Spiritual Worm Dream

I was studying one of the mini topics, "The Three Stages of Resurrection, Experience for the Individual" from the message, 451-Part 4.

I had a dream three days ago. Forgot about it until, I was finishing up studying, and writing some study points about the message.

Here's the dream.

I was with a woman. I didn't see a physical woman. I heard the voice of a woman, and felt that there was a woman presence. She told me that she would teach me how to recognize the worm, in the earth. I said, What worm? She said looked at the circular movements, in the earth. I look, and saw the movements. We appear to be one. I was on her right side. She thrust her right hand, into the ground and pulled out a circular worm. It was vibrating and then it straightens out. She told me, to look. The worm spoke, it said, How did you recognize me, and know I was there?

The woman threw the worm back to the ground. The worm couldn't go back into the ground. It appeared to take on a coiled form.

Then we walking, on a set of straighten out train tracks. There was a train coming. It was pulling several box cars. She jumped onto one of them, and told me to do the same. I was running along the side the train, attempting to jump on a box car. There were several people watching, appear to be wondering what I was doing. I did manage to jump on my box car, behind her. (End of dream)


Some Scriptures Reference: John. 21:16;18, 2 Cor. 112:12-13, Rev. 12:9, 1 Cor. 9:24-25

I felt that the woman was you. Christ Jesus in you, teaching me (a representation of the people of L. E. M, and others. You were teaching us, about the fiery serpent movements, position, in the energy center of our earth. We are to recognize her with the spirit of Christ Jesus. When I said, What? Could mean a lack of understanding, and pride to admit one's spiritual state. When I looked upon the circular movements, in the earth, brings to mind that the fiery serpent, Is ascending, and causing problems, in our earth of self. When I agree too looked, an indication that I came into agreement of what you are teaching, and saying. We became one spirit, in Christ Jesus. Grabbing the fiery serpent, is saying to me that we are confessing, repenting of our sins, to stop her movements in our earth.

At some point, depending on our individual maturing growth, the glorified Christ Jesus, join with Christ Jesus in some of us, cast the fiery serpent back down into a coil position. She was not able to vibrate upward, because Christ Jesus has placed her, in her proper position. Leaving and going onto the train track, to me is saying that, we left the serpent time-line, and ascended into the time-line of Christ Jesus. Some of us ascend into Christ Jesus time-line. I was running to get on the train. We are to run our own race toward the time-line or accession of Christ Jesus. Yes, others are those close to us, may not understand. We must continue to strive toward Christ Jesus.

The thought came to me as I was writing this comment. That this dream could be talking about the appearing of the sons of God. The sons of God will be pointing out to the people their spiritual moments of their earth, in the serpent time-line,. They will all have the opportunity to be delivered from her accession, and so forth.

God Bless, xxxxx

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