Dealing With Contradictions

Good morning brethren. Further to our discussion at dinner last night, I would like to add the following: We must be careful to not endorse an ungodly solution to support a correct or understandable moral position.


In other words, it is very understandable that a woman would be concerned about the possibility of losing her husband and being left with young children to support and raise. One would hope that her husband would do every reasonable thing within his power to assuage her fears. The keyword is "reasonable."

However, should the concerned woman decide to take matters into her own hands and force her husband to agree to "her solution" to the problem, it then becomes a matter of ungodly control.

So one must be careful to not agree with ungodly control, or any ungodly solution to a righteous or understandable moral dilemma, which is what Xxxx was doing.

I am so glad we had the opportunity to discuss this issue last night because it is similar to being confronted with an antichrist spirit which typically presents contradictory principles. For example, an antichrist statement starts out with something that is true and is followed immediately by something that is not true. The average person recognizes that the first statement is true and automatically accepts the second statement which is not true.

So, as we saw a contradiction in the issue last night (the women's dilemma was understandable, but her solution was not), antichrist statements or ideas are always contradictory.

Both situations are called "leading....." The first principle "leads" you and the second principle traps you. Defeat mind control. Make sure you know where you are being led before you follow.

Have a great day.

Love you all,

Pastor Sheila R. Vitale