The Sting Of The Son Of God, The Joseph Company And The Church

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This is about two dreams and their interpretation by Pastor Vitale:


Person With The Dream:


The dream takes place in a dangerous place like a campground. There were certain kinds of insects that were dangerous. There was a yellow and black spider and it had one leg that was longer than the others like a poisonous stinger. It came up to the fenced part of the yard. My family was there like for a vacation, yet it was not just for a vacation, because it was for something that made it a necessary place. I remember that the animals were in danger because of these kinds of spiders. This one spider, especially, was coming toward the window. The animals were a dog and three kittens. The kittens did not seem to have their mother at that point. They got on the dog's back for protection. The dog allowed them to get on his back and began protecting them. They crawled back away from where this thing was crawling around to kill them. They got up on his back and started clinging to his back and he was running around the fence, barking at the window, and was very disturbed over this huge spider. No one seemed to know what to do about it in the campground.


I went to the window or the door and I went outside because it became dangerous. Then the spider jumped on my hand and it dug into my hand with that stinger, and it got me. I go ooh, and I tried to pull it off with my other hand, and the spider jumped on that hand and bit that hand too. I could not stop it. I tried to get it again, and it jumped to the other hand and stung me about three times. I had something in my hand at that point like a piece of paper or towel or something. I pulled or peeled the spider off, and this time it took some skin off. It was very painful, sting like. I felt the sting of it. I took it off and I killed it with my right hand. I killed it, but not before it had stung me three times. In my mind, I said, oh is it going to be swelling as I looked at my hand. Then sure enough, it caused swelling. It stung me three times, this really dangerous poisonous spider. That was the dream.


Pastor Vitale's Interpretation:


Well, I have the interpretation for you. I would just like to state a couple of spiritual principles before I start talking. You may or may not recall that I have it on several of my messages, that when the sons of God manifest, they are going to appear to the mind of man as an evil enemy. I believe you were present during the times that we preached on the scorpions and sting of the sons of God. It is on the Revelation messages that the mind of man would perceive the sons of God, that were coming to set them free, as an enemy. If I remember your dream incorrectly, you should correct me, okay? I recall you telling me that you were in some kind of a campground with your family. I suggest it was the family of God. I recall you telling me that they had to be there. It was not just a fellowship. They had to be there for a purpose. I suggest to you that purpose is for the conversion of their soul from Adam unto Christ. Christ is that part of us that we were born with, our human spirit. It has to get separated from Adam, who is ruled by Satan, and transferred into the soul of Christ, which is heaven. Heaven is peace, truth, and everything we are looking for in life, but the adamic or satanic soul has to die because it is not going to release our true spiritual substance while it lives.


I suggest to you that the campground is the body of Christ in those believers that were there. They are the ones that are mature enough to receive this deliverance because it is not the whole Church at this time. It is just a small group that are being called to the firstfruits company. To receive this kind of deliverance, before you are mature enough, would surely destroy you. That is why some people look around and they ask why am I the only one. It is because, in this hour, God is just starting His deliverance of the Church. He is starting with a very few people.


Now there were three cats and a dog. Dogs in the Scripture typify demonic power. I do not know one scripture that says anything good about a dog. It always typifies a demonic power. Although I do not know of any kittens in the scripture, I know you and you seem to love cats and kittens. I do not believe this is the first dream that you have had about kittens. I believe that kittens typify the son of God that is very innocent. I recall you telling me that they had no mother. They were undefended, they were orphans. Whether their mother was dead or not is not the point. They were spiritual orphans in that there was no one taking care of them. That made them vulnerable. They saw what they perceived to be this big enemy coming towards them, which in reality is the hand of God, that is coming to kill their satanic or adamic souls. That is what He is coming to do.


At this stage of spiritual development in the Church, their mind is so completely adamic that they perceive the hand of God as an enemy. They did not know who to run to for protection because what they perceive to be this big wicked spider was, in fact, God in the flesh. It was a son of God coming towards them. Who did they run to? They ran to the dog, which is a type of demonic power. What that means is, they ran to their satanic spirit to defend them. Why? Because they saw God coming towards them as evil, and they perceived their satanic mind as good. This is the condition of the Church today. There is no condemnation in anyone that feels that way because the Scripture says that is how the Church and the individual members of the Church are going to react to the sons of God when they come forth with the stinging power of the Lord Jesus Christ unto deliverance from bondage to Satan. They are going to have everything mixed up in their head.


That is why when natural man gets into the trumpets and the vials, in the Book of Revelation, they see it as demon power when, in fact, it is the sons of God coming forth. There were three kittens. I would reason that the number three is the number that refers to completeness in Christ. What it means is that the whole of the Church world is going to have this mind towards the sons of God as they come forth, Christ in His people, as He comes forth to kill their souls so that they might receive eternal life. There is no eternal life without the death of our soul. They are going to run to Satan for defense. The reason it is three kittens is that it is referring to the whole of the body of Christ. This is the typical reaction of the individual member of the body of Christ. That is why we see the number three.


These kittens or the members of the body of Christ are running to Satan. Of course, they do not know they are doing it. I hope you understand that I am saying that. They do not understand what they are doing. They are just all confused in their mind. This is the whole body of Christ. I am not insulting you or anybody else. This is everyone, some with a little more strength than others, and some to a greater degree than others. This is going to be the typical reaction of everyone that the Lord comes to, to kill their soul, so that He might raise them from the dead unto to the life of the ages, in His life, which is heaven. Despite the kittens running to the dog for protection, which is their own adamic mind ruled by Satan, the sons of God in whom Almighty God is manifesting, got them anyway. There is no defense in Satan. He stung their right hand, and He stung their left hand, and He stung three times. There is no defense from the sting of the Lord. Indeed, this is the hour of His reaching out for His Church starting with just one here or one there. In this hour, there are so few that it is really hard to see, but it is Him, and He is coming for us. It seems to be your hour, xxxx. I did not make that judgment, God made that judgment.


In the Scripture, our hands typify our behavior. The Scripture talks about getting sealed on the forehead and in the hand, with the forehead typifying the mind, and the hand typifying the behavior. The forehead also typifies the unconscious mind, and the hand referring to the behavior, which would be the result of the conscious mind. We think in our conscious mind, and then we do. What was attacked in the dream was the behavior of the son that does not even understand that he is running to Satan for protection. If I understand your dream correctly, you were stung three times, which is the fullness of the treatment, and you did not die. You see, your adamic mind thinks that you are going to die from this deliverance that the Lord has purposed to bring forth in your life. You even said those words to me, that this is me, and I am going to die from this, and there is not going to be anything left of me. That was what you told me.


That is what the Scripture is talking about in Revelation 17, I believe. It says the city of Babylon was burning, and all the merchants were looking at her wailing, moaning, and groaning. This is on the 32 Series. They were saying, oh that great city, oh that great adamic soul. She is going to be destroyed, and she is never going to rise again. On that 32 Series, I preach that the reason they are so upset and unhappy is that their adamic mind has such control over them, they simply cannot understand that when their adamic soul dies, they are going to rise up in the life of Christ unto eternal life, in total deliverance from the torment of this present life.


For whatever reason that I do not know, for this is God's business, there is a certain group of people that are capable of understanding this. They are going to submit to God. They are going to submit to the pain, and they are going to submit to whatever they have to go through. He is going to kill their adamic soul and rise up in them and become their life. He is our life. What you were thinking is true. There will be nothing left of you, but Christ. What the adamic mind cannot see in this process is the, but Christ. There is a group of people, which appears to me to be very small, that He is going to go to with an explanation. He is going to ask them to understand and co-operate with Him, in a similar way or type that Jesus submitted to the cross with understanding, knowing what is going to happen. This is for a season. Whoever this is going to happen in, He is going to stand up in them, and they are going to be the firstfruits company.


After that, it is my understanding when that season is over, that in the next season, the firstfruits company that has been raised up, is being sent to the Church. I do not have all the details as to however He is going to do it. Those, whoever the Lord calls, they are going to be taken without understanding. All of the pain and difficult times that you are experiencing, are going to come upon them as a thief in the night, with no understanding. For whatever reason, God did not make a way that their carnal mind should understand it. I do not understand it. Do you know what I am talking about? Are you following me?


There is a second group that is going to go through this pain that is described in the Scripture as the locusts coming upon them and they are going to want to die. They are going to have all these suicidal thoughts, but they are not going to have the message. They are really going to think they are going to die. However it is going to manifest in their life, it is not going to be exactly the same in everybody's life, but it is going to be terrible. They are going to go through, without the understanding, but they are not going to die. They are going to be resurrected in Christ. The same thing is going to happen to the second group as happened to the first group, but the first group has the privilege of having been given the understanding.


In your dream, you were bit three times, which is the fullness of the procedure. I would say God is saying to you, that He has determined to give you the fullness of your deliverance. It is painful and it is frightening, but this is His judgment and He is coming for you. I believe He has raised me up to interpret your dream, to tell you that His image of Him as a wicked spider is Satan's understanding of Him. He is not a wicked spider. He is Almighty God. He is glorious. Although this is painful, and believe me, I am the last person to tell you it is not painful, because I have been through it, and I am still going through it. I am not in full stature yet. I am in a lot of pain frequently. Just know that it is painful, but He likens it to childbirth in the Scriptures. It is painful, but He has picked you to go this way. He is going to have His way with you. That is the dream where you are seeing Him as evil, and you are clinging to Satan as your protector.


If you think about it, that is just another way of saying what we were talking about last night. You are in agreement with your adamic mind in a lot of areas, and it is hindering your deliverance. The word of the Lord to you is that He is going to get you anyway. When did you have this dream? How long ago? You had it three nights ago. That was which day? This is Tuesday. You had this dream Sunday night then, the night of the day you left the service. That was when God spoke to you, and this is the interpretation of the dream. What did I leave out about the dream? Oh, the paper towel that you caught and killed the image of the spider with. Well, that could mean a couple of things. What you killed was the image. We know God cannot be killed. Right? I am not one hundred percent sure of what it could mean.


Person With The Dream:


The woman having the dream says you are calling it an image and I am calling it a spider. In real life, I killed that spider that was in my room, a kind of mixture of what happened in the dream.


Pastor Vitale:


Well, a spider is an image. Maybe the understanding will come forth as I am speaking with you. I just have a couple of suggestions with regard to that. Christ is a Spirit. He is invisible and He takes a form. The form that He is taking in your life right now is me. Satan is trying to kill what God has for you in this relationship. In the dream, as I was saying, you thought what was good was evil, and you destroyed it. That is what is happening in you right now. That is what is happening to Him. That is why I say to you the worst thing you could do is walk away. What Satan wants is for the relationship to be destroyed. Even if we remain friends, He wants to destroy the relationship of minister to disciple. Right now, I am the vessel that is stinging you. Coming forth from that stinging is life, and Satan wants you to walk away from it. He wants you to kill it.


Person With The Dream:


In my dream it was not life because it was taking off my skin.


Pastor Vitale:


Well it is taking off your skin. It is taking off your adamic skin. It is killing you. Also, in the dream that is how your adamic mind is perceiving what God is doing as something evil. It most certainly is taking off your adamic skin, because the skin typifies the foreskin. Remember that Christ is inside of you, and He is male. He is typified in the Scripture by a penis. To get out He has to be circumcised. A man's penis has a foreskin over it that needs to be cut away. It is called circumcision. Spiritually, it is the adamic soul. In the natural life, they take the baby and they cut that foreskin off and they throw it away, but in the spirit, nothing is thrown away. It just goes inside. The adamic soul is the foreskin that is covering over Christ, who is typified by a penis. In the Scripture it is typifying male spiritual strength. That foreskin has to come off, and that is Adam, and that is the pain that you are feeling. He is being stripped off of you. Is there anything else I left out? I had forgotten about the skin coming off.


Person With The Dream:


What did you say about me taking the paper towel and destroying the image?


Pastor Vitale:


Regarding the paper towel, paper is made out of wood. I do not know if you know that or not, but it is made from tree pulp. In the Scripture, Adam is typified as wood. So you took an adamic weapon, you took something made of the adamic soul, wood, and you crushed the image of Christ.


Person With The Dream:


What about my father and my mother and my natural family being there?


Pastor Vitale:


Well, it is because the whole Church is coming to this place, but the confrontation was with you. I think your family being there, on the one level, typified your family, which is your spiritual family. On the other hand, every human being on the face of the earth is going to be brought to a place where they are going to be confronted by a son of God. Only in this hour, the fact that it is so few of us, reinforces the adamic mind which says this is not God. In the hour after the sons of God appear, and they go forth, this is going to be so common place that people will not have the doctrine, but they will know that it is the sons of God. This will be happening across the whole face of the earth. It is doubly or triply hard for you because you are the only one that you see it happening to in this hour.


Person With The Dream:


In my other dream there were serpents and they were all together. They started unfolding from each other and going all over the place. I caught one, and held it by the throat, and it was vibrating in an attempt to hurt me. It attacked me on my hand a couple of times, but that was a serpent.


Pastor Vitale:


Is that the dream where the kitten beared its teeth at you?



Person With The Dream:


No, I remember telling you about it, but that is not the same dream.


Pastor Vitale:


Well, I really do not want to get into a different dream, and what I said about it the last time, because I do not remember it. You see, in that dream serpents could never typify Christ. Correct me if I remember wrong. You told me you were attacked by serpents. Who is attacking you? You see, this is the problem right here. In this dream serpents could never typify Christ. You told me there were a whole bunch of serpents and they stuck together in one big glob. Then they started unfolding from each other. Is that what you said? Well, that is your satanic mind.


Whether you could see it or not, the Lord has made tremendous progress. He has invaded your satanic mind. That is the first thing that is happening. If you recall my teaching, when I say satanic, it is the same thing as saying adamic. The adamic mind is a solid mass of spiritual matter. For us to get deliverance, God has to break it down. There is a scripture in the Psalms that says the wicked walk hand in hand. The adamic personality is a whole bunch of demons in all different parts that are fused together. When God comes to bring deliverance, He enters in as a man of war and He brings separation. By showing us our sins, when we confess it and repent, at that moment that area is separated out from the whole mass of spiritual matter. That is our adamic personality. Then He casts them out one at a time, but before they can be cast out, they have to be separated. That is what He is doing in your mind right now. He has gone in like a man of war, and in many instances through the words that I have spoken to you, and He separated, like bombed that adamic personality. It is breaking up into all these different demons. They are trying to sting you because they do not want you to be in agreement with this deliverance.


The encouraging part of this dream is that they separated, but they did sting you. Every time they take a victory in your mind, they are stinging you. Every time they turn you away from what God has for you they have, in fact, stung you and succeeded in their purpose for that moment. Those are the demons. That is your adamic mind breaking up. That is what is happening to you or that is what happened to you the other day. We cast a few of them out and all the others rallied just like an army on the battlefield in the natural. All the other troops came running forward, and everything that could, manifested in you.


You came under a severe onslaught. The specific purpose was to make you think that you have not had any deliverance, but that is not true. They are fighting with everything that they have got. Frequently, If you do not fight with the demons, they do not manifest. Only God knows what is in there that is going to be revealed as He starts casting them out. A lot of them sleep. They do not bother you unless you bother them. I think you know that to be true. Well, that is what happened to you Saturday. All of those demons that you saw in your dream uncurled.


Person With The Dream:


I hope you do not expect me to know everything about demons because I do not. I know very little. I have heard that demons sleep, and that they just lie dormant in there. I knew they were inactive and sometimes they do not manifest until way down the road somewhere.


Pastor Vitale:


No, I do not expect you to know. Sometimes I get frustrated because I try and teach you, and you do not want to be taught, but you are very open to me this morning.


You see, you are going so deep in. You are so close to a really profound deliverance, that what is going on in your mind would be in the natural as if it were like the calvary. Did you ever see one of those cowboy movies with all the soldiers inside the fort? They run and they blow the trumpet. They are blowing their trumpet and saying, everybody up, revelry. Everybody out of bed, everybody to the front lines. Our city is in danger of being destroyed. All those, that had been sleeping all these years, are being woke up by whoever is in charge in there. Satan, himself, or whatever, are all running to the forefront to convince you to get out of here. That is the size of what is happening.


That is what happened to you Saturday and Sunday. You are really really moving. I would not tell you that you are doing great if I did not think you were doing great. You were doing great, and you came under a severe attack, and you slid back a little, but that is okay. The Scripture says you could be cast down seven times, but you will never be destroyed. God will bring you back. It is a battle.


Person With The Dream:


This experience scared me. It did not happen over a particular incident where we disagreed, while it may have started with that. I submitted to prayer, but after the prayer I did not know this was going to happen to me.


Pastor Vitale:


I know it scared you. I did not know either, but you see, the Lord knew. That was why He had you call me after you left. I did not know either.


I reviewed this message of my interpretation of the dream and I would like to add some comments on points that I did not comment on. I am just going to go briefly down my list here. You mentioned the campground, which is referring to the Church world. By and large, the Church world thinks it is on vacation. It is not a conscious thinking, but it is all laughing and good times. That is because a large part of the Church is still in its infancy. All it wants to do is play all day. Sometimes it gets involved in some activities. It goes out and hands out tracts and things like that. That can be likened to a baby playing with its toys in the playpen. The Church is suppose to be growing up and becoming like its Father. By and large, the Church has not yet even entered into the procedure that is going to produce the image of Christ. That is what is happening to you xxxx.


I did not make it clear when I answered your question about the reason your family was there. Your family in the dream typified your spiritual family, which is the family of God. Now in your case, we know most of your family is saved. Your natural family in the dream typifies your spiritual family, but can also mean your natural family. They are in this place waiting with the rest of the world, at least the rest of the Church, if not the rest of the world, to have the image of Christ engraved upon their souls. Now the spider was yellow and black. It sounds like a black widow spider. All that I have to say about the colors and why it was a spider in your dream, was that very frequently something that we experience in our natural life will be transferred into a dream. It is just the way dreams work. I cannot explain why. I think that is why you saw a yellow and black spider. You told me that you killed one just like that. It must have frightened you to pierce through into your dream.


Also, I suggest to you that you would not have recognized a locust. I know I would not recognize a locust if I saw it in my dream. In accordance with our studies in the Book of Revelation, it is the locust that are going out to sting the adamic man. It is a combination of a locust, not being something that we see every day, and a spider. With you having had a frightening or upsetting experience with a spider, the insect appeared as a spider to you in your dream. The primary meaning behind it is that you saw this spider, whether it would have been a locust or a spider, you saw it as evil coming towards you. Now on the other hand, although I cannot find any spider in the Scripture, we do know that the sons of God are described as locusts, which is an insect. The spiritual significance behind that is that the Lord has an army that He has sent out, and is sending out, and shall send out, to devour the adamic souls of men. God sees all existence. I will call it life, for these purposes. All existence is as plants. Either we are an adamic plant or a plant of the Kingdom.


The Lord Jesus Christ is going out, and stripping away, and devouring, and eating up, and swallowing up the adamic life of this planet. We do have at least one witness in Revelation 9 where the sons of God are described as locusts. As far as the spider appearing in your dream, I would like to put this comment on the message. A black and yellow spider is a black widow spider. In the natural, the female of the species of the black widow spider, kills her mate after he impregnates her. In other words, her whole purpose is to get impregnated and bring forth young. The only purpose that the male has in her life is to impregnate her. Now we know that everything in the natural is the exact opposite of the way it is in the spiritual realm. We also know, if we stop to think about it, that the sole purpose for the Lord creating the living soul is that she should bring forth His offspring, which is Christ.


God's purpose in this creation is that He should appear in the realm of appearance. Since God is Spirit and has no form or shape, He needs to be married to a being made out of substance. He is giving His incorruptible seed, joining it to the seed of the living soul, and bringing forth His Christ, God in the flesh. When the purposes of God are accomplished, when Christ is fully born in the earth, and stands up in full stature, so that He no longer needs a human body to live in, He is going to swallow up the adamic souls of men. We see the purposes of God operating in the same way that the black widow spider operates. However, we are right back to the same point that we have spoken about again. When God does things like this, the carnal minds of man tend to see God as a great evil because he does not understand that life in Christ is far better than anything we could ever have attained through life in Adam. Our carnal mind, when it starts to grasp what is happening, becomes very frightened and sees God as evil.


Although not understanding that even though the male Spirit of God is destroying the female, after she produces the young, in the natural this destruction is utter destruction and the end of existence. But in the realm of the spirit, the destruction results in a resurrection of the dead, which is His wife who has borne the child, into the newness of the life of the Spirit. So it sounds the same, but it is very very different. When the carnal mind starts to hear these sayings, or see them in the Scripture, being carnal, she becomes very frightened. In the dream, you said that the spider had one extra long leg, which was a stinger. I would just like to make it clear, in case I did not make it clear, that the sons of God as typified by the locusts, will have stingers.


We also know that the Scripture talks about the sting of sin being death. You mentioned to me that you had another dream in which there were serpents that were stinging you. You thought, because both the spider and the serpents were stinging you, that they were probably the same spiritual source. I remind you that the Scripture clearly states that the sting of sin is death. Sin and death and everything associated with the adamic realm has a sting. I also remind you that the sons of God have a sting. The sting of the adamic realm produces death, and the sting that comes from the son of God produces the death of death, which is life. You may remember that teaching, when death is killed by the power of Almighty God, life comes forth.


Our adamic souls are being killed, and the result of it is that the life of Christ, which is far superior, will replace it and keep us alive. We shall no longer be living by the life of Satan, but we shall live by the resurrected life of Jesus Christ, which is what everybody is hoping for. It cannot happen until Adam dies first. This spider with its sting was indeed an instrument of death to your adamic soul. You were looking at it with your adamic eyes, and you were very frightened. Everything that you perceived was true. You just could not see the other side to it, that your true nature is not Adam. Your true nature is your human spirit, which is Christ, that is being saved. When the adamic soul dies, it is being rescued and transferred into the life of Christ, where you shall live in safety for the life of the ages.


You said that the spider was coming in a window. Windows in the Scripture refer to the going from one realm to another. When you are inside a building, one group is inside and the other group is outside. A window is a connection to two different places. Our natural example on one side of the window, you are in the house, and on the other side of the window, you are out in the street. One side of the window is the adamic realm, and the other side of the window is the spiritual realm of God. The spider, the son of God was coming towards you from the spiritual realm of God. He was attacking everything in you that is of the death realm, and he was trying to kill it, so that the life of Christ could come forth and deliver you, and resurrect you out from the death that you are dwelling in.


This is in regard to the kittens going to the dog's back for protection. First of all, I wanted to make a comment on the kittens. I do not know of any kittens in the Scripture, but I think that very few people would disagree with me, that in the world, cats are usually associated with witchcraft. What I am going to suggest to you is that cats are associated with spiritual power. Witchcraft is spiritual power, but in this dream and other dreams of yours, they were kittens. They were innocent and they needed to be protected. I am going to suggest to you that they typified the spiritual power that is in the human spirit, that is weak and undeveloped, and needs to be joined to the life of the Father to produce the Christ. The three kittens refer to the fullness of the human spirit of mankind, which is about to produce the child Christ, who is going to save the living soul in childbearing.


They got on the dog's back for protection. I remind you that in Revelation 17:3 it says, I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. I have this on a message, and I suggest to you that woman is the human spirit that is married to Satan, and has produced the carnal mind. She is sitting on the back of the beast, clinging to him for protection. I am suggesting to you that these kittens getting up on the back of the beast, that they were doing what human beings have been doing ever since they appeared on the earth. They were sitting on the back of the beast, which in your dream appeared as a dog, clinging to the adamic mind, which is ruled by Satan, for protection, because they just are without understanding, and they did not know what else to do. I remind you, and maybe you did not understand the messages when we were going through it, but all this is preached on the Revelation series. Even after Jesus Christ becomes our mind, we are going to be so used to doing things the adamic way, that we will not be able to stop. Jesus' answer to this problem is judgment. Judgment is going to stop our conscious mind from dealing with life and problems the adamic way, which is ruled by Satan. That is the judgment that you are going through right now.


As far as killing the spider, I touched on it lightly earlier on the message. I said that you killed what God had for you in this relationship, but I have to make a stronger statement because the Scripture says, that if you hate in your heart, you have killed. I have to tell you, that by thinking me evil, the Scripture says that you have killed me. That is my understanding of the Scripture, so you did, indeed, kill me, but I still lived. Paul said in the Scriptures, we are killed for your sake all the day long. Your evil thoughts towards me have indeed killed me, and I live because Jesus keeps raising me from the dead.


This is a very important thing that I left out. You said, the spider stung you, and it ripped your skin off, and you swelled. I say, hallelujah, it stung you with the word of God, which caused you pain. It ripped your adamic foreskin off of the Christ in you, and you swelled. You became pregnant with Christ. Hallelujah, I think that is glorious. Glory to God. He is going to come through. He is going to appear in you, and He is going to save you from all your destruction.


I wanted to point out to you about the many serpents in your second dream. You said the serpents buzzed. A buzz is a noise. I remind you of the teachings that the noise is the communication of the adamic man. In no way could that be associated with Christ. We already talked about the sting of sin is death. The sting of the serpent was continuing death in you. It was producing death in you. Now the sting of the spider, what your mind saw as the spider, was killing the death that was stinging you, producing the life of Christ.


The dream and its interpretation: The Joseph Company & The Church.


The beginning of the dream is mostly inaudible. This is bits and pieces.


Person With The Dream:


We were going uphill or something. She was cursing me, my little sister. I finally got a hold of her, and she was really against me. I said what is the matter with you? It was hurting me, you know. I tried to get her to talk to me, but she would not. She got in trouble with a couple of guys or something, and figured if I had been there to pick her up in my car, it never would have happened to her. There were a couple of good looking guys and another girl involved. She was really upset with me. She said this never would have happened to me if you had come and picked me up. I cried because I knew she did not trust me. She thought I was the cause of her problems. In another part of the dream I was with my brother, and my sister, and we were all in my car, the Chevrolet.


I was told by my mother that I had to babysit them. They were more upset than I was because they were older than I was. We were in my car, and all of a sudden the string broke on the clutch. I was underneath and trying to fix it. I was in the city when this happened. I was driving the car and I asked my sister to get in front of the wheel to guide the car while I reached under the seat and fixed the string. (Laughter) She said no, because she did not want to do it. I said to her, you are supposed to do what I say because I am babysitting you. She said no, Mom said I am babysitting you. I knew in my heart that my mother had told her that because she was so rebellious and would never accept my authority. She said that so she could stay home with me, so she could think she had the authority, but she does not. I knew that and it made me upset that my mother did not put my sister in her place.


I was mad and said, you know you are very rebellious. Very! I said, sit behind the wheel and guide it while I fix this. I again said, you are very rebellious against my authority. She had like a real strong mind and said you do not have any authority over us. You are not the mother. She was thinking that without saying it. I knew she was thinking that. I said I have my authority in Christ. She said crying, oh no, not in Christ. It came to the point where she had demons manifesting out of her, and I had to hold her down. I was commanding the demons to come out, and a demon of an actor spoke real low, like in a whisper. It was like a real ugly spirit was coming out of her like Sylvester Stallone, the movie actor. That was the dream.


It is so strange. I cannot imagine why I had a dream like this. We were in the car, and going uphill, and I prayed. My mom would always say, well kids, pray about it, so I said to the kids let us pray. I was a little bit afraid because we were stuck, and there were cars on the parkway, and I knew there was no place to pull over. We were like going through a tunnel, like the midtown tunnel. I said I know if we have faith this car is going to get up the hill. Even though I am not driving, the Lord will take it up the hill, if I just have faith. So we all began to pray. I was still upset at my sister for being so rebellious and not guiding the car. I got upset and said, I do not hear anybody praying. That was what I said. Someone said, I do not have to pray. I said, no you do not have to pray. I said, will somebody else pray? We all started to pray, and the Lord kept the car going without nothing. I realized half way up that He got it going fast enough to put the peddle to it, and the gas to it, so that I could get it up the hill, but I could not reach the clutch. All this time I was screwing it in underneath trying to fix it to use it. That was the end of the dream. I do not remember anymore after that.


Pastor Vitale:


To start off with a spiritual principle, this is what the Lord has shown me. First of all, let me say this. I found out recently what that Scripture in Joel that says, in the last days your old men shall dream dreams means. That Hebrew word that translates old men, it is the equivalent of the Greek word that is translated presbyters. It does not mean old men. It means elders. I believe the Lord has told me it is a sign of an elder. I have a lot of dreams, and I do not know whether you have had them before or not, but it is only the last couple of months that you are getting all of these dreams. As far as I am concerned, they are definitely of God. I never heard you talking to me about dreams before. You certainly did not have them as frequently. I have also been telling you that you are really moving into sonship. I have told you that you are headed right into the Kingdom. All of these dreams that you are having are an indication that you are definitely entering into a condition of eldership. I just want to tell you that does not mean that you do not need any kind of instruction or training or deliverance anymore. Remember, the heir is just like a servant until he is full grown. Amen.


It is just another witness that you are called to this firstfruits company, which I have been telling you for quite a while. This is just another witness to it. This is a spiritual principle that the Lord has only recently shown me. I have been having dreams like this for many years. He has shown me recently that dreams are symbolic, but on some level it is possible in a mature dream for a prediction to enter into the dream. Now prediction is an event that is coming in the future. We have to learn how to separate out prediction from the symbols of the dream. In other words, the dream is a fantasy, but in the midst of this fantasy, is a real fact that is about to come to pass in the near future. See, you had this dream that was a fantasy, but in the midst of the dream, the Lord gave you a nugget of information of the real world. In real life, your clutch was about to break, so that is another sign that you are even going deeper into eldership prediction by that entering in your dreams. You have every reason to be very excited.


Person With The Dream:


Tonight I was standing in front of my car, and I said, I have these dreams and they come true. I had this dream about my clutch, and my clutch just went out. This just happened in my dream, but I am standing there with no transportation. (Laughter)


Pastor Vitale:


You have every reason to be very very excited about what God is doing in your life. As far as the dream is concerned, I think I missed the beginning. I am a little tired. Fill me in if I left anything out. I recall you telling me that both of your sisters and brother was there. There was a little bit of a squabble, and you wound up being given the authority over them by your mother. Is that accurate? This is typifying the Joseph relationship to his other ten brothers that is manifesting in the Church today. If you recall the Book of Genesis, Joseph had an anointing on him that was higher than his ten brothers, but he was young and immature, and he did not know enough about envy to keep his mouth shut. He told his other ten brothers and they tried to kill him. They were very envious of him. They were very resentful of him, and they tried to kill him.


In this dream, you typify the 42nd generation, or the offspring, or the children of Jesus Christ, or the first fruits company, that is coming forth, or is about to come forth in the earth right now. Your natural sisters and brother typify the rest of the Church world that would be likened to Joseph's ten brothers. His brothers were envious, and the Church is rebellious and envious and angry. That was the relationship between you and your natural sisters and brother in the dream. You typified the Joseph company, or the sons of God in the Church today, and your relationship to the rest of the Church.


What is happening in this hour is that the Joseph company is not in full stature, but they are moving in a lot of authority. The Church world, by and large, is ninety nine percent rejecting them, and refusing to acknowledge their authority. As Jesus said in His parable, they are refusing to submit to that man. We will not serve that man is what they are saying, because you are just like we are. You are just natural men, just like other believers in the Church, and who are you to take authority over us? They refuse to recognize Christ in the firstfruits company because that firstfruits company is not yet in full stature. The spiritual reality is that there is a company of believers in the earth today, that although they are not in full stature, they do have a higher authority than the rest of the Church world.


Person With The Dream:


What does it mean that my little sister cursed me and blamed me for what happened with these two guys? What are the two good looking guys that had their hearts not right towards her, and they hurt her? She blamed me for it because I could not pick her up. I was not there to meet her need at that time. These two men did something wrong to her. She got hurt by them, and she said it never would have happened if I would have been there. She would not trust me after that. I was very hurt. It was a very traumatic thing for me. I got emotionally involved and I started crying.


Pastor Vitale:


What happened? These two men were flirting with her. Oh, I see, she felt you did not adequately protect her. Again, it is the relationship with the Joseph company and the rest of the Church world. On the one hand, the Church world is totally denying the authority of the Joseph company. Then on the other hand, they are expecting more of them than they can give in this hour. They are blaming, in very many cases, their trial and tribulations on them. In other words, these two men typify the seduction that came to your little sister, which is the Church world. A seduction or a temptation came to them and they were seduced and tempted. The Scripture says God does not tempt us. He tests us, but the devil tempts us. She fell into some form of temptation. Instead of confessing and repenting, the Church world is finding it much easier to blame Jesus or blame someone who they perceive has some form of authority on them.


It sounds like I am contradicting myself, but I am not. This is the way the carnal mind of man works. When it is to their benefit, they will acknowledge the authority of the son, and condemn him because he did not do what they would have liked him to do. On the other hand, they will deny his authority when it is convenient for them to deny their authority. That is what the carnal mind does. Did I answer your question? I just want to say one more thing. I just want to make this clear. I do not know that I made it clear. The Church world is entering into an hour of tribulation, of severe tribulation, and they do not think it is suppose to be coming upon them. They are condemning Christ, and they are condemning Christ in the firstfruits company, saying you did not protect us. We know that negative things that happen to us could only happen if there is sin in our life.


Now this is where people do not understand. Yes, we are forgiven, but what that does for us is that when the temptation or trial comes upon us, it will not destroy us. If we were not forgiven, it would bring destruction into our life. Because we are forgiven, it is used for our good to bring forth deliverance and help to impress the image of Christ in our life. The reason the trials can come upon us is because there is sin in our hearts. That is a very misunderstood point in the Church today. As the tribulation falls upon the Church, they are going to be condemning Christ in anyone in whom they see Christ. Instead of blaming themselves, they are going to call the good, which is Christ, they are going to call Him evil, and they are going to call the evil, which is their own hearts, good, making themselves righteous and Christ, evil.


The Scripture clearly states, in many places, that is what the carnal mind of man will do. It is the self righteousness of the pharisees. Actually, it is what Job did. Job said, you have no reason to be doing this to me, Lord. I have kept every point of the law. He did not understand that his heart was still wicked. He said, I kept every point of the law, therefore you had no right to do this to me. I do not think the book makes it clear, whether Job realized it or not, the fact that he called himself righteous without saying the words, he called God unrighteous. If he did not deserve what was happening to him, then God was an unrighteous God for doing it. That is what the Church world is doing in this hour. The judgments are already falling. They are going to intensify, and the pharisees in the Church are going to be saying they are righteous, and there is no way this could be happening to them, therefore God is evil.


We talked about this part of the dream before. The car is a natural means of transportation and you were in a tunnel. Normally a tunnel goes underwater and it connects one body of land to another body of land. You were transferring from the soul of Adam into the soul of Christ. Remember the teaching that if we have Christ, we now have two souls. The Lord is separating the spirit from the soul, and the bone from the marrow, to lay hold of our true life, which is our human spirit, and snatch it away from Satan in the carnal mind, and transfer it into the soul of Christ. I think it is just typifying the difficult path to the Kingdom of God. You went through a tunnel and then you went over a bridge. It is a difficult road to get from Adam unto Christ.


The transportation that you were using was a car, which is carnal transportation, which would mean dead works. Then your clutch broke, so this is talking about the whole Church world now that is typified in that car. The whole Church world is trying to get into Christ by works. They are giving out tracts and they are preaching everybody is going to hell. Even the Kingdom people are out there saying you are going to get in by believing this doctrine and by denying your lower self. I almost never hear it preached that the only way you are going to get in is when Christ is fully born in you. The whole Church world is trying to get into Christ by their own works. The car is breaking down, and the clutch is broken. If I recall your dream correctly, at one point you prayed and the power of God pulled you through. We are only going to enter into the Kingdom by the power of God.


Person With The Dream:


It was at that very moment that I was going through the tunnel, and my sister was saying, oh no, not Christ. Why would she say that? She was rebelling against my authority, not my natural authority, but she was denying my authority in Christ.


Pastor Vitale:


That was what Jesus went through with the pharisees. They stumbled at His flesh. He said, for what good works do you stone me? Then they said, we do not stone you for any good works. We stone you because you call yourself the Son of God. What I hear in this dream is that the Church world is in a very pharisee spiritual condition. I have been saying this for a long time. There is going to be a large percentage of the professing Church that is going to be among that group that is going to be locked out, saying, Lord, Lord, why did you not take me? He is going to say, I never knew you.


Person With The Dream:


In the dream, I was praying for my sister because she was upset. She had unforgiveness towards me and she hated me. She confessed it and I started crying, and then she started getting deliverance. I cried and then she got help after that.


Pastor Vitale:


This again is the condition of the relationship between the Church world and Christ in this hour. They believe their sins are forgiven and under the blood. Well, their sins are forgiven, but there is another step. Being forgiven is not enough. Our sins have to be purged out of us. We have to made virgins again. We have to be made white as snow, but the Church is not being taught that. Many are preaching and teaching that they are incapable of sin, which is a misunderstanding of what the Scripture quotes, he who is born of God cannot sin. I read that in a newsletter by someone supposedly in the ministry just today. We have taught here that he who is born of God, that is Christ, no, He cannot sin. In this hour, Christ is dwelling within the womb of our adamic soul and Adam can sin. The Church is not being taught properly.


When the Church finds out that these judgments are falling because of sin, or that they have been seduced by sin, many will be bitter towards God. I have to tell you that I have this revelation. Some of the trials that the Lord has placed upon me have been so severe that I have been bitter towards God. He has come to me, and He has shown it to me, and He has required me to confess it, and to repent, at which point He immediately forgave me and delivered me. I am blessed and have no problem confessing and repenting. Some people have a problem doing that. It is something to really seek God about if you have a problem in that area.


Back to your dream. That is the condition of the Church world today. They think that they should only say I repent and that they are okay. They do not understand the process that is going to make them as white as snow. They think that all they need is this superficial salvation experience by which they merely have received the promise. They will find out judgment is necessary. Most of them think they are just going to fly off to heaven, while judgment falls upon the world. When they find out that judgment is falling upon them, they shall be very bitter towards Jesus Christ.


The only other thing I remember you saying was that you cried for them. Crying typifies the compassion of Jesus, which we also taught at some of the meetings. A natural man can have sympathy for somebody and cry, and it really will not do them much good, but the compassion of Jesus, comes forth from the agape love. Sympathy comes forth from phileo love. The compassion of Jesus that comes forth from agape love carries with it the spiritual power to bring deliverance. When you cry, you are typifying Christ. That was typifying the compassion of Jesus, which brought forth the deliverance.


Person With The Dream:


In the dream, it hurt me that she did not trust me.


Pastor Vitale:


I believe I am a son. I am not in full stature, but I am a son, and I know that when I minister to somebody, and they accuse me falsely, or misunderstand me, or do not trust me, it is very painful for me. It causes me a lot of pain, great sadness and a lot of sorrow. I think that is also accurate in your dream. You see, roles keep changing. Take any individual believer. In one relationship they can be the Church and the person that is ministering to them can be Christ. They can hurt that minister, and then they can turn around, and in another relationship they could be the minister, and ministering to another disciple, who can turn around and hurt them. Roles keep changing.


Person With The Dream:


Why was Sylvester Stallone in the dream? I see him as a strong man.


Pastor Vitale:


He is a strong man, and also had boxing roles in all of his movies, like the Rocky movies. He has played anything but a spiritual man. I cannot imagine a role that would typify a more carnal earthy man. He is a strong man, muscle bound, and not spiritual at all. I have nothing against Sylvester Stallone. I would say that in your dream, he typifies Adam. When Christ in you cried, the deliverance came forth. The Church was delivered from Adam. This is what the Scripture teaches, that we are waiting for the sons of God to manifest, to come forth, not in the condemnation that is seen in the Church today. They are coming forth in the Love of Christ. That love, that compassion, that unconditional agape love, is what is going to translate the Church into the Kingdom.


1/29/10 mjs

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