Spiritual Soldiers

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 10:47 AM


Hello Pastor Vitale,

Pastor Vitale, this dream was mentally struggling..... as I felt I was experiencing it and indeed it was me...I think.

So, here it is:

There was this gathering.

[Pastor Vitale:] the Lord is gathering us together in Him

A gathering of soldiers.

[Pastor Vitale:] everyone that is gathered is spiritually male, and soldiers

They were all seated randomly. I was seeing smoke

[Pastor Vitale:] the burning of the carnal mind

Rev 18:18

18 And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! KJV

or maybe steam at few places here and there.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan's symbol is the sea. The Scriptural judgment for Satan is that she shall be boiled and the vapor of her distilled waters acquired by Christ

For some reason, this place had a characteristic red color to it (just like we put a red film in front of a normal physical place...) I was seeing red everywhere.

[Pastor Vitale:] red is the color of the female world (menstrual blood, etc)

Pastor Vitale, and here appeared this woman with a bow and an arrow.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan is a spiritual female warrior

Was she a soldier like them?

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan stands opposite the sons of God. She is not like them

I couldn't see that.. And she starting killing every soldier.

[Pastor Vitale:] this is the truth of the Christian's spiritual warfare

Some soldiers were aimed right at their foreheads.

[Pastor Vitale:] the Scripture calls this place "the place between the eyebrows." The forehead signifies a significant level of spiritual power

I was freaking out...panicking why she was killing them.

[Pastor Vitale:] this is usually the response when a believer first faces the truth of our spiritual condition in Christ: we have an enemy who really wants to kill us. The following is Matt 21:10, Alternate Translation Bible

21.10 And when [the disciples] came to the point of killing [Leviathan], their Carnal Mind, [Satan, Leviathan and Cain], their whole [spiritual] city, quaked with fear saying, Who is this [Jesus]?

When it was my turn, I told her, that there is no way I am dying in her hands. I just told her, that I just can't die in her hands.

[Pastor Vitale:] you chose to fight, while most Christians go into Denial as evidenced by 10 of the 12 spies bringing a bad report back from their investigation of the promised land

So, I quickly got up and ran away from there. (So, the chase began)

Pastor Vitale, the woman started chasing me.

[Pastor Vitale:] we are not supposed to fight in our own strength, so we run until Christ rises within us to fight for us

With the woman, even there was a man who was chasing me. They were together.

[Pastor Vitale:] the female Satan is the wife of the male Leviathan

I was running here and there for my life. She just wouldn't quit.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan will never give up. She must be overcome and completely defeated

At last.. after running here and there, I came near a house. Right in front of the house were dark color plants/shrubs..which were pretty big.

[Pastor Vitale:] suggests a spiritual plane

So, it was a good hideout.

I was looking through those shrubs for that woman. I was quite terrified.

Well, to my surprise...within moments, without my notice she was standing right behind me.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan manifests witchcraft power

She was wearing a night gown at that moment.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan controls us with either pain or pleasure. The nightgown signifies that Satan changed her tactics from frightening you by pursuing you, to seduction. This seduction can be spiritual or physical.

So, I had a physical struggle with her for a few moments.

[Pastor Vitale:] the words of your dream suggest a struggle concerning a physical seduction. This can mean a temptation to fornicate, but it could also mean temptation to do something wrong on your job, something unethical

She was trying to attack me...etc.. I was escaping her. And she did not have that bow and an arrow.

[Pastor Vitale:] seduction, rather than pain (fear)

I don't know how, but from somewhere I found a knife. I took the knife and made a good wide slash on her throat.

[Pastor Vitale:] you resisted the temptation, and attacked Satan in the source of her power, which is the throat

And she bled to death right there.

[Pastor Vitale:] congratulations! You overcame Satan's attempt to control you, both her pain and her pleasure!

(WOW! Pastor Vitale, believe me.. right in the dream, there was a great sigh of relief)

The man who was with her just disappeared. I did not see him, after she died.

[Pastor Vitale:] Satan is Leviathan's strength

1 Cor 15:56

56 The sting of death [Leviathan] is sin [Satan]; and the strength of sin [Satan] is the law. KJV

Satan is Leviathan's power. Leviathan/pride disappears when Satan is overcome.

Sincerely in Christ,
Sheila R. Vitale,
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries

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