The Spiritual Significance Of Food

Sent: Saturday, November 20, 1999

Subject: Herbivore-Carnivore


I had this dream sometime ago. I had said something in the dream concerning, I believe the doctrine of Christ, or you, I'm not sure what exactly. Where upon my sister (xxx, in the dream) proceeded to rebuke me. Then I just looked at her and said, Oh! you're such a big fool ,(but I didn't feel like I was abusing her). Then she said I was a Carnivore. Then I replied, she was a herbivore, found it funny and started laughing. When I woke up, I was quite worried.. about being a "carnivore". Pls interpret.

Regards, xxxxxxxx


PASTOR SHEILA: This is very interesting xxxxxxxx, especially since I have been speaking about this issue "into the spirit" recently. I had no idea it was for you.


Eastern eating habits have completely penetrated the more sophisticated elements of our society, especially the areas of alternative medicine and holistic healing. The eastern diet disdains animal flesh, and emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and grains, sometimes to the point of vegetarianism. I have just described the herbivore, an animal [man] that feeds mostly on plants.

Western medicine has picked up on this train of thought, and the current medical literature in the West warns against animal fat, suggesting that it is the cause of excessive cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other associated ailments. Yet, as our Western society continues to attempt to solve its health problems with diet and medication, alone, the Scripture clearly approves of the consumption of meat [carnivorous diet], and has nothing that I have ever seen to say about limiting the consumption of meat, but only prohibits the consumption of specific animals.

This has been a mystery to me for many years, but the Lord has recently shown me that the consumption of animal flesh imparts a level of physical and mental strength that cannot be attained from a vegetarian diet -- at least for the Westerner, and that the inclusion of animal flesh in the diet of Christians who engage in spiritual warfare, is a an essential part of the overcoming lifestyle.

The only information that I have to date is that, somehow, a vegetarian diet produces physical organs and a physical body, in general, that is conducive to the easy ascension of Kundalini into the higher energy center' of the counterfeit time line.

Accordingly, it is my perception that the vegetarian diet [herbivore] promotes the ascension of Kundalini, and a diet that emphasizes animal flesh [carnivore], which has been the case in the West for centuries, represses the ascension of Kundalini.

Also, when Christ is revived, the carnivorous diet provides the necessary energy to the personality to war against Satan and Leviathan to regenerate Christ Jesus, the true husband of Kundalini, the only one who can tame her, who joins Himself to Kundalini in a spiritual marriage under the authority of the glorified Jesus Christ.


There is something wrong with the teaching that partial or complete vegetarianism is the preferred diet for optimal health. Look at the great nations of Europe. Germans, Italians, Albanians, Swedes and the Irish, are just a few of many nationalities that are historically known for the renowned physical strength which has built the great railroads of the West, and made a prominent mark in the construction fields, such as masonry, bricklaying and logging. The great cities and bridges of Western civilization have all been built by flesh eating, Christian carnivores.

It is not my intention to disparage any ethnic group in any way. I am merely looking at the facts concerning the issue of race and diet. I see no evidence that the nationalities that have been consuming partial or complete vegetarian diets for centuries have produced structures requiring great physical strength and ingenuity. What I do see, is that the societies that emphasize partial or complete vegetarianism, have advanced spiritually, far beyond Western society.

Christ Jesus is not dependent upon the development of the physical organs to ascend into the higher energy centers of the true timeline, because Christ Jesus has access to the energy of the glorified Jesus Christ, which is beyond this fallen world. The unmarried Kundalini who ascends without Christ Jesus is limited to the energy within the human body and, apparently, a vegetarian diet produces human tissue that releases its energy more readily than human tissue that is produced from the consumption of animal flesh.

The Scripture says that the Jew is not to eat the same diet as the Heathen, concerning specific types of meat and fish, because the Jew is different. Many have misunderstood the principle of diet in the Scripture, yet I am convinced that our diet produces a body that either supports or suppresses Kundalini's ascension into the higher energy centers of the counterfeit time line.

Kundalini married to Christ Jesus is not dependent upon the physical body to ascend into the higher energy centers of the righteous timelime, but must rely upon the personality's rejection of Satan and Leviathan, her sin nature.

To the best of my knowledge, ascension into Leviathan's counterfeit timeline requires manipulation of the physical body, such as the practice of yoga, for example, and that spiritual ascension for a physical cripple is available only through the spiritual union of the carnal mind to Christ Jesus, which results in the destruction of the carnal mind.

The memory of this dream arose in your mind in response to Christ Jesus within me speaking about this issue "in the Spirit." What does this mean? "Speaking in the Spirit" means that I audibly address many issues when I am alone with the Lord. Usually I learn from what He speaks through my mouth, but sometimes I speak wisdom that I have already internalized. In such event, I know that the "Word" is for someone else.

Sometimes I have knowledge about who the "Word" is for, but more often, I do not. Sometimes, as in this case, I find out why I was addressing a particular issue, but not always.

So, Christ Jesus, speaking through my mouth, "called forth" your memory of this dream for the specific purpose of bringing forth this exhortation, which, there is not the slightest doubt in my mind, will be posted to the Web just in time to be found by the person whole urgently needs to read it.

Most likely this person has been praying for an answer for a long time, according to the carnal mind's expectations, that is. So this exhortation is also an excellent example of how complicated it is for the Lord to answer our questions. We see that, in this case, there have been at least two persons involved. I have been speaking the answer to this question into the Spirit for a couple of weeks. I don't know how long it took Christ within you to hear me, remind you of your dream, and convince you to write to me about it. And I certainly know that I did not respond to your email immediately.

Considering the circumstances, I will do all that I can to see this exhortation posted to the Web before I go to sleep this evening.

Thank you, xxxxxxxx, for sharing your dream with me at this time. How exciting it is to be a part of the spiritual ministry of Christ Jesus. Many are called to this ministry, but are deaf and blind and lame. May we all be healed and fully restored to the spiritual life in Christ. Amen and amen.

God bless you and everyone who bears [carries] his mark [nature].


Pastor Sheila

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