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Advanced Teaching About Soul Ties


I have some advanced teaching about soul ties. I watched a movie called Tender Is The Night, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Lord showed me many years ago that if our mind is in the right moral order, we can benefit a great deal from what the world calls great literature, and be very edified by authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, who writes about human nature. The Lord showed me some very interesting things about soul ties in this movie. The story is about a woman whose mind was shattered because of her early relationship with her father.


There were two basic principles working together that shattered her mind. The first was that she perceived her father as infallible. She placed him very high on a pedestal. She idolized him. Then, the day came when her father molested her, and she realized that he was not perfect. It broke her mind. Her sister, who became the head of the family after her father died, sent her to a sanatorium in Switzerland. It was there that she met a young, good-looking psychiatrist who helped her. He brought some healing to her mind through the techniques of Freudian psychology, and she fell in love with him.


The young doctor was studying under a German psychologist, who cautioned him very, very strongly, to not marry his patient, and warned him of disaster if he did. The senior psychologist believed that the patient was reliving her experience with her father, and she was idolizing the young doctor. He warned that if they were to marry, and the day came that the patient realized the doctor's weaknesses, it would be a disaster. The young doctor wanted to be ethical, so he heeded his teacher's warning. He had not been officially dating his patient, but he broke off the relationship, and the patient went home.


They happened to meet again a couple of years later in another location in Europe. The young woman threw herself at the young doctor, who really loved her. She seemed to be very well mentally. A few years earlier, she was a schizophrenic, manifesting bizarre behavior. She would be loving him one minute, and hating him the next. But now, her mind seemed to have recovered, and the young doctor decided to marry her. He told the senior psychologist that he would be back to work in three weeks. The young couple had an agreement that after their honeymoon in Europe, they would both go back to Zurich, Switzerland. The wife was very wealthy, so they travelled around Europe in style, and they were ecstatically happy. At the end of three weeks, the young doctor told his wife that it was time to go back to work.


A Lesson In Soul Ties & Idolatry


The German psychologist was warning his student about the dangers of an authority figure marrying someone that was dependent on them. He was saying that, not only in marriage, but in all relationships, we should be as equally strong as possible. If there is any idolatry, not only in marriage, but any relationship, the relationship could prove to be disastrous. This applies to a relationship in a ministry like this. If you idolize me, the teacher, it will not be long before God shows you one of my weaknesses, and if you cannot deal with that weakness, you are going to leave the ministry. In the movie, it was a marriage relationship, but we are talking about all human relationships, particularly with anyone that could appear as an authority figure.


The point that God is making is about the danger of idolatry. We all know that idolatry is a sin, but do we really understand what it means? Idolatry means attributing or imputing infallibility to another human being. Infallibility means to impute the quality of omnipotence to somebody, to believe that they cannot fail. Every human being is capable of failing, until Christ within us totally swallows up our carnal mind.


The young doctor's teacher was warning him that if he got involved on a personal level with somebody that could see his potential to fail, it could be an emotional disaster for them both. The lesson is, that when someone who is idolizing you realizes that you are a mere human, the relationship is over. The teacher also told him that for someone to be attracted to the field of psychiatry means that they must have a little quirk in them somewhere. But we know that every member of the human race has a little quirk in there somewhere. We all have our cracks. Years ago, when people were looking for someone to marry, the expression was, You will find someone with holes in their head that match the rocks in your head.


Strong Vs. Weak


If you find yourself in a relationship where you are strong, and the other person is very weak, beware. The weak person will most likely gain strength from you. When the day comes that the weak person becomes restored in their mind, and they see you as a mere human being, the relationship is over. The psychiatrist and his patient were in an unbalanced relationship. He was a very strong, authoritative man. She was his patient, and she was total putty in his hands. She perceived him as her deliverer. Idolatry was her weakness. He was a trained psychiatrist, studying under one of the best teachers in Europe. He knew all about this principle, but he yielded to his emotions.


The young doctor married his former patient and they honeymooned for a few weeks in Europe. His wife was as happy and well-adjusted as could be, but the day came that he had to go back to work. When he told his wife that it was time to go home, she manifested a completely different personality. She said, Do you not want me anymore? I will be glad to give you a divorce. She used manipulation. He said, I love you, and I would do anything for you, but I am a psychiatrist. I have been studying for years, and I must get back to work. She said, You hate me. He said, I do not hate you. He yielded to his emotions, and to her manipulation, and he made the decision to stay. His wife was a multi-millionaire, so they had enough money to live on. Within a few years, they had two children, but he realized that his mind was turning to putty.


One summer, when they were vacationing in the French Riviera, his wife set him up with another woman. She said, Look at that beautiful young movie star over there. I would like you to invite her to our Fourth of July party. The young psychiatrist had eyes for no one but his wife, but he did what she asked. On the day of the party, his wife said to the beautiful young movie star, You should ask my husband to show you the garden. There was nothing wrong with that suggestion. A husband and wife can be friendly with a member of the opposite sex, as long as both parties can handle it.


The movie star went up to the doctor and asked him to show her the garden, and he did not see a problem with it. After all, he was the host. While he was escorting the young woman to the garden, his wife withdrew to her room. When the doctor found out what happened, he ran upstairs to look for her, but she had already locked herself in the bathroom. Her other, negative personality was completely manifesting. She was down on her knees, screaming and accusing her husband of infidelity. Just before this event happened, she said to him, Do not ever leave me. I cannot live without you, and there she was, telling him that she hated him, throwing things at him, and ready to scratch his eyes out. She was exhibiting the signs of her mental illness. He had to give her a sedative, and then put her to bed.


Ego Strength Of The World


Her husband was a very strong, authoritative doctor who dealt with her in love, and she was a weak person with multiple problems. She drew from his strength. The psychiatric expression is that the young doctor imparted ego strength to her. The ego is our conscience. (We talk about this in more detail in LEM Message #2, The Seduction Of Eve.) In areas where we are weak in our conscience, where we lack the ability to cope with a normal life, Christ comes in, joins Himself to us, and strengthens our ego. He gives us His conscience and the power to live out of that conscience, power that we did not have before.


Deliverance In Christ Vs. Help From The Medical Community


It is my opinion that psychiatry (and medical doctors) can be a blessing for people in whom Christ is not dealing with in this hour. Psychiatric care is a Band-Aid available from the medical community of the world. It can be a mercy from God, if it is not abused. If you are not privileged to be in a deep walk with Christ at this time, you may be able to receive some help from the psychiatric community. That help is considered part of the Sowing and Reaping Judgment, which is enforced by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The recipient of psychiatric care is helped for his/her generation. If there are curses of insanity on the family line (which there are in cases of mental illness), whatever help they receive cannot be passed on to their children.


Deliverance in Christ, on the other hand, is passed on to the next, and future, generations. In this ministry, I teach the same things that Buddhism and Hinduism teaches. There is good to be found in those religions. They teach morality and ethics, and about sowing and reaping. If you are a Buddhist or a Hindu, and you are not harming your fellow man, you are going to be reaping good things in this lifetime as well as in future lifetimes, but there is no way you can attain to eternal life by practicing Hinduism and Buddhism. You must have the Spirit of Jesus Christ to attain to eternal life, since He possesses the only true immortality (there is a false immortality).


Ego Strength Of Christ


The wife of the psychiatrist was truly helped by psychiatry. She drew upon the ego strength (the strength of the conscience) of her husband, who was well-disciplined and capable of functioning in the world, and she got better. The psychiatrist really loved his wife. No matter what she did, he still loved her. He loved her when she loved him, and he loved her when she hated him. He was completely devoted to her, and she got better. Then one day, he woke up and realized that he had sold his entire soul for his wife to get better. He lost his practice in psychiatry (because he never did return to work), and became a playboy that roamed all the hot spots of Europe, but there was an emptiness in his soul.


When Christ gives us His ego strength and restores our conscience, He gives us the ability to stand up in His conscience, and Christ is not destroyed. The Scripture says that if you give the members of your soul to a harlot (this applies to men or women, because in this day, women are just as promiscuous as men), you are receiving all the curses of the people with whom you have been promiscuous. It is to your destruction to be promiscuous. The Lord Jesus Christ is capable of imparting His ego strength to us without receiving our curses, and we are receiving His life.


1 Cor 6:15-16

15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members

of an harlot? God forbid.

16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.  KJV


The Tyranny Of The Weak


The doctor woke up one day and found that he had given his whole life to this woman. As much as he loved her, he had no purpose left in life. He was a playboy. He knew he could not spend his whole life partying, so he attempted to go back to his career, but he realized that it was too late. Something inside of him broke, and he became an alcoholic.


The doctor imparted his ego strength to his patient. She got well, but something left him, and he became weak. Their roles completely reversed. When she was weak, he loved her with everything he had, but when his weakness appeared, she did not have the ability to love him. She stopped loving him. The love of Jesus Christ loves people, no matter how weak they are, no matter what they are manifesting.


The senior psychologist was saying that the only way to help someone who is very weak (if you are not in Christ) is by not getting emotionally involved. If you get emotionally involved, you are going to compromise your principles. If the young doctor had possessed the strength to say to his wife, when she was manifesting, Despite your manifestation, I am going back to work as a psychiatrist because you have no right to take my career from me. It is wrong, it is immoral, it is unethical, and we cleared this issue up before we got married, he would not have lost his moral strength. Instead, he sacrificed his moral strength to the strength of his wife’s weakness.


The senior psychologist used a very interesting expression, the tyranny of the weak, describing the power that the wife used to convince her husband to abandon his career. Our children use tyranny to assert their independence. Two-year-old's frequently have temper tantrums, which is an unreasonable attempt to control others. Adult people with weaknesses will exhibit tyranny also, but those of us who are in Christ must not yield to their tyranny or we shall lose our strength.


Guarding Our Strength In Christ


We are being raised up to engage in one-on-one confrontations with people who have all kinds of problems. If we yield to the tyranny of those who are weaker than us, we shall lose our strength. They may get strong, but we shall become weak. We must maintain our integrity, and stay very close to Christ. There is not a doubt in my mind that the ministry of the Son (the ministry of the Two Witnesses) shall involve personal one-on-one relationships. We shall be required to be emotionally involved with the people we are trying to help, to get to know them, and to love them, but when they manifest the tyranny of the weak, we must resist with all of our strength in Christ Jesus. A weak person is anyone in relation to us that is weaker than us in a particular area. We are considered weak in relation to someone exhibiting a strength that we do not have.


In this ministry, we are being raised up participate in the Son Company. It is not going to be an abstract ministry, where we bind and loose, or pray for people across the miles. The Lord is sending us to have one-on-one relationships with people that will be manifesting tyranny towards us. He wants us to know that if we yield to that tyranny, we shall lose our strength in Christ. We must give ourselves totally to Christ (in every aspect) when it comes to relationships with other human beings. When we are joined to Christ, and tyranny manifests in another person, the Lord requires us to manifest Christ. He never said it would be easy. It is hard and it is painful. This is the hardship that comes before the glory.


We are called to a very high, glorious calling. It is very difficult, and it requires more than we can give, but we shall overcome because Christ is joined to us. He is arming us with knowledge. Someone may be weaker than you in a particular area, but not necessarily weaker than you in other areas. If we are having a confrontation with someone, and they are manifesting the tyranny of the weak, God requires us to stand up in Christ, or we shall lose our strength in Christ. We must guard the strength that we have, as the precious thing that it is.


When God brings you to a place of authority in Christ, do not give it up for anything or anyone. God is constantly building Christ, His authority, in us. Christ is increasing, and when God builds an area of authority into us, you can be sure that the person who has been raised up to see what you are going to do with that authority is right around the corner. Will you yield it up to them, or will you hold on to it, even when you are confronted with the tyranny of the weak, mind control, witchcraft, or somebody telling you to do something, even though you know it is wrong? Will you yield to the strength that Christ has built in you, or to the tyranny of the weak?


Arming Ourselves With Christ


At the end of the movie, the doctor lost everything. He lost the woman he desperately loved, his children and his career. Even in his alcoholic condition, he still loved her, but she no longer loved him, because he had become weak. He was left with nothing.


We must maintain our position in Christ, no matter what. Christ is continually increasing in us. We must not give an inch. We must be willing to lose everything that God would permit us to lose to maintain our integrity in Christ. We must not yield to the tyranny of the weak, wherever it manifests (even if it manifests in our own mind), or we shall lose our strength in Christ.


I hope that this deep teaching on soul ties has imparted some strength and understanding about interactions with other human beings. I spent years of my life involved in hurtful relationships. There were arguments, separation, and all kinds of ungodly situations that I had no control over. I had nothing to say about these situations because I was manifesting. My emotions were ruling me. Emotions come from the Satanic aspect of the personality, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Through deliverance, understanding, and petitioning God, we must find out who the enemies are in our own soul. Through deliverance, and by the power of God, we must take dominion over them, rise up in Christ, and resist the tyranny of the weak.


The weak is the fallen soul man, and the strong is Christ. We must resist the tyranny of the fallen soul man in others, and the fallen soul man in our own mind. We are launching out into the deep. There is a battle on every front: in our mind, in relationships with our blood family, in our relationships with the world, and in our relationships in the ministry. Everywhere we turn, there is a battle. We must arm ourselves with Christ.


The armor of Christ is forgiveness, the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the glorious gospel that describes the process of ascending back up to a moral condition where we shall stop dying. It is faith in the soul life of Jesus Christ to impart to us the ability to forgive, to suppress the fallen soul man, and to express our feelings righteously in an attempt to reconcile with the other party. We must put on the full armor of God.




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