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Praise the Lord everybody, I anticipate this being the last part of The Virgin Birth, and it will be an exhortation on our alternate translation of Matthew 1:18-25, however since we are doing this on a different part than part 7, which is the exhortation of Luke 1:26-29, I will read you the alternate translation of Luke, and then we will go into the exhortation on Matthew. Luke 1:26-39:

LUKE 1:26-39

 1.26                 And in the sixth month, the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of the heathen circular [world] named Nazareth,

1.27.                To an unmarried woman, and to Joseph [who was] of the house of David; and the virgin's name was Mary,

1.28                 And [Gabriel] said to [Mary], you are endowed with the good mental faculty [of spiritual] women; [wherefore] the Lord shall enter into the midst of you, and you shall [experience] the calm happiness [promised in the Scripture],

1.29                Now, Cain within Mary was alarmed because she had received a Word from above, but [Abel/Christ within Mary] was wondering what such a greeting might mean,

1.30               Don't be afraid, the divine influence [that comes] from God has found you.

1.31               Now, look, [and I will show you what will soon come to pass], your womb shall conceive, and a son shall be produced from the seed[that Joseph will plant] within you, and the name that you shall call him by is JESUS,

1.32              And He shall be called the Son of the Supreme God, and He shall be great, and the Lord Godshall give him the throne of David, his father,

1.33             And he shall rule over the house of Jacob in the age [to come], and his kingdom shall never end,

1.34            Then Mary said to [Christ], the angel [within herself], how can this happen [to me] since I do not have an intimate relationship with a man?

1.35              And [Christ], the angel [within Mary], said to her, the Spirit of the Holy One has visited you from above, and the supernatural power of the Supreme God has enveloped you; and the result of [these events is that] the Holy One shall come into existence, and He shall be called the Son of God.

1.36            And, look, your cousin, Elisabeth, who everyone thought was barren, has also conceived a son in her old age, and is in her sixth month [of pregnancy],

1.37            Because nothing is impossible for God,

1.38            And Mary said to [Christ], the angel within herself, look at me, I am a voluntary slave of the Lord, [so] I will do whatever you say,

1.39            Now [Christ] stood up within Mary in those days, so she was eager to die to [Leviathan], the mountain [of pride in the] the midst of [the spiritual] cities [brought into existence by the patriarch], Juda, [the son of Jacob]. ATB

Please note that she was only eager to die to her carnal mind because Christ had first stood up in her. If you are not eager to die to your carnal mind, it is an indication that Christ is not standing in you. That is not a condemnation, we need an accurate evaluation of our spiritual condition, or the degree or the stage, whatever stage of spiritual growth we are at in order to know how to behave and how to pray and what to do, we need to know where we are, that is why we see in the book of Revelation the angel that comes with the line and the plummet, what is he measuring? He is measuring Christ in the individual, because to think that we are some place where we are not, prevents us from doing what is necessary to get to where we think we are. Praise the Lord. Matthew 1:18-25:

MATTHEW 1:18-25 So this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary, (why? I just read it to you in the book of Luke), this is why the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary the mother of Jesus, with the nature of the Father as an engagement present before she cohabited with Joseph. ATB

Why? Because if Mary was not impregnated with the nature of the Father, which indicated that she was engaged to the Lord, that means she had a degree of intimacy with the Lord, she would have never probably even recognized the angel or submitted to the angel or even been a likely candidate to bring forth Messiah. We see in the Catholic church that this is taken to a fault, where we are told that Mary was perfect and that the conception was immaculate. This is not true, but what is true is that Mary was a holy woman, she was a prophet of God, she was an intercessor, she was praying for the deliverance of Israel, how do you know this Sheila?

It is a conclusion that I have drawn, some conclusions based on the facts that we do have in the Scripture are legitimate. The earlier parts of this message we even likened her to Daniel, on the banks of the river Chebar, where he was praying and saying, Lord, what is going to happen to my people Israel, here we are, we are in bondage and slavery in Babylon, how long will this last? How did Daniel know that the enslavement of Israel in Babylon had to be temporary, does anybody know how come Daniel knew that, how Israel’s enslavement in Babylon had to be temporary, why would he think that? Somebody? Because brethren, there is prophecy, there is prophecy of Messiah, there is prophecy of Israel’s deliverance, there is prophecy, the holy word of the Supreme God that says, My people Israel, they shall be to me a people and I shall be their God, well that does not impute enslavement in Babylon brethren, ...and I will give you the land of Canaan, and restore to you everything that locusts and the cankerworm have stolen from you. You see whenever you are in any kind of trouble or bondage or enslavement at all, all of us, we need to know that there is a word, a message for us from the Supreme God, and that message is that we will be His people and He will be our God, the promise of deliverance is always with us, but it is also conditional, we must find out what we must do to appropriate the promises of the Scripture. We know it is the will of God to heal us, it is the will of God to save us, it is the will of God to give us immortality.

It is the will of God to make us wealthy, healthy, and wise, so why are we in the condition that we are in? Let us try and figure this out. If it is the will of God to make us healthy, wealthy, and wise and prosper us in every area, that is the will of God and we are not in that condition, what do you think the problem is? What is the problem? The problem is with the people, it must be something that I am not doing that I should be doing, or something that I am doing that I should not be doing, and the name of that something is sin.

Therefore by what I just said, I am encouraging you to not be passive, but to expect the fulfillment of God’s promises, based upon our fulfillment of our part of the contract. Jehovah made a covenant with the Hebrew children, a contract, two sides to the contract, and our side of the contract is not that we should be cute, so that the Lord can look at us and say, coochy coo, I am going to give you everything because I like the way you look, it does not work like that huh? A contract is a contract. We do our part and He will do His part. The whole problem is, we cannot do our part, we are incapable of fulfilling our part. The supreme God has made a provision to assist us in fulfilling our part, and in general the church fights Him tooth and nail, and the reprobate mind in the church refuses to recognize or believe the conditions which are the part of the people. Therefore, the Scripture says, And the little horn shall make war against the saints, until their witchcraft power is broken. The carnal mind, the beast in the saints says, Oh that message is for the heathen that do not know their left hand from their right. Look at what God is going to do to them because they rejected Jesus. Meanwhile the people that have the word of God violate it everyday, and they think they are going to heaven.

The ministers that teach them the doctrine of Satan, teach them that they just have to answer an altar call and come for their blessing, and all of the heathen that do not know any better are going to hell. Brethren, our God is very long suffering, and the long suffering of God is not necessarily come to pass because the Lord just waits a long time before He brings a recompense. There are all kinds of factors involved in bringing forth a righteous recompense that will produce at some level a godly affect because His heart never changes. The Lord desires that all men should live and be well and be saved and prosper and be in good health, that is His will towards us. Even when judgment comes, His lowest most root motive is that we should prosper and be well.

Sometimes it takes a long time for judgment to fall because the conditions have to be right because our God is a righteous judge, He is the righteous judge of Israel. It has to be done righteously and in order.

The offense goes on and on and on and on, until suddenly judgment falls. The spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary, the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father as an engagement present which means she had a degree of intimacy with the Father before she cohabited with Joseph, and through these studies it was revealed that what this actually means, that Mary was impregnated with the nature of the Father, is that the Holy One got inside of her, that nature which was transferred to the fetus that came into existence after she cohabited with Joseph.

I am going to say it again, This is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary, the mother of Jesus, with the nature of the Father, why? So that, that nature could be transferred to the fetus that came into existence after Mary cohabited with Joseph, and also this nature that was imparted to Mary came in the form of an engagement present and we talked about that, about how the Holy Spirit is the earnest of our inheritance which means down payment.

An engagement is a down payment, traditionally, although people are not living traditionally today but traditionally when a man and a woman become engaged, the man gives an engagement ring to the woman, that engagement ring represents a promise, a promise of what that man intends to do in the future and his good intentions. An engagement present from the Father is a promise for what the Spirit of the Holy One intended to do for Mary, for Mary and for the whole world.

Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary, the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father, as an engagement present for the whole world. Jesus was to become pregnant with Messiah, and a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is an engagement present to whoever He establishes a relationship with. It was done before she cohabited with Joseph because the nature of the Father did not come from the seed that came from Joseph, the sperm that came from Joseph fulfilled the promise that Messiah would be from the tribe of Judah, and the seed that came from Joseph also fulfilled the promise that Israel would never be without a representative of the Lord sitting on the throne of Israel. That is what the Scripture says. We do have a problem today because there is no descendant of David representing the nature of God or the anointing of God sitting on the throne of natural Israel today, I do not know how the natural Jew deals with that Scripture, and that is Old Testament, I do not know how they deal with that.

I know that they deal with the fact that there is no Levitical priesthood and that there are no temple sacrifices today by saying the temple was torn down and therefore we have no choice, so that ritual sacrifice which was part of the covenant between Jehovah and Israel has been replaced by verbal prayers that are recited, but it is not working brethren because at some point the faithful of Israel are going to have to recognize that it is not working because the Jewish people as a whole are sinking. I am not the only one that is saying it, the Rabbis are saying it. I read it in the writings of the Rabbis that even the Jews that are returning to their religion going to Yeshiva, they are not bonding to Jehovah, I read that from a Rabbi who I respect, he was very concerned. There is a definite move of Jewish people to return to their roots, but they are studying and it is an intellectual study, they are not bonding to Jehovah, why would that be? Because that doorway of establishing a relationship with Jehovah has been closing for two thousand years.

We have to be willing to follow the Lord wherever He goes, you cannot, if you stay on the path where He was, and He moves, you are going to wind up off, if He zigs and you zag, you are going to wind up in a dry place where there is no anointing. I know that we are hearing of abuses of communities of orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews, we are hearing of abuses of it for a while. I am Jewish, I am in no way putting them down, I would that they would all come to a knowledge of the Lord Jesus, of the true Messiah, and go on with God, that is my desire. I know years ago when I was still working in Manhattan, there was an orthodox Jew, every lunch hour he would be walking up and down the street trying to pick up women. At the time I had a relationship with Rabbi Lu, and I told him about it, an orthodox Jew with the black hat the curls, and in my opinion he was not a counterfeit, he came from that community. Rabbi Lu’s response was, Well he is not a Jew. Maybe he was not a Jew in his heart, but he was definitely a part of that community.

There is all kinds of things going on in that community or those associated communities where Jewish people are seeking Messiah but they clinging to the law, and it is not working, it is not working, because the Jehovah that they loved, zigged and they did not zig. Verse 19, Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male and therefore was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience with Gabriel, rather than expose her to public ridicule or flattery. Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male..., so we see that both Mary and Joseph were holy people, they were two people who were committed to their God, and the name by which the Supreme God revealed Himself to Israel is what? What is the name by which the Supreme God revealed Himself to Israel? Jehovah, yes. The Jewish people think that it is wrong to pronounce that name, so instead of saying Jehovah, they say the name, the name. The reason that they think that it is wrong to pronounce that name is that in Bible days and I am still questioning the Lord about this, I do not think I understand it completely, but in Bible days, power would be manifested by simply saying the name.

We speak today, we pray in the name of Jesus, but my understanding is that when that name Jehovah was pronounced, true power went forth. A lot of people say Jesus, some people say it and power goes forth and other people say it and power does not go forth because it is not the verbalized word, it is the spiritual authority of the person who is speaking it.

The name of God that we know as Jehovah was not pronounced Jehovah in Bible days, it had a secret pronunciation, which I am told is lost today. Apparently the exact pronunciation of the name is necessary to release the power, this was the understanding of Israel under its civil law. The high priest once a year would go behind the veil into the most holy place and pronounce the name of Jehovah which would release the power of God to forgive the sins of Israel for that whole past year. We as Christians, we are supposed to be confessing our sins continuously, why can we confess our sins continuously and the Israelites only had the intercession on their behalf once a year? The answer is because we have the atonement, Jesus is our atonement, and I do not believe that the Holy Spirit is the atonement, Christ is the atonement. We have the opportunity today to have the atonement grafted to us, this is like unto the blood being put on the doorposts of the houses of the Hebrew children. We have the opportunity to be cleansed from our sins continuously, so long as we have Christ grafted to us, or we have a relationship with someone who has Christ grafted to them.

If you are in a fellowship where Christ is grafted, you in particular do not have to have Christ grafted to you, but if the Lord brings you to a fellowship where Christ is present, the atonement is present for you whether Christ is grafted to you, or Christ is not grafted to you at that time. There was no provision in the time of natural Israel for the atonement to be grafted to the individual person. It was the high priest who had that authority. The forgiveness of sins was in the high priest, and at the time of Moses, the forgiveness of sins was in the man of God, the intercession, the mediatorship, it was only in one person. Once a year, on the high holy on Yom Kippur, the high priest, there was only one high priest, although there was a whole nation of priests, the Levites were a nation of priests, but there was only one high priest who had to be a direct descendant of Aaron, he would go into the most holy place in the tabernacle, and pronounce the name represented by the Hebrew letters YHVH, called the tetragrammaton, he would pronounce that name according to the secret way that apparently is lost now and that at that time only the high priest knew, and such a measure of power would go forth to forgive the sins of the people that the high priest himself was in danger of dying.

So much power would go forth that the high priest himself was in danger of dying because the human body can only tolerate so much contact with spiritual energy. You remember Uzza, the man who caught the cart, the cart was carrying the ark of God, and it was falling, Uzza thought he was doing a good deed, he was saving the ark, and he touched it and he died. The high priest was in danger of dying. The experience of the high priest on the high holy day is likened unto the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, he was abiding in a degree of power that would have destroyed a man that was not protected by God. For that reason, when he entered into the most holy place, he entered in with a string tied around his ankle with the bells on it, if the bells stop moving, the people, the priests at the other end of the string dragged him out and buried him, when the bells stopped ringing, it meant that he was smitten by the power of God, and what would that mean? That he had unconfessed sin when he went before the Lord to intercede for others with unconfessed sin.

To be honest with you brethren, I never thought of this before but I know one of the major themes in this ministry that I have been preaching for a long time and has been very prominent lately is to inform you all and remind you all that those of us that have only the Holy Spirit, they are not to be ministering the ministry of Christ Jesus which includes counsel, you know you can pray for people, but you are not supposed to be counseling out of your own heart, the spirit of counsel is in Christ Jesus, and the Spirit of the Lord, the seven spirits of the Lord which we read about in Isaiah 11 are not the gifts of the Spirit, they are ministries which are in Christ Jesus.

This is what I saw in the spirit as I preach this, that Christians who have the Holy Spirit which makes them spiritually female that go forward and act in the office of the high priest are in danger of being smitten by God. Brethren you have to hear this, the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn from the church, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS BEING WITHDRAWN FROM THE CHURCH. The Holy Spirit is supposed to have resulted in Christ being grafted to the people, and the people who did not get Christ grafted to them, if they want to be under the protection of the Lord need to be attached to a ministry where Christ Jesus is functioning. The Holy Spirit people that think there is nothing higher than them, that think that they are the intercessors, that are most likely praying psychic prayers against the people who are following Christ, they are in danger of being smitten.

Being a high priest is dangerous. I have told you from time to time, that there is a place for the charismatic church, there is a place for the spiritual church, but it has not been, the concept of the spirit filled church has not been ministered to the people in truth. The spirit filled church is not a game where you go and you run around the church and you dance and jump, and is there anything wrong with jumping and singing and running around the church? No, but the more serious aspect of it has not been presented to the people.

The people have been betrayed by their teachers, and the spirit filled church is filled with people practicing witchcraft, interceding, praying ungodly prayers, praying their own will or what they think is best for somebody else. This is what the Lord is telling you brethren, we are living in a very serious hour, this thought never entered my mind, this is coming forth by revelation and this is the word, the spirit filled people who are stealing the office of the male, the spirit filled people who are ministering as a male when they are a woman, you are in danger of being smitten. What does that mean? There are many ways to be smitten, you can what anointing you have, you could be deceived and be overtaken by a spirit guide.

This is serious brethren, it is serious. There is no respect for the ministry in the church today you know, but maybe that is because the spirit filled ministry does not deserve respect, I do not know, my point is as Christianity is denied more and more in this nation, there is no respect or fear whatsoever for the power of God, not about the people, but the power of God, there is no respect or fear of the power of God in the general population today. I do not see it. Romans 13 clearly says that the people that God puts in authority wield the power, that is what Paul said Romans 13, you should be afraid, they wield the power of God, but nobody is afraid today because there is very little if any manifestation of the power of God.

The power that has been revealed recently has been a Santa Claus type power, come and get healed, come and get delivered, is that bad? No, I got delivered, but it was not taught in a balanced way. There is no fear, God is not your Santa Claus, and it is completely backwards, you have got it completely backwards, if you think that Jesus was sent here for you, He was sent here to reclaim the body that God prepared for the son of God.

Humanity is the body that was prepared for the son of God. Yes, Jesus was sent for you, but not for you per say, he was sent for you in your function as the body of the son of God. He did not come to save you so you could go do whatever you want, He came to save the body of the son of God. Listen brethren, we have been talking about this, I have been talking about this, the subtlety between the carnal mind sees issues and the Christ mind sees issues is very, a very, very thin line. Jesus was sent to save you, but not for your sake, for His sake.

I am going to say it again, yes Jesus was sent to save you, but not for your sake, for His sake. Yes Jesus was sent to save humanity, that bunch of sinners and murderers, for His sake. This bunch of sinners and murderers, who did we murder, who did we all murder? Christ, and the previous age, we killed Abel, we are Cain, we do not deserve to live. Yes, the Father sent Jesus to save us, for His son’s sake, because we are His body. Can you see that subtlety. It is very, very fine line, but when I hear, when I talk to Christians and when I turn on the tv, when I read the writings of other preachers, what I hear is that we are just so wonderful that Jesus came to save us, that we are king’s kids, we are who knows who we are, and He just came to get us and bless us and take us to heaven, where we will have no responsibilities whatsoever. It is a false gospel, false gospel and another Jesus.

We deserve to die, all of humanity is under the judgment of death. That is why we die, because if spiritually we were alive, that life inside of us would sustain this flesh and it would be impossible to kill this flesh. We can only die because spiritually we are already dead. I believe it is Jude who talks about being twice dead.

Verse 19. Now Joseph was a justified spiritual male and therefore he was disposed to dismiss Mary’s account of her experience with Gabriel rather than expose her to public ridicule or flattery, because Joseph knew that the majority of Jews in that day were carnal. There is nothing new under the sun brethren. You know, I use to think that all of Israel was holy, but they were not, Israel are the ones that killed the prophets. That is why Jehovah sent prophets, because they were not holy, they were idolaters, and adulterers, spiritual adulterers. Jehovah sent prophets to them, and they killed the prophets. Here we see a woman who is prophet, she is a prophet, and the Spirit of the Holy One came to her, the Spirit of the Holy One does not go to sinners brethren, and Joseph was a justified spiritual male, so they were two holy people in the midst of the crooked and perverse generation.

How do I know that? They were found guilty, now I talk about the nation, they were found guilty and they were removed from their national land, they went into servitude in Babylon, and they were in servitude to the Roman state, a crooked and perverse generation.

A savior was sent to them not because they deserved it, or because we deserve it, but because Israel is the body of the son. We are told in the book of Job, Job is speaking prophetically, thou hast prepared a body for me, the son is invisible, He needs a body. The Lord created a creation that was the son of God in a flesh body, not flesh like this, but in a visible body and tied the two together, and that which He tied together should not be put asunder. That which the Lord has put together let no man put asunder, and that which was put together is the union of the consciousness of the son with the attributes of the material body, and they were put together in the correct moral order with the son at the head, and the animal nature, and the material aspects of the body underneath the authority of the son.

You can apply that a human marriage if you want to, but the true meaning of the Scripture is what I just told you. Mortal man is out of water, mortal man is a horse without a rider, mortal man is the female aspect of the creation, in rebellion against the head, and that right moral order has to take place in the individual, it has to take place in the nation, and it has to take place in the world, so you see if the church is in the right moral order, the nation is in the right moral order, and when the nation was in the right moral order, they were ruling righteously over this whole world. America is being is being challenged on every side because our, we are collapsing from within, just like Judah and Israel did.

The Scripture clearly says that when righteous men rule, everyone prospers, when we lose, or there ceases to be righteous people in judgment, in political office, the nation and the world goes into chaos. We see that Joseph did not want to expose Mary to be a public ridicule or to public flattery, because those are the two legs of the carnal mind, either the carnal mind ridicules you and condemnation goes with ridicule, or flatters you. The carnal mind either recognizes that you have something that could benefit them, and then they flatter you to try to use it or appropriate it, or they ridicule you because they either do not believe you or they are jealous of you.

Verse 20. Nevertheless Joseph was encouraged by these things, and Behold an angel of the Lord shined into Joseph’s dream or into the trance that he went into as he meditated, saying, Joseph son of David, Do not be afraid to learn from Mary or to believe Mary your wife, because the Spirit of the Holy One is regenerated in her. Joseph was encouraged by these things, he really believed Mary, Joseph believed Mary but he was afraid of what it all meant, and he probably just did not know what to do, he was afraid of the Jews.

Brethren did not Jesus say, he was, does not the Scripture say, Jesus was afraid of the Jews? It says that, it says that. I am afraid of the Christians, I am afraid of the Pharisees, they scare me, I am glad I am living in a country where if they tried to physically hurt me, the law is on my side, at least for now it is anyway. Religious people scare me brethren. They would kill you and think they are doing God a favor. But Joseph was encouraged by these things, because in his heart..., you see Joseph was a justified male, he had the heart of God, so deep inside of himself he knew it was true, the Christ in him knew that it was true, so he sought God on it, and he went into a meditation. That is what Jewish people do, they go into a meditation, Christians do it too, if you pray ardently and go into a meditation or a trance, it is just a word, do not get hung up on the word.

An angel shined into Joseph’s dream, and we see the word shine because the angel was spirit, he shined, he appeared into Joseph’s dream. You know when you see it in the spirit brethren, that is exactly what happens, the, I really do not have the words to describe it, but whether it is an angel or somebody’s mind or whether it is an image, it just penetrates into your dream, and appears, it starts out as a point and it expands until you could see what it is. That just happened to me in the last week, I was studying, so when I study it must be a form of a trance because I have all kinds of spiritual experiences when I go deep into the word and I study.

There appeared in my mind’s eye, it was my niece, I saw my niece’s face, it started as a point, and at first, it was very fast, but you cannot recognize the point, and it expands into a face, and she was very angry, because my niece is having, my sister recently died and there are some family problems there, so something is going on that she shined right into my spiritual eye, I saw her. That is how the Scripture describes it, she shined into my trance, she shined into my dream state.

She did not come in materially, she did not walk through my door, she came to me spiritually, and I do not see that written in the Scripture, and somebody came spiritually to somebody, no, the Scriptural word is that the angel shined into Joseph’s dream, that is the Scriptural way of putting it, the same principle. Joseph was encouraged by these things, he really did believe it, an angel shined into his meditation or into his trance as he meditated, and had a message for him, he spoke to him. Now we do not know whether he spoke to him in an audible voice or he spoke to his heart, we do not know, but the Scripture says the angel spoke to him saying,Joseph son of David..., so for the angel to say Joseph son of David it had to be significant that Joseph was the son of David, because I read through the whole Scripture that the angel appears to the prophet, and calls the prophet, does anybody know? Son of what? Son of man, son of man. Isaiah, son of man, Jeremiah, son of man, Habbakuk, son of man, and if you look up the Hebrew word translated man, it is the Hebrew word that means Adam before the fall, Adam before the fall which means when the angel of Jehovah comes to the prophet and says, son of man, He is saying to that man for the purpose of this communication. I have joined myself to you and you are now Adam before the fall. In other words, you are not a fallen man, I have joined myself to you, and you are now of the stature of Adam before the fall, you are holy and you are qualified to receive a holy and an accurate word for God’s people.

Joseph son of David, not just son of Adam, all of us are sons of Adam, well that is not true, we are daughters of Adam, to be a son, you have to be spiritually male, and the angel honed this down, not only was Joseph spiritually male and of course that is the second witness because we were told that he was justified, so not only was Joseph spiritually male, he was a descendant of David, and the reason I suggest to you that the angel addressed him that way, was because the angel was to inform him that you are the descendant of David through whom the prophecy that Messiah will come forth from this tribe will come to pass.

The word was to Joseph, and it is also for all of us who are reading the New Testament who have been blinded to the Scripture for probably two thousand years, that the Davidic dynasty or the prophecy that Messiah would come from the Davidic dynasty came through Joseph, and there is absolutely not one shred of proof that it could of even possibly come through Mary, so we are all hung up on Roman Catholic doctrine right? Right? Right? The whole church spirit filled and not spirit filled is hung up on Roman Catholic doctrine, and we are so blinded by the witchcraft that what we read does not even register. Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to learn from, the Greek word is to learn from, but I believe the correct translation is do not be afraid to believe Mary your wife. I believe that Joseph knew, he knew the Scripture, he knew the promises, but that is in my heart you know, do not be afraid to believe Mary your wife, because the Spirit of the Holy One is regenerated in her. In other words, Joseph, that is not Mary’s carnal mind, the Spirit of the Holy One is regenerated in her, that is the word of the Lord coming to you so do not be afraid to believe it. None of us should be learning from the carnal mind, learn from the carnal mind brethren, and your inheritance is death. Either your inheritance is spiritual death and eventually you will die, which means, if you learn from the carnal mind, you have no chance of entering into longevity.

Remember the teaching that each rung on the ladder that connects the earth to the heaven, Jacob’s ladder, each rung of the ladder is associated with a particular spiritual truth. We stay above death, we ascend above death and maintain ourselves above death, depending on our ability to embrace and walk in spiritual truth. If we are embracing and walking in spiritual truth, that is not really spiritual truth at all, we are deceived. Nobody is going to ascend on my coat tails, you have got to get it yourselves, I am here to give you the word, I am here to teach you, to encourage you, to witness to you, to evaluate you, to help you to understand where you are, where you have got to get your own, Christ has to be grafted to you, and you have to ascend to each rung on the ladder, not only by embracing to spiritual truth but by submitting to the exposure and destruction of your own carnal mind which is associated with that rung of the ladder, it is not just doctrine alone. It is possible for a part of you, for Christ in you, even the imputed Christ, to be embracing all of the ascended doctrine, but your carnal mind could still alive and well down at the bottom of the ladder. What I am thinking of right now is all of those years that we are dealing with a similar subject, and I have so many illustrations showing our earth, our ox and our animal nature down in the lower center, and our spiritual self ascended up to the heart center, we are divided. We have been pulled in two different directions, Paul put it this way, the flesh lusteth against the spirit, and the spirit lusteth against the flesh, and the two will never agree, you have to decide, we all have to decide, you know, which way we are going to go, it is not an easy decision, because if we decide to follow after the spirit, our flesh still wants the old life, and if we follow after the old life, Christ in us is pulling us towards spiritual things, it is not going to be easy. Whichever way you choose, you need to know that there is going to be some discomfort, because if you walk in the spiritual life that part of you that wants the past will be causing you some measure of discomfort.

It helps to know brethren, that the past is dead. If you do not understand or believe that the past is dead, you will carry your discomfort with you. There is a Scripture, I think it is in Revelation 17, where the woman sees the city burning, and she says, Oh, that wonderful city, that wonderful city, Babylon, oh it is burning, my whole past life is burning, the things I use to do, the things I use to desire, the things that use to make me happy, I still want them, and my brain has not figured it out yet, that, that whole life is dead, and that I have a new life in Christ. Is that not what the book says, the past is dead, and we have a new life in Christ, but there is that root in us, that remnant of our humanity, that will not let go, I want it the way that it use to be, and maybe some day I will get back there, and the only way that you will get back there brethren, is if you are disconnected from the Lord. It is over, it is dead, bury it and go on.

The carnal mind must die and the lifestyle that is associated with it must die. Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to learn from or believe Mary your wife, because she is not talking out of her carnal mind, Christ is regenerated in her. Again that does not mean you give up your relationship with the Lord, you never give up your personal relationship with the Lord. You are put under a teacher for a season, you go home and discuss with the Lord as you know Him, what you learned in church. Talk to Him about it, pray to Him about it, question Him about it, you do not ever give up your relationship with the Lord. If the aspect of God that you have a personal relationship with is not agreeing with what you are hearing here, you have got a problem, you have got to put yourself before the Lord, and tell Him, if there is something wrong in the ministry, does He want you out, or is it your pride that is not letting you understand what is going on, you have to get the truth from your relationship with God.

When you go to a natural school, and when you send your children to school, you are supposedly, parents are still supposed to have the authority over your children’s life, although things are changing in this country, they are still your children, you are still the children of the Lord, I am just your teacher. You cannot be dependent on me, as soon as I see it, I am going to cut you loose.

There is a degree of dependency you can have on me, until you get stronger yourself, you can lean on me if you need that until you get stronger, but everything that I have to say to you, and every way in which I communicate with you will be designed to strengthen you, because you have to stand on your own two feet, you are a soldier, we are the soldiers of the Lord. Is that not amazing, we are the army of God. I remember Win Worley coming into GR standing up there, all 400 lbs of him, saying, Is that not amazing that we are the best that God has? All the more power to His ability to use vessels, imperfect vessels like us. Verse 21. And she, Mary, shall produce a son from your physical seed, a human child, a human child formed from a female seed and a male seed. Brethren a fig tree cannot bring forth grapes, and an orange tree cannot bring forth lemons, and the spirit of God does not bring forth a human child. To bring forth a human child, we need a female seed, and a male seed, although I know that in the past I have preached that it is possible to do that by witchcraft, and there are cases in India, at least I read, I believe that it is true, that witchcraft power can be so powerful that it can actually stimulate a human ovum to start reproducing and produce a child.

In the same manner, you know that, that could possibly be done in a laboratory if enough energy is applied to the ovum, it could start reproduction. In that case only a female child can be born, because you need a male seed to produce a male child. What I am suggesting to you is, that yes, I believe that, that is possible, and there was a time several years ago before I had this revelation, where I believed that Gabriel came to Mary and stimulated an ovum in her and the miracle was that she produced the male child because even though that can be done by witchcraft, an ovulation and parthenogenesis, and the production of a male fetus requires a male sperm, so that was the miracle, not so much that she conceived because that can be done by witchcraft, but that the child born was a male, so I preached that a few years ago, on my journey to the truth.

Today I sit here and tell you I still believe that it is possible to cause a woman to conceive by witchcraft, but I do not believe that our God does that. I believe that Mary was impregnated by Joseph, but the Holy One who entered into Mary after Gabriel spoke to her incarnated in that human male child. Is everybody okay with that? Okay. And she shall produce a son from your physical seed, and you shall call Him by the name of Jesus, because He shall deliver His people from their sins. Now this is a big issue, how, how Jesus delivers us from our sins, that is a big HOW, so there is no answer in the church and everybody believes it is after you die. Brethren, death is an enemy, death is the last enemy, Jesus has come to give us longevity, He has come to give us life. He said, I have come to give you life, and life more abundantlyI have come to give you life and life more abundantly. I have not come to give you death, except I have come to kill your carnal mind, I have come to give you life. Deliverance does not come after physical death, physical death is a sign of failure. Physical death is a sign that the promises of God have not been fulfilled in this person, and we see a carcase laying there and buried in the ground, because the promises of God were not fulfilled in that person. That is what a carcase means. How is He going to deliver us from our sins? What is our sins? What are we being delivered from? From stealing a cookie from the cookie jar? Let us get heavier, are we going to be saved from a one time adultery, or a one time indiscretion that we did something wrong? Brethren, the sign that we have not been saved from our sins is that we die physically. We are not being saved from any one sin, even if that sin is God forbid murder, or some terrible sin that we have committed, we are being delivered and saved from the sin nature that produced those sins. If it were possible to save us, we could be saved from the consequence, the destructive consequence of adultery, or stealing the cookie from the cookie jar, or lying to somebody, the consequence of that sin, but we will still die. Jesus came to give us life, what is another way of saying that, come to give you life, I have come to stop you from dying. Does that not say the same thing, is that not saying the same thing, I have come to deliver you from death that you should stop dying. He can save us from the consequence of every sin we have ever committed and we would still die because we have a sin nature. What is that sin nature, it is the mortal foundation which gives us existence in this world, and is the offspring of the Serpent.

The nature, the foundation, the mortal foundation that causes us to appear in this world is the product of the female aspect of Adam and the Serpent. We call it the carnal mind. We have to be delivered and saved from our own carnal mind. If the carnal mind and it is more than the carnal mind it is the whole being, but I do not want to get into the details, I am making a point, if our problem is the foundation that gives us existence in this world, well does not that mean that if we destroy that which gives us existence in this world, that we will cease to exist? Does that not make sense? If we destroy that which gives us existence and consciousness in this world which is our sin nature, will we not cease to exist?

What a problem! The solution comes out of the mind of God. I will give you a new what? A new heart, a new mind, a new nature! I will give you a new nature that will desire me. I will give you a new nature that will pant after me. Therefore, we can say it is possible for the leopard to change its spots, because the reality is that the initiator of the spot has been done away with, and a new foundation has been put in place, and this foundation we are told in the book is a foundation that moth cannot eat holes in, and that rust will not appear in, it is a foundation that will be covered over with what? Gold. It is an incorruptible foundation that will never be destroyed in this age or in the next age, and what does that mean? If the mortal foundation that gives us existence in this world now results in physical death, what would the result of an incorruptible foundation produce in this world? Life, eternal life, eternal life, a new nature that cannot sin.

It is impossible for the nature of God to sin. Therefore it is impossible for a being who is founded, whose foundation is the nature of God to die. The Supreme God has said to Israel, and we are spiritual Israel, I will give you a new nature that will be my nature, and it will result in a formation of a new foundation in you, that will never die, and you will live forever and be with me in this age and in the next age, which will never end, and in general, as a general statement, the world and the church do not want to give up their mortal foundation, they prefer their mortal foundation to this glorious promise. Why? Because they are familiar with the present foundation, they are familiar with this world and the unknown frightens us.

Before I started preaching, we were talking about something that is in the news about a compound, a Mormon compound where children were forced to be married at a very young age and to bear many children and experience many other inflictions and indecencies, and Xxxx said that someone was on Larry King Live, saying that she did not want to leave, it was the only life that she had and ever known, and she was more comfortable there than starting over. Brethren, this is the condition of the church, but here is the fly in the ointment. The Father did not send Jesus to save us for our sake, we do not have a choice brethren, the church does not have a choice to stay or to go because the Father sent Jesus to restore the body to the son. Either we are gong to come or at some point we will pass out of existence. I think the Scripture says, You are not your own, you are not your own, you are saved for a specific purpose, a price was paid for your salvation, not so you can do whatever you want or cleave to the old life. Wherever Christ is grafted, you are in a different category than the spirit filled church, and that category makes you eligible for much stronger judgment that would fall on the spirit filled church, because you are now pregnant with the son of God, and if Christ is in you, you are His flesh, and He is commanded and programmed by God to bring your flesh into submission to His headship.

If things are not going right in your life, if things are not going right in your life and you have problems in your life, look for rebellion brethren against the indwelling son who is programmed and instructed by His Father to bring you into a godly submission, to a lifestyle, the son in you is commanded by His Father, to bring you into submission to a lifestyle that would result in your attaining to immortality, because when your flesh dies, the son in you dies with you. God almighty, the Supreme God does not die, but He is reproducing His son in you, and if you physically die, that fetus, that spiritual fetus dies with you.

If you are being beat up spiritually and all kinds of things are happening to you, the first place to look is at yourself, are you having a problem with the king of your city, because each of us is a city for spiritual life. Are you having a problem with the ruler of your city? Are you fighting His attempts to bring you into eternal life through the lusts of your flesh and the will of your mind. That is the first place to look brethren, I am telling you the truth.

You are not saved so you could be your own, you are bought with a price, the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, but not the blood that fell on the ground. How are you bought with His precious blood brethren? Do you know when you are bought, do you know when your are purchased? When His blood in the form of a sperm, do you know that sperm is blood? It is a form of blood yes. I am pretty sure that it is true, I will be corrected by Xxxx if it is not, okay, I am pretty sure that is true. You are purchased when that sperm grafts to you, when that seed of Christ grafts to you and says, You are my body, I am, sperm speaking, I am the son of God, I am the male sperm of the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has prepared a body for me and guess what, it is you, and if you continue on in the lifestyle that you are practicing, you will surely die and I will die with you. Therefore I will war against you, until you submit to me and come into a lifestyle that will produce immortality so that the two of us can live, because the Scripture says, What God has put together, let no man put asunder, and if you are the half of a man, or really the female, who is pursuing a lifestyle that must end in death because that is the spiritual law of God, you are in rebellion against the king that has been grafted to you that you are pregnant with, and He is going to pursue you with judgment.

Once you get it straight that your life is basically turned over to Him, but you need to get witnesses from other people brethren, you cannot do this yourself, you cannot be the only one that decides that you are doing it right, and if you are in a fellowship like this you definitely need my agreement, definitely. If we do not agree, you are wrong, about whether you are lining up with the lifestyle of Christ, in any one area, and in front of the whole church. You now have a king, previously you had the Holy Spirit and you thought that you were really great because you were prophesying and laying hands on people and they were getting healed, and you really thought you were someone else, I thought was someone else casting out demons, I thought I was a real hotshot casting out demons until one day I said, Come out, and they did not listen, and then the Lord told me, You never did do it, it was me the whole time.

Peter said, When I was young I did what I wanted, but now that I am old, what? Anybody? Now that I am old, someone else what? Dresses me, someone else dresses me and leads me and directs me, I do not do whatever I want anymore, I am now pregnant, and I do and I live a lifestyle that is going to promote the life of the spiritual fetus within me, because the commandment from the very beginning is let no man put asunder what God has put together, so that we can both live, the king, the son of God within you, and you, the house, we are the house. A body thou hast prepared for me. How can two walk together if you do not agree, and if you do not walk together, you both going to die.

If you think that you are going to live because you are going to go to heaven after you die, you are deceived, you have received a false doctrine and another Jesus, and you are going to die. You will reincarnate and start all over again, I am not telling you that you are going to go to hell, but why? In this hour today the truth is being preached, why? Why not reach for it, why not reach for the manifestation of it in your life? If you are one who has been called to this privilege of hearing this message, why not reach for it, it makes no sense, knowing, the only thing that makes sense which is not making sense, is that the lust of your flesh is still craving for what the Lord has already burnt up, and your brain does not even know that the Lord has already burnt it up, you cannot go back to that, it is over, you are dreaming a dream.

Verse 22. Now all of this happened to bring to pass what the Lord spoke by the prophet Isaiah saying: Verse 23, Behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which is the translation of, God in the midst of us. Behold the womb of an unmarried woman... This is very interesting, it is manifesting in the natural that Mary was, well I do not know that she was not yet married to Joseph you know, but of course Mary was unmarried, you know we are all widows here until we marry the Lord, so Mary was an unmarried woman, she was not married to God, she was engaged to Him. We are talking about different degrees of relationship with God, different degrees of union with God. Engagement is a particular degree of intimacy. Marriage is obviously a more intense degree of intimacy. I do not know where I am, I do not think I would have the problems I have it I was married to God, I would imagine when you are fully married to God, I think when you are fully married to God, you come out of the flesh, or at least you have Jesus’ testimony that no man could take my life.

Mary indeed was an unmarried woman, she was not married to God, so at that time, I challenge you brethren to recognize that it is not really clear whether the Scripture is talking about the natural or the spiritual.

This is verse 23, Behold the woman, the unmarried woman will produce a son... Verse 24. Now Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him and learned from his wife. Verse 23, Behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son... Verse 24 Now Joseph being fully awakened learned from his wife. It is very possible that she was already his wife, they had just not consummated the marriage yet, that Jesus was conceived at the first consummation, it is very possible that they did not even sleep together until they were actually married. I do not have any information about what marriage was like in those days, the little bit that I understand is that they just took the woman and he took her home, but it was done in front of witnesses so that it was known that there was a commitment, but even though in those days, all you had to do to divorce your wife was say three times, I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you.

Basically it was a commitment, you took the woman home and you... Let me say it again, verse 23 Behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son... Verse 24, Now Joseph being fully awakened learned from his wife. They may have been married at the whole time that this happened, or maybe it was the night before the wedding.

Again, we have the privilege here of going to the deepest foundational root of the message at least for this time, you know, maybe ten years from now it will be deeper, but we are looking for the deepest foundational spiritual root, and once we get a grasp on the spiritual meaning of the Scripture, then we can understand it on every level. We can understand it on the level that I am preaching it here, we can understand it on the level of the written word, and we can become creative, when we are talking to somebody who is struggling with this truth, we can move and maneuver and meet them and agree with them, and try to make it easy so that they can see this, you know say things like, Well I can see where you are coming from you know, but could you look at this way.

If you go to people to indoctrinate them, if you go to them with a book and say, that is what it says and you are wrong, brethren, the very best you are going to do is frighten them into agreeing with you, we do not want that, we want that seed, we want a seed coming out, not the book, although you could show them a Scripture if they need to see it you know, but it is really a religious spirit in the church, that is my opinion, it is a religious spirit in the church, it does not do any good if you are looking to plant a seed in somebody, if you are looking to plant to plant a seed in them, first of all, you have to have the seed, second of all, the seed has to come out of you to touch them, spirit is expressed verbally, spirit is expressed verbally, so when the Lord is in what you are doing, what you have to say to that person carries with it the sperm of Jesus Christ, it will touch Abel in them, and there will be a conception, or the hope of a conception.

If you show somebody a book, there is no conception, this seed of this word on this paper, is infertile, it is sterile seed.

If that is all you have, it is certainly better than nothing, but once you have male seed in you, to go ministering out of written word which is female seed is a denial of the male within you, and you should not be doing it. You should not be giving out the female seed, brethren do you hear me? We have to know who we are, you have to know who you are. You have to give up the old ways that the Lord is burning up, because if you have the new age in you, which is Christ in you, if He is in there, but you are still using the mechanisms of the past age, what good is it, having the new age of Christ Jesus in you, and I want to tell you something from personal experience, I have found, I have tried it, I have gone to people with the written word, I have tried it, and it comes out dead, and dry, and almost never does any good at all, but when I put it down, and I talk out of my spirit, I reach people, out of my own words, out of my own understanding, out of my own desire for truth as the Lord leads me, I touch their spirit, and they stand a chance of being fertilized.

If you do not have Christ, if you do not have the male seed, then by all means, take the book, by all means take the book, and I am in no way saying that we should not read the Bible, I read the Bible, do not misunderstand my words, but once Christ is in you, do not take them the book. I do not know, it sounds to me like they were married before they had sex, that is what it sounds like to me. I do not think they had the physical act before they got married. Mary was an unmarried woman, she was not married to God yet. Wake up, wake up, come on everybody let us rise in the spirit, rise, rise, get up there, what have you got to lose? What is your relationship with the Lord, if that is not true, do you trust Him to come and correct you? Is this Scripture a matter of life and death? What I am suggesting to you, is it a matter of life and death? Mary and Joseph were already married before they had the sex that conceived Jesus. Are you going to die if you believe that and it is wrong?

Go home and ask your husband at home if these things be true, do not be afraid, reach for the highest, reach for the highest revelation possible, believing He is with you, He wants you to be creative, Christ is creativity, Christ is creativity. The written word is a jumping off point, you need it, do not anybody hearing this message ever lie about me. We need the Bible and we need to read it, it is a jumping off point, and when you start to pray about what is on the written word, the Lord speaks to you and His creativity comes into play, and only God knows what He is going to tell you, you could hear anything once you enter into a conversation based on the written word, that is your jumping off point.

Behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son from the seed of David and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which is the translation of God in the midst of us. Now Joseph being fully awakened from the powerlessness of spiritual death, did what the angel of the Lord told him to do, and he learned from his wife, he believed Mary his wife. But Joseph himself did not have the same experience that Mary had until after Mary gave birth to their son, and they called Him by the name Jesus. She may not have even been a physical virgin, I do not know. But Joseph himself did not have the same experience that Mary had until after she gave birth to their son. Listen brethren, even if you cannot go along with what I just said, maybe they even had consummated the marriage already.

Do not lose the whole revelation because, go home and ask your husband at home, ask Him? I am not sure about that myself, I am going to ask Him. If we want to look at that possibility that Mary was not a physical virgin, then what might the Scripture mean, that she had this visitation from an angel and maybe they did not come together in marriage until, listen, Mary had the experience with the angel, the angel got inside of her, the nature of God got inside of her, and then they had sex and conceived the physical baby. Maybe she was a virgin when this happened and maybe not, the way I am seeing it, it does not make any difference, what is significant here, Mary was a woman of God, the angel appeared to her, she had the nature of the Father, she was engaged to the Father, she was not married to Him, Joseph provided the seed so that the human child should be the descendant of David, that is all that matters, does it really matter, if you dare to look on this level, that the fact that she was unmarried was referring to her relationship to God and not her relationship to Joseph, nothing else matters. That is question you should ask your husband at home.

The term unmarried woman, which is a translation of virgin, Father, I would like to understand if that term is referring to Mary’s relationship with the Father or is it referring to Mary’s relationship with Joseph? Go home and ask. This just came out under the spirit of revelation, I need additional witnesses myself. I will put it before the Lord myself, but that is the way I am seeing it, it does not matter, the only thing that matters is what I just told you, that the angel appeared to her, she was a woman of God, he was a man of God, he was justified. The angel appeared to her, she received the nature of the Father, even though she was not married to the Father, she was engaged to Him, she received the nature of the Father in preparation of a human child being conceived in her, to which that nature would be imparted.

If all of this is true, do you think that it really matters whether or not she was a virgin or not? If her unmarried state is referring to her relationship to God, and we have to reason to believe that, that might be the case. Why do we have reason to believe that Mary’s relationship to God is significant here? Because in verse 1, we are clearly told that she was engaged to God, she was not married to Him. That opens up the issue of her relationship with God. We are told in one verse, here let me give you the verse for all of you Pharisees that are going to be hearing this message, in Matthew 1:18, we are told that Mary was given the nature of the Father as an engagement present because she was not married to God, she was just engaged to him, and then down here, I know I had a thought in my mind and it just left me, and down here we are told that verse 23, the womb of an unmarried woman shall, okay, let me do it more clearly for you, verse 18 says clearly that Mary was engaged to God and not married to Him, verse 23, Behold, the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son... Now we are not told that she was engaged to Joseph, we are told that she was engaged to God. Now this is why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary the mother of Jesus with the nature of the Father as an engagement present... She got the nature of the Father. I do not think she got the nature of the Father as an engagement present to Joseph, do you? Did anybody think that? She got the nature of the Father as a promise, as a down payment of the immortality that comes through the marriage. Verse 22. Now all of this happened... What happened? Mary received the nature of the Father, ...to bring to pass what the Lord spoke by the prophet Isaiah, Behold the womb of an unmarried woman shall produce a son. The way I see it, we have more evidence in these verses that the term unmarried woman is referring to Mary’s or not marriage to the Father, then it is referring to her marriage or not marriage to Joseph. Is anybody following me here? Amazing huh? I love the truth. I just love God’s word. But Joseph himself did not have this same experience... What same experience? And this is the why the Spirit of the Holy One impregnated Mary the mother of Jesus, with the nature of the Father as an engagement present, but Joseph himself did not have the nature of the Father. Joseph himself did not receive the nature of the Father as an engagement present until After Mary gave birth to their son, why? Because Mary, one person got it first, and then the savior was born and He gave it to the others.

She was probably already married to Joseph, Mary was probably already married to Joseph, but it does not matter whether she was or not, if you can see this message on the high enough level, but I think she was already married to him. Any questions or comments?

COMMENT: I just think of what we are going through now, we are going through just like Mary, we the Holy Spirit first, and then our engagement, and then we are going to marry Christ, are we not, we are going to get His nature, we have to get His nature, which she did, so we are going through the same thing now, we are getting His nature, hopefully, and...

PASTOR VITALE: What step are you leaving out, what step is there between, the engagement, getting His nature and the marriage, what step is there?

COMMENT: That we have to be joined, that the Christ in us has to be joined to the Lord Jesus Christ.

PASTOR VITALE: What step are missing, my beloved Pharisee, what step are you missing, what has to happen to you? What has to die?

COMMENT: Oh, the carnal mind has to die!

PASTOR VITALE: Oh yeah, it has to die, okay (chuckle). It is amazing how we forget these little details. Anybody else? Yes.

COMMENT: Did they ever mention which I do not think they did about Jesus being a bastard, not being conceived through marriage, did they ever say anything like that in the Scripture?

PASTOR VITALE: I think it is in there, this is the last part of this message but, I will look it up and if it is significant, I will add something on to the message.

COMMENT: Yeah, I was not sure because I do not think I ever remember them say, had that thrown up in His face, that He was...

PASTOR VITALE: I think that there is a Scripture that is interpreted that way, but I do not know if it actually, I think they do call Him a bastard actually, I do not know if that word is in the Scripture, but it is certainly interpreted that way, you know, I will look for it.

COMMENT: Xxxx mentioned to me in the very beginning of this whole thing how like she was saying, and I was having a hard time that God would do something, have Mary conceive out of wedlock because that would be a sinful act, and I know you say there is no rule with God, He can turn us towards His purposes, and it always was like I was praying that I could understand this, and I can really understand that if they were married, he acknowledges this act as part of the marriage union, and so it is not sinful. So, if he was conceived, I can really hear what you are saying.

PASTOR VITALE: Right, and the unmarried woman was Mary who was not married to God. That is interesting, we even got more revelation on the final exhortation of the alternate translation. Anybody else? God bless you all.


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