spiritual manifestations in the Church world. He is also active in the soulish manifestations of the Church world. He will agree with you, and go with you, and seduce you into letting him manifest through you until you turn that power against him.


When you turn that power against him, then it becomes all out open warfare, and he is totally exposed in your mind. When you turn that power on him in you, not in somebody else, when you lay hold of that spiritual weapon, which is Christ, and turn it against Satan in your mind, then the delusion and the deception is completely over. You will become more and more powerful until you are fully aware of his presence in your mind. The more clearer you see him, and the more strength you develop through practice in defeating him, the more you will become aware of his devices and his workings in your mind, and the more you will overcome. If you stay with it, once we enter into the season, Lord willing, you shall surely put him down in the bottomless pit, and chain him up with the Christ in you, and you shall stand up in full stature. Glory to God. Alleluia


The next note I have is Satan sang with her for awhile. We talked about him having very strong adamic eyes. In the next scene you and the man landed near the manhole. Of course, the manhole is the gateway into the unconscious mind, the unseen hidden total darkness. The city, the street level, is the conscious mind. Of course, flying in the heavenlies means you are starting to ascend into Christ. Glory to God. This manhole is lifted off by a woman. We see the gateway to the unconscious mind or the gateway to hell was opened by the Church. The woman typifies the Church. The Church world does a lot of praying against Satan. They do not really understand what they are doing, but their prayers are not without consequence. This dream would indicate that no matter how much ignorance may be prevalent in the Church, that their prayers are doing something because we see that the Church world has opened the manhole.


They do not understand, as was said in the dream, that Satan has to be buried in it, and they do not understand the warfare. They have understood enough to use the spiritual power that God has given them to open the manhole. Glory to God. It shows we are not in this completely alone. You tried to get the work woman to trap the man who had threatened you in the manhole. The company that is moving in Christ is trying to convince the Church world to use their spiritual power a little further, and get the man in the hole, but of course we know, by and large, the Church world refuses to believe that Satan is in their minds. They insist on believing that he is outside of their minds, so they do not help her. You said in the dream that they could not even comprehend what she was talking about. They could not see it. Their eyes were blinded, but at the end of the dream, Satan was buried up to his waist.


I glory in that knowledge, that with the spiritual eyes of Christ, which I do not doubt brought forth this dream in your life, is that Jesus says that Satan is buried up to his waist. Hallelujah. As soon as he is buried up to his head, to the top of his head, there will be that firstfruits company of sons of God that will appear. When they appear, it is going to be much easier for the others or for the next group that are going to appear, that are going to come at His appearing to enter in. Then it is just a matter of time until the whole creation is translated into Christ in pure spirit form. Then Paul says, eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what the Lord has in store for us, who have become the new creation man. Glory to God. Hallelujah for all sons. Praise you Jesus.


1/22/10 mjs

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