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Praise the Lord! In this message we will talk about the Sons of God. Many Christians believe a soul man will take on the qualities of a god; however, this is not the case at all.




And the LORD said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh:  and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.


When the Lord is manifesting in you to the extent that every word you say to someone is Christ, then you are a god for that moment. The day is coming that the moment shall become a moment without end. The reality of the Sons of God message is that Christ shall appear in our every thought, word, and deed to such an extent that we shall be as gods.


Aaron was His prophet. He was the one who was speaking the words. This is the whole crux of the Sons of God message. In the Old Testament when God appears in a man, then he becomes a god.


Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


Psalms 82:7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.


Israel was the recipient of the word of God. The Lord said to them that Christ does not have to appear in you. You have access to the law of God, and the potential to be a god.


They had the book; however, they did not implement the commandments. They had what it took to become a god; however, they did not do what they needed to do to become a god; therefore, they died like men.


In the book of Exodus 20, you can find the 10 commandments. Implement them, and move in the God sphere. Glory to God!


In the new covenant, we are empowered to do what we need to do in order to become gods. Christ within us will empower us to think the thoughts, speak the words, and do the deeds of Christ.  It is then, that we shall be as gods. As the Sons of God manifest, we can be gods one moment, and natural men in another moment.


Only the Lord Jesus Christ can determine whether your walk is close enough for you to be a participant of this kind of ministry. You can talk about it all you want, set yourself up, declare yourself, tear down people to whom it is has been granted; however, it will not do you one bit of good because the Lord is starting to execute the judgments against sin through believers that have a close walk with Him. The Lord is in His people today, and is executing judgment against sin.


Believers that do not understand what is happening can misconstrue this. They will turn around and say that you are judging out of your own heart. How can you judge somebody? You are cursing them. No Brethren, you must discern the spirit, and if you are not capable of discerning the spirit, then it is in your best interest to be quiet. You will be in danger, if you oppose the judgment of God when He is the one that is executing it. 


God wants me to tell you that I am His prophet. I am speaking and writing His word, and Lord willing, it will fall on ears that will listen. In my carnal brain, God's ways sometimes boggles my mind; however, I know that He is righteous, and I will not waver from Him.


I do not know anybody today that is raised up to the point that Peter was raised up to; however, I know that there are believers in the earth in whom God is manifesting in great power. You cannot go against these people!


Do you remember Ananias and Sapphira? God killed Ananias and Sapphira not because they murdered, stole, or committed adultery, but because they lied about how much their land was worth, and what they sold it for.


I fear for the believers in the Church today because they do not believe that judgments can fall on them. I feel so helpless sometimes. They think they are king's kids, and if they make a mistake, God will correct them, and then give them a lollipop! They think the judgments are for the people that are not saved! We are not saved until Christ appears in us permanently. We are in the process of being saved: spirit, soul and body. Our God is righteous, and His judgments merciful. They lead unto repentance.


What are we going to do when the judgments fall? We will stand there, and watch them go into financial ruin, go to the hospital, and die! I am not kidding! It is going to happen, and we will have to be able to bear it. I am telling you, Brethren, it is going to be something to see, and the Lord better do something with me because I am not prepared to deal with it! I am just a person, a human being.


The Hebrews stood there, and saw the first born of the Egyptians killed. Some may say, that was the Egyptians, and not the Hebrews.


Brethren, if you are opposing the will of God, then you are not a Hebrew, but a heathen! He has been calling to you, and you cannot hear Him because your carnal mind is ruling.  This makes you a heathen.


The message coming forth in this ministry is an example of the Message of Reconciliation, which is a part of the Message of the Sonship. It is being rejected largely by the Church world.


A believer in this ministry had the flu, and went to a doctor. You should have heard this woman. She was coughing, and her nose was all stuffed up. I thought she may have had a touch of pneumonia.


She had called me three days in a row for prayer. I rebuked it three days in a row, but she kept getting worse. On the fourth day she called me again, and I asked the Lord to please anoint me to heal her, and He did! I saw in a vision that the fire of God was within her lungs, and without her lungs. Within three hours she went to the doctor, and he said her lungs were clear. Although the symptoms were left, the doctor could not technically find anything wrong with her, so he told her that she had an allergy because he did not know what else to say. Ridiculous! The Lord healed her!


My sister died from cancer. She was not saved. On one particular occasion I remember my sister went to the doctor because something green came out of her ear. My sister was a married woman with three children at the time, yet the doctor told her that she was too old to be sticking green crayon in her ear! The doctor did not know what it was!


The woman that lives downstairs from me, a young woman not even forty, was in an accident with a drunk driver. She may never walk without a brace again, unless the Lord has mercy on her!


The man across the street lost his leg because of diabetes, and the woman across the street, upstairs, had a tumor the size of a football taken out of her! It is everywhere! Do you think that you have nothing to worry about because the flu shots keep getting stronger? This is just the beginning of a whole onslaught of diseases that medical science is absolutely impotent with regard to.


A lady in the diner told me there was something wrong with me because I told her it was too hot. There are large numbers of people that will not admit when they do not know something, are wrong, or need help.


This personality as we know it now will be utterly destroyed for it is the spirit of pride! It is killing the world! This is the explanation for the Scripture that says that there is no male or female, bond or free, Jew or Greek, and that all men are equal in Christ.


I have been throughout the Church world, and have met all kinds of people. Some people are very poor, and others, very rich. Some people are healthy, and others, extremely ill. Some people are very bright and well educated, while others are bright, but not educated, and others mentally challenged.


This personality will be destroyed when Christ appears in you in the fullness. When He becomes your every thought, word and deed, the person that you are will cease to exist.


Paul said, I live, yet not I, but Christ in me. He looked the same. People knew that he was Paul. They heard his voice, and talked to him. They knew he was Paul; however the old Paul was completely gone.


He said in another Scripture, that he was crucified to the world. The world is the cosmos of your own being. Within the cosmos of his own soul, the Christ that had appeared in him was crucified to the soul of the man known as Paul, or Saul of Tarsus. He became a new creature. He still lived. You could look at him and see his body, and you thought you knew who he was, but it was not him; it was Christ in him.


When we lose our personality, and we fully manifest Christ, we will continue to be unique. The body and soul respond to the ruling spirit. For example, Mongolism affects a person's features, and their soul. That is a curse that is upon the spirit that is ruling in that vessel. When the spirit that is ruling in that vessel becomes Christ, then their soul will become holy and free from sin. Their body will receive the life of the ages. They will look like you, and you both shall look the same as the Spirit of Christ is expressed through our souls. There will be variations in our personality as there are variations in flowers.


There will be an equalization of the people. The retarded will receive the mind of Christ. The brilliant will no longer use their brilliancy for evil means, but instead, have mercy on their brethren. The Lord will appropriate your brilliancy, and use it to His glory! I get so excited I could jump up and down! If I were to go into another Church, and tell them they would not believe me! All they want is their Cadillac and their house!


Did you ever meet someone that cannot fail? They make money. Their kids are okay. They are happy in their marriage. They simply cannot fail! There are people with power like that, but it is a witchcraft power!


I knew a man like that once. He was a salesman. Everyone was jealous of him because he built up a territory out of nothing, by sheer guts and hard work. The head of the company took his territory away because he thought the salesman was making too much money. The salesman was reassigned to the worst territory available, and in six months he had turned it into a gold mine!


The man cannot fail. He is even happy in his marriage. To have that kind of money, and be happily married is very unusual.


This man follows spiritual principles, gives to the poor, and helps people less fortunate than himself. He takes the time to be concerned about the needs of the average people. He is reaping what he sows, brethren!


You do not have to be saved to reap what you sow!  It is a spiritual law that exists in the earth which every man is subject to it. God is no respecter of persons!


There are people that were learning the Scriptures from five years old, who are in a family line of people going to Church for ten generations, and do not have an understanding of this message.


We all have needs that need to be met. Someone reading this message needs a job. God will meet your needs because He is righteous. He will meet our needs until we get to the place that our needs are met from the mature Christ within us. It is then, that everything that we need will flock to us.


I had to be born as a natural baby, and go through all of the nightmares and horrors that my life was. The doctors pronounced me dead at twelve years old. I had diseases that they just could not deal with. I had doctors that would not call me back. They wanted me to go away because they did not know what to do with me.


I should not be here! I did not go to seminary school or graduate from a secular college. My voice squeaks, and I have been told that I sound like a child. Simply because of the fact that I am a woman, I should not be here! I was hurt, abused, cast down, and rejected, and here I am after all these years, standing here, and preaching this glorious Word!


God is laughing at everyone that is turning away from me because of any of the qualities I have just named, or any other quality that your carnal mind can conjure up! He is breaking every rule, and when He manifested in Jesus Christ of Nazareth He broke every rule! Jesus healed on the Sabbath! He plucked the corn, and did everything He was not supposed to do!


All of the wisdom that I have comes from the Christ within me! Do you want to hear this glorious Word or do you not? What can I tell you? He picked me!




Yea, saith the Lord, unto the coven in Commack, saith God, I shall expose thee, saith the Lord. Thou shalt be a secret no longer, saith God, in the face of this, my land, saith the Lord, that permits witchcraft to function.


I am a higher law, saith the Lord God. Yea, even the Supreme Court has declared you to be legal, but thus saith the Lord, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Indeed, my law is higher, saith God. Indeed, my judgment shall prevail, saith the Lord. Yea, I shall cast thee down and I say unto thee now, think not of retaliation, for indeed, if thou even think of it, thou shall have sealed your own doom.


Indeed, my people, saith the Lord, that I have raised up to execute my judgment, saith God, I have defended them, saith the Lord, even with the power of my Spirit, saith God. Look not toward your evil works, for surely thou shalt not survive this thing. I shall expose thee and I shall bring thee before my appointed officers of the law. Work your witchcraft against my believers, and thou shalt surely die.


Somehow the innocent people must come out from under the bondage of these men. They look up to these men who have the big fancy Churches, with fancy seats, carpeting, and forty piece bands! They stand up there on their fancy pulpits, and the people believe them! But, these pastors are not telling people the truth! I do not know at what point or how it is going to happen, but He will take them down!  I heard a preacher preach once. He claimed that they will drop dead right there in their pulpits!


Recently, I was asked why you cannot gather with your family on Easter. Where in the Scripture did God tell us to celebrate the resurrection? We cannot worship God the way we want to worship Him. We must worship him the way He wants us to. We should not celebrate Easter because He told us not to do it!


I read in the Old Testament where He told you not to do it, and in the New Testament He never told you to do it. Why then are you doing it? You cannot celebrate the resurrection when He does not tell you to do it!


If it is alright, then why can you not sacrifice your son to Jehovah? What is wrong with that? If the poor guy wants to kill his kid, then why can he not do it? I know this is an extreme example, but keep in mind that there was human sacrifice in the old covenant. Where do you draw the line?


The answer is that you cannot do anything you want! You have to worship Him in accordance with His prescription. The whole world has minds that are utterly deceived! Glory to God!




Indeed thou hast submitted to my Spirit, saith the Lord. I require all my people to submit to me. Even by the dancing and the singing, saith God.


If it is not ordained of me, it is not praise and worship unto me. Praise and worship unto me is submission unto my Spirit, saith God.


Indeed, the hour is at hand, saith the Lord, that I will reveal myself to my Church in great power and fire, flame and pestilence. There shall be much chagrin, saith the Lord, many tears and great shock, saith God. Many shall fall, saith the Lord, even unto their death, for I am a righteous God.


I will not tolerate this mockery of me no longer, saith the Lord. For indeed I have sent forth the man with the writer's inkhorn, saith the Lord, and I have instructed him to seal those that moan, wail and cry for Israel, saith God. The sealing is nigh unto completion, saith the Lord.


Behind him walk the five men, saith God, and I have indeed instructed them to destroy all those without the seal. Yea, even in my own house, saith God, starting with the elders.


I sent my word to you this night, and the oil of my anointing. I will have my way, saith the Lord thy God. I will have my way, and will overcome your will saith the Lord, thy God.


I will smite the enemy utterly, and destroy him, saith the Lord thy God. I will manifest my very life, saith the Lord thy God, so that there is nothing left but me, saith the Lord.


Yea, little one, saith the Lord. I have heard thee, saith God. Yea, indeed, thy cries have come up to me, and I have come down to deliver thee. Yea, saith God, I shall bring deliverance in thy mind. I shall bring forth forgiveness, and shall cast out the oppressor, saith the Living God.




Self destruction, let her loose, and let her go. Let her go! I break the box that you are hiding in. Hopelessness and despair, I break the curse of destruction upon her life. I break the curse of the lying spirit.




Yea, saith the Lord, I shall destroy that feeble, and vile self image that thou hast, saith God. I shall restore, indeed. I shall give thee a new self image. Indeed, my image, saith the Lord. Thou shalt rise up in the power of my son, saith God, and thou shalt come forth as pure gold.


I will have mercy on your family, saith the Lord. I see thy faithfulness, saith the Lord. I have discerned the intents of thy heart, and I have found thee faithful, saith God.


Indeed, my armor is upon you, and my angels around you. Thou shalt not fall, saith God. Thou shalt stand by the power of my Spirit.


I have invested you in the priesthood, saith the Lord. Stand up for your family, for indeed I have enabled thee, with the power to forgive their sins. Know the office that I have called you to, saith the Lord. Stand up and intercede for your own. I shall hear your voice.


Fear not, saith the Lord, for I am with thee. I shall restore, saith the Lord. I shall make a way where there is no way, saith God. I shall bring life where there is death. I shall bring healing where there is disease. There is no hopelessness in God, saith the Lord. Indeed, I am the God of the impossible. Have I not told you so in my word? Indeed, I am the God of the impossible.


All shall bend their knee to me, saith God. I am the God of the drug addict and the mentally ill, saith the Lord. I am the God of the quick and the dead. I have not forgotten you, saith the Lord! I indeed shall visit thee in the near future.


For those of you that do not know me personally, I am tormented a lot in my mind, and I have been fighting against it all my life. It was destroying me before I came to the Lord. I have been battling with it for years.


Many years ago, I walked into the supermarket, and then all of a sudden, I was thinking about something really unfortunate that happened to me eleven years ago. I was feeling really bad about it. I thought to myself, where did that thought come from? There is nothing I could do about it now. There is no way that I could correct it, and I am being miserable about it here in 1989.


I said, Lord, where did that thought come from and what does this mean? He said to me, that was Satan manifesting, and ascending from the bottomless pit in your own mind, from the depths of your unconscious mind to destroy your joy. The fact that you could discern it, is a manifestation of the pale horse, from the teachings of the four horses, the first four seals, of the book of Revelation.


As we progress into being Sons of God, the Lord will give us the ability to discern Satan when he whispers in our ear, so that we can overcome him. There are two ways that we will be converted to Christ: either we will join the First Fruits Company, and will wage war with Christ against our carnal mind, and Satan in the unconscious element of the carnal mind; or we will fall into the next category where the people will remain joined to Satan because they are unable to discern him. They will be joined to him when the Lamb wages war against him.


The ability to discern the whisper of Satan in your own unconscious mind, and resist him means that you are joined with Christ in waging war against him. This is a sign that you are amongst the First Fruits Company, and will be among the first in whom Christ will appear.


I am among the company, and if you are reading this message, then the chances are you are also called. It is a great privilege! You must fight for it, brethren!  The warfare is not easy, brethren. It is a powerful warfare and it is in your mind.


If you have a desire to be among the First Fruits Company, and you do not believe that you can relate to what I am telling you, then just tell the Lord you want it.


The others will go in the hard way by being joined to Satan when the judgments fall upon them. You will go in either way. There is no condemnation here. I am not locking anyone out, as God is no respecter of persons. Something is going to happen soon, and the end will be glorious! God bless you! Glory to God! Halleluiah!


I used to get attacked very badly, and I could not help myself. For years, even after I came to the Lord, I did not know what was wrong with me. I would ask Him, why am I miserable?


There are many ways your carnal mind could manifest. It can rise up in great power by putting fear, depression, or anxiety on you; or he could encourage you to sin by lust, or many different things.


To take the victory, there must be an exchange of souls. Get out of your carnal mind! There is another soul available to you, and His name is Christ Jesus. By His power you must exchange into his soul, so that He can bruise Satan or your carnal mind, and place him underfoot.


The Lord has shown me that my affliction is my carnal mind attacking me. I utilize the aggressive tactic, which is to get into the Word.


I transfer into the mind of Christ through studying or reading the Word of God. If I am too afflicted to do it, I put on an anointed tape, and it just pulls me right out of it. The anointing comes right off the tape, and defeats the attack. It works for me!


There are many promises in the Word of God, but for you to even have a chance of receiving that promise you have to be living in the hour when the Lord is making that promise available to men.


The glorified body is not available to men today. The Church is at least two thousand years behind Jesus, if not more than that, with regard to the glorified body.


If you were a member of natural Israel, and you had a revelation of the Spirit of Adoption, you could have prayed and fasted for a hundred years and you would not get it because Jesus had not been crucified yet. It was not available yet.


If you were one of the apostles, and you had a revelation that the Holy Spirit was going to be poured out upon all flesh, and you prayed and fasted, you would not get it before it came down on the apostles in the day of Pentecost, because it was not available.


After the glorification, I do not know what we will look like. We will be spiritual entities that can take on any form. This is the fulfillment of Jacob's ladder. Paul was recognizable, as Paul!


Are you familiar with the sons of Zadok? We will have the ability to shed the body, and enter into the realm of the spirit where Jesus is now. We are all spiritual life dwelling in a soul and a body.


For this spiritual life to enter into this realm of appearance or world, then a baby must be born. It will have to learn to talk, walk and learn many things as it grows.


Take my life as an example. I have been around for a long time! I did not know the Bible at all. I did not have a scriptural background, and look at what God did for me in just nine years! Read the messages He has brought through me!


God bless you! Praise God!


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